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Monday, April 7, 2014

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“Preston Pride” is back alive

County considering smoke/ tobacco free workplace By K aren R eisner

Dan Christianson, Chairman/President of F&M Community Bank, presents the Preston Area Chamber of Commerce with a check for $500 in support of the Chamber’s Preston Pride Clean Up Day scheduled for April 26. Pictured left to right are: Ken Stager, Dan Christianson, Tim Kiehne, Sarah Wangen, Gabby Kinneberg, and Carol Bonde. Photo Mitchell Walbridge By Mitchell Walbridge

As the weather outside becomes more tolerable, there’s no doubt that more people are looking forward to spending more time outdoors. The area of southeastern Minnesota will soon be abuzz with hundreds of tourists who look forward to enjoying our small, quaint, yet enriching communities with all of the smalltown charm that they offer. As the great times of spring and summer now lie ahead, those in the community of Preston are looking to do the best they can in coming together to improve the appearance of Preston’s downtown and neighborhoods. The first-ever Preston Pride Clean Up Day is scheduled

to take place Saturday, April 26, 2014. The clean up day event is part of the Preston Area Chamber of Commerce’s Preston Pride Campaign, a concept that encourages community business owners and residents to be proud of how much Preston is a great community to live and visit. F&M Community Bank Chairman/President Dan Christianson feels that Preston Pride is a great concept, creating a positive output. “Cleaning up our city not only maintains a positive image, but improves the way our residents and business owners feel about our town… overall, it helps us take good care of our visitors.” Christianson and F&M Community Bank donated $500 to the Preston Pride Clean Up Day, helping with the expenses




109 S. Parkway, Lanesboro, MN 55949 • Open Thurs. 4:30-8 • Fri. 4:30-9 • Sat. 12-9 Sun. 12-8

such as Preston Pride buttons and any other relative costs. The bank is also a leader by forming a group of volunteers to help out on April 26. The term “Preston Pride” is said to have been coined by long-time community resident Dick Nelson, who passed away in October of 2005. Nelson was an avid supporter of everything Preston, from being involved in an abundance of community events and offering his services where he could. Nelson also served as mayor of Preston for a time after serving 31 years in the United States Airforce, seeing the battles of World War II and two tours in Vietnam. After his return to See PRIDE Page 3 

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est F n e Ibs ials! c e p S

County commissioners discussed the possibility of implementing a tobacco free workplace policy at their April 1 meeting. Kristina Kohn, Human Resources, explained that the discussion originated in the Safety Committee and included a discussion of e-cigarettes. Chairman Chuck Amunrud said the discussion was led by Brenda Pohlman, Public Health educator. Cigarette smoke is an issue for people who are accessing the court house and has been an issue coming into county buildings at the entrance or through open windows. County Coordinator Bobbie Vickerman noted that public health educators are planning to work on an ordinance draft for the board’s review which would limit tobacco use on county property. An ordinance would be required to limit tobacco use by the general public on county

property. Today’s discussion dealt specifically with a workplace policy for county employees and not the general public. Commissioner Tom Kaase remarked that he was in favor of the direction that the discussion is going, but maintained people will violate the policy. Commissioner Randy Dahl suggested they adopt a policy while putting the implementation date months down the road to give employees time to come into compliance. Kohn noted that the employee newsletter will have information about a smoking cessation program. Insurance will provide quitting aids or nicotine replacements at no cost. Commissioner Duane Bakke commented that telling employees that they can’t smoke on county property would more likely be complied with as they could walk across the street to smoke. On the other hand, he said tobacco See TOBACCO FREE Page 12 

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Rushford Village takes detachment/ annexation issue off the table Plan Option 2 Modified, was developed by Brian Malm of Bolten & Menk, Inc. and is Rushford Village residents of scheduled to include overlay, County Line Road and Laura sealcoating, or reclamation of Lane turned up in force again roadways in two parts, 2014 and at the April 1 Village council 2019, carrying them through meeting. Over just shy of two the next decade. In 2014, south hours, a public hearing over Rushford will see the bulk of a proposed 10-year pavement scheduled upgrades. Prospect management plan encompassed Street, Main Street, Plummer topics including cost and main- Street, Whitmore Street, Darr tenance affordability, and the Avenue, and Goodrich Street future of roads within the Vil- will see sections of both overlay lage, whether on the schedule or and reclamation. Hayes Street, not. See VILLAGE Page 2  By K irsten Zoellner

Riverside is opening April 10th for the Season! Mock (Houseinfused) Aquavit and Greenlandic Coffee

Dinner Special

Creamy cucumber and dill salad • Norwegian Baked Walleye and Potato casserole • Peas and Pearl onions Sour cream raisin dessert with brown sugar meringue

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Sherwood Street, and Meadow Avenue will be sealcoated, as is Oakview Loop, south off of Highway 43. To the north, in the Cedar Hill Park subdivision, Hillview Drive and Nordic Lane will have overlay upgrades and Ridgeview Road, from Highway 43 to Rush Creek Roe is scheduled for reclamation. East of Rushford, Money Creek Road is scheduled for sealcoating. Then, in 2019, all roads listed, except Money Creek Road, will have a new sealcoat layer applied. Money Creek Road is

Monday, April 7, 2014

instead scheduled for overlay in that year. Laura Lane, is also added to the mix in 2019, scheduled for sealcoating. “The problem we’ve got is that we didn’t plan for the roads. We didn’t do due diligence,” noted Rushford Village Councilor Gordon Johnson. “They laid things on the table for us, brought things to light. We need to get back on track. We’re not used to spending a lot of money. We’ve been frugal with things and it caught up with us,” he continued. The cost of roadwork is steadily rising, but the deterioration of Rushford Village roads is accelerating at the same

or quicker a pace. Because of this, the Village sought out the development of a road management plan and thorough road condition mapping. “We’re here tonight so we understand what you want us to do,” added Johnson, addressing the residents in attendance. “We spend a lot of money on our roads, but we’re not keeping up. We’re falling behind.” The majority of residents in attendance encouraged the council to include County Line Road, which runs east off Highway 43 north of town. The heavily traveled road sees a fair share of rough road conditions, massive dust issues, and

Call the FCJ at 507-765-2151 to advertise or offer news tips! is plagued with safety concerns including a poor, steep culvert, narrowness in sections, and speed. “You have to look at the quality of life, how that will be improved,” noted resident Todd Lund. “Rushford Village should to be moving forward in creating a better road system. It’s going to be more if we do it later. I’m ready to put up and put my money where my mouth is. It’s a better solution and a better quality of life.” The section of County Line Road under discussion, a one mile stretch, would add $318,000 to the current project total. If paved, maintenance will be an additional $7,400 per

year. “Can we afford to maintain it? What does that mean for our taxes? That’s the question we’re faced with,” noted Rushford Village Mayor Dale Schwanke. The city is currently spending $40,000-45,000 per year on maintenance of 33 miles of crushed rock roads. Through the process of developing a plan, the city discussed putting various roads into the project, removing others, and even letting some fall by the wayside, going from currently paved back to crushed rock. The 10-year project price tag See VILLAGE Page 11 

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Preston, Nelson worked hard for the development of the area’s bike trail system and to coordinate certain Preston sites with the historic registry. Described as a “walking advertisement” for Preston in a MN150 nomination by Cherrie Brink, Nelson was said to be one who “worked tirelessly and passionately for the people and home that he loved”, making it no surprise that Nelson had a overwhelming amount of Preston Pride. Preston Chamber Clean Up Day Committee, consisting of Chamber President Sarah Wangen, Gabby Kinneberg, Kari Odenbrett, Ken Stager, Carole Bond, and Nancy Back, have been piecing together the details of the event for the past several months. The overall goal: To pick up trash and to clean up Preston’s greenspaces to make the town beautiful again. Event organizers recommend the following: Come prepared by bringing your own gloves, rakes, shovels, brooms, etc. Also, it is suggested that participants wear green. During the clean up hours, participants will be divided into groups in

order to tackle the entirety of Preston in different zones. Clean up will take place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. with a lunch following at the Lions Club Shelter located at the trailhead. Those interested in participating can email, or sign up at the Fillmore County Journal office or City Hall. Chamber President Sarah Wangen gives the reminder that everyone is encouraged to participate, “All organizations, clubs, businesses, and ages are welcome! This is where I grew up and this is where I’m raising my kids, so I want Preston to be the best it can be.” Preston Pride extends further than the clean up day. Throughout the coming months, you’ll be seeing a lot of the Preston Pride buttons, a symbol of the campaign. In fact, you’ll probably receive one of your own to display as Trout Days events such as the parade rapidly approach. Also taking place on April 26 are the NTC clean up of a portion of the Root River as well as the Lions Club highway clean up. So step up, register, help out April 26, and most importantly show your Preston Pride!

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Monday, April 7, 2014

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Brian Malm of Bolton & Menk Engineering addresses Ostrander City Council By Jackie Horsman Much like some of their neighboring towns, Ostrander is looking to update their water and sewer systems. On Monday, April 1, Brian Malm of Bolton & Menk Engineering Company addressed the council and presented them with two documents needed to move forward with requested grants monies. The city is looking to replace the water mains and towers that are each over 50 years old and out of service life, as well as update the sewer. The projected cost for the entire project is estimated to be $5.5-6 million and the project would likely break ground in 2015. Malm informed the council they were eligible to apply for up to $2.5 million in grants from Rural Development. He did, however, stress that $2.5 million was a preliminary and estimated number. A bill rate study will be conducted to determine how to cover the cost of the rest of the project. Like most communities, Ostrander may have to raise the cost of services to residents. Fillmore County will also be updating the main street of Ostrander this year, as it is part of their County Road 1 project. The county will fund up to $1.5 million for the project.

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been damaged previously by spring thaw and rains, causing flood damage in the lower level and externally. The repairs are now finished and city can sigh with relief since the grant was approved.

Public Works Director, Jimmie Dean, reported great news that was well received by the council. The city had been awarded a FEMA grant of $16,451.10 to cover repairs to the City Hall. The hall had 1-507-765-3837 E.O.E

Assisted Living of Preston

Upcoming Events! • Cathy Hoffert, Wed., April 9, 3pm • Pie Social, Mon., April 14, 2pm • Casey and the Good Timers, Fri., April 18, 1:30pm • Brother Music Sister Rhythm, Wed., April 23, 2pm

Warm hearts and smiles await you at Traditions of Preston.

Spring is here! Come in and hear our SPRING SPECIAL we’re running in the month of April!

Christ Lutheran Church of Preston invites everyone to our

Holy Week Services April 13 • Palm/Passion Sunday 9am - Worship Service

P: 507-765-2151 F: 507-765-2468 E:

April 17 • Maundy Thursday

5:45pm - Potluck followed by 7pm Worship Service with Holy Communion and the Stripping of the Altar in preparation for Good Friday

April 18 • Good Friday Tenebrae Service

7pm - Tenebrae means darkness or shadows. This is the night we remember Jesus’ suffering and death. Without Jesus’ death there would be no resurrection. The Passion scripture will be read and candles gradually extinguished until only the Christ Candle remains lit to symbolize Christ’s victory over death. We leave the church in silence. • 507-288-4353

April 20 • Easter Sunday

7am - Sunrise Service 8am - Easter Breakfast 9am - Easter Festival Worship service with Holy Communion

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Monday, April 7, 2014

The FCJ reaches over 13,000 households each week.

C ommentary Joyfully, those restricting bonds of winter melt away By Karen Reisner As the accursed snow melts away and the ground that seemed buried forever appears, the bonds of winter slowly melt away. Hopefully, no more 10 layers of clothing, no more shoveling and chopping ice or trudg- Karen Reisner ing through two feet of snow, and no more icy roads at least until the light of day dimin-

ishes once again and our world turns white once more. This is my favorite season when life is renewed and winter is as far in the future as possible. I feel lighter already even though those extra winter pounds have yet to be shed. It is a feeling of freedom especially this year. Even those bizarre winter lovers have yearned for a friendlier season this year. Enough is enough! Normally dry runs and slow, shallow creeks are rushing with brown, churning water. All that brown ground that has reappeared

Time to fix government By Lee H. Hamilton In 1965, the chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee, Wilbur Mills, brought legislation establishing Medicare and Medicaid to the floor of the U.S. House. That was my first year in Congress, and I remember vividly the moment when Mills came to the Lee H. Democratic Hamilton caucus to explain his plans. Many of us had been swept into office in the 1964 Democratic wave that accompanied Lyndon Johnson’s election, and we had an overwhelming majority in Congress. We could pass any bill we wanted. But Mills argued forcefully that we shouldn’t. It was crucial, he said, that we get bipartisan support for the measure: passing the law was one thing, but what really counted was its implementation. With bipartisan support, the odds were much higher that Editorial Cartoon

the highly controversial measure could be rolled out effectively. So despite the grumbling of some members of the caucus, Mills made significant accommodations to find common ground with Republicans, and eventually 70 of them — half their caucus — joined us to pass the bill. Mills was playing a very smart game. What he understood was that in the end, Americans’ lives would be affected not by what happened in Congress, but by what the federal government did with the law it was handed. There are times these days when a story like that, about someone in Washington caring about the government’s effectiveness, feels as quaint as a tale about knights and dragons. Plenty of good, competent people serve both in Congress and within the ranks of the executive branch, but after years of abject failure — from the response to Hurricane Katrina to the initial rollout of the Affordable Care Act to the cost overruns, delays, and mismanagement that too often characterize federal programs — it’s hard to argue that

from under the snow is so welcome. Brown is beautiful. Warmer moisture will soon deliver those new green shoots and those hills and valleys will turn a deep green. Hopefully, in a few more weeks, we will be able to inhale the scents of spring as farmers return to the fields. Everything from the unpleasant stench of manure applications to the more pleasant aroma of newly turned earth will be in the air. The new life of spring is so close I can almost taste it. Tender new buds, cro-

cus and daffodils, and green grass will be some of the first signs of nature’s renewal. The new baby calves and lambs will dot the countryside, while they kick up their heels and romp across the pastures in four-legged play. Robins and redwing blackbirds again grace us with their presence. Windy days are refreshing instead of biting. My horses can feel it. There is a lightness to their step, a toss of their heads, play fighting, and some fancy rearing, twisting and bucking that best

not take place under saddle. Although, this time of year a little light hearted crow hopping is to be expected even under saddle and is truly enjoyed by their rider. I love the outdoors and the experiencing of natural life everywhere. Alas, this is Minnesota. We will have to endure a few hiccups as winter does not seem to fade away without kicking us a time or two more, but this is April, so it is OK. We know we have once again earned the best Minnesota has to offer.

the government is filled with people who know how to make it a model of efficiency and effectiveness. Some are too busy just trying to carry out policy. Others think government’s too big; they’re not interested in improving it, just in cutting it. Some use government to help their friends and allies. And some in Congress will be darned if they’ll let a drive for efficiency close a military base or federal office complex in their district. I’m reminded, though, of a famous quote by Alexander Hamilton: “A government illexecuted, whatever may be the theory, in practice is poor government.” Our government has become so big, complex, and riddled with competing agendas that its performance — its ability to execute faithfully the law — is terribly compromised. As NYU Professor Paul Light points out, there are too many decision-makers, too many bases to touch, too many layers of management, too many managers in each layer, and too little accountability. These are crucial matters to fix. Not only do Americans want to see better performance from

their government, but federal executives — including the President — cannot achieve their policy objectives unless those under them are competent and high-performing. We have to rethink and transform how government does its business — not just on a one-shot basis, but constantly. Light has probably thought harder about these issues than anyone else inside or outside government, and there are a number of recommendations he and others make: •We have to cut the number of political appointees. In the federal government alone, they number roughly 3,000, and often don’t win their positions by merit. •We have to reduce the layers of management, and reduce the sheer number of people employed by government. •Outsourcing has gotten out of hand. In theory, privatesector contractors save taxpay-

ers money. In reality, Light’s research shows, they can cost us twice as much. •Current civil service rules make it almost impossible to hire, promote, and fire based on merit. That has to change. Government today is highly pressured and deals with tough, complicated problems. It needs to be able to recruit and retain first-rate talent; you don’t want a second-rate lawyer negotiating a nuclear arms treaty. Unless we deal with these problems, failure is baked into the system. The American people have to demand that the President and the Congress not just enact legislation, but also implement and manage government programs effectively and efficiently. Lee Hamilton is Director of the Center on Congress at Indiana University. He was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for 34 years.

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Monday, April 7, 2014


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C ommentary Agenda 21: How progressives are using deception to destroy liberty

By Jeff Erding Those familiar with my articles know I have been warning the folks about the “noose of government dependence” that is being tightened slowly but surely around our collective necks. The radical left and secular progressives want you to think the American Dream is dead. They want to dismiss as mere myth the notion that a person of meager means and humble background can become educated and successful without intervention by the Federal Government. (Remember the quote by Mr. Obama to successful Jeff Erding business owners: “ You didn’t build that!! You had government help to build that!”) They want us to think that success is impossible without a leg up from big government. They want to sell you the idea that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are old outdated documents that are no longer valid in our “ modern society”. As proponents of Agenda 21, they don’t want you to know that wealth creation and liberty are impossible without legally protected private property. Unless we as citizens are entitled by law to have private property, WHAT LIBERTIES CAN EXIST? Our schools no longer teach this concept due to the insidious influence of Agenda 21, but our Founding Fathers were well aware of it. James Madison, one of our

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most eloquent founders, proved his grasp of the concept when he wrote: “Government is instituted to protect property of every sort; as well as that which lies in the various rights of individuals…this being the end of government, that alone is a just government, which impartially secures, to every man, whichever is his own.” Seems reasonable. This is America, right? Government entities exist to protect our lives and property, correct? Well folks, if the radical left and secular progressives get their way, you can kiss your property rights goodbye FOREVER!! Allow me to explain. U N Agenda 21 got started in the U.N. as the brainchild of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature [IUCN ]. It is a 40 chapter document designed to exert ABSOLUTE CONTROL OVER EVERY IMAGINABLE HUMAN ACTIVITY. Why, then, have the rank and file of citizens never heard of it? That’s simple to answer, folks:

Government this week •Monday, April 7, Lanesboro City Council meeting, City Hall, 5:30 p.m. •Monday, April 7, Preston City Council meeting, Council Chambers, 6 p.m. •Tuesday, April 8, Fillmore County Commissioners meeting, Fillmore County Courthouse, 9 a.m. •Tuesday, April 8, Harmony City Council meeting, City Hall, 7 p.m. •Wednesday, April 9, Canton City Council meeting, City Hall, 7 p.m. •Wednesday, April 9, Mabel City Council meeting, City Hall, 7 p.m. •Wednesday, April 9, Peterson City Council meeting, City Hall, 7 p.m. •Monday, April 14, Whalan City Council meeting, City Hall, 5 p.m. •Monday, April 14, Spring Valley City Council meeting, City Hall, 6 p.m. •Monday, April 14, City of Rushford City Council meeting, City Hall, 6:30 p.m. •Monday, April 14, Wykoff City Council meeting, City Hall, 7 p.m. •Monday, April 14, Chatfield City Council meeting, City Hall, 7 p.m. •Monday, April 14, Houston City Council meeting, City Hall, 7:30 p.m. Schedule subject to change.

Since it can’t be fully implemented without the total destruction of private property rights, the radical left and secular progressives DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW!! The U.N. is up to its neck in the implementation of Agenda 21 along with 133 nations including, unfortunately, the USA. A U.N. document from the Habitat I conference way back in 1976 dovetails perfectly with the goals of Agenda 21: “Land cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principle instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle

in the planning and implementation of development schemes. The provision of decent dwellings and healthy conditions for the people can only be achieved if land is used in the interests of society as a whole. Public control of land use is therefore indispensable.” (Those of you who read Bryan Van Gorp’s March 3 commentary in Fillmore County Journal will find that quote eerily familiar.) According to Micheal Coffman, PhD., in the winter 2013 issue of Range magazine, the U.N. and Agenda 21ers have it backwards. “Like so many noble schemes socialists and progressives implement to help the poor or save the environment,” Coffman says,” their policies accomplish exactly the opposite. European green energy, another Agenda 21 folly, has turned into

a disaster and shown that green policies were disconnected from reality from the start’’. More on that later. Time and space limitations prevent me from going through Agenda 21 chapter and verse, but I strongly urge all to get to your computers and learn as much as you can about its potential to destroy personal liberty in the USA. One aspect I will discuss with you today that is so important to all of us is Green Energy. The bloodcurdling battle cry of the radical environmentalists is “EVIL CARBON DIOXIDE”!! Ian Pilmer, Australian geologist and professor of earth sciences at the University of Melbourne, had this to say regarding carbon emissions after the volcanic erupSee AGENDA 21 Page 6 

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Monday, April 7, 2014

C ommentary AGENDA 21

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tion in Iceland. “The volcano has in just four days negated every single effort you have made in the past 5 years to control CO2…All of you, worldwide! And there are over 200 active volcanoes spewing out CO2 and other green house gasses EVERY DAY!!” He adds that the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo [Philippines, 1991] emitted more greenhouse gasses than the entire human race in all its years of existence. That’s the bad news. The good news is the professor states CO2 in the atmosphere has little or no effect on global temperatures and the global temperature has actually dropped by 0.7 degrees in the past century. What does the professor have to say about the whopping CARBON TAX or the proposed EMMISSION TRADING LEGISLATION as proposed by progressives and radical greenies? “These whopping new taxes… imposed on you, will achieve absolutely nothing except make you poorer. It won’t stop any volcanoes from erupting, that’s for sure!” So where are we on Green Energy? The concept is wonderful and it has been around for a very long time. One of the cleanest and most efficient is hydroelectric. Windmills have pumped trillions of gallons of water and are still doing so. We can learn something from that operation that is crucial to the success of any green energy initiative: storage of the product. Before you ever throw the pump on a windmill in gear, there’s something you must have; a large cistern. I have two on my property that still hold water. You must have the cistern to store the water for the times the wind doesn’t blow, which is all too often. I believe the main thing limiting the success of green energy is we don’t have the technology to store electricity. No “cistern”. Let’s take a look at what happened in Europe, best represented by Germany and England.[Source: Range magazine fall 2013] Germany closed all its nuclear plants in 2011 and is committed to produce 35 percent of its electricity from green energy by 2020. It has spent more than 194 billion dollars, mostly on solar power, in the last 10 years. According to one of the leading newspapers in the country, Der Spiegel, Solar farm operators and private citizens collected over 10 billion in subsidies in 2011 but generated only 3 percent of the power, and that at unpredictable times. It gets worse. With no storage options, excess energy has to be destroyed at substantial cost. According to Der Spiegel, solar power in Germany simply does not work economically. Energy is so expensive in Germany now that 600,000 low income

families per year are having their power shut off because they are unable to pay their bills. And get this: the shortage is so acute that 23 coal fired generation plants are being constructed to make up the shortfall! Unlike relatively sunny Germany, gloomy U.K. put its faith in wind power. At this time over 3,000 wind towers have been erected in the U.K. that are able to generate an anemic 5 percent of power needs. So far green wind has been a dismal failure with a windless period during a cold spell in 2010 causing a great deal of suffering for British citizens. Costs have been comparable to the astronomic rates in Germany, with industrial power costing about triple that of the USA. [Source:] In summation, the economy of the entire European Union is teetering on the brink of disaster because of ill conceived green energy policy. Now a reading assignment. If you have not read Dr. Bryan Van Gorp’s commentary in the March 3 issue of the FCJ, please do so. If you already read it, re-read it carefully and look for the undeniable connection to Agenda 21. Take special note of the reference to the evil capitalist system and the need for an international system of government that controls all resources. (In other words, good-

bye private property!!) Two kids are plenty, one or none would be better. Never mind what happened in Europe with their failed green energy efforts. Better to spend ourselves into complete oblivion than produce another watt of electricity with evil coal or natural gas. Here’s where it’s at folks. We have important choices to make this fall. We should educate ourselves about the candidates and elect people with good conservation ethics. We must use good, proven methods to utilize our natural resources in a safe, responsible manner. We have renewable resources that can help us greatly. Let’s tell our leaders we want to develop a practical energy storage system before we go down the same disastrous path as Europe. Above all, we must send the strongest possible message to our leaders that we reject Agenda 21 and all its phony, failed, ridiculous ideology. They say we can’t succeed without “Big Brother”. Millions of Americans have proved them wrong since our brave founders created the greatest nation in the history of the world… A nation where we are free to succeed and free also to fail. A nation where our government exists to protect our property, not steal it from us in the name of the common good.

