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5 March 2013











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News in the Sea Scout

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GROUP LEADER’S LETTER Dear Parent/Guardian This is a hard letter for me to write however I wanted to let you know that I will be stepping down as Group Scout Leader at the end of June this year. It has been a difficult decision to make but it is the right time for me with the need to look after my health and to spend more time with my family.  It is time for someone else to take on this role, to lead us through the next phase of the groups exciting journey. Of course I am not intending to leave the group, far from it, I just want to change what I am doing and very much look forward to working in another role which can help make a difference for our group. I will be working hard over the next 6 months to help find a suitable new Group Scout leader for us, together with Robin Clarkson our New Chair and Kerie Wallace our District Commissioner. In the meantime its business as usual as we continue to work on getting the building completed and also continue to provide great scouting for all the children. I very much look forward to getting back into scouting in the group and to seeing you and the children soon. Kind Regards, Paul

We are about to have our Aquativity centre completed soon. We have strong leadership representation in all our sections and our Administration teams manage our group so well and we have such a great group of children across all the section backed up by very supportive parents. Of course in a group this size and with the number of roles we have, there will be times when people step down and others need to step up and fill these positions. This is the way that scouting works...

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5 March 2013

4TH NF N (ELING ) S EA S COUTS Chairman’s Report In this newsletter, you will find articles not only from the Leaders but also from the Children themselves. I am sure you will all agree that this is a great indication of the enjoyment that they all get from Scouting with us. After all, let’s not forget, that is why we are all here. It has been a while since our last newsletter, but it is my intention to try and make these more frequent this year, however it does rely on items to put into it! Since the last newsletter there have been several changes to the Leadership structure. You have got me for starters. Brian, having worked tirelessly as Chairman for the last four years decided at the last AGM to step down. I am sure you will all join me in thanking Brian for the huge amount of effort that he has put in. Even now, Brian continues to actively help with the construction of the new HQ.

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2013 and what an exciting year this is going to be. With the imminent move into our new HQ in April and the summer season approaching (sort of, it is snowing whilst I write this), we can all look forward to a new era with the Group.

Group Leader says farewell... Paul, our long standing GSL has also decided to step down from this role after many years, but will continue to support the Group in another role later this year. Watch that space! Again, what can I say? Paul has been active in the Group for the last 18 years and I know that this was a difficult decision for him. With his strong leadership and strategic thinking, he has guided the Group to where it is now. This is an amazing result and he should be justifiably proud of what he has achieved. Thank you Paul. As he said to me at the time of making this decision, it is time for someone else to take the reins, after all that is what this organisation is about, a continuing stream of new helpers/Leaders moving through the organisation with different viewpoints, but all working for the movement and the fulfilment of the children’s Scouting activities. So, we are looking for an able replacement to take over Paul’s role, if this is of interest to anyone, do get in touch... WANT TO JOIN? More information about joining us use the Contact Us

5 March 2013


Chairman’s Report Continued Finally, it goes without saying

Registered Charity No. 302268

that this Group would not be here without ALL of YOU! Keep supporting, helping where you can, fundraising, actively helping the Leaders at meetings. Anything you can do will always be appreciated by the Group and its children. So, let the sun shine, the lake be busy with boating, the Group enjoy the new HQ , and the children continue to gain new skills and experience with this fantastic Group. Robin Clarkson Chairman 4th NFN Sea Scouts

Working parties

In Partnership with Relentless Explorers

Help needed at the new building on Thursday 7th March between 6.30 and 9pm and Saturday 9th March between 9.30 and 4pm to finish plasterboarding the remaining ground floor rooms ready for plastering.   All very welcome for however long you can spare. Many Thanks, Dorothea Kennard

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5 March 2013


Beaver Colony

A few facts and figures about • We have a full programme up to Easter, mainly based inside. Beavers Colony: The summer programme will include a day trip to somewhere • Current invested Beavers 25 Over recent months, the Beaver like Beaulieu.  We would like to with 3 not yet invested  (will be Colony has integrated extremely plan a sleep over at some point in a couple of weeks) well and is working efficiently and • This half term we are looking at when in the new building. effectively, with a good mix of two swimming up to Cubs with experience.  The Leadership 2 more in April Team has a good balance of • We have 2 more new starters Leaders having taken on new planned for early February, aim Adult Leaders to compliment the is to keep our numbers between existing team of adult and Young Facts: 25-30 Leaders.   • 25 Beavers • Plenty of children on waiting list, more that we can cope with.  • 2 up to Cubs We currently meet at the 5th • 2 new starters We have found that we only get NFN Testwood Hut on a • plenty on the waiting list about half take their places up.  Tuesday evening, and are very • 5 leaders, 3 young leaders We are contacting new starters much looking forward to moving well in advance now to offer in to the new HQ Building later spaces so that we can manage this year to continue with this. Please contact either the BSL or myself with • We have five leaders and three any question regarding the above. providing our programme of young leaders.  Andy is a Beaver Scout activities.  6th and Emily a 7th when she Regards turns 18. Gary

