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elcome to my vision, my dream, and my passion. The5Twenty Magazine is finally here and it’s been long overdue. I love this city we call Tucson aka The T.U.C, aka the Tuc-Town, aka Stash-City, aka The 520. Call it what you want but the fact still remains; I love this city to the death of me. I was born here, got my education in these streets and at Pima Community College, met my wife here, plan to raise a family and truth be told I’ll probably die here.

eedless to say this city has no shortage of creativity. We’ve always been known for our southwestern style artists and painters thanks to our breathtaking landscapes and colorful scenery. This also ties in with the photography scene. I mean honestly you can’t capture a more beautiful sunset photo than you can out here. Just look up the hash tag #arizonasunset on Instagram and you’ll see what I’m talking about




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On the Cover

Cash Lansky gives us his first L.P

Marley B

The album release party you missed out on, but its cool, get the CD tho

T.U.C’s Born Day

The street clothing line celebrates and gives us an inside look

Artist Of The Month

Dare to ask why, but listen and you’ll know why

Chef Armando Duarte

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Corrupt Alumni The Terrifix Ohfishl Clothing Co. Pureline Ink Starstruck Unlimited Honor Roll Gang AK Cycles Empire Customs

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See some of the best poetry to come out of the city

Charismatic Cool w/ KLEPTOO Chopping it UP w/ Chef Mando

This months recipe is a classic Tucson icon

36 Issue#1

The Power of Words

Skip Dear Abby, ask the man himself for advice


We talk with the local celebrity chef about his plans for the future

  4   January 2013


Big Boy Tech Toys

ut the Music Scene around here… ohh man! Things have been getting really exciting. Everybody involved in the music scene knows that it’s only a matter of time before somebody from here makes it big. The Hip Hop scene in Tucson right now is a ticking time bomb and I for one cant wait to see it explode. We got live shows every weekend, a nationally known battle scene, and lots of locals with superstar qualities and potential.

ut there’s also quite a bit of bullshit tho too. I don’t want to sound negative but the truth is the scene has also been a bit flooded with half-assers to the point that its made it hard for those that are gifted to approach anybody with their music. Now if your music is good it will stand out regardless, but it’s become a definite cause for concern. ENTER THE5TWENTY MAGAZINE…

ur main goal at THE5TWENTY is to showcase the artists that deserve it. We aren’t saying we’re gonna make you famous but we WILL do our absolute best to give credit where credit is due. We want those involved in urban music, art, poetry, photography, clothing and that 520 lifestyle to view us as a central hub for everything Tucson related. Artists will be able to submit their work and if you’re truly representing the 520, THE5TWENTY will represent for you.

Fernando”kAZual”Aguila Jr.

Editor & Creative Director

THE5TWENTY Chief Editor Fernando Aguila Jr Assistant Editor Christina Aguila Assistant Editor Chris Willhoit Assistant Editor Chris Willhoit

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Questions and feedback: Please feel free To contact us THE5TWENTY MAGAZINE Tucson Arizona Phone: (520)235-8201 Email:

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The Boy making all the NOISE!

Marley B leaving it all on the stage during his Raising Arizona album release party. Photo by Fernando “kAZual” Aguila Jr.

  6   January 2013


Raising Arizona By Fernando “kAZual” Aguila Jr.


isten closely to what the town is bumpin’ in their decks and I guarantee you’ve heard of this young buck. You might have seen him rock a stage at one of the local venues. Or maybe you’ve heard him kill a collaboration with one of your favorite locals. Or you’re just up on your “who’s who” in the town list and if that’s the case then you know that Marley B is the mother****in’ man. With just over 2 years on the scene it would seem that Marley B’s drive is definitely on the right path. For those of you that don’t know Marley B, here’s the skinny (pun intended). His government name is Marley Bertrand, 23 years young and he was born and raised in this city we love and his lyrics show it constantly. His sophomore mixtape released under Determined Records titled “Raising Arizona” is proof in itself, but as if that wasn’t enough he has a track on there called “Welcome to the Zona Zoo” which in my opinion should be the new anthem played at all the University of Arizona sporting events. Bet me that the crowd don’t get hyped, I know I do when I hear it. Speaking of Raising Arizona, Marley had his album release party this month at Club Congress during Black One’s first “Chronicles” show of the year.

