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FEATURES Healthy Eats touches the topic of how to boost your metabolism and how we can stay hydrated without 80zs.

DROP THE BEAT chats it up with Artists Sean Parmesean and Kia Valor

Author Spotlights and updates on Frank Gersham, Hood Chronicles-Ca$h Street Lit Author-Ben Burgess-Ty Marshall KERI D. SINGLETON

From the Editor.....

In this issue of UG Magazine the focuses are women of color and the messages that are being played, replayed, written and said about OUR significance of our roles in America; the backbone and building of this country. But, most importantly it's about people of color sending each other messages across the world about how strong we are, how unbreakable we are, White America can no longer hide messages in media, books or within their government. Our voices are growing more powerful. Roll of Thunder Hear Our Cry!

Sincerely and Literary Yours, Felisha Bradshaw

It is StoryTime! When I say it is story time I mean our story. Our story is being told in segments from all types of our people. OUR PEOPLE: people of color‌all shades of color‌red skins, bronze skins, chocolate skins, pink skins and mauve skins. We are unlimited layers of thoughts and dreams, pain and gain, haves and have-nots. This issue came to me when I got an epiphany. LIFE is changing! I am changing! She is changing! He is changing and I SEE and HEAR the voices behind words, behind hidden figures. The article Scene and Heard is a reflection of this epiphany. I wanted to play a part in recognizing then exposing our StoryTime, realizing we are all walking, talking, living and giving platforms. Whether we chose to be or not and whether we feel an obligation we all play a part in this thing called STORYTIME! I hope you enjoy this segment of the pages I am contributing to STORYTIME.

Young, Black and gifted? This is an understatement! Kia’ree Bishop is confessing his love for hip-hop, his passion for writing and his view on growth as a artist. Although Kai has yet done it again with another epic playlist with his new album Rages2Riches3rd, Summer and 14 are my favorites. Kai Valor is honest, gritty and his hooks to his lyrics are contagious. He is no stranger to cyphers, collaborations and has opened for artist Young M.A. We sat down with this up and coming all around artist and asked his all about Having , HAVE KNOTTS with GET MONEY BOYS gone from Rags3Riches. You can listen to the answers to the questions Felisha Bradshaw asked Kai Valor on www.urbangrapevinemag.com

I've been clicking the link after link: Kai Valor Featuring Kai Valor Cypher with Kai Valor I see you are building a brand around GMB. Get money boys who exactly makes up GMB in what is Kai Valor's position?

I’m not sure what my ultimate goal is. I like to keep things open because I kind of feel like you never know where things are going to go. I came into this wanting to be a rapper at first… and then as a kid, throughout high school back then I was going to go to college but I copped the streets as being my college. Even in those days I thought rap music was going to take me out of here. But I am starting to look at rap differently. I don’t know if I want to be a rapper forever. I have been rapping since the 4th grade. That’s a long time to be “rapping”. You know what I mean? Coming up with these stories and these triple entendres and punchlines. I think my mind is getting a little deeper into writing. I am working on a writing a film right now … my pen is going in a different direction As far as rap? I will always love rap and probably will always make music. Hmmm… I dunno. Like I said I like to leave things open. I’m not really sure where it’s going. I loved fashion since I was a kid .The way my mom and my aunt always dressed me it became my thing. So I am dabbling in that. So, I don’t know where that is going to go. I just do what God tells me to do!

Don’t Deny Him The Mic…He’s Earned it! For some hip-hop is history in our people…Hollering out poetry. For some, it is the voice and the strength and the anger and weakness of our generations. It is infinitive Lyrical expression that allows people, especially a youth to hear a message that has been handed down in struggle and triumph is a form they can understand. For me, HIP-HOP is a revolutionary tool to close gaps in the separation of our youth. What is HIP HOP to you? For you?


" The word itself (hip hop) definitely entails all of that combined withand also being how all those things are reflected in the way we express ourselves as people from style or language or mannerisms for me just how I move from day to day.

