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Snow Blades

Snow Pushers

Snow Buckets

Broadcast Spreaders

Best choice for Rotary Cutters & Finish Mowers No other quick hitch gives you this flexibility! Gives flexibility between different width implements No changes to tractor or implements needed

r u o t u o k c e Ch atch design! new l

• Change your lift arms to a hook

• Installs right over your lift arms

Greenwell Manufacturing

Made in USA

487 D E Brown Rd., Brandenburg, KY 40108


Spray Height Control

Leading Through Innovation with Patent Pending

Your Advanced Control. NORAC brings you Hybrid Mode™, the advanced crop sensing feature for in-crop spraying. Hybrid Mode™ eliminates the need for the operator to take manual control of the boom while spraying in row crops or adverse situations such as lodged, thin and uneven crop. Only NORAC provides the boom stability and spray height accuracy you can trust in all field conditions. Guaranteed. Explore the Hybrid Mode™ innovation at

Hybrid Mode™ is available on NORAC UC5™ and UC4.5™ Spray Height Control systems.

www.norac .ca IFC

sales@norac .ca 800-622-8836 |

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October 2013

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t features

Volume 20, Issue 10 | October 2013

DozerTheBlades: leading source for equipment information industry. 2 How to Choosein the theconstruction Right One.......................... Crop Reporting: Nine Easy Steps 8 to Make it a Positive Experience...................... EAst EDition How to Deal with Embezzlement in this issue » 9 in the Family Business..................................... Hydronic Radiant Floor Heat 101 (Part One)...........................A2 CEMCO Leads World in Crusher Technology.........................A3

New ................................................................................A4 tWhat’s every month

Clearing The Way. HLA has a full line-up of blades suitable for equipment from 20 HP right up to 200 HP. “From sidewalks to estates to commercial

clearing we have a blade that will fit your needs,” confidently states Paul Horst of HLA. “At HLA we know snow; our product line includes angle blades, bucket mount pushers, v-blades and our versatile SnowWings.” New additions to our team are the High Volume Snow Buckets and a new line of Scatter Shot Broadcast Spreaders.

»Equipment at Work Big Beaver Auger Drill Rig Tackles Tough Projects in Remote Locations..................................A8 Saving With Your Air Compressor System ........................A8 The Man Saver Post Driver................................................A16 »Business Strategies: Four Tips for Running a Family Business ..........................A7 Improved Reliability is Key to Increased Profits.................A9 Ways to Manage High and Low Performers ....................A10 Four Things You Have to Get Right in Business..............A11 Crossword Puzzle....................................................................A13 Product Spotlight .....................................................................A14

Pathways Through Agriculture....................................14 Keeping the Family Farm in the Family........................15 Farm & Ranch Life.....................................................17 Pennywise..................................................................18 Clutter Clearing Choices.............................................19 In the Barn with Hedgewood.......................................73 Essays from My Farm House Kitchen..........................75 The Knightro Report...................................................76

Our blade carts are built with the same quality and ruggedness of the rest of our Horst Wagon lineup. Use of quality components like automotive ball joints and tapered roller bearings keep pivot points tight, ensuring no trailer sway and long lasting use. Our standard retractable automatic relock tongue latch comes with standard variable adjustment making hook up quick and easy. These carts make storing and moving blades easy when not attached to your plow.

TAke Aim AT iCe ACTUATOR TOUGH One of the most unique features of the HLA SnowWing is its rotary actuated endplates. This ingenious patented system allows the operator to independently control the endplates in a full 180 degree rotation. Now you can convert your blade from box to angle and add an extra 6 feet of clearing width.

HLA makes it easy for professionals with the introduction of the Scatter Shot. These broadcast spreaders make short work of your spreading tasks when there’s snow on the ground and when there’s not. Made of durable galvanized steel, the Scatter Shot can handle what it dishes out. From sand to salt, the internal agitators prevent the material from clumping or building up on the walls — ensuring you get the most out of every load. Hydraulic powered models feature easy to use self-loading hoppers. These tilt similar to a bucket allowing material to be scooped directly into the hopper.

NeW WiReLeSS RemOTe The New wireless remote control from HLA Snow provides full wing control for operators with only one auxiliary hydraulic control. Simply plug the control module into your 12V power source and easily control wing positioning with the press of a button.

GOOdbye TiRe dAmAGe All blades that angle and have rotating endplates have potential to cause tire damage, and that’s why HLA developed our Patented Tire Protection System. This adjustable system automatically rotates the endplates away from the tire if there is the potential for collision.

Call 1-866-567-4162 to let HLA Snow help you clear the way. Visit or 2012 October November 2013

| The |

The HS100 is a single hopper broadcast spreader with a half yard capacity. Ideal for skid steers and small tractors, the HS100 runs off hydraulic or PTO power. Capable of spreading up to 40 feet the HS100 can be easily adapted to sidewalks with the addition of an optional sidewalk shield that will limit the spread to 3 feet.

With a capacity of one and a half yards, the HS200 has you covered. The Double Shot combines two of our rugged hoppers onto a single frame providing twice the bang for the buck.

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Higher lift heights reduce back dragging that would otherwise remove material that was just added to the pile. It also allows users to stack material into steep piles in order to optimize space.

The All-Around Decision:

Choosing the Right

Dozer Blade Goes Beyond the Basics Equipment and tools can be selected because of the one thing they do best, but more often they make it onto a farm or ranch because of the many things they do best. Look around any operation and you’ll spot an arsenal of equipment and attachments that fit this description. One attachment that lends itself to the versatility every operator needs is the dozer blade. It takes on heavy-duty work day in and day out, pushing tons of snow, silage and dirt. Sometimes it modifies landscapes, grades roads and clears drainage ditches, as well. Dozer blades are built to be multipurpose, but not all are created equal; selecting one should go beyond sheer compatibility with a specific tractor. In fact, careful consideration of the blade’s design and capabilities can have a huge impact on how versatile it really is, how quickly and efficiently it can complete projects and how long its going to last.

Results May Vary While the general design of a blade is simple, there are several components that vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and they can impact what you can do, how much you can do and where you can do it.

Height x Width = Capacity Capacity is one of the key factors to consider, and it is determined by the height and width of the blade. Heights range from 27 to 48 inches, and most manufacturers offer extensions that bring their blades up to 72 inches. The taller height allows operators to push more material, which results in fewer passes, and reduces the chance of material flowing up and over the top


the blade. For even greater capacity, manufacturers offer optional box end plates that can be mounted to each end of the blade. This helps keep more material contained so operators can push more in fewer trips. Blade widths range from 8 to 20 feet. Some can be adjusted from 12 to 20 feet on the fly to give operators the capacity of a larger blade and the flexibility to access hard-to-reach areas. The operator can retract the blade to get close to bunker walls, then extend it to maximize the amount of material transferred. Moving from one job to the next is also easier. Instead of placing the tractor on a trailer or removing the blade, operators simply retract the blade and head down the road.

Go The Best Way How much material a blade can push is one thing, but its flexibility to tilt and angle can dramatically affect how much control the operator actually has. Most dozer blades are either four- or six-way styles. A four-way blade moves up and down and angles left and right, which is ideal for pushing snow and dirt to

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one side. It also reduces the amount of material that flows over the sides, so each pass is cleaner and there is less need for backtracking. In some cases, angling the blade left or right also can provide enough clearance to maneuver between trees or through gates. A sixway blade also moves up and down and angles left and right, but unlike the fourway, each side also tilts up or down. In other words, an operator can raise either side of the blade higher than the other. This is especially helpful for working through tough soil when clearing drainage ditches, cutting trenches or crowning roads. Depending on the model, operators can adjust the blade angle manually or

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hydraulically. A manually adjustable blade requires the operator to jump down from the tractor and move the blade to the desired angle by hand. This not only takes time, but also increases the risk of injury during the winter when the chance of slipping or falling on the snow and ice is greater. A blade that has a hydraulically powered angling system is safer, faster and easier because it can be adjusted from inside the cab.

How High Can You Go Most dozer blades move up and down, but how far it reaches can impact capabilities. Lift heights vary from 23 to 48 inches. Blades with lower lift heights are limited to low level applications,

October 2013

Choosing the Right Equipment for the Job: DOZER BLADES

tchoosing the right equipment for the job: dozer blades

such as landscaping and grading roads and can only stack material in small piles. Higher lift heights allow users to stack more material like snow and silage into steeper piles, which helps saves space. Operators also can lift the blade high enough to avoid back dragging that would otherwise remove material they just added to the pile and require rework.

Do It Right the First Time A blade that can adjust to application requirements gives users flexibility to tackle a wide range of projects, but even better is a blade that saves time while doing those jobs.

transferring weight and reducing operator control. Finally, a blade that’s mounted close to the tractor gives operators more control while driving over rough terrain. The further the blade is from the tractor, the more it will bounce up and down, requiring constant adjustment from the operator to maintain the desired height.

Material vs. Blade All these features and benefits are great, but it means nothing if it’s not designed with durability in mind.

Attachment Issues

Positive Reinforcement

A tractor is used for more than just pushing material with a dozer blade. Farmers and ranchers have plenty of fieldwork to do and detaching and reattaching a blade shouldn’t hold them up. Blades that are mounted underneath the tractor and connect to the front allow for quick and easy attachment. They simply align the tractor to the blade, drive forward and lock it into place. In this type of configuration, hydraulic hose connections are routed to the front of the tractor for quick hookup. To detach it, the operator unhooks the hydraulic hoses, pulls the lever and backs away.

If a blade can’ t stand up to the rigorous wear and tear of pushing huge amounts of heavy materials like silage, feed, manure and snow, you might be looking for a new one sooner than you think. To avoid this, look for a blade made with heavyduty steel that will stand up to repetitive use and last longer. Joints also should be reinforced with gussets that help strengthen the system.

Another feature that saves time and effort is an undercarriage and lift frame that installs high underneath the tractor and provides the weight necessary for fieldwork. The operator can simply detach the blade and head for the field. The added weight of the undercarriage system eliminates the need for OEM weight packages and, because it sits higher, there’s plenty of clearance for fieldwork.

Come a Little Closer While the ideal blade height depends on the application, maintaining optimal control of material, whether it’s 4 inches or 4 feet in the air, is important for every application. A parallel lift system, which is available on some blades, allows the operator to maintain precise control because it keeps the blade straight up and down as it’s lifted. This type of system also helps maintain a more even weight distribution between the front and rear axles of the tractor because it keeps the blade closer to the front of the tractor. Ideally, a tractor will always have 50 percent of the weight over the front axle and 50 percent over the rear so the front and rear tires are doing the same amount of work. This not only makes the tractor more efficient, but also adds life to the drivetrain. Weight transfer can also be an issue with standard lift systems. Blades that are mounted on a hinge tend to tilt backward as they’re raised, October 2013

To avoid damage to hydraulic hoses when maneuvering over rough terrain or materials, look for a system that routes them up and out of the way. This also prevents buildup of material and saves operators the time and hassle of having to clean it out. Some systems even incorporate steel routing instead of rubber for ultimate durability.

A dozer blade that can extend from 12 to 20 feet on the fly combines the flexibility of a smaller blade for accessing hard-to-reach areas with capacity of a larger blade. It also allows operators to comply with stringent regulations for width without removing the blade.

A blade system with hydraulic hoses routed up and out of the way helps avoid damage that can occur from material that would otherwise get caught up in the hoses or when maneuvering over rough terrain.

The Lowdown on Upkeep Maintaining a dozer blade is simple. It usually only requires greasing of zerks and replacing cutting edges. However, there are a few things that further simplify maintenance. Some manufacturers design blades with zerks that are easy to access, which saves time and hassle when greasing. Also, some blades feature cutting edges that are reversible so when one side becomes worn it can be flipped over and used again. A parallel lift system keeps the blade straight up and down so the operator can maintain optimal control.

The Push Package What, how much and where – that’s one set of parameters for dozer blade selection. Great at one thing or great at many is another consideration. Either way, you’re talking about how much you can get done on any given day. And if you’re like most farmers and ranchers, at the end of the day – or after the final push of a season or even many seasons of demanding work – you want the dozer blade that delivers it all. Know what you need to get done and match those needs to the features that will help accomplish the job. In other words, choose carefully. Then get to work. |

Blades that mount to the front of a tractor allow operators to quickly and easily attach and detach them when switching between fieldwork and material handling.

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t what’s new

Love Old Tractors? New App Celebrates Vintage Iron

Bestway Announces New Autoglide™ Auto Boom Height Control System

Now vintage tractor enthusiasts can test their tractor trivia skills, enjoy stories of classic machines and more, on the go, with a new free smartphone and tablet app from nationally known farm broadcaster Max Armstrong.

Bestway Inc. has recently introduced the AutoGlide™ automatic sprayer boom height control system for most self-propelled, pull type and large 3-point mounted sprayers.

The interactive "Max Armstrong's Tractor App" is available for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. Users will hear Armstrong's distinctive voice inviting them to the app version of his popular TV segment "Max's Tractor Shed," to play "Tractor Trivia" and "What Engine is This?" games, and tune in to his daily Midwest Digest reports on Farm Progress America Radio. They can also download ringtones featuring Armstrong's voice.

The new AutoGlide™ system uses rugged ultrasonic range sensors mounted on the spray boom to continually monitor and maintain the height of the booms above the ground or crop canopy. The AutoGlide™ system delivers more consistent spray patterns, better coverage and reduced drift potential. With AutoGlide™, operator fatigue is reduced allowing you to cover more acres in a day.

Armstrong commissioned Martinez Creative Group of St. Charles, Ill., to develop the app, with the support of sponsors Great Lakes® Hybrids and Genuity®. "Great Lakes Hybrids is excited to work with Max to launch this creative and fun app that blends the heritage of vintage tractors with today's agricultural news, using the latest in mobile technology," says Doug Little, Brand Manager at Great Lakes Hybrids general manager. Max Armstrong's Tractor App is available for free download from iTunes for iPhone and iPad and from Google Play for Android smartphones and tablets. As part of the launch of the app, Armstrong also appears in his own music video featuring vintage tractors and a catchy song using his recorded phrases from the app. "Tractor Boy" has had more than 8,000 views on YouTube, and the song is available for download on iTunes, Google Play and as an Amazon MP3.


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Flys-X consists of a water-based (aqueous) formula that contains pyrethrins, a botanical insectide. It can be used on lactating and non-lactating beef and dairy cattle, and kills horn flies, house flies, face flies, mosquitos, gnats and blood-sucking lice on cattle, horses and dogs, as well as killing fleas and brown ticks on dogs. Flys-X comes ready to use (no mixing or diluting required) in a 32 oz. refillable spray bottle and gallon size. “There are so many hobby farmers who are looking for effective answers to their livestock’s insect control needs,” said Jaime McKinley, Vice President of Marketing & New Business Development, W. F. Young. “For example, high fly populations can be detrimental to both weight gain and milk production.” Flys-X also kills fleas and brown dog ticks when used as a premise spray.

Armstrong, who owns a pair of restored vintage Farmall tractors, is excited to share his passion for iron old and new through the app. He has reported often on the technology agricultural producers use to help them farm more efficiently, to better market their crops and to care for our environment. Providing the free tractor app to growers adds a little levity to the mix. "I don't think it hurts to have some fun in this magnificent industry that feeds us all," Armstrong says. "We know that our farmers are always challenged by a variety of factors, but I am often reminded of the great sense of humor of my farmer friends, and I know they and others will love this app."

Ready To Use Insecticide, from W. F. Young, Inc., makers of Absorbine® animal care products, is your answer for multi-species insect control.

“Flys-X is a great solution to help livestock, horse and dog owners keep pest populations under control,” McKinley said. “Absorbine is pleased to provide insect control options that are easy and affordable.” For more information visit ____________________________________ AutoGlide™ uses the sprayers existing electricover-hydraulic controls so there are no extra hydraulic components to add to your sprayer. This makes AutoGlide™ the simplest and easiest automatic boom height control system to install. A compact, in cab controller with a simple menu to configure and calibrate, allows engaging and disengaging automatic mode as well as adjusting boom height on the go. AutoGlide™ is available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 sensor models to fit most boom sizes and terrain. For more information email sales@bestway-inc. com or call 877-390-4480.

New SG-20 Adhesive Seals and Repairs Boots and Rain Gear Within 1 Hour Water is a way of life on the dairy and dry feet are essential for a productive, happy workforce. Until now, a wardrobe malfunction could cause a worker to endure wet feet all day, the makings for a long, miserable workday. Vettec Inc. has introduced SG-20, an adhesive material that can fix boots, raingear, milking aprons, coveralls and other outdoor gear within one hour, getting dairymen back in with the herd quickly and comfortably. SG-20 is now on sale at www.SG-20. com and other select retailers.


Insect Control for MultiSpecies Use Fly control for hobby farmers with multiple types of animals can be even more daunting, if possible, than it is for owners of just one species. Cattle, horses, dogs – how do you decide which product is right for each one? Or maybe you take the “one size fits all” approach, but with that nagging doubt in the back of your mind whether what you’re using is truly appropriate for every animal. Flys-X®

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

October 2013

t what’s new

WEE Bander Eliminates Pain of Early Castration Mike Callicrate, creator of the Callicrate Bander for older bulls, has collaborated with Roy Harbach to introduce the 'WEE' Bander. This new product allows the same technology and low-pain castration method in the Callicrate Bander to be used on young animals. Callicrate has introduced the 'WEE' Bander in response to a growing demand for an effective, yet painfree castration method for young animals. While he prefers castrating older animals using the Callicrate Bander, he concedes that many ranchers prefer early castration. "Today ranchers still castrate early using elastrator bands," Callicrate says. "One of the most stressful things you can do to an animal is the use of elastrator rings. They simply don't get tight enough. The animal swells into it." The new 'WEE' Bander solves this problem.

The Wee Bander eliminates pain of early castration.

The new product is designed for animals from birth through three weeks of age, and is simple to use. The 'WEE' Bander completely shuts off the blood supply, and thus the pain response, eliminating stress for the animal. "It's for those producers who want to castrate early," stated Callicrate. "As long as it fits through the triangular loop opening, it's the right size." For more information call 800-858-5974 or visit ____________________________________

Trimble Introduces New Agriculture App for Fleet Management Trimble recently announced the Connected Farm™ Fleet app built to serve managers and technicians by enabling them to access their fleet information from any location. Using smartphones and tablets, the app enables the fleet management portion of Trimble’s industry-leading Connected Farm Web solution to go mobile. With the app, managers can track the location of vehicles, receive geo-fence and curfew alerts, ana-

October 2013

lyze vehicle status, and view historical positions. The app can display current status information such as whether the vehicle is idling, moving, working or delayed. This information flows into the Connected Farm Web solution, which allows managers to analyze the efficiency and productivity of their fleet.

drills, especially in places where overhead space is limited. For ranches and farms in rocky areas, the 9-3B Vibratory Drill provides an effective solution for cutting through that rock to dig post holes, run electrical lines or fit irrigation pipes.

“The popularity of mobile apps continues to grow in agriculture,” said Joe Denniston, vice president for Trimble’s Agriculture Division. “Agribusiness managers are looking for ways to be more efficient and manage their fleets while on the go. By providing remote access to fleet information, the Connected Farm Fleet app can help increase efficiency and flexibility.” The free Connected Farm Fleet app is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2013 and is compatible with a variety of smartphones and tablets using an iOS or Android™ operating system. To download the app, go to the Apple App Store℠ or Google Play™ Store or visit: In order to view their fleet’s information on the Connected Farm Fleet app, customers will need to purchase Trimble’s vehicle management service as well as a DCM-300 modem with data cellular service for each vehicle that will be tracked. Customers can use a demo function to explore the features provided before subscribing to the service. Contact a local Trimble dealer at for more information.

For more information call 417-876-3011 or visit www.



New Skid-Steer Mounted Drill Cuts Through Solid Rock in Fraction of Time

Kubota Adds Two New Models to its M-Series Utility Ag Tractor Line

The newly introduced Harleman 9-3B Vibratory Drill offers 300-percent faster drilling time.

New M7060 Deluxe 12-Speed 4WD Cab Model Leads the Pack.

The New Harleman 9-3B Vibratory Drill continues the long-standing excellence customers have come to expect form Harleman Manufacturing. With a drilling speed increase of up to 300 percent, the 9-3B Vibratory Drill allows farmers to punch through rock efficiently. The 9-3B mounts directly to a skid steer for ease of use. Popular with utility companies, Harleman Manufacturing's Vibratory Drills can drill into solid rock where other brands fail. The newly released 9-3B model uses a constant vibration combined with one of the company's patented heavy duty augers to deliver even greater drilling speed and efficiency than previous models. As skid steer vibratory drills, Harleman Manufacturing's drills out-perform track and truck mounted |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

Kubota Tractor Corporation introduces two new models to its premium M-60 utility ag tractor line: the M6060 and M7060. The deluxe M7060 new 12-speed transmission cab and ROPS model offers reduced engine emissions, high-capacity hydraulics, low noise and electric engagement of four-wheel drive with the flip of a switch. Farms of all sizes will benefit from Kubota’s updated M60 tractors with their increased power and added versatility to tackle a range of jobs with ease – from hauling, material handling and loader work to snow removal and operating hay tools. “I’ve been with Kubota for 31 years, and over the years we are continuing to grow and expand our utility tractor offerings for customers big and small,” said Paul Williams, senior product manager for Kubota. “The demand will be high for the M7060 12-speed cab tractor because we have heard from dealers and customcontinued on next page...



t what’s new

ers alike that a deluxe model hay tractor would fulfill their needs – from handling small balers, round or square, to raking and disc mowing, and more.”

American Angus Association Tag Store Features New Items Get ready for the fall sale season by ordering ear tags and supplies online. The American Angus Association®’s Tag Store is introducing some exciting new product enhancements right in time to prepare for the fall sale season. The online store now offers the Dark & Durable™ tag marking process as the new standard tag mark, as well as the new ProGripII™ Universal Tag Applicator.

For more information visit ____________________________________

Featherlite’s Model 8271 Stock Hauler Combines the Best Features of Semi and Gooseneck Stock Trailers What do you get when you cross a gooseneck hitch with a semi stock trailer? If you’re Featherlite Trailers, you get the Model 8271, one of the most versatile, high-capacity stock trailers on the market. The innovative trailer was designed for farmers and ranchers, who often need to haul a herd of cattle or passel of hogs in as few trips and with as little hassle as possible. The Model 8271 helps solve this problem by combining the chassis of a 40’ semi stock trailer with an all-aluminum subframe and a gooseneck hitch. A lack of internal fenders further increases the Model 8271’s impressive carrying capacity. The gooseneck hitch not only improves maneuverability but also allows the Model 8271 to be hauled by a wider variety of vehicles than a trailer with a semi hitch would allow. Farmers and ranchers can also customize the Model 8271 with options that include halogen load lights, colored side sheets and aluminum wheels.

“Farmers know that time is money,” Justin Queensland, Featherlite U.S. Dealer Sales Manager, said. “The Model 8271 helps them save both.” For more information visit


800-622-8836 |

“The new product improvements Destron Fearing has introduced make viewing and inserting tags easier,” says Ginette Kurtz, AngusSource Genetic® program manager. “I think producers are going to enjoy the new changes and see an improvement in efficiency.” Now is the time for cattlemen to start ordering custom tags for fall production or bull sales, Kurtz says, and the ear tags offered by The Tag Store are an effective way to promote a farm or ranch. The interactive website allows producers to upload customized spreadsheets and view a proof before placing the order. Visit to place an order for the new ProGripII™ or any visual tag featuring the Dark & Durable™ tag markings. ____________________________________

GEOSYS Field Profit Planner TM for High Efficiency Farming Introduced

The service enables better decision making for higher profitability. "The foundation of the service is 10 or more years of field biomass data," said Norm Davy, GEOSYS senior vice president. "Farmers get a fast start by instantly gaining access to GEOSYS data that best represents the actual productive capacity of the field. Other approaches using a single factor, like soil sampling or years of yield maps, which requires significant time to establish can be less accurate." The tool helps all growers regardless of their previous experience with precision agriculture. Davy pointed out that growers just getting started in high efficiency farming can benefit right from the start: "Our goal with high efficiency farming is to produce more output per unit of input. Whether it be fertilizer, fungicide, seeds or other inputs, we seek to optimize the return." By refining their management approach using the equipment they have already, growers make more informed decisions resulting in more production per unit of input. He also noted that those growers who have access to VRT make swifter strides with better data and decision-making tools. For more information visit ____________________________________

New Ranchmate TM Work Gloves Give the FFA a Hand Sales of FFA-licensed products support agricultural education.

GEOSYS Inc. announced its launch of the GEOSYS Field Profit Planner, a comprehensive tool for farmers and their advisors who pursue high efficiency farming. The Profit Map quickly and easily shows the profit in each area of the field based on the costs data a grower will provide. Blue areas represent the most profitable areas of the field. The break-even or areas of loss in the field are indicated in red.

Preformed Line Products (PLP) has announced the national launch of its Ranchmate™ FFA-licensed work gloves, the newest addition to the company's line of innovative wire fencing products and accessories. Under agreement with The National FFA Organization (formerly Future Farmers of America), the four styles of gloves each feature the FFA-licensed motto or logo. Every sale of the gloves will support the FFA,

The new cloud-based GEOSYS Field Profit Planner service gives growers quick analyses of their individual fields while also providing insight into productivity across the entire farm. Unique to the GEOSYS platform, profit analysis for each field is included as part of the standard package. Each grower's individual field costs and yields can be used to calculate returns on each field or variable rate technology (VRT) field zone. The data is displayed in an easy-to-use format.

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

October 2013

t what’s new

a national agricultural educational organization for youth. The Ranchmate work gloves are designed to offer superior hand protection for farming, ranching, fencing, gardening and other tasks. The gloves are manufactured in the USA of full grain cowhide, and are form fitting and water-resistant. "As innovators in fencing and true advocates for American agriculture, we feel it is fitting that we can offer a quality product that supports future farmers and ranchers," said Ryan Ruhlman, manager of new business development and marketing communications for PLP. "We believe that farmers, ranchers, gardeners and do-it-yourselfers everywhere will love these gloves, and we are proud to pay it forward to the FFA. We believe that agricultural education ultimately benefits all of our communities." All four Ranchmate FFA-licensed glove styles feature two-ply grain cowhide for extra forefinger, thumb and palm support, with a flexible protective knuckle strap that bears the FFA® motto, "Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve." The cuffed styles also feature the FFA logo. The standard glove style provides hand protection for gardening and smaller projects, while the cuffed gloves protect hands and forearms during heavier tasks such as rose gardening and working with sharp wires. Cuff lengths range from two to ten inches and the form-fitting gloves are designed to comfortably "fit most." Ranchmate FFA-licensed gloves are available at farm and hardware stores nationwide and online at www. ____________________________________

Bass Pro Shops Launches Outdoor Programming on RURAL RADIO Bass Pro Shops has inked a deal with RURAL RADIO to be the title sponsor of "Bass Pro Shops Fishing, Hunting and Conservation Hour," which airs every Saturday morning. This one-hour live show, hosted by longtime conservation leader and Redhead® pro hunter Rob Keck, features high-profile guests who share their outdoor tips and stories. The show is broadcast throughout the U.S. and Canada every Saturday at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Eastern time) on RURAL RADIO, found exclusively on SiriusXM channel 80. "Bass Pro Shops Fishing, Hunting and Conservation Hour" rounds out a great weekend line up of active and engaging content for our listeners. The show

October 2013

features a continually fresh line up of new experiences meaning that it's never stagnant," said Randy Bernard, President and CEO of Rural Media Group, Inc. "I'm most excited about the localized outdoor adventure and tourism aspect of this. It'll be great hearing from Rob Keck and other Bass Pro experts as they talk about their tips for where to go fishing, where to launch your boat; all the little tips and aspects about a place or product that makes for a much better experience." "Bass Pro Shops Fishing, Hunting and Conservation Hour" is expected to become one of the largest outdoor enthusiast radio shows in North America with more than 27 million subscribers in the U.S. and Canada able to tune in to RURAL RADIO on SiriusXM channel 80. Keck said, "This is a great way for us to showcase the talent and expertise of the great folks who work at our stores across the country and in Canada as well as our conservation partners. We like to say that Bass Pro Shops is as close to the great outdoors as you can get indoors, and now this experience is being perfectly translated with our RURAL RADIO broadcasts on SiriusXM channel 80." ____________________________________

Innovative Model 30 IC Pump Station Eliminates Cavitation Approximately 40 percent of all pump rebuilds are due to cavitation damage. The recently introduced IC Pump Station helps eliminate this damage through innovative water pump control. With cavitation leading to nearly half of all pump failures, it is a significant concern for the modern farmer. With the release of P2Flow's new Model 30 IC Pump Station in August of 2013, these failures can now be stopped. According to a company spokesperson, "The IC Pump Station detects leaky intake piping, plugged filters and other obstructions and slows down the motor when these problems are present. This reduction in rate of flow ends cavitation and preserves the life of the pump." The innovative IC Pump Station uses a variable frequency drive that learns the pump's normal operation, storing that information in a complex database. Then, once the user turns off the learn mode, the station controls the rate of flow using the information stored |

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in its VFD database. When a significant variance occurs, the new Model 30 IC Pump Station slows the pressure and flow on the pump, thus ending cavitation. For more information about the IC Pump Station, call 800-760-6874 or visit ____________________________________

Thunder Creek Equipment Increases Field Tool Power Thunder Creek Equipment is kicking up the power of their popular 3-in-1 welder / air compressor / generator. The Thunder Creek Air N Arc® 150, launched earlier this year, is now the Thunder Creek Air N Arc® 190. This innovation brings more power to the field, allowing users to weld through 3/8” thick steel. Just like its predecessor, the Thunder Creek Air N Arc® 190 delivers best-in-class power with a True 2 Generator system capable of running all three functions simultaneously. Unlike the other models on the market, the Thunder Creek Air N Arc® 190 comes ready to work with 20’ weld leads complete with a patented stinger with amperage controls and boost capabilities. There are many additional features that set this model apart from others: •

14 HP electric start Kohler engine with adjustable throttle, driven by a poly link belt.

5000W capacitor style generator includes two 110V outlets, one 230V outlet, and battery box.

40A-190A variable working range welder including leads with amperage control.

20 CFM reciprocating air compressor is 25% larger than the closest competitor.

Compact design for installation in the utility box of a Thunder Creek Equipment fuel and service trailer or as a stand-alone unit.

For more information call 866-535-7667 or visit



t Best Practices: CROP REPORTING

t best practices: crop reporting


Nine Easy Steps to Make Crop Reporting a Positive Experience




Digi-Star LLC recommends a few simple steps of preparation for the harvest season to make crop insurance reporting and record keeping a much easier and accurate process. Joni Naylor, a crop insurance spe-

By taking just a few simple steps,

names from the menu us-

cialist for Farm Credit Mid-Amer-

producers can have accurate and

ica in Indiana, reminds producers

ing the indicator “QWERTY”

easy-to-read harvest records.


that they need “hard records” for claims processing, like weigh


Do you have a grain cart scale and software system? Be sure

tickets and settlement sheets from records” to differentiate where the

computer prior to harvest

grain actually originated. Some

season to take full advantage

producers have kept load records

of the software.

soda carton to printed spread-


tor’s manuals for safe and ef-

cart scale is certainly preferred.

ficient operation.

Naylor said, “It is so much easier


in software and download this

information is organized and in

information to USB for transfer

a report form. It takes longer for

to scale indicator. 4.


(identifiers) within software.

for example, ‘Three loads from red

IDs can be unique operators

straight truck and four loads from

ids, ie: red truck.

white semi.’ While this type of load record is adequate, it is definitely sub-standard.”


Train all operators on field names and picking field

350 4th Street NE, Beach, ND 58621 Highway 12 East, Bowman, ND 107 4th Street, Hettinger, ND 3484 I-94, Dickinson, ND

701-872-4154 701-523-3296 701-567-4505 701-483-8741

8141 Highway 2, Stanley, ND


Highway 2 East, Glasgow, MT


Stanley Equipment, Inc. Glasgow Implement

Test functionality of AutoLog™ on Scale Indicator. The indicator should enter unload mode when PTO starts and show STOP then PRINT when PTO stops. The rotation sensor should be set at 1/8” from

Be sure to confirm the IDs

very little detailed information,

Verify accuracy of scale system ner and confirming readings.

adjusters to process a claim when notes aren’t organized and give


by adding weight to each cor-

Confirm the field names with-

to process a claim when all the

North Dakota/Montana

ing the off season.

Read and review the opera-

sheets, but a print out from a grain

13922 West Front St., Williston, ND 58801 701-774-0957 | 866-774-0957 |

not fall victim to rodents dur-


©2013 CNH America LLC. New Holland is a registered trademark of CNH America LLC.


Check equipment to confirm hoses, cables or indicators did

to load the software onto your

a third party. They also need “soft

on anything from the inside of a

North Dakota


target and be free of debris. 9.

Remember to utilize Combine Check function on grain cart

Of all the things yOu’ve ridden, this is mOst similar tO nOne Of them. Of all the things yOu’ve ridden, this is mOst similar tO nOne Of them. The Can-Am® Spyder® RS roadster. Boasting a Rotax® 998cc V-twin engine. Crisp, powerful acceleration. Intuitive rider-focused features. And a three-wheeled stance that stands all alone. It’s riding, reinvented. Discover what thousands of riders already know at The Can-Am® Spyder® RS roadster. Boasting a Rotax® 998cc V-twin engine. Crisp, powerful acceleration. Intuitive rider-focused features. And a three-wheeled stance that stands all alone. It’s riding, reinvented. Discover what thousands of riders already know at

indicator daily to verify combine’s yield monitor accuracy.

