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ne of the best parts of traveling is the opportunity to check out new restaurants in different cities. The last few trips we’ve taken, however, we’ve noticed that our Cleveland food experiences have been as good, or even better, than we can find in other cities. Cleveland’s reputation as a dining destination is well deserved. We’re celebrating that part of our city with this issue’s features on restaurants serving a variety of cuisines - Italian, British, Mexican, Indian, and uniquely American.

Staff Writers Dylan Yépez Meg Pauken Kristal Pettit Janine Purcell Mike Cabrerra Graphic Design and Layout Marlon Tussel

Following our food theme, check out the articles on New Creation Farm and the Cleveland Botanical Garden’s urban farming program. Fresh, local meat and produce is vital to the quality of our neighborhood restaurants and the food we put in front of our families. Our physical and economic health both depend on our support of the northeast Ohio agricultural community.

Cover Art Vincent Pearson Photography

As always, we promote regional businesses and encourage our readers to spend locally. Our cover features entrepreneurs, Yana and Mario Salwan, who personify the dedication and industrious enthusiasm it takes to succeed in business. This issue also surveys an array of other businesses, from services for your home and garden to your neighborhood, brick and mortar bookstores. We hope you find exactly that product or service you’ve been looking for but didn’t know where to find it, while browsing through these pages.

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Take advantage of our brief but brilliant summer weather by attending any of the happenings listed in our calendar of events. Or, find a patio or deck to kick back and enjoy the summer - and this copy of Fine Lifestyles, the Magazine.   Fine Lifestyles Cleveland 


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leveland is the fortunate home of the Cleveland Institute of Art’s Cinematheque, acclaimed as one of the country’s best repertory movie theaters by The New York Times. Actually Cinematheque is more than a pure repertory venue. It shows art, independent and foreign films as well as revived classics. Even beyond this body of film, its Director John Ewing points out, “a lot of cities have art houses or film festivals. Very few have a cinematheque that fills the gap with what is not covered by commercial films and film festivals: exclusive premiers of major new films by living film makers.” For example, Cinematheque presents several foreign films each year that are nominated by their countries for the Oscars and these will rarely if ever be seen elsewhere in town. Originally a non-profit corporation started in late 1984, films began to be shown under the banner of Cinematheque at Case Western Reserve University by July 1985. By the following August the film showings moved to the Cleveland Institute of Art’s Russell B. Aitken Auditorium where the Cinematheque eventually averaged more than 250 films annually. Patrons during the CIA years likely have a vivid muscle memory of the seats in the auditorium. In 2015, the Cinematheque moved to the Peter B. Lewis Theater, a $1.5 million state of the art venue located in the Cleveland Institute of Art’s unified campus at 11610 Euclid Avenue. The new 300 seat auditorium includes a 4K digital cinema projector, capable of working with both digital and film formats, and 7.1 Dolby Digital sound generated via 27 speaker enclosures, 15 amplifiers and two subwoofers. The acoustics are much improved in the new space and the auditorium is genuinely dark – of note because the former space leaked light under the entrance doors. Cinematheque offers one of only four remaining 35 mm projection systems in Cleveland. Ewing notes that this enables them to show films in the “gold standard format for the presentation of visual images.” Cinematheque programs “A Second Look,” which offers 35 mm classics, right: John Ewing


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

A Cool New Theater for Film Lovers

by Janine Purcell photos courtesy Cleveland Institute of Art’s Cinematheque

new digital restorations of familiar or forgotten favorites and occasionally a recent film that might have shown at the Cleveland International Film Festival or Cleveland Cinemas and warrants another opportunity for viewing by local audiences. Another programming vehicle is to replicate in whole or part a retrospective film exhibition. For example, this May, the lineup included five films from the Museum of Modern Art’s series, Mexico at Midnight: Film Noir from Mexican Cinema’s Golden Age. The 2015 MOMA series ranked #5 in New York Times film critic J. Hoberman’s Top Ten list for 2015. Occasionally, special guests appear in person for post-film discussions: The actor Willem Dafoe, director John Waters and filmmaker Gary Dillingham are a few of the visitors in recent memory. To get Clevelanders in the mood for the upcoming Republic National Convention, Cinematheque has pulled together a program called “The Republicans are coming, the Republicans are coming.” Ted Cruz knew his stuff when he told Jimmy Kimmel there are more Republicans in

California than any other state in the country. Ten classic films will showcase just a few of the prominent Republicans who made major contributions to the movies behind and in front of the camera. Some of the features you can see in June are Shirley Temple in “The Little Colonel,” Charlton Heston in “El Cid,” and John Wayne in “The Green Berets.” There is plenty of free lighted parking in Lot 73 and the Annex lot, accessed from East 117th Street from either Euclid Avenue or Mayfield Road. Check out the schedule of films at cinematheque. Each film is $9 for admission, or $7 for Cinematheque members and students. So, hop down to Uptown to take in a flick or two at the new home of the Cinematheque.

Cinematheque Cleveland Institute of Art 11610 Euclid Avenue Cleveland 216.421.7450

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


A Single Shop

for the Discerning Jewelry Collector by Meg Pauken photos Vincent Pearson Photography


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

children’s, and transforms it into precious metal keepsakes such as charms, pendants, key chains and cuff links. Art-Charms now includes children’s silhouettes, birthstones and initials. These charms capture the spirit and design created by the child and make perfect gifts for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Jackson Grey Jewelers also offers designer jewelry in a variety of price ranges and styles, from bridal to casual, as well as loose diamonds. Jackson Grey showcases their own pieces as well as other local and national artists, whose work he admires. Customers will not find identical pieces elsewhere.


had Verhoff is passionate about both the art and the craft of jewelry design. Verhoff, a master goldsmith, opened Jackson Grey Jewelers in Chagrin Falls a year and a half ago, offering high quality, custom jewelry to the northeast Ohio community. Visitors will find Jackson Grey showroom intimate, rather than overwhelming. Verhoff deliberately arranged the space to showcase his creations, while also giving customers a clear view of his workshop. Upon entering the shop, visitors are likely to find him at the bench, apron on, hard at work. “We do all of our work on-site, “ Chad explains, “we don’t have any reason to ship our clients’ items out. The design, creation and repair is done by me, right here in my workshop. I want people to see that as it makes us stand apart from other jewelry stores.” Chad emphasizes that the personal touch is what sets Jackson Grey Jewelers apart. “Because we are a small shop we take extreme measures to make sure all of our clients feel as though they are more than just a customer. When they

come to purchase jewelry, inquire about a repair or have a new piece designed, they work directly with the craftsman who is doing the work.” Verhoff has the ability to redesign existing pieces of jewelry to better reflect the current taste of the owner. He can take client-owned gemstones and create designs to showcase them, or work with the client’s ideas and obtain the necessary materials to fit the design. Verhoff has recently found a 3D printer to be a useful tool for making custom molds of his designs, although no modern technology can replace his 26 years of education, apprenticeships and experience.

Jackson Grey Jewelers is conveniently located at 516 East Washington Street, Chagrin Falls. Store hours are Monday by appointment; Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.; Thursday 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.; Saturday 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. or by appointment. Like Jackson Grey Jewelers on Facebook for special events and to see interesting pieces Chad Verhoff is creating. Stop in or call for a private consultation. Jackson Grey Jewelers 516 East Washington Street Chagrin Falls 440.247.5600

In 2007, Verhoff personally developed a unique line of jewelry called Art-Charms. He was inspired by his daughter’s numerous drawings displayed on the kitchen cupboards. Knowing that he didn’t want to file them away never to be seen again, he used a CAD program and created the first Art-Charm from one of his daughter’s drawings. What started as a simple idea quickly grew, appealing to family, friends and celebrity clientele. For these, he takes artwork, often Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland



Pick up & Delivery

We’ll Take It From Here Trust London Cleaners to take excellent care of your dry cleaning, from the moment they pick it up from your door, to the time your garments are delivered. •  Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaner, Door to Door Service •  Recognized As One of America’s Best Cleaners •  Ohio’s Only Certified Couture Level Dry Cleaner

800-832-1222 | 440-283-0200 |

A Treatment Alternative to Surgery by Dylan Yépez photos Vincent Pearson Photography and Aaron Leyser


Dr. John Livingston


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

pinal disc problems can be painful and often debilitating. While medications may help to alleviate the discomfort, they do nothing to repair the underlying issues causing it.

and addresses the causes of pain, rather than masking the symptoms. For more than eight years, Dr. Livingston has been using decompression therapy to successfully treat a variety of spinal disc problems.

Spinal decompression therapy is a painless, nonsurgical approach to treating disc protrusions, herniations and bulges, as well as conditions including pinched nerves and sciatica. “When you’re doing a decompression program, it’s a correctional procedure to move the disc away from the nerve,” explains Dr. John Livingston, a third-generation chiropractic physician who has been in practice for over 23 years.

Decompression therapy is quite simple for patients. All they have to do is lie horizontally on the decompression machine, which provides gentle, intermittent and angled traction to the area of the spine where the nerve is pinched. This force separates the vertebrae around the protruded disc, creating a vacuum-like effect that draws the disc away from the spinal nerve and back where it belongs.

At Livingston Chiropractic Center, Dr. Livingston and his partners take a holistic approach to healthcare that identifies

The process is gradual and usually takes about four to eight weeks, depending on how significant the protrusion is. “Much

Jan Kraft, Alice Silverstein and Colleen LaFlame

like orthodontics moves the teeth slowly into place with time and pressure,” Dr. Livingston explains, “decompression therapy moves the discs slowly with time and pressure.” Dr. Livingston uses adjunctive therapies, such as cold laser therapy, to promote the setting up of scar tissue, which keeps the disc in place once the protrusion has been corrected. When it comes to recovery, proper nutrition is integral. In fact, a very poor diet can even inhibit the healing process. Dr. Livingston stresses health and wellness, and actively incorporates them in his treatments to ensure that his patients’ bodies have the nutrients necessary to heal their injuries. “That’s almost as important as the treatment

itself,” Dr. Livingston explains. Decompression therapy provides an array of benefits over the surgical alternatives (trimming the affected disc or cutting open the spine to remove the disc). First off, decompression therapy is noninvasive and often painless, so it doesn’t involve taking medications. “A lot of people actually fall asleep on the table during it,” Dr. Livingston says. Patients who undergo this therapy also experience much shorter recovery times compared to those following surgery. At a small fraction of the cost of surgery, moreover, decompression therapy actually yields a higher success rate than the surgical alternatives. With this therapy, patients also avoid the repeated need for cortisone injections

and addictive medications, which mask the symptoms rather than repairing the structure. If you experience pain, numbness, or weakness in a limb and suspect you have a problem with your spinal disc, this may indicate a problem that can be addressed through spinal decompression therapy. For more information, visit, call 440.528.0005, or email drjklii@ The center is located at 25111 Miles Road, Suite D, right by the intersection of Miles and Richmond roads in Warrensville Heights. Dr. John Livingston Livingston Chiropractic Center 25111 Miles Road, Suite D 440.528.0005

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


EXPERTAdvice Minimize The Risk of Sports Related Injury

Dr. John Livingston Livingston Chiropractic Center 25111 Miles Road, Suite D 440.528.0005


h, summer! The transition from colder days and longer nights brings us outdoors and preparing for more activities. There’s lawn work and gardening and, of course, summer sports have arrived! Many of us want to make the most of the warm, sunny days left before the snow begins to fall again. People will be rushing out to run, bike, golf, hike, play football and participate in myriad other outdoor diversions. While these activities are fun and healthy, they often come with injuries and inflammation, especially if we do not prepare well for them.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

It is imperative that everyone receive sports physicals and take up reliable stretching and strengthening programs to tone areas of the body that are key to maintaining posture and accentuating performance. Some examples of these areas would be the lower back, limb and core muscles. In order to achieve optimal results, you need to use a variety of specialized equipment to target each muscle. A few examples would include recumbent bicycles, treadmills, crosstrainer equipment, free weights, therapy bands, upper-body exercise machines and proprioceptive/balance training equipment. I have spent the past 23 years working with students, athletes, and “weekend warriors” to prevent sports-related injuries from occurring. I perform sports physicals and outline stretching and strengthening programs that are individualized to each patient, and then I guide them through the specific routines and protocols to achieve the desired performance levels. My office at Livingston Chiropractic Center has all the latest equipment that is needed in order to provide patients with effective active physical therapy. Participating in this form of therapy doesn’t mean they are currently injured or recovering from injury, but rather that they are taking the steps necessary to ready their bodies for physical exertion. It will help them avoid potential injuries as they participate in their favorite fall activities.

