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9/11 Tribute Edition

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It’s Our Honor It is our honor to be able to serve the Fire and EMS community through Fire News and to be able to compile this 20th Anniversary Tribute Issue honoring those that died and those that saved countFrank C. Trotta less lives on September 11, 2001. We also wish to recognize those that are still seeing the effects of 9/11 and those that have passed away from 9/11 related cancers and respiratory illnesses. It has been 20 years since attacks on our country took place in New York City, Washington, DC, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. We hope that as you look at what has been compiled by the photographers, editors Tim Edwards and staff at Fire News that we as a country and we as a nation never forget but always remember September 11, 2001. It is the duty of each of us to keep this memory alive for generations to follow and we hope that this special edition helps to assist in this goal in the years to come. We would also like to recognize all of the advertisers and Fire and EMS departments which have made this Special 20th Anniversary Edition possible. Through their generosity we will make contributions to five charities who are contributing in a positive way to families affected by the devastating effects of 9/11. They include: The Terry Farrell Firefighter Fund, Lieutenant Joseph DiBernardo Memorial Foundation, Ray Pfeifer Foundation, Firefighter Cancer Support Network-NY Chapter and the FealGood Foundation. Without hesitation, we thank the Fire News staff who worked around the clock to meet the deadline for this publication. Thank you to Gary Joyce, Dennis Whittam, Barbara Connolly, Marie Trotta and Bryan Lopez in the Editorial and Advertising departments. Additionally, we would like to thank Lynn Sedler, Cliff Chiesa and Greg Jones in the Art Department for their endless time and creativity to make this a very special edition.


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Frank C. Trotta President/Publisher

Tim Edwards Vice President/Exec Editor

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 5

– Guest Editorial –

Why We Must Never Forget Like the greatest generation of World War II, young men and women who served and died under our nation's flag, as well as those who served and sacrificed in Korea and Vietnam and other war-torn lands, firefighters and first responders across our nation joined them in becoming “ordinary” men and women doing the extraordinary when they put their lives on the line after the unthinkable events of that sunny, Tuesday morning of September 11, 2001. When the first plane struck, the very fabric of our civilized society was hit and first responders across NYC and within the Twin Towers themselves went to work directing fellow citizens down passable stairways. FDNY and NYPD members reached upper floors of the towers in minutes and directed innocent civilians to the safety of the ground below, commanders made gutwrenching life and death decisions and medics set up triage areas while the United States Coast Guard-New York sector organized and directed all available civilian boats to assist in evacuating lower Manhattan. Although off duty that morning, like every other FDNY member I know, when I saw it television, I immediately, without hesitation, headed into New York City to do my part. The late President Harry S. Truman said, “America was not built on fear but rather an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.” That morning, so many did the job at hand. In the span of 106 minutes, they conducted the largest search, rescue and land aging health effects that would face so many in a few short years and sea evacuation ever undertaken on American soil. In total, with no end in sight. Too many would begin an unwanted journey more than 25,000 civilians were rescued and evacuated from the where they needed to fight for health care for themselves and others afflicted with such horrible medical issues as a result of their World Trade Center and lower Manhattan. The cost would be unthinkable: 37 Port Authority Police service, their dedication and their incredible human spirt to the Officers, 23 New York City Police Officers and 343 New York rescue and recovery operation. Many would fight for these imporCity Firefighters would give their lives at the altar of freedom tant issues of 9/11 responder health care until their dying breath. saving their fellow citizens. The unthinkable loss of human life of This is a testament to who they were and equally important who innocent civilians just going about their workday left scars, emo- we are and why we must never forget. For so many 9/11/2001 is every day and no day erases the tions and sorrow that will never heal. In the minutes, hours, days, weeks and months after 10:06 a.m. memory of time. As the 20th Anniversary approached and passed, Tuesday, September 11, 2001, America mobilized itself in a way there were many tributes to those lost. However, the smallest acts of remembrance are of perhaps not seen since World acknowledging a family War II. Thousands of our member of someone lost that “Thousands of military servicemen and Countrymen and women, and day, even simply thinking of first responders across every women of every branch of our armed forces or calling to check in on a spectrum of our society responded both at home and abroad to conresponder, a fallen military responded and took part in front a new and ever-changing dangerous service member who gave the rescue and recovery opertheir life in the war on terror, world of cowards who wished to harm ation. a veteran who has served our Day and night around the American democracy. We owe our veterans nation, or a responder wo clock, during the cold months a debt, which can never be repaid.” died because of the health from Fall 2001 through effects, may be the simplest Winter 2002, responders, gesture and most important construction workers, engineers, medical professionals, clergy, and so many others worked act of remembrance. It will always be there for those families and in the the most dangerous and challenging conditions ever under- these small acts touch the soul and spirit of who we are as taken to find their fellow citizens to bring closure, and comfort to Americans. May God continue to watch over and bless our military, our so many suffering families. Thousands of military servicemen and women of every branch first responders across our nation, and most of all — We Must of our armed forces responded both at home and abroad to con- Never Forget. front a new and ever-changing dangerous world of cowards who Tom Donnelly wished to harm American democracy. We owe our veterans a Suffolk County Legislator, debt, which can never be repaid. 17th Legislative District In those days and months during the rescue and recovery operFDNY Lieutenant (ret.) ation, few could envision or care for that matter about the rav-

We pay tribute to the 343 as well as those who have since passed on this 20th Anniversary of September 11, 2001

WE WILL NEVER FORGET Bellport Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners and the Chiefs, Officers, and members of the Bellport Fire Department

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 7

– September 11, 2001 –

- Fire News WTC photos by Michael Heller

Page 8, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 9

– September 11, 2001 –

Photos at Ground Zero that were taken after 9/11, although I do not remember the exact date as I was down there for many many days. - Fire News photos by Ed Tuffy

Page 12, Fire News, September 2021

– September 11, 2001 –

- Fire News photos by Lou Minutoli

9/11 Tribute Edition

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 13

Lieutenant Joseph P. DiBernardo Memorial Foundation On behalf of myself and the Board of Directors of the Lieutenant Joseph P. DiBernardo Memorial Foundation we are honored to receive your support for our charitable Foundation. We, together with other donors and sponsors, will partner together to purchase Personal Life Safety Rope Systems and training for those fire departments that do not have the financial ability to provide for themselves. Our goal will be that no firefighter should have to leap for his life out a window for lack of a Personal Safety Rope, as the FDNY firefighters had to do on “Black Sunday.” Our goal is also to train as many firefighters as we can with the best instructors in America. We started our foundation in remembrance of my son, Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo, who died along with two other brave FDNY members as result of injuries suffered at the “Black Sunday” fire in the Bronx in New York City. With your assistance, our foundation, which is made up of all volunteers and friends of Joey, will be on firm financial footing to continue our mission that “Everybody Goes Home” from a fire. We look forward to your support of our foundation and our goal. In 2020 we were able to provide 15 fire departments across the country a total of $134,416 for the purchase of 275 Personal Safety Systems along with the necessary requisite training. To date we have given a total of $610,416 in 51 Grants to 42 departments and purchased 1,175 Personal Safety Systems, along with the necessary training, and trained over 1,300 firefighters at our Annual Seminar. With deep respect, Joseph G. DiBernardo, Deputy Chief, FDNY, Ret. President, Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo Memorial Foundation

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9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 15

– September 11, 2001 –

- Fire News photos by Lou Minutoli

Page 16, Fire News, September 2021

– September 11, 2001 –

9/11 Tribute Edition

Setauket Sets Staging for 9/11 On September 11, 2001, Setauket’s Nicolls Road Station was a rally point for Setauket, Centereach, the Brookhaven Rescue Team and other departments to help NYC. Joe DiBernardo, Sr., and Leo DeBobis, former FDNY members, were able to contact the FDNY and determine that help was welcomed. Later in the day they received instructions to proceed to a downtown NYC staging area to standby. The Brookhaven Rescue Team gathered batteries, masks, head lamps and other rescue paraphernalia to provide for each person who later went into NYC. - Fire News photos by Robert O’Rourk

9/11 Tribute Edition Fire News Tribute Issue Donation Recipient

Fire News, September 2021, Page 17

Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund

The Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund, or Terry Fund as it is known, was established in December 2001 to grant an annual scholarship to the children of firefighters living on Long Island. While the first goal was to raise and grant out $500 in scholarships, by the end of 2002 the Fund had raised well over $17,000 with the help of fire departments and businesses across Long Island. After a year in operation the Terry Fund quickly became aware of the many needs of first responders across America with two important events taking place. The first was the establishment of the "Surplus Equipment Program." This program donates good usable emergency and fire equipment such as turnout gear, helmets, boots, and tools to fire departments in rural areas. The program is greatly supported by the many fire departments on Long Island who at times also donate vehicles such as chief's cars, pumper engines, ladder trucks and ambulances that can go to communities to serve forward for several more years. The second and most unexpected event was the Fund's expansion. Since 2003, the Terry Fund has opened independent chapters across the United States with chapters in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Colorado, California, Nevada, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Alabama. Additionally, the Fund has been able to help send equipment to Guatemala and the Dominican Republic after those countries suffered natural disasters. Today, the Terry Fund operates an array of programs from scholarships, training, blood drives, disaster relief, mental health training and counseling, surplus equipment, junior and explorer programs to name just a few. Our goal is to help as many, to support al who ask and make sure America's first responders are safe and well equipped. Just as important, the Terry Fund continues to operate across the United States as an all-volunteer organization, with no paid staff and a administrative expense of 3% of total yearly revenue. The Terry Fund never solicits donations from the public. The Fund is able to grow through the generous support of corporations such as Jim Beam, Minerva Cleaners, ASI Wear, Globe Fire Gear, Cantor Fitzgerald Foundation, Silvian Foundation, Coastal, FDIC, Firehouse, Paul Conway, and so many companies that may not be readily known to the public but give so much. Of course, none of this would be possible without a dedicated team of volunteers who work everyday to ensure program success. Nor would the Terry Fund exist without the support of the many fire district boards, department chiefs and officers, and those department members who serve their communities every day. The continued support received from so many over these last 20 years has helped so many. For all you who have made the Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund the success it is today; THANK YOU. Now let's make the next 20 years a bigger and safer world for all our emergency responders with your help: www.terryfund.org

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 19

– 20th Anniversary Memorial Ride –

FHVAC 9/11 Ride A parade organized by Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corp (FHVAC), hosted by the NYC Punishers LEMC, ran its sixth year with an enormous turnout of emergency vehicles from all over the United States headed by motorcyclist who traveled days in advance to attend. - Fire News photos by Ron Monteleone

Page 20, Fire News, September 2021

– 20th Anniversary Walk –

9/11 Tribute Edition

Coram On September 11, 2021, the Coram Fire Department held its second annual 9/11 Memorial Walk. The walk started at Station 2 (Route 112 and Pine Road) to Coram’s headquarters 2.1 miles away. Joining the walk this year were responders from Terryville, Selden and Gordon Heights. - Fire News photos by Jim Dunn

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 21

The Firefighter Cancer Support Network

By Tony Cruz Cancer has no boundaries, no age restrictions, it does not discriminate, has no gender preferences and does not wait for a convenient time. When you are diagnosed with cancer, you feel vulnerable, have countless questions and wonder what you next step should be. If you are like many of us, you think the worse and worry about your family and what this diagnosis means to them. In 2005, a Los Angeles County Firefighter, Mike Dubron, faced his own cancer diagnosis and could not find the peer support or information he needed. In 2005, he founded the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, in order to provide to his fellow firefighters, EMS providers and their families mentoring, support and to help them through the process during a difficult time in their cancer journey. Today the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, is a national organization and has over 220 volunteers and 211 mentors in the United States and Canada. The primary mission of the FCSN is to provide a mentor, who has already gone through the type of cancer you have. Their role is to help guide you through the process and to provide the peer support you need as you deal with your cancer diagnosis. The FCSN also has a toolbox program, a firefighter or EMS provider with a cancer diagnosis, contacts the website and requests the toolbox. The toolbox is a plastic tote with notebooks, file folders, cancer information and other supplies that are useful in organizing your notes and the paperwork you will receive during the course of your treatment. Our other priorities are to conduct awareness of cancer in the fire service, cancer prevention and educational campaigns using state, local and regional partners. We participate in many different kinds of conferences across the country that focus on cancer prevention techniques at the fire scene, fire operations and at the firehouse. Our goal is to minimize the risks involved in the fire service and to advocate for health screenings that are crucial in the early detection of cancer. The Firefighter Cancer Support Network is supported by numerous fire service organizations, the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF), The International Association of Fire Chiefs(IAFC), National Institute on Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), multiple local volunteer and paid fire departments and Fire News have been a big supporter since the very beginning of FCSN. The FCSN does not provide legal or medical advice and is not able to provide financial assistance, but they will try to help you locate resources that are available. The FCSN mentors are the people who will listen when you just need to talk about your cancer or how you are feeling and what you are going through. If you are in the fire service or EMS and you or a family member is diagnosed with cancer, please reach out to us at the Firefighter Cancer Support Network. Our website is www.FirefighterCancerSupport.org or you can us at 1-866-994-3276. You can also contact Tony Cruz, the New York State Director/VP East at tcruz@fcsn.net or Ron Barz, New York Assistant State Director at rbarz@fcsn.net. “Remember No One Fights Alone.”

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Page 22, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 23

– 20th Anniversary Dedication –

Retired FDNY Firefighter Builds Ceremonial Truck in Honor of Friend Who Passed Away from 9/11 Related Cancer Three years in the making. With some donations, help from friends, and volunteers, retired FDNY Firefighter Wayne Forte completed a labor of love. A special ceremonial truck, a Ford F350 equipped with a hydraulic lift in the back that is able to carry a casket during funeral services, for a fallen officer’s final ride. Forte believes it will be the first ceremonial unit of its kind in the department. The truck was built in loving memory of Forte's dear friend, NYPD Officer Scott Blackshaw, who passed away from 9/11 related cancer in 2018. On September 10, 2021, dozens of first responders from area agencies participated in escorting the special truck from Commack’s firehouse, on Long Island, to Floyd Bennett Field, in Brooklyn, where it was donated to the NYPD just in time for 9/11 ceremonies the following day. - Fire News photos by Bryan Lopez

Page 24, Fire News, September 2021

– Looking Back –

9/11 Tribute Edition

Wantagh On November 18, 2015, the Wantagh Fire Department recieved its requested piece of Twin Tower steel. The memorial was completed in front of Station 6 and on September 10, 2017, was dedicated. - Fire News photos by Harry Loud

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 25

9/11 Responders Remembered Park The FealGood Foundation

The 9/11 Responders Remembered Park (RRP) is a work of the FealGood Foundation and 9/11 responders, widows, volunteers, and everyday people whose only mission is to ensure the park best represents the fragile fraternity of yesterday’s heroes.The Mission of the FealGood Foundation is multi-pronged: The FGF assists all emergency personnel, including but not limited to, firefighters, police officers, nurses, volunteers, sanitation workers, transportation workers and construction workers, within the United States who have been injured, or face serious injury due to action or omission, in the course of their duties or within their everyday lives. For information about the Responders Remembered Park or the FGF go to www.respondersremembered.com or fealgoodfoundation.com. - Fire News photos provided

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Page 26, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Islandia Mayor Allan M. Dorman (front row, fifth from left) poses with village board members, employees and residents and members of the Col. Francis S. Midura Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 12144 after the September 11 Memorial Ceremony at the First Responders Memorial on September 10, 2021. The village remembered five local first responders who died during the 9/11 attacks. - Fire News photo provided

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 27

Page 28, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 29

The Ray Pfeifer Foundation

"Do the right thing, even when no one is looking," words you'd often hear from Ray Pfeifer. A member of the FDNY since 1987, Ray was golfing with other FDNY firefighters the morning of September 11, 2001. When he learned of the attacks, Ray went to his firehouse at Engine 40/Ladder 35, grabbed his gear, and spent the next eight months searching and digging at Ground Zero. All 11 members of his Manhattan firehouse who responded to the call were killed. In 2009, Ray was diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney cancer resulting from his work at the World Trade Center site. With federal benefits on the verge of expiring, Ray, in his wheelchair, led a small contingent to Washington, DC in 2015 to challenge lawmakers. Ray fought for health care benefits from the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act to be extended for September 11 first responders, and succeeded. Ray passed away on May 28, 2017. Now The Ray Pfeifer Foundation, started by other FDNY first responders, is helping 9/11 first responders with medical needs not covered by insurance. In 2019, the "Never Forget the Heroes: James Zadroga, Ray Pfeifer, and Luis Alvarez Permanent Authorization of the September 11 Victim Compensation Act" was passed to provide financial support for 9/11 responders, survivors and their families. While these bills are helpful, there are gaps and long waits to receive compensation. The Ray Pfeifer Foundation is helping people right now. To contact the foundation: The Ray Pfeifer Foundation, 827 Route 82, Suite 10210, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533; 914-469-6247; info@theraypfeiferfoundation.org.