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5 March 2013

4TH NF N (ELING ) S EA S COUTS Waingunga Cub Pack

Summer camp was held at Lockerley last year with over 2/3rds of the pack attending. It was a fun filled and had a few adventures. The pilots at the Middle Wallop air base entertained us and nearly blow our pack lunches away! We also achieved our Air Activities badge over the weekend. The weekend included our own street party fortunately the weather was kind to us and every one stayed dry. The walk was interesting with a diversion required at one point due to the undergrowth being taller than the leaders.

The pack is currently at it's maximum with a steady flow of beavers arriving from the colony and cubs transferring to the Scout Troop. We do keep a small waiting list of names but if you know of anyone who is interested in joining then please give them my details. The trial plan of meeting in 2 places is working well. It has made such a difference to the quality of the programme and everyone is working hard on their fitness challenge award. Thank you to all the parents and leaders who have to check each week on their venue. It seems to be working well.

Thank you to everyone... Last term we entered 3 district events. The Soap Box derby was the first one with our trusty kart being used for the 2 teams that entered. We must give it a coat of paint before next year!! We also entered the Scrap Heap Challenge (making a model out of junk items) and won the competition. This meant we were asked to attend Next year we are booked to go to the County event and represent Lymington from the 25th - 28th the District. We didn't win but July 2013. Please put it in your we had great fun. diaries - we may need to buy more tents if you all come! We We also entered the swimming have also put our names down to gala and were placed 2nd - a go to a large Jamboree (camp) in great effort as some of our 2014 with other cubs from all strongest swimmers were not over Hampshire. It's a great available. Everyone did a great experience and one they will job for the team. Well done. never forget with over 2000 people camping in the same time.

The programme has continued to be varied and interesting. We visited the old people's flats at Parklands and sang our usual mix of carols and campfire songs. A number of cubs told jokes and we had a whole brass band (well nearly) playing us more carols. It is very much appreciated by the residents. We completed the Map Reader and Personal Safety badges as well over the last term. A number of Cubs have achieved their Chief Scout silver award. Congratulations to Lewis Ford, Jasmine Mc Clean and Megan Dibben who all finished this award. I hope you go on to achieve everything and more in the future. The name Waingunga is taken from a river in India, Rudyard Kipling used it in the Jungle book story. Our river Waingunga is flowing fast, deep and very strong. Thank you to everyone who contributes to this make this happen.

Vanessa Akela - Eling Cub Pack

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5 March 2013


Warrior Scout Troop During the winter term we have been very busy on badge and challenge work with many scouts completing badges. We have also run the following activities swim trip to Romsey Rapids, Xmas Baking, visit to Redbridge fire station, Wide games at Stagbury Hill, Night hike at Woodlands,Artist badge and Xmas party with traditional style games and music by our own budding DJ Adam Bowen.

Xmas Baking In December the whole troop undertook a baking task and produced some gift wrapped items to take home for friends and family. Each patrol had a specific task to complete during the evening. Items that we produced included Peppermint creams, Choc Chip cookies, Marzipan fruits and rocky road sweets; we also made and decorated the gift boxes that our sweet treats went home in. As you can imagine the evening was quite hectic ( and very messy) with biscuits waiting to cool and be put in boxes, sweets waiting to set and Scouts trying to wash up! All of our treats tasted delicious although some did get a little squashed on the way home. I certainly enjoyed it and hope that the troop has a go at cooking again very soon. Emma Cully Emma Cully, P.L. Intrepid Patrol

The troop was very well represented at the District swim gala and came home in 1st and 2nd place. Numbers continue to be strong in the troop with 45 invested members. In the next few weeks we are looking forward to the Royal Navy swim Gala in Plymouth and the District Eagle Trophy. Nicky Cully

