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Intelligent and innovative transport systems

Turn-key solutions In a world facing rapid urbanization and accelerating environmental challenges, the role of public transportation is at the forefront. By upgrading the experience of travelling, more people will travel by public transportation. Moreover, smart and efficient transportation systems improve quality of life through less pollution, less congestion and fewer traffic-related accidents. FARA delivers turn-key solutions for tomorrow’s public transportation: Intelligent Transport Systems and Services that make the journey more attractive, more reliable and cost efficient. We believe in integrated systems on an open technology platform and easy entry to advanced needs. Our mission is to keep our customers on the cutting edge of ITS development.

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Project management


About FARA

Fleet Management


Since 1983, FARA has developed intelligent and innovative transport systems to 100+ operators worldwide. Our products

Traffic Management


are applicable to public transportation operators everywhere, and our software portfolio covers automatic fare collection

Ticketing 6

and real-time solutions for passenger information and fleet and traffic management.

Passenger Information




Academy and services


In 2007 FARA acquired the Danish company TNC Connect AS and the Finnish company Buscom OY. Today, our partner and

The environment


customer base is spread all across Europe. Outside our home markets in the Nordic, we work with strategic partners to be closer

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to our customers, to better understand local conditions and contribute to local business. Our headquarter is located in Trondheim.

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FARA Solutions portfolio

All available on a single platform

More flexibility, increased efficiency, better results. That is what customers expect and that is our product strategy. Historically, hardware has been the main focus for suppliers and customers in the public transportation domain, while software functionality has been underappreciated. FARA has turned old conventions on its head. We deliver innovative and integrated software solutions offering full hardware flexibility. • FARA Ticketing • FARA Fleet Management • FARA Traffic Management • FARA Passenger Information The advantages are clear-cut: - All on a single platform - Single point access to all relevant information for the operator - Cost-optimized solution (less duplicated components) - Flexible and open system - Easy & effective maintenance Read on and discover what our products can do for your public transportation operation.



FARA project management:

Ticketing FARA Ticketing handles complex fare structures, including zones, distance, time, border crossings and different means of transportation (e.g. bus-ferry combination). The architecure allows easy adaption of various local/national standards and smart card systems, including vehicle ticketing equipment, handheld ticketing machines, inspectors’ machines, ticket offices and a full-scale central administration system. Products


- On-Board Ticketing

Flexible ticket medium

- Sales Office Ticketing

- Paper

- Ticketing Management System • System administration and configuration • Data collecting and forwarding • Statistics • Driver Settlement Administration • Operational data registration and activation • Ticket sales and usage data processing and storage

- Smartcard

Ticket Office

The key to success Our experience in managing Intelligent Public Transportation projects from idea to execution is second to none. We have established advanced and effective project methodologies, and our people have the skills and the knowledge to ensure successful delivery, no matter how complex the projects are.

Vehicle Portable ticketing / Control

- Near field communication Flexible payment means - Cash

Central System

- Credit card - Voucher

Main features

- Travel account

- Zonal based, distance based or combination

- Smartcard purse

- Multiple transport modes (bus-boat-bus)

- Mobile phone

Self Service

Operational Data Input

- Advanced formula based pricing module - Flexible hardware support

Interfaceable to existing internal systems

- GPRS used for communication with Central System

- Financial systems

- Flexible system deployment

- Accounting systems


Operating Card Management System Adm.

- Real-time information systems How to succeed Employ FARA Ticketing to simplify ticket management, handling and reporting. Integrate local standards and structures into one powerful ticketing solution anchored in a central administration system. Improve service and ­results by harvesting transport and passenger data analysis. 6

- Route planning tools - Data warehouse


Fleet Management The Fleet Management & Operations system provides improved resource utilization through exact account of daily operations. Tools include cost monitoring, timetable compliance and performance analysis.



- Fleet Management System

- Cost savings

- On-Board Fleet Management

- Improved regularity and punctionality

- Active Traffic Control

- Media independent architecture

- Intelligent Data Transformation

- Reliable configuration and version handling

- Transport Operational Reports - Vehicle Security System

- Web-based application for validating electronic schedule data

Bus Short Range

Traffic Light & Controller


How to succeed Apply FARA Fleet Management for advanced and reliable management of vehicles. Harvest real-time data from fleet to ensure and improve fleet effectivity, transport economy and schedule regularity. Use system to establish reliable forecasts and prognosis for vehicle movement.

Terminal Allocation • Automatic vehicle gate allocation when entering terminal area • Intelligent use of detection sensors and vehicle tags • Information delivered directly to driver’s console • Customisable rules for gate allocation for each route • Daily vehicle allocation overview

- Reduced travel time GPRS/ PMR


- Ensuring regularity


/ RS




la Re

Fixed line/ MESH

- Cost savings - Improved service - Better use of resources

- Intelligent resource management

- Fully automated allocation

- Automated update on new/replaced vehicles

- Extends the capacity of existing bus stations

- Arrival and departure prediction/calculation - Competitive ECO driving

How to succeed

Fixed line

- Vehicle and driver progress (status and logging)

Utilize the power of FARA Traffic Management to increase timetable stability and reduce travel time and cost. Achieve more effective use of fleet and terminal area through Allocation System. Increase value by combining with FARA Fleet Management.


