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MarilynI, Marilyn II World Tour Exhibition

There are few who have done as much to make great art accessible to the public in so many ways than Marilyn Goldberg

Sid Maurer’s Bob Marley portrait was a centerpiece of the“Songs of Freedom” exhibition of photographs and other Marley memorabilia. Held at Marilyn Goldberg’s Galerie Mari Hube townhouse in NYC to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the reggae superstar’s death. The Gallery served Jamaican food with staff dressed in Rastafarian colors of red, gold and green and was covered in the NY Times. “I loved dancing to his music,” said Marilyn. “It was better than my old days at Studio 54 with Dali and Warhol!” 2 • Fine Art Magazine • Spring 2014

Marilyn Goldberg, President of Museum Masters International, is a reservoir of artistic ideas and ideals and by studying her achievements spanning nearly four decades, one will gain great insight into the most creative movements in Art and Design of our times. The result of her insightful understanding of what is intrinsically good and beautiful, coupled with her business acumen and genuine enthusiasm, is a model of grace seasoned with grit, the sum of which is a powerful drive to make the artists she represents not only commercially successful, but formidable icons in the playing fields of modern culture. In a career in of which she has curated exhibitions and developed product for Picasso, Erté, Dali, Haring, van Gogh, Tamara de Lempicka, Warhol, John Lennon, Muramasa Kudo, Giancarlo Impiglia, Peter Max, Ed Heck and many others, she single-handedly revolutionized the concept of museum gift shops and the merchandising of art while helping artists (and their heirs) secure the rights to their work and protect their Trademark. With her bright smile and attitude filled with beach sunshine and ocean waves, she has not dimmed a bit over the years. She continues to relish all challenges and works tirelessly seven days a week on each of her projects. Such as the days I watched her take Lennon’s doodles on napkins and tissues to the efforts of using her printing atelier background of fine lithography creating handmade papers, old limestone plates hand carved to adapt fine art prints which she called “Chine-colle.” Adapting Picasso original paintings to estate co-branded prints, exquisite silk fabric scarves recognized on the cover of Italian Vogue,(treasured today by Art

Marilyn Monroe © Sidney Randolph Maurer Licensed by MMI

The Queen of Art - Marilyn Goldberg  

How A Fearless Woman with Vision, Taste and Heart Built an Empire featuring the Great Artists of All-Time