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Adviser Jay Seidel Thank you to NOCCD Graphic Arts Department, Fullerton College Cosmotology Program, and the Fullerton College Foundation. The FC Torch is produced every smester by Magazine Production, Journalism 135, at Fullerton Colege under the guidance of student editors and the advisement of Jay Seidel. Editorial and advertising content herin, including any opinions expressed, are the sole responsiblity of the students in the production class. Information published herin does not represent the position of the North Orange County Community College District, Fullerton College or any other officever or employee within.

Dear Abby “Baby’s black balloon makes her fly…” The lyrics repeated through my headphones at least a thousand times while I kept a zombie-like stare locked on the screen, and sat motionless other than the purple pen that twirled between my fingers and occasionally ended up clenched between my teeth. Enough scribbled-on and crumpled papers surrounded me that I could rebuild a forest. A familiar setting to any student, but this wasn’t just any ordinary schoolwork. No, this was way better. First of all, I love grammar and AP style to death! Really! More importantly though, I got to preview the works of some inspired and talented journalists. Every story reflects the individual author in some way and I have the privilege of showcasing them throughout this book. Just as this song kept me going, so did my writers. The magazine became my black balloon, that I could use to cut myself off from the rest of the world and make me fly- during the good times (aka all the wonderful hours and conversations in the newsroom), and the bad (I learned the hard way that hard drives can and do still crash these days, so back up!). Addiction! In the purest, most innocent sense of the word. Secretly, I thrived off the stress and the pressure. It’s a high that makes any drug obsolete. I actually don’t know what I will do without the magazine to turn to now…Uh-oh! Look out, malls! Shopaholic on the loose! With my one-track mind completely enveloped, blood, sweat, tears, a probably even a little snot too on my worst days (Ah-chooo!) were poured into this publication. As the song continues “there’s no time left for losing.” Having a finished product that everyone involved could be proud of was my be-all end-all, and I truly hope that, that was accomplished. That being said, none of this could have been possible without my trusty steed/art director to show me the ropes. Then there is my advisor/ toughest critic/biggest fan who was always there to keep me sane, or blow up my phone and inbox. Lol! So thank you, boys I also have to add a special, thanks to my Lovebug, Heidi. She supported me all the way from Georgia. Her words of encouragement helped me remain optimistic throughout. All in all, I can confidently say that this was the craziest, most challenging, most rewarding, BEST experience I have had to learn from. And I did, I learned a lot- about my own character (pushing myself to try new things) and about the whole magazine industry in general (design, photography, and writing). Now to you dear Torch, I pray I did your name justice and that “I’ll become, what you became to me.”


XOXO Abby Stover

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Brandon’sBoo kshelf Written by Yasmine Kleinman

Brandon Floerke is more than just an English professor. He

has grown with the Fullerton College over the last 17 years, but even before his teaching days, he had accomplished so much. In 1995, he was not only a student of the dear old campus, but he had also started tutoring at the writing center, as well as holding a temporary job as an intern. He graduated from Cal State Fullerton in 2003, but returned to Fullerton College six years ago to teach. In more recent days, Brandon teaches English 100, English 103, British literature, as well as Bible literature. He was honored to have received the 2011 Teacher of The Year award, in addition to being Fullerton College’s Honor Society advisor. In the midst of it all, he also started a family. He met his wife and they had their first daughter together all while attending Fullerton College.


Everyone should read Moby Dick. It is profound and funny and encyclopedic. With some books you don’t judge them; they judge you.

6 FC Torch



The Crying of Lot 49 is infuriating to read the first time, but as soon as you finish it, you want to read it again. And the second time though, it is quite possibly the most ingenious and hilarious book out there. It is so perfect in its execution of a perfect idea.

Professor Floerke is unlike most instructors. He has his own band called Brandon Floerke’s Stuffed Animal Baby. “It’s kind of like folk music meets weird Indie-rock drug music,” says Professor Floerke about the genre of his band. He had started writing his own music but then took a break after grad school. It wasn’t until 2008 that he decided to pick back up again when his friends, Phil and Jason, heard his solo CD. The style of music is band plays is not for everyone. “Everyone loves pepperoni pizza but we’re not serving it.” He has formulated a list of five (yes, just five) books that people should read before they die. Having so many favorites, it was a difficult task, but he was sure to mix the genre and styles to incorporate variety. When looking for a book to read, he believes the best ones should paint a picture. He enjoys any books that “engross him like it is reality television.”

A People’s History challenges the classic, cynical narrative of US history. It deconstructs many classic myths and heroes, but it is not pessimistic. Zinn faces the past with a remarkable hopefulness and a truly democratic spirit.. This book is potentially lifechanging.

4 I fell in love with fiction while reading nerdy books like Dune. I have to admit I am still a sucker for a really good science fiction or fantasy novel that can draw you into a different world. Dune is perhaps the best example of this kind of book next to Lord of the Rings, which I also love.

5 Discipline and Punish is a different kind of book altogether. This book looks at the history of incarceration and criminal punishments. It is famous for bringing to light the power of surveillance. -As suggested by Brandon Floreke

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Summer Music Top Written by Mat Specker

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1.) Every Time I Die – Ex-Lives This album took the world by storm with their anti-party album. While most people are listening to bands like LMFAO and Katy Perry, Every Time I Die crashes the party. With their dark overtones and explosive jams, this could very well end up album of the year to the anti-pop metalcore scene.

2.) Say Anything – Anarchy, My Dear The way that singer Max Bemis writes his lyrics are pure genius. He writes with such wit and humor that most people are confused by what he means. This album is almost a complete turnaround from previous records. Though there are more slow songs than past Say Anything records, they do not lack the charm of Bemis.

3.) The Used – Vulnerable

The follow-up to 2009’s Artwork is pure bliss. Despite the lack of success of their last two albums Vulnerable is a sort of mix between 2004’s In Love and Death and 2007’s Lies for the Liars. They have reinvigorated themselves with this album by not relying on one certain sound. With a mix of ballads and aggressive track they have made an album that will entice older fans and new fans.

4.) The All-American Rejects – Kids in the Street

The pop rock hits never stop with these guys. With their sing along hits and their slow ballads this album is great. This album signifies an up and downs relationships. They start out with a great song about losing someone you love then realizing that that person is better off gone and end the album with and inspirational love song. The way they write is an emotional rollercoaster and this album is no different.

5.) Bleeding Through – The Great Fire This Orange County metal band never pulls any punches, they are what they are and if people don’t like them they do not care. Filled with a mixture of hate and love this is the perfect record to mosh to. They write with the angst to get people moving and this album is a perfect follow-up to their 2010’s self-titled album. With no major record label to hold them back they blossomed into a pivotal metal band for the new generation of metal heads.

With the semester coming to a close, you are going to need a playlist for the summer. From metalcore to pop, darkwave to rock, you are covered with this list. These are the top ten albums of this spring semester.

6 7 8 9 10 6.) Celldweller – Live Upon a Black Star

Celldweller is a great industrial band that has been working on their new album Wish upon a Black Star. While working on the album they went on tour and decided to put out a live album. Though they only have one studio album they have a mass following of dedicated fans. This album has a great mix of songs from their first album and their EP’s. While their fans wait for Wish upon a Black Star, they have a great live album to hold them over until then.

7.) William Control - Silentium Amoris

This is a solid darkwave album by Wil Francis. It is his third album and he keeps on getting better as the albums get released. Being the lead singer of Aiden he has completely gone in a different direction with William Control. He trades the gritty rock sound of Aiden for a more electronic sound. This is a stand out record for fans of Aiden and fans of darkwave.

