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on our rear view, we’re bound to have or cause an accident. How about looking ahead and instead of mulling over the mistakes of the past we use the insights we have gained from the past as a road map or compass to live the life we would have had we known better.

Starting From Scratch Min. Cathy Upshire – Chicago, IL Have you ever looked at the life you’ve lived and wished you could go back and live it all over again? Well I’m sure we’ve all had moments like that where we’ve taken a mental note of our current state of affairs and traced them back to a series of bad choices, blunders and mistakes; even playing out in our minds sometimes over and over again what we could have or should have done. Well that’s hindsight. Though hindsight is 20/20 it doesn’t do us much good, if any, because it’s after the fact. It’s easy to conclude we should’ve taken a left turn when the right turn we took landed us in the middle of nowhere or in a set of not so favorable circumstances. Living our lives in hindsight causes us to live a life of regret. However, a life of regret is no life at all. Driving a car is a whole lot easier when our focus is on what’s straight ahead and not on the view in our rear view mirror. If we keep our focus

Have you ever heard the cliché “Starting from Scratch?” Gary Martin, creator of The Phrase Finder, noted that in the 18th century “scratch” was a crease scratched or etched into the ground and served as a boundary line in the game of Cricket. It later came to be used as the name of any starting point for a race.1. Sometimes in life we just have to “Start from Scratch”. Why not make today your Starting Point. Remember, it’s never too late to start over. We may not be able to change the past or the way others interact with us because of our past but we can take what we have learned from the past and make the present a much brighter one; so that down the road when we look back over our lives we will have had no regrets going all the way back to “scratch”. The Apostle Paul who at one time was known as the persecutor of the brethren said, “…forgetting those things which are behind…and reaching for those things which are before, I press towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus” Phil. 3:13,14 Min. Cathy Upshire 1

Gary Martin, The Phrase Finder.

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Dr. Lois Evans – Dallas, TX

Dr. Alexis L. Felder – Matteson, IL



Satjiko Nicholson – Chicago, IL

Mother Joyce Tucker – Milwaukee, WI



Mary L. House - Las Vegas, NV

FORGIVING MY SISTER Felicia S. Hames – Oakland, CA

FIT FOR LIFE Dr. Sherry Gaither - Li thonia, GA


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GET OFF YOUR MAT OF MISERY Janice Pender - Houston, TX

IT’S TIME FOR SHOW and TELL Sarah Miller – National City, CA


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these opportunities. But we must be careful not to let this world system rearrange our biblical priorities. Our first priority is to maintain a personal relationship with God. Proverbs 31:10. Our jobs, careers, and degrees must never overrule our daily interaction with our Savior. An ongoing awareness of his Presence and a devotion to His Word will give us stability, confidence and direction. The second priority is our commitment to our families. Titus 2:5 tells us we should be “discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, obedient to our own husbands, that the Word of God may not be blasphemed.” This does not mean that women have to stay home (the virtuous women of Proverbs 31 had a job). Rather, it is saying, above all else, we should make sure the home is being properly taken care of.

Seasons of a Women’s Life Dr. Lois Evans – Dallas, TX

God has blessed me with wonderful opportunities to speak to women of all ages, races and social status. I hear the cry of their hearts because of disappointments, heartaches and frustrations. Jer. 1:5 states that God ordered our days before we were ever born. Submitting to His unique path for us will help us keep our balance as we navigate through the many choices that present themselves through-out the years. Today’s Christian women are being pressed on every side to conform to the standards of this world. Unique opportunities in education and able even half a century ago. Christian women should enjoy the benefits of these opportunities able even half a century ago. Christian women should enjoy the benefits of

As Christian women we should seek to be the best in whatever field of service God has called us to. Esther is a good example of this. God made her queen of a nation and she use that position to bring deliverance to the Jews. Have you ever use your position in society as an opportunity to further the cause of Christ? Being the best you can possibly be for God will “let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matt. 5:16). In this changing world, God needs strong, stable Christian women who demonstrate a divine orientation to life. Can you think of a more wonderful, more rewarding calling? Excerpt taken from, “Seasons of a Women’s Life”, by Dr. Lois Evans.

to the moon. Despite appearances, huge things happen as we wait on the Lord! They begin the moment we cry out to him. Let God assure you with His love and instruct you with His word.

