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CtheFestival Bonnie Davies

Het Vijfde Bedrijf – The Fifth Act

Dead Posh Productions

1 – 27 Aug 9.45pm C eca

1 – 18 Aug 4.15pm C eca

2 – 27 Aug 3.20pm C aquila

Living Art

The Red Chair Players

Graham Woolnough Productions

2 – 11 Aug 3.30pm C aquila

1 – 11 Aug 3.45pm C

2 – 27 Aug 5.25pm C aquila

C theatre

Res de Res

C presents & Showdown Productions

1 – 27 Aug 1.15pm C

2– 27 Aug from 4pm & 8pm C nova

2 – 27 Aug 10.00pm C nova

I’m High On Life: What Are You On?

A One Man Hamlet

This Is Soap

Lady M

Dead Man’s Cell Phone


Still Life (or Brief Encounter)

Tea With the Old Queen

News Smash

Lonhattan Theatre Group


12 – 18 Aug 2.00pm C nova

Newman Theatre Company

The Prince and the Pauper 8 – 9 Aug 1.00pm C eca

Showdown Productions

Xavier Toby: Binge Thinking

2 – 27 Aug 6.00pm C nova

With more than 210 shows and events across our venues in the heart of Edinburgh, we celebrate our 21st year with a fantastic programme of theatre, musicals and international work at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. See it all with C venues.

Fest Preview 2012  
Fest Preview 2012  

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