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aken syllable by syllable, the word research

could be defined as searching again, or having a new look at a subject. In this book the cultures that serve as the inspiration for each project are examined until a

visual language can be distilled. Culture fascinates us because it reveals the unity (without uniformity) that we share with our fellow humans. I believe in the universal deep well in our minds that psychologist Carl Jung identified as the Collective Unconscious. Art, myths and patterns often emerge in seemingly unconnected regions of the world with remarkable commonalities and themes. I have an insatiable curiousity and my shelves are stacked with books from around the world. While we are linked at a fundamental level, there is great joy in seeing the different ways in which arts, crafts and design are expressed through a myriad of cultures and ideas.


course: studio practices category: branding project: illustrative branding

title: vitabots instructors: candice

lópez / rafael lópez

Vitabots vitamins for kids

The goal for this project was to introduce a narrative element to branding by using an illustrative approach. The backstory for the brand involves a mad scientist with a strong pet allergy who creates a series of Robot Pets: RoboDog, RoboRabbit and RoboCat. Each pet utilizes a battery-like PowerCore as an energy source, the vitamin bottle. The characters were inspired by Japanese toy robots designed to trigger the interest of parents of boys from four to eleven. I chose a palette of bright, boy-friendly colors for maximum appeal. Box art was designed to cubically wrap around the package. The logo is based on a heavily modified version of the typeface Karbon and is intended to suggest the mechanical aspects of robots in a whimsical way. In addition to the box and bottle design, branded applications for this project include a height chart and a point-of-purchase display.

“Machine Man” - Replica of 1960’s toy

The most valuable toy robot is ‘Machine Man’, produced in Japan in the early 1960’s. Only 15 examples are known to exist. One was sold at auction by Sotheby’s auction house in New York in 1997 for a record price of $74,000.


brand positioning

To break through the crowded marketplace

The characters for this project were

of kid’s vitamins I decided to create a

inspired by Japanese toy robots. I chose

product focused on boys. Their special

a palette of bright, kid-friendly colors for

dietary needs are a result of the speed at

maximum appeal. Box art was designed to

which they grow and development of their

wrap around the package and make taking

bones, teeth and hormonal systems. I

vitamins every day lots of fun.

positioned this product to take advantage of consumer trends toward specialization by developing a concept and robot graphics to directly appeal to young boys and their parents.

Cutting template for RoboCat box

Preliminary sketches Toy robot inspiration

What: vitamin of choice for growing boys How: the power core will strengthen their immune system and provide multi-vitamins and minerals Who: young active boys who like to play and have fun Where: United States Why: They want to be as strong and smart as a robot

Pantone 2925 CMYK 85-25-0-0 #0096D6 Web

Pantone 186 CMYK 0-100 -80-4 #E31837 Web

Pantone 021 CMYK 0-53-100-0 #F71E8E Web

When: in a busy modern world

Logo development

Refining the cat character





–60 –59 –58 –57 –56 –55 –54 –53 –52 –51 –50 –49 –48 –47 –46 –45 –44 –43 –42 –41 –40 –39 –38 –37 –36 –35 –34 –33 –32 –31 –30 –29 –28 –27 –26 –25 –24 –23 –22 –21 –20 –19 –18 –17 –16 –15 –14

POP display / Growth chart


course: studio practices category: collateral project: multi-page document

title: wabi-sabi magazine instructors: candice l贸pez

/ sean bacon


lifestyle magazine

Wabi-sabi is an artistic and cultural periodical published monthly informed by the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, an aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. Our primary intended audience are creatives from 35 to 50 years old with an interest in Eastern philosophy, culture and art. This unique publication is focused on art and culture rather than having an emphasis on religious practice. Characteristics of wabi-sabi include asymmetry, roughness or irregularity, simplicity, economy, modesty, intimacy and an appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes. We have tried to infuse the magazine with this same aesthetic. The soft pastel colors used in the magazine design are soothing and restrained as is the matte paper used in the production. Adobe Caslon and Univers, the primary typefaces used are intended to be unobtrusive and the photography employed is straight-forward and asymmetric.

Akaraku bowl

The wabi-sabi world view nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.




PO BOX 390777 SANTA CRUZ CA 95065-9803

Magazine spread and subscription card

Simplify Your Life

3 Free Issues Please send me a year of wabi-sabi magazine for $44.90. That’s like getting 3 issues for free over the cover price of $59.88! Name (please print) _______________________________________________ Address ________________________________________ Apt# ___________ City_________________________________ State______ Zip _____________ My e-mail address is:______________________________________________ ❏ Payment enclosed (Thank you!)

