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Self Portrait by Steve Huison

From Corrie to Cabaret an interview with actor, artist and cabaret saltaire promoter steve huison


BY mike farren

meet Steve Huison in the Caroline Street went from college to work for theatre Club on a Monday evening. The TV soap companies throughout the country. This was opera and Hollywood star joins me by part of his experience growing up in Leeds, the pool table, while bingo numbers are called watching companies like Red Ladder, acting next door and the sound of line dancing drifts in youth theatre and getting free tickets to in from another room. He couldn’t be more Leeds Playhouse. The demise of Theatre at home. Several times during the evening in Education is something he laments he answers requests for both for his own sake (his Cabaret Saltaire tickets – the involvement was “getting local institution he regularly away with playing for 3 “I’m always presents, and that will feature years”), but also because it drawn to the again as part of the Saltaire closes doorways for young exaggerated Festival in September. people into theatre. Talking about touring a new John side of things. There is nothing affected Godber play, he says, “It I always push about Steve – nothing starry, was all elderly audiences. I condescending or forced. don’t know what younger for the bigger, He really is at ease on a audiences are going to see, and they always slow night in the homely but they’re not going to see club. Now in his early fifties, a new John Godber. In the want it smaller!” he came to acting in more 70s or 80s they would have.” idealistic, less star-struck times, and for all his fame, still hankers for Huison, though, continues to be motivated those times. Studying community theatre in by theatre with socially useful functions. the mid-80s, “Drama seemed like the best The company he co-founded, Shoestring way of getting out of doing a job,” he says. Forum, performs this role. “The focus is on mental health,” he explains, “That came Specialising in Theatre in Education, he about through a family member getting ill.”


Confusion over how to navigate mental health characters, “Fat Brenda is from Coronation services brought him into contact with many Street. Squinty McGinty [Huison in stories. “These were important stories to tell, compere mode] came out when we were so we told them in the way we knew. One play making a promo video.” Subconsciously, we devised went on three national tours.” he channelled his uncle, “My mum The kind of ‘forum’ theatre that Shoestring watched the video and afterwards said, embodies arises from the Theatre of the “What’s our Kenneth doing in that?”” Oppressed theories of Augusto Boal, and provides “a way of allowing an audience to Reference to Coronation Street brings us try out ideas, to try different variations on to one of the roles for which he is most problem solving, or how to handle certain recognised – Eddie Windass, who Huison situations.” However, as with played from 2008 to 2011. Theatre in Education, public He appears to have mixed “I’d never do funding is no longer available feelings about it. “Being for this kind of theatre, and in a series like Coronation an advert for that’s how Cabaret Saltaire Street over a period of time BT back then, was born, as part of the gives you a lot of exposure. effort to fund Shoestring. Getting a job like that you can or an advert for A long-term resident in plan, even though nothing McDonalds, Shipley, Steve got the idea is secure anyway. You don’t in Caroline Street in 2010, know when they’re going I’d never do which was arguably what to drop you.” However, as an advert for started the renaissance of far as the acting and public the venue. “David Ford profile is concerned, “You’re BUPA, or organised a jazz night here put on such a pedestal, and I’d never do at the beginning of the only about 5 or 10% of Festival. I’d never been in your time is spent acting. a soap. We because I thought it was You’re not challenged. All were young a private members’ club. I you’re expected to do is turn thought, “My God, look at up on time and know your and naïve. this! Why is this empty?”” words. There is very little Now, we’ve got play – which is what we do!” Encountering the venue mortgages.” revived memories of Some of the qualms are student days. “We used idealistic. “When we were to do cabarets. We’d put one on at the end in drama school, you’d sit in the bar saying, of the term. This looked like the ideal “What would you not do?” I’d never do place to do it. We did about four that first an advert for BT back then, or an advert year, then Ron and Hilary spotted what for McDonalds, I’d never do an advert was going on, and set the Live Room up.” for BUPA, or I’d never do a soap. We were young and naïve. Now, we’ve got mortgages.” Currently quite a few cabarets are planned, including some on the East Coast – where Steve, however, is realistic enough in spite of it becomes Cabaret Salty Air. As for the his ‘exaggerated’ principles to acknowledge


photo by jack smith

Steve on stage as his alter-ego Squinty McGinty at a recent Cabaret Saltaire event.

that priorities change. “I’m not interested in working for a big company that’s chopping down rainforests, but now and again you have to take the money. Principles change depending on what state your pocket’s in.”

How he got into The Full Monty suggests a determination at odds with such diffidence. “When the casting was taking place I was in West London, doing a play round infant schools. An actor called Andy Livingstone, who was in a couple of scenes, said, ‘I’m being seen for this film next week and there’s a part that might be good for you.’ It was before mobile phones, so I remember having to go and find a phone box. I’d just done another short film, which was being edited in Soho and I knew the director and casting director of The Full Monty were meeting at a certain time on the other side of Soho – so, I’m sticking in 10p pieces, trying to organise a motorbike courier to pick up a copy of the film and have that couriered across to coincide with when they arrived at the office. It succeeded. They saw it and called me in.”

I ask him whether he gets recognised more as Eddie, or as Lomper, his role in the film of The Full Monty. “It depends on whether The Full Monty’s been on telly,” he says. “I know, because the next day I’m very aware of people talking about me, whispering about me. Other days it’s just complete obscurity, which I prefer.” However his was not an easy transition to screen. “When I first got into television,” he admits, “I had never trained for camera. I was fortunate to work with an actor called John Bowler. He just kept saying, ‘Take it down’. It’s about dumbing down. I’m always drawn to the exaggerated side of things. I always push for the bigger, and they always want it smaller! I’m not very good at subtlety.”