Headquartered in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, with additional facilities and businesses in the Netherlands and United Kingdom, Digi-Star LLC is a global supplier of electronic sensing equipment, precision sensors, displays and software used by farmers and other equipment operators to precisely measure and analyze valuable data from critical farming processes.

vehicle stability system

dynamic pOwer steering

semi-autOmatic transmissiOn

An automotive-like system integrating traction and stability control with anti-lock braking for unique stability.

Adjusts required effort through acceleration, speed and steering angle data. More comfort and improved control.

No clutch lever or foot shifter here. Your left thumb shifts, your forefinger shifts down. (Manual available)

vehicle stability system

dynamic pOwer steering

semi-autOmatic transmissiOn

An automotive-like system integrating traction and stability control with anti-lock braking for unique stability.

Adjusts required effort through acceleration, speed and steering angle data. More comfort and improved control.

No clutch lever or foot shifter here. Your left thumb shifts, your forefinger shifts down. (Manual available)


1251 Wadsworth, Lakewood, CO 80214 303-232-7576 | ©2011 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). All rights reserved. ®, ™ and the BRP logo are trademarks of BRP or its affiliates. In the U.S.A., products are distributed by BRP US Inc. BRP reserves the right, at any time, to discontinue or change specifications, prices, designs, features, models or equipment without incurring any obligation. Some models depicted may include optional equipment. Always ride responsibly and safely. Always observe applicable local laws and regulations. Don’t drink and drive. 610214 ©2011 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). All rights reserved. ®, ™ and the BRP logo are trademarks of BRP or its affiliates. In the U.S.A., products are distributed by BRP US Inc. BRP reserves the right, at any time, to discontinue or change specifications, prices, designs, features, models or equipment without incurring any obligation. Some models depicted may include optional equipment. Always ride responsibly and safely. Always observe applicable local laws and regulations. Don’t drink and drive. 610214


800-622-8836 |

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See the very latest 100+ horsepower tractors from New Holland. They use EcoBlue™/SCR engine technology to give you increased power and produ And, by cutting your costs with best-in-class fuel efficiency and longer serv intervals, these New Holland tractors deliver a generous payback. That’s New Holland SMART.

October 2013

How to Handle Embezzlement in the Family Business – By Lois Lang, Psy.D.

Hearing about embezzlement in a public company rarely shocks anyone, but when it happens in a family business, people are often stunned. “How could he steal from his own family?” “Doesn’t she know she’s hurting her siblings/cousins/parents?” As tough and painful as embezzlement is, it’s not as uncommon as many of us would like to think. Sure, the kind of embezzlement that results in jail time is rare, but other levels of it happen daily. How could this happen? Many factors lead to embezzlement, including chronic financial strain, a general sense of family entitlement, lack of internal company controls, and the reality or perception of being overworked and underpaid. To make matters worse, often the embezzler doesn’t even know that what he or she is doing is wrong. Here’s an example of how embezzlement can start small and quickly grow: Jim (the business owner’s son) fills up his gas tank once on a Friday and pays for it with the business account, knowing that the miles he drives will be primarily for personal, not business use. He tells himself it’s okay because he has filled the tank on his own some weekends and used “his gas” for business use on Monday and Tuesday. Then he takes a few vacation days and doesn’t record it as paid time off. He picks up gift cards for employee recognition and pockets a few for himself. He knows that Dad pays him less than local competitors, and this is the way he evens it out. He notices other family members treating the business the same way, so it simply becomes the “way we do things around here”—it is their company culture, not embezzlement. The misuse of company assets, time, and money escalates. Soon, Jim adds a non-working family member to payroll, petty cash disappears, one out of ten customer checks are rerouted to Jim’s personal account, and personal items are consistently charged to the business credit card. Eventually, an employee in accounting notices and agonizes about who and when to tell. October 2013

So while embezzlement starts small and often innocently in a family business, it can quickly escalate to something big that damages the business, hurts nonfamily employee morale, and breaks family trust.

take, as a family, to prevent it in the future? •

Has this family member had chronic, known problems with finances?

Generally, how can we protect the company from future misuse of company assets or embezzlement?

Take Action What do you do when you realize a family member is embezzling from the business? Action is obviously required, and taking a cautious, thoughtful, respectful approach is wise. To begin, have a pre-meeting of key leaders, without the suspect family member present, to address the following questions:

How do we protect the whistleblower?

Do we have a whistleblower program set-up internally? Are employees trained annually?

Do we talk openly in Family Council about our responsibility to financially protect and care for company assets? Do we give specific examples of what is and is not allowed?

Do we have clear, hard, verifiable facts before we assume fault and intent? •

Who will be at the meeting to lay the facts out?

Are we going to involve the legal system?

If we continue employment with this family member, do we need to change their job position?

How or will we message this to the rest of the family? To other employees? To the Board of Directors?

How or did the company contribute to this problem?

If the company did, what steps will we take to prevent it in the future?

How or did the family contribute to this problem?

If the family did, what steps will we |

Do we have a solid non-compete clause in our employment contracts and/or employee handbook in case we have to release the family member from employment?

Do we consistently run a professional background check on applicants?

If I need to walk the family member out the door, how do I prepare? Computer security, locks, passwords, current company asset retrieval, bank account access protection, social media tracking, last paycheck, etc.

Do we need to involve the corporate attorney, Board of Directors, outside legal attorney, CPA, business psychologist? If so, when and how?

with the suspect family member. When you begin the meeting, keep it at the level of discovery. Lay out the facts and ask the family member their perception of what happened. Really listen to what they say and how they say it. Remember, it’s common for family members not to realize that they are indeed embezzling. If this is a first offense, and if the embezzlement is not excessive, some education may be the best course of action. However, if you believe the family member knew what he or she was doing and did it anyway, or if the embezzlement is substantial, termination may be the only option. During the meeting, you need to be vigilant in checking yourself by asking “What would I do if this wasn’t a family member?” and “Is this at a level where I will be able to trust them again?” Your answers to these two questions will reveal a lot about your best action plan.

Keep Your Family and Business Strong Of course, education of all employees (family and non-family), strict policies about how the company’s assets and resources can be used, and enforced controls that can spot any wrongdoing are the best ways to reduce your family business’ chances of falling victim to embezzlement. Acknowledging what could happen, along with some planning to prevent it, will keep your family and business strong, successful, and honest.

Lois Lang is a speaker and consultant with Evolve Partner Group, LLC where she helps organizations become high performance workplaces. Lois works with clients on management succession readiness, organizational/team strengthening, executive coaching, executive compensation design, wage studies and mediated conflict resolution. For more information on Lois’ speaking and consulting, please visit or contact Lois at lois.lang@ or (209) 952-1143.

Once you’re clear on these aspects, it’s time for the second meeting—this one

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t innovations in equipment

t innovations in equipment



Clean Burn Provides Cost Effective Solution for Waste Oil

22057 Illinois Hwy. 1, Chrisman, IL 61924 217-269-2412 | 800-535-9542 Minnesota


1820 East Bridge St., Redwood Falls, MN 56282 507-644-4400 South Dakota


2033 West Hwy. 212, Clark, SD 57225 605-532-3484 | 800-479-3484

For the farming operation with excess used motor oil and other petroleum-based fluids, Clean Burn offers a green way to turn that oil into usable heat. Using technology perfected over the last 34 years, Clean Burn has become the leading manufacturer of used-oil furnaces and boilers.



Used motor oils and petroleum based fluids can be turned into free heat for farming operations using the equipment available from Clean Burn. With a range from 140,000 to 500,000 BTUs, these products allow farmers to burn those used fluids, converting them into a green source of heat energy.

1251 Wadsworth, Lakewood, CO 80214 303-232-7576 Iowa


3001 Hwy. 71 East, Lake View, IA 51450 712-657-2368 Email:

"By burning the oils on-site to heat their facilities with a Clean Burn, farmers reduce out of pocket expenses," claims a company spokesperson. "This also reduces the out-of-pocket expenses of the operation and releases the cradle to grave liability that comes with waste oil disposal."



3234 W. Schimmer, Grand Island, NE 68803 308-395-8800 Email:

The energy produced by the Clean Burn products can be used to heat the facility or heat water. The products meet all EPA and ASME regulations and have attained Energy Star rating. For more information, call 800-311-0183 or visit


Burn your used oil for heat!

New, Used, Rebuilt, Turn-Key Job. Serving the Illinois, Indiana Agriculture Market for Over 50 Years. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


! e b o ro d a r P o l y Co Ha

for BEST results use the

! from e s o cho s to l e od lm era v e S

• Hay & forage core samples • Low cost • Easy to use “drill style” • Can be used on all size & types of baled forages

502 E. Beech, Sullivan, IN 47882



800-622-8836 |

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201 Rome Court • Fort Collins, CO 80524 Voice 970-482-2060, Ext. 005 • Fax 970-482-2067 • email:

October 2013

Free Stall

Storage Building



LAM-PLY TRUSS The Truss That Will Carry The Load Spans up to 80 ft. Spans up to 12 ft. depending on the load you desire Bird Nesting Control Better Ventilation and Visibility


RAFTER USES: Pole Sheds, Free Stalls Pavilion Shelters Machinery Storage Riding Arenas

No Feed Alley Post Obstruction Additional Ceiling Height W24141 Starwood Lane, Independence, WI 54747 Call Toll Free: 888-525-5878

Are You Tired Of Cleaning Sprinkler Nozzels? WE HAVE THE SOLUTION. The drop nozzle filter solves the problem of needing to walk the sprinkler and clean nozzles everytime the sprinkler is shut down and restarted, thus saving the farmer valuable time and money. The filter will prevent the orifices from becoming clogged with small particles of sand, rust or debris, therefore maintaining a true water pattern, making the irrigation more efficient, helping with crop yields. (Patent Pending)


580-338-7104 • 580-651-0377




The Way To Quickly Protect Farms, Homes, and Businesses From Flooding!

The Difference Between

PRESERVATION and DEVASTATION is the Quantity of Sandbags in Place

L Capable of producing

4,800 - 6,200 bags in 8 hours with only 3 people!!!


The logistical nightmare of sandbagging operations is over as the SandMaster creates and delivers sandbags AT THE AREA OF NEED. Can bag most materials wet or dry that are available on site. Phone: 360-217-8215 • Email:

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FARMERS NATIONAL COMPANY FNC manages over 2 million acres in 24 states Over the last ve years, we have sold over $2 billion of property - 3,500 farms, 1,000 sold at auction. Call your local land specialist today to discuss your current agricultural landowner options.



WASTE OIL INTO A SOURCE OF FREE HEAT Now is the time to get FREE heat for your farm from your used motor oils. There is no better business move today than to cut heating costs with Clean Burn waste oil heating equipment, the industry gold standard for converting waste crankcase oil, ATF and hydraulic oils into FREE heat.



0 Hours

(or 15,00

Contact Your Authorized Clean Burn Distributor Today! Commercial Industrial Supply MO, KS 800.783.7935

Derson MFG, Inc. MN, WI 800.403.3456

DSI Recycling Systems WI, IL, MO 800.824.4115

Clean Burn has a Full Line of Low Profile and Large Volume Furnaces. Ask about our Recycling Center and Coil Tube Boilers.

For additional information about all our landowner services, contact us today!

11516 Nicholas Street, Suite 100 • Omaha, Nebraska 1-800-346-2650 or (402) 496-FARM (3276)

Waste Oil

Let’s Recycle It!

Real Estate Sales • Auctions • Farm and Ranch Management Appraisals • Insurance • Consultations • Oil and Gas Management Lake Management • National Hunting Leases


Highway 81, Box 327, Belvidere, NE 68315 402-768-6098 | 800-477-3745 |


1515 South Lincoln Street, Holdrege, NE 68949 308-995-8340 | Cell: 308-991-2967 | Email:


164 West Nobes Road, York, NE 68467 402-362-7711 | 800-284-7066 | © 2012 Lindsay. All rights reserved. Zimmatic, FieldNET, Growsmart, Greenfield and Watertronics are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Lindsay Corporation.


800-622-8836 |

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October 2013

ge er

EEdiNg NE ricA

llow us

ConveyorS ConveyorS


Toll Free 800-369-4131 11052 Hwy. 392 Harrison, Arkansas 72601

Bedding Chopper

AgriChopper Bedding Chopper


(200-1) 200 Pound Stull Feeder with ATV mounting kit

Our standard Stull Feeder is Randy's original design and what he uses today. It holds 200 lbs. of feed and is gravity fed—perfect for use with any bunk feeder. A retractable top allows for easy loading and the long handle allows the driver to easily open the feed door and regulate flow. The tapering chute folds up when not in use. Two strut mounts allow for mounting to any ATV.


Silo ForAge UnloAderS Blower

Silo UnloAderS




16570 County Hwy. O

Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 ConveyorS



(400-2) 400 Pound Stull Feeder with the basic UTV mounting kit

This kit includes the 400-Pound Stull Feeder and all mounting hardware for the basic UTVs, which include the feeder, 2-60in struts, all mounting hardware and instructions for your basic utv. The Basic utv mounting kit would be for any utv that has a metal constructed bed with a lip that bends out or in ward like the pictures of the John Deere Gator. Basic kit is for the following UTVs- Mule, Gator, Cub Cadet, Kubota, Bobcat, Treck, Chuck Wagon, Club Car & other similar type beds.


W5373 County Road X Withee, WI 54498 715-229-2527

ForAge Blower


Silo Minnesota UnloAderS

Blower Silo UnloAderS


2040 Mahogany St. Mora, MN 55051 320-679-2981 Cell: 612-390-6038

OUR NEWEST PRODUCT — UP TO 600 LB. CAPACITY "AUGER" FED FEEDER** • 12-volt motor can be wired to battery or hooked up to backup battery • 10-foot starter switch lets you operate auger from driver's seat • Ships via UPS. • Measures 30W x 39H x 42D • 16-gauge galvanized metal. • Bolts to bottom of bed ofFollow UTVs, andus mountable to UTVs and truck beds ONLY.


TEl 608 374-2206




Doors Built to Last a Lifetime

Follow us

TEl 608 374-2206

Historic Aerial Photos of Rural America! Follow us

• Strong, Safe • Weathertight • Always Installed NEW

Lifetime Structure


TEl 608 374-2206

POWERLIFT 507-368-9500



15% Heavier

For Tough Baling Conditions

Preserving memories for generations to come! (800) 552-3295

We’ve got your shot! 1960s , 70s, 80s, 90s

See your photos for Free.

888-402-6901 October 2013 |

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Pathways Through Agriculture

Contact your authorized KINZE dealer today to learn more!

by Kayla Degner


Up to 750 bushels per min. unloading capacity.

Unmatched line of sight operator visibility. Less fatigue. Less neck strain.

900, 1100, 1300 and 1500 bushel capacities. 1100,1100, 1300 900, and 1500 1300 and bushel 1500 bushel capacities. capacities.

Up to 750 bushels per min. unloading capacity.

Unmatched line of sight operator visibility. Less fatigue. Less neck strain.

Pivoting vertical auger lets you control adjustments (over 2' of height and nearly 2’ of reach).

12372 Hwy. 163 W. Prairie City, IA 50228 Resale value Powder coat 515-994-3200 Pivoting vertical auger lets often times finish for you control adjustments exceeds original increased life (over 2' of height and nearly purchase price.

2’ of reach).

Resale value often times exceeds original purchase price.


Sundaes Are Not Just for Ice Cream


ver since I was a little girl, my family and I serve beef at the Cattlemen’s Beef Quarters at the Iowa State Fair. We always work the first day of the fair. My parents are members of the Sac County Cattlemen; my dad has been the secretary for a number of years. Over the years, things have changed but the cattlemen’s mission is to still promote beef to the public. I have learned not only to promote beef but service to the public and food quality at a young age. At the Cattlemen’s Beef Quarters you can find all beef novelties from prime rib to taco in the bag. In the past couple of years there has been a couple new items added to menu. The most famous is the legendary “Hot Beef Sundae”. This scrumptious entrée includes a scoop of mashed potatoes loaded with roast beef and gravy, shredded cheese and a cherry tomato. It is definitely a favorite of many that come to the state fair.

I spoke with Deb Bettin, manager of the Cattlemen’s Beef Quarters while I was working at the fair. She stated, “I feel that our sole vision is to promote quality beef to the public.” Bettin’s most exciting event throughout her years as manager was the invention of the Hot Beef Sundae in 2007. Through the hot beef sundae, they were able to use the beef product and make it fun to resemble an ice cream sundae! John Mortimer, the President of the Cattlemen’s Beef Quarters founded this establishment in 1985 to showcase quality beef to the public. John commented, “It is satisfying to see approximately 1,500 cattlemen come serve and promote beef throughout the duration of the fair.” He also added that the first year they had the hot beef sundae they planned on serving 4,000 but ended up serving about 22,000!

Pictured: Deb Bettin (left), manager of the Cattlemen’s Beef Quarters, and the creator of the wildly popular Hot Beef Sundae, stops for a moment to get her picture taken with Kayla Degner. Kayla Degner was born and raised in rural Lytton, IA on a diversified grain and livestock family farm. She graduated from Rockwell City-Lytton in May 2012 and currently attends Iowa State University studying Agricultural Communications. Her past involved many agriculture venues. Kayla has a strong interest in advocating to the youth involved in agriculture. Contact her at



800-622-8836 |

Dealer Inquirie s Invited

• Keeps bale off the ground, no spoilage. • Cost effective - Hay saved from as few as 50 round bales will pay for the feeder. • Rugged 2” angle iron, 1-1/4” high tensile tube and sheeted bottom panel. • Basket large enough for bales 6 feet in diameter and 6 feet long. • Wood floor can be installed by purchaser. • Easy to move with loader. • Dropped hay falls in bottom Adjustable To 3 Different Sizes of feeder, prevents waste.

E.F.S. Distributing 800-441-5365

2285 230th Street • Early, IA 50535


U.S. Patent No. 5158040


Choose from gas engines up to 60 HP, a 30 HP AC electric motor or a fuel-efficient high-torque diesel. Choose from 2- and 4-passenger mid-size models or 3- and 6-passenger full-size models All models feature On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive (AWD) to maximize traction Detailed customization with hundreds of rugged and reliable Polaris accessories



I chatted with Ken Erpelding, Sac County Cattlemen’s President and Mike Penniman, Sac County Cattlemen’s Treasurer during the fair. They love coming down to the fair every year, it is something they put on their calendar year to year. It is fun for them because they meet new people and it is a way to educate the public not only about beef but agriculture, as well. I have a passion to advocate agriculture and working at the Cattlemen’s Beef Quarters is one easy way I can do that, even at a young age. If you ever attend the Iowa State Fair, check out the Cattlemen’s Beef Quarters and enjoy some delicious beef.

and durability.

Powder coat finish for increased life and durability.

309 12th Avenue West Lisbon, ND 58054 701-683-4195 Email: NEW! 2013 RANGER XP® 900 CLASS-LEADING 60 HP


Warning: The Polaris RANGER and RZR are not intended for on-road use. Driver must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license to operate. Passengers must be at least 12 years old and tall enough to grasp the hand holds and plant feet firmly on the floor. All SxS drivers should take a safety training course. Contact ROHVA at or (949) 255-2560 for additional information. Drivers and passengers should always wear helmets, eye protection, protective clothing, and seat belts. Always use cab nets. Be particularly careful on difficult terrain. Never drive on public roads or paved surfaces. Never engage in stunt driving, and avoid excessive speeds and sharp turns. Riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. Check local laws before riding on trails. ©2012 Polaris Industries Inc.


Thousands of cattle producers using Medi-Dart products realize that fast and low stress treatment of their livestock results in maximum gains, lower costs and an easy to handle herd. Treat your cattle within minutes of seeing a problem. Medi-Dart’s reusable syringe injects the medicine of your choice either IM or Sub-Q, and there’s no cost per shot. Medi-Dart’s patented ejection system pushes the dart out of the animal for fast and easy retrieval. Visit our website: EXTENSION (POLE MOUNTED)

Range 6’ Capacity 35cc


Range 20’ Capacity 30cc


Range 30’ Capacity 30cc

MEDI-DART INC. 1-888-778-7757 (Toll Free)

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October 2013

Necessary Topics for a Successful Estate Plan By Michael Baron

Owner/Manager of Great Plains Diversified Services, Inc., Bismarck, ND

“Keeping the Family Farm in the Family”

Great Plains Diversified Services, Inc. | | | 701-255-4079 or Toll-free: 800-373-4078


y ave finall ars we h e y e th r ld, this d ove ay’s wor ming an r d fa to n in e e b now er We have land. I k nt anoth rters of a u q e we do re in t n u b r s fo d r id da pa ears, my any stan ver the y farm by O . ig b ls il a b ’t e th isn farm. help pay g for the to in s y e a r c p a h wit thousand help out work to to wly d a h and is slo wife has ars back e y w fe e using us a use whil s joined is n h o r s fo y d m n One of recently renting la other son ery and n in a h c is a m m ble buying . Our pro nd farm achinery e back a m m o r c u o to f e lik some o and buy uld now at he wo to go out th y it d u e c q e n to annou our farm lly want leverage don’t rea ld d u n o a h s s e ie ft and w our mid-fi e are in W . d n la more debt. e back into k to mak go right both wor e if w ’s d my son n coming y wife an insists o m t u y b tl n le e g r sin Cu r ee our er son is love to s th d o I’ r e u s O u ca et. ends me y torn be I’m reall ? g in m r back to fa farm. e family th n o m r family fa

Dear Mic

Two Sons, One Farm... profitability where you actually

It also means as hard as it is right now bringing in the

start making money.

first son, bringing in a third partner is really putting the

A person once told me that any small business will take three years of losing money, three




even, and then – if you’ve done ‘everything’ right – you should start to see a

farm at risk. The farm acreage owned isn’t big enough to support three families. Being as you are in your midfifties, you are looking at a tenure whereby you are eventually going to slow down on labor input but still need income to support yourself when you can no longer work. You and your spouse have earned the right to do this because you paid for this asset.

small profit. I said ‘that doesn’t



A person once told me that any


and he responded ‘yes, but ninety percent of

small business will take three years

small businesses never

of losing money, three years of

make it through the

breaking even, and then – if you’ve

first three years’, which

done ‘everything’ right – you should

sobered me up quite a

Sig ned, rm s, One Fa T wo Son

bit while considering

start to see a small profit.

the business I am in now. Sure enough, I had to work odd jobs and live on rice and Ramen Noodles for the first three years and go into debt

Now if you split up this asset three ways and expect to

to make things work. Then it was another three years of

have sufficient retirement income, I think you may be

paying off those debts and then finally – around eight to

overly optimistic – to say the least – as to what this farm

From what you have told me, the farm has paid for itself

ten years later, I could afford to go out and have lunch

is capable of doing. If you owned two thousand to twenty-

over the years but without your wife working off the

instead of packing a sandwich.

five hundred acres paid for and needed hired help from

Dear Two Sons, One Farm:

farm, you never would have been able to pay for living expenses – food, electricity, basic stuff like that. This likely means nothing was ‘given’ to you and you had to

Those are the economic stages of any small business – of which farming is considered one of them. The

time to time and you could economically justify bringing in another partner, you could take the risk.

difference with farming is the three and three scenario

But your farm is already at risk if economics change

is more like fifteen and fifteen years – fifteen years of

in agriculture – supporting two families. Your wife

Now you’ve gone through a generation and finally paid

being in debt, fifteen years of breaking even, and then

isn’t going to be real happy working until she’s eighty-

for the farm – which should give your wife some peace

finally profitability. The only way you survived – and will

five to keep paying the basic necessities to supplement

of mind knowing the full load of paying for the basic

survive in this transition process with farming son now

retirement income.

necessities can now be shared with farm income but

is you’ve got two gals who are working paying for day to

then sonny came along and he started farming. What

day living.

pay for your family farm.

would have been all of your income now has to be shared

From an economic standpoint – and I know every farm father wants to see all of his kids who want to farm farm

The whole bug-a-boo in what you’ve told me is going

– but this is not a feasible situation. Sorry.

to sound overly simplistic. If the second son now wants


to join the operation, you now have to provide income

Do you have questions about estate planning? Need to

to three sources instead of two – and two has been

know more about how you can “Keep the Family Farm

Economically, this tells me the farm is just starting to

a struggle for you. The problem is this son is showing

in the Family”? Email questions to Michael Baron at

reach profitability stage. Any small business goes through

up without an economic partner (wife) who’s willing to or call him at 800-373-4078.

these stages – debt, meeting debt payments, and finally

support him while he establishes himself in farming.

with him so he can start buying equipment and/or land. Even so, his wife still has to work to in order for their family unit to make ends meet.

October 2013 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |





Jake Remple Elm Creek, Manitoba Sat., Oct. 26, 2013 • 10am 2009 Case IH 7088 Combine, pickup head, electric lift hopper extension, loaded unit, only 380 hrs.

Saturday, Sept. 21 – 9:30 A.M.

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Eagle Center in Lakota, Iowa

2011 New Holland 8040 Swather EZ Steer, with 30 ft. Honey bee header, pickup reel, factory Transport, 200 hrs.

This auction features antiques, collectibles, tools, wrenches and manuals, hundreds of antique wrenches, vintage signs and more.

Saturday, Sept. 28 – 9:30 A.M.

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Main Street Ledyard, Iowa

Commercial building featuring 40’ x 100’ block building w/steel roof w/newer furnace, office area, restroom w/6 corner lots. This auction features new and vintage shop equipment, tools and vintage engines and almost any tester, tool and equipment that has to do with automotive repair and rebuilding. Auctioneer Note: Lawrence has been in the auto repair/garage business since 1955. This is one of the largest collections in our area.

1998 Case IH Steiger built 9370 tractor, 3000 one owner hrs., 12 speed standard, 4 remote Hydraulic return line, 20.8 x 42 duals and weight package 2006 McCormick XTX 185, FWA, 3pth, dual PTO, 24 speed, only 3827 hrs., and much more!


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See the very latest 100+ horsepower tractors from New Holland. They use EcoBlue™/SCR engine technology to give you increased power and productivity. And, by cutting your costs with best-in-class fuel efficiency and longer service intervals, these New Holland tractors deliver a generous payback. That’s New Holland SMART. CLEAN-RUNNING, ECOBLUE™



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October 2013

Farm & Ranch Life

Michael R. Rosmann, Ph.D.

Email Dr. Rosmann at, or visit his website at You can call him at his office in Harlan, Iowa at 712-235-6100.

Do Some Farmers Push Themselves Too Hard? When I was speaking at the annual meeting of the “Women in Agriculture” in Iowa recently, several wives said their husbands don’t know when to quit working. The husbands insist they can’t take time away from the farm operation because no one else “can do it right,” or “as well.”

The traits associated with this drive have become concentrated in successful farmers, and to an unknown extent in other successful persons who carry the same genetic expression. Research shows less successful persons exhibit fewer characteristics of this genetic expression.

The cost of overworking is considerable. Spouses, children, parents and extended family members feel disregarded by the person who is overworking. Their willingness to help the distressed farmer gradually tapers off as they grow cynical that he/she will change.

One woman said “I tell him he married me, not the farm.” Another said, “I buy tickets to football games and concerts so he has to go with me, or I go alone or with a friend. Eventually he starts to ‘get it’. He knows we need to be together as a family.”

There is a downside to this genetic predisposition. Dr. van Leeuwen suggested successful farmers’ pervasive preoccupation with perfectionism and need for interpersonal control, even at the expense of themselves and their families, incline them to be more sensitive than usual to perceived criticisms.

The overworked and distressed person can experience deteriorating physical and behavioral health.

There are two sides to the matter and I am familiar with both. For my first dozen years of farming I felt compelled to not take time away from farm work that needed to be completed. I learned “the hard way.” I lost several toes in a combine “accident” when I was overworking. I have counseled many farm couples trying to resolve struggles over spending quality time together as a couple or family. The adage, “The family that prays together stays together,” can be adapted to “The family that plays together stays together.” Why do farmers have a difficult time “letting go,” even if only for a few hours to days? Dutch cultural anthropologist, Dr. Lizzy van Leeuwen, suggests farmers are motivated by a genetic inclination toward perfectionism. Lizzy stayed with Marilyn and me for 10 days in June this year. Lizzy interviewed dozens of farmers and scientific authorities, mainly in the Netherlands, but also in other European countries and recently in the U.S. Her theory is consistent with psychological studies that showed successful farmers buckle down when faced with adversity and tenaciously rely on their own judgment. In previous articles I often have cited Australian, Scottish and American studies that helped give rise to the contention that an inherited drive, called the Agrarian Imperative, instills farmers to work incredibly hard. October 2013

Farmers, especially those who feel stressed, become angry toward persons who disagree with them or they assume others are judging them negatively and become unnecessarily harsh on themselves, even to the point of feeling depressed. Dr. van Leeuwen theorized their sensitivity to criticism contributes to the high rate of suicide by farmers. Problems in relationships and depression/suicide concerns are primary reasons why farm families seek help. An analysis of reasons why 44,000 persons involved in agriculture called farm crisis hotlines and helplines affiliated with the AgriWellness network during a 26 month period (September 1, 2005-October 31, 2007) indicated callers were concerned about marital/family problems (24.6%), problems in daily living (27.7%), feeling depressed or suicidal (27.7%), stress over finances (14.3%), alcohol/drug abuse (4.9%), gambling (.6%) and unclassified issues (.2%). Females initiated 54.5 percent of the calls. The farm and ranch callers described their marital/family problems and problems in daily living as breakdowns in communication, angry outbursts—usually by an overworked husband/father, abusive treatment of others, and growing disintegration of the family unit. Two percent of the callers who said they felt depressed also reported suicide attempts, plans or thoughts.

Only the overworked person can decide how much work is enough. Taking time to recreate with the family and to restore one’s body and mind are investments in oneself. No one else can do that for the stressed farmer. I have heard heart-breaking stories from aging farmers who said their main regret was they wished they had spent more time enjoying life with their families instead of working so hard. Regrets, instead of accomplishments, clouded their retirement memories. There is still time before harvest begins to take a vacation. There is no time like now to make a permanent behavioral change for the good of all. Marilyn and I miss our stimulating discussions with Lizzy. She is back home,




working on her next book (about farmer suicide). Besides our intense debates, Lizzy told us her favorite times in the U.S. were her walks with Marilyn on the dirt road that borders the east side of our farm. She didn’t care that Marilyn had spotted mountain lion tracks on the road earlier.

Dr. Michael R. Rosmann brings the perspective of a farmer in “Farm And Ranch Life”. Dr. Rosmann grew up on a mixed grain and livestock farm in Western Iowa where he experienced enjoyable hard work and 4-H, and witnessed the stresses that accompany farming and farm life. Dr. Rosmann developed the first mental health response in Iowa to the Farm Crisis of the 1980s. In 2001, Dr. Rosmann, along with partners in seven states, founded the nonprofit network, AgriWellness Inc. AgriWellness conducted research and provided counseling services to farm people. It became clearer that a specialized field – agricultural behavioral health – was needed to respond to the unique problems experienced by farmers, ranchers and others involved in agriculture.

Long-Term Farm Real Estate Loans

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By Paula Vogelgesang

All-Hallows Eve is Just Around the Corner! Halloween is just around the corner once again. For the past two months I’ve noticed costumes, plastic pumpkins and stuff on the shelves of the big box stores, along with the back to school stuff before the 4th of July. Out here in the hinterlands of the back country, we don’t have parties for the kids. We load them up in a vehicle and drive to half a dozen or so houses so the kids can get some candy and show off their homemade costumes and call it good. We know all the neighbors and they know us so we don’t worry about weird things in the candy bucket or that the kids go up to the door by themselves. Mom is watching from the vehicle anyway. We do have to have fairly simple costumes, like sheets cut off and tied on for a ghost, with eye-holes and a black marker face, or an old formal cut off short for a fairy princess with a star made from cardboard and glitter nailed to a piece of dowel stock. Years ago, one of my boys rolled up his jeans legs and put on a wig of his grandmothers, a skirt and blouse belonging to his sister and a Lone Ranger mask. All the neighbors couldn’t figure out who that extra girl was with the kids! It made my husband roar with laughter the next day when they were discussing the matter over coffee at a neighbors house. Yes, Halloween is fun for kids and adults alike! Many of the kids make their own costumes from cardboard boxes, garbage bags, old sheets and pillowcases, clothing from the rag bag or the last yard sale left-overs. They have fun dreaming up something to wear and it sure saves on the old wallet when they make it themselves. Besides, it gives them a chance to really use that creativity hidden inside. Most kids are fairly good artists, costume makers, etc. if given a few things to work with and encouraged to figure out something instead of just going to a box store and buying some plastic costume that will be ripped to shreds before they get home again. We make our treats instead of buying them. Crispy rice treats, chocolate chip cookies, popcorn with some corn candy scattered in it (all in plastic sandwich bags). Our kids don’t get all that much for treats unless their parents take them to a party in town, and then there is usually so much candy that it ends up getting smashed and eventually tossed out. Some folks will let the young ones choose certain treats and the rest are donated to a homeless shelter or some other charity. That’s a win/win all the way around! Until next time...

