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SINCE 1955

60 Years of Ferrum College News

April , 2016

President Braaten Steps Down by Patrick Duggan Jennifer Braaten announced her decision to retire earlier this January after fourteen years of service as Ferrum College’s first female president. Braaten, 68, decided to leave her post in light of severe medical issues within her family, but cherishes the time she spent at Ferrum. “It’s been an honor and a privilege being at Ferrum,” Braaten said. “The best part of my life has been at Ferrum, I’ve loved it. I don’t even know how to describe it, other than to say there’s no place like Ferrum, and you’ll never find a better faculty, staff, student body, or sense of community than you do here.” Braaten was in born in Minnesota but grew up in San Francisco, where she got her first job in education as an 8th grade middle school teacher. “Middle school was my first job in education and also the most important,” Braaten said. “I say this not facetiously. If you can teach 8th grade you can do anything, just because of all the levels of emotional development, all the levels of engagement, and all the issues you have there.” After middle school, Braaten spent a short time teaching high school before getting her master’s degree and teaching community college. Eventually she moved to Florida, where she worked as a history and sociology professor, a provost, an academic dean, and a vice president of student affairs in various universities. “Teaching middle school is very interesting and engaging, but I was really interested in the development of the mind, and I wanted to work a little bit more with college students,” Braaten said. “I like freshman and sophomores because they’re in that transitional phase. It’s a really transformative time. Just like in middle school, everything is happening, but middle schoolers can’t sort it all out. For me, college was the place where you have an opportunity to find a path and accompany students on a path. That can be very exciting. I love it. I love college teaching, I still may go back to teaching.” Braaten’s first job as a president was at Midland University in Nebraska, where she worked for three and a half years solely

Photo Courtesy of Ferrum College

Jennifer Braaten is Ferrum College's first female Presdient

as an administrator, her first time completely separated from the classroom. “I think having been in the classroom really helps when you’re an administrator,” Braaten said. “There’s a perception that you’re removed from it, or you don’t know it, and that’s why I think in higher education we’re seeing presidents who are coming from the corporate world, or business, or the political arena, or maybe they’re lawyers, and they all may be good, but they really don’t understand the classroom. They don’t understand students in a lot of the ways someone who’s been in the classroom understands students. If you come from the academic side of the house you’re more likely to understand what it means to be an administrator then if you come from the military or corporate, because it’s not like the military and it’s not like a business. It’s a people, a developmental process.” Braaten made the decision to take a job at Ferrum to be closer to her family, who were living along the east coast at time; her daughter in Florida, her husband in Washington D.C., and her son in Boston. “After 9/11, the direct flights from Omaha to DC stopped, and I needed to be closer to DC, so I started to look for colleges in Virginia,” Braaten said. “I didn’t know how far away Ferrum was from DC, but

I said ‘Oh, a Virginia college, I’ll be closer to my husband!’ That was part of why I wanted to come, but also I love the motto, and I love the history.” Braaten championed a great deal of progress and expansion throughout her time at Ferrum. Over the course of her presidency, approximately $45 million was raised in capital campaigns, the college endowment grew to $50 million, and around $30 million in facilities were added to campus. In addition, Braaten’s work with local businesses led to student facilities like the YMCA and the Tri-area clinic, both located on campus. “I’d say my biggest area of initiative that’s visible was in the physical plan of the facilities,” Braaten said. “When I first came here, we had not been keeping up with facilities, so I’ve been doing that for residence halls. We’ve completely redone Franklin Hall, completely redone the library, built Clark and Dyer, built Arthur and Moore, and built the Hank Norton Center. A lot of energy went into facility upgrades for students. It’s such a beautiful setting, and we have great staff who take a lot of pride in presentation, so that was important to me.” Aside from physical and financial upgrades, Braaten took Cont on Page 6

