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Varieties Of Pie

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Free Pie Van

Aussie Pie Since 1800

Early settlers brought the pie to Australia, which instantly gained popularity due to it’s basic, readily available ingredients. Mutton was used in early pies as in those days it was a lower price even than vegetables. The golden crust meat and gravy snacks were available in Sydney in the mid-1800’s, oftensold as a counter lunch in hotels. In years to follow, pies were sold from pie carts which stopped near places of entertainment or where large groups gathered. The Pie Man was a common sight in the streets of Sydney and Melbourne, selling hot pies from a large tin box kept warm by a small charcoal stove. They progressed to horse-drawn contraptions, then to warmers on the back of a Chevy ute to access popular holiday destinations and sporting events.

Creamy Potato


Curry Beef


Pork Lamb

Bacon & Egg

Black Pepper Beef Chicken Spicy Beef

Varieties Of Pie Meat pies have always been a great value, convenient meal. Australia’s multicultural influence means that along with traditional flavours. Prime meat cuts such as fillet steak, rump and sirloin do not necessarily make good pies as they lack the natural jelling agent collagen, which is spread throughout the meat fibres holding them together. After the popularity of purchasing pies has raised quickly in the last ten years, the traditional pies has no longer satify people’s need. More and more flavour had been developed. We now have pies filled with Beef Stroganoff, Beef Curry, Roast Vegetables, etc. Beef is still the most popular flavour, although there is growing demand for more gourmet flavours.

Angus Beef

Chef’s Special Since We love pies so much, this exhibition introduced new conceptual pies by some of our top’s chef in Melbourne. Visitors can taste them anytime and also bring home with the special recipes!

Kangaroo Deluxe

Tasty Rabbit

Lamb Sensation

Great Aussie Pie Eating Competition 2010 The “Great Aussie Pie Eating Competition 2010� was originally established to help Australia food industry and building up an icon. Contestants were required to eat as many meat and potato savory pies as they can in three minutes. The rules have been changed so that the emphasis on speed rather than volume. The competition rules dictate that the meat and potato pies have a diameter of 12cm and a depth of 3.5cm when cooked, with a pie angle from base to top of between zero and 15 degrees. The vegetarian option will be 10cm by 3cm. Winner will get $1000 dollars and free cooking recipe. Please fill and hand in the form from the entrance C to apply

Great Aussie Pie Eating Competition 2010

Pie Van

Free Pie Van is located outside of the Main Entrain. All Visitors can get two flavours of pie!

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