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Dear Trainee; This booklet has prepared in order to give the direct and easiest information for you.Reading this document will make the all the process clear before you come there You can find the content below;

Maiden’s Tower


Arrival For sure we are sending for the arrivals and don’t want to have problems about the arrivals but as you might know Istanbul is a huge city and sometimes there could be some problems during the arrivals because of some external situations we couldn’t control so that we would like to give you all the informations of the main things you should do to come to the city centre. You can find the main information you need below;

For those who is coming from : 1.Ataturk Airport :

When you get out of the airport there is a Bus Station right near exit.You should take BUS NUMBER : 96T . The bus ticket price is 3 TL. Bus goes to the TAKSIM AREA where our lovely LC office is located.Then after approximately 40-45 minutes you should take off at the TEPEBASI Station(Which is next to the England Embassy).Then you should ask somebody address of the LC office, which i will be giving in the end of the e-mail.The office is close to the Bus Station so don't worry it wouldn’t take so long If you are not sure about the station you can also get off at the last station which is also close to the office. Here is the TIMELINE for the bus from Ataturk Airport to Taksim* Line: 96T ATATÜRK HAVAALANI-TAKSİM round trip duration: 120 minutes

96T Timeline Havaş Buses(Shuttles from ATATURK AIRPORT to TAKSIM); This Shuttle is going to Taksim Square directly, if there is a miscommunication between you and us about your arrival you can take that shuttle and come to Taksim square where our office located.Then you can call one of the EBs and make your arrival from there easier.You can ask for the shuttle to the information desk. Havas Timeline (Atatürk Airport to Taksim)

2.Sabiha Gokcen Airport : From the Sabiha Gokcen Airport you can take a special bus which is called "HAVAS"(turkish:havash) and ask which one goes to TAKSIM (area where LC is located).And if you get this bus you should get off the bus at TAKSIM SQUARE (Taksim Meydani). The bus ticket price is 15 TL.This buses are easy to find because there are always available HAVAS buses which go to Taksim. The 2nd option is you can take the BUS NUMBER E-3.The bus ticket price is 3 TL.Then with this bus you should go until 4.LEVENT METRO Bus station.This station is right exactly before the last station.Then when you get off the bus at 4.Levent Metro Bus station you should take METRO until TAKSIM.The bus station is close to Metro Station.At the METRO you should go to the direction of TAKSIM.The metro ticket price is 3 TL.After you get off at TAKSIM Station you will find yourself at TAKSIM SQUARE which is close to the our MC office. Here is the TIME LINE for the bus from Sabiha Airport to 4.LEVENT METRO* Line: E-3 S.GÖKÇEN HAVA ALANI-UYDUKENT-4.LEVENT METRO round trip duration: 225 minutes E-3 Timeline Havaş Buses(Shuttles From Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Taksim): You need to know that we couldn’t make the arrivals for the people who is coming to the SAbiha Gokcen Airport, so you need to take the shuttle or the busses to Taksim. Then we will make your arrival from Taksim Square. Havas Timeline (Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Taksim)

3.Otogar-International Bus Terminal :

For those who are coming by bus there is a direct bus to the TAKSIM SQUARE.The bus ticket price is 3 TL.This Bus is rare , so maybe you will need to wait for that bus for a while.Also there are several bus stations at Otogar so you should make sure that you are staying at the bus station where the BUS NUMBER 83O stops.The bus station is right in the middle of the Otogar,you can ask people working over there they will show you the direction.In order to come to the MC office you can get off the bus at TEPEBASI station and ask people for the directions.Also you can get off at the last stop.Which is also close to our LC office. Line; 83O Otogar – Taksim Round Trip Duration; 120 minutes 83O Timeline

Taksim Square

How can you reach the AIESEC Office? When you come to the taksim Square just walk down to the istiklal street(the main street).After 500 m away you will find the Galatasaray high school on your left(you can ask the place to someone,all the people on the street knows the school).turn left from the street near the Galatasaray High School and take the 3rd right.You ll see the board of the AIESEC Istanbul

Residence Permit You Mneed to get a residence permit within 30 days from your arrival.You need to get an appoitment from the link below.Then the AIESEC people will bring you to the police station to get the residence permit.You need to pay 149 TL(60 euro) to get the residence permit.