You can minimize the risk of sportsrelated injuries, but you can’t always eliminate it altogether. Should you experience an injury, you should seek an effective rehabilitation treatment right away. Whether the injury involves sprains/strains, tendinitis, sciatica, disc problems, edema/swelling, pinched nerves, overuse injuries, or a variety of other conditions, therapy is necessary in order to restore you to full health before the damage and pain intensifies. I recommend, if possible, that you avoid taking prescription medications, and relying on cortisone injections. These are, in many cases, unnecessary and only serve to mask the problem. I have worked with countless patients of all ages to treat and fully rehabilitate injuries that they experienced while participating in physical activities. Often, the recovery process is fast and doesn’t require drugs or invasive surgeries. Through a mixture of chiropractic care and physical therapy, I assess postural alignment of the body and help patients to maintain joint flexibility and muscle strength so that they can pick up where they left off. Call me at Livingston Chiropractic Center at 440.528.0005 to talk about your personal physical condition and learn how you can safely make the most of this summer.

Budget Blinds of Chagrin Falls


urprise yourself with access to an exclusive line of custom products and treat yourself to uncompromising customer service when you call Budget Blinds Serving Chagrin Falls. They are pleased to offer you a complementary in home consultation where the showroom is brought to you. In addition to plantation shutters, shades, blinds, and tinted window film, the skilled design team will help you design draperies, bed spreads, valances, headboards and other accessories to complete your ideal look. Whatever your style is, you can sample a multitude of fabrics, colors, and patterns to update or replace existing decor. Worry free decorating continues with on site professional measurements and installation. Call Budget Blinds Serving Chagrin Falls to schedule your complementary consultation. Their team looks forward to helping you beautify your home. Don’t forget to ask about the newest in technology for motorization and cordless functionality. Budget Blinds Serving Chagrin Falls 440-268-9390

Experience the Wonder of Giving Back


t Vincent Pearson Fine Art Portrait Design we personalize your home or office decor with portraiture, enhancing the enjoyment of those who live or work there. We relish the success we’ve experienced producing portraiture and we are passionate about giving back. With this in mind, we are happy to announce that we intend to donate $150,000 of goods, services and cash to local charities by the end of 2016. This will be an incredible journey during which we plan to meet extraordinary people doing life-changing work to make the world a better place. To celebrate, we are offering ten $500 gift certificates to the first ten people who want to kick off 2016 by donating $99 to the charity of your choice. Contact us via our website or email to join us on this journey and experience the wonder of giving back. Vincent Pearson Fine Art Portrait Design 216.385.5452

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A Memorable Space in the Heart of the City by Meg Pauken photos Courtesy The Ballroom at Park Lane


he Ballroom at Park Lane is a hidden gem tucked into Cleveland’s crown jewel, University Circle. Extensive renovations have restored its vintage charm and elegance, and created a statement venue for weddings, fundraisers and other events, that will bring your guests right into the historic and beautiful heart of the city. The Park Lane was built in 1923 as a luxury hotel and speakeasy, at the height of the Roaring Twenties. Over time, it became a concert venue for the likes of Bob Dylan and Arlo Guthrie. When it was purchased by The Finch Group in 2005, it was vacant, its architectural details hidden, though not destroyed.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Two years and $24 million later, it reopened in 2007, restored to its former glory, complete with historic finishes. Currently the building includes 96 luxury apartments with an astonishing 43 different floor plans, as well as The Ballroom and Speakeasy. The Ballroom at Park Lane provides a unique and memorable venue for weddings and other events, with its mix of spaces, historic yet modern ambiance, and signature location. The main event space is The Ballroom, which includes the original encircling balcony and stage areas. It features soaring pillars and detailed stone and plasterwork. Adjacent to The Ballroom is The Speakeasy, which provides a more casual space for guests

to mingle, full of vintage charm. The beautifully landscaped garden courtyard is yet another space for gathering, photography or the ceremony itself. Lori Reynolds, Regional Manager for The Finch Group, describes it as the perfect antidote to the ubiquitous hotel ballroom. “We are able to work with brides or party planners to create a truly memorable event,” she explains.

“Some couples hold their ceremonies outside in the courtyard, which is simply gorgeous. They can then move right into the Speakeasy for cocktails and sit down in the main ballroom for dinner and dancing.” -Lori Reynolds

For event hosts, it is also especially nice to welcome out of town guests into the the most vibrant and exciting part of the city, University Circle. “We are literally steps away from the Cleveland Museum of Art and Severance Hall,” Lori offers. “And we are able to work out hotel accommodations, including reserving blocks of rooms at reduced rates, with the Courtyard Marriott, also right here in University Circle.” The Ballroom at Park Lane utilizes the services of Spice of Life Catering Company, Driftwood Catering, Marigold Catering, and Pura Vida by Brandt, and provides all tables, chairs, dishes and glassware, to assist guests with their events. “We package everything to make it easier on the client,“ says Lori. “We work with our event hosts to

provide everything they need, working within their budget,” Lori suggests. “We are happy to offer tours of the space to anyone who may be interested in hosting an event with us. Once you see it, you will understand why The Ballroom at Park Lane is so special.” Every event takes on unique significance when it takes place at The Ballroom at Park Lane. Call today for a tour. The Ballroom at Park Lane is located at 10510 Park Lane, Cleveland. Call 216.342.2085 or visit the website for more information:

The Ballroom at Park Lane 10510 Park Lane, Cleveland 216.342.2085

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Vegetable Gardening for

Fun and Food by Patti London photos courtesy Fine Lifestyles


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


he first sign of spring for gardeners isn’t a sprouting crocus. It’s the arrival of the mail-order seed catalogs: Burpee, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Park Seed Co., et al. Suddenly your imagination replaces the snowy scene outside with plans for next summer’s vegetable beds. I’m not the master gardner in the family, my mom is. But I grew up with Rodale’s Organic Gardening around the house and it never occurred to me not to plant a garden once I had access to some soil and sun. I have to admit that I’m not very good at it. Most of our summer produce comes from the Shaker Square Farmer’s Market or Heinens. But I enjoy my small successes and watching the growth in the backyard makes summer fun. Just like my mom, I order my seeds and plant them under lights in mid-March. I’d probably have more produce if I bought plants started by professionals in a greenhouse, but sprouting tomatoes and peppers and sunflowers in the basement gives me something to do while the weather is lousy. And, eventually I plan to build a mini greenhouse in the backyard so I can get a jump on the season, too. I like to roll newspaper around a small sized mason jar and fold up the bottom to form little seedling cups I can plant right in the ground in May. This protects the roots from being traumatized during the transfer outdoors. Little peat pots provide the same protection. Now that we’re reading our newspapers digitally, I may need to splurge on peat pots next year. I use a timer on the lights so the plants are exposed for about 15 hours a day. The lights are nothing special, just fluorescents in an old fish tank light fixture and a utility light. Many seeds are planted directly outside. We have a lot of luck with garlic, which is planted in the fall a few weeks before the first frost is predicted. It grows like crazy in the spring and when the foliage starts yellowing in July, we pull up the garlic bulbs, rinse them off and let them dry. We have bags of garlic cloves in the freezer, it grows so well for us.

Other plants are started in the garden after the chance of frost has passed. We had hail and heavy snow on May 15th of this year, if you recall. Green beans and peas, lettuce, kale and zucchini are all types of vegetables I start directly in the raised beds of our garden. A few years ago I started building boxes out of cedar wood for raised beds. The wood has now turned a nice mellow gray color. The beds are taller than you’ll find in the raised bed kits you can buy, but I’m planning for when I’m older and don’t want to garden that low to the ground. The sides of the beds are about 20 inches high. Several benefits to having raised beds include controlling the soil content, less weeding, and with better soil you can plant your vegetables closer together. I started with a delivered load of garden soil and now add to it from my compost pile or supplement with bags of humus and manure. Martha Stewart says it should be rich and crumbly like chocolate cake. Some day I’ll have perfect soil like Martha. Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


By late May I have strawberries setting on and asparagus fronds emerging. I see new leaves on my blueberries but after several years I’m still waiting for those little bushes to produce. Maybe this will be the year. I’ve brought the flats of seedlings out of the basement to adjust to being outside. Luckily I was home on May 15th and brought them in before the hail annihilated them. There’s quite a bit of work to do to get the garden started at the beginning of summer. But it’s the kind of work that’s good for you. I read that the centenarians living on the Greek island of Ikaria stay active throughout their long lifespans by working in their vineyards and tending their vegetable gardens. Their gardens are the primary source of their plantbased Mediterranean diet - no refined sugars or white flour in sight. The Ikarians also take naps and drink a lot of wine. My goal for this summer is to enjoy watching the vegetable garden grow. I’ll pull a few weeds then I’ll nap and drink wine on the deck. I could very well enjoy living to be a hundred under these conditions.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Luxardo Cherry and Balsamic Glazed Pork Belly By Eddie Zalar of Nora’s Restaurant

pork belly, skin removed



cumin seeds

fennel seeds

1/2 of one side (5 pounds) 1 cup

2/3 cup

3 Tablespoons

3 Tablespoons

coriander seeds

3 Tablespoons

ground cloves

1/2 teaspoon

black peppercorns star anise

3 Tablespoons

2 pieces

ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon

bay leaves

2 each

fresno chili

2 each

orange, halved

1 each

blended oil, divided

4 tablespoons

chicken stock

castelvetrano olives, pitted cherry tomatoes, halved

2 quarts

1 cup

1 cup

dry white wine

1/4 cup

balsamic vinegar

2 cups

unsalted butter

luxardo cherry syrup

1 Tablespoon 2 Tablespoons

salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Toast cumin, fennel, and coriander in a dry pan over lowmedium heat until fragrant, about two minutes. In a coffee grinder or food processor, grind the cumin, fennel, coriander, black peppercorns, and star anise. Transfer to a bowl and add the salt, sugar, ground cloves and cinnamon. Rub cure mixture all over the belly and refrigerate for 48 hours. Preheat oven to 350. Rinse the cure off the belly. Place belly in a roasting pan as close to the size of the belly as possible. Add just enough chicken stock to barely cover the belly. Add orange, bay leaf, and fresno chili. Cover with plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Place in oven and cook for 3 hours. Combine balsamic vinegar and luxardo cherry syrup in a small saucepan and reduce by half over low-medium heat. Remove belly from braising liquid. When cool enough to handle cut into 2 inch squares and set aside. Add 2 Tablespoons of blended oil to a saute pan over high heat. Add the halved cherry tomatoes and let them blister for about one minute. Add the castelvetrano olives and saute one minute more. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Deglaze with white wine. Turn off heat. Add one Tablespoon butter and toss until butter is completely melted. Set aside. Add 2 Tablespoons of blended oil in a saute pan until smoke rises from the pan. Add the belly squares and sear until golden brown on all sides. Drain excess oil. Add balsamic vinegarluxardo cherry reduction and baste over medium-high heat until the liquid reduces to a thick and syrupy consistency, about 3 minutes. Set aside. Place the sautéed cherry tomatoes and olives in a line in the center of a plate. Top with glazed pork belly squares.