If The Full Monty gave him his highest profile, he is clear about his favourite movie role, even though it’s in a rarely-seen, relatively obscure


Steve shot to fame in the role of Lomper in the 1997 hit film The Full Monty

film by Ken Loach. “Not a lot of people have seen The Navigators. It was financed by Channel 4 so it was made for TV. It got a cinema release abroad, but I think it’s only been on Channel 4 once. It’s a shame because of the subject matter [rail privatisation] – it’s still going on. They’ve just sold East Coast!”

work with street theatre act The Czeztikov Brothers. Alternatively, there’s visual art. Steve actually attended art school before training in drama. However, it wasn’t a happy experience. “All I wanted to do was learn how to paint, but they weren’t painting that year. It knocked it out of me for about 28 years.”

As well as the message of the film Steve says of Loach, “He knows how to work with actors. He knows how to pull performances out of people. He gets an honesty out of performers, which is what it’s about as a job, isn’t it?” Despite Huison’s high profile roles and his extensive appearances as a character actor, he still suffers from the actor’s insecurity when the roles aren’t forthcoming. “I haven’t had a paid, commercial acting job since August,” he confides. “I’m getting to a point where I’m starting to question whether I’m an actor.” Other gifts that his experience have given him though are resilience and resourcefulness. “I never wait for the phone to ring. I always keep busy. I don’t allow myself to get bored.”

In the last five or six years he has re-learned and re-kindled enthusiasm for drawing and painting, to the extent that it may become his main activity. While at Scarborough’s Stephen Joseph Theatre, “I’d draw the other actors, just on the back of the scripts. They invited me in when the next rehearsals were taking place, to draw the actors and the director. I just kept going back whenever there’s a show on. They’ve said they consider me their artistin-residence.”

If it’s not acting there’s cabaret, or his


It seems typical of this modest, resourceful but multi-talented individual to take such disparate artistic possibilities in his stride. Steve is a charming individual and the most modest, diffident renaissance man I have met. I would wish him luck with his next venture, but I know he’ll make his own.

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Writing better together members of the saltaire writers group share their literary experiences By Eileen Hogg

In the summer of 2013 I was a newcomer to Saltaire and suffering from all the loneliness of the solitary writer. Saltaire Writers’ Group was a great discovery.

so vibrant, with many different groups and societies.” Diana put a lot of effort into getting the group off the ground. Since then she has continued to run the group, which meets twice a month in a room in Shipley College. In Diana’s words, “Our members have varied writing interests which range through autobiographical, romance, poetry, religious, historical and short stories. We read out our work, receive constructive feedback and often do practical writing sessions within the meetings. This means the members who are not able to do much writing at home will at least produce a piece that they could possibly build into a completed story or poem. We also share information about local writing events, books and authors that we enjoy.”

The group was set up by Diana Finn in 2012. “I’d been thinking about starting a writers’ group for a long time,” Diana told me, “and local screenwriter Dave Thompson provided the final impetus behind the idea.” Dave says, “I was writing screenplays alone without any opportunity for feedback, and I found the process very daunting. I googled writing groups in the area and found Diana’s name, as she’d briefly taken a workshop some years before.” Dave got in touch with Diana, they met up, and in Dave’s words, “We stuck up a few fliers and the response was pretty overwhelming.” Diana’s idea for a group struck a chord with many other solitary writers. Diana told me, “I was actually surprised that there was no existing group already since Saltaire is

As Diana says, between us the group’s members have a variety of writing projects on the go, and our different interests bring a freshness to the meetings.


Pauline Harrowell

- I entered one of these and got a mention as runner-up, which was encouraging. What I like about the Group is that you get new insights about your writing and about writing in general - a different viewpoint is always valuable. There’s also the stimulus you get to try something new. For instance I thought I had no interest at all in science fiction, but was inspired enough by someone else’s writing to try it myself and found a surprising flow came forth. Finally, the fortnightly deadline to write something is always useful, though it’s not compulsory. If, like me, you’re lazy and need triggers to write, this Group will help you to get going.”

“I’ve been writing poetry for about four years and am now trying my hand at short stories. As one of the less experienced members of the group I find it really helpful to be able to read my work out and get some detailed constructive criticism in a friendly supportive atmosphere. This has actually helped me get things published. And I find it very rewarding to read other people’s work in the same way; it helps develop my own critical faculties, and the variety of work people produce is really interesting. Also it’s great to be associated with a place like Saltaire.”

Savitri Barkess-Patel

Eileen Hogg

Savitri is writing a semi-autobiographical work for her grandchildren. “The idea to write about my life came from my sons who were not much interested in my past until they had children themselves. They then wanted their offspring to learn about their family and cultural history. Although I was accustomed to writing reports in my professional life this was a very different challenge, as no child is going to be interested in learning dry facts. So for two years I have been creating stories from memories of my life in India up to the age of eight and subsequent years in Britain that map my life journey. Joining Saltaire Writers’ Group has provided the stimulation and support I needed to set off on this journey and to continue when I became lost or had a block.”

As for me, my name’s Eileen Hogg, and I write romance novels under the far more romantic pen name of Helena Fairfax. Like Dave, I find writing alone can be daunting on occasion and I’ve found the critical feedback from the group invaluable, especially when I’m suffering from writers’ block or struggling with a passage I feel isn’t working well. Besides that, the writing exercises we do as a group have helped me speed up my writing process and provide me with the challenge of writing quickly without constantly re-editing, which is something I’m prone to do. Writing romance isn’t all purple prose and swooning heroines, and I hope my contribution has helped challenge some of these perceptions. Finally, to quote Diana, “The group is small, friendly and supportive of each other’s writing. Personally, I find the meetings stimulating and creative in nature and always leave feeling uplifted.”