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Page 30, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 31

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

East Rochester On September 11, 2021, the East Rochester Fire Department held their annual 9/11 memorial ceremony. The department went through the timeline of the major events by holding moments of silence on key moments and having some of the children in the community read important facts from the day, helping them learn about an event that occurred before they were born. The ceremony drew a large crowd and showed the pride of Americans in this section of Western New York. - Fire News photos by PuckStopperPhotography.com

More photos page 32

Page 32, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

East Rochester...continued from page 31

- Fire News photos by PuckStopperPhotography.com

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 35

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 37

The Luis Alvarez Story

Luis Alvarez, the retired NYPD detective who, with other first responders, entertainer Jon Stewart and medical professionals, came to Washington to fight Congress to permanently extend the 9-11 Victim's Compensation Fund. He died June 29, 2019, a little more than a month after testifying to Congress. Alvarez pulled no punches when he was able to speak. "I should not be here with you, but you made me come, you made me come because I will not stand by while friends with cancer from 9/11 are valued any less," he said. "I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to have 68 rounds of chemo, many others haven't had the opportunity to have five and some have had none."Pin Alvarez is a retired NYPD bomb-squad detective. The 53-year-old was fighting stage 4 colon cancer when he appeared before Congress. He worked the pile at Ground Zero from September 11, on. He has made repeated trips to Washington, interrupting his life and medical treatment, to convince members of the House to support this round of 9/11 legislation. The "James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act" was named after James Zadroga, a New York Police Department officer whose death was linked to exposures from the World Trade Center collapse.

Page 38, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Nassau Fire Service Academy Hundreds of people (many members of the Nassau County Fire Service) descended upon the Nassau County Fire Service Academy on the morning of November 22, 2015, for a plaque dedication ceremony. At the ceremony a total of six plaques honoring seven men were presented, blessed and dedicated. Five of these men died on September 11, 2001, in the terrorist attacks while the other two died since as a result of that day. Five of these men were second Deputy Chiefs at the fire academy while the other two were part of the public education division. The plaques will be hung on various buildings at the Nassau County Fire Service Academy. These brave men were William St. George, Jr.; Rudolph Havelka; Robert Deangelis; Brian Hickey; George Howard; Thomas Langone; and Durell V. Pearsall. - Fire News photos by K2MPhotography.com

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 41

Pentagon 9/11 Memorial

Fire News staff (right, left to right) Tim Edwards, Barbara Connolly and Frank C. Trotta, paid a visit to the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial. - Fire News photos by Frank Trotta

Page 42, Fire News, September 2021

– 20th Anniversary Walk –

Kings Park The Kings Park community hosted a 9/11 20th Anniversary Reflection Walk which started at the Kings Park High School and went through town, down Main Street and ended at the 9/11 Memorial at Old Dock Road and Church Street. Various members of the community and elected officials read the names of those lost on September 11, 2001. - Fire News photos by Joseph C. Sperber

More photos on page 47

We Will Never Forget All That You Gave Seaford Fire District COMMISSIONERS Frank Allaire Chairman Robert Powell Vice Chairman Silvio Bellissimo Peter Mangiolino George W. vonGlahn Jr. DISTRICT SECRETARY Michael Foran DISTRICT TREASURER Michael Murphy COUNSEL Joseph Frank DISTRICT MANAGER Paul Lochner

Seaford Fire Department CHIEF OF DEPARTMENT Thomas DeHaan 1ST ASSISTANT CHIEF Keith F. Kern 2ND ASSISTANT CHIEF Thomas Cottone And all the Members of the Seaford FD

9/11 Tribute Edition

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 43

Page 44, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Tribute photos at the Freedom Tower. - Fire News photos by Lloyd Mitchell

Page 46, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 47

– 20th Anniversary Walk –

Kings Park... continued from page 42

- Fire News photos by Joseph C. Sperber

Page 48, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 50, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 51

Page 52, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

– Annual Naming Ceremony –

Nesconset The annual 9/11 Naming Ceremony was held September 18, 2021, at the 9/11 Responders Remembered Park at 316 Smithtown Boulevard in Nesconset. Administered by the FealGood Foundation, over 300 names were added to the memorial this year. - Fire News photos by Joseph C. Sperber

More photos page 54

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 54, Fire News, September 2021

– Annual Naming Ceremony –

Nesconset ... continued from page 52

- Fire News photos by Joseph C. Sperber


The Chiefs, Officers & Members of the Hewlett Fire Department

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 55

Page 56, Fire News, September 2021

Remembering Ray Pfeifer

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News would like to remember Ray Pfeifer who was awarded the Outstanding Leadership Award at the 2016 Firehouse Expo. - Fire News photos provided

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 57

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 58, Fire News, September 2021

– 20th Anniversary Perspective –

A Flight Attendant’s 9/11 Memories By Beth Henry It’s that time of year again: the time when my stomach hurts and I just want to sleep all day. On this day 20 years ago my airline’s plane, a 767 that I flew on regularly, was overtaken by terrorists and flown into the World Trade Center. The leader of the horrific events of 9/11, Mohammad Atta, was someone I recognized from my flights. He flew as a passenger on our planes in order to learn the system and develop his plan of attack. A flight attendant never wants to think the worst of any passenger. How could we have known he was so evil? When I checked in for my flight on September 10, 2001, I had a weird feeling. My stomach hurt and I felt like something bad was going to happen. I remember even trying to explain to someone how I felt. “I feel like something bad is going to happen, but not to me.” I wasn’t fearful. I felt safe. But I just had a gut feeling that something was not right. I wish I could have done something useful with that tiny warning.

imagine he probably let out a sigh of relief when he heard my voice answer the phone. I think he told me to turn on the TV. I think I might have watched the second plane hit the towers live, but I can’t say for sure. The rest of that day and week were a blur. I spent five days stranded in San Diego then worked a flight back to New York. I didn’t mind staying in San Diego during that time. In New York I lived in a basement apartment in Queens. I was in no rush to get back to that gloomy place so close to Ground Zero, with ash and smoke still hanging in the skies. For about a month flying was really hard. I didn’t feel like flying was less safe, but the reminders of the tragedy had me (and all of the crew members) bursting into tears at inopportune

last minutes to report such useful information rather than calling family and loved ones, as most of us would. Flight attendants and pilots aren’t even recognized as first responders at the 9/11 Memorial. There is more than a little bitterness about this in the airline world. I just took a moment and started reading the transcript of Betty Ong’s phone call…I can’t. It happened 20 years ago but it might as well have been yesterday. I can’t read it…. Recently another flight attendant told me that she was flying “You would think that with each passing with a new hire who was just 20year this anniversary would We Are Family years old. He doesn’t really know In the airline world, crew membe easier, but it's not. Every year we about it. He told her, “Wasn’t it bers are interchangeable. Any flight really just a set up? I don’t think it flight crew members are caught by attendant who is trained on a particureally happened.” Oh. My. Gosh. surprise by our reaction and emotions lar aircraft can be assigned to work on I don't know how I would react if because each year they change and that aircraft. If one calls in sick, there someone I was flying with told is another who is called to replace different things trigger a reaction.” me that. I seriously don’t know. I them. We all wear the same uniform really might punch them. and we all follow the same proceYou would think that with dures. At work we are not individuals, we are the times. Sometimes right in the middle of the meal each passing year this anniversary would be easairline we are representing. That’s why passen- service, or when making the announcement, ier, but it’s not. Every year we flight crew memgers blame us when their travel day goes wrong “Welcome to New York” [racking sob]. Not very bers are caught by surprise by our reaction and and they’re looking for someone to take the professional. Ever so difficult. But we got emotions because each year they change and difblame. Because of this dynamic, when we lost through it, because it was our job to put on a ferent things trigger a reaction. Right now I'm crew members to the terrorist acts on 9/11, those brave face and just continue to provide service feeling dizzy as I try to find a way to summarize crew members were the same as those of us who and protect our passengers. and close this . I’m sure if it’s not a healthy escaped the tragedy. True, we lived on through response, yet I just have to run away from the that day, so it wasn’t the same, but it was close … Where I Am Today feelings once again. As memories and statements so close … too close. Because of the dynamic of Yesterday I laid down on my daughter’s bed about 9/11 are spread across social media today I our interchangeable job, these crew members and fell asleep so I could escape. When I woke up will go back and forth between scrolling past as who were the first responders were our family. I looked out the window and watched the trees fast as I can and reading with heartfelt response. The loss of them made them even closer even if blowing in the wind. I imagined the wind being I’ll want to talk about it one moment and then we had never met them. It’s hard to explain. the breath of our beloved crew members who want nothing to do with it the next. I never know died on 9/11. When the breeze picked up it until that moment if I can handle the memories or Where I Was That Day seemed angry. not. The one thing that I do always know is that I I was on a layover in San Diego on the mornThere are so many wonderful memorials and cannot watch any of the footage from that day. ing of 9/11. I was scheduled to fly back to New events recognizing the first responders to the terThe TV must be avoided altogether. And the York on a 12:45 p.m. flight, so I was still sleeping rorist attacks on 9/11: firefighters, policemen, movie? That’s something I know I can never when the first plane hit the towers. I woke up to a EMTs…but very few acknowledge the first watch. I’ll want to talk about it one moment and phone call from my dad. Not one to create panic, responders who were the very first responders. then want nothing to do with it the next. I never he calmly said, “Do you know what just hap- Flight Attendant Betty Ong used the in-flight know until that moment if I can handle the mempened in your city?” He didn’t even know if I was phone to report what was happening. She mainories or not. in New York, or if I was flying that morning. I tained her professionalism to the end, using those

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– 20th Anniversary Run –

9/11 Tribute Edition

Danbury Danbury (CT) Volunteer Fire Battalion 19, in a group shot supporting a 9/11 Run. - Fire News photo by Ron Monteleone

Page 62, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –


On the morning of Saturday, September 11, 2021, the Hicksville Fire Department held a memorial service marking the 20th anniversary of the WTC attacks. The service was held at the Strong Street fire station memorial. Hicksville ex-Chief Terry Farrell and ex-Captain George Howard, both killed that day, were remembered in addition to the other residents of the Hicksville community who were lost. At the conclusion of the service many people opted to come forward and place a flower on the memorial. - Fire News photos by K2MPhotography.com and ImmsterPhotos.com

Page 64, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

East Northport The East Northport Fire Department were hosts of the annual 9/11 Memorial at their headquarters on the 20th anniversary of that tragic day. Firefighters from neighboring communities and residents took part in the ceremony. - Fire News photos by Joseph C. Sperber

More photos page 66

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– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

East Northport ... continued from page 64

- Fire News photos by Joseph C. Sperber

9/11 Tribute Edition

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– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Jericho On the morning of Saturday, September 11, 2021, the Jericho Fire Department held a memorial service marking the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. The service was held at Jericho Fire Department Station Number One on North Broadway. Several members of the department along with residents from the Jericho community were present. One of those residents made a presentation to the department of a framed picture of the World Trade Center, done in memory of a classmate killed in the attacks. - Fire News photos by K2MPhotography.com

Page 72, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Sound Beach The 9/11 ceremony at the Sound Beach Fire Department. - Fire News photos by Stefanie Handshaw

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 73

9/11 Tribute Edition

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– 20th Anniversary Memorial – Lynbrook (Top left) Lynbrook Fire Department’s color guard stand beside the Village of Lynbrook’s two WTC pieces of steel at the village’s 9-11 Memorial next to Village Hall. - Fire News photo by Steve Grogan Lynbrook firefighters line the steps of Lynbrook Village Hall during the 9-11 services as two beams of blue light arise from the roof of village hall. - Fire News photos by Dylan Bien

9/11 Tribute Edition

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9/11 Tribute Edition

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– 20th Anniversary Stair Climbs–

And Not Just in the USA

Charlotte, NC

Lambton College, Sarnio, Ontario, Canada

Chicagoland, IL

Tri-Cities, TN

Nashville, TN

Tri-Cities, TN

Denver, CO

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9/11 Tribute Edition

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– The 343 –

9/11 Tribute Edition

FDNY Post 9/11- A Leadership Perspective By FDNY Chief of Department Thomas J. Richardson The events of September 11, 2001, resulted in the loss of several of the senior executive leaders in the FDNY. Among those killed were First Deputy Fire Commissioner William Feehan; Chief of Department Peter Ganci, Jr.; Assistant Chief Donald Burns; and Assistant Chief Gerard Barbara. All of these men were highly respected and their loss created a serious leadership vacuum for our department. In addition, we lost several senior deputy and battalion chiefs including the Chief of Special Operations Raymond Downey. Our Special Operations Command was especially impacted; losing almost 20 percent of its members, including chiefs, company officers and firefighters. The FDNY has a uniformed workforce of approximately 15,000 fire and EMS members. I was a relatively new Battalion Chief at the time. Our continuity of operations plan allowed us to fill the gaps initially but the many years of experience lost would be difficult to replace. The new Chief of Department and now Fire Commiss-ioner Daniel Nigro and then Fire Commissioner Thomas VonEssen had a significant challenge in the face of the massive rescue and recovery effort being undertaken at the World Trade Center site. Mayor Michael Bloom-berg took office in

January of 2002 and appointed a new Fire Commissioner named Nicholas Scoppetta. Chief Nigro had selected Salvatore Cassano as the new Chief of Operations. Shortly after the conclusion of the rescue and recovery operation, many more senior members retired creating even more of a leadership and expe-

Chief Richardson rience challenge. We needed to begin rebuilding with strength and resilience. How could the FDNY meet challenge the successfully? I argue that the basic tenets of leadership were the keys to success. In this article I will review the basics of a leadership and command philosophy that were successful following 9/11 that helped the FDNY rebuild. Leadership Being a leader in the fire and EMS service is a challenging mission. Leadership is a critical component of being a successful chief and company officer. This became even more evident after 9/11. Those who step forward and take on the challenge are often faced with many questions, and I would argue that a critical self-assessment is a key part of the leadership process. This is true organizationally and individually. The senior chiefs who began to fill the leadership vacuum are too many to name here but suffice it to say that their steadfast dedication, perseverance and work ethic will be remembered throughout the history of the FDNY. All of the chiefs charged with the responsibility of rebuilding the FDNY were people who had great reputations as leaders in the department. There was a sense of confidence

from the rank and file. After understanding the leader’s intent from the new Fire Commissioner and Chief of Department they were able to begin the task of rebuilding. This was a truly collective effort involving all levels of the department. Leader’s intent is critical to achieving success. It defines the vision for the unit, company, or department and it complements our expectations. The troops need to know the expectations. If they know the expectations, they will be more willing to work with you and for you in accomplishing the mission. The role of leader’s intent is to empower subordinates and instill initiative so that they can adapt to the environment they are in. This was never more important than after 9/11. The key to being able to share leader’s intent is having the ability to show command presence. Our leaders did that well. They communicated effectively and their command presence resulted in a shared confidence. If the troops have confidence in their leaders, they will perform to their best ability. There is no magic formula to developing command presence, but not having it will negatively impact the ability to lead. Let’s revisit the definition of leadership if we are to have success. In the FDNY, we are fortunate to have some basic leadership training in our promotional courses. The gentleman that was responsible for developing our leadership development series is Battalion Chief (ret.) Robert Burns. He supervised our (Continued on next page)

9/11 Tribute Edition

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– The 343 –

FDNY Post 9/11- A Leadership Perspective...continued from previous page First Line Supervisors Training Program, which is attended by all newly promoted officers from career departments throughout New York State. In his leadership classes, Burns defined leadership very simply. Leadership is the ability to influence people. Trust is the key to having the ability to influence. He would explain that we, especially in the fire and EMS service, trust people who are of good character and who are competent in their jobs. If you can build a high level of trust in your subordinates, they will follow you where you want them to go. Research of leadership attributes identifies critical qualities that can better define a leader. People that we trust are of good character and competent. They are honest, have integrity, are confident, inspiring and motivating, forward thinking, and proactive. These principles, are key to being successful leaders. Our leadership after 9/11 exemplified character and competence. Leadership is hard and requires courage as well. Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge…” General (ret.) Stanley McChrystal (US Army) said, “We can fail, yet not be a failure.” Challenge yourself; lead from the front, and share your vision as a leader. Command Philosophy What is a philosophy? In simple terms, we may describe it as a set of beliefs, values, and principles that strongly influences how we interpret reality and guide our understanding of influencing humans. Developing a solid command philosophy helps guide us in shaping and influencing our organizations in a positive way. If we understand the basics of leadership and the value of understanding philosophy and human behavior, we can give ourselves the best chance to succeed. Part of a command philosophy is how we take our past experiences, values, and beliefs and use them, especially in times of crisis. The leaders that were charged with getting our department back on its feet were highly experienced and undoubtedly understood what it would take. Conclusion In addition to great leadership and a core command philosophy, adhering to our Department's core values were very impor-

obligations professionally and honestly. Preparedness - By combining all the components of our core values, the FDNY will maintain its constant state of readiness to meet all threats and challenges, traditional and new.

tant. Here they are as defined in department documents: Service - The FDNY continues its unwavering commitment to protect and serve. Bravery - Courage is the foundation of our character. Bravery is the ability to overcome fear through fortitude, instinct, compassion for others and training. Safety - Our citizens must be reasonably free from danger, especially deliberate, harmful acts. With the best equipment and training, the FDNY can reduce risk to the public and its members at fires, emergencies and medical incidents. Honor - The enormous commitment necessary to perform the FDNY tasks requires excellence of character. We inspire each other through pride in our unit, which is a belief that every action reflects on all the members of the unit, both past and present. Dedication - A commitment to the objectives of our mission is an essential part of our code of conduct. The faithful observance of duty calls for us to fulfill our

Our leadership after 9/11 had the challenging mission of rebuilding the FDNY stronger, with more capabilities and having suffered a significant loss of talent and experience. It took several years through hard work, painstaking planning and sheer determination. We were able to enhance training to include an all-hazards approach to preparedness; replace and upgrade a fleet of apparatus, upgrade our communications and technology infrastructure. This occurred as a result of a commitment from our political leaders and senior executives working collaboratively. Most importantly, our fire operations and EMS operations personnel throughout the last 20 years continue to stay focused on the mission of saving lives.

