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SPECIAL! May Waver ‘May as Mary’

Hello.. Someone pointed out to me the other day - quite rightly, too -that 2015 is the year that Marty McFly heads off to, in ‘Back To The Future 2’. October 21st to be precise. So, as years go, this one is a pre-approved excursion into the Future. No hover boards yet though, sadly, but then that’s always the thing with predicting the future, the dead-certs disappear without a trace and the epoch defining ideas come out of nowhere. My biggest disappointment with the millennium, once I’d recovered from my Hooch created heartburn and fireworks blindness, was that the year 2000AD did not bring with it the mutant dinosaurs, lasered up law givers and post-apocalyptic fashion that I’d been promised since 8 years old. Which is not to say that I don’t enjoy all my new swipey things, or take a little futuristic pleasure from my phone waking up obediently when I stick my greasy thumb on it. It’s just not the terrifying and seismic future I was expecting, more of a slowly creeping moss of vaguely interesting things. BUT, and this is a great but, this issue in your hands (or on screen) has a big chunk of the future built in. The Augmented Reality future. Oh yes. Loads of our images come alive when you follow the instructions here - and point your phone at them! It’s fun and just a tiny bit freaky and most certainly a little piece of the future you’ve been waiting since 1976 for. Images tagged with a emoji (like the one above my pic) are all augmented for your digital pleasure!

In other news.. We have a great, great season at The Firestation over these next few months, with highlights including Bec Hill at Laughing Coyote, Pipeline Theatre’s ‘Streaming’, another Young Guns new music night, Christian O’Connell’s ‘Breaking Dad’, crowd-funded cinema and an unmissable double header with Funke & The Two Tone Baby and King Size Slim!!

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Have fun wherever you are, see you in the future, Dan ……………………………………………………………………………………………….

THE FIRESTATION CENTRE FOR ARTS & CULTURE St. Leonards Road, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 3BL 01753 866 865

OPENING TIMES 10:00 - Midnight Monday to Saturday 10:00 - 23:00 Sunday


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The Firestation Centre for Arts and Culture is housed in The Old Court, Windsor’s old Firestation, Magistrates Court & Police Station. You’ll find us on the corner of St. Leonards Road & St Marks Road, look for the big red fire doors.

The Fox & The Law



Christo Viola


Jwan Yosef

From Windsor Castle, go straight down Peascod Street until you reach the Criterion & Crosses Corner pubs at the traffic lights. Go straight across and keep heading down, past East Berkshire College, you should be able to see us, all red and shiny, on your right.


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We are a fifteen minute walk from Windsor & Eton Riverside Station or ten minutes from Windsor Central Station.

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Things We Like

The Firestation is well served by buses to and from Windsor, Slough, Bracknell and the surrounding area. Routes 71, 191, 200, 701 & 702 either go right by us or very nearby.

BY CAR The Firestation is within easy reach of the M4 (Jct 6) and M40 (Jct 2). We have a number of inexpensive short stay bays opposite The Firestation offering discounts for Advantage Card holders. A parking space at the rear of the building is available for Disabled Badge holders plus a limited number of spaces are kindly made available to us from 7pm (please check on arrival). Nearest multi-storey car park is situated 5 minutes away on the corner of Victoria Road and Alexandra Road.


Caroline Horton


Spotlight on 2015


Sarah Maple


Firestation Classes & Workshops


Get Involved

ACCESS The Auditorium and Upper Bar are accessible by wheelchair and there is a designated disabled parking space and access ramp at the rear of the building.








The Fox and the Law ‘Cheap Talk’ Review By Courteney Deutschmann ‘Cheap Talk’ is a true-to-the-essence neo-rock tune that hits you like a tidal wave and crashes down on you, with a force that only hard rock is capable of.

say, ‘’Wait? Why am I watching this again?” Pretty much an epic fail.

I f th e v o o d oo throughout th th e m e th a t r u n s e anything, it's video accomplishes to make no whatsoever. sense The opening lyrics “It cuts deep li ke a knife through butter, Ch-ch -cheap talk, you left me for your next door lo ver, I’d better take a walk” con jure the image of a w ounded guy, basically saying a big ‘F*ck you’ to the girl that decided to dump him and rip his heart ou t. Unfortuna tely the video choose s to entirely ignore this, and inste ad we get a v ood oo witch doctor, a cursed guit ar, a couple of po ssessions – in the demonic sens e - and an un g od priest. Why? Go figure. Ad ly d this together and you get a all huge steaming p i le disappointme of nt. Take a good song, add g performers a reat nd wicked v ocals and

The song is the latest single from Seattle garage band wh at do we get? The Fox and The Law, and the first from their third studio album ‘Stoned to Death, released in October this Rock and roll. year. Take some ro ck and roll, a dd a nonsens b u n c h o f u ical video and n ‘Cheap Talk’ sounds like a classic rock related stuff a that the dire and what do w ctor quite lik e get? track - with its heavy crunching riffs and es C h e a p ta lk . gripping guitar distortions - yet, it also

has just enough of it's own persona to add a little new-ness to this tried and tested old-rock style. Appropriately named, ‘Cheap Talk’ is the kind of track you find strangely familiar and intriguingly different all at the same time. Lead singer/guitarist Guy Keltner’s vocals are superb, his ability to enchant the listener with both his voice and tough guitar playing is more than demonstrated in this track, overloaded with raspy tones and playful lyrics. BUT (yeah, sorry Foxers, you knew it was coming), although the song is a thing of axe-wielding beauty, the video is a serious let down. Visually, it’s interesting enough to keep you staring at the screen just in time to hear the voice in your head