Page 2 - THE IRON BLADE - April, 2016

Senior Art Show

Dalton Vetter "Pressure" Raku Clay

Taylor Scott "Drowning in Life" Canon EOS Rebel T1i, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photo

Sharease Brown "CPT" Mixed Media

Dalton Vetter "Two Tone" Lyman Red Clay

Taylor Scott "Losing Control" Canon EOS Rebel T1i, Adobe Lightroom, adobe Photoshop

Sharease Brown "Weight for it" Mixed Media

Page 3 - THE IRON BLADE - April, 2016


Ferrum College Putting Cuffs on Cancer by Ta’Jon Olmo Ferrum College has been supporting Relay for Life, known as Putting Cuffs on Cancer since 2015, for more than a decade. A 5K color run is the event’s highlight, but Putting Cuffs on Cancer also includes quad activities such as dodge ball, Zumba, a lip sync battle and a Miss Relay competition. This event is meant to support victims and survivors of this disease. All the proceeds will stay on campus and be offered in an academic scholarship for a student who has or had cancer or has someone in their immediate family affected by cancer. The effects of the disease extend beyond those touched by it directly, but that’s not something everyone feels comfortable talking about. Jill Adams, coordinator of the event, said, “Most people do not choose to participate in this event because it does not directly impact them personally. Students and staff feel detached from the cancer subject because it is one of those sensitive topics.” Adams was very enthusiastic about getting the word out about the event. “I feel as more and more people began to spread the word, Ferrum’s participation and involvement will increase by a very large amount,” she said. “This event is one of the many that really push our school motto Not Self, But Others,” Adams said. “This event is generally to show the love and support of cancer patients of all kinds, so whether it directly affects you or not,

Photo Courtesy of Ta'Jon Olmo

Participants throw multi-colored chalk into the air to celebrate the completion of the 5K Color Run.

the mission is to help someone else with a small token of love in the form of a relay, a donation, or just pure attendance.” Junior Kennsel Anderson was very excited to participate. “Us as a college does not come together much but when we do I’m glad it can be for something as beneficial and as enjoyable as this,” Anderson said. “I have had some part in this event in the three years I’ve been here and each year it continues to grow more and more. It’s a time

where you can look at the outtake of someone else’s problems because half the time people don’t understand that the smallest gesture goes the longest ways … It isn’t about the money or what you can give, because at the end of the day it goes a long way just to be there for somebody. Same goes for this event.” Sophomore Tyler Parker said, “I have not intended many of these events but being at this one this year gives a whole different perspective on cancer and the support that it carries with it.”

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Page 4 - THE IRON BLADE - April, 2016