Marley who is a member of Black One’s Starstruck Unlimited, was held down by a series of cats that opened up for him including Jeyy Rich, Jake & J. Boogie, and Black One himself. If I had to guess I’d say the club was about ¾ full but those in attendance definitely got a show to remember and a hard copy of Raising Arizona. The mixtape has 22 tracks touching a wide variety of topics. From reppin the hometown and smoking dank to the ups and downs of relationships and the state of the hip hop game, its on here. The tracks that really caught my attention and are now heavy in my 5Twenty Hip Hop rotation are of course “Welcome to the Zona Zoo” and “Mama I Made It/MIMI” which both have excellent videos brought to you by Undrstmtd Films that you can peep on Youtube. Also on the list are “Tip Top” and “Miss Melody” but I’d have to say “Club Wawtchin” and “Don’t Do It” are my personal favorites. Obviously “Club Wawtchin” is the party starter of the album and I was lucky enough to see Marley B performed it for the first time at the album release party. But on “Don’t Do It” Marley touches on the subject of infidelity in a positive format that not many have the tenacity to touch. A nice escape from the common player roles we’re used to hearing about and for that The5Twenty salutes Marley B. ∞  7


Q’s A’s &

I represent n’ give it my best. I’m the Heisman, you tryin but I just high step

-Outro, Raising Arizona

The5Twenty sits down with

Marley B

T5T - How long have you been doing music for? Marley B - I’ve been writing since I was about 15, Only been behind the mic for a little over 2 years now. T5T - Who are your biggest influences in music/ life? Marley B - My mom is my number one influence in both really. When I was growing up she was in a few different bands, she’s a really talented musician playing bass, guitar, piano and singing. She always taught me to ‘broaden my horizons’ and open up to all sorts of genres of music. It’s funny cause when she was pregnant with me she used to play bass in one of her bands and she said I would kick to the beat. She started my passion for music before I even knew what it was. T5T - What inspires you to write your lyrics? Marley B - Man, really the everyday struggles. When I listen to music I look for material I can relate to, something that can motivate or help me through the problems I’m going through. I try to do the same for the people that take the time to listen to my music. T5T - What made you want to start doing music? Marley B - It started as a hobby, I used to always screw around and free style with all my buddies. I realized I had timing and rhythm a lot of people didn’t have so I decided to start writing. I wrote for about 5-6 years before I ever really got behind a mic, but once I put out my first material and got the response I did, I knew I had to take this serious. T5T - Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Marley B - On a national level making music. I want to take my talent around the country and show what potential and talent Arizona has.

Marley doin the Heisman at his Raising Arizona Mixtape Release Party.

T5T - Why is the mixtape titled Raising Arizona? Marley B - I feel that our whole music scene has been slept on for far too long. Raising Arizona is a state of mind to lift

the state into the national spotlight to get the respect we deserve. Starting from the ground up, we’re Raising Arizona. Plus the movie is classic! T5T - How do you feel about the local hip-hop scene? Marley B - It’s thriving now more than ever. I mean I can’t sit here and act like I’ve been around for 10 years, but in the 2-3 years I’ve been watching this scene, the talent and hustle is more apparent now than it ever has been. T5T - If you could do a collab with anybody in the world, who would it be? Marley B - Man there’s so many artists out there that I’d love to work with. But at this point in time I think it would have to be Joe Budden. His lyrics always blow my mind. T5T - What advice would you give a young kid that says I want to be a Hip Hop artist when I grow up? Marley B - Start now! Hip hop doesn’t have an age limit. One thing I regret is not taking my music serious at a young age. Who knows where I’d be had I started 5 years earlier. KEEP HIP HOP ALIVE! Photos by kAZual Photography  9  9

Black One hosting and performing.

Marley getting down as Rip Dee watches on

Span Phly who came down from Phx to support Marley B

Rockin the crowd at Club Congress

Jake & J Boogie rockin with the man of the night Marley B DJ Saer Uno on the 1’s & 2’s

Marley B & Cash Lansky doin what they do best

Jeyy Rich rockin Congress Y-Not doin his thang

  10   January 2013

Cant Stop, Wont Quit

Local Events

Marley B’s Raising Arizona Mixtape Release Party @ Club Congress Jan25th,2013

Issue#1  11

12   January 2013


ng S oon



Local Events

The Underestimated By Fernando “kAZual” Aguila Jr. CITY T he date was December 15, 2012, and The Underestimated City aka Rep T.U.C was celebrating its 2 year anniversary. The party was held at the Rep T.U.C store located at 115 E Broadway and it was definitely an event to remember. Dozens were in attendance to pay homage to owner/operator Israel “Izzy” Zavala as he turned his street wear shop into a museum of his artwork. On display were the some of the stencils that Izzy holds near and dear to his art, evidence on how far his passion has come.