Christo Viola ‘Sauvage’

JWAN YOSEF PORTRAITS OF ABSENCE I don’t think it would be unreasonable to say that a sense of secure belonging, a feeling of the clear and solid order of things, a rooted understanding of ourselves and how we fit with the world, is perhaps not as sure as it once was. This is not to say that it doesn’t exist, just that it’s a rarer comfort than I remember it. Sometimes, however, a moment or a casual phrase, a shared glance or an image reflect back our tumbling relationships and for a moment we share our predicament, and everything is ok. Of Syrian heritage, Swedish artist Jwan Yosef now lives in London, making work that stretches, fades and collapses over the shifting plates of a very modern existence. Geography, religion, tradition and belonging all feed into his images on canvas and perspex, creating portraits that are as much absent as present, capturing fleeting glimpses of the dualisms and uncertainties of the 21st century. We spoke to him about his work and processes. Could you summarise your work to date? Pretty much painting for paintings sake. As a painter at heart I’ve struggled with the medium since day one; trying to work around it I’ve turned to working towards a form of reactive painting; a painting that is aware of itself. The material, working process and the object becomes a focal point of the work I present.

Your images have a drawn quality, do they start life as pencil on paper?

Could you outline your making process, particularly using oil on perspex?

It’s funny you say that, I’m terrible at drawing with pencils but my painting has always had some kind of drawing quality to it. In many ways I feel like I’m drawing with brushes.

The work on Perspex was a development away from earlier work on canvas. It’s like painting in reverse. I paint on one surface of the Perspex and from there I add layers backwards in order to finally present the mirrored unpainted surface. It’s really thinking in a backward manner.

Your palette is very muted, can you explain why?

Also the acrylic glass gives a feeling of something temporary and cheap which for my process was important, at least initially. A kind of less valuable material.

Yeah sometimes muted towards abstraction. I enjoy working with graphic subjects but in such a muted tone that its vulgarity disappears in an almost see-through hue. Being less obvious creates a kind of mystery; this is key to keeping most things interesting.

Some of your work - "Object" for example - feels very physical, whilst others - "Self Portrait (YALE)" for example - have more of a digital aesthetic. Is this something you look for or feel is present? You’re totally right, I think my later work like ‘Object’ is about creating a kind of twilight zone in painting. Its painting as much as it is sculptural work, however the process of making it and then deconstructing it is necessary for it to become what it is; which is a reactive painting. For my Perspex work the way the glass feels together with the extremely quietly painted subject very much relates to looking at a digital image through a computer screen.

It is often said that all art is a self portrait, do you agree and does this apply to your work? Undoubtedly yes, it’s not often that artists completely make up an image world, just like authors don’t really make up stories. Most things you make are very much what one has gone through.

Something we've talked about a fair bit here, is the repurposing of Art in the digital / social age. The shift in aesthetics and tools of production as our modes of communication evolve. Is this something you think about? Its impossible not to be aware of it as a painter, in many ways ones medium is questioned constantly; some considering it being an ancient medium. There are some amazing things happening in digital Art that is very special for our time. Art is, as it always has been doing, branching out into different expressions, art is a language and in order to converse, evolves with our methods of communication.

What is the purpose of Art, or perhaps how do you think your work functions for the viewer?

The purpose of art is communication, it’s like a frequency some can hear and others can’t. The same applies to my work, I’m presenting a story with a certain medium, some will relate and others wont. There is a sense of absence in your work, do you think this comes from your Syrian / Swedish / London existence?

position that is constantly standing outside, there’s a lot of freedom in being an outsider.

Absence is constant in what I present, or at least the lack of belonging. My heritage and history is filled with a sense of not belonging. Not necessarily in a way that is sad but more so in a

You mention the search for approval and initiations in your writing. Is this from personal experience? Yes, very much so. I think all of us go through different kinds of initiations, whether it is through school, work, lovers or anything for that matter?

Has your work responded to the recent situation on Syria? It’s hard not to be affected by the situation in Syria, especially when coming from Syria. But it’s hard to say now how that has affected my work when I’m in the middle of it. Thanks to Jwan Yosef Interview By Dan Eastmond



of Desert Ships new s ie on rm ha as tee sw ake hips bassline and .. the trancey loops, sn track. s. bedrooms, lamp and teenage tear e th on g in We’re all council estate tt ne 3, en Spacem


.. so as big fans of New York’s j.viewz, vegetables (particularly yummy carrots) and Massive Attack, what’s not to like?? 8


THIS PAGE IS SUPERCHARGED WITH AUGMENTED REALITY. Open Aurasma and hold over the video frame to stream the clip on your device. (full instructions on p.1)

“A great many people, and more all the time, live their entire lives without ever once sleeping out under the stars.” Alan S. Kesselheim ‘Let Them Paddle: Coming of Age on the Water’



15th January - 14th March

Facing London is a series of large scale portraits of people artist Giulio Vaccaro has met, known and shared London with. They are painted by mixing traditional techniques, like oil paint, with contemporary mediums such as fluorescent pigments and acrylics. These fluorescent paintings have been created with a 24hrs cycle in mind; as a result, they can be seen both in the day light and in the dark via UV fluorescent lights. Different lighting exposes different details and layers within each piece.


