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With Fine Lifestyles editor PATTI LONDON

Fine Lifestyles The Magazine 2016 Volume 4 Issue 3 Publisher Marc London


hat a great summer this has been. As I walk around downtown Cleveland I’ve noticed so many more people than usual. I see people carrying grocery bags and walking dogs on a regular basis. I’ve worked downtown since 1989 and this is the first time the city feels truly inhabited to me. I’ve also noticed that most of the inhabitants have been smiling since June 19th. It’s a great energy which is spreading to the suburbs and hopefully will positively affect all of Cleveland’s neighborhoods, with tax dollars for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and employment opportunities for everyone. Shaker Heights is experiencing its own renaissance thanks to the revitalized Van Aken District. We’re looking forward to shopping and dining in Shaker’s new downtown, where we hope to run into lots of our friends and neighbors. Economic opportunities for small and medium-sized companies are real in Cleveland. This growth is not based on a single industry, which could be subject to a bursting bubble, but on solid investment and diverse commercial activities. This issue covers a wide array of businesses, each of which is invested in Cleveland’s economy. We feature Dr. Livingston on this issue’s cover. He keeps his patients moving pain free without surgery, allowing them to continue working and contributing to the community. Read about the companies which improve our homes, adding value to our neighborhoods, like Perrino Furniture, Riviera Construction and Marshall Carpet, to name just a few. Oak and Embers Tavern and Nora are part of the food scene which is now nationally recognized. Artists like Vincent Pearson Photography and DJ Jules are part of a vibrant arts and entertainment culture. I know I sound like a cheerleader but I’m not worried about seeming undignified. I feel like singing like Eliza Hamilton from my favorite musical: Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now! Keep smiling, Cleveland.


Marlon Tussel 216-548-6292


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Embracing Technology One Zap at a Time By Patti London


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


ou might be surprised to know that even an old school print media company like Fine Lifestyles embraces technology, too. In fact, it’s thanks to technology that a small, family owned business can publish a vibrantly visual, information-filled quarterly magazine in the first place. In this issue, you may notice something a bit unusual on some of the pages. It looks like a small circle with a lightning bolt in the middle. This small icon is your portal to a fun dimension of extra content. To gain access, simply download the free app from Zappar, aim your smartphone at the icon on the page and step into the world of augmented reality. Augmented reality is actually just a catchy phrase for the computer-generated sound, video or graphics you can see when aiming your device at an object in the real world. Using computer vision and object recognition technology, a user can interact with and manipulate the digital media visible on their screen. Augmented reality was first used for military, industrial and medical applications. Now it’s used to find Pokemon characters and additional content in our magazine. The concept may seem brand new but it’s actually been around for a long time. In the 1950’s and 60’s when researchers were first developing the idea, the notion of computer/human interaction sounded like pure science fiction. Then the world of video gaming expanded the

concept through the Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox which used the technology to detect player movement and incorporate it into the game playing out on the screen. Now that we have smartphones with high quality cameras, faster processing speeds and better internet, augmented reality will quickly find many uses which even the computer scientists sixty years ago couldn’t imagine. To explore the added content in this issue, download the Zappar app. It’s available for iPhone, iPad and most Android phones and tablets. Once you start the app, it will open up to a camera view in scanning mode. As you scan the Zapcode, the little lightning bolt in a circle, the content will open on your screen. It might be video, audio or extra graphics - you won’t know what’s hidden behind the Zapcode until you zap it. We’re just starting to explore the possibilities here at Fine Lifestyles. We still like the feeling of flipping through the pages of our magazine, rolling it up and cramming it into our beach tote, and leaving it on the coffee table for others to read. But imbedding a helpful video into an article or ad only increases what we can share with our readers, without taking away from anything we already love about reading a three-dimensional magazine in the real world. Have fun with the Zapcodes and don’t worry, there are no Pokemon monsters lying in wait on these pages.

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Experience the Wonder of Giving Back


t Vincent Pearson Fine Art Portrait Design we personalize your home or office decor with portraiture, enhancing the enjoyment of those who live or work there. We relish the success we’ve experienced producing portraiture and we are passionate about giving back. With this in mind, we are happy to announce that we intend to donate $150,000 of goods, services and cash to local charities by the end of 2016. This will be an incredible journey during which we plan to meet extraordinary people doing life-changing work to make the world a better place. To celebrate, we are offering ten $500 gift certificates to the first ten people who want to kick off 2016 by donating $99 to the charity of your choice. Contact us via our website or email to join us on this journey and experience the wonder of giving back. Vincent Pearson Fine Art Portrait Design 216.385.5452

Do It With Coffee L

ooking for a fundraising product for your organization that will be an easy sell at the office? Much easier to sell than candy and lighter than boxes of fruit, coffee makes fundraising virtually effortless. Do It With Coffee is a local, small batch coffee roaster with items ranging from Keurig brew cups to pre-measured one pot bags of ground coffee. The order taking and delivery work are handled by Do It With Coffee. The only requirement for your fundraising organization is to fill out a form to obtain a code on the Do It With Coffee website. They provide you with a page to email blast with your organization’s code. Your supporters order their gourmet coffee using the code and your organization gets a portion of the profits. Do it with coffee does all the work and you get a check! Traditional fundraising with an order form and delivery by the seller is another option. Also available as corporate gifts and promotional items, the coffee labels can be personalized and adorned with your company’s logo. You’ll be the popular parent if you make this fundraising suggestion for your child’s soccer team or marching band this school year. 216.695.1547


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland




516 E.Washington Street Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022 440-247-5600

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland



Safely Store Your Clothes for the Season and Protect Your Investment


By Dylan Yépez Photos Vincent Pearson Photography

all is just around the corner, meaning it’s time to put away your spring and summer clothes and unpack your sweaters. Before storing your clothes until the warm weather returns, have London Cleaners pick them up and dry-clean them. Alex Shvartshteyn is a third-generation custom tailor, who spent years making and altering garments. Thirty years ago, he decided to channel his thorough understanding of fabrics and clothing into the processes that keep them clean. Alex purchased London Cleaners in 1984 and transformed it into a 100 percent door-todoor dry-cleaning service that can handle any type of clothing and serves Northeast


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Ohio, from Chardon to Avon Lake and into northern Akron and Medina. Terri, the plant manager at London Cleaners, spoke with us about the best methods of cleaning our garments before putting them away for the season. Dust and dirt that is not cleaned out will settle in and can ruin the fabric. Terri explains that some stains deoxidize, similar to after taking a bite out of an apple. You set the apple down and it turns brown. It’s the same process with your clothing pieces which have not been properly cleaned. Fabrics stained by sugars or milk-based products can attract moths putting all of

your clothing at risk. Perfumes can also cause discoloration if not cleaned out of the fabric and colors can not be put back into our clothes. Another storage nightmare Terri warns us about is using plastic bags or containers to store clothing items. When your drycleaned garments are delivered to your house they should be taken out of the plastic bags. Proper care both during and between seasons will maintain the investment you’ve made in your clothing. “We’ll Take It From Here” is the London Cleaners’ motto — and these full-service dry cleaners stick to it. “We’re the only company that does exclusively door-todoor, and we’ve perfected the service,” Alex says. Customers can schedule regular service to have London Cleaners routinely stop by their homes or offices, or they can simply call, or email, on an as-needed basis.

Nobody needs to be home, so the service is completely hands-off and convenient. Beyond convenience, though, London Cleaners maintains a level of dry-cleaning service attainable only through decades of experience. From cleaning to preservation and storage, let the experts at London Cleaners take the guesswork out of garment care. Visit londoncleaners. com to explore the services offered, and call 800.832.1222 or local number 440.283.0200 to get started today.

London Cleaners 800.832.1222 440.283.0200

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland



Capturing the Essence of Your Family

in an Artistic Wall Portrait By Kristal Pettit Photography Vincent Pearson Photography


itting for a family portrait is not at the top of everyone’s list in terms of having a good time. A truly gifted portrait photographer, however, can make that awkward feeling melt away. Even if you’re attempting the impossible, like a sitting with a teenager or wayward puppy, Vincent, of Vincent Pearson Photography, has the magical demeanor to set everyone at ease.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Seeing you happily through the portrait session is only one of Vincent’s gifts. Capturing the essence of your family in heart warming, artistic portraits is another. Vincent explains, “It’s an honor and a privilege to be a portrait photographer.” He believes nothing is more valuable or more personal than family and that his job is to capture a moment in time that preserves your

history, tells your story, and creates a family memory to give you a lifetime of pleasure. Following the portraiture sitting, Vincent takes the time to review the collection of photos with you and your family. Vincent is able to point out specific characteristics of the portraits from an artist’s perspective. Of course your focus is on whether you’re making that face that makes you look just like your mother, but Vincent can direct your attention to how the lighting creates a unique tone to the picture or how other elements in the picture create movement or direct the viewer’s eye in a particular way. Under Vincent’s direction, you gain a new appreciation for the portrait as art. Displayed above your mantel, in a collection in a hallway or in your office, your memories will live as portrait art forever. Vincent enjoys exploring different formats within the portraiture genre. He has created collages, which are collections of three to five images in single framed art pieces, and montages, unique combinations of black and white images within one portrait. Vincent’s art fusion panel blends the edges of the images into one seamless artistic masterpiece.

Vincent has photo journalism credentials with this magazine as well as with Solon Life and Inside Westlake magazines. In fact, the family portrait of Dr. John and Jeanette Livingston with their children which graces this issue’s cover was produced by Vincent.

Vincent Pearson Photography 216.385.5452

The Livingstons could choose any one of the family portraits Vincent created and have Vincent turn it into a set of holiday greeting cards or stationery celebrating any event in their family life. Vincent also produces Signature Albums which are individually designed to match the mood, style and tone of your images. The Livingston family could collect multiple portraits from their sitting and have them printed on rich UV-coated, mounted pages in an Italian leather bound volume which would certainly become a family heirloom. Vincent will gladly answer any questions you might have about his portrait art and his process. His creative time is valuable but Vincent believes that understanding and getting to know one another creates the best atmosphere for portrait art to occur. He looks forward to capturing your family’s legacy in a wall portrait to enjoy in perpetuity.

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Kevinee Gilmore


Improving the Odds for the Most Vulnerable By Patti London Photos courtesy Kevinee Gilmore


he editorial staff at Fine Lifestyles is perpetually seeking stories of people making a positive difference in our city. We hear too much bad news and not enough about the good going on right in our backyard. That’s why we included a cover story about Brandon Chrostowski at Edwins, educating former offenders so they can pursue fulfilling careers in our burgeoning food industry. And why we love to write about the opportunities the All-City Arts program creates for the amazingly talented performing artists in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. And why we featured the Botanical Garden’s summer program for budding farm entrepreneurs living in our urban neighborhoods. Cleveland has problems like all cities, but it’s also full of energetic problem-solvers. One of those problem-solvers recognized a place in our pages for her project and contacted us. Kevinee Gilmore knows firsthand the difficulties of growing up in the foster care system and searching for resources as a young adult to support a path to success. Kevinee’s goal is to raise awareness of the hurdles faced


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

by kids aging out of the foster care system and, in turn, remove the stigma attached to these kids. As Kevinee puts it, “Honestly anyone who survives foster care should be applauded rather than stigmatized.” Extensive statistics are kept by Federal and state child welfare organizations, and those statistics are not good for older children who are awaiting adoption. For 2013, the most recent reporting year where the numbers are available for Ohio, roughly 67% of all children removed from the home and placed in foster care were reunified with their families within 12 months. Reunification is the stated goal of child welfare agencies and the sooner the family is stabilized and the problems resolved which led to the child’s removal, the better for all involved. Yet for the 12,249 children in foster care in Ohio at the end of the fiscal year, one third of them will not be reunified with their families, leaving them to wait for a family to adopt them. And one third of those, roughly 1,000 children, are between the ages of 12 and 18. Many of these kids have suffered from neglect and physical abuse.

