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Vol. 14, Issue 5

May 2013

Stephens Manufacturing

New Product Introductions We keep you ahead of the competition.

Portable RCC Mixer

New Low-Profile Mustang • 400 bbl in truss silo • 70 ton agg bin • 30" transfer belt • Two-10" screws • Optional in truss central dust collector • Standard frame designed to typical Zone 2 calculations

New Heavy Portable Falcon • Standard frame supports up to two 1000 bbl silos/200 ton agg bins and optional 400 ton • Plant can be designed with 36" belt, water batcher and holding tank for 200 yds/hr production • Space saving, mountable central dust collector available


• Designed to Zone 1 seismic calculations

• Sicoma MAO-6000 twin shaft mixer • 42" transfer belt with 50 hp motor • 400 amp 3rd party UL approved power panel • Optional hydraulic leveling jacks, conveyor fold and truck collection hopper fold


Line-Boring & Bore Welding On-Site


Reduce Your Heavy Equipment Down Time Weld & bore using the same set-up Sets up in minutes Sales & Leasing Toll Free 1-888-783-9675 IFC

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May 2013

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The leading source for equipment information in the construction industry.

Volume 14, Issue 4 • April 2013

5 Ways to Trim Equipment Operating Costs with Telematics...... A10 How Protective Coatings Keep Equipment Running and Maintenance Costs Down........................................................ A3

EAST Edition

The Truth about Trading in a Family-Owned Business..................... A9

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How to Keep a Positive Attitude in Challenging Times................... A8

For over half a century one company has been helping build America, by ensuring that contractors have had an uninterrupted and affordable supply of the materials they need. Whether it is a new road, office building, factory or school, the mixing and delivery of concrete has been an important element in our country's growth. At the same time this company has evolved and grown to meet this unprecedented need with state of the art efficient and profitable concrete batch plants. Today, Stephens Manufacturing Company proudly offers a complete line of portable and stationary plants that have passed the test of time delivering dependable performance year after year. Their new RCC (roller-compacted concrete) mixer offers world class performance and affordability. This unit is designed to be easily added to virtually any existing dry batch plant transforming it into a premix, central mix or RCC plant. For customers with multiple locations, they offer the mixer mounted on a chassis allowing for easy transport site to site as required.

maximizing operating time. It has an extra ridged frame that holds the mixer shape and maintains shaft alignment during heavy mixing as required for RCC product. They use virtually maintenance free dry shaft seals which are based on the rotation of two high precision top hardness rings and full drive assemblies which are hinged to the frame of the mixer allowing for faster maintenance. The unit also has a full access hatch with two inspection ports allowing the operator to accurately monitor mixer clean up and maintenance. Stephens' RCC unit is practical, portable, and tough enough to handle even the most demanding customers' needs in an economical and efficient manner.

The Sicoma designed mixer concentrates the compulsory mixing action in the center of the mixer, creating more homogenous mix in less time. Its twin shaft enables the batch man to have another load ready as soon as the mixer is closed

For further information, call Stephens Manufacturing at 270-487-6774 or visit our website at May 2013 | The

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Contractors Contractors Equipment EquipmEnt Directory DirEctory

Professor Pioneers Ground-breaking Sustainable Pig Poop Asphalt

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Disposing of hog waste is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. Dr. Elham Fini, an assistant professor of civil engineering and researcher at Greensboro-based North Carolina A&T State University, decided that she was the woman for the job and developed a revolutionary process that has the potential to change both the paving and hog farming industries forever.

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After spending over four years researching the adhesive properties of pig manure, Dr. Fini pioneered a unique process to break down the manure and convert it into an asphalt-binding adhesive. The innovative biobinder can be used as either a full or partial substitute to standard petroleum-based adhesives and, at only about $0.54 a gallon, costs significantly less than its $2-a-gallon petroleum-based binder counterparts. With the majority of her research behind her, Fini is ready to prove this product in the marketplace and has started a company with her N.C. A&T colleagues called PiGrid. PiGrid (rhymes with ‘hybrid’) hopes to establish a pilot production facility somewhere in North Carolina before moving forward with plans for national hubs. Why North Carolina? Waste management and the disposal of hog manure has been a long-time problem for North Carolina farmers. While other parts of the country use hog waste up to twice a year to fertilize crops, North Carolina has fewer crops so farmers store waste in pits and lagoons. Not only does

Dr. Fini holding her pig waste asphalt creation. PiGrid reduce the cost of the storage pits but it also reduces the environmental pollution caused by manure odors, prevents spills of millions of gallons of untreated waste into groundwater, and even reduces the amount of CO2 emissions during construction. Dr. Fini received more than $1 million in financial support from the National Science Foundation, National Academy of Science and N.C. A&T State University for her PiGrid development.

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(photo: Charles E. Watson)

research has been a long-time hallmark of the Greensboro university where Dr. Fini works. Current major research projects at the university include innovations in biomedical engineering and nanobio applications, as well as the development of advanced thermochemical biomass conversion technology. Fini says the creation of PiGrid is in line with the university’s goals of economic development and innovation, as outlined in its Preeminence 2020 strategic plan.

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“By using our curved hat channel products, contractors can achieve the same strength in a decreased profile due to its unique shape,” says Sheri Carter, AIA, and marketing manager at radius Track. “No clips are used, so torsion is removed. In short, you achieve more strength from less material.”

Radius Track Introduces Curved Hat Channel as Alternative Construction Method Radius Track Corporation now offers precurved hat channels, a new innovation that is helping the industry cut construction costs while achieving aesthetically pleasing curved surfaces. Curved hat channel can be an economical framing alternative to cold rolled channel and c-studs and other framing methods. Hat channel eliminates the need for clip connections, is easier to attach to surfaces than other materials, does not deflect or deform like a steel stud, can be flexed in the field and offers more strength from less material. At


around 50 cents per foot, hat channel is an economical alternative. radius Track’s hat channel innovation has been used in a wide variety of projects, from domes and roofs to major national projects. The company first used its hat channel for the interior work on the construction of Los Angeles’ famed Disney Concert Hall, and most recently to support the twisting metal architecture for the traffic control tower at the Edmonton International Airport.

800-622-8836 | The

Contractors working the renovation of a historic building or a retrofit find that because of its geometry, the hat channel can attach to an “out of true wall” and be shimmed to provide a plum and level surface to attach drywall. Additionally, hat channels can provide sound dampening characteristics; acoustic sound travels differently on angles than on straight surfaces. radius Track provides color-coded nomenclature and unique part numbers for all materials. The part number for each part is put on layout drawings to help ease installation on the jobsite. radius Track can bend and deliver curved material in long lengths, typically up to 16’. “We have been known to push the envelope to meet special conditions with review from our engineering team,” says Carter. Material can be stacked for shipment to help reduce costs. For more info visit

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May 2013

«your bottom line

Protective Coatings Keep Equipment Running and Maintenance Costs Down Every moment your equipment is unable to do its job, it is costing you money. Common chemical substances such as acids, urea, salt, chlorides, fertilizer, potash, lime, as well as environmental conditions like moisture, water, snow, ice, and Uv rays, are the main culprits in the corrosion and deterioration of equipment that lead to high costs from maintenance, malfunction and lost productivity. These factors combined also reduce the overall equipment lifetime. After one year, this Nyalic® coated CAT wheel loader moving tons of highly corrosive salt in Salt Lake City's hot desert sun shows no sign of corrosion or premature wear.

With the North American construction equipment market expected to generate 39.4 billion dollars of revenue streams by 2015 (up from 25.8 billion in 2011), it’s more important than ever for the heavy-construction industry to protect its equipment and keep it running to meet (or exceed!) the forecasted revenues (Source: of Dow Jones).

Protecting your equipment today means you’ll be able to make and keep more money tomorrow. Today’s heavy-construction machines are equipped with sensitive electrical and mechanical components. And while it’s easy to see how the appearance on a machine’s exterior is degrading, peeling or oxidizing, to prevent extremely accelerated wear and premature equipment replacements costs, it’s critical to give attention to the effects highly corrosive agents can have on the machine’s internal connections, engine compartment and undercarriage. It can be a difficult undertaking to control, prevent and mitigate common corrosive agents from disabling and destroying equipment. And while machines all have different jobs and operate in diverse environments, a protective coating will help shield every single one from harmful corrosive environments that cause

equipment decay and breakdown, which leads to increased downtime, lost revenue and shorter machine life. Waxes and polishes can prevent some corrosion, but they are not designed to cover every part of a machine (specifically internal) and they require regular polishing and buffing; time that mission critical equipment could be spending in the field. The cost to coat a machine can provide a substantial return on investment. The coating materials and application are typically less than one percent of the machine cost, and new machine owners are able to capitalize the cost of coating. A properly prepared and applied coating can provide many years of protection, generating significant cost savings in equipment maintenance and downtime. In terms of materials, a polymeric resin coating provides substantial benefits. It is clear, ultra-thin and can be applied on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, galvanized, anodized and powder coated surfaces, and painted surfaces. Specially blended polymeric resin coatings are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, typically ranging from 350 degrees F to below zero degrees F, and perform at film thicknesses as low as 5 microns. These coatings do not yellow, crack, peel or flake when properly applied, and they are easy to clean and maintain. There should be no need for harsh chemical cleaners. Polymeric resin coatings also provide a surface that is easy to touch-up and repair in the field as areas of the coating may become damaged over time. All owners and operators have to do is wipe down the affected area, dry it and spot apply the protective coating to reseal the area. Additionally, if any internal electrical connections need to be repaired or changed out, all that needs to be done is cleaning off the area and recoating. By applying a specially blended polymeric resin coating, equipment owners and operators can significantly reduce corrosion risk, and keep their machines in service for longer periods of time. The cost-effective protective coating reduces equipment maintenance, malfunction and failures, and increases a highly valuable machine’s lifetime and overall productivity.

Bottom line: by protecting your equipment today, you’ll be able to make and keep more money tomorrow.

Author Skip Hawkins is the president of Nyalic®, a company that protects equipment nationwide against corrosion, paint oxidation and staining by sealing surfaces and preventing chemical and environmental corrosive agents from reaching the surface. Nyalic® is a proprietary clear, ultra-thin polymeric resin coating that was originally developed for the Apollo Space Program specifically to protect critical components from harsh environments, and is an ideal surface protectant from chemical and environmental corrosive conditions.

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Keytroller, LLC Announces the Introduction of CYBERWATCH SMS and CYBERWATCH LAN Keytroller, LLC announces the introduction of CYBErWATCH SMS and CYBErWATCH LAN – two simple and inexpensive wireless hour meters. SMS communicates through simple text commands from a cell phone, tablet or PC and the LAN connects through the Wi-Fi network in the facility. SMS has two hour meter inputs and LAN has four and easily install to any make or model vehicle or machine. GPS location recording is also on both models. SMS users simply click the GPS coordinates in the text response to view vehicle exact location. Both devices can monitor things like engine or motor ignition on time (hours and minutes) and even other specialized sensors – like over/under temperature, over/under hydraulic pressure, over/under voltage, over/under speed, over/under pneumatic pressure. Different sensors set to trip at different setpoints this time monitored, recorded and reported by one device. CYBErWATCH SMS SCHEDULEr is a phone app that automatically sends text commands to each vehicle at a preset time schedule. The hour usage data returned can then be automatically exported to a Dropbox application where the hours of usage data can be automatically removed to a maintenance scheduling software. CYBErWATCH LAN can be viewed directly into it’s individual IP address browser or be programmed to automatically transmit the 4 hour meter and counter information as an XML data stream to an external server where the user can process the usage data for their purposes including importing into their maintenance scheduling software. Cellular data plans for the SMS model start at only $6 per month and full payout lease plans are also available for the hardware. The company is offering a free demo evaluation kit to qualified users. For more information visit ______________________________________

New Automated Undercarriage Wash System Removes Bitumen, Clay & Sludge Accumulations in Minutes

The new Neptune Automated Undercarriage Wash System removes abrasive bitumen, silica sand, clay, and sludge accumulations from light trucks, SUvs, and other passenger vehicles in approximately 20 minutes. versus day-long manual cleaning, this automated system offers fleet managers a quick, easy and cost-efA4

800-622-8836 | The

32,141 pounds in low amplitude, while the BW211PD50 provides respective centrifugal forces of 61,825 pounds and 37,434 pounds. Maintenance on the BW211-50 Series is simplified by a polymer hood that opens vertically for quick access to the engine, hydraulics and all service points. Steering cylinder pins, travel bearings and a maintenancefree bolt-on articulation joint eliminate daily grease requirements, while the engine air intake is positioned high on the roller to increase filter life and reduce overall noise levels. Neptune USA, a leading manufacturer of automated wheel wash systems has introduced its new Undercarriage Wash System.

ficient solution that delivers ease of maintenance, and prevents excessive wear and safety hazards. Engineered with an 800-psi wash pressure, the Neptune Automated Undercarriage Wash System is closed loop to allow water recycling. For complete cleaning, it’s equipped with a side wash feature that allows simultaneous cleaning of vehicle sides and undercarriage. The sludge is transported outside the system by an automated sludge conveyor.

Controls on the BW211-50 Series are strategically placed for maximum operator comfort and jobsite safety. A vibration-isolated operator’s platform enhances productivity, while clear sight lines provide excellent all-around visibility of the machine. Additionally, each roller features an ergonomically positioned integrated instrumentation cluster, including audible and/or visual indicators for oil pressure, engine coolant level, brake control, electrical charge control and hydraulic oil level.

Designed for reliable and safe operation, trucks simply drive straight onto the system and straight off, with no backing up required. For flexibility, the system is modularized for use with larger vehicles up to 28-feet in length; and for shorter vehicles, the system’s photo eyes allow automatic adjustments for additional time and energy savings. For more information, contact Neptune at 501-5258484 or visit ______________________________________

New BOMAG BW211-50 Single-Drum Rollers Meet Tier 4i Regulations, Deliver Efficient Performance Featuring enhanced fuel economy and meeting Tier 4i regulations, BOMAG’s new BW211-50 Series singledrum vibratory rollers are designed for efficient compaction of granular and cohesive soils, making them ideal for numerous site preparation and road construction applications.

