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whale watching

the whale watching archtop

whale watching

the Trap - door Model Acoustic Archtop

created by Cristian Mirabella

"My intention was simple; create a perfect blend of visual art and acoustic science. An instrument with a perfectly tuned voice, that speaks to the  player while the art inspires them .   This would become the Whale Watching Archtop."

The core construction of all Mirabella 's instruments are rooted in the traditions of the great New York makers that came before him . However it is his own innovations in sound and design , such as the  3 adjustable sound doors of " Whale Watching "  that set Mirabella apart.

"It 's my belief that with the proven foundation of the past, the builder can find confidence to take great leaps into the future." 


The Whales. . . the waves. . . and the wood which carry the sound that is the voice of "Whale Watching "; from inside out and outside in .

" Be great ! Not because you have to, Because you can ." -- Frank Mirabella 1981

• Special Thanks to Carl Savini

• In Loving Memory of Frank and Johanna Mirabella

" Whale Watching " a pictorial journey into the creation of balance between art and instrument by premier luthier Cristian Mirabella . 

Mirabella Guitars Photographed and Designed by Philip Simone

Whale Watching by Cristian Mirabella  

One of a kind guitar, hand made work of art.

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