Kevinee Gilmore lived in 13 different placements ranging from shelter care facilities, residential homes and foster homes from the age of 13 until she turned 18. “I know first-hand how challenging it is to leave foster care at age 18 (called ‘aging out’) without having been adopted and without family support and guidance,” she says. At 18 years old, Kevinee enrolled at Cleveland State University so she could live in the dorms and avoid homelessness. “I was forced to sleep in cars and shelters during holiday breaks. It took me 7 years to complete my degree,” Kevinee explains. “I am devoted to helping other newly aged-out foster youth avoid these types of barriers as they pursue higher education to better their lives.” As a concrete step toward her goal, Kevinee, now 32, saved $30,000 of her own money to purchase a two family home in the Larchmere neighborhood. She identified four young people who had recently aged out of the system to move in. While the house was being renovated, it was burglarized. The thieves took

everything, two hot water tanks, two furnaces, the toilets, paint, flooring, drywall and tools had all been stolen. But Kevinee is unrelenting and refuses to let this setback deter her from her mission. While she’s working on grants and other fundraising to create solid housing options in safe neighborhoods for kids aging out of foster care, Kevinee is waging a full-scale social media campaign to bring attention to foster kids. Wherever there’s an event, Kevinee is there posing with politicians, musical artists, actors, and sports figures with her #FosterCare placard. Through consistent exposure Kevinee is reminding us not only of the plight of the kids transitioning from the system into adulthood, but more importantly, their potential. Her determination and enthusiasm give the young people whose lives she touches the pride and courage they need to succeed. Follow Kevinee on Instagram for inspiration to make a difference, @hashtagfostercare.

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland



Changing the World for the Aging By Kristal Pettit Photos Vincent Gorman


hoosing the right arrangement to allow an aging parent to remain independent is challenging, to say the least. And when a family member’s care and well-being are at stake, expectations of the care giver are generally very high. Home Care Solutions is one of those highachieving companies which continually strives to go beyond the expectations of its customers and their families. “I’m reminded of the statement that ‘It’s not the destination that matters but rather the journey’,” Scott Michaels, owner of Home Care Assistance, says when asked


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

about his company’s strategy to provide exceptional customer service. “To me, being the best is a destination. The journey – our approach, our culture, our processes, our caring, our services - is what really matters.” Scott strongly believes that if he can thoughtfully create a journey for Home Care Assistance, it will translate into great service for their clients. Scott Michaels describes several steps which he considers crucial to his business’s successful journey. From the first contact with a prospective client, Home Care Assistance is super responsive. They understand that supporting and caring

for a loved one is not always subject to advance planning. There are often urgent time constraints involved along with the associated stress of making challenging and emotional decisions. They listen carefully to their clients’ and families’ concerns and based on these, they prepare a comprehensive and holistic service plan. Their service plan focuses on the person’s holistic needs relating to physical activity, good nutrition, social interaction and mental and emotional well-being. At Home Care Assistance they know each client is a unique individual with specific needs and desires.

Home Care Assistance has been recognized in the Solon community for their responsiveness to clients and their families. Jill Frankel, Director of Senior Services for the city of Solon says, “I feel extremely lucky to have Home Care Assistance located in Solon. I have witnessed first hand the kindness and care provided by Scott and his staff, as well as their spirit of community. It is evident that they are concerned with enhancing the lives of both frail and well older adults.” An important step in Home Care Assistance’s journey is maintaining a perspective which includes the entire family. They understand that the services they provide also impact other family members. They know safety is of paramount importance so their services provide peace of mind that loved ones are being kept safe and cared for with dignity, passion, sincerity and a caring spirit. The feedback they receive is used by Home Care Assistance to constantly improve its services. By being responsive to the feedback of their clients and families, they, in turn, earn their trust. This approach is clearly paying off. Home Care Assistance recently received this feedback from the daughter of a client, “Scott Michaels went above and beyond normal home care services by helping us provide an educational session for our caregivers to address a very special need in caring for our mom.” Home Care Assistance located a nurse to present the educational materials for the caregivers, which was much appreciated by the client and her family. The family’s feedback included Stevie Hatala, the Client Care Manager: “Also, love working with Stevie who is so responsive and amazing in coordinating our caregivers!” Their mission is to Change the Way the World Ages and on each day of their journey, Home Care Assistance strives to supply caring service providers who positively impact their clients’ lives and change the world in which they are aging.

Home Care Assistance 33790 Bainbridge Road, Solon 440.332.0170

Stevie Hatala and Scott Michaels Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland



Desired Results

from a Kinder, Gentler Workout By Meg Pauken Photos Brad Cohn and Vincent Pearson Photography


ana Salwan opened Barre Cleveland because she wanted to create a space where women could find a complete and personalized workout that would be sustainable for the long term. A seasoned fitness professional, Yana began researching Barre workouts years earlier, driven in part by the effects of a lifetime of high-impact exercise upon her body. Yana has been a lifelong athlete and fitness aficionado, running track throughout college and teaching group fitness classes since 1991. She has been in charge of the group fitness program at Bally’s (where she met her husband

Yana Salwan


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

in 1996), Urban Active and Lifetime Fitness before opening Barre Cleveland. In previous jobs, Yana had as many as 40 instructors working for her but at Barre Cleveland she teaches every class offered at the studio. Her expertise and dedication to fitness enable her to guide clients of all fitness levels and make modifications when needed. The low-impact program at Barre Cleveland incorporates elements of classical ballet, yoga, strength training and Pilates to develop a strong core; to strengthen arms, legs and back; and to improve posture, flexibility and overall health.

Celebrating 3 Years

“If someone needs an adjustment because of their physical limitations, I know how to do that properly so they do not injure themselves,” she explains. Due to Yana’s extensive fitness background she is able to choreograph her own classes, changing them up weekly so neither she nor her students get bored nor complacent. She limits class size to less than 20 participants, so that she can give very personalized instruction. “I want my clients to see progress and to stick with their workouts, so I mix it up and keep it fresh, while staying within the

overall barre principles,” Yana says. Barre Cleveland’s members are able to attend as many classes as they like, for one fixed monthly fee. First-timers can purchase a one-class pass, followed by a discounted first month to try it out before they commit to the 6 month, “Rock Star,” subscription. Because class sizes are small, members reserve a spot in class ahead of time online or by using the Barre Cleveland App. “In order to keep class sizes small, we ask members to reserve a spot in the classes of their choice ahead of time. We have found that, because they know they can’t

just drop in, they put it in their calendars and it increases their commitment to working out and ultimately improves their success,” Yana offers. Raise the “barre” for yourself and try a class at Barre Cleveland! Barre Cleveland is located at 3737 Park East Drive, Suite 209 in Beachwood. Call the studio at 216.342.4229 or visit the website for more information and to sign-up for your first class - Barre Cleveland 3737 Park East Drive, Suite 209 Beachwood, Ohio 44122 216.342.4229

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Slow Down & Let Go By Janine Purcell Photos courtesy Fine Lifestyles


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Guided Imagery is a meditation technique that relies on the strong connection between mind and body to harness the power of the conscious and unconscious mind to heal the body and mind and enhance our well-being.


experienced Guided Imagery firsthand in 1998 when I moved back to Cleveland after 25 years. I returned home at the end of my marriage in Pennsylvania and two years after my mother passed away here in town after a relatively brief, yet complicated, episode with lung cancer. My new employer offered access to a grief counseling group, and I felt that it would support the complicated transition I was experiencing. Once our group got rolling for a few weeks, our leader, a seasoned psychologist, used a guided imagery tape for our session. We closed our eyes, got comfortable in our chairs, and he played Belleruth Naparstek’s Guided Imagery tape, “Ease Grief.” It led us through a body-centered relaxation exercise and eventually led us to connect with our personal sources of love and support. The session connected me with some positive emotions and also helped release sadness. I tracked down a copy to purchase and have used it intermittently over the years when I experience life’s losses. It turns out that Ms. Naparstek, the creator of the tape we used, is a Clevelander and an internationally known pioneer in the field of Guided Imagery. She always knew she wanted to do social work, and graduated in 1967 with an advanced degree in the field from the University of Chicago.

In her clinical practice, she worked with images that arose for her patients, a common tool used by therapists. She began to create individualized audiotapes using tailored imagery for a patient to listen to once or twice a day. Repetitive listening to these tapes seemed to “intensify and speed up the work of therapy,” she explains. But was it placebo or something more? Her work eventually became known to nurses at the Ireland Cancer Center of University Hospitals in Cleveland. The nurses requested a guided imagery tape for the waiting room patients, to help calm their anxiety before and during chemotherapy treatments. The nurses didn’t keep research-quality data, but it seemed that one-third to three-quarters of patients experienced some help including observable lessening of anxiety and decreased side effects - less dizziness, nausea, depression and tiredness. These outcomes aligned with research going back to 1982 at Vanderbilt University, reported in The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, that showed similar results with 50 cancer patients. Ms. Naparstek fielded requests for tapes to address other clinical conditions – organ transplant, open-heart surgery, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and diabetes. To develop appropriate imagery, she interviewed doctors and nurses to understand these

diseases and procedures. She also interviewed patients to understand how they experienced the condition. She reviewed the growing body of research to incorporate the latest clinical findings into the audios. Fast forward 25 years - A noteworthy body of research evidence has developed around the clinical effectiveness of this modality. The Wikipedia page for Guided Imagery has over 250 references to clinical research and the psychological foundations of this approach. Since 1990, Belleruth Naparstek’s company, Health Journeys, has been a source of Guided Imagery materials to the clinical and research communities. They are being used in over 1500 hospitals, including University Hospitals of Cleveland, Mayo Clinic, Dana Farber, Johns Hopkins, and Memorial Sloan Kettering. The work is also used in 114 Veterans Administration hospitals and clinics and by the active military. The company gives military members and their families a fifteen percent discount. Guided imagery is not expensive and there are no negative side effects. There are a number of sources to explore guided imagery as a practice including streaming audio, apps and free written scripts. There are even some YouTube videos to get you started. Take a little time to show some kindness to yourself, and you’ll find it’s contagious.

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland



here is an exquisite space in the city, near the very heart of University Circle, tucked amid museums and parks. Stunning in its original architecture, resplendent with recent restoration, it has a “wow” factor that impresses every visitor. It is The Ballroom at Park Lane.


The Ballroom at Park Lane has a rich history, intertwined with that of the city itself. The original Park Lane Villa was built in 1923, during University Circle’s first heyday. It was a hotel and gathering spot for the city’s elite and their guests, with a speakeasy, ballroom and accommodations. Deliberately situated near the city’s premier attractions, Severance Hall and the Cleveland Museum of Art, it hosted the most exclusive events of the day. Located just around the corner from the fabled Millionaire’s Row, no expense was spared in its construction, from the detailed, carved stone and plasterwork, to soaring pillars and ceilings. As the city changed and evolved, so did Park Lane Villa. By mid-century, the ballroom had become a concert venue, and the luxe hotel suites were converted into apartments. Fortunately, during its many transitions, its distinctive architectural elements were never destroyed. By 2005, it was empty and neglected.