Ferrum Sports: Final Report Spring 2016

Men’s Lacrosse – The Men’s Lacrosse team finished the regular season on a two game winning streak, bringing their overall record to 8-9. - Tyler Fullem led the way this season with 34 goals, both Frank Boxley and Ryan Tesler had 29 goals each. - Koby McMahon ended the season with 104 saves. Ferrum will go into their temporary, four team, conference tournament (SEILC) as a number one seed. The conference tournament Baseball – Ferrum’s baseball team finished starts April 23rd and the Championship is April the regular season 27-12 and 15-3 in the 24th. Softball –The softball team finished the Men’s Tennis – The tennis team ended the conference. The team won the USA South regular season 11-9 in the conference and ended season on a three game win streak, bring their conference regular season championship after up getting the 5 seed in the conference tournament. record to 11-8 while going 5-5 in conference sweeping Averett in the final three conference The team’s first game in the conference tournament matches. Men’s tennis was eliminated from games of the year. was against Averett University. Ferrum lost tournament play in the quarter finals, with a 7-2 There were individual awards won by Averett 3-2. This loss put the team in the loser’s loss against Averett. Ferrum’s baseball players for their regular season bracket on the first day. For the team to win the Golf – The golf team finished up their season play. Senior Jake Perkins won the USA South championship they were going to have to win six at the USA South Tournament on April 17. The Pitcher of the year while fellow teammate Hunter consecutive games. team were projected to finish six in the tournament Peck won Rookie Pitcher of the Year. Both players The team won five straight games to make out of the nine teams. The team did end up were also on the first team all-conference list. The it to the championship game against Averett. finishing six with a score of 956 while Methodist team had three players on the honorable mention Ferrum’s bat came alive in the championship University took home the championship with a for all-conference in second baseman Ty Comer, game as they scored eight runs in the third inning score of 885 through the three day tournament. Outfielder Lane Deaver, and Pitcher Dillon highlighted by -Jake Drake finished in eighth place overall Weaver. Coach Ryan Brittle won the conference’s Freshman Cheyenne Strickland’s three-run and was one of the lone bright spots on the team coach of the year award. home run. After the third inning the team cruised for the tournament. The team traveled to the conference to win the USA South Championship 10-1. -Brandon Bailey finished 16 with a score tournament on April 14 to play Averett in the The team had multiple players selected of 236. first round. Averett came away with the upset, 1-2. to the all-tournament team including Amanda Women’s Lacrosse –Women’s Lacrosse They then had to play Methodist in the morning Roberts (Senior), Heather Mayberry (Senior), capped the season off with a 17-2 victory over of April 15 and won that game 6-3. Later that day Sarah Bowman (Senior), Cheyenne Strickland Sweet Briar College. This victory brought the they had to play North Carolina Wesleyan and (Freshman), Lindsey Slover (Senior) and Courtney team to a 6-10 overall record. ending up losing their second game in the double Rudd (Sophomore). Cheyenne Strickland was the - Julianne Bove ended the season with 66 elimination tournament 10-1. Tournament Most Valuable Player. The team had goals and 17 assist The teams next game is at Emory and Henry two second team all-conference selections in the - Audrey Ramsey ended the year with 25 on April 20 while the teams Senior Day will be regular season with Rudd and Freshman Logan goals April 21 against Roanoke College at Panther Field Barbour. - Graceanne Gershner totaled 150 saves on starting at 7 pm. The team will now await to see where they the season Women’s Tennis – The women’s tennis will be playing in the NCAA Tournament as - Julianne earned first team all conference team won both games on April 10th to secure they locked up the USA South bid for the NCAA honors, while Graceanne earned second team their only two victories for the season. The ladies tournament with the tournament win. honors. finished 2-17. by Cameron Clark and Hunter Ferguson


Marcus Boyer - Men's Lacrosse

Q: What is your greatest sports memory at Ferrum? A: Winning the first ever South East Independent Lacrosse Championship. Q: What will you miss the most? A: Definitely my teammates. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys that were all brought together in one place.

Heather Mayberry - Softball

Q: Will you pursue the sport after college? A: I want to do slow pitch softball in an adult league or something Q: What is your degree and what do you plan to do with it? A: My degree is health science and I am going to nursing school to become an RN (registered Nurse)

Meghin Martin - Women's Lacrosse

Q: What is your favorite sports memory at Ferrum? A: Scoring a goal against Roanoke is my favorite memory. Q: What is your major and what do you plan to do with it after school? A: Social work is my major and sociology is my minor. I plan to go to grad school and get my masters in social work. I want to be a school social worker eventually.

Page 5 - THE IRON BLADE - April, 2016


by Hunter Ferguson, Cameron Clark and Jeremy Gibson

Taylor Napier - Men's Tennis

Q: What is your major and what do you plan to do with it after Ferrum? A: Spotts management, I am going to try to work in the NBA, maybe the D-League, whatever happens. Q: What will you miss the most about playing? A: I’ll miss the competition with my teammates definitely.