Paula A18

Another Tool in the


Oil/Grease Remover Hints For Shop and Garage Floors, Fall Canning Ideas, Fix Up Hints and More! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to clean oil and grease off of shop/garage floors as the harvest season winds down and most machinery is cleaned and put away for the next season. At any rate, here are some reader suggestions... If you use an oil catch pan under the vehicles and machinery when you change the oil it can sometimes slop or run over and leave a mess on the floor. A reader suggested that folks take one of those big ½ sheet cookie tins (preferably an old one with rusty spots), fill it with clay cat litter and set your catch pan on the litter. If the pan runs over, the litter will soak up the oil and keep it off of the floor. To take oil/grease spots off of my shop floor, I just buy a 5 pound bag of cornmeal. It’s cheap and really absorbs well. I pour it all over the grease or oil spots and leave it for several days so it has time to soak up as much as possible; then, just sweep up the meal. You would be surprised at how well this works. Another reader suggested buying a big bag of baking soda which is now available in 12 pound plastic bags at most hardware/box stores. The soda works to absorb the oil/grease and also eliminates odors.

sand he’d purchased a couple of years earlier to do the same job. PS: When I looked in the hardware store for fine sand, it was the stuff recommended for the kids sandboxes.) –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Back To School, Again... October is the perfect time to go school shopping. Most of the kids have been in school for a month or so and the fashionistas have made their statements about what is hot and what is not. Some kids pay close attention to these things, and some don’t. My kids were the ‘don’t’ variety. They usually wore blue jeans and shirts; t-shirts in warmer weather and long-sleeved in colder weather. Most of their clothing was purchased at yard sales. A good pair of jeans can be bought for $5 (compared to $50 to over $100 for a single pair in the malls). I’ve heard a lot of folks say that they wont let their kids wear yard sale clothes because of germs! Well, did you ever think about how many bodies have been in that pair of jeans you tried on in the mall? (Major germs!) I walked down the dressing room hallway years ago in a big store and got the shock of my life: Someone was trying on a pair of jeans and had left the door wide open–and was minus any form of underwear! Not something I was comfortable with at all!

Other readers have suggested the concentrated dish soap. Just use it straight from the bottle and let it sit on the spots overnight. The next morning, you have to get down on your ‘prayer bones’ (a.k.a. your knees) and scrub the living daylights out of the area with a scrub brush followed by a good washing with very hot water.

Boots were the only kind of shoes to wear when you lived in the country. The expensive sneakers don’t last long in the mud and yutz of the barnyard, and they didn’t last nearly as long as a pair of boots. They had sweatshirts and coats to wear and kept them handy in the vehicle so they could go on quickly if they had to get out for some reason. Sometimes, to run a neighbors cow back through the gate.

One gentleman wrote that he’d had a sack of cement that had gotten a wet spot on it and it had hardened up. He put his two boys to work with hammers to break the cement back up into powder, and then put the resulting powder on the oil patch in his garage. He said it worked as well as the fine

I’ve started making car quilts from old blue jeans; denim on the front and back and an old blanket in between the pieces of denim. These are to be in the front or back seat at all times. No putting them in the trunk–you cant get to it in a blizzard or if you run off the road and can’t open a door! They wear

800-622-8836 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

well and at calving time, could be used to wrap a cold calf for a trip to the barn! And, they wash well. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Harvest Time Is Here Again October is about the final month for the farmers markets in my part of the world. It’s starting to get really cold most nights, and the garden has been put to bed for the winter. You can still buy a huge variety of garden produce though, and its a good time to stock the freezer, fill the canning jars and make the jams and jellies (some for those Christmas baskets). If you have no access to farmers markets, perhaps you have a friend who gardens who will gladly share excess produce with you. Can it, freeze it or dry it for the upcoming winter months. Some folks will use this time of year with all the specials on canned goods to build a stash of extra cans of green beans, peas, carrots, etc. to be used in the many casserole recipes available almost everywhere. Years ago, one of my neighbors, who was very short on storage space in her kitchen, put the flats of green beans, peas, etc. under her bed. The canned goods stayed cool and dry, but were handy for her to get to as she needed them. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Ghostly Lanterns These can easily be made by kids 5 or 6 years old. You need some gallon milk jugs, well washed and with the labels taken off. Just smear some peanut butter on the labels and let sit overnight; the oil in it will take the label off in a jiffy the next day. Let the kids make a ghost face (eyes, nose and mouth on the side opposite the handle) with black markers. Then, take a paring knife and cut a small slit under the handle and give the kids a pair of school scissors that will cut the lightweight plastic. They need to cut a hole big enough to get their hand inside (but don’t cut down too far under the handle). Next, put some sand or colored rocks (landscape type) in the bottom of the jug and then set one of those little

October 2013

Stinky Feet, Be Gone! battery operated tea lights in it. Turn the lights on in the evening and set the jug(s) along the sidewalk or on the edge of the porch leading to your front door. It’s an easy craft for the small fry and they are so very proud of what they can do “all by myself”. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Cheese, Please To keep that expensive cheese from drying out and getting moldy, wrap it in a cloth that has been soaked in vinegar and then wrung out. Store the wrapped cheese in a plastic bag and it will keep quite a while. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Steak/Burger Toppers I am making some of this as I write this column. I found some fresh mushrooms in the grocery store the other day (raised in USA) and wanted to keep them for later on when we have some steak or some good big burgers for an evening with friends. I put 1 teaspoon of butter in a cast iron skillet and added the package of fresh mushrooms, turned the heat on low and let them cook. I then turned them out onto a cookie sheet to cool, and then in the same skillet with a little more butter added, I cooked down two very large thinly sliced onions. I’ll mix the two together on the cookie sheet, cool the whole works completely and then place the mixture into several freezer bags. It sure is easier to dress up a plain meal when the fixings are handy in the freezer! –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Fall Canning Ideas

For those of you who have kids in sports this year, here’s a helpful hint I’ve used many times over, and it really works! My boy’s feet would sweat terribly when they were in school and an evening of football/basketball practice seemed to fill the shoes with stinky sweat. While there are commercial products available to put in the shoes and boots, they are expensive and if you have more than one kid in sports, it can be a budget killer. The answer for this is cat litter. Yup, cat litter! I would put about a cup full of the clay cat litter in an old sock– one for each shoe or boot and stuff it down inside whatever footwear they were wearing. Leave the sock in overnight and the stuff absorbs the sweat and the smell. You can buy a 5 pound bag of cat litter for under $3 and it lasts a long time. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Fall Fix Up Hints

by Barbara Tako Motivational speaker and author of Clutter Clearing Choices: Clear Clutter, Organize Your Home, & Reclaim Your Life (O Books, 2010).

Love Yourself and Your Family: Weed Out Before Winter Why are we polite to the store cashier but sometimes come home and snap at our spouse or children? Why do we clean harder for company than we clean for ourselves? Our society seems backwards, if you ask me. I propose that we could clean for our partners, children, and yes, even ourselves with more enthusiasm than we clean for acquaintances or strangers (we could even strive to be more pleasant to our home companions too). Try a new approach as you weed out fall clutter in preparation for winter: Make your living spaces and storage spaces look like company is coming, but do it for you! You deserve to enjoy life in an easy-to-clean, uncluttered, organized home. Treat yourself and your family with the respect that many of us save for strangers: Create a home space that honors and supports you and your family. Get rid of the junk.

Ready to get up on the big tall ladder and paint the eaves of the house and don’t want to slip? Before you start the project, put a good coat of varnish on the steps and then sprinkle on a few handfuls of that clean sand you got the for the kids’ sandbox. The sand gives your shoes something to grip onto.

Look at your possessions through the eyes of a stranger—as though you are company coming to your house. Pretend to be a stranger when you peek into your closets, cupboards, and drawers. When I see my “precious” stuff through an outsider’s eyes, I see it for what much of it is—junk. Ouch. If a stranger would call it junk, then that is probably what it is.


Keep only what is still beautiful. Something that looked great two years ago may now look faded and worn. Or, maybe it has simply lost its attraction as we have moved on to other more interesting things. Sadly, many tired items continue to reside in our homes. We loved them once, but now the attraction has faded and we are off to other things. When your junk’s season has passed, it is time to send it on.

Cheap Shelving for College Students A reader sent in this idea a few years back and with the economy the way it is these days, this is a lot cheaper than many other methods.

My tomatoes are slowly ripening, but I’m guessing the majority will have to ripen indoors if we have an early fall. So, I’m in the process of clearing out a big space in the freezer for ripe tomatoes. I’ve done this for years and it works. I freeze whole tomatoes in big bags and place in the freezer. Then, when I have time, I take out the amount I need and run hot water over the frozen tomatoes to loosen the skins. I then cut them into pieces to put into jars for canned tomatoes, tomatoes with diced green chilies, or even tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce. When I do the sauces, I do not peel the tomatoes; I just cut them into chunks and run the whole works through my blender. There are a lot of nutrients in the skins so I save them whenever possible.

He says, “All you need are some boards and something to stack between them to hold the shelves apart. We’ve used old bricks, cement blocks, chunks of stove wood and even some old books we found in a dumpster. We drilled a hole in the middle of the books and put a thick dowel down through them to keep the books from slipping apart. They worked for all four of my kids when they were in college, and were passed on to a neighbor boy who is still using them.”

October 2013 |

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– As always, if you have tips or ideas to share, send them to me at PennyWise, Box 518, Kadoka, SD 57543 or email me at Please be sure to mention this publication when you write.


USEFUL Keep only what is currently useful. If you aren’t using something, you are storing it. It clogs your space. Worrying and wondering about keeping it drains your energy. It steals time because you must take care of it, and it seizes you with the guilt of the alleged “I’ll get back to it someday.” Because things accumulate and take up a lot of space, they prevent new stuff that would be more useful from entering your life. You don’t get to have the latest technology or take on a new hobby that interests you because your dwelling is already bulging at the seams. Get rid of things that were useful in the past to make room for what would be useful to you now. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself room to grow.

SENTIMENTAL Keep only what is seriously sentimental. Seriously. The moments and the memories reside in you, not in your stuff. You are the one who had the experiences you associate with the stuff, and besides, your stuff can’t talk! Take a

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

photo. Write in a journal about the memory. Keep a photo album or scrapbook to share your special memories with others. If you still “need” to save the sentimental item itself, maybe you could save just a piece of it. A button or a swatch of fabric is easier to save than the whole jacket. From a dated collection, choose two or three favorite pieces, and consider passing on the rest.

FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY Finally, be thorough. Be thorough for yourself and your family. Clean out all the spaces you live in. Remember the car–you are in your car every day, which is more often than you open some drawers and closets. Make this a clean haven rather than a roaming junk-mobile. Clean the inside of the car. Wipe off the dust. Clean the insides of the windows. Have a trash container in the car, and keep a trash can near where you park your car, so that every time you get out of your car, you can take your litter with you and dispose of it. You wouldn’t want friends to climb in to a messy car seat, so why would you want to either? Don’t forget your laundry area. Though it isn’t a company spot, you and your loved ones probably spend a lot of time there. Treat yourself by making it as pleasant as possible. Toss out odds and ends, mending that never got done, and laundry products that aren’t part of your current repertoire. Install shelves or cabinets above the washer and dryer to store what you need there, and create a clean flat area to fold there if you can. If you have wall space, put a corkboard or picture frame that holds a collage of family photos and happy memories to ponder while you do laundry! After the laundry area, think about your garage. After all, you walk through this area every time you come home or leave. Who wants to be pulled down by the old junk that manages to breed in the garage? Donate the outgrown toys. Toss the unused lumber, and recycle those cardboard boxes. As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, I try to do a fall clutter control sweep through all areas of our home. As we prepare to burrow in for winter, I want our nest to be as uncluttered and pleasant as possible. It sounds corny, but if you think about it, even animals don’t foul their own nests. Why would we?

Clutter Clearing Choices: Clear Clutter, Organize Your Home, & Reclaim Your Life is a seasonally organized book of clutter clearing tips that readers can pick and choose from to fit their personal style and needs. Sign up for her free monthly newsletter at



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October 2013

October 2013 |

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Breaks lumps, levels ground / fully enclosed drive chain / Narrow 8.5’ transport width

Shown with XH1500 Series 3

5026 Rotary Cutter in Corn





Call: 1(800) 404-6044 for more information on our complete line of Rock Removal Equipment, Rotary Mowers, Snow Blowers Schulte Industries Ltd. Englefeld SK, CANADA Phone:(306) 287-3155


800-622-8836 |

Fax:(306) 287-3355


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w w w. s c h u l t e . c a

October 2013

g n I H T O N There’s TANDARD About S


Introducing the

Industry’s Only

Lifetime BIN Roof Warranty * Superior never settles for the “industry standard,” and that includes the typical 5-year bin roof coverage. Since we build our bins and roofs to withstand anything that blows by or piles on, we back them with the first and only lifetime roof warranty. Contact us today by calling 1-888-725-4928 or visit to learn why Superior is anything but standard.


SUPERIOR Manufacturing




* Restrictions may apply, call Superior for more details.

October 2013 |

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Build for Your Future

Using Brock’s Experience for Your Success!

Winter ts Discoun le b a l i a v A ! w o N l l a C

With Products to Help You Profit

Management Systems for Grain Storage, Conditioning, Drying and Handling • Control your grain marketing and maximize your profitability. • Market your grain on your terms. • Contact us today to learn more. Missouri


North Dakota




1246 West Hwy. K, Liberal, MO 64762 417-843-6465

5529 South Hwy. 13, Coggon, IA 52218 319-435-2265 |



13293 N. 450th Avenue Cambridge, IL 61238 309-937-5779 Email:

494 West State Road 26 Sedalia, IN 46067 765-258-3034 | Nebraska

1858 220th Street, Hiawatha, KS 66434 785-544-6592 | 800-544-6530









1213 East Main, Valley City, ND 58072 701-845-1272 | 800-532-8683

1018 West 18th St., Nevada, IA 50201 515-382-2180




150 Edwards Avenue, Sterling, CO 80751 970-522-6668

800-622-8836 |

1198 S. Kiesel Drive, Princeton, IN 47670 812-386-6580 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

417 South 1st Street McCool Junction, NE 68401 402-724-2413 Email:

707 6th Street, Gothenburg, NE 69138 308-537-3134 | Cell: 308-539-3956

516 South Main, Greenfield, IL 62044 217-368-2131



87827 Swallow Road, Ainsworth, NE 69210 404 East B Street McCook, NE 69001 402-387-0347 | 800-310-0347 308-345-3194 | 800-638-9183

October 2013


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Transform your planter into a precision seeding machine! Features:


Seed Rate Controller

• 3 pre-set seed rates (user programmable) • Push-button on-the-go seed rate adjustment • Eliminates the inaccuracies of a drive wheel • Eliminates changing chains & sprockets • Wireless remote control makes calibration a 1-person task • Less than 3 gallons of Hydraulic Flow required per planter section • Standard bracket fits most planters • Simple to calibrate, easy to use! • Auto Section Control • GPS seeding capability • As Applied Maps P. O Box 99 • 111 East LeRay Ave. Eagle Lake, MN 56024

For a distributor/dealer listing: or call us at 800-328-9613

Accurate and Affordable Electronics from Micro-Trak


800-622-8836 |

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October 2013

s A Very Simple Way to Screen Corn Out of the Dryer

s 8" or 10" Auger Version s High Pressure Direct Drive Blower

s Screen Grain from Anywhere with the Self-Powered Stand-Alone Unit

s 1 HP or 3 HP Blowers

s Removes Fines and Bee's Wings s Moves Screening 100' in Any Direction

s Single Phase or Three Phase s Heavy Duty Flighting

KLEEN air Vacuum Grain Screener KLEEN air Vacuum Grain Screener KLEEN air Vacuum Grain Screener KLEEN air Vacuum Grain Screener s e i r i u q n i Dealervited! in

s Nylon Bristle Brush Tips

Production Sales Company

1387 Progressive Road • P.O. Box 328 • Seward, NE 68434


October 2013 |

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Dramatic FRE-FLO™ results, plus increased yields, have been documented with grapes, sweet potatoes, alfalfa, walnuts, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, cotton and dramatically improved the many other crops.

In this demonstration alfalfa field, FRE-FLOTM crop yield by a very large margin. Results: 690 tons more crop yield on 360 acres (compared to the crop yield before FRE-FLOTM was installed).




As a green technology innovator, FRE-FLOTM is a trailblazer, conditioning water naturally since 1972. For 41 years, various companies have tried to copy FRE-FLOTM, but without succeeding. Using advanced scientific technology, with nature as inspiration, FRE-FLOTM continues to be the effective, eco-friendly, non-chemical scale buster and soil amendment tool.

For Pipe, Pivot, Drip Irrigation

FRE-FLOTM for a “green environment”

FRE-FLO™ enhances even your best irrigation systems, as the water still needs help to percolate into the ground. This all-natural water conditioning system is proven to give your crops a faster, healthier start by getting the water where it needs to be . . . what a difference it makes!

• Use Up to 25% Less Water • Save Up to 25% on Pumping Cost • Cuts Expenses, Increase Yields, Increase Profits


FRE-FLOTM Promotes Healthy Roots

Day 10


The control berries, above, have liquified. The cell structure has broken down. By contrast, the FRE-FLO™ berries are still edible on day 10.


Percent of Root Initiation in Arctostaphylos Manzanita 0% 10%

Brix Reading:

Credit to Dr. Reams with Control on left is 11.2 originating the FRE-FLOTM on right is 13.4 BRIX=QUALITY concept




20% 30%



40% 50% 60%



66% 16 Weeks

No Magnets,

Experiments on the rooting propagation has found plants irrigated with FREFLOTM conditioned water develop far faster with much healthier root systems than those irrigated with nontreated water. The picture below shows a comparison with the FRE-FLOTM treatFRE-FLO™ ed plant on the right.

Strawberry Shelf Life Test Results


If you garden, or farm, and care about QUALITY, you will find brix (sugar content) values vital. As a general rule of thumb, 12, or better brix readings confer reasonable plant pest immunity. This is true of both fruit and leaf readings.

12 Weeks

800-622-8836 |

FRE-FLO™ Control 10 Weeks


No Chemicals, No Filters, No Electricity.

In use since 1972 Water Ecology of Nebraska


In another test, the speed of rooting was compared in FRE-FLOTM conditioned water (shown in green) Grow more with less water. and untreated water as a control (in red). After 10 weeks none of the untreated plants had initiated roots, while a third of those growing in FRE-FLOTM conditioned water, had started roots. After 12 weeks FRE• FLOTM produced 58% rooting, with • only 8% in the untreated water.

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You can’t afford NOT to! Do you know how...? Call Now and ask how!

October 2013

October 2013 |

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375 400 66” 84” CUTTING




750 750 90” 90” CUTTING





800-622-8836 |

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October 2013


Eliminate corn harvest feeding difficulties with the Hawkins Corn Reel. The Hawkins Corn Reel feeds storm-damaged corn, insectdamaged corn, and even that afternoon fluff, keeping you safely in the cab. The strength and efficiency of the Hawkins Corn Reel is simply unsurpassed. Our #1 Goal: To keep you safely in the cab and moving through the field!

Features…… • Maintain visibility when reel is raised hydraulically from your line of sight • Narrow clearance helps prevent corn draping over outside dividers • Adjustable paddle placement • Reel tube coupler allows expansion from a 4-row to a 18-row reel • Stop height is adjustable • “Combine Specific” hydraulic kits • Adjustable Fore & Aft options (manual or hydraulically controlled)

Optional Fore & Aft Hydraulic Control Available on New Reels and as a Retrofit Kit

800-382-6178 Email:


Reader Service No. 3018

Slides on Skids For easy cleaning Natural chimney-effect ventilation Available for groups or with Individual Pens STandard Size 24’ W x 24’ L - or longer Roll Up Curtains on both sides Durable Frame design


HYBRID TANKER. Built for the road. Built for the field.

64 FT Commercial Trailer Pump. Built with Truck Hardware.

N-TECH / NTH, Inc. 5 Berger Avenue Barron, WI 54812 October 2013 (715) 537-9207 Made in America |

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Breathe Easy... Keep your farm shop clean

Ask for a Free Case of Pre-filters with code: FSB2013 351 S. 12th Road Cortland, NE 68331

Extended auger life with UHMW Auger Flight Facing

Shave the Ground with UHMW Skid Plates Custom UHMW skid plates for swathers and combines. We have the largest stock of material in North America. that allows us to accomodate customers with selection and competitive pricing. Call for all your UHMW needs.

Custom Made Flexible Loading Spouts for Grain Cart Auger Spouts Spouts greatly reduce lost product due to wind.

Fix your worn out troughs with UHMW liners formed to size • Predrilled and bevelled for immediate operation • Quieter operation • Reduces wear costs • Lightweight for easy handling B12

• Abrasion resistant, low friction 1 pitch segments • Extends past helicoil for better cleanout • Reduces caking and material hangup • Heat formed to fit • Attaches w/bolts, rivets or self tapping screws • Available in food grade white, acid resistant


125 10th Ave. E. • Regina, SK S4N 6G4


Niagara Falls, NY • 800-268-1908 E-mail:

800-622-8836 |

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October 2013

It’s all in the Marketplace




Sept. 19 & 26 | Various Times VARIOUS LOCATIONS Live Auction: antique tractors, gas engines, shop & woodworking tools, parts & more

Sept. 18, 19 & 20 | 9:00am CT IDABEL, OK Live Auction: tractors, backhoes, sprayers, seeders, hundreds of salvage pieces & more

Sept. 21 | 9:00am CT LEBANON, TN Live Auction - Second Ring: farm equipment, vehicles, trucks, trailers & much more

Some featured images are from past events. Copyright © 2013 Proxibid Inc. All Rights Reserved



Reliable Performance All Year The Nokian TRI 2 features excellent grip, high load-bearing capacity and superior driving comfort. • Car-like driving • Unique wear resistance • Self cleaning • Long working hours


Versatile Flotation Tire The Nokian Country King performs lightly and economically on fields and roads alike. • Large contact area • High load-bearing capacity • Stable and comfortable driving • Low rolling resistance • Mounted assembly available

Green Bay, WI 1-800-236-8891 Only purified oils, no toxic chemicals October 2013 |

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Wheel Assemblies Available 800-622-8836


New Sunflower 1435 Series Disc Harrows Meet your new competitive edge – the latest innovation in America’s best-selling line of disc harrows. Sunflower 1435 Series disc harrows offer you more stability and better penetration for more efficient operation in the toughest field conditions. Choose from seven models ranging from 20-ft., 7-in. to 35-ft., 10-in. working widths. All models feature aggressive, overlapping 20-degree angle front gangs and staggered rear gangs for superior performance. Plus, a list of options – from heavy-duty walking tandem wheels to hydraulic self-leveling and a choice of finishing attachments – lets you select the package that best suits your needs. Stop by your local dealer

today. Accept no imitations. There is only one Sunflower.



203 Iowa Avenue W., Marshalltown, IA 50158 641-753-3996 | Colorado


33894 State Hwy. 52 - Prospect Valley Keenesburg, CO 80643 303-732-4321 | Minnesota



3867 Hwy. 12 E., Willmar, MN 56201 320-235-8123


T H E R E I S O N LY O N E . There is only one. The original. sunflower.

s u n f low e r v e r t I ca l t I l l ag e .




530 Carl Street, Butte, NE 68772 402-775-2464 |


sunflower performance, durabiliTy & innovaTion comes To verTical Tillage.

316 Broadway St., Imperial, NE 69033 308-882-4295 | 888-727-9737 Now you can have Sunflower quality & value in a high-performance vertical tillage implement The new Sunflower 6630 Series vertical tillage tools feature famous Sunflower durability, efficient, high-performance tillage action, and innovative engineering. Plus, the 6630 implements feature the stay-sharp, serrated Sunflower Saber Blade™ vertical tillage blades. The Saber Blade cuts through tough crop residue with ease and penetrates hard soils. The rippled Saber Blade profile creates a soil mixing action not possible with any other blade. The crop


2526 E. 23rd St., Columbus, NE 68601 402-564-3289

REINKE’S FARM & CITY SERVICE 1270 E. Hwy. 275, Neligh, NE 68756 402-887-4607 | 800-653-2332

residue is sized, mixed and anchored for faster soil warm-up and resistance to wind and water erosion.

See your Sunflower dealer today to learn more about the 6630 vertical tillage line up. now you can have sunflower quality & value in a high-performance vertical tillage implement. The new Sunflower 6630 Series vertical tillage tools feature famous Sunflower durability, efficient, high-performance tillage action, and innovative engineering. Plus, the 6630 implements feature the stay-sharp, serrated Sunflower Saber Blade™ vertical tillage blades. The Saber Blade cuts through tough crop residue with ease and penetrates hard soils. The rippled Saber Blade profile creates a soil mixing action not possible with any other blade. The crop residue is sized, mixed and anchored for faster soil warm-up and resistance to wind and water erosion.




See your Sunflower dealer today to learn more about the 6630 vertical tillage line up.

3199 155th St. NE, Rice, MN 56367 320-393-2639

WHY CHOOSE 40-SERIES™ GRAIN STORAGE? HIGHER CAPACITIES Whether it is for food, feed, or fuel, we need to move grain more efficiently than ever. GSI’s new Z-Tek Roof System, with its large flat top and higher peak loads, supports larger material handling equipment, allowing more grain to move into storage faster than ever before. The design of GSI’s new stiffener profile increases strength, allowing you to go taller with your grain storage system and have more flexibility in design. ™




488 North St. Rte. 49, Cissna Park, IL 60924 815-457-2979 | 888-457-2979

MELVIN ROVEY FARM & SALES, INC. 79 Rovey Road, Farmersville, IL 62533 217-227-3696 Email: Indiana

SUPERIOR PROTECTION With rising commodity prices, it is critical to protect this high value inventory and optimize its condition. Flashingfree roof overlaps, increased snow load capacities, and polyethylene sealing washers all provide superior protection of your grain from the elements. A COMPLETE FAMILY OF ACCESSORIES Taking care of your grain takes an entire system, and GSI offers a complete family of grain bin accessories that make working in and around your storage system an easy and safe experience.

BONNELL GRAIN HANDLING, INC. 3191 E. 800 S., Star City, IN 46985 574-595-7827 Colorado


111 South Main, Fort Morgan, CO 80701 970-867-4369 North Dakota


1126 W. Main Avenue, West Fargo, ND 58078 701-281-0493 | 800-359-1785 Email: Wisconsin


285 Swarthout Road, Fall River, WI 53932 920-484-6537 | 800-559-4244


800-622-8836 |

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October 2013

NEW0 0 BT 4 Bulk r e Tend

3 models & 6 sizes BOX SCRAPERS




Box Scrapers • Pull-Type Graders Earth Packers • Rolling Stalk Cutters Forced-Ejection Scrapers • Bulk Seed Tenders Box Seed Tenders • Grass Seeders



Strobel Manufacturing, Inc. 308-548-2254 October 2013 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |



YES! This is Hook & Receiver Span Joint

The best flexibility!

Dramatically reduces condensation!


Stronger yet weighs less!

Steel Leg Tower 8” x 3” x 1.25”

0570 East Hwy. 112 Center, CO 81125 719-754-3936





r box Wa

10 Yr - 10,000 Hour Warranty The best in the industry!

V-Ring Seal More steel at each tower!

25 year warranty!

GPS Guidance

RONAN IRRIGATION, LLC 46645 Old Hwy. 93 Ronan, MT 59864 406-676-2464 Nebraska

Pivot Center Assembly 8” full sweep top-elbow - Industry Exclusive!


Touch Screen Panel The only powder coated corrosion resistant Aluminum enclosure in the Industry!

First in the Industry!

1413 Broadway Street Imperial, NE 69033 308-882-3850

Best Engineered Center Pivot on The Market Today For more details-see your dealer

CARLSON IRRIGATION, INC. 311 North Market Shickley, NE 68436 402-627-4035 Minnesota

rs 10, 0 0 0 ra



Yes, We

To T h e





Ye a


ve Committ

BIG 10

See Your Nearest Dealer:


Double Walled Tower Box Cover


Reinke Structure



22100 Lillehei Ave. Hastings, MN 55033 651-437-1973 | 800-944-0880 Email: Missouri


3468 West Hwy. 80 East Prairie, MO 63845 573-649-3533

5426 Hwy. 136 Deshler, NE 68340 402-365-7202

South Dakota




3301 9th Ave. SE Watertown, SD 57201 605-886-5741 “We always offer special pricing” North Dakota

ERICKSON IMPLEMENT, INC. 6719 Hwy. 200 Carrington, ND 58421 701-652-2012 | 701-652-2821 800-343-1766


13922 West Front St. Williston, ND 58801 701-774-0957 | 866-774-0957 Illinois


West Hwy. 6 & 34 Holdredge, NE 68949 308-995-4448 Missouri


11001 Highway 71 Savannah, MO 64485 816-324-5618 | 877-260-2561 North Dakota/Montana


350 4th Street NE, Beach, ND 58621 701-872-4154 Highway 12 East, Bowman, ND 701-523-3296 107 4th Street, Hettinger, ND 701-567-4505 3484 I-94, Dickinson, ND 701-483-8741

Route 40 East Vandalia, IL 62471 618-283-3277

Stanley Equipment, Inc.


Highway 2 East, Glasgow, MT 406-228-9341


8141 Highway 2, Stanley, ND 701-628-2950

Glasgow Implement

1820 East Bridge Street Redwood Falls, MN 56282 507-644-4400

CNH Capital and Case IH are registered trademarks of CNH America LLC.


800-622-8836 |

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October 2013

Grain Handling Equipment & Dust Collection Systems Our goal is to continue engineering innovative solutions to make Grain Handling more efficient and profitable for your operation.

Manufactured by Honeyville Metal Inc > > > > > > > >

Cropsavers® can be mounted on virtually any high-clearance sprayer, pull type sprayer or farm tractor

Bucket Elevators Distributors U-Trough Screw Conveyors Horizontal Drag Conveyors Incline Drag Conveyors Bin Un-Loading Drag Conveyors Catwalk and Support Towers Dust Collection Systems (Baghouse Filters, Shakers, Cyclones, Fans) - Truck & Train Loadouts - Grain Dump Pits

FIELD PROVEN FOR OVER 15 YEARS • Floating Parallel Lift • Floating Sensitivity and Height Adjustment • Slim Dividing Tip Design • Strong Stainless Steel Cones with Enclosed Back • Deflector Arms – Greaseless Pins • Horizontal Adjustment • Bolt on Kits – Weld-on Kits • 12v Air Compressor Available

- See us at Oct 15-17 Sunbelt Ag Expo Moultrie, GA

North Iowa Grain Garner, IA 641-923-2862


C & J Builders What Cheer, IA 641-660-1451

• Saves $6-$15 per acre • Reduces trampling by 80 to 90 per cent • Cropsavers® will pay for themselves after first 1,000 acres • Saves flag leaf damage when spraying fungicides or herbicides • Less volunteer grain the following year in sprayer tracks • Easier swathing, combining and tillage when grain is not trampled

Dust Collection off Elevator Pit

J & K Construction Osage, IA 641-732-5640

Ag Builders of Southern MN Windom, MN 507-831-2600

4200 South 900 West Topeka IN 46571 (800) 593-8377

Cropsavers can be used for both fungicide and pre-harvest desiccating in a variety of solid seeded and row crops

Sooner Scale, Inc.

Any Animal • Any Load • Everytime! The accurate, dependable way to increase your profits while reducing your weighing time.

SSI manufactures a complete line of Side Rail and Flat Top model truck scales and Livestock scales. All models are NTEP approved and can be made portable.


• Quick attach for easier, quicker and safer handling • Hydraulic Jack: an option for faster and safer tire changes • Airlift: an option that lets operators raise and lowers using a toggle switch in the cab. • Air Compressor: an option for machines that fail to produce the required pressure to operate Cropsaver Airlift kit



Short for tight (horizontal) applications

We also design and build custom units to meet specific application needs.

2428 SW 14th • PO Box 82386 Oklahoma City, OK 73148 • Phone: 800-759-3444 October 2013


Bean Tip splits crop closer to the ground. Use in pulse crops, potatoes and row crops.

16” Narrow


Chopped for tight (vertical) applications

19” Wide

R.R. 2, Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0 866-292-6115 Bill Thomas - Deering, ND (701) 340-3146

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |



1517 3rd Ave. N.W., P.O. Box 998, Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501

Calf Flooring Systems PRSRT STD. U.S. POSTAGE




Midwest Farm and


Fuel Efficient Portable John Deere Diesel Power Units by

Hoover Diesel Service

High quality diesel engines with Tayloria PTO Clutch Reductions mounted on a 2-wheeled cart. Many options available — up to 250 horse power. Save fuel and maintenance costs. Use it to power your Blower, Manure Pump, Hammer Mill, Irrigation Pump, Stationary Mixer or PTO Generator for stand-by!


10 Ye ar Limite d Warra nty

Call today for more information! 717-354-3322 or 1-888-DIESEL-0 Visit us at

Waukon, IA

June 19-20

• Less Labor • Self-Cleaning

•  Healthier Environment •  Proven Durability

Tandem Products, Inc. 3444 Dight Ave. S., Mpls., MN 55406 1-800-533-0509

ProAG transforms the way you pick and stack round or large square bales. The 900/1400 Hay Hikers are designed to quickly and efficiently move large round bales from field to storage. Speed and reliability make the 16K PLUS Bale Runner the most efficient large square picker/stacker for your operation. Whether you choose round or square, move more bales faster with ProAG.