Raised to Win Satjiko Nicholson – Chicago, IL Every one has challenges in their lives. In fact, sometimes we feel like we are literally going through hell and high water. But it’s not the challenge that determines our success in life. It’s how we go through the challenge that produces a win on the other side. Victory only comes when we overcome. But sometimes we become what I call “Hi Maintenance” with God; with a list of things we want Him to do for us. But we must learn to work hand-in-hand with Him and give Him what He wants. Remember…God wants a relationship with us. Spending time in His presence is the reason he allowed the challenge in the first place. When it seems like God takes his sweet time to bring us out, remember time is His to take. Although delay is present, denial is not! God can allow us to be in a prison today just to set us free on tomorrow; launching our faith

Brand new mercies can unfold even in the midst of aggravation! Develop, maintain and utilize your faith to trust Him in nearly impossible situations. We are human, prone to wonder, doubt and emotional responses to difficult situations. Let’s shift our paradigm. Wait on the Lord and walk in faith. It takes two to tango! God’s role is to lift you out. Your responsibility is to hang on to Him for dear life. Embrace His promises. He has already made a way of escape. Stay close to Him. When the set time for your deliverance is come you will be in the proper place to receive it. Let’s face it. God will do what it takes to finish what He’s started. Perhaps God wants you to change when things around you aren’t changing. His concern is maturing you. Growth is well under way when you begin to stand up, move forward and regain your vision. Navigate yourself through the hindrances in your life and know that God sees your every turn. Posture yourself in absolute expectation. Never fear or conclude that a long wait means God is not at work. He is doing what no one else can. Stay focused because He is up to something BIG! He is not just interested in your present but he’s also interested in your future. God’s agenda is to bring Himself fame and you’ve been chosen as one of the ways he’s going to do it! Anticipate your inevitable freedom! Watch and wait. Ladies, I exhort you to have daily confidence. Count it all joy! God didn't raise you to be fearful or to fail. He raised you to be TRUIMPHANT!

10 Tips for Mastering Motherhood

6. Don’t get caught up in your actions. Your child doesn’t deserve a wounded mother. Take ownership and don’t wait on daddy to show up. Stay focused and never give up on your dreams. 7. If you are having a tough time financially, and working two or more jobs, establish a good support system so that you have help with your children. If you don’t have a job, take advantage of a handout; some programs are bridges until you can get where you want to go. Don’t be so proud. I would rather you flip burgers and clean a house at night to make sure your family eats. I would rather you have two $8.oo an hour jobs than no job at all. People who get jobs are people who are already working.

Mary L. House - Las Vegas, NV 1. Keep God first in your family. 2. Be a nurturer. A good mother is someone who covers her children and teaches them properly. She has a listening ear and guides her children into their own personal growth. 3. A mother keeps peace and is the “balancer” in the home. When the home is tense, she is the bridge over troubled waters. A mother is a woman with a multitude of gifts that cover her family and her children. 4. A mother’s love is almost like the love of Jesus. He loves us through all of our faults and sins and shortcomings. Your mother will always love you. She might not always agree, but her love is unconditional. 5. If you are a young teen mother, don’t wallow in your mistake – even if it wasn’t a “mistake”.