9/11 Tribute Edition

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343: Remembering Those Lost Joseph Agnello Ladder 118

Lt. Brian Ahearn Engine 230

Eric Allen Squad 18

Richard Allen Ladder 15

Cpt. James Amato Squad 1

Calixto Anaya Jr. Engine 4

Joseph Angelini Rescue 1

Joseph Angelini Jr. Ladder 4

Faustino Apostol Jr. Battalion 2

David Arce Engine 33

Louis Arena Ladder 5

Carl Asaro Battalion 9

Lt. Gregg Atlas Engine 10

Gerald Atwood Ladder 21

Gerard Baptiste Ladder 9

A.C. Gerard Barbara Command Center

Matthew Barnes Ladder 25

Arthur Barry Ladder 15

Lt. Steven Bates Engine 235

Carl Bedigian Engine 214

Stephen Belson Ladder 24

John Bergin Rescue 5

Paul Beyer Engine 6

Peter Bielfeld Ladder 42

Brian Bilcher Engine 33

Carl Bini Rescue 5

Christopher Blackwell Rescue 3

Michael Bocchino Battalion 48

Frank Bonomo Engine 230

Gary Box Squad 1

Michael Boyle Engine 33

Kevin Bracken Engine 40

Michael Brennan Ladder 4

Peter Brennan Squad 288

Capt. Daniel Brethel Capt. Patrick Brown Ladder 24 Ladder 3

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 85

343: Remembering Those Lost

Andrew Brunn Ladder 5

Capt. Vincent Brunton Ladder 105

Ronald Bucca Fire Marshal

Greg Buck Engine 201

Capt. William Burke Jr. Engine 21

A.C. Donald Burns Command Center

John Burnside Ladder 20

Thomas Butler Squad 1

Patrick Byrne Ladder 101

George Cain Ladder 7

Salvatore Calabro Ladder 101

Capt. Frank Callahan Ladder 35

Michael Cammarata Ladder 11

Brian Cannizzaro Ladder 101

Dennis Carey HazMat 1

Michael Carlo Engine 230

Michael Carroll Ladder 3

Peter Carroll Squad 1

Thomas Casoria Engine 22

Michael Cawley Ladder 136

Vernon Cherry Ladder 118

Nicholas Chiofalo Engine 235

John Chipura Engine 219

Michael Clarke Ladder 2

Steven Coakley Engine 217

Tarel Coleman Squad 252

John Collins Ladder 25

Robert Cordice Engine 152

Ruben Correa Engine 74

James Coyle Ladder 3

Robert Crawford Safety Battalion 1

Lt. John Crisci HazMat 1

B.C. Dennis Cross Battalion 57

Thomas Cullen III Squad 41

Robert Curatolo Ladder 16

Lt. Edward D’Atri Squad 1

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 86, Fire News, September 2021

343: Remembering Those Lost Michael D’Auria Engine 40

Scott Davidson Ladder 118

Edward Day Ladder 11

B.C. Thomas DeAngelis Battalion 8

Manuel Del Valle Engine 5

Martin DeMeo HazMat 1

David DeRubbio Engine 226

Lt. Andrew Desperito Engine 1

B.C. Dennis Devlin Battalion 9

Gerard Dewan Ladder 3

George DiPasquale Ladder 2

Lt. Kevin Donnelly Ladder 3

Lt. Kevin Dowdell Rescue 4

B.C. Raymond Downey S.O.C.

Gerard Duffy Ladder 21

Capt. Martin Egan Jr. Laddder 118

Michael Elferis Engine 22

Francis Esposito Engine 235

Lt. Michael Esposito Squad 1

Robert Evans Engine 33

B.C. John Fanning II HazMat Operations

Capt. Thomas Farino Engine 26

Terrence Farrell Rescue 4

Capt. Joseph Farrelly Engine 4

Dep. Comm. William Feehan

Lee Fehling Engine 235

Alan Feinberg Battalion 9

Michael Fiore Rescue 5

Lt. John Fischer Ladder 20

Andre Fletcher Rescue 5

John Florio Engine 214

Lt. Michael Fodor Ladder 21

Thomas Foley Rescue 3

David Fontana Squad 1

Robert Foti Ladder 7

Andrew Fredericks Squad 18

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 87

343: Remembering Those Lost

Lt. Peter Freund Engine 55

Thomas Gambino Jr. Rescue 3

Chief of Dept. Peter Ganci Jr.

Lt. Charles Garbarini Ladder 61

Thomas Gardner HazMat 1

Matthew Garvey Squad 1

Bruce Gary Engine 40

Gary Geidel Rescue 1

B.C Edward Geraghty Battalion 9

Dennis Germain Ladder 2

Lt. Vincent Giammona Ladder 5

James Giberson Ladder 35

Ronnie Gies Squad 288

Paul Gill Engine 54

Lt. John Ginley Engine 40

Jeffrey Giordano Ladder 3

John Giordano Engine 37

Keith Glascoe Ladder 21

James Gray Ladder 20

B.C. Joseph Grzelak Battalion 48

Jose Guadalupe Engine 54

Lt. Geoffrey Guja Engine 82

Lt. Joseph Gullickson Ladder 101

David Halderman Squad 18

Lt. Vincent Halloran Ladder 8

Robert Hamilton Squad 41

Sean Hanley Ladder 20

Thomas Hannafin Ladder 5

Dana Hannon Engine 26

Daniel Harlin Ladder 2

Lt. Harvey Harrell Rescue 5

Lt. Stephen Harrell Ladder 157

Capt. Thomas Haskell Jr. Ladder 132

Timothy Haskell Squad 18

Capt. Terence Hatton Rescue 1

Michael Haub Ladder 4

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 88, Fire News, September 2021

343: Remembering Those Lost Lt. Michael Healey Squad 41

John Heffernan Ladder 11

Ronnie Henderson Engine 279

Joseph Henry Ladder 21

William Henry Rescue 1

Thomas Hetzel Ladder 13

Capt. Brian Hickey Rescue 4

Lt. Timothy Higgins Squad 252

Jonathan Hohmann HazMat 1

Thomas Holohan Engine 6

Joseph Hunter Squad 288

Capt. Walter Hynes Ladder 13

Jonathan Ielpi Squad 288

Capt. Frederick Ill Jr. Ladder 2

William Johnston Engine 6

Andrew Jordan Ladder 132

Karl Joseph Engine 207

Lt. Anthony Jovic Ladder 34

Angel Juarbe Jr. Ladder 12

Rev. Mychal Judge Chaplain

Vincent Kane Engine 22

B.C. Charles Kasper S.O.C.

Paul Keating Ladder 5

Richard Kelly Jr. Ladder 11

Thomas R. Kelly Ladder 105

Thomas W. Kelly Ladder 15

Thomas Kennedy Ladder 101

Lt. Ronald Kerwin Squad 288

Michael Kiefer Ladder 132

Robert King Jr. Engine 33

Scott Kopytko Ladder 15

William Krukowski Ladder 21

Kenneth Kumpel Ladder 25

Thomas Kuveikis Squad 252

David LaForge Ladder 20

William Lake Rescue 2

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 89

343: Remembering Those Lost

Robert Lane Engine 55

Peter Langone Squad 252

Scott Larsen Ladder 15

Lt. Joseph Leavey Ladder 15

Neil Leavey Engine 217

Daniel Libretti Rescue 2

Carlos Lillo Paramedic

Robert Linnane Ladder 20

Michael Lynch Engine 40

Michael Lynch Ladder 4

Michael Lyons Squad 41

Patrick Lyons Squad 252

Joseph Maffeo Ladder 101

William Mahoney Rescue 4

Joseph Maloney Ladder 3

B.C. Joseph Marchbanks Battalion 12

Lt. Charles Margiotta Ladder 85

Kenneth Marino Rescue 1

John Marshall Engine 23

Lt. Peter Martin Rescue 2

Lt. Paul Martini Engine 201

Joseph Mascali Rescue 5

Keithroy Maynard Engine 33

Brian McAleese Engine 226

John McAvoy Ladder 3

Thomas McCann Engine 65

Lt. William McGinn Squad 18

B.C. William McGovern Battalion 2

Dennis McHugh Ladder 13

Robert McMahon Ladder 20

Robert McPadden Engine 23

Terence McShane Ladder 101

Timothy McSweeney Ladder 3

Martin McWilliams Engine 22

Ray Meisenheimer Rescue 3

Charles Mendez Ladder 7

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 90, Fire News, September 2021

343: Remembering Those Lost Steve Mercado Engine 40

Douglas Miller Rescue 5

Henry Miller Jr. Ladder 105

Robert Minara Ladder 25

Thomas Mingione Ladder 132

Lt. Paul Mitchell Ladder 110

Capt. Louis Modafferi Rescue 5

Lt. Dennis Mojica Rescue 1

Manuel Mojica Squad 18

Carl Molinaro Ladder 2

Michael Montesi Rescue 1

Capt. Thomas Moody Engine 310

B.C. John Moran S.O.C.

Vincent Morello Ladder 35

Christopher Mozzillo Engine 55

Richard Muldowney Jr. Ladder 7

Michael Mullan Ladder 12

Dennis Mulligan Ladder 2

Lt. Raymond Murphy Ladder 16

Lt. Robert Nagel Engine 58

John Napolitano Rescue 2

Peter Nelson Rescue 4

Gerard Nevins Rescue 1

Dennis O’Berg Ladder 105

Lt. Daniel O’Callaghan Ladder 4

Douglas Oelschlager Ladder 15

Joseph Ogren Ladder 3

Lt. Thomas O’Hagan Engine 52

Samuel Oitice Ladder 4

Patrick O’Keefe Rescue 1

Capt. William O’Keefe Engine 154

Eric Olsen Ladder 15

Jeffrey Olsen Engine 10

Steve Olson Ladder 3

Kevin O’Rourke Rescue 2

Michael Otten Ladder 35

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 91

343: Remembering Those Lost

Jeffrey Palazzo Rescue 5

B.C. Orio Palmer Battalion 7

Frank Palombo Ladder 105

Paul Pansini Engine 10

B.C. John Paolillo S.O.C.

James Pappageorge Engine 23

Robert Parro Engine 8

Durrell Pearsall Rescue 4

Lt. Glenn Perry Ladder 34

Lt. Philip Petti Ladder 148

Lt. Kevin Pfeifer Engine 33

Lt. Kenneth Phelan Engine 217

Christopher Pickford Engine 201

Shawn Powell Engine 207

Vincent Princiotta Ladder 7

Kevin Prior Squad 252

B.C. Richard Prunty Battalion 2

Lincoln Quappe Rescue 2

Lt. Michael Quilty Ladder 11

Ricardo Quinn Paramedic

Leonard Ragaglia Engine 54

Michael Ragusa Engine 279

Edward Rall Rescue 2

Adam Rand Squad 288

Donald Regan Rescue 3

Lt. Robert Regan Ladder 118

Christian Regenhard Ladder 131

Kevin Reilly Engine 207

Lt. Vernon Richard Ladder 7

James Riches Engine 4

Joseph Rivelli Ladder 25

Michael Roberts Engine 214

Michael E. Roberts Ladder 35

Anthony Rodriguez Engine 279

Matthew Rogan Ladder 11

Nicholas Rossomando Rescue 5

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 92, Fire News, September 2021

343: Remembering Those Lost Paul Ruback Ladder 25

Stephen Russell Engine 55

Lt. Michael Russo Squad 1

B.C. Matthew Ryan Battalion 4

Thomas Sabella Ladder 13

Christopher Santora Engine 54

John Santore Ladder 5

Gregory Saucedo Ladder 5

Dennis Scauso HazMat 1

John Schardt Engine 201

B.C. Fred Scheffold Battalion 12

Thomas Schoales Engine 4

Gerard Schrang Rescue 3

Gregory Sikorsky Squad 41

Stephen Siller Squad 1

Stanley Smagala Jr. Engine 226

Kevin Smith HazMat 1

Leon Smith Jr. Ladder 118

Robert Spear Jr. Engine 26

Joseph Spor Rescue 3

B.C. Lawrence Stack Safety Battalion

Capt. Timothy Stackpole Ladder 103

Gregory Stajk Ladder 13

Jeffrey Stark Engine 230

Benjamin Suarez Ladder 21

Daniel Suhr Engine 216

Lt. Christopher Sullivan Ladder 111

Brian Sweeney Rescue 1

Sean Tallon Ladder 10

Allan Tarasiewicz Rescue 5

Paul Tegtmeier Engine 4

John Tierney Ladder 9

John Tipping II Ladder 4

Hector Tirado Jr. Engine 23

Richard Van Hine Squad 41

Peter Vega Ladder 118

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 93

343: Remembering Those Lost

Lawrence Veling Engine 235

John Vigiano II Ladder 132

Sergio Villanueva Ladder 132

Lawrence Virgilio Squad 18

Lt. Robert Wallace Engine 205

Jeffrey Walz Ladder 9

Lt. Michael Warchola Ladder 5

Capt. Patrick Waters HazMat 1

Kenneth Watson Engine 214

Michael Weinberg Engine 1

David Weiss Rescue 1

Timothy Welty Squad 288

Eugene Whelan Engine 230

Edward White Engine 230

Mark Whitford Engine 23

Lt. Glenn Wilkinson Engine 238

B.C. John Williamson Battalion 6

Capt. David Wooley Ladder 4

The Following were Volunteer Fire and Rescue Members in Nassau and Suffolk Counties Nassau

Suffolk Peter Brennan Donald Burns Nicholas Chiofalo Steven Coakley Andrew Desperito Terrence Farrell Andre Fletcher William Mahoney Peter Martin Ray Meisenheimer

Raymond York Engine 285

John Napolitano Peter Nelson Douglas Oelschlager Peter O'Neil Jr. Glen Pettit Lincoln Quappe Gerard Schrang Kevin Smith Joseph V Vigiano Glenn Wilkinson

Adam Rand Brian Hickey Durrell Pearsall George Howard Jonathan Ielpi Joseph Hunter Keith Fairben Kevin Prior Lee Fehling Michael Kiefer

Peter Langone Thomas Langone Richard Muldowney Robert Deangelis Ronald Kerwin Ronnie Gies Thomas Hetzel Thomas Jurgens

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 94, Fire News, September 2021

Police Officers who made the Ultimate Sacrifice The following members of the Police Department of the City of New York were lost on September 11, 2001. Sergeant John G. Coughlin Emergency Service Squad No.4 Sergeant Michael S. Curtin Emergency Service Squad No.2 Sergeant Rodney C.Gillis Emergency Service Squad No.8 Sergeant Timothy A. Roy Traffic Control Division Bus Unit Detective Claude D Richards Bomb Squad Detective Joseph V. Vigiano Emergency Service Squad No.2 Police Officer John D'Allara Emergency Service Squad No.2 Port Authority Police Killed on 9/11 Officer Christopher C. Amoroso Staten Island, N.Y. Officer Maurice V. Barry Rutherford, N.J. Officer Liam Callahan Rockaway, N.J. Lieutenant Robert D. Cirri Nutley, N.J. Officer Clinton Davis Massapequa, N.Y. Officer Donald A. Foreman Staten Island, N.Y. Officer Gregg J. Froehner Chester, N.J. Officer Thomas E. Gorman Middlesex, N.J. Officer Uhuru G. Houston Englewood, N.J. Officer George G. Howard Hicksville, N.Y. Officer Stephen Huczko Hampton, N.J. Inspector Anthony P. Infante Jr Chatham, N.J. Officer Paul W. Jurgens Levittown, N.Y. Sergeant Robert M. Kaulfers Kenilworth, N.J. Officer Paul Laszczynski Paramus, N.J. Officer David P. Lemagne North Bergen, N.J. Officer John J. Lennon Howell, N.J. Officer John D. Levi Lexington, N.Y. Officer James F. Lynch Woodbridge, N.J. Captain Kathy Mazza South Farmingdale, N.Y. Officer Walter A. McNeil East Stroudsberg, PA. Officer Donald J. McIntyre New City, N.Y. Supt. of Police Fred V. Morrone Lakewood, N.J.

