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2. moonrise kingdom : an unexpected masterpiece Director Wes Anderson created a great piece of art when he directed Moonrise Kingdom. It contained no flaws. Every camera angle, every scene, every line was there for a reason. Everything served a purpose. No moment was wasted. The cinematography, set, and cameos authentically captured the essence of the 1960’s. It was quirky and sophisticated as a whole, making fun of the almost-too-put-together facades put on by adults

at the time. The main characters, Sam and Suzy, played a misunderstood pair of 12-year-olds very well. Their romance was endearing. I appreciated the unique approach the makers of this movie took on a classic coming-of -age story. It was explicit and innocent, grownup and naïve all at once: as contrary and forceful as the emotions one feels when they are 12 years old.


flops Ranked by the editorial staff

1. rockofages

Thank goodness this movie made fun of itself. That saved it from being a total waste of $75 million. The audience was allowed to make fun of it too, which is the only thing I found remotely entertaining. Its plot was a clash of noise taken from Footloose, Burlesque and the trashy 80’s rockstar scene. At least I can say I enjoyed laughing at how ridiculous it was.

2. step up 4

3. amazing spiderman

4. new Prometheus

Dark suspense and constant action made it hard to look away

An old comic book hero classic makes a modernized comeback I normally assume any movie with the adjective “Amazing” in its title is not. However, this is the best Spiderman movie I’ve seen. It’s a perfect prequel to the rest of the movies. I was enamoured by the characters. Young Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) had a lot of heart. Emma Stone played the leading female role, Gwen Stacy, very well, and rose to the occasion of a more sophisticated role. Even though “the high school experience” was exaggerated, the acting, effects, and plot weren’t. ALlY JENKINS


“It had lots of explosions and non-stop action. It didn’t look very good, but it was awesome.”




“It was just annoying and different from other Disney movies.”

What made this prequel of Alien special is that it honored what made the old Alien great, but added what the old movie lacked. For example, the plot moved along so much faster in Prometheus than Alien. Instead of watching 20 minute chunks of the movie where the man characters sit in the spaceship and then only seeing three or four “thrilling” moments every once in awhile, the new movie kept things moving along nicely. There was a good balance of alienesque suspense and logical appeal.


ON ROCK OF AGES “It was okay. I didn’t like it that much. I don’t really like that kind of music. Not my favorite.”


On ted

“It’s [about] a teddy bear that’s pretty much a person, but comes up to your knee and drives and has his own apartment so it’s pretty funny.”

None of the Step Up movies have had good acting or riveting plot lines. I was not surprised that the fourth Step Up movie fell short of the little potential it had to begin with. Although I appreciated the art in some of the dances, they were obviously computer-generated, which made them a little over-the-top.

3. brave

Expecting this to be a typical Disney movie targeted for a younger audience, I was surprised to see that so much of the movie took place in a dark forest. It didn’t have a very good feel. I don’t know what went wrong, but Pixar really missed the mark with Brave. It stepped outside of the box, but it strayed a little too far from what I love about Disney movies: the familiar warmth and lightness.

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