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On J anuar y 6,FI U Pant herTECH opened i t sdoor st o st udent s,f acul t y and st af f .As an aut hor i zed r et ai l er and ser vi ce pr ovi der f or Appl e, Lenovo,Del land Hewl et tPackar d pr i nt er s,FI U Pant herTECH wi l lbe youronest opshopf orcomput err epai r sandupgr ades,al ongwi t hyour sof t war eand har dwar eneedsatdi scount ed pr i ces.Ourknowl edgeabl e st af fwi l lal waysbe onhand t o hel p you t r y,buy,and wal k away wi t h t hel at estmer chandi seyouneed,whenyouneedi t . Al so,our cur r ent onl i ne ShopUTS ser vi ce i s now bei ng pr ovi ded t hr ough FI U Pant her TECH,pant her t ech. f i u. edu. I n addi t i on t o pr ovi di ng t echnol ogy at l ow pr i ces at t he FI U Pant herTECH st or e,we ar e happy t o announce t hatt he st or e wi l lbe of f er i ng payr ol ldeduct i ons t ot he f acul t y and st af f .Wi t ht hi s ser vi ce, f acul t y and st af fwi l lbe abl et o pur chase any mer chandi se and have a por t i on deduct edf r om t hei rpaycheck. St ay up t o dat e wi t ht he l at est Pant her TECH news by f ol l owi ng Pant her TECH on Twi t t er ,I nst agr am and l i ki ng t hem on Facebook @FI UPant her TECH!

TheDi vi si onofI nf or mat i onTechnol ogyi spr oudt oannouncef our new of f er i ngs t hatwi l lpr ovi de st udent s,f acul t y,and st af fwi t h t he Wor l ds Ahead t echnol ogy t hey need i n ourdi gi t alage.Our Capt ur e syst em,MyWeb,Hi gh Per f or mance Comput i ng (HPC), and Vi r t ual Comput i ng Lab (VCL) wer e desi gned t o f ul f i l l yourt echnol ogyneeds,assi mpl eorcompl exast heymaybe.

Our vi r t uall abs ar e avai l abl e anyt i me anywher e at eLabs. f i u. edu. You can access pr ogr ams such as Mi cr oSof t Of f i ce,Aut ocad,SPSS and much mor e f orf r ee.

TheDi vi si onofI nf ormat i onTechnol ogywasnomi nat edf orandwont heSout hFl ori daDi gi t alAl l i anceawardi nt he Educat i on cat egory.The Di vi si on wasnomi nat ed f ori t son-goi ng ef f ort st o bri ng t echnol ogy t o membersoft he Sout hFl ori dacommuni t y.PartofFI U’ sst rat egi cpl ani sf ocusedonrai si ngst udent s’awarenessandcapabi l i t i esi n t hecri t i calareasofsci ence,t echnol ogy,engi neeri ng,and mat hemat i cs(STEM).I n ordert of aci l i t at et hi spartof FI U’ sst rat egi ci ni t i at i ve,t heDi vi si onofI Treachedoutt oMi ami -DadeCount yPubl i cSchool s(M-DCPS)t opart ner wi t ht hem andprovi dest udent si nmi ddl eschool sandhi ghschool swi t ht heuni queopport uni t yt ol earnf rom and workwi t hi nf ormat i on t echnol ogyprof essi onal s. FI Ui sa memberoft heSout h Fl ori da Di gi t alAl l i ance,an organi zat i on t hatf aci l i t at escol l aborat i on among Sout h Fl ori daanchori nst i t ut i ons:government ,heal t hcare,educat i on,non-prof i t sandpri vat eent erpri ses.Byharnessi ng t he poweroft echnol ogy,t he Al l i ance seekst o provi de new economi c,educat i on and soci alopport uni t i esf oral l membersofourcommuni t y,andwi t ht hesenew opport uni t i esenhancequal i t yofl i f ef orourresi dent s. Congrat ul at i onst oFl ori daI nt ernat i onalUni versi t yf ori t smi ssi onofreachi ngoutt ot heSout hFl ori dacommuni t y andt ot heDi vi si on ofI Tst af ff ori t scommi t menti n hel pi ngt ocarryoutt hatmi ssi on.

Fl ori daI nt ernat i onalUni versi t y’ sCent erf orI nt ernetAugment edResearch andAssessment(CI ARA)i spl easedt o announce OpenWave,a breakt hrough undert aki ng whi ch connect st he US t o Brazi lvi a an experi ment al100 Gi gabi t s/second wave by meansofopt i calhardware t hathasneverbef ore been f i el dt est ed overt he di st ances i nvol ved.OpenWave wi l luse an al ready operat i ng i nt ernat i onalundersea cabl e syst em t o bri dge t he rout e bet ween Mi ami ,FL,and São Paul o,Brazi l ,i ncl udi ng a 5600km submari ne l i nk bet ween St .Croi x,U. S.Vi rgi n I sl ands,and Fort al eza,Brazi l .The100G opt i calequi pmenthasbeen t est ed wi t h si mul at ed di st ancesof5600km i nal aborat oryset t i ngi nCampi nas,SãoPaul ost at e,Brazi l ,whi chhasbeeni noperat i onf orovert enyears.OpenWavewi l luset hi scabl esyst em t oprovi dehi gh-capaci t y,hi gh-qual i t yI Pandci rcui t -ori ent edconnect i ons(hybri d net work servi ces) bet ween t he U. S.and Brazi lt o supportl arge-scal ei nt ernat i onale-Sci ence (“Bi g Sci ence”) appl i cat i ons. By det ermi ni ng how t o operat e 100G ef f ect i vel y overa 5600km l i nk,OpenWave wi l lbri ng a new resource t o sci ence and educat i on by provi di ng a never-bef ore opport uni t yf or U. S. comput er sci ence and engi neeri ng graduat e st udent st o be on t he ground f l oorofi nt ernat i onalt echnol ogy i nnovat i on.The end resul twi l lbe t o enabl eaf ut ureofsubmari neconnect i vi t yusi ngt hesamecapaci t i esasusedi n currentl and-baseddat at ransport . Thi supgradei n connect i vi t ybet ween t heresearch and educat i on net worksi nt heU. S.and Brazi li sapartoft he Ameri casLi ght pat hsproj ect ,orAmLi ght .AmLi ghtwi l lexperi ment al l ydepl oyt heOpenWave100G ofi nt ernat i onal connect i vi t ywi t hi ndust rypart ners,and t hen devel op t hei nf rast ruct uret o ensuret hi sconnect i vi t yi sef f ect i vel y i nt egrat edi nt ot hef abri cofAmLi ght– t herebyext endi ngt hef ront i eroft oday’ scyber-i nf rast ruct ure. OpenWave i sa suppl ementt ot he AmLi ghtI nt ernat i onalResearch Net work Connect i onsprogram f unded by t he US Nat i onalSci ence Foundat i on award #OCI -0963053.OpenWave i s a coordi nat ed ef f ortl everagi ng AmLi ght resources al ong wi t ht he FederalGovernmentofBrazi land t he São Paul o St at e Research Foundat i on.Thi s i nnovat i on t hroughoutt he Ameri cas i sl ed by Pri nci palI nvest i gat orDr.Jul i o E.I barra ofFl ori da I nt ernat i onal Uni versi t y. Formorei nf ormat i on,andt ovi ew t hef ul lpressrel ease,vi si tt heCI ARA websi t eatci ara. f i u. edu.

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