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| FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |

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| FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |


C4 - Creating A Positive Explosion In Your Life


was asked to speak at a fundraising event. I had a speech prepared a few days before, but when I got there, somehow my speech didn’t feel like it would suit the crowd. The audience was mainly young people. I decided to change my speech last minute. I wanted to give a message that would connect the young people with the community and get them thinking about how they can be a part of building a better community. I started off talking about organic chemistry, one of the courses I took in college. One substance we had to study in this class was C4 or plastic explosives. If ignited, C4 generates a powerful force and leaves a permanent impact. The primary use of C4 is to change something drastically. In the community, we too can have a C4 that can create a positive explosion. That’s communication, collaboration, celebration, and charity. If we in the community, including the young people, committed to applying this C4, there will be an explosion of insights, businesses, arts, and most importantly, an explosion of positive mental attitude. The first C stands for communication. Communication is the bridge between minds. Communication allows us to grow and learn from each other. It enables us to get things done. When we communicate openly, we can discuss difficult issues and find solutions that will help us move forward. Communication can prevent disagreements and strengthen bonds. This is true in family circles as it is for the community. Collaboration is the second C. Collaboration allows us to work together towards our goals. If you want to see a strong community, then we need to practice collaboration.

Collaboration will enable us to leverage each other’s strengths. We can accomplish a lot more together than just by ourselves. Collaboration shows unity in the community. The third C is for celebration. Celebration brings the community together. It is the great equalizer as I always say because it can take us pass difficult issues, even just temporarily, giving us room to enjoy each other’s company. Celebration reminds us of past successes. It brings out the pleasant feelings we have for one another. It cuts the tension and creates great memories. It reminds us that we are all in it together. A community that celebrates together stays together and grows together. The last C is charity. It is the act of selfless giving. To give our time, resources, or insights freely is a clear sign of maturity and prosperity. Giving back shows we care, that our need to contribute is stronger than our need for to keep it all to ourselves. Charity is what makes a community great. And I honestly believe this that if we bless others, we too will be blessed. As we enter 2018, find a way to apply C4 in your life. In your own way, you can create your “positive explosion.” Communicate with others, collaborate on initiatives, celebrate with people, and lastly, practice charity and give back. I wish you all the prosperous 2018. ____________________________________

Abel Pagaling Next Level Coach CEO, FCM – Filipino Canadian Magazine | FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |


Wherever you are in life, strengthening your plan today will help give you and your family a brighter tomorrow. Critical Illness Insurance • Term Insurance • Personal Health Insurance Johanna Balbiran*

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Maria Felinore Cabanting*, MBA

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Gladdys Ariane Obina, BBA

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Volunteering: The Professional, Social, and Emotional Benefits Heather Patrao


Giving Yourself Away (The Journey Towards Significance) Marietta Pangan



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C4 - Creating a Positive Explosion in Your Life Abel Pagaling


Creating a Breakthrough Business in Photography


Angie Barbero Ostojic My Journey, My Success


Michael Sopiarz

Sam Flores (Profolio Photography)

Winner of the Darling of the Year Award, Mr. Pilipinas Canada Pageant


6 Daily Routines That Elevate Your Impact Abe Brown


Janine Cabarrubias

Winner of the Darling of the Year Award, Miss Pilipinas Canada Pageant


Women in Leadership and Business: Anne Corpuz-Bacalso


The Power of Mentoring: The Joshua Story Jerry Caingcoy

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By: Profolio Photography

o, you own a camera, bought all expensive gears; WHAT NOW? In this digital age where anyone can purchase a camera and call themselves `photographer` what`s next for you? Whether you`re self-taught or someone who went to university to study photography, what sets you apart from being a hobbyist, a gear geek, an enthusiast, an artist? What`s keeping you from creating a breakthrough photography business? Established in 2010, to this date we`ve shot hundreds of portraits and different personalities, a handful of creative, fine art portraiture and events. Seventy-two weddings and counting, we reckoned how we started from being hobbyist to being able to use art and photography as business. Here are some highlights on how we created a breakthrough photography business. Let`s take you to the basics. Just like going on a first date, get to know your basics. What are you passionate about? What gear should you get? What can your camera do, where are your buttons? If you hate numbers like myself, this would be the only time you`d have to understand what F1.2 means versus F5.6. How fast is 1/250 seconds. Where should you use ISO 100, or should you use ISO 6400 just because. The foundation of your photography evolves in the basics of camera settings, white balance, technology and gears but never dwell into in for too long, this will never get you far enough. Seek the light, find a way. Along with your basic technical skills is understanding light. Master light like you`re breathing. Think and feel light the moment you turn your camera on. A mental preview of images, highlights, shadows. Be the master of light manipulation and develop a skill on how you want to intelligently use natural or artificial light. Cloudy days versus hot sunny days. Dark and bright locations, controlled and uncontrolled situations. Style and Composition. This is the point where your work must be original and completely unique. A style, a brand however you want to call it. Appearance, appeal, editing style and consistency. In a single glance of your photo, are people able to tell right away which one is your work without spending the time to look at photo credits? How authentic is your work and the poses you create? Authenticity is key. There is a thin line between styled shoot and candid shoots. Mastering emotions, body language is a staple in creating authentic images. A stiff pose is never pleasing in any photograph. For some people they say that creativity is a talent that you are born with. For us, it is a talent that can be learned through practice and constant rewiring of your creative brain. Broad topic yet proven and done. Work it. While anybody with a camera can be a photographer, nobody appreciates how hard it is to create a photograph that speaks passion. Have you mastered your editing style, your workflow? What happens after the shooting is done? Curating, culling and post processing, managing galleries, editing styles that doesn’t take months


| FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |

or weeks to finish. Editing and post processing through thousands of photos in a day can sometimes be overwhelming. Effective workflow is key to running a photography business. The whole business shebang. This article is not enough to talk about the business side of photography, let us give you a small preview of how it is in being in business. There are a handful of legalities involved in opening a business, Marketing, Branding and finding the right clients are some important aspects of Photography business. In addition, advertising versus referrals, targeting future clients and location plays an important to building business. On the other hand, there`s one single thing photographers are scared to talk about: Pricing. From a beginner photographer who’s struggling to make photography as a business or a pro photographer struggling to sell, we totally understand you.

Pricing is an extreme sensitive topic for many, yet there is only one thing to consider in building your price package: Value. Ask yourself how you value your work, your time and effort in learning your craft, and time to create such art. How do you build your confidence in telling yourself; this is how much I value my time and work, at the same time hoping other people see the same value as you do. If you’re a pro photographer undercutting your services and art, how do you take the step ahead and evolve in the business world. Tough call indeed, most clients would only look at the price and not consider what they`re paying for. Value takes business in a whole different level for artists like us, but never settle for anything for free. A twist to the quote about artists is that: You don`t have to starve just because you`re an artist. Creating exceptional photography experience. One business idea that we have had use throughout the years is creating an exceptional photography experience for our clients. This has taken us to the highest degree where our clients become our friends. Creating a memorable, stress free sessions has completely set us apart in the world of photography. Service, discovering friendship out of strangers and bringing out the best in every person, making memories with individuals, couples and group of people cultivates this exceptional experience that leaves our clients happy, satisfied, realizing the value of authentic photography in the most creative way. While we`ve given you a tiny preview of how to create a business in photography, there is more than just Art and Business. The world

of photography is complex and challenging, and we can only take one step at a time. Be an advocate to artists who wants to take a step ahead, to never be afraid of creating and seeing value on what they can do, not just in photography but arts in general. Artists support other artists to grow and learn from each other. We are the rising tide of the creative world, worthy of value and confidence in this very saturated world. ______________________________________________________ About Profolio Photography: We are Sam and Armand Flores, a husband wife team based in Calgary Alberta. Passionate about photography and advocates of empowering other photographers in the community. Armand. If anyone can see through beauty and personality in a thousand, different way, it is him. Watch how he finds that little spark of light that brings out the best in every person. He is the master of creativity and the eye for out of this world composition, a hyper active creative mind who does not settle for basic arts. Someone who dares to break the rule because: There are no rules in the creative world. Full of surprises, fueled with passion, Armand takes photography to the next level. Fun loving, genuinely in love with people and a sweet tooth who will never say no to cake opportunities. Sam is an operating room nurse, bought her first camera to photograph squirrels in Saskatchewan, fell in love with wedding photography who thinks: it`s like surgery. Challenging, ever changing, fast pace, maneuvering uncontrolled situations and finding ways around it. Believes that skill and adaptation is key. A master of workflow, a sucker for romantic mountain adventures, candid emotions and cheesy punch lines makes her your best photography buddy. Workshop and Mentoring dates at:

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6 Daily Routines That Elevate Your Impact by Abe Brown

“The word “routine” comes from the French word route, or road, and goes back to the 17th century. It speaks to a road or a set path.  A routine is literally a sequence of actions that is regularly followed, a fixed program, or a series of steps for performing a task.”


hat do Warren Buffett (investor), Angela Merkel (chancellor), Barack Obama (president), and Winston Churchill (prime minister) have in common? What is the thread that ties together Jack Dorsey (entrepreneur), Maya Angelou (author), Benjamin Franklin (founding father), Claudia Chan (leadership expert), and Shama Hyder (social media guru)? The obvious answer is success, prominence, and impact. The not-so-obvious answer is a daily routine. There is fairly significant research, and profound real-life experience, that suggests that having impact and experiencing success are all about our daily routines. Daily routines define our moments, and the accumulation of our moments determines the course of our entire lives. Mike Murdock said that, “…the secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” The word “routine” comes from the French word route, or road, and goes back to the 17th century. It speaks to a road or a set path.  A routine is literally a sequence of actions that is regularly followed, a fixed program, or a series of steps for performing a task. You can’t say enough about the power of routine.  People who make the greatest impact in any area personally or professionally always have a road, a route or a routine. A routine is important because the things we do every day matters more than the things we do once in a while. Aristotle said that, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” William James said that humans are “mere walking bundles of habits”, and so our impact and success is crystalized by the sort of things inhabit our


| FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |

bundles. Here are 6 Daily Routines that tend to populate the habit bundles of people who are most successful and have the highest impact, and these will also elevate your impact: Internalize. We live in a fast-paced world, where externals consistently scream for our attention. To play on the field of high impact, we need to be comfortable with the externals, but also know what it is to internalize: to withdraw, retreat, and be alone for a period of time each day. People who make a high impact are equally comfortable in both the internal and external realms. They understand that if we operate exclusively in the realm of the external, and don’t take daily time in the internal zone, our outflow will far exceed our inflow, and our output will soon surpass our capacity. High-impact people take the time to be with themselves, and in this place find centering and focus. Energize. This is closely aligned with internalization, and speaks to self-care. People with a high level of impact understand inherently that a simple daily investment in self-care is perhaps the smartest investment we can make because it keep us energized, and energy leads to productivity. The highest impact investments are in the physical realm, the mental and emotional realm, and the spiritual realm. Energizing physically generally looks like sufficient sleep, nutrition, and exercise. Energizing mentally and emotionally can look like continual learning and development, healthy relationships, visualization, and affirmations. Energizing spiritually can look like meditation, prayer, journaling, and time communing with nature. The most efficient people on the planet take time to rest, replenish, recharge, and re-energize themselves. Productive people are energetic people.

Prioritize. Prioritization is stark in its simplicity, and yet can be difficult in its application. Once they have internalized and energized, high impact people take time to prioritize. Prioritization flows when we spend time to internalize and energize, because when we take time to centre and focus, and to rest and replenish, we become much clearer on our priorities. If your priorities are unclear, it could be an indicator that you need time to internalize and energize. At its core, prioritization is simply about deciding what to say yes to, and what to say no to, and sticking to it. So much potential is wasted when we say yes to what we should say no to, and when we say no to what we should say yes to. The daily routine of high impact people includes time to sort out the “yes’s” from the “no’s”, and the primary criteria is this: What is the most valuable use of my time in order to achieve my long-term goals? This alone separates the “yes’s” from the “no’s”, and separates high impact people from minimal impact people. Strategize. Strategy flows from priority. The actual definition of strategy is literally just a plan of action to fulfill an objective. So, priorities determine objectives, while strategies determine plans. High impact people never strategize without taking time to prioritize, and also will not just prioritize; but they always strategize. Strategy involves the notion of planning and efficiency, incorporates tactics and logistics, and includes the nuances of interpersonal and professional relationships. Strategy takes time and effort, and is well worth it. Though our plans rarely go exactly, “according to plan”, success is seldom accidental either. Planning positions you for success in a way that the lack of planning never can. Often the critical difference between high potential people and high performance people is simple: strategy and its execution. Visualize. As part of their daily routine, high impact people visualize their strategy being mobilized successfully. Do you see yourself achieving and succeeding in your goal, or do you see failure, and not achieving? I cannot overstate the importance of visualization. Alberta Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Before any major goal can be achieved, the goal must first become a reality in the subconscious mind. When we learn how to use the imagination, and then imagine a goal being achieved, so much that the feelings we have about the goal are the same as if the goal as already been achieved, then that goal will become a reality. Your expectations determine your whole life: what you think, feel, experience and do; what you create, grow, build and dream. You are thinking, feeling, experiencing and doing what your expectations allowed. You are creating, growing, building and dreaming what your expectations permit. Mahatma Ghandi said that, “If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.” And 2000 years before that, Jesus said that, “All things are possible to him that believes…” Learning new visualizations, expectations, and beliefs is often about breaking free of our stresses and fears. Please check out this site to learn more

about that: Verbalize. There is power in our words, and power in our proclamation. Words can light a fire in our minds, they can calm a storm in our hearts, they can pull tears from our eyes, and they can inspire energy and passion in our soul. Words can ripple a message of confidence and conquest, healing and hope, or they can ripple a message of failure and fear, or regret and reverse. The words we speak powerfully ripple and set the course for our lives. High impact people verbalize their passions, their possibilities, and their pathway, speaking out empowerment through their proclamation. One final thought: Become a high impact person, because those closest to you and even the world needs you to do so. Collectively, we need the gifts, treasures and aspirations that lie within you. But as you do, pay close attention to your daily routines, and especially these 6 Daily Routines. Confucius said that, “Men’s natures are alike; it is their habits that separate them.” People who make the greatest impact have a daily routine. Abe Brown is the Coach’s Coach, and is the Founder and President of Momentum Coaching (, and the President of the Certified Coaches Federation ( Momentum Coaching has experienced triple digit growth for several years running, and is the recognized front-runner in leadership and business coaching nationally. The Certified Coaches Federation has trained and certified over 13,000 Life and Executive Coaches in the last 8 years. Abe is also a best-selling author, and has developed life and business coaching tools which have been put into use all over North America and the world. If you would like to discover more about becoming a Certified Life or Executive Coach, or about being coached yourself, please reach Abe at

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The Professional, Social, and Emotional Benefits By Heather Patrao


part from my full-time job, I volunteer for Accessibility Renovations for Kids (ARK), a non-profit society that performs accessibility-related renovations to homes of children with mobility challenges. My role as the Events Director is to plan and execute events that will raise funds towards contracting skilled trade workers and purchasing materials. In addition to generating funds, my goal is to raise awareness about ARK’s mission in our local community. I enjoy event-planning, so the work involved in this role is exciting for me. Although we aren’t rewarded financially for what we do, we are paid through the fulfillment that comes with making a difference in the lives of people in need, right here in our city. That is the purpose of volunteering – donating your time and energy for a greater cause that also benefits you in terms of positive self-development. It helps if you’re working towards a goal you believe in that will motivate you and boost your work ethic. Life isn’t and shouldn’t be all about us, and there’s something humbling about helping to improve the wellbeing of others that, in turn, improves ours. Why Volunteer? •


Hone and develop new skills outside of work: If you work as a school teacher that focuses on skills like lesson-planning, grading, and mediating problems, you might not want to take on the volunteering role as a weekend tutor or sports coach, for example. To avoid burnout, take on a position that encourages different skills, increases your sense of competency, and allows you to feel productive. Taking a break from what you do at work to build on other interests will also revive your mental energy. Meet new people: Volunteering exposes you to groups of people in the community that you may not have been aware of before. It can open your eyes to other cultures, ways of thinking, and people from various | FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |

backgrounds at different points in life. The equalizer is that regardless of your status in the world, you are there to achieve the same goal. If you are a person that is typically shy around people, it’s a surefire way to grow out of your shell and expand your personal support system. •

Health perks: Studies show that volunteering for the betterment of the community improves your mental health and decreases stress levels. People who do so are much happier; we benefit from helping others. It looks good on your resume: Your volunteer experiences showcase your organizational skills outside of work and academics, interest in giving back to the community, ability to work on a team, and commitment to an organization without the incentive of monetary payment. They have the power to make your resume stand out, especially in the corporate world where philanthropic efforts are highly valued.