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Nora: Little Italy’s Newest Gem by Meg Pauken photos Vincent Pearson Photography


ora is a perfect jewel of a restaurant, tucked into a quiet corner of Little Italy. It sits just outside the hustle of University Circle, at the corner of Murray Hill and Edgehill Roads. Once inside, you will find attentive staff, innovative interpretations of Italian cuisine, and a hands-on chef/owner. Eddie Zalar, a Cleveland native who returned recently to open Nora, changes his menu seasonally, featuring creative interpretations of classic Italian dishes. Pasta is not just hand-made, it is made from scratch, in-house, a rarity even in Little Italy. Ephemeral ingredients like fiddleheads and sweet spring peas are featured on the current menu, along with other seasonal favorites like lamb and asparagus. His artful combinations are reflective of


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

his pedigree: Zalar is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and trained under top chefs at The Four Seasons and Rouge et Blanc in New York, La Bottega and Sonnenalp in Colorado, and the Wequassett in Massachusetts. When it came time to open his own restaurant, Zalar returned to his roots, and says it has worked out even better than he expected. Nora is a family affair: Zalar’s mother is the pastry chef and his wife helps out as well. His staff operates as a creative team, collaborating on new dishes, allowing everyone an opportunity to shine. One of Nora’s entrees, created by Zalar’s sous chef, was included in the notable Top 50 Dishes in Cleveland. Not only is the staff practically family, one perennial dish on the menu is an homage to Zalar’s grandfather: “There

will always be fresh pappardelle with some kind of a meat sauce, served in a cast iron pan, on the menu as a tribute to my grandfather,” he says. “It could be beef or pork; right now it is lamb with minted ricotta.” Locals might spot Zalar inspecting produce at the North Union Farmers Market or the West Side Market, as he frequents both places to find the freshest ingredients for his menu. “I like to buy as much locally as I can,” he offers. Focused as they are on freshness, the dishes at Nora are in balance: satisfying without being heavy. A well-curated wine list offers a variety of whites and reds, to complement the cuisine. Zalar tweaks the wine list seasonally, as well, to reflect changes in the menu.

“We have added a few Slovenian wines that are not familiar to a lot of people, but have been getting great reviews,” he explains. The ambiance at Nora is white tablecloth elegance, with an appropriately urban edge. Outdoor seating is pleasant, due to the restaurant’s location, well off the bustle of Mayfield Road. Nora is open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday and offers complimentary valet parking on Friday and Saturday evenings. Make a reservation for your next evening out and enjoy the newest offering in Little Italy. Nora is located at 2181 Murray Hill Road, at the intersection of Murray Hill and Cornell, in Cleveland. Call 216.231.5977 for reservations or visit the website at to view the current menu.

Nora 2181 Murray Hill Road 216.231.5977

Eddie, Erica and Baby Nora Zalar Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Oak and Embers Tavern: Smoky, Saucy and Succulent by Meg Pauken photos Aaron Leyser


ake a trip down south by heading east: to Oak and Embers Tavern in Chesterland. Oak and Embers has the best traditional barbecue in the area, along with appetizers, sides and salads that feature a creative, fresh spin on Southern classics.

new location. When their new, larger location opened in late 2014, they never missed a beat.

Marc and Gretchen Garofoli, who, along with Chris McCauley, are the owners, have quite a story. After years in the local restaurant scene, spent perfecting their proprietary barbecue sauce and smoking technique, they opened Oak and Embers about two years ago. Barely three months later, a fire destroyed their kitchen. Undeterred, they rented a mobile kitchen so they could keep their employees working and their alreadyloyal customers fed until they found a

“Everything we serve is made from scratch - from salad dressings, to barbecue sauces to all of our side dishes.” - Gretchen


They chose Chesterland for their restaurant because they felt the area was in need of good, scratch-made food, which is just what you’ll find at Oak and Embers.

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Marc hand-selects all of the meats that are served in the restaurant. Gretchen and Marc have developed and tested all of the recipes used in the restaurant. Long, slow smoking is the key to their

authentic barbecue. All of Oak and Embers’ smoked meats are treated to a generous rub of spices and then slow-smoked for hours, ensuring falloff-the-bone tenderness and pervasive, distinctive, smoky flavor. This kind of slow smoking is nearly impossible to replicate at home, and is rare outside the barbecue Meccas in the deep South or Kansas City. The chorizo meatloaf, which was a favorite of Gretchen and Marc’s family long before it appeared on the menu, is another very popular entree with guests. The side dishes which accompany the entrees include a tangy apple slaw, and rib-sticking cheesy succotash, baked beans, white cheddar and “dirty” grits, among other options. “Our signature dishes are our ribs, of course, and also the Burnt Ends,” Gretchen offers. “Our barbecue sauce is bourbon-based, which inspired us to serve craft bourbons, as well.” Oak & Embers has been receiving a lot of attention, with consistently positive reviews. The restaurant was featured on local “Iron Chef” Michael Symon’s Food Network show, Burgers, Brew & ‘Que,

where he enthused over the Burnt Ends, one of the restaurant’s unique signature dishes. Oak and Embers is a modern, casual spot, featuring walls of actual bourbon barrels that ups the cozy-factor. They offer 60 different bourbons and 100 craft beers, many locally produced. The ample outdoor patio is especially welcoming and Thursday evenings feature live music. The long, slow days of summer practically beg for ribs and other Southern-style food. Head out to Oak and Embers and enjoy the best barbecue in Northeast Ohio. Oak and Embers Tavern is located on Mayfield Road in Chesterland, just a few miles east of I-271. Call 440.729.4030 for reservations or visit the website at to preview the menu.

Oak and Embers Tavern 8003 Mayfield Road, Chesterland 440.729.4030

Gretchen and Marc Garofoli, owners

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Black Basil Berry Lemonade Served in a Mason Jar by Oak and Embers Tavern

Gobi Aloo -

Vegetarian Cauliflower with Potatoes by George Stamos, The Saffron Patch

Medium Potatoes.......................2

Cauliflower.................................1 lb

Vegetable Oil...............................1 Tbs Cumin Seeds...............................1 tsp Minced Garlic.............................1 tsp Ginger Paste................................1 tsp

Ground Turmeric.......................1/2 tsp Paprika.........................................1/2 tsp Ground Cumin...........................1 tsp

Garam Masala............................1/2 tsp Fresh Cilantro.............................1 tsp Salt to taste

Heat the oil in a medium skillet on medium heat. Stir in the cumin seeds, garlic paste and cook for about 1 minute or until the garlic is lightly browned. Add the potatoes and season with the turmeric, paprika, cumin, garam masala, and salt. Cover and cook for 5 to 7 minutes - stirring occasionally. Mix the cauliflower and cilantro into the saucepan. Reduce heat to low and cover. Continue to cook for about 10 minutes or until the potatoes and cauliflower are tender stirring occasionally. Enjoy!

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Authentic, Exotic and Delicious – The Saffron Patch Indian Cuisine by Meg Pauken photos Aaron Leyser


he Saffron Patch Restaurant, located in the Tower East building in Shaker Heights, offers what many locals consider the finest Indian cuisine in northeast Ohio. The restaurant opened in 1991 and has developed a loyal following over the years. If you have not ventured in, now is a great time to check it out, since construction at the nearby intersection of Chagrin Boulevard and Warrensville Center and Northfield Roads is finally complete.

Both use an array of over 38 different spices and seasonings.”

Many people assume that all Indian food involves curry and they couldn’t be more mistaken. George Stamos, owner of Saffron Patch, describes the great variety of choices available to diners.

“We offer a number of entrees that feature classic Tandoori preparation, which involves a yogurt marinade, and are cooked in a clay Tandoori oven, for a milder, but very flavorful experience. Tandoori-style entrees include poultry, fish and lamb as well as vegetables,” Stamos explains.

“We offer both southern and northernstyle Indian cuisine, which are each quite distinct. The southern style tends to be more intensely flavored, while the northern style cuisine is more subtle.


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Stamos recommends beginning your meal with the classic appetizers of Samosas, pastries filled with wellseasoned potatoes, onions and peas, and Pakodas, fritters that may include paneer (mild, Indian cheese) or vegetables. Other excellent choices include the Papdum, crispy lentil-based bread, and Shrimp Tikka, marinated in a tomatoyogurt sauce.

A number of dishes on the extensive menu include tomato-based sauces,

Authenitc Tandoor Oven

some with butter or cream, others with a variety of different vegetables or meat options, including house-made paneer.

George and his team will work with you to provide a range of appetizers, entrees and side dishes to wow your guests.

“Traditional Vindaloo preparation is typically quite spicy to the American palate and is a great favorite of many of our guests. All of our entrees are made to order, so the spiciness can be adjusted to suit each individual,� Stamos suggests.

The variety of dishes on the menu, including meat, vegetarian and vegan options, make Saffron Patch an ideal spot for meeting friends, as there will certainly be something to suit everyone. Saffron Patch offers a daily lunch buffet and dinner from 5-9 pm, except on Mondays. Stop in for an exotic taste of India!

To accompany the well-seasoned food, Saffron Patch offers several unique drinks and cocktails including the Mango Madras, the Navan Cosmo and the Coconut Mudslide. Side dishes, including different rice preparations and a variety of chutneys round out the meal. An array of traditional Indian desserts, such as Gulab Jamun and homemade ice creams, offers a sweet finish. Because of its variety and unique taste, Saffron Patch is an excellent choice for catering your next party or gathering.

Saffron Patch is located in the historic, Gropius-designed Tower East building in Shaker Heights, 20600 Chagrin Boulevard. There is ample free parking. You may call 216.295.0400 for reservations or visit the website, to preview the menu. Saffron Patch 20600 Chagrin Blvd 216.295.0400 Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


This Pizza Dough Kneads its Biga by Patti London photos Aaron Leyser


iga is a type of dough starter used in old world Italian baking. Ciabatta, with its light, hole-filled texture and complex flavor, is made using a biga. Like sourdough, biga is a living thing made from flour, water and naturally occurring wild yeast. The older the biga, the more flavor it provides for the dough. Biga, the restaurant, opened in 2011 with the ambition to provide quality, authentic wood fired pizza. The oven, nicknamed Woodie, blazes at 900 degrees, burning locally harvested and seasoned oak, cherry and apple woods. The ambiance is a cozy neighborhood pizzeria which expands onto the deck with the warm weather, serving appetizers, salads, pizza pies and desserts.


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There’s good reason for the Kirtland restaurant on Chillicothe Road to be named after the old-fashioned style dough starter. Biga’s own starter has been inflating and flavoring pizza pies, bread sticks and even desserts, since 1999. This biga is flavored with wild yeasts found only in the air of Northeast Ohio, making Biga’s dough uniquely local. The local theme carries through Biga’s entire menu. Living greens salads and traditional wood fired pizzas are the canvas. Local produce from Rainbow Farms, Great Lakes Growers and Sage’s Fruit Farm provide the palette for the seasonal menus. Owner Vicki Tutolo says, “Our regular customers always look at the blackboard for our seaonal menu.”

Summer’s freshest just-picked produce will determine the day’s salad and pizza pie flavors. Spring ramps and asparagus make way for summer produce like sugar snap peas and corn. The freshest ingredients contribute significantly to the reputation Biga has earned for providing an incredible pizzeria experience. Even Biga’s beer and wine selections are specially chosen to support small, family owned wineries, here in Ohio and around the world. Dan Pacheco has operated Woodie, the wood fired pizza oven, for the last few years. He started his career with Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich at Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca in New York City. After marrying and moving to Cleveland, Dan worked at local foodie institutions Red, Moxie and Hodges. After dining at Biga, Dan decided he needed to learn how to make these authentic pizzas. Dan honed his skills and his expertise now produces lightly charred, flavorful pies, both white and red, topped with the best ingredients available. Also back in the kitchen, Grandma Jane is baking her desserts from scratch. Grandma Jane’s reputation has grown as more diners have indulged in her desserts. She uses maple syrup and honey sweeteners to reduce the sugar in her homemade recipes. Local eggs elevate her desserts to a heavenly level. Grandma Jane’s dulce de leche cheesecake and cakes are easily shared and round out a delightful dining event. Many pizza options exist in Northeast Ohio. After eating at Biga you’ll understand why a wood fired dough, made using a biga and only the freshest of local ingredients, surpasses them all. Your family will decide that Biga is really the only option for pizza night. Biga is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5 until 9 p.m. Reservations are highly recommended on Fridays and Saturdays when Biga is open from 5 until 10 p.m.