19th March - 3rd May

Anastasia Trahanas has been photographing naked volunteers for her Naked Britain project since 2005. The series takes a look at ‘the self’ as a raw individual as well as their response to society.


Naked Britain was a natural progression from her previous body of work, ‘Photographing the Female’, which has been an ongoing exploration. However, the project goes further, by asking if the body can be taken away from the aestheticism of the nude, to an entirely personal form of unique expression.

Listings January Midweek Howlers Thursday 8th at 20:30 Dan Wright hosts the brilliant Midweek Howlers nights at The Firestation, where you’ll find comedians new and old, testing out fresh ideas.. and flogging a few dead ones. Past acts include NISH KUMAR, ED GAMBLE, JOHN ROBINS, WILL FRANKEN AND MANY MORE... £3.75-£6.25

Laughing Coyote Presents... Friday 16th at 20:00 Laughing Coyote are back with more emerging artists and well established headliners, bringing you great comedy in our very own Basement Studio. This months guests include George Egg with support from Bec Hill! £9.35-£15.65

Hitchins Lab Thursday 22nd from 20:00 The Firestation’s revamped and totally supercharged open stage event. From poetry to comedy, dancers to musicians, Hitchin’s stage fits everyone. Free

Lewis Schaffer is Free Until Famous Friday 30th at 20:00 This brilliant New York comic - now based in the UK - comes to Windsor. Lewis Schaffer combines the comedy genes of Joan Rivers and Jackie Mason with the relevance of the freshest British comedians. Free

Kids Club Cinema - The Boxtrolls Saturday 31st at 13:00 Eggs, an orphan, lives with the Boxtrolls - a community of quirky, mischievous creatures who inhabit a cavern beneath the city of Cheesebridge. When villainous Archibald Snatcher hatches a plan to get rid of the pretty harmless beings, Eggs decides to go above ground, where he meets and befriends feisty Winnifred. Together, Eggs and Winnifred devise a daring plan to save the Boxtrolls from extermination. Adults £5.00/£2.50 Child/£1.00 Members

Glitterbox Burlesque Saturday 31st at 20:30 The Glitter Box Fairies are back with the freshest cabaret night in town, singing, dancing and peeling their way into your hearts! Come and join them for a night of Cabaret, Comedy and Burlesque…… plus plenty of glitter! £9.00-£15.00 Members £8.25-£13.25

February The Superbowl Sunday 1st from 21:00 Join us for our Sunday Superbowl Party and revel in everything about the USA! We’ll be watching the BIG game on our VERY BIG screen so why not come along and grab a couple of beers and 11 fingers crossed, we will get a touch down! Free

Midweek Howlers

Danny Buckler's Magic Salon

Thursday 5th at 20:30

Thursday 19th at 20:00

Dan Wright hosts the brilliant Midweek Howlers nights at The Firestation, where you’ll find comedians new and old, testing out fresh ideas.. and flogging a few dead ones.

Danny Buckler returns with another Magic Salon - the magic show where the world’s finest trick artists perform headline sets before sharing their insights about magic with our genial host. Danny will present two of the biggest names in UK magic in an evening of illusion, card tricks and mystery in a chat show revealing how a magician’s mind works.

Laughing Coyote past acts include NISH KUMAR, ED GAMBLE, JOHN ROBINS, WILL FRANKEN AND MANY MORE... £3.75-£6.25

Friday Night Jive

Guests include the star of C4 show 'Trick Artist', Ben Earl and Rune Klan.

Friday 6th at 21:00

£9.00 - £15.00

Friday Night Jive is Swingland’s regular swing and jive dance party at The Firestation. Swing out to some great music from the 1930s, 40s and 50s where all jive and swing styles and new dancers welcome! Includes taster swing dance class for absolute beginners.

Lloyd Langford: Old Fashioned

You don’t need a partner, just get here and let the beat do the rest. £3.75-£6.25

Saturday 21st at 20:00 A brand new show about struggling to keep up with the pace of the modern world. It is a show about being in your 30s... but feeling about 70. £9.00-£15.00

Jez Hellard & The Djukella Orchestra Saturday 7th from 20:00 A singer of potent songs, stunning harmonica player and fine guitarist, Jez thrives on music of all stripes. Jez Hellard & The Djukella Orchestra play traditional and contemporary folk music, from jigs, reels and rebel ballads to tango, rhumba and even reggae. £6.75-£11.25

Laughing Coyote Presents... Saturday 14th at 20:30 Laughing Coyote are back with more emerging artists and well established headliners, bringing you great comedy in our very own Basement Studio. With some very special guests this season! £9.35-£15.65

7UP Valentines Spesh Saturday 14th from 20:00

Pipeline Theatre presents Streaming Thursday 26th at 20:00

Indulge yourself and get yer own tunes on for a change..