I’ve been volunteering almost all my life, for things like church activities, university clubs, and community initiatives, including serving as a member of the Calgary Filipino Lions Club. It is difficult to capture all the positive ways in which these collective experiences have shaped me, continually igniting my humanitarian drive to make a difference, however small. Every employer I’ve interviewed with has asked me to elaborate on my community involvement, which has given me confidence in my own ability to engage my skills, enriched my social life, and allowed me to meet inspiring people. Remember… Whether your position is long-term or a one-off, it should be fulfilling. Here is what’s important: • • •

What you volunteer for – pick a cause that reflects your values and that matters to you Choose a role through which you are able to apply your skills and talents Who you volunteer with, because the

• •

type of people you are surrounded by can either add to or take away from the quality of your experience That you feel valued by donating your time and resources That the experience is enjoyable; it shouldn’t exhaust you, and if it does, it’s best to find another opportunity that is worth investing your time into

Where to Volunteer? Finding a cause may be easier than you think. Searching “Where can I volunteer?” on Google will lead you to a wealth of organizations looking for volunteer support, such as recreational facilities, sports teams, and charitable initiatives. connects people to volunteer opportunities and local non-profit programs, and all you’d have to do is apply. As human beings, we are continually learning. It’s healthy to seek out ways to improve ourselves in all aspects of our lives, and volunteering is a great way to do so. When we do something we are good at that positively impacts someone else’s life, we are living by example and have the potential to even inspire others to follow our lead. Heather Patrao Heather is a University of Calgary graduate in communications and marketing, and works full-time as a manager of non-profit programs that help the legal profession in Alberta with personal issues. She has a passion for writing, creating, connecting with people from all walks of life, and is drawn to entrepreneurial motives that make a positive difference. Outside of work and volunteering, Heather takes boxing training, studies classical piano, travels, and loves being in the mountains.

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“The state of being at peace, with joy within while a person is on the lowest stage of life. It far exceeds inequities that are present and help rebuilds greater faith, richer talents, abilities, and capabilities.”

ursuing significance - what is it? How is it being done? The truth is, I have no perfect formula for it. “What I know for sure is" (borrowing Oprah’s line), it is a journey (may take a lifetime), mastered with life experiences, enriched by lessons learned (both easy and difficult), honed through time and guided by greater power than self. The state of being at peace, with joy within while a person is on the lowest stage of life. It far exceeds inequities that are present and help rebuilds greater faith, richer talents, abilities, and capabilities. Success is usually the stepping stone to significance. But why does a person’s success doesn’t equate or enough for a person to become significant? There is definitely no DIY manuals to guide the journey. It can be compared to the sensation of being a Fish out of Water. If you are lucky, losing what is treasured most will be part of it. A lot to digest for sure, that is why it is not time-bound, rather of a journey. In the hope to illuminate my points and establish credibility to what I say, may I present them using lifelong experiences of my own.

5 Components towards Significance. 1. Time: Use time wisely to motivate, inspire, educate and inform others. Growing up, I have two imperative tall orders engraved in my head, which I thought I delivered, therefore, if measured by tangible achievements can be called a success. First, Ama’s (Father) famous line “Tulog PA kayo naghahanapbuhay na kami, Tulog NA kayo naghahanap buhay pa rin kami". (We were already finding a living before the cock crows and still doing so past your bedtime). Ina (Mother) on the other hand, insists in the belief of “Naging maswerte kami sa negosyo mula ng isinilang kita.”


| FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |

( You have been the lucky charm of our growing our business since the time you were born!). The time in my life when it was truly more valuable was when I utilized it to impart and share with others. I will use my sleepless nights writing articles, news and stories to inform. I developed sleep disorder as side effects of medications to reduce severe lower abdominal and nerve end pains. These sleepless and painful nights are consciously diverted into productive hours instead of counting sheep or feeling sorry for myself. So knowledge is no longer stagnant as information has been shared in print, online or in social media. Ideas, insights, and points of view, now serve as references to benefit end users. Time has become a valued commodity. Time multiplies as it transcends and used to educate more for others. 2. Talent: Mentoring, teaching skills through training, brainstorming of ideas with others to create a project, helping out friends with requests, random unprompted acts of kindness to strangers, collaborating with other groups to deliver services, and providing emotional support while you are going through similar situation. After a couple of years, while I was starting to recover and slowly going back to a workforce, another debilitating condition struck. I saw right before my very eyes that others are living my life. There was even a point when what I have learned from school and books are hardly applicable to my situation. Talking about a hurdle got in the way, then a roadblock and finally, a road closed. I should have enough excuses for becoming absolutely miserable. I even have plenty of reasons to point my fingers as to why life is tough. The seeds planted towards significance became the only saving grace. I am fully aware of my mental abilities, emotional capabilities, they have more to offer than my current situation. So what I know, I further shared. The pursuit of significance helped me build the confidence looking beyond the current situation while bearing in mind that trials are minuscule compared to the life battles others face compared to thine self. So talents shared with others multiplied if decided not keeping to self.

3. Influence: Learn to navigate all forms of communication to continue to reach and help others. I have arrived at a situation that even a simple task of literally scratching an itchy nose is not a possibility. Then the call for significance gets louder. The day I left my own pity party, I reached out to start collaborative projects and activities online. I also trained myself to express my appreciation to a person or groups through shout outs. Clicking buttons for likes, reactions, and emojis helped me show the person I am in conformity. Posting positive messages versus my emotional status help brighten someone's day. Forwarding new ideas, researches via email or messenger helped accomplish more activities. As a result, I communicated to thousands of people locally and globally. The web became my new world. The laptop became my legs to attend meetings. Phone calls are now being used more to listen to unspoken words and get a clearer point of views or opinions. These engines broadened my way of communication and helped bridge the lack of physical strength to help reach out more people. I may sound like a true millennial but in real essence, I am an old school. Prior to where I am now, I have achieved successes according to my own gauge at a very young age: academic, professions, careers. I have traveled a dozen places, fed my passion, used some recreations and enjoyed a lot relaxation. But they were cut short. The journey towards the significance kept me from throwing more pity parties for myself. My communication style evolved and become unconventional. I will give credit to technology which allows me to get closer to it with the click of a button. Therefore I shouldn’t be in the way. 4. Way of Life: The value of a person's life is determined by how he affects others and the impact he leaves on the world. - Author Unknown. Being one of the self-proclaimed movers and shakers of the community for almost a decade now, sharing my time, talent and treasure without any financial gain may be emotionally draining and can be really exhausting at times. I was frequently asked these questions: Where and how do I find plenty of ideas and inspirations on mostly anything while influencing others? How do I keep my sanity intact? Where do I find the reasons to smile despite my physical conditions? How do I manage to look like life is grand? Where do I get the ability to share what I’ve got when there’s hardly anything left for me? My response often is the life of significance provide me a vivid blueprint to manage it. The life and fate that tested my capacity physically, emotionally and of course spiritually, is the same tool I used, but living more by faith, on shifted focus and adding value more for others than the classic me, myself and I first. Don’t get me wrong, I have had my fair share of giving and sharing then, however, only when almost everything is taken away from me except for my life, that the purpose of gaining significance blossomed.