Carol Sherrard

“I’ve been with the Group since it started. I’ve met a wide range of people, and different kinds of writing, some of which I was hardly aware of (such as writing for films and other media). When I joined I was not sure what kind of writing I wanted to do, and now I seem to have settled on poetry. The group share information on competitions

Saltaire Writers’ Group is delighted to welcome new members. We meet every alternate Monday from 6.30 – 8.30pm at Shipley College. If you’re interested in joining or want more information please contact Diana at




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The Quality

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Food glorious food in the month we are encouraged to love your local market, phillip lickley heads to bingley food and drink festival


By phillip lickley watching the rich mix of visitors to the event those looking for new beers and ciders, families trying out new food, and passers-by stumbling across the treats on offer. Smak also sold a farmer’s sausage suitable for most palates and a hunter’s sausage, all either in a baguette or with sautéed baby potatoes with rosemary and thyme, with a range of sauces on offer.

hilst most of us were getting ready to unwrap their chocolate Easter Eggs I was heading to Bingley to savour the delights of my first visit to their annual Food and Drink Festival, held each year over several days in the town square. This year the Festival ran from Thursday 2 April to Easter Sunday. I arrived by train on the Saturday afternoon “I joined as the sun emerged to shine the buzzing across the numerous food stalls and beer tent. The event was atmosphere organised by Bradford Markets in the beer and included over twenty food tent, taking a stalls. Many people were either seat on one of wandering around sampling the various foods or perched on the the hay-bales, hay bale seats with a pint in their enjoying the hands. There were also activities music on offer for the younger members of the with live turns audience, including a bungee attraction and an Easter egg promised for hunt.

Elsewhere you had Pickard’s Pies hand-made from Yorkshire pork, a stall selling locally-reared meats, olives, baklava and more, fresh fruit and vegetables, Indian snacks and sauces, Yorkshire blended teas, a chocolate fountain, fresh fish, Blueberry Hill preserves, a cheese stall, pies and pastries from Salt’s Catering, plus a stall selling candy floss and other sweet treats. For those filled to the later in the brim there were clothes on sale. evening. ” Upon arrival I cut through the For more liquid refreshment crowd of the Foundry Hill beer there was a prosecco tent and tent and made a beeline for the most obvious the aforementioned beer and cider marquee stall, that of Smak, selling Polish and South selling over forty craft beers, eight craft lagers African sausages, the smell of their BBQ and over twenty ciders, of which I sampled a drifting across the site. With a classic hearty handful. South African Boerewors beef-sausage with green, red and yellow peppers in hand I sat I joined the buzzing atmosphere in the beer


PHOTO BY phillip lickley

One of the most popular attractions at the Bingley Food and Drink Festival were the Polish and South African sausages.

tent, taking a seat on one of the hay-bales, enjoying the music on offer with live turns promised for later in the evening. I first tried some Hampshire Toffee Apple cider, which was a little too watery and bland for my tastes, but found better refreshment in a delicious Devon Blueberry which I drank alongside a delightfully chunky pork and black pudding pie from the Little Yorkshire Pie Company.

every Saturday and this is a way of pushing it for people to see what’s on offer. We go all around Yorkshire - Barnsley, Leeds, Kirkstall. We always push Yorkshire. People come from outside Yorkshire for our markets!” Next to the Little Yorkshire Pie Company was the stall for Stickey’s honey and I spoke to Chris who has run the company for fifteen years. He took me through some of the produce on offer, made by 100 colonies of bees within twenty miles of Wakefield. This included both raw heather comb, pollen honey, and one with ginger, which Chris told me is good for the winter, Yorkshire blossom from an organic farm at Thornhill near Dewsbury, and woodland honey. Chris’s passion for honey came across during our brief chat, with details

I spoke to Richard Steer on the stall about his pies, asking where they were made and how the market had been going, “They’re all made just down the road in Shipley. The weather’s better than yesterday. It’s been a very good day today. A lot of people out!” I also asked about how the markets work for local businesses, “We do the Bingley Market


of how they introduced bees to different fruit flowers to give the honey a sweeter, fruitier taste, and how added pollen is said to help deal with allergies such as hay fever. “Yorkshire honey is very popular,” he told me. “It’s a growing market. People are becoming more aware of natural and local produce.” As I next tucked into a selection of hand-made chocolates from Peter’s Pantry, including one with ginger, I spoke to Ruth Hayes about their selection and how Easter was going for a business focusing on chocolate. “We have hand-made luxury confectionery, twelve different flavours of truffle, twelve different flavours of creams, and a miscellaneous section with fudges, rocky road, coconut ice, and a few other bits and pieces. We make them all ourselves in Idle - customers can make their own selection and we also have prepacked bags as well.” Ruth and many of the other stallholders were happy to report good times at the four-day food and drink festival, and it was great to see local services on display. I finished my Bingley browsing with a visit to the pancake stall, talking to owner Richard as he prepared me a cherry and crème fraiche crepe.

He’d been in business for over two years in Holmfirth and told me he’d enjoyed his time on the stall at Bingley, even with rain on the Friday. With a selection of sweet and savoury pancakes on offer, I asked him which were most popular. His verdict was quick, “Sweet! The most popular is probably chocolate and marshmallow. A lot of adults will go for the savoury ones. Ham and cheese has gone down well with people!”


Saltaire Market Originally in Caroline Street Car Park, Saltaire Local Produce Market was relaunched in May 2014 to coincide with the nationwide Love Your Local Market campaign. Newly relocated and on the second Saturday of every month, the market has welcomed a host of new traders. The revamped Market is now based on the Exhibition Road car park, where Saltaire shoppers can buy fresh locally produced food from fantastic regional suppliers, meet the producers and growers of the food and taste free samples! The Market runs from 10am to 3pm, on the second Saturday of every month, at the Exhibition Road car park in Saltaire.


He walked me through the process of making the pancakes as he dropped homemade batter onto the hot plates to make my crepe. “I was up at five o’clock this morning cracking eggs! It’s a traditional English pancake batter cooked in a French style.” With my delicious pancake soon polished off with a swift half-pint of cider I said my goodbyes to the Food and Drink Festival, happy to have chatted to many of the passionate purveyors of food from across Yorkshire who came together to showcase their wares, proving that Yorkshire has a wide range of great food and drink available both at regular markets and in stores and shops. For information on Bradford Markets visit or find out more about some of the people I spoke to - and



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Left to right, top to bottom: Ann Davies, Helen Peyton, Anthony Ratcliffe, Carolyn Mendelsohn, James Bywood, James Green, Daniel Shiel, Justin Leeming, Clare Caulfield, Ritchie Souniemi, William Hughes, Ian Burdall.



altaire Inspired is delighted to announce the return of the Saltaire Arts Trail. With this year’s theme of Craft and Making we aim to offer an exciting and imaginative visual arts programme, celebrating Saltaire’s rich heritage and filling the village with art over the Bank Holiday weekend 23 – 25 May.