Redbridge Fire Station Hello my name is John Aburrow I’m from 4th New Forest North Eling Sea Scouts and I’m going to tell you about my trip to Redbridge Fire Station. We were split into two groups as our pack is so big and kindly had separate tours. Our tour started in the main command station. Firstly we had a look at the offices and their sleeping quarters as well as their lounge room, kitchen and dining room. Next we moved onto the fire engines and had a look around them and in them. Also as the fire station is active, they had 3 call-outs while we were there. Then we went to their training area and did the very tight and cramped tunnelled assault cause (they have to do it with all their gear and thick cloths). We also had a talk about fire safety in the home and generally. I most certainly had an amazing time at Redbridge Fire Station and hope you could visit one day! John Aburrow

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5 March 2013

4TH NF N (ELING ) S EA S COUTS We Need You Our troop's mission is to create an environment in which all scouts are given the opportunity to reach their full potential, and the social and developmental needs of each scout are met. We are looking for volunteer leaders to help us with that awesome task. The scouts and I invite you to come to our troop to volunteer your time and talents. We will value you as a leader and appreciate your dedication to the children as a supportive aide, role model, and mentor. We know your time is at a premium, but we hope this invitation will empower you to come forward. Please feel free to contact me to discuss becoming a volunteer leader with the scout section. Nicky Cully S.L 4th New Forest North Sea scouts 02380 486251

Kayak Expedition-Warrior Troop Over the last few years the Scout section has been working hard to increase the kayaking skills and knowledge of the instructors and leaders who work with the Scouts and in the autumn last year all of their hard work came together in the troop’s first ever paddling expedition. The Minibus and trailer set off on Friday evening filled up to the brim with paddles, buoyancy aids, kit bags, food and kayaks. After some tricky manoeuvring and reversing of the minibus (well-done Bosun) we arrived at the Send Scout hut to set up camp. When all had settled in a safety briefing was called followed by supper and lights out. We woke up to a brilliant Saturday with glorious sunshine and headed off to our start point, the paddlers were following the Wey and Godalming Navigations stopping at the junction with the River Thames. This stretch of water has many locks and obstructions to negotiate and is 20 miles long. As the Scouts were put into groups and prepared themselves to enter the water a few expressions changed from excitement to apprehension, but the smiles soon returned as they set off. As the group paddled way into the distance I was given strict instructions to meet them with water top ups and their lunch at the agreed point. After the picnic lunch the group set off again in search of the Send Scout HQ that backs directly onto the Navigation. The sun was still shining and spirits were high with most paddlers. On arriving at the overnight stop scouts washed (yes parents they did wash!) and then prepared and cooked the most fantastic Spaghetti Bolognaise. They even washed up...

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After a good night’s sleep we woke on Sunday morning to a very grey and gloomy day. The rain started just as the group set off and it didn’t stop all day. Our picnic stop was a very cold and soggy effort even more so for Rhys who had managed to fall in just 30 minutes before. With the end of the paddle just a few miles away the group were determined to finish and so they set off again for the last paddle of the trip. As you can imagine all paddlers were extremely tired on the way home in the minibus but they should all have been very proud and pleased with their efforts having completed the Expedition. As a troop we must thank all of the leaders and instructors that supported the trip and for their time and commitment in preparing to lead and instruct the Scouts. Without you our scouting would be very dull and would not include such wonderful opportunities for our large troop. Nicky Cully S.L

Kitty Clarkson


Artist Badge Report

T h u r s d a y 2 4 t h J a n 2 013

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4TH NF N (ELING ) S EA S COUTS Gambia During the Christmas holidays I went on a trip to the Gambia which is in the left, middle and top of Africa. During my time there I took part in several projects including building bricks which were later used to build another classroom at the Pacilingding School, bomken nursery and a local reservoir where the Gambians could collect fresh clean drinking water from. Whilst we were there the Gambians made us all very welcome and introduced us to all of

It was interesting to see the culture of the Gambians which was completely different to our own. For example where we would go to Asda or Morrison’s to collect our groceries, the Gambians have what look like a car boot sale but they are selling fruit, vegetables, fish and fresh meat. All of the food attracted thousands of flies which we could see crawling around on the food that we were about to cook.

the village elders and lots of other people throughout the village (it was very difficult to remember them all). To make our evenings more entertaining we held football matches on several evenings were the Gambians would always win by at least 5-0. We also had several bonfires were the Gambians would sing their campfire songs to us whilst we pretended to sing but did not have a clue what they were saying.

