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Assuring Asset Documentation Integrity with Automated Business Processes for the Enterprise Mike W. Jones Vice President Marketing McLaren Software

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McLaren Software Background Leader in engineering-centric intellectual work management applications Large Customer Base – 500+ Customers across 47 countries including 250 of Global 2000 – 50,000+ EE Users 80 Implementations

13+ years ECM / Engineering domain knowledge Wide Geographic Coverage – Offices in UK, USA, and Germany – Channel partners in EMEA, Asia Pac, and Latin America

Strength in Partnerships – Microsoft Gold Accredited Partner, Powered SAP NetWeaver Accredited, Autodesk Authorized Developer

ISO 9001:2000 accredited company – Auditable and proven Quality in all aspects of McLaren activities

Target Markets & Key Customers Utilities

Natural Resources

Design, Construction & FM

Life Sciences

Assuring Asset Documentation Integrity ƒ Assure – Promise, guarantee, declare, confirm, secure, verify, comply, manage

ƒ Asset – Facility, plant, system, building, advantage, benefit

ƒ Documentation – Documents, drawings, schematics, content, procedures, records, information

ƒ Integrity – Truth, reliability, quality, control

It’s BIG ƒ The value of these assets is measured in billions of dollars ƒ Each asset has a daily cost & revenue stream in the millions of dollars ƒ Providing hundreds of thousands of dollars of profit per day

Asset Documentation Challenges ƒ Sheer volume of documentation ƒ Documentation can have critical dependencies making it very complex to manage ƒ Asset documentation comes from many sources, both internal and external ƒ Documentation changes must be recorded and communicated in a controlled manner ƒ Plant shutdowns can require that all asset documentation is reviewed & approved prior to start-up

Asset Documentation Risk Access to wrong content can result in: – Project delays • Increased costs – Increased plant down time • Reduced income – Health and safety issues • Increased fines and compensation – All this can result in bad PR • Reduced shareholder confidence and value

Creating Sustainable Business Value Driving the Needs of Plant & Facility Management

Processes for Managing Asset Documentation Vault

Handover Vault Quality Controller


er ov nd Ha

Vault Liaison


Re trie va l

Handover Team


Vault Manager

External Parties Project A

Project B

Process Summary ƒ Vault Related – – – – –

Retrieval Handover Reconciliation Revision Transfer

ƒ Project Related – Work – Review – Approval

ƒ 3rd Party Related – Transmittals – Submittals

Enterprise Engineer Application Suite EE EE for for Assets Assets

EE EE for for Projects Projects

EE EE Transmittals Transmittals Repository

Handover Handover Vault Vault Quality Quality Controller Controller

Project A

Handover Handover Team Team

Vault Manager

Vault Liaison

EE Transmittal Portal

Project Project Work Work

Controlled Controlled Collaboration Collaboration Project B

Vault Vault Released Released

Project C Masters Masters

ƒ ƒ ƒ

Controlled change  management Concurrent engineering Automated work process

Acknowledgement Acknowledgement Accept Accept/ /Reject Reject

ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

Active document management Project focused  Work management Proactive reporting

ƒ ƒ ƒ

External Recipients

Full audit trail Electronic receipt &  acceptance Proactive reporting &  management

Thoughts for Discussion ƒ What challenges do you face around managing your asset documentation? – Is it easy to find – Are you confident that you have the right documentation at the right time?

ƒ Does your business face regulatory issues around asset documentation?