Rep. Davids bill would exempt social security benefits from Minnesota income tax By Jason Wenisch ST. PAUL, Minm. – In an effort to allow Minnesota to join 28 other states that in some way exempt social security income from local taxes, State Representative Greg Davids (R-Preston) is authoring legislation that would provide this needed tax relief. “These are people who are on limited incomes and can illafford increased taxes of any kind,” Davids said. Minnesota is currently among a few states that tax social security benefits the same in the same manner as the federal government. Davids said the goal of the leg-

islation is to create a better living environment for senior citizens in our state. Minnesota is considered to be among the 10 worst states to retire in based on five factors: fiscal health, property taxes, income taxes, cost of living and climate. Davids said removing the state income tax from social security benefits is a good first step. “Our elderly population spent their entire lives working and paying into the social security system, it doesn’t seem right that we continue taxing many of them on what is their primary source of income,” Davids said.

Letter about Panko rebutal To the Editor, Honestly folks, I’m not going to waste much effort bandying words with a person who approves of an administration that has: a) stonewalled for months on “Fast and Furious’’, b) blatantly ignores the law of the land and the oath of office of the presidency by enforcing only those laws it finds acceptable, c) stonewalls and openly lies about Benghazi, d) openly lies about the effects and costs of the [un] Affordable Care Act. This administration may be inept in all things requiring intelligence, diplomacy, and leadership, but it has no peer when it comes to obfuscation, stone-

walling, and downright dishonesty. Can Mr. Panko really think the Obama Administration has no knowledge of the fact that conservative groups are being unfairly targeted by the IRS? Maybe if witnesses like Lois Learner would just testify instead of pleading the fifth, the truth could come out. Two final points. Mr. Panko, please try to think of your own title when you write a commentary. Plagiarizing your title from me is not cool. Also please know that just because some television and radio talk show hosts use abusive, insulting, and rude language when talking to others doesn’t make it OK for you to do the same. Jeff Erding Wykoff, MN

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One Moment, Please...Miles of Smiles RoryKramer says: I couldn’t have said it any better. My family has shopped at Willie’s for longer than I’ve been alive and just spending those few minutes in the store with Willie always made the day go better. He was truly concerned about everyone that he knew and always put a smile of my face. Even though the Fountain bank is full of money, Willie was the ‘richest person’ in Fountain because he cared about Fountain and everyone cared about him.

Information and opinions given at Kingsland community meeting svtaxpayer says: Start the meeting with the same old rehash about how great college classes and technology are. So what? Hear it at every meeting. The addition discussed is mostly gym and auditorium with some offices. Mostly no classroom space. No 21st century learning. Gyms are 19th century! To fit in 850 students, much will be lost. Rooms will have to be shared. Labs and libraries and other spaces will be eliminated to cram all the kids into existing space. Plus, everyone hopes their student’s room will be in the basement, stuffed into the old locker rooms, right? While we have three gyms and news-worthy Project Labs. Count classes and count rooms. It doesn’t add up. Use what we have or build CLASSROOMS, not gyms. And it’s already been heard ...if we do a referendum in the summer...

Attendee says: I do think the meeting went well in terms of sharing information. But also feel that the board pres and some others talked around questions and did not answer them, a few times the pres in particular would answer one question and then turn around and say something different. Doesn’t make me very confident they know what they are doing. The grounds keeper was the most open and honest in my opinion. He said it truthfully, good and bad. I am thankful they had the meeting for many reasons. I am worried that they didn’t see not one person there seemed to be for going to one site. No one spoke up for it but many spoke against it and there were a lot of people there. I don’t think the board is currently listening to the people of the district. I hope I am wrong.

Fillmore County police reports 3.10.14 Doc says: So many winners. about time says: About time they start giving tickets to people who park where it days no parking anytime. I just thought people around her didn’t know how to read.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Verdon is survived by his wife Marlene, two stepchildren, his son, five grandchildren and his brother Darrel Verdon Flattum (Karen) Flattum of Roches Verdon Flattum was born on ter, Minn. and nieces Tamera March 18, 1935 in Lanesboro, Minn. to Gynther and Lil- Mensink, Pam Flattum, Vicki lian Flattum. He attended Darling and nephew Mitchell Lanesboro Schools where he Flattum. His parents and two grandchildren preceded him played tenor in death. His body was cresax and the mated. clarinet. He A jazz Celebration of Life graduated will be held for Verdon Flatin 1952. He tum at the Palm Desert Greens enrolled in Country Club in Palm Desert, the Army Calif. on April 26, 2014 from where he 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. played in Verdon Flattum the Army Carol E. Hamersma Band. Verdon married Karlene Carol Hamersma, age 66, Anderson in Chatfield, Minn. of Spring Valley, Minn., died in 1961. They moved to California and had one son, Stuart Tuesday April 1, 2014 at Chosen Valley Care Center in and later divorced. Chatfield, Minn. Verdon returned to Min She was nesota and attended Mankato State University where he born April played in the Mankato State 14, 1947 in Band and received his Bach- Spring Valley elors Degree in Library Sci- to Albert and ence. Verdon also received his Ella (Jensen) Masters Degree in Library Sci- Musel. She the ence from USC in Los Ange- was y o u n g e st les. Verdon was a professional daughter of Carol E. musician and played with 12 siblings. Hamersma many jazz bands in Los Angeles and Palm Desert until ill She attended health in 2009. Verdon mar- and graduated from Spring ried Marlene Raner Kirkham Valley High School in 1964 in Los Angeles on April 27, and was united in marriage 1974. Marlene accompanied to Wallace “Butch” M. Hamersma on May 8, 1971 at St. Verdon to his many gigs.

Ignatius Catholic Church in Spring Valley. Carol worked for many years at Community Memorial Hospital in Spring Valley and later for Rochester Medical where she retired in 2013. Carol was a member of St. Ignatius Catholic Church and its altar society she enjoyed playing bingo and going on long walks. She is survived by her husband Wallace “Butch” Hamersma of Spring Valley, two sons; MJ Hamersma and Aaron (Karla) Hamersma both of Spring Valley and six grandchildren; Jasper, Kailynn, Brandon, Colt, Kelby and Lexie. She is also survived by six siblings; Mary Jones of Nampa, Idaho, Marjorie Halverson of Cohasset, Minn., Raymond (Betty) Musel of Albert Lea, Minn., Ruth Frieburg of Le Roy, Minn., Jim (Norma) Musel of Faribault, Minn. and Joe (Linda) Musel of Hawick, Minn. and many nieces and nephews. Carol was preceded in death by her parents, three brothers and two sisters. Funeral Mass for Carol E. Hamersma was on Friday April 4, 2014 at St. Ignatius Catholic Church in Spring Valley with Father Marreddy Pothireddy officiating. Burial will be held at a later date at the Etna Cemetery in rural Fillmore County. Visitation was on Thursday April 3, 2014 at the Hindt

Funeral Home. Jean Elizabeth (Keefe) Lynch Jean Elizabeth (Keefe) Lynch, 84, died on on March 30, 2014. Jean was born in Rochester, Minn. on October 17, 1927 the fourth child to Edward and Mary (Healy) Keefe. She was raised on her family’s farm east of Chatfield, Minn. and Jean Elizabeth was educated (Keefe) Lynch at Chatfield High School. She graduated with a degree in elementary education from Winona State Teachers College. Following graduation, Jean taught elementary school in Blooming Prairie, Minn. and Glencoe, Minn.. Jean and Patrick Lynch were married at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Chatfield on June 20, 1953. They raised their five children in Chatfield, where Pat was in the grocery business with his father. In the 1970s she returned to full time teaching as a reading specialist in the Rochester Public Schools. Jean and Pat loved entertaining, traveling, and card games. Following Pat’s

Page 7

death in 1988, Jean moved to Rochester. After her retirement, Jean volunteered at St. Mary’s Hospital. Jean is loved and will be remembered by her children: Susan Vento of Maplewood, Minn.; Chuck (Lynnae) of Stillwater, Minn.; Ann (Darren) Ruschy of Edina, Minn.; Bill (Denise) of Charlotte, N.C.; and Ed (Gretchen) of Eden Prairie, Minn. Ten grandchildren and two great grandchildren also survive. Jean is also survived by her siblings: Rosemary Kubicek, of Minneapolis; Norbert (Mary) Keefe of Chatfield; Helen Texido of Atherton, Calif.; Patrick (Gretchen) Keefe of Dover, Minn.; Kathryn (Frank) Kennedy of Mission Viejo, Calif., John (Florence) Keefe of Dallas, Texas; Pat’s Sisters: Doretta Story of Little Falls, Minn., and Mary Hornak of Fort Wayne, Ind.; and many nieces and nephews. Jean was preceded in death by her parents, her husband Pat, son-in-law Bruce Vento, and sister Phyllis Tracy. Mass of Christian Burial was on Saturday April 5, 2014 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Chatfield. Visitation was held at St. Mary’s Catholic Church on Friday, April 4, 2014. Burial was in St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery in Chatfield.

Fillmore County Church Directory Fillmore County Journal • Preston MN 507.765.2151 Perfect Glossy • Preston MN 507.251.5297 A rendahl Lutheran Church....………………………Sundays - 10 : 30am Highway 30, Peterson, MN 55962 (507) 875 -2477 Assembly Of God Church.….………………………Sundays - 10 : 00am 610 Territorial Rd, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-2101 Assumption Catholic Church.……..…Fri. - 8 : 30am & Sat. - 5 : 00pm 207 N May St, Canton, MN 55922 (507) 743-8320 Bethlehem Lutheran Church...………………………Sundays - 9 : 00am 200 Kenilworth Ave S, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-3344 Calvary Baptist Church.…….…………Sundays - 10 : 45am & 6 : 00pm 910 Winona St SE, Chatfield, MN 55923 (507) 867- 4686 Canton-Scotland Presby terian Church.....…………Sundays - 9 : 00am 104 W Fillmore Ave, Canton, MN 55922 (507) 743-2260 Chatf ield Lutheran Church……………..Sundays - 8 : 00am & 9 : 30am 304 Fillmore St SE, Chatfield, MN 55923 (507) 867- 4721 Chatf ield United Methodist Christ…………………Sundays - 9 : 30am 124 Winona St SE, Chatfield, MN 55923 (507) 867-3529 Cherry Grove United Methodist...…………………Sundays - 10 : 00am 18183 160th St, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (Cherry Grove) (507) 937-3177 Christ Lutheran Church...……………………………Sundays - 9 : 00am 509 Kansas St NW, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765 -2161 Christian Science Services.…………………………Sundays - 10 : 00am Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-2251 Elstad Lutheran Church...……………………………Sundays - 8 : 30am 37784 Dogwood Rd, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-3769 Emmanuel Episcopal Church....……………………Sundays - 10 : 00am 217 W Jessie St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-2164 Faith United Methodist Church..……Sat. - 5 : 00pm & Sun. - 9 : 00am 617 Maple Ln, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-2830 Fillmore Free Methodist Church...…Sundays - 8 : 30am & 10 : 30am 19127 County 8, Wykoff, MN 55990 (Fillmore) (507) 352-5450 First Baptist Church....…………………Sundays - 10 : 30am & 6 : 00pm 701 Kasten Drive, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-2840 First Baptist Church-Preston.…………Sundays - 10 : 30am & 7: 00pm 108 Chatfield Ave NW, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765 - 4960 First English Lutheran Church.……………………..Sundays - 10 : 00am 217 W Grant St, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-2793 First Lutheran Church of Highland.………………..Sundays - 9 : 00am 22423 391st Ave, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-3318 First Presby terian Church..…………………………Sundays - 10 : 00am 110 S Mill St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-2854 Fountain Lutheran....…………………………………Sundays - 9 : 00am Main Street, Fountain, MN 55935 (507) 268- 4413 Fountain United Methodist Church...………………Sundays - 8 : 30am Co. Rd. 8 and Cedar St., Fountain, MN 55935 (507) 268- 4456 Garness Trinity Lutheran...…………………………Sundays - 9 : 00am PO Box 88, Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5905

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Grace Lutheran Church..……………………………Sundays - 9 : 00am 365 Park St, Peterson, MN 55962 (507) 875 -2218 Greenf ield Lutheran Church..…………………......Sundays - 9 : 00am 235 Main Ave S, Harmony, MN 55939 (507) 886-3272 Greenleaf ton Reformed Church..…………………Sundays - 10 : 00am Highway 9, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765 -2546 Harmony United Methodist Church..……………..Sundays - 10 : 30am 60 Main Ave S, Harmony, MN 55939 (507) 886- 6851 Henry town Lutheran Church.…………………………Sun. - 10 : 30am PO Box 103, Harmony, MN 55939 (Henrytown) (507) 886-2425 Highland Chapel Seventh-Day Adventist..….....Saturdays - 9 : 30am 217 W. Jessie St., Rushford (507) 993-8328 Highland Prairie Lutheran Church.……………….Sundays -10 : 30am 43267 Bowl Dr, Peterson, MN 55962 (507) 864-2731 Historic Lenora United Methodist Church (Special Occasions) Lenora, MN (Rural Canton) (507) 545 -2641 Immanuel Lutheran Church..………………………Sundays - 9 : 30am 254 Main St S, Wykoff, MN 55990 (507) 352-2801 Lanesboro United Methodist Church..……………Sundays - 10 : 30am 507 Parkway Ave S, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-2646 Mabel First Lutheran Church………………………Sundays - 9 : 00am 202 N. Oak, P.O. Box 395, Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5293 Mabel United Methodist Church..…………………Sundays - 9 : 30am 111 W Newburg St, Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5296 Nativity Catholic Church...Sun. (1 & 2) - 8 : 45am & (3 & 4) - 10 :30am 640 1st Ave SW, Harmony, MN 55939 (507) 886-2393 Newburg United Methodist Church 3.1 miles N. of Mabel on Hwy. 43; 2.2 miles W. on Co. Rd. 24 North Prairie Lutheran.……………………………Sundays - 10 : 30am 35957 Highway 30, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 875 -2460 Our Savior’s Lutheran Church.……Sundays - 8 : 00am & 10 : 30am 805 S Broadway St, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-7251 Pilot Mound Lutheran Church.……………………Sundays - 9 : 00am 8 miles N. of Lanesboro on 250 then 4 miles W. on Hwy 30 (507) 875 -2460 Pioneer Presby terian Church ………………………Sundays - 8 : 30am 206 Fillmore St NE, Chatfield, MN 55923 (507) 867- 4037 Preston United Methodist Church ………………..Sundays - 8 : 30am 212 Saint Anthony St N, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765 -2503 R iver Of Life Regional Church 220 N Money Creek St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-2853 Root Prairie Lutheran Church ……………………Sundays - 10 : 30am County Rd 11, Fountain, MN 55935 (507) 268- 4455 Root R iver Church of the Brethren ………………Sundays - 10 : 00am 23553 County Rd 20, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765 - 4772 Root R iver Community Church …………………Sundays - 10 : 30am 503 Nannestad Lane, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-7074

Studio-A-Photography • Preston MN 507.251.6372 Visit Bluff Country • Preston MN 507.765.2151 Rushford Lutheran Church …………………Sun. - 9 : 00am & 5 : 30pm 101 S Mill St., Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-7152 Saetersdal Lutheran Church.………………………..Sundays -10 : 30am 21447 Co. Rd. 30, Rural Harmony, MN Scheie Lutheran Church..……………………………Sundays - 9 : 30am PO Box 88, Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5680 St Columban Church.……..…………………………Sundays - 9 : 30am 408 Preston St NW # 2, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765 -3886 St Ignatius Catholic Church.………………………Sundays - 10 : 30am 213 W Franklin St, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-7565 St John Lutheran Church.…………………………..Sundays - 9 : 00am 241 Line St S, Wykoff, MN 55990 (507) 352-2296 St Joseph’s Catholic Church.………………………Sundays - 10 : 30am 103 N Mill St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-2257 St Mark ’s Lutheran Church...………………………Sundays - 9 : 00am 104 E North St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-7111 St Marys Catholic Church....….......Sat. - 5 : 00pm & Sun. - 11: 00am 405 Twiford St SW, Chatfield, MN 55923 (507) 867-3148 St Matthews Episcopal Church..……………………Sundays - 9 : 30am 100 Fillmore St SE, Chatfield, MN 55923-1219 (507) 867-3707 St Matthew’s Lutheran Church..……………………Sundays - 9 : 00am Harmony, MN 55939 (Granger) (507) 772- 4474 St Olaf Catholic Church.....Sun. (1 & 2) - 10 :30am & (3 & 4) - 8 : 45am 114 N Locust, Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5268 St Patrick ’s Church Hall ………………………...…Sundays - 8 : 00am Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-2480 St Paul Lutheran Church..………Sun. - 10 : 00am & Wed. - 7: 00pm 128 Fillmore St SE, Chatfield, MN 55923 (507) 867- 4604 St Paul’s Lutheran Church...……………………....Sundays - 10 : 30am Harmony, MN 55939 (Big Springs) (507) 886-8175 Sumner Center United Methodist Church.………Sundays - 10 : 30am 9 miles N. of Spring Valley on Co. Rd. 1 (507) 696- 4197 Trinity Fellowship ELCA..…………………………Sundays - 10 : 00am 110 S Mill St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-7211 Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church………………Sundays - 10 : 30am 204 South St, Ostrander, MN 55961 (507) 657-2203 Union Prairie Lutheran..……………………………Sundays - 9 : 00am Hwy 16, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-3363 United Methodist Church.…………………………Sundays - 8 : 30am 236 Gold St S, Wykoff, MN 55990 (507) 352- 4136 Valley Christian Center…………………………....Sundays - 10 : 00am 610 Territorial Rd Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-2101 W halan Lutheran Church..………………………….Sundays - 9 : 00am Lanesboro, MN 55949 (Whalan) (507) 467-2398

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Monday, April 7, 2014

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Fillmore County Sports 4th annual Boys Basketball All-County Team

*All 3-Rivers stats supplied by Bill Bentson. All rankings based off ‘all games’ played. 1st Team Kole Ruud (6’0” senior G, Lanesboro): There was no player more offensively crass to opponents in the SEC than the Burros Ruud scoring machine Kole’s encore to a 22 point-pergame SEC Kole Ruud Player of the Year junior year? A 26 pointper-game repeat SEC Player of the Year senior year. He broke, smashed, Braden Hanson’s school scoring mark (1,430), setting the new record at 1,599, doing so in 22 less games (80 to 102). Ruud scored 706 points in 2013-2014 alone. His 41 points versus Mabel-Canton (the night he broke the record) was a new personal best (topping a 40-point performance versus, L-A as a junior). In the Burros 27 games, Ruud scored 20 or more 22 times. He hit

for 30 on 10 occasions (including a string of four straight mid-season). He was never was held in single digits. In the past two seasons (54 games), he hit for 20 or more on 40 occasions and only once was held in single digits. Kole made an SEC-best 71 3-pointers in league play at a 38% clip, a total of 101 for the 2013-2014 season. He made six or more in game seven times including 8 of 16 versus Spring Grove. He hit at least one three-pointer in every game. And behind the arc wasn’t even his best zone. Ruud was a master at getting fouled, eating s’mores and hot dogs at the charity stripe all season long. He made 159 of 195 freebies (81.5%). He hit five or more FT’s 17 times including efforts of 16 for 18, 14 for 15, and 12 for 13. Added 4.6 rebounds, 3.0 assists, and 2.3 steals per game. A two-time All-Conference player, two time first team All-County player, and Academic All-Stater.

Nate Skare (6’2” senior G, Chatfield): For his first two years of full varsity basketball action, Skare was mostly noted for his shooting prowess. He was one of the 3-Rivers’ elite longrange bombers. For his senior year, his efforts Nate Skare on the court metastasized. He had his most complete season. He kept scoring, topping 1,000 points, finishing at 1,117 for his career (top five in Gopher history). He hit the ballyhooed mark, and had a career-high 39 points, in separate games against his hometown school Kingsland. Skare’s 13.8 point per game, for a third consecutive season, led the Gophers. It was good enough for 10th best in the 3-Rivers. But he was also second best on the team in rebounds (6.3), assists (3.2), steals (1.6), and 3-point percentage (39.8). The later was fifth best in the TRC. He had a couple notable stat-stuffing games, 16 points, 13 rebounds, and 7 assists versus Watertown-Mayer, and 27 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 assists versus Fillmore Central.

