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T HE Newsletter of The Fin ger L akes Museum • Sprin g | Summer 2012

Sentinel: One who watches a place; a species that is a good indicator of the living conditions in a particular habitat. The bald eagle is the icon of The Finger Lakes Museum.

Discovery C amp u s Unv eil ed: T he F i n ger La k es Mu se um re lease s the E x p eri en c e a n d desi g n p l a n s f or t h ei r D i scovery C a mp us The Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council hosted a press conference on May 3 with The Finger Lakes Museum. The conference unveiled the design plans and an online narrated virtual tour of the Museum’s Discovery Campus, the first phase of its project along Keuka Lake. The Finger Lakes Museum is moving forward thanks to a $2.3 million award from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Regional Council initiative, in which the Museum was identified as a priority project by the Council. This award funding has been dedicated towards renovating the former Branchport Elementary School to create the Discovery Campus, which is the first of the Museum’s multi-phase project. Ultimately, The Finger Lakes Museum initiative will create and retain 100 direct jobs through the Museum, 330 construction jobs, and generate an estimated $12 to $15 million annually in the region through increased tourism, which will spur economic activity and benefit the surrounding communities. To see the exterior and interior improvements planned for the Discovery Campus, visit the Museum’s website at www. or stop by their temporary office location at the Esperanza Mansion in Keuka Park.

development projects consistent with each region’s strategic plans. The Museum was awarded resources from three state agencies, including $1.5 million from Empire State Development, $400,000 from New York State Office of Parks Recreation & Historic Preservation (NYSOPRHP) and $381,000 from EFC. “It’s not just an idea anymore. The Governor’s award, along with the success of our Founders Campaign, has enabled us to complete the first of several phases in the development and construction of The Finger Lakes Museum, and we are grateful,” said John Adamski, President,The Finger Lakes Museum Board of Trustees.

To help make this transformational project a reality, several state agencies are providing resources, including Empire State Development, which is providing $1.5 million to go towards offsetting the costs of renovating the Discovery Campus building. EFC’s Green Innovation Grant Program will create an innovative and interpretive stormwater management system, including a porous pavement parking lot which will absorb rainwater and reduce the runoff of polluted water into Sugar Creek. A rain-absorbing “green roof” and eco-friendly biofilters will further treat storm water runoff and stream banks along the creek will be restored and protected. The NYSOPRHP resources will be used to increase public access to the Last year, a total waterways at the Discovery Campus including the creation of a of $785 million was waterfront program center and a hand-carry boat launch. awarded through the Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) for job creation and community “The new jobs and economic stimulus that will result from the construction of The Finger Lakes Museum are precisely what Governor Cuomo envisioned when he created the Regional Economic Development initiative last year,” said Matthew Driscoll, President and CEO of the New York State Environmental Facilities Corp. (EFC).

Photo Captions: Left: Matthew Driscoll | President & CEO of the NYS Environmental Facilities Corp. Top Right: Sarah Clark | Regional Rep for Sen. Gillibrand & George Farenthold | Museum Trustee Middle Right: Matthew Driscoll, Natalie Payne | Museum Communications Director, Don Naetzker | Museum Executive Director Bottom Right: John Adamski | Museum Board President • PO Box 96 • Keuka Park, NY • 14478 • 315.595.2200