The Most Charming Address in Cleveland By Meg Pauken Photos courtesy The Ballroom at Park Lane

The Finch Group recognized a hidden gem and purchased the property, undertaking extensive and expensive renovations, bringing the lovely building back to its former glory. The investment of $24 million has yielded a fully restored and renovated Park Lane building. It now houses 96 luxury apartments with an astonishing 43 different floor plans, as well as the Ballroom and Speakeasy. The Ballroom at Park Lane offers a signature location to host a wide variety of events, with a capacity of over two hundred. The various spaces may be utilized individually or in combination, to fit each event, from weddings and receptions to fundraisers and corporate events. Guests enter the space though the Atrium, with its marble floors, vaulted ceiling and spiral staircase. The main event space is the Ballroom, which includes the original encircling balcony and stage


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

The Speakeasy

areas. It features lofty pillars and artistic stone and plasterwork. Adjacent to the Ballroom is the Speakeasy, which provides a more casual space for guests to mingle. It is full of vintage charm, with a curved bar and arched windows. The beautifully landscaped garden courtyard is yet another space for gathering and photography. Finally, there are separate Bride’s and Groom’s rooms, outfitted with modern amenities, which allow for private and intimate preparations. Because of the variety and configuration of the spaces, events can flow from, for example, a wedding ceremony, to cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, to dinner and dancing, without ever leaving the premises. Corporate events flow equally well, with spaces appropriate for gathering, seating, dining, and speakers.

The Courtyard

Lori Reynolds, Regional Manager for the Finch Group, explains, “We are able to work with brides or party planners to create a truly memorable event. Some couples hold their ceremonies outside in the courtyard, which is simply gorgeous. They can then move right into the Speakeasy for cocktails and sit down in the main Ballroom for dinner and dancing.” The Ballroom at Park Lane offers complete planning services for the convenience of hosts, providing everything from tables and chairs to linens and china. Event planning staff work hard to provide exceptional service for event hosts so that they can enjoy their special day, along with their guests. “We are literally steps away from the Cleveland Museum of Art and Severance Hall,” Lori offers. “And we are able to work out hotel accommodations, including The Ballroom Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


reserving blocks of rooms at reduced rates, with the Courtyard Marriott, also right here in University Circle.” There are four highly regarded, local caterers who work through the venue, Driftwood Catering, Marigold Catering, Pura Vida by Brandt, and Spice Catering. Catering is available to meet a variety of budgets, with food options to suit any taste and type of gathering. “We work with our event hosts to provide everything they need, working within their budget,” Lori suggests. “We are happy to offer tours of the space to anyone who may be interested in hosting an event with us. Once you see it, you will understand why The Ballroom at Park Lane is so special.”


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

The Ballroom at Park Lane is among the city’s most charming and unique venues. Call event coordinator Sara LoPresti at 216.342.2085 to schedule a tour today. The Ballroom at Park Lane is located at 10510 Park Lane, Cleveland. Visit the website for more information: The Ballroom at Park Lane 10510 Park Lane, Cleveland 216.342.2085

Too Many Memoirs, Not Enough Time By Patti London


he memoir genre seems to be experiencing a golden age. Whether the digital mirrors of social media have contributed to the popularity of memoirs, or if both the book form of presenting one’s entire self to the world and the online forms all stem from whatever narcissistic impulses are in the air right now, it’s difficult to say. Whatever you think of over-exposure on FaceBook, there have been some particularly well written autobiographical books lately. The personal story has been around for a long time. Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl, Elie Wiesel’s Night and The Autobiography of Malcolm X, take readers deeper into history than any third person narrative could. Of course it’s important to understand history as a big picture chronology of events, but reading T.E. Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom will leave you feeling like you lived through the Arab Revolt of 1917. A tricky part of memoir writing is getting the story straight. In 2006 James Frey’s memoir A Million Little Pieces was selling at a rapid pace. Oprah had it on her book club list. Then the native Clevelander found himself on the wrong side of a scandal when a fact-checking website exposed embellishments to the author’s purported criminal history. The debate resulted in a more nuanced understanding of the nature of truth in autobiographical writing. The reading public no longer expects a bright line between fiction and non-fiction where memoirs necessarily depend on the imperfect brain function of memory. Given Frey’s drug addiction and frenetic lifestyle, it isn’t any wonder that he misremembered a few facts. Two memoirs I’ve recently read illustrate the memory conundrum, David Kushner’s Alligator Candy and David Carr’s The Night of the Gun. Kushner has a solid journalism background, having written several non-fiction books and many published magazine articles. Before his death last year David Carr was on staff at the New York Times. They both researched their stories with an investigative approach; Kushner, because he was four years old at the time of his brother’s kidnapping and murder, the event around which his memoir centers, and Carr, because he struggled for years with a drug addiction. Each writer recognized the fallibility of their own memories in recounting their stories so they interviewed witnesses and conducted documentary research to reconstruct the missing pieces. Another memoir I read a few years ago definitely had me wondering about the reliability of the author’s memory. Keith Richards’ Life came out in 2010. There’s no way that man can remember what he did in 1976, but the stories are too good to miss just because you might be worried about the facts. Music

fans will find much to enjoy in the memoir genre. In addition to Life, two other favorites are Kim Gordon’s Girl in a Band, which came out last year chronicling her creative life, including thirty years with Sonic Youth, and Patti Smith’s Just Kids, which won the National Book Award in 2010. Patti’s M Train, published last year, is sitting in my stack of books to read next. Two more memoirs are sitting in that stack, okay it’s actually several stacks. I’m looking forward to reading two books I picked up on my tour of independent book stores last spring, Negroland by Margo Jefferson and On the Move by the late Oliver Sacks. From the reviews, I think I’m going to enjoy both immensely. Perhaps the same impulse to look into others’ lives drives us to FaceBook and Instagram and also keeps the memoirs on the best sellers list. If we only have one life of our own while on this planet, at least we can expand our experiences and wisdom by spending a little time in someone else’s. If you have a life story to share, there are memoir writing classes at many local colleges and community centers, or check out for upcoming workshops.

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A Taste of California in Modern Mexican Street Food By Janine Purcell Photos Aaron Leyser


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

The San Diego Taco Factory is a fresh addition to Aurora’s culinary landscape. This casual establishment is committed to bringing the best authentic and modern Mexican street food and international tacos to northeast Ohio.


he concept for The Factory arose out of necessity for owner Kevin Spring. A native Californian, he moved to Cleveland in 2013. His craving for Californian Surf Shack tacos spurred a search ranging from Ashtabula to Elyria. He sampled Mexican food establishments at all ends of the price and sophistication spectrums, yet still hungered for the mix of flavors, ingredients and casual ambience unique to the West and Southwest United States. He finally decided to take the plunge and open his own eatery.

created the foundation for the menu at San Diego Taco Factory.

Kevin’s pedigree in Mexican cuisine goes beyond mere consumption of this delicious fare. His marriage to a Mexican beauty led to mastering the flavorings and techniques of her region with his motherin-law’s help. The resulting recipes

Five elements make up each Mexican menu item. Choose your tortilla type, hard or soft shell, flour or corn. Pick a meat, fish or vegetarian option and then from a selection of twelve fresh vegetable toppers. Kevin is passionate about the

Kevin’s goal is good quality food at a good price. All the fixings used to build the tacos and burritos at San Diego Taco Factory are created from scratch each morning. The only canned items in the kitchen are black olives and for the kids, ketchup. There’s no freezer and no microwave. The meat and fish fillings are marinated until the time of the order, so they come out of the kitchen freshly cooked.

freshness of his produce because this is one of the distinguishing features of California cuisine. The final two elements are salsas and garnishes. Mild approaches to your salsa choice are the green, pineapple mango, pico de gallo, or cilantro lime pesto. Spicy x2 is yellow, red is x3, orange is x4 and authentic red is, you guessed it, x5. Habanero pineapple mango mint is also Spicy x5. And for the true adventurer, request black, listed as Spicy x6. Garnishes feature a selection of cremas in a range of spices and flavors. You can either build your own taco, burrito or burrito bowl from all those options, or choose already-built-for-you tacos. Consider options other than tacos: quesadillas, flautas, enchys (enchiladas),

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


tostadas, nachos, fajitas and the available-all-day breakfast burrito. Four different types of fish plus a shrimp option can be invoked in the name of a Seafood Taco. I gotta say, when my cod seafood taco came, I unwrapped it from its foil blanket, took a bite and was right back to a sunny afternoon in Laguna Beach, a welcome flashback to a lovely day of California dreaming ten years ago. The international tacos are flavorful offerings – pick from Indian Chicken Tandoori or Pollo Tika; Thai Shrimp Curry, Brazilian Asada, or Vietnamese BBQ. If you crave a salad, choose from Taco, Scibana Fajita, Jalisco Cobb or Baja Monterrey configurations. A kid’s menu queues up chicken tenders, a quesadilla, kid sized taco or a cheeseburger. The kids meal includes a 16 ounce drink, small side and the popular Mexican dessert, sopapillas. Daily specials can save a little dinero, and soon diners will be able to enroll for a rewards program. Owner Kevin is kicking off the Taco Dude program to keep his offerings fresh and creative. To be a Taco Dude, sign up to gather with up to 30 patrons once a month to sample and give feedback on new items. It’s your chance to shape the menu. San Diego Taco Factory will soon open a franchise location in Kent, and plans include expanding to Columbus, Athens and Cincinnati so all of Ohio can experience a taste of California. Available 365 days a year, you can order online, request delivery, or schedule a catering event for your home or office. Visit Aurora in person for a fresh take on modern Mexican street fare.

The San Diego Taco Factory 7147 Aurora Road 330.995.0191


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Get Loose in the Wilds of the Oldest Tavern in the Western Reserve!

Live Music From Local Bands on Friday and Saturday Nights! Weekday Evening Karaoke and Trivia! OPEN Monday - Friday 11:30am-2:00am Saturday and Sunday 1:00pm - 2:00am

The Greenville Inn • 7150 Pine Street • Chagrin Falls, Ohio • 440.247.8068


The Best Little Italian Bistro

in the 216

By Meg Pauken Photos Vincent Pearson Photography


ora, a fresh Italian bistro owned and operated by Chef Eddie Zalar, is a perfect spot to visit this fall, as the menu changes along with the season, and it is still pleasant enough to stroll the neighborhood. Nora, a fairly recent addition to Little Italy, has received many positive reviews in the past few months, and in a food scene as vibrant as Cleveland’s, that is quite an accomplishment.


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“We have been really pleased with the growth of our business this spring and summer, “ says Zalar, even necessitating the addition of new staff. Zalar recently brought in a new Chef De Cuisine, Kayla Kenney. Chef Kenney, who most recently served for two years as sous chef at Fire Food & Drink, obtained her culinary degree at Le Cordon Bleu in California. She made her way to Cleveland following stints at various

restaurants along the east coast. She describes her approach to food as “always learning and evolving,” which will fit right in with Zalar’s inventive cuisine. Zalar’s artful combinations reflect his own pedigree: he is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and trained under top chefs around the country. When it came time to open his own restaurant, Zalar returned to his roots, and says it has worked out even better than he expected.

Zalar is committed to sourcing locally as many of his ingredients as possible. He is currently evaluating suppliers for chicken and beef, all located in northeast Ohio. He can often be found inspecting produce at the North Union Farmers Market or the West Side Market, as he frequents both places to find the freshest ingredients for his menu. Focused as they are on freshness, the dishes at Nora are in balance: satisfying without being heavy. The menu includes interesting, seasonal interpretations of Italian classics, along with a well-curated wine list, to complement the cuisine. Zalar tweaks the wine list seasonally, as well, to reflect changes in the menu. “We keep the main element of our customer favorites, but change up the seasonings and accompaniments to reflect what is fresh and available locally,” he explains. Nora is a jewel of a restaurant, tucked into a quiet corner of Little Italy. It sits just outside the hustle of University Circle, at the corner of Murray Hill and Edgehill Roads. Once inside, you will find attentive staff and innovative interpretations of Italian cuisine. The ambiance at Nora is “elegant bistro,” with a slight urban edge. Outdoor seating is pleasant, due to the restaurant’s location, well off the bustle of Mayfield Road. Nora is open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday and offers complimentary valet parking on Friday and Saturday evenings. Make a reservation for your next evening out and enjoy a meal at what will soon become a favorite dining spot. Nora is located at 2181 Murray Hill Road in Cleveland. Call 216.231.5977 for reservations or visit the website at to view the current menu.

