2021 Smart Manufacturing in Wisconsin Report

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TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Message from Foxconn Leadership (Pgs 4-5) PARK DEVELOPMENT Data Infrastructure Hardware (Pgs 6-7) HPCDC Grand Opening (Pgs 8-9) EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT, HEALTH AND WELLNESS Hiring During a Pandemic (Pgs 10-11) Employee Health Wellness Center Opening (Pgs 12-13) Susan G. Komen - More Than Pink Walk (Pgs 14-15) Tech Talks (Pgs 16-17) AAA (Pgs 18-19) BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND PARTNERS EV Charging (Pgs 20-21) 5G EV Pole (Pgs 22-23) To Our Partners (Pgs 24-25)




After another exciting year, Foxconn and its employees in Wisconsin have much to celebrate! As of this year, Foxconn has invested nearly $1 billion in our Science and Technology Park in Wisconsin and our business activities are beginning to bear the fruits of our labor for ourselves and our customers. Despite continued market changes, supply chain challenges, and impacts following the devastating effects of the pandemic, Foxconn in Wisconsin is optimistically and enthusiastically moving into the New Year. This document is dedicated to the men and women at Foxconn in Wisconsin who have worked endlessly throughout the year to drive business, cultivate workplace community, and find solutions to some of our most complicated challenges.


Foxconn employees working in our Wisconsin facilities across the Science+Technology Park in Mt. Pleasant, Wisconsin.


DATA INFRASTRUCTURE HARDWARE In January 2021, Foxconn took occupancy of its nearly 300,000 square-foot Smart Manufacturing Center. Since then, the Smart Manufacturing Center has become a hub of activity that now manufactures data infrastructure hardware. Are you someone who uses video platforms to talk to coworkers, family, or friends? Do you use apps on your phone to help manage your life? Are you someone who stores information using cloud services? If any of your answers are “yes,” then you are one of the millions of people who use data infrastructure hardware. Traditionally, this high-tech product has been manufactured in other parts of the world. A portion of the market share for data server is now proudly made in Wisconsin and as customers continue to evaluate supply chain security, Foxconn is well positioned in Wisconsin to meet the demand. As the data infrastructure hardware business continues to grow for Foxconn in Wisconsin, so too will come additional investment and the need to hire more people.


New employee training above, middle and below.


Foxconn Industrial Internet, CEO Brand Cheng (center)



and storage systems. FoxMOD is a tier 3 data center , that is 100% scalable and designed to take advantage of Wisconsin’s cooler climate. Its cutting-edge technology also allows FoxMOD to adapt to any environment while operating at peak efficiency. FoxMOD is

In May 2021, Foxconn celebrated the Grand Opening

a prefabricated and pre-tested modular data-center

of its 100-foot tall High-Performance Computing Data

that achieves world class efficiency while maintaining

Center – a construction project that began in January

an environmentally friendly footprint. With its unique

2020. In a ceremony joined by members of the com-

and adaptable cooling design, FoxMOD utilizes both,

munity, construction partners, architectural partners,

direct free cooling and mechanical cooling mecha-

business partners, and Foxconn employees, Foxconn


leadership cut the ceremonial ribbon on a facility that positively redefines the landscape.

In addition, FoxMOD can be fully optimized by integrating its power, cooling, fire, security, and Fox-

Within the globe, Foxconn houses staff and its Network

conn-designed Data Center Monitoring System to

Operation Center (NOC) – a place where Foxconn

create an all-in-one system, providing the best val-

engineers, IT professionals, and computer scien-

ue-added package.

tists can control and direct the awesome amount of


high-performance computing power stored in a near-

In this 21st century digital age, high-performance

by modular cluster known as FoxMOD – or in other

computing impacts our everyday lives. Whether in

words, containers that can house 16 racks of server

manufacturing, healthcare, fin tech, or personal cloud

Foxconn Industrial Internet, FooMing Fu

Foxconn Industrial Internet CTO, TaiYu Chou

storage solutions, Wisconsin has in its very own backyard a data center that could help transform how data-driven decisions are made to keep American industries competitive, as well as save lives through medical research. As business continues to develop for Foxconn’s data center services, Foxconn will have to construct additional FoxMODs around the Globe. The Globe is also a symbol that represents the nature of Foxconn’s Wisconsin home – a Science + Technology Park that will attract like-minded businesses and investors over the course of a generational project that will gradually transform the region into a technological hub. Whereby not every building will look like a globe, a science + technology park should reflect the innovative spirit of research Foxconn Industrial Internet, Dr. Sogo Hsu

and design along with the production of technological products and services that continue to propel various markets into the future.