8.) The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond

While everybody is rushing to the movies to see the hit movie, many have over looked the soundtrack. This album has a great list of artists on it and their songs are amazing. This album is not just about Taylor Swift’s “Safe & Sound”, this album has more depth to it with “Run Daddy Run” by Miranda Lambert, just to name one. This is a definite must have soundtrack.

9.) Fireflight – Now

This is a Christian female fronted band and she can sing like there is no tomorrow. This album is very uplifting and spiritual. It deals with regret and headache. The way singer Dawn Michele sings is very powerful and can give you hope when you are down. Her voice is not a replica like most female fronted bands that are dominating the pop scene; it has a very different feel to it.

10.) Shinedown – Amaryllis

They put together the perfect followup to 2008’s The Sound of Madness. This is a definitive rock album that anybody can get behind. It seems like Shinedown doesn’t have it in them to make a bad record. The way they write and preform their music is a thing of beauty. This album could go down as one of the premiere rock albums of our decade. FC Torch


Torch pTechnology

Find the

Different cell phones match different types of people such as businesspeople, professors, gamers, shopper’s, musicians, and students. Which cell phone best fits your needs? By Beto Lopez

“I feel like there is more variety of apps and options that come with the droid. Also there hace been more editions and more styles of the droid than the

8 FC Torch

“It’s the best phone ever, iPhone is too over priced.” “Its easy and fast. I know how to use it. The particular technology is known to me versus learning how to use a blackberry or a droid.” “I trust apples product and know that they offer quality- that is love.” “it is easier than a blackberry and its overall better. Sleekm stylish and apple has a great easy to use program format and its very user friendly.”

Phone 4 U

Torch pTechnology

A Look @ the Specs >>>>

“It does not have all the things that you don’t always need.”

FC Torch 9

Comedy Night Written by Nohemi Duran Photography by Alex Avi単a

Comedian Edwin SanJuan

10 FC Torch

@ Roscoe’s Famous Deli Do you ever hit “Humpdays” and think you’ll never make it over to see the weekend? Need something to get you through the rest of the week? If so, you can enjoy a mid-week chuckle at Roscoes Deli in Downtown Fullerton, on Wednesday where they host a comedy night. A night full of laughter will give you the boost that you need. Fullerton does in fact have a lively place where talented comedians, professional and amateurs alike, can practice in front of an audience for an enjoyable free event. George Perez, the host of these comedy nights, has created this environment at Roscoes. Perez has been practicing stand up comedy for about nine years, and recently performed at Pechanga Casino in Temecula. He was also featured on Mun2 along with Gabriel Iglesias and other comedians on a special focusing on “Hispanic comedians”. He has been the host at Roscoes for over a year now. After Church, a local bar, was closed down, Perez was offered by the Roscoe’s owner to bring his show over and continue the laughter. Perez just wants to bring free laughter and entertainment to Orange County, as it has a special place in his heart. “It’s my home.” He says. Perez would love for this to become “the 8th mile of comedy, where all the major headliners can come and practice because they love how savvy, smart and ghetto the crowd is…I want them to say Roscoe is a real crowed.” Comedians are given a chance to showcase their material as well at Roscoes ass well as getting some practice in front of a live audience to see how they will respond. It is a great starting point before taking their shows on the road. Bebos Raphael is a big fan of Perez and after coming to check out a few shows he finally got the courage to ask Perez if he could come on stage and present his skit. As Raphael said “that’s the good thing about this guy, if he sees you and you’re a comic, but you’re just a beginner he’ll help you out.”

Visitors of Roscoe’s sit at the tables in the resturant and are able to view the show.

FC Torch 11

However he does not only have beginners performing. Some of the comedians that George has been able to bring on his stage have included: Jeff Garcia, JoJo CoCo Diez, Edwin San Juan, Simply Cookie, and other famous names such as Felipe Esparza who was the winner of Last Comic Standing. Each week he has different people stopping by to perform, and of course he gets on stage and cracks a few of his own jokes. Roscoes offers a great atmosphere for everyone, as Jeff, one of the bartenders stated “this is a fun environment; a good group of people come in and once you come in to check out the show you’ll become a regular.” And Dan Ebert another bartender adds that “to go see most comedy shows you have to pay around $15-$30, but here it’s free, there’s no obligation, we just want you to enjoy a great show and laugh!” Ebert was one of the individuals that encouraged Perez to bring the comedy show over to Roscoes.

Comedian Jeff Garcia

Comedian Simply Cookies

Host George Perez

As Perez said, “I want to attract all parts of Orange County, from the rich to the poor, this is a place where they can all come and laugh.” Roscoe’s isn’t just known for its comedy but for it is delicious deli too! Both dinner and a show can be enjoyed. Even after the show, feel free to stay and have some drinks, play pool or shuffle board, and delight in live music. Perez aims to deliver a creative event to the public that incorporates all art forms, from literature to music to, of course, stand up. “I come for the laughs and stay for the drinks; I’m always inviting my friends to stop on by and check it out.” Says Mike, A regular Wednesday nighter. Perez hopes to continue hosting comedy nights at Roscoes for as long as he can. His dreams also include becoming a national headliner, producing his own sketches, and traveling to touch lives with laughter. Perez certainly does just that here at Roscoe’s. It is not too far, and best yet, it is free. After this humorous night, you will have enough smiles to get you through the rest of the week. FC Torch 13

Passion for

Pm 14 FC Torch


Written by: Renee Willis Photography: Alex Avi単a

Abraham Lincoln was a self-confessed

“billiards addict.” He described the game as a “health inspiring, scientific game, lending recreation to the otherwise fatigued mind.” It is quite possible that critical issues of national interest such as slavery, international relations, and the civil war, were handled over the slate of a Brunswick table. Playing pool is more than just a recreational past time; it’s actually a sport with it’s own league, rules, and awards. One of the leagues is called the APA, which stands for Amateur Poolplayers Association. Anyone can become a member as long as he or she is 21 and has a passion for pool, and an interest in the league. The APA is divided into counties. For Orange County alone, there’s an Orange County APA league and a South Orange County APA league. The APA hosts both 8-ball and 9-ball leagues and every team has the opportunity to go to the APA National Team Championships where one team can win a cash prize! League play has done more to advance the cause of pool than any other one factor, including ESPN events. Without league play, there would be fewer players, and fewer players means fewer people tuning in the TV events. Leagues also provide a spawning ground for new talent, many of whom may not have otherwise picked up a cue stick Greg Wallace of Fullerton College says, “The APA is an opportunity to meet people who share the same enthusiasm for the game of pool and learn from one another in different ways from how people play.” Each player is ranked by skill level, ranging from 2-7. Starting out, new female members start at a level 3 and new male members start at a level 4. This system is used to keep the matches as fair as possible. For example, if a level-2 player were to play a level-5 player, the level 2 would only have to win 2 games of that match while the level-5 player would have to win 5 games. Each player has a personal profile on the website that keeps track of how many games they’ve played, won, and lost. The skill levels are divided into three tiers: a lower tier that ranks the 2 and 3 skill level players, a middle tier which ranks the 4 and 5 skill level players and a higher tier that ranks the 6 and 7 skill level players. With each match won, whichever skill level player you beat, you earn that many points for your personal profile. An example would be a player beating a level 6; he or she would gain 6 points for that season. At the end of the season, the top 10 players in each tier are invited to a special tournament called the Top Shooter Tournament. The player who wins that tournament is awarded a personal cash prize in addition to a special pool case to hold their cue sticks. Also, the number 1 player in each tier earns a large patch that says “Top Gun” on it. Bryan Perez of Fullerton College is the Top Gun of his tier on his team “Balls Out.” When asked about this award, Bryan stated, “I worked hard and won a lot

of tough matches to achieve this award. I’m looking forward to next season to see if I’m able to be the Top Gun again.” Still, in hindsight, it is team spirit that is most critical. not the individual awards. Teams that know how to relax and enjoy each others company are more relaxed at the table. Relaxation and concentration may be mutually exclusive, but not incompatible. Being focused and up tight, a poolplayer is more prone to choking. When relaxed and unfocused, shots get sloppy. However, when both relaxed and focused a player can shoot his or her best pool. Obviously, the team captain is the backbone of the team, or should be. But all too often team captains cause most of the problems by not “taking charge” and providing solutions to potential problems before they surface. It is not necessary for the team captain to be the best shooter on the team. In fact, it is probably best if the captain is relieved of the pressure of anchoring the team. The team captain has to be a good administrator, a strong but compassionate leader, a peacemaker and negotiator. If you want to shoot pool for the pure joy of it, find a team that shares the same attitude as you. If winning is your only consideration, find a team that eats nails and lives on barstools. Regardless of your reason, when joining a team, be ready to shoot.