Skare also typically drew tough defensive assignments and it could definitely be said, the quarterback in the fall turned into the on-court leader (by example) in the winter. A 3-year starter, Nate ends his career as a 3-time All-Conference selection, a 3-time All-County performer (two first teams). He was also Academic All-State Honorable Mention in 2013-2014. Cole Kingsley (6’0” junior G, Rushford-Peterson): It’s not easy to pick a ‘best’ player from the Trojans’ allotment of talented gym rats, but Kingsley is probably it. No Trojan had as much control over games as R-P’s talented point guard. A relentless, strong, and fearless driver and finisher, Cole averaged a solid 8.6 points per game on 58.6% from the field (third best in the TRC). His PPG would’ve been higher had the state runner-up Trojans not been on the good end of a number of ‘over early’ contests. Cole typically deferred to pass (4.8 assists per game was fourth best in the TRC), play defense (3.1 steals per game led the TRC), and rebound (team second best 4.7 per game). In the post-season, though, he got more aggressive. Cole had as many double digit scoring efforts (seven) in seven play-off

games as he did in the regular campaign. He scored 10-plus in ten of R-P’s last 11 games. He did whatever needed to be done in guiding the Trojans to a state runner-up finish. R-P fans can only speculate what would’ve happen had Kingsley not sat, and then toned down his play, late in the second half of the state title game versus B-B-E, nursing four fouls. An All-State Tournament team, two-time All-TRC selection, and two time All-County first teamer, said fans might get a chance to find out sometime in March of 2015. Nick Powell (6’3” senior F, Fillmore Central): Evidently, the 3-Rivers South is stocked with great players. Because even though Powell averaged 20 and 10 through about half of the season, he finished up his senior year somehow left off the TRC Nick Powell South All-Conference team. He doesn’t get left off first team All-County. For the year, FC’s premier weapon averaged 17.8 See SPORTS Page 10 

14 Trout Day th annual

! e May 3 e r F



Forestville Mystery Cave State Park 8:30 a.m. registration/coffee & rolls 9:00 a.m. prompt start

Trout fishing (fly & spin) instruction and assistance Stream fishing seminars • Guest Speaker Al Batt DNR led Electro-fishing and status of the fishery Wiener roast • Door prizes

In memory of

Phil Wernimont

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Monday, April 7, 2014


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points and 9.9 rebounds per game. Each was top five in the 3-Rivers (scoring fourth best, rebounding third best). After a blistering start (eight 20-point games in FC’s first 13 contests), Powell cooled off (two 20-point games over the FC’s final 14 contests). But he racked up 14 double-doubles on the season and scored below ten just twice (nine points each time) all as the focus of opposing defenses. Powell led FC in field goal percentage at 48.8% (13th best in the conference). He also led his squad in free throws made (109) and tied for a team lead in threes made (20). Though he primarily played on the baseline (in the low post), the athletic forward could go inside-outside. A two-year varsity player, Powell’s career averages are impressive; 15.5 points and 9 rebounds per game. Somebody needs to do a retake on the All-Conference thing for the one-time All-County second teamer, one time All-County first teamer. Jayme LaPlante (6’3” junior F/C, Chatfield): One would be hard pressed to find an interior player in the TRC who attracted as much attention, and who could be as physically dominant, as the LaPlantimal. After a 10.8 point per game, 6.2 rebound per game junior year, LaPlante was even better as a senior, averaging 13.6 points and 8.8 rebounds. He was second on the Gophers, and 12th in the conference, in scoring. He was tops on the Gophers, and fifth best in the TRC, in rebounding. Just like his junior year, he was also one of the conference’s most efficient players, shooting a league seventhbest 54.8%. Jayme recorded 11 double-doubles including a 22-point, 22-rebound night versus Southland. He scored in double figures in all but five games and scored less than

Monday, April 7, 2014

seven just once. LaPlante’s athleticism and physicality moves on to the next level. The twotime 3-Rivers All-Conference player and first team All-County performer has signed to play football and Minnesota State. 2nd Team Lucas Rogers (6’2” senior G/F, Lanesboro): Joined teammate Kole Ruud as having gone over 1,000-points for his career (1,059). Averaged 17.5 points (second on the Burros. top five in the SEC), 7.9 rebounds (second on the team) and 3.0 assists per game (second on the team). Hit nine three-pointers on two occasions, his two best career games (31 versus Schaeffer Academy and 29 versus Grand Meadow). Scored in double figures in all but four games. In past two seasons, 54 games, scored in double figures 47 times. Scored 20 or more ten times in 2013-2014. Led Burros with 10 double doubles. A twotime SEC All-Conference and All-County second teamer. Alex Vix (5’11” junior G, R-P): A very nice ‘off’ guard to Kingsley’s ‘on’ guard. Vix’s varied on-court talents (shooting, driving, open-court ability) garnered him the honor of ‘Trojan leading scorer’ at 11 points per game. He did so hitting 49.6% of his field goals and 37.1% of his 3-pointers. The later was seventh best in the TRC. Alex evolved into a true Trojan weapon as the season went along. Scored in double figures four times in the Trojans first ten games, but then 17 times in R-P’s final 24 games. Included was a team best string of 11 games in double figures. Alex was the only Trojan to hit for 20 or more twice. Added 2.5 rebounds, 1.9 assists, and 2.1 steals (10th best in the TRC). Made the Class A All-Tournament team. 3-Rivers South AllConference. Noah Manning (6’0” senior G, Mabel-Canton): In a year that saw M-C’s Justin Ward

start the season fast, only to miss time per a shoulder injury, resulting in Hunter Johnson picking up the offensive slack late, Manning (typically from the point position) provided the Cougars with stability throughout the season. Noah brought a bit of everything to the table. He averaged 10.2 points (third on the team), 6.2 rebounds (second), 3.4 assists (second), and 2.4 steals per game (tied for second). He almost singlehandedly carried M-C to a huge comeback win over Fillmore Central in his best career scoring game (20). He just missed a triple double (15 points, 10 rebounds, 9 assists) in the Cougars play-off upset of FC. Manning’s effort helped M-C make a play-off run to Rochester for the first time since 2007. All SEC for second straight season (second team). Christian Bance (6’0” junior G, Chatfield): While LaPlante and Skare got attention defensively, Bance, in his second year on varsity, blossomed into an excellent scoring option for Chatfield. Christian just trailed his two teammates in averaging 13.0 points per game. He added 3.7 rebounds, 1.8 assists, and 1.5 steals while making a team best (bettering Skare) 73 trifectas. He did so at a 42.9% clip (tops on the team, second best in the TRC).From the field, shot 45.2%, a good number for a guard. Scored in double figures in 17 of 26 games with a career-high 28 coming versus Southland. With the Gophers losing four big seniors to graduation, it’ll be Bance’s show in 2014-2015. Charlie Krambeer (6’1” junior G, R-P): The Trojans straight-aimed three-point specialist, Krambeer began the season making at least three trifectas in 14 of the first 16 games. Had a high-water mark of 8 for 11 shooting from distance in notching a career-high 24 points versus Spring Grove. Was the Trojans leading scorer midway through the season (13plus per) making 45% of his long distance shots. Krambeer, with teams paying a more concerted effort to him, cooled off a bit the rest of the way. He ended the season averaging 10.2 points per game, second on the Trojans, hitting 41% of his threes, third best in the 3-Rivers. Made 111 of 267 field goals with 98 of 238 of them coming from distance. Three Rivers South All-Conference. Two-time AllCounty second teamer. Others worth mentioning Justin Ward (5’10” senior F, Mabel-Canton; led Cougars with 12 point per game average. Added 4.8 rebounds, 3.3 assists, and 3 steals per game > SEC All-Conference Honorable Mention), Sam Ross (6’1” senior F, Houston; led ‘Canes in scoring at 11.4, rebounding at 7.2, and assists at 3.1 > SEC AC HM), Liam Dorn (6’0” junior F, Lanesboro; averaged 5.7 points and a team high 8 rebounds > SEC AC HM), See SPORTS Page 11 

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Hunter Johnson (5’10” senior G/F, M-C; was second on the Cougars to Ward in scoring at 11.5 per), Jacob Rindels (6’0” junior G, Kingsland; led Knights in scoring at 15.2, was second with 4.7 rebounds), Logan Masters (5’7” senior G, FC; averaged 8.1 points, a TRC sixth best 4.0 assists, and a TRC fourth best 2.8 steals), Jake Neis (5’9” senior G, Chatfield; averaged 9.3 points, a TRC third best 4.8 assists, 3.9 rebounds, and 1.9 steals), Seth Thompson (6’1” senior G, R-P; averaged 7.6 points while shooting a TRC second best 59%), Austin O’Hare (6’4” senior G/F, R-P; averaged 7.9 points while making the Class A All-Tournament team) and Jorli Hauge (6’4” senior F, R-P; led Trojans in rebounding at 5.0 while scoring 8.2 per at a 53% clip). That Trojan trio posted an 85-12 record over the past three seasons with a conference title, a shared conference title, three sub-section titles, three section titles, two 3rd places, and a second place at state.

Track and Field

03-31: Triton Invite (Indoor at RCTC) (Kingsland, KassonMantorville, Triton, Hayfield, Lyle/Pacelli, Stewartville, Pine Island and the host Cobras competed. Junior Lacey Schwarz (2nd at the 55-meters) was the Knight girl’s highlight. Sophomores Hunter Meisner (3rd at the 1,600-meters) and Cody Krahn (4th at the 400-meters) were the Knight boy’s highlights)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Journal Student Writing Project:


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This year

By Anna Christoph School has gotten really busy this year at Fillmore Central. On top of the computers that were distributed in September, some new teachers were hired, and at least two of our teachers won’t be here for the last few weeks of the school year. We’ve also purchased Anna Christoph a new gym floor that works really well, but can’t be used very effectively because they’re afraid to scratch it up already. At least it’s really nice looking, and clean, but at the same time, a lot of limitations have been put on things like prom this year. Also, recently, the fire hydrant in front of the school sprung a leak when the water main broke. There’s nothing like a cancellation at the end of March. To be put on top of that, the annual spring band and choir concerts are coming up quickly as well as the regional solo/small group for both of those activities. Also, the big Florida trip is coming up, which is where the participating band and choir concerts will go to Disney World. This, of course, was accompanied by a good amount of fundraising and money-saving. It will all be worth it in the end, though. Other activities keep the students here pretty busy, too. For those who are in baseball and softball, every week is full of practices and games. It’s actu-


ally a really good way to get a tan. The same goes for those who are in golf and track. Well, track doesn’t technically have a ‘game’ per se, they have meets. As for the play, I know that we’ve been pretty busy trying to get things together. The crew has been working really hard with the painting and setting things up, and the cast has been working on getting their lines and positions right. Last but not least, testing. The MCAs are coming up and the teachers are trying to get us prepared. From what I understand, we juniors have to get a relatively good grade on the math portion, otherwise we won’t be able to pass high school, so that’s a little nerve wracking. I’m sure the freshmen are kind of nervous too, since this will be their first high school MCA and it will be the English portion. I know the sophomores have to take the science part of the MCAs this year, so hopefully that goes well for them. Yet, while this year has been extremely busy with everything, it has still been a pretty good year, personally speaking. The teachers are still pretty cool and the classes vary in difficulty (which also depends on the grade level), but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Anna Christoph is a student at Fillmore Central High School. She is one of 8 area students participating in the Journal Writing Project, now in its fifteenth year.


Main Ave., Harmony • 507.886.7469

Rio 2

Friday, april 11th .............. 7:30pm Saturday, april 12th .......... 7:30pm Sunday, april 13th 4:30pm &7:30pm Rated PG • Run Time: 1 hour 41 minutes Also showing 4/17, 4/18, 4/19, & 4/20 Bring your own bucket for popcorn EvEryday & save!

is nearly $1.2 million. At that rate, a $100,000 residence is estimated to see approximately $100 more in taxes per year, while a farm, rated at $1 million (approximately 240 acres) would see a $550 increase, not including taxation to any home on the farm. “If you add it to my taxes, I can’t afford it,” cautioned farmer Floyd Dunn, also referencing those who are older, retired, or on fixed incomes. Dunn also noted the number of younger generation farmers starting out. “The young man who rents my farm won’t be farming if taxes go up.” Unanimous approval of the modified option gives Rushford Village legal authority to issue debt for its funding. It does not legally bind the city to do the work, which still needs to see final design and go through a bidding process. The amount that can be bonded is limited at the approved amount, but can be reduced by project scope. The city can opt in areas such as County Line Road if it can fund it through cash reserves or adjust the project scope to not exceed capacity. It can also be added later, after a new public hearing, through supplemental bonding. “The streets are deteriorating quicker than you can keep up,” noted financial consultant Mike Bubany, of David Drown Associates. “It’s better to borrow a big chunk today. It puts you in a better position to catch up, then, rollover into a phase two. If you can bite the bullet, it makes sense to do it that way.” The city council adopted the modified plan unanimously, without the addition of County Line Road. “We’ve looked at a lot of different options. This is the most doable. We’ve taken a hard look at it and I think this is the best plan,” added Councilor Dennis Overland. While authorization of final design work and preparing the project for bid can proceed, the city is aware of a 30-day petition period in which residents can stop the project. In that case, the city would be forced to hold a referendum on the project, pay cash for it or apply

Page 11

special assessments. “The petition is a deal breaker,” added Bubany. The total required for the petition is limited to 5 percent of the total number of voters in the last election. If faced with such, the city cannot hold a hearing and bond for the project again for a period of 12 months. In other news, the city has decided to table the annexation petition by Peterson residents Alan Lipowitz and Jan Smaby, who sought detachment from the City of Peterson. Mayor Schwanke and Rushford Village Councilor Hamilton Peterson met with Peterson council representatives Mayor Jennifer Wood and Councilor Dick Lee to ascertain if there was some reasonable common ground that could be found between the City of Peterson and the petitioners, resolving the issue locally. Two compromise options were discussed with neither approved by the city of Peterson or the petitioners. “We hoped each would give a little more, but there was not really any give or take,” noted Mayor Schwanke. “This is the way it’s gonna have to be. We couldn’t get all parties to accept compromise. I think we should table the issue and leave it for the petitioners to bring back. It’s their issue, not ours.” “We have no interest in wanting to take land,” he continued. “This was dropped in our lap. It puts us in mode of being judge and jury. We didn’t bring the issue up. We didn’t ask for it. We tried to make it go away. Let’s just take it off the table.” After no discussion, a motion on Schwanke’s recommendation was made by Hamilton Peterson and seconded by Todd Baker. It was approved unanimously. The next regularly scheduled council meeting is Tuesday, April 15, at 7 p.m. The public is encouraged to attend.


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Wednesdays at 7pm

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You are invited to join others in our community to read the novel, “Ordinary Grace” by William Kent Krueger during Harmony’s 2014 Community Read! Read, compare and discuss this award winning story with your friends, family & author! National Bestselling Minnesota Author

William Kent Krueger Wednesday, April 16th, 6:30pm Harmony Public Library 225 3rd Ave SW, Harmony MN 507.886.8133

The library event is funded with money from the Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the SELCO Library Legacy Program Cosponsored by Harmony Public Library & The Harmony Arts Board


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chewing by an employee driving a truck is not hurting anybody. Amunrud asked his colleagues to look at the broader picture and the language in the state public health rules. Compliance for grant funding includes all tobacco use, the elimination or reduction of tobacco use. Kaase questioned whether we will be looking at what people eat for lunch next? Bakke insisted that employees should be made aware of the proposed policy before it is put into place so we can get their feedback. A motion was approved to make department heads responsible for informing employees of the proposed policy and to get their input. Then, it will be discussed at a Department Head Committee meeting before coming back to the county board. Root River Watershed Donna Rasmussen, SWCD, requested the board’s support for the county’s participation in a cooperative effort to develop a watershed plan for the Root River Watershed with five other counties including Mower, Olmsted, Winona, Houston, and Dodge. Updates to local water management plans in Fillmore, Mower, and Winona counties must be completed in 2015 and in Houston County in 2017. Rasmussen said there already is informal cooperation and communication

Monday, April 7, 2014

between the counties. Nearly half of the Root River watershed area lies within Fillmore County. The Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) is asking for requests throughout the state for watershed areas that want to participate in the “One Watershed One Plan.” Funding will be available for the pilot project chosen to develop the watershed plan. If the grant is awarded it will be used to hire a consulting firm to write the plan. A joint powers agreement including SWCDs and the counties would govern the plan. Local county governments will still have local control. The plan would encompass all monitoring projects. The board voted to sign a letter of support for cooperation with other counties in developing the Root River Watershed plan. Other business in brief •The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires employers to be in compliance by January, 2015. Kristina Kohn reported that 70 percent of employees (it was originally 95 percent) that work 30 or more hours a week have to be offered health insurance to be in compliance. Kohn said the county currently has 152 employees that work 30 or more hours and if you add intermittent employees, that number increases to 158. The county offers coverage to the 152 employees now and even if no changes are made that will put

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the county at 96 percent and in compliance. Kohn noted that the intermittent employees do not have the opportunity to purchase health insurance through the county’s group plan, but they could go to the MNsure website. •The board approved the removal of the 2,500 gallon per day bottling limit in Section 735 of the Zoning Ordinance dealing with extraction of water for water bottling purposes. A public hearing was held on March 20 at the Planning Commission which recommended the change in the ordinance. Zoning Administer Chris Graves explained that demand for bottled water is much higher in the summer, adding state safeguards are in place. The state requires a water appropriation grow with




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permit if water use is over 10,000 gallons per day or over 1 million gallons per year. The DNR monitors water bottling facilities. In order to establish a water bottling business within the county a conditional use permit is required. •Two conditional use permits to erect AT&T communication towers to improve cellular coverage were approved as recommended by the Planning Commission after public hearings. Graves said both requests meet all set back requirements and leased space on the towers will be made available to other cell phone providers. A 295 foot tower will be located in Section 34, Fillmore Township (Affeldt property) and a 280 foot tower will be located in Section 22, Beaver Township (Ullom property).

Monday, Janu

ary 27, 2014

Volume 29

Issue 19


m a progra Rushford Vill nt ion Music/dram ics Weekly Edit Master’s hero g’s receives paveme ble during been a lessons availa nin plan Piano/guitar I shoulda annul Man management kicker M-C student • school hours page 14 vesratio the off tatier to teach lan l Wyk page 8 reprntesen Check out • s small stude Valley l Wha rt Progres l Spring nce page 4 give repo 2013-2014 ford Village (tuition assista l Rush ay’s nable tuition ford 3 tod e reaso in Rush pag l • ble) Edition l Preston may be availa r l Peterson Journal el l Ostrande ment, equip round sboro l Mab playg l Lanell field Excelllent ony • tain Harmand softba l Founsoccer field, Chatfield t grainCanton l for active paren l amount of ns opportunities reduce the actua s education 13.01 gallo d • Multiple in their child’ ethanol to R eisneR -base participation

money Powpaeyinrg athenmdost for electricity?

t orts curren rd Preston supp Fuel Standa Renewable

based By K ARen ber for grain ns). 0 ff, MN 5599 (last year’s num billion gallo Street, Wyko orecountyjou been ol was 13.8 karen @fillm 245 South Line cil at ethan EPA proposals have (60 oms, stjhnsch@ hmte City Coun The 671 • Email packet, to visit our classro ic comment The Preston21 meeting authoof 507-352-4 ation nted for publ for an inform school. the rural areas call or email or to tour our their January inistrator Joe Hoff- prese until January 28. council They serve ore and Winona in Adm lf days) City rates the city Fillm beha s , ric on rized citie ston elect letter Hou POET asked suggest the ding the The lowest 2012 came from to draft a - origin. ethnic al orFoun manf, MN ties, inclu to the Envi for their support. They e would nation cil coun on, in and n coun Cant Wykof color, Re But, . volum race, nsville, South Linerding Street, seth the natio of the city Agency to of Louisiana students of any of Brow Acco h, 241 By JAson on its ction in the Protection an Churc greatanstate School admitswereSt.8.37 Houston. theLuther om John Luther ronmental Mayor Kurt Reicks redu the plant to scale back serve ric rates tain, and rted by tion countyjournal.c St. Johns l is suppo they “also cities the elect e Schoo whil an be signed by inued support for causeuction. n Luther jason @fillmore dthe consump Johns the to Krambeer, money. St.Whe ks had atten cents/kWh, percent above the wholesale power to Harmony, asking for contbiofuels. Council- prod 39 Power costs business owners Mayor Reic with the Minnea, Eitzen, was nearly homegrown Maust was absent. ing e of Caledoni Mabel, Peterson, ve their average. residents and the ed a meet of Agricultur County receithey see national ounty Electric man Robert of last year, e sota Department d the concern Lanesboro, Spring Grove, and of Fillmore mber Tri-C bills, y volum In Nove and note es Cooperative nty area, Rushford, monthly utilitcost of their conosed reducing The (MDA) reduction in volum prop . seaCou EPA gress the lan.” ore have Con Wha the firsthand economic set by , they do In the Fillm Cooperaobligations d reduced the total that d have a negative a loss of With TEC uation, so the sumption. does your utility Tri-County Electric and indiwoul 5 woul in fluct t proposal e from 18.1 and resul that sonal rate in the and August ) directly But, how able fuel volum billion gal- impact tive (TEC A forecasts with others number of of June, July bill comparethe nation? Specifi- rectly serves the most ric utility. months idered peak summer- renewn gallons to 15.21 also has jobs. The MDa loss of 1,500 jobs billio could be . The EPA region and le is going to focus customers of any elect to TEC are cons for energy consump s the state lons for 2014 cing the volume of there d to biofuels acros omic loss. According d e n t / months cally, this articl electric rates. l proposed redu els, those required relatea $610 million econ Presi tion. interon residentiaNational Averages mon residentia C E O advanced biofu50 percent improve- and s said any individualcan do The most comcustomers (rural State and average monthly n Reick ents a e least i r “at hous B comm to be s/kWh Unitrate for TEC in sending The 2012 ine for green K r a m - service) is 13.00 cent ial) in the report ment to gasol,” from 3.75 billion ested June, July, a bill (resident ks months of beer, based on Energy gas emissions billion gallons. This so. ADA Crosswal during the st. During the other ed States proposed 2.2 d U.S. has to ty ns woul the gallo when and Augu of biofuels Fillmore Coun meet American provided by Administration of the year, advanced poolosed 17 million galmonths out umption is less, p-outs” to Information with an average include a prop ethanol and 1.28 “bum energy cons cents/kWh. was $107.28 umption of 903 losic Page 14  lons of cellu of bio-based diesel. the rate is 10.5 See PRESTON on the 2012 monthly conss (kWh) at a rate d n gallons So, based thly con- billio additional proposals woul kilowatt hour /kWh. average mon These of 11.88 cents ta, the average n of 793 kWh ptio sum ta, your In Minneso umption in in Minneso ounty cons s Tri-C hour monthly kilowatt average Coopera/kWh 2012 was 793 Electric 11.35 cents ld run at a rate of ge monthly bill tive bill woumonth first parts parts. The for an avera In neighboring $106.27 per ice or include six clearly defined disof $90.06. Iowa, the rate Rg for city servmonth needed are ol site goals and RodenBu states like 10.82 cents/ By A ngie n and $115.27 perce. om trict and scho at for instructioall stuservi was lower was l countyjournal.c onsin for rura benchmarks for “city, angie @fillmore kWh, and Wisc ol Board student achievement also offers ial, 13.82 Scho at TEC er ston s. ary 21. The Hou much high Obviously, small commerc assessing on Janu dent subgroup suburban, ial and industriprocess for ent’s cents/kWh. kWh rate, held a meeting, Superintendent Secondly, a stud the large commerc ,” according to the higher your electric At the meetan overview of the ing and evaluating each ing state rates ce er servi meet al the high Rick gave egic plan to sup- progress toward on compastandards Krambeer. to the TEC rates serv e bills are based tion. district strat and learning that and local academic strengths “We According 1, 2012, a city rable consump lucky enough to about 11,000 port teaching new legislation’s and identifying the instruction May with were tive basic of ed s effec r , your If you is align ol le-phase) kforce” initia and weaknesses m e m b e aii in 2012 ent and scho service (singce charge is $23, “World’s Best Wor live in Haw thly electric bill and have about pursuit of studculum affecting servi .” ge nesota in average monbeen $203.15 at a 13,000 active accounts p- monthly tive. monthly char to the Min , the success and curri Electric Coo Page 18  while a basic ce (single-phase) According would have 4 cents/kWh. But, Tri-County servi See HOUSTON of Education ate loys 51 indirate of 37.3 ld have been liv- erative, which emp ce territory, for rural Krambeer did indic Department egic plan must highest their servi ford with is $32. since you wou district’s strat aii with the , surely viduals in  Rush Haw 20 of in Page ing operates out in the U.S. a, HarmoSee POWER electric rates bill would have outposts in Caledoni y. your electric of your concerns. ny and Spring Valle been the least e in Hawaii. After all, you’r

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•Randy Dahl commented that all of the cities have Ag land within their borders. He asked Donna Rasmussen about where the responsibility lies for Ag run off within city boundaries. She said the cities are responsible if they have a soil erosion ordinance. Dahl maintained that the number one issue associated with water quality in the county is run off, adding Fillmore County has always been proactive. He wanted it clear that run off within city limits is the responsibility of the city. •Approval was given for VSO Jason Marquardt to attend National Association of County Veteran Services Officer Conference. Minnesota Department of Veteran Affairs grant funds will pay for transportation, lodging, and registration.