8. A good mother knows how to work her children, and they will be well-mannered and well disciplined – even in her absence. 9. Look for the gifts in your children and manifest them. Read to your child and check his or her homework. 10. Make sure you take care of yourself. Something I call “Do You Boo”. You will be surprised how a little powder, lipstick and mascara will make you feel. Slick your hair back in a neat bun and have it well groomed. Even if you have to get up 30 minutes earlier to concentrate on yourself, with exercise or what I call your morning devotion. Read the word and pray. Remember, you are your greatest gift to your family. Published first in Las Vegas Black Image, May 2010

Forgiving My Sister Felicia S. Hames – Oakland, CA

I have found that one of the hardest challenges we face as Christian women is the ability to forgive. Not only others but ourselves. Forgiving others is hard because we tend to forgive based on what was actually done to us and the degree of pain it caused. In turn, we find ourselves holding on to things that happened over 25 years ago. These offenses are taking up space in our brains. Space that could’ve been used for something more important. In some instances we can’t even remember what happened between us and the person we can’t forgive. We only know we feel angry every time we see them. As a result, we’ve become bitter and resentful. But we have to learn to let it go. God gives us so many chances to get it right so we can move forward and replace all the negative energy with something more positive. We say to ourselves, “I’ll forgive, but I

forget.” But it’s not about forgetting. It’s about letting go of what we’re holding against ourselves and others. It’s about being free to move on with the Lord. Didn’t Jesus forgive us? Didn’t he move on? Shouldn’t we do the same? If we love someone the way Christ loves us, shouldn’t we be able to pass on that same love and forgive? I know some of you reading this are thinking, “what-ever.” But think about it. Jesus, the Christ, forgave people everyday even after being spit on and called out of His name all the way to the cross! We are all women of God and we should learn to lift each other up. We have to stop mentally scrutinizing one another and eyeing each other up and down. Truth is…it’s all rooted in jealousy. If we see our sister with a nice hairstyle, wearing a cute pair of shoes or achieving great success, we should give her a compliment and stop hatin’! However, if we know people are hatin' on us, we simply have to forgive. We have to forgive even in the most difficult of circumstances. You might say, “Well, what if my sister is eyeing my husband or my “boyfriend” too long. Do I have to forgive that?” Yes. You have to forgive that too. That may have been you at one time in your life and someone had to forgive you. On a physical note. Forgiveness can help eliminate stress, lower blood pressure, lower your heart rate, help with anger management, depression and help improve your social life. When we forgive we release the transgressor from his debt. In turn God releases us of ours. The bible says, “And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.” Mark 11:25

In the


Dr. Alexis L. Felder

here aren’t many who aren’t sending some kind of financial aid to underprivileged families in various countries around the world. But Dr. Alexis L. Felder is doing more than just sending aid she's actively involved in addressing the educational, economical and physical needs of the families who live there. She's doing it all through collaborative initiatives and resources that stimulate systemic development and economic growth. That is why Dr. Alexis L. Felder, president of The Joseph Assignment, is a woman you should know. The Joseph Assignment Global Initiative was established five years ago by Dr. Alexis and her Husband, Dr. Trunell D. Felder, pastor of the New Faith Baptist Church in Matteson, IL. Their vision was to transform the lives of the world’s poorest children and their families through sustainable programs. Dr. Alexis has been at the forefront of bringing this vision to fruition. She believes every human being deserves to live in a safe, clean home; have the opportunity to become economically selfsufficient, have access to quality healthcare and access to clean water. Through successful partnerships with various individuals and organizations, The Joseph Assignment Global Initiative has been able to provide resources and opportunities to enhance the quality of life to people all over the world. To date the Joseph Assignment has impacted the lives of approximately 22,700 people through their annual Medical Initiatives, 380,000 through their Living Water/Farming Initiatives, 64,200 through their Orphans and