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is the real

16 FC Torch



n March of 2011, many Fullerton College students decided to rise up and march down the streets of Fullerton up to the office of Assembly Member Chris Norby, to let him know that they want the government to stop the budget cuts. It was around mid afternoon when students began to gather around the quad at the center of Fullerton College. There was a sea of red formed from all the students participating in the protest. Picket signs were sticking out like sore thumbs. One clearly depicting the bold letters stating, “It’s my education,” “stop with the budget cuts.” Then, a man in an oversized, red T-shirt and jeans, with a short low-fade haircut, stood up on top of a makeshift stage at the lower end of the quad and began yelling into a megaphone. There was motivating inflection in his voice as he began to explain what the state of California was doing with the education system. He encouraged the students to speak up, and let the government know how the budget cuts are tragically affecting them and their college education.

Written by Beto Lopez Photography by Alex Aviña

It was time the students make their voices heard about these matters. It was time to protest. This man seized the opportunity to make aware his fellow students, and as he went on to do so, they started heating up with inspiration and cheering in agreement. This courageous leader is Chris “Sancho” Sanchez. Sanchez lead the students from the heart of Fullerton College all the way up to Assembly Member Norby’s office, marching every step with a determination and passion. Sanchez continued to fuel the students’ energy, as they chanted with pride and convicting emotion, “STUDENTS! UNITED! WILL NEVER BE DIVIDED!” They kept on down the street of Harbor Boulevard, “HEY HEY! HO HO! THESE BUDGET CUTS HAVE GOT TO GO!” Sanchez is the Fullerton College Student Trustee, a

Chris Sanchez leads MECHA, FCDT, and LLNSC in Dream Act rally before the launch of Spanish Speaking publication LaAntorcha at Fullerton College. Just one of many activities that Sanchez is apart of on campus at Fullerton.- Photograph courtesy of Mark Sutton.

Torch 17

Chris reflects upon past achievements while at Fullerton College

political activist, a student and a grandson. He has a passion for education and student rights. Although seen as a school leader now, the 26-year-old has not always taken top honors in the classroom. He was held back as a first-grader, and struggled through elementary and middle school. Once Chris got to high school, the challenges increased. He had transferred to a continuation school and eventually dropped out all together. “School wasn’t really important to me,” Sanchez says. “There was no support, from campus, teachers, or family.” Coming from a traditional Mexican family, the he saw it, if one doesn’t go to school, one has to go to work. Adela Lopez, an Ethnic Studies professor at Fullerton College, has known Sanchez and his family since he was a child. Lopez’s son and Sanchez’s older brother were classmates back in elementary school. The families also attended the same parish, St. Philips in Fullerton. It was there that Sanchez grew into the leader he is today. “Chris is extremely active, pro-active, always thinking of ways in which to get people moving on issues, likes to get an ear out in the community to see who needs what, and to work together,” Lopez says. Despite the challenges with his education, he felt an urge to be involved, Sanchez became really involved in his parish after he had dropped out of high school, and began to

18 FC Torch

help out his community. It was while he was helping out at one of the events that he met Fullerton Mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva. “Sharon was the person that really motivated me to go back to school,” Chris smiled. “She has always asked me, ‘How come you don’t go back to school?’ and, ‘ if you want really want to get into politics you are going to need a degree.’” He adds that he never really thought about going back to school or even about going into politics. But he admits that he loves the feeling he gets from the involvement of helping the community. He soon enrolled at Fullerton College, and began working on completing his required classes to transfer to a four-year university, and building his passion for education. Unlike most college students, Sanchez had to keep his pursuit of education a secret because his grandmother and other family members would never support of him going to college. “Many traditional Mexican families feel that education is not as important as having to work and having to bring home money to help support the house,” Lopez clarifies. “In Chris’s situation, he wanted to pursue his education and not follow the family norm.” Sanchez did eventually tell his grandmother that he

“Sharon was the person that really motivated me to go back to school” did want to finish up his education. “I told her that I went back to get my high school diploma, because if I don’t have that, I won’t even get considered as a dishwasher at a restaurant,” Chris chuckled. “It was tough going back to school when I haven’t been in school for a good while.” As Sanchez enrolled back in school at the community college level, began to join clubs such Latina Leadership Network, MeCha, and student government. He was taking a lot of social science classes, and a class that he liked was American Government. He then decided to major in political science and sociology. With all the leadership experience he had from leading events at his parish, he began to get involved. He became Inter-Club Council president, and is now the student trustee for the college. With all his campaigning and activism within student government, the students gossip that Sanchez would pursue greater leadership roles in government. “I don’t know if I really want to major in political science, or even become the president of the United States,” Sanchez says with a confused look on his face. “But I know for sure that I want be a mayor for the city of Fullerton, and help out my community.” Sanchez is very motivated about his city. He says that people in Fullerton are very passionate about the city, and urges residents to become involved to make Fullerton a better place. Even though he is transferring to California State University, of Sacramento in the fall of 2012, he will still take some of Fullerton with him, like his CSUF and FC sweater, shirt, etc., with him because to him that is still his school, his sports team. “I want to take a little bit of home with me,” Sanchez emphasizes. “It doesn’t matter where you go, but if you can just take a little bit of home with you, you know that you will end up just fine.” “Yeah, I have heard rumors, I go with the flow and tell them, ‘Hell Yeah I am!’ but I think being president is not something that I really want to do,” Sanchez admits. “Maybe a position as Mayor of Fullerton would be better because of my devotion to my community.” As he will be leaving his community soon he suggests

to all future freshman and students that transferring to a four-year university, to always work hard for your goals and that everything is possible if you just put that little bit of extra effort. Students need to realize that there have been so many cut backs that its going to affect their future and their children’s future so starting out early will only be able to themselves out and their family. Ladies and gentleman, this is your future president….


Hot for There are so many trails to choose from, especially around Fullerton. They have great, memorable views and it’s a great way to be active on a budget. It doesn’t get any better than that right? Here’s a list of some local trails that you might actually find intriguing.