Police Officer Vincent G. Danz Emergency Service Squad No.3 Police Officer Jerome M. Dominguez Emergency Service Squad No.3 Police Officer Stephen P. Driscoll Emergency Service Squad No.4 Police Officer Mark J. Ellis Transit Bureau, District 4 Police Officer Robert Fazio 13th Precinct Police Officer Ronald P. Kloepfer Emergency Service Squad No.7 Police Officer Thomas M. Langone Emergency Service Squad No.10 Police Officer James P. Leahy 6th Precinct

Police Officer Brian G. McDonnell Emergency Service Squad No.1 Police Officer John W. Perry 40th Precinct Police Officer Glen K. Pettit Police Academy Video Production Unit Police Officer Moira A. Smith 13th Precinct Police Officer Ramon Suarez Transit Bureau, District 4 Police Officer Paul Talty Emergency Service Squad No.10 Police Officer Santos Valentin Jr. Emergency Service Squad No.7 Police Officer Walter E. Weaver Emergency Service Squad No.3

Officer Joseph M. Navas Paramus, N.J. Officer James Nelson Clark, N.J. Officer Alfonse J. Niedermeyer Manasquan, N.J. Officer James W. Parham Jackson Heights, N.Y. Officer Dominick A. Pezzulo Bronx, N.Y. Officer Bruce A. Reynolds Columbia, N.J. Officer Antonio J. Rodrigues Port Washington, N.Y.

Officer Richard Rodriguez Cliffwood, N.J. Chief James A. Romito Westwood, N.J. Officer John P. Skala Clifton, N.J. Officer Walwyn W. Stuart Valley Stream, N.Y. Officer Kenneth F. Tietjen Matawan, N.J. Officer Nathaniel Webb Jersey City, N.J. Officer Michael T. Wholey Westwood, N.J.

Page 96, Fire News, September 2021

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

9/11 Tribute Edition

Oyster Bay On Thursday night, September 9, 2021, the Town of Oyster Bay held a memorial service at the Tobay Beach 9/11 Memorial. Massapequa, North Massapequa, Hicksville and East Norwich Fire Departments made an arch at the entrance to the beach. - Fire News photos by Ed Tuffy, Massapequa FD

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 98, Fire News, September 2021

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Plainview On September 10, 2021, the Plainview Fire Department held its annual 9-11 service at a monument on Hope Drive. They retired Badge 911 in remembrance of all those who perished that day and for those who continue to suffer and die from 9-11 related illnesses. - Fire News photos by ImmsterFirePhotos.com

Page 100, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Levittown On September 11, 2021, the Levittown Fire Department held their annual 9-11 service at Station 1. They remembered all those who died that day including Levittown Chief and FDNY Lieutenant Ronald T Kerwin. - Fire News photos by ImmsterFirePhotos.com

Page 102, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

9/11 Tribute Edition

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Syosset On September 11, 2021, the Syosset Fire Department held their annual 9-11 service. - Fire News photos by ImmsterFirePhotos.com

Fire News, September 2021, Page 103

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 104, Fire News, September 2021

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Coram The Coram Fire Department Memorial Garden. - Fire News photos by Jim Dunn and Tim Edwards

Page 106, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Massapequa On the morning of September 11, 2021, a memorial service was held at the Towers of Freedom Memorial located in John Burns Park in Massapequa. - Fire News photos by Ed Tuffy, Massapequa FD

Page 108, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Zebra Emergency Response Team 911 ceremony. Members pictured in uniform (left to right): Scout Master Jeff Weissman, Sound Beach FD Chief Darran Handshaw, Terryville FD exCaptain Martin Sebel, Rocky Point FD Firefighter David Singer, Middle Island ex-Chief Craig Tunjian, and Sayville Community Ambulance 2nd Assistant Chief Liz White. - Fire News photos by Darran Handshaw

Page 110, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Holtsville On September 11, 2021, members of the Holtsville Fire Department, and Holtsville Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary, gathered at their headquarters on Waverly Avenue, to pay tribute to all the lives lost during the 9/11 terror attacks. - Fire News photos courtesy of Jennifer Corcoran

Page 112, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 113

Page 114, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

SCFCC On September 10th, the Suffolk County Fire Chiefs Council honored Carly McCaffrey for her work in creating a 9/11 memorial in West Islip as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award. Honoring the first responders of FDNY, NYPD and the Port Authority Police lost on 9/11 and since that day due to illness, the memorial is dedicated to her father Owen McCaffrey, a commissioner with the Islip Fire Department who, as an NYPD Lieutenant in the Emergency Service Unit, supervised the recovery efforts at Ground Zero for eight months. Carly’s work in this project involved creating the concept, working with the monument builder on the design and handling fundraising to finance the memorial. One of several honors bestowed upon Carly by firematic organizations for her work, the Suffolk County Fire Chiefs Council also honored Lieutenant McCaffrey with a plaque for his efforts in supporting Carly’s project. Great job by all involved in honoring the fallen. - Fire News photos by Tom Rinelli

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 116, Fire News, September 2021

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Mastic 20 years later; 9/11 Remembered by the Mastic Fire Department. - Fire News photos by Ron Monteleone and Jim Rugen

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 118, Fire News, September 2021

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Setauket The Stony Brook Fire Department assisted the Setauket Fire Department in raising the flag in front of Setauket’s Nicolls Road station for their 9-11 Ceremony. - Fire News photos by Robert O’Rourk

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 120, Fire News, September 2021

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Westhampton Beach The Westhampton Beach Fire Department’s 9/11 ceremony. - Fire News photos courtesy of the Westhampton Beach FD

Page 122, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Port Washington On the afternoon of July 31, 2016, the Port Washington Fire Department took part in a 9/11 memorial unveiling outside of Manorhaven Village Hall. The memorial is dedicated to Port Authority Police Officer Antonio Rodrigues who died on 9/11. While paying tribute to the fallen officer, the memorial also recognizes other Port Washington residents who were killed in the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. A large turnout was present from the Port Washington Fire Department, civilians, and members of the Port Authority’s Pipes and Drums Band which played during the ceremony. The memorial was made possible by the efforts of Kyle DiLeo — an Eagle Scout with family members in the Port Washington Fire Department. - Fire News photos by K2MPhotography.com

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 123

Page 124, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

– 20th Anniversay Memorial –

Massapequa On the morning of September 11, 2021, members of the Massapequa Fire Department and public gathered at the department’s 9/11 Memorial to honor and remember two of the department’s members who died as a result of illness related to September 11, 2001. The two members are Commissioner/ex-Captain Sheldon Moskowitz and Firefighter James Kennelly. - Fire News photos by Ed Tuffy, Massapequa FD

Page 126, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Nassau County County Executive Laura Curran attended the 9/11 Remembrance and Recitation of Names Ceremony at Eisenhower Park where the new 9/11 Responders Monument — a 6,500-pound, red granite monument that pays tribute to the first responders who lost their lives to illness years after joining the rescue and recovery operation at Ground Zero in the wake of the September 11 attacks. Pictured with County Executive is Laine Alvarez, Detective Luis Alvarez’ wife. Detective Alvarez was an advocate in getting the 9/11 Victim’s Compensation bill passed before he succumbed to a 9/11 related cancer. - Fire News photos provided

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire Patrolman Keith Roma FDNY Patrol 2

Keith Roma

The NYC Fire Patrol had a presence at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. The members of the Fire Patrol were a group of individuals who entered a burning building beside the members of the FDNY with the purpose of saving property that could never be replaced. Photos, priceless antiques, and irreplaceable items where routinely rescued by members of the NYC Fire Patrol. They also were involved with safety and education. On September 11, 2002, a memorial plaque was dedicated to Keith Roma of Patrol 2. Keith was seen several times helping groups of victims to safety from inside the South Tower. Many trips later, the South Tower fell and Keith made the ultimate sacrifice, along with the last group of nine civilians he tried to save. Listed as missing, Keith was recovered on Christmas Eve. - Fire News story by Dennis Whittam

Fire News, September 2021, Page 127

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 128, Fire News, September 2021

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Lakeland On September 11, 2021, the Lakeland Fire Department hosted a memorial ceremony in honor of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Area first responders and local community members were in attendance to pay tribute. The ceremony was located inside the “Garden Of Heroes” alongside Lakeland Fire Headquarters on Johnson Avenue. - Fire News photos by Bryan Lopez

Page 130, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

NYSAFC FIRE 2021 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb

The New York State Association of Fire Chiefs hosted the NYSAFC FIRE 2021 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb on July 16, 2021, at the Carrier Dome on the Campus of Syracuse University. The NYSAFC climb, now in its sixth year, was held in conjunction with the association’s 115th Annual Conference & FIRE 2021 Expo in Syracuse. The stair climb is coordinated each year by members of the Career Fire Chiefs of New York State and NYSAFC to benefit the FDNY Counseling Services Unit and National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. Conference participants and members of fire departments from across New York State climbed to honor the 343 members of the FDNY lost in the line of duty on September 11, 2001. Those honored included 13 members of NYSAFC who made the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11 while serving with the FDNY and NYPD: Donald Burns, Terrence Farrell, Andrew Fredericks, Ronnie Gies, Jonathan Ielpi, Ronald Kerwin, Thomas Langone, Peter Nelson, Orio Palmer, Glen Pettit, Gerard Schrang, Lawrence Stack, and Joseph Vigiano. - Fire News photo provided

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 132, Fire News, September 2021

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Mount Sinai On September 11, 2021, the Mt. Sinai Fire Department paid tribute to those lost on September 11, 2001. The event began with a slide show of the day of the attacks. After Chief of Department John Quimby called his members to attention, the ceremony began. Fire Police Captain Tony D’Angelo, who was an FDNY Lieutenant on September 11, gave a moving speech describing the purpose of the remembrance ceremony and spoke of Mt. Sinai’s new 9/11 Monument. A statue that is part of the display honors all who served on September 11, as well as those who have passed from diseases related to working at Ground Zero. The moving statue displays a firefighter kneeling to remember his lost brothers. The ax in his hands has not been laid down to show that the work continued until all lost were recovered. As everyone present viewed the statue, they reflected in prayer to remember everyone lost on September 11, 2001. - Fire News photos by Elliot Perry, MSFD

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 134, Fire News, September 2021

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Rocky Point On September 11, 2021, the Rocky Point Fire Department hosted a memorial ceremony and candlelight vigil, marking the 20th anniversary of the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. The ceremony was held at the community memorial, located on the corner of Route 25A, and Tesla Street, in Shoreham. First responders from multiple area agencies were present, along with members of the community. - Fire News photos by Bryan Lopez

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 136, Fire News, September 2021

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Port Jefferson The Port Jefferson Fire Department remembers those responders lost on September 11, 2001. - Fire News photos by Dennis Whittam

Page 138, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

FRES Gives Back to Community Helps to Restore 9/11 Memorials

Suffolk County FRES personnel recently joined the office of Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone to participate in the clean-up of 9/11 Memorials at the American Legion Post 419 in East Hampton and the Bay Shore Middle School in Bay Shore. FRES worked alongside local volunteers and local youth groups to help restore the sites. The county’s beautification projects provided residents the opportunity to honor this day in our nation’s history. The projects aimed to beautify memorials ahead of the 20th Anniversary commemorations while educating youth and community members on this important milestone. - Fire News photos courtesy of Peter Guaraldi; Suffolk County FRES

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 139

Page 140, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Brookhaven The Brookhaven Fire Department prays for those lost on September 11, 2001. - Fire News photos by Dennis Whittam

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 142, Fire News, September 2021

A Personal Perspective: One Day in Washington, DC By Mary Ellen McKee

The DC trips for my brother, Fireman Ray Pfeifer, were a way of fulfilling a part of his destiny. Not that he even knew that, but it’s true. Ray, as he would always say, was just a kid from Levittown. He was born to be a fireman and he lived his life in such a way to ensure that that would happen. When I say that, I mean he would always go with our dad at a to any fire that my dad was called to. He would attend mandatory clean ups. Whatever needed to be done, he did it. Everyone knew his name. It was all he ever wanted to be and do. I tell you this because when 9/11 happened he was not there. He was on a golf trip and when he got word he rushed to the scene and jumped into action. He watched the fall of the towers and was witness to the murder of his fellow brothers. Ray like many others felt excruciating pain so guttural, that I and my family say that was the first time Ray died and we couldn’t see any way back from that death. It was a very dark time and no light was shed for years. But then came the news that he had stage 4 cancer. Almost immediately we started to see a change in him. A calm, a sort of peace that hadn’t been there in years. I’ll never forget, when I asked him if he actually understood what the doctor said. His exact words were, “Yeah, I do, and now I can finally rest. I’ve lived nine years longer than my brothers and the guilt is unbearable sometimes. This is how it should be Mare.” I was stunned and then he added, “No one gets out alive,” and at that moment I understood what he meant. Ray would never, ever consider himself a hero and yet thousands attended his funeral. Why? Because he dared to live again. He was approached by our good friend Kenny Specht to lend a hand with the fight for coverage for 9/11 first responders along with anyone that was affected with illness from that awful day. He said, “How can I help?” So, trips to Washington, DC,became a part of Ray’s life. But, one in particular comes to my mind. I went to Ray’s house to help him get ready for the trip and he was not doing well at all. He hated if we asked how he felt, his response always was, “How do you think I feel, I have stage 4 cancer!” Now normally we would just use our sense of humor to move through his difficulties. But I could see the pain in his eyes and so I did ask if he was sure he could make the trip. His answer was, “We have got to get this done, and we have to get it done NOW.” So, off we went. Ray had tried many times to get into see Robert Goodlatte, the chairman of the House

Judiciary Committee, and Senator from Virginia, and kept getting thwarted. So, there was a plan devised. The Virginia Professional Fire Fighters President, called upon three Virginia firefighters. Jimmy Poindexter, Perry Weller and Mike Link to get a meeting with Goodlatte and they would bring Ray in as a surprise guest. It worked. Now picture Ray, he always wore his uniform, he's in a wheel chair, his coloring a dull color grey, eyes bloodshot red. Weary and worn, but very, very present for this crucial meeting. Goodlatte greeted the three firemen from Virginia with a smile and a handshake and he literally — not figuratively — he physically turned his back on my brother and dismissed him. Well, let me tell you I was fuming and I stood up to say something and Ray glared at me and I knew I had to sit down and manage my feelings. Ray shook his head as if to say, “It’s OK I got this.” Goodlatte proceed to ask the Jimmy, Perry, and Mike this question … first to Jimmy. What was it like down at the trade center? Jimmy’s answer, “I wasn’t there, sir.” Then to Perry. He answered the same. Finally to Mike, and giot the same answer. Goodlatte was very confused and asked Jimmy, why they were there. Jimmy said because they needed his assistance with the bill. “Excuse me sir I was there and I can tell you anything you want to know,” said Ray. Goodlatte responded over his shoulder. “I am not here to speak to you, I am here to speak to these men from Virginia, they are my constituents.” “Well sir, that may be,” amswered my brother, “but I would say my understanding is you work for the people of the United States of America and I am a US citizen.This horrific attack and the murder of thousands of people didn’t just happen in New York, it happened to America and all Americans, including you, sir. I was there. I have stage 4 cancer which is directly related to being on the pile for all those months. I am in this wheelchair because of it. I am going to die from it. I accept that because on that day and the days and months that followed, I would not have been anywhere else sir. I have traveled from my home on Long

Island to speak to you with the help of these three firemen who work for your state of Virginia. I was there, sir. I have all the information you may need if you give me a chance.” I wanted shout out “Can I get a HELL YEAH?” That’s my brother Ray, and you will never be able to forget his name. I was in awe of him. Goodlatte was so dumbfounded he didn’t know where to look. He again declined to speak directly to Ray saying, he was there to listen to his constituents. “I am disappointed to hear that sir,” said Ray. “I assure you we will get this done with or without you, if need be, but it will get done, because it is the right thing to do.” Goodlatte turned to Jimmy, Perry, and Mike and said find me a constituent from Virginia that knows the story, and then stood up. We were dismissed. Those men were appalled. And then Ray thank the senator for his time, and left with dignity and pride. We my brother and I walked out, right in front of Goodlatte! Well, actually, I walked, he rolled. I was so pumped and proud I wanted to smother Ray with hugs and kisses. Now from what I understand from our brothers from Virginia, they blasted this all over social media, and they bombarded Goodlatte’s phone and had anyone they knew send emails, demanding that Ray be heard. Jimmy found someone from Virginia that was suffering from 9/11 illness and was willing to go and see Goodlatte. Goodlatte was sure they would not be able to find anyone and, well, the rest is history. The bill was passed after years of tireless effort. I tell this story because this was one day in the Life of Ray and his trips to Washington. It left an indelible mark on my heart as well as Jimmy’s, Perry’s and Mike’s. It opened the doors to each of our own capabilities. Quite simply this experience left each of us speechless and motivated to do better in our own lives. When I think of how Ray was so terribly sick that day, and how amazingly calm and kind he handled this situation, it fills me with pride. He was a leader without anger. His body was weak but his resolve stronger than anyone I know. His legacy will live forever. This guy from Levittown. My brother and I were friends and my friend left me the most valuable lesson. Just when you think you can’t…YOU CAN! I am forever grateful to Jimmy, Perry and Mike for their support and dedication in helping Ray. They were at Ray’s funeral along with 8,000 others. Think about that!