The BW211-50 Series consists of the BW211D-50 smooth drum roller and the BW211PD-50 padfoot roller. Each model is powered by a Tier 4i compliant, 120-horsepower Deutz diesel engine that features ECOMODE, a system that aids the operator in conserving fuel. Dual vibration frequencies and amplitudes ensure compaction performance is maximized on a variety of soil surfaces. Both rollers deliver frequencies of 1,800 and 1,980 vibrations per minute (vpm) across an 84-inch operating width. The BW211D-50 generates 53,100 pounds of centrifugal force in high amplitude and

Contractors Equipment Directory

BOMAG has introduced its new BW211-50 Series single-drum vibratory rollers. The rollers meet Tier 4i regulations and feature ECOMODE for enhanced fuel economy.

A 12-degree oscillating angle and 35-degree steering angle provide optimum maneuverability on the jobsite, and operation is simple with a single lever control for travel and vibration modes. Heavy-duty 12-ply tires and a rear axle with no-spin differential contribute to excellent traction, even in difficult conditions. Maximum gradeability is 47-percent with and without vibration. Options include compaction measurement and control systems, front and rear working lights, padfoot or smooth drum segment kits, front frame or diamond tread rear tire ballasts, rOPS cab with heating, air conditioning, swivel comfort seat, CD radio with auxiliary input, rotary beacon, and special paint. Speedometer, voltmeter, frequency and tachometer gauges are also available. For more information call 800-782-6624 or visit www.

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May 2013

ÂŤwhat's new

excavators, John Deere Construction & Forestry. "We continue to implement customer-inspired features such as a widened and lengthened cab for improved operator comfort and a Final Tier 4 solution offering a seamless operation experience with no interruption. And like our other compacts, our two largest models excel in closequarters work and are easy to transport."

Attachments International Introduces Extreme Service Skeleton Bucketers Attachments International introduces an extreme service skeleton bucket made for big wheel loaders and crawler loaders. Manufactured for extreme conditions, it is designed for mine and sort rock with optimal efficiency. The open tine bucket design allows all dirt and fine debris to fall through. Bucket sides are specifically designed with drainage holes.

The 50G (36 hp/ 26.8 kW) and 60G (53 hp/ 39.6 kW) are outfitted with a DOC/DPF aftertreatment device to meet the Final Tier 4 emissions requirements. The FT4 design is based on John Deere's IT4 strategy that has a track record of exceptional reliability. Both models incorporate the popular auto-idle feature that slows engine speed when the pilot-control levers are momentarily released – for reduced fuel consumption and noise.

Constructed of Hardox 400, abrasion proof steel, the rugged design allows various tine spacing. The bucket features carbide wear plates that allow for use in the most extreme conditions. Capacities are 1 cubic yard up to 12 cubic yards.

direct line of sight. With a little practice, a skilled operator can quickly learn to use the rigEm&roll safely and effectively.

For more information email or call 218-863-6445. ______________________________________

New Grapple Attachment Maximizes Tree Trimming Efficiency

Diversified Products has introduced the RigEm&Roll, a remote-controlled grapple for the tree services industry. The patented product attaches to the load line of a crane for safely grabbing and picking large limbs, eliminating the need to go out on the limbs to set chokers. Constructed of 100,000-psi steel, the rigEm&roll is independently powered by a self-contained 24-volt battery and hydraulic system. It weighs approximately 500 pounds and has a lifting capacity of 5,500 pounds. The grapple jaws close using 1,000 psi of force for grabbing limbs up to 20 inches in diameter. Furthermore, the hydraulic cylinders offer fast cycle times and feature integrated check valves, ensuring the jaws remain firmly closed until the operator releases them. This maximizes productivity and safety. The rigEm&roll includes positioning spikes for rigging limbs angled up to 70 degrees from horizontal. Additionally, it comes with a remote control, allowing the unit to be operated up to 400 feet away through a May 2013

One of the biggest additions to both models is a new door design for improved entry and visibility to the left hand side of the machine. The door design also widens the size of the opening for entering the cab. Within the operator station, a new multifunction monitor provides a coolant temperature and fuel gauge, clock, two trip meters, regeneration inhibit, auto shut down control, and machine hours among the many functions.

Thanks to a quick-attach system, the rigEm&roll attaches to the load line of a crane in less than a minute. The unit is capable of picking approximately 60 limbs on a fully charged battery, and a warning light is included to indicate low battery. The rigEm&roll was designed, developed and tested by arborist Tierson Boutte, who licensed the rights to Diversified Products for the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of the product. Diversified Products offers a wide range of attachments for cranes, knucklebooms and digger derricks. For more information call 254-757-1177 or visit www. ______________________________________

50G and 60G Strengthen John Deere Compact Excavator Line

The John Deere 50G and 60G Compact Excavators are the newest models to join the G-Series line after the introduction of the 35G at World of Concrete 2013. The 50G and 60G units feature a wide variety of improvements, many of which affect the cab design to improve visibility, operator comfort and thus productivity. These new models are particularly well suited for the rental, commercial/residential building, landscaping, underground and site development segments. "These new machines continue to expand on the success of John Deere's larger line of G-Series excavators," said Mark Wall, product marketing manager for | The

Contractors Equipment Directory

The John Deere 50G Compact Excavator is one of the newest models in the G-Series line.

Since machine uptime is imperative on today's jobsite, John Deere added a third service door to the 50G and 60G to provide improved access to the cooling core. The cores were also positioned side-by-side rather than being stacked inline for increased cooling performance. But not everything in these new excavators changed. Similar to all G-Series models, the compacts include unique features such as an oil-impregnated boom, and arm and bucket bushings to help deliver unsurpassed long-term durability. Attachments and options also strengthen John Deere's excavator offerings. These models can be equipped with an optional, hydraulic, adjustable-angle backfill blade that features 25 degrees of adjustment to both the left and right for more efficient trench backfilling. Contractors also have the ability to choose the tracks that are best suited for their work. rubber tracks, steel tracks and steel tracks with rubber pads are all available. For more information visit

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«what's new

Komatsu America Corp. Launches a New Addition to the Dash-10 Excavator Series Komatsu America Corp. recently introduced the PC138USLC-10 tight tail swing hydraulic excavator. With an operating weight range of 31,791 – 32,628 pounds, the PC138USLC-10’s short tail swing radius makes it an ideal machine for confined work areas such as one lane of traffic or urban environments. The EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage 3B emissions certified machine is the newest addition to Komatsu’s Dash-10 excavator line up. Designed with the customer in mind, the PC138USLC-10 has a net horsepower of 93.5 hp, powered by a Komatsu SAA4D95LE-6 engine. Built upon its proven Tier 3 engine platform, Komatsu has leveraged its leadership in technology and innovation to design a more environmentally-friendly engine that maintains the proven performance of the previous series while reducing daily costs and fuel consumption. The PC138USLC-10 features improved hydraulic efficiency, improved operator comfort, and simplified maintenance, yet retains the versatility and performance of the previous model. The standard additional counterweight provides the same level of lift capacity and stability that a conventional tail swing excavator provides, but uses a contoured cab design that allows the cab to swing within the same swing radius as the counterweight.

EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage 3B Emissions Certified Engine

versatile Performance

Highly Efficient Hydraulic System

Enhanced Operator Environment

Convenient Maintenance and Serviceability

Customer peace-of-mind is standard because of Komatsu CArE®

KOMTrAX® Fleet Monitoring

800-622-8836 | The

Electronic controls, powered by a small rechargeable battery, help protect the fiber during installation, providing push force, distance and speed control adjustments. The unit’s machined aluminum construction provides a lightweight profile with long life and durability. Its compact size and convenient carrying case allow for easy transport between job sites. For more information visit ______________________________________

New Big Block Engine Adds V-Twin Power to Full Line of Subaru Engines

Subaru Industrial Engines continues its leadership in industrial-quality engine manufacturing with the introduction of two new big block v-Twin engines. The 35-horsepower EH90 and 40-horsepower EH99 meet a growing demand for larger, air-cooled gasoline engines that deliver increased power for a wider range of applications. The engines are ideal for equipment like concrete polishers, riding trowels, utility vehicles, zero-turn mowers and ride-on blowers.

In addition, the standard four-cycle OHv gasoline engines feature a dual element air filter that protects the engine from dust and reduces maintenance. A Donaldson® canister style air cleaner comes standard on both engine configurations and has an inlet pre-cleaner, which offers additional filtration by removing a majority of the particles before they reach the filter, thereby minimizing maintenance and extending the intervals between cleanings or filter changes.

For more information visit


The new Condux Gulfstream 200 micro fiber optic cable blower is ideal for FTTH and Enterprise micro fiber installations. Portable and powerful, the Gulfstream 200 provides lightweight, single hand operation for installation of micro fiber from 0.8mm to 5.5mm in diameter in micro duct ranging in size from 3mm to 12.7mm. The Gulfstream 200 can be powered by a small compressor, at a 175-psi maximum.

The EH90 and EH99 are extremely durable, low maintenance and feature heat-reduction technology. Both engines are 999cc and feature heavy-duty connecting rods, large crankshaft bearings and three-ring pistons. The hardened exhaust valve and seats can handle high temperatures, which improves engine performance, efficiency and overall life of the engine. Temperature sensors are located on the engine heads and will shut off the engine to prevent any damage from overheating due to clogged air intake valves.

Special features of the new PC138USLC-10 include: •

Condux Introduces Gulfstream 200 Micro Fiber Blowers

Furthermore, a low oil pressure sensor allows equipment manufacturers to offer control panel alerts or automatic engine shutoff. Pressurized lubrication

Contractors Equipment Directory

systems keep the engine well lubricated by pumping oil directly to every critical bearing, even when a piece of equipment is operating at extreme angles. The pressurized lubrication system also allows the OHv engine to use an automotive grade spin-on oil filter, which does an exceptional job of removing dirt and carbon solids to keep the oil clean and extend the time between oil changes. The engine also has an oversized oil cooler to reduce the temperature of the oil in the engine to extend oil life. The big block engines comply with all current EPA and CArB requirements and provide a viable alternative to diesel engines. Both engines are backed by Subaru’s 5-year limited warranty, the first and only 5-year warranty in the industry. For more information visit ______________________________________

MSA Develops Industrial Hard Hat Made from Sugarcane MSA's iconic V-Gard® line of hard hats, identified by their unique and raised "v-shaped" crown, has saved countless lives by protecting wearers from falling objects and other cranial hazards. But now workers have the option of using a hard hat that not only helps to protect their head, but protects the environment as well. The new MSA v-Gard GrN (for green) Hard Hat is the first industrial safety product produced from nearly 100 percent renewable resources. Developed and manufactured by MSA in Brazil, the MSA v-Gard GrN Hard Hat is similar to conventional hats in that it's made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). However, unlike traditional hard hats, the HDPE in the MSA v-Gard GrN model is sourced entirely from sugarcane. "By developing a hard hat sourced from sugar, we have reduced the overall carbon footprint that's associated with the entire life-cycle of this particular product, from start to finish," said Eric Beck, MSA's Global Director of Strategic Marketing. Mr. Beck explained that "green" polyethylene is made from sugarcane ethanol, which results in a smaller carbon footprint because, for each ton of the material produced, up to 2.5 pounds of carbon dioxide are captured from the atmosphere. Conversely, Mr. Beck noted that one ton of polyethylene sourced from petrochemicals actually emits more than two pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. He added that green polyethylene is 100 percent recyclable, making it suitable for reuse in non-safety products, which further enhances the sustainability benefits of the new hard hat. "The environmental advantages of using 'green' HDPE in a hard hat are certainly attractive and are what initially captured our interest," said Dr. Thomas Muschter, MSA vice President of Global Product Leadership. "But at the end of the day we would not be using

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May 2013

«what's new

Greasing in Cold Weather is Easy With a Warm Cartridge Contractors in the construction industry have always found it difficult in cold weather to keep grease, foam, caulk and other temperature sensitive items warm enough to flow freely or stick for efficient application. The Caulk Warmer, a new product recently introduced to the construction industry, solves this age old problem. this material if it didn't provide the same high level of head protection that our v-Gard brand is known for around the world. That's what makes this product option so attractive. The HDPE sourced from sugarcane provides the same performance and properties as resins made from non-renewable raw materials," he said.

Skilled craftsmen know that warm lubricants and adhesive materials flow more freely, resulting in smoother application, better penetration and secure sealing. But when lubricants don’t flow, tapes and adhesives don’t stick and foams don’t spray; time and money are both sacrificed.

"Environmental sustainability is more important than ever today, and our development of a sustainable hard hat provides MSA customers with yet another way to demonstrate their commitment to preserving the planet," Mr. Beck added. "For green construction projects, or for companies focused on sustainability initiatives, we think the v-Gard GrN Hard Hat provides a perfect fit."

Primitive strategies for keeping materials warm in buckets of water or on the de-frost vents of running trucks are wasteful and inefficient at best.


This heavy duty nylon canvas bag has a backstrap with a “quick disconnect” for looping over railings, plugs into 120V AC or 12V DC inverter, requires only 50 watts of power, and has a convenient cord storage pouch on the front. There is a convenient on/off switch and the internal temperature is thermostatically controlled.

Donaldson Announces New TopSpin HD Heavy-Duty Pre-Cleaners

The all-metal TopSpin HD is built for high-dust and heavy-debris environments, such as mining, construction, oil and gas and agriculture. Its high efficiency design delivers low restriction and enables it to separate and eject up to 80% of incoming contamination before it can reach the engine’s air cleaner.

Now there is a better option, the Caulk Warmer, a unique patented warming bag that keeps lubricants and adhesives warm enough to flow freely relieving application strain on user’s arms and hands.

A Caulk Warmer holds 12 (1 case) standard size caulk tubes, or 7 quart size tubes, or 12 sausage size tubes, or 7 cans of foam, or a case of floor tile. Other suggested uses include temperature sensitive products such as insulating foam, windows & door sealing tape, adhesives, grease cartridges, and more.

Less frequent air filter replacement,

Lower operating costs, and

New users rave about the ease of use, time and money savings that the caulk warmer affords both in work time on the job-site as well as the costs of not having to run vehicles to keep materials warm on unheated sites.

Less maintenance downtime.

