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Brother Printer Setup | 707~706~9922

Nowadays, printers play a versatile and multi-tasking role in the home and the office environment. They can print, scan, and copy files and also the documents. As the technologies increase, printers are capable of supporting a large number of devices. Besides this, if you have chosen the Brother Printer, you should know how to set it up. In the following guide, we will look at Brother Printer Setup with WiFi, without Wi-Fi, wirelessly, connected to your iPhone through Bluetooth, and by using the wizard function as well.

Download and Install Your Brother Printer Software

• Windows users need to go to the download section of the website.

• Now, download the full driver and software package.

• Macintosh users must also go to the website’s download section and download the complete software package.

• Follow the instructions on the installation page.

• In case you do not find the complete software package, then download the printer driver and scanner driver, and if you don’t see these, then use AirPrint.

Steps to Connect Brother Printer to WiFi

Brother Printers are designed to work on Wifi. Users can take the following actions for Brother Printer Setup to Wifi.

• First, download Brother software.

• Now, reset the printer setting to the factory setting.

• Also, turn OFF the printer.

• Press two buttons on the top panel.

• Turn ON the device.

• Hold the key for 10 seconds until the orange and green LEDs blink.

• After that, connect the Brother printer to a wireless network using the WPS button on the point/router.

• Press the button with the antenna on the printer.

• As the connection gets stable, the blinking of the light stops.

Brother Printer Setup on a Wireless Network

Wireless Network is among the various options for Brother Printer Setup. Here are the steps.

• First of all, start your Brother Printer.

• Now press the ‘Menu’ button on the control panel.

• Press the up and down arrow keys to select Set up Wizard and press ok.

• After that, the machine will show you the available network names(SSIDs) list.

• Press the up and down arrow keys to select the SSID you wrote down earlier.

• Press the ok button.

• Then, if you are using an authentication and encryption method that requires a password, enter it and press ok to apply your setting.

• And if your authentication method is an open system and there is no encryption mode, go to the next step.

• Finally, the machine tries to connect with your selected wireless network

How do you set up the Brother Printer on a Mac device?

If you own an Apple device, then it has MacOS. You can use the steps below for your Brother Printer Setup on the Mac Operating System.

• First, turn OFF your Brother Printer and unplug it from the power outlet.

• Then, unplug the interface cable.

• Choose your connection type: USB user, wired network user, or wireless network user.

• Plug the printer into the power outlet and turn it ON.

• Now click on the Apple menu and then choose the system preference.

• Also, select the “printer and scanner” icon.

• Click on the “+” button.

• Then click on the “Default.”

• Choose your Brother Printer from the printer name list.

• Click on the add button.

• The machine is added to the printer and scanner.

• Now close the system preference.

How Do I Connect My Brother Printer via USB Cable?

User can set up their printer through a USB cable. Here are different procedures for Windows and Mac.

For Window Users

• First, check that the printer is OFF

• Now connect the USB cable to the USB port on the printer’s back side and your computer.

• After that, Turn ON your printer.

If you have a label printer, then follow the above steps and the steps mentioned below.

• Now, you need to download and install the printer driver and P-touch editor from the website’s download section.

• Then start the printer driver installer or software/document installer.

• Select the USB for the connection type.

• Follow the installer’s instructions to complete the installation.

• Finally, install the P-touch editor and start creating and printing labels.

For Mac

1) Printing from P-touch editor

• First download and install the P-touch editor from the download section of the website.

• Then connect the USB cable to the USB port on the back of the printer and your computer.

• After that turn ON the printer.

• Start the P-touch editor and select your printer.

• And Create and print labels.

2) Printing using AirPrint

• Connect the USB cable to the USB port on the back of the printer and also to your computer.

• Then go to the Apple menu.

• Open system settings.

• Click on the ‘+’ button.

• After that check out your model and click on the ‘Add’ button.

• Finally, select the model in your application to print.

3) Printing from CUPS Driver

Only some models support the CUPS driver on macOS 11 or later.

• Download the printer driver from the download section.

• Double-click the file and follow the on-screen instructions.

• After that, connect the USB cable to the USB port on the back of the printer and then to the computer.

• When the installation is finished, open the Apple menu.