Biga Wood Fired Pizzeria 9145 Chillicothe Road, Kirtland 440.379.7313

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This Neighborhood Pub Feels Like Home by Janine Purcell photos Aaron Leyser


iners looking to try out a “true British Pub experience” can save the Trans-Atlantic airfare and jet lag by popping around to The Pub in Beachwood. General Manager Nathan Guzik emphasizes that at The Pub “the culture and philosophy is making people feel at home. In Scotland and Great Britain, a person has home, work, and their local pub as the major places they spend their time. Really taking care of people is the most important part of our service.” To create an authentic British Pub ambience, the interior elements – furniture, lighting, decoration – is imported to reproduce the beloved Scottish and British Pub interiors that inspired the original owner to create this dining experience. Nick Sanders, ventured into supplying his hometown Cincinnati crowd with a Scottish pub experience, first with Nicholson’s in 1997. He then expanded the concept in 2001 as The Pub, first in Cincinnati, then in 12 locations in five states. Located at Beachwood Place Mall on Cedar Road, this fun venue offers the complete package - brilliant food, drink and genuine hospitality. They are acclaimed for their signature Fish-nChips, which “they execute following strict guidelines so every customer gets a quality product.” Long before the opportunity to celebrate this restaurant in print, this author has bee-lined it on several occasions to their comfortable patio where the Shepherd’s Pie provides a reliable dose of comfort food. Let’s emphasize that patio. Both shaded and sunny tables are offered behind an attractively designed iron and brick partition that creates a boundary from the hub-bub of people walking into the mall while remaining convenient to it. With an additional door giving access outside the Mall entrance, they remain open until 11pm on weekdays and 12 midnight on weekend evenings.

My best beer snob friend from high school acclaims their draft beer offerings that include difficult-to find gems from the United Kingdom. In addition the beer selection includes bottled contenders from Europe and the US, including a rotation of local crafts. The bar further extends its range with “a top notch list of single malt scotch, bourbon, wine and specialty cocktails.” They round out the picture with an array of wines by the bottle and glass. Happy hour, from 3 to 7 pm Monday through Friday, offers up appetizers and reduced pricing on draft beers. On Wednesday all bottles of wine are half price. A military discount is always available. Join the Mug Club for a $25 annual fee for benefits such a 50¢ discount on fullpriced Imperial Pints, a complimentary entree for your birthday, exclusive specials and invitations throughout the year, and enjoying your drink from a special Mug Club mug that’s always waiting behind the bar of any Pub location. For the dedicated beer drinker, The Pub offers the Passport Program. The first part of a two-phase program challenges you to log 68 beers from any of The Pub locations, and then receive $1.00 off any

Imperial Pint after that. To reach Premier Passport status, you’ll visit all of The Pub’s locations, then you’re in for $1.50 off each Imperial Pint while you don your personalized Pub fleece jacket. The Pub has two private rooms to host special occasions and is a popular venue for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding parties and baby showers. For your next dining treat, take a trip “across the pond” in the comfort of your own car to The Pub in Beachwood. Its distinctive character and customer pleasing approach could make it your next home away from home.

The Pub in Beachwood 26300 Cedar Road, Beachwood 216.595.2748

Celebrate Summer at Tres Potrillos by Meg Pauken photos Aaron Leyser


res Potrillos Restaurant in Beachwood will soon be your favorite summer dining spot, with the recent addition of a patio for outdoor seating.

beef and pork options. In order to ensure that only the freshest food is served, produce is delivered daily to the restaurant and all meals are cooked to order.

options, among them the Momias, bacon-wrapped shrimp served with a spicy chipotle sauce. A variety of nachos, soup and salad choices round out the starters.

According to manager Arturo Martinez, the new patio, which seats about 64 guests, was constructed of natural stone brought from Mexico, for an authentic feel. Situated at the entrance to the restaurant, set back off Richmond Road, it provides the perfect spot to enjoy fresh guacamole and one of Tres Potrillos signature margaritas during our lovely Cleveland summertime.

Tres Potrillos is open for both lunch and dinner. The lunch menu, available from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., includes over 16 different “choose your own” combination platters, to suit any taste or appetite. Special lunch items include Huevos con Chorizo, eggs scrambled with chorizo sausage and served with Mexican rice, beans and tortillas, as well as the classic Huevos Rancheros. Other lunch specials include a variety of burritos and salads.

Diners at Tres Potrillos may choose from a variety of taco, enchilada and fajita preparations, including authentic “street” tacos with steak, chorizo and pineapple, topped with cilantro. There is also a large selection of unique, gourmet burritos with a variety of filling choices, such as chorizo, chicken, shrimp, and vegetables with different sauces and seasonings.

Tres Potrillos offers the freshest, most authentic Mexican food in northeast Ohio. The restaurant features an extensive menu of Mexican favorites, including vegetarian, seafood, chicken,


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The dinner menu opens with an array of appetizers. In addition to house-made guacamole, there are several unique

On the lighter side, Tres Potrillos offers many seafood options, such as Riviera Salmon and Seafood Parillada, a delectable combination of grilled tilapia, shrimp, scallops and crab, accompanied by grilled vegetables and sides of rice,

Arturo Martinez

beans, sour cream and guacamole. Other possibilities include fish tacos, shrimp quesadillas and “Camarones La Diabla,� grilled shrimp with zucchini and red peppers in a special sauce. Vegetarians will be excited to see many choices, including enchiladas, burritos, avocado tacos, fajitas and a grilled vegetable entree with special Yucatan sauce. Diners may create their own combination platters, selected from a variety of options. Tres Potrillos offers catering for groups from 10 to 60. There are seven different catering menu choices, and the staff will deliver catered meals free of charge for orders on the east side. Visit Tres Potrillos today and enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine in a charming

setting - inside or on the patio. Tres Potrillos is located at Chagrin Boulevard and Richmond Road. Hours are 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday; 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. on Sunday. Call 216.591-1202 for reservations or visit the website: for more information.

Tres Potrillos 25765 Chagrin Blvd, Beachwood 216.591.1202

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Raising Healthy Food for Healthy Families by Patti London photos courtesy Fine Lifestyles


f you’ve seen any documentary related to the Big Agriculture industry, you’re most likely looking for alternative food sources for your family. Food, Inc. and Forks Over Knives are two recent documentaries which raise serious concerns about the quality of the typical American diet and link the growing health and obesity crises directly to our food. Kristen and Scott Boehnlein had the same concerns when one of their children came down with an antibioticresistant strain of pneumonia. They learned that most of the meat available in our supermarkets comes from animals who have been raised with hormones and antibiotics. Scientific research has established that this prophylactic usage of antibiotics in livestock has led directly to the proliferation of bacterial infections


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

and so-called super bugs which have developed resistance to antibiotics. Kristen and Scott were already living on a century-old farm, but decided for the health of their growing family to begin humanely raising their own livestock. They noticed a dramatic improvement in the health of all of their children. Kristen and Scott have eight children, most of whom are adopted, and many of whom started life at a disadvantage. Some were exposed to their biological mothers’ drug use. The family farm became a source not only of healthy meat, but of emotional sustenance, as well. “A lot of children that are adopted out of the foster system have a tremendously difficult time attaching to anything or anyone. The larger animals seem to help break those walls down and aid in teaching trust and compassion,” Kristen says.

The kids have grown up sharing both the responsibilities and successes of the farm in Chardon. They help raise a growing herd of pasture raised cattle, heritage pigs, sheep and free range chickens. The kids help run the small store at the farm, and for many years, helped their parents run the stand at the North Union Farmers’ Market at Shaker Square. Now you’ll find them assisting customers with their orders at the New Creation Farm Buyers’ Club on Saturday mornings twice a month in front of the former Katz Club Diner on Lee Road. Scott and Kristen have recognized the benefits to their family of caring for animals and learning first hand the importance of raising healthy food. They have developed their farm over the last few years to pass along this experience to other families. Children are encouraged

Scott Boehnlein

to visit the farm, learn about the animals, and see exactly where our food comes from. The playground they’ve built sends a kid-friendly signal to the small ones who might be a little nervous at first to participate in the farm animal petting zoo, which is in the making. Scott and Kristen want the farm to be a place where families can enjoy time with each other- not just be a place to buy meat. You’ll notice New Creation Farm listed on the menus of many farm to table restaurants in Cleveland, like Toast, the Blwack Pig and fire food and drink. Chefs have taken notice of the superior quality and flavor of their meat. The same delicious smoked pork chops, thick cut bacon, split chicken breasts, Italian sausages, and many more selections served by top local restaurants can be found at the New Creation store, open Wednesday 1-6pm and Saturday 10am5pm. Or place an order through their website for pick up at one of the two monthly Buyers’ Club events in Cleveland Heights from 9-11am. Whether or not you have children to share this experience with, you’ll want to visit the farm yourself to meet the Boehnlein family and to see where healthy, wholesome food comes from. New Creation Farm 12126 Clark Road, Chardon 440-285-5993 Buyers’ Club 1975 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights June 11th and 25th July 9th and 23rd August 6th and 20th

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Local Entrepreneurial Couple Takes Care of Home and Health by Meg Pauken photosVinenct Pearson Photography


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“If someone needs an adjustment because of their physical limitations, I know how to do that properly so they do not injure themselves,” Yana Due to Yana’s extensive fitness background she is able to choreograph her own classes, changing them up weekly so neither she nor her students get bored nor complacent. She limits class size to less than 20 participants, so that she can give very personalized instruction. “I want my clients to see progress and to stick with their workouts, so I mix it up and keep it fresh, while staying within the overall barre principles,” Yana says. Barre Cleveland’s members are able to attend as many classes as they like, for one fixed monthly fee. First-timers can purchase a one-class pass, followed by a discounted first month to try it out before they commit to the 6 month, “Rock Star,” membership. Because class sizes are small, members reserve a spot in class ahead of time online or by using the Barre Cleveland App. “In order to keep class sizes small, we ask members to reserve a spot in the classes


t takes a special couple to manage marriage, family and a business. Mario and Yana Salwan successfully juggle not only family and marriage, but two separate businesses, as well. The couple are in some ways typical entrepreneurs: driven, focused and hardworking. And yet the very nature of their businesses provides a clue as to how they make it all work. Each of them focuses on service and truly caring for their clients.