years broke down, followed by 3 multiple vehicular accidents, all in the same year, life seemed helpless from the outside. The inability to work resulted in financial scarcity, burdened emotionally, crippled physically, besides living alone in a foreign land. It was again the pursuit of a valued life and significance and strength in spirit helped me realize a shift in career and goals. It was never easy to build another business, although, being in business runs in my blood, as father and mother are epitomes of being their own bosses since I was born. Presently, we are operating mostly on collaborative efforts and shared ideas. Helping others expand their horizons first and then we will get compensated. The not so business way of running a business thrives on assisting others first to build their own groups, organizations, and associations before reaping what we sow. It also provides a platform for others to shine. Staying out of the equation so others may achieve successes beside ourselves. Not so conventional yet it achieves the main purpose of providing value to others first. It may have hardly achieve massive financial gains but plenty of priceless rewards combined with pure joy. In conclusion, the decision of giving time, talent, influence, a way of life and treasure is a work in progress within myself. Others may conform while others raise brows. According to Mother Theresa, this is between me and My Creator, and I am at peace with it. Even Anne Frank once said “I don't want to have lived in vain like most people. I want to be useful or bring enjoyment to all people, even those I've never met. I want to go on living even after my death.” This to me that equates to a life of significance. About the Author: Operates Kaizen C.R.E.W. (Consultant/ Coaching. Resources/Events/Workshops) since 2014. She has more than 25 years of extensive experiences combined in Sales/Customer Service, Menu Development/Standardization, Marketing, Food Service Supervision & Management, Research, Planning/Consultant/Advisor/Facilitator for diverse communities and Public Health. A degree in Nutrition and Dietetics (Philippines), Diploma in Food and Nutrition Management and Technology (Canada) and few courses in Master in Food and Nutrition (Philippines). A Certificate in Computer Applications and a Certified Travel Agent. She is also one of the Publishers for Diaryo Filipino Newspaper, Magazine Columnist/ Writer, Social Media Blogger, Administrator and Channel host. Additionally, a Marketing and Promotions savvy. An award winning Independent Sales Director /Mentor/ Leader/ Consultant (Mary Kay Cosmetics until 2009) where she earned various awards in leadership, mentoring, team building, production and sales in Canada and USA. Lastly, Marietta is a huge Advocate of Pay it Forward System and Be Significant Movement. A Community Collaborator, Organizer and Servant/ Leader since 1998.

5. Treasure: Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right. -Henry Ford. I have done business as early as 7 years old (selling ice drop to the entire village for a 1 cent commission) to a most improved unit in sales and production of a direct selling business in 2009, with two cars and almost a hundred team members in my wagon, jumping over hundreds of leaders of my seniors in 2 countries (USA/Canada). Following step-by-step guide toward success. Acting on my goals, getting ahead of my calendar of activities to accomplish tasks and get where I want to be. I have done them well with flying colors. I thought when you know enough, they were sufficient to cushion a downfall of a career or misfortune. They were definitely blinding. After being diagnosed with some lifelong debilitating conditions, the marriage of nine | FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |




Photo: Profolio Photography HMU: EJ Reyes Cothing: PUSTURA


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“Just go out there and do it. Do what it takes regardless of what people are saying about you. Have faith in God as he is looking out for you. Regardless of everything stay humble and grounded.�

| FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |


An Evening With Judy Trials, Tribulations and Triumph By Michael Siervo


he road was bad as the frozen Calgary temperature essentially put the busy rush hour traffic to a standstill. I was already running a few minutes late as I felt compelled to pick up a fancy new dress shirt for this much anticipated meeting. What does one wear when you get a dinner invite to the home of one of the most stylish business women in Calgary? The excitement was counting down as I fought through the parkade of cars we call Deerfoot Trail. Thankfully my wife, who agreed to be my date this evening kept me calm as my frustration was at its tipping point. My GPS said I would be 15 minutes late but every passing minute felt like wasted time I could be learning from this lady. “No worries take it easy… we have all the time. See you soon” was her text message to my wife when we told her we were running late. What a patient and nice lady I thought to myself. GPS says 3 minutes away as we make our way into a secluded neighbourhood outside of the city. I probably added 2 more minutes of tardiness as I couldn’t help but drive slowly while observing the beautiful mansions settled on estate lots. I thought to myself “What kind of important people live in these homes? CEO’s, Politicians, Influencers?”. The female voice on my GPS says “You will reach your destination in 200 metres. Your destination is on your right.” We would soon find out as we see address number 60. We pull up and park the Tesla beside two luxury German cars. The doors open and there stands this slender elegant lady, dressed in a classic black outfit. Her warm smile and welcoming eyes made her even more stunning as I lean in and give her a hug. My wife hands her a bouquet of red roses as I say “This is my lovely wife Vivienne. Vivienne, this is Judith Barran.” For Filipinos in Canada or in the Philippines, the name Judy Barran means several things. I had some preconceived notions from previous encounters prior to this evening’s dinner engagement. To me she was a successful entrepreneur, founder and owner of Essence of Cleopatra, a style icon, a woman of influence and rare gem in this community. However as we walked through her home, I knew we would get to know more behind her mystique. Photo: Profolio Photography


| FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |

Looking around her home you get this sense of elegance, classic style with just the right touch of modernism. Beautiful chandeliers hang from her 20 foot high vaulted ceilings as they guide your eyes up and down the dining room. The house is decorated with quality imported furniture that only those with impeccable taste and confidence would choose. Judy offers us a drink and her equally welcoming husband Lloyd cracks open a bottle of Ripasso Zenato. This evening is off to a great start as we wait for one more guest to arrive. Walking through her nearly 4000 square foot home you can’t help but think that every inch of this place is utilized to the best of its ability. From the walk out basement that overlooks the lake, to her closet that is deserving of a character from “Sex and the City”, everything is immaculate. My wife is in heaven as Judy’s closet is one that every fashionista would die for. Brands like Chanel, Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Manolo Blahnik, lined the closet and are organized in the most meticulous manner. Downstairs she shows us the most elegant couture dresses from some of the most sought after Filipino designers in the world. Not only does high fashion fit her but she pays homage to her Filipino heritage with her display of the Filipiniana Terno and the modern version called the Traje de Mestiza. We walk upstairs as Jazz music fills the house and Lloyd pours us another glass of wine. Judy tells us that prior to moving from Davao Philippines to Calgary, she used her interior decorating background to decorate some of the most prestigious homes in the Philippines. This explains a lot as Lloyd explains how they constantly receive compliments on their home even from Interior Designers of the Builders themselves. This is well justified as Judy’s talents are on display in her beautiful home. While in the Philippines, Judy explains how her interior decorating background eventually led into the fashion and beauty industry. The Philippines was on the cusp of blowing up in terms of the demand for beauty products. Judy was at the forefront of this explosion and the name Judith Barran was on the lips of the who’s who in the Philippines. The doorbell rings and another up and coming community leader enters the room. It’s model and social media influencer Dee Reyes. As I continue to probe and ask questions, we learn that Judy has rubbed shoulders with dignitaries as they stay at her home while visiting Calgary. She has even dealt with a very successful Filipino boxer turned politician and his wife. You know

who I’m talking about. The one that throws punches, passes legislation and is a national hero. She mentions that despite their