For more information visit

It also helps prolong air filter life, which results in:

"Pre-cleaning air before it enters an air cleaner can dramatically improve the life of an air filter, and help avoid costly engine failure," said John Fitzgerald, Product Manager, Donaldson Engine Air Filtration. "TopSpin HD is a cost effective solution that is designed specifically to perform in punishing conditions where precleaners can really take a beating." Donaldson offers a full line of pre-cleaner and rain cover accessories, including Air ram™ inlet hoods, industry leading pre-cleaners such as Strata™ Cap, TopSpin HD, TopSpin, Full-view and Donaspin™, plus moisture skimmers and eliminators. Learn more at

May 2013


GOMACO Introduces the New GT-3200 Zero-Clearance Sidewalk Paver Specifically for Rehabilitation Projects

When contractors approach GOMACO with new ideas, the company listens, and a creative partnership begins to build the ultimate machine. GOMACO introduced the GT-3200 sidewalk paver (with an adjustable aggregate base mold on the front and a sidewalk paving mold on the rear) at World of Concrete 2013. It's a three- | The

Contractors Equipment Directory

track paver designed specifically for zero-clearance sidewalk rehabilitation projects, fulfilling a contractor's unique request. The GOMACO GT-3200 can be equipped with a frontmounted adjustable aggregate base mold to spread the base aggregate for the sidewalk. During the first pass, rock is placed on grade and an auger spreads the material, while three pan vibrators mounted to the mold start the compaction process. The base mold is equipped with two heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders that provide 14 inches (356 mm) of hydraulic lift for setting the grade depth below the track line and raising the mold for the paving pass. During the second paving pass, the sidewalk is slipformed with a unique, minimum-clearance trailing mold. The GT-3200 sidewalk paver has a 20 inch wide, 14 foot long folding conveyor. The conveyor allows ready-mix trucks to discharge from the street instead of driving over existing curb to reach the paver. The hydraulic pivoting conveyor has also been designed to rotate 180 degrees to allow for easy loading of concrete into the hopper from either side of the machine and to avoid obstacles associated with zero-clearance paving.

GOMACO's new GT-3200 zero-clearance sidewalk paver slipforms a new five foot (1.5 m) wide sidewalk on a rehabilitation project in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The GOMACO-proven sidewalk mold features hydraulic adjustable sideplates to form the GOMACO edge, while a trailing stainless pan provides the superior finish. The sidewalk mold can also be equipped with a bar inserter for placing transverse bars into the slab, if required by project specifications. The GT-3200 sidewalk paver also features all-track steering, which saves time getting on and off stringline, allows better job-site mobility, and ease in loading and unloading for transport. It can be transported without removing either the front-mounted adjustable aggregate base mold or the rear-mounted sidewalk paving mold. Simply fold the conveyor and drive the GT-3200 onto the trailer for transport. It features the latest in GOMACO machine control with the exclusive G+ system with a new full color screen. G+ is a powerful controller for paving accuracy and electronic monitoring of steering and grade. G+, combined with the GT3200's C4.4T Caterpillar engine with 91 hp (67.9 kW), provides plenty of power for sidewalk paving. For more information visit East Edition | 800-622-8836


«leadership & personal growth

How to Keep a Positive Attitude in Challenging Times You’ve probably heard the ancient story of the 3 blind men trying to describe an elephant. One touches the tail and describes the elephant as a snake. Another stumbles against the side and describes the elephant as a wall. Yet the other touches the leg and describes the elephant as a tall tree.

3. Find the silver lining. Constantly ask yourself

The point? Perhaps the issue in front of you is not of as much significance as the angle you are experiencing it from. Learning to position yourself at an advantageous angle can make the difference of whether you experience the best or the worst of your current circumstances.

Once you start seeing the silver lining in every incident, your challenges will cease to be the heavy blocks that previously burdened you; for they will now become stepping stones from where you can stand just a little taller. It’s at this point that you will experience a new height regardless of the negatives thrown your way.


4. Trust the bigger plan. You no doubt have big plans. But understand that however big your plans are, the universe has much bigger plans for you. When you are discouraged and things are not working according to your plans, realize that there’s something else out there guiding you; and that which you perceive as a detour might be the actual road you must travel on.

USED REPAIR PARTS 800-626-6046

There are millions of things you can do to position yourself on the right side of a stressful situation, but here are four simple mindsets that you can adopt today regardless of the obstacle at hand:

1. Nothing in life is permanent, not even you. So if you are impermanent, how can your problems be permanent? While this might sound negative, understanding that everything in life is transitory will give you an empowering viewpoint in regards to your current challenges. Reminding yourself that whatever turbulence you are experiencing at this moment is temporary will encourage you to keep elevating yourself in search of that perfect cruising altitude. On the other hand, even when things are perfect, embracing a temporary mindset can be very helpful. You see, people’s zest for life is frequently killed not by misfortunes but by their inability to appreciate what’s already great around them. Therefore, if you begin to remind yourself that this moment, no matter how perfect, will too come to an end, you will start appreciating all of the positives in your life that you have been taking for granted.

2. Failure is a prerequisite. Your failures exist for one and only one reason: to make your future successes possible. Instead of complaining and asking life to stop throwing things at you, start recognizing your current dilemma as building material. Life tosses bricks to all of us; it’s up to you to build an artistic masterpiece or to end up with a pile of rubbles. Keep this thought in mind by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.” Be thankful even for failures, for they are an indispensable piece of your success puzzle.

one simple question: what great opportunity can come out of my current circumstances? Asking this question will direct your energy to look for the hidden positives that lie within your challenges and keep you from wasting it on complaining about the negatives.

Don’t get so caught up on the way things should’ve been, could’ve been, or would’ve been because looking from where you stand you will never be able to comprehend the magnitude of the grand plan that’s in store for you. Trust that you are where you are because that’s where you need to be; then you might get a glimpse at how insignificant your initial plan was and how grandiose your current one is.

Call to Action Everyone says in life you have to be positive if you want to get somewhere. The question is how can you become positive when negative things keep happening to you? Just like anything, being positive is a habit that can be developed.

800-622-8836 | The

Wheel Loaders, Crawlers, Track Excavators, Loader Backhoes, Skidders, Skid-Steer Loaders, Engines & Transmissions “Rely on Our Experience - Est. 1967”

618-833-5498 4535 State Route 3 North P.O. Box 136 Wolf Lake, IL 62998

All you have to do is for the next 30 days when you are faced with a challenge adopt one of the 4 mindsets by reminding yourself that:

302-684-3197 FAX 302-684-0643

142 Broadkill Rd., Milton, DE 19968

(1) Whatever is troubling you is temporary, (2) Your current setback is an indispensable part of the success puzzle, (3) There is a silver lining or a great opportunity within every challenge and (4) No matter what happens, you must trust that you are part of a much bigger plan.

About the author: Andres Lara is an international-selling author and sought-after motivational speaker who speaks to companies and groups from all walks of life on the psychology of how to move forward when you feel like quitting. Connect with him at or, or call 239-424-9152.


27 Broad Street, Norwalk, CT 06851 203-847-2496

Contractors Equipment Directory and perforated Atlantic Mfg. of slotted pipe Screen & Mfg., Inc. Products for: • • • • • • •

Water Wells Inspection Wells Monitoring Sampling Equipment Dewatering, Irrigation Landfill & Construction Manholes, Carbon, Filtersock, Bentonite, Fuel Sensor Strip, Etc.

East Edition |

May 2013


Introducing The “E.V.O.” er e t S d S ki

Models Available For

act p m o C ator v a c x E

Large or at Excav

Right of Way Maintenance & Clearing, Forestry Clearing for Fire Prevention, Rail Road Maintenance, & Roadside Clearing. • Ability to clear everything from brush to felling and mulching 15" and larger diameter trees with appropriate hydraulics • Ability to be attached to just about any carrier • Use with or without an auxiliary engine • Low cost, affordable attachment that is a must have for every clearing contractor. • Low cost - Pays for itself! • Long tool life - 300+ hours • Extremely low maintenance!

John Brown & Sons, Co.

Toll Free:1-888-227-6686

14 B&B Lane, Weare, NH 03104

Fax: 603-529-7974

Make EVERY Job Fast & Efficient!

Make Caulking Easier!


Caulking, Silicones & Liquid Nail Products/ Tubes for Small & Large Guns

Stone Biter Break a variety of stones in a lightweight and portable manner Take it on-site & eliminate the need for multiple tools, such as grinders, chisels and hammers.

Patent Pending

Great For:

May 2013

Precise angling Easier application! More efficient & cost effective! Minimal waste! Professional results! Cleans easily & reusable!

Great For:

Granite Installers, Landscapers, Masons, Rock Companies, Rentals and more!

tc industries, inc.

Caulking Tip

“A New Angle on an Old Tip”

Patent Pending

Transforms a time-consuming job into a manageable task.

360° pro

Painting, Plumbing, Windows, Bathrooms, Granite, Tile Work, Automotive and more!

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Hydraulic Excavator Manual Thumbs Thumbs

Main Pin Thumbs

Hydraulic Excavator Hydraulic Thumbs Excavator Thumbs


7274 Centreville Road Manassas, VA 20111 703-361-2135

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WILSON RENTAL CENTER, INC. 369 Park Avenue Corning, NY 14830 607-962-8611 | 800-640-2423 In Pennsylvania:

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Hydraulic Hydraulic Excavator Manual Excavator Thumbs Manual Thumbs Thumbs Thumbs

Ditching Manual Pin Buckets ThumbsMain Pin Manual ThumbsMain Thumbs Thumbs

Ditching BucketsDitching Buckets info@excavat Main Main Pin Pin

Thumbs Thumbs Progressive MainHydraulic Pin Excavator Thumbs Link Also Manual Thumbs Thumbs

Hydraulic Excavator Hydraulic Excavator Thumbs Thumbs

Hydraulic Excavator Hydraulic Ditching Hydraulic Hydraulic Manu New Excavator Frost Ripper Hydraulic Excavator Manual Buckets Excavator Manual Excavator Manual Excavator Manual Thum Thumbs Thumbs Manual Ditching Thumbs Thumbs Thumbs Stumper/Rake Thumbs Thumbs Thumbs Thumbs Thumbs Buckets Excavator clear land in New Excavator Frost Ripper Hydraulic New Frost Ripper 1/2 the time Excavator Stumper/Rake Manual Stumper/Rake Mainclear Pin land Thumbs Main in Thumbs Main Pin Main PinPin Ditching Main Pin Thumbs Hydraulic Main Pin Thumbs clear land in Thumbs Thumbs Excavator 1/2 the time Thumbs Excavator Thumbs Manual Buckets Ditching New Ditching Frost Ripper Ditching 1/2 the time Thumbs Ditching Buckets Buckets Ditching Ditching Excavator Buckets Thumbs Buckets Buckets Stumper/Rake Large New Buckets Buckets Frost Ripper Main Pin Excavator clear land in Excavator Stumper/Rake Thumbs BucketsBuckets Frost 1/2 the time Skeleton clear land in Buckets Ditching Large Main Pin Buckets NEW! Ripper Buckets Excavator Large Thumbs 1/2 the time Excavator Dozer Rakes Buckets Stumper/Rake 18,000 toDitching 40,000Lbs. Buckets Excavator Skeleton 96”-160” Available Excavator Grave Excavator Excavator Buckets New clear land in 1/2 Buckets New Excavator F Skeleton Grave Frost Ripper Hydraulic Excavator New Buckets New Frost RipperBuckets Manual Frost Ripper New Frost Ripper New Frost Ripper Buckets New Digger Excavator Digger Frost Ripper Dozer Rakes Stumper/Rake Large Stumper/Rake Manual Stumper/Rake the time Stumper/Rake to 40,000Lbs. Stumper/Rake Thumbs Thumbs 18,000 Buckets Dozer Rakes Stumper/Rake Excavator Thumbs 96”-160” Available Stumper/Rake 18,000 to 40,000Lbs. clear land in clear land in clear land in Largeclear Grave clear land in Buckets 96”-160” Available land in clear land in clear land in Excavator Grave Excavator Digger Skeleton 1/2 the time 1/2 the time time 1/2 the timeFrost Ripper 1/21/2 thethe time New Buckets Digger Buckets 1/2 the time 1/2 the time Skidsteer Call us toll free 1.800.870.3610 Skeleton Dozer Rakes Stumper/Rake Attachments Excavator 18,000 to 40,000Lbs. Buckets Main Pin International Calls 336-983-0763 96”-160” Available New Frost clear land inRipper Thumbs Dozer Rakes Grave Skidsteer Large 18,000 to 40,000Lbs. Call us toll Buckets free 1.800.870.3610 Fax 336-983-2137 Buckets Stumper/Rake Digger Buckets Skidsteer 96”-160” Available Ditching 1/2 the time Buckets Skidsteer Attachments Buckets Call us toll free 1.800.870.3610 Large Excavator Large Buckets Grave Large Buckets Large Attachments Large International Calls 336-983-0763 clear land in Large Excavator Excavator Attachments Large Calls 336-983-0763 Digger Bucket Excavator Excavator Buy Direct &Excavator Save • Made In The U.S.A. • 1 Year Warranty International Excavator Buckets Buckets Excavator Buckets 1/2 the time Buckets Fax 336-983-2137 Skeleton Buckets Buckets Skeleton keleton Buckets Skeleton Fax 336-983-2137 Skeleton Skeleton Skeleton Skidsteer Buckets uckets Buckets Skeleton Buckets Buckets Call us toll free 1.800.870.3610 Buckets Buckets Dozer Rakes Buy Direct & Save • Made In The U.S.A. • 1 Year Warranty Buckets Attachments Buckets Do Large Dozer Rakes Buy Direct & Save • Made In The U.S.A. Dozer • 1 Year Warranty Dozer Rakes 1 18,000 to 40,000Lbs. Skidsteer Dozer Rakes International Calls 336-983-0763 18,000 to 40,000Lbs. Dozer Rakes Call us toll free 1.800.870.3610 18,000 to 40,000Lbs. Excavator 9 Call us toll 1-800-8703610 96”-160” Available Rakes 18,000free to 40,000Lbs. Dozer Rakes 96”-160” Available 96”-160” Available Attachments 18,000 to 40,000Lbs.18,000 to 40,000Lbs. 96”-160” Available Buckets Grave Buckets 96”-160” Available Grave 96”-160” Available Grave Skeleton Fax 336-983-2137 Excavator International Calls 336-983-0763 Grave ALL SIZES AVAILABLE Large Grave Digger Gravecalls New Digger Digger Frost Ripper International 336-983-0763 Digger Excavator Digger Buckets Digger Fax 336-983-2137 Buy Direct & Save • Made In The U.S.A. • 1 Year Warranty Stumper/Rake Buckets Dozer Rakes Fax 336-983-2137 18,000 to 40,000Lbs. Skeleton clear land in 96”-160” Available Buy Direct & Save • Made In The U.S.A. • 1 Year Warranty Buckets Grave S Skidsteer 1/2 time Skidsteer Callthe us toll free 1.800.870.3610 Call us toll free 1.800.870.3610CallCall Skidsteer Dozer Rakes Digger Skidsteer us toll 1.800.870.3610 Call us toll free 1.800.870.3610 Skidsteer At Attachments us toll freefree 1.800.870.3610 18,000 to 40,000Lbs. Skidsteer Call us toll free 1.800.870.3610 Attachments Attachments Call us toll free 1.800.870.3610 Attachments 96”-160” Available Attachments International Calls 336-983-0763 International Calls 336-983-0763 Attachments International Calls 336-983-0763 International Calls 336-983-0763 Grave Calls International 336-983-0763 International Calls 336-983-0763 International Calls 336-983-0763 DiggerDirect Fax 336-983-2137 Fax 336-983-2137 Buy & Save • Made Fax In 336-983-2137 The U.S.A. • Fax 1 Year Warranty 336-983-2137 FaxFax 336-983-2137 336-983-2137 Fax 336-983-2137 Buckets Skidsteer Call us toll free 1.800.870.3610 Direct &Large Save • Made In The U.S.A.May• 2013 1 Year W ave • B2 Made In The U.S.A. • 800-622-8836 1•Year Warranty Buy Direct & Save • Made U.S.A. •1 Year 1 Year Warranty | In Buy Direct & Save • Made In The•U.S.A. •Buy 1Made Year Warranty The The Contractors Directory Edition Buy Direct & Save Made In The U.S.A. • Equipment Warranty Buy Direct &|Made Save •Attachments InExcavator The U.S.A. •Warranty 1 Year Warranty Buy Direct &East Save In The U.S.A. • 1 Year International Calls 336-983-0763 Buckets Skidsteer