The party also held host to some great Hip-Hop acts. Opening up the performances were Jake & J Boogie, along with Jaca Zulu of the Aces, followed by Marley B of Determined Records, and headlining the night was none other than Mr. SelfMade himself Cash Lansky, with guest performances by Marley B and yours truly, kAZual dA kID. DJ Phen of the Jivin Scientist kept the music spinning all night and Izzy’s brother Jose “Chepe” Zavala of UNDRSTMTED Films was doing his thing behind the camera. You can see a video of the nights events on his YouTube channel. It seems that there are clothing lines popping up left and right nowadays. I guess you can say its the new fad, kind of how everybody and their mom is rapping now, but just like the rap game, the street wear game is a hard business. Yeah it may be easy to get some shirts made up but only those true to their craft and brand will survive. Even though 2 years doesn’t seem like a long time, Izzy’s road to this juncture has been a trying one. The5Twenty has been fortunate enough to sit down with Iz and ask him a few questions about how he got started and what his plans for the future are.

HARD WORK   14   January 2013




T5T – How long have you been doing your clothing line “The Underestimated City”? Iz – Well I started T.U.C about 4 years ago, but I’ve been doing stencils and spray painting shirts for over 6 years now. T5T – What made you want to get into making T-Shirts?


people have adopted it that way so I’m like whatever they want to call it is fine with me. But the truth is it stands for “The Underestimated City” and my ultimate goal is for people to embrace that name and see that though it’s a Tucson brand, our goals are and have always been beyond that. And so as more people started to want my Rep T.U.C shirts I decided I needed to come up with a logo for it. So me having a skateboard style mentality and since a lot of skateboarding company’s do spin-offs on other famous logos I decided to do the T.U.C logo in the style of the San Francisco Giants logo. Never did I ever think it would mean as much to people as it does today. T5T – What are your main influences?

Iz – It mainly started when my brother Chepe was in Afghanistan. Chepe wanted to start a clothing line so when he got back from Afghanistan we started doing his line called Red Star. But once we started making designs for it, my brother and I had different ideas as far as which direction to take the brand so he continued to do his Red Star and I just kind of took a break from it all. At this time I was unemployed and had just moved in with my girlfriend so I had a whole lot of time on my hands. But then I found out about Shepard Fairey and Obey so I began to do more research on stencils and decided to get back at it again. I started making stencils to do custom skateboards for the kids in my neighborhood, and as I got better at making stencils and I began trying to spray paint my stencils on T-shirts. A lot of people don’t know this but I had a few brands I came up with before T.U.C. One of the brands was called “KKK” which stood for the Kool Kolored Kids but obviously it wasn’t the greatest choice (laughs out loud). Then I moved on to Power to the People but that just got way to long to cut into stencils so I eventually cut it down to Power Skateboards and from Power Skateboards Rep T.U.C was born. T5T – When and what sparked the whole Rep T.U.C brand? Iz – While I was doing my Power Skateboards brand I had an idea to do a spin off of the Run D.M.C shirt, which was actually and idea of Chepe’s as well but he never really ran with it so I did. Once I made the shirt and started wearing it out in public I started getting a huge response to it but people weren’t even noticing the Power Skateboards name, it was all about the Rep T.U.C. And what’s funny about it was I had never intended to make a brand out of it, it was just a shirt. But people really liked it and saying it as “Rep Tuck” as in short for Tucson, which was cool but it was never really my intention. It was to be read like the Run D.M.C but   16   January 2013

Iz – As far as coming from a skateboard clothing line perspective, I’d have to say first I’d have to give props to Obey. I really liked the whole OBEY Giant stuff and the political side of their brand. If it hadn’t been for Obey I never would have gotten into making custom stencils for skateboards as seriously as I did which eventually led me to doing street wear. Another big influence that helped me when I got into street wear was from another local brand called Finally Made. At first I had no idea there was any other local street wear shop in town until I saw a kid wearing a Finally Made shirt. That’s when I went into the shop and I met Prince and had shown him some of my stencils and he had asked me why I didn’t run with it more as a brand. And see at the time I wasn’t as educated in the industry. I didn’t know about printing shirts, screen printing, getting hats done, nothing, so he really gave me a push as far as the other aspects of street wear by letting me hang out in the shop and see it all first hand. I also have a lot of respect for Nigo the creator of Bathing Ape and the way he basically took some American style clothing, put his twist on it made it so huge in Japan that he was able to bring it back to the United States and the masses just ate it up. It reminded me of something like someone buying drugs from their dealer, taking the drug and making it more powerful then selling it back to the drug dealer and getting em hooked. But one of my ultimate influences would have to be Benny Gold. When I look at his brand and his saying “Stay Gold”, it reminds me to always stay true to myself. T5T – Where do you plan to be in 5 years? Where do you see yourself? Iz – To me, a realistic goal with what’s going on around here with all the construction downtown and stuff would to just still be around. There’s so many clothing lines popping up and you gotta stay competitive. And Tucson is definitely a trendy city. I see a lot of kids rocking The Hundreds brand and Diamond Supply but what they don’t realize is those brands have been around for 10-12 years and even they finally started receiving the notoriety they deserve due to the rise in street clothing lines and the love for street wear. We’re barely going on two years and in the two years I’ve seen a lot of clothing lines start up and fail so honestly just to still be around and be relevant would be awesome. T5T – That leads me into this next question, how do you feel about all the