B18 BC


800-622-8836 |

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October 2013


June 2013

FINANCE SOLUTIONS When you need a quality ™ by n pa rS ea Cl building fast, . TERMS UP TO 7 YEARS FarmTek is the only choice RATES AS LOW AS




EARN EXTRA INCOME Quality produce is in high demand


nnels. high tu ntact le for co availab or fice. Visit USlocal NRCS of your

Save money & eat healthier

Call 1.800.327.6835 today for your free catalog or shop online at

O'CONNELL FARM DRAINAGE PLOWS, INC. The Affordable Way to Tile Your Fields Building Quality Tile Plows Since 1983

Available in 3-Point Hitch and Pull-Type Models Our design pulls straight through the soil for better grade control and easier pulling Our tile plows can be pulled with a 200 HP Frt. Wheel Assist Tractor

Laser or GPS receiver mounts standard on all units Installs up to 8" tile, up to 5 1/2 ft. deep 563-920-6304 • Potosi, WI 53820

October 2013 | Spirit Lake, Iowa Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |




Pelletized Poultry Fertilizer

The Elite Parallel Stall is our signature stall

• A powerful hydraulic cylinder operates an entire row raising the headstalls to a full 62" clearance. High enough for even your largest cow. • Lowering of headstalls can be adjusted to your specifications. • Rapid exit allows cows to leave at the same time. • Counter weights are used on our patented divider gates. Nothing is spring loaded. • This stall is offered on 26" centers for jersey cows only, 27" centers for mixed herds or holsteins, or 28" centers for holsteins.

Spreads easily with lime spreading equipment. Suitable for organic farming. Superior alternative to chemical fertilizers. Stimulates soil health and improves crop production. Excellent source of slow-releasing nitrogen. Contains 80 lbs. of Nitrogen per ton. Brian Geerlings, Fertilizer Sales Manager - Email:


43214D US 70, Portales, NM 88130 Phone: 1-800-295-5677 • Fax: 1-575-359-6810 • Email: B20

800-622-8836 |

Herbruck's Poultry Ranch, Inc.

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

Office (616) 642-9421 • Cell (616) 902-2025

October 2013

HyGrade P T G ULL


Designed With the Farmer in Mind


Built Rugged,

Because Tough Jobs Need Tough Equipment.

10 HD, 12’, 14’ & 16’ Rear Steer Models • Blade moves up to 5’ left and right of the tractor • Great for filling in washouts • Building & repairing terraces • Drainage ditch building & cleaning • Cleaning feed lots

10 Models Available

MODEL 1400

• 10’ HD, 12’, 14’ & 16’ blade width from 120-400 H.P. • 45° blade angle • 15° blade tilt • Hydraulically controlled from tractor seat

MODEL 1000 • 8’ & 10’ models for 25-100 H.P. • Hydraulically controlled blade, angle, tilt, up & down from tractor seat


Call For A Dealer Near You • Dealer Inquiries Welcome

Toll Free

Ask for Jason

Johnson Mfg., Inc. 1-800-874-5600 See us at World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA Feb.11-13, 2014 and the National Farm & Machinery Show in Louisville, KY Feb. 12-15, 2014 Star Hill Solutions Inc. 1-877-798-JAWZ (5299)

Star Hill Jawz is the premium grabbing tool designed for pullling invasive shrubs and trees, including roots, from the ground.

1-877-798-JAWZ (5299)

Grab Your World

Go online to see videos of the JAWZ in action October 2013 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |



Ag Tanks The EPA mandates a SPCC plan for any petroleum installations of more than 1320 total gallons. Double wall tanks or Containment Systems meet all the specifications needed.

Tanks We manufacture horizontal and vertical double wall, portable fuel, pickup, fertilizer and water tanks in standard sizes as well as to your custom specification.

Containment Systems Custom sized galvanized containment systems for any quantity and size of fuel tanks. Containments available in Round, Oval, Square, & Rectangle.

4401 W Main Ave • Fargo, ND 701-282-2345

220 4th St NW • Huron, SD 605-352-8643


Contact us:

8015 Highway 7 S.E. Clara City, MN 56222

Manufacturing Co. Inc. • Grain Vacuum system moves grain by air • New dust removal system • Hinged cyclone eliminates lifting and provides narrow transport • Rear entry receiver lets you view unloading spout

5”, 6” or 7” clean-up nozzle for any make grain vac.


• 7” Low Profile & 4’ Ramps • High Volume Single Discharge • Unload Grain Safely • Drive Over Easily • Electric or Hydraulic Drive • Stationary Models Available • Quick to Set-up, Unload and Transport • Versatile For Trucks and Gravity Wagons


34702 640th Ave. • Butterfield, MN 56120 Web: • E-mail:

36x105 Corn Conveyor

Reclaim your grain piles at high speed! The SWIFT Gobbler features: • Heavy duty auger – high speed chevron belt, fast mounting • Variable speed feed auger – hydraulic raise front fence • Self contained hydraulic system – clod buster, detachable

Competitive Prices!

Great Products! The Corn Cannon Stock pile your grain the fast way! The SWIFT Corn Cannon features: • Heavy duty belt conveyor – 24,000 bushel an hour, drive over • Truck unloading – piles 47 feet high by 220 feet wide • Self-propelled

800-622-8836 |

The Swift Corn Conveyor is especially designed to provide the total portability demanded to upload grain at a remote facility. The self-propelled design allows it to pick itself up and move on its own. The Swift Corn Conveyor is designed to move up to 250 bu. a minute while keeping kernel damage to a minimum.

Aggregate conveyors, grain conveyors, material handling conveyors, reclaim tunnel conveyors or custom conveyors... we can build them all. Welcome to SWIFT MANUFACTURING, INC. – a quality manufacturer located in West Central Minnesota. Swift's goal is to help you select the equipment best suited for your specific application(s). We will ensure that you receive a system that is reliable, efficient, cost-effective and quality built to your specifications.

We can finance too!

PH/FAX (507) 956-3631


or 320-847-3674

Great Quality! The Gobbler

Alligator Nozzle


Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

In today's competitive, time-sensitive marketplace, the ability to move, sort, and distribute materials cost efficiently is more than just important ... it's critical. So let Swift Manufacturing help you with all of your conveyor needs! October 2013

Independent Livestock Equipment Distributor DANIELS DOUBLE WIDE WORKING ALLEY Our Double Wide Working Alley has completely replaced the snake alleys and tubs for effectively working with cattle, buffalo, sheep and other livestock.

DANIELS PORTABLE SQUEEZE CHUTE Every part is replaceable without welding. Safe for both operator and livestock – quiet, gentle, efficient and easy to use. Chute has 18 access points; mounting brackets for attachment of scales.

Call 1-800-793-4283 3297 N. Prairie Trace Road, Sutherland, NE 69165

                                                 October 2013

The Meteor for 40-60 hp compact loader mount tractors. Uses a self contained hydraulic power pack to produce 30 GPM at 2500 PSI from the tractors PTO. Available in 66”, 76”, and 86” widths.

Visit to see the Meteor for compact loader tractors in action.

  |

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Big Bale Dump Racks


Flatbed Trailers


standard of QUALITY. Titan Trailer offers a full line of Horse Trailers, Flatbed Trailers, Utility Trailers, Cargo Trailers, Stock Trailers and Custom Trailers.

• Big Square, Big Round Bales • Heavy Duty • Double acting hydraulic lift • 10’x24’ Bed • 8 Bolt Hubs


Tandem Bale Racks

• Heavy Duty • All Steel Construction • Guaranteed To Trail • 10’x24’ or 10’x30’ bed



Stock Trailers

• 8-10-12-15 & 20 ton wagons • Professional welding • Proven reliability • Extended reach available for easy connection • Steering axle has brass bushings and end thrust bearings


Land Rollers

866-294-4514 TRAILER MFG. INC.

2306 S. Hwy 77, Waterville,KS 66548 Phone: 866-294-4514 Fax: 785-363-2472 Email:

• 24” drum diameter, 1/2” drum wall thickness • 6-hole hub rated to industry max of 5,000 lbs. • Wing steering for easy folding • 2-7/16 bearings for proven performance • All pivots are grease zirc fitted


14451 430th St. • Bertha, MN 56437


Your Expert in the Field for over 50 Years!

Manure Handling Equipment Our trustworthy barn cleaners have been around for years. Call for replacement chain and parts for competitive cleaners. Load heavy, wet manure fast with a strong, reliable BERG manure auger. Check out our new Simplex freestall alley scraper system or our dependable Vertical Manure Conveyor.

ELECTRONIC WEIGH SCALE SYSTEMS Accurate to within ONE-HALF PERCENT. Optional Dot Matrix Printer or Data Transfer System allows you to print receipt or download and store complete information on computer






South Dakota



Highway 68 West Waupun, WI 53963 920-324-3537

BERG EQUIPMENT CORPORATION 2700 W. Veterans Parkway, Marshfield, WI 54449 Phone: 715-384-2151 Toll Free: 800-494-1738 Website: B24

Excellent Cleanout Computer Balanced Auger Patented Hydraulic Flow Control Spout Balanced Tongue Weight Heavy Duty Driveline Unique Auger Design! The unique auger design puts the unloading spout next to the tractor cab, making it easier for the operator to see whats going on while unloading. No Other Grain Cart Offers This Level of Simplicity for the Operator!

800-622-8836 |

60240 US Highway 12 West Litchfield, MN 55355 320-693-7277

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12372 Hwy. 163 W. Prairie City, IA 50228 515-994-3200

2033 West Hwy. 212 Clark, SD 57225 605-532-3484 | 800-479-3484

SINCE 1960

ph. 419-375-2376 email:

October 2013

HUGE Value!

Emerson Bale Mover Feeder



EDGE TO EDGE™ 64 Inch 9,700 Foot TT+ 48 Inch 13,200 Foot TT+


NEW PRODUCT: 2 Bale Mover-Feeder Processor

Special Features ★★★


Allow Easier & Safer Handling

Green Zebra Stripe ★★★

End of Roll Markings ★★★

CoverEdge™ 67 Inch 9,000 Foot TT+ 51 Inch 12,100 Foot TT+

High UV Protection

Guaranteed Footage

BUY NETTING TO SWEAR BY .­ ..NOT AT! See Your John Deere Dealer Today!

John Deere Cover Edge™ and Edge to Edge™ Will Work in Competitive Balers

This is the Bale Mover-Feeder that makes all others OBSOLETE!! Built with square and rectangular tubing for maximum strength and durability Hauls and feeds six bales Flail is in the center of the machine Straight PTO, no offsets

Simple and easy processor loading Mover bed raises up and chains pull bales forward Mover rails lower and hide between rollers Four rollers turn bale in processor Makes rough hay more palatable by removing dust, mildew, and mold Bale retrieving made possible by removing Feeder and installing arm

Emerson Equipment

22487 Emerson Dr., Whitman, NE 69366

No Feeder Chains to Wear Out TRACTOR Requirements - 100 hp., 1,000 RPM PTO, 1 hyd. Valve Heavy built to outlast all others, 7,960 lb. Feeder-Mover only

Specifications 1/4”x3”x8”x34’ tubing for loading rails, 1/4”x4”x6” tubing w/1/2”x6 web for tongue 4-18 cu. in. hydraulic motors turn bale, 1-32 cu. in. motor loads and unloads bales 3 spool valve with joystick, EXTRA heavy PTO rated at 166 hp. at 10,000 RPM Rotor cylinder length 72” and diameter 25-1/2” with 30 flails 4-6,000 lb. axles and 8 bolt hubs w/11Lx15” 8 ply tires Length - 37”; Width - 8’; Weight - 7,960 lb.; Capacity - 5-6’ long x 6’ high bales


308-544-6421 • Fax 308-544-6461 • October 2013 |

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Take a Big Bite Out of Grinding.

Grind & Store. H-1130 Big Bite Tub Grinder • High capacity PTO grinder • Heavy duty 50” (127 cm) hammermill • 40% more under screen area for less plugging • Hydraulic folding 24” (61 cm) stacking conveyor • 200-315hp PTO tractor • Grinds hay, straw, stover, bark, mulch, brush and branches up to 2” (5 cm) in diameter

GP-50 Grain Processor • High capacity grain grinder • 50” (127cm) hammermill with triple hammer • Choice of two baffled hoppers • Optional loading auger • Hydraulic folding stacking conveyor

The Round-The-Clock Dinner Bell. CMF-830 Vertical Mixer • Heavy-duty 88” twin screw augers mix rations fast • Large 830 cu. ft. feed capacity with standard extension • Large front-center unloading door • 36” discharge conveyor unloads left or right • Four point scale • HD axles are oscillating to provide smooth, even travel through rough feed lots

The Perfect Drill For Perfect Planting.

Big Capacity. Big Power. Big Value. 2650 Balebuster • Patented shredder chamber handles bales in any condition • Right hand discharge • Self loading two bale processor • One man operation • Saves up to 30% on hay and straw • Great for bedding or erosion control

107C All-Purpose Drill • 10-foot seeding width delivers an accurate seeding depth • Offers quick cover and fast germination • Fertilizes as it seeds • Seed up to three varieties simultaneously without mixing • Easy turn crank makes adjusting seed rates quick and easy • Optional legume box and native grass attachments available

The One Machine for a One Man Operation. 2655 Shortcut Balebuster • Patented shredder chamber handles bales in any condition • 40 flails with increased r.p.m. along with 9 slug bars and max stripper kits produces consistently shorter cut • Increases feed efficiency • One man operation • Process hay, straw, silage and stover bales The Haybuster dealer network is committed to providing customers with the highest level of service and fast, dependable parts support.


800-622-8836 |

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October 2013


South Dakota


3115 320th Street Hull, IA 51239 712-439-2081 | 866-918-2081

TITAN MACHINERY - WINGER 207 South Borud St. Winger, MN 56592 218-938-4131 Illinois


2nd & Main Street Lytton, IA 50561 712-466-2211 | 712-662-7849

SIGOURNEY TRACTOR & IMPLEMENT Sigourney, IA 641-622-3838

CENTERVILLE TRACTOR & IMPLEMENT Centerville, IA 641-437-4100

BLOOMFIELD TRACTOR & IMPLEMENT Bloomfield, IA 641-664-3500 Nebraska



Route 251 South Mendota, IL 61342 815-539-6724 | 800-541-4814 Dixon, IL 815-288-4441 | 888-554-3109 Geneseo, IL 309-944-2101 | 800-851-8018 Princeton, IL 815-875-3838 | 800-666-4960 Freeport, IL 815-233-1216 | 815-232-4918


750 Hwy. 77 Oakland, NE 68045 402-685-6296

1789 Hwy. 123 N. Alexander, IL 62601 217-478-4341



302 E. Hwy. 20 Gordon, NE 69343 308-282-2368 | 877-282-2368 Minnesota


443 Center Street Lake Wilson, MN 56151 507-879-3593


8399 72nd Street SW Howard Lake, MN 55349 320-543-3523 Email: “New & used equipment available”


6407 North State Road 15 Leesburg, IN 46538 574-453-2411 North Dakota

ERICKSON IMPLEMENT, INC. 6719 Hwy. 200 Carrington, ND 58421 701-652-2012 | 701-652-2821 800-343-1766



3301 9th Ave. SE Watertown, SD 57201 605-886-5741 “We always offer extra special pricing”


1801 E. Grand Crossing Mobridge, SD 57601 605-845-5400 | Cell: 605-848-1344 Eureka, SD 605-284-2767 Isabel, SD 605-466-2119 | 877-464-2119


14088 SD Hwy. 25 Webster, SD 57274 605-345-4761 | 800-675-4761


2033 West Hwy. 212 Clark, SD 57225 605-532-3484 | 800-479-3484


601 West Pleasant Philip, SD 57567 605-859-2568 Colorado

TRI-CITY TRUCK & EQUIPMENT 29774 Hwy. 257 Windsor, CO 80550 970-686-2110 | 855-374-2927

13922 West Front St. Williston, ND 58801 701-774-0957 | 866-774-0957

October 2013 |

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Precision Manufacturing, Inc.



Industry-leading performance. Precision-engineered handling. Rider-focused design. You know, the essentials.



Since 1992


We build every Can-Am® ATV and side-by-side vehicle with the same DNA – advanced design and performance features that create the unique Can-Am experience. Whether it’s fully loaded or not, if it’s a Can-Am off-road vehicle, it will always come with the essentials.


Industry-leading performance. Precision-engineered handling. Rider-focused design. You know, the essentials.

• Maximum Cut between 9"and12' • Smooth Cut • Power Rotation


We build every Can-Am® ATV and side-by-side vehicle ™ ™ Outlander XT Commander XT™ DNA – advanced design and with the same performance

features that create the unique Can-Am experience. Whether it’s fully loaded or not, if it’s a Can-Am off-road vehicle, it will always come with the essentials.





312 North Main Street, Everly, IA 51338 712-834-2661

Tree Puller Pallet Fork Grapple


3234 W. Schimmer, Grand Island, NE 68803 308-395-8800 Find the one that’s right for you at Email:

© 2012 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). All rights reserved. ™, ®, and the BRP logo are trademarks of Bombardier Recreational Products, Inc. or its affiliates. In the USA, the products are distributed by BRP US Inc. BRP reserves the right, at any time, to discontinue or change specifications, prices, designs, features, models or equipment without incurring obligation. Some models depicted may include optional equipment. BRP highly recommends that all ATV drivers take a training course. For safety and training information, see your dealer or, in USA, call the ATV Safety Institute at 1-800-887-2887. In Canada, call the Canadian Safety Council at (613) 739-1535 ext 227. Read the Operator’s Guide and watch the Safety DVD before riding. Wear appropriate protective clothing and helmet. For side-by-side vehicles, fasten lateral net and seat belt at all times. Never engage in stunt driving and avoid excessive speed. Always observe applicable local laws and regulations. Side-by-side vehicles and ATVs are recommended for drivers aged 16 and older, and passengers aged 12 and older only. For off-road use only. Never ride on paved surfaces or public roads. Always ride responsibly and remember that riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. 5108362




3001 Hwy. 71 East, Lake View, IA 51450 712-657-2368 Email:

Models available to fit most equipment (Large or Small)

Outlander™ XT

Commander™ XT™

1251 Wadsworth, Lakewood, CO 80214 303-232-7576 |

Conventional Tillage Disc-O-Vator Find the one that’s right for you at © 2012 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). All rights reserved. ™, ®, and the BRP logo are trademarks of Bombardier Recreational Products, Inc. or its affiliates. In the USA, the products are distributed by BRP US Inc. BRP reserves the right, at any time, to discontinue or change specifications, prices, designs, features, models or equipment without incurring obligation. Some models depicted may include optional equipment. BRP highly recommends that all ATV drivers take a training course. For safety and training information, see your dealer or, in USA, call the ATV Safety Institute at 1-800-887-2887. In Canada, call the Canadian Safety Council at (613) 739-1535 ext 227. Read the Operator’s Guide and watch the Safety DVD before riding. Wear appropriate protective clothing and helmet. For side-by-side vehicles, fasten lateral net and seat belt at all times. Never engage in stunt driving and avoid excessive speed. Always observe applicable local laws and regulations. Side-by-side vehicles and ATVs are recommended for drivers aged 16 and older, and passengers aged 12 and older only. For off-road use only. Never ride on paved surfaces or public roads. Always ride responsibly and remember that riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. 5108362

Disk Harrow


ag and livestock needs! HEAD CART STANDARD FEATURES • Independent front suspension • NEW 12” wide easy adjustable wrench free saddles • 6000# torsion axle with easy lube hub on the 32’ and 38’ lengths • 7000# torsion axle with easy lube and 8 bolt hub on the 42’ and 48’ • Telescoping Tongue with quick latch & safety chain • Lengths with 16” 10 ply tires • Ratcheting tie down • LED Tail Lights OPTIONS • Electric Brakes • 32’ and 38’ lengths 7000# Torsion axle easy lube hub with 8 bolt hub & 16” 10 ply tires

BALE CARRIER • 8 Place – 18,000# Max. Load 4x10 Main Frame • 10 Place – 24,000# Max. Load 4x12 Main Frame • 10 Place HD – 28,000# Max. Load 4x12 Main Frame • 12 Place – 34,000# Max. Load 4x12 Main Frame




We are here to provide you a full line of your

Conventional Tillage Disc-O-Vator

Disk Harrow

800-622-8836 |

Field Cultivator


12' to 40' Tillage Widths Exclusive Turbo-Till Blades

Turbo-Till® Series II

Great Plains’ Turbo-Till effectively manages residue and reduces compaction in a wide range of conditions, providing a consistent, well-prepared seedbed ready for planting. • TURBO COULTER - The turbo design allows the blade flute to attack the residue vertically, providing improved cutting, thorough penetration, and decreased hairpinning. • HYDRAULIC WEIGHT TRANSFER - Transfer valve adjusts weight from center to wings, providing even, constant down pressure to the full width. • RUBBER MOUNTED BEARINGS - Greaseable heavy-duty self-aligning gang bearings provide excellent wear life and outstanding protection from rocks.


Field Cultivator

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Literature Videos Specifications

Features Dealer Locator Manuals

Images Customer Profiles Options

• All new 3000 & 4000 Disk Harrow: Features ductile cast spools and 3 inch c-shank bearing standards. Available in 23’, 26’, 29’, 30’, 33’, & 36’.

• 8000 Series Disc-O-Vator: Features a re-designed tongue and strengthened rock shaft with straddle axle configuration. Models include: 26’, 28, 33’, 37’, 44’, 48’, & 52’.

• Series VII Field Cultivator: Features 24.5 inches of under frame clearance and the Max Mix” shank pattern. Sizes 20’, 25’, 28’, 30’, 32’, 37’, 41’, 44’, 48’, 51’, 56’, & 60’.



954 West Dowell Road Columbia City, IN 46725 260-244-6465 South Dakota


2033 West Hwy. 212 Clark, SD 57225 605-532-3484 | 800-479-3484 Illinois

CHRISMAN FARM CENTER, INC. 22057 Illinois Hwy. 1 Chrisman, IL 61924 217-269-2412 | 800-535-9542 Minnesota


1820 East Bridge Street Redwood Falls, MN 56282 507-644-4400 October 2013

2 Mi. S. & 2 Mi. W. of Winkler Box 2319, Winkler, MB R6W 4C1

Ph: (204) 325-4798 Fax: (204) 325-4055


GRAIN BODY Winkler, Man. Canada

When you buy a Load Line Grain Product you’re getting the best in the business. Load Line is committed to delivering high quality engineered products that are second to none in the industry.



Buy factory direct and save. We also do frame and driveshaft extensions, installation and painting.

LOAD LINE PRODUCT will bring you yearly returns.



No More Pump Cavitation...


the pump intake is fu lly is caused by cavitation


✓ Pump cavitation is ver y inefficient. The power that should be used to move water end s up beating up the pum p Not only does this tec hnology eliminate cav itat ion it can be used to: ✓ Keep submersible pum ps from over-pumping their water supply without starting and sto pping the pump repeat edly. No amprobes nee ✓ Detect if strainers or ded! filters are plugged bot h on the suction and dis of the pump and reduce charge sides s the flow rate to whate ver the filter can safely ✓ Detects leaks on bot pass h suction and discharge sides of the pump and reduces the flow to safe levels ✓ Automatically recove rs to full flow characteristic s if problem is cleared Standard control functio ns: ✓ Low and high pressu re safety shutoffs ✓ Hour meters ✓ Cycle counters sim


This anti-cavitation feature and

Now Air-Vac Systems Inc. offers this same powerful 2500 cfm. industrial air cleaner for only $1,490! Change main filter every one or two years ($72) and 4” pre-filter every 2 months ($12)


Contact us at or Wayne 319-290-2003 Offer ends soon • 60 day money back guarantee 10% lowest price guarantee • No one can beat our prices




ple, affordable powerful, efficient

other useful pump control func tions

are only available on the IC

Pump Station control unit.

800-760-6874 •

5475 Hawley Road • The Dalles, Oregon 97058 October 2013

You have seen this powerful 2500 cu. ft. per minute clean air machine sell for $1,700 to $2,500 each...

Hang from ceiling or mount against wall. Plug into 115 V outlet. 9’ cord. Two speed switch. 160 lbs.

Whatever you purchase, your investment in a

✓ 40% of pump damage

the air in your shop!

Each unit will clean the air in a shop up to 2000 sq. ft. (Larger shops simply add more units)

Please call. We have a good selection of safety certified trucks.

The IC Pump Station control unit Model 30 , when used with a Varia ble Frequency Drive, will not allow the pum p to cavitate... Even if


Removes: Diesel smoke Welding smoke Oil mist Dust and more. |

Rice Feed Ingredients / Co-Products Division Sherry Brantley, Sales Manager P. O . B o x 9 2 7 • S t u t t g a r t , A R 7 2 1 6 0 U S A


Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |




Dyna Flo Pump




Pump Uses: Flood Control Empty Sloughs Flood Rice Ponds Flood Cranberry Ponds Transfer Water

Built With Design Features To Fit Your Needs. ™

• Pumps up to 4,000 GPM

• 8" & 12" Size

• Adjustable swivel on the hitch

• 500, 1,000 & 1,500 GPM Models

• Electric Option • Operates at 540 or 1,000 RPM • 12"x50' hoses with ring lock ends


t Come visit us a

• VFD or Standard Starter • Custom Lengths

ST HUSKER HAR-1V2E 10 DAYS Sept. Booth #S47

10-12 BIG IRON Sept. Booth #0908

• Any Style Discharge






840 Pioneer Avenue LaFayette, MN 56054 507-228-8224 | 800-642-4104 Winthrop, MN 507-647-6600


606 3rd Street Belle Plaine, IA 52208 319-444-3477



Bottom Feeder Attachment Enables longer pumping in shallow water levels, as little as 6" SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE P I C T U R E S & I N F O R M AT I O N

Dyna Flo, Inc.


Oakes, ND 58474 701-742-3223 |

FARMER’S MILL & ELEVATOR 27920 Danville Ave. Castle Rock, MN 55010 651-463-8041 | 507-645-5648 800-645-5648


211 Railroad Street Ridgeland, WI 54763 715-949-1165 | 715-949-1566

Mfg. By

The Leader In Feeders!


with High Steel Insert


with Low Steel Insert


Serving IA, NE

“And my central fill seed hoppers are causing lots of sidewall compaction and pinch row problems with my center rows.”

See us at Husker Harvest Days! Serving IA, NE, ND, SD

MY PLANTING SOLUTION >> KINZE 3600 16R PLANTER bulk fifillll planter Hydraulic WeightWeight TransferTransfer … A Abulk planterwith with Hydraulic … and for split rows, a double frame toolbar with push row and for split rows, a double frame toolbar with push row units for better balance, better residue flow, easier units for better balance, better residue flow, easier transport … and the latest in precision ag technologies. transport … and the latest in dealer precision agtotechnologies. Contact your authorized Kinze today learn more! Iowa



800.728.0878 B30

800-622-8836 |

Prairie City, 50228 48600 Hwy. 64 515-994-3200 Miles, IA 52064 563-682-7511

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

Lawton, IA 51030 000-000-0000 1820 East Bridge Street 712-944-5751 Redwood Falls, MN 56282


October 2013


Introducing the Wide Receiver Hitch System

HMakes moving trailers and equipment fast, safe and efficient HUniversal - fits all skid steer loaders HExpands loaders' utility on farms and job sites HMounts and dismounts in seconds - without tools HQuality built in the USA - Patent #7,823,903 B2 HGood value - affordably priced

Move, Scoop, Haul, and Dump all with one attachment. Whether it is rock, dirt, or anything else you can think of the

Pat's Easy Mover

612-860-8915 218-409-6304

can handle with ease.

Available in the 4' or 5' bucket with Cat #1, Cat #2, or Cat #1-2 trailer mover.

Dealership Opportunities Available

The bucket is easily removed allowing the trailer mover to meet all your trailer hauling needs.

Greenwell Manufacturing

487 D E Brown Rd., Brandenburg, KY 40108


Check out our video!

Made in USA

Product Videos Testimonials Installation Manuals


BACKING PLATE ALLOWS YOU TO PLANT MULTIPLE SEEDS We have found that planting wheat with a KINZE planter in 15" rows gives you, the producer, more control of seed spacing and seed depth than with a drill. Plants will emerge faster and have less competition between sunlight and moisture. By planting in 15" rows approximately 3/4 of the seeds per acre are needed to produce comparable yield as a drill giving you, the producer, more profit per acre at harvest. Yes, weeds and disease are concern in wheat, but with 15" spacer between rows less damage is done during chemical and fertilizer application. Less disease pressure occurs by allowing more air to flow between rows making mildew less of a factor.

Disks are available through local KINZE Dealers Plates may also be purchased direct. 速

Call to get information on how to adjust for Cover Crops.

LARRY HAK October 2013

2393 Werner Rd., Convoy, OH 45832 Shop or Fax: 419-749-4021 Cell: 260-740-8267 Email: |

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Choose Lechler Air Induction Spray Nozzles For Drift Reduction

Burn Wood, Not Money!

IDK Series

HeatmasterSS High Efficiency Outdoor Furnaces

Compact Design Use From 15-100 PSI Very Low Drift Potential Very Coarse To Medium Droplets

MF Series Features: • 409 titanium enhanced stainless steel • Rocker grates and ash pan • Forced air adjustable blower • Limited lifetime warranty

IDKT Series

120° Twin Fan Pattern Nozzle Features Two Angled Sprays 30° Forward And Backward Use From 15-90 PSI Very Low Drift Potential Very Coarse To Medium Droplets

INTRODUCING the G Series •EPA Phase 2 Qualified •The cleanest, most efficient, easy-to-use design on the market •Approved for indoor and outdoor use •Burn up to 50% less wood!

Available in POM, Ceramic, PolyPro/Ceramic

Look To Lechler For All Your Sprayer Parts




Dealership opportunities available in some areas


The RWF STALK SMASHER is the latest innovation in saving your tractor tires or tracks from stalk damage. It was was designed using input and ideas from farmers – farmers who now use it and say they will never again go without it! ®

Farmers today need protection against stronger-than-ever cornstalks, new chopping cornheads, and tires that just don't hold up to that kind of punishment. Our CORNHEAD STALK SMASHER provides the protection your tires need. ®

Ringsted Welding & Fabrication


Due to high demand, place your order now to ensure timely delivery.

Call a STALK SMASHER representative today! ®


800-622-8836 |

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October 2013



‘08 or ‘09 Columbia 48" Mid Roof • High Quality Pre-Owned Trucks • Professionally Detailed • 450 HP MBE • 10 Speed • Steer Tech Front Axles • All Aluminum Wheels • Air Ride

• Cab Extenders • Fresh Service • Inspected • Southern Trucks

ed Extend ty Warran le! Availab

See the video tour on our web site!


r Low AG Rates! Finance It Right Here - Ask About Ou

09 Cascadia Daycab, Detroit DD15 455 HP, 10 Speed w/Auto Shift, Air Ride, Alum. Wheels. 299807

Western Star, 203,334 Miles, 430 HP Det. Series 60, Jake, Allison Automatic, 20K# Frt / 46K# Rear, Full Lockers, Double Frame, Will Separate. 364181

06 Sterling 9500, MBE 450 HP, 10 Speed, Air Ride, 186” WB, Air Slide 5th, Lo Pro Tires, DOT. 358209

Find us on

See our Entire Inventory at R

Family Owned Since 1958

06 Columbia 58” Mid Roof, MBE 450 HP, Jake, 10 Speed, Air Slide 5th, Air Ride, Multiple Units. 135961

Iowa Dubuque 800-553-3642 Decorah 888-545-9297 Davenport 800-397-3399 Cedar Rapids 800-332-6158

Wisconsin Appleton 800-236-5271 Green Bay 800-622-6962 Milwaukee 800-236-6061 Madison 800-837-7367 Marinette 888-315-5995 Minocqua 715-358-5200 Shullsburg 800-362-1313 Wausau 800-348-9195


T-Post Extraction Made Easy!

Introducing The New Schiltz



Push Blade works on any tractor, payloader or skidloader for moving rocks, cleaning feedlots and leveling dirt. CUSTOM MADE TO MEET YOUR NEEDS

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

JackJaw® 203 jaws are made of case hardened AR400 steel

The Perfect AUGER

for Bins with concrete or aeration floors • • • • •

Affordable Easy to install Hydraulic or Electric Custom built for your bin Single motor drive system

Easily pulls on soft ground when mounted on board

Fall Special $149

Pulls T-posts for ranching, construction, traffic and event barricades

800-658-3637 October 2013 |

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Beatthe Heat

Beatthe Heat

Water Tanks

- Energy Free Lifetime Rubber Water Tanks - NRCS Approved - Water is the cheapest feed available. Cattle will utilize our tanks by drinking more water in both winter and summer - Tanks measure from 5’ to 13’ in diameter (Depth 22” to 28” in height) - Our tanks will last a lifetime and more - Bump proof and bullet proof Rubber tank w/concre - Rubber does not conduct electricity te insert Comes complete with - Tanks will hold from 200 to 2,000 gallons drain hole, drain plug and float valve. - Tanks are very freeze resistant - Indestructible

Proven technology Proven technology

that works! that works!