Letter from the President D ear F rie n ds,

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. Not only because I once again have the chance to photograph the wildlife and landscape as they awaken from their winter slumber, but because The Finger Lakes Museum progress also begins to “spring” forward by leaps and bounds. The Museum’s activity during these past winter months however, was far from dormant. The accomplishments and milestones achieved to date have once again left me humbled and thankful to all of you for your endless encouragement and support. The most notable achievements of all being that we successfully reached our Founders Campaign goal and were granted Governor Andrew Cuomo’s award of $2.3 million through his Regional Economic Development initiative. In January, we announced the success of our Founders Campaign. The Board of Trustees had established a goal of raising $1 million by last December 31st and it was exceeded by nearly $14,000. My personal thanks go to all of you who were so generous and instrumental in helping us to get there. As you read on the front page, the funding from Governor Cuomo will transform the former Branchport Elementary School into The Finger Lakes Museum Discovery Campus. Ground-breaking is tentatively scheduled for this summer with a ribbon-cutting ceremony slated for Earth Day - April 22nd, 2013. Earlier this year at 81 Brown’s Race in the historic High Falls district of downtown Rochester, the Museum opened it’s first satellite office. This location is being used primarily for project development, allowing staff and board members to meet with potential donors, sponsors, and supporters from the Rochester area. In February of this year, six-year-old Broden Herron, a first-grader at Frank Knight Elementary School in Seneca Falls, won the Museum’s Name the Eagle contest This program was the first school-based program led by the Museum’s Education Committee. See page 7 to learn more about our Education Committee’s future plans. I was encouraged to see the involvement of so many schools and students in the Finger Lakes region and look forward to their continued involvement in the months to come. We recently launched our 2012 Annual Campaign, Preserving your Passions. The funds raised will help the Museum create and deliver educational programming, develop the Discovery Campus, and much more. The goal is to raise $450,000. Please consider giving to this campaign or visit our additional ways to give page on our website, www., to support the Museum in more ways than one. To donate to the Museum’s Annual Fund, again, visit our website or use the enclosed envelope. Your continued support is needed and greatly appreciated! In deciding on this year’s program series, “Vine to Wine: Savor our Finger Lakes”, we agreed that the history of grape-growing and winemaking was just the right choice. The program is being developed by SUNY Geneseo professor emeritus Dr. Gary Cox and his team of wine historians. If you would like to help underwrite the cost of this program, please contact me at to discuss sponsorship opportunities. Saving the best for last, I am pleased to announce the Board’s appointment of Richard Lane (pictured at right) from Salt Lake City as The Finger Lakes Museum’s new Development Director. Richard brings over 20 years of extensive senior level experience in the non-profit sector to our project. While serving four nationallyrecognized organizations, he has worked on major capital campaigns, including construction projects that ranged from $12 million to $18 million. He has broad experience in community outreach and advocacy, and has worked diligently with non-profit boards to accomplish those projects. Please join me in welcoming Richard aboard and supporting him in a very challenging task. A big Thank You again to all of you and to Governor Cuomo and his staff, for believing in and supporting The Finger Lakes Museum!

- John Adamski


Sa vo r Our Fi n g er L ak es The Museum is excited to announce it’s 2012 premier program, “Vine to Wine: Savor our Finger Lakes”. This two-season, multidisciplinary program series begins this fall at four locations across the region. Delivered through film, live appearances from local renowned wine experts, and period wine and juice tastings, this 2012 program will tell the stories of our early settlers’ aspirations and obstacles as they faced the clash of wild New World grapes and wines with those of the Old World. Their eventual success led to the rise of a young wine industry, which shortly thereafter, was crippled by the Prohibition movement. A key feature of the program will include wide-ranging wine and juice tastings, covering vintages from: early American hybrids, French hybrids, vinifera, and modern American hybrids, all of which are important in the Finger Lakes. Juice tastings and double-blind wine tastings will be conducted at each of the four venues. Neither taster nor server will know the identity of the wines being served – the samples will simply be identified by number. Regional and national experts will be available at these events, leading the wine sampling discussion and speaking to key points of the regional wine history story. A professionally prepared 50-60 minute film is being crafted that creatively explores the history of Finger Lakes grape growing and winemaking. The film will be interactive and flexible, with pausing opportunities for tastings and live presentations. The Museum is pleased with the partnerships and sponsorships received to date. Thank you to The Community Foundation, Entercom Radio Group, and the Canandaigua Wine Trail for being the first to sponsor this exciting program in 2012.