I feel it can reach everybody differently as far as hip-hop as a whole but once it's in you is in you, for me my path was verbal and at times I feel like it chose me, that's why they also say this is deeper than just rap. So what I'm explaining is not just what the word or the Genre means to me but I feel like along with political movement and lyrical expression of hiphop is the most natural musical art form there is, it was created from nothing so for me hip-hop is life." UGMAG: Do you think not being African American or young man of color is a hindrance on your career? Or is it what makes people turn up the volume to listen to Sean Parmesan to see if he is worthy enough to hold the mic? Sean: "There will always be close-minded people out there just like with any subject, and with at times in music judgement can reach the eyes before sound reaches the ears, but at the same time I think nowadays people are a little more subjective to pay mind or even give a listen to someone even if they are nonAfrican-American or of color or no matter what they are just because it's more given so many different kinds artists emerging over the years and on how universal hiphop has become.

Now, when I was coming up it was still a lot more rare to see it at least as far as industry/commercial level, Eminem being really the only majorly successful yet equally respected in skill Caucasian rapper at that time people would sometimes just compare you to him given the fact you are both white and can rap before even really analyzing the sound (which is still a great honor) lol but js, but like most of us I'd rather just be known as a great artist in the long run so I really don't think it's a hindrance at this point given the fact that I’m accustomed to it and I feel like it's really just all about the music at the end of the day." UGMAG: Ok, let’s drop a scenario... It’s the party of the year and you know the first song to drop determines the mood of the party all night….You are the DJ what song of yours do you drop? Why? Sean: "That's funny it would probably be a song called (why not) lol just given it's tempo and it has kind of feel that this party can go anywhere from here" #OYEA

DREAM COLLAB: Snoop, Rick James, Nate Dogg, (obviously many other deceased greats) Jay-Z and probably Jill Scott


D.O.B 3/10/85 WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE SONG?? “That’s tough lets just say I could never get tired of hearing (temptations) by 2pac and (off the wall) by Michael Jackson among others" r

‘I never brag how real I keep it, cuz its the best secret, I rock a vest prestigious, cuban link flooded jesus, in a lex watching Kathie lee and Regis"

NEXT GOAL: "Living through my brand” in a sense meaning this is something I have been at for most of my life, so my goal is to keep expanding and to be able to keep reaching new levels and people through my craft, whether it’s a new tour to body of work/music. SOCIAL NETWORKS: facebook/seanparmesean twitter@seanparmesean youtube/seanparmesean soundcloud/sean-parmesean instagram/sean_mf_parmesean

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Authors Ty Marshall, Author Hood Chronicles, Ben Burgess and Ca$h share with readers their great Penmanship and how it turned them from Boys to Men!

It takes a certain kind of person to share their thoughts aloud and even harder to put them on paper where they remain forever. Once in time for some time it has been said more than once, “If you want to hide something from Black men put it in a book!” I think even then words were being underestimated. Men like W.E.B. Du Bois, Booker T. Washington, Richard Wright and James Baldwin have proven that our BLACK MEN READ! Not only do they read but they write the reads for our men of color to come.

Their pens have been handed down to Claude Browns, Walter Mosleys, Iceberg Slims, Donald Goines of the writing community to the E. Lynn Harris’s, Treasure Blues, K’wans, Al Saadiqs and Carl Webers of the writing community to the Ty Marshalls, Ben Burgess’, Ca$hs and Author Hoods of today. In this issue of Scene and Heard I was able to speak with some of today's great male writers of color. GREAT PENmanship!

Our CEO Felisha Bradshaw speaks highly of your work and your love for your children. I chose these question taking in consideration the ink that bleeds from your pen. TY MARSHALL: In Sins of the Father what was the hardest scene to write? There is a scene in Keys to the Kingdom 2: Sins of the Father, where the little girl that is being held captive is killed during a rescue attempt. I went back and forth deciding if I really wanted that to happen in the book. I eventually decided on putting it in because if it bothered me as a writer to write it, I knew if would be emotionally (bad or good) for the reader to read it. And that's what I want.

What did you edit out of this book that was a battle for you? And why was it taken out? I took the original last chapter/epilogue out. I did it because I liked the way it would end if I took it out and I wanted to use it as the first chapter in the next book of the series.