Kintsugi Handstitch objects by Harriet Lawton, intricate glasswork from Suzanne Tweddle and the use of axes and knives to make a beautifully carved and practical spoon from Steve Tomlin, there’s something for everyone.

Thanks to funding from Arts Council England we’re delighted to be able to bring the Highlights Contemporary Craft Tour Rural “At the heart Craft Re-imagined to West of the Trail Yorkshire for the first time. every year Championing British heritage are the now craft whilst celebrating its famous Open contribution to contemporary design the exhibition will feature Houses - a the work of willow sculptor village-wide and basket maker Lizzie Fairy, gallery set in intricate leather worker Mark Rowney, forgemaster Lucy the Grade II Sandys-Clarke, woodturner Bill listed homes Robinson, textile worker Lynn of residents. ” Setterington and letter carver Victoria Hall will be brimming with designer-makers from up Pip Hall, well known locally for and down the country, each her work with Simon Armitage selected by an independent panel and offering on the Stanza Stones project. affordable contemporary craft and design to buy or commission. With demonstrations in In addition Fuse Art Space in association with weaving from Chrissie Freeth, decorative joint Wet Genes will present Drift, an interactive and detailing in high quality furniture from David immersive light experience, and international Mawdsley, the most unusual but exquisite performance artist Silvia Ziranek will build At the heart of the Trail every year are the now famous Open Houses - a village-wide gallery set in the Grade II listed homes of residents. We thank all those who have agreed to open their homes to the artists and public. New this year is the strand of artist-owned houses: Open Houses – Made in Saltaire. With such a wealth of talent residing in the village we’re particularly proud to showcase this in the programme.


Creative family activities will include workshops and demonstrations by The Print Project. an evocation of life and times in Salt’s Saltaire through three incremental performances.

your appetite with a free workshop or book a more in-depth masterclass for a small fee. You can choose from photography with Yorkshire Photo Walks, textiles with Hannah Lamb, letter carving with Pip Hall or drawing with Jake Attree.

Across the weekend we’re giving local residents and visitors a chance to get involved in the Arts Trail. If you’re a local resident or business why not create some art (preferably red) and show it in your window or boot scraper hole? No rules - just red!

The Arts Trail is largely volunteer-led and we’re still looking for volunteers to help make this year a success. If you have time to spare and would like to get involved, please contact us at

Or if you’re a visitor to the trail there’ll be creative activities for you and all the family to get involved in throughout the village. Whether it’s doodling on a chalkboard whilst in a café, adding your mark to the giant lengths of bunting with Hannah Lamb in the Methodist Church, or doing natural crafts on the barge on the canal there’s something for every age and interest. Want to learn a new skill? Whet

The Saltaire Arts Trail runs 10am–5pm Saturday 23 – Monday 25 May 2015 across Saltaire. For further details and more information about the artists participating please see We look forward to welcoming you.


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every Thursday at 6.15pm



every Friday at 6pm


creative • community • cultural • space

39a Kirkgate Shipley, BD18 3EH Tel: 01274 580186



PHOTO BY katie prior

PHOTO BY jane robertshaw

PHOTO BY katie prior


Icing on the cake introducing saltaire’s friendly and nomadic cake makers, the clandestine cake club

By shirley quarmby



re you a baker? Like having your cake and eating it too? Then the Saltaire Clandestine Cake Club might be just for you. We’re simply a social group who meet once a month in ‘secret’ locations and enjoy a chinwag over a cuppa and a slice of cake or two (or three or four!).

business and the publicity we give them through Twitter. The only cost to members is the baking of their cake and purchase of refreshments. Each event has a set theme but is only there as a rough guide to give people ideas on what to make. Themes have included Do Yourself A Flavour, The Booze Cruise and My Favourite Colour.

The Clandestine Cake Club (CCC) was originally formed in Leeds in 2010 by Lynn Hill and has grown phenomenally - there are now clubs not only in the UK but all over the As with most clubs there are some rules world. There’s even a book, the Clandestine there are to be no tarts, cupcakes, muffins or brownies. Why? you might Cake Club Cookbook, featuring ask. I guess we like to think of members’ recipes (a second “There’s no ourselves as a cake club rather book is soon to be published). than a baking club. In addition, The Saltaire branch has been competition we like the idea of sharing going for about three years between pieces of our cakes - cupcakes, now. the cakes muffins and brownies don’t - no Great lend themselves easily to this. The idea behind the British ‘clandestine’ bit is that the There’s no competition location, which is different for Bake Off between the cakes - no Great each event, is only revealed on here!” British Bake Off here! Our a need-to-know basis. Members ethos is encouragement and find out via the CCC website about the events, which are free to attend with participation. Our members are from many booking all done by email. Only those booked different backgrounds and circumstances and in to an event will be told the location details. all levels of cake-making abilities. Several can even testify to the positive and healing effect There’s usually an event once a month and of baking in overcoming challenges and most occur on a mid-week evening and last difficulties in their lives. for a couple of hours. Occasionally events are It’s free to join and has no hidden agenda. arranged on weekend afternoons. The club’s mission statement is simply Bake, Locations are generally local retail outlets such Eat and Talk about Cake. as cafés and restaurants. We rely very much on the generosity of these venues to allow us to If you would like to find out more, go to the hold our event free of charge. The benefit to Clandestine Cake Club website: them is our purchase of refreshments, repeat


HAIR DESIGN TEAM TEL: 01274 591 916

appointment card Hair Design Team 97 Kirkgate Shipley BD18 3LR www.