Barre Cleveland Yana Salwan is the owner of Barre Cleveland. Yana opened Barre Cleveland because she wanted to create a space where women could find a complete and personalized workout that would be sustainable for the long term. A seasoned fitness professional, Yana began researching Barre workouts years earlier, driven in part by the effects of a

lifetime of high-impact exercise upon her body. Yana has been a lifelong athlete and fitness aficionado, running track throughout college and teaching group fitness classes since 1991. She has been in charge of the group fitness program at Bally’s (where she met her husband in 1996), Urban Active and Lifetime Fitness before opening Barre Cleveland. In previous jobs, Yana had as many as 40 instructors working for her but at Barre Cleveland she teaches every class offered at the studio. Her expertise and dedication to fitness enable her to guide clients of all fitness levels and make modifications when needed. The low-impact program at Barre Cleveland incorporates elements of classical ballet, yoga, strength training and Pilates to develop a strong core; to strengthen arms, legs and back; and to improve posture, flexibility and overall health. Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


of their choice ahead of time. We have found that, because they know they can’t just drop in, they put it in their calendars and it increases their commitment to working out and ultimately improves their success,” Yana offers. Raise the “barre” for yourself and try a class at Barre Cleveland! Barre Cleveland is conveniently located at I-271 and Chagrin Blvd., 3737 Park East Drive, Suite 209 in Beachwood. Call the studio at 216.342.4229 or visit the website for more information and to sign-up for your first class -

Garage Finisher While Yana’s business is focused on healthy living, Mario Salwan is focused on the home. Mario owns Garage Finisher, a complete garage renovation company that provides Lifetime Warranty flooring, cabinets and accessories that make your


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

garage not only clean, but beautiful. A garage is often the main entry to your home, as well as a prime area for storage. It should be clean, organized and efficiently designed. Getting it that way can be quite a challenge, which is where Garage Finisher comes in. Garage Finisher provides full service garage makeovers. “Full service” to Mario means that his team will pack up everything in your garage and store it on-site in their enclosed trailer while they work on the interior. They will even discard or donate items you no longer want. When the garage remodel is complete (usually 1-3 days), they unpack it all and organize it in your new cabinets and slatwall system, so you don’t have to lift a finger! Renovations typically begin with the floor. After 20 years as the owner of a large painting company, Mario was convinced that there was a better solution for garage floors than old-school pebble or epoxy flooring that is prone to

many problems. His solution utilizes a product called Polyaspartic. According to Mario, “It is a higher-grade version of a polyurea coating, similar to what is used for spray-on bed liners in pick-up trucks,” he explains. “The difference is that Polyaspartic can be rolled on and has improved properties: it is harder, non-yellowing and non-peeling.” Drawing on his decades of experience, Mario worked with a chemist to incorporate Polyaspartic into a commercial flooring system that is aptly named The Forever Floor. It is installed in northeast Ohio exclusively by Mario’s company, Garage Finisher. Application involves a number of steps, but because the product is so fast-drying, installation can be completed in a day and the floor can be driven on the very next day. The process begins with storage of the garage contents and grinding of the concrete surface using specialized machines attached to dustless vacuums. A 2-Part Resin filler is installed to fill cracks, pitting and control joints, followed

by 5 coats of the polyaspartic flooring material and decorative chips in a variety of colors. The end result is a decorative, non-porous floor system that is easy to clean and impervious to damage from hot tires, salts, oils and chemicals. Once the floor is done, the Garage Finisher team moves on to walls and storage. Garage Finisher provides expert application of epoxy wall paint, as well as installation of cabinetry and PVC Slatwall Systems for efficient and attractive storage and organization. Garage Finisher can help you turn a disorganized and dirty garage into clean, usable space that does not embarrass you when you open your garage door. They offer lifetime warranties for their flooring, cabinets and slatwall systems to provide complete peace of mind. They are the proud recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award and enjoy an A+ with the Better Business Bureau. Visit for more information about Garage Finisher, a gallery of completed projects and a quick five-minute video that details the makeover process. Call 216.831.4500 to schedule a free consultation, design, and estimate for your new garage space. Let Mario and Yana Salwan inspire you and help you to be healthier and more organized!

Barre Cleveland 3737 Park East Drive, Suite 209 Beachwood, Ohio 44122 216.342.4229 Garage Finisher 4530 Renaissance Parkway Cleveland, Ohio 44128

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Karamu House:

A Conversation with Tony Sias photos Aaron Leyser and courtesy of Karamu House


aramu House, in the Fairfax neighborhood, is the oldest African-American theatre in the country. The theatre enjoys a distinguished history, which includes being the site for the development and premieres of many of Langston Hughes’ plays. In the midst of Karamu House’s centennial anniversary, Tony Sias, its President and CEO, made time to talk with us about the next 100 years - or Karamu 2.0, as they’re envisioning it.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

FL: Tony, you’ve taken the leadership position of an admired and respected Cleveland institution. How are you handling the weight of that responsibility? TS: It’s an awakening and I’m honored to be entrusted to shepherd this great institution to new heights and set the stage for the next 100 years. Prior to my appointment I served on Karamu’s strategic planning committee so I was aware of the need for change and a new direction. This is heavy lifting but it’s making me and Karamu much stronger at the core.

FL: What would you say are the primary strategic goals of Karamu House, leading it into the next 100 years? TS: The primary goal is to actualize Karamu’s new mission to produce professional theatre, provide arts education and present community programs for all people while honoring the African-American experience. That really encompasses our main aspirations.

FL: How would Karamu House move toward a professional theatre status? TS: We have identified several areas where improvements can propel

the theatre in a professional direction. There is room for improvement within our internal operations, our systems production and the creative process which will lead to the standards of professional quality we’re seeking. For instance, contracting with more directors that have a proven track record on regional and national stages, partnering with professional theatres around shared production staff and getting back to our roots as a premiere performing arts education and training ground which will strengthen the quality of actors on our stages.

FL: You have a strong arts education background. How is Karamu planning to continue its educational component? TS: We have a three prong strategy planned with respect to this really vital element of Karamu’s mission. First, we have identified highly qualified teaching artists to design and deliver the curriculum. We will launch classes this fall that are rigorous, skill based and progressive to attract and retain students of all ages, including life-long learners. We are also developing specialized classes designed to meet the social and emotional needs of targeted populations, to ensure that we’re meeting the very real needs of our community.

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


FL: Karamu House’s financial woes have made the local media recently. What are some of the proposals for improving the institution’s stability? TS: This is a recurring theme in arts organizations nationally. Even the Metropolitan Opera, one of the grandest opera houses in the world, has had much publicized threats of bankruptcy. The goal is to keep people coming to the theatre, so being responsive to the interests of patrons and constituents is important. Marketing our productions effectively so that we really engage potential theatre-goers is part of our long range plan, too. And obviously, working within a detailed budget is important.

FL: H a v e community or corporate partners shown an interest in sponsoring performances or educational programming at Karamu? TS: A b s o l u t e l y . Fo rg i n g alliances with community groups is part of our strategy for creating and


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

designing productions and programs collaboratively. We are also establishing a sustainable corporate sponsorship program which will ultimately lead to fiscal stability.

FL: When we attended a recent production, I thought the theatre was really comfortable and cool, in a retro design style. Are there any plans to expand or improve the facility? TS: I’m glad you asked that. I’m really excited about our capital improvement plan. Besides basic maintenance, like roofing repairs, we have renovations targeted for the Jelliffe and Arena Theatres, and lobbies. We also have plans for renovations to the Concert Hall and Stokes Room so those spaces can be used as permanent performance and exhibition spaces. These improvements will yield so much when the spaces can be used for lectures, poetry and spoken word events and even film and live music presentations. Our other goals of year-round family

and community engagement and outreach programming rely on fully utilizing our facility. Expanding even beyond the building itself, we envision the neighborhood becoming an arts destination, similar to what is happening now in neighborhoods like Gordon Square, Waterloo and Tremont, but uniquely Fairfax.

FL: We’re looking forward to the next iteration of Karamu House. It sounds like you’re occupied with a large to-do list so we appreciate your taking the time to share these plans with us. TS: It’s a large scale plan but it’s going to be extremely satisfying to see it come to fruition. Karamu is a Swahili word which means a place of joyful gathering and that will be our guiding truth as we actualize Karamu 2.0.

Karamu House 2355 East 89th Street, Cleveland

Where Your Dream Kitchen Becomes Reality

Visit Our 9000 Square Foot Showroom Cleveland’s Premier Distributor of European-style Frameless Cabinetry

Huge S avings Solid W on ood Ca binets!

Choose from a Variety of Granite and Quartz Starting at Only $29.99 sq ft!

• Kitchens • Basements • Laundry Rooms • Bathrooms • Bars • Fireplaces

Direct Import Home Decor Inc. D.B.A. Cabinets and Granite Direct 4979 West 130th Street Cleveland, Ohio Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 6:00pm 216-898-9758

A Multi-Generational Visit to the Capital by Patti London photos courtesy Fine Lifestyles


t isn’t easy to plan a family vacation for four generations spanning a 75 year age range. Activities have to allow for those who can walk, those who just learned how to walk, and those who are a little slower than they used to be. There are also varied interests to take into account so that everyone remains engaged. We found the perfect destination this past spring - Washington D.C. There’s something for everyone in our nation’s capital. Our son and his husband have lived in the Capital Hill neighborhood of D.C. for the past two years while our son attends Georgetown Law. Our daughter, her husband and their one and a half year old daughter made plans to travel from Boston to visit them for a long weekend. We decided to be vacation crashers and join them, and then invited my mom to


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come in from Kansas City, too. Spring is probably the busiest season to visit D.C. between the kids on break from school and the cherry blossoms blooming, but there are so many places to visit that the city absorbs the multitude of visitors effortlessly. Non-stop flights from Cleveland can run between $300350 round-trip, but search for flights out of the Canton-Akron airport for significant savings. Southwest has a round-trip flight at $165, non-stop to Ronald Reagan National airport. If you’re filling the minivan, it’s about a six hour drive. There are a number of hotels in D.C. but we chose the Airbnb route and stayed in an architecturally historic row house built in the 1880’s in the Capitol Hill district. Ryan was an awesome host.

Knowing that our son-in-law had scheduled a tour of Mount Vernon, we started reading Ron Chernow’s massive biography of George Washington. It was a great way to get into the patriotic spirit of the trip. Washington D.C. isn’t just for history nerds, but if you’re into that kind of thing, it is just amazing. Knowing how our first president envisioned his beloved Virginia property when he needed to escape the reality of the war made our visit to Mount Vernon so much richer. Chernow writes that through his letters we know that Washington made detailed plans for building and renovations and mentally landscaped his gardens from the trenches in order to endure the brutal conditions and apprehension he felt as commander against the British forces. Standing in his study where Washington worked while at home was really inspiring, as was seeing the actual key to the Bastille, given to Washington by the Marquis de Lafayette after his own revolution. Mount Vernon’s outbuildings included a blacksmith shop, where our granddaughter watched re-enactors producing wrought iron hardware just like in the early days of our country. Carriage houses kept Washington’s

vehicles pristine and the living quarters of the enslaved persons who worked at the main house have also been restored an important reminder of our history. Because we were traveling with multiple generations, we did not take the shuttle to Washington’s distillery, which still produces whiskey using the same recipe. Bottles were available in the gift shop, though. Before leaving the grounds we had lunch at the Inn, which I highly recommend. The menu features authentic dishes like peanut soup, colonial hoecake, catfish fingers and shrimp and grits, among many other entrees. That evening, those of us who are allowed to stay up late took a midnight tour of the monuments. This was an excellent way to avoid the crowds, although even at midnight there were visitors at each site. We were able to park very close, which is not an option during the day, and we were able to experience the awe of seeing the monuments lit to full effect. The Jefferson Memorial is probably the hardest to get to during the day, situated south of the Washington Monument on the Tidal Basin. Directly

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across the Tidal Basin is the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial which is best viewed at night, when his words are lighted so dramatically on the extended stone wall behind his sculpture. We also visited a majestic Lincoln Memorial on our midnight tour. We’ll take our granddaughter back for this experience when she’s older and can stay up past eight o’clock. Our last day together was spent visiting some of the free attractions on the Mall. The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum was particularly fun for us history geeks who had read David McCullough’s The Wright Brothers. The original planes are on exhibit, giving you an idea of just how brave or stupid those guys from Dayton were. The Air and Space Museum had plenty to entertain the very young, as well. We visited the National Gallery of Art and its adjacent Sculpture Garden. The Cascade Café located in the lower level of the Gallery of Art is a wonderful space to rest and regroup while enjoying the view of the cascade waterfall through the enormous wall of glass. Though the visit was brief, our family was able to reconnect and bond through this shared travel experience. Traveling with family, especially multiple generations, can be a challenge. Yet, a place like Washington D.C., with something to offer everyone, makes the trip fun and memorable.


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A Luxury Log Cabin Experience Like No Other

Looking for a fun-filled weekend or a relaxing escape? Coshocton Crest Lodge will not disappoint. This beautiful 7,000 square foot custom cedar log home is perched high above the countryside and offers breathtaking panoramic views.

Once inside, indulge in the lodge’s many luxurious amenities: • Five bedroom suites • Chef’s Kitchen • Grand Trophy Room

• Western themed saloon • Theater Room • Arcade Room

• Two-story family room with fireplace • Radiant heated floors • Outdoor hot tub & leisure areas

Any time of year or occasion is the perfect time to stay and unwind. Coshocton Crest Lodge is truly magnificent.

