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NORTHSTAR august 11, 2010 volume 25 issue 1

august 11, 2010 volume 26 issue 1


2549 Hackmann Road St. Charles, MO. 63303 Distributed for free to FHN by the North Star staff. “Providing an open forum for Francis Howell North since 1986.”

03 Photo Contest Over the summer, students submitted their photos of the different things that they did while on break to North Star staffers voted on what they thought was the most ‘Out of the Norm’ activity.

07 5 THINGS Take a look at five memorable events from last year’s school year and five things to look forward to this year.

09 THINGS TO KNOW Whether you’re new at FHN or returning, there are still people, places and things here at school that you should know about if you don’t.

13 CLUBS QUIZ FHN offers so many different kinds of clubs and activities, here is a quiz to help you figure out what kind of club best suits you.

15 OUT OF THE NORM The North Star features 10 FHN students that participated in unique activities over the summer that made their break ‘Out of the Norm.’


The North Star is pumped for the 2010-2011 school year and wants everyone at FHN to be just as excited. There are a variety of ways people can show their spirit. Students should be proud of their school and show their spirit at every chance they get.


Fresh faces in the classrooms at FHN Andrea Jant, FACS Facilitator

GRADUATED FROM: Lindenwood PREVIOULSY WORKED AT: Louisianna High School FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM: Cardinals FAVORITE MOVIE: The Breakfast Club FAVORITE TV SHOW: The West Wing WORD THAT BEST DESCRIBES HER: Commited “I am really excited to work in a multi-person FACS department.”

Mary Kerr-Grant, Crisis Counselor

GRADUATED FROM: University of Iowa, Loyola University of Chicago FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM: Phillies FAVORITE MOVIE: Moonstruck ONE WORD THAT DESCRIBES HER: Caring FAVORITE TV SHOW: Flight of the Concords “I am really excited to work with high school students again. I think it’s important to have someone to go to when they have problems.”

Katie Orr, Studio Art

GRADUATED FROM: Lindenwood University FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM: Cardinals FAVORITE MOVIE: How to lose a guy in 10 days ONE WORD THAT DESCRIBES HER: Dedicated FAVORITE TV SHOW: Grey’s Anatomy “I’m just happy to teach and be a part of a teaching community.”

Travis Wilson, Dean of Students GRADUATED FROM: Mizzou, graduate work at Lindenwood FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM: Anything Mizzou FAVORITE MOVIE: Caddyshack FAVORITE TV SHOW: The Office WORD THAT BEST DESCRIBES HIM: Friendly “I am most excited about getting to know all of the new people and reunite with some old people from Central.”

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Seniors Cassie Crain, Sam Hurrell, and Beth Kruse are in Ludwigsburg, Germany watching the World Cup. Crain, Hurrell and Kruse traveled to Germany over the summer visiting their foregin exchange students and observing the way of life in Germany.


Senior Nicole Cuneo performs with the Patt Holt Singers at St. Francois County Fair.

Summer 2010 Photo Contest

Over the summer, students submitted their photos to of a few of the different things that they did while on break. Staff members of the North Star voted on their favorite photo and what they thought was the most ‘Out of the Norm’ activity.


Sophomores Melanie Tennyson, Danielle Lorenscheit, Megan Hefner, Julia Carney, and Sarah Creeley all dress up in crazy clothes and dance on the side of Hackmann road.

03 page desgin by taylor.berra


Starting from the left, 2010 graduate Alicia Delaney, junior Katie Stepanek, sophomore Kelly Gannon, sophomore Morgan Robben, and senior Nita Stein all attended teacher Kelly Pierce’s wedding to watch the Knightline coach get married.

Junior Katie Hammenn and senior Courtney Stock stand inside the top of the St. Louis Arch.


Seniors Matt McQuaid, Jon Richardson, Clint Toedtmann, Tyler Wiebe, Tyler Schaefer, Ryan Woytus, and Josh Jeffords attend Tim McGraw’s Southern Voice Tour at the Verizon Wireless Amplitheater.


Seniors Mike Wilson, Ashley Trautman, and Taylor Bell stand outside the gorilla house at the St. Louis Zoo.