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 143

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

FRES and Suffolk Fire Departments

The Suffolk County Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services (FRES) and various local fire departments participated in Suffolk County's 9/11 memorial ceremony at the H. Lee Dennison Building in Hauppauge. FRES thanks the following departments for providing their individual flags as part of the opening ceremonies of the event: West Sayville, Nesconset, Hagerman, Lakeland, Selden, Wyandanch, Huntington Manor, Amityville, Medford, North Babylon and Dix Hills. FRES additionally thanks the following departments for providing their ladders to help create arches for the duration of the ceremony: Dix Hills, Medford, Selden, Lakeland, Greenlawn, West Sayville, East Brentwood, Setauket, Smithtown and West Babylon. - Fire News photo courtesy Peter Guaraldi, SCFRES

Page 144, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

East Quogue The East Quogue Fire Department paid tribute to those lost on 9/11 with a memorial service. Included in the ceremony was piece of metal from the wreckage of the Twin Towers. The WTC steel was incorporated into a fountain which is the centerpiece of a new memorial garden, which was dedicated at the department’s 9-11 ceremony. - Fire News photos courtesy of the Westhampton Beach FD

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 146, Fire News, September 2021

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

Bellport The Bellport Fire Department with South Country Ambulance Company and the Village of Bellport hosted an Evening of Remembrances and Reflections. Hagerman Fire Dept. participated. - Fire News photos by Ron Monteleone and Joseph Maddalone

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 147

– 20th Anniversary Memorial –

9/11 Memorial Parks - Fire News photos by Ron Monteleone

Page 148, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

Flight 93 Memorial Park

Proceeds from ‘Requiem for 9/11’ Concert Donated

On June 25, 2013, I was privileged to be part of a group from the Wilmington Delaware-area that traveled to the hills of rural southwestern Pennsylvania to visit the Flight 93 National Memorial, located near Shanksville in Somerset County. The primary purpose of our visit was to present a check for $10,000 to the Flight 93 Memorial Fund, the proceeds from the debut performance of the “Requiem for 9/11”, a classical composition by noted Wilmington musician, conductor and teacher Wilson Gault Somers. As organizers of the concert, we selected the Flight 93 Memorial as the recipient of proceeds from the inaugural performance. Prior to September 11, 2001, the tiny borough of Shanksville, some 65 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, was hardly known beyond its 300-or-so residents and their neighbors. But on that fateful Tuesday morning, and forever after, Shanksville became synonymous with New York City and Washington, DC, as the three sights where commercial aircraft, hijacked by a group of terrorists, crashed and resulted in the deaths of more than 3,000 people. The Pennsylvania site, as we all know, was not the targeted destination of Flight 93. Situated on around 400 acres, within a total of some 2,000 acres, the memorial is a US National Park, actually located in Stoneycreek Township, about two-miles north of Shanksville. While a temporary memorial was established shortly after the crash, the first phase of the permanent memorial was opened to visitors on September 10, 2011, honoring the 10th anniversary of the terror attack. Already, the Flight 93 National Memorial is the fourth most visited National Park in America. The design of the memorial truly commemorates the heroic actions of the 40 passengers and crew members on United Airlines Flight 93, who recognized the hijacked airliner they were on was part of a bigger terrorist action, and banded together to keep the hijackers from reaching

their ultimate target, widely believed to be the US Capitol. The “wall of names” was erected along the final flight path of the ill-fated jet, leading visitors’ eyes toward the point of impact, known as the “Sacred Ground.” Each hero’s name is engraved on an eightfoot tall, three-inch thick slab of polished white granite. The slabs are cantilevered one to another, with one inch of space between each slab, signifying the individuality of each of the 40 heroes who acted as one on that day. Plans call for a visitors’ center to be built at the top of a bluff that overlooks the wall and Sacred Ground. Another addition to the memorial will be the “Tower of Voices,” a 93-foot high structure containing 40 wind chimes. Forty groves of 40 trees each —1,600 trees in all — will be planted on the site. The Flight 93 National Memorial adopted as its slogan, “A common field one day ... A field of honor forever.” Given the opportunity to visit, learn and reflect on this elegantly simple, incredibly meaningful tribute to the 40 “ordinary heroes” who made the ultimate sacrifice on that fateful day, I wholeheartedly agree and encourage you to visit this incredible memorial. It is something special to behold. - DFSN story and photos by Tom Mitten

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 149

Page 150, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

FDNY Rescue 4 Remembers 9/11

Page 152, Fire News, September 2021

–20th Anniversary Run – Buffalo 2021 Stephen Siller 5K walk/run Tunnel to Towers Buffalo held at the Bellevue Fire Company in Cheektowaga, NY, on September 11, 2021, Featured are (left) Logan Kuhlmey of the Citizens Hose Co of the Lancaster Fire Depart-ment of Lancaster, NY. Logan just joined the company and she finished the walk wearing full turnout gear with a Scott air pack. The other firefighter is Roger Brennan of the Ellicott Creek Fire Company of Amherst, NY. Roger wore his full turnout gear, no air pack, but carried the Ellicott Creek company flag. - Fire News photos by Jim Lepard

9/11 Tribute Edition

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 153

Page 154, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

“WE WILL NEVER FORGET” Association of Fire Districts State of New York President: Kenneth Preston 1st Vice President: Donald Corkery 2nd Vice President: Joseph Badala Secretary/Treasurer: Joyce Petkus & All Members of the Board of Directors

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 155

Page 156, Fire News, September 2021

9/11 Tribute Edition

FDNY Rescue 4 Comes Back

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 157

FDNY Rescue 4 Comes Back

On August 13 and 14, 2021, representatives of The Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund joined with current and retired members of FDNY Rescue 4 at the Hall of Flame in Phoenix, Arizona. Museum Director Chuck Montgomery was joined by Phoenix Fire Department, FDNY Captain John Ferry (ret.) and restoration team volunteer Mark Anello, in presenting the vehicle and acknowledging the efforts of all involved in the procurement and restoration of the truck. The dedication of the restored Res4cue Response Apparatus from 9/11 proved to be a bonding and emotional weekend as the more than 100 people present remembered the nine brave men who rode together to the Towers on that fateful day. The members of Rescue 4 lost included Captain Brian Hickey, Lieutenant Kevin Dowdell, Firefighters Terry Farrell, Bill Mahoney, Durrell Bronko Pearsall, Pete Nelson, Pete Brennan and Al Tarasiewicz (R5) and Mike Cawley (L136). The passing of 20 years does not diminish the brave effort to save lives that horrific day. This vehicle has a permanent home at the Hall of Flame to educate future generations and to keep the memory of all 343 brave FDNY firefighters alive. Let us NEVER FORGET! God bless them, their families and our brothers in fire service. - Fire News photos by Robert Bombiadi; Hall of Flame Museum

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 158, Fire News, September 2021

From the Editor’s Desk Dennis Whittam, Editor

I Will Never Forget I can remember going into work on September 11, 2001. I was a teacher for the Community of Lynbrook, as I always called it. As I was driving, I heard a traffic report saying to stay away from lower Manhattan. I didn’t pay attention until the news commentator said, “It is believed that a small airplane crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers.” By the time I got to work, everyone knew that an airliner hit the North Tower. As many of us continued to watch the news, 17 minutes later at 9:03 a.m., the World Trade Center’s South Tower was hit by United Airlines Flight 175. Little did we know our lives were changed forever. My school immediately went into an emergency mode. The TVs were turned off and we tried to go on with a normal day. It wasn't long before a few parents started to show up at the school to bring their children home. Yes, I was glad when my day was

over so that I could run home to my firehouse in Terryville. When I arrived home, I immediately reported to my firehouse, only to find every member watching the news and discussing plans in case we were called into NYC. Our ladder truck eventually responded into Queens and our rescue truck responded to the South Street Seaport to provide lighting for the area. Every member wanted to assist in the operation, but in fact, like so many volunteer firefighters, the majority had to stay back to protect the community that we served. No one knew if the attack was over. As the weeks, month and years passed on, we learned that 2,753 individuals were killed at the WTC on September 11. As of 2021, the remains of 1,647 (60 percent) of those individuals have been identified. The remains of 1,106 individuals (40 percent) remain unidentified. So many of us attended funeral services to show support for our fallen members and their families. As we stood with hundreds and even thousands of responders, we realized that we were part of something monumental. Twenty years later and for years to come, we understand what it means to be part of the brotherhood of first responders. As sickness and diseases like cancer became part of the payback for responding to find our fallen members, I am thankful that so many of you continue to serve and remain committed to supporting those members who became sick and left us after serving on September 11, 2001. We must continue to support all first responders in their time of need as they battle fatal illnesses and live with post traumatic stress. Once again, please, remember to help the many organizations like the Steven Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, the Terry Farrell Firefighters Foundation, the FealGood Fund, the Ray Pfeifer Fund, the Cancer Support Network, the Counseling Service Unit of the FDNY and other organizations. The Johnny Mac Foundation coined the phrase, “Whatever it takes.” I remind you to look into and support the organizations that support us and do “whatever it takes” to help those in need. Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo who was lost on Black Sunday, coined a phrase. “Are you on the job, or into the job?” Join the thousand of responders who are into the job and stand with all fallen responders and their families. I will never forget! Will you? - Dennis

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 159

– The Sacrifices Continue – Lives Lost Since September 11, 2001 LT Victor Navarra FDNY DET Traci L Tack NYPD EMS Ryan S McCormick UMDNJ LT Mark McKay FDNY Sheriff Fredrick Stuck NYC PO Charles D Cole Jr. NCPD AM Elmis A Fisher NYPD DC William Guido FDNY DET John F Kristoffersen NYPD DET Corey J Diaz NYPD PO James J Godbee NYPD DET. Robert W Williamson NYPD FF Brian C Malloy FDNY FF Carl Capobianco FDNY FF Anthony J Nuccio FDNY FF Sean M McCarthy FDNY FF Bruce M Foss FDNY FF Kevin M Delano Sr. FDNY SGT Robert J Alexander National Guard Mark Gajewski LOCAL 30 PO Vito S Mauro NYPD FF Robert W Dillon FDNY FF Vanclive A Johnson FDNY FF William R St. George FDNY FF Edward V Tietjen FDNY FF Walter Voight FDNY FF William R O’Connor FDNY BC Kevin R Byrnes FDNY FF Stephen M Johnson FDNY FF Joseph P Costello FDNY BC John J Vaughan FDNY FF Robert A Ford FDNY LT Harry Wanamaker Jr. FDNY SGT Alex W Baez NYPD SGT Claire T Hanrahan NYPD DET William J Holfester NYPD FF Walter Torres FDNY LT Steven Cioffi NYPD PO Christopher Lamendola NYSCO VFF Danny Levy Plainview FF Kevin McLoughlin FDNY FF Virginia Spinelli FDNY Jevon Thomas Sanitation DET John T Young NYPD DET Roberto L Rivera NYPD PO Patrice M Ott NYPD DET Sandra Y Adrian NYPD LT Carlos J Occasion NYPD PO Edward M Ferraro NYPD FF Roy W Chelsen FDNY FF John F O’Neill FDNY DET Michael P Morales NYPD FF William E Moreau FDNY LT John P Murray FDNY

LT Vincent J Tancredi II FDNY SGT Harold J Smith NYPD Joseph F Picurro Ironworker Gregory C Quibel US Marshall PO Thomas G Brophy NYPD FF Vincent J Albanese FDNY INSP Donald G Feser NYPD PO Robert A Zane NYPD PO Robert C Grossman NYPD SGT Michael W Ryan NYPD FF Martin C Simmons FDNY DET Bruce J Viania PAPD FF Russell C Brinkworth FDNY FF Richard A Manetta FDNY LT Peter J Farrenkopf FDNY EMTP Carene A Brown FDNY LT Gerald D Rex NYPD PO Gary G Mausberg NYPD PO Christopher McMurry NYPD Mark Debiase AT&T VOL Sister Mary Mahoney EMTP Daniel E Stewart FDNY CO Robert Schor NYC DOC CAPT Emilio Mary Longo FDNY LT Robert J Stegmeier FDNY SGT Garret Danza NYPD PO Louise M Johnston NYPD PO Angelo Peluso NYPD DET Kevin G Hawkins NYPD PO Madeline Carlo NYPD PO Daniel C Conroy NYPD CAPT Edward C Gilpin NYPD LT Robert M Hess FDNY DET Joseph Seabrook NYPD LT Randy J Wiebicke FDNY FF Michael Sofia FDNY FF Michael J Shagi FDNY FF Jacques W Paultre FDNY DET James Zadroga NYPD FP Brian P McCauley NYS Fire Patrol PO Cesar Borja NYPD EMT Timothy Keller FDNY Thomas E McCaffrey FDNY EMS Rudy P Didomenico HHC Philip P Rooney NYC DOT PO Robert B Helmke NYPD CAPT Barry Galfano NYPD LT Thomas G Roberts FDNY CAPT Kevin J Cassidy FDNY FF Joan R Daley FDNY PO Frank M Bolusi NYPD PO David Mahmoud NYPD INSP Richard D Winter NYPD INSP George Allen OSHA FF Gerard Arrington FDNY

FM Tom Driscoll FDNY VOL Haydee Cleary Salvation Army FF Raymond Ragucci FDNY CAPT Sheldon Barocas FDNY LT Andrew Borgese FDNY PO Renee Dunbar NYPD LT Brian S Mohamed NYPD SUPV Philip J Berger FDNY PO Robert Nicosia NYPD DET John E Goggin NYPD PO Ronald E Weintraub NYPD FF James J Ryan FDNY EMT Freddie Rosario FDNY PO Richard Jakubowsky NYPD FF Robert J Wieber FDNY EMS LT Brian Ellicott FDNY FF Deborah Reeve FDNY LT Richard M Burke FDNY LT Joseph P Colleluori FDNY FM William Wilson Jr. FDNY PO Robert V Oswain NYPD LT Jacqueline McCarthy NYPD FM Steven C Mosiello FDNY DET Kevin Czartorysky NYPD SGT Charles J Clark NYPD FF John P Sullivan Jr. FDNY LT Renaldo Natal FDNY FF Raymond W Hauber FDNY LT Thomas J Hodges FDNY EMTP Clyde F Sealey FDNY FF Timothy G Lockwood FDNY FF Edward F Reilly Jr. FDNY LT John A Garcia FDNY PO George M Wong NYPD SGT Edward D Thompson NYPD LT Martin Fullman FDNY PO Robert Ehmer NYPD FF Robert Borcherding FDNY CAPT William Butler FDNY INV Steven J Kapczak NYC DOC DC James Ellison OEM EMS Ronald Coyne FDNY PO Dennis Chrostowski NYPD PO Nicholas Finelli NYPD DET Charles Wassil PPD PO Richard Wentz NYPD EMS Rudolph T Havelka FDNY VOL. Christopher Longley CAPT Allen Bickauskas NYCWW Dawn Stewart Red Cross FF Matthew McDougal FDNY CAPT Michael Murdoch NYPD CAPT Peter P. Casey FDNY Continued on page 160

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 160, Fire News, September 2021

– The Sacrifices Continue – FF Charles L Jones FDNY DET Craig Capolino NYPD VOL. Adan Gonzales VOL Maureen Mooney PO Martin Tom NYPD PO Frank Macri NYPD EMTP Irene Gremmert Newburgh VAC PO John Mateer NYPD PO Edwin Ortiz NYPD FF Jim Ellson FDNY Op Engineer Jeffrey Treuman Bill Masciovecchio Verizon/CWA EMTP Doug Mulholland FDNY DET Gregg Abbate NYPD PO Michael Felice NYPD PO John Gagliano NYPD BC Robert Agostini Union City FD PO Deon L. Taylor NYPD FF Andrew D. Dal Cortivo FDNY VOL Robert Busch EMT Francis A. Charles FDNY EMTP John W. Wyatt FDNY BC John K. Corcoran FDNY PO Steve Tursellino NYPD Michael McGrath DOT DET Steve Hom NYPD DET Joseph Cavitolo NYPD EMT Luis De Pena FDNY FF Adolfo Otano FDNY PO Kevin Lowney NYPD CAPT Sheldon Moskowitz Massapequa VFD James Kelly MTA Auto Mechanic Michael Henry NYPD CAPT Dan Armenta San Francisco FD PO James Burke NYPD EMS LT Michael Cavanagh FDNY DR. Wally Jewell Red Cross SGT Vincent Joseph Oliva PAPD PO Edward Stewart NYPD DC John Hough SCPD FF Medic Lou Angeli Deleware Forensic Dentist Sheila Dashkow LT John Benintendo NYPD PO Cheryl Johnson NYPD DET Gerard Petillo NYPD LT David Cambell NYPD PO Frank Pitone NYPD FF Joseph Graham E. Newark FD FF Robert Koeth FDNY DET Chris Strucker NYPD LT Thomas Greaney FDNY DET Angel Creagh NYPD FF Jef Campion FDNY PO Perry Villani NYPD FF George Kuhnel Gloucester City NJ FD