Book Your Private Party, Reunion or Retreat Getaway! For more information, rates and availability: l 330.523.9123

Anthony Spena, Operations Manager (left) Michael Palubiak, Owner (center) Nick Adams, Assistant Operations Manager (right)

Enjoy Your Home’s Clean Exterior Throughout the Summer


by Kristal Pettit photos courtesy Perfect Power Wash

ou’ve finished your interior spring cleaning, now it’s time to clean your home’s exterior. No one wants to have a BBQ or outdoor summer party while looking at dirty siding and walkways. Impress your guests with a clean, maintained exterior and enjoy the fresh look of your property. Perfect Power Wash owner Mike Palubiak reminds homeowners that even more important than the way your property looks will be the repairs avoided by keeping your home, roof and concrete surfaces clean and protected. “Dirt, debris and other harmful contaminants are literally destroying your home and property,” Palubiak says.


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“Not only are the effects detracting from your home’s curb appeal, but they can do damage to your roof, siding, patio and driveway.” Perfect Power Wash offers an array of power washing, pressure cleaning and exterior restoration services to keep your home looking like new year-round. With more than 16 years in the power washing industry, Palubiak explains there is a way to avoid the costs of unnecessary replacement and repair. Concrete areas – sidewalks, driveways and patios – can be vulnerable to moisture and mildew. “Contrary to what people may think,

concrete is very porous,” Palubiak says. When moisture freezes during the winter contaminants including road salt, are also absorbed into the concrete causing cracking, spalling and chipping. As part of Perfect Power Wash’s concrete cleaning process, the company applies a protective sealant that forms an invisible protective blockade against moisture, leaving concrete looking its best yearround. “Those dark streaks on your roof are not just discoloration,” he explains. The streaks are caused by a type of harmful algae that feeds on the limestone found in asphalt shingles. The algae prevents shingles from drying, drastically affecting the durability of your roof.

“If you see discoloration, don’t wait to have it cleaned. It will cause irreversible damage,” Palubiak warns. Perfect Power Wash offers a soft-wash, low-pressure roof cleaning process, using specialized solutions that not only neutralize the algae, but inhibit future algae growth to keep roofs looking newer and lasting longer. “Not washing your home regularly allows mold, mildew, dirt and other contaminants to become embedded in your siding,” Palubiak points out. “Beyond the negative impact this has on the appearance of your home, it will also quickly destroy its exterior.” To help keep your home’s exterior looking like new, Perfect Power Wash offers a house washing service for any type of siding including vinyl, aluminum, brick, wood, and stucco. After applying a biodegradable cleanser that kills any

living organism, one of the company’s professionals will do a selective soft bristle brush scrub, followed by a double fresh water rinse. “Once we’re finished, your home will look like new again,” Palubiak said. Perfect Power Wash is fully insured and uses only the highest quality, environmentally friendly products. The company offers instant quotes over the phone using satellite images of their customers’ homes. For more information and for an instant quote over the phone, call Perfect Power Wash at 330.892.4127 or 440.984.6355. You can also visit them online at:

Perfect Power Wash 330.892.4127 440.984.6355

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Ready your Roof for Rain and Shine by Janine Purcell photos courtesy Brad Smith Roofing and Aaron Leyser


rue enough, Northeast Ohio experienced mild weather this past winter with welcome days in the 50 to 60 degree range. Despite the relatively warm days, winter weather conditions still take a toll on your roofing system. Drew Smith, Vice President and Project Manager of Brad Smith Roofing, encourages routine inspection to identify and correct vulnerabilities or outright damage to the components of your home’s roofing system. Drew says, “it’s important to keep an eye on your roof with an annual inspection. For example, weather or animals can


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland left: Stacey Kitchen and Drew Smith

cause tiles or shingles to move out of line, break or blow off. This damage can result in leaks. Temperature extremes and UV radiation can cause the underlayment to breakdown. Moss and algae growth can cause staining or black streaking.” When you arrange a roof inspection, the Brad Smith Roofing representative will perform a comprehensive assessment of the roof. First, the roof condition is evaluated in terms of overall appearance. Debris from trees or dirt buildup and physical damage is noted, as well as the surface condition, such as missing, damaged or degraded roofing material. For asphalt shingles, blistering, or the

appearance of ridges or wrinkles are symptoms of aging. Tile or slate shingles are assessed for chipping or cracks. The second major area of inspection is the roof flashing. This is typically aluminum sheeting and or caulking installed where the roof is interrupted by structures such as chimneys, skylights and dormers. It might also be installed in the valleys of the roof where water flows down and off of the roof. The metal or sealant can deteriorate or suffer damage, leading to moisture or water leaks, or openings that allow animals or insects to intrude into your house. For the metal material, there could be punctures; for caulk or other filling compound, deterioration, such as blistering or gapping, or other physical damage can subsequently undermine the integrity of the roof. The exterior walls that support the roof are inspected for signs of physical damage or undue expansion or contraction that could undermine the structural integrity of the roof itself. Water stains on the exterior walls could indicate an issue with the gutter or roof materials.

The inspection will also check on the status of the drainage system from the roof such as the gutters and drains that carry water off of and away from your roof and home. Keeping these free of leaves or other debris, and assuring they are in a solid functional state prevents expensive damage to the interior and exterior of your home. The resulting comprehensive report will offer priorities and options for maintenance. Then you can decide the best measures to take to keep that roof over your home in healthy shape and preserve the value of your “castle.� So, call on Brad Smith Roofing to inspect your roof system. With over 35 years of experience, they are dedicated to delivering projects with painstaking attention to detail, expert craftsmanship, all the while maintaining the highest level of professionalism. Brad Smith Roofing 24550 Sperry Drive, Westlake 440.835.3377

Brad Smith

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Outdoor Living: Enjoy Summer to the Fullest in Your Own Backyard by Janine Purcell photos courtesy Exscape Designs


he warmth and beauty of summertime in Northeast Ohio is the reward for the snow and ice we live through every winter. Enlist Exscape Designs to help you get more out of this summer by realizing more of your home’s outdoor potential. Maybe you’d like to upgrade your patio for a family event. Toss the rusted fire pit and create a gorgeous built-in place to roast the marshmallows. Or indulge in a pavilion or outdoor room to let your family spread out this summer into the yard. Many sources say that a beautiful landscape can increase the value of your property 5 to 25 percent. The Society of Landscape Architects points out that well-conceived and executed landscape improvements return 100 to 200 percent of their cost when a house is sold.


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Exscape Designs, headquartered in Chesterland, will work with you to create an outdoor oasis that suits your personal style and budget. A full service landscape company, Exscape Designs fields over 100 years of combined experience with its staff of certified landscape professionals. The company has beautified Northeast Ohio since 2004.

Exscape Designs offers a broad range of hardscape products. From a single outdoor feature or combination of elements – decks, patios, walkways, waterscaping, outdoor lighting, a fire pit, spa or place to stow lawn and other outdoor equipment.

President and Owner Bill Dysert has built a business to create “outdoor living spaces with design style.” In 2005 he hired one technician; now the team is 20 full-time staff that grows to 45 people during peak season running from April through the end of November. The business is presently 60 percent design and building of landscapes and hardscapes, 40 percent maintenance and snow removal. They also provide a commercial snow removal service. Bill Dysert

June and July are the perfect time to prune your current landscape plantings. For the sake of your trees and shrubs, let a professional handle this responsibility. Exscape offers detailed hand pruning and shearing. The aim at Exscape Designs is to “enhance people’s lives through positive interaction.” The dozens of testimonials on the company website suggests they are achieving that aim. Their clients’ experiences reflect success in building a relationship of trust and delivering more than what’s expected. Exscape Designs has won three “Best of Houzz” Service awards in recognition of their high standards and an unfailing commitment to their customers. Contact them by phone or through their website to begin a relationship that could increase the beauty and value of your home and enhance the quality of your life for many years to come. “Exscape Designs came back to plant a few trees, replace a flagstone walk with

bluestone and install spot lighting on some specimen trees in our front yard. Every day, the team worked constantly and diligently, including cleaning up after every session. I’ve been thrilled with the results and couldn’t be happier with how everything has turned out.” “What Exscape Designs delivered is nothing close to what we thought was in the contract - it far exceeded any of our high expectations. My family and I could not be happier with the design, quality of workmanship, and the maintenancefree final product! To cap it off - the house was appraised late last year and again last month by the same appraiser. We recovered our costs in the increased market value associated with the deck and screened patio work Exscape completed!” Exscape Designs 8228 Mayfield Road, Chesterland 440.729.0011

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A Day Spent Treasure Hunting in Our Independently-Owned Bookstores


by Patti London photos courtesy Fine Lifestyles

his magazine has no hidden agenda. We are unabashedly promoting local businesses in Northeast Ohio, sharing their stories and encouraging our readers to shop right here at home. Locally, we have access to a wide range of products and services, including books - those threedimensional paper items which have recently received premature obituaries. Contrary to reports of their obsolescence, books are alive and well and the locally owned brick and mortar stores selling


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them are thriving in neighborhoods throughout greater Cleveland. I discovered this first hand on April 30th, the nationally celebrated Independent Bookstore Day. Cleveland’s independent bookstores joined together to promote a tour of nine shops. Book shop tourists could participate in drawings at each stop, enjoy tour-sustaining snacks and have each store stamp a nicely designed “passport” brochure with information on each store. The tour was supported by Belt Magazine, Brews + Prose at Market

Garden Brewery, Literary Cleveland and the Northern Ohio Bibliophilic Society. It took six hours, but I made it to all nine bookstores on the tour. I made purchases at each and, of course, got my passport stamped. I started close to home and got two passport stamps in the same building at Loganberry Books and Strong Bindery on Larchmere Boulevard in Shaker Heights. Loganberry carries new books and unique cards for all occasions, but this shop’s used book selection is extensive.

This was easily the largest bookstore on the tour, with room after room of treasures to discover, 100,000 volumes, more or less. Strong Bindery is located in the labyrinth of rooms at Loganberry, specializing in the repair of 5,000 leather, hardcover and paperback volumes over the last 30 years. At Loganberry, I found the perfect graduation card for our niece and replaced my copy of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me, which I’d given away to someone who really needed to read it. At Loganberry I also ran into a friend from

my day job at the Justice Center and met his wife and baby. They were picking up more board books for their early reader. You can’t run into your friends and finally meet their babies on, I’m just sayin’. Next on the tour, I stopped at Mac’s Backs on Coventry Road in Cleveland Heights. I’m quite familiar with this shop, located next door to Tommy’s. A new book, a chocolate milk shake and life is complete. This shop boasts three floors of new and used books. The section of staff picks is especially well curated. Mac’s Backs was filled with shoppers, some of them getting their passports stamped, but plenty of others were just the usual Saturday book lovers. I grabbed a hardcover copy of Elizabeth Strout’s My Name is Lucy Barton, the selection for my book club’s next meeting.

59th and Detroit, having recently moved to a larger space. Their selection includes distinctive new and used books. I found memoirs by Margo Jefferson and Eileen Myles and a book of poetry by Ada Limón. Guide to Kulchur also boasts abundant space for hosting regular events, literary and political. Besides providing browsing opportunities you just can’t experience online, brick and mortar bookstores in Northeast Ohio provide critical community space. Each of the nine stores hosts events important to the life of our neighborhoods and city. Check the websites at the end of this article for upcoming lectures, panel discussions, book signings and much more than I can list in this space. Appletree keeps me informed of its monthly activities through an email newsletter. In fact, that’s how I learned of the Independent Bookstore Day tour in the first place.

My fourth passport stamp came from my regular haunt, Appletree Books in the Cedar-Fairmount neighborhood. This shop features an amazing selection of new books, given its relatively small size. I placed an order for Hamilton: The Revolution because I need that book the moment it’s available, and bought a paperback copy of Oliver Sacks’ memoir On the Move. I headed next to the west side.

The Bookshop in Lakewood and The Bookseller, Inc., in Akron had similar stocks of used books in every category, but they were definitely sources for serious collectors. First editions and antique books were available at these unique shops. I found a Hebrew-English dictionary in excellent condition and a classic in philosophy by Martin Buber. Both places were crowded with curious customers of all ages.