Being the writer in your household are you the person who reads to your children? If so, what was your favorite book as a child? No, I'm not. My daughters actually read to me and want to all the time! They are always wanting to go to the bookstore or hitting me up for money for the book fair at school. I didn't have a favorite book as a child, I would read all the rap magazines and the SLAM magazine. I got into reading in my late teens/early 20s after reading a copy of Dutch by Teri Woods that my mother had. What books children’s books do your children love? My oldest daughter reads the Descendants series by Melissa de la Cruz. My baby girl she likes Junie B. Jones books.

“I got into reading in my late teens/early 20s after reading a copy of Dutch by Teri Woods that my mother had.”

As a first time published author you stepped into the writing world with a BANG gaining the respect of some very avid readers. Afterwards, your impact on the writing community was affected dearly with your competition and I must sale great exposure campaign with Vet Author Aaron Bebo. Writers noticed and began respecting your intelligence and your need for writing perfection and enhancement. They are now coming to you for publishing under your publishing company LOCK DOWN PUBLICATIONS. In your opinion: What is the most unethical practice in the publishing industry? I believe one of the most unethical aspects of the industry is those publishers who take advantage of incarcerated authors by manipulating the sales numbers to reflect sneaker royalties than what was actually earned.

Do you think someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly? I don't think an author must be able to personally feel emotions to be a good author. What matters, is that the author can convey the characters' emotions and tap into the readers' emotions as well. However, to write a classic novel, I do think the author must become his/her characters and feel exactly what they are feeling. How did publishing your first book change your process of writing? The process of publishing my first book didn't exactly change my approach to writing. What it did was enhance and help me polish my skills as a storyteller. I learned, through the editing process, when and how to SHOW the action as opposed to TELLING it. I also learned to be more descriptive at the proper time and less wordy at others. Your interaction with your readers is very uncommon among male authors. You present yourself as a king of queens and you address woman of color as such. Your commentary is inspiring and uplifting. Having time to sit and dig deep into your genius you have penned best sellers and contagious reads.

AUTHOR HOOD: Hood Chronicles has seen his share of penitentiary walls. He is currently focused on his transition into becoming a bestselling author under the banner of Worldhaven Agenda. Indulging in a thug's life, as a former drug dealer, weapons trafficker, and convicted felon, he realized that he could no longer follow the footsteps of deception. He soon found a better path to tread in the literary world. No stranger to adversity, Hood welcomes the challenges of establishing a successful empire, earning an honest living for his family, and entertaining the world one book at a time! Categorized as a menace to society by the Atlanta police department, Hood became imprisoned as a child for the offense of murder. What appeared to be a curse eventually became his precious gift. As time passed, maturity developed and a new purpose in life was born. Realizing his talent for the art of storytelling combined with the graphic experiences of a hustler's ambition, Hood quickly took notice of his way out of the Trap. Dedicated to mentoring the youth, rectifying his past, and affording other aspiring authors the opportunities to maximize their potential, Hood Chronicles is more determined to succeed than ever! As a message to his fans and those soon to awaken to his movement, Hood says, "Thank you for your support and with my introduction . . . THIS GAME WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!"

What is the most difficult part of your artistic process? The most difficult part of my artistic process is nonexistent. Just like you said in your question, to me this is all art! Either you can draw, paint, or sculpt a masterpiece beautifully given time, or you can not. I stroke masterpieces effortlessly because I visualize the story, characters, and scenery as if I am right in the midst of it all. Its like breathing to me. Natural! I freestyle word for word what I write after contemplating what is purposeful, educational, entertaining, and downright gritty! I ain't Hood for nothing I hope I gave you an entertaining interview.

If you had to do something differently as a child or teenager to become a better writer as an adult, what would you do? As a teen, writing books was the furthest thing on my mind. I was selling drugs, trafficking guns, and facing the death penalty by age 17 for murder. I was really in the trenches thugging. Make no mistakes, I DO NOT GLORIFY any of the antics of my past, but instead, recognize and acknowledge the foolishness of a boy thinking he was THE MAN. Therefore, I could've done so many things differently when I reflect, but all of that made me who I am today. Should I want to willingly abandon the pain which nurtured and cultivated my strength? No, I'm good on looking back with regrets because God deemed it all this way for a reason. I respect and accept that as is. I just want to be that individual that makes a voice that people want to listen to and heed the wisdom I speak. I got something to say worth being said!