Traffic Priority Server


Traffic Priority Management • Vehicle Traffic Signal Pre-emption • Intelligent Roadside Traffic Light Controllers • Rule-based priority and multi-stretch priority support • Completely communication media independent • Open architecture for interfacing with 3rd party systems



Main features

Improved control and management in today’s busy and congested traffic environment will contribute to timetable stability and thereby increase confidence in public transportation. FARA Traffic Management also offers modern and reliable solutions for automatic allocation of vehicles within bus terminals.


- Real-Time Information Exchange

Traffic Management


Urban Traffic Control/UTMC


Food for thought: Transport accounts for 19 % of total energy consumption in the EU. Despite increasing air travel, the vast majority of this energy is still consumed by road transport.

Passenger Information In a modern public transportation system, passengers expect easy access to accurate route and schedule information. Passenger Information is a proven ­solution offering precise information to thousands of travellers every day. Our Real Time Passenger Information system offers a variety of options for infotainment and advertising, and allows display of information from multiple sources.

On-board Fleet Management

Products Display Management System

• Passenger Information Management System • Passenger Announcement System • On-Board Infotainment System • On-Board LED Display System • Bus Stop Infotainment • Retail Infotainment

Main features Fleet Control System

On-Board Infotainment

Bus-Stop Infotainment

• Central control of all visible passenger information displays • Optimal solution for accurate real-time passenger information • User-friendly interface for managing the display • Traffic information and disturbance messaging adapting to each displays • Database containing all planned and predicted journeys at all stops

Advantages • Improved regularity and punctuality (UK National Case Study) • Improved service and customer satisfaction • Cost savings/“free” RTPI through partnership with commercial media partner • Integrates with Fleet Management systems for real-time status and prediction about vehicle progress • Running on standard display PC’s • Allowing multiple media presenters (LED, Web/TFT)

How to succeed Implement Passenger Information for user-friendly back-end control of all passenger information. Apply system to provide reliable travel information through various on- and off-board displays. Extend your commercial possibilities by implementing infotainment module.



Why FARA? Extensive benefits

Increased margins

By choosing FARA, you open the doors to a host of advantages for your transport 足operation. FARA solutions benefit public authorities, operators, on-board staff/drivers as well as passengers.

FARA solutions provide tools for optimizing daily operations by reducing queues and allowing more punctuality. Advanced interoperability between operators will also reduce administrative resources.

Systematized experience

Increased automation

Key ingredients in our history of successful system implementations are proper technology, lean and effective project execution as well as mutual cooperation. We believe that functional systems are made during dialog between makers and users - communicating all the way from idea to operation.

FARA solutions are designed for automated operations, reducing risks for human error and ensuring data quality and integrity. Examples include monitoring, data import and export, and fare calculations.

FARA academy

FARA customer care

Comprehensive training

Multilevel support

When you invest in new systems, you want value for money and maximum utilization of installed systems. The FARA Academy is our comprehensive training and knowledge program, offering standardized training in all FARA systems as well as schooling of FARA partners globally. Certification in FARA systems is available.

As part of our Global Services, our Customer Care centre is happy to assist you with any inquiry that may arise from using our products. We offer several levels of support by phone and E-mail, and provide the option of web-based assistance and support. Log on and view the status of your project!

Training can be provided: - as part of initial delivery - according to a training calender - customer-specific upon request

We also provide software and hardware maintenance. Software maintenance includes bug fix, improvements and new releases. Hardware service and maintenance is provided at factory or on-site by local partners.

FARA advisory boards

FARA application services

Participate and improve us

Functionality for hire

Your experience and insight is extremely valuable to the continued improvement of our products. FARA customers are encouraged to participate in our Advisory and References boards:

You have the option of purchasing our systems or renting equivalent functionality through FARA application services. Clients across the globe are enjoying the full benefits of our solutions by subscribing to our application services. The advantages are clear-cut: You leave software maintenance and development to us, allowing your organization to focus on core tasks.

Reduced fraud Improved statistics FARA solutions provide extensive reports and statistics, enabling operators to run transport operations even more efficient.

FARA smart card solutions include advanced security functions making it impossible to falsify the cards. Whitelists and blacklists are easily implemented for control purposes.

FARA Product Advisory Board Share your ideas and views, and give your input on functionality, changes, improvements etc in our new software releases. FARA Reference Group Discuss and determine product specifications ahead of new software releases. Ensure that implemented functionality is according to customer needs and expectations.



FARA Presence FARA Installations FARA Partners

Our environment has spoken:

It’s high time for more intelligent public transportation For every distance travelled, public transportation produces only a fraction of the harmful pollution of private cars: Less carbon monoxide, less volatile organic compounds and nearly half as much carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides. By reducing smog-producing pollutants and greenhouse gases, and by conserving ecologically sensitive lands and open spaces, public transportation reduces pollution, thus protecting the environment and promoting better health. These factors underline the call for better public transportation services. By enabling transport companies to offer even more efficient fare collection and even better information services for passengers, FARA solutions make public transportation more attractive to the public and reduce the operational cost of the transportation system. The answer is FARA – a new generation of intelligent transport systems


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