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Fillmore County police reports Chatfield Police Department Steven Duane Erickson, 44, Byron, Minn.; 11/3/2013, Driver’s License - Driving After Revocation; Fees $290. Holly Marie Oneil Kester, 37, Chatfield, Minn.; 4/9/2013, Driver’s License - Driving After Suspension; Fees $200, Unsupervised probation for one year - Remain law-abiding, No same or similar. Chase Bearson Anderson, 23, Lanesboro, Minn.; 2/16/2014, Vehicle Registration Required; Fees $120. Christopher Charlie David Leitz, 30, Rochester, Minn.; 2/15/2014, Driver Fails to Stop for STOP Sign; Fees $140. Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office Joshua David Jacobson, 28, Spring Valley, Minn.; 1/15/2014, Driver’s License - Driving After Revocation; Fees $290. Lucas Gabriel Koch, 30, Spring Valley, Minn.; 2/24/2014, Moving Traffic Ordinance - Exhibition Driving; Fees $130. Scott Edward Mckeever, 55, LeRoy, Minn.; 1/4/2014, Traffic DWI - Operate Motor Vehicle - Alcohol Concentration 0.08 Within 2 Hours; Fine of $3,000 (stay $2,100 until 3/13/2016), Fees $1,020, Local confinement for 365 days (stay 335 days for two years - credit for time served for two days - serve as

work release weekends), Supervised probation for two years - Remain law-abiding, No same or similar, Aftercare, No alcohol/controlled substance use, No possession of alcohol or drugs, Do not enter bars or liquor stores, Random testing, Submit to random searches, No driving without insurance, or valid driver’s license, Chemical dependency evaluation/treatment, DWI class. Ernest William Meyer III, 57, Preston, Minn.; 9/15/2013, DWI - Operate Motor Vehicle Under Influence of Alcohol; Fine of $3,000 (stay $2,100 until 3/17/2015), Fees $1,020, Local confinement for 365 days (stay 362 days for one year serve as weekends), Supervised probation for one year - Remain law-abiding, No same or similar, Chemical dependency evaluation/treatment, Aftercare, No alcohol/controlled substance use, No possession of alcohol or drugs, Do not enter bars or liquor stores, unless for business purposes only, Random testing, Submit to random searches, No driving without insurance, or valid driver’s license. Lester David Miland, 70, Spring Valley, Minn.; 1/8/2014, Disorderly Conduct - Offensive/Abusive/Noisy/Obscene; Fine of $1,000 (stay $850 until 3/4/2015), Fees $240, Local

Monday, April 7, 2014 confinement for 30 days (stay 30 days for one year), Remain law-abiding, No same or similar, No assault or aggressive behavior. Ronald Eugene Miland, 73, Spring Valley, Minn.; 1/8/2014, Disorderly Conduct - Offensive/Abusive/Noisy/Obscene; Fine of $1,000 (stay $850 until 3/4/2015), Fees $240, Local confinement for 30 days (stay 30 days for one year), Remain law-abiding, No same or similar, No assault, No aggressive behavior. Leonard Carl Moore, 18, Spring Valley, Minn.; 3/4/2014, Liquor - Consumption by persons under 21; Fees $190. Jedediah Darwin Morris, 33, West Union, Iowa; 2/24/2014, Speeding - 64/55; Fees $130. Stacy Lee Woods, 40, Mabel, Minn.; 1/31/2014, Open Bottle Law - Liability of non present owner - crime described; Fees $190. 1/31/2014, Uninsured Vehicle - Owner Violation; Fees $200. 2/3/2014, Uninsured Vehicle - Owner Violation; Fees $290. Jenna Elizabeth Ayers, 19, Decorah, Iowa; 2/24/2014, Speeding - 65/55; Fees $130. Kaija Lynn Baldock, 40, Tonganoxie, Kan.; 3/14/2014, Speeding - 65/55; Fees $130. Brandon Russell Bornholdt, 20, Winona, Minn.; Speeding 40/30; Fees $130. Amy Michelle Freitag, 22, Rochester, Minn.; 3/11/2014,


Speeding - 64/55; Fees $130. Jennifer Joy Johnson, 32, Cresco, Iowa; 2/27/2014, Open Bottle Law; Liability of Nonpresent Owner - crime described; Fees $190. Tanya Schleen Lutgen, 20, Spring Valley, Minn.; 11/25/2013, Disorderly Conduct - Offensive/Abusive/Noisy/ Obscene; Fine of $1,000 (stay $700 until 3/19/2015), Fees $465, Local confinement for 90 days (stay 90 days for one year), Supervised probation for one year - Remain law-abiding, No same or similar, No alcohol/ controlled substance use, No possession of alcohol or drugs, Random testing, No assault, Anger management, follow all recommendations for any aftercare programs, Do not enter bars or liquor stores. Christopher Scott Merkel, 34, Harmony, Minn.; 8/31/2013, DWI - Operate Motor Vehicle - Alcohol Concentration 0.08 Within 2 Hours; Fine of $3,000 (stay $2,100 until 3/17/2016), Fees $1,020, Local confinement for 365 days (stay 335 days for two years - credit for time served for two days - serve as work release), Supervised probation for two years, Remain law-abiding, No same or similar, Aftercare, No alcohol/controlled substance use, No possession of alcohol or drugs, Do not enter bars or liquor stores, Random testing, Submit to random searches, No driving without insurance, or

Page 13

valid driver’s license. Jason Michael Southwick, 33, Spring Valley, Minn.; 2/18/2014, Driver Turing Left Fails to Yield Right of Way to Oncoming Traffic; Fees $140. Augusto Francisco Suarez Garcia, 26, Decorah, Iowa; 1/7/2014, Driving Without a Valid License or Vehicle Class/ Type Multiple Licenses Prohibited; Fees $190. Michael Derek Williams, 22, Mabel, Minn.; 11/1/2013, DWI - Operate Motor Vehicle Under Influence of Alcohol; Fine of $1,000 (stay $700 until 3/18/2015), Fees $415, Local confinement for 90 days (stay 87 days for one year - serve as weekends), Supervised probation for one year - Remain law-abiding, No same or similar, Random testing, No driving without insurance, must have valid license to drive, Complete chemical assessment (must complete within 30 days), Attend MADD Impact Panel, DWI clinic (as directed by probation), Do not enter bars or liquor stores (as directed by probation), Submit to random searches, No alcohol/controlled substance use (as directed by probation), No possession of alcohol or drugs, as directed by probation. Preston Police Department Brandon Michael Papenfuss, 29, Harmony, Minn.; 2/23/2014, Stopping/Standing/ See POLICE REPORT Page 16 

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Monday, April 7, 2014

The FCJ reaches over 13,000 households each week.




By Tammy Danielson The never-ending winter Oh Mother Nature…Give us Minnesotans a break, please! We have shoveled, plowed, and scraped long enough and it is time to let spring take center stage---we are tired of Old Man Winter hogging the spotlight. Have any of you put your winter boots away and then unwillingly had to put them back on? Did you wash your gloves, hats, and scarves during the past heat wave only to get them out of the closet the next day? I think that here in the land of snow drifts, we have such hope for the new season to begin that we make all attempts to enjoy any moments of warm weather.

It is encouraging to see little neighborhood kids playing basketball as soon as the snow melts away from the hoop and it is just as exciting to see dusty bicycles pulled out of the garage for an afternoon of enjoyment. And for us grown-ups, the BBQ grill gets fired up, the garage doors open for a day, or we try on our flip-flops from last year so we are ready for 50 degree weather (heck, many of us wear them during balmy 40 degree weather!). Other signs that spring is coming is the toys of spring resurfacing in the lawn once the snow piles get smaller----so, that’s where

that football went! With only a few months of warmth and sunshine, we Minnesotans have found the best way to enjoy the winter months…. take a vacation! I have seen many Facebook posts of friends in warm weather climates with big smiles and even bigger sunburns. We even ventured out this winter for a first time trip to Mexico with friends and enjoyed sandy beaches, fantastic weather, and a little adventure. Who would have thought this old mom would have zip-lined through the forest and gone swimming in underwater caves? I sure didn’t! However, it really taught me to step out of my comfort zone… and, how to close my eyes and hang on tight! If you have a taste for adventure and want to step out of your appetizer comfort zone, try this easy egg roll recipe. It has just a few ingredients but a new one I have tried and recommend---Korean BBQ Sauce.

Easy Egg Rolls

1 package large egg roll 1 roll ground pork sausage w/bacon 1 package shredded cabbage 5-6 T Korean BBQ Sauce 1 small onion minced 1 tsp. garlic minced ¼ tsp. Chinese Five Spice powder—a small bottle of this will last you a l-o-n-g time Brown the pork and add onions and garlic at toward the end of browning time so they cook but do not burn. Turn heat to low and add shredded cabbage. Cook this mixture for about five minutes until the cabbage starts to soften. Remove from heat and put in a large bowl. To this mixture add the Korean BBQ sauce and Five Spice powder. If you want your mixture a little creamier, just add ½ package of cream cheese. Follow the directions on the wonton wrapper package for wrapping your egg rolls. If you choose to bake your egg rolls instead of frying them, make sure to use vegetable oil spray on the bottom of the pan as well as spraying it directly on the egg rolls---or use parchment paper to cook them on. Enjoy!

APPle SAle

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now Taking Orders For Your easter Pies! 3 year old, Brooklyn Nelson (Stortz) of Mabel presents a check to Lasting Imprint. Lasting Imprint is a local nonprofit organization out of Mankato that strives to educate, research, and assist families with children fighting CHD’s. Brooklyn, a CHD survivor and continued fighter herself, was diagnosed with a rare form of congenital heart disease (Shone’s Complex) just after her birth. Brooklyn personally designed the shirts for her fundraiser using finger-paint and her hands. On March 18th, Brooklyn presented the check, telling board members, “This check is for the kids.” She spoke highly of her doctors who gave her a “beautiful heart.” Thanks to the generosity of friends, family, neighbors, and even strangers Brooklyn’s first CHD awareness fundraiser surpassed expectations raising $778.26 for Lasting Imprint. Small acts of kindness have proven what this little community is capable of!


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Houston robotics team is recipient of two awards By Angie Rodenburg At the April 1 Houston School Board meeting Principal Todd Lundberg was excited to announce the success the new Robotics team had at their most recent competition. The team made up of seven students competed at Mariucci Arena where they performed better than they could have ever expected in their first year of competition. They earned themselves two accolades. The first award was the “Gracious Professionalism” Award that is given to a rookie team by another high school. Lundberg’s alma mater, Pike High School, was actually the high school that gave Houston the award. The second award received was the “Rookie All-Star” Award that qualified the team to go to the World Championship in St. Louis, Mo. In order to participate in the competition the team must raise $10,000 to pay for competition fees and travel expenses. The World Championship is fast approaching with competition dates running from Wednesday, April 23 until Saturday, April 26. Principal Lundberg said of the Robotics Club, “It is the single best program I’ve seen for kids in schools.” At the meeting, Interim Superintendent Rick gave the board an update on the progress being made on the “World’s Best Workforce” initiative. The report from the District Advisory Committee is working on

goals for the school and how to make them attainable as well as measurable. They are also working on getting more parental and community involvement in the discussion. The board also approved a slightly revised FY2014 Adjusted Budget. There were three maintenance items added to the budget. The high school was in need of a new sewage pump, water heater and two door replacements. The items totaled $14,500, which will come out of the deferred maintenance fund balance. The board approved the revised budget. There was also some discussion on the search for superintendent. A task force was formed to plan for the interview process and will be made up of Michaeleen Bonner and Mimi Carlson. One of the candidates, Dr. Laura VanDuyn, took her name out of the running for the superintendent position as she was offered a position at another school that she accepted. This narrows the candidates down to three. The next Houston School Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 15 at 5 p.m. in the Houston High School Library. The time of the meeting has been moved up in order to accommodate the superintendent candidate interviews that will be conducted after the regularly scheduled board meeting.

Houston’s robotics team and their coaches. Front Row: Logal Larson (Caledonia), Noah Carlson; Secont Row: Lilli Carlson, Tiana Walker, and Ben Beckman; Back Row: Principal Todd Lundberg, Coach Randy Muller, Evan Heintz, Trenton Kubitz, and Coach James Larson. Photo submitted.


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Information and opinions given at Kingsland community meeting By Barb Jeffers Q&A Forum Amber Uhlenhake then began reading anonymous questions from note cards. Following are some of the questions asked and their responses. Question: The mercury in the floor has to be removed prior to sale or utilization of the middle school, correct? Would that be a cost for us to incur no matter what even if we leave it open or we sell the middle school building? Answer: (Scott Stockdale, Building and Grounds Director) “Yes, that is correct. It’s essentially a wash. We need to do something with that floor (at least it’s suggested) whether we keep that building or close it or do something else with it that floor will need to be taken out.” Question: How many leaks are in the Spring Valley building compared to the Wykoff building? Answer: (Scott Stockdale) “As far as number of leaks, I don’t know, the leaks in Wykoff have been there longer and so we are putting some specific input into that right now but really there are leaks in both buildings and there’s not really necessarily more in one than the other at this point and there aren’t really a ton in either place.” Question: This seems like a $14.5 to $20.5 million gamble. Seriously?! Based on enrollment? Is there a contingency plan for growth? Answer: (Doug Plaehn) “That’s one of our concerns as board members too... We are pretty confident that we can get 250 kids, we’re at roughly 600 and sooner to be more students but... how long is it gonna take us to get 250 more students... you know that’s really the magic question.” Question: Were air quality tests done in the gym in Wykoff and what were the results? Answer: (Scott Stockdale) Essentially throughout Wykoff we have a lot trouble with air movement. HVAC is heating, ventilation, and cooling. At Wykoff currently we have heating, that’s it. And so we do have a difficult time with air movement particularly in classrooms... but also in bigger spaces like the gym and so the testing that happened was specifically in the gym in regard to air quality was in relation to that mercury and leeching through the when that was tested it tested high...” Question: Will a steering committee be formed before any final decisions are made? Answer: (Doug Plaehn) “... it is possible another facilities committee will be formed that will be a lot broader.” Question: Why do we need more space, when the middle

school isn’t being used to its potential? Answer: (Doug Plaehn) “... we don’t really need additional space it’s really about re-utilizing the space we have... If we could re-purpose and re-utilize how we use it, we don’t need more space...whether we have a single or multiple sites we don’t have enough physical education space...” Question: Is it possible to do a few repairs at a time rather than to spend $6.5 to $7 million at one shot? Answer: (Scott Stockdale) “It’s absolutely possible, although having said that we’re a little behind on some of these things in regards to deferred maintenance and the sooner that we catch up the better quality we will be able to produce as far as education and atmosphere in the building for our teachers, students, and staff.” Question: Will we hold 850 students the way we are today? Answer: (Mr. Priebe) “...if we had 850 from 600 next year I think we would have a significant issue...” Question: Which schools do you lose kids to from open enrollment and which one do you lose the most kids to? Answer: (John McDonald) “...over 100 students go to other school districts...the top school is Stewartville... second is Chatfield... third is Fillmore Central...” Question: Why haven’t you kept up with upgrading the middle school all along? Answer: (Doug Plaehn) “That’s a very good question and it probably relates to the open enrollment... during the decline in enrollment...the school was having to cut teachers...while you are cutting teachers, are you going to ask facilities at the same know... you’re cutting teachers but then we’re going and spending three to $400,000 on fixing this building...? So it really came back to

Pet of the Week



the budget...” Question: Was the new elementary addition built too small? Why not the same three sections as in the old elementary? I thought we voted for the same size building as we abandoned. Answer: (Doug Plaehn) “Great question. I think at the time when that referendum was going on, we were projecting a declining enrollment... but now we are starting to see that trend where its turning so I think with the information that the board had at the time that’s what they came forward with... and I think a lot of it was probably around budget constraints too...” Question: Deferred costs are considerably less....why even consider one site when the district is already strapped and we’re still paying previous referendums? Answer: (Doug Plaehn) “We struggle with the exact same question, where should we invest the dollars, where does it make sense to invest the dollars and at what level should we invest those dollars... That is a valid question... That is one of the challenges we as a board struggle with...” Question: How much is the needed maintenance for just Wykoff? It appears combined Spring Valley and Wykoff on your slide. Answer: (Doug Plaehn) “... the needed maintenance for just Wykoff is probably in the neighborhood of $6 million...” Question: You talk about having 850 students have you thought about how many kids would open enroll to area districts once the others have a bus stop in Wykoff? Answer: (Doug Plaehn) “That definitely is a concern... Hopefully that wouldn’t be the trend we would see... We are all still part of the same school district, See KINGSLAND Q & A Page 16 

St. Bernard/Border Collie MiX Dempsey was born January of this year. He is around three months old. Dempsey is a little timid, but cuddles into your chest when you hold him. He is a very quiet little guy. Dempsey is the smallest of the three pups. He weighs around 25-27 pounds right now. Dempsey needs a family who has time to work with socializing him a little more. He was on a farm before he came here and just didn’t get the one on one attention he needed. Otherwise he is very sweet!

If you are interested in adopting or have questions on a pet, please feel free to call us at 563-745-8627. noah’s Bark, inc. is located at: 3874 Co Rd W 20, Decorah, Iowa 52101 IA Phone: 563-745-8627 Email:

Kasson, MN 507-634-6640 MN#20076522

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POLICE REPORT Continued from Page 13

Parking Where Signs Prohibit Stopping; Fees $32. Matthew Dylan Jones, 20, Preston, Minn.; 11/16/2013, Underage Drinking and Driving - Crime described; Fees $590, Local confinement for 30 days (serve as work release if eligible. Minnesota State Patrol Cory James Fate, 36, Wykoff, Minn.; 3/12/2014, Seat Belt Required - Driver and Passengers Required; Fees $115. Michael Thomas Gauthier, 52, Eagan, Minn.; 3/2/2014, Speeding - 75/55; Fees $230. Ryan Duane Lee, 33, Mabel, Minn.; 3/1/2014, Seat Belt Required - Driver and Passengers Must Use; Fees $115. Justin Duane McFarland, 30, Austin, Minn.; 2/4/2014, Duty to Drive with Due Care - Speed Greater Than Reasonable; Fees $130. Marlin David Schienbein, 47, West Concord, Minn.; 11/10/2013, Driver Must

Monday, April 7, 2014

Carry Proof of Insurance when Operating Vehicle; Fees $290. 11/10/2013, Speeding - 50/40; Fees $40. Daniel Dean Schroeder, 51, Cresco, Iowa; 3/8/2014, Speeding - 65/55; Fees $130. Michael James Blum, 27, Rochester, Minn.; 10/28/2012, DWI - Operate Motor Vehicle Under Influence of Alcohol; Fine of $3,000 (stay $2,100 until 3/17/2016), Fees $1,495, Local confinement for 365 days (stay 275 days for two years - credit for time served for 34 days serve as work release), Supervised probation for two years - Remain law-abiding, No same or similar, Aftercare, No alcohol/ controlled substance use, No possession of alcohol or drugs, Do not enter bars or liquor stores, Random testing, Submit to random searches, No driving without insurance and valid driver’s license, attend AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). 10/28/2012, DWI - Operate Motor Vehicle - Alcohol Concentration 0.08 Within Two Hours; No Sentence Pro-

Creighton M. Horihan Linda Horihan Inc. 302 S. Mill, Rushford, MN 55971 (888) 600-9002 Serving you in: Rushford - Rochester - Winona

Spring Valley Senior Living 507-364-7381 Housing with Services • Care Center • Home Health • Therapy

Senior Dance Sunday, April 27, 2014

Estates Great Room • 2pm-4pm Music by Tim’s Mobile Light Refreshments Will Be Served 800 Memorial Drive • Spring Valley, MN 55975

nounced. Jeffrey David Rein, 36, Mabel, Minn.; 12/10/2013, Seat Belt Required - Driver and Passengers Must Use; Fees $115. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Enforcement Division Lance Tyler Eastman, 22, Austin, Minn.; 12/1/2013, Hunting - Transportation of Firearms Loaded Firearm; Fees $190. Ostrander Police Departmnet Douglas Charles Bush, 44, Grand Meadow; 8/16/2011, Indescent Exposure - Public Place Willfully/Lewdly; Fine of $1,000 (stay $700 until 6/6/2014), Local confinement for 90 days (stay 75 days for one year - serve as work release), Supervised probation for one year - Remain lawabiding, No same or similar, No contact with victim or family, Submit to polygraph examinations as directed, Advise agent prior to changing employment and/or residence, Not possess/ use any pornographic/sexually explicit material, Attend sex offender program, No access to or use of internet without approval, No alcohol/controlled substance use, No contact with persons under age 18, without probation approval, No position of authority minors without probation approval, Not where children congregate without probation approval, No possession of alcohol or drugs, Sign all releases of information, Random testing, Submit to random searches. Supervised probation for one year 74 days - No contact with persons under age 18, Defendant be allowed to have unsupervised contact with minor males unless otherwise restricted with approval in advance by his supervising agent. Defendant shall not have contact with minor females unless approved in advance by supervising agent. Rushford Police Department Jessica Marie Russeau, 31, Winona, Minn.; 8/24/2013, DWI - Operate Motor Vehicle - Alcohol Concentration 0.08 Within 2 Hours; Fine of $3,000 (stay $2,100 until 3/13/2016), Fees $1,095, Local confinement for 365 days (stay 335 days for two years - credit for time served for 1 day - serve as work release weekends), Supervised probation for two years - Remain law-abiding, No same or similar, Chemical dependency evaluation/treatment, outpatient treatment, Aftercare, No alcohol/ controlled substance use, No possession of alcohol or drugs, Do not enter bars or liquor stores, Random testing, Submit to random searches, No driving without insurance, or valid driver’s license. Brenda Lee Markegard, 47, Peterson, Minn.; 3/16/2014, Speeding - 72/55; Fees $150. Robert Douglas Peterschmidt, 28, Menomonie, Wis.; 3/2/2014, Speeding - 60/45; Fees $150. Michael Thomas Walch, 18, Rollingstone, Minn.; 2/15/2014, Motor Vehicle Registration Operate Unregistered Vehicle/ Without Plates Displayed on Public Street/Highway; Fees $190.