Photo: Profolio Photography

success, that couple remained humble. This doesn’t shock me as these qualities remind me of Judy and her husband. Throughout the evening, names like Dermatologist to the stars and TV personality Vicky Belo, or big name fashion designers such as Khens Ladaga, Jun Escario and Arcy Gayatin pop up in conversation. At one time we learn that the current president of the Philippines was the sponsor at her wedding! I am slowly feeling inadequate for a moment as I ask myself, why am I here? It’s obvious now that she is someone of substance and significance. However despite her deep rolodex of contacts she never once made us feel any less of ourselves. In fact numerous times, she referred to herself as a “NOBODY” that is committed and sincere to people she cares about. I beg to differ as in my eyes, she is someone meant for great things. It’s easy to feel intimidated by anyone who has achieved so much as she has, yet I got a sense that humility and being grounded is at the core of her being. I can’t say that she is a simple lady. However her humility makes her simply endearing. Perhaps this is because the journey of how she got to where she is, is riddled with life lessons, failures, adversity and of course well deserved success. At 57 years old, her age doesn’t match her energy and passion. I tell her that she has more drive and ambition than most people half her age. Graduating from Immaculate Conception College, she excelled and

worked hard at this private all girl school to build up her beauty brand. It seems like this ageless lady embodies the timelessness that her beauty products provide. I am of the belief that she has somehow magically bottled up her “hustle” into a Youth Serum. As we stand around her kitchen I notice a display of the “Essence of Cleopatra” product line. What was once an 80 product offering, she has hand selected 40 that are worthy of hitting the market. It’s no surprise that the “Youth Serum” is among her top sellers. As I ask her why she got into aromatherapy and beauty products, she tells us that her passion for helping others led her to become a student of her industry. In doing, so it gave her the expertise to offer some of the top essential oil products in North America. In 1999, Judy and her husband, a practicing pharmacist for over 3 decades followed their passion and became certified in Aromatherapy. Lloyd’s technical and chemist background matched perfectly with Judy’s ability to open relationships. Together this perfect pair, created the highly successful “Essence of Cleopatra” brand seen in countless pharmacies across the country today. Rather than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing, Judy packed up her car and knocked on the doors of any business she felt could sell her product line. She admits that she isn’t tech savvy so she did it the old-fashioned way. Her belief was to create a meaningful relationship with one business owner at a time rather than mass market. As years passed, she dominated northern Alberta and opened relationships spanning 3 provinces, with 7 distributors in close to 400 pharmacies. I grab my glass of vino and move into the living room as I carefully sit on a beautiful pink and white chair. Spilling red wine on this chair would ruin my night instantly as this chair must have cost a fortune. You would think that all this material wealth would get to her head. The opposite is the case as she is consistently talking about helping others, providing opportunities for people to make a good living and having products that help make people feel confident.

By this time the rest of the group has joined me as the conversation fills the living room. We laugh and hear stories of the early days prior to having these luxuries. Judy gets up and serves us some tea and dessert before sitting down across from her husband on this long beautiful couch. They look at each other as if there is something more to say. Dee, Vivienne, and I hang patiently on every word.

| FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |


As a business person myself, I know that people tend to see the success but don’t see the hours of struggle behind the scenes. Lloyd and Judy know this all too well as they bring us back to humble beginnings. The couple met in 1992 in a very untraditional manner. Their love blossomed over writing letters to each other from abroad. Keep in mind that the advent of the internet wasn’t around so you could image how patience and distance made the heart grow fonder. Lloyd proposed over the phone and pursued her to the Philippines. They laugh as Judy tells us that she didn’t invite many people to her wedding as she didn’t know if Lloyd would show up. As we know Lloyd did show up and over 25 years later he hasn’t left her side. Six months after their marriage, they moved to Canada. Lloyd continued to practice pharmacy while creating combinations of essential oils and other beauty products. Even today, these products provide all natural solutions for muscle and joint pain, scar reduction, sleep improvement and skin brightening to name a few benefits. The demand continues to be high as even Miss Universe Riza Santos became one of her top supporters. In 2008, the opportunities in the Philippines were calling. She spent several years in distributions for a very high end make up company and continued to hone her skills and broaden her network. Life was really good as Judy was in every sought after social circle in the Philippines. At these social functions, she quickly learned that people would ask her what she was wearing. Fashion soon became an integral part of her life as her brand became not only a beauty expert but a full blown fashionista. This would translate into hosting high end fashion shows that became the talk of the town in Calgary. Success was plentiful as they deservedly reaped the fruits of all their hard work. But in 2013, the fairytale ended as Lloyd tells us that they lost millions. This wasn’t due to poor business decisions but because his health began to fail him. Faced with adversity and a dwindling bank account they decided to move back to Canada to help Lloyd recover. Contrary to what many people said, the Barran’s were not bankrupt but Lloyd says that it wasn’t far off. Judy leans back on the coach, tucks her legs underneath her on and looks up for a moment. It seemed like such a picturesque moment directly out of a 1940’s romance movie as she pauses ever so perfectly before she gathers her thoughts. She proceeds with the story while we eagerly wait. Having experienced success and wealth, it was humbling for them to come back to Canada with essentially nothing. Some of her friends who once surrounded her at high end social functions were nowhere to be found. From once living in the lap of luxury, she tells us that a humbling wakeup call is when they ended up renting whatever they could afford at the time. As they sat in a home with no furniture, they contemplate the next move while eating KFC with plastic utensils on paper plates. She thought about working in retail selling make up at the mall however she knew she was more than that. Under the ever encouraging words of her supportive husband, he says “You are bright, hardworking and have so much more to give.” Now in her early 50’s and with an ailing husband she had to make a life changing decision. She would pick herself up and start all over. While ignoring the pain she felt when hearing others claim that she was bankrupt, she packed up her car and did what she does best. She didn’t close deals, she opened relationships. With her back against the wall and faced with unfavorable odds, Judy slowly built up her essential oil business. Essence of Cleopatra became a household name. Lloyd chimes in and says “I don’t know how she does it. I can talk for a long time. All Judy does is walk and show her product. With zero pushiness she walks out 15 minutes later will thousands of dollars in orders!” Judy smiles in an almost bashful manner but her confidence and honesty is unmistaken. Despite wealth and success, she tells us that she is a simple person who enjoys the simple things. She has experienced the fame and limelight but at this stage in her life she rather enjoys genuine bonds


| FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |

Photo: Profolio Photography

of friendship in her home. I do my best to absorb everything I can as I feel like we have been embraced by someone special. She has looked failure in the face, has been the subject of sabotage and betrayal, had father time against her and endured several personal issues and survived. I stared carefully throughout the evening as she opened up her world to us. There were moments of pride, sadness, vulnerability and triumph. All of which I can see a tear forming in her eye before it refuses to fall. She is herself with us. The same woman I met hours ago who opened the door with a warm smile and welcoming eyes. As the evening winds down, I ask her a simple question “If you could meet your 20 year old self, what advice would you give her.” She pauses for a moment. Judy with her words of wisdom leave us with these lessons. Just go out there and do it. Do what it takes regardless of what people are saying about you. Have faith in God as he is looking out for you. Regardless of everything stay humble and grounded. After hugs and kind pleasantries, we all get in our cars. I look up as I wait for the car to warm up and see her peak her head out the door to make sure we are okay. As we drive away, I look back and see a silhouette of Lloyd and Judith in the window. We can’t help but think, Lloyd was right. She is bright. She is hardworking. And she still has so much to give.

| FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |


Angie Barbero Ostojic My Journey, My Success

Women in Leadership and Business - Angie Ostojic


t a glance: Angie Ostojic is a multi-awardee in the insurance business industry. She has 17 years of experience as a business women. She is a speaker, and a coach. She currently runs a fast-growing organization of more than 100 sales representatives. In Elementary First of all, I came from the Philippines. At the very young age, I had to beg my parents to send me to school. They could not afford to support my schooling. I remember going to school with no sandals, and having to walk very far. I had to fetch water for people so that they would pay me and give me money to buy some clothes to wear. I washed clothes for people in exchange for food. I did this all on my own because I couldn’t get support from my parents. This was just in elementary. High-School Years In high-school, my parents told me that if I wanted to go to school, I would have to support myself. So I went to school, supporting myself, studying very hard so I can get a sponsorship. I had to do it because it was the only way I could get away from poverty. Eventually, I was sponsored by a charity who supported kids with good grades. It was called CCF – Christian Children’s Fund. That’s the scholarship program that helped me. They sent money to kids who are smart. I was fortunate enough to be one of the kids they supported. I remember coming home from school one time, and the laces of my slippers broke. I had to use a metal cap of a coke bottle to hold it in place so that I can continue to use my slippers. I was bullied in school because I was so skinny and I did not have lunch most days. Kids teased me. They’d show their candies to me to make me jealous. I took seeds from a fruit and put it in my mouth and make it look like I’m chewing on a candy so they would stop teasing me. After school, I went to the farm field and helped my parents. I fetched our carabaos (water buffalo) and gave them water to drink. Since I was the eldest in the family, this became my responsibility. Some days I was so tired that I fell asleep on top of the carabaos. One time I fell off. To make the story short, I finish high-school and received high grades. That’s because I soaked my feet at night so I could stay up late and study. I wanted to get good grades, so I stayed up late at night after school and farm work was done. This was my high-school. Struggle in University During university, priest was able to get me scholarships for my education. I took Bachelor of Science in Education. I had to struggle again because the sponsorship could only pay the tuition fee. I had to work for my allowance and my boarding school. To support myself, I cleaned the washrooms at the University until 11 pm or midnight. I was teased a lot. Some students said I smell like crap. But that did not stop


| FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |

Photo: Profolio Photography

me. I relied on God‘s strength and mercy to keep me going. There were days where I felt like giving up because I never experience how it was like to grow up properly. I never got a chance to grow up like an average child or a teenager. It was a struggle from the beginning. But in all these things, I always believed that for every single suffering, there will be a reward. I envision myself as a very successful woman in my own way by inspiring thousands of individuals like me. I knew that all of my sufferings would come to an end and everything will be put in the right place. I never dreamt that I would have the life that I have now. But I envisioned a better future and this kept me alive. I took everything as a challenge, and I thank God every single day that I’m alive.