❏ Bill me later

Magazine spread and subscription card


course: studio practices category: typeface design project: type specimen book

title: exhibition type family instructors: candice lรณpez /

sean bacon

Exhibition Type Family font specimen book

Exhibition is a type family with five fonts. These letterforms were greatly inspired by the Bauhaus school in Germany. The work of the painter, photographer and Bauhaus instructor, Lรกszlรณ Moholy-Nagy fueled my design. Highly influenced by the Constructivist movement, he was a strong advocate for the integration of technology and industry into the arts. The five styles in the Exhibition family consist of two text weights: Exhibition text and Exhibition Bold, as well as three display faces: Exhibition folding screen, Exhibition 3D, and Exhibition wireframe. The display faces are designed to mimic 3D effects and come with alternate left and right facing versions of each character that can be accessed by using a modifier key when setting the type creating a continuous ribbon effect. Although there are two text weights included in the family, this typeface was constructed for use at headline or display sizes by designers looking for a face that captures the look and feel of the Bauhaus era.

The Olly and Dolly Sisters, Lรกszlรณ Moholy-Nagy, circa 1925

The Bauhaus existed in three locations in Germany: in Weimar from 1919 to 1925; in Dessau from 1925 to 1932 and finally in Berlin from 1932 to 1933 when it closed under pressure from the Nazi party.


type family creation

The look and feel of this typeface clearly expresses a strong point of view. The supporting colors, imagery and composition make the promotional brochure a cohesive direct mail piece that distinguishes this font family. Color, scale, proportion, type and motion define the viewer’s experience and create an emotional reaction.

Color palette: The selected hues pay direct tribute to the Bauhaus school inspired by a Weimar exhibition poster by Joost Schmidt. Imagery: Constructivism and a feeling of machine forms are echoed on the pages of the brochure. Typography: The original fonts I designed were the focus of this project. Sensory: Designers who would hold this brochure in their hand would have a positive reaction to the texture and weight of the paper. Consideration was also given to how they interacted with the promotional materials.

This toy inspired the folding screen display face

Exhibition poster by Joost Schmidt

Creating the basic letterforms

e in a z ed ag u s m ly e r a at f o t im a ul e id ot an s n o n wa d s e at ba t t h c s e a w r oj p ce fa h e r y t a no l sp a di f o r D 3 - ea d e h Th a st m

Pantone 7506 CMYK 00-10-20-00 Web #FFE6CB

Pantone 463 CMYK 00-00-00-00 Web #7D4F29

Pantone 7509 CMYK 00-30-60-20 Web #D09B62

Pantone 1805 CMYK 10-100-100-25 Web #AB161C

Pantone Black 6C CMYK 100-60-40-0 Web #000000

Bauhaus artwork like this Herbert Bayer cover were influences, as were the design and photography of Laslo Moholy-Nagy

Pro The This

Ex h

c ol l


ibiti on




de r

F or

lect on c ion onsi $49. st s o 0 0 f Ex h 5 re l a ibiti #SP50 te d on t font ex t , 1 s i ns $99. Ex h Name pire 0 0 ibiti d by Ex h o n t he b o ld ibiti #SP50 Bau o 2 n fo hau Add ress ld i n s er a C om pa ny g sc a nd P ro re e n duc t he , E t wor x h ib City ks o ition f La z z s lo e x ten P r ic Moh d e e St at d e olyCou nt ry , E x hZi Q Nag p u i b a nti ition y. t y w i re f r Emai l Add re a m ss Tota Phone e l t hi s lin e Ship p i ng UP S Credit Card Sec Groun Number ond d (U Ne x t D Day (U SA) $9 a y Name on Car (USA SA) $1 Ship Ex piration D Na m d ) 4 ping Ca ate e nad $2 0 a Inte (Gro T OTA ungn Ad d Int rnation Si d at L re s s er na a l E ) ure x t i $15 pres ona $49.00 #S l Ec s P501 C ono $35 Exhibitity my ion text, Exh $15 ibit ion bold u n $9C9.o00 t r y #SP502 Exhibit ion fo lding screen E ma C om , Exhibit ion il A pa n z-ex tended, dd r y Exhibit ion w ess ir ef ra me Product S t a Price te Fon t Fo Qua nt it y To r ma ta l this line Zi t: p Po st sc ri Ma cint pt C re Exhibition Type Family > Folding Screen > Order Pho o s h d it C ne Tr u a rd eTy p Nu m Wi n e ber Na m dow e on s Pay Ca r me n d t: O rd Vi er O sa ww n w.Sp line Ma hy n x Fo s ter u nd Ca r d r y.c om Exp A M i r at EX i on D at Ch e eck Si g n Ma i at u r l Or e der s S ph to: y 4 42 n x Fou 2M nd r cC y Sa n Font Format: Dieg lintoc k St o, C re e t A 9 2116 Postscript Macintosh -461 3 ec t i






