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When receiving San Diego auto insurance quotes it is always best to identify what sort of insurance is needed or preferred. Individuals have now found that the internet is greatest place to get San Diego car insurance quotes because of its ability to get hold of several quotes at once. What most people don't realize is that their coverage is given with the three digit system exclusive to auto insurance. Frequently, coverage appears this way 30/90/20. Often, individuals buying auto insurance have no clue what these figures represent and as an effect have no idea what their premium is purchasing. This article will help give you a better understanding on what each number means and hopefully help remove some of the uncertainty. The first digit, the "30" in this example, means each individual would be covered for $30,000 in bodily injury. The second number, which is "90", means that the complete coverage for bodily injury for all persons involved in the accident will be a maximum of $90,000. The third number, which is "20" in our example, relates to property damage. If your vehicle caused any property damage at the time of the crash the coverage will give up to $20,000 for repairs. The easiest way to remember what these numbers represent is linking them to words instead of numbers. It would appear in this way: bodily injury per person/bodily injury for each accident/property damage for each collision. In our example above each individual involved in the collision would be at liberty to get up to $30,000 for injuries sustained as a result of the accident. $30,000 could be much too little for this form of coverage as medical expenses can build really quick. Unfortunately, if your medical costs go beyond your bounds of coverage you will most likely be held liable to pay the remaining costs. It is wise to have a higher level of per person bodily injury coverage of at least 100/300/100. When receiving San Diego auto insurance quotes it is suggested to have at minimum $100,000 coverage for bodily injury protection and a bare minimum of $300,000 bodily injury coverage for every accident. Should people choose not to get San Diego auto insurance quotes online then it is a good idea to ask their local agent several questions on the type of coverage that would fit their desires. Local agents are more than happy to describe the issues involved when weighing the choice of high limits of insurance versus low insurance limits. When getting advice for the form of insurance coverage the insured should get, local car insurance agents will want to know certain information regarding the make and model of the automobile to be insured, daily commute, driving experience, and driving history. In addition, seemingly unrelated information may be wanted, typically with the intent of receiving rate discounts. Examples of this type of information include type of employment, credit rating, education, and past driving instruction or classes taken. When receiving San Diego auto insurance quotes it is smart to be aware of what the mandatory

coverage is for the state you are living. For example, for the state of California the law requires a minimum coverage of 15/30/5. Anyone can see how this would be risky coverage. For example, if a person was responsible for a crash that involved four injured people the health costs could quickly escalate well over the $30,000. When the $30,000 limits of coverage has been exceeded the insured would be responsible for the left over expenses. If they were incapable to pay it is likely that a lawsuit would be filed against the insured individual to recover the damages and medical expense sustained by the injured. A lot of states, such as California, provide a Low Cost Automobile Insurance program intended to provide adequate coverage for low-income drivers with a clear driving history. If drivers meet the requirements of programs such as these they can be insured with minimum coverage as low as 10/20/3. But, as we indicated above in this article, this certainly is not suggested. When searching for San Diego auto insurance quotes the best approach for quickly and efficiently finding the lowest rates is the internet. Many websites have been designed with the sole purpose of helping individuals find quotes within minutes avoiding the annoyance of agents trying to sell unwanted or unrelated insurance.

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==== ==== For Great Tips on Buying Insurance in California, Check This Out!!! ==== ====

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