Keegan Howver - Golf Q: What do you plan to do with your degree? (Major: Business Administration, Sports Management) A: Work in the business administration and management field of sales. Q: What is a fun fact about you? A: Love surfing and body building

Marvin Wilson - Men's Basketball

Q: Greatest sports moment at Ferrum? A: Playing for the conference regular season championship my freshman year. Q: What will you miss most? A: The brotherhood that I have built with my teammates.

Thomas Betts - Football

Q: What is your major and what do you plan to do with your degree? A: I’m a criminal justice major with a minor in computer technology. I just got a job outside of my major as afinancial advisor. Q: What’re you going to miss the most? A: I know I am going to miss making a hard hit or big play and knowing that I get to celebrate with my brothers. I know how much work we all put in for that moment to happen.

Gabby Newmiller - Equestrian

Q: What is your degree and what do you plan to do with it? A: Animal Science major with environmental science minor, after college I want to go into ag tourism and work on ranches and give guided horseback tours. Q: What are you going to miss the most? A: I’m really going to miss my teammates! We have the best connection no matter how well we do. We are always positive. We have the best bus rides and it really makes showing more fun than just winning ribbons.

Jake Perkins - Baseball Q: Will you try and pursue the sport after college? A: I would love to but it's not in my hands to make that final decision. Q: What is a fun fact about you? A: I was a state champion in Golf in high school.

Kemani Crawford - Women's Basketball Q: What is your greatest sports memory at Ferrum? A: Hosting and winning the conference tournament my sophomore year. Q: What will you miss most? A: Bus rides and bonding with my teammates in the hotel

Paul Biggs - Men's Wrestling Q: Greatest sports moment at Ferrum? A: Greatest moment in sports was being at the NCAA wrestling tournament and just looking out at the crowd realizing all my hard work had paid off.

Emily Danner - Volleyball Q: Greatest sports memory at Ferrum? A: Making it to conference this year. Q: Will you pursue the sport after college? A: I'm hoping to help coach my high school team this upcoming year.

Page 6 - THE IRON BLADE - April, 2016

President Braaten

From pg. 1

her role as Ferrum’s first female president seriously, and made diversity and acceptance one of her primary goals. “We’ve been very embracing of diversity at Ferrum since I’ve been here. We’ve increased in all areas,” Braaten said. “It’s just people, and it’s been important for us to be able to say that this is a welcoming place. How do you overcome prejudice and discrimination? The answer is through education. This is part of Ferrum’s historical legacy of opportunity and accessibility, keeping with our historic mission but in a contemporary context, so it isn’t just about opportunity, accessibility and affordability for our immediate region, but also who we are in the commonwealth and who are we in the country. I think we’ve become much more heterogenous, certainly ethnically, and I wanted our diversity statement to include gender identity, in terms of the LGBT community.” Braaten believes it is important for Ferrum College to be a community leader in diversity. She feels that she has accomplished both that and her other goals as president with the help of a highly supportive faculty. “We wanted to grow the college academically, we wanted to grow the college in enrollment, and we wanted to grow the college in reputation and aesthetics,” Braaten said. “I think we’ve achieved that in a very significant way. A high school counselor actually told me that Ferrum went from frumpy to fabulous in five years. At open houses people always tell me there’s no place better when it comes to friendly people. They’ll tell me they really feel like there is this family atmosphere, that people are here to help support you. An alum once said to me that a lot of us who came to Ferrum were broken in some way. It could’ve been financial, could’ve been emotional, could’ve been a relationship, could’ve been academically, but Ferrum made us whole again.” Braaten hasn’t filled in the details of her retirement plans, but her primary goal is to be closer to her family. However, she also plans to stay at least somewhat involved in education, as well as to pursue passions that her career got in the way of. She’ll be keeping her traveling limited, but plans to make trips out to the west at some point or another. “I probably will be still involved in higher education in a different capacity,” Braaten said. “I may teach a class or two, not here, I may be involved with some of these consulting firms that work in higher education, where they try to assist new administrators in understanding the trends and the challenges of higher education. probably still being involved with some art. I’m kind of a neophyte artist and photographer. I used to take a black and white photography class and do my own enlarging when I was in my twenties, so I’m very interested in doing more photography. I also used to do a lot of watercolor, and I’m interested in doing some of that. I’m really interested in anything related to nature, I love bird watching, and the aesthetic of the blue ridge mountains.” Braaten plans to move down to Florida to be closer to her daughter, either by late July or early August. She helped select individuals from both in and outside of the Ferrum community for a search team to find a new president. They have not yet come to a decision.

