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Liquid Filling Machines Suppliers in Singapore

Feige Filling is one of the leading manufacturers of filling machines for liquid and pasty products. They deal in manufacturing of drum filing systems, pallet filing systems, can/pail filing systems, bag filing systems, conveyor systems and palletizing systems.

Feige Filling offers a range of products under the can and pail filling particularly to meet the requirements of the customers on gravimetric filling of pails. Choice can be made from a variety of fully automatic and semi-automatic filling machines. A complete system for fully automatic packaging processes can also be provided with a combination of filling equipment with conveyor and palletizing system.

Feige Filling offers cost-effective and quality pail and can filling products that can fill cans and pails of up to 60 kg. "Slim Line" Pail Filler Type 4 is one such kind of system. This filler system comes with a simple design and is made of stainless steel.

This filler fulfils all the major functions and requirements as expected from gravimetric filler. This filler comprises of a large number of proven components from the Feige modular system like the filling valve with minimum dead space and quick change connector. Also, it can be integrated with many cost-effective accessories.

Another system for filling pails and cans is known as the Plug and Fill Pail/Can Filling Station Type 14. In this, positioning of the empty pails is done manually to the filling unit and the pails get filled automatically as per W&M legislation (maximum weight 60kg).

A mobile filling station can help in saving a lot of money within the internal production process by either using the system for the filling of uncritical liquid, pasty products or for zone 1 hazardous area application. These mobile "Plug & Fill" machines can be directly brought to the tank as they are supplied either with rollers or via floor conveyors hence sparing the need of complex piping and hosing.

Feige Filling revolutionizes the field of filling machines by offering a new generation of fillers for the filling of cans and pails ranging from 2.5 kg to 30 kg with pasty and liquid products. For the first time, Feige engineers successfully developed a machine packed with both electric and pneumatic control in one common control cabinet.

Feige Asia offers full cycle of filling technology for Drum Filling Machines, Auto Drum Filling Machines, Liquid Filling Machines, Bag Fillers, Semi Automatic Drum Fillers with affordable cost and effective technology.

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Liquid Filling Machines in Singapore  

Feigeasia offers complete system of Liquid filling machines, Filling equipments, pail, drum and tote fillers which are made in Germany. What...

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