Justin Ong Director of HR for North America is pictured (top left) with candidates applying during the pandemic at the SMC. Candidates are pictured (bottom right) filling out initial intake forms.






As the business for data infrastructure hardware continues to grow in Wisconsin, so too does the demand to hire more people in order to get products to our customers. At the same time, Foxconn, like so many other employers in Wisconsin, has had to wrestle with the challenges presented by the pandemic, unemployment relief benefits, and a workforce that still has concerns regarding the safety of returning to work in a post-pandemic era. To manage this, Foxconn has maintained its COVID safety protocols, which include temperature scans

upon entry to buildings and the wearing of face masks. Thanks to the willingness of our employees, Foxconn’s vaccination rate is so high that our customers have awarded us business knowing that our risk of human downtime caused by an outbreak is minimal. To meet customer demand, Foxconn held several jobs fairs that were attended by hundreds of candidates. From these, Foxconn has been able to fill available positions for production workers, operators, technicians, and engineers – many of whom support our data infrastructure hardware business.


foxconnjobs.net Open the camera on any smart phone to scan the QR code above.





To better serve our employees, their health, and medical needs, Foxconn's Department of Innovative Healthcare (DIH) opened the "Employee Heath Wellness Center" at the Smart Manufacturing Center in the spring of 2021. DIH has built a foundation of wellbeing by bringing to our employees health and wellness related programs and services. Their primary focus is to provide adequate tools, resources, education and information to all employees on a variety of topics.

In partnership with Advocate Aurora Health, Foxconn created a multi-functional medical space where employees can receive medical checkups, vaccinations, and even chiropractic services.

Advocate Aurora Health representative speaking to the attendees of the Opening of the Employee Wellness Center in Mt. Pleasant, WI. Top left photo a Foxconn employee is in the clinic speaking with a nurse. Top right photo the ribbon cutting with AAH and Foxconn. Middle photo before the Grand Opening of the Clinic. Bottom right image FooMing Foo and AAH Executive reveal the signage.



SUSAN G. KOMEN - MORE THAN PINK WALK In addition to expanding health services for our employees within the Park, Foxconn was also the 2021 Technology Corporate Sponsor for the Susan G. Komen More than Pink Walk at the Henry Maier Summerfest Grounds in Milwaukee, WI. Organized by the Department of Innovative Healthcare, nearly 250 Foxconn employees attended the walk to honor the legacies of all who have been impacted by breast cancer. At Foxconn, we know that lifesaving medical discoveries through research will require high-performance computing that relies on technological solutions such as AI. It’s one of the many reasons why Foxconn invested millions of dollars to create the initial infrastructure for a High-Performance Computing Data Center in Southeastern Wisconsin. In addition to manufacturers who are making the transition to Industry 4.0 solutions, we invite medical institutions near and far to forge partnerships that will lead to data-driven, life-saving decisions. 14

Hundreds of Foxconn employees (pictured here) participated in the September 2021 walk in downtown Milwaukee, WI.


Various Tech Talk speakers are pictured in the Globe presenting to the hundreds of Foxconn employees in Mt. Pleasant, Wisconsin.


TECH TALKS 2021 Across the world, Foxconn Technology Group generates approximately $180 billion in revenue, employs over 1 million people, and is comprised of several major business groups, which further consist of hundreds of corporate entities. In Wisconsin, Foxconn’s Science + Technology Park is now home to four facilities, hundreds of employees, and various initiatives that continue to show growth. Such growth represents Foxconn’s ability to continually find business opportunities in Wisconsin despite shifting market demands, supply chain constraints, and a pandemic. To date, Foxconn has invested nearly $1 billion in Wisconsin – an investment that includes all expenditures inclusive of capital expenditures, equipment, and salaries. This investment is also poised to grow as Foxconn drives continued business in Wisconsin.

Considering Foxconn’s footprint across the world and in Wisconsin, the company launched an employee “Tech Talk” series aimed at building a strong corporate culture based on knowledge sharing. During a Tech Talk, employees from every department and business group are invited to bring their lunches to the Globe auditorium to listen to a speaker talk about their area of subject matter expertise and how it applies to a business-driven initiative within the Park. These monthly Tech Talks create the opportunity for employees to meet one another and learn from one another - en-richening our sense of community and appreciation for the work that colleagues across departments perform on a daily basis.



