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working Centralized fish farm feeder is designed to distribute alimentation from a central positions to each tank in a fish farm With the machine installed, each pellet type is stored in its hoppers (until 5) of the machine Each hopper is connected to a auger screw, moved for one engine and its frequency variator, wiche transport the dose programed in the computer to a intermediate hopper (being possible to mix the pellets of all hoppers) This hopper is connected to a rotary valve, wich deposit the pellet in a hose with air circulating inside and connected to one out in the matrix system. In the outside of the matrix there is a hose that goes from the feeder to each tank This air is blowed for a compressor or blower with the presion programmed, using a cooler to cool and dry the air temperature The position of the matrix is being done with a lengthwise movement moved simultaneosly two axes moved for 2 engines to be positioned in each out


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Centralized Feeder Distribution of components

matrix FishFarmFeeder has patented a new system of distribution with shape of matrix of 2 dimensions that allow to move between extremes twice faster than actual systems Up to 160 hoses can be conected to matrix, one per tank with diameters from 20 to 100 mm High precision technology in movement and position, allowing shots each 10 seconds

“Revolver� used nowaday for other feeding systems

comparative FFF – other feeders FishFarmFeeder 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Manufactured as compact single-piece unit components inside feeder Easily transportable in container Movement between hoses twice faster than other similar systems Posibility to mix until 5 types of alimentation Installation in 1 day Optional automatic charge loader alimentation of hoppers Software customized and available for other programs

Others 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Feeders composed by feeder and outside it the blower and distributor system Require transport all feeders components and assemble in fish farm Desplazamiento revólver de extremo a extremo no inferior a 9 segundos Don´t mix alimentation Installation and assembling of feeder several days There isn´t automatic loader charge Software standard not customizable



FishFarmFeeder use first brands to manufactur feeders, wich have presence arround the world, allowing maintenance and location of parts



datasheets Customized feeders with next characteristics •Until 160 pipes (one pipe per tank) •Support hoses from 20 to >100mm •Up to 5 hoppers per feeder •Up to 1000 meters from feeder to tank •PLC Color touch screen •Capacity feeder until 8 Tons •Augers with frequency variator •Air pressure with frequency variator •Remote Control •Rule CE •Optional automatic charge loader •Compressors or Blower depending on necessities •Software to manage feeder, alimentation and historical data


software feeder Program 3FS Free access to database and integration with other application software Customized software can be made


Feeders FFF [FishFarmFeeder]  

Presentation of FishFarmFeeder

Feeders FFF [FishFarmFeeder]  

Presentation of FishFarmFeeder