FF Henry Plowman DCFD Kevin Lynch DMORT EMS LT Linda Ohlson FDNY CO Fernando Gonzalez NYC DOC Op Engineer John Devlin DET Robert Montanez NYPD FF Jim Stines FDNY CAPT Dennis Morales NYPD LT Christopher Pupo NYPD DET Alick Herrmann NYPD PO Denis McLarney NYPD DET Thomas Weiner NYPD FF Michael G. Behette FDNY FF Lawrence J. Sullivan FDNY FF Michael F Mongelli FDNY EMT Joseph V Schiumo FDNY EMTP Ruben I Berros FDNY EMS LT Rene Davila FDNY LT Patrick J Sullivan FDNY EMT Anthony J Ficara FDNY PO Ronald Becker Jr. NYPD EMT James Kay FDNY FF Gary Celentani FDNY EMT Felix Hernandez FDNY BC Jerry Hawe FDNY FF Mike Larosa FDNY FF Joseph Swewczyk FDNY FF William H Quick FDNY EMS DAC John McFarland FDNY Maureen McMahon Mooney DMAT FF Phillip McKee DCFD PO Robert Cedeno NYPD VOL Mary Benedisuk Civilian NYPD VOL Randall Gee, Maine EMT Stuart Ferber Promisedland VFD SGT Don O’Leary NYPD PO Anthony Mangiaracina NYPD FF Luis Fragoso FDNY LT John Feeley NYPD DET John Stadelmann NYPD EMT LT Walter Nelson FDNY EMS Kerry Aalbue FDNY PO Karen E. Barnes NYPD DET Carmen M Figueroa NYPD PO Richard G Holland NYPD SGT Michael J McHugh NYPD CAPT Mark Lee JCFD John R. Heenan Local 580 CAPT Jim Noonan FDNY Ronald H Lickman US Crane Tracey Che Podiatrist FF Keith Atlas FDNY EMS CAPT William Olson FDNY LT Steve B Reisman FDNY PO Paul W Vatter NCPD Timothy J Connolly HVAC Kestutis Nemickus Architect DET Joseph T Dinan NYPD PO Christine Ade NYPD Rayner R Busch Local 3

Christopher S. Jackson Local 731 Dennis M Kozak Local 580 James Willis Local 100 DET Tommy Merriweather NYPD LT John Halpin FDNY Louis J Massa Local 79 CAPT Michael N Tufarella Hauppauge VFD Dallas Topping Volunteer PO Peter O Rodriguez NYPD Fire Chief Roger Vitolo Yonkers FD Kathleen M Fox Salvation Army Claire A. Cunningham Salvation Army BC Thomas R Van Doran FDNY PO Mark Lawler NYPD Stephanie G Andrews SNC/ADA Petty Officer Frank Bari U.S Coast Guard Reserve SGT Patrick P. Murphy NYPD/ESU LT. William F Dement NYPD EMS Steve Skipton Bellmawr Park FD Pat Aielli NYC Department of Education Human Resources Civil Service Division Geraldine Krasko Port Authority Risk Management Team Michael Merollo Operating Engineer Local 15 SGT Paul Ferrara NYPD Marty Cervellione DDC Theodore Frank DDC Francis Connors DDC FF Willie T Franklin FDNY BC Richard D Arazosa FDNY Supervising Fire Marshal Emil K Harnischfeger Bureau of Fire Investigation PO Michael G Flaherty NYPD DET Bill Hallas NYPD Jeffrey J Hairie NYS Senior Court Officer 2nd LT William J Foronjy Jr. US Army Robert Taylor Local 14 LT Michael J Vesci FDNY FF Dan Heglund FDNY CAPT Marc Summers NY Waterways C0 Joseph Rodriquez NYC DOC/ESU LT Jack Gremse FDNY FF Robert Leaver FDNY LT Howard Bischoff FDNY Supervisor Ralph Marchese NYC DOS Supervisor George Colucci NYC DOS Supervisor Frank Feeney NYC DOS Continued on page 161

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 161

– The Sacrifices Continue – Superintendent Marcellus Clark NYC DOS SW Andrew Macchio NYC DOS SW Eloy Pagan Jr NYC DOS SW Michael Mouton NYC DOS SW Mark Blaha NYC DOS SW Alexis Soloman NYC DOS SW Rosolino Fanara NYC DOS SW Alphonse Falco NYC DOS Lorenzo Morelli NYC DOS Support Services (BME) CO Antonio Clark NYC DOC/ESU Charles H. Perez Volunteer CO Jeffery Taylor NYC DOC/ESU CO Michael Muzio NYC DOC/ESU CO Antolino Rexach NYC DOC PO Patrick A Versge PAPD/ESU SGT Stephen Scalza NYPD FF Cornell Horne FDNY DET Richard H Teuten NYPD Brian G Cambell NYC DOS DET Louis Fernandez NYPD/ESU Mitchell Rende HVAC Local 94 FF Ralph W Geidel FDNY John R Rigley ConEd/Local 1-2 UWUA EMS LT Tommy Giammarino FDNY Inspector James Guida NYPD Erik J Hendrickson Volunteer SGT Lawrence A Guarnieri PAPD DET Andrew Apas NYPD FF Pat Finegan FDNY FF Gerard Walsh FDNY PO John Cortazzo PAPD FF Eugene McCarey FDNY Brian R Podell NYC DOS Ronald Cohen NYC DOS/Mayors Task Force Steve Napolitano General Manager GW Bridge/Fort Lee VFD PO Shaun Mahoney NYPD Richard Denino NYC DOS LT Robert J O’Rourke FDNY FF Richard Nogan FDNY CO Larry Adler NYC DOC/ESU CAPT Scott Stelmok NYPD Supervisor John C Peters DOT Supervisor Peter V Bliss Structural Engineer Parsons Brinkerhoff DET Aslyn Beckles NYPD PO Otto Espinoza NYPD CAPT Joseph Maurer FDNY Deputy Chief Steve Bonano NYPD Francis Carrozza Longshoreman Local 920 BC John J Cassidy FDNY LT Theodore “Teddy” Leoutsakos SCOA Maribel Torres Volunteer Nicholas D’Errico Sound Engineer NBC News

John Dong Verizon Local 1109 FF Kevin T Murphy FDNY Glenn Scott Local 197 PTL James Colon Englewood Cliffs PD Thomas Loback Volunteer Special Agent Bill Sheldon ATF Juan X Zrita Construction CAPT John Graziano FDNY John “Jack” Fitzpatrick Local 638 Antonio Hernandez IBEW Local 3 FF Robert J Langer Westbury Fire Dept Kenneth M Walsh Volunteer DET Joseph E Redican NYPD NYS Trooper Covel Pierce Alan A Harrington Ironworker Local 40 SGT John Dimarco NYPD DET Kenneth Lutz NYPD DET Harry Hill NYPD PO Robert W Kaminski NYPD Dennis Moran Electrician Local 3 OJ Ferguson DOT FF Greg Chevalley FDNY PO Stuart Fishkin NYPD LT John Peterson FDNY PO Allison Palmer NYPD DET John Marshall NYPD DET William Titus NYPD PO Anthony DeJesus NYPD DET Michael Henry NYPD CAPT Ronald Peifer NYPD Joseph Barodin DOT PO Demetrias Hopkins NYPD DET David Velez NYPD SGT Joseph F Tomasello NJ Air National Guard BC George Eysser FDNY DM Zacarias Toro US Marshal Service FF Daniel M Monahan FDNY CO Michael J Swetokos NYC DOC LT Michael Maloney NYPD EMS Richard Fox FDNY FF Kenneth K Gaudy Nesconset FD LT Rebecca Buck NYPD Operating Engineer Robert Sasso Local 15 CAPT John Gallagher FDNY SGT Edmund Murray NYPD Vincenzo Castelli Con Edison LT Charles Noran FDNY SGT Charles Kuhn NYPD Michael DeVito Local 79 William P Lewis Buffalo FD

CAPT Thomas Thompson FDNY DC John P McKee Dept of Public Safety CUNY PO James A Betso NYPD LT Roy McLaughlin Yonkers PD PO Reginald Umpthery NYPD EMT Kevin C Kelly BellmoreMerrick EMS (BM-EMS) SW Thomas Zayas NYC DOS FF Eugene J McCarey FDNY FF Joseph T Callahan FDNY BC Richard E McGuire FDNY LT Keith M Loughlin FDNY FF Charles S Szoke FDNY FF James J Marshall FDNY DC Inspector James W Mandelkow FDNY PO Paul McCabe NCPD/ESU FF Stephen G Schwarz FDNY DET Edward Goller NCPD Joseph Fugel NYPD/Volunteer DET Ronald Richards NYPD/ESU PO John Cedo NYPD FF Dennis Heedles FDNY SGT Gerard T Beyrodt NYPD FF Brian Ahr FDNY FF Nicholas Demasi FDNY Paul Reedy NYC DDC PO Charles Karen NYPD LT Marci Simms NYPD Camillo Fasano Con Edison SW Fredrick A Meier NYC DOS Special Agent/Investigator Diane DiGiacomo ASPCA Steven R Sparacia ASPLUNDH FF Robert Schell FDNY BC James N Costello FDNY FF Frank Fontaino FDNY Edward Norton OHSA LT Kevin P Nerney FDNY FF Michael Smith FDNY FF Thomas J Kelly FDNY EMT Norman Valle FDNY PO Terrence J Devlin NYPD PO Waldemar Freyre NCPD PO John Vierling NYPD Chad M. Milosevich, Aerospace Engineer DET James Fogg NYPD/ESU AC Mark J Steiner NYCDOB FF Joseph A Morstatt Sr. FDNY FF Richard Dellacona Westbury FD LT Robert G Alford FDNY FF Thomas Farrell FDNY PO Thomas Donohue NYPD NYS Trooper Lawrence W Lakeman PO Stephen A Ketchum Newtown PD Continued on page 162

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 162, Fire News, September 2021

– The Sacrifices Continue – LT Robert B Mahon FDNY PO Kenneth W Wolf NYPD DET Frank M Pinto NYPD DET Andrew L Siroka NYPD PO Deborah A Garbutt -Jeff NYPD NYS Trooper Dave M Skiba DFC Thomas J Begley Cayuga County Camillo Fasano Con Edision FF Robert J McCarthy FDNY DET John A Russo NYPD DET James J Albanese NYPD PO Peter D Ciaccio NYPD Pietro Puma Local 79 FF Owen Carlock FDNY DET Michael Glazer NYPD Allen C Rottino Mason FF Brian E Urban FDNY BC Lawrence Byrnes FDNY Assistant Chief Michael V Quinn NYPD Glen Davis Local 3 Charles J LaGreca Tully Construction Walter S Hill Jr Civilian NYPD Duane F MacMenamie TWU Local 100 William J Phelan Jr Local 40 David N Longshore NYCOEM DET Thomas Ward NYPD/JTTF PO Charles Barzydio PAPD/ESU Sr. Investigator Thomas G Moran Jr NYS Police Frederick W Muller Verizon Fire Marshal Gregorio Morales FDNY FF Richard M Benditt Philadelphia FD SGT Raymond P McGown NYPD FF William E Woodlon FDNY EMT William T Haggerty FDNY PO Peter Sheridan NYPD Brian R Buck Local 817 Kevin C Miller Local 580 SW Larry Troy NYC DOS Carlton Davis DOT Steven Magistro DOT Alan Federbush Local 3 FF Elliot Alfaro Bridgeport FD Alfred Borowski Verizon Evan Grose Homeland Security CAPT Sandra M Lesko Willoughby Hills FD Raymond Sbarra DOT Daniel Okobi MTA CAPT Gerald E Mines NYPD Gary Campbell AT&T Jose Moreno Con Edison Kenneth E Young Electrician SA Steven A Carr FBI

PO Gary Barreira NYS Park Patrol Patrick McQuillan EMS SI Salvador Davila NYS AG Police LT Enzo Brun FDNY Haskell Askin Forensic Dentist Frank Whittle Verizon FM Gwynne MacPherson-Williams Homeland Security SW Miguel Vera NYC DOS Gary Marsoobian Verizon Robert Liggio Verizon John Armstrong DOT Jay E Silverstein Long Beach VFD Joan E Tarricone Red Cross Joseph Mazzocchi Local 780 PO Anthony Maggiore Yonkers PD SUPV John Schmittau NYC DOS Thomas Orefice DOT Boris D Rozenberg NYPD Computer Analyst Freddie Wallace-Rakis NYC DOC Civilian Herman Haynes NYC DOI CO John Baez NYC DOC Joseph Lynch DOT Kevin McQuade DOT PO Peter Martino NCPD Roberto Rivera MTA Steven Zakheim Hatzolah EMS Thomas H Kelly US Customs FF Charles M Benson FDNY Photography Forensic Unit PO Robert Negri NCPD PO Charles R Gunzelman NYPD Alberto Machado Laborer Stephen Vaughan NYC DEP EMS Harold E McNeil FDNY James A Getter Army National Guard SI Patrick P McKenna NY County DA Office LT Gary J Gates FDNY FF Mark P Koetzner FDNY FF John P Morrissey FDNY LT Patrick H Fitzsimmons FDNY PO Thomas P Schubert NCPD FF Jerome P Vorek FDNY DET Michael K Davis NYPD SGT Gary L Kamertz TBTA FF Richard R Brenneisen FDNY Steven J McGlone Local 361 Michael E McGlone Local 361 SW Ralph E Oliva Sr NYC DOS Larry S Relyea Army National Guard LT Luis A Lopez NYPD FF Kenneth J Holler FDNY FF John S Pescatore Boorhees VFD Colin M Sargent OSHA Timothy C Marion DOT DET Peter J Phieffer NYPD

LT Robert D Rice NYPD Paul J Schembeck Local 638 CAPT Peter L Pischera NYPD DET Annetta G Daniels NYPD SGT Jacqueline C Schaefer NYPD Daniel J Bayles – ADA/Volunteer LT William E Cox FDNY DET Charles G Gittens NYPD DET James W Monahan NYPD PO Matthew J Gay NYPD PO Alexander Figueroa NYPD SGT Michael J Galvin NYPD SGT Louis R Pioli NYPD SGT Charles R Gunzelman NYPD SGT Wayne A Jackson NYPD DET Leroy Dixon NYPD FF Arthur B Iannace FDNY CAPT Robert E Watt FDNY Anthony E Piscitelli Local 3 Mitchell D Laks MTA Charles J Ferguson Maintenance Worker Joseph Cassella DOT John LaPointe Ironworker Robert LaGreca NYC DOS John Daley NYC DOS Joseph F Fitzpatrick DOT James M Dunn Lucent Technologies Douglas Wilson Verizon LT Kenneth W Rosello NYPD DC Thomas D Doepfner NYPD Jay Kallio Volunteer SGT Kerry J Winters Ulster County Sheriff’s Office Michael L Merollo Local 15 LT Gerald J Masone FDNY Charles F LaGreca Local 282 Steven Kull Local 15C LT Ronald D Biller FDNY Investigator Paul R Stuewer NYSP Raffaele E Scarpitti Auto Mechanic FDNY LT Gary J Gates FDNY SI Fred Ghussin NY County DA Office Cpl Harvey Snook III ACPD LT Jacqueline McCarthy NYPD CAPT Vincent R Ungaro FDNY DC John W Hart FDNY FF James J Geragthy FDNY Captain Vincent M Giammona FDNY George Papaleo Buildings Unit FDNY Timothy Carson RI DMAT 1 FF Paul F Santoro FDNY LT John Rodriquez Yonkers FD EMT Brian M Cobb LifeStar Response Continued on page 163

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 163

– The Sacrifices Continue – PO Mel J Faust NYPD Detective Gerard Ahearn NYPD Caesar A Santana ATF PO William King NYPD FF John A Dunn FDNY SSGT Steven J Acevedo Army Res. LT Fred W Grey Broad Channel VFD Christopher B Callahan Local 608 LT Donald J Urbano Albany FD LT Raymond W Alexander FDNY Vernon W Vos Garner Contracting Jorge Figueroa Army Reserve FF William J Weeks FDNY SGT Robert Petrone NYPD FF Joseph P O’Toole FDNY Robert A Supino Panavision PO Judy A Ghany- Barounis NYPD LT William Fearon NJ State Police Charles Flickinger Lake Carmel FD FC Peter S Guyett Yonkers FD PO Christine A Reilly NYPD FF Harry L Davis FDNY DET Stephen T Kubinski NYPD Adan E Gonzalez Photographer FF Robert W Johnson FDNY Supervisor Silvano Flegar NYC DOS FF Kevin A Rooney FDNY FF Brian Masterson FDNY LT John Rowland NYPD FF Robert F DiGiovanni FDNY DC John W Kelly FDNY DC James G Molloy NYPD/ESU LT EMT Edith E Torres FDNY FF Robert Newman FDNY DET Christian Lindsay NYPD/ESU EMT Rose M Scott FDNY DET Mark Mkwanazi NYPD John P Corbett NYC DOS Daniel O’Sullivan Construction SGT Terrence S O’Hara NYPD FF Ronald Wolken FDNY PO Andrew J Lewis NYPD PO Scott L Rabiner NYPD NYS Trooper Brian Falb PO Michael Hance NYPD LT Steven Sorger FDNY SGT Patrick T Coyne NYPD Jack C Waugh Local 40 LT EMS Mario Bastidas FDNY LT Michael P Shea NCPD FF Roy E Smith FDNY FF James Lanza FDNY PO David Guevara NYPD FF Robert A Mentrasti Fairview FD Peter N Catello Electrician DET George C Remouns Jr NYPD Michael Lombardi Local 3 John T Barrett OSHA Christopher Madden Corporate Security Merrill Lynch