Juniors Nicole Clouse, Erin Powelson, and Amy Kreig jump into Lake Norfolk. Powelson owns a lake house on Lake Norfolk in Arkansas.

Juniors Katy Friedlein, Leilani Ballesteros and a friend slide down a giant slip n slide in a friend’s backyard.


Senior Andrew Richart and junior Megan Frkovic take a break while at St. Elizabeth’s youth group event, Seedbearers. page desgin by taylor.berra


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Today is Paper Day. Want to know when the others will be this year? Papers will be delivered each of the following Wednesdays to your first hour class. September 8 September 29 November 10 December 8 January 19 February 23 April 6 May 11 Like us on Facebook and not only will you get updates, you’ll also find out about exclusive contests, sneak peeks of upcoming coverage in the publications, photos and more.

For more information call SSG. Jeff Massey 636-278-6088

Follow us on Twitter to get story updates from, live scores from select games throughout the year, exclusive contest information and other breaking news that you won’t want to miss.


The KOE picnic

Senior Sevara Hasanova plays on the basketball inflatable at the KOE picnic last year. The picnic is an annual celebration for those who meet the criteria to enjpy a few hours of fun during the school day.

The spring play, “You Can’t Take It With You”

Junior Kevin Beerman and sophomore Nathan Tavares play the parts of Martin Vanderhoff and Mr. Henderson in the spring play.

Frozen In Time prom

Senior Stevie Raines dances with junior Heather Deckard last year at prom. It was held April 20 at the St. Charles convention center. To support the Frozen in Time theme, the junior class decorated the room with fake ice cubes and ran a slideshow of submitted pictures from the year.

Al Preston

Al Preston celebrates his 90th birthday with a party thrown by the staff November 30 of last year. He passed away February 2.


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The sophomore ring ceremony

Junior Justin Watkins puts his class ring on for the first time. The sophomore class gives out rings in the spring during a special breakfast.

Get pumped for... Black and Gold day on August 20 The Dark Knight homecoming The fall sports teams sit on the field after the sports parade.

Senior Stephanie Blanchard helps decorate a homecoming hallway that took first place last year. The winning theme was Japan by the junior class.

Pep assemblies

Seniors compete in the spirit competition in a pep assembly. Last year, during the spirit competition they took off their black and gold apparel to reveal their green class colors.

The Friday night football games The powderpuff football game

Senior Justin Galloway runs onto the football field last year before the Homecoming game. The Knights played against the Howell Vikings.

Seniors Rachel Pauley, Cara Custer and Melissa Shannon cheer as their teammates score a goal on the ‘10 seniors. Despite their best efforts, they lost 77-70. page desgin by abbey.grone & sam.dulaney


Whether you’re a freshman, a new student, or even a returning student, there are some things you need to know, that you may not. The North Star staff decided on these 10 people, places and things that we deemed most important and put them here for your information.


People Places Things

Yo u n e e d t o k n o w

Dr. Darlene Jones

The head principal at our school, she’s the one who runs the show. She can generally be seen smiling and walking around the halls.

Making it to class- on time Running late for school? The latest time you could pull into the school parking lot and still make it to class on time is about 7:22- but only if you’re a good runner. Here are a few of the routes from floor to floor and times it takes to get there for those of you who need to plan out when you’ll need to hussle to class.

[My favorite part of FHN is] helping people succeed and be the best that they can be.”

Distance traveled



Rm. 49 to Rm. 233



Rm. 233 to Rm. 158





Rm. 158 to Rm. 115 w/o butterfly hall



Rm. 158 to Rm. 24



Butterfly hallway

Hidden Places around FHN

Alyssa Bocci

With or without a school map, sometimes there are a few classrooms that are just plain confusing to find. Here are a few written directions to try to help make finding them a bit easier.

Bocci is the StuCo president for the 2010-2011 school year, which means this senior will be in charge of this year’s Homecoming and Snowcoming dances.

• Driver’s Ed/Health The double doors across from the commons lead to a staircase, Room __ is on the bottom right. •

Personal Finance with Hager Room 105 is on the far right side of the main lobby on the left. If you pass the library, you’ve gone too far.