I remember some days in the University I exchanged food for doing people’s homework. I used my gifts to survive. Looking at it now, it’s incredible. One time in university, my classmates nominated me to be a secretary of a student body just to embarrass me. They knew that I was cleaning toilets and they wanted to put me in the spotlight. But one guy came up to me and encourage me. He told me that people would put me down, but I had to stand up and show that I can do it. He said he believed in me, and that I am not just a toilet cleaner. He told me that I could be better. So when it was my turn to come up and present myself, some students were yelling, “Here comes the toilet girl,” but I went up in front of everybody and spoke from the heart. I took a leap of faith. I spoke in English. Every one of them was quiet. After that, I had more votes than the student president. That experience proved to me that I could be somebody. I can be influential to women and people. And since then I’ve never look down on myself. Going Overseas Then I went to the Middle East and worked as a domestic helper. After three is there, I went home I got sick and almost died. My employer shipped me back home. While in the Middle East, I sent all my money to the Philippines to my family. But when I came home I got nothing because all the money I sent to them, they spent. Every single penny. I was hoping that they would build a business using the money I sent them, but they spent it all. In spite of this, one thing I never forgot to do is that every Christmas, I gave my family something. I always give gifts even though I don’t have much. Then I went to Hong Kong. I stayed there for two and a half years. Again as a domestic helper. Then I applied to go to Canada. When I arrived, I had $50 in my pocket. I worked as a caregiver for three years. When I receive my permanent residency, I started my sales career. I made the change because I know I cannot go forward if I continue to work for someone else. Sales Career I started by selling vacuums. For the first two weeks, I did not have any sale. I was crying because I did not have money to pay my housing rent. And I also had no money to buy food. But I said to myself, no matter what I’m going to get a sale. Because of my persistence from morning to 10 p.m., I sold five vacuums in one day. I broke the record for the company

I represented for selling five units in one day. Then I got married and had kids. I sold Avon. I was delivering brochures every single day with my baby. I was delivering orders and staying late up at night. I never gave up. During the day I would do Avon, and at night I would work as a waitress at a restaurant. And sometimes I will go cleaning with my friend who has commercial cleaning. I also sold jewelry. All this while raising my children. Then I got into network marketing. I committed then to retire my husband. I wanted him to retire so he could help raise our kids. My husband supports me in everything I do, and I never stopped to help him put food on the table. We take our kids on holidays at least once a year because I want them to see the world. I don’t want them to suffer the way I suffered when I was young. With my strength and God’s help I never want them to experience the things that I experienced. I work hard each year to be able to take them out of the country. We’ve been to Disneyland and different places. And with my hard work, I was able to retire my husband at the age 48. It’s been four years now. Combined Insurance I was making a quarter of a million a year before I came to Combined. The previous company was sustaining my lifestyle. But it was not taking us to where we want to be because I was spending more than I’m making. However, I had to leave the company because it was no longer where heart is. I felt that the leaders were no longer delivering on what they promised. I thought that I was the only one making money but all the other people underneath me were not making money. I stopped it because it was no longer something that I believe in. I believe in helping people. I believe that the success of other people is my happiness and my fulfillment. I joined Combined Insurance because they represented a win-win for the clients, for the agents, and for the company. With Combined, I did something that has not been done in the company before. After a few months, we obtained the district leader position and doubled the volume of business in our district. We broke the record of every single manager. But it’s not about me; it’s about the people who are working with me who are hungry enough to change their lives. I am just giving them a vehicle and to hold them accountable for their success. Advice to Others

My advice to anyone just starting out is to learn to forgive and forget. Don’t let your past hold you back. Don’t hold on to the thoughts of people who told you that it’s not possible for you to succeed. Forgive and forget. The faster you forgive and forget, the quicker you can succeed. I wish I believed in myself earlier and that I didn’t waste my time doubting. People who succeed in life are those who make a firm decision and take action. If you cannot make a decision, then you’re stuck. To make a decision sometime is the most painful thing. But when you make a decision, you’re free. For example, if you’re living paycheck to paycheck, then make a decision not to live paycheck to paycheck. If you cannot make a decision, you cannot take proper action. I want people to believe in themselves. And I want them to believe that everything is possible. Vision for the Community I want to inspire thousands of women in our community. I want to encourage them to move forward and create a ripple effect from one person to another and bring inspiration to all women. I don’t want them to use their kids, spouse, or anything else as an excuse. I want them to move forward no matter what. I believe that a woman has the power to mold her husband. The husband could be the smartest man in the world, but if there’s a bad woman behind him, he will not go very far. That’s how I look at it. If a woman is a nagger and see all the small stuff and is always stressed, it will go down on the husband and the kids. My vision is to have thousands of women gathering together in all different walks of life, united and inspiring the world. If we can inspire women, kids will be different. They will go to a home that is inspired. Our world will be a better place. But let’s start with one person at a time. One family at a time. I want to inspire with faith. I want to inspire with a great relationship. I want to inspire in business and leadership. No excuses. Keep moving forward. And I believe we can all make it. This is my Journey. This is my Success. -Angie Barbero Ostojic This article was originally published in Success Now Magazine, 2017

| FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |


Women in Leadership and Business

Anne Corpuz-Bacalso


t a glance: Anne is the Creative Director and owner of Anne B. Accessories. She has 15 years experience in the fashion industry and has worked as general store manager for big brands such as Michael Kors and Victoria’s Secret. Anne B. Accessories can be found in boutique stores in Canada, U.S. and the U.K. Making my Dream a Reality FCM interview with Anne Corpuz-Bacalso 1. Tell us a bit about you? Where you are from, your family and your life here in Canada? I am the Creative Director and owner of Anne B. Accessories, creating high quality, luxury handmade fashion custom jewelry, scarf rings and home creations. I have immersed myself in the fashion industry for over 15 years. I’m currently based in Calgary, Alberta, but was born and raised in Cebu, Philippines. I moved to Canada roughly about eight years ago. I am a mother of five amazing children (two daughters ages 25 and 20, and three sons ages 16, 5 and 3). My husband, Roy, works in the Oil and Gas industry and has been my partner and backbone through this journey. All in all, I’m a proud mompreneur and wife! 2. Tell us two or three interesting things about you that have shaped your views in life or your career. My core values that have shaped my views on life and career are: •

Self-love. I push through the tough times and celebrate in the good. I aim always to be my number one supporter. I believe in speaking kindly and bravely to yourself.

Ambition and passion. I always have believed in myself and my ability to succeed in whatever I put my mind to. I never settle for second best. I shoot for the stars and find passion in everything that I do in my life.

Hard work. I’m always prepared to work long hours and sacrifice the time to build my business. Of course, with the help and support of my incredible family.