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HAIR DESIGN TEAM TEL: 01274 591 916

A Cut and Finish appointment card HAIR DESIGN with this TEAM advert TEL:*New 01274 591Only 916 Customers

Hair Design Team 97 Kirkgate Shipley Hair Design Team BD18 3LR 97 Kirkgate

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www. BD18 3LR



tiger lily

TEL: 01274 591 916

appointment card Hair Design Team 97 Kirkgate Shipley BD18 3LR www.





PERIOD & CONTEMPORARY JOINERY From sliding sash windows and period doors to contemporary kitchens and furniture. Based locally, we specialise in both new and renovation joinery on Saltaire houses. Tel: 07505 145232 / 07912209992 40 Bingley Rd, Saltaire

A Festival for all the family in the first of a series of saltaire festival previews, we take a look at the family weekend

BY Helen Swallow


altaire Festival returns this September for 10 days of music, art, food and culture and, in the first of a series of previews, we’re taking a look at the festival’s family weekend, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 September. Every year the festival kicks off with a weekend of events for children and families, many of them free, and this year is no different, with a range of family-friendly activities across the two days.

To mark the 50th anniversary of Roald Dahl’s Charlie And The Chocolate Factory pictures of confectionery will be hidden around the park and large sweets will be hiding in the trees along the tramway. A free lolly for every child who takes part and prizes for the winners!

In Roberts Park on both days the festival welcomes Magic Jackson, a hilarious and unique children’s magician and entertainer. His performances are full of fun, comedy and magical mystery. Nessie’s Face Painting will also be in the park all weekend to get you and your family into the festival spirit! Plus glitter tattoos! And it’s free! No family event in Saltaire would be complete without an appearance from the famous alpacas, in Roberts Park to meet the children on Saturday.

Those with an arty disposition can try their hand at some free art and craft activities from Idle Arts and Vicars Cafe. If your child attends one of Saltaire’s local primary schools they may be taking part in a fantastic art competition designing Saltaire-inspired greetings cards for the festival. During the opening weekend of the festival the artwork from the winners of this competition will be exhibited in Saltaire village on both the Saturday and Sunday (venue TBC). The Dandy Arthouse - the local art company who have worked in collaboration with the festival on the competition - will also be holding a free workshop for children to design their own greetings cards on the day.

For those of you who like a bit of a competition, how about a chocolate treasure hunt including a ride on the famous Shipley Glen Tramway?

For specific show times and more information about each event, please visit or contact for more information.




‘The best all round roots venue in West Yor


• GREATFOOD • GREATCOFFEE • GREATSURROUNDINGS The half moon cafe is a voluntary organisation in partnership with Saltaire Cricket Club and the local community

4Square + Maz O’Connor

Dave McGraw & Mandy F

The Paperboys

Luka Bloom

Sunday 5th October

Sunday 12th October

Roberts Park, Saltaire BD17 7LU Sunday 26th October


Peter Knight’s Gigspanner Sunday 23rdNovember

‘The best all round roots venue in West Yorkshire’


Sunday 9th November

Police Dog Hogan + Brandy Friday 28th November

Tel: 01274 594021 Tel: Mob: 01274 594021 Mob:164182 07855 164182 07855 TLRatSaltaire

Caroline Street, Saltaire, BD18 3JZ

Nine Below Zero Friday 1st May

4Square + Maz O’Connor Sunday 5th October

Lady Maisery Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer Sunday 12th October

Sunday 10th May

Chip Taylor with John Platania Friday 22nd May

Tim Eriksen & Eliza Carthy

The Paperboys

Sunday 26th October

Luka Bloom

Sunday 9th November

Wednesday 27th May

Venue Hire, Weddings, Events...

Your venue, in the heart of Saltaire 01274 327305 Registered Charity 511978

Roger Davies @saltaire bandstand 24th may, roberts park, saltaire


Saltaire Bandstand resumes summer duties later this month, with performances every Sunday from 24 May through to the Saltaire Festival in September. The iconic red structure enters its sixth year with a programme varying from solo songwriters and instrumentalists, choirs and dancinggroups, to traditional brass and big bands.

food to suit the occasion. And of course the cafe will be open every Sunday afternoon to complement the sound of music from above. First up on 24 May is Roger Davies. As the composer of Bradford Born n’ Raised, Brighouse On Saturday Night, Peter Brook’s Paintings, The Beerbelly Blues and Into The Sun, Roger is one of today’s most engaging singer-songwriters.

In the tradition of parks music the events are free, and run from 2.30pm to 4pm on Sunday afternoons. They’re funded by the Parks Department of Bradford Council and supplemented by a collection at each concert organised by the Friends of Roberts Park.

His song 1,000 Tears was the soundtrack to the Kirklees Road Safety Partnership’s Anti Drink Driving Campaign during the 2014 Christmas and New Year period, while Wear Your Poppy With Pride was released as a fundraising CD Single last November, raising thousands of pounds for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

There are also four free Saturday events in the 2015 calendar when the bandstand can show off its lights. Second Saturday Sunset Dancing replaces the former Jazz And Curry formula, and features different types of music to dance to.

Roger will also be accompanied by the legendary Dave Bowie Jr on double bass and the multi-instrumentalist and vocal harmonist, Dickie Dixon.