CD packaging / Mail-in order form and online orders via smartphone app

TrueType Windows

Exhibition 3D display face

Exhibition wireframe display face


course: page layout category: non-profit project: collateral for

title: dance for africa instructor: amy becraft

non-profit org

Dance For Africa

benefit performance for zambian women

The yellow, orange, brown and golden hues in this project were inspired by the African landscape and patterns were based on historic and cultural motifs. Torn paper collage artwork was used in order to suggest a naturalistic, textured style. The headline copy was constructed from reshaped characters derived from the bold, angular typeface Blackout. The secondary typeface used was a bold, condensed version of Trade Gothic. Promotional items created for this event include a stage set with variable backgrounds as well as moveable foreground strips of dancers, as well as a zoetrope for viewing an animated silhouette of African dancers. The ultimate beneficiaries of these performances are programs for women’s empowerment in Zambia, Zimbabwe and other African countries, though the focus here is on the cultural event itself.

Songye tribe Kifwebe Mask from the Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly Zaire

The white paint in the grooves symbolizes peace, light and the purity of the soul. The brown, tan and blue colors used in these masks symbolize nature as a positive force.

Dance For Africa Sat June 16 2012 Gen Adm Civic Theatre 7100 Third Ave San Diego CA

june l6 20l2 AT 7PM ciuic theatre 7l00 third auenue san diego ca

june l6 20l2 AT 7PM ciuic theatre 7l00 third auenue san diego ca

Ticketing info 619.570.1100 Ticketing services advance sale windows 1100 Third Avenue Monday to Friday 1:00 am to 6:00 pm Closed Saturdays Sundays and most holidays Cash MC Visa AMEX and Discouer cards accepted

June 16 2012 at 7PM Civic Theatre 7100 Third Avenue San Diego CA

Box office opens 2 hours prior to curtain. Call us at 619.570.1100 to confirm hours or check online at Windows close approx. 30 minutes after curtain rises. Sales and will call for current performance only.

Non-Profit US Postage PAID Permit No 660 San Diego CA

Ticketing info 619.570.1100

Ticket, postcard front, postcard back and envelope / Poster

Box office opens 2 hours prior to curtain. Call us at 619.570.1100 to confirm hours or check online at Windows close approx. 30 minutes after curtain rises. Sales and will call for current performance only.

Ticketing services & advance sale windows 1100 Third avenue Monday to Friday 1: 00 am to 6 : 00 pm Closed Saturdays Sundays and most holidays Cash MC Visa AMEX and Discover cards accepted


course: identity systems category: branding project: boutique identity

title: siren song instructor: maelin


Siren Song a unique boutique

In classical Greek mythology, the Sirens were sea nymphs who lured passing sailors to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island with seductive songs. The goods for sale at the SirenSong boutique are just as irresistible. The logotype is a unique handcrafted script, infused with a jewel-like watercolor texture. The colors chosen for this brand are intended to suggest seaweed, deep ocean waters, silver scales and sandy shores. Patterns were based on bronze age Mediterranean motifs, then updated with fresher, more modern hues. Branded applications include hang tags, shopping bags, and the design of the retail environment for the boutique.

Herbert James Draper, Ulysses and the Sirens, 1909

Oh cease thy course, and listen to our lay! Blest is the man ordain’d our voice to hear, The song instructs the soul, and charms the ear. Approach! thy soul shall into raptures rise! Approach! and learn new wisdom from the wise! Book XII, The Odyssey; translated by Alexander Pope

Boutique interior / Hang tags and shopping bag


course: studio practices category: font design project: cádiz typeface

title: cádiz tapas bar instructors: candice

lópez / sean bacon


spanish tapas bar Cádiz is an Andalusian themed tavern. The intended demographic are foodies and wine drinkers in search of an authentic southern Spain tapas experience.

This establishment goes to great lengths to ensure that the recipes and presentation are as true to the original sources as possible, while simultaneously featuring a hip, modern ambience tailored to the enjoyment of young adults in their twenties and thirties. The restaurant environment features traditional Spanish patterns, motifs and furniture styling with an up-to-date, fresh color palette used for interest and variety. Armada, a custom Rotunda Blackletter typeface, was created for Cádiz to ensure that branding applications for this creative property would be unique.

Wine grapes

Phoenicians founded the trading post of Cádiz around 1100 BC. Archaeologists believe that Spanish grapes were first cultivated long before, between 4000 and 3000 BC.