Vulnerable Children Initiatives, 450 people through their Shelter Initiatives and approximately 127,000 students through their on-going Child and Adult Education Initiatives. Dr. Alexis Felder is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She attended John Marshall Career Specialty High School where she focused on Broadcast Journalism. Shortly after attending the University of Wisconsin-Platteville majoring in Broadcast Journalism and Public Relations, she changed her major and received her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Religious Studies and Psychology with an emphasis in Philosophy from Saint Leo University where she graduated with honors. Continuing her educational pursuits, she graduated with honors from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois with her Master of Theological Studies Degree in New Testament. She received her Doctor of Ministry Degree in Preaching at McCormick Theological Seminary. Before relocating to Illinois she was employed by Citizens Trust Bank as the Assistant Vice President and Marketing Director. Today Dr. Felder serves as the Minister of Ministry Operations at her church and is in the final stages of completing her first book, “Preparing to hear his voice.” Dr. Alexis L. Felder is truly a Woman You Should Know (photos on next page). If you’re a church administrator and your first lady is someone we should know, tell us about her:

He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward him for what he has done. Proverbs 19:17

Fit for Life

Dr. Sherry Gaither - Lithonia, GA “Do you not know you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?” This is the question the Apostle Paul asked the Church at Corinth over two thousand years ago. Paul wanted them to know that the Presence of God resides within the believer, not a building. Since that is the case, we have a responsibility to take special care of our temples from a spiritual and physical perspective.

are, “I just don’t have enough time to fit it in” and “fitness memberships are too expensive.” What if I told you there’s a way to lose weight, reduce stress, strengthen your heart muscles and reduce your blood pressure—and it’s free! It’s called walking! It works for almost everyone, regardless of your size and fitness level. No matter how out of shape you are you can get started today.

Self control is a Fruit of the Spirit. However, we as women, in the Body of Christ, have shown very little control. In fact, we’re out of control. We can rebuke the devil, speak in tongues, pray, prophecy and lay on hands. However, if we don’t establish a “healthy” lifestyle, we give Satan the ammunition he needs to frustrate our destinies. For most of us, it’s not that we don’t know that exercise is one of the keys that opens the door and increases our quality and quantity of life; but we’re not convinced that there’s not another way that doesn’t require the three D’s: Dedication, Determination, and Discipline. After all, who doesn’t want tighter muscles, lower blood pressure, reduced stress levels and just the satisfaction of knowing that we’re taking authority over our bodies? So why aren’t we exercising? And before you answer that, let me say this. Exercising is not defined as walking from the garage to the house or from the couch to the refrigerator. The reasons we’re not exercising may not be reasons at all but mere excuses. The two excuses I hear most often

Did you know you can burn more fat through a low-intensity sport like walking than other forms of exercise? Walking raises your metabolic rate so that you burn calories all the time, even when you’re not walking. Walking is a natural part of life, which is one of the reasons I like it so much. Most people begin an exercise program with the wrong motivation. They’re looking for a quick fix and not a way of life. But good health is an ongoing part of your life and walking should be incorporated in your lifestyle. So begin to walk it out, work it out and in the end—you’ll be fit for life!

Get Up Off Your Mat of Misery Janice Pender - Houston, TX

Are you paralyzed by depression and emotional pain and can’t seem to move on with your life. The Bible give us an account of a man who had been physically paralyzed for thirty eight years. Every year he would lay by the pool of Bethesda and watch while others who were sick make there way into the water and come out healed. He desperately longed to get into the water so he

If you want to experience healing you must have faith in Jesus Christ and respond to the call to “Rise Up and Walk”. Jesus is waiting on you. too could be healed. Jesus came again to Jerusalem and went amongst the people at the pool. When He saw the man lying helplessly on his mat he said, “Wilt thou be made whole?” What a question! Yes, he wanted healing; probably more than anything in the world. The man answered, “I have no