These evenings will give the Half Moon Cafe a chance to shine along with the bandstand, with


Hall Brothers @IRREGULAR ROOTS 9th may, kirkgate centre

By joe grint

Popular local trio the Hall Brothers are the headliners at the Kirkgate Irregular Roots gig at the Kirkgate Centre on Saturday 9 May. Yorkshire-born brothers Nick and Duncan Hall have played music together for as long as they can remember. They first performed as The Hall Brothers in 1991, in 1994 they were joined by fiddle-player, multi-instrumentalist and producer John Carey, and since then they have played concerts and festivals throughout the UK and in Ireland and Holland. They’ve supported acts as diverse as Fairport Convention and The Wedding Present with their unique brand of folk/rock. Featuring contemporary and traditional material with a fine mixture of strong songwriting, great harmonies, intricate guitar playing and fiddle pyrotechnics, they never fail to leave audiences with a smile on their faces! Appearances by this well-loved band are becoming rarer so make sure you don’t miss


this chance to see them! Support comes from Steve Chapman Smith, who has had a wide and varied musical career to date. He has played on many recordings from bands including Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Fiat Lux, Ghostdance, Riprize, Ada Wilson, Stranger than Fiction and more recently The Troubadors. Steve has now launched a solo career showcasing his original material with a few much-loved covers along the way. Passionate, uplifting, real songs about real people and real life. Steve’s new CD Justice has just been released and we’re hoping he has plenty of copies with him when he visits us! The format for this gig will be different from our usual arrangement. Steve Chapman Smith will play an extended support set before the Hall Brothers play a single long set. Entry is £6 waged or £4 unwaged and doors open at 8pm.

Chip Taylor @the live room 22nd may Caroline St social club

By Ron dukelow

One of the great, songwriters, Chip Taylor is appearing at the Live Room on Friday 22 May. Chip’s life has been so colourful we’d need a whole website, but here’s a taste…….!

He was eventually banned from every casino in Atlantic City! In the late 1980s he garnered enormous horse race winnings. In 1993 he went on a songwriters tour, and his creative juices started to flow again. Bonnie Raitt recorded his Poppa Come Quick on her Luck of the Draw album and several other artists started recording his new material. Taylor released his retrospective collection, Hit Man, with versions of 13 of his most successful songs.

Born James Wesley Voight and raised in Yonkers, New York, he has super-talented brothers. Jon is the award-winning actor, and Barry is a noted geologist in the volcanic activity interpretation field. His niece is Angelina Jolie! During the 1960s Chip was one of the most recorded songwriters in the world. Wild Thing and Angel of The Morning are the two best-known - others are Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) performed by Janis Joplin, I Can’t Let Go (The Hollies, Linda Ronstadt), Country Girl, City Man (Ike and Tina Turner), Any Way That You Want Me (The Troggs, Evie Sands, Juice Newton, Lita Ford) and many others.

In 1997 The Living Room Tapes was released, an intimate look at Taylor’s life and relationships. Taylor’s next album Seven Days In May, released in 1999, had duets with Lucinda Williams and Guy Clark. Chip continues to write, record and produce via his own Train Wreck Records, where he hosts, amongst others, the great guitarist and producer John Platania (Van Morrison, Randy Newman, Bonnie Raitt and Judy Collins), with whom he appears in Saltaire.

During a break from music in the 1980s Chip turned his sights on gambling, where he quickly gained notoriety, finishing third in the Las Vegas World Blackjack Championship.



find out what’s happening in the area this month Friday 1 May

Sunday 3 May

Friday 8 May

Victoria Hall Movie Nights Presents: Donnie Darko (15) 7pm, Victoria Hall

Yorkshire Craft Fairs 10am – 4pm, Victoria Hall

Saltaire Live Presents: Gordie Mackeeman & His Rhythm Boys + Support 7.30pm, Victoria Hall

October 1988 and small town USA is about to witness the end of the world. It’s home to Donnie Darko, a brilliant but troubled teenager, plagued by terrifying visions to which he alone holds the key.

LIVE ROOM 3RD BIRTHDAY PARTY WITH NINE BELOW ZERO 8pm, Caroline Street Social Club Nine Below Zero are a seminal British rhythm and blues outfit who celebrated 35 years together in 2014, and continue to set the standard for hard driving, high energy blues-rock and more. £15/£13 club members + £1 on door.

Saturday 2 May Golden Cabinet presents Powell 7pm, Kirkgate Centre DJ, producer and head honcho at Diagonal Records, Powell is playing at Golden Cabinet. The anticipation has already reached stellar proportions so expect a mindblowing mix of EBM, no-wave, rhythmic post-punk and all-out noise bound together by a heavy overdrive of bass inspired raging techno. £11/13

Johnny Cash Revisited 7.30pm, Bingley Arts Centre Johnny Cash Revisited is a semibiographical show illustrating the transition of Johnny Cash from a gospel singer from Dyess Arkansas into the legendary recording artist, The Man in Black.

A regular and popular event, showcasing a vast variety of crafts and gifts not available in standard high street shops. If you’re looking for a gift with a difference you’re sure to find it here! Continues on Monday 4th May.

MONDAY 4 MAY A GRAND DAY OUT ALL DAY @ INDUSTRIAL MUSEUM, BD2 3HP A fun-filled Grand Day Out with kids activities, Viking warriors and birds of prey - there’ll be loads to see. Contrast the lives of our families in the 1875, 1945 and 1975 back-to-back houses. See some of the inventions that made life easier and experience how transport changed from our tram to a 1970s camper van. With a brass band, a troop of Home Guard and 1970s music on vinyl records you can hear the differing tastes in music over the years. All welcome and, best of all, it’s free!

Wednesday 6 May Saltaire Decorative and Fine Arts Society 2pm – 3pm, Victoria Hall

Direct from Prince Edward Island, Canada, bluegrass fiddler Gordie MacKeeman has been making big waves over the last couple of years and really has to be seen to be believed.

Noche Latina presents Salsa Como Loco & Sharon King 8pm, Caroline Street Social Club This month features the fabulous dance band Salsa Como Loco. This time we’ll have a special guest appearance from hot american musician Joe McCarthy, well respected in the USA with a number of releases under his own name, Joe is the founder, leader, producer and drummer of Afro Bop Alliance, winner of the 2008 Latin Grammy for Album of the Year and has recorded and or performed with Paquito D’ Rivera, Poncho Sanchez, Arturo O’ Farrill & Samuel Torres amongst others. No advance tickets, all tickets on the door at £7.