20 FC Torch

Written by Renee Willis Photography by Connor Simpson

r Hikes The Fullerton Loop is a series of different trails throughout Fullerton that connect to one another, which applies why it is called the Fullerton Loop. Fullerton has more than 28 miles of trail. Only a half-dozen or so of these trails, plus a few paths along railroad tracks and through several parks, form the Fullerton Loop. The paths are easy since some of them are former electric car transit routes. Many cyclists ride this loop because of its ups and downs and changing of paths to different parts of Fullerton. The loop is about 12 miles in total but if you don’t want to complete the whole loop, you can easily use the city streets to get you back to start. Juanita Cooke Greenbelt and Trail is located in Fullerton and starts at Laguna Lake Park at Hermosa Drive & Santa Rosa Place and ends at the SW Corner of Berkeley and Harbor Blvd. It is a 2.5-mile trail that connects quiet neighborhoods to the busy streets of Downtown Fullerton. It can serve as a great commute route to downtown as well. Not only can you walk this train but you can also bike on this trail. At the location of this trail, you can find out about a 12-mile mountain bike trail that circles all of Fullerton, which is the Fullerton Loop. Bud Turner Trail is connected to the Juanita Cooke Greenbelt and with these two trails, an enthusiastic trailer can be relaxed and refreshed with space. Panorama Nature Preserve-Panorama Trail is another trail located in Fullerton that provides beautiful views of the surrounding cities. You have the option to drive to the vista point located on State College just north of Bastanchury Road and skip the hike all together. If you take that route, however, you will miss the hikers only viewpoints, which is better than any view you will get from your car. The hike is only one mile and there are signs that will detail exactly what you will be seeing all depending on which direction you’re looking at. This location was sat aside for the panorama views and habitats quite a few of birds, including two rare birds: the coastal cactus wren and the California gnatcatcher. It’s a great location to go to end a romantic date to create an unforgettable memory with that special someone.

FC Torch 21

Want to break outside of Fullerton but be somewhat local? Gilman Peak in Brea is one of those trails that can provide that for you. This 7-mile trail is ideal for hiking with elevation reaching 1,200 feet but bike riding is welcomed. It can take about 3.5 hours to hike the whole trail but the views are completely worth it. Views include the winter snow-capped San Gabriel Mountains, the Orange County basin to the sea, and the Santa Ana Mountains. Start the hike in Carbon Canyon Regional Park and follow the North Ridge Trail to the bald peak. It is opened year around but be cautious of sunny days because of the heat even though they provide the best views, especially if it’s a clear day. If some “breathing room” is needed from Orange County, Carbon Canyon Regional Park is your ticket. The entire park is located in a flood zone in the Carbon Canyon flood-control dam, which may someday help protect urbanized areas from flooding. Ideal for a fun filled outdoor experience, this park provides trails that connect to the Chino Hills State Park; it also provides areas ideal for picnics, places to play tennis, ball fields, and a lake. The hike is only 2 miles so plan a romantic picnic with a hike and a walk around the lake or plan an active day with playing tennis, hiking, and other activities.

San Juan Hill, located in Yorba Linda, is a straightforward hike to a high point in the Chino Hills State Park. You can start the hike from either the park office at Rolling M Ranch or you can start at Rim Crest Drive trailhead in Yorba Linda. Starting in Yorba Linda will cause the hike to be a tad longer but it is convenient for Orange County livers. The Hike is 6.4 miles with elevation reaching to 1,200 feet; it is considered to be a moderate to strenuous hike for 2.5 hours with bikes being allowed. The season for this trail is November through May.

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Really just want to go on a long bike ride? The Long Beach Bike Path is 12 miles especially made for bikers like you. It is available all year-round and is considered easy so anyone should be able to complete this bike ride. Many families ride this particular bike trail due to its intensity level, which is low. The pavement is in excellent condition and ideal times may be mornings and early afternoons even though there may be overcast. There are moments when you come across a few street crossings as well as riding alongside the water of Rainbow Lagoon Park. Don’t have a bike? No worries. You can rent bikes at the Shore Village. A lot of the scenery that will be seen on this trail is the beach, the ocean, surfers, and the Long Beach skyline.

These are just a few of the trails that are available in Orange County; for more information on trails, you can visit who provides a list of trails/parks for specific outdoors activities as well as in specific cities or areas that could appeal to you. I challenge you to get outside and enjoy the outdoors with a hike!

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It’s a Thursday afternoon and here I find myself googling hair colors once again. I stumble upon an image of the ever so beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio. I see her tan skin, light brown hair and killer highlights, and think, “I must have this!” Immediately, I take my cursor

What and jump right to the top middle of my bookmark bar to the “Pin It” tab. Click. Done. I have successfully and so easily pinned the image of the Victoria’s Secret Supermodel’s highlighted locks to my “Hair and Beauty” board on Pinterest. I’ve been searching the web

for hairstyles for an hour and a half and browsing my friends’ boards for one more. It’s safe to say that I’m addicted. For those of you that feel a little in the dark at the mention of Pinterest, it is my privilege to introduce you to one of the most inspiring applications out in the technological world today. It is essentially a virtual pinboard that allows you to, as their own website says, “organize and share things you find on the web”. By the grace of Pinterest, you can pin anything you find on the

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Written By Regina McDaniel

Internet, and then label it whatever your heart desires. Finally, you can consolidate it into one place where you and others can view it.

Very briefly, here are the logistics of Pinterest: each user has an account, each account contains different boards, or categories, and within these boards, there are pinsitems that you have found on the Internet and like. You aren’t limited to just the items on your own various boards, but rather you have viewing access to the collection of boards of other people you follow, and of those that follow you. Yeah, that’s right, not only are you able search for the perfect new black iron bed fame to compliment the tan walls you recently painted, but you can also scan through your friend’s “There’s No Place Like Home” board and see all the fresh ideas she has for room décor. You just so happen to see that she has a see-through vintage lace window curtain that would go perfectly with your tan walls and black painted furniture. Click the repin button, label “lace curtains” and add to “For the Home” board. Simple as that. The possibilities are endless on Pinterest; new ideas are generated constantly. Pretty freaking awesome if you ask me! So here I am, sitting on my computer searching hot new hairstyles, trying to find the perfect one with light brown hair and caramel highlights. I search, pin, and go onto the next. It’s as easy as that. But Pinterest goes way beyond that. Yes, I may use it for superficial fluff such as looking at hair and make up ideas and staying on top of the trends in women’s apparel, but this nifty little application can be utilized in so many more ways. Its not just an addicting time passer (trust me when I say ah-dict-ting), but a very proficient and simple way to collect and organize ideas, recipes, fitness routines and whatever else your little heart desires, down to the exact website that the pin originated. As Pinterest’s website discloses, it is important to credit your sources, ultimately making the whole experience of pinning much more beneficial and useful to other pinners. The site says under their “Pin Etiquette” tab that “pins are the most useful when they

have links back to the original source”, additionally asking that if you see that a pin has not yet been correctly sourced, leave a comment so that the original pinner can update its information. This is a crucial aspect to the functionality of Pinterest, and as Pinterest points out, “finding the original source is always preferable to a secondary source such as Google Image Search or a blog spot”. So when I find a picture of yummy looking mint chocolate chip ice cream cupcakes, I don’t have to just pin the image and think, “cool, these look good, now I’ll have to look up a recipe to make them”. All I have to do is click on the pin and see that its original source was from A Pumpkin and a Princess’s blog and find out exactly how to make these delectable treats, noting that this recipe requires my favorite cake mix, cupcake liners, frosting, chocolate chips (optional), and ice cream, and that the cooking time is around ten to twelve minutes. Boom, everything I need is right there, and guess what? I just might add it to my “Sweet Treats” board along with all the other baking ideas I like. Instead of writing all that down and filing it away in an old school recipe box like my mother (no offense Mom), I am able to pin it away on my clutter -free, virtual pinboard complete with an image of the tasty cupcake and its very own label. Maybe the next family party will be complete with these minty treats? Just think of all the things that you can do with this awesome website, and not to be unexpected, the phone application (mobile pinning and screen shots!). It is the end of magazine dog-earring, article clipping, file folder days. Pinterest has sent them packing and has left a new generation of very happy campers. Recipes, check. At home hair remedies, check. DIY table coasters, check. Wedding plans? Don’t even get me started! Wedding boards containing pins from the immaculate white dress, coordinating bridesmaids gowns, floral arrangements, venues, down to the centerpieces and name cards are very popular with many of the women