Falling from a world of virtual wealth, Rosa (15) and her father land in a cheap flat with a reclusive new neighbour - a webcam girl. Blending unforgettable characters, moments of macabre puppetry and a translucent set, Streaming is a moving, funny and disturbing rites-of-passage story for the 21st century.


Standard £7.50 - £12.50 Conc £6.00 - £10.00

West London’s infamous club night continues to create a fuss and make a mess. This time it’s loves songs, romance and valentines messages all the way!


Kids Club Cinema - Ponyo Saturday 28th at 13:00 Yes, we are bringing Hayao Miyazaki's of Studio Ghibli, award winning fantasy film, back to the big screen! Ponyo tells the story of a goldfish princess who takes on a forbidden excursion to the surface world and becomes more and more human after befriending a village boy. With stunning animation visuals and a heart warming story that is bound to keep adults and children mesmerised. Adults £5.00/£2.50 Child/£1.00 Members

Young Guns Saturday 28th at 20:00 A brand new, new music night, showcasing some of the brightest young bands and songwriters emerging in the South East music scene. Check website for full line up details or to get on the bill. £3.75 - £6.25

March Christian O’Connell: Breaking Dad Thursday 5th at 20:00 10-times Sony Award winning radio host Christian O'Connell (Absolute Radio) takes to the road in his highly anticipated debut stand-up tour, following sell out runs at the 2013 and 2014 Edinburgh Fringe. Standard £6.00-£18.00, Con £5.00-£15.00

Friday Night Jive Friday 6th at 21:00 Friday Night Jive is Swingland’s regular swing and jive dance party at The Firestation - swing out to some great music from the 1930s, 40s and 50s on selected Friday nights! All jive/swing styles and non-dancers welcome! Includes taster swing dance class for absolute beginners - You don’t need a partner, just get here and let the beat do the rest. £2.50-£7.50

WZW: Windsor’s Zombie Walk Saturday 7th at 18:00 Join Windsor’s very first zombie walk and night of terror! Quarantine opens from 18:00, before the horde heads of to maraud around town and back to The Firestation for cult zombie movies and music from 20:00. £4.00 - £12.00

Laughing Coyote Presents...

Kids Club Cinema - Earth to Echo Saturday 21st at 13:00 After a construction project begins in their neighbourhood, best friends Tuck, Alex and Munch begin receiving strange, encoded messages on their cell phones. They immediately inform their parents and the authorities, but when no one takes them seriously, the youths decide to crack the code themselves and trace the messages to their source. The youths' curiosity leads them to a robotic extraterrestrial who desperately needs their help. Adults £5.00/£2.50 Child/£1.00 Members

Marlene Verplanck Saturday 21st at 20:30 With 21 studio albums under her belt, working alongside Sir George Shearing, Hank Jones and Frank Sinatra, to name but a few, Marlene is no stranger to the UK, returning every March for an extended tour of the country. Standard: £6.00 - £18.00 Conc: £5.00 - £15.00

Penelope RETOLD Tuesday 24th at 20:00 Made with input from soldiers and military spouses, Penelope RETOLD is an irreverent collision of classic myth, The Odyssey and contemporary rage. Get ready for a theatrical storm that sweeps through poetry, songs, comedy and Youtube clips. £6.00 - £18.00

Bar POP! Saturday 28th March at 20:00

Friday 13th at 20:30

Feeling bored, life's troubles getting you down?... PAH! You need some POP in yer life!

Laughing Coyote are back with more emerging artists and well established headliners bringing your great comedy in our very own Basement Studio. With some very special guests this season!

Indulge yourself in the ultimate night of 3 minute Pop classics from Taylor Swift to 5ive, all night long... Because the best things in life happen in under three minutes!




Laughing Coyote Presents… Friday 17th at 20:30

Bridging The Void

Laughing Coyote are back with more emerging artists and well established headliners, bringing you great comedy in our very own Basement Studio. With some very special guests this season!

Wednesday 1st at 19:30

£6.25 - £18.75

A brand new dance-film production delivered by emerging dance company Experiential. Film, dance and music interlace to create an immersive and mesmerising sunrise experience inspired by the Native American saying 'Every Night is followed by Sunrise’.

Strange & Beautiful

£2.50 - £7.50

Midweek Howlers

Saturday 18th from 20:00 A bar club night with a difference, weaving beautiful and often rarely heard music together with stunning visuals across the night; this is a club event that will tease your senses and feed your soul. Free

Thursday 2nd at 20:30 Dan Wright hosts the brilliant Midweek Howlers nights at The Firestation, where you’ll find comedians new and old, testing out fresh ideas.. and flogging a few dead ones. Laughing Coyote past acts include NISH KUMAR, ED GAMBLE, JOHN ROBINS, WILL FRANKEN AND MANY MORE... £2.50 - £7.50

Friday Night Jive Friday 3rd at 21:00 Friday Night Jive is Swingland’s regular swing and jive dance party at The Firestation. Swing out to some great music from the 1930s, 40s and 50s where all jive and swing styles and new dancers welcome! Includes taster swing dance class for absolute beginners. You don’t need a partner, just get here and let the beat do the rest. £2.50-£7.50

Plastic Groove Saturday 11th from 20:00

Double Header!