References Name ___________________________________________________

CADIZ Wine & Tapas Bar Address _________________________________________________

Employment Application Phone ___________________________________________________

Pull up a chair and tell us about yourself. E-mail ___________________________________________________

Personal Information


Company Name/Relationship ____________________________

Name ___________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________

Anything else you would like us to know ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ Phone ___________________________________________________ ____________________ Name ___________________________________________________ ____________________ ____________________ E-mail ___________________________________________________ Address _________________________________________________ ____________________ How Did You Hear About Us? ____________________ ____________________ Phone ___________________________________________________ Employment History ____________________ ____________________ E-mailEmployer ___________________________________________________ ____________________ Most Recent ___________________________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ Address _________________________________________________


Position Desired:


Company Name/Relationship ____________________________ From ____________ /___________ to ___________ /___________

Welcome to Cádiz Check No. 0001 Server: David Table: 7

11/23/12 6:38 pm Guests: 4

-------------------------------2x Ensalada Tropical 2x Patatas Bravas

8.00 8.00 7.00 7.00

-------------------------------1x La Tierra Blanco ’10 (glass) 1x Monterrei ‘Valderello’ Blanco’09 (glass)

7.00 6.50


Sub-total 43.50 Sales Tax 3.37 TOTAL 46.87

Thank you for visiting.

month year month year ____________________ Languages (other than English) _________________________________________________________ ____________________ Responsibilities _________________________________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ Name ___________________________________________________ ____________________ Previous Employer _______________________________________ ____________________ ____________________ Address _________________________________________________ ____________________ From ____________ /___________ to ___________ /___________ month year month year ____________________ Phone ___________________________________________________ Date Available to Start: ____________________ Responsibilities _________________________________________ ________________________ E-mail ___________________________________________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ Previous Employer _______________________________________ ____________________ Company Name/Relationship ____________________________ ____________________

From ____________ /___________ to ___________ /___________ _________________________________________________________ month




Other Special Skills ____________________ ____________________ Emergency Contact Person Education ____________________ Name ___________________________________________________ ____________________ High School _____________________________________________ ____________________ Address _________________________________________________ ____________________ Trade School _____________________________________________ Phone ___________________________________________________ ____________________ College __________________________________________________ ____________________ E-mail ___________________________________________________ ____________________ Certificates & Degrees ___________________________________ Responsibilities _________________________________________

Relationship _____________________________________________

Receipt and menu clipboard / Employment application


course: process building category: personal project project: chinese tarot

title: chinese tarot instructor: lisa starace

Celestial tarot

A chinese divination deck

The Celestial Tarot is a Chinese themed tarot deck combining the Western mystical tradition of Tarot cards with Chinese imagery and the philosophy of the I Ching, a 5,000 year old system of divination. The imagery used references traditional Tarot card interpretations, adding additional layers of meaning related to I Ching concepts. To differentiate from the other versions of the Tarot available, including a few with Chinese motifs, this deck incorporates Chinese mysticism and philosophy on a more advanced level. The color palette; cinnabar red, jade green, azure blue, and antique gold, was inspired by the hues traditionally assigned to the four cardinal directions. The target demographic is upscale new age women with an interest in self-growth and spirituality. Marketed to 30–45 year olds, the cards have an intuitive, spiritual approach. This will resonate with open minded, creative and philosophically introspective potential customers. The Tarot deck can be used either with friends, or individually, as a way of accessing creative archetypes and the intuitive process. This provides an accessible way of combining Eastern and Western philosophies, mystical traditions and methods of divination.

Chinese bronze coin

Rather than being struck with dies as with the majority of western coins, Chinese coins were cast in moulds. This practice lasted around 2,500 years.

celestial tarot

crossing cultures

The Celestial Tarot is a Chinese Tarot deck combining the Western mystical tradition of Tarot cards with Chinese Exploring perceptions, values, behaviors and trends are essential

imagery and the philosophy of the I Ching, the 5,000 year old system of

to making relevant cross-cultural references. To do this effectively

divination. These are both great methods

you have to assume nothing and submerge yourself in a culture. I

for tapping into what psychologist Carl

found it helpful to connect with native experts and identify and edit

Jung called the collective unconscious:

out stereotypes and assumptions. This project required a great deal

powerful internal symbols that occur in

of research and observation to key into the subtle clues and show

our dreams and myths that cross over

sensitivity to cultural nuances. My goal was to understand the target

cultural boundaries.

demographic and celebrate the unique magic of Chinese Tarot.