Rubber Scrapers t-L Irrigated


Non-Irrigated TIF ER IE




9001 The drought of 2012 U A LI T set heat records and caused extensive crop losses throughout the United States, Nebraska Minnesota and the forecasters say the conditions are HOLT PIVOT INGLESIDE ENGINEERING likely to continue. SERVICE & REPAIR & CONSTRUCTION You can “BEAT THE HEAT” with T-L pivot irrigation systems and their exclusive 707 6th St., Gothenburg, NE 69138 4920 Hwy. 55, Loretto, MN 55357 hydrostatic design. You get smooth, even 308-537-3134 763-479-1869 water distribution and superior hydraulic Cell: 308-539-3956 reliability for the long haul of an extended heat wave. Missouri Let T-L Irrigation Co. and T-L dealers CEMPER EQUIPMENT CO. give you lasting value and decades of GRAND PRAIRIE IRRIGATION 49491 Hwy. 20, O’Neill, NE 68763 E-mail: | Website: | Phone: 1-800-330-4264 dependability. T-L irrigation systems are 2927 Cty. Rd. 253, Columbia, MO 65202 Cell: 402-394-7099 “Easier on You – for a Lifetime.” 573-219-6680 Call your local T-L dealer or contact T-L Irrigation Co. at 1-800-330-4264. E-mail: | Website: | Phone: 1-800-330-4264 Q

888-494-5620 •

t-L Irrigated


- Very forgiving in case of operator error - Perfect for scraping manure in dairy barns (will not damage cement) - Ideal for pushing snow – will not damage curbs, manholes or gutter Scraper with squeegee 12' Scraper with Unive Outstanding for feedlot manure management rsal Mount - Works well for moving corn silage and feed - Good for moving slop and manure in cattle yards (no gouging) Bucket Payloader - Scrapers act as a squeegee and do not need repair Rubber Tire like steel scrapers Scraper - Scrapers span 5’-12’ across - Scrapers 5'-8' across with Quicktach and top wipers 9'-12' with universal brackets as well as recently developed attachment straight to bucket on payloaders

The Original In-Bin Continuous Flow Drying System... that Grows with your operation! With a Shivvers computerized drying system you can dry your crops as fast as you can combine. Whether your drying needs are 2,000 or 20,000 bushels a day, Shivvers has a system for you. Let us help design a system that’s right for you.

FlaxLic® is Nutritionally Engineered® to provide essential vitamins and minerals for proper bull conditioning. FlaxLic® blocks are completely fortified to prepare your bulls for breeding season. In addition, FlaxLic® is the first low moisture block to contain a high level of alpha-linolenic acid derived from flaxseed and edible linseed oil. High energy FlaxLic blocks contain 15% fat, essential minerals, and vitamins, and work around the clock to meet the demands of breeding bulls. Get your bulls ready for breeding season with FlaxLic and Omega3 fatty acids!

Call or stop in today. Nebraska






315 W. 9th Street Stromsburg, NE 68666 402-764-6702 | 402-764-6703

KIESEL ENTERPRISES 1198 S. Kiesel Drive Princeton, IN 47670 812-386-6580

FlaxLic now has a U.S. Product and Process Patent for elevating Lipid Blood Levels in Livestock.


800-622-8836 |

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North Route 32 Strasburg, IL 62465 217-644-2270

488 North St. Rte. 49 Cissna Park, IL 60924 815-457-2979 | 888-457-2979

October 2013

Custom Made Products e Fre ry ive Del

Humboldt, Iowa


800-760-7871 Anytime

We will n o be un t der sold!

Scrapers Available in Nine Locations:

Humboldt, Bayard, De Soto, Iowa Falls, Union, Manchester, Britt, Hudson & Wayne, NE


3/4 yd. to 31 yd. Ashland, Big Dog, Cat, Garfield, Leon, Rowse, IronWolf, Johnson & Arts Way Graders - Dolly Wheel or Direct Mount

LEASE TO OWN ROLLERS FOR SALE OR RENT: Riteway, Degelman & Summers

8' to 85' Land Rollers, approx. 40-50 on hand


• Unique blade cuts 1" to 24" diameter trees and brush • Rotates 180° to prune or cut downed trees • S5 tooling steel cutting blade with Kodiak carbide replaceable teeth • Electrical interface "Plug & Play" allows use of OEM controls on most machines

Spread The Fines



• Power rotate 0° to 110° • Cuts up to a 14” tree in one cut • Converts your single hydraulics to dual hydraulics • Fits most skid loaders with 2 pin hitch system • US Patent 7,938,153

Uniform Airflow • Three models, all available in 1” thick high tensile steel • Abrasion resistant tines break concrete • Handle hay, logs, steel, debris and more • Designed to gain power as jaws close for powerful clamping and crushing

866-567-9618 Proudly from Sidney, Iowa October 2013

Eliminate: Coring Blending Hotspots |

Store and Ship Your Grain at Market Moisture! Call 1-800-203-5669 or visit

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We Make Buying A Steel Building EASY! No worries. No surprises. Skilled consultants guide you through every step for a building you’ll brag about for years.



building professionally We Make Buying A Steel Every Building EASY! engineered based on your personal needs and tastes. No worries. No surprises. Skilled Manufactured using highest consultants guide youthe through qualitystep materials and standards. every for a building you’ll brag about for years. Sentinel’s famous hassle-free servicebuilding and support that’s always Every professionally just a phonebased call away. engineered on your personal needs and tastes. Access to qualified foundation and erection providers. Manufactured using the highest quality materials and standards.

-FARM -HOME -BUSINESS ion Ment or a df this a IAL SPEC NT! OU DISC

Need a building? Get it right the first time. Sentinel’s famous hassle-free

Contact your local Sentinel dealer or call Sentinel Building Systems today! service and support that’s always Missouri HERK’S INC.away. just aWELDING, phone call 620 16th Street, Central CIty, NE 68826 SEED & FARM SUPPLY Access to |qualified foundation 308-946-3761 800-363-7573 1246 West Hwy. K, Liberal, MO 64762 417-843-6465 and erection providers.

rp Co s ie str t u e nd e I ine.n et n i urb dturb ine.n T in rb nd Wi w.w ndtu 4 i ww c@w -606 i 7 wt 2) 44 (95



County the Rd. T, Fremont, NE 68025 Need building? Get it 1035 right first time. LOUP VALLEYa SUPPLY, INC. 402-721-0718 | Cell: 402-690-3865 302 Howardyour Ave., St. Paul, Sentinel NE 68873 dealer or call Sentinel Contact local Building Systems today! Email: 308-754-4051 | 800-371-4081 |




Great Vacuum for Grain Spills and General Clean Up


Groom Your Champion with a Circuiteer

Manufacturers of the World's Finest Animal and Industrial Vacuums, Blowers & Dryers for Over 50 Years ELECTRIC CLEANER COMPANY 50913 Elevator St., Osseo, WI 54758 800-456-9821 | B36

800-622-8836 |

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October 2013

Process your own meat... the natural way. The Clamp Meat Chopper

The Original American Meat Grinders

The Screw Down Meat Chopper

The Sausage Stuffer

A company dedicated to the American people and providing quality workmanship.

Pricess start as low a00 $73

Call 1-800-683-5858 531 Old Skippack Road Harleysville, PA 19438 On the Web:


Compatible with Deere, White, Kinze and CASE IH Planters

(605) 999-3503 October 2013 |

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Our New Cornado Is One Tough Performer

Agricultural and Outdoor Power Belts

New 6000 Series Chopping and Non Chopping Models

A. Rugged aluminum gearbox coupled to U-joint end drive shafts. B. Aluminum row unit gearboxes are protected with Waltersheid radial pin safety clutches. C. Chopper models have aluminum stalk chopper gearboxes with increased oil reserve to dissipate heat. Robust frame and other weight reducing components, contribute to greater operating efficiency.





Items sold separately or as one portable unit.





108 North 6th Street Dunlap, IA 51529 712-643-5360 | 800-235-5360

FEEDERS GRAIN & SUPPLY, INC. 2052 Hunter Trail, Corning, IA 50841 641-322-4011 | 800-308-4011 Illinois

(605) 387-2389 -


800-622-8836 |

With Head Gate

KOHLBRECHER TRUCK SERVICE 8307 Main Street St. Rose, IL 62230 618-526-7548 | 618-526-2276

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525 Railroad Street Allenton, WI 53002 262-629-4104 1200 Maple Avenue Columbus, WI 920-623-9000

FEDERATION COOP, INC. 108 North Water Street Black River Falls, WI 54615 715-284-4381 800-944-2312


W6130 Main Street, Burnett, WI 53922 920-689-2211 Email: South Dakota


1812 N. Cliff Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57103 605-336-2768 | 800-658-3629 Canistota, SD 855-200-5684 Freeman, SD 855-200-5682 Kimball, SD 877-531-9836 Scotland, SD 888-548-3744 Viborg, SD 800-252-9436 October 2013


EVANS WATERLESS COOLANT AVOIDS CORROSION Evans Cooling Systems offers the only waterless engine coolant available. With a boiling point of 375°, Evans HDTC has the capacity to safely operate at higher temperatures without overheating, resulting in less down time. Fuel economy is improved. Your engine is protected. Maintenance costs are decreased. Plus, Evans HDTC is environmentally safe and ecofriendly.

No Coolant Changeouts Necessary

No need for bleach or fabric softeners. For use in both top-load and high-efficiency washers.

AMAZING MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER Cleans any surface water can be applied to. Excellent cleaner for power washing heavy equipment. Meets Organics Alliance Standards.


Apply on any surface, rinse with water and let dry.

No Overheating


BIO CONQUEROR 105 Biodegradable, non-toxic enzymatic concentrate that cleans & eliminates odors produced by fecal matter and urine. For use in restrooms, drains, carpet, floors and garbage can liners. $59.95/Gallon – Free Shipping. CALL TODAY!!!

Use with or without water. Removes grease, oil & chemical stains from skin.


AMAZING DISH DETERGENT 150 loads at a tablespoon per compartment. No rinse aid necessary.

Made in Iowa

PolyDome Announces New Improved Calf Housing

Reduced Toxicity Improved Fuel Economy Stops Cylinder Cavitation Erosion

Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. 860-668-1114

Continual Operation Under Severe Conditions


PolyDome has the right hut to fit your needs, from the Mini Dome to the Mega Hut. Plus, products that outperform the competition.

Free y Deliver t s o to M s a Are

October 2013 |

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It’s Like It’s Like Having It’s Like An Having An Having An Extra Eye! Extra Eye! Extra Eye!

Hitch-Up Your Trailers!

Hitch-Up YourYour Trailers! Hitch-Up Watch Your Horses! Trailers! Watch Your Horses! Hitch-Up Your Trailers! Watch Horses! Do Inspections! DoYour Inspections! Watch Your Horses! Do Inspections! Farm Uses!Uses! Do Inspections! Farm Farm Uses! Farm Uses!

The Original Portable Wireless Camera System! The Original Portable Portable The Original Wireless Camera System! Wireless Camera System!

$20 OFF

Promo Code: SW1 Limited Time Offer (617) 600-8282


Premium probiotics for all livestock from

with PureGrade Liquid Starter PureGrade Liquid Starter Fertilizer from Nutra-Flo allows seedlings to emerge faster and healthier in order to reach maximum production.

Natur's Way!

PureGrade Liquid Starter Fertilizers Start your crops with adequate nutrition with PureGrade Liquid Fertilizer. PureGrade’s low-salt, high orthophosphate formulation allows the fertilizer to be used in close proximity to the seed, roots, and foliage for better fertilizer efficiency. Plus, with PureGrade Liquid Starter Fertilizer you’ll experience early growth in cold soils, reduced weed pressure, drier corn, and increased yields. Available in these grades: 9-18-9, 6-24-6, 3-18-18, 5-15-15, 10-10-10, and custom blends.

Since 1960

MicroSolutions™ Add MicroSolutions micronutrients to your N-P-K fertilization program. Our micronutrient packages can be customized to deliver the proper prescription of micronutrients to give your crops the boost they need for strong development and maximum yields.

MSE has been shown to improve

Visit or call 800-831-4815 to find a dealer near you. Plus, find our complete line of starter and foliar products, recommended rates of application, and how you can maximize your crop production. B40

800-622-8836 |

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– Growth performance – Feed efficiency


October 2013


yourTractors for


We now offer new Steinbauer Intelligent Power Computers. • Available for all newer makes of tractor and semis. • Steinbauer offers up to 25% more power, up to 10% reduction in emissions and fuel consumption. • Power is only applied when necessary for load.

NOW is the time to buy and get Federal and State Renewable Energy Rebates along with special factory direct incentives.

A very good alternative to the intensive purchase cost of higher horsepower tractors. • We have field-tested the Steinbauer and proven it works.

Are you still clutching, jerking and AreAre you still clutching, jerkingand and wasting fuel with that copycat CVT? you still clutching, jerking wasting fuel copycatCVT? CVT? wasting fuelwith with that that copycat We are now a Lucas oil & additive dealer.

Fertilizer Application Products Anhydrous (NH3) Toolbars, Row Unit Accessories, Dry Fertilizer Spreaders, Liquid Nitrogen Applicators, Running Gears for Anhydrous Nurse Tanks, and Agricultural Trailers.

The Dyna-VT™ stepless, clutchless CVT on our 7600 and 8600 Series tractors was the industry’s first. It’s still the smoothest. And combined with our DTM power management and e3™ SC R emissions technology, it’s also the most fuel-efficient. Set up a demo. We’ll prove it. See more at Iowa









The Dyna-VT™ sTepless, cluTchless cVT on our 7600 and 8600 series tractors was the industry’s first.

WILLMAR FARM CENTER BUTTE IMPLEMENT CO. WEST POINT IMPLEMENT CENTRAL IOWA ™ scR emissions technology, It’s still the smoothest. and combined with management 3867our Hwy.DTM 12 E.,power Willmar, MN 56201 and 530e3Carl Street, Butte, NE 68772 it’s2526 E. 23rd St. ™ INC. STORE, TheFARM Dyna-VT sTepless, cluTchless cVT on our 7600 and 8600 series tractors was the industry’s first. 320-235-8123 402-775-2464 Columbus, NE 68601

W. also 203 the Iowa mostAvenue fuel-efficient. set up a demo. We’ll prove it. see more at It’s still the smoothest. and combined with our DTM power management and e3™ scR emissions technology, it’s402-564-3289 Marshalltown, IA 50158 South Dakota

also641-753-3996 the most fuel-efficient. set up a demo. We’ll prove it. see more HOEFERT’S IMPLEMENT, HILDER IMPLEMENT CO., INC. 302 2nd Street, Seneca,Dyna-VT SD 57473 15th Road not available1703 on MF7614. 605-436-6236 Central City, NE 68826 308-946-3886 ©2012 aGcO 4205 River Green parkway, Duluth, Ga 30096 (877) 525-4384. MASSEY FERGUSON is a registered trademark of aGcO. Dyna-VT not available oncorporation, MF7614.


Dyna-VT not available on MF7614.

MASSEY FERGUSON is a registered trademark of aGcO.

October 2013

©2012 aGcO corporation, 4205 River Green parkway, Duluth, Ga 30096 (877) 525-4384. MF12n013TcG |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

P.O. BOX 70 • EAST VAN BUREN • LENOX, IA 50851 PH. 1-641-333-4518 • 1-800-342-7498 FAX 1-641-333-4429 SERVICE PARTS FOR TOTE, MOBILITY & JTI EQUIPMENT 800-622-8836





Why settle for a standard sized building?

Whether you need barns, dairy, arenas, stalls, tractor or produce storage, Varco Pruden builders can provide a quality building at an affordable price. And it doesn’t have to be too big or too small. Every year, Varco Pruden provides hundreds of steel buildings for farm and agricultural use in custom designs and dimensions. Options include: • Custom sizes to 1/16th inch, from 20’ to 250’ Wide and 30’ to 750’ Long • Delivery in as little as 6 weeks, depending on complexity. • Choice of colors with long-life warranties. • Professional installation available through VP’s nationwide network of Authorized Builders.

Syntex manufactures high quality roll tarps and roll tarp kits for grain trailers, wagons and grain carts~

2 year warranty! Syntex also has electric roll tarp kits available!


Trusted since 1948.

Visit Varco Pruden Buildings online at to find a builder near you! To request the free brochure above, go to:

510 13th Street North, Humboldt, IA 50548 Phone: 515-332-3265 • Fax 515-332-3266


Varco Pruden Buildings is a division of BlueScope Buildings North America, Inc.



Dual Fuel Mixer for Diesel Engines

Combines Natural Gas or Propane to make your diesel engines more affordable.

Great Prices

Ask Us For A Quote Today On Your Next Farm Bin.

R A E Y 0 1 RING


+ 10 Year Warranties + Local Dealerships



Gain 100-150 engine rpm! Change oil less frequently!

Purchase A Sioux Farm Bin & Receive:

Available On All Sioux Farm Bins.

m Bin ar

Excellent Service From Start To Finish


DUAL FUEL LLC 606 W. Tennessee, Floydada, Texas 79235 Contact: Cell: 254-592-4694 B42

800-622-8836 |

South Dakota




47401 SD Hwy. 34 Egan, SD 57024 605-534-3204 | 888-923-9353


25863 650th Avenue Dexter, MN 55926 507-584-6794

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

K&S MILLWRIGHTS, INC. 217 East Hall Ave. Buffalo Lake, MN 55314 320-833-2228

KOLTERMAN FARM EQUIPMENT, INC. P.O. Box 181 Pierce, NE 68767 402-329-6279

October 2013

ROUGH DRIVEWAY??? Try Our One-of-a-Kind Laneway Grader! Stop bumping around and get the Laneway Grader! Three blades will smooth out all the bumps (most in just one pass) No three-point hitch hookups. Just drop a pin, hook up hydraulic hoses and go. On the go adjustable roll for case of operation. Adjustable pitch to keep the edges of your driveway neat. Heavy built for both strength and weight to smooth your laneway.

Now available... the NEW Pathway Grader and Tile Trench Grader!

Crop Dividers Save Crops! Quick attach Adjustable height - can be lifted to drive on trailer Narrow front to cut through crop 12" rubber to prevent damage from driving through tile holes

Replaceable tin Can be made to fit any sprayer or tractor Lightweight aluminum

Dealer Inquires Welcome!

866-592-3806 Minnesota



1820 E. Bridge St., Redwood Falls, MN 56282 507-644-4400 Missouri


11001 Highway 71, Savannah, MO 64485 816-324-5618 | 877-260-2561 North Dakota


13922 West Front St., Williston, ND 58801 701-774-0957 | 866-774-0957 North Dakota/Montana


PERC 620 ®

350 4th St. NE, Beach, ND 58621 701-872-4154 Highway 12 East, Bowman, ND 701-523-3296 107 4th Street, Hettinger, ND 701-567-4505 3484 I-94, Dickinson, ND 701-483-8741

Stanley Equipment, Inc. 8141 Highway 2, Stanley, ND 701-628-2950

PERC 412

Glasgow Implement


Highway 2 East, Glasgow, MT 406-228-9341


South Dakota



3301 9th Ave. SE, Watertown, SD 57201 605-886-5741 | “We always offer special pricing”


For National Sales Call Toll-Free:

855-667-5181 CNH Capital and Case IH are registered trademarks of CNH America LLC.

October 2013 |

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T •Pinnacle Lite Control System with NEMA IV rated remote Control CabinetCall standard Your Local M-C Authorized Dealer Today! on all dryers. Indiana

Extensively Tested. • Built in failsafe, easily switch to manual mode if needed. Proven Performance. LegacySERIES


Remote 4814 W. Old State Road 46, Greensburg, IN 47240 Monitoring 812-663-4020 | System 800-241-4020 Now Available! Nebraska


164 West Nobes Road, York, NE 68467 402-362-7711 | 800-284-7066 Illinois

A&P GRAIN SYSTEMS, INC. N Va EW Coocuum l Pro Low file

410 County Line Road, Maple Park, IL 60151 815-827-3079 |


100 Roosevelt Street, Hooppole, IL 61258 815-948-2591




13293 N. 450th Avenue, Cambridge, IL 61238 309-937-5779 | Email: Wisconsin


•Pinnacle Lite Control System with NEMA IV rated remote Control Cabinet standard on all dryers.



1291 College Farm Road, Platteville, WI 53818 608-348-2231 |

Remote Monitoring System Now Available!

It’s easy to do both with our Massey Ferguson equipment.


Fisher Pumps is a low maintenance, submersible centrifugal with a variety of pump styles to meet your needs! Pump selection for flows up to 20,000 GPM! Some features of Fisher Pumps: • Double discharge design equalizes case pressure & maximizes horsepower! • Welded construction... no bolts to work loose... no connections to seal. • Constructed of 1/4” & 3/8” steel with heavy-walled tubing. • All bearings above water level... No oilers to fill daily! • No Priming... Self-Draining... No Seals.

On-site test pit to insure performance prior to shipment! Styles & Options:

Vertical Set Pumps...

Floater Pumps...

Do more work. Have more fun.


Ask about FREE Carhartt® Jacket & M-C Cap!

• Built in failsafe, easily switch to manual mode if needed.

with direct or belt motor drives with direct or belt motor drives

Trailer Pumps...

with PTO or motor drives

Visit us at World Dairy Expo, Booth #EH- S07 & S08

When it comes to getting the job done quickly and efficiently, you just can’t beat our full line of Massey Ferguson compact and utility equipment. From rugged and reliable tractors to our agile zero-turn mowers, pull-type mowers, hay balers and seeding/tillage equipment, we have everything you need to tackle the Ask about FREE toughest chores with Carhartt® Jacket ease. See your Massey & M-C Cap! Ferguson dealer today for more information on this exceptional line of compact and utility equipment, flexible financing and quality parts or visit

For more information or location of a dealer near you, contact us at:


800-622-8836 |

530 Carl Street Butte, NE 68772 402-775-2464

WEST POINT IMPLEMENT 2526 E. 23rd St. Columbus, NE 68601 402-564-3289


1270 E. Hwy. 275 Neligh, NE 68756 402-887-4607 | 800-653-2332 South Dakota

HOEFERT’S IMPLEMENT, INC. 302 2nd Street Seneca, SD 57473 605-436-6236 Minnesota

NORTHWEST MECHANICAL SERVICES 3516 Irvine Ave. NW Bemidji, MN 56601 218-751-4660 Iowa

203 Iowa Avenue W. Marshalltown, IA 50158 641-753-3996

2024 E. 8th St., Greeley, CO 80631 Ph. # 970-353-6962 • Fax # 970-353-0839 Web Site:

Dealerships available in selected areas!



FISHER PUMPS Greeley, Colorado 970-353-6962


MASSEY FERGUSON is a worldwide brand of AGCO. © 2010 AGCO Corporation, 4205 River Green Parkway, Duluth, GA 30096 (877) 525-4384

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

October 2013

Chris Ramsey, Fleet Consultant Richard Klepfer, Fleet Consultant 3326 South 460 East, Lafayette, IN 47905 765-471-9400 • Cell 765-409-5735 Fax: 765-471-9227 • EBS: 877-528-4737 Email: Email:

Quality Metal Livestock Equipment We manufacture good quality metal livestock equipment designed to feed Cattle, Bison, Elk, Horses, Sheep, Hogs, Pountry & more.

Freestanding Corral Panels

Creep Feeders


• 12,000 lb. Axle is guaranteed for transport when feeder is full • New Highway rated 10-Ply Radials (Not Blems) on sixteen inch rims • Salt & Mineral attachment with Rubber Tubs • Full length Lid Deflector to prevent feed jamming in behind lid • New Weatherproof Chutes open up to seven inches • Full Length Ladders inside and out for easy access to the top and inside of the feeder • Exclusive Magic Panels offer 16 stalls for efficient feeding operation with simple open and closing to keep cows away from feed

Bunk Feeders


• Freestanding Corral panels come standard in 31ft lengths. • Custom lengths are available. • Swing gates come in 8 ft, 10ft, 12ft & 14ft sizes • 360° hinge for swing gate standard on all freestanding panels • Key hole gusset & chain to fasten panels together

• All rounded tubing & rubber belted trough are very safe & durable



Level Welding Mfg. Ltd. • Box 100, Vita, MB ROA 2K0

Do you want to put more corn from your field into your hopper? Do you want a more efficient corn harvest?

Corn Stalk Guide


by Kaler Farms *patent pending

The Corn Stalk Guide by Kaler Farms is a patent-pending aftermarket attachment for most poly corn head snouts. The product helps the corn stalks move into the combine more smoothly past the gathering chain – even with combine operators that are tired, with curves in the rows or with less than ideal conditions.

Before: Lots of area for corn to fall away from the head.

After: The Corn Stalk Guide narrows the area to guide the corn forward into the header.

Your Corn Fields, Our Corn Stalk Guide… Better Combining.

Kaler Farms 701-403-4977 October 2013 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |



RolleR Mills built to fit your needs!



507 South East St. Pomeroy, IA 50575 712-468-2217



MAST FARM SERVICE 4784 Cemetery Avenue Abbotsford, WI 54405 715-223-2525 Minnesota


21915 160th Street Glenwood, MN 56334 320-634-4445 888-634-4445



Single, Double and Triple Pair Mills • Standard or Custom Built • Heavy Duty 400-4000+ Bushels Per Hour Mills • “ALL ROLLS HARDENED CAST IRON” Replacement Rolls and Parts for Many Brands Available • Many Options! • Portable-Stationary-Electric-PTO • Magnets-Hoppers-Augers-Automation

605-647-3001•866-393-1116 Lennox, SD


618 W. 9th Street Gibson City, IL 60936 217-784-4731 800-870-5846 Arthur, IL 217-543-2154 800-500-5846

The Versatile DeltaTrack is a fully integrated purpose built four track system from Versatile. Available in three models 450DT, 500DT, 550DT, the DeltaTrack exceeds the performance and durability existing track systems. The DeltaTrack is built using the most advanced track design in the agriculture industry and features with proven Cummins engine technology, rugged CAT® powershift transmissions, and legendary Versatile reliability and serviceability.



33894 State Hwy. 52 Keenesburg, CO 80643 303-732-4321

©2013 Buhler Versatile Inc. » 888.524.1003 » »

Up to 90 MORE bushels per hour & 50% LONGER life!


more reliable than the weather.


• Thickened outer edge

Watch UltraFlyte in Action!

UltraFlyte - Ask for it by name! B46

nature. 6630 Highway 4, Bruning, NE 68322 402-353-6775 • A Valley center pivot is an investment in your operation, much like insurance. • No matter the size of your operation, the type of crop you grow, or the terrain you farm, VALLEY PRO IRRIGATION, Valley has a machine to supportINC. your 32836 Hwy. 23, Grant, NE 69140 operational needs.

did you know?

a product of

Call 1.800.665.7449 or Visit


peace of mind year after year.

flighting face for FASTER conveying

• Patented in the U.S.A.

TRI-STATE IRRIGATION peace 1502 of U.S. mind Hwy. 36, St. Francis, KS 67756 year after year. 785-332-2597

308-352-4242 Imperial, NE 308-882-5660 North Platte, NE 308-532-0950 “The Leader in Irrigation”

more reliable than• Concave the weather.

• SAVE $$$ on fuel costs


did you know? Nebraska • Valley center pivots provide consistent yields VALLEY IRRIGATION eachSOUTHEAST year reducing the need to rely onLLC mother

Auger flighting

& higher carbon steel for LONGER life

Contact your Valley dealer today!

800-622-8836 |

• Valley® center pivots provide consistent yields each year reducing the need to rely on mother nature. • A Valley center pivot is an investment in your operation, much like insurance. • No matter the size of your operation, the type of crop you grow, or the terrain you farm, Valley has a machine to support your operational needs.



602 Ash Avenue NE, Wadena, MN 56482 218-631-9271


7551 State Road, Clear Lake, MN 55319 320-743-3000 Missouri/Iowa


30995 Old Hwy. 61, Taylor, MO 63471 573-393-2497 | 888-535-9155 5112 US Hwy. 61 Muscatine, IA 52761

| Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory

October 2013

MADE in the


Industries, Inc.

ONE STOP Infra-Red

BEXTRA $$$ Maximize Your Feed Dollars by Minimizing Your Feed Loss


“The Bextra is the BEST Feeder on the Market, Bar NONE!”

2-Stage High/Low

Infra-Red Tube Heaters Serving the Midwest for over 30 Years


US Patent No. 7,856,943

Lorrich Industries, Inc. offers all-welded steel hopper bottom bins ranging from 52 bu. to 6700 bu. Superior construction techniques combined with the strongest materials used in the industry, results in the most rugged and longest lasting bins available. 701-549-3333


balanced effective efficient convenient economical durable

The Bextra Bale Feeder demonstrates hay savings of up to 75% over conventional feeders and consistent with more costly and cumbersome cone feeders as proven in the OK State Study.

Call for a dealer near you and and save $ today

LMP— 1020 Angus Blvd.

Princeton, NE 68404 402-560-5385 Trevor L. Lienemann

Dealer inquires welcome

Experience the Hi-Fold Advantage™ or E-mail • Total Building Heat • Outdoor Spot Heat • Indoor Spot Heat • Shops and Animals Des Moines • Omaha • St. Louis • Snow & Ice Control P.O. Box 1267, Ankeny, IA 50021 Dealer Inquiries Welcome

GREENACRES Hay Saving Feeders

Model 750 RT-R B Urethane Cushions “Compress” to Absorb Major Shocks!

Come see us at the NEBRASKA, IOWA, ILLINOIS, NORTH & SOUTH DAKOTA Farm shows

Fax (515) 965-9539

The Cushion Hitch Advantage

A Urethane Tips “Compress” to Absorb Minor Shocks!

ENERGY EFFICIENT! Runs Approximately 80% of the time at the lower setting

(800) 798-4328

Lorrich offers a variety of sizes and capacities to meet your specific needs


LP/Nat. With or Without Electricity

Save 35% to 75% on Fuel Costs

Protect your investments with the HIGHEST QUALITY hydraulic Protect your investments with single-panel doors. • Now manufacturing bi-fold and single-panel hydraulic doors the HIGHEST QUALITY hydraulic • Pre-assembled, tested and ready for installation single-panel doors. • Rugged, high quality components • Maintenance-free operation in all climates • Now manufacturing bi-fold and single• Walk doors, windows and remote operation available panel hydraulic doors • 3-year comprehensive warranty

• Pre-assembled, tested and ready for installation Higher Clearance • Higher Quality • Rugged, high quality components 800-443-6536 • Maintenance-free operation in all climates Find out more at • Walk doors, windows and remote operation available • 3-year comprehensive warranty

1-Year Unlimited Warranty

Cattle, Horses & Sheep Feeders

800-443-6536 Find out more at October 2013 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

712-542-9137 800-622-8836


Grain & Bulk Seed TRAILERS Rear gravity flow design Seed Tender Models 170 & 240 Bu. Grain Trailer Models 300-350-375-400 Bu. Gooseneck & Bumper Pull Utilize your truck investment Equipped with Elec. brake axles, fenders, ladder, DOT lighting

TANDEM QUICK-TRAK Model 3006 • Is capable of traveling at highway speeds. • One-piece feeder bar. Extra heavy duty header trailer built to accommodate those 30’+ heads.

QUICK-TRAK 2000 HD Holds up to a 30’ corn or grain head, “F” rated low profile tires, adjustable tongue, grain & corn brackets.


Options for Shur-Loc Truck Tarps

6, 8, and 10 bale models available.

Steel AG-Tops

Hauling capacity: Up to (8) 2000 lb. bales. Add two more bales with our carrier attachment.

6” x 14 or 16’ Folding Augers Adjustable end spouts 7’ or 16’ Electric 8HP Hydraulic Power Units. Pup-style tag trailer w/air brakes

Call for details:


Dealers Needed Full Line Trailer Manufacturer

Boscobel, WI 53805

608-375-2656 or 800-873-1911 DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME D&K Trailers, Inc. Coleridge, NE

TSR PARTS • 13540 TREVOR DRIVE • COLGATE, ND 58046 800-582-2432 Fax: 701-945-2386 Email: Call us or see our website for dealers in your area


Home of the

Original Concrete Stock Tank

Model shown: 44C

➧ Modular construction for rapid on-site assembly ➧ Single or multiple compartment bins ➧ Load out or ingredient applications ➧ Customization to fit your application ➧ Bin sizes up to 12’x12’ (4000 bu) ➧ Accessories: gates, handrail, ladder, beanladder, headhouse, catwalks, vibrator brackets, screw feeders ➧ Pre-engineered bolt together structure ➧ Dumpit sizes from 22 bu to 650 bu

➧ Screw auger or incline conveyor sized to your capacity needs

For a dealer near you, call:

800-950-4792 320-283-5450

Other models available

Fax: 320-283-5246

PETERSEN MFG. CO., INC. 2471 Hwy. 30, Denison, IA 51442 800-832-7383 • 712-263-2442 B48

800-622-8836 |


P.O. Box 121 • 317 Cherry St. • Lowry, MN 56349 Email: • Web:

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

“Conditioning the World’s Water Naturally Since 1972”


Salt, Magnets, Chemicals, Filters or Electricity

• Big Savings In Irrigation Water - Up to 29% • Increases Crop Production - Up to 25% • Acts As A Soil Admendment Tool • Improves Overall Plant Health - Production • Increases Water Penetration • Has Increased Crop Revenue Up to $1,091 Annually Per Acre

If you grow it....

FRE-FLO™ can improve it

Water Ecology of Nebraska ~ 308-236-5399 ~ One System Serves Household, Lawn and Garden.

October 2013

Dave Imel Motors

2005 F-550 4x4 Mechanic Service Truck w/3200 lb. auto crane, Lincoln welder air compressor w/2 hose reels, one air, one torch! 6.0 liter diesel engine, automatic, air conditioning, excellent condition in and out! Runs and drives like new. $32,000. Trades accepted, financing available! Located in Bluffton, IN. Call for more details! Ask for Dave.