• Outdoor Ed/Tech Past the gyms, towards the locker rooms, hang a right. You’ll pass another entrance of the multipurpose room, hang a left and they are around the whole block. • Multipurpose room On the opposite side of the lobby from the auditorium.

[My favorite part of FHN is] StuCO. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have in your life.”

Room 23 Sitting in class, working hard, a phone call comes in. You’re being called to Room 23. But why? You generally are called there to recieve a detention or a warning from the resident principal, Mr. Warner. This is definitely not the place you want to be, so make sure you turn in those absent notes!

Elaine Downs You may not see her, but by the end of the year you’ll recognize her voice instantly as she calls out announcements, practices changes and about 90 percent of everything else said over the intercom daily.

The kids, they’re just, well, so great. I love them.”

Angie Gunnell Angie Gunnell is the head librarian here. She is helps when classes are doing research in the library and she also maintains the library’s website.

[My favorite part of FHN is] the variety. I get to do a bunch of things any given day.” has been North’s publications website for the past two years and even has achieved awards for the design and quality of the website. It has been an online source for news, feature stories, and even multimedia such as videos and soundslides about students, staff, and even events in the St. Charles area. The most recent edition to was that it has been redesigned for a more new, cleaner look to the website. The website is updated

School Merch Almost all the clubs at North have some sort of clothing to buy. KOE has a store off commons

the that is open during all lunches for students to drop in and buy things. Class delegates also sell class clothing to represent their class colors. Regardless of where you buy

Mike Janes Janes is the activities director. He coordinates all sports games and usually attends games held at North. He also maintains the Activities portion of the school’s website which includes the activities handbook, dates, and athletic information.

[My favorite part of FHN is] watching our kids compete and working with our student leaders.”


Senior Chelsea Norman flew to the east coast to study oceans and the ecosystems of the ocean to give her a closer look at the field that she plans on going into in the futuremarine biology. Campers sailed the ocean, recorded data, and toured museums to give them more insight into the life of the ocean. (photo by lydia ness)

What did you do out of the norm this summer?

“ This Summer, I chose to spend

most of my time by going to as many concerts as I could. So far I have attended 11. ” Victoria Miller, 9

“ This Summer I spent my time by

going to England with my soccer team. There we toured and got to play against teams that lived in the area, it was also the first time I ever flew on a airplane.” Gabe Rish, 9

“ This Summer I spent my time not

spending it with friends to teach dance lessons. It was worth it though when I got to see them perform on stage.” Marissa Finkbener, 10

“ This Summer my baseball team got ranked fourth in the nation. It was a blast, it’s cool to know your ranked higher against other schools.” Cale Laughlin, 11

This Summer I spent my time by going to India and London. I got to see so many different things. Just looking out my window, you would see people roaming around, little shops and just kids playing but then here all you see is your neighbors house. I love it there and wish I could have stayed longer. ”

Harvir Ubhi, 11

Norman travels to the coast to pursue her future career Norman sits at the controls of a fake submarine in the Nautilus Museum in CT. The display was to show what the controls of a real submarine looked like and allowed people to sit and pretend they were in one. The campers also toured a real submarine in another exhibit. (photo submitted)


“ This Summer I spent my time by

attending New York University for college classes. This was my first time really being alone, it was liberating and scary, but with out a doubt the most fun I have ever had. The schooling was more stimulating than any enviroment I have ever been placed in. I loved it! ”

Lauren Neilson, 12

11 page design by chelsey.damalas

Norman and fellow camper Ali Hoffman pose on the beach where they recorded data on the algae and animals for a survey. (photo submitted)

Norman and a few other campers of Project Oceanology gather together on the beach where they gathered information. The campers reached the beach by a skiff, a small motor boat.

The average summer camp usually revolves around soccer games and rock climbing. They bring to mind grass fields, out door activities and picnic lunches. For senior Chelsea Norman however, camp brings to mind the ocean. Project Oceanology to be exact. “My aunt sent my cousin to an aquarium camp,” Norman said. “It made me want to look up camps too.” Norman found Project Oceanology in Groton, CT. It’s a five day long camp spent doing chemical tests on water and mud, riding skiffs from beach to beach, and trolling the ocean for animals. While the sea life they collected was on board, the 48 campers were able to play with them and measure them for data to present later. Norman decided to attend Project Oceanology because in the future, she plans on making a career out of the ocean as a Marine Biologist. As far as a specialty though, Norman isn’t sure what she wants to focus on. “I don’t know yet,”Norman said. “I just want to work with sea animals.”