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KINGSLAND Q & A Continued from Page 15

the same community...” Mr. Priebe then spoke to the fact that “there is no ill will towards any one town or there is no goal to try to shut out one community and start another. The purpose here is to figure out how to best serve the needs of our kids and how are we going to educate our kids instruction to our kids, not this next year but for the years to come...” Following the questions attendees were invited to step up to the microphone with any additional comments or questions. Below are some of those comments. Lois Suckow of Wykoff stated she feels that the Wykoff site is only being utilized to one-third of its capacity and commented, “Years ago Wykoff could have gone to other schools, but they didn’t, they chose you,” she said. Even though she did not live in Wykoff at the time she has learned that when the school board did that study years ago ,they created a lot of animosity. Suckow said she appreciates what the principal said when he stated they didn’t mean to do it “but you did” she said and stated they have a lot of bridges they have burned and have hurt a lot of people in the Wykoff area. Suckow hoped that this meeting was the beginning of making amends. Lynn Kidd then spoke and disagreed with Suckow saying that he doesn’t feel alienated because he knows that Spring Valley people are just as concerned about having to build new buildings when there are facilities in Wykoff. Steve Heusinkveld then

spoke stating that since the year 2000 his taxes on his farm have gone up 270 percent. He stated that if the school board is considering a referendum he wants hard numbers, the facts. When speaking to Heusinkveld following the meeting he expressed that he owns a home in Wabasha County where his taxes have went up 30 percent compared to 270 percent in the Kingsland School District. Jeff Erding then stood at the microphone acknowledging that the school board and the staff have a challenge. He agreed with others that some negative feelings were created and feels the whole situation could have been handled better. He feels the school board and staff are dedicated. He believes the middle school concept is a good one. He noted that there are many people in the community with a lot of expertise that would work with the school board, himself included. He urged the school board to form a steering committee made up of people from the district who are stakeholders that have kids here and pay taxes here. Following the meeting when asked how she thought the meeting went, board member Gwen Howard stated she thought that the meeting went well and appreciated the large turnout. As a sign of what the community meeting may have accomplished there were many people who stood in groups continuing the facilities conversation amongst themselves after the meeting had ended. This seems to be a step in the right direction. The information is getting out to the public that the decision affects the most.

Photo Submitted The Rushford Masonic Lodge conducted a fund drive to benefit Semcac’s Rushford Food Shelf. All monetary donations during the months of December, January, and February were matched dollar for dollar by the Masonic Lodge. For example, if a $100 donation was given, the Mason’s matched it with another $100, and the food shelf will received $200. Semcac would like to thank the Masons for their continued support. $9,462.30 was donated by the community with a Masons match of $9,462.30, totaling $18,924.60. Picture left to right: Wayne Stenberg, Semcac Executive Director, Andrea Andresen, Rushford Food Shelf Manager, Roger Anderson, Masons Grand Lodge District Representative and Wendy Todd, Semcac Outreach and Emergency Services Director.

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Preston annexes Gehling/Dairy & Farm property Rushford-Peterson student By Karen Reisner and half in 2016. The amount is reminded the council that the wins Tri-County’s trip to D.C. At a special meeting of the yet to be determined as the prop- project had been split into the Preston City Council on March 31 a little over eight acres lying north and west of the intersection of Highways 16 and 52 was annexed into the Preston city limits. The annexation was recommended by the Planning and Zoning Commission. During the public hearing for the annexation, City Administer Joe Hoffman said the city had received petitions from the two property owners requesting annexation. Both property owners want to gain access to public utilities and both have plans to build and make improvements on their property. The properties are not connected to public wastewater facilities at this time. There was no negative comment from the public. Hoffman had met with Fountain Township supervisors on March 6. Supervisors Jim Pickett and Dan Schmidt were present and said they were agreeable to an arrangement where the township would get a payment equal to three times the property tax payable to Fountain Township for 2014. The payment will be paid in two parts, half in 2015

erty tax amount attributed to the parcels as they are now drawn has not yet been determined. Hoffman estimated the total to be paid somewhere between $1,200 and $1,500. This annexation ordinance will be sent to the Municipal Boundary Adjustment Unit, which meets on April 8. It will be final on the date the ordinance is approved by the Chief Administrative Law Judge of the state. The 6.15 acre parcel now owned by Preston Dairy & Farm Association will be zoned I-1 Industrial and the 1.86 acres owned by Ronald Gehling will be zoned B-2 Highway Commercial. Hoffman noted in a discussion about the zoning designation that an auction house is not listed as a permitted use in the Industrial zone. The resolution to adopt the annexation ordinance was approved unanimously, also approving payment to Fountain Township an amount that is three times the taxes payable in 2014. Twenty-14 Project Bids City Engineer Brett Grabau


Hay & Straw Monday, aPRIL 14, 2014 • noon notE: SalE iS 2nd Monday of EaCH MontH

Sale Site: Preston dairy & farm of Canton 1/2 Mile west of Canton, Mn on Hwy 52 To Consign Hay or Straw or For More Information: Call Don 507-743-2250 or Gehling Auction Company 507-765-2131 All hay must be on the lot by 5:00pm the Friday prior to the auction. Loader tractor will be onsite 1 week ahead of sale and 1 week after the sale. All round bales & big square bales must be unloaded. No Saturday, Sunday or Sale Day unloading. Loader fee is $1.00 per bale. Only small square bales will be sold on trailers or wagons but must be weighed empty and full. There will be no exceptions. or email Mechanic tools • antiques • household auction

A u saturday, c tapril i12, 2014 o- 9:00n

Lunch by Gleasons


Sale to be conducted at the

spring Valley sales auction Building 412 east Park street, spring Valley, Mn

eugene (Shorty) Heimer estate (Andover, Mn) & Others AUCTIONEER NOTE: To settle Shorty’s estate the family will sell his very clean, well maintained mechanic tools, furniture, antiques, collectibles and household items along with 2 parties downsizing. Don’T MiSS ThiS AucTion!

Selling 2 RingS - All DAy 15-17 Hayracks of Smalls

Polaris 300 4x2, Sears Suburban 10 H.P. lawnmower 3pt w/gas powered gas engine, Wheel Horse 800 lawnmower, A.C. B1 Riding Mower w/fit blade, mower deck, and snowblower. Clair Drive 5 H.P. garden Tiller. large assortment lawn mower motor & parts.

For more info contact auction company or

sale arranged and conducted By sPring Valley sales coMPany auctioneers: Dick Schwade Lic. 23-10018, 507-346-2183 or 7834, Cell 507-251-7313; Tom Jasper 50-113, 507-251-7654; Kevin Grabau 23-91, 507-951-1478 ringMan: Bob Root, Roger Becker clerk: Spring Valley Sales - Fax 507-346-2163.

announceMents day of take Precedence oVer any adVertised or Pre-Printed Material all of the aBoVe Merchandise is selling as is, where is, with no warranty. terMs: cash or good check day of sale. nothing to Be reMoVed until settled for. not resPonsiBle for accidents or Merchandise after sold. Please Bring ProPer identification.

accePting Major credit cards. • sales tax charged where aPPlicaBle.

north and south portions for bidding purposes. The split was in part an effort to appeal to more contractors. However, the same two contractors bid on each portion of the project. Grabau said they are both good contractors. For the north project area including the Fire Hall area (bordered on the west by Washington and Winona Streets, on the north by Spring and North Streets, on the east by St. Paul Street, and the south by River and Main Streets) A-1 Excavating, Inc., Bloomer, Wisconsin had the low bid of $1,768,775.59. Blitz Construction, Byron, Minn. had a higher bid of $2,096,799.97. For the South Hill project area (Judy Lane, Matthew Street and Russell Street) Blitz Construction had the low bid of $1,395,591.30. A-1 Excavating, Inc. had a higher bid of $1,480,274.60. The council approved the low bid in each project area. Grabau acknowledged that the bids came in higher than anticipated (engineer’s estimate). He suggested that materials have increased in cost and the economy is picking up. There are a limited number of contractors with a large amount of work. He added that costs will continue to increase, saying the longer we wait the more expensive it will get. The work will cost about $272,000 more than estimated with a total project cost of $3,940,301.87. Hoffman discussed the financial impact for the city because of the higher cost of the project. Over the life of the bond, it will cost the city an additional $20,000 per year. This will mean a one time levy increase of approximately 3.3 percent. Another possibility is to increase the assessment portion by about $100,000. This would take the one time levy increase down to about 2.2 percent. Another option to reduce the impact is to choose not to do maintenance in 2015 and 2016, putting money to be set aside for maintenance toward this project. The 2014 project encompasses about onequarter of the city. Hoffman said he is anticipating approximately a 2.6 percent interest rate on the bond as interest rates have been holding fairly steady. Two resolutions to accept the low bids as presented were approved.

RUSHFORD, Minn. — Emma Malone, of Rushford, Minn., has won an all-expenses paid trip to Washington D.C., courtesy of Tri-County Electric Cooperative (TEC). As the winner of TEC’s Youth Tour Contest, Malone will represent the cooperative on the 2014 Rural Electric Youth Tour June 13-19 in Washington D.C. She is a senior at Rushford-Peterson High School and the daughter of Christopher and Michelle Malone. This year marks the 50th anniversary of electric cooperatives sending high school students to Washington. The Youth Tour was inspired in 1957 by Lyndon Johnson, then a U.S. senator from Texas, when he called on electric cooperatives to send young people to Washington, “to see what the flag stands for and represents.” While meeting nationally known political figures and visiting historical sites in and around the Capitol, students learn about electric cooperatives on a local, state and national level. Contestants completed TEC’s online contest exam. High scorers of the exam were granted interviews. The contest winner was chosen based on the results of the online exam and the interview. In June, Malone will join about 1,500 other high school students

sponsored by other electric cooperatives across 43 states. Since 1964, over 40,000 students from rural areas and small towns all over America have participated in the Rural Electric Youth Tour. Each year TEC hosts the Youth Tour Contest which is open to high school juniors or seniors attending one of the following high schools: Caledonia, Chosen Valley, Cotter, Fillmore Central, Hope Lutheran, Houston, Kingsland, La Crescent, Lanesboro, LeRoy-Ostrander, Lewiston-Altura, Mabel-Canton, Rushford-Peterson, St. Charles, Spring Grove, Stewartville or Winona. Home schoolers who live within the cooperative’s service territory are also eligible. For more information about TEC’s Youth Tour visit www.tec. coop. TEC is a member-owned electric distribution cooperative serving three counties in Minnesota including: Winona, Houston and Fillmore and parts of Olmsted and Mower counties in Minnesota and Howard, Winneshiek and Allamakee counties in Iowa. It provides electricity to more than 13,000 services in the area. TEC is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative.

Real estate

A u c t i o n Wednesday, april 30, 2014 - 6:00pm

18129 160th Street, Cherry Grove, MN Terms: Cash 15% non-refundable down payment day of auction, balance of 85% due on closing on or before May 15, 2014 Description: Real estate consists of 3 bedroom 2 story home located in Cherry Grove, MN. Downstairs has large kitchen w/many cupboards, Large living room, dining room, full bath with enclosed porch. Upstairs has 3 bedrooms and full bath. Extras of this home are full basement, LP forced air furnace, elec. water heater, Breaker System, Vinyl siding and windows, shared well and private sewer, hardwood floors and natural woodwork. Taxes: $432.00 due and payable in 2014. 1st half will be paid by seller, 2nd half will be paid by purchaser. Legal: Desc: SECT-33-TWP-104 RANGE-012 BEG AT PT 99’ E SW SEC 33 E 58’ N 162 W 58’ S 162’ TO BEG Attorney Steve Corson representing seller 507-765-2121

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To view property contact Spring Valley Sales 507-346-2183. Dick Schwade 507-251-7313

P: 507.765.2151 F: 507.765.2468 E:

sale aRRanged and conducted by spRing valley sales company

For more info contact auction company or

auctioneeRs: Dick Schwade Lic. 23-10018, 507-346-2183 or 7834, Cell 507-251-7313; Tom Jasper 50-113, 507-251-7654; Kevin Grabau 23-91, 507-951-1478 Ringman: Bob Root, Roger Becker cleRk: Spring Valley Sales - Fax 507-346-2163. announcements day of take pRecedence oveR any adveRtised oR pRe-pRinted mateRial all of the above meRchandise is selling as is, WheRe is, With no WaRRanty. teRms: cash oR good check day of sale. nothing to be Removed until settled foR. not Responsible foR accidents oR meRchandise afteR sold. please bRing pRopeR identification.

accepting majoR cRedit caRds. • sales tax chaRged WheRe applicable.


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•Bingo, 11am, Rushford Tenborg Center.* •Knit it Together, 3:30-4:30pm, Preston Public Library. Knitting for all levels.* •Bluff Country Toastmasters meet, 5:30pm, Spring Valley Public Library.* •VFW Mens Aux meeting, 7pm, Spring Valley VFW Hall. •Chatfield AA meets, 7:30pm in the Pio­neer Presbyterian Church, 206 Fillmore St., Chatfield.* •AA Closed Meeting, 8pm, Presbyterian Church, Mill St., Rushford.*

•Free Senior Coffee, 9am, Heritage Grove, Harmony.* •Public Blood Pressure Clinic, 9:30-10:30am, Wykoff City Hall, 217 Gold Street North, Wykoff. •Story Hour, 11am, Harmony Public Library. No school, no story hour.* •AA Class “Road’s Journey,” 8pm, 301 E. Franklin St., Spring Valley (a yellow house).*

•Spring Valley Area Foodshelf, 9-11am, 1300 West Tracy Rd., Spring Valley, MN.* •Local Motion, 5-8pm, Lanesboro Local. •Lanesboro AA Group, 8pm, Bethlehem Lutheran Church. For more info, call 507-251-1771 or 765-2518.*

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9 •Spring Valley Area Foodshelf, 2-4pm, 1300 West Tracy Rd., Spring Valley.* •VFW POST meeting, 7pm, Spring Valley VFW Hall.


SUNDAY, APRIL 13 •VFW Mens Aux Fisher House Breakfast, 8-12:30pm, Spring Valley VFW Hall. •Second Sunday Cinema, THE IRAN JOB, 3pm, Potter Auditorium, Chatfield. Visit chatfieldpubliclibrary. org for more info. •Fountain AA Group closed meeting, 7:30pm, Fountain Lutheran Church, South Main St. and Highway 52.*

•Solo Friends over 50 Group, 6pm, Our Saviors Lutheran Church, Spring Valley. For more info call 507-226-4595. •Chatfield NA meeting, 7:30pm, Pioneer Presbyterian Church, 206 Fillmore St. Chatfield.* •Michael Johnson in concert, 7:30pm, Chatfield Center for the Arts. •Harmony AA Group, 8pm, MONDAY, APRIL 14 Harmony Community Center. For •Community Coffee, 9am, Park more info call 612-251-3822 or Lane Estates, Preston.* 507-272-2191*

•Public Blood Pressure Clinic, 10-10:30am, Cherrywood Estates, 101 & 105 Cherrywood Drive, Mabel. •Public Blood Pressure Clinic, 10:30-11:15am, at the Fire Hall, 109 North Elm, Mabel. •Preston Senior Potluck, 11:30am, Preston Servicemen’s Club, Preston. •Public Blood Pressure Clinic, 1-3pm, Fillmore County Public Health, 902 Houston Street NW, Preston, MN.* •VFW Ladies Aux meeting, 7pm, Spring Valley VFW Hall.

Ne e d t o s e C

f Let the staf al at the Journ you! office help


8.5x11......... 25¢ each


8.5x11......... 50¢ each

n d a f a x?

e Jo u r n ome t o t h

Need Copies ?


11x17.......... 35¢ each

a l o ffic e !


r page x ..........50¢ pe In com in g Fa r page pe 0 .0 $1 .. .... Ou tg oi ng Fa x

11x17.......... 70¢ each

136 St. Anthony Stree t, Preston P 507.765.2151 • F 507.765.2468

136 St. anthony Street, Preston P 507.765.2151 • F 507.765.2468

Professional Guide accountants







Gary M. Marcoux, D.D.S. 208 S. Elm Street Rushford, MN

(507) 864-7773

• Family Dental Care • Cosmetic Dentistry/Whitening • New Patients Always Welcome

Pamela Ristau, CPA

Personalized service to accommodate your needs. Accounting, Auditing, Tax Preparation 209 ST. ANTHONY STREET, PRESTON, MN 55965 • 507-765-2180

Teri Klaehn CPA,



Tax, Payroll and Accounting Services

Quickbooks ProAdvisor


125 St. Paul St., Preston, MN 55965 507-765-3696 -

assisteD living Park Lane Estates Assisted Living 111 Fillmore Place SE Preston, MN 55965 507-765-9986

“Where Life Begins Again”



65 Main Avenue North, Harmony Marcy Allen, LPC; Paul Broken, MA; Alan Rodgers, LICSW 8:00am - 4:30pm, Mon-Fri 1-800-422-0161

Psychotherapy, psychiatry, case management, adult rehab mental health services


lisa stensrud, dPT

507.867.8007 fax: 507.867.8018

- a service of DFO Community Corrections.

Sexual Assault Program ~ Victim/Witness Assistance Program All services are free & confidenital

Po Box 232 212 fillmore st. W Preston, Mn 55965

Advocacy, information & assistance for victim/survivors of sexual assualt & other felony crimes. Community & professional education & consultation. Located in the Fillmore County Court House - Preston, MN

This space is available for your business!

MON-FRI 765-2805 OR CALL 24 HR CRISIS LINE TOLL-FREE 1-877-289-0636

To advertise on this page please call 507.765.2151 or email

real estate Over 1,500 acres sold in the past year! •Specializing in hunting land, farm land, hobby farms & rural properties •Small town work ethic backed by nationwide marketing •Local expertise, born and raised in southeastern MN

chad garteski, Agent/Land Specialist

Cell: 507.269.2742 • Email:

The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County

Monday, April 7, 2014



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Call 507-765-2151 or 800-599-0481 (in 507 area code) FAX 507-765-2468 or e-mail:

Professional service Guide Basement Waterproofing




Jon M. Marsden



Mention this Ad and Receive $100 off Basement Waterproofing System Free Estimates • 507-259-7776 •


Licensed & Insured #20450126

We specialize in:

Professional Cleaning ~

507.493.5640 The clean you expect The service you deserve

MELDAHL CONSTRUCTION INC. PETERSON, MN 55962 • 507-875-2496 We Carry • Dryers • Grain Bins for Drying & Storage

& Tear Down , Millwright, Grain Legs, Auger, and Conveyor Construction, Concrete Construction.

-Fans -Heaters -Roof Vents -Floors


and Cabinetry

Lic# BC474301


507.456.1817 • damond Parkhurst

• MARTY HUNGERHOLT, 507-467-2203 • RANDY HARMON, 507-467-2410 • RICHARD NEPSTAD, 507-765-3621


satellite serviCes free estimates

lawn care services locally owned & operated Mowing • Trimming • edging dethatching • core aerating lawn sweeping • fertilizing

motors & motor repair RISTAU FARM SERVICE 50-100 new/rebuilt motors on hand at all times

auTHoriZed Baldor dealer


Many Years of Experience MN CONTRACTORS LIC. #20382343

Lic. #7046


Bluff country lawn & snow

For ALL your building and remodeling needs.

Lic. #008744PJ


• CUSTOM CABINETS • REMODELING • ROOFING • GARAGES • SIDING • SHEDS & MORE • GRANICRETE COUNTER TOPS ELECTRIC MOTOR REPAIR SHOP H:507-268-4949 C:507-272-3624 507.765.3873-lanesboro,Mn • 507.932.4560-st. charles, Mn

Fountain, MN

Lic. #008399PJ



30 Ton, 136 ft Boom Truck Service THE FIRST BIN DESIGNED FOR THE 21ST CENTURY

Dave Swenson Don Tollefsrud Matt Swenson

507-467-2348 507-251-9510 Cell

(And More!)

• Insured • Septic systems • New Construction • Remodeling

propane gas

Commercial, Residential & Farm




Jeff Hebl, Owner 507-467-4798 • Lanesboro, MN


507-493-5282 • Free Estimates

•Roofing •Windows •Concrete •Siding •Pole Sheds•Additions

ServiceMASTER of Chatfield Carpet, Furniture, Floors, Furnace Duct Cleaning, Fire & Water Damage, Janitorial Service.

• New Construction • Remodeling • Insured • Free Estimates • Licensed 507-743-8325 SEE US FOR ALL YOUR HEATING & COOLING NEEDS Randy Newman - 507-421-2536 - GeoSystems

507.493.5640 Mabel, MN


Craig Stortz #PL07718

Power Limited Licensed


Nick Stortz #PL07719

Serving the Tri-State area Residential & Commercial Accounts for Direct TV & Dishnet. Cable - Phone - Internet - Wiring Canton, MN

Toll Free 866-862-5397 Bus 507-743-8486 Cell 507-259-1454

trailer sales Denny’s Trailer Sales & Service All modeles include horse, stock & flat bed

Check out on-line inventory!