Is there anything you would give up or trade to become a greater writer? I'm sure that you know by now where my head is at. To be a greater writer you dedicate yourself to the craft more. I was always taught that spending 5 years on any one subject you can become a genius at it. Right now, I'm 4 years in this industry. In that small amount of time, I've penned 19 of my own titles, ghostwrote over 14 titles for other big named authors, collaborated with over 12 other authors, and am still humble enough to address my readers daily on social media. With that being said, I have to question who around in this game that is actually greater than me? I keep it honest, and solid. I speak my mind. I am a KING. I respect all that my peers do, but make no mistakes about it, NONE OF MY PEERS do it like me. To whomever is reading this I ask you to ask yourself whose your favorite writer today? Now, I ask you to sample Hood Chronicles catalog and ask yourself that question again. Its confidence when you can back it up, but I'm a little cocky too lol. I earned that. #HOODSAIDTHAT

Author Ben Burgess Jr.

Does your style of writing and its content reflect your lifestyle? My writing style doesn’t 100% reflect my lifestyle, but I do use some elements from my life to make truthful heartfelt stories. The closest book to my life would be “Monster.” Some of my characters or situations are based on friends I know, people I’ve met and situations I’ve been in.

Because of your occupation have you ever thought of writing under a pseudonym? I never really wanted to write under a pseudonym because I want to show the world that while I am in Law Enforcement, my purpose in life is to unite people. I try to do that through my writing and charity contributions to uplift minority neighborhoods and improve racial relations.

Between raising your children, loving your wife, building a reader community and working in a demanding full-time job how many hours do you dedicate to writing? I try to write something every day, even if it’s just a sentence. I have a lot of responsibilities and not a lot of time, so I have to rely on recording voice memos to assist me with recording my thoughts until I get a few minutes to write them out. Overall, I’d say I have about (4) hours a week to actually write.


POWER Of the PEN A Chat With KERI D. SINGLETON . How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

In 2013 my debut novel, The Wanderer's Game, was released and the book earned me my first literary award and, in 2015, was made in to a Pearline 'Alve' Alexanderproduced Broadway stage play. The success of my first book, needless to say, forced me to release a sophomore novel that had the potential to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor. As a result, I am careful to author stories with authentic story lines and the potential to tug at the emotions of the reader.

What was an early experience where you learned that language had power? While in high school, my sophomore English teacher, Ms. Coy-Gonfa, at Boston Technical High School (now known as John D. O'Bryant High School) in Boston would begin each class by asking us to write our answers to her daily questions. Each question would challenge us to think and we'd record our answers in to our journals. She would then randomly select students to recite their answers to the class and I felt that that was such a powerful and innovative way to initiate thought and communication. I realized then how important language as it is an imperative way to communicate a thought or feeling.

What does literary success look like to you? Literary success is having the freedom to put one's ideas in writing, compose a story, poem, etc. with the power to entertain, inspire, and educate others. Actually to have only a single person tell you that your work was enjoyed by him/her is rewarding and, to me, is an indication of successful literary work3. What is the most difficult part of your artistic process? For me, character dialogue can be a bit challenging. When I create a story, I want each of my characters to be full so that the reader develops a personal rapport with them. This is very, in my opinion, necessary when authoring dramatic novels

How did publishing your first book change your process of writing? In 2013 my debut novel, The Wanderer's Game, was released and the book earned me my first literary award and, in 2015, was made in to a Pearline 'Alve' Alexander-produced Broadway stage play. The success of my first book, needless to say, forced me to release a sophomore novel that had the potential to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor. As a result, I am careful to author stories with authentic story lines and the potential to tug at the emotions of the reader.

Well-rounded PENmanship! Well-rounded and SHARP!

I write because, I love doing it. It takes me out of this unpredictable world, to a place where I control everything that happens.