The Compton Railcar • Unique blade cuts 1" to 24" diameter trees and brush • Rotates 180° to prune or cut downed trees • S5 tooling steel cutting blade with Kodiak carbide replaceable teeth • Electrical interface "Plug & Play" allows use of OEM controls on most machines



• Power rotate 0° to 110° • Cuts up to a 14” tree in one cut • Converts your single hydraulics to dual hydraulics • Fits most skid loaders with 2 pin hitch system • US Patent 7,938,153



• Three models, all available in 1” thick high tensile steel • Abrasion resistant tines break concrete • Handle hay, logs, steel, debris and more • Designed to gain power as jaws close for powerful clamping and crushing

866-567-9618 Proudly from Sidney, Iowa TSGGLS13_FarmLive.indd 1


Loader & Unloader KEY FEATURES:

• Portable • Versatile High Volume • One Man Operation

CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE VIDEO!!! (530) 895-1942

2434 DAYTON RD., CHICO CA 95928 PH: 530-895-1942 • FAX: 530-895-0760

4/3/2013 4:37:09 PM

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TRICO EQUIPMENT SERVICES LLC 200 Bomont Pl. Totowa, NJ 07512 973-785-4900 800-558-7426 551 N. Harding Hwy. Vineland, NJ 08360 800-874-2650 212 Monmouth Rd. Freehold, NJ 07728 800-874-2659 In Iowa:

ROEDER IMPLEMENT 2550 Rockdale Rd. Dubuque, IA 52003 563-557-1184 800-557-1184 | The


6413 Airline Hwy. Baton Rouge, LA 70805 225-357-7515 888-772-9505

May 2013

• Diesel Or Electric Power • 4” High Drive Over Pan • Highway Towable With One Ton Pickup • Adjustable Rear Axle • Detachable Ramps • Self-Propelled • Side-Drive

Contractors Equipment Directory

10874 E. Pike Rd. Cambridge, OH 43725 740-432-6303 1356 3rd Street Brilliant, OH 43913 740-598-3400 1500 Industrial Parkway Brunswick, OH 44212 330-225-6511 6390 Shier-Rings Rd. Dublin, OH 43016 614-889-1073 228 SR7 North Gallipolis, OH 45631 740-446-3910 1505 Hebron Rd. (RT 79) Heath, OH 43056 740-522-3500 3875 West Fourth Street Mansfield, OH 44903 419-529-4848 26580 St. Rt. 7 Marietta, OH 45750 740-374-7479 8757 Tyler Blvd. Mentor, OH 44060 440-255-6300 404 Breaden Rd. Monroe, OH 45050 513-539-9214 6415 Promier Ave. North Canton, OH 44720 330-494-3950

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Job Completion / Downsizing Auction

K. CARRENDER CONSTRUCTION CO. 200 Ringgold Road in Somerset, KY 42503

Put a Cummins in Your Truck

SATURDAY, MAY 18th at 10AM Inspection: Day Prior to Auction from 9AM - 4PM

Buyer's Premium: 10% Onsite, 13% Online

Kits • Conversion Kits • Wiring Services

• Complete Conversions • So Much More!

• Technical Support


(2) 2003 KOMATSU PC 228 USLC Excavators • (8) 2006 CASE 590 Super M 4x4 Backhoes (As low as 2 0 7 H o u r s ) • 2 0 0 0 C AT E R P I L L A R 4 2 6 C B a c k h o e • ( 2 ) 2 0 0 4 C AT E R P I L L A R 9 2 4 G L o a d e r s • CATERPILLAR D4 Dozer • 2000 DYNAPACK CC102 Roller w/212 Hours 2007 MACK CPT713 Dump Truck - 112,000 Miles • 2004 ROGERS BROTHER 50-Ton Heavy Haul Trailer

Conversion specialists



The ginal Ori



Myron Bowling Auctioneers, Inc. | 513/738-3311 |



Myron Bowling, Principal Auctioneer, KY Auction Lic. Number: RP 7079

E •

Vehicles • INGERSOLL RAND Compressors • Pipe and Much More




2008 MCELROY TRACKSTAR Fusion Machine • 2006 DITCH WITCH JT2720 MACH 1 All-Terrain Directional Drill (186 Inner Rod Hours) • 2002 KOMATSU PC300 LC-7 w/TRAMAC V45 Hydraulic Hammer Drill • Trench Boxes • Buckets • Attachments • Grinder Bypass Pumps w/ Hose



406-755-8878 Kalispell, MT

Combo Series Dump Trailer T hi s t r aile r w ill d o d ouble d u t y

Also Available: Utilities, Flatbeds, Reel Trailers, Custom Orders, Many More!!

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• Lawn Service • Landscapers • Contractors D&K Trailers, Inc. • Coleridge, NE

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Hagerstown, MD 21740 Rockville, MD 20852 301-665-9333 | 877-412-4224 301-230-5800 | 301-770-7600 7304 Grove Rd., Frederick, MD 21704 301-662-7711 4622 42nd Pl., Hyattsville, MD 20781 301-277-1300 1800 4th Street NE, Washington, DC 20002 202-635-1500 44180 Wade Dr., Chantilly, VA 20152 703-742-6200

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Screeding Solutions

r Curb Rolle

g tter formin curb and gu

for all of your

Project Needs! k Hydra-Pac

ed Hydra-Scre UP TO 28' LONG

CURB ROLLER MFG. 877-284-0475 Monthly Public AUCTION Second Saturday of the Month • 8am

3570 Grand Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85019 Preview: Friday Before Auction 8am-5pm doors open at 7am morning of sale

Make it EZ!

Consign your Equipment with Us: * Below Market Consignor Rates * Customized Marketing Campaign * Commercial, Industrial and Construction Assets * Contact Dan White for Details 602.242.7121 May 2013 | The

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Authorized Remanufacturer of Perkins Engines. Also servicing: Hercules Cummins Detroit Diesel Duetz WisCon and many others New GM and MWM engines and power units available. New and remanufactured engines on the shelf now.

We Offer The Lowest Prices on Perkin Remanufactured Engines

Introducing the Kubota SVL Series. The new standard for productivity, comfort and speed on the worksite – with the proven power of a Kubota turbo-charged diesel engine. Everything you value for versatile, multi-terrain work. They’re all Kubota designed, engineered and manufactured – the compact track loaders only Kubota could build. Call today for a demo. Introducing the Kubota SVL Series. The new standard for productivity, comfort and speed on the worksite – with the proven power of a Kubota turbo-charged diesel engine. Everything you value for versatile, multi-terrain work. They’re all Kubota designed, engineered and manufactured – the compact track loaders only Kubota could build. Call today for a demo.

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Optional equipment may be shown. ©Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2010

Optional equipment may be shown. ©Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2010


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Curb Shapers,Inc. Curb Shaper is a curbing machine giving concrete workers a brand new way to shape a concrete curb and gutter or a monolithic pour. Our curb roller equipment takes out all the labor of being bent over shaping curb by hand and gives you a perfect concrete curbing shape every time. This tool has several adjustments and can be set up for different jobs in a matter of minutes.

See how easy the Curb Shaper is to operate! Check out our videos online...

This Curb Roller tool is designed so that you don't have to change the way you form curb and gutter now. Stakes can be protruding above the forms. The back of the Curb Roller is only 1/2� wide, so that you will be able to go around 1/2" Masonite for large radius jobs.

RMH is also the only authorized supplier for the ESCO Hydraulic Hammer parts line!

Douglas J. Weber, Owner | Cell 479-721-5674 | 877-633-0893 May 2013 | The

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Those in the know, know Takeuchi Those in the know, know Takeuchi Those in the know, know Takeuchi

• Concrete/Masonry Anchoring Systems - Custom Fabricated Bolts - 1/2" - 4" Hook & Anchor Bolts - Custom Wedge Anchors • Adhesive Systems For Anchoring & Doweling - Available in various cartridge & bulk kits • Crack Injection and Concrete Repair Systems • Concrete Demolition - A Non-Explosive cracking agent for concrete or stone • Specialty Adhesives - Miracle-Bond, A Multi-Purpose Repair Adhesive - Polyurea Joint Filler Material

Introducing Introducing Takeuchi Takeuchi Skid Skid Steer Steer Loaders Loaders Models Models ranging ranging from from 50 50 hp hp to to 74 74 hp, hp,

with weights 6,475 lbs lbs. Introducing Takeuchi Loaders with operating operating weights of ofSkid 6,475Steer lbs to to 8,100 8,100 lbs. Available in a radial or vertical lift path. Available in a radial or vertical lift path. Introducing Skid Steer Loaders ModelsTakeuchi ranging from 50 hp to 74 hp, with operating weightsfrom of 6,475 Models ranging 50 hplbs to to 748,100 hp, lbs. a radialofor6,475 vertical path. lbs. withAvailable operatinginweights lbs lift to 8,100

Backed Backed by by aa highly highly trained trained team team in in product product and and service service

Available in a radial or vertical lift path.

Backed by a highly trained team in product and service

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Compact Compact Excavators Excavators In Missouri/Illinois: BOBCAT OF ST. LOUIS

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CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT JOB RENTALS & SALES, LLC 401 W. OuterCompact Rd., Valley Park, MO 63088 • QUEST Excavators Compact Track Loaders • Compact Wheel Loaders 10561 Airline Hwy., St. Rose, LA 70087 FOR6104 Sable Mill Court 636-225-2900 | < WHAT MORE < FIND FIND OUT OUT WHAT OTHERS OTHERS KNOW. KNOW. VISIT VISIT WWW.TAKEUCHI-US.COM WWW.TAKEUCHI-US.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION INFORMATION > > Excavators Jeffersonville, IN 47130 • 504-467-7663 Compact Track Loaders • Compact Wheel Loaders O'Fallon, MOCompact 636-240-9020 Gonzales, LA 225-450-6425 812-282-2800 Columbia, MO 573-886-9435 Fairview Heights, 618-397-1847 < FIND OUTILWHAT OTHERS KNOW. VISIT WWW.TAKEUCHI-US.COM MORE INFORMATION > < FIND OUT WHAT OTHERS KNOW. VISIT WWW.TAKEUCHI-US.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION >



Why settle for a standard sized building?

Whether you need barns, dairy, arenas, stalls, tractor or produce storage, Varco Pruden builders can provide a quality building at an affordable price. And it doesn’t have to be too big or too small. Every year, Varco Pruden provides hundreds of steel buildings for farm and agricultural use in custom designs and dimensions. Options include: • Custom sizes to 1/16th inch, from 20’ to 250’ Wide and 30’ to 750’ Long • Delivery in as little as 6 weeks, depending on complexity. • Choice of colors with long-life warranties. • Professional installation available through VP’s nationwide network of Authorized Builders. Trusted since 1948.

Visit Varco Pruden Buildings online at to find a builder near you! To request the free brochure above, go to: Varco Pruden Buildings is a division of BlueScope Buildings North America, Inc.


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the advantage is all yours.

All the Hydraulic Hardware You'll Ever Need!




The hydraulic design of the TK track trencher provides the most efficient utilization of horsepower of any trencher in its class. Available with engine options ranging from 13-30hp, this trencher is the answer to any need.

We are pleased to announce the addition of a New SUNNEN 4100 Hone


to our equipment in Dallas • Size capacity for honed tubes ranges from 4" ID up to 21" ID and up to 12' in length • Rough honing will produce an RA Finish of 40-60, suitable for piston rings • Finish honing produces a much finer finish, suitable for hydraulic seals

• Up to 200mm

• Cut to Length • No Minimum Order • Same Day Ship

Made in the U.S.A. for over 25 years, Barreto continues to be the standard in walkbehind hydraulic equipment.