Fulbright Scholar Esther Pescador De Galdo by Kaitlin Roeper Ferrum College has a wide variety of diversity throughout its campus. With the help of the Fulbright Scholarship Program, diversity and cultural knowledge grows every day. The Fulbright Scholars program is a competitive merit-based scholarship for individuals to travel abroad to research, study and exercise their talents. For the past three years, Ferrum College has been joined by Fulbright Scholars, one from Argentina and another from Spain. For the 2015-2016 academic year Esther Pescador de Galdo has been calling Ferrum College her home and sharing her knowledge with the campus. She came to Ferrum to teach Spanish, her native language, because she loves seeing bilingual signs and hearing Spanish everywhere. While here she has taught courses such as Spanish 101 and conversational Spanish, keeps a blog and held a lecture in the Panther’s Den in Franklin Hall to share her language and culture. Through these lectures she likes to help people understand more about Spanish culture, Spain and the differences between Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries. “People assume that in Spain we eat the same food as in Mexico,” she said. “Someone told me that I should not miss food from Spain because there are a lot of Mexican restaurants around here” Pescador De Galdo is from a small town called Pinto, Spain. Ever since she was a child she was interested in language and wanted to be a teacher. After her primary education, she decided to take a year off and traveled to Ireland to work as an au pair and improve her English. After that year she went back to Madrid to get a B.A. in translation and interpreting with a specialization in translation in English, Spanish, and French. During the first semester in college, Pescador De Galdo learned about the Fulbright Scholarship Program because one of her professors had come to the United States as a Fulbright Scholar. She knew that was what she wanted to do. She wanted to experience the States in person and not just through books. So she finished her B.A. and worked as an English teacher while starting her M. Ed. While working towards her M. Ed, she realized her love for linguistics, which took her back to Dublin to receive a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics in Trinity College in Dublin. Pescador De Galdo’s time in Dublin convinced her she wanted to become a better educator and that is also why she wanted to join the Fulbright Scholars. While she was finishing her master’s, she applied for a Fulbright Scholarship. She was ready to share her culture with the States. She has

participated in the LUCIDE project, a network that manages multilingual citizen communities. She also presented work at the Interdisciplinary Linguistics Conference in Queen’s University, Belfast, in 2014 and the Sheffield Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics at the University of Sheffield in 2015. She also presented at the Fulbright Conference in DC, in 2015, about how to transmit culture in the classroom, presenting work she did last semester with her students here, and has written an article for Madrid magazine Babel about the Linguistic Landscape, which will be published in 2017. Pescador De Galdo applied for the scholarship while in Dublin and got an email saying she had to return to Madrid for an interview with Fulbright Commission. The interview was in Spanish and English, “I was also asked if I would be able to live in a small place and I said of course. I’m from Madrid and have been living in Dublin for a year. I saw the interviewers giggling and I did not understand why. Then I got to Ferrum as my host institution and, in that moment, I understood those quiet laughs,” Esther says. She hopes to take some U.S. back customs to the Spanish education system. She’ll also be taking back fond memories. “Thank you to Karl Roeper, Nancy Beach, Aaron Creasy, Taiki, Mizuho, David, and my students for all the laughs, conversations and for their help,” she said, “because you have made me feel at home even though I was away from my home!”