AAA EMPLOYEE PROGRAM LAUNCH As Foxconn’s workforce has grown in Wisconsin, many of our employees have risen to the challenge of driving continued business growth in Wisconsin. Some have done so through their contributions in Research & Development, others by demonstrating leadership on production lines, and others by adapting a mentality for success that illustrates Ability, Agility, and Attitude. With professionalism and fortitude, our employees have continuously worked together to overcome challenges and achieve incredible accomplishments. To commemorate and celebrate the men and women who lead by example through their Ability, Agility, and Attitude, Foxconn launched the “AAA Employee Program.” While some awards have been given to individual employees, the recognition program has expanded at times to recognize an entire division whose collective teamwork has impressed customers beyond expectations. Thanks to the hard work of hundreds of employees in Wisconsin, Foxconn continues to compete and acquire new business. This will lead to additional investment to meet customer demands and the need for more men and women who can usher an era of smart manufacturing in the United States.




EV CHARGING The number of Electric Vehicles (EV) on U.S. roads is projected to reach 18.7 million in 2030, up from 1 million as of the end of 2018. With more and more consumers choosing to purchase an EV, the question will arise; where, when, and how will these consumers charge their battery driven vehicle? Beyond the convenience of home-charging, EV drivers will be faced with the growing threat of “charging anxiety” if EV infrastructure such as charging stations fail to keep up with market demand. Unlike gas stations for internal combustion engines, the scarcity of charging stations, and time it takes to charge an EV, creates opportunity for innovation. “Charging anxiety” is why Foxconn in Wisconsin is working on EV charging solutions that can be deployed at workplaces, gas stations, shopping centers or the parking lot outside of a factory, just to name a few. With the research & development, as well as business development for EV charging solutions taking place in Wisconsin, the need for more EV charging stations within and beyond the boards of the Park will be needed in the years to come.



5G EV POLE Within the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, hundreds of millions of dollars will soon be available to create a stronger and more robust EV infrastructure in the United States, including chagrining stations such as Foxconn’s. Now, and in the coming years, connectivity with reliable, high bandwidth and low-latency networks is going to be paramount. In 2021, Foxconn in Wisconsin made substantial research & development strides to deliver greater access to 5G networks for market consumers. With a product like the 5G EV Pole, which can stand alone or integrated with an EV charging station, a user can blanket an area with 5G access for a plethora of purposes. If deployed in an urban setting, for example a 5G EV Pole can connect safety, fire, and air quality and transportation services. A municipality, could also use a 5G EV Pole in a park or other public spaces. In 2021, for instance, Milwaukee and Racine installed Smartpoles at their local marinas to provide WiFi service and safety surveillance to customers and users. 22

As EVs one day become autonomous, 5G connectivity will become more important than ever. Unlike cars of the past and present, self-driving cars operate by uploading vehicle to vehicle and battery generated information to data centers. With this data, artificial intelligence (AI) will be able to instantaneously understand road conditions and make smart, safe decisions. One can only imagine how our communities of tomorrow will be improved by AI technologies through connectivity, devices and solutions.

Open the camera on any smart phone to scan the QR code above and see the brochure of EV 5G Pole products.

Foxconn Board Member, Dr. Jay Lee, hosting tours with business stakeholders at Foxconn’s campus in WI.


TO OUR PARTNERS Diplomats, business representatives, elected officials, and community leaders have all been among the ranks of guests who visited our Park throughout 2021. With new facilities completed and new manufacturing lines installed, Foxconn is excited to continue the business discussion that will define how Foxconn’s center of gravity in North America takes shape. With nearly 1 billion dollars invested as proof of commitment and confidence, Foxconn is eager for tomorrow. Foxconn once again thanks those who value the material contributions the company has made to date, those who appreciate the complexities of technological industries, and those who understand that companies must adjust to market 24

demands. Furthermore, we are grateful to partners who can see the future and realize that success can require both time and adaptability. After all, to survive in business requires the agility to pivot and prosper in an ever-changing world. In combination with Foxconn’s presence, along with the world-class infrastructure this Park is well-positioned to attract the attention of like-minded manufacturers, businesses, and investors. This will sustain continued business and community development within the Park and the region for years to come.

Park visits and events at Foxconn campus in Wisconsin with organizations like Gateway Technical College, Racine County Economic Development Corporation and Independent Business Association of Wisconsin.

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