PO Anthony Giambra NYPD Gary L O’Connor Volunteer EMS Mark A Harris FDNY EMT Emery Taylor FDNY DET Sean Franklin NYPD DET Luis Alicea NYPD SPEC Barry Green INTF1 William T Salvatori PATBA Betzalel Steinberg Hatzolah EMS Thomas E Dalton Verizon LT William J Kelly FDNY PO Kelly C Korchak NYPD John Canari Local 282 FF William J Gromley FDNY DET William Kinane NYPD PO Wilfredo Carradero NYPD FF James Kennelly Massapequa FD FF Clarence E Wilburn TADMAT Supervisor Jeff Bloise NYC DOS PO Frank A Setteducato NYPD FM Michael P McGrorty FDNY PO Robert Summers NYPD PO Jason H Offner NYPD Glen Scarpelli Chiropractor Kenneth Doyle US Marshall William R Reynolds DC 9 DET Joe Brodsky NYPD Thomas D Ryan NYC DOS LT Michael L Duffy FDNY William D Christian Construction Worker Louis DI Bella NYC DOS FF John O’Brien FDNY FF Robert Alexander FDNY FF Walter Torres FDNY LT Cruz A Fernandez FDNY FF Robert J Ventriglia FDNY FF James M Hicks FDNY FF Thomas A Lynn FDNY SGT Kevin A Burke NYS DOC Superintendent Wayne E Bennett NYS Police BC Joseph D McKeon FDNY CAPT Robin L Pilcher Utah-TF1 Ajay K Sardar Edwards & Kelcey FF Michael R O’Hanlon FDNY DET Anthony M Agnotti NYPD DET John J Greaney Jr NYPD FF Raymond J Pfeifer FDNY PO Diane Halbran NYPD Marine Engineer Robert W Alexander FDNY PO Bernard L Skinner NYPD PO Luis Palermo Jr NCPD Christopher E Hobart NYS Police Auto Mechanic Robert J Regensburger Sr Volunteer

Gerald J Quill Local 15 Steven M Centore DOE Dr. Chris J Bosche Missouri Task Force 1 Wilton A Critten Local 580 PO Walter L Mallinson Harrison PD Michael J Quinn Local 3 SGT Christopher M Christodoulou NYPD PO James V Quin NCPD Special Agent Mark C Johnston FBI FF Thomas W Dowdle Sr FDNY John J Reilly Jr Local 237 DET Megan Carr NYPD FF Neill S Tyndal Jr Yonkers FD PO Michael J Antonucci NYPD PO Scott N Gaines NYPD CAPT Carmine C Cantalino NYPD Glenn Chateau NYC DOS Thomas Lamantia International Longshoreman’s Association (ILA) Joseph P Cassella DOT CAPT Edward McGreal NYPD SUPV Charlie Jimenez-Hernandez NYC DDC DR. Michael G Guttenberg Northwell Health LT James D Russell NYPD Jeffrey Amato Sr Petmar Construction Richard C Hartmann Sr PANYNJ Larry O Rappe Florida – 1 DMAT FF Robert M Tilearcio FDNY LT Paul E Geidel FDNY DC Gene M Dannenfelser Camden County Fire Marshall (CCFM) FF Joseph A Tuohy FDNY LT Edward McDonagh FDNY Patrick M Murphy NYS Court Officer Frank R Svoboda Con Edison Special Agent Dennis Bonelli FBI Richard E Rodenheiser Con Edison CO Lawrence W Lamme NCSD SGT Michael V Incontrera NYPD Trooper Dennis J Burgos NYSP Eugene Gee NYC Dept of Parks (PEP) DET James A Schiavone Jr NYPD CAPT Douglas G Greenwood NYPD Volunteer Anthony J Egan Volunteer Richard Ferrera PO Kendrah Gadrag-McFadden NYPD DET John Muller NYPD Alex Karasavidis NYC DOS Holly Anderson Red Cross Continued on page 164

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 164, Fire News, September 2021

– The Sacrifices Continue – Trooper Michael J Anson NYSP LT Paul Murphy NYPD LT Joseph R Stach Jr FDNY EMT Steven Shenkman FDNY PO Cynthia C Shelto NYPD Ian A MacDonald Volunteer Pasqualino Rizzo NYCPA Mechanic Michael J Loughery Volunteer (retired NYPD) Edward A Quirk US Army Corps of Engineers Bruce R Zamelsky OSHA PO Patrick Chirico NYPD Carlo Cretto Tully Construction Daniel Marucci Verizon Gary K McDonald NYPD Roberto Santiago NYCTA FF Robert L Burns FDNY DR Jeffrey Sosinsky MD, Dept of Health FF William Leach FDNY Investigator Michael Petrie NYSP LT EMS Joseph S Santamarina FDNY EMS Anthony J Santamarina FDNY FF Raymond Phillips FDNY FF Ronald P Svec FDNY LT Edward Meehan FDNY Joseph J Parise Seasons Contracting DET Eugene Madden NYPD DET Michael L Ledek NYPD Rosa A Williams National Guard Marcia L Garside FEMA DC EMS Joeddy E Frizell FDNY FF Paul R Tokarski FDNY PO Thomas J Gallagher Jr NYPD FF William E Switzer FDNY CAPT/FF Thomas Phelan Statue Cruises/FDNY FF Keith Young FDNY CAPT Sandra M Lesko Willoughby Hills FD SA Melissa S Morrow FBI DET Pedro Esponda Jr NYPD LT William Wanser NYPD Chief David Lachenhauer Watertown FD FF Anthony Incarbone FDNY FF John L Bulher FDNY FF George Froehlich FDNY Janet Nagle RN Merrill Lynch DET Kimberly Hodge NYPD DET John P Napolitano NYPD Chief Michael J Timo Jr Holbrook VFD PO Mark J Natale NYPD PO Scott Blackshaw NYPD Chief William Allee NYPD FF Robert J Lembo FDNY FF Michael J Dannecker FDNY DET Harry R Valentin NYPD

SA David J LeValley FBI Trooper FC Walter Greene Connecticut State Police (CSP) PO William P Farley NYPD PO Robert C Lohnes NYPD LT Herman Kaplan Aux Police Edward Alston NYC DOS FF Charles Achong NJFD Steve Larson NYC DOS Manager Patrick O’Carroll MTA James Barrett Local 3 Bobbie Jo Griggs Lawrence Oregon D-MAT Dr. Murtain Haskin Med Div NYPD Peter A Grivas Verizon SGT Charles Salaway NYSP PO Brian R Abbondandelo NCPD P0 Raymond P Fuscaldo NYPD SGT Barbara Jean Sullivan NYPD FF Thomas K Kontizas FDNY SSA Rex A Stockham FBI SA Laurie Fournier FBI SA Paul H Wilson FBI SSA Special Agent Robert M Roth FBI SA Jerry D Jobe FBI SA Gerard D Senatore FBI SA William R Craig FBI SSA Steven A Carr FBI SA Wesley J Yoo FBI Dispatcher Marian C Grillo NYPD CAPT Alexander Athanassiou NYC DOC PO John Ferrari NYPD SSA Brian L Crews FBI DET Thomas Barnitt NYPD SGT Richie Magic Westchester DOC Chief Ronald R Spadafora FDNY PO Gary L Koch NYPD DET Brian J McGuire Jr NYPD Conan Freuds Volunteer CAPT John Vigiano FDNY BC Robert Miuccio FDNY FF Charles Williams FDNY LT John J Brant PAPD PO Paul J Johnson NYPD/ESU LT Clark W Douglass White Plains FD FF Michael Leamy FDNY FM Alan Cantaneo FDNY DET Robert P Masci NYPD Janine L Winter NYS Task Force FF Michael T McDonald FDNY Paramedic Nicole A Davis Johnson Trooper James Perino NYS Police PO Kathleen O’Conner New Rochelle PD Deborah Doherty Turco DMAT/MA-1 Rodney P Leibowitz DDS FF Jimmy Martinez FDNY DET Bruce Brennan Jr NYPD

LT EMS Raymond Thielke FDNY LT Walter F Malone FDNY James P Giovansanti Local 3 Andrzej W Czapski NYC Transit (MTA) PO Richard Lopez NYPD LT Jeffrey W Francis NYPD DET Leroy Dixon NYPD SGT Robert F Larke NYPD SGT Colleen A McGowan NYPD SGT Anthony Napolitano NYPD DET Sixto Almonte NYPD DET Basilio A Simons NYPD DET Sally A Thompson NYPD DET Dennis J Vickery NYPD DET Jennifer A Williams NYPD PO Curtis J Bako NYPD PO Anthony D’Erasmo NYPD PO Scott M Fusco NYPD PO Eric T McClain NYPD PO Joseph C Pagnani NYPD PO Marie A Patterson-Bohanan NYPD PO Cynthia S Sands NYPD SGT Patrick J Boyle NYPD PO Joseph F Heid NYPD Fire Marshal Arthur B Iannance FDNY FF Arthur Meyers FDNY EMT Robert Urtz Vineall Ambulance Michael J Moonan Tully Construction EMT William F Ryan Bay Community Volly Ambulance Corp Evidence Tech Shannon M Williams Beck FBI PO Walter L Mallinson Harrison PD James H Delman NYC Transit (MTA) Peter Gibbons NYC Transit (MTA) Louis Barberi NYC Transit (MTA) Vaughn Aiken US Marshall FF Dennis G Heaney FDNY PO Frank J Pizzo NYPD PO Fred J Krines NYPD FF John R Elges FDNY CO Dennis Kelly NYC DOC DET Mark S Gado New Rochelle PD SGT James T Farrell SCPD SGT Dennis W Reichardt SCPD Investigator David J Ciorciari NYC SCI FF Joseph Bianch North Arlington FD EMY Felipe Torre FDNY DET Michael Hanson NYPD/ESU PO Anthony R Hanlon NYPD SGT Mark S Baxter NC DOC SA Dennis P McCarthy US Customs Service DET Joseph L Pidoto NYPD Continued on page 165

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 165

– The Sacrifices Continue – PO Manuel Vargas NYPD Major Reginald V Mebane NYS Courts Patrick A Moriarty Local 638 PO Christopher M Barry NYPD EMT Martha Stewart FDNY DET William Soto NYPD EMT Joseph Rodriguez FDNY FF Daniel C Bove FDNY FF Philip Quattrocchi Jr FDNY FF Anthony J Palazzola FDNY Trooper Robert Nagel NJSP Chief Raymond Plackstis Jr Great Neck Alert FD FF Rory M Maze FDNY CAPT John S Moschella FDNY DET Stephen Mullen SCPD PO Leslie Hardy NYPD PO Audrey Capra NYPD DET Thomas Lyons NYPD FF Edward K Doyle FDNY Peter J Fuller National Guard Stratton N Drivanos PA/NYNJ FF Charles V Masterson FDNY LT George J Harrison FDNY SW Joseph Fiorello NYC DOS PO Larry Rivera NYPD Daryl Fuzzell Tulley Construction Charles Winslow National Guard Vincent A Friscia Local 580 SW Frank Perrone NYC DOS Frederick DeMarco Verizon FF James P Ginty FDNY Lance Graham DMORT-Utah Martin G Edmondson Sr Verizon FF Robert Fanning FDNY Sharon Brennan Red Cross Shirley Beasley Red Cross Robert Zajkowski Carpenter DET Joseph M Roman NYPD FF Paul V Purcell Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority & Rescue Dept (MWAA-FRD) FF Brent F Carter MWAA-FRD Captain Mark R Danielson OCFA Harbormaster Frank P Kennedy East Hampton Town Police (EHTP) PO Kevin Joyce NYPD Paramedic Lisandro Rijos NYU Downtown Hospital Gregory V Ciresi Volunteer DR Richard Meehan MD FDNY Joseph Schneider CON ED Kenneth X Domenech NYPD Stephen M McCoy NYS Courts DET Joseph M Roman NYPD FF Clifford E Gapco White Plains FD FF Paul Zydor FDNY Robert Navallo DOT Rafael Macia NYPD Photo Unit PO Thomas E Flynn NYPD

LT Patrick H Fitzsimmons FDNY DET Phillip Perry NYPD FF Kevin E Lennon FDNY Fire Marshal Michael Andreachi FDNY LT Timothy P O’Neill FDNY Vincent J Briganti Seasons Contracting ET William Lewis FBI Trooper Brian J Langtry NYSP SGT Bryan U McCoy NJSP DET Charles J Humphry NYPD Chief Thomas I DeFrancisci Bellmore-Merrick EMS DET Lisa Rosado NYPD DET Lawrence J Cummings NYPD Mark C Pelton NYANG PO Patrick McGovern NYPD PO Jeffrey F Healy NYPD FF Anthony Alese FDNY SGT Vincent Gough NYPD Libor Bednarik Local 78 SW William Ryan NYC DOS Lawrence Lacertosa Local 282 CAPT Howard Venetsky FDNY Joe Bello Dept of Parks & Recreation PO Henry Sokolski NYPD SA Ruth A Ritzema HUD OIG Candidus V Henry Local 79 FF Heather J Callahan Chesapeake FD LT Albert L Sheppard Beautor FD PO Keith A Ferrara NYPD Louis J Massa Tishman Construction PO James B Boyle NYPD PO Thomas W Waterman NYPD SW Michael J O’Sullivan NYC DOS FF Robert L Reese Port Washington FD Paramedic John P Balem St Vincents Hospital John Griffin Volunteer Captain Thomas Kenny MATF-1 PO William Leahy PAPD Supervisor Maria E Diaz –Quintero NYC DOS FF Glen C Mayhew ACFD LT John T Moran FDNY DET Andrea Renee J Rainer NYPD DET Luis G Alvarez NYPD SGT Jack Casey NYPD FF Joseph A Walsh FDNY Captain Michael Ornauer Long Beach FD DET Simon Kok NYPD FF Lloyd W Stuart FDNY FF Kevin J Nolan FDNY Kendall L Malone NY Army NG Stephen A Trimboli Local 3

John M Turner Army Reserve PO Dawn S Mundo NYPD Christopher P O’Halloran PA NY/NJ DET Lili Nyborg Torres NYPD FF Richard Driscoll FDNY DET Christopher Cranston NYPD FF Nicholas V Poliseno Spotwood FD SGT Thomas J Fenessy NYPD Detective Thomas D Santoro NYPD DET John A Russo NYPD Mechanic James J Sottile Jr FDNY Roxanne C Carter NYC DOC CO Sharon I Suber NYC DOC Harry W Strack Local 3 FF Frank G Strollo New Rochelle FD Roy F Arena DeJana Ind, Inc SGT Jeffrey M Cicora NYSP FF Thomas G Fennelly FDNY PO Raymond G Harris NYPD CAPT Michael C Thomas FDNY DET Anthony N Brognano NYPD Frankjohn Colasuonno Local 546 Michael Gittelman CNN Special Agent Maurice Behan ATF CO Melinda Garvis NYC DOC FF Robert B Fitzgibbon FDNY Paul G Martin Local 30 Special Agent Melica A Womack FBI Daniel E Arrigo Local 79 FF John W Boyle FDNY FF Walter E McKee FDNY DET David J Ciorciari NYPD Leonard G Beck Local 3 PO Maureen Scarola NYPD Undersheriff Stephen B McLoud Cayuga County Sheriff’s Department LT Phillip E Panzarella NYPD James R Mandelino Volunteer Salvatore Sedotto Jr Local 15 FF Vincent Spadaro Eastchester FD Barbara I Boylan Volunteer Special Agent Robert T. Williams, United States Customs Service Special Agent Edward J. Smith, United States Customs Service PO Laura Brown Amodeo NYPD SW Harold V Golden NYC DOS SW John Smith NYC DOS SW Dennis M Hanley NYC DOS CO Peter J Murphy NYC DOC Protection Specialist Michael Miles NYS Office of Fire Prevention & Control (NYS Fire) DET Simona Burgess NYPD DET Joseph Paollilo NYPD FF Dennis Young Ft Meyer FD Continued on page 165

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 166, Fire News, September 2021