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| FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |

3. Tell us how you started your business. I have been in the fashion industry for 15 years, working in various roles within the industry. I’ve worked as a buyer, retail trade manager, and designer. In addition to as a general store manager for big brands such as Michael Kors and Victoria Secret. I have always had a passion for fashion and design and have always envisioned my own brand. I used to daydream and fiddle around with names, logos and product types that would suit my personal brand. Working with big name brands gave me a glimpse of what the market was like in Canada. And after two years of working in Canada, I decided to make my dreams a reality and start my own business. After getting the ball rolling, I also wanted to help create jobs both in the Philippines and Canada and so because of this, I focused on making this come true. All of this wouldn’t have happened without the support of my husband, who has always pushed me to follow my dreams. Anne B. Accessories has been in operation for seven years now! 4. Whats next for Anne B? Currently, Anne B. Accessories is carried by a few stores and boutiques in Canada, USA, and the UK. My goal is to further expand into the US and European market, and to soon be attending more shows in these countries. I also want to see my collection being carried in department stores and well-known boutiques worldwide. That would be so exciting! On top of this, I will be introducing new products for my home creations line this year which we are highly positive will give us an edge in the industry. 5. Who influenced you most and why? Honestly, my family has been my greatest influence throughout this journey. My husband has been my backbone when it came to taking crazy risks and decisions. He has been my support system. I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without him! My children inspire me to work harder. I see them growing each day and I want to do this for them. Last, but not least, my parents. When I was young, they fed my thirst for knowledge and taught me the importance of a strong work ethic and that life is tough, but regardless to always dream big and stay focused! 6. In your experience, what does it takes to succeed in business? Hard work, patience, perseverance, and consistency. There are always going to be challenges when running your own business. So, it’s vital to stay focused and disciplined and never take your eyes off the prize. Taking risks is essential. Self-belief is so so so important and doesn’t cost anything – just the right “yes, I can do it!” mindset and attitude. Ultimately, real success in business only matters if it also equates to your reality of success in your personal life. 7. What are the challenges you faced as a businesswoman? As a businesswoman, mother and wife – work-life balance can be such a challenge. There are so many responsibilities that come with being an entrepreneur, and even more with your family. With five children (and my husband!) with such unique personalities, each one speaks a different love language and need to be cared and loved for differently than one another. Balancing in providing love

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and support for my family, while trying to achieve my goals as an entrepreneur can get tricky! It’s definitely not always rainbows and butterflies. Overall, stress with business routine and competition definitely is also a challenge. 8. What is your advice for women who are looking to build their own business Never stop learning about your business. Whether it’s on sale taxes in the areas you plan to sell in, developing a new website or creating a marketing plan – always increase your knowledge in every crack and corner of your business. And don’t be afraid to ask for help! You aren’t going to master everything right away. This is a work in progress. I know this sounds so simple, but it’s true. People will always be happy to offer advice. Forge genuine connections with people, inside and outside your industry. So much of business is referral-based – one relationship can make or break your year. Cast a wide net and be authentic to everyone you meet. Always remember: • • • • •

Dream big and the results will be just as big. Don’t let anything or anyone hinder you from pursuing your dreams. Do what you love, and the rest will come. Stick to your vision – don’t let other people tell you that your ideas are bad! Trust yourself. | FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |


From our Youth

Start This Year Right! By Caitlin Caingcoy

(This is an original transcript of Caitlin’s speech at the first TFCC – The Filipino Champions Talk, Café Talks in Calgary, Alberta)


ood morning everyone! Once again, my name is Caitlin Caingcoy. I’m 15 years old, attending Bishop O’Byrne High School as a student in it’s Pre-IB - International Baccalaureate - or simply, it’s Honours Program. I am also a youth leader in River of Life Alliance Church. I lead NEXTGEN our youth group, as well as our Junior High subgroup, NEXTGEN PG. This year, I plan to continue excelling academically and showing my leadership skills towards things I’m passionate about. Thus, the reason I am here this morning - to chat about how to start this year right and to convince every one of you to do it with me. Everyone has their dreams, their own goals, but in my 15 years of life, or my two years of stepping out of my shell and reaching out to many different types of people, I’ve found that humans have a common goal and that it’s to find success or be successful. You don’t even need to have many experiences to see that in the people around you. Your dad wants to achieve success in his career; your friend wants to grab the top rank in the class; your boyfriend/girlfriend wants to be a pro basketball player - everyone wants to find success!


| FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |

Linking this back, that’s because everyone has a goal. Friends, we also need to realize that success isn’t just about achievements on papers or trophies or status. One of your goals could be having more family dates or being able to express yourself more. You can find success in relational or psychological growth as well! Whatever your goal may be, I believe that there are 2 steps that are significant to achieving ANY goal and it’s literally to KNOW your goals and work hard for them. Anyone can give you a fancy schmancy list on how to achieve success or link you an article to a shortcut to success but no matter what, no matter how simple the goal may be, knowing your goal and working for it will still be involved. Folks, just putting it out here now, there’s no way to escape working hard for your goals or things you want. Absolutely no way. Unless you have money and are willing to pay someone to do your dirty work for you of course - just kidding. Even then! You’d still need to work hard to earn that money! Life is hard, and then you die. It’s you who decides whether you achieve success in your life or not. Think about it. It’s apples vs. oranges - you either want to achieve or not, work hard for it or just look at it from a distance.

My parents own a private Montessori school in the Philippines and every year or two they go back and forth to manage it as Headmaster and Vice Headmaster of the school. In 2013, I went to the Philippines with my mom and stayed there for, I believe, a year and a half. During that year and a half, I studied in the said school for my 6th grade. Now, for those who grew up in the Philippines, you’ll know this, and for those that didn’t, you’ll know now - the Philippines is VERY competitive in terms of grades and ranking in school. If you go to the Philippines for the first time to study, expect a fresh shock. I kid you not; it will literally change the way you think of school. It changed mine for sure. Anyways, I vividly remember looking at my mom on the plane and telling her that I wanted to graduate as the Valedictorian. And she said, “well, you have to work hard for it then.” It wasn’t because she didn’t believe in me, it was because she KNEW the atmosphere that lives in schools over in the Philippines. I didn’t catch the memo. I came in there, and I was shocked. I failed my first quiz in the Philippines. Not to mention, I didn’t know how to speak Filipino. I could understand, but that didn’t help at all when it came to oral Filipino tests. Y’already know who was crying in her corner. I WAS LEGIT NOT READY. People around me, even if they didn’t mean to, helped in shutting down the thought that I could ever be the Valedictorian. They said things like, “Oh you have to have studied here since preschool to be able to be a Valedictorian,” or “Oh, you need to know Filipino because all your averages need to be high.” Sometimes they even said sorry at the end! I’m not sure if they apologized because they were being a friend and telling me what they believed was the truth or whether they were trying to shut me down without feeling bad. Whatever it was, their words sure did help me struggle.

If you can’t laugh when faced with provocation, then it was nice seeing you - time to go home. If I didn’t continue going to tutorials or if I gave in to whatever people had to say to prevent me from achieving my goal, then I wouldn’t be standing here right now, talking about my success. This isn’t saying that you should put on a mask and harden your heart. It’s about being strong and believing in yourself - believing that you can overcome. Being strong isn’t brushing off your feelings, it’s acknowledging them and being able to move on. Vent to a friend if you have to, cry if you have to - I cried a LOT! So, don’t be afraid to cry and to let out your feelings. It’s only natural to feel - we’re humans, and we need to acknowledge our feelings. That way, we can keep on walking and finding new goals we can work on! This 2018 will be a year of success for each and every one of us. I can already tell. I’m Caitlin Caingcoy and it was a pleasure speaking with you. Thank you, Caitlin, for sharing your speech with FCM!