Vi n e t o W i n e Dat e s & Loc at i ons 9.21.12 - Vine to Wine Premier at Bristol Harbour (Ticketed event featuring wine tastings, tapas, special guest speakers, Price TBD) 10.4.12 - Vine to Wine Program presented at the Lodge at Welch Allyn, Skaneateles, NY 10.12.12 - Vine to Wine Program presented at the Mt. Morris Dam Visitors Center in Letchworth State Park, Mt. Morris, NY TBD - Vine to Wine Program presented on Seneca Lake 11.15.12 - Vine to Wine Program presented at the New York Wine & Culinary Center, Canandaigua, NY These events are open to the public but pre-registration is required. Online registration will be available through our website at starting in June. A donation of $10 per person is requested but not required. Donations can also be made online, by mail, or be paid at the door.





2012 Annual C ampai gn Passion - is an intense emotion, defined as a compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire. What inspires your passion for the Finger Lakes? Boating? Hiking? Sipping local wine? Inspiring vistas? Maybe it’s fresh water, fishing or shopping? The vision of The Finger Lakes Museum is to preserve YOUR passions. The Finger Lakes region is an area of compelling natural beauty, fresh water, and incredible cultural heritage. For those of you who are inspired by all the Finger Lakes have to offer – family vacations, boating, bird watching, biking, sightseeing, wine tasting and more – we ask you to join us, The Finger Lakes Museum, as we move forward in our mission to celebrate, enjoy, and preserve this exceptional resource.

The success of this mission depends on your support! Your gift will allow the Museum to: • Create a weather center, water study lab, educational programs, and hands-on exhibits at the Discovery Campus • Develop wetland and water trails for you to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature • Provide quality educational programs focused on the natural, cultural, and historic aspects of the Finger Lakes region • Establish the Museum as a showcase of the natural and cultural wonders of the Finger Lakes region for current and future generations around the world Did you donate to the Museum’s Founders Campaign? Consider giving again on a yearly basis to the Museum through our Annual Campaign. Donations can be made using the enclosed envelope or visiting our website at 4

Muse um Fac t s

Giving Levels Students - $25 Naturalist - $25-$99 Protector - $100 - $499 Explorer - $500 - $999 Steward - $1,000 - $4,999 True Believer - $5,000 + above

• The Finger Lakes Museum is chartered by the NYS Education Department • Is incorporated as a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization. • Is registered with the American Association of Museums • Has 11 active Board of Trustee Members • Has 4 full-time employees, 9 volunteer committees, and over 75 active volunteers

2012 Mi l es t ones

• Successfully reached Founders Campaign goal of $1 million • Opened satellite office in Rochester’s Historic High Falls area • Launched its first Annual Campaign: Preserving Your Passions • Received funding for the Museum’s fall program series “Vine to Wine: Savor our Finger Lakes” from The Community Foundation, Entercom Radio Group and the Canandaigua Wine Trail • Hired Development Director • Released final design plans for its Phase 1 – Discovery Campus in Branchport

• As a 2012 Annual Campaign donor, you will continue to be updated with the Museum’s progress, events and programming through their quarterly print newsletter, The Sentinel. Your support is needed to succeed! Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

will be the premier natural and cultural resource dedicated to the enjoyment, education and stewardship of the Finger Lakes Region - and to fresh water conservation. 5

2012 Co mm u n i t y A w areness seri es

Building a stronger community at a time The Finger Lakes Museum wants to build a stronger connection with your community. This summer the Museum has planned a variety of community awareness events including: participation in the Keuka Lake Triathalon, Coffee Chat Series, and Community Nights. Each of these events are free of charge and allows you the opportunity to speak with Museum staff and volunteers to learn more about the initiative. As her senior practicum project, recent Keuka College graduate, Junelle King (pictured at left), thought up and organized this awareness series. Upon graduating, Junelle also accepted a seasonal position with the Museum to facilitate this series that she worked so hard at in developing. The Museum is excited to have her on the team. Keuka Lake Triathlon The Finger Lakes Museum is one of the community sponsors for the upcoming annual Keuka Lake Triathlon on June 3, 2012 at Keuka College. Proceeds of this race go to support the Yates County Chapter of the American Red Cross, providing much needed services and support to families in the community throughout the year. This event is the first of its kind in the Finger Lakes region. It delivers a communal atmosphere as athletes and volunteers from across New York State come together in an effort to give back to the Yates County community. The Finger Lakes Museum will be volunteering at the event as well as have a table with information available. Hope to see you there! Coffee Chat Series The Finger Lakes Museum has partnered with local coffee shops around the region and members of