Nora 2181 Murray Hill Road 216.231.5977

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Arancini from Nora Ingredients

1 cup 1/4 tsp 4 cup 1 cup 1 cup 1 cup

Arborio Rice Saffron Vegetable Stock Parmigiano Reggiano, Grated Yellow Onion, Diced White Wine


2 Tbls Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 Tbls Unsalted Butter 4 cup Blended Oil (for frying) 2 cup Panko Breadcrumbs 1 cup All Purpose Flour 3 Eggs Salt & Pepper to Taste

Bring vegetable stock to a simmer. Heat butter and extra virgin olive oil over medium high heat in a heavy bottomed stainless steel pot. When the oil and butter start to melt, add onions and sauté until translucent. Add saffron and arborio rice and sauté 2 minutes to coat the rice with oil and butter. Add the vegetable stock one ladle at a time until it’s mostly incorporated into the rice. Continue to add the stock while stirring continuously until the rice is cooked, about 20 minutes. Add grated parmigiano cheese and season with salt and pepper. Let cool about one hour in the refrigerator. Roll in your hands to make small round balls. Place flour, beaten eggs and panko breadcrumbs each in its own bowl. Coat the risotto balls with flour first, then eggs, then the breadcrumbs. Heat oil to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and fry until golden brown. Alternatively, you can bake them at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 to 15 minutes until golden.


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OAK & EMBERS TAVERN MUSSELS Ingredients •2 Tbls Butter •1/8 Cup Cooked White Beans or Great Northern Beans •2 Tbls Diced Tomatoes •2 Tbls Diced Red Onion •1/8 Cup Ground Chorizo •2 Tbls Corn •1/8 Cup Lobster Stock •1/8 Cup Heavy Cream •16-18 P.E.I. Mussels •Cilantro •Toasted Baquette

Directions In a hot sauce pan melt 2 T butter and sauté Ground Chorizo until Cooked through. Add White Beans, Tomatoes, Red Onion and Corn and sauté for approx. 2 mins. Add Mussels, White Wine, Lobster Stock and Heavy Cream. Cover with lid until Mussels open and reduce liquid to half. Serve in a large pasta bowl, with Toasted Baguette and garnish with chopped Cilantro. 1-2 servings.

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Owner Marc Garofoli and Executive Chef Jose Reyes

Another Location to Provide the Same Succulent, Smoky Barbecue By Kristal Pettit Photos Aaron Leyser


ake a trip down south by heading east: to Oak and Embers Tavern in Chesterland. And coming very soon, a new Oak and Embers Tavern in Hudson. Oak and Embers in both locations will feature the slow smoky barbecue traditional in the South. Owners Marc and Gretchen Garofoli and Chris McCauley have spent years in the local restaurant scene, perfecting their proprietary barbecue sauce and smoking technique. They opened the Chesterland Oak and Embers about two years ago. They chose Chesterland for their restaurant because they felt the area was in need of good, scratch-made Southern-style food. They chose the Hudson location for similar reasons. “We love the neighborhood in Chesterland,” Marc explains. “And


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Hudson has the same pleasantly laidback, cozy character, and the town misses having a restaurant on this property.” The premises Marc is referring to is the space which held Marcelita’s Mexican Restaurant for 38 years, a local favorite about one mile from downtown Hudson on Darrow Road. “We’ve been removing walls to open the interior space, but the renovation will keep the comfortable, relaxed ambience of our Chesterland location,” Marc notes. “We’re currently adding a patio which our diners will enjoy next summer.” Their target date for opening is the week of Thanksgiving. To maintain the quality and consistency at both restaurants, Chris will manage the front of the house and business aspects of both locations. Marc will continue to

hand-select all of the meats, and be in charge of the rubs and smoking. Long, slow smoking is the key to their authentic barbecue. All of Oak and Embers’ smoked meats are treated to a generous rub of spices and then slow-smoked for hours, ensuring fall-off-the-bone tenderness and pervasive, distinctive, smoky flavor. This kind of slow smoking is nearly impossible to replicate at home, and is rare outside the barbecue Meccas in the deep South or Kansas City. Gretchen oversees the operation in both locations. Her creative menu includes appetizers, sides and salads which feature a creative, fresh spin on Southern classics. Having envisioned the overall design of both Chesterland and Hudson, Gretchen also worked with the architect to develop the floor plan and the kitchen layout for the Hudson location.

Rendering of Oak & Embers New Location in Hudson, Opening November 2016

Another important element of the food preparation is Jose Reyes. Jose and Marc have worked together for the last ten years. Jose, originally from Puerto Rico, does everything the old fashioned way, no short cuts.

Oak and Embers is a modern, casual spot, featuring walls of actual bourbon barrels that ups the cozy-factor. They offer 60 different bourbons and 100 craft beers, many locally produced. The ample outdoor patio is especially welcoming.

“Everything we serve is made from scratch,” Gretchen explains, “from salad dressings, to barbecue sauces to all of our side dishes.” The side dishes which accompany the entrees include a tangy apple slaw, and rib-sticking cheesy succotash, baked beans, white cheddar and “dirty” grits, among other options.

Oak and Embers is located on Mayfield Road in Chesterland, just a few miles east of I-271, with a second soon to be opened location, 7774 Darrow Road, Hudson. Call 440.729.4030 for reservations or visit the website at to preview the menu.

“Our signature dishes are our ribs, of course, and also the Burnt Ends,” Gretchen offers. “Our barbecue sauce is bourbon-based, which inspired us to serve craft bourbons, as well.”

Oak and Embers Tavern 8003 Mayfield Road, Chesterland 440.729.4030

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DJ Jules Is In The House! J

By Meg Pauken Photos Aaron Leyser

ulie Storc, aka DJ Jules, lights up every room with her warm personality and enthusiasm, and she knows just how to get a party started. With a background in broadcasting and a life-long love of music, becoming a professional DJ was a natural choice for this Cleveland native. “I’ve always loved music and dancing,” Julie says. “I was the girl growing up who knew all the music on the radio and sang along.” Music remains a central part of her life. If you see her out for a run, you know she’s listening to some high energy Foo Fighters or Linkin Park. Julie understands firsthand the therapeutic value of a good karaoke show, too. Her love of music and singing led Julie from performing in a local band to broadcasting: she was formerly an onair personality at WNCX. From there she went into the disc jockey business, working for others and eventually investing in her own equipment and starting her own business, which she has run successfully for several years now.

Julie Storc aka DJ Jules


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Julie’s goal at every event is to make sure everyone has a great time. Her

friendly personality makes it very easy to discuss the music you want at your event and for your guests to make their own requests during the party. “I’m very approachable,” she notes, “so people feel really comfortable coming up and telling me what they want to hear or asking for special songs.” Julie has an extensive repertoire of music: “I can play everything from standards like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, to Motown, Eighties, current Top 40 and new dance hits. I also have country and other genres available. Oh, and I do hit the dance floor from time to time and do the line dances with the crowd!” she laughs. Over the years, DJ Jules has hosted some memorable events, including a rehearsal dinner at Browns stadium and various costumed theme parties. “No two events are ever the same!” she enthuses. Julie is particularly proud of a fundraising event planned by students at Twinsburg High School. After learning in their humanities class about the struggle for fresh drinking water in some regions of Africa, the students planned a dance and used the proceeds for building desperately needed wells. DJ Jules entertains and engages guests at all types of events, from corporate events, to wedding receptions, to class reunions, school dances (PTA moms take note!) and, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. For each type of event, her approach is similar. “I always send out a questionnaire to my clients, asking about the overall type of music they want, favorite songs, special dances and if there are any songs they absolutely do not want,” she explains. “That way I’m ready for the event and people can enjoy the music they want to hear but are always welcome to add requests.”

DJ Jules doesn’t just play music, she gets people moving. “I am good at reading the crowd to see what they respond to,” Julie says. “Some groups will dance to anything and some like line dances. It’s different at every party.” Julie is also sensitive to keeping the music age-appropriate at family-friendly events like wedding receptions, reunions and school dances. “I have invested in top quality equipment so that the sound is always good, whether I am inside or outside,“ Julie says, “and I am more affordable than a live band, with more variety.” Call DJ Jules for your next event and guarantee your guests a great time! You can reach Julie at 440.897.9353 or visit her website at

DJ Jules 440.897.9353

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Taking the Time

to Provide Compassionate Care By Kristal Pettit Photos Vincent Pearson Photography


r. John Livingston has been a chiropractic physician for over 23 years. Although he originally wanted to be a meteorologist, the family tradition held sway. He is a third generation chiropractor after his father, who practiced 44 years, and his grandfather, who practiced 50 years. His father and grandfather treated him for a myriad of injuries while growing up, from slips on the ice, to terrible spills on bicycles, to falls out of trees, to sports injuries, all without harmful medications, and at a fraction of the time that it took friends with similar experiences and injuries to heal. Dr. Livingston’s father would have him hop up on the table so he could determine the cause and make the appropriate adjustments. After graduating from Dartmouth College’s biology/premed program in 1990 and then graduating summa cum

laude and valedictorian of his class in Chicago in 1993 with his chiropractic degree, he returned to northeast Ohio to practice at the Streetsboro Chiropractic Clinic for several years. In 2000, Dr. Livingston opened the Livingston Chiropractic Center in Solon, then moved his practice to its current location seven years later. Around that same time, Dr. Livingston met a teacher and a runner named Jeanette who was struggling with a hip injury and several other sports-related pains. “She liked the idea of conservative management,” Dr. Livingston says, referring to non-surgical treatment options. “She wanted to continue running and working out, without relying on cortisone injections and pills, because a lot of doctors had her on pills for many years and they weren’t working.”