Well-rounded and sharp? How does this author do it? Urban Grapevine Magazine had the privilege to tap into the mind of a superb writer. Young Black and Gifted! Frank Gresham is the REAL black male statistic. They are not basketball players, rappers, singers, deadbeat dads, drug dealers, prison inmates and uneducated. They did not derive from slaves but from kings, creative thinkers, and strategic planners that were creative enough to build pyramids and birth great nations. They are writers, politicians, fathers, college graduates, legal hustlers/entrepreneurs.

Allow us to introduce you to Frank Gresham!

Game's rich life, spirals into total chaos as the body's pile up. Now, he has a slick talking detective on his back. But, he's determined not to let nothing stand in the way of his flourishing drug business. Not even Shayla who's style and skill could make the hardest hustler bend to her will. Will Game fall victim to her ill intentions? Or will Shayla fall for him and expose her hand

The key to my motivation is my past; the key to my success is the future that I've spoken into existence. ~Frank Gresham.

Every writer writes for their own reasons. Some for closure some for a legacy, why do you write? Do you get energized or exhausted once you complete your first chapter? I write because, I love doing it. It takes me out of this unpredictable world, to a place where I control everything that happens. I would say exhausted, because I put a lot of thought into the beginning of any book, I write, to hold my old and new readers attention. Power! The ability to create worlds and control the outcome. Great writers possess power but there is always something that makes it that much harder to obtain. What is your Kryptonite? My only Kryptonite is when I get hungry, or sleepy.

It is said that memories don’t live like people do but in a writer's mind they do. Memories live forever between the pages. What age do you draw from the most when you are writing? Between 15 and 25.

After writing 12 books when did you feel you earned the “S” on your chest. “S”uccess? To be honest, I don’t feel, I've reached that plateau of success, yet. But I feel I will reach it one of these days, God willing. An author’s pen holds many hiding places for pent up frustrations and can be an escape. What was the first complete work you wrote that told you that you could and would be an author? Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find? After my first book, Personal Vendetta, I knew I wanted to make writing a career. All of my books have a piece of my life in them.

Some authors spend months writing, sometimes years to complete one book and then they use a pen name. Wow… if that isn’t being humble what do you call it? Have you ever wrote under a pseudonym? If so, why? Yes, I wrote my erotica books, The Escorts: Frank Lean & Buck Nasty, and Lady in the streets , freak in the sheets, both under my alter-ego Playboi Nitty. I changed it , because I didn’t want to confuse my fans. Well Frank Gresham leave our readers with words of wisdom and also take this time to make our readers your readers and thank you for pausing the pen so we could pick ours up.

StoryTime. … … “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou said it best, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Film makers are teaching this at the most crucial time in history! But don’t ever forget about words or forget about the past because all of this is relevant to the here and now. Our youth, our future law makers, need to see the movement’s history; the past and see and hear what we did.

Movies like Madiba; the history of events that take place in Nelson Mandela’s life, which lead to his leadership of South Africa gives us just that. It tunes us in with 4 of our valuable senses. He went through the trenches and White South Africa tried to strip him of his humanity and his dignity. But the movement could not be beaten out of him no matter how hard they tried. It was embedded and deep seeded in him to the extent where the people who loved him, believed in him, and/or felt his passion to uproot South Africans to show them new forms of strengths and continued the movement even after he was imprisoned for 27 years. He left them with HOPE, ACTIVISM and the power of UNIFICATION. Madiba is being shown with hope that it will leave a FEELING. So, AFRICAN Americans, Blacks, People of color will not forget or ignore the push our new president is giving. Madiba’s purpose of being played is not for Lawrence Fishburne to get an award but for reward and assurance that we CAN because we HAVE and are the stepping stones to our FUTURE’s where BLACK lives not only just matter but are the beginning and will be till the end of his-story.