Preliminary sketches Ink drawings were created

Researching interpretations

Traditional Chinese screen patterns were referenced

Pantone 7468 CMYK 100-50-30-10 Web #006789

Pantone 465 CMYK 25-30-75-0 Web #C5AA5F

Pantone 173 CMYK 0-80-82-15 Web #D14E34

Pantone 7473 CMYK 72-20-54-0 Web #499F8A

Introduction In the Tarot card correspondances for this deck, we are using the 64 hexagrams in the I Ching + the 8 trigrams, + the 4 bigrams (two line segments), + the single yang and yin lines. The total equals 78, the number of cards in a Tarot deck.

Guide Book

The Celestial Tarot ia a Chinese Tarot deck combining the Western mystical tradition of Tarot cards with Chinese imagery and the philosophy of the I Ching, the 5,000 year old system of divination. These are both great methods for tapping into what psychologist Carl Jung called the collective unconscious: powerful internal symbols that occur in our dreams and myths that cross over cultural boundaries.


Traditionally, the I Ching and its hexagrams were thought to predate recorded history, and based on traditional Chinese accounts, its origins trace back to the 3rd to the 2nd millennium BCE.

2. Fig. 1 - From the Tai Chi (Supreme Ultimate) to the 8 trigrams. Fig. 2 - The earliest trigram arrangement, attributed to Fu Hsi (ca. 4,000 BCE).

The Well

Ace of Wands

You are definitely in a more psychic and intuitive phase than usual, so it will be important for you to trust your instincts and your impressions, even if you don’t know where they are coming from. Also, not that you need to be mistrusting, but it will be helpful for you to realize that when this card appears, it’s possible that all is not what it seems. If you feel you can’t trust someone, then you probably can’t. Go with your gut. If you are waiting on an answer from someone, it may, unfortunately, take longer than you would like for it to. Try to stay patient.

Are you gaining confidence in a new field? Are you starting a new business? Is the feeling of wanting to create something as a means of self-expression building up within you? The Ace of Wands is the ultimate card of revealing the creative path that one is on. Against a silver sky, a bulbous cloud hovers over a lush landscape. From this cloud appears a white hand holding a walking stick – a wand. The stick is a tree-branch that has been crafted with a thick top (to be held) and a thinner tip, to be pounded on the earth for support. There are still a few unshorn leaves and nascent branches up and down the shaft. White energy emanates from the hand. The landscape has trees, a brook and a castle off on a hill in the distance.

Things unfortunately may not seem clear in the slightest. Ask questions and practice active listening to make sure that you and your coworkers understand each other perfectly. Again, patience is called for. Stay calm, and particularly if you are feeling attacked, give your co-workers and supervisors the benefit of any doubt. Reality may not be anywhere close to as bad as you think. Water over Wind

The Well The Well duntium indicates that may Ellicien sinisthings a nulparchit seem somewhat confusing to youiorpos now. modit optas corions equodit You may find it hardsequod to understand estio duntinulpa qui beaque where you are coming from.

This card points to a highly emotional time in love relationships. Things can quickly become heated and/or uncomfortable. Take a break if you need to. Don’t make assumptions, and fight fairly, if you’re going to fight. Pick your battles and be sure to treat your lover like a friend. Don’t be in a hurry to end or to begin a relationship. This is probably not the best time for either course of action.

Summer -Fire

Ace of Wands The Ace of Wands indicates the Ellicien duntium sinis a nulparchit need tooptas take a corions definitiveequodit stance. iorpos modit

estio duntinulpa sequod qui beaque

The Age

Six of Coins

The Age is the symbol for the Rise of Phoenix, it stands for a time of insight, the true understanding of the circle of life, of growing and fading. The card tells us that we should leave our ‘frog perspective’ and watch the things from a higher level, that the time has come to face the new, that we need a good overview to build our ‘Utopia’.

A card of charming goodwill, the Six of Coins foretells prosperous times when it appears in a money reading. Now is a good time to invest your resources wisely, and people are the wisest investment of all. Use your money to help those less fortunate. The universe will see to it that the favor is returned. Career readings receive a piece of good advice from this card. What you put out is what you will get back. Are you struggling to get promoted? Put more of your heart and joy into your work, and worry less about the promotion. This will help you climb the ladder faster! This card also cautions against slacking off in your career. If you put less effort in, you will dramatically lessen your rewards.

In older decks the Age is called ‘Judgment’ or ‘Aeon’, dealing with resurrection and redemption. The limitation of this view is the involuntary association to a ‘court of law’ and to the concept of a ‘Resurrection’ where the pious may rise and the rest must burn. Although trump XX indeed does imply a judgement, it wouldn’t be appropriate to restrict this meaning with a superstitious simplification. Yang

Drive: Birth, renewal, transformation, the realization of Utopia

Fire over Earth

Light: Knowledge of coherences, widened perception and the liberation of hidden abilities The Age

Carrying case, cards and instructional booklet / Booklet pages

The Age is the trump of time and the changes dictated by the times, it addresses finality and destruction as well as liberation, hope and redemption.

