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First Campus First Campus delivers a strategic programme of innovative projects which enrich the curriculum and support progression on to Level 4 learning. Our programme has been developed around two strands:

Projects: Devised to enhance and compliment the curriculum whilst raising awareness and aspirations of Higher Education.

Student placements: Devised to strengthen relationships between FE and HE students, currently available through Sport in partnership with Colleges Wales


FEProvision 2014-2015

Business & Enterprise

Creative Industries


Sport Placements

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Business & Enterprise Trading Places

Trading Places



Starts: 21st November 2014 Venue: Cardiff University

Starts: 9th-11th December 2014 Venue(s): USW and Cardiff City Centre

Trading Places, our exciting retail project, will run again this year. The project develops entrepreneurial skills and attitudes through practical experiences. It is a collaborative project delivered by the SE Wales YES Hub and First Campus, supported by the HE YES Hub, NatWest and EE.

Students will spend two days at the University of South Wales, developing a sales strategy, sourcing products and designing their retail space followed by a day running their own shop in Cardiff city centre.

Learners will be invited to apply for the Trading Places Selection Day through various workshops and talks hosted by College Enterprise Champions. Competing with and against peers for one of the 6 places in the final, students will be assessed on their ability to complete a series of challenges designed to test their entrepreneurial skills. 4

Competing in teams with members from all the FE Colleges in the region, participants will launch pop up shops with support and guidance from academics and industry experts. The benefits: Gain an insight into the world of retail and develop essential business skills including: communication and negotiation; creative thinking and decision making; marketing and advertising.

FEProvision 2014-2015

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Creative Industries Workshops

Summer University

3 x 2 HOURS


Starts: throughout the year Venue: College Campus

Starts: July 2015 Venues: University of South Wales and Cardiff Met

The aim of the workshops are to raise the motivation of learners enabling them to have practical, hands on experience and an insight into the chosen subject area. (Please see list of courses over the page)

One thirty hour course delivered Monday to Friday for a week in July. Creating a progression opportunity for learners who participated in the workshops, the Summer University has an emphasis on teaching industry skills and is designed to aid young people who wish to further their skills and portfolio ready for HE courses within the creative sector.

Learners who attend the workshops will be invited to apply for the Summer University


FEProvision 2014-2015

The Workshops

Life Drawing

The following workshops are available and will be delivered by animation and drawing lecturer Nick Price. Nick is Animation Director and Founder of Animation Studio Turnip Starfish. He has taught academic figure drawing and animation at Universities and Colleges across the UK. His animation figuredrawing classes have aided students who now work at Disney, Aardman Animations, Games Workshop and many other games, animation, illustration and concept art studios across the UK.

A drawing session specialising in the deconstruction of forms and shapes that create the anatomy of the human form. Nick has gathered together drawing techniques used around the work and used in animation studios including DreamWorks and Disney. We can supply a life model if required.

Animation A hands on session using industry HD animation Software. Our award winning workshops in animation allow you to create 2D animation like The Simpsons, Cut-out animation like South Park, Stopmotion animation and Claymation like Wallace and Gromit

Digital Painting An introduction into the modern illustration sector. You will explore creating and painting artwork in Adobe Photoshop. You will learn techniques used regularly in the modern comic, Manga, concept art and illustration industry.

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STEM Global Investment Challenge Preparing for the Challenge Option 1: In college inductions 1 HOUR SESSION Starts: Spring term Venue: College Campus A one hour Investment Challenge induction session / competition to all participating colleges. The session will involve a hands-on demonstration of the Global Investor simulation for staff and a competition for students to help staff identify who will represent the college at the main event.

Option 2: Business Leaders Day 1 DAY SESSION Starts: Spring term Venue: Cardiff Met, Llandaff Campus In partnership with Cardiff Met, the Business Leader’s day offers an insight into university life through a series of workshops and talks in the Cardiff School of Management. Places are limited so please book early. 8

FEProvision 2014-2015

The Competition 1 DAY SESSION Starts: 23rd April 2015 Venue: Cardiff Met, Llandaff Campus Your students will be competing in pairs against students from other colleges and schools playing Global Investor, an online financial markets simulation game. The event is a valuable opportunity for your students to meet with employers and educators. Students will experience first-hand the knowledge and skills required to study business and finance-related subjects at university and to pursue careers in the financial services sector. The Investment Challenge will be supplemented by a presentation to students and networking opportunities.

SUBJECT AREAS SUPPORTED Applied Maths/STEM, Key Skills, Business Studies/Economics Financial Capability, Enterprise, Work-related Learning

Your Decision: Debate Day 1 DAY SESSION Starts: 3rd December 2014 Venue: Reardon Smith Lecture Theatre, Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales, Cardiff You have been elected to the Welsh Government and must take a decision on one of the most pressing scientific and environmental issues in Wales today: the technique of fracking for oil. Using your own research guided by the pack provided prior to the event you will have the opportunity to hear from and debate with some of the experts in the field. At the end you will be able to vote for or against the topic, voicing your decision. Afterwards there will be an opportunity to talk to museum scientists about careers in science and to further explore the impact of man on the environment in the galleries.

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Sport Placements Programme Outline 6 WEEKS Starts: Autumn term-Summer Term Venue(s): College campuses A placement programme has been devised in partnership with CollegesWales. The Sports Development Officer (placement student) will be responsible for implementing and co-ordinating the delivery of a Sport Activities Programme in your college. The programme of activities will be aligned with the aims of the college’s sport development plan. Key Objectives To strengthen specific aspects of the college’s sports programmes in order to increase participation in a range of settings. Targeting hard to reach groups (e.g. girls, inactive 16+) the groups shall be identified by the officer in partnership with the college. A programme will then be designed and delivered to encourage greater participation.


FEProvision 2014-2015

2 WEEKS • RESEACRH Identifying demand: Placement students will work with college staff to target 2 groups (15 per group) that they will offer activities to. They will work with the Student Mana gement Team (SMT) or a class rep from the group to outlin e the project and explore resource issues such as space, time and costs incurred. Development Officers will have time away from the college planning activities: sourcing facilitators, venues, equipment as necessary. 3 WEEKS • DELIVERY Depending on what is requested by the groups, activities will be delivered by HE students or outsourced by SMT. If outsourced, HE students will use time to deliver new sessions to sports students such as atomic touch or rush hockey. Development Officers will have time away from the college researching further opportunities that they can promote to learners and SMT. 1 WEEK • REVIEW Feedback to target groups and SMT. (e.g. Opportunit ies to continue / progress with their chosen activities)

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For further information or to discuss other project ideas, please contact: Chris Webb Further Education and Family Learning Co-ordinator Call: 01443 482 701 • 07827 082 360 E-mail: Visit: Reaching Wider | Ymestyn yn Ehangach The First Campus project is a collaborative partnership consisting of all the Higher and Further Education Institutions in South East Wales.

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FE provision 2014/15  

First Campus delivers a strategic programme of innovative projects which enrich the curriculum and support progression on to Level 4 learnin...

FE provision 2014/15  

First Campus delivers a strategic programme of innovative projects which enrich the curriculum and support progression on to Level 4 learnin...