By Jeremy Gibson As another school year comes to a close at Ferrum College, the Ferrum community is losing June Minter. She will be retiring at the conclusion of the semester. First coming to Ferrum in 2008 as adjunct in the science department, Minter became a full time biology instructor in 2011. “I have had a wonderful experience here at Ferrum,” she said. “I’ve enjoyed my colleagues and students most of all.” Though her time here at Ferrum was short, Minter feels she still managed to successfully impact her students, which she says she is the main reason she kept coming back. “I loved those ‘aha’ moments students would

get when they experienced and learned something new” says Minter “Those were the moments I wanted to keep giving students a reason to continue their education.” After she and her husband retire this summer, they plan to move to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and continue their many interests. Minter plans to continue her horseback riding on their ranch, re-establish herself as a photographer, and create pieces of art with stained glass, basket weaving and counter-cross stitching. She also wants to learn to carve duck decoys. Minter and her husband also intend to keep a place in Virginia so they can come back and visit Ferrum’s campus and former colleagues.

Photo Courtesy of Esther Pescado De Galdo

June Minter Retires from Biology Department

Page 7 - THE IRON BLADE - April, 2016


Students Let Loose at Annual Spring Fling

On Saturday, April 16, Ferrum students gathered on the quad from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. to celebrate the annual Spring Fling. Star City Events was recruited to provide various activities; Left and bottom left, students let loose on inflatable playgrounds. Bottom right, students participate in a variation of "Deal or No Deal," with a maximum cash prize of one hundred dollars. Student organizations, academic clubs, and greek organzations also set up stands promoting and raising money for both charities and the groups they were representing. Sophomore Declan Galvin helped run a table for the campus political group No Labels and also participated in a water balloon fight. "I really enjoyed getting oustide for the Spring Fling with my friends," Galvin said. "We collected donations for the Special Love charity at the No Labels table, and I had a lot of fun in the water balloon fights."

Below, chemistry students raise money for chemistry club by making and selling tye-dye shirts. Left, senior Andrew Newman sings his rendition of Dwight Latham and Moe Jaffe's "I'm My Own Grandpa" during a karoake showcase organized by Dr. Ed Hally's Citizenship and Learning class. The karaoke was a part of a series of events organized by Hally's class to raise awareness on poverty in the south. "When I was told that it was a southern heritage theme, I knew there was no other song I could sing," Newman said. "It was not on the approved song list, but I sung it any way."

Left, junior William Phillips recieves a temporary tattoo from a Star City Events professional. Right, sophomore Lucas Reynard hurls a water balloon in a battle organized by the RHA student organization.

photo spread by Patrick Duggan

Page 8 - THE IRON BLADE - April, 2016


Question: What did you have on your Ferrum bucket list before graduation? Have you achieved it yet?

Bryan Smith

Marybeth Bond

Billie Quesenberry

Laurel Skinner

Andrew Newman

Jae White

A: Skydiving. No, but I will try to later in life.

A: I wanted to beat all my swim records from freshman year which I did my last meet of my career.

A: I've always wanted to bologna someone's car in the middle of the night. I don't think that is going to happen though.

A: I want to go do something cool with friends who have graduated before me. I'm notoriously bad at keeping up with people when we're not around each other.


A: I've always wanted to have a building-wide dinner or get together. Oh, and for Thanksgiving and Christmas we had potlucks which were really nice.

A: There are a few of the things I've completed from my Ferrum bucketlist: I've ordered a Flutter Clucker from Happy Pappy's, I've taken many chugs of moonshine, I've partied at Trollville and OXE, hiked Ferrum Mountain, befriended the legend Dodger, spent endless hours under the stars, helped found something bigger than myself, and I've repped the same number for soccer for 4 years #17. I've bought into "not self but others", and finally I've finished my career here at Ferrum College in 4 years.

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Nathan Odems

A: Honestly, this late in, trying to get everything in order so I can graduate proudly.

Profile for Ferrum College

Iron Blade: April 2016  

Iron Blade: April 2016