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“Just Be – Create Heaven on Earth”


n a recent  Photographical Art Series, entitled  “Heaven on Earth,”  magic was made. The inspiration of divine essence took place at local  “Fabulous Hampton’s”™ Sagg Main Beach, on the ocean in Bridgehampton. Spiritual oneness was captured on film and images were later created via digital mixed media. The images emanate ethereal  beings in every present moment. I strive to create a flowing presence and a marriage of self to being present symbolized by the crown floating above the figures surrounded by white light. This is a valuable concept in reconnecting to our “I AM” presence of mind, body and spirit. “Heaven On Earth” asks you to feel the power moving through your collective consciousness in and out to the world as spirit beings. The future  has more to come  with the “Heaven on Earth” project. Future

22 • Fine Art Magazine • Fall 2011

collaborative photo shoots are scheduled with Project Creative Director Danielle Franz. These ideas will be born with fabrics, colors and the raw organic energy of the creative process. Participation is welcome for community projects. Join us on our website and stay connected. The Heaven on Earth Project is referencing Lao Tsu’s statement: “The Nameless is the origin of Heaven on Earth.” “Heaven on Earth is the dwelling place of the Son of God. It is merely an awareness of perfect oneness and the knowledge that there is nothing outside this oneness and nothing else within.”… VI: Beyond the Body, from A Course in Miracles. “Don’t say ‘Here it is,’ don’t say ‘There it is,’ “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you and it is without you.”… from The Gospel, and brought to us musically by Dion in “You Can Do All Things” from his Kingdom in the Streets CD.

Fine Art Magazine Fall 2011  

Fine Art Magazine Fall Issue,

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