one to put me into the pool.” Then Jesus said something that would revolutionize his life forever. “Rise, take up they bed and walk.” In faith, he got up off his mat and stepped into his healing, never to be the same again. Emotional pain can be just as debilitating as physical paralysis and leave you unable to move forward with your life. You may be desperately seeking God for healing from an emotionally crushed spirit brought on by a broken marriage, a severed relationship with a family member or friend, depression, low self esteem and the list can go on. You may have even been suffering with it for years; maybe even decades. And, like the man at pool of Bethesda you’ve been waiting for someone else to come along and do something to make you feel better; to make the pain go away so you can live again. If you want to experience healing you must have faith in Jesus Christ and respond to the call to “Rise Up and Walk”. Jesus is waiting on you. This supernatural healing is only possible when we obey his prompting and walk by faith. Go ahead! “Get up!” You have the power. You had it all along. Don’t allow fear to keep you destined to a mats of misery without relief or hope. Studying the Word and developing a meaningful prayer life will help you realize the power you have within you to rise up and be healed. Then you will be able experience once again lasting joy and peace. Jesus said, “I am come that you might have life and that more abundantly.” (John 10:10) My dear sister get up off you mat of misery and live!

Popular Author and Speaker, Thelma Wells, Empowers Women to be



It’s time for Show and Tell Sarah Miller – National City, CA Do you remember Show and Tell from when you were back in grade school? I remember when it was my turn to bring in a special toy to share with the class. That was a big deal for a six year old. But the scary part was having to stand up in front of the class and tell why my favorite toy was so important to me. We're not first graders anymore but we still have to participate in Show and Tell. Women have a unique ability to communicate; not only verbally but non-verbally as well. The Bible lets us know particularly in the New Testament that we show people we are Christians by our actions and the way we live our lives. Mat 5:16 says, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” We have been instructed to live a Godly life style so that people will have an incentive to glorify our father in heaven. Are people seeing your good works? There are two aspects to this question. Each one of us are ambassadors for Christ. We’ve been given a mandate to live a life that lines up with the Word of God. Secondly, we must demonstrate His love. I encourage you to get involved in “Showing” the love of Christ. If your church has a community outreach program, get involved. If not, find opportunities and ways to extend a hand of kindness in the name of the Lord to SHOW the love of Christ.

But it doesn’t stop there. We must also “Tell” someone about the love of Christ. The Bible instructs us to do so. Rom 10:14 says, “How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?” I had an opportunity to minister to our congregation about the importance of telling someone about Christ. I held up an old plastic tray. It was just a piece of plastic but it was precious to me and it held great sentimental value. The congregation saw nothing more than a plastic tray until I told them my grandmother made it for me back in England where I grew up. After telling them the story behind the tray they began to understand and appreciate it’s importance. The same thing applies to the gospel. There is power in telling people about Jesus. Ladies, it’s time for “Show and Tell”

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Intercede and Travail for Your Vision

Deniece E. Senter - Rockford, IL Yes, as intercessors we sit at the masters’ table and sup with Him. We are chosen to give Him back His word and bask in His presence. Whether you’re a preacher, pastor, teacher, evangelist, missionary, etc., you must intercede for your ministry, intercede for your vision and intercede for those God has called you to. Travailing for your vision means to weep, fast and pray hard for your ministry. It means to do whatever it takes to turn God’s head toward you and bless the ministry. It also means to wrestle with an angel. Travailing in prayer will always be a requirement. Throughout your ministry you will encounter pressure and

extreme adversities. Pressure can come at any moment or at anytime. While under pressure we must learn how to cope and deal with our circumstances effectively. God allows pressure into our life to strengthen us, not kill us. In adversity if you humble yourself, God will turn your trials and tribulations into triumph. Pressure keeps you balanced and humbled. Take a few moments to reflect back to a times in your life when you drew closer to God. You will discover that those were probably the times when you felt like giving up or throwing in the towel. You may have even felt like you didn’t want to live. Then out of nowhere God stepped in at the right time and turned things around for your good. Since Christ has fully justified us and is presently interceding for us, no person or thing can possibly condemn us. The trials and difficulties listed in Romans 8:35 will not separate us from the love of Christ. They will only make us more than conquerors; forcing us to depend even more on God. Absolutely nothing can separate believers from the love of God; not tribulation or distress, persecution, or famine, nakedness or peril. Not even the sword. Our security in Him is absolute. My beloved, God has a purpose for you and nothing can prevent that purpose from being fulfilled. You shall endure your test and come out with victory. Pray your pressures and pains away from you and your ministry. Excerpt taken from, “Write the Vision and Make it Plain” by Deniece E. Senter.