Are we paying attention? Are we feeling the nudges from our fate? Seeing the signs of the times? Are we reading between the lines or flipping the pages of life’s calendar? IT IS OUR SEASON of DOING! We have been marchers, protesters, voters filled with God, hate, selfdoubt, love and desperation. Mixed feelings for a mixed race. WE NOW MUST stand up, speak out with mixed feeling and be accounted for but most of all make power moves. OWN OUR HOMES! OWN THE RIGHTS TO OUR CREATIVITY! BUILD UP OUR COMMUNITIES! INVEST IN OUR CHILDREN…IN OUR DREAMS. There is a subliminal message/lesson being taught in all the movies being shown on TV, movie screens down to YouTube Videos. So, please keep noting that we are survivors and the strength in us has not died it has and always will be in US. We are the epitome of STRENGTH!!

The story of New Edition an R&B/Pop boys group was televised. New Edition was not just about bringing old School back. It was about an unbreakable bond between men with differences and likeness. They allowed outside entities to tell them ...well whisper demons into their ears separately...to dismantle their unification! But when GOD delegates greatness...When GOD chooses to instill (meaning: IN them STILL) in them the heart of KINGS and the power of UNIFICATION...no man can take it away. Even through trials and tribulations among them (because it was not in them) they grew in knowledge, showing their steps were preordered and they HAD to go through all that they did to become MEN!!!!! 30 YEARS of PURE STRENGTH! Even when they walked in the present of WOLVES as SHEEP they could not be slaughtered...they were preyed on but it was never higher than being PRAYED on. Regardless of money lost and money gained...becoming infamous from fame and fallen humbleness they still HAVE an undying brand... An UNFORGETTABLE name.... a music tradition... NEW EDITION!!!!!

Then there is the new movie Get Out! Wow. Was this lesson right on time? Talking about being on one accord. Trump’s wanting to ban Muslims; people of color is no different. He knows we are a diverse powerful people. The fear that White people displayed for us in this film are being shown so, the few who do not know white people do not look down on us or see us as inferior but just the opposite. They know we are brilliant but can’t figure out how we remain strong even through slavery, maltreatment even after assumed freedom. White America wants our strength. I can only assume that they feel if they can’t be like us or better then they must take it away, subtract it from us.

These are just a few movies/shows airing recently. But let’s not forget 7 years a Slave, The Help, Hidden Figures, Fences, D’Jango, Queen Sugar, Mandingo, A Woman Called Moses, Belle, The Book of Negroes, Underground and the imminent Nat Turner biopic, and The Birth of s Nation. When another slavery based, uplifting of our race, our nation movie comes out don’t bash it or assume the actors are Uncle Toms. LISTEN TO THE MESSAGE!

Available on

BRAND NEW! Everyone has a story to tell and a great story is a well put together story. The execution on how the story’s told is the key component. There is no difference with marketing an idea or product. I hear daily people asking what they need to do because they want to write a book. Not long ago did I believe the answer was cut and dry…write! But today I see things differently. This writing and publishing world is forever changing. Now there is more to being an author and even more to being a self-published author. A few things before you even take on the title should be asked. What do you want to write about? What’s the message you are trying to convey? Do you have at least 25 good friends that will help you when needed? Don’t just read these jot down these in the notes section. Because books are a business one should ask what type of business they are looking to invest in. *Self-Publishing *Traditional *POD Pre Marketing (getting to know Author…) • Marketing 101 1. What should already be in place a. Social Media b. Cross promoting 2. Know your audience! a. 1stYou have to know where your strength lies audience wise. b. Get to know the various outlets of that platform

Your platform can be your community! If so, be community ready. )

The Platform Before you can build a platform of any kind you must have a home base. We will start with Email: THE SET-UP: STAGE 1: - Email a greatest up that can be used to build google+ circle and join google groups as well as use google play for future book and uploading and reader meet ups on chats called google hang outs. Example: I am (name)- author F.Bradshaw BookBoss Bradshaw (best to incorporate name not book) book will change to new book but you are the core of everything. Use this email for book related things only so it’s not cluttered with irrelevant emails “ keep it book Business “. This email should be used for all registration Websites Publisher contact info Get to know me sites Author! Author! Author!

Join Urban Grapevine Magazine’s website to download helpful marketing sheets. See our company BRAND NEW for author exposure services www.webrandnewauthors.com


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