260-820-0999 A Rancher's Favorite Piece of Sorting Equipment

Manufacturer and Distributor New & Used Machines Replacement Parts Full Service Center Bin & Grain Vac Piping

Christianson Systems, Inc. 20421 - 15th Street SE, Blomkest, MN 56216 (320) 995-6141 • (800) 328-8896

Patent Pending

• Patent pending hitch design allows livestock to enter, or be loaded out the front or the back • Easy to set up and transport • Unique hydraulics system, will set down or lift up for transporting. • Runs by 12-volt battery with solar power

580-596-3381 BURLINGTON WELDING, LLC The Original Builders of Diamond W Corrals 580-884-0821 1101 Industrial Boulevard, Cherokee, OK 73728


Thatʼs why we designed a quality, high class spreader thatʼs built to work the way you work. • 2-Stage Push with Moving Floor • Low-Maintenance Direct Drive System • Available with Vertical or Horizontal Beaters • 250, 400, & 550 Bushel Models

Built to Work the Way You Work

Pik Rite, Inc.

Donʼt take our word for it, see for yourself.

Call us at 800-326-9763 or visit us on the web at

60 Pik Rite Lane Lewisburg, PA 17837

Dealer Inquiries Welcome!


Caterpillar Folded/ Modular Core Conversion

Samsung 210 Oil Cooler

October 2013 |

Tier 4 Custom Cooling Packages Radiator/Charge Air Cooler/Oil Cooler

John Deere Charge Air Coolers

Big Bud PTO Ag Core

10,000 Units In Stock



Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |


All Metal Replacements Kolbelco 250 Oil Cooler



THE “MINI CORN REEL” DESIGNED TO CLEAR FLUFF AND TRASH FROM YOUR CORNHEAD. Designed by farmers who’ve “had it” with trash accumulating on their cornheads.

Clears head of trashy corn leaves. Folds up when not needed.


Plumbed and ready to go.

Round Bale Feeder

Guaranteed to stop the fluff problem.


PATENT NO. 7,377,091



Britt Shelton 515.839.5524

Darrel Hay 515.832-5291



Keep your hay contained until your horses eat it.


3 Sizes - from $



Mimics grazing, aids digestive health, controls gluttony, eiminates waste. Works with both square & round bales.

If you save one cow, you will pay for the Power Magnet!

Available in all Bale Sizes.


most affordable & effective Bale Buddy — the safest, feeders on the market today!

866-389-9952 • Dealer Inquiries Welcome

Plainview, MN • 507-534-2285 •



American Eagle Windmill Made in the USA


√ 4 Leg Tower for More Stability √ DVD for Easy & Proper Installation √ Combats Algae & Aquatic Weeds √ Prevents Winter Kill of Fish √ Improves Water Quality √ Bellow Pump for More Air √ 5-Year Warranty

(440) 236-3278

We have developed and field tested our DOUBLE PUMPING COMPRESSOR consisting of 2-Firestone and/or Goodyear Air Shocks ( Bellows ).

FIVE SIZES: 13', 18', 23', 28' & 33'

This compressor will pump twice as much air as our Single — our DOUBLE PUMPING COMPRESSOR pumps air on both the forward and back stroke.


Ideal for customers with ponds up to 4-acres, and it cost about 25% more for 100% more air.

American Eagle Windmills

Joe Mescan Windmill 27162 Capel Road, Columbia Station, Ohio 44028

Double Pumping Compressors. Now Available!

30 Years In the Aeration Business


4WD Utility Vehicles For Your Operation • 40-50 MPG • Front & rear • Enclosed cab receiver hitches • Heater • Tracks • 1,000 lb. payload • Axle lock • 2 seats w/seatbelts • Differential lock • Dump trucks • Offering: Daihatsu, • Snowplows Mitsubishi, & Suzuki

Accessories Parts Service

MFG. IN PENNSYLVANIA SINCE 1971 • All Poly & Treated Wood Conveyors • Taper Board Feeders • Bottom & Top Delivery Conveyors • 11" - 18" - 24" 30" Widths • Single & Double Chain • Belt Conveyors, S.S. Body


E. Rissler Spiro-Mix TMR & Trailer Mixers • Spiro-Mix TMR Mixers • Trailer Mixers • Spiro Reel & auger provide TRUE end to end mixing! • Gentle tumbling action easy on feed • Stainless Steel in all critical areas • Optional hay knives process hay and straw • Hydro Cart, HONDA Powered Feed Carts • Stainless Steel Feed Box • Heavy-duty drive 2794 BRUMBAUGH ROAD, NEW ENTERPRISE, PA 16664


208.410.0280 office B50

E. Rissler Mfg. LLC

800-622-8836 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

814-766-2246 Dealer Inquiries Welcome!

October 2013

KROGMANN MFG. Q Engine driven hydraulics or electric models available Q Ask our customers about Krogmann dependability, durability and our 3-year warranty Q Options available: Across the bed toolboxes, side toolboxes, carry-alls, 3rd spool valve, cake feeders and posthole diggers

Emerson Manufacturing Corporation 1-800-633-5124

Call for a Dealer Near You! Sabetha, KS – Toll-Free: 877-745-3783 (Dealerships available in many areas. Call for information.)

The Common Sense


Heavy-Duty Winder!

CLIENTS’ COMMENTS: “I feel so much better all over.”


• Chest Pain • Elevated Blood Pressure • Breathless • Cold Feet • Low Energy • Cholesterol • Heart Failure • Impotence

★ Has a level wind to make your rolls look like a new roll of wire. ★ Mounts on loader bucket or 3-point hitch. Now Available ★ Spool is made so you in John Deere can reuse your wire. Green ★ Spool can be modified Also Offering Wind Breaks • Bale Feeders for high tensile. Feed Thru Panels • Pan Feed Bunks

“In one month my doctor cut my medication in half and after two months he stopped all medication.” “I used about half a bottle and the chest pain went away.”


Call Now for Your FREE Information Package

Kelly Melius, 16008 357th Ave., Faulkton, SD 57438


605-598-4157 or 605-216-0687 (Cell)

Call Toll Free: 1-877-271-1312

Check out our other product lines at:


CNC MACHINING Small Business • Woman Owned



Established 1981

Soil Treatment



IMPROVES SOIL PROBLEMS • Standing Water • Water Run-off • Crusting • Clodding • Poor Root Growth

UNIQUE CHEMICAL FORMULATION • Mixes Well • Applies Well • Low Rate/Economical • 1 Gal. to 55 Gal. Bulk

(800) 348-2608

Soil & Water Management Enhances Yield

• High quality, customized machine components for agricultural and industrial use



• Over 30 years of committment to excellence (563) 539-4200 • Fax: (563) 539-2295 20547 125th St., Monona, IA 52159 Contact Candace Drahn at:

96 or 102 wide

Other Sizes Available

Satisfied growers WORLDWIDE for 37 years

16-24’ LCG Grain Body 66 or 60” Sides


2013 32’, 34’ & 35’ End Dump 2013 34-42’ Hopper Grain Trailer Fully equipped, ready to go

TOLL FREE 888-615-6656 701-642-6656 Fax: 701-642-6658 P.O. Box 668 Wahpeton, ND 58075


Egbers Flighting Company, Inc.



Auger Flighting on hand! 90% of our stock is Super Edge! Carry flighting for combines, grain carts, grain bins, u-trough, spreaders, mixers, seed tenders, stirrater, post hole, sand augers, brush plastic and more.

All Stainless Steel Lifetime Warranty Order Now & Save BIG! Proudly Serving MN-ND-SD-WI

Ask about the Best Floor Heat Water Tubing Volume Discounts & FREE Estimates! w w w. m i k e s h e a t i n g . c o m

1-800-446-4043 October 2013 |


Rebuilt to industrial specs with top quality heavy industrial cylinders, hoses and fittings for years of trouble free service. We carry the full line of industrial and ag scrapers. All sizes from 1 to 30 yds. Also used scraper tires. Trades welcome.

Looking to buy Cable Scrapers ALSO CARRYING:

Full Bin Super Sensors, PTO, bushing stock, coupler sleeves, angle rings, swivel clamps, stroke control, stub shafts.

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

LEVER HOLDINGS INC. Box 194, Muenster, SK S0K 2Y0

Shop Phone (306) 682-3332 Email:



New on the market


Pneumatic Drive Grease Buster

ve that Want to mpoper the auger ho y way? eas


Cleans Grease Fittings & Bearings

mp a ou can cla er y s lt o b r aug With fou hat heavy t n o R E move it SWING nd easily a r e p p o swing h e control. by remot

Regular & Combination (Hose Extension $11.00)

$39 includes shipping.

Use a penetrating oil - no aerosol can lube.


te: t our websi and pics visi fo in re o m m r Fo

Shop size holds 2 times the amount of fluid.

$48 includes shipping.

Cost Saving Tool. Wholesale or Retail Sales. MADE IN U.S.A.


Mfg. LLC Swingh eAvre., Currie, MN 56123

1809 230t


Over 17 Years of Satisfied Customers!



T-J Tools Ltd. ©

P.O. Box 120 • Waynesville, OH 45068

Phone/Fax: 513-897-5142

ALARM SYSTEMS Save Time, Money and Valuable Commodities


Operates 3-Phase Equipment from a Single Phase Line

P.O. Box 69, Villard, MN 56385 320-554-2051 • Fax: 320-554-2459


No More Guesswork, Eliminate Plugged Conveying System...

• Dependable • High Quality • Low Maintenance


Know when your bins are full or empty. Loud Horn (Optional)

Junction Box Switches

Control Panel

How Binful Alarm Operates

Binned material presses against the diaphragm switch which immediately sends a signal to the junction box. The signal is then immediately relayed to the control panel which sets off the audio and individual bin light.


• • • • • •

Use For: Grain Dryer Systems Grain Handling Systems Irrigation Systems High Power Fans Machine Tools Welders, Compressors


WANTED KARAM Mfg., Inc. 707 Industrial Dr., Omro, WI 54963

Works in fertilizer, free-flowing materials and grain bins.

CALL TODAY! 800-293-8969


Is it costing you an arm and a leg to keep ice out of your water every winter?


New Cross Groove Pattern Increases Traction 10 Year Guarantee



Model C36-26 Sizes Available up to 120”

2006 LOAD-MAX Flatbed

Personal Protective Equipment Comfort & Protection Chemical Protective Suit

Washington - Idaho - Oregon - Shop Online 1-800-765-9055

• Chemical Gloves • Full-Face Respirator • Half-Face Respirator • Chemical Splash Goggles • Chemical Resistant Boots • Disposable and Reusable suits available.

Gloves with protection requirements

Add a CoolingVest on hot days as a heat stress precaution

Safety First: Follow chemical manufacturer’s guidelines for decontaminating the spray suit. Do not use suit if there are cuts, holes, tears, missing snaps, or separated seams.


P.O. Box 101 • Hoskins, NE 68740


Automatic Livestock Hoskins Cattle Waterers

for Call and o f in ences r refe

(402) 565-4420 800-658-4020 Select Dealerships & Distributorships Available.


Kinze 3800 24-30 Kinze 3700 Bulk 36-20 Kinze 3700 24-20 Kinze 3700 24-30 Kinze 3600 Bulk 16-30-31 Kinze 3600 16-30 Kinze 3600 16-30-31 Kinze 3600 12-30-23 Kinze 3200 12-30 Kinze 3000 6-30-11 Kinze 2600 16-30-31 Kinze 2210 12-30 Kinze 2200 12-30 JD 1770 Bulk 24-30 CIH 1250 Bulk 16-30

NH 8050 MFD, 1600 hrs. CIH 7120 2WH, 7800 hrs.

Used Equipment CIH 340 34' JD 2623 29' Kinze 1050 Tracks Kinze 1050 Floaters Kinze 1050 Row Crop Kinze 1040 Row Crop Kinze 850 Grain Cart Kinze 840 Grain Cart Kinze 64 Grain Cart Kilbros 1950 Grain Cart Unverferth 9250 Grain Cart Brent 880 Grain Cart

SORENSEN’S Harlan, Iowa


Doing Business For Over 30 Years Rt. 16, Chaffee, NY 14030 C all C ollect : •



Gabel Belting

716-496-6025 • Fax 716-496-2006

“No Advertising Solicitation!!!”

& Hog Waterers



• We have heavy 3/4” thick rubber 5’ & 6’ wide, up to 500’ lengths for feed aisle. • Grooved Rubber. • Parlor ramps, etc. • Good for heavily traveled areas.


Products & Solutions for Agricultural Safety

Then Maybe It’s TIME To Look Into An Automatic Waterer From:


8’6”x31’+9’ Hydraulic Tail/Low-Pro, 12,000# Axles/Electric-Hydraulic Brakes, Twin Speed Jacks/Torque Tube, Exc. Cond. Price: $13,500


Rubber Tire ers Alley Scrap Available


New! Electric Pickup Winch & Hitch For Hooking Up NH3 Tanks, Augers, Boats, Almost Any Trailer!

Hydraulic Implement Winch & Hitch Complete

Bolt-On Unit

(Includes Control Valve)

The "Series 3" winch can be ordered with "bolt on ease" to fit the following Bourgault •Flexi-Coil Concord • Morris John Deere • Ray-Mac

Scott's Manufacturing

Landa, ND 58783 • 800-806-9686

800-622-8836 | Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

October 2013

In the Barn with By Kelly and Leah Daniels Kelly and Leah live on an acreage in north central Iowa and work with farmers and clients across the country.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with farmers – mostly livestock producers – for many



Finding long-term solutions to reduce annual chores We all like to cling onto summer for as long as we can. But with the days getting shorter and the nights becoming colder, it won’t be long before we have frost on our proverbial pumpkins. In our area, we’re talking about combines rolling in just a few short weeks! If you have a question you’d like Hedgewood to take a swing at, please drop a line to the editor of this fine publication and we’ll do our best to answer it for you.

years and we recently began to notice something interesting: Farmers like to ask a lot of questions.


Our time is getting more and more crunched. How can we make sure our property looks good without dedicating as much time?

They want to know about which things are best for their operation, what’s new out there, how different brands compare, how


When the choice is between attending a sporting event

costs, and so on. And they

old fence that will have to wait…again. The solution, replace


those old fences with quality vinyl fencing.

knowledgeable and down-toearth to talk over options with. That’s why we formed Hedgewood as an independent company, so we can help customers learn about all their equipment choices and choose the gates, feeders and other products that will make their job easier and maybe even save money through efficiencies. At Hedgewood, our recommendations are based on having actually used many different types of equipment in produc-



Hedgewood. The work that U.S. farmers do helps people around the world live healthier and safer lives than ever before. We feel

But if I don’t have time to paint the fence, where am I going to find the time to replace it?

worked with farmers as an equipment representative for one of the oldest names in the industry. Leah Daniels is the owner of NewsWorks, a strategic communications firm that provides marketing and public relations services to companies and associations, primarily in the pork industry. She recently worked with the National Pork Board to create an on-farm crisis communications tool for that enables farmers to effectively manage through incidents that can impact lives and reputations.

One day, you may have to tell your grandchildren stories about places like this.

We work with folks who will come out and measure

fence that you never have to think about painting again. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


I have a couple of barns that are old and don’t look that great, but I don’t want to invest in remodeling the exterior. Is there a way I can use fencing to improve the barn sites without a huge investment?


It’s often said that a pretty barn doesn’t smell as bad. Perception is everything when it comes to good

community relations. If folks drive by and see what they believe to be dilapidated buildings, they’ll assume that your care for the animals may be equally lacking, without understanding that the outside of the building is not where the animal care takes place. But, with a few well-placed trees and good quality

agriculture every day and to be

privacy fencing to block the view of less-appealing areas, like

able to use our skills in keeping

mortality holding areas, you’re saying to the community that

agriculture strong.

you care about your property and your animals.

October 2013

Kelly Daniels is a long-time pork production manager and, more recently,

That’s the beauty of it…you don’t have to do it yourself.

blessed to be able to work in

– Kelly and Leah


the fencing, often within a day. Suddenly, you have a beautiful

how much profit we can make right for the farmer, it’s right for

Thanks for spending a little time with us today. We’ll see you

your project and, once you say, “go”, will come in and install

tion situations, rather than on from one brand or another. If it’s

9194 or shoot us an email at next time at “In the Barn with Hedgewood”.

with a child or grandchild and painting that old fence, it’s the


we’ve mentioned, please give Kelly a call or text at 515-851-

We’re finding that’s the case with most people today.

they can save money on input having

If you’d like more information on the equipment or products

Experts predict that within 100 years, natural lands and water resources will become scarce. Climate change will irreversibly alter the planet. And the habitats that support all life could be lost forever. Support our mission to protect the future of our natural world. To make a difference that lasts, join The Nature Conservancy. Log onto today or call (800) 842-8905.

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Piney Grove Preserve located in Virginia. |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |



Purchase one or more of these PowerLubers and get your choice of Gift Card! 1862 18v Li-ion PowerLuber kit with 1 battery 1864 18v Li-ion PowerLuber kit with 2 batteries

Quality Buildings Designed to Offer Exceptional Strength and Efficiency.

1844 18v PowerLuber kit with 2 Ni-Cd batteries Gift Card Value



Gift Card Value



18v Li-Ion key features: LCD* flow meter displays - Grease output - Grease cartridge level - Battery charge level High-capacity (3000 mA) Li Ion battery - Twice the performance and run time - 3 times the lifespan of traditional NiCad and NiMH and 20% lighter - No-fade energy output - Low discharge rate eliminates need to recharge when idle for long periods Built-in LED provides light when under equipment or in shaded areas 2-speed design 9.0 oz./ min., 7,500 psi (L) * Patent pending

1444 14.4v PowerLuber kit with 2 Ni-Cd batteries Gift Card Value



1244 12v Li-ion PowerLuber kit with 2 Ni-Cd batteries Gift Card Value



12v Ni-Cd key features: The "original" battery operated grease gun - Grease output - Grease cartridge level - Battery charge level

18v and 14.4v Ni-Cd key features: 2-speed design delivers up to 9.0 oz. per minute 7,500 psi working pressure to unclog stuck fittings Best grease output in cold temperature operation (down to 10°F) Patented grease stroke indicator for grease measurement Built in overload protection High capacity, long run time batteries 18v - Up to 10 cartridges per charge 14.4v - Up to 7 cartridges per charge Fast one hour “smart” charger

Your Auth orized Independent Ch ief Dealer:


108 2nd Street NE, Sidney, MT 59270 406-482-4401

Offer Valid between October 1 and December 31, 2013


Buzzard Gulch, Inc.

3234 W. Schimmer, Grand Island, NE 68803 308-395-8800 | Email: • Email:

800-821-2932 • 660-439-2785


Circle D Corporation • Flatbed Trailers • Low Profile Equipment Trailers • Flatbeds For Pickups & 1 Ton Trucks

Frame Mounted Plow & 3 Pt. Plow Now Available

• Livestock Trailers • Horse & Stock Combo Trailers • Multipurpose Trailers

√ Wheels run on float tip boot to control depth √ Color change on boot 4' mark

√ 6’ plow will cut 6’3” up to 12” tile 9,800 lbs.

√ 7’5” plow will cut 7’8” up to 12” tile 12,400 lbs. √ Front of plow 27 degrees

√ Bottom of boot 10’ 4” long, this makes the plow run smooth & hold grade, no matter what the soil condition. √ Approximately 15’ long

email: website:

“American Made Since 1987” Hillsboro, KS 67063

800-526-0939 •

Replacement Auger Flighting for low cost repair of all types of implement & machinery

WE ARE EQUIPPED TO INSTALL ALL TYPES OF FLIGHTING! HEAVY REPAIR FLIGHTING FOR: Combine Harvestors • Grain Augers • Etc. Hand Indentification: Cut to any length.




When ordering flighting, specify tube size, right or left hand, tube or shaft size that flighting welds to, and what it is to be used on (i.e. combine, grain auger, etc.)

Turner Mfg. & Welding • 573-682-3813 1030 Hwy. 15 (North of Mexico, MO) Thompson, Missouri 65285


800-622-8836 |

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October 2013

This ‘epic’ rainfall has occurred many times before and will occur again; that is why precautionary measures are taken to build bridges and roads higher, dikes and berms built around streams that flow gently most of the time. After a washout or flooding in town, questions are always raised as to what can be done to prevent this from happening again.

Essays From My

Farmhouse Kitchen By Renae B. Vander Schaaf

The Case For No-Till Farming The spring started out dry with many worries about subsoil moisture levels that didn’t exist. First came the snows in May which we didn’t know whether to complain about or be thankful for the moisture. Then the rains started, allowing for just one or two days a week for planting. The weather the last Saturday night in May caused the most damage. The clouds moved in the day, by night the incessant lightening made a good sleep difficult. When the rain finally arrived it hit hard and fast. By morning 3.5 inches had fallen. On the way to church one could see the rain had done some damage. Water had run over the roads, and fields were under water, cornstalks piled where they shouldn’t be and dirt, that precious topsoil deposited in the ditch. After evening church farmers congregated in the fellowship hall; once the sermon was properly discussed and placed in memory, conversation quickly turned to rain. Any listening ears would have gained a good history lesson on rain events from past decades, as the grayest heads spoke of the 50’s, the not so gray the 70’s and one even spoke of the heavy rains recorded in the history books of this county before any of us were born.


The Universal Filter Preheater Fits Diesel and Bio-Diesel Fuel Filter Housing (8” to 12” circumference, 2.5” to 4” diameter) for lube oil and hydraulic filters too. It wraps around the filter housing and reduces or eliminates the possibility of cold weather fuel gelling stopping the engine. It is easily removable and transferable and is wired for your choice of: direct current or alternating current or a convertible model combining dc and ac. A standard 12v Universal Filter Preheater sells for $138. NEW — Now Available For Bulk Fuel Storage Tanks and Dispensing Pump Fuel Filters!

For farmers that equated to questions for those who use minimum or no-till practices, and it was plain to all those Sunday afternoon drivers that those fields showed no washing. That night another 5.5 inches of rain came down, just as fast. All creeks, tributaries and rivers were out of their banks and by morning, more road damage and sadly, more erosion. Hills now have trails bringing the topsoil down to become a delta in a low spot, filling a ditch, transforming gravel roads into dirt roads. Ruts and gullies have turned nice fields into a farmer’s nightmare. Last week those were the pretty fields where nice, fine black dirt looked much more tidier than the no-tilled farms. Tiny little corn plants showed up splendidly. Today it is a different story and the damage is long-lasting. Now as corn begins to tassel the soil damage is still evident; tracks of sprayers dug deep through the loose top soil. Open spaces where corn plants should be growing are bare, or have a plant or two looking out of place and lonely. Fields are rough looking, and crops have an uneven look. Land is a valuable commodity and we certainly don’t want it flowing down the river. That top soil cannot be put back. The land is ruined, less productive. It didn’t have to be. The farmers who use no-till practices saw very little soil movement, and if they did it often occurred because a neighboring farm had a major washout or flooding that overflowed to their farm land.

We farm this land the time we are here on this earth; we really must protect it for future generations. It isn’t so much about the bragging rights that come with how many acres you planted, but rather it what you did with the land when it was in your hands. There are plenty of reasons to incorporate no till practices into farming operations. For soil conservation, it beats terraces. It works, it saves money and energy; it conserves water and keeps soil where it belongs—in the fields . The pictures tell a better story than I could ever write. They support the question, “Why NOT no till!”


“Peel & Stick” Engine Preheater The ‘peel & stick’ Universal Preheater attaches to the bottom or the side of the oil pan and converts the housing into a heat transfer element. It warms the oil without burning it making cold starts easy. It can be used on gearboxes, transmissions, transfer cases, water tanks and even bulk oil tanks. The Preheater plugs into any 120 or 240 volt outlet and consists of a thin silicone fiberglass pad containing a metal grid. To install it, you clean an area on the bottom or side of the oil pan and press the pad onto it, then use silicone to seal the edges of the pad and place a flexible ceramic insulation pad over it. It is available in several models depending on the lube capacity. A 50 watt unit sells for $42 and a 350 watt unit sells for $133.

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P.O. Box 83, North Aurora, IL 60542-0083

Ph: 800-530-5064 • Local: 630-966-8992 • Fax: 630-801-9569 • (Veteran Owned Small Business) October 2013

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Ken E. Knight

Why the Humble Hamburger is King of All Meats The hamburger is the most popular staple in America; it is found in more homes and featured on more menus than any other entree. Thus, it has been coined the king of all meats.

You simply have to decide if low fat is your goal or is it eating good, as fat percentages can also be misleading. Ground beef labeled 90-percent lean sounds low in fat, but actually packs more than 11 grams of fat per sewing, and 95-percent lean has 6 grams per serving.

Does this cause you to pause and give thought to a new appreciation for that which is most affordable and available to all? The cost is nearly free, but the value is nearly priceless.

Appearance doesn’t help either. An absence of white flecks (marbling) doesn’t mean ground meat is low in fat, especially in red meat, where most of the fat is hidden in the muscle tissue. Again, your criteria for purchasing good tasting hamburger should be inexpensive, as more cost in this case doesn’t mean better.

This is good news for everyone, but especially for livestock producers. To be such a major contributor can’t be taken for granted, nor can the hamburger be taken for granted. The Hamburger is the staple that binds both America and the meat and livestock industry together. The hamburger is that one meat product that cuts across the entire beef industry, and from which every weight and grade becomes a contributor. From the finest dining pleasure of prime beef to that of the lowly cow standing upright at the manger — it all makes hamburger. Each contributes to the mix and blend of all its parts to make whole the humble hamburger. The burger was discovered and declared official in 1885 in Seymour, Wisconsin. A guy by the name of Charles Nagreen is credited for the achievement, and will be forever remembered as Hamburger Charlie. State lawmakers have proudly laid claim to declaring Wisconsin as the home of the hamburger. The State assembly recently served up a proclamation that Seymour beat out other competitors such as Athens, Texas, and New Haven, Connecticut, for the coveted title of being the hamburger capital of the country. Nagreen began selling his world-famous hamburger at age 15 at the first Seymour fair in 1885, and later at the Brown County and Outagamie County fairs. At that time he was doing meatballs on a stick and decided to flatten them out and put them between two pieces of bread, so people could walk around the fair eating the hamburger. How times have changed! Some hundred plus years later we walk around the fair eating everything on a stick. Though the burger may not be the health food of choice, it has been declared the all American food of preference, not only on special occasions, but every day. The burger has probably done more for the livestock industry than any other meat product. The health issue is debatable; we can talk about that some other time. The hamburger is always of greatest demand during the grilling season, but remember, lean is

And you can have it both ways, as in more flavor and less expense by simply cooking off the excess fat. The browning process will cook off any excess. This also enhances appearance and according to a recent study in the Journal of the American Dietetic not always better. Let’s face it: when it comes to ground meat, fat adds flavor. Fat adds flavor to any cut of meat, thus the need for marbling found in the higher quality cuts of meat. But adding fat is particularly important in hamburger, as most hamburgers come from low quality cull cows. This meat contains little or no marbling and would be extremely dry and tasteless if it weren’t for the comingling and mixing of fat trim from higher quality cuts. This stirs up a very controversial subject with me, as the lean-fanatics in this country continue to push a lean and healthier alternative. My response is, “So is eating shoe leather, but what about taste and satiety value”? The harder we push lean, the faster we turn people away from the meat counter. l respect the claims of fat, but not at the expense of destroying the demand for high quality meat. (Everything in moderation!) When selecting hamburger, don‘t always go for the leanest or most expensive. It will destroy the experience of good outdoor cooking. Select the cheapest, fattiest burger you can find and control the fat content with the sizzle. Turn up the heat, flip quickly and sear in those rich, savory juices. Any excess fat will have been cooked out of the burger, while at the same time retaining an unbelievable, scrumptious flavor. To better understand ground beef labels, remember that the U.S. Department of Agriculture says that lean burger must contain 10 grams of fat (4-1/2 grams saturated) or less per 4-ounce serving. For extra-lean, the standard is 5 grams of fat (2 grams saturated) or less per serving. But don’t be misled by those labels. Neither meets the definition of a lowfat food, which is 3 grams of fat or less per sewing

Association, this will reduce the fat content by as much as half. So, don’t take my word for it; the diet folks are actually on my side. Grilling is the social barometer of neighborhood fence climbing and a patio get-together. It‘s hard to stay away from the aroma of a barbecue or the relaxed atmosphere of friends and family gatherings. But nothing can ruin a good time more than poor meat selection or inappropriate cooking procedures. Temperature and timing are the keys to a memorable cookout. Where there is smoke, there is fire! Tend to business and watch what you‘re doing very closely, as just one flare-up can make the difference between success and failure. A good cook will flip once and avoid burning. The hamburger has become an American icon, so take pride in both preparation and cooking.


The Best Burger Joint: King’s Place in Miesville, MN A hamburger fit for a king is the best way to describe this hamburger joint, just a few miles outside the twin cities. While on a recent road trip, my wife and l came upon the town of Miesville, Minnesota, (population 132). It was lunchtime, and we just couldn’t resist the appeal of a restaurant that featured only hamburgers — 54 different kinds to be exact. Among the many choices was one named The Knight Burger. This simplified the decision making process, as the name alone set it apart from some of the more mundane sounding descriptive terms. All were palatable sounding names, so if it hadn’t been for the power of the name who knows what I might have ordered. However, one could not go wrong when ordering a hamburger at this place. Joint doesn’t justifiably describe this restaurant, as the country ambiance and big, juicy, succulent burgers were reminiscent of a rich western culture of yesteryear.

The only thing that would have described the burger better would have been a more powerful name. Though my name sake was good, an even more descriptive name would have been The Knightro Powered Burger. As a testament to the Knightro Report – a national syndicated livestock marketing column that is dedicated to the meat industry – it would be an honor to have this special burger featured on the menu. The illustratively, appealing menu was the brain-child of Jerry Greentree, who has since turned the management of his business over to his daughter. After more than a quarter of a century, going through a ton of ground beef per month, it looks like it will stay in the family for generations to come. If you’re in the area be sure to stop and treat yourself to one of life’s finest dining pleasures. And when you place your order for one of their luscious burgers, please ask for the The Knightro Powered Burger.

YOUR VOICE IN THE MARKETING PLACE OF YOUR CHOICE Ken E. Knight is the author of the “Knightro Report”, a nationally syndicated livestock-marketing column, which is featured in this publication on a regular basis. Mr. Knight is a graduate of North Dakota State University, with a major BS Degree in Meat and Animal Science and a minor in Communications. In addition to being a professional auctioneer, public speaker and livestock judge, he brings many years of corporate level meat and livestock market management and expertise to the industry for which he now serves as an independent voice of shared knowledge and experience.


800-622-8836 |

For more in-depth information regarding the topics that have been touched upon in this report, Knightro conducts livestock marketing seminars on a regular basis. To schedule a seminar, auction, judging, or speaking engagement, please contact Ken Knight, Knightro, 136 Hillridge Ct., Prescott, WI  54021, phone 715-262-8480, fax 715-262-8480, e-mail; or contact the Farm & Livestock Directory, P.O. Box 998, Fort Dodge, IA 50501; email

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October 2013



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t salvage directory


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t used equipment directory PRAIRIE AG SUPPLY



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( Call for Current Used Equipment



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USED LISTINGS: (2) 15 HP 3 PH Dryer Fans, good condition.......................... (2) 2004 GSI 42 & #8243, 15hp, 3 phase 230v, top dry fan and heater units, good condition................................... MC 1075 Grain Dryer, 3PH, 230V, LP, 3 fan drying unit with 55 total fan HP...............................................................


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USED LISTINGS: 2010 Case IH AF9120 Combine, 718 eng. hrs./ 587 sep. hrs., w/tracks......................................... $315,000 1996 CIH 2188 Combine, 3397 eng. hrs./ 2059 sep. hrs..........................................................$64,900 JD 2700 9 shank ripper........................$23,000 to $39,950 2003 CIH 730B Ripper, spring cushion shank...... $21,500 CIH 9300 Ripper, hyd. fold, trip shanks, disc leveler...............................................................$40,000 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

K&S MILLWRIGHTS, INC. 217 East Hall Ave., Buffalo Lake, MN 55314 320-833-2228 |

USED LISTINGS: 28” 15HP 1P GSI 3450 RPM fan 26” 15HP 1P GSI 3450 RPM fan Model 372 1P Kwik Kleen grain cleaner, 3 tube, 1500BPH Model 572 3P Kwik Kleen grain cleaner, 5 tube, 2500BPH 6” 45’ Auger w/5HP motor –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

WILLMAR FARM CENTER 3867 Hwy. 12 E., Willmar, MN 56201 320-235-8123

USED LISTINGS: 2007 MF 9690 Combine, duals, LT, YM, 970 sep. hours....................................................... $169,000 1997 Gleaner R62 Combine, duals, 2052 sep. hours......................................................$64,000 1992 Gleaner R62 Combine, 2643 sep. hours......$36,500 1991 MF 8570 Combine, RWA................................ $24,500 1986 MF 8560 Combine..........................................$19,000 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


USED LISTINGS: 2012 Trailerman Equipment Deckover trailer, 8 1/2’x(16+4)’....................................................................... 2002 H&H Hydro Tilt 8’x18’ trailer........................................ 2008 Carry On Utility trailer, 5’x10’...................................... 2002 Aluma Utility trailer, 77”x10’....................................... 2003 Homemade Utility trailer, 84”x12’...............................