Evangelist Sandra Riley, conference speaker, seminar presenter, women and youth workshop presenter is one of the nations highly sought after conference speakers who has obtained national and international acclaim across denominational lines. As President and CEO of "Just for You Ministries" Sandra Riley has been touched by the hand of God. For more information visit Sandra at Dr. Sharon Allison Ottey is a medical doctor, lecturer, novelist and activist. She serves as Director of Health and Community Initiatives at the COSHAR Foundation and the Health Director for the Yolanda Adams Health and Wellness Tour, touring nationwide. She is the author of two books, “All I Ever Did Was Love a Man” and “Is That Fried Chicken Worth It?” For more information, visit Sharon at Min. Cathy Upshire is the Editor and CEO of First Lady’s Heart. She holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology. She’s a writer, poet, motivational speaker and an aspiring author. Cathy has nearly completed her first manuscript; a literary narrative memoir entitled, "Let Go of the Branch" (excerpt). She is also the author of a soon to be published book of poetry entitled, "Evolution of a Woman". To read some of Cathy’s poetry visit her at Laura Davis is a motivation speaker who empowers men and women in overcoming their past. Laura’s focus? “Launching Out into the Deep.” Success is Imminent for anyone who exercises the power Jesus gave them to Receive The Power of the Name / The Power of the Word / The Power of the Blood. For more information visit Laura at: To post your Bio on this page email us at:

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I’m a Christian woman. I’ve dated several Christian men who ultimately broke my heart. I’m not dating now but one day I would like to have a healthy and loving relationship with a Christian man. What are some of the steps I can take to prevent another heartache? The Word of God tells us that our relationships should be within the confines of the Household of Faith. You got that part right. However, just because a person goes to church doesn’t mean they’re the person for you. Don’t wait until you’re emotionally involved in a relationship to seek direction from God. Seek Him first. If you seek Him first, you’ll have a much better chance of hearing Him clearly. I pray you have the wisdom to avoid heartache up front so you won’t have to cope with it later.

************* I’m a 21 year old daughter of a pastor. I’ve served in my father’s church all my life. Unfortunately, I have no joy and my service feels more like a chore. Am I required as a “PK” to serve wherever my father wants me to serve even if I’m extremely unhappy doing it? If you want to experience joy in your Christian life you must fulfill God’s purpose for your life; not merely engaging in “church work”. Try discussing your true feelings with your parents. Ask them to pray with you and for you. Working in another area of ministry is okay. However, if at all possible, try mentoring someone to take your place. When you’re not fulfilling your purpose there is no anointing. Without the anointing, you will never experience abundant life.

First Lady: Dr. Joyce Tucker, former first lady of the Word of Life Church in Milwaukee, WI where her late husband was pastor, served 16 years in ministry under Bishop Darrell Hines and is currently attending the Word of Faith Christian Center. She’s a teacher, public school administrator and an honorary doctorial recipient from the Midwest Theological Institute. Dr. Tucker is also the proud mother of six children. Got a question for the First Lady? Email your questions to: (No attachments please)