Dr. Livingston treated Jeanette using chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy, and for the first time in years she was able to exercise drug- and pain-free. The two were married three years later. Madison, Maelin and Malcolm arrived the following year. “Originally they told us we were having twins,” Dr. Livingston recalls, laughing. The Livingston family has continued to grow with the addition of Mason in 2012 and most recently, Morgan, in 2016. Now it’s Dr. Livingston’s turn to treat his kids’ playtime injuries. “They fall down, and then run up and say, ‘Daddy, this hurts… I need an adjustment.’ They hop up on the table just like I did,” Dr. Livingston remembers fondly. As a kid, Dr. John Livingston often went to work with his dad and saw first hand how people would hobble bent-over into

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


the office and walk out straighter and with less pain when they left the office. In his own practice, he came to learn that it started with a physician who cared about his patients, who took the time to make sure that they were diagnosed properly and were treated gently and effectively. His dad worked long hours but treated his patients until he was finished, not because the clock on the wall said so. Since 1993, Dr. Livingston has been serving patients effectively while taking the necessary time with each and every patient who comes in the door. In this day of ever-shortening patient encounters with doctors, and rapid schedules and long wait lists to get in to medical offices, Dr. Livingston continues to strive to put patients first and to treat patients how they’d like to be treated, with empathy towards the conditions with which they suffer. His education, his caring bedside manner, and his ability to interact and communicate well with patients on their level are the tools that set him apart from


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

other physicians who are too rushed to provide the level of care that patients need. Dr. Livingston sees many types of paininducing injuries in his practice. Taking the necessary time with each patient allows him to diagnose more accurately and then treat more effectively. Many patients are presenting with symptoms of pain, numbness, or weakness in their back or neck, or pain traveling down their arms or legs. Nearly a decade ago, Dr. Livingston began using spinal decompression therapy for his patients with spinal disc problems. The treatment was so successful that Dr. Livingston continues to use it to treat a variety of spinal issues in the back and neck, such as disc protrusions, herniations, and bulges, as well as conditions including pinched nerves and sciatica. Beyond cost and efficacy, decompression therapy provides a plethora of benefits over surgical alternatives like trimming

the affected disc or cutting open the spine to remove the disc. Decompression therapy is simple, easy, and even relaxing. The therapy requires the patient to lie horizontally on the table-like decompression machine, while it provides gentle, intermittent, angled traction to the affected area of the spine. This gentle traction separates the vertebrae around the protruded disc, creating a vacuum-like effect that draws the disc away from the spinal nerve and back where it belongs. “It’s quick and easy,” Dr. Livingston says. “A lot of people actually fall asleep.” This therapy is noninvasive, painless, and gradual in nature. It incrementally moves the disc back into place over four to eight weeks of treatment, depending on how significant the protrusion is. “

Much like orthodontics moves the teeth slowly into place with time and pressure,” Dr. Livingston explains, “decompression therapy moves the discs slowly with time and pressure.” Because spinal decompression therapy is painless, it doesn’t involve cortisone injections or any other dangerous or addictive medications. Patients also experience significantly shorter recovery times than those following surgery. Dr. Livingston has integrated a successful chiropractic practice with a formidably busy family life. As his kids grow they’ll appreciate the difference their father makes in the lives of his patients, just as Dr. Livingston saw with his own father. It’s highly likely that one or more budding chiropractors are in training in this fourth generation. Helping his patients regain their lives, free from pain, is what gives Dr. Livingston the joy he experiences each day in practice. Consult with Dr. Livingston to start rebuilding your physical well being. For more information call or email Dr. Livingston, visit his website at or visit his office near the intersection of Miles and Richmond Roads. Livingston Chiropractic Center 25111 Miles Road, Suite D 440.528.0005

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Photo Credit: Lisa Brunetti


New Year’s in Ecuador By Patti London Photos courtesy Fine Lifestyles

f you haven’t made plans for New Year’s Eve, I have a suggestion: book a flight to Ecuador. Ecuadorians know how to throw a party, but New Year’s is the biggest celebration on their calendar. I will attempt to describe it but it’s really something one has to experience first hand. On the last day of 2015 we were driving from Guayaquil to Mompiche where we planned to spend several days on the beach. The route took us north along the Pacific coast. Besides groves of coffee and bananas and fishing towns, we saw a


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

thousand life-sized papier mâché figures painted in garish colors. There were dozens of them for sale on street corners, individual figures propped up on porches and sticking out of pickup beds or lashed to the tops of cars. Our son-in-law, who is Ecuadorian and was traveling with us, explained that these figures represent the last year. They’re called los años viejos, the old years. At midnight, families across the country light these effigies on fire to burn away the old year and welcome the new one. The figures frequently represented

cartoon or anime characters. Some were political figures to make the act of burning even more enjoyable. As we drove along the roadway, we were frequently stopped by young men dressed in black dresses, asking for money. This was easily accomplished as speed bumps are conveniently located in the small towns as you drive through open air markets selling hammocks, Panama hats, and all the fruit you can imagine, and then some. Sales are more easily made when the cars have to slow down. The young men are supposed to be the widows or

vuidas of the old years. Some widows were much better looking than others and the money collected more likely went for the night’s beer supply than to the local charity. It was late when we finally arrived at our airbnb beach house rental in Mompiche. The party on the beach was well under way and we joined right in, although we did not engage in the tradition of leaping over the burning effigies. We left that to the younger crowd. Fireworks are about the only tradition we share with the Ecuadorian New Year’s Eve. Although there are all night parties in the US, the music and dancing did not stop in Mompiche until sometime on January

2nd. Luckily we had a restful bamboo palace in which to recuperate. This year has been challenging for the Ecuadorians, especially along the route we took to Mompiche Beach. Several earthquakes caused extensive damage in April 2016 and the epicenters were not far from where we stayed. Fortunately the bamboo palace survived the earthquake and only the perimeter fence sustained any damage. No doubt there will be many glad to burn the effigies of 2016 and welcome 2017 with music and dancing. There’s still time to plan a trip and join them.

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Built on Talent, Trust & Teamwork By Meg Pauken Photos Courtesy Riviera Construction and Aaron Leyser

“It’s all about the relationships.”


hat is what has made his company so successful, says Ken Badalamenti, founder of Riviera Construction.

Ken started Riviera Construction in 1992, specializing in large-scale renovations and additions. He grew up around the business, working for his family’s construction company as a carpenter and later becoming certified in HVAC work. He has extensive experience in both commercial and residential projects. During his 24 years in business, Ken has


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

developed longstanding relationships with clients, architects and tradespeople. “Most of what I do is managing people, whether it’s helping my customers envision and work through major home renovation projects, such as new additions or extensive remodels, or managing the skilled tradespeople we use to do the work. Communication,” he says, “is the key.” Riviera’s reputation in the building industry is stellar, as its 5-star rating on demonstrates. Numerous reviews on Houzz describe Riviera

Construction’s excellent customer service, attention to detail and quality work. Where Riviera truly excels, Ken says, is in both attention to detail and overall integrity. A hands-on manager, Ken is at every worksite, every day. “We work very closely and collaboratively with our customers, so they always know exactly what is happening on their projects. “We take a forward-thinking approach, by trying to anticipate how spaces will be used now and years into the future, and we follow through and

deliver exactly as promised: on time and on budget.” Attention to detail is particularly important for the large-scale renovations and additions that Riviera is known for. Ken and his team enjoy the challenges inherent in these projects. “There are always surprises and every project is unique,” he says. “What sets us apart is how we deal with them. We are straightforward and honest with our clients.” The other challenge with renovations and additions is maintaining cohesiveness.

“I’ve worked with some of my trades for over twenty years. I hire the best people out there and treat them well, so they continue to do excellent work for us. Clients don’t always see that side of our work, but it is very important to the finished product,” Ken says. “Our customers choose us because they want to work with someone they can trust, someone who is talented and believes in teamwork.” Thinking about a major renovation or addition? Give Ken Badalamenti at Riviera Construction a call today at 440.349.9744 to discuss how he could transform your home.

“It is critical to pay close attention to details like trim and finishes, so that renovations and additions are seamless,” Ken says. “Ideally, the new or renovated spaces blend in with the existing structure, so that it is very hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.”

Riviera Construction’s website includes photographs of a selection of completed projects, as well as testimonials from many happy clients. Find it at

Riviera produces quality detail and craftsmanship because of its relationships with skilled tradespeople.

Riviera Construction 440.349.9744 Ken Badalamenti Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland



Polished, Professional and Personable: Teresa Slowey Whitham, Realtor By Meg Pauken Photos courtesy Teresa Whitham and Aaron Leyser


ealtor Teresa Whitham enthusiastically describes the exact moment when she knows her buyers have found their new


“They open the door, and there is this little pause where they hold their breath for a minute and then you just know – you can see it on their faces.” That feeling, of helping a family find a home, is what keeps her motivated as she works with her various clients, both buyers and sellers. Teresa joined Howard Hanna’s Solon, Ohio office not quite two years ago and quickly became one of the office’s top sellers, earning many awards for sales volume. She came into the real estate business with a background in marketing and volunteer non-profit board experience. Although she is relatively new as an agent, she has a long history in real estate.


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“I have moved many times, and bought and sold many houses, so I have an understanding of the entire process, from both sides,” she explains. “I have been through several out of state moves, so I connect with buyers who are relocating. It’s so important to find not just the right house, but the right community.” Teresa’s ability to intuit what her clients are thinking and feeling about the home they are selling or buying is just one of the keys to her success, along with good oldfashioned hard work and dedication. “I am available to my clients all of the time,” she says. “I will turn over every rock to find them their perfect home or ideal buyer.” Teresa prides herself on her followthrough and attention to detail. “I actually bought and flipped homes for a few years before I became a realtor, which is helpful to my clients. Often I can point

out things they might not have noticed: red flags or just things to be aware of,” Teresa says. When she works with sellers, she says, it is really important to appreciate their home like they do, whether it’s a high-end custom-built house or a modest starter home, for the unique things it offers. “I find out what features my clients love best about their home and market it that way,” Teresa explains. “They have lived in it and know it better than I ever could.” Teresa has a respect and empathy for her clients that is obvious as she talks about her work. “I became a realtor because I truly love helping people find their homes. I’ve been there, I know what it’s like and I want to help. I have a heart for helping people land in the right place.” Her clients agree: their testimonials describe her as “smart, professional and

easy to work with,” and “the ultimate professional.” Many of them have worked with Teresa on multiple purchases and have also referred her to their friends and family. Call Teresa Whitham if you are looking for a hard-working and savvy realtor to help you buy or sell your home. Teresa may be reached through the Solon office of Howard Hanna at 440.248.3000. Her current listings are featured on her website: http://www. /Detail/ Teresa-Slowey-Whitham/65879.

Teresa Slowey Whitham Howard Hanna - Solon 440.263.0504

Teresa Whitham

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Fine Flooring:

Personalized Service at a Competitive Price By Dylan Yépez Photos Aaron Leyser


flooring gives its employees expertise that you won’t find at larger, more generalized home-goods stores that sell everything from flooring to lawn ornaments and windows.

The 17,000-square-foot Marshall Carpet showroom is filled with a seemingly endless selection of flooring materials, such as hardwood, tile, carpet and area rugs. The store’s exclusive focus on

Named one of the top 100 Karastan dealers in the country, Marshall Carpet carries all the name brands of flooring you’re familiar with. For those looking for something unique, they also carry the smaller, boutique brands you won’t find in other places. If you’re interested in hardwood, you’ll find flooring from more than twelve different manufacturers and Marshall Carpet is the only place north of Columbus where you can find Provenza wood floors. To add color, design and protection to your wood flooring, browse through the more than 1,000 area rugs in stock, with customization available for unique shapes and sizes.

he name says “carpet,” but when it comes to flooring, they do it all. Marshall Carpet One & Rug Gallery on SOM Center Road in Mayfield Heights is a local, familyowned company that focuses exclusively on providing the finest flooring services at the best prices in the area. Marshall Carpet has been in the Wien family for three generations since Marshall Wien opened its doors in 1966. Now celebrating their 50th anniversary, the store has been passed down through two generations to grandsons, Ryan and Nate. “We’re a small enough mom-and-pop store,” Ryan says, “but we can handle everything.”