Guide to Kulchur is now located at West

My final two stops also shared a lot in

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


common. The Learnéd Owl in Hudson and Fireside Book Shop in Chagrin Falls are quintessential book stores, each with three floors of book-filled rooms to explore. One could easily spend six hours in either of these stores, but as I’d already visited seven stores I was running out of time. The Learnéd Owl’s children’s section is particularly nice and I found two board books there for our bookloving granddaughter. I felt genuinely welcomed by the staff at every shop I visited, but Fireside Book Shop’s staff celebrated with me when I turned in my passport, filled with stamps. Look for the Independent Bookstore Day tour next spring. In the meantime, you’ll find a visit to one of our independently owned, local book shops a truly worthwhile experience. You’ll run into friends. You’ll learn something new. And you’re bound to come across a great book you didn’t even know existed. Happy reading. Appletree Books 12419 Cedar Rd, Cleveland Heights 216.791.2665 The Bookseller, Inc. 39 Westgate Circle, Akron 330.865.5831 Bookshop in Lakewood 15721 Madison Ave, Lakewood 216.221.5222 Fireside Book Shop 29 N. Franklin St, Chagrin Falls 440.247.4050 Guide to Kulchur 5900 Detroit Ave, Cleveland 216.314.4644 The Learnéd Owl 204 N. Main St, Hudson 330.653.2252 Loganberry Books 13015 Larchmere Blvd, Shaker Heights 216.795.9800 Mac’s Backs 1820 Coventry Rd, Cleveland Heights 216.321.2665 Strong Bindery 13015 Larchmere Blvd, Shaker Heights 216.231.0001


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For Agent Kim Kaczorowski “It’s Personal” Kim Kaczorowski 32875 Solon Rd, Solon 440-781-0111



MAY 21 - AUG 21 Steel Magnolias Allen Theatre Cleveland Play House MAY 27 – AUG 28 Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia Museum of Contemporary Art

JUNE 11 Parade the Circle Wade Oval JUNE 15 - JULY 10 Phantom of the Opera State Theater Playhouse Square


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JULY 9 Beethoven’s Heroic Symphony Cleveland Orchestra Blossom Music Center

AUGUST 17 - 18 Paul McCartney Quicken Loans Arena

JULY 16 Sugar Blue Music Box Supper Club

AUGUST 19 - 21 Indians v. Blue Jays Progressive Field

JULY 23 Jane’s Addiction Jacobs Pavillion

AUGUST 20 Human Fund Fundraiser for the All-City Arts Program Crop Rocks

AUGUST 10 Josh Groban Blossom Music Center

AUGUST 31 Brent Kirby & His Luck Wade Oval Wednesday

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Applying Rigorous Attention to Your Roofing Needs by Mike Cabrerra photos courtesy Inside/Out Construction


nside/Out Construction is more than a name; it’s a symbol of the local company’s business philosophy. “Inside/Out denotes that our work comes from the inside, our conscience, and manifests itself in the quality of the service we deliver,” explains Dan Horvat, owner of the full-service residential and commercial roofing contractor. More than three decades ago, Dan started his career in the roofing industry by working for a local contractor. Interested in developing expertise in the area, Dan consulted directly with suppliers of roofing products to learn


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

proper and innovative roofing techniques. The more he learned, the more he began to notice where his employer was cutting corners. “I was being told to do things that weren’t right,” Dan recalls. “I couldn’t be a part of that, so I separated myself.” That’s when Dan established Inside/ Out Construction, which specializes in existing roof construction and other exterior work. Now with more than 30 years of roofing experience, Dan ensures the enduring quality and integrity of his company’s work. He has maintained a small, familiar team of roofers and

personally supervises every job. “I’m always out there with my main foreman,” Dan assures. When Dan arrives on the job, he likes to get to know the homeowner. He takes a thorough look at the home, its design, and any factors—such as ventilation and insulation—that are integral to the longevity of the roof. “I’ll stay with a homeowner for longer than your average contractor,” Dan says. “It may not be as profitable for us, but we ensure that the homeowner is covered for the long run.” With Inside/Out Construction, every

Dan Horvat, Owner

consultation is thorough and two-sided so that the clients understand any problems with their roof, as well as the options they have to resolve them. “I give my clients the information they need, without pushing them or telling them what they ‘have to’ do,” Dan says. “We discuss a comprehensive set of options so they can make an informed decision, and then we work within the parameters of their decision.” Many know the Inside/Out Construction team as the smart roofers, for their commitment to continuing their professional education. They frequently attend seminars and research new roofing products and techniques. Inside/Out Construction was one of the first in the Cleveland area, for example, to perfect the proper technique for removing harmful algae from asphalt

roofs without jeopardizing the integrity of the shingles. This algae appears as black stains and can dramatically shorten the lifespan of the roofs it infests. “Algae is a living organism, and it feeds on roofs,” Dan explains. “We exterminate the algae and then provide treatments on roofs that have been affected by algae.” With the recent transition from cold to warm weather, now is the time to have your roof examined. Call Inside/Out Construction at 216.253.5482 to have Dan visit your home and help keep you covered. Inside/Out Construction is located at 19475 Saint Clair Avenue in Cleveland. For more information, you can email Dan at danielhorvat123@gmail. com. Inside/Out Construction 216.253.5482

Your Complete Solution for Home Building, Remodeling and Furniture by Meg Pauken photos Vincent Pearson Photography


at Perrino, owner and president of Perrino Home Builders, is the ultimate problem-solver, which is just the kind of person you want to build or remodel your home. Pat’s problem-solving strategy evolved into what he calls The Complete Home Solution. According to Perrino, who has been in the business for over 30 years, the evolution of The Complete Home Solution started years ago, when he was furnishing his model homes. He could not find the furniture that he was seeking for sale locally, so he started Perrino Furniture. Frustrated with delays in getting certain materials and fixtures,


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

he established direct relationships with multiple suppliers of flooring, tile, granite, cabinetry, lighting and plumbing fixtures, as well as exterior finishes. The cost saving from eliminating the distributor layer is reflected in the construction costs for Perrino’s customers. An added benefit to his clients is that they do not have to visit multiple suppliers, coordinating and comparing samples in showrooms all across the area. About five years ago, the process further evolved when Perrino first hired ASIDcertified interior designers, some with specific training in kitchen design, to work in the furniture store and with his homebuilding clients. This was a game-

changer. “We offer the interior design services for free to our customers, which is a tremendous benefit. The clients get room-by-room interior design, including everything from flooring to paint to fabrics and window treatments,” Pat explains. “Our designers will go to their homes and measure their existing furniture to see how it will fit into the new space and then create a custom plan for them.” The response from his clients has been overwhelming. “They absolutely love it,” he says, “It eliminates a lot of delays and the results are just spectacular.” The

Pat Perrino

Complete Solution is available to both building and remodeling clients. “Our team of experienced professionals work with our clients wherever they are in the process,” Perrino advises, noting that clients sometimes come to them before they even select a building site, and receive assistance with that decision. They will work in Perrino’s exisitng developments or build on customer owned sites and specialize in projects requiring tear down and rebuild. Perrino also does a significant amount of remodeling, including complete kitchen and bath renovations, and basements.

Currently, Perrino’s experienced team is working at a number of residential developments in the area, but he is especially excited about Acacia Estates, a gated community located on the site of the former Acacia Country Club, adjacent to the new Acacia Reservation, a 155-acre greenspace. Acacia Estates offers a central location in Lyndhurst, with easy access to shopping and to the highway. Home prices in Acacia Estates begin in the $400’s and a model is open for viewing. “We can customize plans to suit unique lots,” Pat says, adding “My team is accustomed to working with clients Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


to truly customize their homes to the client’s taste.” Perrino Home Builders is a leader in green design, incorporating energy-saving options into their new construction. These include standard 2x6 framing, R21 insulation in walls and R50 in ceilings, all windows and maximum efficiency heating/cooling systems. Typically included are Bosch appliance packages, which are energy-star certified. Additional options, such as spray foam insulation, tankless water heaters and geothermal heating are also available. In keeping with their customer-centered approach, Perrino’s team of professionals utilizes Builder Trend, an electronic live scheduling system, to keep its clients up to date about the progress of their home. “It’s in real time, so they always know what is happening on any given day. It eliminates a lot of stress for them to be able to check on the progress whenever they want,” Perrino says. Customers can experience the Complete Solution to their building, remodeling and furniture needs in one visit. Stop into


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

the Perrino Builders Design Center in Mayfield Heights, to see how Pat and his team can help you with your new home or remodeling project. Perrino Furniture, also at that location, is open to the public, not only to clients of Perrino Builders. The company website has a complete list of developments where they are currently working, information about open houses, and a photo gallery of completed projects Perrino Design Center is located at 6163 Mayfield Road in Mayfield Heights. Hours are 10-5 Monday - Saturday, 10-9 on Thursday, and 12-5 on Sunday. Call 440.919.1000 for more information or to schedule a consultation with Pat and his team. Perrino Builders 440.487.4021


NORTHEAST OHIO’S PREMIER POOL REPAIR, INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE COMPANY Swimming Pool Service and Repair Specialists • Year-Round Service • Maintenance Contracts • Parts/Service/Repair/Installation

Pool and Spa Installations • In-Ground Vinyl-Lined/Concrete Pools • In-Ground Swimming Pool Liners • Hot Tub & Spa Service and Repair

Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner for six years in a row!

216.355.7168 | |

For Your Health and the Health of Your Home by Mike Cabrerra photos courtesy Benjamin Franklin Plumbing


hlorine is a reliable way to kill bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms in your water. But once chlorine has done its job, it has to go. For more than a century, chlorine has been the standard form of water treatment. The city uses this chemical to treat your home’s water supply, but doesn’t require homes to be equipped with carbon filters, which remove chlorine from the water. So, many homeowners and their families may unknowingly be taking in harmful amounts of chlorine by drinking — and bathing in — chlorinated tap water. Prolonged exposure to chlorine is harmful to our bodies. In fact, people who drink chlorinated water are at a 93 percent greater risk of getting cancer


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

than those who drink non-chlorinated water, according to the U.S. Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). “Every time I treat well water with chlorine, I remove iron, sulfur (rotten egg smell), kill coliform (rotten vegetation) and kill e-coli (fecal waste, etc.), but I put in a carbon filter to remove the chlorine so people don’t drink it,” states Eric Dunlap, water treatment specialist and Operations Manager at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a fullservice plumbing company that has serviced the Northeast Ohio area for more than four decades. Its experienced technicians can install a whole-home carbon filter that will remove all chlorine from your home’s water supply. While they’re at it, they can install a city softener

in your home, which does the work of both a water softener and a carbon filter, at a much lower price than buying both units separately. “Even people in the industry used to think that smelling the chlorine in the water is a good thing, but the chlorine has already done its job so it’s in the best interest of the homeowner to remove it,” says Tom Golian, General Manager at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Bathing in chlorinated water dries out your skin and hair and, according to CEQ, accounts for about twothirds of harmful chlorine intake. City water also contains a variety of minerals, such as scale, lime and iron. These minerals don’t necessarily pose a threat to your health, but they can cause quite a bit of headaches. “Hard water

damages aerators, washing machine screens, water heaters, etc.,” Eric states. “Minerals leave white buildup on shower heads and can even adhere to toilets and faucets.” Hard water leaves water spots and bathtub rings. It makes it difficult to rinse off in the shower and leads to greater consumption of soap and detergent. Water softeners help to avoid these problems and prolong the lives of certain plumbing fixtures by removing minerals from the home’s water supply. To find out how Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can improve the quality of your home’s water, call 440.543.1151. Visit for more information and to find coupons for a variety of services. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is located at 12043 Mayfield Road in Chardon. When its technicians show up, you’ll see why more than 98 percent of first-time customers return to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for all their future plumbing needs.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing 12043 Mayfield Road, Chardon 440.543.1151

Owner, Dennis Kratochvil and Tom Golian, GM Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Enhance Your Backyard Living Space


by DylanYépez photos courtesy Fine Lifestyles

ooden decks and backyard accoutrements, such as pergolas and gazebos, are stylish extensions of your home that can transform the way you use your outdoor space. Whether it’s a family barbecue, a reunion of friends, or just a relaxing Sunday afternoon, a customized backyard space is the finest place to enjoy it.