on Pinterest. There is a playful card on facebook that I came across with a picture of a woman in a wedding gown with a caption that reads “its pathetic how nice my wedding is on Pinterest considering I don’t even have a boyfriend.” Looks like some of us have been called out, but hey its fun and addicting, and the way I see it, we are ahead of the game. Its nice to plan for “someday” now, and for those who are actually planning a real life wedding, Pinterest provides you with an overload of ideas to draw from, and a sense of relief and accomplishment know that all your ideas for the wedding are saved and collected together. Your DIY board has easy and inexpensive gifts for your bridesmaids, and what do you know, that apple martini with graham cracker dust on the rim you saw the other day would be a hit at your engagement party. Pin! Who needs a wedding planner when you’re a propinner? Needless to say, Pinterest proves itself to be a useful tool in countless ways, and it is no wonder that it is among the most downloaded apps. Pinterest was the generous gift of a small team based in Palo Alto, California and is funded by successful entrepreneurs and investors, including Jeremy Stoppelman of Yelp and Jack Abraham of Milo. The future looks bright for these individuals responsible for Pinterest, seeing as the application serves to be both highly useful and fun, bringing together the ideas and interests of thousands of individuals all onto one site where you can browse, click and pin. Kudos to them. To those of you out there without a Pinterest account, go to the website and request an invitation so that you can explore all that Pinterest has to offer.

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Impressions of


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Heated-up, down-to- earth styles of the season Styled By: Robert Sugden Photography by : Juli Van Dorn

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Clothes and Assecories on loan from Buffalo Exchange

Clothes and Assecories on loan from Buffalo Exchange

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Clothes and Assecories on loan from Buffalo Exchange (store?)

Clothes and Assecories on loan from Buffalo Exchange

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How the Media Influences Girls to Act Written by Kathyan Alvarez Photography by Alex Avi単a Hair and Makeup: FC Cosmotology; Dianna Moy, Brittnay Reed, Dusty Wensevic Model: Britney Calcavecchia, Rylie Seidel

FC Torch 33


n 11 year old asking random viewers on YouTube if they think she’s ugly or beautiful because even at that age she needs to be self-assured by strangers, a 9 year old developing anorexia rationing out her food to make sure she doesn’t gain weight, and 4 year olds competing to see who wears the most makeup to wow over adults in “beauty pageants”. What is wrong with these scenarios? This is what the media and society are creating every single day. Image and sexualization of women are two things that go hand in hand in the media business. Magazines and ad campaigns can’t sell a product without showing off a woman’s cleavage or sitting them with their legs spread open. They can’t let a model show even a slight sign of age, and any flaws would ruin the multibilliondollar businesses that these companies work for. The problem is that although these products are supposedly targeting middle age women, they end up targeting the perceptions of young girls who are sold the message of these products instantaneously over the television. Middle school girls feel that they too need to be flawless. They want to dress provocatively to attract male attention. Just ask 12–year-old middle school student Jasmine to attest to this. She spends 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, watching her peers apply makeup in hopes of attracting the attention of high school boys.

34 FC Torch

This is clearly an effect of what is shown on TV. Years of watching the women they imitate buy into these ads, and try everything they can to appear young, cause them to start feeling these pressures themselves. This happens at a time when they are most emotionally vulnerable- puberty. This isn’t something bizarre and unexpected, why should it be? It is shown every single day throughout the 2,000 commercials a child is exposed to while watching television. Sure, there are people trying to prevent young viewers from seeing such provocative shows on public television. They also judge others on what they let their child be exposed to and why their own rules at home are better that anyone else’s, yet they fail to see how the sexy model or anti-age cream commercial will have any impact on their young daughters. These same adults spend time criticizing other parents on what they think their child should wear and how they should act and talk, but they don’t spend any time wondering where the idea to dress a certain way comes from. They don’t question the 30-second commercial during the super bowl that shows a man dreaming of a car and a semi-nude model in heels. How could this have anything to do with an 11-yearold girl showing off her cleavage? The truth is that these advertisements do have a huge impact on the views that women and young girls have of themselves as well as the view that men and boys have on them.

FC Torch 35


rofessor of Psychology, Diana Kyle says, “ These images allow women be seen as objects. In an ad such as one where a women is also being shown as a trophy that goes with the car, the message that is sent is that women are prizes, only there for a man’s taking.” Jean Kilbourne, who is internationally recognized for her pioneering work on the image of women in advertising, states in her fourth video of Killing Us Softly that this type of subjection of women “is everywhere, in all kinds of advertising. Women’s bodies are turned into things. Now of course this affects female self -esteem. It also does something even more insidious – it creates a climate of widespread violence against women.” No one really sees the connection that a sexy woman on the TV has to violence. The fact of the matter is that it has substantial influence with the subconscious image that it leaves behind on males, young or old. Seeing a woman on a beer commercial shown as the bottle itself, without any personality traits, does leave the trace of an image showing women as objects and there for men whenever they want them.

36 FC Torch

Sociology Professor, Angie Andrus, agrees with the idea that “boys/men are socialized from very early on to accept the images of women on TV, in movies, music videos, and also in video games. These images are internalized and impact the mindset of men and what/how they expect women to be.” They don’t just see one commercial showing a woman being treated as an object, they see thousands of commercials, videos, movies that show women being used by men as ornaments. It has become highly popular for music videos to show almost naked women shaking their rear for the camera, this shows girls that doing this for men and a form of public entertainment, is a good and appropriate way of being acknowledged and valued. Some see it as simply a job and others thing that this is not a problem because everyone has the choice to act this way and make a career of such acts. It is not free choice when media bombards everything with images that contract anything else one might be taught. The only reason women keep using their bodies as a way of making money is because it sells product and becomes a norm. The only way to put an end to these standards and the end results affecting young girls is for women to stand up for themselves and say no to selling products with their bodies or simply not using a sexual image of their body as a career anymore.

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Beauty Bazaar

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Style & Photography by Christopher Vincent

Model: Marcy Amor Makeup: Xochil Pintor

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Bronzed Goddess

Model: Taylor La Carriere Hair: Brittan Carver , Thuy-Linh Nguyen, & Jessica Taylor Makeup: Mina Patel

Doll Face

Model: Ashlee Melanie Hair: Jessica Taylor Makeup: Thuy-Linh Nguyen

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Facebook Relationships...... Written By Tana Schwarz ____________________


acebook is not only the most commonly used noun in our modern day, young adult society, but the most commonly used verb as well. Now, when meeting someone at a party you just say “Facebook me”, instead of giving them your number. Facebook is like a search engine for people. Just like Googling famous celebrities or businesses, these individualized Facebook websites pop up with tons of information, some credible some not. Facebook profiles are not mere fan sites or Wikipedia excerpts or blog sites written by a third party with no personal interest in the matter. No, Facebook is a virtual tour of a personal life. Needless to say Facebook has changed the rules of the dating game. 1950’s: “He gave me his pin!” 1970’s: “He threw rocks at the window!” 1990’s: “He called me last night!” 2010’s: “He poked me last night!” Facebook is a social network. Isn’t that what college is all about, networking? - With professors, staff members, co-workers and of course fellow students. Whether it’s in a friendly way, or sometimes more than friendly, deciphering all the different comments, statuses, check-ins, pokes, etc. can get confusing! It is changing the way we develop relationships. Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. Facebook is a stalker’s dream come true. Urbandictionary is sad but true. Think back to your last relationship. Whether it was serious, a summer fling, or just a crush you had at the time, ask yourself this: What is the real ratio of the time you spent learning first-hand about that person verses learning the information about their life via stalking their Facebook? No doubt Facebook has made searching for that one person, who may or may not be your significant other, a lot simpler. Instead of finding out whether or not that prospective relationship had an awesome or embarrassing Prom night experience on a 4th date, you can stalk their photos from the event. (Let’s be honest, we all have a few still on our profile). Instead of getting a sense of who that person is, what they like to do, how they act in public, where they like to hang out, Facebook allows you to so conveniently “see friendship” between two people. Wall post, shared photos, events both people have attended- it is all there, just from one profile!