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“That’s what’s made us a leader in Northeast Ohio — we’ve never expanded,” Ryan says. “We concentrate on flooring.” Such extensive knowledge and experience is accompanied by the showroom’s family-centered atmosphere. Employees who aren’t part of the Wien family are like an extension of it, as they have all been part of the business for at least 16 years. And, just as if customers were walking into their own homes, they are greeted by the familiar pitter-patter of paws from another member of the family, Omar Jr., a very friendly black lab. The personal touch doesn’t end once you pick out the perfect flooring and exit the shop, as Marshall Carpet’s flooring experts see the job through to completion. Each of the shop’s floor installers has at

least 14 years of experience in this field and is employed by the company, not a sub-contractor. “Where we definitely stand out is the service we offer here,” Ryan says. “If you did have an issue, you could come in and see a familiar face. You don’t get that if you go to the corporate, big-box stores.” In the spirit of being a truly local business, Marshall Carpet looks out for not only its customers but also the greater community. It gives back in vital ways, such as by sponsoring youth recreational sports and school events. “You’re shopping local and also keeping the money local, because that’s where we give back,” Ryan says. At this point, one might suspect that Marshall Carpet’s superior flooring expertise, customer service and local

philanthropy would come at a cost. The reality, however, is that the prices you’ll find at this shop rival those at the giant, impersonal chain superstores. The “bottom line” for the Marshall Carpet family is measured by customer satisfaction. Call them at 440.449.4977, visit them online at, or email Ryan at ryan@marshallcarpet. com for more information. “Like” Marshall Carpet One on Facebook to keep up with the latest 50th anniversary events. “We try to have fun; we’re very fair; we’re service-driven,” Ryan says. “We’re going to take care of you.” Marshall Carpet One 1451 SOM Center Road, Mayfield Heights 440.449.4977

Ryan, Marc and Nate Wien

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Now is the Optimum Time to Start Next Year’s Landscape Project By Janine Purcell Photos courtesy of Exscape Designs


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


he dry, hot summer of 2016 may have you thinking of evolving your landscape – more shade, some drought resistant plantings, perhaps a water feature or spa to enhance the enjoyment your yard provides your family. The landscaping season at Exscape Designs, headquartered in Novelty, runs through the end of the year, so whether you’re planting a garden bed now so it’ll create the perfect first garden notes in the spring, or planning a larger project for next year, now’s the time to get started. To put into perspective the importance of high quality landscape work, statistics show that a beautiful landscape can increase the value of your property 5 to 25 percent. Put another way, the Society of Landscape Architects points out that

a fire pit, spa or place to stow lawn and other outdoor equipment.

well-conceived and executed landscape improvements return 100 to 200 percent of their cost when a house is sold.

“As the universe moves in strange directions, we chose to sell our home and to move to smaller quarters. Believe it or not, our home was miraculously sold in three days, with two parties vying for it. We are sure that Exscape’s work was a major factor in our good fortune! The construction team who spent a month with us were personable, on time, respectful, competent, and fun to have around. If we could have adopted all of them, we would have!” Exscape Designs will work with you to create an outdoor oasis that will provide a maximum return on your investment. Exscape Designs offers a broad range of options, from a single outdoor feature to a combination of elements – decks, patios, walkways, waterscaping, outdoor lighting,

President and Owner Bill Dysert has built his business to create outdoor living spaces with design style. In 2005 he hired one technician; now the team of 20 fulltime staff grows to 45 people during peak season running from April through the end of November. Exscape Designs’ staff of certified landscape professionals fields 100+ years of combined experience. In addition to the design and build of landscapes and hardscapes, Exscape Designs provides maintenance, including fall clean up. The aim at Exscape Designs is to “enhance people’s lives through positive interaction.” The dozens of testimonials on the company website suggest that

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Bill Dysert, Owner

“We take pleasure from the wonderful view and setting created by Exscape Designs. Afterall, you, Brian and the crew have made our backyard into a destination we look forward to every day! Thanks for creating a space for all of us to enjoy!” they are achieving that aim. Their clients’ experiences reflect success in building a relationship of trust and delivering more than what’s expected.

Exscape Designs has won three “Best of Houzz” Service awards in recognition of their high standards and an unfailing commitment to their customers.

“We take pleasure from the wonderful view and setting created by Exscape Designs. Afterall, you, Brian and the crew have made our backyard into a destination we look forward to every day! Thanks for creating a space for all of us to enjoy!”

Contact them by phone or through their website to begin a relationship that could increase the beauty and value of your home and enhance the quality of your life for many years. Projects can take a few days to a few weeks in the preparation stage, so an early start this season will put you well down the path to, well, a new garden path.

“We had a great experience with Exscape. They brought a lot of innovative thinking to the project and made the overall installation process very smooth. They were also very collaborative and listened to any concerns and suggestions. The quality of the work was also wonderful. I would highly recommend them for any landscaping project.”


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

The building phase was executed with great attention to detail. We brought them back to do our outdoor lighting and the results were equally stunning. Now we have the focal point in our backyard to enjoy for years to come.”

“During our new home construction we hired Exscape to design and build an outdoor kitchen and patio for us. That project was very important for us since we enjoy spending time outside. The company proved to be very imaginative and creative. We loved the design.

Exscape Designs 10121 Kinsman Road, Novelty 440.729.0011


Experience the Personal Touch at Perrino Furniture


By Meg Pauken Photos Vincent Pearson Photography

tep into Perrino Furniture in Mayfield Heights and you will find not only high quality furniture, but credentialed design services, personal attention, and impeccable customer service. More than just a furniture store, Perrino Furniture is a complete design center.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Pat Perrino, President of Perrino Furniture, began adding trained and certified interior designers to his team many years ago. He saw the value in offering special expertise to both his homebuilding and furniture clients, free of charge. “Our team of designers is able to give

custom, personalized solutions to our clients, whether they are designing an entire home or simply redecorating a room,� he says. Not just relegated to selling sofas, Perrino’s designers are adept at problem-solving: pulling an entire room together with custom upholstery, case goods and accessory items, all of which

are conveniently available through the store. “We make it very convenient for our customers because we offer everything they might need or want to completely redecorate or update their homes,” Perrino offers. “We sell name brand, high quality furniture and accessories, but we also do custom window treatments, lighting and flooring. There is no need to run around all over town. Call it the “decorating domino effect,” when one large item, such as a sofa, is changed, suddenly other items in a room need freshening as well. Perhaps a new rug or draperies is needed. Updated lighting may be called for. Expert guidance from Perrino’s design team will help to pull it all together, combining beloved existing pieces with new items into a cohesive, pleasing arrangement. Working with a trained and experienced interior designer makes sense because it

prevents costly mistakes and mismatches that lead to dissatisfaction and ultimately to additional purchases. The entire experience of shopping, selecting and later enjoying new furnishings is much more pleasant with expert guidance along the way.

in vignettes of varying styles and room types.

Perrino’s personal attention and customer service go well beyond the design and purchase phases, however.

Visit Perrino Furniture today, to revitalize your space with something new and experience the Perrino personal touch.

“We offer white-glove delivery service to all of our customers, so we make sure their new furniture and other items arrive in pristine condition and we offer a price guarantee on everything we sell,” Perrino assures. “We do everything we can to make our customers happy.”

Perrino Furniture and Design Center is located at 6163 Mayfield Road, Mayfield Heights. Store hours are 10-6 Monday - Saturday, 10-8 on Thursday, and 12-5 on Sunday. Call 440.919.1000 for more information or to schedule a consultation.

If you have never visited the Perrino showroom, you are in for a surprise. Unassuming from the outside, once inside you will experience multiple, completely decorated rooms of furniture, complete with artwork and accessories, arranged

“Our clients are always surprised when they visit for the first time,” Perrino says. “They don’t expect to see the quality and quantity of what we have to offer.”

Perrino Furniture and Design Center 6163 Mayfield Road, Mayfield Heights 440.919.1000

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Don’t Be Embarrassed to Open Your Garage By Dylan Yépez Photos Courtesy of Garage Finisher


garage is often the main entry to your home. It should be clean, organized and inviting to your family and guests. But the sad reality is that too often it has been reduced to a repository for all the junk you mistakenly think you might need later. You’re always going to clean it next weekend — but until that elusive time, the garage will remain an embarrassment every time you open the garage door. Well, that weekend has come. All you have to do is call Mario F.X. Salwan at Garage Finisher, and he’ll take care of the rest. Garage Finisher is a full-service garage-makeover provider that will be in


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

and out faster than you can come up with another excuse not to makeover your garage. When Mario says “full service,” he means it. The professionals at Garage Finisher begin by removing everything from your garage, storing items you still want in a storage trailer and discarding or donating anything you don’t want. Then, they handle any work you choose including Lifetime Warranty Flooring System, epoxy wall painting, attractive cabinets and PVC Slatwall System. When Garage Finisher is done, they remove everything from storage and organize it in your new cabinets and slatwall. And, they do all

this in an average of three days. If, on the other hand, you want just to have your unsightly flooring redone, Garage Finisher still provides the exact same removal, storage and reorganization services for everything inside your garage and can do the floor in just one day. According to Mario, you will “come home from work and not have to lift a finger.” Many mixtures of stone and epoxy used for garage flooring turn yellow over time, come apart and trap water and other contaminants because they are porous and use old-fashioned epoxy. Garage Finisher provides completely nonporous floors, preventing the absorption of

anything into the surface. The difference is polyaspartic — a resin that’s ten times as strong as epoxy and doesn’t peel, yellow, stain or degloss like epoxy does — and was created by Bayer Chemical. This is the same flooring that Garage Finisher uses in heavy traffic, commercial projects. This flooring comes in a variety of colors and textures and is also fastdrying, so you should be able to drive on it the day after it’s applied. Garage Finisher confidently offers a lifetime warranty on its work, which covers issues such as staining, cracking, hot-tire pick-up and delamination.

concrete floors spall and pit and junk builds up.

When it comes to finishing your garage, flooring is only half the battle. Over time, garages go downhill: the paint peels,

Visit for more information about Garage Finisher, a gallery of its work, and a quick five minute

Garage Finisher will complement the flooring with strong, durable slatwall which includes a variety of hooks and storage baskets, as well as metal or wood cabinets that have adjustable shelves for permanent organization. As with the flooring, the slatwall and cabinets come with lifetime warranties. You will be much happier when you arrive home each day, guests will be amazed by your clean garage, and your clean garage floor will make your house cleaner.

video that details the makeover process. Call 216.831.4500 to schedule a free consultation, design and estimate for your new garage space. Garage Finisher 216.831.4500 4530 Renaissance Parkway Cleveland, Ohio 44128

Mario Salwan

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There’s Never a Good Time for a Plumbing Emergency By Kristal Pettit Photos Vincent Gorman and Courtesy Benjamin Franklin Plumbing



enjamin Franklin Plumbing is a full-service plumbing company that has serviced Northeast Ohio for more than four decades. Its comprehensive service club memberships will ensure that all of your home utilities are functioning beautifully for your longplanned holiday gatherings. “Preventive maintenance becomes key to having equipment function properly,” explains Leona Kratochvil, who owns the company with her husband, Dennis. “We receive a lot of calls from customers who say that all of a sudden the system doesn’t work. It’s 11 o’clock at night, they have no running water, the system hasn’t been serviced in six years, and ‘Why didn’t I do something sooner?’”


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

For all of your home’s plumbing needs, there’s the Ben Franklin Society Membership, which includes a comprehensive yearly inspection of all your plumbing fixtures to catch small leaks before they become big problems. Also included is a 14-point precision tune-up of your water heater to make sure those nice, hot showers last well through the winter. “A lot of people don’t think anything of a faucet that’s slightly dripping or a toilet that’s running from time to time,” Tom Golian, general manager at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, says. “But that’s using extra water constantly.” All club memberships include 15 percent discounts on repairs and 10 percent discounts on replacement equipment.

Maintenance Club membership, that won’t happen. Membership includes thorough semiannual inspections and tune-ups to extend the life of your aeration system and ensure that it’s working properly.