new clothing lines popping up? Iz – With me I feel there’s a lot of kids that are getting into it because they think it’s the cool thing to do right now. This goes back to the whole trend thing. I think people see us and other local lines like Finally Made and think we’ve made it and that they can become some sort of overnight success but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I don’t even think we’ve really made it yet. T.U.C as a brand has a long way to go before we can say we’re successful. I still gotta check my bank account every morning like everyone else does. I still come into work everyday, this is my nine to five. Yeah we’ve been doing pretty good here locally but the day I don’t gotta worry about checking my bank account, that’s when I’ll know I’ve made it. Plus a lot of kids that are trying to get into street wear will come up to me and try and ask me where I get my shirts done or they try to ask me how I did this and that, and see I don’t mind helping out the city or anybody but I’m also a firm believer in hard work over hand outs. See that’s the problem, a lot of em have no real identity behind their brand. I like to refer to these brands as “the swag scene”. A lot of these guys think that they can just come up with a trendy name or something that sounds cool and it’ll blow up but there’s really no integrity behind their name. A lot of kids do it for the wrong reasons. You gotta be willing to put in the work. It’s not a trend to me, it’s a business. If you see the clothing lines that are famous you’ll notice they all have substance, they all have a story behind their brand and that’s the heart of what a clothing line is and that’s what most of these kids don’t understand. But for all those willing to put in the hard work and do it right I definitely support them all. T5T – If you could do a clothing collab with anybody who would it be? Iz – If I could choose anybody to collab with right now I would have to say Benny Gold simply because of how he has inspired me. He really hasn’t influenced my style but he’s made a major impact on who I am, the way I treat my business, the way I treat my customers and just the art of clothing. He showed me how to recognize the difference between brands that are committed and those just in it. The reason I really respect him is this. Back when I still had my skateboard style mentality I was still doing rips of other brands and I really liked a collab Benny Gold did with Rebel 8 and I wanted to do something like it and since I had a friend who’s style was similar to Rebel 8, I was like lets do a collab and see what we come up with. It took us a few months but we finally came up with something we really liked. But see during that period of time I was kind of riding my new found success. We were gaining popularity and to tell you the truth I started to get a little too cocky, a little big headed, I started thinking I was the shit and God’s gift to Tucson, really running a stray ya know. I wasn’t caring about others, my family, it was all about me me me. So right around this time I decided to send our new logo to Benny Gold to see what he thought about it since it had his famous paper plane on it. So I emailed him and explained what I did and Benny Gold actually emailed me back saying he really liked it and liked how it was my style and how it represented Tucson. He said he appreciated the fact that I looked to him for inspiration and he was just an all around cool guy. I gave him my background on how I was in the military and

Some of Izzy’s early work that he has on display in his shop. Photos by kAZual Photography

what my brand was all about and how I started and he treated me like he had known me for years. I wasn’t like “no you cant use my design” he was encouraging and appreciative. He was even like thank you for your service to our country, just way humble. And this guy is big time, he’s done major collabs throughout the years and for him to treat me, a no name kid from a little ass city with respect like I was one of his boys or something, that right there blew me away. I was like “Who the f**k am I? It was a real eye opener for me. Here I was always preaching stay humble stay hungry yet I was totally contradicting myself. That’s why I have his logo tattooed and my arm and it says, “stay humble” as a constant reminder and not to forget my upcoming and stay grounded. T5T – My last question to you bro is, what do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t making street wear? Iz – Man.. I really don’t know (chuckles). I don’t know man probably at McDonald’s or something. I probably wouldn’t be with my lady; I probably wouldn’t have a kid, man that’s a serious question. But I’m definitely thankful that this is what I’ve been blessed to do. I remember being unemployed and having to move in with my lady and while she worked all day I was making stencils and at the time our relationship was starting to suffer from my being so obsessed with my new found passion, but she stuck it out with me and I know she’s proud of me and I’m really blessed to have her and my son Tony in my life. T5T – Izzy thank you so much for sharing your world with us bro Iz – Thank you and good luck with the magazine. ∞  17

2926 E Broadway Tucson, AZ 85716


  18   January 2013





Cash Lansky


elcome to the 5Twenty’s first “Artist of the Month” showcase. We are exited to be able to give artists a place where all their hard work can be appreciated and artists can be respected for their accomplishments. Granted Tucson hasn’t seen the type of recognition it deserves, but everyone that makes this list is definitely well on his or her way. This month’s premier issue Artist of the month is none other than the man on the cover, Cash Lansky. If you love HipHop, and you’re from Tucson, and you still haven’t heard of him then you need to get out more homie. Cash is not only a dominating force in the city right now, but he’s just all around a great guy to know.


hances are most of you are either friends with the guy on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but if by some chance you aren’t, Google the man and get familiar. Dude’s been doin his thing, and its impossible not to notice. The U of A Mixtape and Limitless Mixtape gave us a great introduction to the man throwing up the Selfmade 76 Elite Society every time he’s on a stage. And his new album may be titled “Simplicity” but it is definitely far from simplistic.