Saturday 9 May Shipley College - the Weekend Gardener Courses - Spring Plant Propagation 10am-3pm, Shipley College.

This months lecture is Buckingham Palace, the history, occupants and contents, by Oliver Everett.

Improve the variety of plants you have inside and outside of your home. Learn the techniques needed to make softwood and leaf cuttings and create new plants for free!

Saltaire Bookshop Book Club 7pm, Saltaire Bookshop Our Book Club will be discussing Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life. For more info contact the shop on 01274 589144.

The Dragon Boat Festival 10am - 4pm, Roberts Park, Saltaire The Dragon Boat Festival will see over 30 teams take part in races on the River


If you have an event you would like to feature in our listings please email All listings are free of charge and are administered on a first come first serve basis.

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Aire at Roberts Park in Saltaire.

Irregular Roots presents Hall Brothers and John Carey/Steve Chapman Smith 8pm, Kirkgate Centre Featuring contemporary and traditional material with a fine mixture of strong songwriting, great harmonies, intricate guitar playing and fiddle pyrotechnics, they never fail to leave the audience with a smile on their face! £6/£4. www.

Sunday 10 May Cinema Organ Society Concert 2.30pm – 5pm, Victoria Hall A Cinema Organ concert featuring popular music from film, television and radio on the world famous mighty Wurlitzer. The performer for this concert is Nigel Ogden.

The Live Room presents Lady Maisery 8pm, Caroline Street Social Club Forged from the voices of Hannah James, Hazel Askew and Rowan Rheingans, Lady Maisery explore vocal harmony to breathtaking effect, through their fresh interpretations of songs and ballads. £12/£10 club members + £1 on door.

Monday 11 May BREAKFAST DISCO 7.45am - 8.15am, grounds of Saltaire URC Church, Victoria Road The alfresco Breakfast Disco returns after the Bank Holiday. Wake up to get down.

Thursday 14 May Shipley College Open Day 4.30-7.30pm, Exhibition Building Find out more about the College and the full-time and part-time courses and apprenticeships we offer. You can talk to our tutors, get some careers advice and guidance and enrol on courses.

Saturday 16 May Lego Club 1.30pm, Kirkgate Centre

PICK OF THE MONTH Saltaire dragon boat festival, SATURDAY 9TH MAY The Dragon Boat Festival will see over 30 teams take part in colourful boat races on the River Aire at Roberts Park in Saltaire. A 20m big screen will broadcast a live stream of the action to ensure those participating are the main stars. The festival is a free event, open to all and promises to be a real community occasion.

Once a month the main hall of the Kirkgate Centre is filled with Lego, Kinex, Meccano for children (and parents) creating all kinds of amazing things. A cafe serves affordable hot drinks, fresh crepes and healthy homemade savouries and cakes.

FROM CHARLIE AND LOLA TO RUBY REDFORT – LAUREN CHILD IN CONVERSATION 12PM @ NATIONAL MEDIA MUSEUM Do you love the adventures of Charlie and Lola? The stories of sassy and confident schoolgirl Clarice Bean? Daring, gadget-laden, code-cracking teenage spy, Ruby Redfort? Then don’t miss the opportunity to hear Lauren Child, award-winning writer and illustrator of these books. Tickets £6.

HAWORTH 1940S WEEKEND 12PM, HAWORTH VILLAGE Nostalgia through the streets of Haworth as visitors flock to Bronte Country for the village’s popular 1940s weekend, with live entertainment, beer tent, land army parade, cadet drill, static planes, military vehicles and vintage stalls. All free!


Front Room Disco 8pm Kirkgate Centre Front Room Disco brings you an eclectic alternative mix of music. Covering indie, alternative, ska, reggae, punk, disco and 80s pop. With Wil Oddsox (Love to Boogie). Local ales,wine and soft drinks. £3 admission. www.

Day of Dance TBC, Victoria Hall The Day of Dance in Saltaire is a great event that takes place twice a year to raise money for Oxfam and Yorkshire CND, amongst other charities.

Shipley College - The Weekend Gardener Courses - Summer Vegetables 10am-3pm, Shipley College. Grow tasty summer vegetables. We’ll give you practical techniques, including seed sowing, weed, pest and disease identification and control techniques.

Thea Gilmore and special guests 7.45pm, Bingley Arts Centre Thea Gilmore’s razor-sharp lyrics, melodic flair and honey-toned voice have been admired by wide ranging contemporaries from Bruce


find out what’s happening in the area this month Springsteen, Joan Baez, Richard Thompson to Neil Gaiman, David Baddiel and William Boyd. Sid Griffin hates her.

Sunday 17 May Saltaire Cricket Club Table Top Sale 10am – 1pm, Victoria Hall A wide variety of stalls selling small collectible antiques and toy cars, books, good quality second-hand clothing, handmade jewellery, scented candles and much more!

Wednesday 20 May Meet The Author 7pm, Saltaire Bookshop Alan Hall discusses his book Bradford In 100 Dates. Did you know Charles 1 sold Bradford to four London financiers to offset his debts? Or that Mary Sykes was accused of witchcraft after allegedly turning on her neighbours and flying away on a cow? Find out more on 20 May. For more info contact the shop on 01274 589144.

Thursday 21 May Pleasure Grounds featuring Barringtone, Chiaka, Fur Blend and DJ Barry Da Funk 7.45 pm, Caroline Social Club Ex-Clor man Barry Dobbin storms into Saltaire with his off-kilter hookpop. Ably backed up by prog-ees Chiaka and Philophobia music faves Fur Blend. Also expect essential records from Barry and thoughtprovoking images from Tim.

Friday 22 May Saltaire Live Presents: Celtic Fiddle Festival + Support

7.30pm, Victoria Hall The band that does what it says on the tin - an exhilarating journey through some of the varied celtic fiddle styles to be found on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Live Room presents Chip Taylor with John Platania 8pm, Caroline Street Social Club

by Bradford Library Service. www.