FORMWORK FORMWORK SHORE ALL SHORE Buy • SellALL • Rent BuyShoring—Forms—Scaffolding • Sell • Rent

Shoring—Forms—Scaffolding Complete Engineering Complete Engineering

& Used New New & Used All Systems All Systems See it in action: U Name It It U Name Since 1981 SinceVisit 1981our Internet Catalogue


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More power, more productivity and now, more choices. Kubota Excavators Kubota now offers a complete line of compact and zero-tail swing excavators to handle the toughest jobs on any worksite. They’re designed to provide the most power and precision in the smallest space possible. So no matter what you need to get done, there’s a Kubota excavator to fit the job.

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1909 Mills Hwy. Breaux Bridge, LA 70517 337-233-5591 In North Carolina:


1431 W. Pine Street Mount Airy, NC 27030 336-786-6240

7274 Centreville Road Manassas, VA 20111 703-361-2135

27 Broad Street Norwalk, CT 06851 203-847-2496

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SALEM FARM SUPPLY INC. 5109 State Rte. 22 Salem, NY 12865 518-854-7424 | 800-999-3276 May 2013 | The

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• Successfully Serving our Customers Equipment Needs for Over 43 Years • Selling Equipment Internationally

"Insist on Honesty in Business and Government"

• Containerized Equipment for Ocean


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“Lil Bucket Man”


Backhoe, Excavator Buckets Many Other Attachments Available


T.M. Splitter Fits Most Skidsteers


All sizes, All machines, From 1,500 to 240,000 lb. machines

Now you can split and stack wood from the comfort of your skid steer cab. We Also Stock Snow Plows All Sizes

20 Creedmore Road, Cecil, PA 15321 TOLL FREE (866) BUCKET1 (282-5381) “We Sell (412) 221-6766 Rubber Tracks” Fax (412) 341-1065

RIFS Est. in 1991, Rolandfreight is a Bonded and PMS 2995 Insured International Freight Forwarder, PMS Reflex Blue handling shipments by Air & Ocean to & from PMS 032 any part of the USA. For Rate Request Contact: 5710 W. Manchester Avenue, Suite 104 Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA Tel: 310-337-1775 | Fax: 310-337-0310

Creating Mowing Solutions Toll free 877-757-7555 Maximize your equipment investment. Cut & mulch brush, grass & small trees with your excavator, backhoe or skid steer. Samurai Excavator Brush Flail • 30”, 40”, 50”, & 60” models pin or pin grabber mount • Cuts up to 6” diameter material –8-40 gpm • Gear or piston motor available • T-1 steel construction –powder coat finish • 12 month warranty • Kubota approved for Kubota KX-080-3

RaZor Skid-Steer Brush Flail

• 1/4” DOMEX steel shroud, 3/8” end plates • Four v-belt drive system rated @ 94 hp • 6” DOM cutter shaft, 5/8” wall, triple blade design • Cutting capacity 6”, 25-47 gpm • Powder coated finish– Universal quick attach • Standard 12 month warranty

S imple • Safe • E fficient

For more information contact: 320-286-3077



Drain your engine oil with the touch of a finger!

Fumoto Engineering of America

(425) 869-7771 • In Louisiana:


6413 Airline Hwy. Baton Rouge, LA 70805 225-357-7515 888-772-9505 In New Jersey:

TRICO EQUIPMENT INC. 200 Bomont Pl. Totowa, NJ 07512 973-785-4900 800-558-7426 212 Monmouth Road Freehold, NJ 800-874-2659 551 N. Harding Hwy. Vineland, NJ 800-874-2650

QA60R—Skid steer Rotary Mower • Cuts 8” diameter material • 20-40 gpm—gear or piston motor • Blade disc or Blade bar—12 lb. blades • Universal quick attach • Durable T-1 steel construction • Powder coat finish • 12 month warranty

Call 1-877-757-7555 B10

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10874 E Pike Rd. Cambridge, OH 43725 740-432-6303 1356 3rd Street Brilliant, OH 43913 740-598-3400 1500 Industrial Parkway Brunswick, OH 44212 330-225-6511 6390 Shier-Rings Rd. Dublin, OH 43016 614-889-1073 228 SR7 North Gallipolis, OH 45631 740-446-3910 1505 Hebron Rd. (RT 79) Heath, OH 43056 740-522-3500 3875 West Fourth Street Mansfield, OH 44903 419-529-4848 26580 St. Rt. 7 Marietta, OH 45750 740-374-7479 8757 Tyler Blvd. Mentor, OH 44060 440-255-6300 404 Breaden Rd. Monroe, OH 45050 513-539-9214 6415 Promier Ave. North Canton, OH 44720 330-494-3950 27207 N. Dixie Hwy., Perrysburg, OH 43551 419-874-0331 1776 S. Cedar St. Holt, MI 48842 517-694-0471 48545 Grand River Rd. Novi, MI 48374 248-349-9922 1982 Florence Pike Burlington, KY 41005 859-586-6133 May 2013

WHEN YOU BUYBANDIT YOU BUY THE BEST. The industry’s toughest, longest lasting wood processing equipment av is available through the extensive network of authorized Bandit dealers. Conta yours today and see how a Contact Band Bandit chipper or grinder can help boos boost your operation’s bottom line.

1-800-952-0178 952-0178

Self-propelled Sealcoating Machine

Model X1 30 $16,995

• Dual Rear Wheel Drive with Brakes • Power Steering • 24 H.P. Honda Engine • 8 foot Hydraulic Angle Squeegee • Water Tank • 4 inch Material Valve • 1 1/2 inch Agitator Shaft • Reversible Agitation • Large Capacity Water Fog System

N.I. Wilson Mfg. Co., Inc. 921 E. Vine Street P.O. Box 1685 Lodi, CA 95241 209-367-4203 Fax 209-367-7024 Email:


Contact your local Bandit dealer to schedule a demonstration at your job site! LARGE EQUIPMENT DISTRIBUTORS (BEAST RECYCLERS, WHOLE TREE CHIPPERS, FORESTRY MOWERS)

In Virginia/Delaware:


In West Virginia/Kentucky/Ohio:


6248 Webster Road Manassas, VA 703-393-7344 Cowen, WV 26206 Winchester, VA 540-722-3700 304-226-3299 Chesapeake, VA 757-485-3314 888-694-4695 Richmond, VA 804-266-0000 136 Clifton Drive Roanoke, VA 540-989-3750 Beaver, WV 25813 Wise, VA 276-328-8027 304-255-1525 Bridgeville, DE 800-638-6012 Route 33 West Norton, WV 26285 304-636-6421 284 Van Kirk Drive Fairmont, WV 26554 304-534-5454 19 Goff Crossing Drive Cross Lanes, WV 25313 304-204-1818 195 Industrial Park Drive Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-0321 8331 Meade Springer Road Ashland, KY 41101 606-928-3477


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50 Notch Road Woodland Park, NJ 07424 973-837-1390 800-261-7772

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At DeMott Auction Company, Inc., our main goal is to provide the Southeastern United States with an effective means of transacting Farm, Construction & Citrus equipment. To provide an effective means for individuals and corporations alike to transact their equipment in a swift, profitable manner. We facilitate this through:

Auctions . Appraisals . Purchases 1894 Sylvester Hwy, Moultrie, GA 31768 (229) 985-4565 • Fax 229-985-0754 email: Auctioneer: Terry DeMott, Sr. Mobile 229-891-1832 GA # 002554 • FL #AU1833 • AB1285

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POWERFUL ▲ A 70.7-hp Interim Tier IV turbocharged Yanmar diesel engine provides



206 ft.-lbs. of torque for raw power and performance.

Case 2WD Backhoes HIGH-RATED OPERATING CAPACITIES ▲ 1994 or newer

Cryogenic processing can improve the wear life and performance characteristics of a wide range of materials and mechanisms. OUR GUARANTEE


• • • • •


Get the strength you need for heavy-duty jobs

We are so confident in the results of our Cryogenic  Process, we offer you this guarantee: "If your production records verify that tools or parts cryogenically processed by York Cryogenics show less than 100% improvement over the life of your unprocessed tools, we will either not charge for our service or refund the cost of the cryogenic processing."

with rated operating capacities from 2,900 lbs. (with optional counterweight). GET IN CONTROL ▲ Three control options available to make operation intuitive.


Leon Patterson ~ 3945 Farm Drive • York, PA 17402


E-mail: • Serving PA, MD, DE, VA, WV, NY & New England


JCB • FORD New & •• JOHN DEERE • CASE • BOBCAT Used For Tractors - Loader Backhoes Parts & Construction Equipment.

MUSCLE 2076 & 2086

Specializing in: • Allison Transmissions • JCB & Ford Parts

Mustang skid steer models 2076 and 2086 provide the muscle you need to tackle even the toughest jobs.

We accept all major credit cards.

CONROE Truck & Tractor, Inc.

POWERFUL ▲ A 70.7-hp Interim Tier IV turbocharged Yanmar diesel engine provides 206 ft.-lbs. of torque for raw power and performance.


HIGH-RATED OPERATING CAPACITIES ▲ Get the strength you need for heavy-duty jobs with rated operating capacities from 2,900 lbs.

936-756-4464 • Fax 832-442-3313 10731 Si Terry Road • Conroe, TX 77306

(with optional counterweight).

Web page: Email:



GET IN CONTROL ▲ Three control options available to make operation intuitive.

to learn more about Mustang visit AVA I L A B L E N O W AT

efficient hydraulics, and incorporate an all-new

TRUE ZERO-TAIL-SWING – That means no

attachments hydraulically from the operators station (not available on Z17). ADVANCED HYDRAULICS – Four hydraulic pumps provide optimal power during simultaneous movements, requiring less engine power.



18138 Maugans Ave. Hagerstown, MD 21740 301-665-9333 | 877-412-4224 4C_EXC (08-2012)

In Maryland/DC/Virginia:


12529 Parklawn Dr. Rockville, MD 20852 301-230-5800 | 301-770-7600 7304 Grove Rd., Frederick, MD 21704 301-662-7711 4622 42nd Pl., Hyattsville, MD 20781 301-277-1300 Gehl Compact Equipment 1800 4th Street NE Washington, DC 20002 202-635-1500 44180 Wade Dr. Chantilly, VA 20152 703-742-6200

KORTE BROS INC. 620 W. Cook Road Fort Wayne, IN 46825 260-497-0500 To learn more about Mustang visit

m u s t a n g m f g . c o m

• • •

1/16” to 1/2” in stock

• Odd Sizes Available To Order • Price Breaks On Larger Quantity • High Density Polyethylene Copolymer Complete Parts & Service • Unlimited Uses For The Plastic Quality Built t o l e a Custom rn more abou t M u s t aBodies n g v i s i t m u s t a n g m f• gSolprene . c o mincluded for flexibility & slipperiness Longer Lasting

Thumb Truck & Trailer Co.

overhang over the tracks on any model in the Gehl product line.


In Indiana:


Used Parts, Flatbeds, Boxes, Used Trucks & Trailers

are built around powerful Yanmar engines and

reliability, maximum power, and proven emissions technology to handle demanding jobs.

WITMER'S INC. 39821 State Rt. 14 Columbiana, OH 44460 330-427-2147 | 888-427-6025

Dumps Cleaner, Quicker, & Safer

The new generation of Gehl compact excavators

INDUSTRY PROVEN – Yanmar engines provide

In Ohio:

Plastic Flooring for Dumps


zero-tail-swing design.



Pigeon, MI 48755 40 Years Service... We Will Ship Anywhere



E-mail: •


CENTRAL EQUIPMENT LLC Dust Control Equipment STORAGE, TRANSFER & SPRAYER SYSTEMS 1035 gal. eliptical skidded sprayer shown with spray bar. Fits into 10 ft. truck body.


Phone: (315)776-5300 • Fax: (315)776-8800 B12

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tALKing BUsinEss... the truth about

trading in a Family-owned Business “If you give me some new kitchen cabinets, I’ll redo your website and give you free hosting and SEO for a year...”

“One-Piece” DOOR

Dismantling  For Parts... Fiat Allis/Allis Chalmers Case - IH Caterpillar Hough - Drott Dresser John Deere Komatsu Michigan Liebherr Galion - Ford JCB - JSW Kawasaki Koehring Hyundai Linkbelt Terex - Trojan Kobelco Hitachi Samsung Mitsubishi

Blount Parts  & Equipment 800-659-3111 Hoboken, GA

Call us today!

...Does this sound familiar? Trading the products or services of the family business for something in return is more common than most people like to admit. Sure, we all enjoy getting something for “free,” but when it comes to trades, that freebie often has a steep cost.

STRAP LIFT and auto latch

Take the First Step to a Heart-Healthy Life.



Fax: (817)534-3208 1-800-403-3208 Remanufactured Turbos Now Available

Long Blocks Now Available

6 Month Warranty on Most Engines ➔ All Prices are Exchange Prices + Freight

D-353 SP

$29,950.00 D-342 SP $27,950.00 3412 $26,950.00 3408 A $17,950.00 3408 B $18,950.00 3406 A $9,950.00 3406 B $10,950.00 3406 C $12,950.00 3306 DI/PC $8,950.00 3304 DI/PC $8,450.00 3208 T. $4,650.00 3208 NA $4,208.00 3204 $6,450.00 3116 $9,950.00 3066 $7,950.00 3064 $6,450.00 3056 $6,950.00 555 NA/T. $6,950.00 504 $6,950.00 378 $6,450.00 3126 Mechanical Engine $8,950.00 ex 3116 Elect. Long Block $7,950.00 ex 3046 $6,950.00

In fact, even though you may think doing the trade is good for the family business because it builds friendships and can lead to referrals, often the trade is unequal, decreases employee morale, and creates a “who is getting more” pile of resentments within the family. So while trading may be common, it’s a practice you need to avoid or curb immediately. Following are some key points to consider the next time you contemplate trading your family business’s products or services.

Start! W alking. Start! Something. Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in America. But did you know that just 30 minutes a day of physical activity can impr ove your health and decrease your risk of heart disease? An easy way to work physical activity into your regular routine is to start walking. For every single hour of regular, vigorous exercise, you can add two hours to your life expectancy. It’s easy to Start! whether you’r e by

Swapping quickly escalates.

A little trade with a neighbor usually starts out innocent. Perhaps you swap a few haircuts for piano lessons for your child. Since that turned out well, you may keep trading with the person, but then you branch out and do other trades with more businesses. Before you know it, you start to think it’s okay to use the business any way you want to, which could ultimately lead to issues of embezzlement. So even though trading is not seen as taking the company’s assets, it’s a slippery slope that is truly a misuse of the family business.

yourself or with friends, family and co-workers. You’ll all feel a difference and live longer, heart-healthier lives. Join the movement.