“…in a multitude of counselors there is safety.” Proverbs 24:6

The 24th annual Entrepreneurial Woman’s Conference, the oldest, most comprehensive conference for both aspiring and established women business owners, will take place Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2010 at Chicago’s McCormick Place-West. For more information or to register online please visit The First Lady’s Conference, held at the Hyatt DFW Hotel in Dallas TX, Sept. 27 – Oct. 1, 2010 offers pastors' wives a place to be encouraged, equipped, empowered and restored. Featuring a spa day, a Q&A Session, a “Hattitude” Luncheon, networking sessions and more. Enjoy Powerful teaching from nationally known speakers like Tammy Franklin! For more information to go: Women’s Summit Destiny Revealed 2010, ALL ACCESS-August 11th-14thDetroit World Outreach Christian Center Church, Redford, MI. You can expect to experience another realm of faith filled intensity to go forward in your God given destiny. Host: Dr. Charisse Gibert. For more info & registration visit: Click on the “ALL ACCESS” link. Kingdom Victory - The “Ascent” Conference, August 18-20, 2010 - Host: Bishop Iona E. Locke Presiding Prelate of Christ Centered Ministries Assembly. Daytime Seminars Daily at 9AM followed by Mid-day services, evening services nightly at 7PM. Free Registration. For more information go to:

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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the mist of them� Matthew 18:20

Dr. Lois Evans is the wife of Dr. Tony Evans, the nationally known Senior Pastor of the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, TX. Sis. Evans, Senior Vice President of The Urban Alternative, a national ministry founded by her husband Tony Evans, is also founder of the Pastors’ Wives Ministry and First Lady’s Conference. Sis. Evans is a mother of four and grandmother of nine and a much sought-after speaker around the globe. Meet Sis. Mary L. House and you’re sure to walk away feeling encouraged and inspired. In 1996, she co-founded Caring, Helping and Restoring Lives, Inc. In the last seven years, CHR has utilized more than six million dollars in federal grants and private funding to provide training, counseling, placement and support to help thousands of dislocated workers find employment and upward mobility. Sis. Satjiko Nicholson is the wife of Dr. Noah Nicholson, who’s pastor of the One Way Family Worship Center in Chicago, IL. Sis. Nicholson presides over the Family Worship Center’s Women of Worship Ministry. She is also the founder “The Preacher’s Wife” and teaches an enrichment course designed to expose the enemy and equip the minister’s wife to handle the complex issues they and their families face in ministry. Sis. Nicholson has a heart for those who are in need of inner healing. Felicia S. Hames was born in Chicago, IL but now lives in Oakland, CA where she serves in ministry with her husband, Dr. Charley Hames, Jr. who is pastor of the Beebe Memorial Cathedral C.M.E. Church. Felicia has a degree in Environmental Power Distribution and is certified in Bio Technology. She also serves as the coordinator of the Women of Worth ministry at Beebe Memorial. Felicia is the proud mother of three lovely children.

Dr. Sherry Gaither is a co-laborer in ministry with her husband, Pastor R. Benjamin Gaither, at the Stronghold Christian Church in Lithonia, GA. Dr. Gaither is a lecturer, educator, motivational speaker and author. Her love for people transforms lives with messages that transcend every cultural and denominational barrier. Her ministry extends internationally as she travels extensively throughout the U.S. and Africa proclaiming the Word of God. Sis. Sarah Miller who serves in ministry with her husband, Pastor T. L. Miller, at the Word of Life Worship Center was born and raised in England. As a full-time evangelist Pastor Miller responded to the call to pioneer a church in San Diego, CA. They are now a well established ministry with churches in England, Fiji, the Philippines and several churches in various states in the US. Sis. Miller is also the mother of two teenage girls who are also serving the Lord. Sis. Janice Pender, wife of Pastor Michael A. Pender of the Fallbrook Church in Houston, Texas, serves as director over the Women’s Ministry. She has a special love for women and children and desires that they know the love of God in their lives. Her favorite scripture is Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you…plans to give you a hope and a future.”

Prophetess Deniece Senter is a Desert Storm Veteran, author of 5 books including her book entitled, “Write the Vision and Make it Plain” and an international speaker. She’s the wife to Bishop John Farris Senter, D.D. Sr. Pastor of Faith Walkers Assembly. Together they have eight children. She is also the host of Deniece Senter Ministries TV and hosts a radio talk show “Chosen”. She hosts the annual international conference, “Chosen Not Forgotten”. One word sums up Deniece, “Encourager”.

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