THE NORM Martinez goes 3-3 for White Sox scout sara.jewson

Martinez practices before going up to bat. This event was very important because several college scouts were watching every player to find potential and talent. (photo submitted)

Braxton Martinez, a junior on the varsity baseball team, picked a great day to go three for three, with two doubles, and a single. Justin Stone, a scout for the Chicago White Sox, picked a great day to watch high school baseball. After the game, Stone approached Martinez, telling him about the Double Duty Classic, and how he was the perfect candidate for the event. “I knew this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Martinez said. “ It was a cool experience and I’ve never been this excited in my life.” On June 30, he and the other 29 hand picked players split into two teams, and scrimmaged each other in the biggest game of their careers thus far. Scouts from colleges across the country observed as the all stars went head to head in a true test of potential. Whether he won or lost, the fact that scouts were watching changed the future for Martinez and his career. “[It will help] my future a lot,” Martinez said. “It made me see what’s really out there.”

Seniors Taylor Bell and Cat Pherigo were both very excited about this experience and hope to further their education in science. (photo by lydia ness) After graduation all the members of the STARS program had lunch at UMSL and said heir final good byes to their friends and mentors. (photo submitted)

Seniors perform medical research taylor.berra

Braxton Martinez stands to show the view of the Chicago skyline, before going to participate in the Double Duty Classic. This experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Martinez and he was lucky to have the support of his friends and family while pursuing his career. (photo submitted)

Imagine spending six weeks of your summer conducting college level research all by yourself. For seniors Cat Pherigo and Taylor Bell, though, that is exactly what happened. The two are both members of the Students and Teachers as Research Scientists program (STARS), which allows students to do independent research at different universities in St. Louis. Starting June 7, they woke up at seven o’clock every morning, then drove nearly half an hour to their labs- for six weeks straight. Bell did his research on cell modeling of drugs in order to test cancer treatments at the University of Missouri- St. Louis (UMSL). Pherigo researched the transient kinetic characterization on the catalyst at Washington University. “I like that I was able to get an insight as to what real research is like,”

Bell said. “But I didn’t like the fact that a lot of the stuff was over my head.” After the six weeks of research were completed, Pherigo and Bell compiled their data into a 20 page scientific research paper and presented their information to other members of the STARS program. During their graduation ceremony, members were awarded a scholarship for half tuition of four years at UMSL. “Although I did have to wake up early everyday, I am so glad that I did the program.” Pherigo said. “It was a good learning experience and it cemented my interests in a career in science.” Although both Bell and Pherigo were awarded scholarships to UMSL, they are both looking at different schools as well. Their prospects are prestigious colleges such as Yale University, Rice University and Washington University. page design by chelsey.damalas


What kind of club should you join? When it comes to weekends, you’re most likely... A) Organizing a huge party for you and all your friends. B) Hanging out with a few friends watching your favorite movies. C) Just chilling at home. You partied last weekend. No reason to wear yourself out again this weekend. D) Going out of town with your friends. You need to get away for a few days and relax.

You have a huge test coming up in your Chem class. What is your plan of attack?

When the bell rings at the end of the day, you probably... A) Got a meeting that you have to go to. Gotta get your points in.

A) You have all your notes and worksheets and routinely look through them in the days prior to the test.

B) Are standing in the hallway chatting with your friends before you all go hang out for the evening.

B) You have a study party with your friends. It’s easier to learn with people who understand you.

C) Are going to practice before you head to dinner with some friends.

C) You study in your free time, but you still hit the movies the night before. D) You study while in class, but once the bell rings, you’re already moving on to the next hour.

D) Going to practice. You’ve got a competition coming up soon, and you need as much practice time as you can get.

What are your plans for after high school?

What kind of classes are you taking this year?

What superlative would you be most likely to receive?

A) Anything where you can call the shots. Maybe a politician or CEO of a business.

A) As many AP classes as you can. You’re organized enough that you can handle them all.

A) “Most likely to succeed.” You have an agenda and you plan on doing everything.