©2010, American Heart Association



Trading decreases employee morale and productivity.

Would you like to put in a full day’s work and not get paid for it? Often, that’s how employees feel (both family and non-family) when they have to do trade work. Think about it from their perspective. Whoever would have normally sold the product or service no longer gets commission for the sale, yet he or she still has to process the paperwork and possibly even do the handson work. On top of that, the employees see the owner (or the person who did the trade) reap all the personal benefits of the trade, while the business as a whole gets nothing. And despite this extra work now on their plate, the employees still have to meet their usual goals and quotas. But what’s the motivation to do so when the owners or managers let product walk out the front door?



Michael Cleveland is part of United Way’s ongoing work to improve the education, income, and health of our communities. To find out how you can help create opportunities for a better life for all, visit LIVEUNITED.ORG.

May 2013 | The

Employees often do what you do, not what you say.

When employees see the owner or other family members doing trades, they often take up the practice themselves. After all, why should the owner be the only one with a club membership, white teeth, or new carpeting in their home? Once trading escalates, your inventory gets depleted and your profits shrink. Ultimately, all employees start to think of the business as their personal pocketbook instead of as a standalone entity that has a responsibility to all employees and shareholders. •

You devalue your offerings.

When you trade, the value of the item or service (for both parties) diminishes. Because no money is being exchanged, neither party truly understands the real value of the product or service received. Even worse, when word spreads that you’re willing to work for trades (and it will), the value of what you do shrinks even more. Before you know it, a good number of your sales leads are from people interested in trading. And no company can pay its bills when trades dominate the workload. •

You can’t get equal service.

More often than not, trades leave someone with the short end of the stick. Because you’re getting the product or service for “free,” it’s difficult to complain when something isn’t quite right. Didn’t like your haircut? Want the yard service to do a better job weeding the garden? Didn’t like the last batch of organic produce? If you had paid full price for the product or service, you’d have no problem complaining. Yet when it’s a trade deal, you often feel that you can’t make demands. When that occurs, feelings of resentment grow, making the trade an unpleasant situation for at least one of the participants. •

End the Trades for Good

If someone really wants your product or service, and you really want theirs, then engage in each other’s offerings the right way—by going through the sales channels and paying for the deliverables. While trading is perceived as cheaper and easier, when you consider all the damage it does to your employees, your product or service’s value, and ultimately your business, you’ll see that trading is actually a very costly option. To keep your family business going strong, swap out the trading mentality before it’s too late.

BY LoiS LANg | Lois Lang is a speaker and consultant with Evolve Partner group, LLC where she helps organizations become high performance workplaces. For more information on Lois’ speaking and consulting, please visit

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«business solutions

–by DiCk SAvAgE, Director of Sales, Construction Equipment, Navman Wireless |

5 Ways to Trim Equipment Operating Costs with Telematics Data is driving increased efficiency and profitability for many industries, and the construction industry is no exception. Today, telematics systems that collect and analyze thousands of data points related to equipment performance are helping fleet operators reduce fuel consumption, improve equipment utilization, optimize preventive maintenance schedules and much more.

Ongoing advances in telematics technology are boosting the benefits. Aftermarket telematics systems now monitor all equipment makes, models and years in a single application for easy tracking of mixed fleets. Newer construction-grade GPS tracking units not only withstand extreme off-road conditions but also help combat theft. Some telematics platforms bring both on- and off-road assets into the same interface, making it possible to see the location of the entire fleet on one real-time map as well as manage both asset types with a single tool. And so on.

One contractor, for example, slashed yearly diesel bills by $240,000 after idling reports in the company’s telematics system revealed that seven heavy excavators were left running all day during the winter whether they were working or not. Another saved hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in asset rental costs with the help of telematics equipment utilization reports showing that many company-owned machines were being underused, reducing rental needs.

Uncovering savings opportunities With GPS tracking units transmitting data from each asset over the cellular network and back-end software translating that data into maps and reports, telematics systems deliver a variety of tools for trimming fleet operating costs. The data can help fleet and equipment managers:

Reduce fuel consumption

Telematics systems can help conserve fuel by zeroing in on excessive idling, detecting unauthorized equipment use, and eliminating unnecessary mileage for on-road support vehicles. Idle reports, for example, document idle start and end times, duration and location for each piece of yellow iron, providing at-a-glance identification of the biggest fuel wasters. Geofencing can flag machines being used after hours indicating side jobs that burn excess fuel. In the case of combined on- and off-road platforms, telematics maps can A10

In a business that depends on getting the most bang for the buck out of every backhoe or bulldozer, telematics provides visibility into equipment usage, location and health that enables better management, less downtime and a stronger bottom line.

provide incremental fuel savings by ensuring that the closest service vehicle is dispatched to repair a disabled machine. With fuel accounting for 40% to 50% of an asset’s operating costs, these kinds of insights can play a pivotal role in tightening the fuel budget. In addition, in a new development, contractors can now use combined telematics/fuel management systems to detect fuel theft as well as eliminate unnecessary refueling trips. Hardware installed on both construction equipment and fuel trucks makes it possible to measure actual fuel burn for all assets in the fleet regardless of brand, type or age. The resulting reports enable fleet operators to identify excess fuel burn indicating fuel theft or fuel-related machine, maintenance or operator problems; optimize refueling schedules based on actual fuel consumption; benchmark fuel burn by both asset and jobsite to enable comparisons; and more.

improve asset allocation

Contractors can also use telematics to quickly pinpoint underutilized assets

800-622-8836 | The

on one jobsite that can be put to better use on another. This is achieved through use of equipment utilization reports that provide up-to-date documentation of machine run time – via fully electronic

Contractors Equipment Directory

data collection – as well as system maps that display the location of fleet assets in real time.

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May 2013

crossword MAY 2013 If a job foreman needs an excavator, for example, a quick look at a utilization report will reveal which assets in If acategory job foreman anthe excavator, that haveneeds logged fewfor example, a quick look at utilizaest hours for the past week oratwo. tion report will reveal which assets in (reports are updated automatically so that category have logged the fewthe data is always current.) The closest est hours for the past week or two. underutilized machine can then be (reports are updated automatically so transported to another site. the data is always current.) The closest underutilized machine can then be transported to another site.

Right-size fleets

Telematics can also help determine • optimal Right-size the mix offleets rented and owned assets. Equipment utilization reports Telematics can also help determine can used tomix forecast future thebeoptimal of rented andequipowned ment needs based on projects in the assets. Equipment utilization reports pipeline; ascertain whether the capital can be used to forecast future equipexpense for fleet expansion or upment needs based on projects in the grades is justified; whether pipeline; ascertaindetermine whether the capital toexpense sell current assets that areor underutifor fleet expansion upgrades is justified; determine lized rather than carrying themwhether on the to selldecide currentif assets are underutibooks; you’rethat wasting money rather than carrying themneed; on the onlized equipment rentals you don’t books; decide if you’re wasting money and so on. on equipment rentals you don’t need; and so on.

optimize PM servicing

The of telematics systems to • ability optimize PM servicing electronically capture engine hours The ability of telematics systems to facilitates precise calculation of servicelectronically capture engine hours ing intervals. Engine hours informafacilitates precise calculation of serviction is transferred immediately to the ing intervals. Engine hours informatelematics maintenance module or tion is transferred immediately to the the contractor’s third-party maintelematics maintenance module or tenance application. The software the contractor’s third-party mainthen automatically updates preventenance application. The software tive maintenance schedules reflect then automatically updates to prevenactual machine usage. This not only tive maintenance schedules to reflect eliminates errorand delay-prone actual machine usage. This not only manual dataerrorentry,and ensuring that eliminates delay-prone maintenance is accurate manual datascheduling entry, ensuring that as well as current, but also helps avoid as maintenance scheduling is accurate the extra expensebut of servicing early well as current, also helpstoo avoid asthe well as the potential complications extra expense of servicing too early ofas servicing toopotential late. well as the complications of servicing too late.

Thwart equipment thieves • Thwart equipment thieves

With GPS-based telematics tracking Withdeployed GPS-based tracking units on telematics construction equipunits deployed on construction ment, missing machinery can beequiptraced ment, missing be traced anywhere in themachinery U.S. and incan some anywhere inand the U.S. and in some cases Mexico Canada, right down cases Mexico and Canada, right down to the street address. Some hardware to the street address. Some hardware is also engineered to enable early theft is also engineered to enable early theft detection and recovery with features detection and recovery with features May 2013

such as a motion sensor that detects movement of stationary vehicles (indicating that the asset is being loaded such as a motionand sensor that detects onto a flatbed) a backup battery movement of stationary vehicles (in-for to ensure a continuous GPS signal dicating that the asset is being loaded months even if the wires that power onto a flatbed) and a backup battery the device are cut. to ensure a continuous GPS signal for Contractors tools to months evenhave if theused wiresthese that power successfully retrieve millions of dollars the device are cut. worth of stolen equipment, and in at Contractors have used these tools to least one case lead law enforcement successfully retrieve millions of dollars officials to a large chop shop filled with worth of stolen equipment, and in at yellow iron – including a purloined least one case lead law enforcement $100,000 whose signal officials to abackhoe large chop shopGPS filled with pointed the way. yellow iron – including a purloined $100,000 backhoe whose GPS signal pointed the way.

Better overall management Better overall

The data collected by telematics systems also helps beef up the bottom line The dataways. collected by telematics sysin other tems also helps beef up the bottom line The ability to automatically capture in other ways. machine run time saves thousands The ability automatically of hours of to field and clericalcapture staff machine run time saves thousands time otherwise required to read hour of hoursget of field and clerical staff meters, the information into the time otherwise required to read hour hands of front-office staff, and input meters, get the information into the it into spreadsheets or other applicahands of front-office staff, and input tions. Some platforms break down it into spreadsheets or other applicaequipment use by jobsite, providing tions. Some platforms break down precise documentation that can be equipment use by jobsite, providing used for job costing, chargeback and precise documentation that can be future bidding purposes. And more. used for job costing, chargeback and future bidding purposes. more.from All of these benefits stemAnd directly


telematics’ measure various All of these ability benefitstostem directly from aspects of asset performance and retelematics’ ability to measure various port theofresults in a form that enables aspects asset performance and resmart decision-making. Information port the results in a form that enables that was once locked inside graders, smart decision-making. Information pavers cranes is inside now available that wasand once locked graders, with a click – oftenis from telematics pavers and cranes now available dashboards provide drilldown with a click –that often from telematics capabilities to individual machines. dashboards that provide drilldown capabilities to individual machines. The upshot: the ability to get more The upshot: theassets abilityas towell get more work out of your as get workfor outevery of your assets well as get paid scoop of as a backhoe or paid for every scoop of a backhoe or scrape of a grader. That’s just smart scrape of a grader. That’s just smart business. business. | The


If a job foreman needs an excavator, 1 for example, a quick2look at a utiliza- 3 tion report will reveal which assets in that category have logged the fewest hours for the past week or two. 9 10 (reports are updated automatically so the data is always current.) The closest underutilized machine can then be transported 14 to another site. 15 16 20


Right-size fleets 23


Telematics can also help determine the optimal and owned 26 mix 27 of rented 28 assets. Equipment utilization reports can be used to29 forecast 30 future equip31 32 ment needs based on projects in the pipeline;37ascertain whether the capital38 expense for fleet expansion or up41 42 grades is justified; determine whether to sell current assets that are underutilized rather than carrying them on the books; decide44 if you’re wasting money on equipment rentals you don’t need; and so on.

Across Their Stick-A-LED warning lights • 1.optimize PM servicing

provide a powerful warning signal with fast installation The ability of telematics systems to 3. ____’s RT100 rough terrain crane is electronically capture engine hours being unveiled at Bauma China facilitates precise calculation of servic8. Inert gas symbol ing intervals. Engine hours informa9. Manufacturers of the only waterless tion is engine transferred immediately to the coolant telematics maintenance module 11. Company that makes a or comprehensive line ofmainprofessional the contractor’s third-party grade snowplows tenance application. The software 13. Strange then automatically updates preven14. Connect tive maintenance schedules to reflect 15. They’ve introduced a new actual machine usage. This not only N Series 580SN backhoe eliminates error- and delay-prone 17. Market pessimist manual data entry, ensuring that 21. Stay the same maintenance scheduling is accurate as 23. They provide the greenest air well as current, but also helps avoid compressor solutions the 25. extraCompany expense of servicing now offeringtoo a early line ofcomplications compact and as well ascomplete the potential zero-tail swing excavators of servicing too late. 26. Radio type

28. Point, for short Surprised expression • 29. Thwart equipment thieves 31. Engines powering the new Billy Goat DL 35 Series tracking With GPS-based telematics units deployed on construction equip38. Masterpiece ment, machinery 39.missing Des Moines’ state can be traced anywhere in the U.S. some 41. Company thatand hasinintroduced the ______5000T-HD slipformer cases Mexico and Canada, right down 43.street Driveaddress. Some hardware to the 44.engineered World of Concrete is also to enableShow early theft location for Feb 2013 detection and recovery with features 45. Skid ____

Contractors Equipment Directory

such as a motion sensor that detects 4 5 of stationary 6 vehicles (in7 movement dicating that the asset is being loaded onto8 a flatbed) and a backup battery to ensure a continuous GPS signal for 12 11 months even if the wires that power the device are cut.