Thanks to Fa “first date” ha obsolete

44 FC Torch

1950’s: “He gave me his pin!” 1970’s: “He threw rocks at the window!” 1990’s: “He called me last night!” 2010’s: “He poked me last night!”

And Dating -__Be it the dreaded timeline or the classic profile, you can find out all the basic information about anyone. Thanks to Facebook the “first date” has become obsolete. When going out for the first time with someone new you don’t have to worry about any awkward pauses. If you Facebook stalked that person prior to the date, your conversation starters are limitless. Example: Mutual Friends (always an icebreaker). Photos (remember profile pictures are how they want the world to see them, tagged photos are how they really look to the world). Facebook is a helpful tool when learning all the boring-but-essential facts about someone else’s life. Just by reading three wall posts you can tell a lot about that person. For girls: 1) If a guy has posts all from different girls with excessive exclamation points and smiley faces, you should rethink that situation. 2) If the posts includes the wrong form of your/you’re, he better have attractive pictures to compensate. 3) If his posts are witty or full of puns and has more than 23 likes, he’s probably a keeper. For guys: 1) Same rules apply with the girl’s posts with the superfluous hearts, smiley faces and wrong use of vocabulary words. 2) If her posts are pictures of her in a tight dress with a drink in her hand and four other guys in the picture, try again. 3) If her post is thanking everyone for the birthday wishes, you should give her a shot unless it intervenes with the first rule. All this easy access to information can have negative effects. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, it’s easy to get a little carried away and even obsessive when it comes to Facebook. The same tactics used to find out the basic information about a person can be used to for evil things as well. Girls are usually the culprits behind such investigations because anything suspicious can spark their imagination. Their ex likes his status? Stalk them to find out if they have had any recent conversations. He clicked “maybe” in response to a friend’s birthday party invite that you weren’t invited to? Find out who is going and where and when it is. They check in at In-N-Out the same night that he hasn’t texted you back for 2 hours? Where do we draw the line? Do we want to draw one? We hate the idea of someone creeping on our lives but it’s a two way street, we can easily find out what they did last summer and it doesn’t stop there. Looking for that one person that can change your information from “single” to “in a relationship” whether you are on a first date or 6th social media i.e. Facebook can cause a hindrance. Nothing is official until it’s Facebook official. That way if anyone has any comments, questions, or concerns the opportunity is one click away.

acebook, the as become

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Pit Bulls’ Written by Mariah Morgan-Perez Photography By Alex Aviña

Bad Rap 46 FC Torch


ne dog and a toddler in a stroller, and people cross the street to avoid them. The baby girl feels spurned, she sees their glares; the way they yank their children in the opposite direction, she does not understand why they don’t love her Cali like she does. Her mother tried to hide it from her but when she saw a TV program that showed what happens to these dogs at kennels, all her little mind could do was cry and ask is “Why!?” What was once endeared as the “Nanny Dog” for their watchful eye over children has been transformed by the power of negative media, and turned into a red-eyed demon like as to “El Chupa Cabra”. Just ask Wayne Myers of Fort Collins, Colorado about 2-year-old Destiny. ”I had one that used to jump in the pool to save me.” The media wants us to believe that this baby is in danger, that the tiny Stafford Terrier is poised to attack. That is not the reality. Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, and American Pit Bull Terrier are the three breeds of “Pit Bulls”. However, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a Pit Bull is “a dog [as an American Staffordshire Terrier] of any of several breeds or a real or apparent hybrid with one or more of these breeds, that was developed and is often trained for fighting and noted for strength and stamina.” has entire pages dedicated to the stigmas Pit Bulls face, and how media bias, mistaken identity, and inaccurate media affect them. The site goes on to describe how misinformed mediums provide further misinformation to the general public. Then, when faced with a correction to the story, it is often blatantly ignored. Such was the case in December of 2006 when it was reported that a Pit Bull

puppy chewed off the toes of a 6week- old infant. The mother later clarified that it was in fact a ferret that was loose in the house that harmed the bundle. Unfortunately for the reputations of Pit Bulls, only a handful of media outlets covered the revised story, leaving the general public to fixate on the inaccurate version. Moreover, in 2005 there was even an article with the headline, “Pit Bull the Only Suspect in House Fire”. “Punish the deed, not the breed” has become an unofficial motto of the people fighting this “Bull Shit Legislation” (or as it’s more commonly known, Breed Specific Legislation –BSL) which targets a dog according to its breed. Much like the past Jim Crow laws, only applied to certain dog breeds, and targeting Pit Bulls directly of course. For example, instead of a pool having a sign saying “no colored’s allowed” it would read “no pit bulls allowed”, and far too often it does, ostracizing the owners of “dangerous” breeds from the general population. While a bus- load of Pit Bulls flying the American flag would make quite a picture, a more practical approach to ending these BS Laws is truly returning to some grass roots, in fact it begins with the basics in a backyard. While Understand-A-Bull displays this same motto as many other educational or political outlets regarding Pit Bulls, not all of the media agree. This term was coined after NCRC performed a survey spanning 4 days researching dog-bite related news articles and their coverage. NCRC agrees with organizations such as Understand-a-bull in the fact that they believe that “along with over-reporting, false reporting is a major contributor to the public relations nightmare facing pit bulls.” Going on to state that “There is an emerging tendency for all short-haired, stocky dogs to be called pit bulls—and when a dangerous dog’s breed is unknown, the media is not above assuming that the dog involved must have been a pit bull”

FC Torch 47

Have you ever heard of Theodore Roosevelt? How about Helen Keller? It looks like our 26th president and the first deaf/ blind individual to get a bachelors degree both agreed that a Pit Bull was the right companion to keep. Nowadays, so do Rachel Ray, Pink, Jesse James of West Coast Choppers, Usher, and Serena Williams. The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart’s two dogs, Shamsky and Monkey, are also Pit Bulls. Now if only more of these listed would put forth the effort that Stewart has, he has repeatedly made his stance on Pit Bulls known on his show, including his outrage over the fact that that the media focused more on Michael Vick’s gambling than on the fact that he shot, drowned, electrocuted, and strangled dogs with his bare hands. For the duration of 2001-2007, Michael Vick owned the property and established kennels in Surry County, Virginia, where dogs were bred and trained for fighting. He spent six years sponsoring and exhibiting these fights. He also “destroyed” dogs that were undesirable for fighting or that has lost fights. In light of all of the charges against him and his cohorts, he was charged with older, more lenient federal laws rather than the newer, more effective Virginia Laws. Vick entered a plea bargain stating that “The defendant agrees to plead guilty…the maximum penalties for the violation of this offense are: a maximum term of 5 years of imprisonment, a fine of $250,000, full restitution, a special assessment, and 3 years of supervised release.” Despite his actions and behavior, Vick received a multitude of support from other professional football players such as Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis who was quoted saying, “I don’t know if he was fighting dogs or not but it’s his property; it’s his dogs. If that’s what he wants to do, do it.” Clearly he is sick too. Still, many rallied in support of this comment.