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4TH NF N (ELING ) S EA S COUTS Gambia On the fifth day since arriving the Gambians have a national cleaning day which is always the last Saturday

The Swimming Gala

of every month and because it was an extra special occasion for them we bought two goats which were tied up in the garden and slaughtered ready for dinner that night. Overall it was amazing to see how happy and friendly the Gambians are despite having very little money and even less to spend it on.

Tom Cully

On Saturday 17th November, we entered 2 strong teams into the swimming gala at Totton Recreation Centre. We arrived at 7:45 ready to start at 8:00. Most of us entered one race of our preferred stroke plus the relay race for our age group. First up where the under 13's. Our scouts took their places and swam as fast as they could. After many more fun races, and sore throats from our cheering it was time for the relay races. These were really fun as we got to swim with our friends. Then it was time for the results. We hadn't been called out yet so both Eling teams had a podium finish. 3rd was read out and it was neither Eling A or B. We had not only achieved a win and the trophy, we got 1st and 2nd places, it was just who was going to be the winners. It was announced that Eling A were the winners with Eling B close behind. Even if we didn't win our races, we were needed for extra points. It wasn't the winning that mattered, it was the point that we all had a great evening and tried our best. Although the trophy does look nice sat in our scout hut!

Warrior Troop Young Leader

Zach Beach

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4TH NF N (ELING ) S EA S COUTS London Irish RFC, Scout and Guide Day On Saturday 9th February, London Irish RFC held their first annual Scout & Guide Day. Pretty much the whole of the East stand at their Reading home ground was full of Scout and Guide groups and their families from across Berkshire and Hampshire.  Before the match, the groups with the largest representation paraded around the perimeter of the pitch.  Most of the stand were supporting the home team, but a small vocal minority did a good job of supporting Saracens.  Eling was represented by a small contingent from across our sections and their families.  It was a cold afternoon, but both teams and their supporters put on a good show.  The first half was close and tense, but a couple of well-exploited breakthroughs from London Irish in the second half led to match winning tries.   The final score was London Irish 29 - Saracens 16.  The on-pitch half time entertainment was directed primarily at the Scout and Guide attendees, including Digger the Dog (the home mascot) leading the dancing to YMCA, and a selection of uniformed children acting as escort as the teams ran back on for the second half...

Rugby Tickets The club plan to run this as an annual event, with discounted price tickets, donations to the participating groups, and additional activities. It all helps to build the public profile of Scouting and Guiding, as well as being a fun afternoon out.  We certainly enjoyed it and hope to go again next year. Brian Cope Dorothea Kennard Fundraising and Communications

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Group Dates and events March 2013 9









2 Screw-drivers wanted 02/03/2013 9:30am

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1 10 1 County Winter








County Winter Scout Camp 08/03/2013 5:00pm

County Winter Scout Camp 08/03/2013 5:00pm











Colony Meeting Pack Meeting Troop Meeting - Police Station Group A - Tracking and Visit 20/03/2013 - Wide Games 19/03/2013 - 6:30pm 21/03/2013 6:00pm Pack Meeting 7:00pm Group B 20/03/2013 6:30pm

1 24 3 Faun Trophy Competition District Event 24/03/2013 9:00am

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Colony Meeting Pack Meeting Troop Meeting - Lego Group B - Can u cook 12/03/2013 - 13/03/2013 - it? 6:00pm 6:30pm 14/03/2013 Pack Meeting 7:00pm Group A 13/03/2013 6:30pm

Scout Camp 08/03/2013 5:00pm

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Colony Meeting Pack Meeting Troop Meeting - Mothering Group B - RN Visitor Sunday 06/03/2013 - 07/03/2013 05/03/2013 - 6:30pm 7:00pm 6:00pm Pack Meeting Group A 06/03/2013 6:30pm






Colony Meeting Pack Meeting Troop Meeting - Easter Group A - Goodbye Hut! Activities 27/03/2013 - 28/03/2013 26/03/2013 - 6:30pm 7:00pm 6:00pm Pack Meeting Group B 27/03/2013 6:30pm

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Eling Sea Scouts Newsletter Spring 2013  

The latest news and happenings at Eling Sea Socuts in Hampshire - including updates on their new Sailing Centre - Aqautivity - on Testwood L...

Eling Sea Scouts Newsletter Spring 2013  

The latest news and happenings at Eling Sea Socuts in Hampshire - including updates on their new Sailing Centre - Aqautivity - on Testwood L...