Contractors have used these tools to 17 millions 18 19 successfully retrieve of dollars worth of stolen equipment, and in at 22 least one case lead law enforcement officials to a large chop shop filled with 25 yellow iron – including a purloined $100,000 backhoe whose GPS signal pointed the way. 33


35 39


Better overall 43 management


The data collected by telematics systems also helps beef up the bottom line 45 in other ways. The ability to automatically capture Solution on page A16 machine run time saves thousands Down of hours of field and clerical staff 1. Powerpusher’s E-750 is an ____ time otherwise required to read hour wheelbarrow meters, get the information into the 2. Lifting device hands of front-office staff, and input 4. Aluminum ____ it into spreadsheets or other applica5. Repair tions. Some platforms break down 6. Sign, as in a contract equipment use by jobsite, providing 7. Neither’s partner precise documentation that can be 10. Small time unit used for job costing, chargeback and 11. Water director future purposes. And more. 12.bidding Emissions watchdog

16. Basics of a subject All of these benefits stem directly from 18. Latest Brown Brontosaurus telematics’ ability to measure various forestry mower aspects of asset performance and re19. Noise of an engine port the results in a form that enables 20. Unit of current smart Information 22.decision-making. Mentor that24. wasOff-road once locked inside graders, goer, for short pavers is now available 27.and __ cranes Bice, Idol runner-up with30. a click – often from telematics ____ power dashboards that provide drilldown 32. Back capabilities to individual machines. 33. Succeeding The boss, for short The34. upshot: the ability to get more

35. Direct at work out of your assets as well as get 36. Company that has launched paid for every scoop a backhoe or a new fully of weighed mobile continuous mixing plant scrape of a grader. That’s just smart 37. Expert business. 40. Fast motion 42. Civil aviation controllers 43. Wedding vow (2 words)

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VMAC Supports Pink Shirt Anti-Bullying Day Recently VMAC’s more than 80 coworkers donned bright pink shirts to demonstrate their support of Canada’s Anti-Bullying Day. Big smiles, lots of jokes and nary a grumble accompanied the brightly clad coworkers as they went about their busy day on Wednesday, February 27th. VMAC staff enthusiastically posed for individual photos and a big group shot, to demonstrate their pleasure at taking part in the unique event. “People really came together for this,” said a delighted Tanya Williams from VMAC’s Finance department, and the mastermind behind the idea to bring all VMAC workers together for this great awareness cause. Cries of “Show Your Pink!” sounded around the facility today as everyone admired the new, colorful uniform. Many of the production floor workers (machinists, assemblers etc.) went the extra mile and wore their bright pink shirts over their work coveralls and shop coats. A few coworkers took advantage of a black shirt with a pink design option. “I want to be able to wear this shirt regularly,” said Rick Duifhuis, VMAC’s Customer Care Manager.Staff who were away on the event day expressed disappointment that they could not participate on site for Pink Shirt Day. “I’ll wear my shirt at my training class,” said Marketing Coordinator, Carolyn Braun. “That way I’ll be there in spirit!” VMAC is a manufacturer of compact, powerful

allows this model to be operated by small portable compressors. Activated by an air cylinder controlled by a pneumatic logic circuit operates the pump at up to 5 gallons per minute.

air compressor systems for the mobile-mechanic, tire service, utilities and construction industries. Specializing in underhood and hydraulic abovedeck systems, VMAC is credited with developing the lightest and most compact mobile air compressors available in the industry.

Specialized GP-7 has a dedicated use of filing door frames only. Now you can fill both sides of the door frame at the same time.

For more information about VMAC and their air compressor systems, visit or call 1-800-738-8622. To see photos from Facebook page.

Popular uses for the grout pumps include grouting door frames, filling hollow concrete blocks under machine bed plates, ground stabilization and general filling of voids. Other applications include repairing spalled out concrete under bridge decks, filling joins in cultured stone and brick pavers, delivery of hydraulic cement to underwater divers grouting along piers, rebar splice joints, waterproofing, prison construction and parking structures, even the repair of historic structures and buildings.

the event, visit VMAC’s

Grout Pumps Choice of 4 Hand-Operated and 2 Air-Powered Models Kenrich Products has been manufacturing low pressure diaphragm group pumps since late 1985. The Kenrich “GP” series are designed to pump most types of water based cementitious grouts. In limited cases, they will even pump some chemical based epoxy grouts. These pumps are ideal for filling hollow metal door frames as well as placing grout anywhere that high pressure is not required.

For more information, contact Danny at 503-281-6190 or visit our web site at

Our most popular models are single diaphragm pumps. The GP-1 has a 1.9 gallon hopper and the GP-2 has the larger 4.6 gallon hopper. These two models can pump up to 6 gallons per minute through the included 1 1/2” by 60” clear vinyl placement hose with a maximum output pressure of 15 psi. The single diaphragm GP-3A is an air powered version of our GP-2. Requiring only 3 cfm of compressed air and 50 psi minimum


Age-Master #1 Rubber Preservative


Protects tires, tracks, hoses, and expensive rubber parts against UV, ozone & oxidation damage, aging and “dry-rot” cracking.

t For new and previously used rubber. t Long-lasting, brush-on coating

penetrates. Will not wash off or flake and peel when rubber is flexed.

Only those who care for others know what it’s really like to care for others. That’s why AARP created a community with experts and other caregivers to help us better care for ourselves and for the ones we love.

t Extends the service life of rubber parts. or call 1-877-333-5885

t Proven effective in aviation and military spec applications for rubber protection.



proven protection for rubber

Learn more at or call 804-744-4869 A12

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Used Equipment Marketplace NEW JERSEY


WE BUY LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES for a TRICO EQUIPMENT cash settlement. Contact Reliant Group, SERVICES LLC Inc. 800-457-2315 200 Bomont Pl., Totowa, NJ 07512


100% Financing - No tax returns for deals up to $75,000 for established business. “A” thru “Challenged Credit”. New or Used. Call Barbara at J&L Capital Resources 800-818-2883 or 559-897-6960, or visit our website 05/13

WANT TO BUY WANTED: Caterpillar cable scrapers. Contact Lever Holdings Inc. at


05/13 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

2011 Case 580N Loader Backhoe, Cab w/ AC, 4WD, Extendahoe, G.P. Bucket, Auxiliary Hydraulic Backhoe, Ride Control, 208 Hrs............ $79,900 2006 Case CX80 Excavator, Cab w/ AC, Long Stick, 18” Rubber Pads, Dozer Blade, Bucket & Hydraulic Thumb, 2,829 Hrs.................. $59,950 1999 Case 1845C Skid Steer, ROPS Canopy, Aux. Hyd., Quick Coupler, 72” G.P. Bucket, 12 x 16.5 Tires, 2,228 Hrs.......................................$10,900 1996 Case 1845C Skid Steer, ROPS Canopy, Aux. Hyd., Quick Coupler, 72” G.P. Bucket, 12 x 16.5 Tires, 2,192 Hrs........................................$10,900 2005 New Holland TC33DA, Compact Tractor Loader, Diesel, 4WD, 50” G.P. Bucket, Drawbar, Box Blade, 895 Hrs.................................................. $13,500

WANT TO BUY: Cash paid for used construction

equipment. Loaders, dozers, backhoes, etc. ________________________________________ Any age or condition running or not. Call Keesler’s at 845-342-3390 ask for Wayne. NORTHEASTERN 05/13


50 Notch Road, Woodland Park, NJ 07424 973-837-1390


Blade. Converts your toothed bucket to toothless in 60 seconds. Available for all mini-excavators, all backhoes and all large excavators. Go to, or call 319-4703033 for a free 5 minute DVD and a flyer.


( Call for used listings...

behavior and, in rare cases, seizures and even death: these are just some of the effects lead paint poisoning has on young


USED LISTINGS: 2008 New Holland W80 Wheel Loader, Cab, 1-yd. bucket, 1500 Hrs..................................................................$38,500 2004 John Deere 230C LC Excavator, Cab, 2878 Hrs...................................................................$79,995 2006 Kobelco SK210 LC Excavator, Cab, Plumbed, 42” bucket............................................................... $95,995 2006 New Holland TN75A, ROPS, 121 Hrs, 88” Side Mower.......................................................$38,000 1984 Ford 555A, Cab, 2WD, 15’ Backhoe............... $9,995


BOBCAT OF ST. LOUIS 401 W. Outer Road, Valley Park, MO 63088 636-225-2900

369 Park Ave., Corning, NY 14830 607-962-8611 | 800-640-2423

USED LISTINGS: Miller 11 HP Floor Saw, 14”..........................................$250 Ground Hog one man post hole digger........................$275 Miller 20 HP, self propelled saw, 18” blade.................$450 Stone 20 HP, self propelled saw, 18” blade................$575 Wacker 904 lb. Reversible compactor..................... $3,500

And it’s not just large paint chips that can cause damage. In fact, three granules of lead dust are enough to poison your child. Let’s make all kids lead-free kids. To learn more about the simple steps you can take to safeguard your family, log on to or call 800-424-LEAD.

1996 Athey Swivel Dirt Loader, John Deere 4239T, Hydrostatic Transmission, Full Reversing Hydraulic Driven Conveyor with Variable Speed Control - 20’ Main - 16’ Swivel.

USED LISTINGS: CMC 1078 Cat 3226, Skid Loader CMC 990 Yanmar V04, Wheel Loader, 1/2 yard CMC 1108 Maxium Generator, 80KW CMC 1073 Cat D6K, 125 HP Dozer CMC 1155 Yanmar CBL40, Compact Backhoe w/ Live PTO

IOWA ROEDER IMPLEMENT 2550 Rockdale Road, Dubuque, IA 52003 563-557-1184 | 800-557-1184

USED LISTINGS: Kubota SVL 75, 450 Hrs.........................................$42,500 SR250 600 Hrs., Loaded, with high flow...............$36,900 Sidney Tree shearer, 14”............................................ $7,150 Bobcat S205, 300 Hrs., Cab, Heat, Power Bobtail.......................................................................$27,500 Terex PT100G Forestry, 750 Hrs.............................$69,500

MISSOURI BOBCAT OF ST. LOUIS 401 W. Outer Road, Valley Park, MO 63088 636-225-2900

( Call for used listings...

( Call for used listings... INDIANA KORTE BROS INC.

620 W. Cook Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46825 260-497-0500 |

( Call for used listings...

children. If your home was built before 1978, lead paint on your walls, doors, windows and sills may be dangerous.

USED LISTINGS: 2005 Gehl 753Z Excavator, 2 buckets, hydraulic thumb, switchable controls, 850 Hrs., all maintenance....................................................... $49,500 1997 Gehl Skid Steer 56355X Turbo, 80 HP, T-Handle controls, new tires......................................$9,700 Gehl RS6-42 telehandler w/ framer fork carriage, all maintenance, 1360 Hrs.....................................$36,500 2003 Bombardier 650 Quest ATV 4X4, great shape............................................................... $3,400 Massey Ferguson compact tractor with loader and heated cab, model 1210 4X4, 1350 Hrs.................. $6,900



2911 S. English Station Road, Louisville, KY 40299 502-267-4020 | 866-901-2262

1985 Athey 7-12 Force Feed Dirt Loader, John Deere 4276T, Hydrostatic Transmission, Infinitely Variable Forward and Reverse Speeds 0-20 MPH, Hydraulically Driven 28’ Conveyor with Variable Speed Control. Call Terry for pricing - 615-227-7800.

50 Smith Haven Lane, South Londonderry, VT 05155 802-824-3444 Ask for Rocky




USED LISTINGS: 2005 C5500 Chevrolet Service Truck, 325HP, Duramax Diesel, 67,303 Miles, 11’ Stellar Tool Body, Stellar Rotary Screw Compressor, Miller Bobcat 250 Welder with 50’ Leads, and Stellar 6620 Crane with 20’ Extendable Boom. Call Terry for pricing - 615-227-7800.

Learning disabilities, hearing loss, speech delays, violent



2405 Dickerson Road, Nashville, TN 37207 615-227-7800 | 800-860-7800

Lead paint poisoning affects over one million children today.


60 International Blvd., Brewster, NY 10509 845-278-7766

05/13 973-785-4900




7274 Centreville Road, Manassas, VA 20111 703-361-2135 | USED LISTINGS: ASV RC30 compact track loader, 31HP, 1600# lift capacity, mech. coupler with bucket, pallet forks, rear weights, 210 Hrs......................................................$12,700 2001 Caterpillar 277B compact track loader, 82 HP, Cab, Hydraulic coupler with new 6’ bucket, .................. $26,700 2007 Kubota BX24 tractor-loader-backhoe, 24HP, Diesel, 425 Hrs., 4WD Hydro grapple, toothbar, work lights................................................................$14,000 Caterpillar 963 track loader, 20 ton, 150 HP, Cab, 9,000 Hrs. (2,000 Hrs. on engine).........................$46,500 1993 John Deere 650H LPG track dozer, 9 ton, 90 HP, Cab, 9,000 Hrs........................................................$46,500


1690 McDowell Road, Woodland, PA 16881 814-857-2280 USED LISTINGS: 1985 Cat D8L, S/N 53Y3704, very nice..................$87,500 1995 Ford Mechanic truck.......................................$14,500 1981 Reeddrill SK-40................................. Price on request Cat D9H Recertified................................... Price on request Cat D9L, 14Y 2000.................................................$110,000

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Product Spotlight

Government Liquidation Surplus inventory the largest in the marketplace Government Liquidation (or GL) is the exclusive partner of the U.S. Department of Defense for the sale of their government and military surplus. We are the world’s largest marketplace for authentic surplus, once the property of the U.S. armed forces. Government Liquidation offers surplus items in over 500 categories including: trucks and other vehicles, boats, scrap metal, uniforms and field gear, medical and dental equipment, computer equipment, electronics, machinery and more. Over 10,000 items are added weekly to our inventory, and Government Liquidation’s inventory is located in over 200 warehouses across the United States. To view a current list of our available inventory, visit today!