18880 County Rd. 8 • 3 miles N of Wykoff, MN at Fillmore Phone 507.352.5491 • Fax 507.352.5492

Water testing

AL LARSON & SONS Plumbing & Heating

• New Homes • Remodeling • Air Conditioning

308 St. Anthony St., Preston • Furnace • Drain Cleaning

Calls welcomed any time!


BRUMM’S PLUMBING & HEATING, LLC OC Exteriors & Constuction Roofing • Tear-Off • Storm Damage Insurance Claims • Windows & Siding

JIM OVERTON, 507-923-3181 CHATFIELD OFFICE: 507-867-1405 Licensed & Insured • MN Lic #BC667047

Diamond Shelter Sales of Minnesota, LLC DAN SERFLING

25988 County 14 Preston, MN 55965 Ph/Fax 507-765-2537 Cell 507-951-0731

Welding & truCk repair 507.421.2956

Tony Brumm • Mabel, MN 55954 Phone: (507)493-5507 • Cell:507-251-9212


Dave’s Plumbing & Heating, Air Conditioning LLC New Construction & Remodeling• In-Floor Heat • Drain Cleaning

Appliance Sales & Service • New & Used

Call Dave • Cell: 507-259-4238 Spring Valley & Preston • Bus. 765-2173 or 346-7879

& Truck Repair Put Your Business Here Today!


email your information to

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Monday, April 7, 2014





LICENSED DAYCARE. Chatfield area day care has openings 6 weeks to school age. We go for walks, do projects, field trips and read books. Our huge fenced-in yard has 2 swing sets, sandbox, slides, lil tykes houses and care. 507-867-2920. v7,14-x

APPLIANCE REPAIR We fix it no matter who you bought it from! Call ServiceLive and get referred to a pro today: 800/324-5295 MCAN

All Things Basementy! Basement Systems Inc. Call us for all of your basement needs! Waterproofing? Finishing? Structural Repairs? Humidity and Mold Control? FREE ESTIMATES! Call 1-866-691-8804 (MFPA)

schroeder drywall

Norby Tree Service: Stump grinding, tree trimming and removal. Call Dave Norby at 507-259-3118. v8/2tfn- o

DISH TV RETAILER Starting at $19.99/ month (for 12 mos.) & High Speed Internet starting at $14.95/month (where available.) Save! Ask About same day Installation! Call now! 800/297-8706 MCAN

REBUILD ALTERNATORS and starters for auto, truck, and farm implements. Same day service. DOT & truck inspection available. Hi-Tech Rebuilders, Rushford. 507-864-7440 or 507-4591504. v11tfn- o

REDUCE YOUR CABLE BILL!* Get a whole-home Satellite system installed at NO COST and programming starting at $19.99/mo. FREE HD/DVR Upgrade to new callers, SO CALL NOW 1-855-2440238 (MFPA)

Professional Lawn Care

•Phosphate-Free Lawn Fertilizing •Crabgrass, Dandelion & Weed Control •Tree/Shrub Spraying & Fertilizing •Ash Borer Protection

FREE Estimates!!

10% Off New Lawn Customers

ReSidential - CommeRCial

Drywall Hanging • taping • texturing Rusty Schroeder “Free estimates” 507-765-3648

Randy Haakenson • Commercial • Residential • Agricultural 326 Parkside Dr. SE Res 507-765-2297 Preston, MN 55965 Cell 507-251-5535

TNT Lawn Service Make arrangeMentS now For your Snow Care

• Mowing • StuMp grinding • Fall Clean-up • Snow plowing • iCe ManageMent

Serving Home & Business Lawns


• aerating • power BrooMing • inSured • light BaCkhoe work

Shapmaiiraha’nSdWdeelSding ign re Portable Welding Custom round bailing

Call Shamiah! 507-951-1698


11753 State Hwy 43, Mabel, MN 55954 Craig Henry Shop 507.493.5399 • Mobile 507.450.5573


ROOFING Free Estimates Asphalt & Steel 20 Yrs Experience Licensed & Insured


Shamiah Womeldorf, Rural Lanesboro

Minnesota Building Contractors BC 676994

Call: 507-268-4977 or Cellphone: 507-429-6755

(Free eStiMateS)






FOUNTAIN – Spacious 3 plus bedroom house with 3 baths, 2 car garage, finished LL. No mowing or snow removal, NP, NS, $875/month + utilities. Ref. required. Call Tim 259-9110. r4/7tfn-o

Apartment in Fountain for rent: 2 bedroom apartment with garage. Available March 1. Call 507259-6961. r17tfn-o

Large lot in New Horizon Trailer Park in Preston. Available Immediately. 765-2131 or 1-800-7700347. r10/5tfn- o

Thanks to everyone for the sobs and prayers and to all that sent cards, brought in food, plowed snow and called during and after my surgery. It’s all very much appreciated. Todd Hendrickson t7-x ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Wanted: Cropland, farms, hunting land. Call Roger D. Johnson, Land Broker Auctioneer. Licensed MN, SD, WI, IL. 608-385-8080 w3tfn-o

Looking for a place to celebrate an event? Birthday parties, anniversaries, baby showers! Cost is $25 for up to 2 hours. Includes large TV for games or movies. Bathroom facilities. Free Internet access. Located in Preston. Capacity of up to 25 people. Call 507-251-5297. r4/7tfn-x

A very special thank you to the ambulance crew, Gundersen Lutheran Hospital staff, Spring Valley Care Center staff, Cresco Hospital Cardiac Rehab and all of my family and friends who helped me in anyway after my heart bi-pass surgery. Thanks for all the prayers, calls, cards, visits, flowers, food and gifts. It was greatly appreciated. God Bless you all! Pat Soland t7-o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For Rent: Upstairs apartment in Peterson. No smoking, no pets. Utilities not included. Applicants will be screened. Call 507-875-2643. r3/31tfn-o LANESBORO house share rental available. $425 per month. All utilities included. 507-259-6484. r3/17tfn-o

Need to store snowmobiles, a classic car, or a boat? Do you need storage while in the process of moving? Space is available for rent in a building located in Preston. Call 507251-5297. r28tfn- x OFFICE SPACE for rent in historic downtown Preston, MN, with enough room for 4 to 6 employees. Cost $335/ month, includes standard utilities. Common area break room and bathroom facilities. Call 507-251-5297. r30tfn- x

Old farm building site, condition of house/buildings not important. Have own personal living area to move on site. Would like water/electric on site. Call Dan Larsen 319.327.1642

RENT BASED ON INCOME! 1 & 2 bd smoke free apts in Rushford. Rent based on income! Flexible leases and deposit payment plans! Free apps & tours! 507-438-3196 or 800-6766505 tdd 507451-0704. This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer. r31,7,14,21-o

Scenic View TownhomeS • Spacious 2 & 3 bedrooms • Attached garages included • Beautiful area • Starting at $505 Income restrictions apply. 507-864-7880 • Rushford, MN

LAKEWOOD SENIOR HOuSINg, 420 Bench St. Chatfield. Easy yard work, no shoveling! For those who are 62 and older, handicapped/disabled. 1-bedroom apts. Heat paid. On-site laundry. Rent based on income. Off-street parking. Call (507) 867-4791

Wanted to Rent/Rent to Own

THANKs for the gifts, cards, kind words, and thoughts to those who helped celebrate our 60th birthdays. Special thanks to the Lanesboro Legion and its staff. Duane Bakke Lowell Flattum Don Redalen Steve Thompson t7-o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Very special thank you to the ambulance crew, Gundersen Lutheran Hospital staff, Spring Valley Care Center staff, Cresco Hospital Cardiac Rehab and all of my family and friends who helped me in any way after my heart bi-pass surgery. Thanks for all the prayers, calls, cards, visits, flowers, food and gifts. It was greatly appreciated. God Bless you all! Pat Soland t7-o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


For Rent: 3 Bdrm. duplex in Preston. $475/month. Available immediately. (507) 765-4521 or (507) 272-9889. r31-7-o

Nice 2BR apt. in Preston, $350/mo + util. Scott 765-3600. r8tfn- o

Are you looking for a

high quality

THANK YOU Margaret and Diane for a lovely lunch and delicious 97th birthday cake. Thanks to all that came to my birthday party with cards and gifts. I also want to thank those who sent cards. God Bless All Shirley Bornfleth t7-o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THANKS TO my family, friends and neighbors for the cards, flowers and food brought in following my surgery. It was greatly appreciated. Betty Knoepke t7-x ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Call 507.765.2151 • Fax 507.765.2468

g l o S S Y

brochure at the


possible price?

One favorable price includes complete layout, design, printing and shipping! No surprise costs.


Printing SolutionS

We have helped many organizations Churches Restaurants Hotels & Motels Campgrounds Assisted Living Centers

WANTED: 2 BEDROOM house to rent in Fillmore or Houston County. Senior couple. Non-smokers, no pets. Call 541347-5444 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. w10,17,31,7x PICKUP TRUCKS NEEDED NOW! Move RV trailers from Indiana and delivery all over the USA and Canada. Many trips headed West! Go to: MCAN

Be Green

I would like to thank the staff at Green Lea Manor for their care during my recovery. I would also like to thank my family and friends for their visits and cards. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Lois A. Johnson t7-o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Whether you’re in need of a babysitter or an efficient office manager, you can find the help you deserve by advertising in the Fillmore County Journal Classifieds. And when you’re in search of a better position, our listings can make short work of the situation.

P E r F E C t

Wanted: Cars, trucks, buses, and semi trailers, running or not. Serving SE MN and northern IA. Luke Junge, Preston, MN. Call 507-259-4556. w30tfn- o

Politicians Grocery Stores Live Theatre Productions Indoor & Outdoor Recreation Municipalities


Sat., April 12 - 9am - Mechanic tools, antiques, and household auction. Selling 2 rings all day and 15-17 hayracks of smalls. Eugene (Shorty) Heimer Estate (Andover, MN) & Others. Sale Site is at Spring Valley Sales Auction Building, 412 East Park Street, Spring Valley. For more information contact Spring Valley Sales at www. Listing in the Journal. Mon., April 14 - Noon - Hay & Straw Auction. Auction held at Preston Dairy & Farm of Canton. For more information call Don at 507-743-2250 or GehlingAuction at 1-800-770-0347 or email Listing in the Journal. Wed., April 30 - 6pm - Real Esate Auction. 18129 160th Street, Cherry Grove, MN. Property Sold As Is Jette Berken, owner 608-412-0762. For more information contact Spring Valley Sales at www. Listing in the Journal. Sat. May 17 - Short Notice Upcoming Amish Consignment Auction. Location: Hershberger Metal, 13702-371st Ave., Canton, MN. Advertising Deadline April 19th, 2014. For more information call Murt Boyum at 507-273-6941 or John Marg 715-284-4684. Listing in the Journal. To list your Auction 507-765-2151

The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County

Monday, April 7, 2014


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State of Minnesota county of fillmore district court third judicial district case type: other-QUiet title Court File No. 23-CV-14-202 Summons Summit Ag Fund I, LLP, Plaintiff -vs. Decatur D. Colman; Decatur B. Coleman; O Dow Colman; Wm. R. Jones, William R. Jones; John D. Williams; Daniel Williams; William W. Williams; Mary Ellen Thomas; Robert W. Hughes, Mrs. G. G. Thomas, R.T. Jones, John H. Roberts; Albert H. Finckh; Rachael Jane Finckh; Russel Biel; Harvey L. Biel; Mary Biel; Louis Biel; Amanda Biel; Martha Biel; Helmut J. Ullrich, Michael t. Hagan; Lisa J. Hagan; Bruce Dornink; Barbara Dornink; MidFirst Bank, State Savings Bank; Secretary of Housing & Urban Development; Albert Yoder; Mary Oder, Harvey H. Yoder, Clara Ann Yoder; Albert H. Yoder; Mary L. Yoder, Willard Borntreger; Amanda Borntreger; Samuel W. Borntreger; Magdalena Borntreger; Duane Bushman; Shirley Bushman; Rudy L. Gingerich; Anna S. Gingerich; Kanute Oleson; Jane Oleson, Lewis Alexon, Anne Alexon, Knud Oleson; Julia Oleson; Zacharias Iverson; Iver Zacharias; Susan Zacharias; Ole Tistleson; Mary Tistelson; Ole T. Hofto; Torgier O. Kjeeleberg; Guro Kerelie; Turi Kerkelie; Annie Thieme; Theressa Thieme; O.T. Hofto; Betsy Hofto; Charles B. Thieme; M.F. Thieme; Sven E. Kirkelie; Gure Kirkelie; Arnie E. Kirkelie; Anon Kjelsberg; Torger Kjelsberg; Albert Domrud; Maline Domrud; t. S. Brokken; Samuel Domrud, N.G. Sollie; H.K. Dahly; Halver K. Dahl; Ole Bergenson; Salva Olson; Albert Swinburne; Silve Olson; Soly Olson; Gro Olson; Knud Halvorson; Salve Olson; Esais Knudson; Esaias Knudtson; Ludwig Schultz; Halvor K. Dahly; Jane H. Dahly; Johannas H. Dahly; Ole H. Dahly; Edward H. Dahly; Henry H. Dahly; Kathryn E. Dahly; Ole Farreehen; Sarah Farreehen; G. Morris; Ole Torgerson; Gershom Morris; Sarah Morris; Ole K. Johnson; Aleda Johnson; William Parry; Mary Parry; Knute H. Dahly; Olena Dahly; L.E. Thorp; Chas. Hettler; Geo. W. Hettler; Belle M. Thorp; George W. Hettler; Marguerite Hettler; Harold Dahly; Anna Marion Dahly; H.K. Dahly; Marion J. Meinen formerly Marion Dahly; Cecil W. Meinen; Luther College; Anna Marie Dahly; Jane H. Dahly; Ole Oleson; Thor Olson; Thor Oleson; Thore Olson; Reuben Wells; Turina Peterson; Thor Olson; Edwin Crowell; Mary Sloan; Betsey C. Prudy; Isaac Gregory; K.J. Husevold; Turine Husevold; Peter K. Peterson; Henry Halvorson; Peter “H” Peterson; Knud Halvorson; Knud Halvorsen; Ole Tustison; Ole Tosteson; Ole Beyrgeson; Soly Olson; Halvor K. Dahle; H.K. Dahly; Johannes H. Dahly; Ole Oleson; Eleanor Davis Larick; Richard D. Larick; Gene A. Tesmer; Diane K. Tesmer; Mark L. Biel; Pamela D. Biel; Allen Tesmer; Deloris E. Tesmer; Burton E. Ingvaldson; Janice M. Ingvaldson; Carlton H. Bakken; Kevin M. Langreck; Leslie M. Schoppers; Tina L. Schoppers; David R. Junge; Mary E. Waldron-Junge; Stacy Bushman; Bushman Family Farms, Inc.; Aaron Klingsheim; Luann Kingsbury; William Kevin Jones; Florence Evelyn Jones a/k/a F. Evelyn Jones; David R. Junge; The Kaster Family, LLC; Tim Freerksen; Kenda Freerksen; Rays Farm LLC; Grover Farms, Inc.; Eddie F. Yoder; Mary M. Yoder; Daniel Detweiler; Vernie Detweiler a/k/a Verna Detweiler; Delbert Burton Ihns, Jr.; Lela Louise Ihns; Jerrold A. Tesmer; Kathryn J. Tesmer; Kevin R. Biel; Kelly J. Biel; Robert R. Biel; Eunice A. Biel; Nagel’s Rolling Acres LLC; Harvey D. Gingerich; Eva J. Gingerich; EcoHarmony West Wind, LLC; also all other persons unknown claiming any right, title, estate, interest, or lien in the real estate described in the complaint herein, including the heirs at law and legatees and devisees of any of the foregoing Defendants who are deceased, Defendents. 1. You are being sued. The Plaintiff has started a lawsuit against you. The Plaintiff’s Complaint against you is attached to this summons. Do not throw these papers away. They are official papers that affect your rights. You must respond to this lawsuit even though it may not yet be filed with the Court and there may be no court file number on this summons. 2. You must reply within 20 days to protect your rights. You must give or mail to the person who signed this Summons a written response called an Answer within 20 days of the date on which you received this summons. You must send a copy of your Answer to the person who signed this Summons located at: Springer & Gumbel, P.A. 141 West Fillmore St. P.O. Box 469 Preston, MN. 55965 3. you must respond to each claim. The Answer is your written response to the Plaintiff’s Complaint. In your Answer you must state whether you agree or disagree with each paragraph of the Complaint. If you believe the Plaintiff should not be given everything asked for in the Complaint, you must say so in your answer.

4. you will lose your case if you do not send a written response to the complaint to the person who signed the summons. If you do not Answer within 20 days, you will lose this case. You will not get to tell your side of the story, and the Court may decide against you and award the Plaintiff everything asked for in the Complaint. If you do not want to contest the claims stated in the Complaint, you do not need to respond. A default judgment can then be entered against you for the relief requested in the Complaint. 5. legal assistance. You may wish to get legal help from a lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer, the Court Administrator may have information about places where you can get legal assistance. Even if you cannot get legal help, you must still provide a written Answer to protect your rights or you may lose the case. 6. alternative dispute resolution. The parties may agree to or be ordered to participate in an alternative dispute resolution process under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice. You must still send your written response to the Complaint even if you expect to use alternative means of resolving this dispute. 7. this lawsuit may affect or bring into question title to real property located in fillmore county, state of minnesota: See Exhibit A attached hereto and made a part hereof The object of this action is to determine that the defendants have no right, title, estate, interest, or lien in or on the above described real estate. notice of no personal claim. No personal claim is made against any of the defendants in the action above entitled. By: /s/ Scott K. Springer Scott K. Springer (#0313695) Springer & Gumbel, P.A. 141 W. Fillmore St. P.O. Box 469 Preston, MN. 55965 Phone: 507-765-3600 Facsimile: 507-765-3629 Attorneys for Plaintiff, Summit Ag Fund I, LLP exhibit a All that part of Section 25-T101N-R12 W and all that part of the Northwest Quarter Section 30-T101N-R11W, Fillmore County, Minnesota, described as follows: Commencing at the Southwest Corner of the Southeast Quarter of said Section 25; thence North 00 degrees 11 minutes 17 seconds East a distance of 1955.51 feet, on assumed bearing on the West line of said Southwest Quarter, to a point 656.72 feet South of the Northwest corner of said Southwest Quarter; thence South 89 degrees 35 minutes 27 seconds East a distance of 663.26 feet, parallel with the North line of said Southwest Quarter; thence North 00 degrees 11 minutes 43 seconds East a distance of 656.72 feet, to a point on the South line of said Northwest Quarter of said Section 25; thence North 89 degrees 35 minutes 27 seconds West a distance of 663.34 feet, on the South line of said Northwest Quarter, to the Southwest corner of said Northwest Quarter; thence North 00 degrees 05 minutes 18 seconds East a distance of 661.67 feet, on the West line of said Northwest Quarter; thence South 89 degrees 48 minutes 53 seconds East a distance of 980.47 feet, along an existing fence; thence South 89 degrees 58 minutes 09 seconds East a distance of 1002.94 feet, along an existing fence; thence south 89 degrees 31 minutes 58 seconds East a distance of 674.04 feet, along an existing fence, to a point on the West line of the Northeast Quarter of said Section 25; thence North 00 degrees 21 minutes 06 seconds East a distance of 646.71 feet, on the West line of said Northeast Quarter; thence South 89 degrees 50 minutes 44 seconds East a distance of 2649.02 feet, along an existing fence, to a point on the West line of the Northwest Quarter of said Section 30; thence North 00 degrees 01 minutes 12 seconds East a distance of 675.47 feet, on the West line of said Northwest Quarter, to a point 658.06 feet south of the Northwest corner of said Northwest Quarter; thence North 88 degrees 37 minutes 51 seconds East a distance of 637.86 feet; thence North 00 degrees 10 minutes 42 seconds West a distance of 654.96 feet to a point on the North line of said Northwest Quarter, said point being 635.52 feet East of the Northwest corner of said Northwest Quarter; thence North 88 degrees 54 minutes 20 seconds East a distance of 688.05 feet, on the North line of said Northwest Quarter, to a point of 1402.28 feet West of the Northeast corner of said Northwest Quarter; thence along an existing fence, as follows: South 00 degrees 01 minutes 12 seconds West a distance of 2658.01 feet; South 88 degrees 42 minutes 26 seconds West a distance of 1304.97 feet; North 89 degrees 43 minutes 45 seconds West a distance of 1070.68 feet; South 89 degrees 56 minutes 10 seconds West a distance of 1586.16 feet; North 49 degrees 20 minutes 30 seconds West a distance of 16.50 feet; North 88 degrees 44 minutes 36 seconds West a distance of 427.85 feet; North 89 degrees 37 minutes 29 seconds West a distance of 351.38

feet; South 89 degrees 50 minutes 29 seconds West a distance of 448.97 feet; North 55 degrees 54 minutes 12 seconds West a distance of 69.76 feet; North 74 degrees 10 minutes 09 seconds West a distance of 61.34 feet; South 00 degrees 01 minutes 28 seconds West a distance of 763.60 feet; South 89 degrees 05 seconds East a distance of 1335.60 feet, to a point on the East line of said Southwest Quarter; South 00 degrees 12 minutes 44 seconds West a distance of 1916.70 feet, on the East line of said Southwest Quarter to the Southeast corner of said Southwest Quarter; thence North 89 degrees 43 minutes 19 minutes 54 seconds West a distance of 2652.36 feet, on the South line of said Southwest Quarter, to the point of beginning; subject to highway easement on the North, South and West sides thereof; also subject to an easement for ingress and egress over, under and across the South 53 feet of the West 1320 feet of the Northwest Quarter of said Section 25. Publish 31, 7, 14

norway township rock quotes Norway Township is accepting quotes for crushed rock on a per ton basis to be delivered and spread on township roads. Also include a per ton price for crushed rock to be loaded on township truck. Quotes are due by April 15, 2014 and can be mailed to 44005 County RD 10 Rushford MN 55971 or brought to monthly meeting April 15, 2014 7 p.m. at Norway Townhall. Include certificate of insurance with quote. Walter Laumb Norway Township Clerk Publish 31, 7