Friday 29 May Victoria Hall Movie Nights Presents: Despicable Me 2 (Cert U) 7pm, Victoria Hall

Saturday 23 May

Ex-supervillain Gru is recruited to help the Anti-Villain League after a secret Arctic laboratory is stolen. Gru juggles family life and a growing attraction to AVL agent Lucy as his minions are quietly kidnapped for some malevolent purpose.

Saltaire Arts Trail Various

Saturday 30 May

One of our favourite artists, songwriters and people. £14/£12 club members + £1 on door.

The aim of the Saltaire Arts Trial is to support the visual arts in and around Saltaire, celebrating the village’s rich heritage, and offering opportunities to both emerging and established artists. Continues through to Monday 25 May.

Record Club 8pm, Kirkgate Centre Bring and listen to vinyl in a relaxed setting with great company and a bottled beer/wine bar. www.

Wednesday 27 May

Sunday 31 May

The Live Room Presents Tim Eriksen and Eliza Carthy 8pm, Caroline Street Social Club

Spring Re-considered 10-3pm, Kirkgate Centre

Besides both wearing their hearts on their sleeves Tim and Eliza share an outward-looking musical vision, drawing inspiration from a broad range of sources. When we heard that the pair were doing some rare duo dates to plug the live album Bottle, captured during their 2013 tour, we couldn’t resist bringing them to The Live Room. £14/£12 club members + £1 on door.

Thursday 28 May Kirkgate Reading Group 2-3pm, Kirkgate Centre All welcome. Meets fourth Thursday of each month. £2 entry. Books supplied

After the success of our November event we’ll be swapping clothes, running fun up-cycling and recycling activities and doing a pay-as-you-feel cafe. www.

Yorkshire Craft Fairs 10am – 4pm, Victoria Hall A regular and popular event, showcasing a vast variety of crafts and gifts not available in standard high street shops. If you’re looking for a gift with a difference, you’re sure to find it here!


If you have an event you would like to feature in our listings please email All listings are free of charge and are administered on a first come first serve basis.

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BINGLEY ARTS CENTRE The Home of Bingley Little Theatre

Live Events This may johnny cash revisited Sat 2nd May , 7.30pm, £16 (£15 conc)

Rick McKay and special guest Jodie McKay pay tribute to Johnny Cash and June Carter with their band “Starkville City” to bring you a two hour uplifting show, suitable for all and crammed full of Country Music, Rock ‘n’ Roll , and Rockabilly Classics!


opus 44 choral singing workshop Sun 10th , 10am -4pm Opus44 return with their Choral Singing Workshop in the Studio at Bingley Arts Centre. Note use side door ! Anyone is welcome to this event.

Thea Gilmore... and special guests

Sat 16th, 7.45pm £22.50 Thea Gilmore’s razor sharp lyrics, melodic flair and honey toned voice have been admired by wide ranging contemporaries from Bruce Springsteen, Joan Baez, Richard Thompson, Neil Gaiman, David Baddeil and William Boyd.


coarse acting strikes back Sat 23rd - Sun 24th, 7.30pm £5

A Collection of three short comedies directed by Brian Stoner...A Collier’s Tuesday Tea - a gritty drama where the table upstages everyone. Pride At Southanger Park - a period piece with words by Jane and costumes by Ethel and Cinderella – a master class in this genre.

Bingley little theatre presents..

if i were you

Mon 25th May - Sat 30th May , 7.30pm, £8 (£7 conc) The Rodales seem like an ordinary family, but Jill and Mal have lost the spark in their marriage. Waking up one morning and finding they have switched personas, Mal in Jill’s body and Jill in Mal’s. Will seeing things from the other side make matters worse, or is this just what they need to save their family?

Main Street, Bingley, BD16 2LZ | Tel: 01274 567983 Box Office Open 11am - 3.30pm Weekdays

Heather Gregg by haigh simpson

photo by Dougie Wallace

Who are you and what do you do? I’m Heather and I’m a qualified yoga teacher, student, music-lover and anatomy geek! As well as teaching here in the UK I’m part of the team at a yoga school in South Goa, India where I teach every year. My mantra – it’s all about balance!

community in Saltaire that would complete my sense of truly having come home! What’s the best thing about teaching yoga? I enjoy exploring body and mind wellness with my students and sharing my knowledge and passion with the people I meet. Helping others develop physically, mentally and emotionally is its own reward - there’s nothing quite like seeing a radiant smile at the end of a class!

How did you discover yoga and what inspired you to start teaching it? I first became interested in health and wellbeing in my late teens and took my first yoga class a few years later when I moved to London. I originally saw yoga as a complement to running, cycling and gym workouts, but was soon hooked on the deeper side of yoga and the balance it brought to my life. A study trip to Goa six years ago and redundancy from my job in the music industry motivated me to take my yoga practice to the next level and I set out to become a teacher.

What are your plans for the next year? I’ve just run a yoga Spring Clean for body and mind which was great fun and really inspiring. I’ll be offering more themed workshops, regular Yin Yoga and candlelit Restorative Yoga sessions and Yoga for Runners and Cyclists. There are also plans for a day-long retreat and yoga alfresco! For my own practice I’ll be having an intensive study period with my teacher in the summer and I’ve been invited once again to teach in Goa over Christmas.

What’s your relationship with Saltaire? I was born and brought up here. I remember passing Salts Mill on the way to school when it was still derelict and abandoned. Saltaire has blossomed and bloomed in my absence and I’m so proud it has been designated a World Heritage site. If I can contribute to this transformation by developing a yoga

How can people get involved in your classes? Pop along to my website ( or Facebook page (heather gregg yoga & wellness) to see what classes, courses and workshops I offer in Saltaire.


Sat 23 Mon 25 MAY 2015









And much more...


Registered Charity no. 1150701 saltaireinspired


“Home to some of the boldest and most interesting work in the region.” Yorkshire Post










visit or call 01274 233200 to book

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