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portfolio 2014



Why So Serious? feb 2013 The theme of this project was self-portrait. A sort of multifaces game was created and divided in 4 parts with the purpose of making different combinations. The poker face expression on the background makes the famous question why so serious ? Thus, the reader can play with these funny facial expressions in order to turn off for few minutes the too serious daily life. (17,5 x 17,5 cm)



Packaging oct 2013 - nov 2013 Developed together to my classmate Carine Ferreira, this light bulb package has 3 funtions: protection of the product, less material waste and emotional appeal. Then, when the consumer goes testing the light bulb in the supermarket, due to format the package, he will not damage it, the light will run through the cropped areas and the emotional message will be transmitted. A Premium line of food for dogs and cats was designed for customers of class A and B. Recycled paper was chosen as environmental consciousness. The items designed were: dry and wet pet food package, cookies package and balcony display. UFRJ


Tu sais, je vais t’aimer jan 2013 The objective of this project was graphically translate a song. “Tu sais, je vais t’aimer” is the french translation of “Eu sei que vou te amar” composed by Tom Jobim. The singer Henri Salvador sings it in french and portuguese. The postcards tell with images, the emotions contained in the lyrics of the song like it were a love letter. (size 10.5 x 15 cm)

Université Rennes UFRJ 2


Linkit oct 2013 - nov 2013 Developed together to Carine Ferreira, the energy dink LinkIT was designed for the young, modern and urban people. Four different flavors was created associating the name of the flavor to its typography and its colors. A display pack containing 4 cans was also designed. The planification is horizontal in order to waste the minimum quantity of paper.



Soutien Linguistique BSB - écrit nota 11/20 pontos

Curso de aperfeiçoamento escrito em francês para estrangeiros. Duração de 2h semanais. Total de 4 meses

Langue vivante Anglais nota 18/20 pontos Université Rennes 2

Aulas de inglês cotidiano e profissional. Avaliação : apresentação do projeto final em inglês.

sept 2012 - mars 2013

Université Rennes 2 Travaux académiques à l’Université Téchniques multimédias nota 12/20 pontos sept2 2012 - mars 2013 Rennes en utilisant des logiciels Aulas em laboratótios de iMacs com o ensino de Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Processing, Dreamalternatifs non professionnels, Travauxgratuits académiques Weaver, HTML5 e CSS3. à l’Université Rennes 2 en des logiciels le Processing et utilisant la photographie. alternatifs gratuits non professionnels, le Processing et la photographie.

Université Rennes 2 sept 2012 - mars 2013


Travaux académiques à l’Université Criaçãodes de texturas Rennes 2 en utilisant logicielse padrões usando Processing e desenvolimenalternatifs gratuits non professionnels, to la dophotographie. Portifólio Pessoal utilizando le Processing et


HTLM5, CSS3 e JavaScript


Experimentations sep 2012 - mar 2013 Works undertaken at the Université Rennes 2 (France). Alternative and online softwares were used in order to think outside the of box. It was created experimental typographic posters, patterns generated by Processing and an website in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript language. Université Rennes 2 UFRJ


Personal Website jan 2014 Development still in progress. The introduction is in parallax scrolling. When the user scrolls down the page, he will see the shapes approaching and forming the logo header. UFRJ


Editorial Design nov 2012 - feb 2013 - Book design about a memoir of Blosne neighborhood in Rennes (France) - Magazine design: Graphisme en France/ Cover design.

UniversitĂŠ Rennes UFRJ 2


Media jan 2014 Recording, editing and finalization of videos for project Magamama (availiable on youtube) Recording, directing and editing. Video of Tipit Music for the Battle StartUp 2014



Agence CODE mar-apr 2013 Works carried out during the internship at Agence CODE (Rennes, France): - Proposals for the International Exhibition of Rennes in 2013 with the theme Brazil - Ad local newspaper: Happy Easter - Label for a brand of ham: Viande de Porc Française




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UFRJ Agence Code


Agence CODE mar-abr 2013 - Memory-card for the Bank Credit Agricole d’Ille-et-Vilaine - Folder for a local furniture store location YNT Design - Postcard for the restaurant l’Entrée des Artistes

UFRJ Agence Code


carhaixment unan carhaixment unan

Carhaiment internship mar-apr 2013 Proposals for the competition of the new identity of the Carhaix City.

carhaixment unan

Agence Code UFRJ


Logotypes Logos designed during the academic period and also as freelancer since 2010.



Calendar Cordel may 2012

Book Cover Redesign jun 2012

Inspired by the illustrations of a typical literature (Cordel) of northeastern Brazil (13cm x 18cm)

New proposal for cover of the book Blindness (by Jose Saramago). The book jacket was made of an opaque and transparent material with the purpose of simulating the sensation of blindness; the watercolor illustration makes an allusion of an eye. UFRJ


Arioso mar 2012 This typography is a ransom to the Classical Music. The name is a tribute to a famous composition of J. S. Bach. The characters of this family are inspired by the lightness and simplicity of musical notes, clefs and pentagram. It is ideal to compose posters of film festivals, music and culture in general.



3D jul - nov 2011 Piet Mondrian is known because of his geometric paintings. The purpose of this study was to transform a 2D picture in 3D. A typography was also designed in three dimensions inspired by the Red and Blue Chair.



Editorial Design apr 2010 - apr 2012 Page design and prepress of Ideal Magazine and MASSA! Magazine (Boston - MA).

Freelancer UFRJ


Photography mar - may 2012 The fist essay was photographed in black and white with an analogic camera. The second essay had an artistic theme: Between Earth and Sky. The inspiration came from the text “Blue Sky� (philosopher Gaston Bachelard). Then, using acrylic play dough, dust and light, it was possible to create the dreamlike atmosphere seen in the photos. UFRJ




Portfolio 2014 Filipi Dias  
Portfolio 2014 Filipi Dias