Even though I was negatively impacted by their words, I didn’t stop working for my goal. I knew I was smart; I wouldn’t let it go to waste by not trying at all. Also, I trusted my mom. She wouldn’t tell me to work for it if I couldn’t earn it. Later on, she did tell me that whatever they said wasn’t true at all - except for the high averages. I fixed that by going to a Filipino tutor every single day after school. I would not miss a day even though I kind of hated it and thought it was boring. That’s because I had a long-term goal in my mind, and even if it was hard at the moment, I knew that if I kept on going, I could make it. Now we’re a week before the graduation. My friend and I were called into the office by a teacher. I made it. I was to graduate as the Valedictorian and my friend, the salutatorian. I could not express how happy I was at that moment. All my hard work had paid off! The studying, the extra effort put into projects, and the painful Filipino tutorials - they were all worth it! That’s because I had a goal- I recognized it, and I worked hard for it. Remember when I said that it was really competitive in the Philippines? Yeah, I walked out of the office, and I already had a beef with someone LOL. No words had to be said - you could tell. Now, there’s a quality that I believe, will help you bridge your way to success. It’s perseverance. The ability to persevere. Being able to persevere through trials you have to face is one of the key qualities you must have to find success.

| FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |


Janine Cabarrubias Winner of the Darling of the Year Award, Miss Pilipinas Canada Pageant


| FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |

FCM Connect With Janine Cabarrubias, Winner of the Darling of the Year Award, Miss Pilipinas Canada Pageant 1. Tell us about yourself. When did you immigrate to Canada, and what are you doing now? I moved to Canada four years ago. It was a mixed emotional feeling for me because I'm happy to be with my parents, but the fact that I am leaving my family and friends back in the Philippines is a hard thing to do. But I learned to make Canada my home. And now, I am currently a Business Administration student at SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of University). 2. What made you decide to enter into the Miss Pilipinas Canada pageant contest? At first, I really don't want to join in any kind of pageant but my mom insist me to do so, and so I decided to do this so I can make my mom happy and proud of me. But eventually, I realized that it was a great experience to be in Miss Pilipinas Canada pageant. 3. Why is it important to get involve in events such as this pageant? What are the benefits? First I did make a lot of new friends and gained new memories with them. Second is it boosted my confidence, and I gained a lot of experience. And last, my family is so proud of me. 4. What are the downsides of joining a pageant? Time, effort and money are the downsides of joining a pageant, but it’s worth it.

5. When you won the Darling of the Media award, what went through your mind? I didn't really expect it because all the contestants have smart answers, great bodies, and a good walk. But at the same time, I am so happy to be the Darling of the Media. 6. Who inspires you and why? Simple answer, my family. They have faith in me and that inspire me. 7. What would you like to achieve in the future? I would like to finish my education and build my own business. Specifically, Jollibee! 8. If you had to give three advice to young women, what would they be? First is you have to believe in yourself that you can do it, take any challenges and face all your fears. Second, be confident and content! And the third is be yourself, have fun and be crazy! Spread love and happiness to other people. 9. If you could change anything in the world to make it a better place, what would it be and why? I would say, No more war! Because who wouldn't want to live in a world that is pure of love and peace? -FCM Photo credit: LCR Photography

| FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |


Michael Sopiarz Winner of the Darling of the Year Award, Mr. Pilipinas Canada Pageant


| FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |

FCM Connect With Michael Sopiarz, Winner of the Darling of the Year Award, Mr. Pilipinas Canada Pageant 1. Tell us about yourself. When did you immigrate to Canada, and what are you doing now? Hello! My name is Michal Sopiarz, 19 Years Old from Edmonton Alberta Canada. I was born and raised In Canada. I am half Filipino and half Polish. Currently, I am working as a personal fitness trainer at LA Fitness. As well going to NAIT college finishing my final year of personal training. 2. What made you decide to enter into the Mr. Pilipinas Canada pageant contest? Although understanding the circumstances of this pageant being located three hours away from Edmonton. I always keep my mind to be open to new opportunities. This is something that was well thought out, and if I were to pursue this path, I would go all in. 3. Why is it important to get involved in events such as this pageant? What are the benefits? There are many benefits to joining a competition. For instance, like prizes, qualifications, and recognition. Although being in a different city, it allowed for me to connect with different people. Creating connections with my Filipino side in another community (Calgary. That was the most rewarding feeling. 4. What are the downsides of joining a pageant? The downside of joining this pageant was definitely the distance. Driving every weekend to and from Calgary was pretty tough. All the candidates were great people. It was a fun time during every rehearsal and was worth the ride. 5. When you won the Darling of the Media award, what went through your mind? For winning Darling of the Media award, it was a great confidence booster to push me further for the main competition on October 8th, 2017. It displayed what I was capable of doing and allowed for further growth down the road. 6. Who inspires you and why? The positive people in my life is who inspires me to become successful which includes my family, friends, or even just a person with a positive, productive

outlook on life. I believe in always doing something that has meaning, to reach an overall end goal. Surrounding yourself in an environment with individuals of the same outlook would allow for continuous growth. 7. What would you like to achieve in the future? In the future, I plan to compete, invest, and better my family. Life’s about taking challenges and surpassing them. I already have 3-4 more competitions lined up in the next four months. During this time I'll be training clients, going to college, creating YouTube videos, and always doing something at the end that leads to productivity. So, my future consists of hard work. Nothing can replace hard work, and one day all that hard work that goes unnoticed will mean something.

8. If you had to give three advice to young men, what would they be? Be confident. Don’t let people put you down. Work hard for what you truly love. 9. If you could change anything in the world to make it a better place, what would it be and why? Inner growth. If every individual has the desire to grow as a person, it would allow for further positivity. It could mean getting better at your job, putting on some muscle, winning a competition, or making your family happier. It's about always wanting to improve an aspect of your life to enhance overall life itself. -FCM Photo credit: LCR Photography | FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |


The Power of Mentoring:

The Joshua Story Written By Jerry Caingcoy, CRIEC Mentor

The best text to get from your mentee: “Good morning my great mentor. I’m glad to inform you that I got an offer … Thank you for your help and support all the way sir.” Meet Joshua I met Joshua just a couple of months after he landed in Calgary with his very young family through the Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC) mentoring program for foreigntrained professionals. Joshua came to Calgary not in the best of times. The economy had plummeted to its lowest level in history; thousands of people including the locals were out of jobs and the effects of recession had forced so many companies to shut down. Back in Nigeria Prior to coming to Canada, Joshua had been a Corporate Accountant in large companies in Nigeria. He had lots of transferable skills but to make ends meet, he worked a transitional job during the night so he could concentrate on finding a job during the day that suited his qualifications.


| FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |

CRIEC Mentoring Program Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC) is a non-profit organization that provides a free mentoring program for internationally trained professionals by matching them with a mentor who is trained and experienced in the same field of expertise. When a mentee and mentor are matched in a partnership, they receive a CRIEC mentoring manual that helps both the mentor and mentee organize and prepare their meetings. It makes the mentoring process more efficient and effective with successful employment outcomes. Joshua is the third internationally trained professional that I have had the privilege of successfully mentoring in the last couple of years through CRIEC. As a mentor, my role was to help Joshua understand the Canadian workplace culture, explore job searches and networking opportunities. As a mentee, the manual had given Joshua a roadmap to navigate through the tricky and challenging journey of finding the right career for him.

Mentor and Mentee: Jerry and Joshua

Mentoring Relationship

Economic Woes

Joshua came prepared during our first meeting with so much excitement. As I listened to his story, common to many immigrants, there was no doubt Joshua was highly educated with lots of experience in his field. Every meeting became more meaningful and valuable for both of us. Joshua showed so much enthusiasm and willingness to learn every time we met. He faithfully studied our mentoring modules, put them into practice and worked on any given assignment diligently.

But then again, the recession was getting worse and worse during this time. The job vacancies were almost nil. Despite the looming job market, we continued on a regular basis with our mentoring program. We devoted a lot of time to preparing a Canadian resume, learning targeted selection strategies, conducting mock interviews, developing soft skills and sharing both practical life and work experiences.

As a mentor, it inspired me to make our mentoring relationship a great success due to his one of a kind dedication and determination to learn and develop new skills to prepare to work in a Canadian workplace. Building a culture of integrity, accountability, and trust while focusing on direct, practical steps were the key factors to the success of our mentoring relationship.

After a couple of months, I received a heartwarming text from him:

Mentoring works

“Good morning my great mentor. I’m glad to inform you that I got an offer from CRA from that pool I had been since June. It’s an Appeal Officer position. Thank you for your help and support all the way sir.”

| FCM | | Issue #8 | 2018 |


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FCM Issue 8 Special Edition