48 FC Torch

In the end, on November 25, 2008, Vick finally received a two-year suspension and was ordered to pay restitution of $3,636.97 for the care and housing of salvageable canines, as well as for the destruction and disposal of those condemned. In stark contrast to the already lenient sentencing, Vick ended up serving only 18 months of his sentence, which was upheld for merely one count of “Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities and to Sponsor a Dog in an Animal

Fight Venture”- An offense that carries a two to five year sentence! Should all counts have been upheld, it would have equated to a 33- year minimum sentence. If charged with Virginia laws, he could have received a minimum of 65 years in prison. And guess what, this year Vick becomes eligible to own dogs again. The Humane society is even contemplating giving him one! What do you think of HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle after hearing that? As they say, “Junkies want drugs and pedophiles want children; It doesn’t mean we give them to them.” Vick is no different. To top it off, believing that Vick would be a face for change, the Humane Society agreed to involve Vick in

anti-dogfighting programs at the proposal of Vick’s Representatives who aimed to repair his public image. Apparently it has worked, because despite topping Forbes annual list of most disliked people in sports for the second year in a row, he is back on the field. On a lighter note, a well -bred, well-maintained, and well-trained Pit Bull will not be aggressive towards humans, nor will the inherent dog aggression be a problem. Just like adding a child to the family, a Pit Bull of any age will be a full time commitment with it’s ups and downs. When looking to purchase from a breeder it is key to look into the history of the pup’s line, look for any aggression or health problems and always keep in mind the thousands of shelter pits needing their second chance at facilities such as OC animal care, Animal Rescue of Dana Point, or even breed specific rescues such as Change Of Heart Pit Bull Rescue and Villalobos Rescue Center. “Make sure that everyone in the household agrees upon having one; you have to understand the breed. Also make sure it’s not your first dog, pitties are for experienced people” private trainer Tim Williams says. All things considered, if you are interested in owning a Pit bull, you really need to consider why you want the dog. Is it for the craving of unconditional loyalty and love, or is it your deep-seeded need to think you are a thug?

Responsible Pit Bull Care The first step

to responsible ownership of a Pit Bull is the same as with any other dog no matter the size or breed. Proper socialization from infancy, proper nutrition, and thorough training are essential to having a happy, healthy pup that even your neighbor will love to shower with affection. Great training starts with a puppy, but as in the case of a rescue dog, that isn’t always possible. The truth is, great training starts even before a dog steps into your home. The basic command of “sit” should be learned before the dog even has a chance to break the house in that will ensure that it knows right off the bat who is in really charge. Many people think that because pits are “tough” you need to be physical and loud. That absolutely isn’t the truth. A calm, firm voice and positive training (with something exciting like treats or toys) is more than enough for the average pup, the more stubborn individuals should be leashed during training to ensure that that dog’s focus is on the trainer. Remember that dogs are like children and will not respond to hours of learning the same exact thing so keep variety and keep a cheerful attitude. If training really isn’t for you or if you just can’t get the results that you feel you need there are many options for professional training at your local pet store or online. One great trainer is Tim Williams, a domestic and exotic animal

trainer out of Santa Clarita. He has experience in both in entertainment and private industry and anyone who has seen HBO’s “True Blood” has seen his personal dog “Frosty” the American bully playing Tommy Mickens, estranged younger brother of Sam Merlotte. I contacted Tim some months ago to get a feel for what his training is like (on behalf of a family member) and I was very impressed with him and how personable he is, I would be much more likely to enlist his services rather than someone like Ceasar Milan mostly because I would want to help my dog quickly and efficiently, not use a poorly behaved dog as a means to get my 15 minutes. Williams has trained everything from canines to big cats “name it I have done it” he states. When asked about his training methods, Williams says he uses positive reinforcement; He is very treat/foodmotivated. He has been training since he was thirteen, beginning with pitties and working with them to this day. In the course of his life as a trainer he has found that this produces the most trustworthy, stable animals. “They are my favorite breed, great dogs…They are such a targeted breed; they get such a bad rap. In LA people go to the shelter and adopt a pittie but they don’t understand about them and where they came from.” Says Williams. “So many people go to the pound and rescue a pittie, then when they get home they go crazy. ‘Oh my God! It’s chasing my cat!’ What do they expect? It takes training.” Williams agrees that in order to be a successful dog owner one must make sure to get a dog that is suited to your lifestyle, a dog that you can handle, physically restrain if the need arises. If the dog can drag you, it isn’t the dog for you. All dogs are trainable, but some people just aren’t strong enough. Another thing that he notices is that people, social people, get pitties and expect them to jump right into the swing of things, to hang out with other animals just like the owner hangs out with their friends. The third thing he has noticed is people getting in over their heads. Of course the Dog whisperer can get the results that he gets, he is a professional, not everyone can train their own dog the way that he does “just because you trail ride doesn’t mean that you can ride in a parade.”

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THE Other TraffIC of Orange County

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What’s still happening behind closed doors? Written by Kathyan Alvarez Photography by Alex Aviùa FC Torch 51


e’ve all heard of people in third world countries being sold on the black market as prostitutes. This gets headlines and attracts the attention of many, some who seek to help by raising awareness others who will simply make a facebook status about it. What these headlines don’t include is how this problem is not just selling people for sexual acts but also selling them as forced laborers, promising them a better future far away from their home, sometimes even in a great land known as The United States. These women, children, and men do not expect to be physically abused, forced, and coerced into participating in illegal and dangerous acts. This is what Human Trafficking entails. Just as Human Trafficking is not just selling people as sex slaves, it is not a crime that only takes place in developing countries, but one that happens right here in the United States, right here in California, in fact, right here in Orange County. As shocking as this subject might seem to some, many have been aware of such issues for years and have taken active steps against such horrific acts. The United States government, including The FBI and The Department of Homeland Security, has acknowledged that such crimes exist within the country. They have taken measures, such as working actively with task force groups made up of law enforcement agencies and victim-based advocacy groups, to put a stop to such heinous crimes. Crimes that violate the most basic human right of free will. Currently there is about 60 Human Trafficking cases opened in Orange County, as told by Linh Tran, the administrator for the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force(OCHTTF). OCHTTF is a partnership between non-profit organizations, law enforcement agencies, and the community to help victims of Human Trafficking and to bring awareness about the issue. One of the main issues that the OCHTTF work in raising awareness for is the fact that Human Trafficking is not just selling women into forced sex and prostitution. Many times it is as forced laborers, in fact most of the cases in Orange County are force labor cases. Even though it seems as though this type of situation cannot be happening right here, it does. All the time. People are just very oblivious to the signs of what is happening around them. The signs of a victim of Human Trafficking can be subtle and are similar to those of someone who is an abusive relationship. Without proper information about how this type of crime works within the victims themselves people tend to have a skewed view about why the victims do not attempt to get help. Many ask why don’t they run away or go to the police and ask for help?

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The answer is very complex, but is mainly due to the fact that after so many years of being trapped and abuse has given them inferiority complexes and lack of education does not lead them to realize that there is help. This type of victim ignorance is what traffickers rely on to keep the victims submissive to keep working for them and afraid to ever ask for help. Without any of hope of getting out their horrific ordeal and constant verbal abuse and threats, victims become scare for themselves and their families. They think they will be deported back to their country, in some cases that could mean death or shame for their families. Many times they think that their lives here better than they would be and can’t see past that point in their lives. Asking for help isn’t always easy, especially when you think you are breaking the law. Even after some are found and rescued, they have a hard time declaring against their captors for fear they too will be placed in jail. They fear the unknown. Most cases rely on tips, therefore they have to use the evidence seen only through years of experience in the field. Everything in a case could point to a clear violation of Human Rights, but without a witness the information is practically worthless. The only ones who are given the full protection without waiting for evidence are minors. Currently groups like the OCHTTF, are working to get law enforcement agencies in California trained to be able to deal with a potential Human Trafficking victims. There is also a current California proposition for the 2012 ballot to change current laws of dealing with Human Trafficking. According to the Orange County District Attorney’s office, there is no current set law of how to deal with Human Trafficking. Every case is handled differently depending on all factors of the case. Most of the time when a trafficker gets sent to jail they only get a 8 year jail sentence. With the proposed change in law Traffickers would get a 12 year jail sentence and $1,500,00 fine. The law would also make all California law enforcement agencies be trained in dealing with Human Trafficking. And would also change something very basic but yet as important, it would change the actual definition of Human Trafficking to include forced labor and any type of service that does not relate to the sex trade. This may not seem as important being that force labor is already considered as part of Human Trafficking, but when dealing with the legal aspects, a definition changes everything. Especially when the number of force labor cases has increased significantly over sex trade cases. Human Trafficking as a crime needs to be brought to an end. The fact that there is still laws being passed to deal with it is very disheartening when the constitution clearly states that all types of slavery is to be illegal and abolished from the country. The mere fact that such a crime is still happening in a country like the United States makes the act much more vicious and more real that it could ever be.