Residence Permit Appointment Link Intern House We have a private intern house for our interns which is located in Mecidiyekoy, 10 minutes to centre by walking. From the house, you can reach all the transportation vechiles to all the places in Istanbul very easily. You do not have to take anything with you apart from your personal blongings. The interns who will stay in this house will be lucky because they will live Istanbul in its heart.

CONTACT US R Semih TEKE Incoming Exchange Department Reception Director

Sykpe: semih.teke Mail: Mobile: +90 0505 947 64 69

Rukiye KIZILKAYA Incoming Exchange Department Vice President Corporate Internships

Sykpe: rukikizilkaya Mail: Mobile: +90 0535 773 17 90

- Please get in touch with Semih TEKE for reception issues(flat issues,residence permit,visa,event,activities,simcard,bank account,tax ID,SmartBusTicket etc.) - For the company issues please get in touch with Rukiye KIZILKAYA

Trainee Accommodation Contract All the trainees coming to reside in the trainee house of AIESEC İstanbul will adhere to the following guidelines. These guidelines are intended to impart specific instructions for the upkeep & maintenance of the trainees. They also lay down certain instructions to maintain the decorum & discipline of all resident trainees in the trainee house. We do hope that these guidelines would be taken in the right spirit of things & that all our honored guests from abroad will abide by it.

Dates: …………………………. Rent:350 TL per month

The deposit of 350 TL to be pay cash AIESEC İstanbul. The deposit will be paid back afterthis rental contract has expired and only if the room(s) rented is being left behind in an orderly fashion – additional requirements are stated in the “flat rules” and are accepted by the tenant. If the intern requires to pay the rent daily, this will cost him/her 15 TL per day. If the total payment of the bills over limits the pre-determined amounts ( it is 70 TL for electricity, 70 TL for water usage and 200 TL for natural gas ) AIESEC Istanbul has a right to ask for extra payment. The leaving date must be informed before 1 (one) month ago Contractual relationship AIESEC acts as a mediator between landlord and the tenant stated above and conducts the rental payments to the landlord over its bank account. In case of an increase in related costs (energy, garbage etc.) AIESEC reserves the right to pass down these costs to the tenant. Flat Rules The flat rules are known by the tenant and he commits himself / herself to always stick to these rules. I have read carefully and accept the conditions stated above.

________________________________________ Date & signature tenant

FLAT RULES Welcome to İstanbul the AIESEC Local Committee (LC) İstanbul!

You’ll be living in one of our trainee flats. These rules treat the most important points and will help you to better find your way.

Your room 1)


If your room and the shared facilities are alright by the end of your stay, you get the deposit back. Please be aware that you’ll be held responsible for your guests’ offences as well! The deposit will (partly) be withheld in the following cases: 

Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the flat!When smoking, please use the balcony or go outside. If you’re caught smoking inside it costs you 69 TL.

Lost or destroyed items, if you don’t replace them yourself (replacement value).

Damage to walls, floors, furniture and other furniture.

Bed-linen, curtains and where possible pillows and blankets have to be washed before leaving.

Please make sure your washing is not dripping anymore when you hang it up. Otherwise, the laminate will be damaged and you’ll have to pay for the repair.

Turkey has a noise control law requiring low volume from 11 p.m. If this rule is broken, we run the risk of losing the flat forever.

!!! Your room will be checked before you leave !!!

If everything is alright, you get your deposit back, of course.

Living together and cost allocation 2) Energy saving and eco friendly behaviour Rent and additional charges are calculated on average consumption. If your consumption is considerably higher than average, we need to charge a supplement. So Please: 

Turn off the water when doing the dishes.

Turn off the light when you do not need it.

Don’t leave the window open in winter with the heating running.

Internet 3)Internet

You have Internet access in your flat. WLAN: , Password: The utilization of file-sharing programs is strongly forbidden. Download illegal music, videos and motion pictures is an unlawful act. With your signature the whole liability claim subrogate to the tenant. AIESEC in Turkey is barred from any legal title.

I have read carefully and accept the conditions stated above.

________________________________________ Date & signature tenant

Tomtom Mah. Nuriziya Sok. No:16/4 Beyoglu/ISTANBUL/TURKEY +90 (212) 293 88 36

Reception Booklet  

AIESEC Istanbul

Reception Booklet  

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