After October’s storming release party, Plastic Groove return to the Auditorium for another late and loud excursion into deep house and electro dub.

Funke & The Two Tone Baby + King Size Slim


Friday 24th at 20:00

Wind In The Willows

Kent-based mechanical alt-blues musician, Funke and the Two Tone Baby, is the pseudonym of multi-instrumentalist Dan Turnbull. Combining effects pedals, beatboxing and grooving bass lines with traditional instrumentation, powerful vocals and relentless energy.

Sunday 12th at 15:00 This classic tale comes to life with elaborate costumes, toe-tapping music and larger than life characters, that promise to capture the imagination of the youngest audience member and charm the oldest ones too. £6.00 - £18.00 Conc:£.50 - £13.50 Family: £19 - £57

Big, warm tones from his resonator guitar along with a powerful and direct vocal delivery are the trademarks of singer/song-writer King Size Slim. Incorporating in to his music rolling grooves with multi-layers of percussion and vocals, harmonica, hand-claps, foot stomps, myriad shakers, even sweeping brooms and pots and pans! £4.00 - £12.00

Jonny & The Baptists Saturday 25th at 20:00


Following their acclaimed, news-making STOP UKIP TOUR, the UK's hottest musical comedians Jonny & the Baptists once again bring their blend of songs, satire and silliness to the nation in this pre-election date. £6.00 - £18.00



Weird science, top tunes and some very scary looking lightning. All videos should henceforth be like Nigel Stanford’s ‘Cymatics’ Lemonade Gallery’s newest signing - US artist May Waver - makes intriguing, seductive and hypnotic animated gifs, like this one - ‘Content Aware 1’.


An Interview with Caroline Horton, maker of intimate, searching and powerful theatre, was nominated for an Oliver Award back in 2013. If you caught her in ‘Mess’ at The Firestation in that same year (or anywhere else for that matter), you’ll know why. If you didn’t, well your luck’s in, as Caroline returns to The Firestation this March with ‘Penelope RETOLD’. Set on the island paradise of Ithaca, the hour long performance explores the world and mind of Penelope. She’s married to Odysseus, the world famous war hero and she’s had enough of waiting quietly. Made with input from soldiers and military spouses, ‘Penelope RETOLD’ is an irreverent collision of classic myth, ‘The Odyssey’ and contemporary rage, told through poetry, songs, comedy and YouTube clips. We borrowed her for a quick chat, away from R&D at Birmingham REP, to talk performing, the challenge of solo shows and pigeons.

You’re touring Penelope RETOLD in early 2015, can you sum it up? It’s a solo show about Penelope, Odysseus’ wife, who’s been left alone and ignored for too long by her ‘brave’ and wandering husband. She’s bored and angry, at her wits end.

What first attracted you to the story? Sarah Brigham commissioned me to create the piece for Derby and as soon as I heard the idea, I became fascinated by what Penelope must have been going through on a daily basis. I set the piece when Odysseus having been away 19 years - returned for a night then left again….

How do you go about devising a show, where do you start? With research - collecting like a magpie - bits of text, images, photos, poems, songs, music and then the improvising begins - and games always games.

You interviewed soldiers and their spouses for this production. How was that experience? It was only spouses I interviewed. It was fascinating - and a reality check.

Waiting for someone’s return is boring and lonely and painful.

Penelope is presented on her bed, amongst a pile of bedsheets. Where did that image come from? Their marriage bed is made by Odysseus and referred to in Homer’s Odyssey - the image really stayed with me as where Penelope was trapped somehow - by love as much as anything else.

You use Youtube clips in this show, do you think it's important for contemporary theatre to pick up on digital tools? No - not really - it just suited this moment.

Does theatre need to be 'live' and if so why? I love live performance but the NT Live screenings are supposed to be amazing so...


Caroline Horton

What is it about working solo that you keep coming back to?

I was stunned and very honoured. I’m not sure what impact it had - all these things (awards, prizes) help to get people to engage with your work - so you can keep doing what you love.

It’s a huge challenge. I also make pieces with other people so I do mix it up. And every solo show is different. I love the close relationship you get with the audience and the challenge of maintaining that alone.

How do you wind down?

How do you know when you're done?

What's your guilty pleasure?

It’s opening night.

Made in Chelsea.

What are your greatest challenges as a performer and producer?

What's on your Netflix 'watched' list?

I don’t know - it’s different for different projects. I can be a bit blockheaded and or tearful when the pressure hits - but hopefully I’m good at apologising too!


Do you see yourself as a theatre maker, or is that just where you end up?

What's in your headphones?

Yes - it’s what I wanted to do from about 20 or 21 and why I went to study at Ecole Philippe Gaulier - I admired companies and artists who had trained with him and were making their own work.

Is there anything you don't like about theatre?

Performing is a very particular addiction, can you remember a moment that tipped you in? Reciting Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘My Shadow’ age 8 in front of the whole school. But I wanted to be a vet ’til I was 17.