  20   January 2013



(Continued) Issue#1


Pardon my Success, it was all in Gods plan. Turn some of you biggest critics to biggest fans - Cash Lansky

Left: Cash rockin at Marley B’s album release party Right Top & Bottom: kAZual Photography photo shoot

  22   January 2013

Issue#1  23


atter of fact Cash gives us proof he’s able to adapt in this ever-changing game we love so much. “Simplicity”, Cash’s first LP was released January 5th with an album release party hosted at Club Congress. Featured along side Cash on this 12 track feature film are fellow 520 artists Marley B, Runt, ShoNuff and yours truly, kAZual dA kID (featured on the hits “Big Deal” and “I’m On” <--shameless plug). It also features production by 8oheight, Rukus Beats, Kickitfree, and the Jivin Scientists who also mixed and mastered this bad boy at Mothership Studio located in the Rep T.U.C shop.


he album takes you on a journey through mindset of a man that’s extremely focused. When Cash says Simplicity, he doesn’t mean it in the sense that rapping is easy, because we all know it isn’t, at least good rap anyway, but what he’s saying is it comes easy to him because it is a gift he is blessed with. The album has a smooth rhythm and blues vibe that’s packed with powerful punch lines and style. What’s evident in Cash’s rhymes is that he preaches positivity and reaching for greatness. When he says “I got a date with Destiny” the man is dead serious.


t 28 years young Cash is ready to take his career to the next level. Recently linking up with RipDee Musica of Gldn Ghst and GLDN Artist Group, he now has a nice army of dream-chasers behind him to push him into the life he is destined to lead. Not to mention you gotta give it up and show love to the SelfMade/Elite Society Squad, especially Fresh, Tapes and Big Cat. These dudes are the epitome

of what true homies are. They’re right there beside him at every show, they know the lyrics to all his joints and they’re always down to get up on stage with him and get down. #SALUTE!


his month Cash will be heading out of state on the Liquor & Love Tour alongside The Jivin Scientist, Gldn Ghst, and Big Meridox, which will definitely be a positive for him and his fan base. Mr. Lansky,

The Love and Liquor Tour: Featuring: Jivin Scientists, Cash Lansky, Big Meridox and Gldn Ghst.   24   January 2013


Photo by kAZual Designs

The5Twenty salutes you and congratulates you on being our first “Artist of the Month”. We will be patiently waiting to see your career flourish before our own eyes. Get em’ Pimpin!! –kAZ ∞


The Un


tape iz o n a M ix r A f o d n dergrou

Be sure to pick up your copy of Cash Lansky’s debut album “Simplicity”. Digital download is available at cashlansky.bandcamp. com. Hard copys can be purchased at HiEndTight Barbershop lated at 2926 E. Broadway. It features local artists like Runt, ShoNuff, and kAZual dA kID, with production from 8oheight, Rukuz Beatz and The Jivin Scientists. Available off Gldn Artist Group.

1/31/2013-Tucson- Rebel Arte Collective

2/6/2013-AlbuqueruqueBurts Tiki Lounge

2/5/2013- Las Cruces- The Green Room

2/7/2013-Santa Fe-The Underground

2/8/2013- Gallup- Juggernaut 2/9/2013-Denver- The Meadowlark 2/14/2012-Phoenix-Blunt Club  25

26   January 2013

4156 E. 22nd St Tucson, AZ 85711

contact: (520)975-6779


email:  27

The Power

The 5Tw Poe try enty’ s Sec tion




his months poetry submission come to us from Mr. Al Basics of Queens, NY, a graduate from the University of Arizona. Al has had many of his poems published and is an up and coming Hip Hop artist. Along with his Kamerata fam, we expect to see more great many great things from him in the future.

  28   January 2013 se plea ur own d , y r et an yo n po oem in version and w o m ur e p typed le it yo py of h a m a m b g d tit u To s ail a co iting an wenty@ as the em e5t ER” dwr han l it to th CORN i ema POETRY “ use line.