– The Sacrifices Continue – DET Scott Lovendahl NYPD FF Roger Espinal FDNY Leopold R Anastasio Jr Cord Construction PO Derrick A Bishop NYPD FF Rick J Tanagretta FDNY Symeon Psimades Construction PO James McGlyn NYPD Debbie Takamoto Volunteer FF Gary Allo White Plain FD CAPT Patrick J Stanton Buffalo FD MVO Anthony Ferraro FDNY TA Robert L Dasher NYPD Carlos Menendez Local 94 SW Edward Manning NYC DOS DET Dennis Murphy NYPD FF Eugene V Bucalo FDNY SA Wesley J Yoo FBI SUPV Robert Yturraspe PA NY &NJ FF James J Boyle FDNY FF Joseph Losinno FDNY EMT Nicholas C Ursta White Oaks Rescue Chief Irving A Isenberg Getsville FD FF Michael S Kaner FDNY FF John V Peteani Yonkers FD CAPT Scudemore Johnson NYC DOC Marya U Columbia Volunteer FF Andre Gargiulo Sr FDNY Joann Tarantino NYPD LT Richard G Estreicher FDNY FF Clifford R Dimuro FDNY Claudio Morrone Local 731 BC Herbert M Berger PA-TF1 CAPT Dennis M Gilhooly FDNY Wilbert W Wilson NYC Dept Transportation PO Robert J Reidy NYPD Deputy Chief Vincent A DeMarino NYPD Chief Richard S Pike East Meadow FD FF Brian Casse FDNY FF William D Walker FDNY Court Officer Marianne Moody NYS Courts Timothy M Farrell Volunteer FF Michael G Martin FDNY PO Craig L Capolino SCPD PO Robert D Dito SCPD/ESU Richard C Soovajian NYC DOC FF Thomas J Alioto FDNY SGT Scott C Johnston NYPD DET Frank Rosado NYPD EMT Camille Codoluto St. Johns Queens Hospital FF John J Sapienza FDNY Investigator Ryan D Fortini NYSP DET Maureen M O’Flaherty NYPD

Alfred C Ludlum Volunteer EMT Richard E Hanrahan St. James Ambulance District CO Michael J Schnitzer NYC DOC SGT James P Bast NYPD MSG Phillip A Elia NYARNG SA Jerry D Jobe FBI Edward J Persico Red Cross Seth S Horowitz NASA Brian Clarke NYC DOC PO Matthew S. von Seydewitz NYPD FF Michael L Feldman FDNY FF Richard J Jones FDNY FF Mark Kolich Dept of Veteran Affairs FD FF Joe A Hatzelman FDNY Colin M Sargent OSHA DET Paul P Federico NYPD FF Daniel Foley FDNY PO Nancy A Puca NYPD FF Paul M Mullady FDNY DET Louis Cannava NYPD PO Kelley Ann Glennon NYPD Albert J Gatti Jr TBTA/MTA PO Michael H Grannis NYPD CO William A Bulinski NYC DOC FF Ronald J Smeller Ellicott Creek VOL FD PO Joseph Tagileri Hoboken PD BC Dennis J Moynihan FDNY Gerard F Malloy Local 3 PO Pedro Garcia NYPD EMTP Donald Stoll Wake Valley Volunteer Squad FF George E Swett Arlington FD DET Michael A Houlahan NYPD FF Thomas Colvin FDNY PO Daniel J Ward NYPD DET John Kempf SCPD Bradford S Smith MA TF-1 Patrick Christiano Red Cross FF John Marr FDNY SGT Sean P Cameron NYPD FF Steven M Brickman FDNY DET Thomas M Iman PAPD Asst Chief John B McManus NYPD Nicholas Papazississ NYC Housing Authority LT Ronald D Betterly NYPD Court Officer William J D’Ambrosia NYS Courts FF Paul J Greco FDNY LT Kevin C Dunn FDNY DET Jorge L Gonzalez NYPD Reginald L Portee NYC DOT EMS Emilio Navelo FDNY Anthony A LaManna Con Ed DET Thomas L Neal NYPD Robert J Nordstrom Red Cross

John A LoBianco Volunteer PO Edward J Riley NYPD Trooper Eugene K Baron Conn State Police DET Jewel Jenkins NYPD Sister Ramona Meurer Red Cross Lou Emma Adkisson Volunteer PO Andrew Fasulo NYPD Kevin Shaughnessy Local 3 PO Laurence J Dougherty NYPD FF Paul A McManaman FDNY DET Leonard Cocco Jr NYPD Richard Regis WSJ FF William J McCarthy III FDNY Giuseppe Troina Verizon FF Blaise DelBianco FDNY SGT Emanuele Alongi NYPD John F O’Leary Ironworker LT John Zonneveld NYPD Walter Wiser Red Cross Albert Opacity Jr FEMA EMS Desire Jimenez FDNY FF Steven Bailie Kennewick FD SGT David T Yu NYPD FF Richard Kubler Hackensack FD FF Eduardo Rivera Yonkers FD Kenneth R Nixon Con Edison PO Dennis J Howard NYPD PO Robert J Mouradian NYPD Mark L Justin DMORT Lowell Schulman Local 52 FF John P Fogarty FDNY FF Anthony G Pettinato Massapequa FD John Mula Con Ed FF Christopher P Walker Shanksville FD FF Eduardo Rivera Yonkers FD LT James W Logan FDNY PO Robert P Young NYPD PO Raymond Stimpson PAPD PO Murry Ellman NYPD Inspector Robert Abraham NYPD DET Michael A DeVecchis NYPD Court Officer John W Ovaduke NYS Courts Tracie L Williams-Gathers Volunteer EMT William Young St. Vincent’s Hospital John Catano Volunteer James Sullivan Volunteer CAPT Elizabeth A Osterman Wyoming Hook & Ladder FD Analyst Andre Cogdell FBI Senior Court Clerk George Ajjan NYS Courts TA Linda Mercer NYPD Continued on page 167

9/11 Tribute Edition

Fire News, September 2021, Page 167

– The Sacrifices Continue – PO Frank A Knopf NYPD Carpenter Frederick J Cermak FDNY Antonio Morizio Volunteer Judge Francis S Carroll Volunteer PO Frank L Gagliano NYPD DET Edward Gorczynski NYPD CAPT Michael J Donahue NYS Courts PCT Patricia A Pfirman NYPD FF Christopher Cage Unified Fire Authority Antoinette Morizio Volunteer CAPT John R Elges Long Beach FD Juan Zurita Construction DET Pietro Gianfrancesco NYPD FF Anthony R Iraci FDNY FF Frank M Trezza FDNY Michael C Kendrick Ironworker PO Anthony Calabrese NYPD DET Stephen F Spinelli NYPD LT Frank J Heller FDNY FF Timothy Burke FDNY PO Patricia A Sienkiewicz NYPD EMS Rene Sanchez FDNY LT Paul W Deo Jr FDNY FF Robert M Gless FDNY FF James J Hurson FDNY CAPT Robert E Collis FDNY PO Randall Knight NYPD Fire Marshall Joseph O Gillen Jr FDNY FF Clifford Russell Jr Fairview FD Rev/Chaplin William H Walker Jr DET Jennifer Abramowitz NYPD Michael L Horen Volunteer FF James P Wind FDNY DET James T Giery NYPD SUPV Phillip Rizzuto NYC DOS SW Ronald Holmes NYC DOS CWO Thomas M Denehy Coast Guard CAPT Ralph E Gundersen MEBA Supervisor Mechanic Thomas J Ward FDNY EMS Michael J Field FDNY EMT John R Redd FDNY EMT Gregory H Hodge FDNY EMT Richard C Seaberry FDNY EMT Iris A Bey FDNY LT EMS David A Stone FDNY CAPT Christopher D Locke Freeport FD PO Joseph P Giordano NYPD EMT Seymor Collins FDNY Asst Chief Edward F Doty Yonkers FD Willis Coppedge Sr Local 79

Arthur Lacker Tully Construction CAPT Ralph T Gismondi FDNY FM Michael Hankins FDNY FF Matthew F Moore FDNY DET Anthony R Iraci NYPD EMS Robert Perez-Sulsons FDNY LT Gerard J Quinn NYPD FM John Knox FDNY Court Officer Patrick J Glynn NYS Courts DET Robert Cardona NYPD Robert L Papik Volunteer EMT Brian K Saddler St. Vincent’s Hospital BC Edward Henry FDNY SGT Richard J Lenihan Jr NYPD DC Inspector Syed Rahman FDNY FF John P Whyte FDNY LT William J Scanlan Jr FDNY BC Albert Petrocelli FDNY Inspector Michael E O’Neil NYPD FF Michael E Brown FDNY Domenick Zerone Local 3 CO David Maziarz NYC DOC FDNY Anthony Bryman Civilian LT John G Crowe NYPD EMT Evelyn Ford FDNY LT John P Poulos FDNY DET Thomas J Gallo NYPD FF Joseph Badamo Commack FD Cheryl A Williams PHD Volunteer Fredrick T Fratar Volunteer FF William Hodgens FDNY Janet A Stevens Volunteer EMT Donnell B Levy Ford Jamaica Hospital EMT Evelyn Ford FDNY AO Michael J Dorian NYPD CAPT Harry Ackley Fairfield FD Chief Joseph L Vicario North Merrick FD Trooper Jennifer M Czarnecki NYSP Trooper Joseph J Mecca Jr NYSP LT William E Doubraski PAPD Fire Marshall Robert J Kelly Jr FDNY Trooper Michael R O’Donnell NYSP PO George F Darini NYPD DET Ruben Torrez NYPD DC Timothy J Kearney Jersey City FD Linda H Golenia Volunteer Supervisor Investigative Specialist Agent Saul C Tocker FBI Dr. J Randall Pearce DMORT Victor Arnone WPIX DET Joseph R Hannigan NYPD Sister Linda M Vdorick RN CSJ-LIJ Salvatore Esposito Local 15 Robert H Bennekamper American Steel Erectors

Michael Frost DMORT SGT Peter Woods NYPD FF Ronald P Storz FDNY PO William T Walsh NYPD FF Paul L Castaldo FDNY LT Gerard Mcgibbon FDNY SW Joe D Mundo NYC DOS Joseph R Noll DMORT LT EMS Thomas Hannan FDNY Thomas F Wuensch Volunteer DET Erick W Contreras NCPD SGT William P Brautigam NYPD Supervisory Special Agent Thomas J Mohnal FBI PO Steven E Brandow NYPD Herbert G Walker Local 138 Terrence P O’Neill Volunteer Chief Barry J Osborn Herbertsville FC SGT Matthew H Tartaglia Vermont Search & Rescue PO Terence P Connelly NYPD DET Marcos Quinones NYPD Frank J Licursi Jr Local 3 EMS LT Paige Humphries FDNY Sean J Brow IMTT FP Robert J Renode Jr FPNY SW Barry Delisle NYC DOS SGT Adrienne M Rodriguez NYPD Electrician Joseph M Abate NYPD DET Brian Maley NYPD DET John F Mele NYPD FF Dennis A Farrell FDNY DC Anthony R Pappas NYC DOS CAPT Peter Massiello FDNY DET Gerard Bowden NYPD George Atsaves MTA CO Conal P Gallagher NYC DOC FF George H Wilton Jr FDNY SGT Kevin D Nuckel NC DOC PO Timothy T Motto NYPD FF Dennis J Reilly FDNY CAPT Frank A Portelle FDNY Eric Maas Volunteer SW Joseph Darrigo NYC DOS PO Carl Ludwig NYPD Gloria D Black Metropolitan Corrections Center Richard C Coyne Volunteer James Coyne U.S Enviormental PO Gregory A Grean NYPD William Negron MTA Altaf Syed-Naqvi MTA LT Mario DeSena FDNY DET Harry O D’Onoforio NYPD/ESU Thomas LoMeo Hoyt Transportation Anthony J Valitutto Volunteer Continued on page 168

9/11 Tribute Edition

Page 168, Fire News, September 2021

– The Sacrifices Continue – LT Henry J Hinton FDNY PO Michael Romano NYPD FF John S Lawless Cambridge FD Patricia A Tietjen MD St. Vincent’s Hospital PO Patrick Dugan NYPD FF Robert Foley FDNY Kenneth Bernsten DOT Joseph F Trimboli U.S Marshalls DET James G Sweeney NYPD PO William Anthony Jr NYPD CO John J Connolly Essex County DOC FF Joseph K Daly FDNY Chief Walter W Eck Jr NYRRT-1 DET Clifford Acosta NYPD PO Andrew Stromfeld NYPD/ESU Nurse Sandra McCaffrey NYC DOS Med Div FF James D Shaughnessy FDNY DET Michael J Dye NYPD Trooper Edward T Kiluk NYSP SGT Thomas Byrne NYPD DET Linda Eaton-Lewis NYPD PO Vincent Ricci NYPD LT James J Winters FDNY DET Nicholas F Ortiz NYPD PO William E Phillips NYPD CAPT Eugene LaMastro Union City FD Richard A Grace Grace Industries DET Michael Guglielmoni NYPD CAPT John J Galvin FDNY Chief Dennis P Tortorella Mamaroneck FD FF Sean D Kenny FDNY James G Dwyer NY Times Special Agent Russell W D’Entrone FBI PO Anthony D’Erasmo NYPD Special Agent Louis H Aguirre United States Custom Service Special Agent Thomas A Wischerth United State Custom Service Special Agent Dennis P McCarthy United States Custom Service FF Thomas G Oelkers FDNY SGT Leif Eikeseth Transit Authority Hector R Pena DOT Terence Crowley Certified Movers PO Michael E Teel PAPD Anthony Ammirati Local 3 PO Lawrence Rand PAPD Leslie Robertson Engineer Marc Petrino Local 157 FF Michael Grieco Cronomer VFD FM Robert F Ventolo Port Authority FF Jerry R Brakeman LAFD Stephen Norman SPCA SGT Nathalie Pacifico Brill NYPD

PO Claudia DePamphillis Morrison NYPD PO Steven L Rodriguez NYPD Jorge Puente Tullet & Tokyo FF Anthony Malfi FDNY Steven Hirschberg Salvation Army ECO Stephen L Raymond NYS ECON William Butchart Local 3 Charles J Marchiselli Local 3 George Stanishev Engineer Gary DeAquire Local 262 Herman LeRoy Local 15 James Ackers Carpenter Andres A Reyes MTA Timothy C McAlinden Con Edison Raymond W Morton Electrician Louis Reda Local 40 Frederick E Lesto Port Authority Stanley Witas Port Authority FF John Graff FDNY Donald Stevenson Local 2287 PO Richard J Dandurand NYPD/ESU Michael L Mustillo Port Authority DET Roland Gray NYPD DET George C Moreno NYPD Oliva B Christian FEMA DET Cornelius J Douglas NYPD John H Huff NDMT REV Winston Clarke NYCERS PO Iraina Stone NYPD SGT Diane Contreras NYPD SGT Nolan Miura NYPD ERG Ross T Dailey II Orange & Rockland Utilities Ann H Grinnell Red Cross MAJ William F Morrissey NYANG James Staines Oceanside VFD Court Officer Thomas Staines NYS Courts CAPT Joseph P Campbell NYC DOC Thomas J Arlotta Jr Ironworker PO Stanley J Kasper Yonkers PD CAPT Kevin M Busch Coram FD PO Hugh P Flanagan NYPD FF Wayne Goehring FDNY PO Alberto Nieves NYPD James Bradfield Jr Local 580 PO Edward Fitzgerald NYPD FF Edward Leonard NY Fire Patrol Christopher Agou Photo Journalist Frances Egan Dept of Education Peter Taylor NYC Transit DET Matthew Perlungher NCPD SA Robert F Sidow FBI EMT Stephenson McCoy FDNY SW Anthony Zaccarelli NYC DOS CO Efrain Rios Jr NYC DOC DET James G Becker NYPD

SGT Nathalie C Brill NYPD Corporal Garry J Coppola FEMA Investigator Scott P Enser NYSP SGT James A Geraghty NYPD DET William E Glynn III NYPD PO Onofrio N Martino NYPD Supervisor Alexander J Torres DCAS PO Hector M Gonzalez NYPD Computer Specialist Paul J Marimow NYPD Locksmith Seth R Pehr Telecommunication Specialist Keisha D Gales FBI CAPT William A Reimuller NY Fire Patrol Court Officer Richard D Allen NYS Unified Court System FF Joseph P Mitchell FDNY Investigator Anthony B Ashe NYSP Superintendent Timothy A Bohanan NYC TA Doctor Michael E Brown Volunteer LT Eric C Cappelli NYPD Colonel William J DeBlock NYSP LT John A Desimone NYS Unified Court System PO Miguel A Justino NYPD PO Frank LaGrega Jr NYPD Taxi Driver Alan E Levin NYC Taxi Limousine Commission Chief of Operations Kevin P Neary NYS OEM LT Marden C Wolf White Plains FD Frank R Wachausen Local 3 Anna Brown Red Cross Specialist Tony R Taylor FEMA Senior Driver Timothy W Hard NYSP Investigator Kathleen J Barron NYC Housing Mechanic Richard B Hatcher DC37 Engineer Petros A Loizides DET Kevin C Meehan NYPD Auxiliary Police Officer Taurean E Williams –Wells NYPD SGT Patrick J Smyth NYPD DET Jose L Guzman NYPD SS Michael J Mooney NYC DOS LT Timothy E Coyne NYPD Thomas N Mazzola Volunteer SGT Christopher M Tully NYPD Timothy P Hicks Railroad Construction FF Bruce T Garcia FDNY FF Stephen J Reilly FDNY PO Dianr M Russini NYPD Supervisor SA Todd Spiker FBI FF Bill John Koehler Hampton Bays FD