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Christie Cinema Solutions

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Brief Introduction • Job function at Christie • Previous AV and cinema experience. • Contacts: e-mail: phone: +36-1-4748-100 • Questions: every time!


• CDXL Superior Performance Lamps • Christie Integrated Media Block • Christie SKA-3D • Solaria One • Christie Duo

CDXL Superior Performance Lamps

Lenticular envelope shape promotes more light towards the reflector surface increasing efficiency

“High Tech” anode and cathode design increasing heat rejection and durability

“High Tech” seals for withstanding higher temperatures and pressures

Higher xenon (Xe) pressure yielding more intense light Shorter arc gap making a tighter point source of light (ideal for Digital Cinema)

• •

Typical Brightness Fall-Off

Increased Value!

Typical Brightness Tolerance

End of the lamp’s usable life

Typical Brightness Fall-Off

Even More Value!

More Value Typical Brightness Tolerance

End of the lamp’s usable life


August 2012

•CDXL-14M / 4,500 max lumens •CDXL-16M / 7,500 max lumens •CDXL-18SD / 10,000 max lumens •CDXL-20SD / 12,000 max lumens

CP2230 / CP4230

CP2220 / CP4220


•CDXL-20 / 9,000 max lumens

• •CDXL-30 / 16,000 max lumens

• •CDXL-30SD / 22,000 max lumens

•CDXL-20 / 10,000 max lumens

• •CDXL-30 / 19,000 max lumens

• •CDXL-45 / 26,000 max lumens

• •CDXL-60 / 34,000 max lumens

Christie Integrated Media Block

What is an IMB? • •

IMB is short for Image or Integrated Media Block An IMB is a media block which is capable of JPEG2000 encoding for digital cinema DCP playback. • It is essentially the video card of a traditional 2K cinema server, integrated into a Series-2 Cinema Projector. • The IMB is fed ‘encrypted essence data’ which is just digital data fed from raw storage – essentially files stored on a PC. This data is not in the form of video at this point. • All IMBs for use in Series-2 projectors, must conform to T.I. specifications, as well as DCI compliance. T.I. specs the interface type, power, mechanical and communication protocols to be used inside a Series-2 cinema projector

Why Use an IMB? • • •

More bandwidth to display full color 3D at 24 fps/eye (3D at 4:4:4 12-bit color processing) When upgraded, full support for 48/60 fps/eye 3D and 4K content Very secure system design - All the video decryptors and encoders are on board the IMB under a SPB1. The IMB itself is also contained within the projector SBP2. For this reason, no CineLink encryption is required.



Why Use Christie IMB? •

• •

Provides a more reliable projection system since the IMB was designed with a deep understanding of the projector’s software, thermals, vibrations and internal power availability The Christie IMB is easily upgradable to provide HFR and 4K support Uses commodity storage devices, thereby reducing cost, reducing downtime due to maintenance, and providing more flexibility in the overall system design Provides streaming MPEG2/H.264 support for advertising and alternative content from the attached commodity storage device

Why Use Christie IMB? •

• • •

Has an intuitive Screen Management System (SMS) for managing content at the screen level; it integrates seamlessly with Christie AviasTMS™ for theater-level content management Integrated software architecture ensures safe and fully-tested software upgrades Designed with multiple failover options for increased reliability and performance A single projection system backed by a single, dedicated, technical support team

Christie SKA-3D

Christie SKA-3D

Christie SKA-3D

Powerful cinema audio processing with support for up to 16 DCI-AES input channels, and configurable with up to 15 balanced analog outputs (including HI and VI-N), plus up to five built-in, two-way crossovers, audio delay, 31 band graphic EQ and more.

Potent video processing improves image quality for pre-show content.

Enables playback of any consumer 3D content on a digital cinema projector!

HDMI Audio Extraction • Extracts audio from an HDMI input to a balanced (+4dB) professional audio output.

• Enables HDMI’s audio output from a consumer device to feed a cinema’s professional B-chain system.

Multichannel Audio Processing • Full complement of multichannel audio codecs: • • • • • •

Dolby Digital Dolby Digital Plus Dolby TrueHD DTS DTS-HD DTS-HD Master Audio

• Dramatically expands the breadth of content choices available for playback on the digital cinema system including high fidelity lossless audio!

Potent Video Processing • Full 10 bit/4:4:4 video scaling up to 1080p/2K • Color processing • 3D processing • Video transcoding (analog to digital).

High quality processing of audio and video for superior performance system playback!

Combines into one chassis the functionality of several A/ V products (multiple boxes) offered by competitors.

Saves rack space.

Powerful 3D Processing • Splits HDMI video output signal into Left Eye & Right Eye content for use with DVI inputs on Series 2 D-cinema projectors. • Built-in 3D processing: • HDMI 1.4a • Sensio® Hi-Fi 3D • RealD


• Enables accurate 3D playback of content from consumer devices: • • • •

Blu-Ray player Game consoles (PS3) STB PC


• Unleash the full playback potential of digital cinema systems with SKA-3D!


Christie Solaria One

Christie Solaria OneTM • • • •

High value (low cost) D-Cinema projector platform All-in-one solution, ships from factory with IMB and SMS Fully DCI compliant Primary customers: • rural screens • late adopters, small multiplex screens in developed markets Small auditoriums (max screen size 30 feet)

Custom designed low cost Xenon lamp (CDXL-21S1) • 8,000 Lumens (DCI Color space) • 9,000 Lumens (Native)

Christie Solaria OneTM •

Dual projector 3D capable • Stackable design with side extraction • Single projector also supports all external 3D systems

Dual DVI/HDMI @ 60fps/eye for Alt Content

No 3G/HD-SDI Inputs (won’t support traditional server)

No 4K Upgrade Path

Reflects features of Christie IMB • Genlock to another IMB (stacked 2D or 3D) • Streaming alt content decoding (MPEG2/H.264) • Christie SMS, compatible with Christie and other TMSs

Christie Solaria One+TM •

Upgraded Model: • Motorized Lens Mount • Same lamp, with overdrive capabilty to 2.3 kW

• 9,000 Lumens (DCI Color space) • 10,000 Lumens (Native) • Premium lens solution (sharper, more uniform picture) Primary customers: • Side-masked screens • Need a little extra brightness • Post-production ~10% increase in price over standard model

Christie Duo

What is Christie DUO? Christie Duo • Two Projector Solutions to suit every HIGH BRIGHTNESS need • Maintains sharpness of 4K even though brightness is from two projectors • Ultra High Brightness of up to 68,000 Lumens possible from two CP4230’s Christie Duo Align • CCD Camera based alignment • Uses CCD Camera and Motorized Lens mount to maintain alignment • Accurate 4K alignment required for clear 2D and superior 3D • External Camera and Software connects to both Projectors

System Overview


Christie Duo Scope •


Dual and Single Mirror System Scope: •

Mirror mounted to front of projector to turn optical axis 90 degrees

Mechanical mirror warping to align edges of images

2 possible configurations, single or dual mirror

Christie Duo Scope •



Stacking Frame System Scope •

Intended for dual projector 3D

Single projector for 2D

Christie Duo Scope •


DuoAlign Software Scope: •

Vision system to align center of images

Vision system to correct zoom between flat and scope images

Software to run on TPC

Christie IMB’s required for system function (Dual projector sync)

Serial command support for control by theatre automation

Christie Duo Scope •

Prerequisites: • (2) Christie Digital Cinema Projectors (matching models with LMS on at least one unit) • (2) Proper lamps and lenses


• (2) Christie IMBs with gen-lock capability • (2) DCP Pedestals (quantity depending on configuration chosen)



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