The Tarot suit of Wands represents creativity. The Ace of Wands is the most courageous and bold of these cards. This is not creativity that is taught in an academic environment, learned from books, or is approached as a hobby. This is boldly finding your own voice and insisting that the universe make a place for the manifestations of your vision. The Ace is the most potent and pure card of each Tarot suit. When your Tarot reading includes the Ace of Wands, a moment of bold expansion is marked. The landscape beneath the hand is a reminder of the possibilities for us to arrive in a world of perfection when we make life a creative response to our surroundings.

Shadow: wrong indentification, self-deception

Six of Coins

The Ellicien Six of duntium Coins Tarot sinis card a nulparchit proclaims one modit of optas the great corions truths equodit of theiorpos estio duntinulpa sequod universe. What you send qui out beaque will come back to you, multiplied.

Relationship and love questions bring out one of the most beautiful meanings of this card. The Six of Coins tells us to love generously, with our whole heart. Do not worry about if your love is returned or not. Love is its own reward and unconditional love is the greatest aphrodisiac known to man. But most wonderfully, the Six of Coins tells us not to worry that we will not be repaid for our sincere efforts. The more positive energy we pour out, the more we will receive.


course: studio practices category: packaging project: fragrance package

title: viola instructors:

candice l贸pez / sean bacon

Viola Fragrance perfume for women

VIOLA is a new perfume in the luxury fragrance category, intended for women mid-thirties to early fifties. The brand promise provides the finest attributes in unique & elegant scents with internationally sourced ingredients of the highest quality. The brand name, VIOLA, is a play on words, as the graphic language is informed by the musical instrument of the same name, and the floral top note in the fragrance is extracted from Italian violets, a flower in the viola family. The perfume bottle, cast in crystal, was inspired by the scroll work of classical stringed instruments, and is intended to invoke an elegant evening out at the symphony or opera. The visual language employed utilizes deep, rich, wood tone inspired colors and textures. The brand logo is a custom open face or inline version of a modern Didone style typeface, characterized by extreme thick and thin strokes. The body copy is Berthold Walbaum, supplemented by Bodoni Ornaments. The design language is informed by the patterns used in vintage Florentine papers.

Violin scrollwork

Traditionally violin scrolls are carved in the shape of a rolled up sheet of parchment


Fragrance packaging / Magazine ad and sampler


course: identity systems category: branding project: hotel branding

title: odyssey hotel instructors: maelin levine

/ candice lópez

Odyssey Hotel

luxury of mythic proportions

The Odyssey is a unique hotel to be built in the North County San Diego area, on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Inspired by classical mythological themes, the property aims to become a landmark destination for the sophisticated traveler. The Odyssey hotel property will offer a luxurious take on the spirit of elegance from the classical age, inspired by the myths and legends of antiquity from the isles of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. The architecture uses an abundance of classical marble columns and includes many water features such as pools and fountains. The visual language for the hotel and related properties is inspired by the rich graphic imagery related to the theme of historic literature such as Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. The color palette and patterns used are derived from ancient Greek tile and pottery motifs. The overall look aims to be one of classic elegance. After the logotype was finalized, a custom typeface, Odyssey Round Italic, was created to complement it. This is paired with Stymie, a geometric slab serif.

Dionysus Bowl: Attic black-figure kylix (wine drinking cup), ca 530 BC

In addition to its significance as a trade commodity, wine also served important religious, social and medical purposes in Greek society. The cult of Dionysus (God of Wine) was very active. Several festivals were held throughout the year in his honor.


Choosing the right name was essential and it needed to have rhythm, be timeless and easy to remember. My goal was to capture the imagination of upscale travelers and connect them to the magic of myth and legend. To do so the chosen name had to be meaningful, distinctive, positive, visual, future-oriented and protectable. After creating a very long potential name list that included descriptive and fabricated names I decided the strongest approach was that of metaphor. I examined things, places, animals, and mythological names that allude to the quality of my brand. The name Odyssey was interesting to visualize and told the story in a compelling way.

naming & identity development

The visual language for the hotel and related properties is inspired by the rich graphic imagery related to the theme of ancient literature such as Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey. The palette and patterns used are derived from ancient Greek tile and pottery.

Mythological illustration

Naming and logo development

The wave pattern is a recurring motif

A custom typeface was developed to complement the final logo

Pantone 7524 CMYK 20-73-76-8 Web #BC5E46

158 0-65-100-0 #F47920

874 20-40-90-10 #BD8E37

134 0-20-65-0 #FFCE71

7459 80-30-30-0 #2790A5

Style Guide


he Odyssey hotel property offers a luxurious take on the spirit of elegance from the classical age, inspired by the myths and legends of antiquity from the isles of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas.