Twenty-seven years later, Dave continues to personally handle every facet of the business, from the initial consultations to the fence and deck installations and maintenance.

“I vowed to stay small, give personal service, and make sure I’m on every job site so everything is done perfectly,” - Dave Schwalm

Its name says “Fence,” but Truline Fence has built elegant, robust decks and backyard structures across northern Ohio for decades. Owner Dave Schwalm was born and raised in Shaker Heights, and began working in the trade in 1977. He started Truline Fence in ’89, as a reliable purveyor and servicer of fences and decks, both residential and commercial.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Dave can work atop any terrain and build anything from a set of back steps to an entire deck with a handicap ramp. He has a specialized focus on wood structures and each of their components, such as railings and steps, to ensure the highest possible quality on those specific jobs. To work within a variety of budgets, Dave builds from all sorts of timber, from composite materials to cedar and

Dave Schwalm

high-end hardwoods. Tigerwood, for instance, is a popular lumber for creating elegant structures that will last. This super-durable hardwood will thrive in Northeast Ohio’s brutal weather. For a more toned-down, natural aesthetic, teak is a versatile option that also fares extremely well against the elements. Dave uses custom hidden fasteners to hold the deck together without relying on unsightly screws and nails, thus ensuring that the finished deck will look as refined as the hardwood used in its construction. “We hide all the nails on the deck, and we do custom hidden fasteners for deck surfaces,” Dave says. “There are never any nail holes or screws sticking out.” If you’re replacing or updating your deck, fence or railings, don’t worry about the old wood and metal. Dave collects all the scraps and recycles them. “We never put anything into a landfill,” Dave says. “It all

gets recycled.” If you’re in the market for a new fence or another structural asset to your backyard, call Dave and he’ll give you a free consultation, including a fair and honest estimate right then and there. “We meet. I measure. I give you a price,” Dave says. Truline Fence provides threeto-five-year workmanship guarantees on all new installations. But you probably won’t need it, because Dave is onsite daily to ensure the job is done right the first time. Truline Fence covers all of northern Ohio. Give Dave a call at 440.479.8342, and he’ll come out with samples and photos of previous work. No job is too big or too small for Truline Fence. Truline Fence 440.479.8342

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with fewer nails per the warrantied installation protocol. The shingles also have advanced adhesion systems to keep the rows of shingles tightly laminated together. Overall, the product delivers wind resistance up to 130 mph when installed per the warranty’s technical specifications. Amish crews, known for their efficient and high quality work, perform the roofing installations. “For the most part we complete roofing projects in one to three days,” explains Ray Sabin, owner of Northcoast. If your roof has sustained damage covered by insurance, call on Northcoast Energy Masters. The staff are certified by Haag, ensuring that competent, credible damage assessment techniques are used when filing an insurance claim for roof damage. Haag’s methods are scientifically-based and researchsupported. The certification indicates that the inspector has attained a proven level of skill and knowledge, bringing a level of authority that is respected by insurance companies.

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Northcoast Energy Masters has earned and maintained a reputation for quality work on time and budget for all outdoor home weatherization products. Their range of expertise includes custom replacement windows and doors, siding and gutters, and comprehensive insulation solutions, in addition to the high quality roofing work highlighted here. “We take the time to listen to your concerns and needs, and offer the best possible solution to fit your budget,” Ray shares.

by Janine Purcell photo courtesy Fine Lifestyles and Energy Masters


s your relationship deepens over the years with your home, it makes every kind of sense to enhance its energy efficiency to save on the expenses of home ownership and as an added value when you someday sell your home. In terms of immediate financial advantage, did you know that a new roof can qualify you for a federal income tax energy credit? Northcoast Energy Masters, a 33-plus year-old family business, can install an Owens Corning Asphalt shingle roof that will qualify for


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

up to $500 in energy credit when you square up with Uncle Sam for 2016. The Owens Corning line of asphalt shingles are eligible for the federal tax credit for existing homes, a tax credit that has been extended through December 31, 2016. Northcoast is an Owens Corning Preferred contractor. The product line uses the patented SureNail® Te c h n o l o g y — a technological breakthrough in roofing. This technology utilizes a uniquely engineered composition of the nailing area that results in stronger fastening to the roof

RaySabin Jr. and Senior

Since 1983 Northcoast Energy has worked with thousands of customers. Repeat and referral business attests to their customers’ satisfaction as does their standing for 17 years as an Angie’s List Super Service Award. Of course they are fully licensed, bonded and insured. As a member of PRO (Professional Remodelers of Ohio), Northcoast Energy Masters is pledged to observe high standards of honesty, integrity and responsibility in the conduct of business. They offer you the latest ideas from around the nation to serve you better. For more information regarding your roof and other energy efficiency upgrades, visit or email Ray at “Like” Northcoast Energy Masters on Facebook and follow @nrgmasters on Twitter for updates and tips. Call to schedule your own custom home energy audit. Northcoast Energy Masters 440.439.8250 216.923.0810

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Let Technology

Provide Your Peace of Mind this Summer by Janine Purcell photos Aaron Leyser


ummer poses unique security issues for homeowners. Whether your family is away on vacation or you’re at work and have older kids coming and going during the day, there’s peace of mind in being able to remotely monitor your home’s security system. Vector Security, Inc. has state of the art solutions to remotely monitor and even activate or de-activate the security system while away from home. They can also provide a deterrent to would-be intruders while still allowing homeowners to enjoy keeping windows open. Vector Security can assess your home for an intelligent security system tailored to your situation and budget. Vector Security, Inc. is one of the largest electronic security companies in the U.S. They provide commercial and


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residential video surveillance, mobile and home functions that are programmed to operate automatically, as well as controlled property access, and fire and intrusion protection across North America, Canada and the Caribbean. They design, install and monitor complete security systems for hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses and multi-site retail chains. In 2015 Vector Security was awarded the national Dealer of the Year Award, given by SDM Magazine, a security industry trade magazine. This top honor from SDM Magazine has been presented annually since 1980 and recognizes Vector Security for its innovation, use of industry best practices, and notable growth and accomplishments in the security dealer industry. Locally, Vector is represented by Regional

Managers Christine Longley in Geneva, Ohio, and Gordon Zeiler in the Boardman office. They can help you explore the new generation of home security solutions that provide convenient access to a sophisticated array of tools. From your smart phone, computer and tablet, you can turn lights, radio and televisions on and off to create the impression that you are at home. You can control the door locks, which means you needn’t fret about forgetting to secure your home, and also let in family members, visitors or trusted service technicians without providing them a key. For the warmer seasons, Vector Security systems can be adjusted to allow you to open your windows to a pre-determined setting. Once the security system is activated, the alarm will sound if the windows are raised beyond that height, thereby protecting your home and

family from unwelcome guests. Another setting will activate the alarm through the detection of movement in the home. If you are away but your pets are home, further adjustments can be made to instruct the motion detector to ignore, say, a fifty pound occupant trotting through the living room on the way to the dog dish in the kitchen. Video cameras can operate in live or cliprecording mode. While you’re at work, open a window on your computer and observe in real time how your kids are behaving with the nanny, and maybe get a glimpse of your beloved pet. To create peace of mind regarding older loved ones, you can install personal technology with wristband or pendant button activators to summon medical help if needed. Knowing that help can be summoned when needed provides a sense of safety and peace of mind. When it comes to responding to security alarms, Vector Security’s awardwinning monitoring services start with experienced operators available around the clock to dispatch authorities to your location quickly when an alarm is triggered. They employ a nationallyrecognized false alarm protocol to rule out false alarms and then immediately contact the appropriate emergency responder. Back-up cellular, radio or Internet service options can ensure continuous monitoring of your security system even if standard telephone service is interrupted. As vacation season begins, talk to Christine or Gordon at Vector Security to customize security solutions for your home or business. They are happy to discuss your unique needs because their primary concern is the safety of you and your family.

Vector Security 50 E. Main Geneva, Ohio 440.466.7233 970 Windham Court, Suite 2 Boardman, Ohio 330.726.9841

Vector Security Team - Geneva and Boardman Branches Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Growing Young Leaders and Building Community

Cleveland Botanical Garden: by Meg Pauken photos courtesy of Cleveland Botanical Garden


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


leveland Botanical Garden has been a vibrant presence in the city of Cleveland since it began, but its reach goes far beyond its landmark gardens at University Circle. Through its Green Corps program, CBG has been cultivating young leaders while growing fresh produce in food deserts interspersed throughout the city. Green Corps started in 1996 as a program to employ teens from low income families to work at CBG’s learning farms, with the intention of teaching them usable skills and breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty. The first farm to host teen workers was Midtown Learning Garden, located at East 66th and Chester, near Dunham Tavern Museum. Currently, there are five urban community gardens in the program, located in the Central, Fairfax, Buckeye-Woodland and Slavic Village neighborhoods, in addition to Midtown. Each farm has its own unique character and mix of planting sites, including fruit orchards and community garden plots. The Green Corps program has expanded with the opening of each learning garden, and now employs 45 students each summer, who range in age from 14 to 18. They are predominantly from the

city of Cleveland, with a few from innerring suburbs. These are paid summer jobs, at twenty hours per week, so competition is stiff to get in. According to Anne Juster, Interim Director of Green Corps, about 200 kids applied for the 45 available positions this year. Students learn the basics of farming and farm management, but they also learn life skills like teamwork, responsibility, customer service and entrepreneurship. CBG’s farms produce fruits and vegetables for sale, and students work the farm stands at Tremont and Shaker Square Farmer’s Markets and at the farm sites. In addition to working in the “production” garden, each Green Corps participant is assigned his or her own garden bed. They can take home whatever they grow in their own plot. A five-year longitudinal study of the program, conducted by the Mandel School of Applied Social Science at Case Western Reserve University, found significant benefits to the Green Corps participants. In addition to acquiring leadership and teamwork skills, the students gained a sense of community stewardship and an understanding of the environmental impact of urban farming. Participants became educated about nutrition and healthy living, which they shared with their families. The Green Corps teens leave the program more prepared for the workplace and further education. “Some of our students have gone on to study culinary arts, biology and engineering. Others make use of the entrepreneurship and customer service skills they have learned in the program,” Ms. Juster explains. The Green Corps learning farms also benefit the entire community in which they are located. According to Ms. Juster, all of the farms are located in “food deserts,” where access to fresh fruits and vegetables is in short supply. Often these neighborhoods do not have a local supermarket, so residents must either travel significant distances to shop, or buy from local convenience stores. The availability of produce from the community farms, and their ability to accept WIC and other forms of benefits, Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


allows community members access to fresh, healthy food. The benefits to the communities are not only nutritional, however. The urban farms are attractive green spaces in what were often abandoned properties, brightening up the landscape and creating a hub of activity. For example, the Central Learning Garden is on the site of a former school. The SlavicVillage Learning Garden was created from “lasagna beds,� layers of mulch and compost materials, laid over the asphalt of a former automobile lot. These green oases in the urban landscape have become sources of local interest and pride. The Green Corps staff provides assistance to community organizations that are working to create urban community farms. Anne and her team help facilitate the process of visioning and planning the gardens, while providing education about fundraising, construction and maintenance, as well as on-going education regarding farming practices. While the urban community farms utilize the services of Green Corps employees and four paid farm managers and assistant managers, they also rely on volunteers from the community.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

According to Ms. Juster, local companies often host work days at one of the farms as community service projects. Look for Green Corps market stands at The Tremont Farmer’s Market and at Shaker Square Farmers Market this summer. Information about tours of the urban learning farms, as well as volunteer opportunities, is available on the CBG website,


JEWELER OWNED AND OPERATED DIAMONDS CUSTOM DESIGN REPAIR 516 E.Washington Street Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022 440-247-5600

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