B) Opening up a shop with your friend. Who wouldn’t want to work side by side with someone who likes the same things you do?

B) Classes that suit your interest. Art classes or outdoor education.

B) “Most likely to remain friends after high school.” You plan on making a living alongside your best friend.

C) Classes that require minimal homework. You don’t want to spend your nights working on homework all year.

C) You want to work for yourself, work as much or as little as you want. Maybe a freelance writer or designer.

D) Classes that take field trips. You’re always up for getting out of the classroom as much as possible.

D) You want a job that has you travelling. A journalist that travels to location sounds appealing.

If you answered mostly A’s....

If you answered mostly B’s....

You are a very organized person. You thrive on controlling situations and like to be right where the action is. You should be in a club that is active all year long.

You like hanging out with friends and having fun. You should be in a club that shares a common interest.

• • • •

Freshman mentors StuCo KOE NHS

• • • •

Foreign language Anime/Manga Chem Ecology

If you answered mostly C’s....

If you answered mostly D’s....

You like to be involved, but you have a life of your own. Being in a club that takes up too much of your time is not what you’re looking for. Instead, you should be in a club that focuses on one or two events.

You can’t sit still. You need to move as much as you can. You will probably enjoy a club that travels for competitions around the city, state and country.

• •


Volunteer Knights DECA


page design by sam.dulaney

• • • •

Choir Knightline Band Publications

C) “Most likely to live life to the fullest.” You work hard, but you like being able to enjoy life.

5 MAJOR clubs of FHN

D) “Most likely to be jet setting around the world.” The rest of the world is just waiting to be explored by you.

5 clubs you should know about

Youth in Government- attends a convention in the state capitol where they run a mock government.

Scholar Quiz- competes in trivia contests against other schools on many different topics.

Student Council- organizes dances, Mr. FHN and many other activities like charity events.

DECA- organizes the staff/ student DECA Jump Off and they compete in several marketing competitions.

KOE- runs the athlete appreciation campaign as well as the end of the year KOE picnic.

Volunteer Knights- hosts and runs the annual blood drive in the gymnasium.

NHS- students earn points by attending meetings and by volunteering in the community with the club.

Family, Career, Community leaders of America- raise money for local charities.

Freshman Mentors- helps freshmen get used to high school life and plans activities to promote goals and doing well in school.

Big Brothers Big Sisters- meets with students at Henderson Elementary to give them the opportunity to bond with older students.


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It is a jungle out there; don’t forget your Survival Guide



• Take rigorous classes.

• Start preparing now.

• Avoid Senioritis at all costs.

• Set an example.

--Yes, this is your last year. No, you won’t be able to do it again. Don’t take it easy this year or you could be in for a rude awakening later.

-- Colleges won’t take Senioritis as an excuse as to why your grades slipped. Just keep up the pace, you’ve done it thus far.

• Have fun. --As your senior year, this may be

your last time to hang out with friends that you made. Live it up and enjoy it while you can.

Sophomores • Keep up the work.

• Take it seriously.

• Narrow it down.

• Get involved.

-- If you wait until your senior year to start planning for college, it’s already too late. Look into schools and take the ACT more than once.

--Don’t let yourself slide this year. The grades you make this year, as well as those from junior year are what you will send to college.

-- You’re not an underclassmen anymore. Like it or not, the sophomores and freshmen look up to you. Make yourselves look good.

--Find specific clubs and sports that interest you the most so that you can focus your energy on something you’re good at and enjoy.

• Scream at the top of your lungs.

--This is your first year competing in the Sr/Jr spirit competition in assemblies. Put up the fight of your life and give the Seniors a run for their money.


• Find yourself. --This is when you start defining

who you are, find your interests and find people who share them with you; don’t get lost in the trends of your peers.

--Your performance throughout high school will be determined by your academic attitude during freshman year. --Help yourself find what you are truly interested in by joining clubs and sports. HINT: don’t over do it. Becoming overwhelmed by extra curriculars will impact your academic achievement.

• Get a life.

--Ease yourself into the new social environment by meeting new people. Go to sporting events.

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got spirit?

Kendra Barnard, 11 Allen Davis, 12

knight gear


Wearing your Knight gear every once in a while is a simple and easy way to show your school some love.