Our goal is to transport visitors to the Odyssey Hotel into a realm of elegance, adventure, and classical beauty.

Hyperion has developed more lifestyle hotels than any other company in North America. Our industryleading properties set the standard for luxury lodging. Our restaurants, shops and other attached amenities offer best-of-class opportunities for our guests, as well as becoming popular destinations for discerning local area residents. Hyperion’s signature elements include world

Our Promise


Brand Identity




class, four-star service, impeccable attention to

Color Guidelines


traveler’s needs and unique styling. Our unwavering

Illustrations & Patterns


commitment to excellence continues to attract more



guests with each new season.

In-Room Amenities


Brand Identity


Stymie Light

AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMm NnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz 1234567890 Stymie Regular

AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMm NnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz 1234567890 Stymie Medium

AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMm NnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz 1234567890 Odyssey Round Italic

The Odyssey logo consists of letterforms based on the custom font Odyssey Italic. Regular, Light and Medium weights of Stymie can be used in ad copy and in other applications as body text. The logotype can be used in black, or reversed out as shown, but the only allowable color use is the PMS 874 gold or it’s CMYK or RGB equivalent.

Aa BbCcDdEeFf Gg HhIi JjKkLlMm Nn OoPp QqRr SsTtUu Vv WwXxY yZz 12345 67 89 0


& Don’ts

Examples of acceptable usage

Examples of acceptable usage

logo height

logo height

Unauthorized colors or tints of the logotype should not be used.

Do not screen or reduce the transparency of the logotype.

Clearspace Guidelines: With the exception of background colors or patterns, all other elements should be kept a minimum of 1/3 the height of the logotype away from the logotype itself.

Backgrounds that are too busy or that lack sufficient contrast are to be avoided.

Color Guidelines

Illustration & Pattern


corporate colors

wave pattern

map pattern Pantone 874 CMYK 20-40-90-10 Hex #BD8E37

Pantone 7459 CMYK 80-30-30-0 Hex #2790A5

secondary colors

Pantone 134 CMYK 0-20-65-0 Hex #FFCE71

Pantone 158 CMYK 0-65-100-0 Hex #F47920

Pantone 7524 CMYK 20-73-76-8 Hex #BC5E46

All three components of the visual language (compass, wave pattern and map) can be used with different tints or levels of transparency. The transparency or tint for the wave and map should not drop below 20% in strength. The compass transparency or tint should not drop below a 60% value.


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Dear Sharon, Thank you for your interest in the Odyssey, our newest hotel.

C sey dys



October 16, 2012

23 0

Sharon Walker Travel Editor, Sunset Magazine

The Project The Odyssey hotel property will offer a luxurious take on the spirit of elegance from the classical age, inspired by the myths and legends of antiquity from the isles of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Opening with 50 rooms and 6 detached villas, 2 restaurants, a health spa and 3 shops, the project is sited with breath-taking views of the Pacific Ocean from the cliffs above. Our landscaping will include temple ruins and meandering paths in a dreamlike Mediterranean setting. Marketing & Positioning: Our primary audience is affluent couples in their 45-60’s. The secondary market is 30 to 45 year old couples. Design Implications: Our architecture uses an abundance of classical marble columns and includes many water features such as pools and fountains. The visual language for the Hotel and related properties is inspired by the rich graphic imagery related to the theme of ancient literature such as Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey. The palette and patterns we use are derived from ancient Greek tile and pottery. The overall look is one of classic elegance.

Thank You, Mark Polyphemus, Resort Publicity

m a r k p oly p h e m a rk p @ o dy s s e y

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dyss ey C ou

r t • San

020 • reser vations@ 58.212.2 odys r fa x : 8 sey yreso res .2121 Diego, CA 92130 • w w w.odysse 2 1 2 ort . 58 8 .co : h p m



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i c it y

D Sa n rt • C ou om sey sor t.c s y re Od 2 3 0 0 dy s s e y .o www

, C A 9 21 3 0 ieg o

2300 Odyssey Court • San Diego, CA 92130 ph: 858.212.2121 • fax: 858.212.2020

Identity Manual / Beachwear, hanger and in-room amenities


course: studio practices category: typeface design project: cd booklet, poster

title: eastern block party instructors: candice lópez

/ sean bacon

Eastern Block Party music from the former soviet bloc

This new music label is intended to serve as a clearinghouse for the best recordings available from the burgeoning Eastern European neo-folk music scene. The intended audience is typically in their twenties or thirties with an interest in sounds outside of top forty radio, but the music is also quite popular with older men and women who have a cultural connection with Eastern European countries and the traditional music of the region. It’s difficult to imagine a modern graphic design piece incorporating folk art motifs that does not owe a debt of gratitude to the pioneering mid-century work of Alexander Girard; and this project is no exception. His forms and color palettes were very inspiring. In addition to a variety of weights and styles from the Frutiger type family, a new oblique sans serif face was created for this project. This typeface is called “wirować” (pronounced viro-vatch), from the Polish word for swirl or twist. The overall pictorial style is intended to reference folk art devices with a relatively two-dimensional, “sign-painterly” look and feel.