the tourism promotion agencies, to host coffee chats. At each chat there will be a small table of the Museum’s collateral material and design plans, as well as, a museum representative available to answer questions and become better acquainted with members of your community. Currently, these coffee chats will be taking place in Skaneateles, Geneva, Canandaigua, Owego, and Corning (see dates below). Stay tuned to find out when this event might be happening in your community (visit or call at 315-595-2200). Everyone is welcome to stop in, grab some coffee and learn more about The Finger Lakes Museum.

Community Nights

Looking for something fun to do as a family on Fridays in July and August? Stop by Keuka Lake State Park on July 20th and/or August 10th to hear a presentation by NYSParks wildlife biologist, Danielle Dewey as she speaks to “Wildlife in the Park”. Hear about what animals roam the various parks, what are the newest wildlife sightings, and more. In addition, there will be campfires and live music. Come to Community Nights, learn something new and relax around the campfire! Come join the Museum at any of these events and keep checking our website to see when we might be near or in your hometown! Contact Junelle if you are interested in hosting one of these events or others in your town. Junelle can be contacted after June 1st at junelle_king@

Community Awareness Calendar June 3 - (7:30am - until) Keuka Lake Triathlon at Keuka College, Keuka Park, NY June 5th - (9:30am - 11:30am) Creekside Books and Coffee, Skaneateles, NY June 19th - (9:00am - 11:00am) Opus Coffee, Geneva, NY July 17th - (9:30am - 11:30am) Goat Boy Cafe, Owego, NY July 20th - (6pm - 10pm) Community Night, Keuka Lake State Park July 24th - (9am - 11am) Canandaigua Chamber of Commerce, Canandaigua, NY July 31st - (8am - 10am) Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY August 10 - (6pm - 10pm) Community Night, Keuka Lake State Park

N am e the E ag le Con t e s t

Education Corner

The Finger Lakes Museum’s first school-based program, Name the Eagle, was enthusiastically received by over 20 school districts and private schools across the Finger Lakes region. Students from all grade levels were given the opportunity to submit their favorite name for the future Finger Lakes Museum bald eagle.

Hundreds of submissions were received from kindergartners to seniors. The enthusiasm and creativity found with these submissions made for an exciting selection process by the Education Committee of the Museum. After careful review, the Committee chose their top choice as well as a second, third and a special recognition. Broden Herron, a first-grader from Frank Knight School in Seneca Falls, was the first-place winner with his name, Soren – the new name of The Finger Lakes Museum bald eagle! Second place was a tie between Elli Cromkeecke, a fourth-grader from the Penn Yan Elementary School with his name Eco, and Luke Monfort, a second-grader from State Road Elementary School in Webster with his name Lakely. Third place goes to Adrienne Marie Vedder, a fourth-grader from Cincinnatus Central School with her name Shadow. Special recognition goes to Ariana Boshack, a fifth-grader from Northstar Christian School in Rochester, who named the eagle Curtis, after a loved one who is serving overseas. Broden Herron and his class at Frank Knight School received a visit from the Museum’s guest bald eagle, Liberty. All students received a special certificate of participation. Thank you for your participation!

Grape Family Fun Day is coming in October! This will be a hands-on event for all ages to celebrate our Finger Lakes viticulturists who grow a variety of tasty grapes for the eating, for juice, and for pies. Kids and adults can join us at Jerome’s Berry Farm to pick table grapes, learn how a Grape Pie is made by trying their fingers at grape pinching, listen to author, Angela Cannon-Crothers read her book, Grape Pie Season, illustrated by local folk artist, Darryl Abraham, do a craft, purchase a slice of pie or fresh grape juice and enjoy a day surrounded by the beautiful hills outside Naples, NY. Stay tuned for dates and times found on the Museum’s website. We hope you will join us!