How did you feel about the Olivier nomination, what was its impact on you?

I’m not good at it. Yoga and meditation when I make space for them.

David Lynch movies Breaking Bad

Sam Smith

When I forget it’s only a play… and the world’s not going to end...

Tell us something we don’t know? My favourite birdsong is a pigeon's. Homing pigeons have been recorded flying at speeds of 110mph which is faster than a cheetah can run. Photos by Robert Day Penelope RETOLD is at The Firestation on 24th March.


SPOTLIGHT ON 2015 By Courteney Deutschmann As 2015 kicks off, we at Beat Magazine can think of no better way to start another year, than to have a quick look ahead at what might just be making headlines, raising eyebrows and feeding your cultural fancy in the months to come.

himself in 2011, with his self-titled debut album, which was subsequently nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. But, unfortunately, no prizes for James that year. Don’t feel too bad for him though, because his second album ‘Overgrown’ won the illusive prize in 2013 and in 2014 he received a Grammy nomination for best new artist. James Blake consistently gives us reasons to keep him on the mp3 player. Whether it’s the rumoured collaboration with artists such as Kanye West or just his own unique musical style. Maybe, with some more notoriety he’ll get that Grammy in 2015… unless FKA gets there first. Let’s move away from music for a second, to make way for something a little less well known. A three day event completely dedicated to dance, what are we talking about? Only the UK’s biggest dance event - snappily named Move It, that takes place at London’s Olympia over three days in February. ‘Move It’ hosts dance, dance classes, dance advice and plenty of dance shops, for all your dancing needs. For the dance enthusiast, it’s nirvana. Street dance favs Flawless are there, as are Stopgap Dance and a sprinkling of Strictly celebs amongst others. Next up is an event for those of you out there who can’t get enough of the outdoors, being active or just ducking out of your digital reality for a moment. Somersault is a five day festival held in North Devon, perfectly described with this one line from their press release. ’Windows roll open, fresh air floods in. Here’s to five days where freedom grows wings, takes flight and anything is possible.’ Pure poetry init.. but, back to the festival. ‘Somersault lets it’s visitors catch some waves, go for a walk about and even squeeze in a little yoga (if that’s your thing). Summer plus Somersault equals one happy bunny, and by bunny I mean me.

Our first tip - and our numero uno if we were doing a kind of chart thing - goes by the name of FKA Twigs. If the name doesn’t ring any bells yet, it surely will any day now and that’s exactly why we have chosen to feature her at the top of our list. Hailing from Gloucestershire, the 26 year old synth pop artist released her debut album ‘LP1’ via Young Turks midway through 2014 and we can’t get enough. Her music and style are way left of centre, quirky, beautiful and brooding and, well, we love her. Ever found one of those artists that when you listen, literally brings you out in goose-bumps and shivers? That is FKA Twigs. Gorgeous vocals, intriguing synth melodies and just the right amount of bass. We love her and you should too. Tip number two is an artist that we’re pretty sure you’ll have heard of by now, but hey, we still think it’s worth big-ing up James Blake. Once again, another super-talented artist UK born and bred artist, (London to be precise) and holy sh*t, why are we not collectively screaming at the top of our lungs about him? Mr. Blake began to make a name for


Our final tip for 2015 is a date at the movies! Predictions like this one can be somewhat off, personal preference and all that, but if you can’t get excited about this one, then you’re dead inside. Period. The death march theme should be playing in your head right about now. That’s right, if you guessed it you win a wookie. Star Wars Episode VII. The long awaited seventh instalment of the Star Wars franchise is making its way onto the big screen this year and I for one cannot wait to get my red lightsaber (yes, I’m more of a dark side girl.. so sue me), extra large popcorn and mind in a VIP chair waiting for the next slice of a galaxy far, far away. Get ready people! It’s going to be a good year. Sarah Maple ‘I Love Orgasms’

Classes & Workshops BLOSSOM BALLET & HAWTHORNE SCHOOL OF DANCE Blossom Ballet’s syllabi were created and carefully designed by pre-school professionals specifically for babies, toddlers and young children. Blossom Ballet offers a new way to learn through exciting movement classes derived from imaginative play, providing a sound foundation for dance,& education and having lots of fun. Upon graduation from Blossom Ballet, pupils are welcome to join Hawthorne School of Dance to continue their learning in Ballet, Tap and Street. Classical Ballet - Delivered in a fun and imaginative manner with classes divided by age and ability - suitable for girls, boys, beginners and improvers. Tap dance - delivered in an energetic and interactive manner with classes divided by age and ability - suitable for girls, boys, beginners and improvers. Both with optional examinations validated by the ISTD. Street - Inspirational, energetic and funky classes delivered by dancing professionals working within the commercial industry suitable for girls, boys, beginners and improvers. MONDAY 5TH JANUARY - SATURDAY 28TH MARCH (EXCL 16TH - 21ST FEBRAURY) SEEDS [18-26 MONTHS] Wed & Thu 09:45-10:15, £72 SAPLINGS (27-36 MONTHS] Mon 14:30 - 15:00 & Wed & Thu 10:25 - 10:55, £72 BUDS [3 YRS]


Mon 13.45 - 14.25 £84

Prime Studios

Wed & Thu 11:05 - 11:45 & Sat 09:45 - 10:25 £84

Ever wanted to write a script or shoot a film? Then our creative evening film course is for you!

