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Create Your Sell Site Without Spending Any Penny All of us want first to start making money, but only then to start learning how to do it correct. Now you have this possibility absolutely for free! Follow these simple steps and after one or two days your site with your product will be Online, but you will not spent any penny!!! You do not need special knowledge, all the necessary codes and scripts I've prepared for you. Why is it free? It is an investment in my future :) Because when you start making money, you will realize that in order to earn more money is needed to purchase additional services and products. Perhaps you will choose one of the products offered by me and then I will start earn money :) I invested my time and knowledge of you, because I know that when you start to make money, we will be able to establish good cooperation!

It might look like: I give you the knowledge and helping to earn money => you earn money => I'll show you how to earn more money by investing money in the right programs => both of us earns more money :)

Your first working plan: 1. Create a payment account where you will get your earned money; 2. Create an account to receive free quality products; 3. Create free sites where to sell your products; 4. Create traffic to your sites; 5. Advertise your sites for free.

Ready? Ok, lets go! 1. Go and Make a Coffee or Tea, come back and Relax! Really, Relax!!! - you no longer seek to make money online, after one or two days you will have your own sites and products for sale; 2. Get your FREE accounts with AlertPay (CLICK HERE) AND with PayPal (CLICK HERE) (opens in new window), Registration is simple - follow their instructions. YOU WILL NEED BOTH. If you Already have accounts here go to the third step; 3. Get your FREE account with ClickBank (CLICK HERE) (opens in new window), Registration is simple - follow their instructions. If you Already have account here go to the fourth step; 4. Creat your FREE account for 3 FREE sites - CLICK HERE. After simple registration fill the form or leaves the form unchanged (Remember - at this moment you are here only for creating free sites) and go to manage your sites. --- OK, take a break... make a new Cup of Coffee or Tea & Come Back. You'll create your site!!! ---

5. Go to womVegas, login, click on "Account", click on "My wom Sites", click on "Edit My Websites" 5.1. Select a template - Choose "Blank Slate Template"

5.2. Follow the instructions and select the new site to Edit.

5.3. Click menu edit button

5.4 Select white color

5.5. Click on "Create/Edit Menu"

5.6. All menu Items turn OFF and click edit

5.7. You will get something like in picture below:

5.8. for some time forget about womVegas :)

6. Log in to your ClickBank account or if you skip step 3 - register ClickBank here.

6.1. Click on "Marketplace"

6.2. In search field type "fbinfluence" (#1. in picture below); click on search button (#2. in picture below); you will find product with title "Fbinfluence - The #1 Facebook Product On CB (view mobile)"; click on "Promote" button (#3. in picture below)

6.3. After that will opens new window (see picture below). Fill your Account Nickname field (usually is auto filled, #1. in picture below); Tracking ID field left blank; Click "Create" (#2. in picture below)

6.4. Your ClickBank promotion code are created! Copy the code (marked in picture below) to notepad, word or other document, you will need this code in next steps.

--- I go smoke some cigarette... you can make a fresh Cup of Coffee or Tea and Come Back :) In next steps Your Site will go Online!!! ---

7. Ok, lets go! In code (open link below) change XXXXXXXXXX (in 3 locations) with your ClickBank link; Change YOUR NAME and YOUR EMAIL (at the bottom) with your name and email. 7.1. Open THIS LINK and Copy the Code to notepad, word or other document where you can edit it 7.2. Chnage X's and your name & email with your code LIKE HERE (after opening click to zoom +) INFO: In code you will see some links to, it's because pictures are placed in my host and without these links pictures in your new site will be invisible.

8. Log in your womVegas account, login, click on "Account", click on "My wom Sites", click on "Edit My Websites". 8.1. Open your previously created site and click on "Edit"

8.2. Copy your CHANGED Code to your womVegas site (#1 in picture below); Change "Type" to "Use html content (optional)" and "Clickable Links" to "Yes to clickable links if you selected Text and NOT HTML"(like #2 and #3 in picture below); Click "Edit" (#4 in picture below)

8.3. If all was right, you must see something like in picture below

8.4. Fill out the meta data and page title (see all steps 8.4.1. to 8.4.6. and picture below): 8.4.1. Type "Internal Website Name" - It's title for your site in womVegas listing - and click "Submit" (#1) 8.4.2. Change "Font Style" to "Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif" and click "Submit" (#2) 8.4.3. Type "Meta Tag Title" (#3) or paste this text: Explode Facebook 8.4.4. Type "Meta Tag Description" (#4) or paste this text: Simple Strategies will help you Literally EXPLODE Facebook to Create Traffic, Leads and Profits 8.4.5. Type "Meta Tag Key Words" (#5) or paste this text: traffic, leads, profit, how to use facebook, work online, how to make money, how can i earn money, ways to earn money, make money with facebook, online earning money 8.4.6. Click "Submit" (#6) and see your site by clicking "Click here to see the publishrd website" (#7)

8.5. You will see that on top of your page has several links. This is not a bad thing, because if someone clicks on some link and register in womVegas, he will be in your downline, and that can bring you profits (all womvegas links in this page are with your referrals)

8.6. TEST, TEST, TEST, TEST, TEST YOUR SITE (YOUR CLICKBANK LINKS)!!! Click on picture in yor new page (big picture with your ClickBank link), after the click should open a page with the product (in new window), scroll down to the "Add To Cart" button, click on this button, now should open ClickBank payment page - scroll down and at the bottom you must see [affiliate = YOUR ClickBank affiliate nickname] (look picture below)

If you see this, all is ok and you will get money when someone make a purchase. Repeate the same with other two links in your page!