If I couldto my stand up . sadness s i h b o r d l I wou r. every fea Leave him n i stranded lle. i Pleasantv is And hope h h up tc dreams caim. with h BASICS L A Issue#1


Photo by Albert Rios A



Klep- Yes... I’m working on one of my last... if not my last album... the current title is “Darius Vs. Kleptooo: Legacy”... I’m stepping the music up to another level... it’s how I want to be remembered when I’m no longer active in the Arizona hip hop scene... I have guest appearances from my team “ The Terrifix” aka The Tu, Jupiter Jonz, Lady Maverick, La Ren Milano on the album along with features from A.M.P., Reel Rhymes, J-Rich, The Kennedys, Al Basics, DB/Get It In and Swindoe on the album.. and I’m just getting started lol you can check out some of the promo tracks on top-rated & or on The 5Twenty website soon

Photo by JDM Media Group The Terrifix - Jupiter Jones, La Ren Milano, Kleptooo, Lady Maverick & The Tu

T5T- Why did you decide to call your section “Charismatic Cool”? Klep- “Charismatic Cool” was the name of my last project.. It was a group project under the name “ The Terrifix” featuring Marques “Jupiter Jonz” Elliott, The Tu, Lady Maverick, La Ren Milano and myself... the album is featured for FREE on various websites (reverbnation, facebook, soundcloud, twitter, etc.) and should be on The 5Twenty soon... “Charismatic Cool” is all about your personality... being charismatic.. drawing people to you by being you... your “swag”... your style.. not being a copycat, clone or a follower... just being you... T5T- What’s your relationship with the city of Tucson?

veryone needs a lil friendly advice from time to time, but sometimes we have no one to turn to. We can’t ask family for the truth because they’ll tell you what you want to hear. We can’t ask our best friends for help because they’re all a bunch of “Yes Men”, or “Yes Women” (yes ladies this involves you too). It’s hard to get good quality free friendly advice without it being put on blast on your social network of choice. Sometimes the only thing to do is trust a stranger. But not just any stranger, the city’s favorite stranger. The man who told you where to get the best bud at. Your girlfriends favorite rapper, Mr Hiyooooooo himself, ladies and gentleman I am pleased to introduce you to the 5twenty’s sage page mastermind, KLEPTOOO!!! But what gives this man the right to call himself a guru? Who is he to give us the meaning of life? What experience does he have in such a field? That my friends is the topic of this fine discussion. Charismatic Cool will be the spot to ask this half man, half genius for advice and council on any subject or issue you got going on in life. Will it be the best free advice you’ll ever receive? We believe so, matter of fact we know so. So we at the5twenty want to give you an opportunity to meet Klep in this one on one interview.   30   January 2013

Klep- Tucson is my home.. I was born in Virginia, I was raised in D.C. until I was 17, I became a man in Tucson and now I live in Phoenix... my background is from D.C. but my foundation is in Tucson... I love Tucson!

Klep- I just want to help the Tucson/Arizona hip hop scene become stronger and more respectable... that’s all T5T- Any final thoughts you wanna throw at our readers? Klep - SUPPORT LOCAL EVERY THING! Everything with good quality.... Local rappers, magazines, nightclubs, promoters, strippers, bartenders, photographers, videographers, radio stations, media, clothing designers, etc, etc, etc.... when one of us make it... it will improve everything else going on in YOUR area... we are a reflection of you.. without your love and support we will all fade away... Klep out... ∞

T5T- What makes you qualified to give total strangers advice in life?

T5T- What’s good with you Klep? Klep- A little bit of this and a little bit of that lol I’m just chillin fam T5T- Give us a little bit of a background on why you’re so well known in Tucson? Klep- Mostly thru music and promotion... others through various social networks...

Klep- I think everyone is qualified to give anyone advice on life if they have actually lived life... if I sit down and talk to someone I’m pretty sure we can relate on a lot of things whether we realize it or not... in some situations I’m the teacher... In some I’m the student... I was once told that you can learn something from everybody AND that there is a market for everything lol T5T- Why are you offering your wisdom to the readers of the5twenty magazine?

Klep -“HIYOOOOO!!!” is our battlecry... it’s means some mayhem is about to happen lol

Klep- B/C you asked lol actually I’ve been reaching out to a lot of people recently anyways.. especially hip hop artists that I think have talent... I’ve been trying to give them info I wish I had when I was up & coming in the scene b/c I had to figure a lot of things out on my own when I was younger and I didn’t have anyone to give me guidance

T5T- Are you currently working on any new music projects?

T5T- What do you hope to accomplish with “Charismatic Cool” ?

T5T- For those who don’t know, please explain to your audience what the “Hiyoooooooo” is all about?