No time is a good time for your wastewater system to back up. With a Waste Water

With Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, it’s all about you: your time, your security, and

You can trust that all of your work will be done by seasoned professionals who are, moreover, polite, friendly, and dedicated to providing the best service for you. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing makes sure all of its technicians are thoroughly trained, starting off as apprentices and then continuing their education through trainings and class meetings held twice per week. All technicians have undergone background checks, so you always feel secure knowing who is in your house.

your choices. “Although we emphasize our plumbers’ speed, efficiency, and punctuality,” Tom Golian explains, “no quality is ever sacrificed in the process.” Benjamin Franklin Plumbing guarantees that you will be absolutely satisfied with their installations and service-repair jobs — if you are not, they will give you a full refund, and if a repair fails within two years, they will return to repair it again for free. Call 440.543.1151 to schedule an appointment, and ask about the veterans discount. Visit for more information and to find coupons for a variety of services. When their technicians show up, you’ll see why more than 98 percent of first-time customers return to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for all their future plumbing needs.

Diane Polakowski, Kristin Hasson, Lisa Giles, Debbie Stewart, Joe Kinkoph

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing 12043 Mayfield Road, Chardon 440.543.1151

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By Janine Purcell Photos courtesy Budget Blinds of Chagrin Falls and Aaron Leyser

esign ideas for your home are everywhere: featured on entire television channels, magazines devoted to them, in apps like Houzz and Pinterest. It can be overwhelming to make what would seem to be simple decisions - like what to do with your windows to work with the rest of your décor but provide privacy from your neighbors. Even when you have a good idea of how you’d like your windows to look, how do you make that happen within your budget? Well, there’s someone who will come to your home and bring answers and options to all of those questions. And they won’t charge you a penny for that in home consult. Budget Blinds of Chagrin Falls is your local source for design support. Owner Suzi Cipra has been developing and applying


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

her artistic skills for many years. She was drawn to creative undertakings from a very young age, sitting at the kitchen table with her engineer father drawing with salt and pepper. Suzi eventually earned a full tuition college scholarship that included a year abroad in Florence, Italy, studying Renaissance painting. In the corporate world she eventually became Creative Director at American Greetings, where she worked for 30 years. Now Suzi and her design staff apply that wealth of experience and creativity to a product line which includes all types of blinds, fabric and roman shades, plantation/wood shutters, curtains and custom draperies. Budget Blinds of Chagrin Falls recently expanded to the Chagrin Falls location, after developing their expertise and reputation at the

Brecksville location for five years. Suzi’s strong construction skills coupled with her design sensibility means she knows fabric and how to really engineer window treatments. She and her team will figure out how to create a solution to suit virtually any situation. Suzi elaborates, “It’s really not much more expensive to get the pattern you really want made up to fit the room or rooms in your home.” She wants to “make sure to give you a great product that’s the least expensive solution that meets your needs with value.” That includes any scale of project, even a home visit to measure a single bathroom window if that’s what’s on your home improvement radar at this point.

In other words, think Respectful of your Budget, while bringing you quality and the latest design trends, as the key focus at Budget Blinds of Chagrin Falls.

making many of the window treatment options available with a cordless or continuous loop mechanism to eliminate the possibility of accidental entrapment.

An example of a very cool, creative window dressing is the Serpentine Illusion shade. The fabric for the body of the shade alternates solid fabric with sheer fabric. You can adjust to completely cover with the solid fabric or reveal a bit of the sheer to let light in. A continuous cord loop is mounted to the inside of the window frame to ensure that children and pets are safe from the cord.

Don’t let the proliferation of design sources overwhelm you. Show your Pinterest board to Suzi. She and her team would love to work with you on any and all of your window treatment projects. Schedule a free consultation in your home to help you find the perfect design while respecting your budget.

The company demonstrates its strong commitment to child and pet safety by

Budget Blinds/Chagrin Falls 440.268.9390

Kristi, Suzi and Kim

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On the Cutting Edge: Custom Granite Designs By Meg Pauken Photos Aaron Leyser


ranite and quartz are always elegant and practical choices for home décor, but when incorporated into customdesigned inlays, they create a spectacular focal point. Cabinets & Granite Direct specializes in the fabrication and installation of granite and quartz surfaces. Fannie Chen, Vice President and General Manager, recently added a specialized stone-cutting machine to the company’s workshop. The new device enables her stonecutters to design and cut intricate shapes, such as monogram letters and other designs, from stone slabs. The customization features of the machine also allow her team to create inlaid designs or custom cut tiles to frame an unusual shape, using complementary or contrasting granite. Granite prices at Cabinets & Granite Direct start at $29.99 per square foot,


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

and $45 per square foot for quartz countertops, offering a significant value, because the shop provides direct-toconsumer pricing. “Our pricing is so affordable, our customers are installing our cabinets and granite countertops not just in their kitchens, but in laundry rooms, bars, and basement recreation rooms,” says Chen. “Granite and quartz also work well for fireplaces and showers,” she adds. Cabinets & Granite Direct offers a wide variety of high quality cabinets, plus sinks and hardware, all at factory direct pricing, for one-stop shopping. Ms. Chen is especially pleased to showcase two new lines of cabinets that compliment their previous offerings. The new lines, Milan and Valentino, are both contemporary and very on-trend,

featuring high gloss finishes in a variety of colors and styles. “We’re the only cabinet retailer carrying these lines in Cleveland,” Ms. Chen says. As with the other cabinet lines, they are solid wood construction and feature soft-close doors and drawers, just as you generally find in high-end custom cabinetry. Other popular cabinetry lines include the Shaker-style Soho line, available in both white and espresso and the more detailed and traditional Cambridge line. There are a variety of other lines in a range of colors and styles to suit any design or décor. Coordinating knobs and pulls are also available, to complete a custom look. Cabinets & Granite Direct has an expansive, 9,000 square foot showroom, which includes complete kitchen and bath installations. Clients are encouraged to come in and examine the cabinets and countertops in a real-life setting to get a

feel for the quality they offer. Ms. Chen notes, “Our professional sales staff is prepared to answer any question about the new lines or any of our products.” The company works with contractors and remodelers, but also offers installation services at very competitive prices, by company employees, not sub-contractors. Cabinetry may also be purchased “RTA,” or ready-to-assemble, for maximum value. Thanks to their close relationship with the cabinet manufacturers and granite fabricators, turnaround times are much shorter than typical in the industry. “No job is too big or too small,” Ms. Chen states. “We do very small residential projects as well as large commercial

installations.” Visit Cabinets & Granite Direct to see for yourself the exciting new design options that are available. Stop in today for a consultation. Cabinets & Granite Direct is conveniently located at 4979 West 130th street in Cleveland, near I-480. Showroom hours are Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Call 216.898.9758 for more information. Cabinets & Granite Direct 4979 West 130th Street 216.898.9758

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Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

The Best Location in the Nation


his summer the country was watching Cleveland thanks to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Republican National Convention, and most recently, the Cleveland Indians. And we looked good.

National publications listed places to see, eat, drink and enjoy in our city. USA Today tried to rectify our “under-appreciated” status by listing “10 Good Reasons Why Cleveland Rocks.” We think the list could have been longer. The Washington Post came to the RNC to cover the calamity and found instead “handsome architecture,” “Midwest homeyness,” “Rust-Belt fortitude” and a “soothing breeze off Lake Erie.” That reporter should come back in February to experience the breeze. But even our weather extremes are a source of pride. We know how to appreciate each season, each beautiful day, whether in our Metroparks, at Severance Hall, inside the West Side Market or freezing to the bone in FirstEnergy Stadium. Fine Lifestyles wants to share a little more civic love so enjoy these photos of our shining city, still basking in her summer of glory.

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland



Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland



Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

SEPTEMBER 3 - 5 Grand Opening: Perkins Wildlife Center Cleveland Museum of Natural History




SEPTEMBER 13 Yoga and Hike Brecksville Reservation Cleveland Metroparks

SEPT 17 - OCT 9 All the Way Allen Theater Cleveland Playhouse SEPTEMBER 16 - 18 Cleveland Indians v. Detroit Progressive Field

SEPTEMBER 17 - 18 Chalk Festival Cleveland Museum of Art

OCTOBER 2 -22 Fun Home Connor Theater Playhouse Square OCTOBER 9 Cleveland Browns v. New England Patriots First Energy Stadium OCT 20-23, OCT 27-30 Boo at the Zoo Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

OCTOBER 25 Cleveland Cavaliers v. New York Knicks Quicken Loans Arena NOVEMBER 12 Bodytraffic DanceCleveland Ohio Theater

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With a Little Care,

Extend the Life of Your Concrete Surfaces By Dylan Yépez Photos courtesy Perfect Power Wash


ith Northeast Ohio’s fluctuating weather and harsh winters, those ubiquitous hairline cracks in your concrete driveway and patio may seem inevitable. A simple annual process, however, can protect your concrete surfaces and keep them looking their best through many a winter vortex. Sealing all your exterior concrete surfaces is an integral yet often-overlooked part of preparing your home for winter. Perfect Power Wash, Northeast Ohio’s fullservice power washing and restoration company, can ensure your concrete driveway, patio, and walkways are protected from seasonal damage this winter. The experienced technicians at Perfect Power Wash always show up uniformed, with top-notch equipment to handle all


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

of your home’s exterior cleaning and restoration needs. They use only topgrade detergents and specialized surface cleaning units to thoroughly and evenly clean all concrete surfaces. After rinsing off the concrete, they apply a sealer to protect the concrete from contaminants such as water and salt.

must, regardless of the age and condition of the concrete surfaces. That way your concrete will always be protected from the contaminants that cause cracking and, worse, structural failure.

“Concrete is porous, so when it rains or snows, that concrete will absorb water. The water will freeze and thaw, causing cracks in the surface,” explains Michael Palubiak, owner of Perfect Power Wash, which specializes in cleaning and restoring concrete, roofs, siding, gutters, and decks. “The sealer penetrates deep into the pores strengthening the integrity of the concrete, helping stop water, salt, and other contaminants from penetrating.”

Once a driveway, patio, or walkway has been neglected for long enough, those hairline cracks will turn into wider gaps in the concrete surface. Replacing these surfaces can cost tens of thousands of dollars, significantly more than routine washing and sealing. If your concrete paths are visibly dirty and even deteriorating, the benefits of a thorough power wash and seal will be immediate and astounding. The safe, deep cleaning will rid the surface of the built-up gunk, and although the seal won’t repair damage that’s already done, it will help protect against further damage.

Annual power washing and sealing are a

Sealing also keeps concrete looking new

by helping to prevent dirt and debris from staining its surface. Michael likens installing a concrete driveway and neglecting its maintenance to purchasing a new car and never washing it. “This is something you want to maintain,” Michael says. “Whether it’s your car or your driveway, you want it to look nice and have longevity.” Call Perfect Power Wash at 440.984.6355 to ensure your home’s exterior maintains its beauty and function. You can ask for a free quote over the phone, and mention this article to get your front walkway power washed and sealed for free when you have your driveway washed and sealed. Visit Perfect Power Wash online at perfectpowerwash/ to learn more about the services offered. Perfect Power Wash 440.984.6355

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Outdoor Living at Its Best By Kristal Pettit Photos courtesy Fine Lifestyles


his has been the perfect summer to enjoy our backyard. Even when the temperatures were scorching during the day, the evenings spent on our deck under glowing strings of light were completely comfortable. After many years in this home, we can easily say that we’ve used our backyard more this summer than ever before - thanks to Dave Schwalm and Truline Fence. Truline Fence has built elegant, robust decks and backyard structures across northern Ohio for decades. Owner Dave Schwalm was born and raised in Shaker Heights, and began working in the trade in 1977. He started Truline Fence in ’89, as a reliable purveyor and servicer of fences and decks, both residential and commercial.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Dave and his crew completed a wooden privacy fence, effectively enclosing our backyard in the summer of 2014. We sat in the yard in plastic adirondack chairs and talked about how pleasant it is to sit in the privacy of our backyard. The more time we spent in the backyard, the more ideas we had about using it to its fullest potential.