Congratulations, your site is now Online!!! we must get visitors to your site, because No Visitors = No Money ...for that we'll use some FREE traffic exhange programs, some FREE social networks and some FREE classified ad sites

9. First of all, create a Twitter and Facebook accounts (if you do not have yet). I will not tell you about Facebook and Twitter, because most likely you already have accounts and information about them are more than enough. Only remember - NOT BOTHER your followers with information about your products. Tweet the latest news, humor, quotes and other things, but about your product Tweet no more frequently than once a day (for each product). 10. Creat account in VIRURL. Use this FREE tool for your Tweets and get $5 when you register + some extra money from your Tweets. To set up virurl is very easy, just follow their instructions. 11. Create account in TrafficAdBar and create your ad (about your product). At this moment create only one ad about your product + you can create ad about VIRURL (use your virurl referral link for this ad). After creating account and ad (ads), go to "Referring resources" (or click here) and get your referral link. Promote this link everywhere exept TrafficAdBar. 12. Create account in ViralTrafficRush and create your ad (about your product). After creating account and ad, go to "Referral links" (or click here) and get your referral link. Promote this link everywhere exept vTrafficRush. Yo can get back to TrafficAdBar and create ad about vTrafficRush.

13. Create accounts in Social Sites MySpace, AdlandPro, MyNetworkingPro, BizOppers, NetLog, womVegas (where you already have account). These sites are with different functions. You can also sign up for other sites, but still not in a hurry, the key is to understand how and what works. Create profiles and, where it is possible create ad about your product and for your referrals in other sites where you just created accounts. REMEMBER - you are here to MAKE MONEY WITHOUT SPENDING ANY PENNY, therefore at this moment DO NOT UPGRADE MEMBERSHIP OR PAY ANY FEE, use only SERVICES that AVAILABLE for FREE!

14. Create yor ad about your product for FREE Classified Sites (you can use example below) Title: Explode Facebook to Create Traffic, Leads and Profits Category: Earn Online Short description: Simple Strategies will help you Literally Explode Facebook to Create Traffic, Leads and Profits Contact e-mail: you can show or not your e-mail Contact phone: better leave blank this field Site: YOUR WOMVEGAS SITE LINK Country: Worldwide Tags: earn money, online income, facebook features Description: Put to Work the Same Simple Facebook Strategies Amy Uses Every Day As the internet and Social Media evolve one thing is clear – Facebook is king. Fast approaching 1,000,000,000 members (yes that's ONE BILLION), Facebook is the site where everyone is spending time online! "Every successful business depends on people – Facebook is where they are spending their time online. Either you will use Facebook and succeed or you will not embrace Facebook and fail." - Sean Malarkey Have you put off using Facebook to generate more business? Has a fear of not knowing where to start kept you from moving forward? Today, that's all going to change! For more information please visit our site: YOUR WOMVEGAS SITE LINK Price: 0.00 Picture: Find some picture with money or something like this. IS IMPORTANT TO ADD PICTURE - you will achieve that your ad will be opened viewed!

Ok, Copy this ad and Paste it HERE (it's one of my sites, paste ad directly without register or login and of course for FREE), after that GO HERE and post your ad in these FREE Cassified Ad Sites (in all if you have patience and you want good results or in some of these sites)

15. Create account in ListBuck (it's something like free autoresponder). Find "Credit Mailer" (on top of site) and click on it. Usually, when you sign up you get some free credits (1 credit = 1 mail), if you have not received a bonus credits, not sad - you will receive e-mails from listbuck, find in e-mail link where is mentioned about credits and click on that link (1 click = 5 credits) and collect your credits. When you get enought credits (about 1000) create and send your ad about your products by mass mail. Usually from 1000 mails (credits) I get about 80 visitors/customers. Dont forget about your referral links in this site "Promotional Tools" (on site top menu).

Well, now you have your page with your product and you know how to promote it... What next?... Relax and wait for the money? Wait for money? - YES Relax? - FORGET

Here is To Do for you: 1. Do you know exactly what you sell? I think that no :) Maybe it's some illegal? Don't worry, it's joke :) First of all, get to look the product, because you must know what exactly you sell! 2. Go back to each site where you created account and find what free benefits (free advertising, free products and much more) you can get from each site (yes each, because AlertPay and PayPal heve referral programs too) 3. Organize your referrals and create and post ad (ads) for each site which have referral program 4. Remember? - you have 2 empty free sites in womVegas! Find Online how to create code yourself and create 2 new your product pages. A little advice - serch in google for "convert text to html free" and "host pictures online free"

Ok, it's time to say goodbye :) Have a Successful Internet Business! Sincerely, Felikss Veilands Full Time Intenet Marketer

P.S. I am not promising that with this page you will earn thousands. The key is for you to understand how it works! Not just Copy/Paste but Really Understand!

P.P.S. Please, if you find this article helpful, tweet this, send to facebook and share with your friends.

P.P.P.S. All this information and much, much more, you can find in my site

Create your sell site without spending any penny  

There are many different ways to make money online, but usually searching for an answer, we find expensive programs, which often did not wor...

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