BLOSSOM ISTD BALLET & TAP [4 YEARS] Mon 15:10 - 15:55 & Sat 09:45 - 10:30,£90 BLOSSOM/PRE-PRIMARY BALLET & TAP [RECEPTION] Mon 16:00 - 16:50, £90 Sat 10:30 - 11:20 & 10:35 - 11:25, £90 ISTD PRIMARY BALLET & TAP [YEAR 1] Mon 16:55 - 17.45 & Wed 16:45 - 17.35 & Sat 11:25 - 12:15, £90 ISTD PRIMARY BALLET & TAP [YEAR 2] Mon 16:00 - 16:50, £90

Our experienced Script Editor and Film Producer will support you to develop your story ideas, draft a script, create a storyboard and film a scene. We’ll also cover an overview of the film industry and advice on how to finance and fund your film. MONDAYS 12TH JANUARY - 9TH FEBRUARY 18:30 - 20:00 £65 For more information visit ………………………………………………………………………………….…………….



Mon 16:55 - 17.45, £90



The Windsor Photographic Society is one of the largest photographic societies in the UK. Members enjoy a friendly atmosphere & varied and stimulating programme of practical help, creative sessions, speakers, competitions and social evenings.

Wed 17:40 - 18:30, £90




Sat 12:20 - 13:10, £90

20:00 - 22:30

For more information please visit:

Contact: Chris Towler on or 07917 878315

Mon 17:50 - 18:40, £90


SOTA STAGE SCHOOL SOTA SEEDS SOTA Seeds classes provide a fabulous introduction to performing arts for little ones. Watch them flourish as they explore through dance, singing and drama. AGES 4-6 YEARS TUESDAYS 6TH JANUARY - 24TH MARCH (EXCL 10TH & 22ND FEBRUARY) 3.45pm-4.30pm AGES 3-5 YEARS SUNDAYS 11TH JANUARY - 29TH MARCH (EXCL 10TH & 22ND FEBRUARY) 10:00 - 10:45 £78 per 10 week term ………………………………………………………………………………………….…….

SOTA MUSICAL THEATRE CLASS Have a ball learning songs, dances and acting scenes from West End and Broadway musicals with our highly experienced acting, dance and singing coaches. AGES 8-14 YEARS TUESDAYS 6TH JANUARY - 24TH MARCH (EXCL 10TH & 22ND FEBRUARY) 16:30 - 17:45 £120 per 10 week term ………………………………………………………………………………………….…….

4MDT YOUTH DANCE CLASSES Led by artistic directors Elaine & Dean TUESDAYS 13TH JANUARY - 17TH MARCH



Basement Studio

Basement Studio

Learn the original swing dance from the 1930s, 40s and 50s (aka the Lindy hop or Jitterbug)! Can be danced to everything from Big Band swing (Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Count Basie) through Rock ‘n’ Roll, the lounge swing of Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack and modern artists like Michael Bublé!

FLAMES 8-10yrs 17:00-18:00 / £70.00

BEGINNERS 20:00 - 21:00 Learn the basic swing steps and some fun moves! No previous experience needed! No partner needed! IMPROVERS / INTERMEDIATES 21:00 - 21:45 Move your dancing on with more complex rhythms, moves and combinations including swing, lindy hop, charleston and variations. No partner needed! ROUTINE CLASS (ADVANCED) 21:45 - 22:30 MONDAYS 5TH JANUARY - 27TH APRIL (EXCL. BANK HOLIDAYS) £8 per session / £30 per 5 week block

(includes free entry to Friday Night Jive!)

These workshops are action packed and focus on learning fun routines, gaining confidence and devising interesting new choreography. Children are encouraged to input their ideas, explore their creativity, and experience the value of working as a team. HEAT 11-12yrs 17:00-18:00 / £70.00 The transitional class from FLAMES to BLAZE, involving an intermediate approach to dance technique and choreography skills. HEAT dancers have the opportunity to become 4Motion Dance Assistants to develop young leadership skills. BLAZE 13yrs+ 18:00-19:10 / £75.00 Blaze is ideal for those wishing to study or currently studying GCSE Dance, Theatre and Performing Arts, and those with a genuine passion and dedication for creative arts. BLAZE classes involve an advanced approach to dance technique, contact work, and choreography and performance skills. All 4Motion groups take part in the end of term 4Motion Youth Dance Performance.