Soren’s Niche Calling all teachers! Let The Finger Lakes Museum assist you in implementing the new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Coming soon, resources and inquiry based activities in aquatic ecosystems, animal tracking and weather systems. Have an idea? Share it with our committee by contacting Natalie Payne at npayne@ Watch for more information to follow in

Soren’s Niche!


Wor ds from o u r d e s i g n t e a m “Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and the entire design team is thrilled to be working with The Finger Lakes Museum in creating a place that personifies the natural beauty and tranquility of the Finger Lakes region. Consistent with the overarching intention of promoting the stewardship of this extraordinary natural setting, the design of the Museum facilities will by example be a testament to our collective responsibility to preserve this unique yet vulnerable landscape that has sustained generations of residents and captured the hearts of all that experience its bucolic splendor. In collaborating with the directorship of the Museum and the developing partnership network, we are embarking upon a journey in translating this commitment to stewardship into how we define, interpret, and represent these memorable surroundings, their history, the culture, and the quality of life of the Finger Lakes region. We couldn’t be more excited to be involved with the design a world-class facility with such honorable aspirations and that has the potential to engage and enlighten visitors from near and far.” - William D. Loose, Principal, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson,Wilkes Barre, PA “Trowbridge Wolf Michaels Landscape Architects is very excited to be a part of this important project, which is already creating a lot of attention for the Finger Lakes region. Thanks to the visionary leadership at the Museum, and the many talented, dedicated individuals and organizations that have supported the Museum in many ways, we are confident that this project will serve as a model for many other significant developments in the region for a long time to come. We, as members of the design team directed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects, are truly motivated by the special focus the Museum has put on protecting both our natural and cultural resources -- ultimately these ideals will be reflected in the design of the Museum. In this way, The Finger Lakes Museum will be a leader in what sustainability and stewardship mean both regionally and globally.” - Peter Trowbridge, Principal and Zac Rood, Designer, both of Trowbridge Wolf Michaels, Landscape Architects, LLC., Ithaca, NY (Photos to the right. Top: William D. Loose | Middle: Peter Trowbridge | Bottom: Zac Rood)

The Finger Lakes Museum is chartered by the NYS Education Department and incorporated as a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization.

Board of Trustees: John Adamski | President, George E. Farenthold | Vice President, William Gaske, Esq., Cynthia Kimble | Treasurer, Henry Maus | Vice President, John Meisch, Tim Sellers, Ph.D., George Slocum, Sue van der Stricht | Secretary, David J. Wegman, Rolf A. Zerges, Ph.D., | Vice President Staff: Don Naetzker | | John Adamski | | Richard Lane | | Natalie Payne | PO Box 96 | Keuka Park, NY 14478 | 315.595.2200 Contributing Photographers, Designers, & Editors: John Adamski, Bill Banaszewski, Michelle Kisley, Richard Thomas, Chris Cooley, Gary Catt

w w w. F IN G ERLA KE S MU S EUM.o r g www. f ace boo k.c om/ FLmuseum www. twitte r. c om/ FLMUSEUM

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Thank you to The Sentinel sponsors for their generous support. Elizabeth Lowe (pictured here), founder of The Wild Center in Tupper Lake, and Membership Director, Susan Arnold, also from The Wild Center, addressed the Museum’s Board of Trustees at their annual retreat, held on May 11th at Bristol Harbor Resort in Canandaigua. Both women provided the Board with wonderful insight on hurdles faced during their start-up, on-going operational and development advice, and provided reinforcement to the group that “It can be done!”. Thank you Elizabeth and Susan!

Board Update

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Spring Summer Newsletter 2012  
Spring Summer Newsletter 2012  

The Finger Lakes Museum's Spring/Summer edition of their 2012 Sentinel Newsletter