( Call for Current Used Equipment ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– INGLESIDE ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION

4920 Hwy. 55, Loretto, MN 55357 763-479-1869 |

( Call or Visit Website for Current Used Equipment ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SCHLAUDERAFF IMPLEMENT CO.

2040 Mahogany St., Mora, MN 55051 320-679-2981 | Cell Phone: 612-390-6038 USED LISTINGS: Knight Slinger Spreaders - 8030, 8132, 8141...............Call Knight Box Spreaders, 1140................Starting at $15,900 Knight Vertical Mixers - 5042, 5144, 5135...................Call H&S 370 Box Spreader w/gate................................ $5,995 Several Used Wheel Rakes.................... Starting at $1,995

1703 15th Road, Central City, NE 68826 308-946-3886 |

USED LISTINGS: 2004 Challenger 670, 1050 sep. hours, 1495 eng. hours.................................................... $120,000 1998 Gleaner R62, 2519 sep. hours, 3420 eng. hours......................................................$68,000 1989 Gleaner R60, low hours, through shop......... $29,600 1996 Agco Allis 9635 w/9845L loader..................$58,000 2005 Peck 10”x71’ Direct Drive Grain Auger, low pro hopper, very good condition........................ $6,600


60240 US Highway 12 West, Litchfield, MN 55355 320-693-7277 |

6719 Hwy. 200, Carrington, ND 58421 701-652-2012 | 701-652-2821 | 800-343-1766

( Call or Visit Website for Current Used Equipment

USED LISTINGS: 2004 CIH 8010 w/duals, Pro 600, 2100 hours 2010 CIH 7088 w/duals, Pro 600, 530 hours, loaded 2012 CIH 9230 w/duals, RWD, 320 hours, auto guidance 2012 CIH 8120 w/duals, Pro 600, 400 hours 2010 CIH 9120 w/duals, auto guidance, 585 hours



1820 E. Bridge Street, Redwood Falls, MN 56283 507-637-2978

18880 N. US Hwy. 45, Effingham, IL 62401 217-844-2040

3516 Irvine Ave. NW, Bemidji, MN 56601 218-751-4660 |



11001 Highway 71, Savannah, MO 64485 816-324-5618 | 877-260-2561


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302 2nd Street, Seneca, SD 57473 605-436-6236 |

NEBRASKA FAIRBANKS INT’L., INC. HOLDREDGE West Hwy. 6 & 34, Holdredge, NE 68942 308-995-4448 |

USED LISTINGS: 2010 AP7120 Combine, 1208 eng. hours, chopper, bin ext., rock trap 2011 8120 Combine, duals, 885 eng. hours, 668 sep., chopper, bin ext., rock trap JD 1990 30 ft. Drill, 70 bu. mounted tank, single disc, very clean J&M 525 Grain Cart, corner auger, 14”, adj. axles, 20.8x42 2007 Case IH 7010 Combine, chopper, duals, 1090 eng. hours, 808 sep. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

WEST POINT IMPLEMENT 2526 E. 23rd St., Columbus, NE 68601 402-564-3289

( Call for Current Used Equipment ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– REINKE’S FARM & CITY SERVICE

1270 E. Hwy. 275, Neligh, NE 68756 402-887-4607 | 800-653-2332 USED LISTINGS: 2005-2006 MacDon 974 36’ Bean Draper, JD & IH mount 2011 MacDon FD70, 40’ Bean Draper, JD mount, used one season 2013 Massey Ferguson 1474, 24’ Windrower, new (Limited special price) 2009 A76 Gleaner, duals, fold grain bin, auto steer, fully loaded, rate as a 10, 510 sep. hours 1990 JD 9500, 9600 updates, 2409 sep. hours, 20’ Excell bean head

USED LISTINGS: 2010 Massey 8660 932 hrs, CVT, susp cab, air, heat, dual PTO, 3pt w/quick hitch, duals front & rear, 5 remotes......................................... $169,800 2003 White 8516 16R30” planter, 3bu boxes, liquid tank - piston pump - PLB to row, row cleaners, no-till attachments, HD spgs.................$48,900 2011 White 8222 12R30” planter, 2bu boxes, liquid tanks - piston pump - PLB to row, row cleaners, SM 400 monitor, low acres..................... $49,300 2009 Hesston 5556A baler, 540 PTO, GTA I ISOBUS controller, mesh and twine wrap, kicker, 6200 bales, reconditioned...................................... $23,650 2008 Hesston 5556A baler, 540 PTO, GTA I ISOBUS controller, mesh and twine wrap, kicker, 6400 bales..............................................................$22,800

WISCONSIN BALLWEG IMPLEMENT CO., INC. Highway 68 West, Waupun, WI 53963 920-324-3537 |

USED LISTINGS: 2011 JD 9670, 685/580 hours, YM, bin ext. & more.......................................................$247,900 2011 MF 9795, 335/225 hours, CM, bin ext., HD FH.......................................................$225,000 2006 JD 9760, 2210/1525 hours, duals, YM, CM, bin ext. & more....................................... $148,900 1995 Case 2166, 3500/2500 hours, grain tank ext., straw spreader..............................$60,000 2007 JD 9660, 1945/1255, CM, YM, FH, one owner...............................................................$177,500 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

PEACHEY BROS. ELEVATOR W6130 Main Street, Burnett, WI 53922 920-689-2211 | Email:

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tclassified advertising BUSINESS SERVICES


WE BUY LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES for a cash settlement. Contact RELIANT GROUP, INC. at



and qualities of square bales delivered to you by semi-load. Call 877-285-8200 or 800-835-2096. 10/13 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

BALER BELTS – all balers. Genuine JD. Made in

FEED/SUPPLIES ALFALFA PELLETS - Sun cured 1/4” and alfalfa

meal. 17% protein. Call 620-793-7701.


the USA. Free shipping on sets. Call 800-2231312 or visit 10/13




Financing - No tax returns for deals up to $150,000 for established business. “A” thru “Challenged Credit”. New or Used. Call Barbara at J&L CAPITAL RESOURCES 800-818-2883 or 559-8976960, or visit our website 10/13

THE BEST RADIANT FLOOR HEAT WATER TUBING. A must for new construction. Call for a

FREE ESTIMATE on a complete system Contractor pricing and volume discounts. Compare & save! GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES. Call 1-800446-4043. 2/14


FISH FISH-FISH-FISH: Pond stocking fish, white

Amurs-moss eating fish, channel catfish, large mouth bass, hybrid bluegill, fat-head minnows, bluegill, hybrid bass, perch, walleye, croppies, and more. Deliveries by UPS or truck. Red ears and spawning mats to improve your pond and lake. Call Randy Beemer at BEEMER FISHERIES in Bedford, IA at 800-537-5671, 712-532-3451 or 10/13

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est dealer in U.S. Original Belting for all round balers including new John Deere - in stock! Save hundreds $$! Free shipping anywhere! No 800#, just best prices. Since 1973. MC/Visa/Discover/ Am. Express or C.O.D. Contact HAMMOND EQUIPMENT in Faundale, AL 36738, phone 334627-3348, or visit our website at www.balerbelts. com. 12/13

USED IRRIGATION EQUIPMENT: 6”, 8” & 10” alum. and PVC pipe; main line and used fittings; 6,000’ 8”x20” PVC pipe. Call SENKBILE FARM at 30811/13 946-3396.


marketing, management and applying “green” products made in America. Full time/Part time. For a free catalog, call now at 320-238-2370. Visit 10/13 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


Save feed $$$. Less work, less stress. Use on panels in fields, working facilities, round pens, hay barns, kennels, patio, or garden. Call SUTHERLAND INDUSTRIES at 800-753-8277, or visit 3/14

Herman, MN 56248 • 320-677-2255 • Fax 320-677-2257


New Holland TC29D MFD Tractor w/mower, SN# G037898, nice...$18,500 John Deere 8650, good tires, Nice tractor......................................$35,000 1990 John Deere 4455 FWA, SN# P008896, recent engine overhaul....................................................................$55,000 1997 John Deere 9300 4WD, SN# S001902, 4000 hrs, excellent..........................................................................$99,500 Case IH 4210 MFD Tractor w/loader, SN# JJE0926231, 2400 hrs............................................................. $21,000 1991 Case IH 9270 4WD 12 speed, SN# JCB0027854.................$48,000 Case IH STX 480 4WD w/excellent tires......................................$215,000 2008 Case IH STX 485 Quad, SN# Z7F108359, 1650 hrs, Nice...$235,000 2011 Case IH STX 535 Quad w/ 3 pt hitch, SN# ZAF122076, 1700 hrs............................................................$275,000 Case 75XT Skid Steer, SN# JAF00255481..................................... $15,900 2007 Case 440CT Track Skid Steer, cab, heat, A/C, 2750 hrs....... $39,900 2008 Case 465 Skid Steer Loader, cab, heat, A/C, radio, 1200 hrs..$40,950


Wilrich 34' Field Cultivator w/mulcher............................................. $2,900 John Deere 985-54' Field Cultivator..............................................$22,500 2005 John Deere 2210-54' Field Cultivator w/ mulcher, SN# N02210X000455.....................................................................$49,500 John Deere 3710-10B Plow, SN# X00404, excellent unit.............$39,000 DMI 730B - 18' Ecolotiger w/leads................................................ $18,000 Case IH 730C 18' cushion gang w/leads, SN# JFH0037979........$37,500 Case IH 870 - 22' (11 shank) w/o Drag, SN# JFH0043544.........$52,000 Case IH 870 - 22' (11 shank) w/o Drag, SN# JFH0043153..........$52,000 Case IH 870 Ecolotiger - 22' (11 Shank) w/o Drag, SN# JFH0043545............................................................................$58,000 Case IH 870 Ecolotiger - 22' w/spike harrow, SN# JFH0043196, Excellent...........................................................$68,000 Case IH 870 Ecolotiger - 26' (13 Shank) w/o Drag, SN# JFH0043154.............................................................................$62,000 Case IH MRX 690 Ripper (7 shank) SN# JFH003082...................$20,500 2008 Case IH 1250 16R30" Planter, SN# 9YS007400, excellent............................................................................................$89,900


1991 Case IH 1660 Combine, SN# JJC0102684...........................$29,000 ...............................................................................Price Reduced $26,000 Case IH 1680 Combine, SN# 28549, Good Unit............................$26,900 ...............................................................................Price Reduced $22,000 Case IH 1680, SN# JJC0047997, 3900 hrs.................................... $31,000 ...............................................................................Price Reduced $29,000 Case IH 1680 Combine w/ Recent Engine Major, SN# JJC0047059..............................................................................$33,500 ...............................................................................Price Reduced $31,000 Case IH 2188 Combine, SN# JJC0189868, 3761/2563 hrs.........$69,000 ...............................................................................Price Reduced $59,000 Case IH 8120 Combine, SN#YAG210122, 792E/576R hrs.........$299,000 Case IH 1015-13' Pickup header...................................................... $3,500 1020-25' Flex Head, SN# 3114......................................................... $4,500 Case IH 1020-25' Flex Head, SN# JJC0316690, 3' Cutting............ $9,000 Case IH 1020-30' Flex Head, SN# JJC0329851.............................$14,000 Case IH 1020-30' Flex Head w/Crary Air System, SN# JJC0350259.............................................................................$26,000 1995 Case IH 1063 6R30" Corn Head, SN# JJC0151157..............$11,000 Case IH 1083 8R30 Corn Head, SN# JJC0243541........................ $15,900 Case IH Clark-Built 8R30 Corn Head XO, Plastic Dividers, Nice... $18,500 2006 Case IH 2608 8R30 Chopping Corn Head, SN# 716N27001............................................................................... $51,000 2008 Drago 12R30 Chopping Corn Head, SN# 27118, Nice........$85,000 J&M 435 Grain Cart w/tarp, SN# 5107............................................$8,900 J&M 875 Grain Cart w/tarp and scale, SN# 4132.........................$27,500


Complete 3-pt. Hitch Assembly (off STX535)............................... $10,000 Taylor-Way 15' Batwing Mower, Good.............................................. $9,500 Cub Cadet 3235 25HP w/60" Deck, 200 hrs................................... $4,200 Snowblower for MTD or similar lawn tractor........................................$100 Refurbished Bixby Corn Stove (only used in our location)..............$1,500

We Rent Skidsteers, Shredders & Rippers Email: •


WANT TO BUY WANTED: Caterpiller cable scrapers, LEVER HOLDINGS INC. 306-682-3332. 10/13

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Welcome, Will Trade, Call for cash offers. 785776-6176. 10/13

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101 N. 2nd Ave., Pattonsburg, MO 64670 660-367-4407 | 888-669-5765

6908 S. US Hwy. 27, Berne, IN 46711 260-589-3000



Since 1899

Strat-O-Span Bldgs. 40 x 60 x 13 . . . . . . . $10,270 22 Locations Nationwide


68.61 per square GALVALUME $ 64.27



800-622-8836 |

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50 x 90 x 16 . . . . . . . $16,771 61 x 120 x 16 . . . . . . $24,174


A single ember from a wildfire can travel over a mile to your home or community. Learn how to reduce wildfire damage by spotting potential hazards at


Installation Available

October 2013

Compressed Air Quality for Air Plasma Cutting Systems:

How much air, do I need filtering, do I need moisture removal? Ensuring your air compressor is sized adequately for your plasma cutter and its intended usage. Sizing a compressor for a plasma cutter depends on a couple of things: 1. The minimum flow/pressure requirements of the plasma cutter you intend to use. The manufacturer can provide the specs and they can vary from model to model. A small Hypertherm Powermax30 will use about 4.5 cfm (cubic feet per minute) at 90 psi inlet pressure. A Hypertherm Powermax45 uses 6 cfm at 90 psi. If you have a small compressor with exactly the same cfm rating as the plasma, then the compressor will run continuously when you are plasma cutting; the size of the air compressor tank will allow the plasma to run for a few seconds (or minutes if the tank is huge) until the pressure drops a bit (usually to about 90 psi), then the compressor will run to try to maintain the pressure. 2. How much cutting are you planning to do? If you are a weekend hobbyist just cutting an occasional piece of steel for a project, then a compressor with a cfm rating slightly higher than the plasma will likely be adequate. If you are doing a lot of cutting, cutting thick plate (same air consumption but slower cut speeds = longer cut time) or are using the system to earn a living, and then size the compressor at 1.5 to 2 times the plasma system requirement. Another note on air for plasma systems and all air tools: Compressors take air at atmospheric pressure and increase the pressure and store it in a tank. Humidity in the air is often condensed in the tank and in the airlines, more so during humid weather. Drain your compressor tank often, and if moisture in your air lines is at all noticeable, it is a good idea to add additional filtration to the air system that absorbs or removes moisture.

How to be sure the air for the plasma system is free of moisture and particulates Most air plasma systems from reputable manufacturers have an onboard particulate filter and many also have a coalescing filter with an auto drain that will remove some moisture from air systems. For most low use situations (hobbyists and light industrial users) the onboard filter dryer is adequate. There are many situations however that will require additional steps are taken to ensure moisture does not affect performance of the plasma cutter, often these steps are needed when the system is used in extremely humid environments, or during those few weeks of the year when the hot summer weather brings humid conditions. Moisture that forms in air lines has a

October 2013

tendency to condense into larger drops when the air pressure decreases as it is entering the plasma torch. When these drops enter into the high temperatures (as much as 20,000 degrees F.) in the plenum of the torch, they immediately break down into oxygen and hydrogen, which alters the normal chemical content of air in the torch. These elements will then dramatically change the plasma arc which causes the torch consumables parts to wear very quickly, altering the shape of the nozzle orifice and dramatically affecting cut quality in terms of edge squareness, dross formation, and edge smoothness. As a minimum with air systems that contain moisture be sure to drain the receiver (tank) on the air compressor at least daily. If water comes out of the bottom petcock valve of your tank, then there are moisture particles in your air lines. Draining the tank regularly will minimize the moisture and the above effects, but will not eliminate it. In order to ensure that the air receiver tank stays as moisture free as possible, install an automatic drain system that rids the tank of moisture with every pressure building cycle. The next minimal steps if moisture is found in the receiver would be to install a particulate filter that is designed to either trap water through absorption (the filter element literally absorbs water and must be changed after it is near saturation). This type of filter (a popular one is the MotorGuard M80 filter canister with its replaceable elements) should be mounted at least 20 feet downstream of the compressor, allowing the heat generated by the compressor to cool a bit as this will help to condense the water droplets and trap them in the absorption filter. Another type of moisture trap is of the coalescing (kind of a centrifugal filter that spins the heavier moisture and drains it through an automatic drain) type typically used in many automotive paint spraying applications. If the plasma system is used at medium to high duty cycles, for production use, or is in a climate with extreme humidity, then higher technology steps may need to be taken in order to remove moisture from the air system adequately. A refrigerated air dryer, as its name implies, uses a small refrigeration circuit that cools the compressed air to its dew point. This cool air then more easily displaces the moisture into a coalescing moisture trap with an auto drain. There also are a variety of desiccant filter systems that will adsorb (yes that is spelled correctly!) moisture through a chemical process, drying the air in the system very effectively. I always refer plasma chuting shops that are looking for air drying answers to the same companies that help condition air systems for automotive body and paint shops, as the air flow and dryness requirements for |

*Image courtesy of Sharpe Air Systems

paint spraying applications are very similar to plasma cutting needs. Here is a nice schematic of a complete shop plumbing system as found on the Sharpe Air Systems website. It may be a bit overkill for a small plasma cutting operation, however it correctly shows methods of plumbing that include drop, legs for draining the system, shows that the clean dry air is best sourced at the highest points in the plumbing system, as well as showing best locations for filters, regulators and drying equipment.

Determining if your plasma system is receiving adequate inlet pressure and flow from the air system. Every plasma system has input minimum and maximum air or gas flow pressure specifications. Most plasma systems also have a choice of consumable parts for cutting at different amperage levels for different thickness materials. To determine if the plumbing system leading up to the inlet of the plasma is adequate follow these steps:

system so that air is flowing at the torch, set the cutting gas flows or pressures according to the cut charts in the operators’ manual. (Note that the cut gas flow/pressure is not the same as the inlet has flow/pressure). Observe the newly installed gauge at the inlet to the plasma system. You will notice the pressure on this gauge is higher when there is no gas flowing at the torch; this is static pressure and it should be no higher than the maximum pressure specification from your operators manual (Powermax85 maximum is 135 psi). When the air is flowing the gauge reading will drop, this being dynamic pressure. If the gauge drops below the minimum requirement (Powermax85 is 85 psi), then there is a restriction in the plumbing system that will affect operation.

In your plasma system operators’ manual look up the inlet gas pressure range, this will be found in the gas specification section. As an example, the Powermax85 air plasma system specifies a range from 85 to 135 psi air pressure at the inlet.

Install a pressure gauge right at the inlet to the plasma system that will accurately measure the proper inlet pressure.

A system with a properly sized gas or air plumbing system will show a minimal pressure drop between static and dynamic pressure as measured right at the inlet to the plasma system. If the drop is excessive, then one of the following is suspect: Hose or pipe inside diameter is too small. Hose or pipe length is too long. Too many fittings. Each fitting on a plumbing system creates a small pressure drop.

Install the largest amperage set of consumables for the plasma system. Example: with a Powermax85 install the 85 amp shielded consumables. Activate the

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Filters or moisture/oil traps are incorrectly sized or are clogged/ saturated.


t product spotlight

Stop filter fuel gelling in cold weather To help prevent diesel/biodiesel fuel gelling in cold weather, E-Tip, Inc. introduces the Universal Fuel Filter Preheater™ that mounts easily to the engine fuel filter. It is just one in an extensive line of products for cold weather starting, security, safety and maintenance.

Contact E-Tip, Inc. at 800-530-5064, email, or visit www.etipinc. com for more information. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Today’s farmers take advantage of increasing their field production Farmers take advantage of clearing fence rows and pastures!

The Universal Fuel Filter Preheater™ offers a simple solution. It is a thin, flexible, silicone/ fiberglass heating pad that easily wraps around the metal filterhousing to maintain full contact and evenly transmit heat quickly. It converts the metal filterhousing into the heating element, acting an electric blanket for the fuel filterhousing. When it is time to change the filter element, the Universal Fuel Filter Preheater™ is easily released for transfer to the new filterhousing. The 4”x7” Preheater draws 85 watts and is available in several voltages. See our website’s Maintenance section for further technical specifications.

Include both the “Peel & Stick” Universal Preheater™ for engines, hydraulic systems,

Used in many applications, from machinery storage to livestock facilities to horse arenas

The Universal Fuel Filter Preheater™ carries a three-year materials and workmanship warranty. A standard 12v Pre-heater is priced at $138.

Cold conditions often affect fuel flow during start-up and in daily operations. When it is cold enough to cause fuel gelling, over-theroad trucks, heavy machinery, automobiles, generators and other equipment that must operate in low temperatures can become disabled. The gelling plugs the filter, preventing fuel passage. The only solutions are to replace the filter or warm up the fuel until it flows again, requiring towing the equipment to an inside location or bringing a heater to the equipment site.

E-Tip, Inc. also carries the 120v “Peel & Stick” Universal Preheater™ to warm fuel tanks overnight. No cutting or welding, just clean mounting area on fuel tank, peel and stick it on.

Lam-Ply Trusses can span up to 72 feet

transmissions, gear boxes, etc. and the Universal Filter Preheater™ in your cold weather package and be assured that you have selected a more effective and complete solution to cold weather-related problems.

For years, farmers have experienced broken mirrors, broken glass and scratched paint on their tractors, combines and haying equipment from limbs hanging over their fields. Equipment repair is expensive! It is either take the chance of damaging your equipment or drive around the limbs and lose up to 15’ of production from the edges of your fields. You don’t have to have a PhD in math to calculate what that costs in lost field production. Side trimming a 150 acre corn field for instance can pay for a HyReach Tree Clipper the first year. The HyReach Clipper not only trims limbs but also cuts at ground level. The HyReach Tree Clipper has been in production for over 20 years so you can be confident of the experience from Precision Manufacturing in solving all kinds of tree problems. Sometimes when removing a tree you don’t want to leave a stump in your field or pasture. Precision Manufacturing can now eliminate that problem with The Tree Puller.

The rugged construction of the Tree Pullers allow it to be used to clear pastures and fence rows as well as roadsides, ditches and right of ways. A variety of brackets are available so the Tree Pullers can be attached to tractors, skid steers, telehandlers and other equipment. To learn more about these products as well as over 20 models of grapples, please visit our website at or call toll-free 888-497-3224. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Fuel Filter Preheater


The Tree Puller safely removes the tree – stump, roots and all! Uproot unwanted bushes and trees with ease. You can also remove fence posts or move large rocks, making land management much easier.

• Free stalls

• Pavilion shelters

• Machinery storage

• Riding arenas

• Solar barns

The Lam-Ply Truss can span up to 72 feet and is used in many applications, from machinery storage to livestock facilities to horse arenas. It also has been developed with a gambrel-style and a mono-slope design.

With the rise in popularity of its FodderPro Feed Systems, FarmTek now offers current and potential customers another way to learn about hydroponically grown fodder. This new trend in feeding livestock can help farmers become more profitable and sustainable. With the introduction of FarmTek’s new Mobile Fodder Training Unit, users are able to access first-hand information about these growing systems. The company’s new, custom-built fodder trailers are equipped with fully functional Fodder-Pro Feed Systems. These trailers will accompany our knowledgeable fodder specialists to trade shows and other agricultural events around the country, giving attendees hands-on experience with the systems. The trailers will serve as an educational tool at various events, allowing event goers to ask questions and learn about controlled-environment agriculture from FarmTek’s experienced specialists.

FarmTek designs and manufactures FodderPro Feed Systems, which are complete systems for any fodder need. For more information about FarmTek’s mobile fodder training or their hydroponic fodder systems visit

The Model 525000 features two rows of teeth made of tempered T1 alloy steel on each side of the puller for a stronger grip and better pulling power. The spade points allow the digging of roots and loosening of the soil.

800-622-8836 |

• Pole sheds

FarmTek® introduces Mobile Fodder Training Unit

These mobile training units are ideal for colleges and universities, extension offices, livestock association events and various trade show opportunities.

Gelled Diesel Fuel Filter

Starwood Rafters, the manufacturers of Lam-Ply trusses, is a company devoted to building high-quality trusses for large buildings. They offer many types of trusses to meet any need, including:

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

Starwood Rafters: About the company Founded in 1964 as a manufacturer of laminated arch rafters and beams, the company started out in Independence, Wisconsin as a three-man operation, with the original owners, Joseph Wozney and his two partners working nights after working their regular jobs. In the early 1970’s, they developed the LamPly Truss. It combines plywood, glulams, and dimensional lumber to make a truss that is stronger than a conventional web truss. This allows the builder to space them further apart to reduce erection time and labor costs. This design also limits bird nesting and improves ventilation in livestock facilities. Today, Corey Wozney and Steve Wozney, Joseph’s sons, operate the company. Starwood Rafters is still in Independence, Wisconsin and now ships its products anywhere in the U.S. For more information, contact Starwood Rafters, Inc., W24141 Starwood Lane, Independence, WI 54747. Call 715-985-3117, toll-free 888-525-5878, or fax 715-9855222. Email or visit online at

October 2013

t product spotlight

Evans debuts new Powersports label Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., creator of the only waterless engine coolants, announces the release of its new Evans Powersports Coolant labels. Evans Powersports formula was introduced in the fall of 2011, has since experienced sales growth in the Powersports industry. The coolant is available in half gallon containers and the improved label better serves the uniqueness of Evans revolutionary waterless engine coolants. Formulated specifically for Powersports equipment and personal recreational vehicles, Evans advanced technology offers improved performance and reliability for motorcycles, ATV’s, UTV’s, and snowmobiles. With a boiling point of 375°F, Evans Powersports Coolant will function under extreme conditions. Using Evans Coolant allows the engine to be safely tuned for more power. A higher compression ratio and more advanced spark are some of the options available. Evans Powersports Coolant provides permanent cooling protection for the life of the engine, so replacement is never necessary. Its superior corrosion protection preserves metals and engine components. Evans waterless coolants are being used by factory supported race teams in MX and Off Road around the world, including Honda, among other well-known teams. Evans Powersports Coolant is a superior alternative to water based coolant and protects engines, prevents coolant loss, and helps win races. “It’s no longer a secret”, says John Light, Evans Powersports Manager. “Water is no longer up to the cooling demands of today’s high output engines. Now the consumer has access to the same secret that the top teams have been keeping to themselves for years.” With Evans Powersports Coolant there is always a huge separation between the operating temperature of the coolant and its high boiling point so vapor does not form in the coolant jacket as it can with water-based coolants. The jacket metal is always in contact with liquid coolant for improved heat transfer. Evans combines performance and economic advantages with a safe formula that contributes to a better environment. About Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., headquartered in Suffield, CT, has focused on engine cooling and related areas for over 25 years.

October 2013

Evans is committed to maintaining a cleaner, safer environment, and continually seeks to improve product choices for all engine users. For more information on Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. and Waterless Engine Coolants please visit www. For orders and dealer inquiries please call 610-323-3114. All other questions please call 860-668-1114.

turn the bale prior to picking and lifting it to load onto the Hiker.


“You’re always on the go without having to stop, which improves efficiency,” says Gaskin. “With flow and ease of operation, the operator can pick a large amount of bales in a short period of time.”

New ProAG Bale Hiker maximizes durability, speed and efficiency ProAG the Hay Products Division of Morris Industries today announced the introduction of the new ProAG Bale Hiker™, a round bale handling machine built to meet the demands of today’s diversified agricultural industry. Built for durability and efficiency in handling heavy round bales, the ProAG Bale Hiker is engineered to increase productivity in the field, which directly affects the farmer’s bottom line. “Operators are running equipment at increased speeds and picking bales faster due to higher HP tractors,” says Lisa Gaskin, ProAG-Morris Marketing and Sales Manager in Billings, MT. “The Bale Hiker matches this challenge and the operator’s need to quickly and safely handle round bales, which, in turn, maximizes profitability.” The ProAG Bale Hiker is engineered to work efficiently with all round bale material in the majority of applications. “The farmer doesn’t need to own various pieces of equipment. Whether you’re picking bales consisting of cornstalks, beanstalks, pea stalks, hay, alfalfa, straw or high moisture, the ProAG Bale Hiker will stand up to the workload,” says Gaskin.

The ProAG Bale Hiker runs off two hydraulic tractor remotes with minimum technical demands. This rugged and durable machine has a dual walking axle, with a push bar on both sides so the operator can unload a single side of bales at one time or both sides together.

The ProAG Bale Hiker turns round bale loading, transporting, and unloading into a fast, easy, one-person operation saving time, money and labor. About Morris Industries Morris Industries is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment. With headquarters in Canada, Morris Industries has a global network of distributors and dealers. Morris products include air drills, air carts, tillage and hay hauling equipment. For more information on Morris Industries go to and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Waste less hay with a hay saving animal feeder Greenacres Hay Saving Feeders have moved from Clarinda to Prairie City, Iowa. Greenacres Hay Saving Feeders are made from 3/4” solid steel rods, with double welded joints, and reinforced corners. The joints are welded with 50,000 lb. tensile wire, making these the best built feeders on the market today. These feeders can save three big bales per month over a regular round bale feeder. That can be a $2,000 saving per feeder, per year. These feeders will last decades and are designed so that a tractor can lift them easily, yet they are sturdy enough to hold a 2,000 pound bale while being lifted - right from your tractor seat.

The ProAG Bale Hiker’s rugged durability has been successfully put to the test moving tough cornstalk bales destined for ethanol plants and feedlots. Corn fields, notorious for rougher ground, can reduce bale handling efficiency to a crawl. “The ProAG Bale Hiker’s walking axle makes the difference,” Gaskin says. “The walking axle gives it the ability to run on rough ground with ease. Basically, the operator can count on reliability and ease of operation in any round bale application.”

We make a wide variety of feeders for cattle, horses, goats and sheep, as well as creep feeders, bottomless bunks, feed bunks, continuous fence and metal fabrication. Check out or call 712- 542-9137.

The bale is picked up on the right side of the pulling unit. The loading arm, with a built-in bale turner, gives the operator the ability to go into the bale at almost any direction and |

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Maximize tire life and increase profits with LiQuiTube LiQuiTube coats the inside of tires and wheels to form a liquid inner tube to keep air filled tires properly inflated for the life of the tire which increases profits by: • Extending tire life • Increasing fuel economy of vehicles • Reducing equipment downtime from flat tires • Eliminating tire repair costs • Reducing lost man hours from flat tires • Reducing tire casing damage from blow-outs • Extending the retread ability of tire casings LiQuiTube has proven itself a dependable and durable partner in any preventative maintenance program designed to keep your equipment rolling on schedule. This exceptional product combines an ethylene glycol-based solution with natural fibers, artificial fibers, adhesion agents, corrosion inhibitors and other solids. It is designed to keep the fibers and solids in constant suspension. Because there is no settling of the solids and fibers, LiQuiTube is always ready to work for you. No mixing, stirring or other preparation is necessary. The adhesion properties in LiQuiTube coupled with the fact that it remains fluid when installed in the tire, provides constant protection for all parts of the tire. LiQuiTube allows you to maximize tire life while reducing fuel consumption and related downtime expenses. These facts of improved economy of operation make a preventative maintenance product that you cannot afford to be without. We are expanding our operations! If you are interested in becoming a Dealer or Distributor of LiQuiTube, we have opportunities available in all areas. Please contact us for more information at 256-5726450 or visit www. visionamericasealants. com About Vision America, LLC. is a World Wide Distributor of the number one tire sealant in the world. Our tire sealant can be used in any air filled tire, large or small, tube or tubeless. From large corporations to the novice hunter that wants to protect their tires, we have a product for them. And best of all, our tire sealant is made in the USA.



t product spotlight

Keep your farm shop clean!

experience the attention to detail that is essential for “farmer friendly” products. “I used to be a farmer myself – now we’re manufacturing good, quality products for farmers,” says Martin. It seems their hard work has paid off. John BM Manufacturing now has a dealer presence across North America.

The Industrial Maid T-3000 series air cleaners have been used in hundreds of farm shops, implement repair and diesel repair shops to control welding smoke and fumes, grinding dust, nuisance dusts and diesel smoke.

JBM’s complete line-up of products includes feeder wagons, skid feeders, bunk feeders, bale wagons and thrower racks. The popular Grain & Forage Boss Dumpers, Dirt Boss Dumpers, and Mighty Dumpers make the ultimate dump trailer lineup for handling everything from grain to dirt and rocks. This simple, yet effective air filtration system can be chain hung and uses two stages of filtration to separate dust, fumes and particles. You do not have to exhaust air, so your heat remains inside. The Merv 8 (45%) pleated pre-filters take out the larger particles and then the multi-pocket Merv 15 (95%) main bag filters take out the very fine particles. The units are built in SE Nebraska, have a three year warranty and Industrial Maid offers an unconditional performance guarantee.

Additionally, many items can be customized to customer specifications, and JBM offers farmers a range of options and tire choices to suit their specific application. Business has not been without its share of difficult times. A shop fire gutted the manufacturing facility late in 2012, shutting down production until the facility was re-built. However, the expanded manufacturing space in the new facility means more efficient production of equipment. Back in business, JBM is continuing what it does best – producing products that farmers across North American can both afford and trust. For more information, contact John BM Manufacturing at 519-699-4324, fax 519699-6105, email, or visit

Keep your farm shop clean and safe. Protect the large investment you have made in the structure and your farm equipment.