–––––––––––––––––––––––– TC Industries introduces the Piranha Stone Biter Lightweight and portable, the Piranha Stone Biter is designed to break stone like veneer stone, granite, flagstone, quartz, bricks, etc. from ½ inch to roughly 6 inches, at any angle. Its portability makes it available on site and the ease in which it snaps stone eliminates the need for multiple tools, such as grinders, chisels and hammers. It transforms a time-consuming job into a manageable task, making EVERY job fast and efficient with a consistent, professional edge. The Piranha Stone Biter includes a 10’ hose and foot pedal, works with a pancake air compressor or shop air, and is great for:

for the professional and homeowner alike. The 360° Pro Caulking Tip is angled precisely to eliminate the need to assume awkward angles to apply the caulk. Greater angled precision saves time and affords greater cost efficiency whether in plumbing, tiling, painting, granite work, fire protection – the list is nearly endless. Great for: • Professional contractor • Painter • Tile installer • Granite installer • Fire protection installer • Homeowner For more detailed information on these products, please contact Christopher Cross at 720-217-3411. Email, or visit our new websites www.PiranhaStoneBiter. com (offering product demonstration) and TC Industries’ products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

–––––––––––––––––––––––– New addition to the Big Dog Forced Ejection Scraper line The new Big Dog 11 yard Forced Ejection Scraper offers the same features as the Big Dog 6 1/2 yard and 8 yard, plus the benefit of a larger payload for farm and industrial operations. Extra heavy-duty spindles, hubs and wheels are matched with HEFTY undercarriage and frame, plus UHMW (poly) slides - (no rollers) on push gate and push cylinder guides. Width of cut, 7 1/2 ft., overall width, 8 1/2 ft., overall length, 24ft. Sized for 160-240HP tractors.

and international transportation needs of importers and exporters. RIFS is licensed and duly authorized by the Federal Maritime Commission to conduct business as an Ocean Freight Forwarder and Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier. RIFS is certified by US Customs as a SeaAMS NVOCC participant and, as required by law, they do their own AMS filing 24-hours before the container is laden onboard the vessel. Roland International Freight Services is certified and validated in Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. In addition to essential security benefits, C-TPAT reduces the number of cargo inspections. Roland Freight offers one-stop service including packing and crating, ATA Carnet, obtaining export licenses, cargo insurance, and preparing all shipping documents, including negotiate letters of credit. RIFS is known for competitive freight rates, fast transit times and the ability to handle any international air and ocean shipment including local pick-up and deliveries. For more information call 310-337-1775 or send e-mail: or visit _____________________________________

Continuous mobile mixing plant specialists Rapid International USA, Inc. is a long established company specializing in the design and manufacture of continuous mobile mixing plants for the concrete, environmental and construction industries.

• Granite installers • Landscapers • Masons • Rentals

For more information, call 308-9463591 or visit us at www.ccscales. com or


360° Pro Caulking Tip The 360° Pro Caulking Tip offers precise 360° angling and exact aperture to fit on any size caulking gun providing ease of use, and application efficiency with minimal product waste. This simple but revolutionary tip is made from durable, pliable, reusable and ultimately recyclable plastic that is perfect


Roland International Freight one-stop importing and exporting services Established in 1991 Roland International Freight Services, Inc. is a bonded and insured full service transportation company. Roland International Freight Service is geared toward providing reliable and dependable services to meet the domestic

800-622-8836 | The

A large mixing chamber coupled with twin shafts rotating at 110 RPMs will insure a homogenous mix on a consistent basis of 400 tons and 600 tons per hour, respectively. The Rapid Mix 400/600 is totally mobile and completely self-contained. It can be set-up, erected and calibrated in about four to six hours. The Rapid mix 400/600 is completely self-sufficient with an on-board diesel engine and generator. These machines are electrically driven with the exception of the hydraulic system used for set-up and erection of the plants.

Rapid Intl. is a company committed to machine quality and customer satisfaction. Dealerships across North and South America are ready to accommodate the customer’s every need. For more information and specifications, visit our web site or call 303-853-0068.


Transcrete America’s concrete pumps Transcrete America brings something to the concrete pump industry for all of your pumping needs. From 2- to 150- cubic yards per hour, our small to large line and truck mounted concrete pumps have the capability to pump slurries to 1-1/2” materials. We also manufacture standard machines to handle your specialty needs such as slab jacking, pressure grouting, shotcrete for the mining industry, above ground masonry grout, cast in plate piles and your standard everyday pump mixes.

With over 25 years of continuous mixing experience incorporated into its design, the Rapid Mix 400/600C was developed to be a cost-effective method for mixing a wide range of materials in many forms of applications such as: • Roller compacted concrete (RCC), for pavement or dams. • Cement treated base (CTB), or cement stabilized base. • Bentonite enriched soils for lagoons, waste landfills and protective cell linings. • Sludge solidification for hazardous and non-hazardous waste. • Contaminated soil stabilization (lead, mercury, etc.). • Flowable fill (materials loaded directly into mixer trucks and charged with water).

Contractors Equipment Directory

Models available: • Tiger Ball Valves • Alpha Small Line S-Tube • Trojan S-Tube (our full size rock pump) • Eagle 80 Y.P.H Rock pump • Patriots 100-150 Y.P.H concrete pumps • All models made in America! Additionally, we offer the lowest price per

East Edition |

May 2013


Product Spotlight yard in the industry, while offering from any concrete pump manufacturer in the business. If it sounds like we can do it all, it’s because we can. Just ask a customer, or we will gladly supply you with a list of our satisfied customers. For more information, contact Transcrete America toll free 866-662-3500, 323-6629615, or Fax 323-662-5070. Visit us at www.


Ajax special application hydraulic breaker tool accessories Ajax Demolition Tools are manufactured from high-grade impact alloy steel, engineered specifically to maximize performance for any application. Ajax special application tools are available with various point styles, post drivers, pipe drivers, tamping tools, deck busters, frost wedge, bushing tools, and special length tools.

Pioneer Rim & Wheel: Trailer components and automotive parts specialists since 1911 Pioneer Rim and Wheel was established in 1911, and have been family owned and operated since the beginning. The principle mission of Pioneer Rim & Wheel is to be a reliable, solution-driven supplier, maximizing our customer’s satisfaction through efficient distribution. We add value to our marketplace by being operationally excellent with wide-ranging inventories, local availability coupled with creative marketing and service programs.

Pioneer Rim & Wheel services over 6000 customers. Our customers take advantage of focused targeted programs that deliver increased sales and profits to automotive service providers, trailer OE’s, and tire service centers. For more information, contact our warehouses in Minneapolis at 800-888-1358, Fargo 800666-1670, and Madison 800-999-3394, or visit our website

Ajax Tools, a tradition of “Value Thru Performance” since 1946.

For more information, contact Ajax Tool Works Inc., 10801 Franklin Ave., Franklin Park, ILL 60131, Phone: 800323-9129, e-mail, or visit our website ________________________________

New Curb Fox 5000T-HD offers more versatility

Heavier tracks allow the weight of the 5000T to be increased by almost 50%. This added traction and stability give the Curb Fox even greater versatility. Engine size is also increased to a 67HP diesel engine.

To learn more about the new capabilities of the Curb Fox 5000T-HD and all Curb Fox slipformers, call 704-6380405 or watch videos of the equipment at work at ________________________________

Reduces emissions and lowers TCO in independent testing Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., manufacturer of the only waterless engine coolant, reported that recent testing results by the Department of Sanitation in New York City and Emisstar LLC, a nationally recognized emissions testing firm, showed fuel economy improvement while lowering exhaust emissions. The objective of this evaluation was to report the results of a chassis dynamometer test program at the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) Vehicle Test Facility to assess the fuel economy, emissions, and temperature performance characteristics of Evans Waterless Heavy Duty Coolant. The test was performed on a diesel refuse collection truck, a Mack MP7 owned and operated by DSNY. Two computer controlled test configurations were selected to produce a statistically valid comparison of fuel economy and emissions performance data. The two test cycles reflected the New York City Garbage Truck cycle and the other reflected events that are normally found in refuse collection operations. The results were fuel economy improvement of 4.4 and 6.1 percent respectively, and a reduction of CO2 emissions of 4.3 and 5.6 percent respectively. Emisstar conducted testing in March of 2012, utilizing highly accurate and standard duty cycles with universal recognition across the industry.

The tracks on the Curb Fox 5000T-HD measure 74 inches long, by 9 inches wide and by 15 inches high. Overall machine weight of the 5000T with the heavy-duty tracks has been increased to 14,000 lbs. But the highly mobile CF5000T-HD still transports at legal width of 8.5 feet, and it still turns down to two feet. Production with the 5000T-HD has surpassed any other slipformer in its class. On 36 inch wide barrier pads, the Curb Fox

May 2013

The CF5000T-HD will also slipform large curb and gutter, or channel, sections up to 39 inches wide in the offset position. It handles virtually any below pavement and uneven grade applications.

Evans waterless heavy duty coolant increases fuel economy

The improved Curb Fox 5000T-HD slipformer now paves wider and higher sections. With new heavy-duty tracks, added horsepower, and weight, the 5000T-HD slipforms pavement up to 10 feet wide, and barriers up to 39 inches high.

Pioneer Rim & Wheel has a reputation for large inventories, stability in service levels and programs, and the stability of our quality staff. In addition, we have competitive prices and quality products. Our financial strength allows us to provide creative, valueadded services and programs to our diverse customer base. Pioneer is successful because our team helps our customers realize all of the benefits these programs can deliver.

5000T-HD has paved over 10,000 feet in a day. Paving speeds on 8 foot wide pavement have averaged over 10 feet per minute. | The

It was also noted that the test showed no negative impact to oil and transmission fluid temperatures. A complete copy of the report is available at “Evans waterless coolants have shown to improve fuel economy by as much as 3 – 9 percent, substantially reducing operating costs for fleets and owner operators,” according to Mike Tourville, Evans Marketing Director. “The report demonstrates that Evans can help reduce CO2 and particulate

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emissions.” A feature of Evans Heavy Duty Coolant is its higher boiling point of 3750 F, significantly higher than water-based coolants — allowing the engine to safely operate at slightly higher temperatures. The huge separation of the boiling point from the operating temperature enables raising the fan-on temperature to 230° F, resulting in less fan-on time. The fans on heavy duty diesel engines draw a considerable amount of horsepower, using significant amounts of fuel. For more information on Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. and Waterless Engine Coolants please call 860-668-1114 or visit www. ________________________________

The JackJaw® Extractor Advantage at factory direct introductory pricing of $149 for Fall 2012 More than 3,000 JackJaw® extractors are now in use in North America in construction, public works, tent rental, public utilities and farming industries. News of the JackJaw® T-post extractor is spreading quickly across North America and Australia as the easiest, safest and quickest method of fence post pulling. The powerful, patent pending jaw and lever mechanism allows you to pull the T-posts straight out of the ground without damage to the posts. The sturdy lever arm gives you a 9- to 1-mechanical advantage. The specially hardened jaws grip the T-post directly for quick and easy extraction. A 100 lb. push down on the handle generates a 900 lb. upward force and an 1800 lb. gripping force on the T-Post. Tilted posts? No problem! Just lean the JackJaw® extractor to align with the post. It never slips and completely eliminates back and shoulder strain from this ranch problem, that is common with other types of pullers. JackJaw® Model 203 T-post extractors are assembled in Dayton, Ohio from heavy gauge steel plate and tubing, to provide years of reliable service. The unit weighs only 18 lbs. and is plated with zinc and clear chromate for long lasting durability and corrosion resistance. Visit the website at and click on the Fencing Section to see the unit in operation. Enter Fall Coupon Code to get the special price. Call Bob Anderson at 937609-8937, or email him at bob@jackjaw. com for more information. Dealer inquires are welcome.

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Ervin Equipment Responds to Oil Boom With More New, Used Bottom Dump Trailers

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A long-time supplier of a variety of specialty trailers, Ervin has seen the demand for bottom dump trailers spike in recent months. To continue to serve the growing needs of its customer base as a single source supplier for all trailer requirements, Ervin is expanding its selection to include bottom dump trailers as well as exploring other units requested by customers in the oil boom areas. Bottom dump, or belly dump, trailers are popular in areas where terrain or other job site restrictions such as overhead obstacles may pose safety risks with traditional rear dump trailers. This particular style of trailer is most commonly used in the north central, south central and western states, those areas currently involved in the oilboom. “Bottom dump trailers are the top choice for operators in aggregate, road building and oil field industries because they provide enhanced safety on uneven terrain and allow the operator to dump material in a linear heap while the truck is moving,” said John Connor, member of the Tank and Specialty Trailer Sales Division at Ervin Equipment. Ervin specializes in fulfilling customer needs – whether the need be new or used trailers. Ervin regularly scouts and secures

The Gallegos line also includes options of two- or three-axle trailers featuring the 5.6 ton 25-cubic yard Spider and the 12.5 ton 18-cubic-yard Set Bottom Dump Trailer. Ervin also works closely with CTS to sell new hot-mix insulated belly dump trailers for the asphalt industry. A unique insulation system provides a safe, simple, bottom dump solution for carrying hot mix asphalt. This is a feature few competing bottom dump trailer manufacturers can offer. When working non-asphalt jobs, these trailers can be used for hauling road base, gravel, sand and dirt. “As the demand for these types of trailers grows, Ervin’s continuing commitment to building partnerships like the ones we have with CTS and Gallegos and our continuing eye on researching the evolving demands of the market, leave us in an excellent position to quickly fulfill any fleet manager’s need for any type of trailer – even in large quantities,” said Connor.

Ervin Equipment is highly respected and well known in the industry, and has been supplying all types of trailers for more than 30 years, including specialty units such as the bottom dump trailers. Connor says what sets Ervin apart from other dealers is the devotion of its staff to figuring out customers’ needs, and then finding a trailer – or a fleet of trailers – that matches their applications, material requirements, locations and the typical traveled distances. “We like to hear what customers want,” said Connor. “We’re experts at finding equipment with their ideal configurations, from deck style to weight and axle specifications, to maximize their productivity and investment. We’re pros at listening, then finding a solution to any puzzle.” Ervin’s ability to buy and sell in large quantities boosts its purchasing power and enables the company to offer the best possible prices. This business model also offers fleet managers a huge selection when upgrading equipment. In addition, by staging basic models of trailers in multiple locations, Ervin is able to offer customers convenient, efficient access to equipment within a matter of days, whether they’re in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central or South America and beyond. Once Ervin finds a trailer, the company customizes it to meet the customer’s specifications and has it available within a matter of weeks. Call 877-873-6863 or visit

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large supplies of the most demanded spec of trailers, making good quality used trailers available for its customer base and those looking for a low-cost way to enter a new market area. To serve customers seeking new trailers, Ervin Equipment partners with companies such as Gallegos Trailers and Construction Trailer Specialists (CTS). Gallegos, a leading firm in trailer manufacturing, offers seven models of bottom dump trailers for use in oil fields, aggregate and asphalt industries. Its bottom dump trailers feature carrying capacities ranging from 18 to 31 cubic yards.


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Ervin Equipment is expanding its supply services to the aggregates, asphalt, roadbuilding and oilfield industries by providing an expanded line of new and used Bottom Dump Trailers.


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