• Go to the system settings and select Printers & Scanner.

• Click the [+] button.

• Now click on the default button.

• Select your model from the name list.

• Ensure that the model name + CUPS is selected in the list.

• Now click on the add button.

• Then select your model in your application to print.

How to Connect Your iPhone to Brother Printer?

User can also connect their Brother printer to wifi on the iPhone with AirPrint.

• First, you must download and install either iPrint&Label or Mobile Cable Lable tool.

• If you have a wireless access point then connect your Brother Printer to a wireless router point.

• Now connect your iPhone to the same wireless router point.

• You can now print from your mobile device /iPhone wirelessly.

• If you do not have a wireless router/access point then connect your printer and Apple device using Wireless Direct.

• Turn your printer ON

• Ensure that the wifi LED is lit on your printer.

• Now enable the printer’s wireless setting using your computer.

How Do I Setup My Brother Printer Using Wizard?

• Go to the control panel and check out the LAN menu.

• Take your printer offline by clicking on the [+ / ok] button on the control panel.

• Click on the [+] or [-] button to select the LAN.

• Press ok to move to the next menu.

• Select the WLAN by clicking on [+] or [-] and press ok.

• Select setup wizard, click on [+] or [-], and press ok.

• Press ok to enable the wireless LAN interface.

• Select the SSIDs and enter the passcode.

• Press [+] and then ok.

• The printer starts to connect to the wireless device you have selected.

• The display will show connection for two seconds, and the configuration is complete.

Setup Brother Printer Using Bluetooth

Brother Printer comes with the advantage of Bluetooth connection. Users can give print instructions to the Brother Printer over Bluetooth.

• Check out first that your printer is powered ON.

• Now, from the start menu, click on the settings device.

• Select Bluetooth.

• Find the control panel.

• And then select your printer.

• Now, enter the pairing code.

• Your device will be successfully connected with the Bluetooth.

After this, if your problem is not solved, please get in touch with Brother Support. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I set up my Brother Printer wirelessly?

To set up your Brother Printer wirelessly, follow these simple steps given below

• Start your Brother Printer and press the “Menu” button on the control panel.

• Now press the “Up” and “Down” arrow keys select “Setup Wizard” and press “ok”.

• Select the SSIDs, type your password if needed, and press ok.

• Now your Brother Printer is set wirelessly.

How do I install my Brother Printer on my computer?

To connect your Brother printer to your computer, you will need a USB cable. First, connect one end of the USB cable to the port of the Brother printer and then connect the other end of the USB cable to the computer. Now Turn On your computer and printer.

How do I connect my Brother Printer to Wi-Fi?

To connect your brother to Wi-Fi, you will need SSIDs and passwords. Make sure your printer is near the wifi network. Go to the “Wireless Setting Menu” and select the “Wireless Setup Wizard”. Now check out the name of your network and type your password to connect.

How do I connect my Brother printer to Bluetooth?

You can connect your Brother Printer with the Bluetooth device and print freely. Check out that your Brother printer is turned on go to the start menu and click on the setting device. There you see the option of Bluetooth. Press and hold the Bluetooth button to turn on. Now find the control panel and pair your printer with Bluetooth by entering your pairing code. And your device is successfully connected with the Bluetooth.

Can I print remotely from my Brother Printer?

Yes, you can print remotely from your Brother Printer through the Brother Mobile Connect App. It provides users the facility to print, copy, and scan from anywhere. Users can also track the ink and toner through the app.

How do I get my Brother printer back online?

To go back online on your Brother printer, you need to go to the “Start” menu and after that select “Control Panel”. Now click on “Printer and Faxes” and you will see a list of the printers that are currently connected to your system. Just double-click on the printer you want to reconnect and you will go back online.

How do I set my Brother Printer to print?

You have to install the Brother printer driver first. After that, configure the settings and connect the device and printer. Now, open the document and make a print request. Ensure that the tray has paper. The Brother printer will give the printouts.

Why is my Brother’s Printer unable to print?

First, check out that your brother printer is ON. Check out if your computer is connected to the SSID, the local network. Also, reboot your computer and your router. If the connection is not the problem, then check for the printer head alignment

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