Dave’s final drawings incorporated our ideas but also made the most of the space we planned to use. He brought over samples of composite decking which was incredibly durable, easy to maintain and could be constructed with hidden fasteners. Once we’d selected a style for the decking and the hardware for the steel wire railings, all materials were ordered.

That winter our hot tub died after many years of use. We decided that we’d rather not climb several steps up into the next hot tub, as we aren’t getting any younger. Maybe we should talk to Dave about a deck from which we could step down into the new tub. Dave came over and looked at our sketches. We described the style we were envisioning, he asked a lot of questions to make sure he had a solid idea of our dream deck, and he set to work.

Dave was on-site each day of the project, overseeing and checking measurements, and answering our questions. Once the new hot tub was in place, Dave had a brilliant vision of a pergola over the tub to emphasize that space and distinguish it from the surrounding deck. The completed deck is just stunning, but the cedar pergola is a work of art. While at our block party this summer

Dave Schwalm

several neighbors asked us what we’d been doing with the backyard, as the top of the pergola is visible over the fence. We must have had twenty neighbors taking the backyard tour during that party, we were so happy to show off this reimagined outdoor space. We’re thinking a clambake on the deck this fall would be a perfect way to share our backyard with the neighbors. If you’re interested in using your backyard to its fullest potential, call Dave and he’ll give you a free consultation, including a fair and honest estimate. Truline Fence provides three-to-five-year workmanship guarantees on all new installations. But you probably won’t need it, because Dave ensures the job is done right the first time. Truline Fence covers all of northern Ohio. Give Dave a call at 440.479.8342 and ask him how you can make the most of your outdoor spaces.

Truline Fence 440.479.8342

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Back to School Security for Your Home By Janine Purcell Photos Aaron Leyser



he beginning of the school year is a time of transition around the house. Whether kids are returning to college and leaving the house empty during the day or they’re younger and letting themselves in after school, there’s peace of mind in being able to remotely monitor your home’s security system. Vector Security, Inc. has state of the art solutions to remotely monitor and even activate or de-activate the security system while away from home. The knowledgeable staff at Vector Security can assess your home for an easy to use security system tailored to your situation and budget.

automatically, as well as controlled property access, and fire and intrusion protection across North America, Canada and the Caribbean. They design, install and monitor complete security systems for hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses and multi-site retail chains. In 2015 Vector Security was awarded the national Dealer of the Year Award, given by SDM Magazine, a security industry trade magazine. This top honor from SDM Magazine is given to only one business in the industry and recognized Vector Security for its innovation, use of industry best practices, and notable growth and accomplishments.

Vector Security, Inc. is one of the largest electronic security companies in the U.S. They provide commercial and residential video surveillance, mobile and home functions that are programmed to operate

Locally, Vector is represented by Regional Managers Christine Longley in Geneva, Ohio, and Gordon Zeiler in the Boardman office. Always ahead of the industry trends, they can help you explore the new

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

generation of home security solutions that provide convenient access to a sophisticated array of tools. From your smart phone, computer and tablet, you can turn lights, radio and televisions on and off to create the impression that you are at home. You can control the door locks, which means you needn’t fret about forgetting to secure your home, and also let in family members, visitors or trusted service technicians without providing them a key. While it’s still warm, Vector Security systems can be adjusted to allow you to open your windows to a pre-determined setting. Once the security system is activated, the alarm will sound if the windows are raised beyond that height, thereby protecting your home and family from unwelcome guests. Another setting will activate the alarm through the

detection of movement in the home. If you are away but your pets are home, further adjustments can be made to instruct the motion detector to ignore, say, a fifty pound occupant trotting through the living room on the way to the dog dish in the kitchen. Video technology adds another layer of security. While you’re at work, open your computer and observe in real time how your kids are behaving with the nanny, and maybe get a glimpse of your beloved pet. To create peace of mind regarding older loved ones, you can install personal technology with wristband or pendant button activators to summon medical help if needed. Knowing that help can be summoned provides a sense of safety and peace of mind. In response to security alarms, Vector Security’s award winning monitoring services start with experienced operators available around the clock to dispatch authorities to your location quickly. Back-up cellular, radio or Internet service options can ensure continuous monitoring of your security system even if standard telephone service is interrupted. To secure your home while your family adjusts to the routine of the new school season, talk to Christine or Gordon at Vector Security to customize security solutions for your home or business. They are happy to discuss your unique needs because their primary concern is the safety of you and your family.

Vector Security 50 E. Main Geneva, Ohio 440.466.7233 970 Windham Court, Suite 2 Boardman, Ohio 330.726.9841 Gordon Zeiler and Christine Longley Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Van Aken District:

Bringing Business Vitality Back to Shaker Heights By Patti London Photos courtesy Fine Lifestyles


he business community in Shaker Heights is about ready to experience a much needed energy booster. A lackluster set of strip malls are on the verge of transforming into a revitalized retail, office and restaurant destination. And that should please Shaker Heights residents, shoppers and local business owners, alike. The Starbucks at the intersection of Warrensville Center, Van Aken and Chagrin Roads closed at the end of 2013. During the three years since that quiet beginning, changes have steadily come to the Van Aken District. Many orange barrels and $18.5 million later, there is only the Warrensville Center and Chagrin Road intersection. This simplification of a confusing and congested traffic pattern


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

has already made travel easier to the new district. Among other new changes, there’s now much lovely landscaping and a busy pop-up beer garden party every other Friday for the last two summers. Just as the Public Square renovation was long and slow in the planning but seemingly completed in a few weeks’ time, the rebirth of the Van Aken District is the result of 15 years of planning, but looks like it’s finally ready to happen. The developer, RMS Investment Corp., has been steadily working with the city of Shaker Heights in a publicprivate partnership, which also includes the Greater Cleveland Rapid Transit Authority. Businesses like Pearl of the Orient and Donatos have relocated from the Van Aken Shopping Center into Shaker Plaza.

The tear d o w n and rebuilding of the Van Aken Shopping Center looks like it’s ready to begin. The reconfiguration of Shaker Plaza to include retail storefronts on both the “front” facing the Rapid Transit line and the “back” facing Farnsleigh and Chagrin, has already started. RMS has signed an impressive roster of new tenants, including most recently ABA Insurance Services, which will occupy 17,000 square feet of office space. The transformation into a pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use neighborhood has also attracted distinctive retailers like Detroitbased Shinola and Rising Star Coffee. The restaurant scene is certain to be a dining mecca with Jonathon Sawyer named as

lead curator of the food venues. Sawyer plans to open his fourth restaurant in the Van Aken District and will help develop several more restaurants and a food court with 15 to 20 stalls. For residents this is the community meeting space they’ve long needed. The atmosphere and space promises to be conducive to lots of social interaction in a way that running into each other at Heinens or the post office just isn’t. For local businesses like Swerve Grill,

Lucy’s Sweet Surrender and Juma, the energy from the Van Aken District should be contagious. Not only will the new district bring an influx of shoppers from other suburbs, but the planned offices and residential apartment space will account for even more activity. The next two years are going to be seriously exciting. As the buildings go up and the brew pub moves in, Shaker’s new downtown will be the place to explore, shop, eat and meet up with friends.

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Greeting Cleveland's Travelers in Top-Flight Style

By Kristal Pettit Photos Ryan Smas of B Squared Photo and Aaron Leyser


s Cleveland’s status as an economically thriving metropolis grows, certain industries and service providers are necessary to meet the expanding needs of a successful metropolitan area. Convenient access to and from other cities will be critical to our development and prosperity. The Cleveland Jet Center is poised to accept that responsibility. Located at the Cuyahoga County Airport, only 11 miles from downtown Cleveland, The Cleveland Jet Center is owned by local business owner and experienced traveler, Mark D. Hanna. In the four years since Hanna took over the company it has spent $2.5 million dollars on improvements. General manager, Aaron


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Thayer, notes that The Cleveland Jet Center is not as well known as it deserves to be. “People often express surprise because they didn’t realize what was here, so close to home,” he says. The company recently renovated their terminal to provide a luxury alternative for pilots and travelers. In addition to the enhanced terminal, the facility offers a variety of services including fuel, ground handling services, on-site meeting rooms, pilot lounges, rental cars, hangar and office space, and on-site concierge services. The existence of The Cleveland Jet Center is not likely to remain confidential for long, given the role it played during the Republican National Convention. They

were prepared for the challenges of the RNC and proudly represented Cleveland as a destination. They hosted more than 500 aircraft during the four day event. “The unprecedented demand of new and frequent clients presented a unique opportunity to demonstrate our responsiveness and commitment to the needs of our customers,” Thayer notes. The Cleveland Jet Center is always focused on customer service. “We want to make an exceptional first impression,” Thayer explains, “but we believe in delivering an unparalleled service experience every time.” “There are too many people traveling to and from Cleveland who simply don’t know about The Cleveland Jet Center

Business On The Fly –

and the advantages inherent in private air travel compared to flying in and out of Hopkins,” says Thayer. “We don’t want to be the best kept secret in Cleveland any longer.”

Expert Advice from Mark D. Hanna, owner of The Cleveland Jet Center


ark D. Hanna knows a thing or two about corporate travel. As an Eastside resident for the past 35+ years, having bought and sold multiple businesses, Mark has firsthand experience with both the cost and value of corporate aviation in the Cleveland market. Mark was kind enough to offer some insight and a few tips for those Eastside residents contemplating business travel options.

To explore the conveniences of private travel options, including ride sharing, extreme flexibility and the value of time saved, call or visit The Cleveland Jet Center. They are poised to make the travel experience for local residents and Cleveland’s visitors both pleasurable and satisfying.

• It’s Not an “Either/Or” Scenario:

The Cleveland Jet Center Cuyahoga County Airport 26380 Curtiss Wright Parkway, Richmond Heights 216.261.8800 Aaron Thayer and Mark D. Hanna

Over the course of my career, I have logged a lot of hours on both commercial and private aircraft. I have found that having both options vetted and available is the best course. When I am able to schedule a trip in advance, I usually fly commercially. However, when a need to respond immediately presents itself, there is no better option that a corporate or charter aircraft. Business often happens on the fly – no pun intended – so being able to respond to an opportunity or a crisis in an expedient manner is an invaluable business tool.

• Consider the Cost: Many businessmen and businesswomen believe corporate travel is too expensive without ever doing the research. Knowing the cost and value of this option in advance prepares you to make the decision in a moment’s notice. But don’t go the impersonal route of getting quotes by emailing companies. That will get you expensive, retail rates. Local operators like Sky Quest, which has aircraft based at our facility, can offer access to international destinations, departing from Cuyahoga County Airport (KCGF) with very little up-front cost and no long-term commitments. Our team, led by our manager Aaron Thayer, can be a resource to answer questions or point you in the right direction.

• The Juice Is Worth the Squeeze: Companies invest in new technology, upgrades, R&D, etc. Adding ‘time-travel’ may turn out to be a worthy budget item. Avoiding time-wasting lines and delays at airports over multiple legs and planning around an airline’s schedule are just a few reasons to consider corporate travel. Just take a minute to evaluate all the costs involved. Valuable employees, senior executives that lose at least 2 days out of their work week traveling to remote or commercially under-serviced locations. Then, factor in the additional cost of rental cars, hotels, expensive dinners versus having your people home for dinner. Many times the math will tell you a different story. Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


We live in a time where life is enhanced through products & technology. Since 2002, it has been Sound & Vision’s mission to enhance our clients’ homes with smart home technology & quality audio/video products, furniture & service. From the initial consultation to the final installation, our experienced sales staff & professional installation team will guide you through the process of implementing user friendly technology throughout your home. Please call us for a free consultation or visit our design center & showroom to experience our quality products & technology.

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