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The Interview… David L. (DL): Do you have a preference in your fighting weight? Zab Judah (ZJ): Nahh, no preference. Hmmm… I guess if I did, it would be Junior Welterweight. I began my career at this weight and won the majority of my titles at this weight. But overall – it don’t really matter to me. Proper training takes precedence over everything so more than anything else, I stay on top of my training habits and how I take care of my body. I can fight comfortably at any weight. DL: What is your most memorable fight? Why? ZJ: Probably winning the undisputed Welterweight title in St. Louis when I beat Cory Spinks. That was a special moment for me. I mean I was young, raw, you know? Yeah – that was probably the fight that stands out most for me. Every fight is special in its own way, but that one got me to where I am today. DL: Any pre-fight rituals? Superstitions? You know how some athletes might have to wear a pair of lucky socks or something? Or they may have a favorite pre-game meal? Wassup with you? ZJ: No rituals. No superstitions. I just say my prayer to the Lord Saviour, Jesus Christ – that’s all. As long as I have Christ in my life, everything works itself out. I’ve never been a big believer in superstitions or any thing like that. I’m very confident before I walk into a boxing ring because I train my body so hard. I feel that as long as I train hard, everything will go in my direction. I’m focused. I go out there in the ring and let my hard work do the talking for me. That’s why I don’t get into the whole “superstitious” thing. For me – nothing but hard work and practice. That’s my ritual! DL: What would the casual fan be surprised about you? Gimme something that you can give the reader into the private life of Zab Judah. Something most people have no idea about you. ZJ: (Thinks for a moment…) I would say the casual fan would be surprised that I ride dirt bikes. Love them! Yeah that’s what I love doing during my off time. Right now it’s about my upcoming fight, but when I have that down time, I ride. DL: With respect to Father’s Day, how do you spend time with your kids and family? And does your hectic training schedule get in the way? DZJ: Well you know none of that even matters cause anyone that knows me knows that my family travels EVERYWHERE with me! I don’t travel without my family! They’re at EVERY fight! I’m big on education and I have a daughter graduating from High School so I have to be mindful of the fact that school is priority. Where ever I train and fight, they are all nearby. DL: What is your favorite location to fight at? Why? ZJ: I don’t really have a favorite location. I can fight anywhere. No pressure whatsoever! It doesn’t even matter at the end of the day. I can fight in St. Louis, matter of fact – that’s one of my favorite places just because I’m like a hometown hero there as well! I can fight in front of my own hometown in Brooklyn to Vegas to wherever. Matter of fact, they are soon doing something in Brooklyn (Barclay Center) so look for me there as well. L: Upcoming events? Final thoughts? ZJ: I had an organization previously called Fight For Life, in which I sponsored several holiday events for kids and I mentored them about accomplishing their goals and staying out of trouble. I am very proud of a program I’m involved in presently through my foundation. It’s an anti-bullying program through my Zab Judah Cares foundation in which I educate the youth on bullying awareness and how to prevent bullying in the school system. This organization focuses on helping children see the dangers of bullying and my goal is to teach children to become friendlier with one another and improve their socialization skills. You know – bullying is a serious topic right now. We are doing a five city tour in the near future in Minnesota, Ft. Worth, TX, Dallas, TX and Detroit just to name some of the cities. My overall goal is to make kids know that there is someone out here that cares about them because I was bullied as a youngster and I understand how it feels to be bullied. Yeah – big things are happening right now.

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