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Bob the janitor

Angie Gunnell is one of few librarians here at FHN. If you need a good book, a computer or just a place to study, head to the library and Gunnell will be there for assistance. Other opportunities to take advantage of in the library are $1 cups of hot chocolate and coffee on Friday.

Mary Kerr-Grant serves two roles, one as the guidance counselor for last names Ki-Mal and the crisis counselor for students with issues ranging from homelessness to neglect. Any student with any problem, no matter how small or severe can meet confidentially with KerrGrant anytime dring the school day.

“I like my job because high school kids are awesome, and people need to come to the library because it’s the place to be,” Gunnell said.

“I like working with kids and helping them solve problems or make plans for their future,” KerrGrant said. “Teens have a lot of hope and are right on the brink of adulthood.”

Bob Gruettemeyer is one of the many members of FHN’s janitorial staff who keep the school clean. Bob is one of the most recognizable janitors because of his outgoing personality. You will find him in the Commons after lunches or going through the halls and classrooms for afterschool clean up.

business tycoon

tabs keeper

studline dancers

Whether you’re late to school, leaving school early or absent for a day, the attendance ladies are the first place to go. Make sure you see them before you get to class or leave school, or you’ll take a visit to your principal in room 23 later. A note is required for leaving school early and missing a day of school, which must be turned in to the attendance office.

This handsome group of guys are seen at pep assemblies and other school functions with the Knightline dance team. Their smooth, entertaining and impressive dance moves make them a crowd favorite. New Studline dancers are picked at the beginning of every year, so maybe you could have a chance to join the dance crew.

“I love watching the kids grow up and watching them maturing, and it’s always very busy,” Attendance lady Marlene Wilcoxen said.

“My favorite part is practices and hanging out with all the guys. [I’m looking forward to] doing it all again. It’s really fun,” Andy Bartell said.


The bussiness department is known for DECA, which is a business and marketing related club to be a part of. To join this club, the prerequisites for it are to be enrolled in a business or marketing class. To fund their program, they sell “nice warm cookies” every monday across from room 20. “We raise extra funds for trips that we go on. We have district, state, and national competitions, and we don’t want to leave a student behind” DECA Adviser Melissa Trochim said.

Laura Kayser

Amanda Knight

Rae ANn noah

Teaching: English 3 & 4, Sport Lit One word she says describes her: Tenacious

Teaching: Intro to Art One word she says describes her: Creative

Position: Secretary to Downs and Greer One word she says describes her: Blessed

“I’m happy to be here at North and I think it’s going to be a good year. I have a lot of energy.”


“I’ve been wanting to get back into FHSD because I wanted to get back to the educational program I went through.”

“I’m very excited to be at North. I’ve been here for four days and I already love it.”

“The students make me feel young, it’s great to see them every day,” Gruettemeyer said.

Not pictured: Business: Mike Freedline FACS: Marissa Cohen Guidance: Stephanie Mitchell Johnson Industrial Tech: Art Heuer ISAP: Brandon Gregory Library: Tara Willen Physical Education: Nikki Brinkman, Brandon Gregory Special Ed: Mario MacDonald World Language: Carlene Stuckey, Jordan Steffen ESL: Anne Freeman Interpreters: Lynette Domerese, Traci Edelen Math: Jennifer Pointer



North Star August 2012  

First day newspaper.

North Star August 2012  

First day newspaper.