By: Fernando “kAZual” Aguila Jr.



rdinarily when you think of a chef you see a guy with that funny hat on, or one of these middle aged guys showing the world their favorite pig out spots and favorite eats, you know, your typical chef. Well local celebrity Chef Armando Duarte is far from typical. This Tuc Town born and raised composer of cuisine is not only one of the nicest chefs you’ll ever meet, but also a true humanitarian and a rising entrepreneur. A graduate of Pueblo High School, Armando always had a passion for cooking. As a child he always found himself helping his mother and grandmother in the kitchen while they were preparing family dinners. After High School Armando wanted to further his education and knowledge in the kitchen so he moved to Phoenix to attend the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Scottsdale Arizona. It was there that Armando learned to expand his techniques far beyond that of just cooking simple Mexican Food. While in culinary school Armando landed a part time job as the personal chef for the Alpha E Pi fraternity house at Arizona State University, though he says he was always representing our U of A Wildcats. There he developed a skill for cooking on a larger scale which in turn moved him to begin his own catering company known as Flavor City Catering that he would operate on the weekends, catering events such as weddings, birthdays, and quinceaneras. After graduating in from culinary school in 2004, Armando returned to Tucson and landed a job at the Alpha E Pi house at the U of A then moved to the sorority house of Pi Beta Phi were he remained for 5 years. But Armando was ready to take his career to the next level. He loved being

  32   January 2013

a personal chef but his dream has always been to open up his own restaurant. Last year that dream came true...sort of. Armando was offered a position as the owner of a small cafe located inside the Cadillac dealership at the Auto Mall, a joint venture with the Royal Automotive Group. Thus, the Royal Cafe and Royal Catering was born and still going strong. There Armando has put together a menu and daily specials that have been a huge buzz all around the Auto Mall and beyond. Nowadays he is alway concocting dishes to boast about, varying from Mexican to American to Asian and then some. But as I mentioned before this culinary genius is more than just your average chef. Armando has many other passions as well as food. He is currently in the process of resurrecting his Hoodstar Clothing line and is Co Owner of the music label Latenite Muzik. He has also been extremely active in the lowriding community and a member of Groupe Car Club for over 10 years. He along with his fellow Groupe members are constantly sponsoring and hosting events that raise awareness to many causes such as Doné Vida, the Donate Life Foundation, and Miracle on 31st, a local charity


that has been around 40 plus years which helps underprivileged kids get presents on Christmas day, which Armando is in his 6th year as Vice President.

As word on the street has spread about this chef that helps cook up smiles as well as food, he has caught the attention of a few of the local news shows which Armando has made several appearances, showcasing some of his finest dishes on KOLD 13’s Cooking at Dawn and KGUN 9’s Morning Blend. Armando says his ultimate goal besides owning his own restaurant would be to have his own cooking show on a major network and follow the footsteps of many of his idols such as Bobby Flay and Anthony Bourdain. It would seem that no matter what ingredients life places before him, Chef Armando Duarte will whip up something decadent and worth watching, reading about, or tasting. Just 31 years old and happily married to his High School sweetheart Rainie who is a beautiful singer by the way, Armando looks forward to starting a family and continuing to press forward with all the responsibilities he already has on his plate. What the future holds for this Hoodstar Chef, we’ll just have to wait and see what’s on the menu. You can visit Armando at Royal Cafe 815 W. Automall Drive Tucson, Az 85705 Or email him at  33

it Up Choppin Chef Armando Duarte with


e l come to “Ch o p p in it Up” w it h m e you r ho s t, Che f Ar mando D ua r te. Eve r y mo n t h I wi ll be sh ar ing a ne w re c i p e w i t h o u r re ad ers tha t per tains to ou r f avo r i te l o c a l c u i s i ne. M any say Tu c s on A r izo n a i s k n ow n fo r o ur gi a nt cac tu s a nd b ea u t i f u l s u n s e t s a n d o f c o urs e our be loved A r i zo n a Wi l dc a t s. B u t Tucs o n i s al so k nown fo r I t s f a m o u s S o n o r a S t yle H o t dogs, One o f t h e o r i gi n a l i nve n tors o f the S onor a hot d o g s i s El G u e ro s Ca nelo Ta co Sh op lo c a ted o n s o u t h 1 2 t h ave a nd now o n n or th Or a c le R d a n d e a st 2 2 n d. Th i s Tuc s o n i con ta k es th e c o mmo n h ot d o g to t he n e x t l e ve l. Ingredients: The d og its e lf i s w r a ppe d 1 hot dog. w ith b a c on a n d f r i e d o n a fl at to p a nd c o o k e d u n t i l 1 slice bacon. golden b rown a n d pl a c e d 1 hot dog bun or small i n a s of t ro ll t h e n to p pe d French-style roll. w ith s o u t hwes t f l avo r s l i k e pico d e g a llo, s a l sa , m ayo Choose any or all of an d m u s t a rd. Yo u c a n these condiments: catch a d ive r s i t y o f pe o pl e Mayonnaise en joy ing t he se Tu c s o n Mustard stapl es on a ny gi ve n n i gh t at G u e ro Ca ne l o s m i dtow n Ketchup an d S ou th s id e l o c a t i o n a s Salsa Verde well a s m a ny o t h e r M e x i c a n Pico de Gallo restau r a nts a nd c a r t s o r a s Refried bean we ca ll t he m “ ca re t a s ”. As Grilled onions a chef I b e e n a s k e d p l e n t y Grilled jalapeños of tim e s how to re c re a te Pickled jalapeños th e S o nor a n do g a t h o m e. Fresh diced onion Here is my re c i pe w i t h a t wist yo u c a n ma k e fo r Sliced radishes your f a m ily a nd f r i e n ds fo r Tomatoes a par t y or m ay be ju s t a n Cucumber e vening a t ho m e. I h o pe you e nj oy it - Che f M a n d o