Folk art inspired design by Alexander Girard

In 1978, Alexander and Susan Girard donated their collection of folk art to the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The museum collection is recognized internationally as the world’s largest.

CD packaging / Poster


course: identity systems category: branding project: product branding

title: königshof beer instructor: candice lópez

königshof german beer

Königshof (Royal Court) is a small, quality, craft brewer located in the town of Kemberg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Specializing in providing a modern spin on classic German beer and ale recipes, the premier offering from this brewery is a collection of royal court themed ales. The target audience for this product is primarily men in their thirties and forties. Inspired by the woodcut artwork of the German Expressionist movement, linoleum block prints were created based on a set of antique playing cards. This became the jumping off point for the branding of this project. In order to signal that this is a quality brand, we employed both paper seals and a resealable flip-top brown bottle. The logotype consists of altered letterforms based on the Diavlo typeface. Secondary copy is set in PMN Caecilia, a humanist slab serif. The colors used reflect the different types of ale; copper, blonde and dark brown, with a rich regal red added as an accent color. Wood carving and the historic early printing processes of books and playing cards also shaped the visual language for this brand.

Johann Zainer from De Mulierbus Claris, 1473 One of Eighty woodcuts used in this edition. Starting in the early 1400’s card makers in Germany created printed decks. Besides devotional images, these cards were the most common use of woodcuts during this time in history. Most early woodcuts were colored after printing, either by hand or with stencils.

kรถnigshof beer identity ideals

The Kรถnigshof logo is a customized version of the Diavlo typeface. The secondary font used is PMN Caecilia.

Meaning: this brand stands for old world brewing techniques honed for a modern world. The identity engages the imagination, emotions and intelligence of consumers. Authenticity: great tasting, inventive craft beer with age-old techniques of German brewers.

Linoleum block prints of the King, Queen and Jack were created based on a set of antique playing cards. These were used on the beer labels, case and other packaging.

Differentiation: stay in touch with the old world quality that makes this brand unique. Celebrates local events and companies but also publishes travelogue type information to followers and online media trips to small German towns that pay respect and hone the companies approach to beer.

The color palette was chosen to harmonize with the Copper, Blonde and Dark Ales.

Coherence: the brand feels familiar and you can count on Kรถnigshof to deliver consistent quality and genuine German brewing techniques. Flexible: uses social media to create buzz about the brand Value: Block print graphics and branding communicates uniqueness and quality.

Playing card ephemera was an inspiration

To advance the Kรถnigshof brand I worked to create an identity that would communicate the persona of this craft brewery. It needed to be bold, memorable and relevant, easy to recognize, and have enduring value. This identity had to work across media and scale in color and black and white. My goal was to present a consistent image of the company. To do this I constructed brand identity ideals.

Brand name and type exploration

Logo development

Pantone 7533 CMYK 0-22-85-85 Web #4B3900

201 0-100-63-29 #B30838

874 0-20-50-30 #BC9B6A

7401 0-4-18-0 #FFF2DF

167 0-60-100-17 #D06F1A

Growler, tap and vintage delivery truck / Media kit



Non-Profit Fundraiser

Web Developers

Mediterranean Themed Hotel

Women’s Fragrance

Japanese Lifestyle Magazine

Neighborhood Guide

Website Identity

Chinese Cards

Vitamins for Kids Restaurant & Cantina Beer Label Young Women’s Boutique


thanks to:

Rebecca Aguilera-Gardiner at Diego & Son Printing, Inc. for making the printing process as pleasant and stress free as possible. My fellow students, for advice and feedback, with a special shout out to lettering guru Etah Chen and craftsperson supreme Juliana Tipton. San Diego City College graphic design instructors past and present: James Bowman, Blair Thornley, Amy Levine, Amy Becraft, MaeLin Levine, Julie Willis, Rafael L贸pez, Andrea Singer, Lisa Starace, Sean Bacon (for services above and beyond the call of duty) and our amazing design department head and force of nature, Candice L贸pez. I could not have done this without the help and encouragement of this incredible department