See events listings for Friday Night Jive dates If you would like to attend two different classes in one evening, pay just £12. It’s £15 to attend Beginners, Improvers/Intermediates and Routine classes in the same evening. £45 per 5 week block for 2 different classes For any suggestions or any other feedback on anything we do, talk to our team or drop us a line at

4MOTION ADULT DANCE: GET A MOVE ON! Basement Studio Looking for an alternative to the gym, something that’s energetic and original? Then join 4Motion’s popular adult dance class ‘Get A Move On’ for a fun dance and fitness experience. 4Motion have created a totally unique contemporary dance class that welcomes anyone who wants to try something new or build on their current technique, flexibility, and fitness. The class focuses on high intensity dance specific fitness; yoga stretches and dance technique, and is a very friendly and fun group. To find out more please contact Elaine on; or 07792859254. 5-WEEK COURSE: TUESDAY 13TH JANUARY-10TH FEBRUARY 5-WEEK COURSE: TUESDAY 24TH FEBRUARY-24TH MARCH 19:15-20:15 £40 for 5-week course.

existing scripts and performing a showcase to friends and family at the end of term. THURSDAYS 8TH JANUARY - 26TH MARCH (EXCL. 19TH FEBRUARY) 7-11yrs 16:15 - 17:45, £110 12-18yrs 17:45 - 19:45, £130 ………………………………………………………………………………………………

MESSY MONETS Basement Studio Fun packed creative classes for pre-schoolers, Messy Monets have arrived at The Firestation! Each class lasts around an hour and is themed. The children make two things to take home each session – so we’re great value for money and the little ones are kept nice and busy! During the session, the children also do some modelling with play-dough and dance around in bubbles at the end of each session to music. So it’s pretty fun packed! FRIDAYS 9TH JANUARY - 24TH APRIL (EXCL.20TH FEBRAUARY) 10:00 - 11.30 Tickets £6 / £4 siblings / Loyalty cards available ………………………………………………………………………………………………

SOTA SUNDAY STAGE SCHOOL SOTA School enables 6-16 year olds to develop skills in dance, singing and drama in a creative and stimulating environment. Working in three age groups, pupils rotate between three workshops lead by professionally trained workshop leaders and performers. The emphasis is on fun through confidence building, skills development and self expression. AGES 6-16 YEARS SUNDAYS 11TH JANUARY - 26TH APRIL (EXCL 10TH & 22ND FEBRUARY) 10:30 - 13:30 £245 per 10 week term

GLITTER BOX BURLESQUE Basement Studio Traditional burlesque with Dollface incorporates lots of confidence work, tracing, posing, peeling and props - all with plenty of fabulous dance moves thrown in for good vintage measure. If you’re feeling cheeky we can even get the nipple tassels out with Glamour L’Amour! PLUS the opportunity to star in a Glitter Box show! WEDNESDAYS 7TH JANUARY - 29TH APRIL


LIFE DRAWING Basement Studio A fun and dynamic life drawing session for all abilities, with a great atmosphere, music and stage lighting to enhance the definition and features of the subjects. You can be left to your own devises or alternately tutor, Patrick Palmer, is happy to give advice. Each week there is a nude model to study, holding various times poses of different lengths.


Patrick is a professional artist with over 20 years life drawing experience. He was classically trained at Heatherley’s School of Art (Chelsea) and The National College of Art and Design (Dublin). He was given extensive personal tuition by Michael Clack, a close friend of Francis Bacon and Bobby Gill, an honorary lecturer at The Royal Academy.



Basement Studio


Our fantastic youth theatre class with Bea Vanderkar, that provides a fun and stimulating environment for young people to develop a practical understanding of the art of theatre whilst making new friends. The group learns the techniques of improvisation, using these to write and devise their own pieces as well as exploring

17:30 - 19:30

(EXCL. 18TH FEBRUARY) 19:00 - 20:00 £8 per session / £45 for six sessions / £80 for 12

£10 drop in, £8 with Advantage Card/Conc/Mem £80 for 10 sessions

“We know time to be a hurricane. Our buildings, our sense of style, our ideas, all of these will soon enough be anachronisms, and the machines in which we now take inordinate pride will seem no less bathetic than Yorick's skull.” Alain de Botton The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work


‘Gary Plant Tubular Steel Corporation’ by M. Marshall (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

FIRESTATION MEMBERSHIP By joining our fantastic membership scheme you can benefit from a whole host of offers and special events. On top of an array of discounts (which are listed below), you are exclusively invited to a Members only event to celebrate the launch of the new season, supplying all the information you need to enjoy the next season’s sensational programme to the fullest! Individual, family and corporate membership packages available. • Exclusive booking period for premium events
 • 20% discount on all season performances
 • 10% discount at The Firestation Bar
 • 10% discount on private hires and conferences.
 • Discounts with our partner restaurants and shops. Check website for up to date list of deals and offers. Firestation Membership £25.00
 Concession Membership £20
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 For Corporate Membership: Please contact our office team on 01753 866 865 to discuss your fantastic Corporate Membership options. To get your Firestation Membership, please visit our website and fill out the short registration form or call us on 01753 866 865.

WANT TO GET INVOLVED? One of the things that makes The Firestation so special is the multitude of people who come together to make it happen. There are a myriad of ways in which you too could become involved in The Firestation’s creative melting pot!

Volunteers join us on a regular basis and they are integral to our success! Opportunities range from Box office to Marketing & Distribution, Ushering to Technical assistance and Bar work. In exchange for your well-spent time here, we offer exclusive, exciting benefits as well as a spectacular insight into work in the arts industry! Email us now Curating, Performance & Workshops
 We’re always on the lookout to nurture new talent, from offering DJ spots in the bar, programming new bands in our music nights, to performances or artists leading a workshop or class.

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