Reel-Tites have kept fences tight since 1971

Product Specifications: • CFM: 3,000 • Motor: ¾ HP 115/230/1/60 • Blower: 10 x 10 forward curved blower direct drive • Dimensions: 25” H x 72” L x 25” D • Weight: 170 lbs • Filters: (2) 4” pleated prefilters Merv 8 (2) Merv 15 bag filters

The Reel-Tite fence tightener’s patented design can save you 75% to 90% of your fence maintenance labor. You can use them on any kind of wire — new, old, rusty, high tensile — without unstapling and restretching! Reel-tites do not break the wire. Reel-Tites can be retightened at anytime with the portable handle. A Reel-Tite is a metal disc measuring 4” x 2-3/4” and made of 13-gauge steel with a plated, weather-resistant finish.

For more information, contact Industrial Maid at 1-877-624-3247, or email Jeff Zvolanek at jzvolanek@industrial-maid. com.

Here’s how they work:


Farm equipment built by farmers for farmers JBM Manufacturing hits the ag market with built-to-last equipment JBM Manufacturing is an Ontario based manufacturer of heavy-duty farm equipment, including a complete line of bale feeders, bale wagons and dump trailers – each one built with a passion for farmer-friendly products for over 20 years. Being a farmer turned manufacturer himself, owner Joe Martin realizes by first-hand


Under average conditions, place one ReelTite on each wire in the middle of a 40-rod span of fence. Tighten up the Reel-Tite by turning the handle clockwise until the wire reaches the desired tension. An out-turned flange holds the Reel-Tite securely in place. Remove the handle. The next time you check the span of fence, the slack will have equalized to the Reel-Tite. Then, simply retighten the Reel-Tite with the handle. The tension can be maintained

800-622-8836 |

on this span of fence for the life of the wire. With a little practice it will take you one minute to tighten four wires and only 30 seconds to retighten them. Think of it this way — a fence is never tight in one area and loose somewhere else — this is the equalization principle. Let equalization work for you. Use Reel-Tites! For more information on Reel-Tites contact Kermco-DeHaai, Inc., 741 Carpenter St., Monroe, Iowa 50170, phone: 641-2592987, fax: 641-259-2754, or visit www. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Calmer Corn Heads will display the world’s first 30-row corn head Decatur Farm Progress Show August 27-29, 2013 – Lot #621 Marion Calmer, inventor and CEO of Calmer Corn Heads, and the team have done it even bigger for 2013! Calmer Corn Heads will display the world’s first 30-row corn head. That is 30, 12-inch rows! Guinness Book of World Records has been contacted to record this as being the largest number of rows ever assembled on a corn head. This corn head is also equipped with SUPER Calmer BT Chopper® Hydraulic Plate Trash Reduction/Decomposition Kits.

Quality always comes through! Quality Power Products, Inc. is a wholesale distribution company located in the United States. Primary product groups are Q-Power® agricultural, outdoor power equipment and industrial belts and Q-Power® Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Crankshafts and cylinder heads. Q-Power® Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Crankshafts are manufactured by OEM suppliers using state-of-the-art production and quality control systems. Q-Power® crankshafts are new, all induction hardened, all standard/standard and dimensionally and functionally equivalent to OEM specifications. Available for the most popular heavy duty diesel engines manufactured by Caterpillar®, Cummins®, Mack ®, Case-IH/Navistar®, Ford®, Detroit Diesel®, John Deere ®, and Perkins®. Q-Power® belts are available for the most popular tractors and combines manufactured in the world, including Case-IH®, John Deere ®, AgCo®, Ford-New Holland®, Claas®, and Laverda®. Q-Power® agricultural belts are manufactured to the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) specification S211.5 specifically designed for agricultural equipment.

A History of “World’s Firsts” have been displayed by Calmer throughout the years at the Farm Progress Shows. Some examples include: 2002: Calmer introduced the world’s first 15” corn head, a 16-row, 15”. 2009: Calmer introduced the largest 15” corn head – a 24-row, 15” corn head. 2010: The world’s first chopping/shearing stalk roll that processes the corn stalk into pieces 1” long that are also shredded was introduced at the Farm Progress Show. 2012: The world’s first 12” corn head was one of the main attractions at the Boone Farm Progress Show. Marion Calmer, through the non-profit Calmer Agronomic Research Center, has been involved in the research and promotion of narrow row corn since the early 90’s – planting corn in 12” rows as early as 1994. His experience demonstrates that equidistant spacing between plants improves light interception and yield potential while a denser canopy reduces erosion and weed control costs. Calmer Corn Heads specializes in manufacturing corn heads for narrow row corn and looks forward to meeting producers’ growing needs for futuristic corn heads. Contact Marion Calmer or any of the team at Calmer Corn Heads 309-629-9000, or visit

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Supporting a network of distributors worldwide the breadth and depth of agricultural belts and heavy duty diesel engine crankshafts is extensive. If you need help identifying or selecting a belt or crankshaft please visit the online catalog at The on-line catalogs are the most comprehensive in the industry, the crankshaft catalog provides all the technical information needed to make your selection and the belt catalog covers all the latest models. Quality Power Products, Inc. is committed to customer service and satisfaction. For more information on Quality Power Products and any of their product groups you can visit their web-site at www.q-power. com or call 888-333-3210.

October 2013

t product spotlight

New, innovative Schweiss Moving Gate gives versatility Schweiss one-piece hydraulic and patented lift strap bifold doors have been on the market for years. Schweiss now has a newcomer on the scene — the Schweiss Moving Gate. The Schweiss Moving Gate still utilizes the patented liftstraps, but instead of folding like a bifold door or outward like a hydraulic door, it lifts straight upward. The gate is a perfect solution for a room divider and cladding materials can come in multiple applications or combined with metal, glass or other materials to your liking. A perfect example of this was a first-ofits-kind Schweiss “Gate” built by Schweiss Doors for “The Paw,” an upscale dog and cat resort. The owner of the 27,000 sq. ft. luxury pet resort needed a room divider gate – wall if you wish – to separate a 96 ft. room in half for dog training and handling purposes. Who you gonna call? Schweiss Doors. What made this Schweiss 46 ft. wide, 1,500 lb. multiple-function designer gate different was how Schweiss Doors built it to his personal gate design. He wanted a quiet and smooth operating Schweiss gate that stood about head high with the top half of see through polycarbonate panels and below that utilized steel paneling. This particular Schweiss gate allows humans and animals to see across to the other side of the room without having to raise the Schweiss gate. A push button control on the side wall lifts the Schweiss gate conveniently out of sight and the Schweiss gate lifts in less than a minute. Schweiss Doors designed it to lift straight up to the high ceiling, up and out of the way when not in use. Five popular patented Schweiss Bifold liftstraps and a 2 h.p. topmounted Schweiss quality electric motor easily and quietly lift the Schweiss Moving Gate.

The owner was absolutely needing a safe gate that would not cause harm to humans or animals in the public facility. He also noted that it was reasonably priced and comparative in price to a pocket door, but much easier to use. He enjoyed working with the professional Schweiss design team to get this designer gate done.

Eliminate the dangerous and dirty manual clean out of headers

The Schweiss gate now virtually gives the animal resort two rooms to work in, or when in the up position, a larger room.

Pictured on the right is a header sweep built and manufactured by Goodwin Industries Inc. of Burns, KS. The header sweep is designed to sweep in down corn, broken stalks, and dry leaf buildup. This in turn eliminates dangerous and dirty manual clean out of the header. This is done with drag arms connected to a crank shaft, which continuously pulls the stalks into the auger.

“If You Can Think It — Schweiss Doors Can Build It!” Learn more about Schweiss Doors at or call 800-7468273. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

American-made wonder sets trend for skid steer loaders

Universally adaptable to fit all skid loader and tractor buckets, the Wide Receiver is user friendly, mounts and dismounts in seconds without tools. Only Wide Receiver has the speed and reliability of “Mechanical Advantage” with top-mounted ratchet binder and welded rear anchor point when installed on any loader or tractor bucket. Wide Receiver’s design insures absolute load control, maximum maneuverability and load retention.

Hoover Diesel Service has a large selection of generators in stock, both the double bearing belt driven style and the single bearing SAE housing mount. We also stock parts to keep your unit operating and provide field service to repair or maintain your generator. Give us a call to find the best generator to fit your application. Pictured: Header sweep built and manufactured by Goodwin Industries

With this design, the drag arms pull back, pickup, and move forward, set down and pull back again. This unit can be left on and in use at all times. It is not big and bulky and will not hinder good standing corn. You just put it on and let it run. The header sweep is powered by a hydraulic motor connected to the reel drive which allows for variable speed adjustment. Each drag arm is connected to a spring bar, which allows for tension release when necessary. Also, by using a “V” belt drive slippage is possible when needed. The design allows for easy installation on most headers. Contact Goodwin Industries, Inc., 215 West Broadway, Burns, KS 66840, phone: 620726-5281, or

Optional “Carry System” allows Wide Receiver to be carried aboard skid loader (when not in use) for convenient access to meet changing job site situations.

Access videos to watch application, demonstration, and usefulness of the Wide Receiver and its companion products at, or email Call 612-8608915 or 218-409-6304. Company Information: The inventor has owned and operated construction equipment for over 40 years, designed and tested the Wide Receiver in 2007, won recognition at the Minnesota Inventors’ Congress, and received a US Patent (#7,823,903 B2) in November 2010.

October 2013


Purposely designed to work with existing equipment, the Wide Receiver is the answer to moving trailers fast, safe and efficiently.

Ruggedly-built Wide Receiver saves time and promotes job site safety – reducing potential injuries and preventing property damage.

The Paw, an exclusive dog and cat resort in Minnesota had Schweiss Doors install a 46 ft. liftstrap moving gate. The gate lifts to the ceiling when open and divides a 96 ft. room in half when down.

Goodwin Industries has a corn header sweep for you

The Wide Receiver’s rugged, practical design should make it one of the most useful tools in your loaders’ attachment inventory. |


Hoover Diesel Service LLC has the expertise and sources to provide complete power unit packages for the stationary non-road market For over 35 years Hoover Diesel Service LLC has specialized in diesel power units. If you need reliable PTO power but don’t want to invest in a new tractor, consider our  PTO power units. Towed by your truck or tractor, these units are designed to provide stationary PTO power for your irrigation pump, manure pump, silage blower, stationary TMR mixer, hammer mill, or PTO generator. 540 and/or 1000 rpm PTO and hydraulics available. Call us with your needs and we can build to your specs!   

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Generator Sets Hoover Diesel offers a wide range of genset units. We can also custom build a genset to suit your needs. Whether you need a backup power source for when the power goes out, or a mobile unit for on the job site, we offer what you want to fill your needs.

Power Units Hoover Diesel Service offers a variety of diesel power units, built specifically to fit your needs. We can custom build a power unit to include a skid, clutch, muffler, or fuel tank. We have new and rebuilt units available. Call us today to see what we can build for you! We stock a large selection of exhaust components and engine control systems. For more information on products contact Hoover Diesel Service LLC at 717-3543322 (New Holland) or 717-786-8839 (Quarryville), or visit www.hooverdiesel. com.



t product spotlight

Hydroponic fodder sprouts savings on feed at Lensmire Family Farm

6. American Eagle: 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1-year warranty with an emailed picture of the defective part–and it ships out FREE the same day. The competition: Diaphragm warranty policy states the part may need to be shipped from as far away as Canada to be evaluated–then determined if it is the customers fault. Any new part will be shipped at the customer’s expense for parts, plus shipping both ways. (This can take months. We know a Diaphragm customer still waiting over a year.)

Lensmire Family Farm, owned and operated by Tom and Jane Lensmire, is home to about 80 Holstein, Jersey and Swiss dairy cows. Located in Cleveland, WI, the farm has been in the family for 23 years and spans 80 acres of land. The Lensmires began rotational grazing about 13 years ago and still use this practice today, in addition to purchased feed. However, an interest in hydroponics led them to FarmTek’s Fodder-Pro 2.0 Feed Systems after reading about hydroponic fodder in the company’s catalog.

7. American Eagle: Pump action is a huge 1 and 3/4” stroke some call intermittent. Most pumps are. The Eagles huge volume of air creates the most effective method of water circulation. More air, more circulation. The competition: Only 1/2” stroke, also intermittent. Less volume of air results in much less water circulation.

“Before we purchased the system, we were feeding baled hay, corn silage and a grain mix consisting of corn, cottonseed and dried distiller’s grain,” Jane explains. After some research and discussion with local farmers and family, the Lensmires decided to purchase a system. “We decided that growing hydroponic fodder was a good fit for our operation and decided we could do it in an old building we were using for storage,” Tom states. This was a cost-effective option that allowed the Lensmires to use a standing structure instead of building a new one, saving money and time.

Lensmires were pleased they chose FarmTek to work with through the process of researching, purchasing and assembling their system. They attended FarmTek’s three-day seminar on hydroponic growing, which Jane explains was informative and helpful. “We are happy with our investment,” she concludes, “and are looking forward to seeing what else we can accomplish with it!”

The Lensmires did their research on fodder and Jane explains, “The FarmTek system seemed to be the one that would fit our needs and keep us within our budget.” Tom, Jane’s husband, contacted FarmTek and worked with the company’s fodder specialist, who sent information and helped the Lensmires make their decision. “FarmTek had the most information available about hydroponic fodder,” says Tom. Since introducing the system to their farm and learning what works best for their needs, Jane says the system is working out well. But the Lensmires aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits of feeding fodder. “The animals eat every last bit of it!” Jane exclaims. “It’s highly digestible and the animals really like it.” Their cows’ production has increased and they are enjoying the feed. Since introducing their cows to fodder, the Lensmires have seen production increase by 4 to 5 pounds of milk per cow per day. “Feeding fodder has enabled us to cut back about 10 lbs. of grain mix per cow per day, which has been a good cost savings for us,” Tom says. “We have also cut down on the paddock space for grazing since we have introduced fodder,” he continues. When sharing any advice for those who may be considering purchasing a fodder system, Tom and Jane offer this: “Do your research to make sure you choose what is right for your operation. Talk to people and be willing to put in the time and effort to get through the learning curve. Once you’ve accomplished that, things run pretty smoothly!” The


FarmTek designs and manufactures FodderPro Feed Systems, which are complete systems for any fodder need. For more information about FarmTek’s mobile fodder training or their hydroponic fodder systems visit –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Pond aeration windmills: Why American Eagle beats the competition, Reasons 1-7 (Out of 21) 1. American Eagle: the bellow is by Firestone, which can last 15 to 20 years under a heavy duty 2,000# truck. The competition: Diaphragms need replacement as early as two years. 2. American Eagle: Bellow most volume of air; 3 to 6 cfm with a 10 – 15 mph wind–even more at 15 – 27 mph wind. The competition: Diaphragms 1 to 3 cfm– maximum. 3. American Eagle: High volume is more important than high pressure. American Eagle puts out only 8 to 9 psi but can supply up to six diffusers. The competition: Diaphragm more pressure, but can only supply a maximum of two diffusers. 4. American Eagle: 8 to 9 psi will supply one diffuser 14 to 16 feet. The competition: Diaphragms will pump deeper but with very little volume of air. The deeper you pump, the less volume. 5. American Eagle: Bellow warranty, five years. The competition: Diaphragm warranty–ZERO!

800-622-8836 |

the healthier lifestyle of his parents. He considers himself fortunate as nearly half of first time heart attacks end in death. Relying on knowledge acquired over the years, he refused the recommended surgery and instead put together an herbal formula which he immediately applied to himself with outstanding results. In 3 months, his 2” arterial blockage was cleared. Since that time, Jim has shared his formula with thousands around the world who are living testimonials to its curative powers. One of many clients recently wrote: “I would like to tell you that after three months of using Strauss Heart Drops, I am a new man. I am 86 years old, no more the tired feeling I had, my swollen feet are normal again, and my bowel is working normally. Two specialists had told me ‘we can’t help you’.” — Sincerely, Peter A. Wiebe. Free Strauss Heart Drops information packages are available by phoning Performance Medical Plus toll-free at 877271-1312. (Not available in Iowa.) –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

See our “Compare” video on our web site ( to see why 100% of who compare ‘hands on’ buy the American Eagle.

For fourteen more reasons to choose American Eagle, visit our website at www. For more information, call Joe Mescan at American Eagle Windmills, 440-2363278; fax 440-236-5496 or email joem@ You may also visit online at –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Stull’s 600 pound auger fed feeder Our 600 lb. auger fed feeder is Stull Feeder’s newest feeder. It has the same basic design as the 400 lb. feeder, holds up to 600 lbs. of feed and is auger fed. A 12-volt motor can be wired to a battery or hooked up to a backup battery. A 10-foot starter switch lets you operate the auger from the driver’s seat. The Stull Feeders 600 lb. feeder bolts to the bottom of beds of UTVs and trucks, and is not made to be mounted on ATVs.

Unique heart formula saves countless lives Over 20 years ago Jim Strauss suffered a major heart attack and was told he would need bypass surgery or he would die. Jim was born into a family of herbalists stretching back to the 17th century. He learned these crafts during childhood, gathering medicinal herbs in the Austrian countryside with his grandmother. He was taught that tasting herbs could detect their medicinal value, but balance and proportion were the keys to producing formulas that were effective and immediate. Jim’s heart attack was not a fluke. He admits to having lived in the fast lane, ignoring

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For more information contact Stull Feeders by calling 800-369-4131 or email: info@, or vist our website at

October 2013

t product spotlight

Star Hill Jawz grabbing tools make chores safer, faster and economical The patented line of Star Hill Jawz Grabbing Tools are designed specifically for removing invasive and unwanted trees and plants – roots and all. The front-end loader attachment makes many tedious and time-consuming chores safer, faster and less costly. Manufactured in the U.S. to high standards, this versatile attachment comes in sizes to fit most compact utility loaders, skid steer and farm tractors, wheel loaders and excavators. Other jobs are made easier, include removing fence posts and stakes and placing large rocks and boulders. The front-end loader attachment is a must-have attachment for the arsenal of all landowners and managers. "Grab Your World" with Star Hill Jawz!

Unique photo archive recreating rural America

images and thousands of film rolls. This is preservation at its finest. And it’s most rewarding.

As family farms have been bought by large agri-business, urban centers have widened into suburbs. Nature has taken its course with erosion, flooding and storm damage, the record of how most Americans used to live is being steadily erased. “What is being lost to nature and society is being preserved via technology.” More than 25 million historic aerial rural homestead photos, once buried away in archives, are finding their way back to farm families where they can be viewed on the Internet and enjoyed.

Customers begin at the user-friendly website by requesting an archive search at no cost. Just access it and let us know where to look (state, county and farm address). Provide as much information as possible; technology will do the rest.

For more information about Vintage Aerial, visit and let an archive librarian guide you through identifying your family’s home.

Kawasaki engine powers the unit with airblast measured at over 150mph. The little Hercules will double as a debris blower or can be purchased as a debris blower only.


The JackJaw® Extractor Advantage at factory direct introductory pricing of $149 for Fall 2013

For more information contact Swihart Sales Company at 7240 County Road AA, Quinter, KS 67752. Call 800-864-4595 or visit www. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Syntex Industries offers vinyl tarps and so much more For more information on Star Hill Jawz Grabbing tools, “grab your world” and visit, or call 877-798JAWZ (5299). –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Little Hercules Mist Sprayer from Swihart Sales Company Roger Swihart, owner of Swihart Sales company recently purchased Spray Innovations. He has been selling mist sprayers since 1984. Roger would be happy to give you references all across the US and overseas from satisfied customers. Swihart Sales Company introduces the Little Hercules Mist Sprayer. The Little Hercules is a compact light weight motor powered mist sprayer with a wide range of uses. Excellent for mosquitoes, vegetables, vineyards, orchards, nurseries, livestock, Christmas trees, vining crops etc. The Little hercules is small enough to fit in any utility vehicle and can go almost anywhere. It can be used in small places like narrow rows in nurseries or vineyards where a conventional sprayer would not easily fit.

Syntex Industries provides replacement tarps and tarp kits for wagons, grain carts, grain trailers, seed and fertilizer wagons, side dumps, belly dumps, and truck boxes. Syntex tarps are available in 18 or 22 oz. vinyl material. The roll tube pockets and stationary tube pockets are double stitched to provide a long lasting hold. All seams are heat sealed which provides a water tight seal. Syntex will do repairs on tarps, as well. Electric roll tarp kits are another option they offer over the manual roll tarp kits, and they carry a complete line of roll tarp hardware. Syntex also manufactures portable water tanks, hosebed and crosslay covers, boat lift canopies, Show’rbags, recycling bin covers and much, much more! For more information, contact Syntex Industries, 510 13th Street N., Humboldt, IA 50548. Call 515-332-3265, email: info@ or visit their website at

Manufactured by Spray Innovations, the Little Hercules has a powder coat frame with a I0 year warranty. All other components are covered by a 3 year warranty. A 9.5HP

October 2013 |

Vintage Aerial’s 25 million photographs from over 41 states is one of the largest single-subject collections in existence. With scanning to digital, every photograph will now be carefully preserved.

Vintage Aerial connects people with their heritage and their personal history through our vast archive of aerial photos. The photos are from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s; these images represent the history of rural America from the air. Vintage Aerial grew out of a cottage industry which began over fifty years ago by Gale Astles. Our pilots took rural photographs from two-seater prop planes and our salesmen sold the images to those wanting a picture of their property. No one imagined these photographs would become an irreplaceable record of this country’s history and the personal history of millions of families. But they have. Vintage Aerial has many photos of farms that are no longer there, farms that were swallowed up by urban sprawl and new highways. New technology has enabled us to convert these fragile filmstrips from their film state to a digital state so they can be shared. That was impossible before geomapping, high-speed scanning and the Internet. Vintage Aerial uses GIS to plot areas onto historic maps showing the flight routes of those photographic aviators. This technology and Vintage’s immense database allow someone who begins only with general information about the whereabouts of a homestead, farm, or house – a county, nearby town, a crossroads – to home in on (literally) the exact location. We then find the right image among the millions of

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More than 3,000 JackJaw® extractors are now in use in North America in construction, public works, tent rental, public utilities and farming industries. News of the JackJaw® T-post extractor is spreading quickly across North America and Australia as the easiest, safest and quickest method of fence post pulling. The powerful, patent pending jaw and lever mechanism allows you to pull the T-posts straight out of the ground without damage to the posts. The sturdy lever arm gives you a 9- to 1-mechanical advantage. The specially hardened jaws grip the T-post directly for quick and easy extraction. A 100 lb. push down on the handle generates a 900 lb. upward force and an 1800 lb. gripping force on the T-Post. Tilted posts? No problem! Just lean the JackJaw® extractor to align with the post. It never slips and completely eliminates back and shoulder strain from this ranch problem, that is common with other types of pullers. JackJaw® Model 203 T-post extractors are assembled in Dayton, Ohio from heavy gauge steel plate and tubing, to provide years of reliable service. The unit weighs only 18 lbs. and is plated with zinc and clear chromate for long lasting durability and corrosion resistance. Visit the website at and click on the Fencing Section to see the unit in operation. Enter Fall Coupon Code to get the special price. Call Bob Anderson at 937609-8937, or email him at bob@jackjaw. com for more information. Dealer inquires are welcome.



t product spotlight

Dyna Flo, Inc. announces the Dyna Flo Pump

Diesel engines can be more affordable with a fuel mixer

General Irrigation is licensed in sales, design and installation of deep well and submersible pumps with 40+ years’ handson experience. We have been selling and installing electric pumps, diesel-driven pumps and PTO pumps for irrigation and industrial applications. We have extensive knowledge in handling water and a subsurface and surface dewatering division.

Realize saving of up to $3.00 per hour, per engine using a Dual Fuel Mixer

Throughout the years, we have had many calls from farmers and contractors desiring a flood pump that would pump 3,000 gallons per minute without exhausting their budget. Four years ago, General Irrigation created the Dyna Flo Pump. We decided it keep it simple using proven technology. The water lube bearings and spiders are similar to what a deep well turbine is built with. The packing box and gland are similar to what a centrifugal pump would use, and the lower end has a greaseable bearing like a turbine pump would.

Another benefit they have reported is oil change intervals could be longer with the fuel mix versus the straight diesel. The Dual Fuel Mixer comes in a kit, and the cost is $1,595. For more information, email or call 254592-4694. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Just ten years ago, diesel fuel was the fuel of choice for irrigation engines. At that time, is was much cheaper than natural gas. Producers started purchasing diesel engines and abandoning natural gas.

Creatherm S20 Contractor Radiant Floor Panel

Today, things are different. Diesel fuel has tripled in price since 2000. Producers had to do something to make operating irrigation engines more affordable. They started mixing natural gas with diesel, and discovered they saved $80-100 on average per day, per engine.

The fourth panel from Creatherm™ is ready for market and combines benefits of its first three radiant floor panels into one economical product.

We incorporated an adjustable swivel on the hitch to more easily adapt to ditches, canals and sump holes. Sand collars are used to deflect silt and sand away from the water lube bearing retainers.

On-center points exist every six inches and the patented design allows the installers to run tubing at 45-degree angles with ease. The S20 Contractor Floor Panel can support the installation of 1/2” and 5/8” PEX Tubing.

Marine-style wheel bearings with springloaded grease cups will resist water contamination, and has only one greaseable high thrust ball bearing on the drive line behind the PTO shaft.

The new panel will be manufactured at existing Creatherm production facilities. Customers now have the ability to split orders between the widely popular T45, S45 and U45 Floor Panels by bundle quantity.

The Dyna Flo pump operates at 1,000 RPM and will produce 3,000 GPM at approx. 15 feet of lift. The 12”x50’ hoses are fitted with ring lock ends. Also for 540 PTO and electric, with a high pressure option. The pump can be used for flood control, emptying sloughs, flooding rice ponds and cranberry ponds as well as for water transfer. For more information about this pump, visit

In the spring of 2007, Hardy and Leon New, an engineer with the Texas Cooperative Extension Service in Amarillo, tested this mixer on three engines in Floyd County. Two engines were Case IH engines–one was a turbo-charged, and the other engine, a 4-cylinder non-turbo. The third engine was a John Deere 4T100. During the testing, straight diesel was used, followed by a diesel and natural gas mix. The dual fuel outperformed the diesel on all three engines. The Case 4-cylinder had a savings of $1.06 per hour; the John Deere saved $2.40 per hour, and the Case turbo saved a whopping $3.55 per hour. From a fuel savings standpoint, mixing propane and diesel might have been yet an even cheaper mix–but propane proved to be more cost prohibitive, and made the engines run hotter.

Fair Mfg. Inc. is now introducing the latest in bale processing. The Model 7825 features an offset rotor design with two axis bale movement. The bale is conveyed toward the rotor as well as oscillated back and forth across it. This ensures that knives do not channel into the bale, easily shredding flat or frozen bales. In addition, the 7825 features and exclusive bale ejector if mold or other unwanted material is discovered mid-process.

The S20 Contractor Floor Panel is twoinches in overall thickness. The lower height profile makes the snaptight grid ideal for over-pour or retrofit applications where a thicker panel cannot always be used. The S20 Contractor Floor Panel is 2’ x 4’ x 2” thick and features 8 radial staggered snaptight grids for optimal tubing spacing.

Don Hardy developed a dual fuel mixer for diesel engines to combine natural gas and diesel. The fuel mixing process could then be done economically, by all producers.

Bale Processors and snow blowers by Fair Mfg. Inc.

All Creatherm™ radiant floor panels are manufactured out of BASF Styropor® EPS. Styropor ®, an expandable polystyrene (EPS) was invented by BASF in 1952 and today is a classic among the raw materials employed for cost-effective construction, as well as efficient and reliable packaging. The most important properties of Styropor® EPS include: excellent thermal insulation capacity, high compressive strength, outstanding impact absorption, low weight, and flexible design capabilities. The foam panels are also quiet, resistant to insects and mold, and virtually allergen free.

Other features include: • Two-stage bale lift • Complete hydraulic control of slug bars and discharge door • Full feature in-cab controls • Removable stationary knives for fine chopping • 16.5L-16 flotation tires • Rotor designed for easy twine removal Fair Mfg.’s Snocrete snow blowers feature an efficient single stage design which requires less horsepower, has fewer moving parts, and is more resilient to foreign objects than comparable two stage designs. Each fan features bolt-on replaceable ice chopper bars and shear pin protection. The Snocrete unique chopper bar design breaks up snow at the cutting edges for an easy feed unlike other single stage designs that tunnel into hard-packed snow higher up and don’t break up snow and ice at the cutting edges. With auto chain lubrication, Snocrete snow blowers are designed with the end user in mind saving time and money. For further information, call or visit our website today at

For more information visit www.creatherm. com.

Hardy says the mixture of natural gas and diesel is “the way to go”, and his mixer is designed to reduce the high costs of running irrigation engines. In the past few years, several producers using the mixer have reported their fuel cost savings has been very substantial. Hardy said producers have told him they have savings of over $3.00 per hour by using the mixer over straight diesel, and have had gains of 100-150 rpm from their engines.


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October 2013

Halloween Chills:

Why do we enjoy being scared?

Mixmate Rewards Innovation at Iowa State Fair Mixmate’s Brent and Doug Applegate presented the 2013 FFA Innovation Award in the Ag Technology and Mechanical Division to Bradley Ver Steegh of Oskaloosa on August 9th at the Iowa State Fair. Ver Steegh, a member of the Agri-Power FFA Chapter of Eddyville, was awarded a plaque and scholarship for his car/airplane trailer design that was selected from over 50 exhibits. Mixmate, along with parent company Agtelligent, presents the Innovation Award annually to an FFA member who demonstrates exceptional creative thinking, innovation, and/or engineering in their State Fair submission. As a result of the award, Ver Steegh was also invited to participate in the State Fair’s Parade of Champions. Ver Steegh’s trailer, designed for hauling large equipment, featured innovations

Halloween may be one of the scariest holidays of the year, but people seem to take delight in being scared in every season. What’s the appeal of ghost stories, horror movies, frightening novels, and things that go bump in the night? Experts have a few theories:

including a movable bumper and a remote control for the tilt bed, allowing for faster

• We like the adrenaline. Fear has the same adrenaline-producing effect as excitement. It feels good. Scary movies, stories, and books are methods of releasing adrenaline in a controlled environment.

trailer and their progression to the finished product.

loading and unloading even with one person operating everything. Apart from the thoughtful construction, Mixmate representatives were also impressed by how Ver Steegh revealed his creative thinking process, displaying his initial drawings for the

• Shared fear helps us bond. The “creeps” create social bonding. Activities like telling ghost stories around a campfire or watching a scary movie together allow us to form ties with strangers as well as family and friends. • Horror helps us deal with real-life terrors. We can deal with the very real horrors of modern times by transforming them into fictional movies and stories in which the monsters and bad guys are always caught and punished.

“Every year at the Iowa State Fair we are looking for an exhibit that demonstrates

She lost her home, too. It only takes seconds for a lifetime of memories to go up in flames. Unfortunately, as we grow older, our risk of dying in a home fire goes up dramatically. If you are age 50 or older, please pay special attention to fire safety. For your well-being and others you love. • Never wear loose clothing when you’re cooking.

• Don’t smoke when you’re sleepy— and really put that cigarette out. • Keep heaters at least three feet from your bed, curtains, or other flammable materials.

October 2013

• Test your smoke alarms monthly; change the batteries at least once a year.

• Develop and practice a fire escape plan. • If at all possible, install home fire sprinklers.

creativity in the agricultural technology field,” stated Agtelligent General Manager Doug Applegate. “The award is meant to encourage and recognize the students that showcase this and Bradley’s exhibit certainly fit our criteria. The Iowa State Fair and the FFA have been an important part of our lives and can be credited for inspiring our professional endeavors, so we are passionate about continuing to support young people innovating in agriculture.”

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Mixmate is a mobile blending system from Agtelligent LLC, a family business bringing precision She lost her home, too. agriculture equipment, ideas, and innovations to the market to automate and streamline farming processes. Designed to accurately and efficiently mix chemicals or fertilizers for field application,

Mixmate ushering for in aanew chapter It only takesis seconds lifetime of in precision agriculture. For more information and updates visit or search Mixmate on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. memories to go up in flames. Unfortunately, To find out more about lowering your risk of fire death and injury, as we grow older, our risk of dying in a visit home fire goes up dramatically. If you are age 50 or older, please pay special attention to fire safety. For your well-being | Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory | 800-622-8836 A39 and others you love.

She lost her home, too

• Don’t smoke when

• Test your smoke

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Pocket gophers cost you money! Every day they run free they destroy your profit potential. There is no better way to control pocket gophers than ELSTON’S . It builds and baits artificial gopher runways so only gophers can get it. Field tested and customer approved for over three decades, it's the industry standard. Dealer and Distributorships Available

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We’ve always seen manure as a valuable resource and nutrition for fields. That view guides how we design our machines. When you’re feeding fields, you want to get the most out of what you put in. Hydra-Spread machines are designed to process solid manure into finer materials for better spread and soil incorporation. The hydraulic push-off and precise flow control mean you’re spreading is consistent with every load. Field health is a priority for us so our machines do as little harm as possible. Hagedorn machines have high flotation tires and wide spread patterns for fewer trips to the field. For over 20 years Hagedorn has been on a mission to help farmers feed their fields by delivering the best solid manure handling systems available. Hagedorn delivers spreaders built for the long haul with consistent spreading and unloading every time.

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October 2013

Midwest Farm And Livestock Directory | October 2013  

Equipment news, trends and technology, to general advice and interest stories for today’s crop and livestock farmers.

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