Present yourself in a respectful way at school related functions. If the student body shows respect, it reflects a good image on our school as a whole.

19 page design by kelsey.bell

Sara Jewson, 11


Spirit week, Mock Rock, online contests taking part in events makes our school a more fun place to be.

Participating, showing spirit makes high school more memorable kevin.beerman

Every year, the fine people of Student Council put together three weeks filled with wacky-anything days, class color days, and days when teachers and students switch something around. But every year, less and less students choose to partake in these events. Class color days do get sup-

port- from a group of 12 girls who met the night before and glittered some green or pink t-shirts. Not what I would call a class stepping up. And sure, the football games were filled with supportive fans who went to the shirtless-in-freezingcold-extremes. Or was that just a cluster of the same forty people at every game? This year students should try

Logan Ponche, 12

something radical: participating. Don’t let the same seven guys spell “Knights” on their chest at football games. Some group should do it with sparklers or some sort of mega-phone. On class color days, try making a sea of uninterrupted green, maroon, blue and purple. When kids say that they hate high school, it’s not because high school unknowingly sucks, high school is

Justin Jones, 11

what you make it. You can muddle through and tell stories later in life about how you swam against the current for four years, or you can make it something that you never wanted to leave because one Friday night you went shirtless to a football game when it was 49 degrees out and the team still lost. But you didn’t.

Leilani Ballesteros, 11

no. 1 fan

stay positive


Check for a game schedule. By attending games and cheering our athletes on we show other schools how much pride we have at FHN.

We won’t win every game or take first place at every competition, but our support for our peers should never change. Stay positive, even when it isn’t our finest hour.

Major events and traditions exist, but there’s always room to create new ways to show spirit. Be a spirit leader, always look for new event ideas and opportunities. page design by kelsey.bell

20 2009-2010 Layout:

2010-2011 Layout:





The Audio Slideshow menu button on leads to various slideshows featuring talented and outstanding FHN students.

Check out RJ Howes’ cartoons, all of which are based on current events, when you need a laugh.

Stay familiar with things going on in your school and community by reading stories posted daily.

This year’s first podcast comes out today, make sure you see it. And check out the new podcasts every other week for information on events going on around school as well as the sport segment.

Other Perks




Video columns

Sign up online and receive the free weekly e-mail newsletters to stay updated on what’s new online.

Instantly see what’s scheduled to go on with clubs, sports and special events by viewing the calendar.

Check out online video blogs, including a biweekly opinion by Kevin Beerman who will address issues at FHN.

page desgin by elizabeth.diggs

Butterfly Hallway ByPass

The Lower Level

Shave up to 43 seconds off your class-to-class commute

Use this staircase to go

from level to level, instead of the Butterfly staircases, which are always crowded.

Hidden Places

Tech Rooms and Outdoor Ed.

DECA cookie sales

You’ll know when DECA is selling cookies by the smell in the air.

Hidden Places

Driver’s Ed/ Walking Fitness

Hidden Places

Mutil-purpose room/ wrestling Room/ Batting Cages

Stair Case O’Death

At all costs avoid this staircase. Use on of the other two Butterfly ByPass staircases to save yourself time.


Take caution when traveling with edible items in this area. It is a known confiscation zone.

Butterfly ByPass By using the Butterfly Bypass, you can save yourself time.

The Upper Level

New Construction Expected to be completed by Spring Break, these new science labs will be open next year. Beginning next week check on for updates of the construction progress.

Butterfly ByPass

If you are going from one side of the main level to the other, you will inevitably have to go through a small portion of the Butterfly. However, avoid as much as possible by using this ByPass.

Hidden Places

Mr. Hager’s room. Personal Finance here.

Lunch Time Traffic

During lunch, the Commons become an extension of the Butterfly traffic, unless you are eating lunch, avoid these areas by using a ByPass.

Botannical Garden

Ms. Mosher and the other science teachers maintain a small garden in one of the four courtyards


Butterfly Hallway. Traffic here is nonmoving. Count on adding a minute and a half to your commute by using the ByPass system.

North Star First Day  

This is Francis Howell North's August 11th First Day issue of the paper.

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