City of Lanesboro The City of Lanesboro is accepting quotes for Class 2 Road Rock that meets State specifications to be picked up at quarry and delivered to the City. Certificate of Insurance must accompany all quotes. Quotes must be delivered to the City Office by April 25 at 3 p.m. Andrew C. Drake, Street Superintendent Publish 7, 14

notice to contractors COUNTY PROJECTS BIDS CLOSE MAY 5, 2014 FILLMORE COUNTY, MN Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be accepted by the County Engineer, at the Fillmore County Highway Department, Preston, MN until 1:30 p.m. on the 5th day of May, 2014, for the following project: SAP 023-599-092: Bridge replacement, approach grading and aggregate base, located on Nature Rd (Twp 354) over Bear Creek, 1.0 miles west of Fillmore, MN. Major quantities include common borrow, aggregate surfacing, structural and bridge slab concrete, reinforcement bars, random riprap and erosion control. Plan and proposal price is $50 picked up, and $55 if sent by US mail. Plans, Proposal and Specifications can be examined and obtained from the Fillmore County Highway Department, 909 Houston Street NW, Preston, MN 55965, ph. # 507-765-3854. Request for plans and proposals must be accompanied by a check, draft or a money order, payable to the Fillmore County Treasurer, in the amount mentioned above. Bids submitted must be individually sealed, and identified on the outside for each specific project. A bidder’s bond or a certified check in the amount of at least 5% of the total amount bid and payable must accompany the bid to the Treasurer of Fillmore County. Fillmore County reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Dated: March 24, 2014 Ronald Gregg, County Engineer Fillmore County, MN Publish 7, 14, 21

notice to contractors COUNTY PROJECTS BIDS CLOSE APRIL 21, 2014 FILLMORE COUNTY, MN Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be accepted by the County Engineer, at the Fillmore County Highway Department, Preston, MN until 1 p.m. on the 21st day of April, 2014, for the following project: SAP 023-612-040: Micro-surfacing, located on CSAH 12, beginning at the Jct. of TH 52 and CSAH 12 east to the Jct. of TH 43 & CSAH 12 in Preston, Amherst & Preble Townships. Major quantities include bituminous material for micro-surfacing, surface course and epoxy striping. Plan and proposal price is $25picked up, and $30 if sent by US mail. Plans, Proposal and Specifications can be examined and obtained from the Fillmore County Highway Department, 909 Houston Street NW, Preston, MN 55965, ph. # 507-765-3854. Request for plans and proposals must be accompanied by a check, draft or a money order, payable to the Fillmore County Treasurer, in the amount mentioned above. Bids submitted must be individually sealed, and identified on the outside for each specific project. A bidder’s bond or a certified check in the amount of at least 5% of the total amount bid and payable must accompany the bid to the Treasurer of Fillmore County. Fillmore County reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Dated: March 24, 2014 Ronald Gregg, County Engineer Fillmore County, MN Publish 31, 7, 14

Holt Township Meeting Change Holt Township will hold its regular monthly meeting on the second Monday of each month at the Sons of Norway Hall at 7 p.m. Publish 7

Summary of Minutes March 25, 2014 County Board meeting The Fillmore County Board met in special session at the Courthouse in the City of Preston. All members were present. Also present were the Coordinator/Clerk, and other department heads and staff, citizens, and two members of the press. The following resolutions were adopted by the Board: RESOLUTION 2014-014: Final payment of $51,181.23 to Dunn Blacktop Company for County State Aid Highway No. 23, Project SAP 23-623-027, Canton Township RESOLUTION 2014-015: Setting of land values for the purchase of permanent and temporary easements RESOLUTION 2014-016: National County Government Month – April 2014 The Board approved the following agenda items: • the agenda. • the following Consent Agenda: 1. March 11, 2014 County Board minutes. 2. Payment of 2nd quarter invoice to Olmsted County Community Services for DFO Community Corrections 2014 appropriation. 3. Renewal of Preston Golf Club Consumption and Display permit and 3.2 malt liquor license. 4. Approval of Tobacco License for The Family Dollar Inc. 5. Merit step increase for Deb Ristau, Financial Assistance Supervisor. 6. Overnight stays for Auditor/Treasurer and Finance Officer to attend Regional MACATFO meeting. 7. Overnight stay for Public Health Educator to attend MRC conference. • Annual County Feedlot Officer and Performance Credit Report. • 2014-2015 MN Pollution Control Agency, County Feedlot Program, Delegation Agreement Work Plan. • low bid from Griffin Construction Co., Inc. for County State Aid Highway No. 1, Spring Valley. • explore option of applying for Yellow Ribbon County Designation. • request to retire from Roger Sanford, Fillmore County Highway Department. • request to retire from Robert Engen, Fillmore County Highway Department. • advertise internally and externally simultaneously for a Maintenance Specialist I position in Highway Department. • request to retire from Charlotte Zeyer, Community Services. • advertise in-house for a replacement Office Support Specialist, Sr. merit position. • request to retire from Karen Regelman, Home Health Aide. • elimination of one Office Support Specialist, Sr. position in Recorder’s office. • Building Maintenance Supervisor and Human Resources Officer to attend Minnesota Safety and Health Conference. • purchase of three tables for Courthouse. • hire of Briggs & Morgan as Bond Counsel for Greenleafton Project. • appropriation request for 2014 for Southeastern Minnesota Historic Bluff Country. The following Commissioners’ warrants were approved: REVENUE FUND Vendor Name, Description Amount Association of MN Counties, registration fees $900.00 Election Systems & Software, services $9,498.25 Fillmore County Treasurer, fuel $4,009.76 M & I Lockbox, services $1,524.58 MN Dept. of Transportation, annual maintenance $1,521.26 MN Office of Enterprise Technology, services $1,522.00 Pakor, Inc., asset purchase $719.70 Schilling Supply Company, supplies $747.72 Schmidt Goodman Office Products, Inc., equipment purchase, services $742.80 Sheldon Plumbing & Heating, Inc., services $1,448.44 Tyler Technologies, Inc., software expense $920.33 Wabasha County Auditor/Treasurer, services $850.00 TOTAL REVENUE FUND BILLS OVER $500 (listed above) $24,404.84 TOTAL REVENUE FUND BILLS UNDER $500 (75 bills - not listed) $11,946.20 TOTAL REVENUE FUND $36,351.04 INFRA FUND Vendor Name, Description Amount TOTAL INFRA FUND BILLS OVER $500 (NONE) $0.00 TOTAL INFRA FUND BILLS UNDER $500 (1 bill - not listed) $52.01 TOTAL INFRA FUND $52.01 ROAD & BRIDGE FUND Vendor Name, Description Amount A + Imaging Systems, copier contract $643.32 Auto License Bureau, equipment purchase $6,065.65 Bruening Rock Products, Inc., rock $3,348.14 Dunn Blacktop Co., Inc., services $51,181.23 Fastenal Company, parts $1,096.92 G & K Services, supplies $521.63 Gossman, Randy, services $600.00 H & L Mesabi, parts $12,000.40 Hovey Oil Co., Inc., fuel $14,363.78 LaCrosse Truck Center, Inc., parts $2,829.30 Newman Signs, signs $1,678.49 Olson Explosives, Inc., supplies $849.00 Preston Auto Parts, supplies $574.21 RDO Equipment Co., services $1,303.35 Ronco Engineering Co., Inc., parts $862.63 Universal Truck Equipment, Inc., equipment purchase $91,222.00 Western Petroleum Company, supplies $3,979.38 WSB & Associates, Inc., services $882.00 Yaggy Colby Associates, Inc., services $570.00 TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND BILLS OVER $500 (listed above) $194,571.43 TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND BILLS UNDER $500 (23 bills - not listed) $2,543.14 TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND $197,114.57 SANITATION FUND Vendor Name, Description Amount TOTAL SANITATION FUND BILLS OVER $500 (None) $0.00 TOTAL SANITATION FUND BILLS UNDER $500 (4 bills - not listed) $413.37 TOTAL SANITATION FUND $413.37 AIRPORT FUND Vendor Name, Description Amount Fillmore County Treasurer, services, telephone reimb. $933.10 TOTAL AIRPORT FUND BILLS OVER $500 (listed above) $933.10 TOTAL AIRPORT FUND BILLS UNDER $500 (1 bill - not listed) $25.00 TOTAL AIRPORT FUND $958.10 The above represents a summary of the County Board actions on the listed date. Official County Board minutes are on file in the Fillmore County Courthouse and are available for review during regular business hours. County Board meetings are usually scheduled for Tuesday mornings at 9:00 in the Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse. Questions regarding the minutes or upcoming meetings can be directed to Bobbie Vickerman, Coordinator/Clerk of the County Board at 507/765-4566. Publish 7

Page 22


Monday, April 7, 2014

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Notice Notice is hereby given that the Board of Appeal and Equalization of the Township of Houston in Houston County, Minnesota will meet at the Houston Township Hall, 601 East Cedar Street, Houston, MN at 1 p.m., Tuesday the 22nd day of April, 2014. The purpose of this meeting is to determine whether taxable property in the jurisdiction has been properly valued and classified by the assessor, and to determine whether corrections need to be made. If you believe the value or classification of your property is incorrect, please contact your assessor’s office to discuss your concerns. If you are still not satisfied with the valuation or classification after discussing it with your assessor, you may appear before the local board of appeal and equalization. The board shall review the valuation, classification, or both if necessary, and shall correct it as needed. Generally, an appearance before your local board of appeal and equalization is required by law before an appeal can be taken the county board of appeal and equalization. A representative of the Houston County Assessor’s office will be present to present information about the assessment process in the county and to answer questions about that process. Christine K. Rischette Clerk Publish 7, 14

STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF FILLMORE DISTRICT COURT THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT Court File No.: 23-PR-14-224 In Re: Estate of DUANE G. SHANKS, Decedent. NOTICE OF INFORMAL PROBATE OF WILL AND INFORMAL APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is given that an Application for Informal Probate of Will and Informal Appointment of Personal Representative was filed with the Registrar, along with a Will dated January 23, 2013. The Registrar accepted the application and appointed Denise Shanks, whose address is 913 River Street, Decorah, Iowa 52101, to serve as the personal representative of the decedent’s estate. Any heir, devisee or other interested person may be entitled to appointment as personal representative or may object to the appointment of the personal representative. Any objection to the appointment of the personal representative must be filed with the Court, and any properly filed objection will be heard by the Court after notice is provided to interested persons of the date of hearing on the objection. Unless objections are filed, and unless the Court orders otherwise, the personal representative has the full power to administer the estate, including, after thirty (30) days from the issuance of letters testamentary, the power to sell, encumber, lease, or distribute any interest in real estate owned by the decedent. Notice is further given that, subject to Minn. § 524.3-801, all creditors having claims against the decedent’s estate are required to present the claims to the personal representative or to the Court within four (4) months after the date of this notice or the claims will be barred. Date: 3/25/14 /s/ James D. Attwood Registrar James D. Attwood Court Administrator CORSON LAW OFFICES, LLC Steven Corson #18995 117 St. Paul Street SW PO Box 65 Preston, MN 55965 Telephone: 507-765-2121 Facsimile: 507-765-2122 e-mail: Publish 31, 7

AMHERST TOWNSHIP ROAD ROCK BIDS Amherst Township will receive quotes for “Road Rock” w/ fines, to be delivered and spread on township roads as needed, also at times loaded into the township truck at the quarry. Quotes should also include “ice rock”. All quotes should be by the ton and by the yard. The rock must meet Minnesota Department of Transportation specifications and scale receipts will be required and must be submitted with billing to receive payment. All “Quotes” and a “Certificate of Insurance” must be received by the clerk at the Town Hall on or before the meeting by 8 p.m., April 14, 2014. Amherst Township reserves the right to accept or reject any or all quotes. Quotes may be sent to: Hugh F. Fendry II 21504 Firefly Road Lanesboro, MN 55949 Hugh F. Fendry II Clerk Publish 7, 14

Steuart Laboratories is now taking applications for production worker/forklift operator. Applications are available at 203 North Main Mabel, MN 55954. h7,14-x

STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF FILLMORE DISTRICT COURT THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT PROBATE DIVISION Court File Nos.: 23-PR-14-236 23-PR-14-237 23-PR-14-238 23-PR-05-217 In Re: Estate of Beulah Hermanson, also known as Beullah Hermanson, Herman Hermanson, Jr., Gaylord Hermanson, Donna Mae Hermanson, also known as Donna Hermanson Decedents. NOTICE OF AND ORDER FOR HEARING ON PETITION FOR DETERMINATION OF DESCENT, MULTIPLE DECEDENTS, AND PETITION FOR DETERMINATION OF DESCENT OF OMITTED PROPERTY Manford Hermanson, Georgia Hermanson, and Deanne Kimball have filed Petitions for Determination of Descent, Multiple Decedents, and Mark Harold Hermanson has filed a Petition for Determination of Descent of Omitted Property. It is Ordered that on May 13, 2014, at 1 p.m., a hearing will be held in this Court at 101 Fillmore Street East, Preston, Minnesota, on these petitions. The petitions represent that each of the decedents died more than three (3) years ago leaving property or omitted property in Minnesota. The petitions request the Court determine the descent of such property or omitted property and assign the property to the persons entitled in a consolidated proceeding. Any objections to the petitions must be raised at the hearing or filed with the Court prior to the hearing. If the petitions are proper and no objections are filed or raised, the petitions will be granted. Notice shall be given by publishing this Notice and Order as provided by law once a week for a period of two consecutive weeks in a Fillmore County legal newspaper and by mailing a copy of this Notice and Order to each interested person by United States mall at least 14 days before the time set for the hearing. Dated: March 27, 2014 Matthew J. Opat Judge of District Court James D. Attwood Court Administrator /s/ Ann Fretland Deputy Shawn Vogt Sween (MN# 0387368) Law Office of Shawn Vogt Sween, LLC 104 Main St S PO Box 35 Grand Meadow Minnesota 55936 Telephone: (507) 754-4555 Facsimile: (507) 754-4554 Publish 7, 14

STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF FILLMORE DISTRICT COURT THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT PROBATE DIVISION Court File No. 23-PR-14-246 In Re: Estate of Lawrence L. Hudson, Decedent. NOTICE OF INFORMAL PROBATE OF WILL AND APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is given that an application for Informal Probate of Will and Informal Appointment of Personal Representative was filed with the Registrar, along with a Will dated October 30, 2012. The Registrar accepted the application and appointed Lori Hudson-Braunreiter, whose address is 13874 351st Ave, Harmony, Minnesota 55939 and Judy Johnson, whose address is 1209 Ridge Rd. S., Preston, Minnesota 55965, to serve as the personal representatives of the decedent’s estate. Any heir, devisee or other interested person may be entitled to appointment as personal representative or may object to the appointment of the personal representatives must be filed with the Court, and any properly filed objection will be heard by the Court after notice is provided to Interested persons of the date of hearing on the objection. Unless objections are filed, and unless the Court orders otherwise, the personal representatives have the full power to administer the estate, including, after thirty (30) days from the Issuance of letters testamentary, the power to sell, encumber, lease, or distribute any interest in real estate owned by the decedent. Notice is further given that, subject to Minn. Stat. 524.3-801, all creditors having claims against the decedent’s estate are required to present the claims to the personal representatives or to the Court within four (4) months after the date of this notice or the claims will be barred. Dated: April 2, 2014 /s/ James D. Attwood Registrar James D. Attwood Court Administrator Attorney for Personal Representative Timothy A. Murphy (MN#76594) Hammell & Murphy PLLP PO Box 149 Caledonia Minnesota 55921 Telephone: (507) 725-3361 Facsimile: (507) 725-5627 Publish 7, 14

Fillmore Central School District #2198 The Fillmore Central School District #2198 is seeking proposals for the management of its food service operation beginning with the 2014/2015 school year per the mandates and requirements of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Minnesota Department of Education guidelines. There will be a mandatory pre-bid meeting for all interested bidders on April 30, 2014 beginning at 10 a.m. at the Fillmore Central School District Office, 700 Chatfield St., Preston, MN 55965. Proposals are due no later than 2 p.m. on May 16, 2014 at the following address: District Office Fillmore Central School District 700 Chatfield St. Preston, MN 55965 Proposals are to be on the forms provided and delivered in a sealed envelope and addressed to the Fillmore Central School District #2198 and clearly marked on the outside: “FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENT PROPOSAL”. The Fillmore Central School District Board of Education reserves the right to accept or reject any and/or all proposals or to accept the proposal that is in the best interest of the school district. Specifications and forms will be available at the pre-bid meeting on April 30, 2014. Publish 7,14

Manure manager/Assistant feeder. Operate and maintain tractors, payloaders, manure spreaders/pumps, mixer wagon, skidsteers and straight trucks on progressive 350-cow dairy farm. Some hands on work with dairy cows. Leave message at 507-324-9595 or fax resume to 507-324-9597. h7-x FILLMORE COUNTY is seeking a full-time regular Highway Maintenance Specialist I for the Highway Department. Minimum requirements: Must have a valid Class “A” Commercial Driver’s License. Must also have the ability to operate all types of highway equipment; perform all labor related tasks relative to highway, road and bridge, maintenance and construction activities; and be able to assist with mechanical repairs on equipment. Blading experience desirable. Starting salary is $17.5563/hour according to the 2014 IUOE Local #49 Union contract. Current members of Local #49 will receive preference. Job description and application materials may be obtained from:; Fillmore County Coordinator’s Office, 101 Fillmore Street, P. O. Box 466, Preston, MN 55965; or by phone at (507) 765-4566. Current County application form REQUIRED. Applications will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, April 18, 2014. EOE. h31,7,14-o

EMPLOYMENT Would you like to join our team in Pork Production. We are looking for a full time gestation technician. We offer competitive wages, a benefit package and a great team environment. Please call: 507-324-5901 ext. 101 weekdays from 8:00-5:00. h31,7,14-o GREEN GABLES INN is looking for part-time housekeepers to start immediately. Weekdays and every other weekend. Also in search of a part-time desk attendant to start in April. Call 507-4672936. h24tfn- o MOUNTAIN VIEW COOP Great Falls Montana is seeking a qualified General Manager. This is a locally owned cooperative with a grain shuttle loading facility, full service agronomy, energy operation and retail with sales of $200 million with twelve locations. Grain, agronomy, energy, retail as well as financial and personal management experience required. Email: or fax 888/653-5527 resume to: Larry Fuller, 5213 Shoal Drive, Bismarck ND 58503 MCAN DRIVE-AWAY ACROSS THE USA even if you don’t own a car. 22 Pickup Locations. Call 866/764-1601 or www. MCAN PAID IN ADVANCE! MAKE $1000 A WEEK mailing brochures from home! Genuine Opportunity! No experience required. Start Immediately! (VOID IN SD) (MFPA)

The City of Harmony is accepting applications for one Summer Maintenance Worker until 4:30 PM, April 11, 2014. This is a seasonal part-time position for up to 40 hours per week, with duties of grounds keeping and general maintenance activities for the months of MaySeptember. Must be 16 years or older. For application and further information Printed with Soy contact: City of Harmony, 225 ink Third Street SW, P.O. Box 488, Harmony, MN 55939-0488. (507) 886-8122. Email: An equal opportunity employer. h31,7-o

Soy inK

with DRIVERSPrinted DEDICATED WANTED! Competitive pay, incentives, and sign on bonus. Regional ad long haul routes. CDL-A + 1yr experience required. (800) 328-7224 x205 h31,7-x Printed on recycled paper

Printed on recycled PaPer

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Your Ticket To A Great Job! You can find the right job, right now. Check out all of the job listings at

The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County

EMPLOYMENT APPLICATIONS ARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED for a .5 FTE (20 hours per week) Custodian for the Fillmore County Building Maintenance Department. This is a regular, nonexempt position, not eligible for benefits. Minimum Qualifications: Applicants must have a high school diploma, or equivalent, and one to three months related experience and/ or training, or equivalent combination of education and experience. Must have a Special Engineer’s License or be able to get one within six months of start date and valid Drivers License or evidence of equivalent mobility. Successful candidate must pass a pre-employment physical and be willing to authorize a personal criminal background investigation. Rate of Pay: $12.7639/hour according to the 2014 non-union pay. Application and job description with complete listing of qualifications may be obtained from: Fillmore County Coordinator Office, 101 Fillmore Street, P. O. Box 466, Preston, MN 55965 or phone (507)765-4566. Applications also available online @ County employees are eligible to apply for this position along with the public. Application deadline: Friday, April 25, 2014. EOE. h7,14,21-o

Harmony House Restaurant has openings for part-time waitstaff.

Apply at Harmony House Restaurant, downtown Harmony. Contact Marilyn at 507-886-4612

Looking for a responsible person to work


EMPLOYMENT Emil Farqart’s in Lanesboro, MN is looking for sales clerks. Must be able to work weekends. Call 507 467 2451. h7,14,21-o KFIL AM, KFIL FM and COOL 104 are looking for a part-time announcer. Computer skills a plus. Contact Bruce Fishbaugher at 507-765-3856. KFIL AM, KFIL FM and KVGO are owned and operated by Townsquare Media. Equal opportunity employers. h7,14-o

Monday, April 7, 2014

EMPLOYMENT CARE attendant - overnight/ mornings or possible live-in. Personal cares, housekeeping, must be reliable, will train. $12.50/hour. 507-251-2978. h7-o LOS GABLES RESTAURANT is looking for a cook. Also, we need wait staff over 18. Evenings, weekends and holidays. Call 507-268-1020. h7,14-o

Green Lea Manor is LookinG for speciaL peopLe who want to Make a difference. Must be caring, compassionate, and a team player.

part-time rn/Lpn & cna shifts available. Will train and reimburse for classes, if not on the registry. Bonus Pay on weekends and shift differential.

Contact Nicky or stop by for an application.

Green Lea Manor nursing home 115 N. Lyndale Ave., Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5436


…because the journey matters

Good Shepherd Lutheran ServiceS

has current openings for experienced, mature and caring individuals nursing assistant PT Bremmer Suites aide (must be 18 or older) Nurse night Shift PT housekeeping/Laundry aid dietary aide Part Time Day Shift ( every other weekend & holiday ) • Convenient and close to home and school • Quality and caring staff, loving residents, rewarding work • Child care on-site with employee discount • Flexible scheduling, shift differential, no mandatory over-time or shift rotation • Wages based on education and experience • On-site Fitness Center For more information contact Kelly at GSLS, PO Box 747, Rushford, MN or call 507-864-7714. Or visit our website at to fill out an application.

Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider

Must be 18 years of age or older. AppLy in person

Fiscal Director Semcac, a non-profit human service agency located in Rushford, MN is accepting applications for a full-time Fiscal Director to manage and direct the financial activities of the organization. The Fiscal Director is responsible for all financial systems, including but not limited to payroll, A/P, reports, budgets and the annual audit. The position requires a four-year B.S. degree in Accounting or related field and a minimum of eight to ten years’ experience and/or training. Non-profit background and familiarity with federal and state grant funding sources a plus. Application packet available by contacting Barb Thompson at Semcac (507) 864-8202 or email Application materials must be received by April 18, 2014. EOE

Social ServiceS Director Full/part-time


Gundersen Harmony Care Center is looking for staff to fill the following positions: • FULL-TIME CNA •

• PART-TIME CNA • Contact Tami Vreeman at 507-886-6544 x 115

Chosen Valley Care Center, InC. A Senior Living Community

Has an exciting opportunity for a Licensed Social Worker to join our team. We are seeking a team member to deliver high quality care and services to the people we serve. Chosen Valley Care Center enjoys a solid reputation of care and services, in a supportive working environment. The Licensed Social Worker is responsible for planning, organizing and directing the overall operations of the social services department in accordance with Federal, State and local standards, guidelines and regulations. Assures medically related emotional and social needs of the residents are being met and maintained. MDS experience preferred. Applications/resumes will be accepted until position is filled. Applications/resumes can be mailed to Director of Clinical and Resident Services, Chosen Valley Care Center, 1102 Liberty Street SE, Chatfield, MN 55923 or e-mail: or you can download an application at (EOE/AA)



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Fillmore Central Community Education Job Postings One Block At A Time Daycare Lead Teacher

•Highly motivated, team-oriented, mature & outgoing individual. •Develop & nurture children; stimulate emotional, intellectual, and social growth. •Provides a safe environment; encourages students’ participation; keeps parents informed. •16 Quarter Hours, Post-Secondary Credits •Ability to respond to individual participants’ learning, physical and emotional needs. •Previous experience in a child care center and/or related field. •Up to 40 hours per week.

One Block At A Time Daycare Aide

•Assist the Lead Teacher. •Encourages students’ positive self-image and supports individuality, and independence. •Ability to respond to individual participants’ learning, physical and emotional needs. •Mature and outgoing individuals with previous experience in a child care center and/or related field. •Up to 30 hours per week.

Applications available online at FC website: or any school office. Applications can be dropped off at any school office or mailed to: Angi Kaase, Fillmore Central Community Education P.O. Box 50, Preston, MN 55965. Position open until filled.


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Brenda Sheldon, ABR, GRI

(507) 346-2060 Cell: 507-951-2071 Toll-Free: 888-835-8141

715 North Broadway (Home Federal Bldg.), Spring Valley, MN Email - 104 N. HuDSON AVE., SPRING VALLEY $129,900


This amazing 3 bdrm 2 bath home is located in a beautiful established neighborhood. The main level has been renovated and remodeled w/lower level partially finished. Appl's included. 2 car detached garage w/workshop. Upstairs is a 1 bedroom 1 bath rental unit with eat in kitchen & living room. Have your renter pay part of your mortgage payment, taxes & insurance!

Stylish “Cape Cod” style home featuring 3 bdrms, hardwood floors, updated 100 amp electrical breaker box, new cement drive, retaining wall, finished garage new with door & insulated, electrical line to shed, new laminate floor in kitchen, freshly painted throughout, updated plumbing fixtures and new toilet and new deck by front door. Excellent location near grocery store, banks, convenience stores and gas station. Move in ready!

221 E. FARmER St., SPRING VALLEY $79,900 Beautiful ranch style home in mint condition. New laminate flooring in kitchen, dining room and hallway. Hardwood floors in bedrooms and new carpet in living room. Lower level finished with family room, storage area, laundry & 3/4 bath with shower. Also, workshop area with workbench. 2 car attached garage with cement drive. Seller will be replacing shingles spring 2014. Priced to Sell!!!

Call the FCJ at 507-765-2151 to advertise or offer news tips!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Cell 507-259-5454 Website: E-mail:

g istiN


215 5th St. Se, ChatField




Very appealing 3 bedrooms 2 bath home with lots of character & charm. Original woodwork, hardwood floors, arched doorways, formal dining room, updated kitchen w/oak cupboards and partially finished lower level with family room. New asphalt drive and landscaping stone around the house. Single car garage, storage shed, and permanent siding on house, garage & storage shed.

Very well maintained 3 bdrm, 2 bath home. Updates include new siding, shingles & gutters, new sidewalk & part of driveway, freshly painted interior, new flooring & updated light fixtures. The eat in kitchen is open & bright. The lower level has a separate laundry area, family room, 3/4 bath with shower and workshop room with work bench. Recent assessments have been paid in full. Excellent location close to park & swimming pool. Move in ready!

The Leader In The Real Estate Industry!

I Show All MLS Listings Serving SE Minnesota since 1989












226 Silver St. S., wYKoFF A Lot of Character • Wood Floors • Formal Living • Dining Room • Large Enclosed Porch • Mud Room • Foyer • French Doors • New Furnace • C/A • New Roof • 6’ Privacy Fence • New Appliances • Updated Electrical Box • 2+ Attached Garage • All Landscaped

Large Ranch • Living Room • Dining Room • Wood Floors • Large Yard • Newer Windows • Main Floor Laundry • New Roof • Storage Shed • Steel Siding • 3-Season Porch


Interest rates are stIll Great!!! If you are thInkInG of buyInG or sellInG, noW Is the tIme! GIve me a call and put my experIence to Work for you!!!


Todd Hadoff




liSt Your propertY with todd!

2110 peterSen dr. nw, Stewartville

Townhouse • 3 Bedroom • 2 Baths • Fireplace Open Floor Plan • Deck • Appliances • 2 car attached garage

Mint Ranch Home • 3 bedrooms main floor • 2 baths • Wood Floors • Steel Siding • 2 Car Garage • New Carpet • Freshly Painted • New Furnace • Updated Electrical Box

$110,000 $203,900



107 SpruCe St Se., Fountain Newer Home • 4 Bedroom • 3 Baths • Wood Floors • Master Bath • 6-Panel Doors • Heated 3 Car Garage • Large Deck • Large Bedroom • Vaulted Ceilings • Kitchen Nook & Bar • Maintenance Free Siding • Dead End Street • Backs up to the Park

26011 Gladiola lane, laneSboro

310 Maple St., laneSboro 3 Bedroom on main floor • Wheel Chair Assess. In-Floor Heat in House & Garage • 3 Baths • Main Floor Laundry • Fireplace

Deer Ridge • Spectacular Home • Unique Floor Plan • 5 Bed • 4 Baths • In-Floor Heat In House & Garage • Western Cedar Ceilings • Hickory Floors • Family Room W/30’ Ceilings That Includes Floor To Ceiling Windows To Enjoy Wonderful Scenery & Wildlife • Master Shower With Heated Floor • Must See




702 viKinG ave., laneSboro

$146,900 3 large bedrooms • 2 full baths • Wood floors • 804 auburn ave. S, laneSboro Remodeled & updated • Maple cabinets • Master Bath 189 blueJaCK lane Se, roCheSter & w/in closet • Formal Living Room • Formal Dining Ranch Home On Large Lot • Open Floor Plan • Main Floor Laundry • Private Deck • 2+Garage • Large 2 bedrooms • 3 baths • Open floor plan • Living room w/fireplace • Dining Room • Gas Fireplace • Private Patio • 840 sq ft room • Master bath • Walk-in closet • 2-car garage • Dead end street Lower Level Family Room garage • Vinyl siding • 2 city lots (.48/acre)

Roxanne Johnson, Broker, ABR, CRS, GRI Cell: 507-458-6110

600 4th St. nE, HaRMonY

On Golf Course. 1 ½ Story home on private 3 acres. Eat in kitchen with good sized living room. Bedroom, bathroom & laundry on main floor. Second bedroom and den on upper level. Large 2 car attached garage. Rural zoning. $80,000

210 Center Street W, HaRMonY

Timeless treasure, 2 story 4 bedroom home. Original woodwork, 9 ft. ceilings, pillars, decorative moldings, hardwood floors, and original cabinetry. 1 ½ bath, full basement, walk up attic, CA, 3 season porch, deck, and flower gardens. $89,900


R 3 AC

704 Kenilworth ave., laneSboro

908 waShinGton St. nw, preSton 3 Bedrooms On Main Floor • Family Room W/ Fireplace • Dining Room • Living Room • Main Floor Laundry • Lower Level Family Room W/ Bar • Rec Area • D/O • 2+ Attached Garage • Wood Floors • New Furnace • Newer Roof


26205 Gladiola Ln., LanESboRo

145 2nD ave. SE, HaRMonY

Harmony’s newest subdivision, with country views and city utilities at an affordable price. No connection fees or building permit fees in 2014! Harmony is a super place to live, offering the quality lifestyle of a small town, with a thriving business district, clinic & health care facilities. Get $5,000 cash back/EDA incentive! $14,900

Craftsman Style 2009 custom built ranch on 10 acres. Cabinets, floors, & millwork by local craftsman. LL finished with family room, office, & ¾ bath. Private patio & front porch. Geothermal heating. Professionally landscaped with perennials and vegetable gardens, cedar fencing. Detached multi 2 cars, shop & storage space, pole shed, & small barn. $245,000

400 Spring St. nW, PRESton Multi-level 3 bedroom home. Beautiful hickory cabinets in kitchen with center island. Tile floors, vaulted living areas, 6 panel doors, and new appliances. Fenced yard. Attached garage is heated. CA (2011), water heater and water softener (2013). $95,000

15413 Cty 9, PRESton Affordable 2 bedroom home, updates include paint, flooring, lighting, bathroom, windows plus furnace. Roof 2013. C A. Full basement with laundry and storage. Large detached garage. Greenleafton offers affordable living with country views. $55,000

150 5tH St. nE, HaRMonY Very well cared for 3 bedroom home on a nice lot with mature trees. Open floor plan, CA & deck. Mature trees Great location few blocks from golf course and Roof River trail access. $57,500



609 Elizabeth St. SE, PRESton

Spacious ranch home with updated paint, lighting, and Live on the edge of town with country, wooded views and flooring. Open & bright. 3 bedrooms and full bath on main enjoy a large yard with mature trees. Home office, main floor. Master has double closets. Lower level has family floor living & great deck. Shingles 2010, siding 2011, furnace room, laundry with 3/4 bath and large storage area. Large 2011 & central air 2011. Updated circuit breaker. 2 car detached garage is 28 x 32.

605 Lincoln St. SE, PRESton

214 n Elm St., MabEL

230 2nd ave. SW, HaRMonY

Just move in and enjoy! 2 bedroom home neatly updated with interior paint, flooring, kitchen counter, electrical service panel, deck, and windows. Permanent siding, central air, carport and deck! $49,900

Inviting 3 bedroom home with wood floors. Freshly painted in 2013. Many updates including kitchen, bath, siding, windows, shingles & front porch. Main floor bed & bath. 2 bedrooms up plus large storage room with potential to finish . Deck off kitchen. Det garage. Corner lot. Priced to sell! $56,000

If you are thinking of selling your residential property, homes on acreage, or farm call us today! ING





45742 Cty 29, MabEL

400 Dupont St., LanESboRo


2 bedroom bungalow with high ceilings, original wood floors. Open dining to living. Walk up attic. High ceilings in basement. Vinyl siding, shingles 4 years, boiler 5 years. Large 3 season front porch. Seller invites your offer. $41,900



Efficient! 2 bedroom - 2013 built cottage. Mocha birch cabinets, granite counter with breakfast bar, engineered hardwood. Beautiful view of North Bluff. Laundry & storage areas in the lower level. 9 x 16 deck & CA. Super location for retreat or daily living. $65,000


XXX 3 ave. SE, HaRMonY Lots for Sale!

CoMMerCial buildinG – laneSboro Unlimited potential for this completely updated building with high traffic area and 2 accesses. All brick exterior, arched windows, finished 3 levels, large apartment. Ideal for retail or bar/restaurant. Formally Olivia’s Attic. $269,900

Kelsey Bergey Real Estate Agent Office 507-886-4221

Beautiful setting & great location -5 bedroom 3 bathroom home is immaculate. Open floor plan. Master with en-suite & walk in closet. Lower level offers a huge family room, walk out, full size windows, 2 bedrooms & bath. Insulated extra-large garage. Garden area and wooded backyard! $299,900





25 Center St. W, Harmony, MN 55939 • Toll Free: 888-839-2142 Each Office Independently Owned & Operated


COMMERCIAL CoMMerCial buildinG - laneSboro Great opportunity to own large commercial building in a high traffic area. Potential business could be retail, restaurant/bar, convenience store/grocery, crafts or many other uses. Can be divided off. $64,500

3 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Wood Floors • Archways High Ceilings • Block Exterior • 2 Car Garage

Select Properties



1431 2nd ave. Sw, roCheSter

100 1st Street S, Canton

Nicely laid out 1 3/4 story home with welcoming 3 season porch Main living areas are open and bright with open staircase leads to 3 nice size bedrooms with large closets. Back covered deck. Det garage, carport, and garden space.


215 5th St. SW, HaRMonY

Mint Condition Home on Edge of Town: Ranch home with walk out basement offers both the amenities of quality small town living with country views. Smart floor plan with eat in kitchen and large living room, patio door leads out to stamped patio. 2 car garage.


The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County

Monday, April 7, 2014


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Wilrich 3400 cultivator, 20 ft., 4-bar drag, excellent shape. 507-8752342. f7,14,21-o

FOR SALE - 50 alfalfa/grass round bales of hay. Call 507-765-3678. f7-x

Pianos, Digital Pianos, Rodgers Church Organs - New, Used, Sales & Service - Call DEWEY KRUGER MUSIC, Northwood, Iowa, 800-9335830, s7,14,21-x

SAFE STEP WALK-IN TUB: Alert for Seniors: Bathroom falls can be fatal. Approved by Arthritis Foundation. Therapeutic Jets. Less than 4” Step-In. Wide Door. Anti-Slip Floors. American Made. Installation Included. Call 888743-6845 for $750 Off (MFPA)

EZ-GO & Yamaha GOlf Carts SaleS & Service New & USed

78 IH 1086 CAH 8,200 hours, 3Hyd. Good runner $8,750. Haybuster bale shredder $5,200. 320-543-3523. f7,14-x

FOR SALE: Clean RYE STRAW. 500 lb round bales, net wrapped, stored inside. Jeff Thompson 507-259-3773, Harmony, MN. f31,7,14-o

Grass hay for sale, small squares $5/bale. Straw for sale, $4/bale. 507-2737336. f31,7-x

FOR SALE: Large net wrapped cornstalk bales. $32 per bal. 507-272-9046. f31,7x

SMALL SQUARE BALES of hay and straw for sale. Excellent quality. Round bales of straw for sale. Call 507-2512870. f31,7,14,21-o

3’X3’X8’Alfalfa/Grass. 200+ small square, no rain. 507-421-6050. f31,7,14-x

Custom Field Rolling gps guided BetteR soil to seed ContaCt inCReased yields less down time at HaRvest ReduCed weaR and teaR on equ.

mark Hebrink Farm 507-937-3457 Cell 507-259-6623 REAL ESTATE

Early Birds find the newest listings by checking the Fillmore County Journal classifieds online every Friday afternoon


Beautiful 3 bdrm, 2 ba, 2 car garage Split Entry located on large lot complete w/ lots of shade. New roof 2011



FREE HEAT AND HOT WATER. Eliminate monthly heating bills with an outdoor wood furnace from Central Boiler. Theobald Heating Solutions 507533-4523. s17,24,31,7-o WINDOWS! $329 WINDOWS! Includes installation. Any size double hung. Triple pane. Lifetime warranty, Energy Star. Call 888/690-9892 or visit MCAN HAVE YOU LOANED someone money and they won’t pay you back? Let Mike buy your promissory note! Sell your $5,000-$1,000,000 promissory note FAST for CASH today! 888/438-6453 MCAN SAWMILLS from only $4897.00 Make & save money with your own bandmill. Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. Free Info/DVD: 800/5781363 Ext.300N www.NorwoodSawmills. com MCAN ProFlowers – Send Bouquets for Any Occasion. Birthday, Anniversary or Just Because! Take 20 percent off your order over $29! Go to http://www. or call 1-866-9832204 (MFPA)

e best I find th t the a deals RE


Ivan Vreeman harmony, mn 507-273-6928

Rochester, MN 866-657-4910

103 20th St. NE, Stewartville, MN ~ Just off Hwy 63

NEw FeatHerlite trailerS iN Stock:

• 4 Horse LQ's • 24' Show Stock • 16' Goose Neck Stock

• 2013 Car Bumper Pull • 7' x 20' Stock • 7' x 24' Stock

• 500 Gallon Fuel Trailer • 16' Bumper Stock • 7'6" x 32' Stock • Kiefer Flatbeds Stock

USEd FeatHerlite trailerS: • 17' Alum. Flatbed • 20' Alum Stock • 8'x24' Stock USEd EqUipMENt: • Bobcat T180 • JD 329D • Bobcat S300 • Bobcat S650 • Bobcat S330 w/Cab

• Bobcat S630 w/Cab • NH TC 40 w/loader • Cat 248 B

TRAILER SALES & SERVICE, Inc. 507-886-4600

70 4th Street NW • Harmony MN 1 block West of Kwik Trip next to Solberg Welding

• Dieci TeleHandlers in Stock • NH L220 • Gehl 7810 E

We are pleased to announce we now sell & service Boss & Snowdogg Snow Plows. We have a selection of new and used trailers and we are an authorized dealer for Wilson, Kiefer Industrial, Road King, Alum Line, and Pacesetter trailers. We also provide service work when your trailer needs a tune up.

See us for all your trailer sale and service needs!




Owned by Dennis Solberg of Solberg Welding 507-886-4602 332 Cedar St. Fountain, Mn

SPRING SALE on NEW 2014 colored Yamaha Electric and Fuel Injected Gas Golf Carts. Up to $400.00 OFF on NEW 2013 gas and electric golf carts with windshield, lights, horn and pin striping. Many used cars available. We take trades. We are an authorized Yamaha dealer. 132 Garfield Ave. S., Albert Lea, MN. 507-438-2705. s7,14,21-x

Business Opportunity!

15+ aCre apple & Berry FarM Prime location! Est. 1985. 1000+ Apple trees, Bakery, Showroom, Greenhouse, includes 3 Bedrm Home. Possible CD.

B & B Auction And ReAlty, inc. Roger Bentley Broker • Ph 651-343-1302



ESTATE SALE FILLMORE HOUSE B & B 705 Fillmore Ave South • Lanesboro, MN 55949

Sat., April 12th, 9:00-3:00 • Sun., April 13th, 10:00-3:00 Dining Table & Chairs, Buffet, China Hutch, Wool Rugs, Paintings, Glassware, Figurines, Statues, Settee’s, Wingback Chairs, Desks, Parlor Tables, Lamps, Mirrors, Dressers, Beds, Linens, Phonograph, Curio’s, Patio Set, Lawn Ornaments and SO MUCH MORE!!! 507-261-5384

REAL ESTATE 44493 OAKVIEW LOOP, Rushford. Home for sale by owner: 4 bdrm/3 bath, 2.5 AC lot, finished basement, heated 2+ car attatched garage, built in 2005, more info. or viewing call 507-864-3689. e3/31-5/19-x

A Great Read!

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Monday, April 7, 2014


1998 DODGE RAM 4x4, 5.9 slt with nerf bars and bull bar, mileage 126,900. Asking $3,200 contact 563382-2351 8am to 5pm. a7-o DONATE YOUR CAR truck or boat to Heritage For The Blind. Free 3 day vacation, tax deductible, free towing, all paperwork taken care of 800/4391735 MCAN CASH FOR CARS: All Cars/Trucks Wanted. Running or Not! Top Dollar Paid. We Come To You! Any Make/ Model. Call For Instant Offer: 1-800871-9134 (MFPA) TOP DOLLAR PAID for Wrecked, Damaged, Junk, Running and NonRunning Cars, Trucks, Vans & SUV’s. Call Now!   888-366-3353 Fast Pickup! (MFPA)


Call the FCJ at 507-765-2151 to advertise or offer news tips!




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When it comes to buying or selling your car, nothing goes the distance like the Fillmore County Journal Classifieds! 507-765-2151 or 800-599-0481

Subscriptions only $55 for a year!

Call 507-765-2151

SE M in SEne ~ NE Io wa ~ Mso in ta n e so SW ta ~ N E Io w a ~W isc on sin | 20 14 -2 01 SW W is c 5 | Vi sit or ’s Gu id e o n si n | 2 0 1 4 -2 0 15 | V is it o r’ s G

Look for the



Place your ad online at

u id e

Se M in ne So Se M in n tA ~ ne io wA ~ Sw w iSc on Sin e So tA ~ n e io w A ~ Sw w iS c o n Si n

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u n t ry

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Preston equiPment Jct. 52 & 16, Preston, mn Ph: 507-765-3803

New JohN deere TracTors • 1025R • 4320 •4720 MFWD Cab • 5100E • 6105D

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PlaNTers • (1) 1750 6r Dry • (1) 1750 6r Lqu

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• (1) 1790 12/24 Lqu • JD 8300 15’ Drill SOLD • Case 5300 Drill

Call On Used Financing Specials!

1.9% FOR 3 YEaRS OR 2.9% FOR 5 YEaRS On aLL uSED EquIPMEnT


April 2014

Kingsland • Spring Valley - Wykoff

Knights news KMS students were busy collecting pennies during a recent Penny War held to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Challenged by Mr. Eckheart to raise over $600, the students raised $625.41, winning a challenge that ended up with Mr. Eckheart having to wear a dress. Thanks

to all who donated and way to go Knights!


to our Senior High Knowledge Bowl team that finished 5th at Regions, ending up just 6 points shy of state. They put in an impressive season!

It’s Book Fair Time!

Starting April 7th in both KES & KMS libraries, students and families can shop the BOGO sale and stock up on great summer reading supplies. Stop by to shop the bargains or purchase some great gifts!

Congratulations to all our FFA teams and individuals advancing to the State Convention later this month. Kingsland will have a large showing of students, and we wish them the best of luck in their contests.

Staff from KES/KMS recently attended a PBIS workshop in Mankato, and were even featured for their innovation and ideas in the program. Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports is a schoolwide program, with other districts looking to Kingsland for their ideas and implementation.

For more information on upcoming school events please go to

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Call today for more information. GREGORY M. DAVIDS GREGORY M. DAVIDS INSURANCE P.O. Box 32, Preston, MN 55965 (507)951-3893

Spring Valley, MN 1030 N. Broadway 507-346-9836

LeRoy, MN 102 West Main 507-324-5260

Call today for more information. GREGORY M. DAVIDS GREGORY M. DAVIDS INSURANCE P.O. Box 32, Preston, MN 55965 (507)951-3893 ed ssig nsurance genT Office: 507.346.7244 TOll free: 800.201.7244 redessig@essigagency.cOm





101 n. BrOadway, P.O. BOx 1269 sPring Valley, mn 55975


501 N. Park Drive, Spring Valley, MN Open Daily • 7:00am - 9:00pm

Fcj april7 2014  
Fcj april7 2014