Instructions: Finely chop up all you condiments and set to the side. Starting at one end of the dog, wrapping the bacon very tightly around in a spiral. Grill it in a skillet or fry pan over mediumhigh heat, turning as each side browns to make it brown and crispy all over. Toast the bun (or just heat it up in the microwave for a couple seconds). Place the bacon wrapped dog inside the bun. Add your mayo, mustard, and/or ketchup and any other toppings you desire. SERVE AND ENJOY! *If you want to grill these outdoors, use toothpicks to hold the bacon on while cooking but remember to take them out before you serve* ** All items used were purchased at Food City**

If you would like to recommend a favorite dish, please send an email to   34   January 2013

Issue#1  35

Big Boy Tech Toys 04 By Fernando “kAZual” Aguila Jr.

Kick off 2013 with some kick ass gadgets


The Pax by Ploom

Vaporizing has become the preferred method of choice to all the “tokers” so to speak. Personal vaporizers give the phrase “sneak a toke” a whole new meaning now and the vape wars are just getting started. Of course you have many choices such as Trippy Sticks and G-Pens, many of which are wax and oil only based. As for us non connected smokers, we need to ability to burn loose leaf and the Pax by Ploom is here to save us. The Pax comes in 3 colors (Black, Blue, and Purple) to accommodate your taste. And speaking of taste, Pax delivers a smooth tasting vapor without ever burning your tobacco or whatever you choose to place in With a price tag of $250 its definitely an investment but one that is sure to please. For more info go to



Etón BoostTurbine2000

Whether you’re out camping or hiking, stuck in a power outage, or in an emergency situation, the Eton BoostTurbine 2000 will charge up a dead cell phone battery anytime and anywhere. This compact emergency cell phone charger has both a hand crank power generator

  36   January 2013

that produces enough power in 1 minute of cranking for a 30 second call or a few critical texts and a rechargeable 2000mAh lithium ion backup battery pack that can fully charge up most smart phones. Definitely smart item to keep in your car’s glove compartment just in case. Available in multiple colors Issue#1

The Spare One

Don’t you hate it when your stuck in a situation where your phone dies and you have no charger access? The Spare One emergency phone runs off 2 AA batteries and can take your current sim card. But never fear if you don’t, the Spare One can still make 911 calls. Not a bad back-up to keep around at only $100 For more info and purchase info go to

The Pebble Smart Watch

As a serious tech aficionado, I predicted last year that the smart watch game was going to take off in 2013. Enter the Pebble watch designed by Pebble Technology. Now if you haven’t heard yet, the Pebble started as a Kickstarter project and not only was it funded, it became the most funded project Kickstarter has ever seen, raising over 10 million dollars in record breaking time. What can it do you ask? Besides being a clean simple looking watch, the Pebble connects itself to your smart phone via Bluetooth and can display text messages, caller I.D, Facebook messages and Twitter. It uses an E-Paper display that can be viewed in direct sunlight and the ability to change watch faces similar to the iPod Nano. It can also wirelessly control your music apps, be used to track distance for runners and bicyclist, even used as a golf ball range finder. It has a built in vibrating motor that alerts you

T so une we me o in ev ll a f e s u our r y m pc f avo ont o jus ming rite h as w ta n t litt ech ew g e sh a toy le bit s adg re ea to m ets sie a r. ake l s ife

when receiving notifications as well as when your alarm clock goes off. It comes in 5 colors (White, Red, Black, Orange and Grey) and has a price tag of $150. Those who bought theres on Kickstarter will be receiving theres Jan 29. The rest of us can preorder at


The White on White Clock

The White on White digital clock by Vadim Kibardin is clean, plain and simple.. With an old school VCR style time display and desk/wall mounting capabilities, you’ll definitely have your friends admiring your taste in decor. This little beauty runs off AC or batteries and features an alarm clock feature and it also adjusts its luminosity according to the light in the room. A bit pricey at $180 but lets be honest, you cant put a price on style. For purchase information go to  37

The5Twenty Issue #1 Jan 2013  

Our premier issue of The5Twenty Magazine