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Eat better on a budget! Written by Tana Schwarz Photography By Alex Avi単a

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Its 11:35 pm on a Wednesday night you have two essays due in less than nine hours sleep is out of the question and you need energy. You want a cheap fast and obviously tasty. Starbucks Coffee is always a go-to; a short stack from Denny’s is fewer than $5 and In ‘n Out is conveniently open till 2 A.M. These are all options for that late night snack that will give you energy for your future endeavors. Unfortunately all these quick but satisfying fixes may not be the healthiest choice and will not benefit you in the long run. There are College life is life on a budget. Students at Fullerton College are in a different situation than other college students. Being at a commuter school allows the students to take on a lot more responsibilities. Full-time students with full-time or part-time jobs. Living on their own or with others but paying for their own expenses. Between work, bills, studying, and every other thing life throws our way healthy eating and fitness often pushed to the side. Students don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to stay healthy; however simple tricks and tips are easy and can make big impacts in your life. When asked if it was hard to make time and money for healthy eating and physical fitness Cal State Fullerton student Chelsea Takaki said, “I make time. It may be expensive but being fit and healthy is really important to me.” Jacqueline Cortes student at San Diego University answered, “It’s hard to make time. I take a salsa class twice a week that way I can get credits and a workout, but other than that setting aside time to work out is difficult. And money is tight so pigging out in the cafeteria is a must because I’m not going to get that money back.” As you can see living on campus is a whole different lifestyle than living at home. Takaki lives at home, as do a lot of Fullerton College students, but she says she finds it easy to make time for health and fitness. “You just have to force it into your routine.” When asked “What is the hardest unhealthy food/ snack to stay away from?” Takaki said, “Tortilla chips. It’s so easy to snack on you can’t stop and before you know it half the bag is gone.” A simple solution for snacks such as chips, nuts, candies, crackers etc. instead of eating straight out of the bag, create a portion for yourself. Put a serving in a bowl or container so you can predetermine how much you’ll eat. Odds are when you see the bowl or plate is empty you feel full. Cortes said, “The caf always has freshly baked chocolate chip cookies so at night after dinner it’s hard not to just take one for the road.” There is little trick for cookies and sweets. Simple, just don’t eat

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anything larger than the size of your fist. For cakes and pies try to eat pieces with the width being no more than the length of your pinky. You may find it hard to make healthier choices at restaurants or when you are out eating with friends but little substitutions are easy and not as costly as you would think. When it comes to meals the more color the better. Beige is bad. Stay colorful. For breakfast cereal or oatmeal is so simple. Don’t buy sugary cereals try to stick to whole grain cereals like Cheerios or Total? Fresh fruit can be pricey but it’s essential to your health. A banana at Starbucks is only $1, just chop one of those up, add to your cereal or oatmeal and you’re good to go. Toast and eggs can easily be swapped as well. Instead of sourdough toast with butter, try whole grain or wheat toast with jam. Instead of scrambled or fried eggs ask for egg whites. Yes items like donuts, bagels, pastries and are quick and easy but you will regret it later. The choices you make for breakfast affect your choices all day. Given student’s busy ever challenging schedules the choices you make for lunch dinner and the little things in between can be tricky. First off try to stay away from fried foods. Grilled and/or baked are your new verb friends. Want a chicken sandwich? How about a grilled chicken wrap with a flour tortilla? Burgers are easy to swap for turkey burgers, veggie burgers or chicken breast. Instead of french fries try mac and cheese or a side salad. College kids are scavengers they love free stuff. So while you’re out to eat why not take all the left overs home? Salads are like the healthy casseroles you can put anything in them and they are still tasty. Start with spinach or romaine lettuce, add protein like leftover chicken or steak, add a little dressing (Italian or Balsamic is oil based and generally more healthy than creamier dressings such as Ranch or Caesar) then you are free to be creative. Add some tomatoes, corn, cheese, onions, nuts, fruits whatever else you can find and it will all come together to make a great meal. All these healthy substitutions must be washed down with something. Sodas, coffee and other caffeinated drinks although addicting a helpful when you are low on energy are unhealthy and very costly. A tall Starbucks coffee four times a week is about $16. Reality check: water is free! It’s plentiful and really good for you. If you need a caffeine fix or something a little tastier, tea, raspberry tea, and/or lemonade are all refreshing. You are never too old for milk and no doubt there is some fat free or low fat milk in a fridge near you.

Healthy eating gets you in the mood to start making healthy choices in other aspects of life. Creating a routine and sticking to it for more than a week will more than likely carry on to the next week and the next week. You will enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

The ultimate college dilemma: Social Life, Sleep, Homework. Pick two. Notice health and fitness don’t have a default place in a college student’s schedule, but just sticking to a few of these tricks will make it easier to add healthy living to your schedule.

6 Healthy Tips

You don’t have to pay $24 for a 24 Hour Fitness gym pass to get the workout you need to get your body working. Just go for a walk. Walking 30 minutes a day will give you more energy and clear your mind. Skip the elevator and take the stairs. If you are standing still for a long time or talking on the phone go up and down on your toes for a simple calf workout. If you have 5 minutes at night before you take a shower, do some crunches and push-ups. Blast your iPod and dance.

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RonDre. RonDre.

From Summer camp to the City Streets Story and Photos by Mat Specker

With all the independent bands that continue to pop up out of nowhere, it is hard to keep track. RonDre is an independent band from San Francisco by way of Sothern California. They are a two-piece band with an acoustic guitar and a djembe, consisting of Ronnie Carrier and Andre Cruz. They met at a summer camp and haven’t stopped playing since. Their sound is refreshing, and it was clear that they have fun playing the music they enjoy. After seeing them live in Santa Monica, I looked up their Facebook page and found out they have made a music video and have some of their shows on YouTube as well. So I sat down and delved into the background of this acoustic duo. How did you two get together? Ronnie: We met at a summer camp (called Steve & Kate’s Camp) about 2 years ago and decided it would be cool to be in a band called RonDre. So we started practicing a cover of “Bye, Bye, Bye” because it was a popular song with the kids. We loved playing together and the kids really responded, so we started working on our own songs and haven’t stopped playing since. Describe the sound you are looking for? Andre: It’s hard to define our sound. We are both influenced by a wide variety of music and we feed off of each other when we play so really any sound is possible. Over time, we

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found the closest we can get to naming our genre would be ‘Rockoustic,’ because despite the fact that we only have two instruments and two voices, we make it a priority to have a full, rockin’ sound.” What are your influences? Ronnie: Our influences come from several genres. The musicians we learn from the most are the Foo Fighters (especially Dave Grohl), The Weepies, Iron & Wine and genres like rock, soul, funk, and folk. And really, our biggest influence is life in general. Anything can inspire us to write a song, whether it’s from our own experiences or someone else’s experience. We really try to write our music and lyrics as organically as possible. Sometimes our mistakes become the best parts of our music.

Are you looking to get big or just playing for fun? Andre: We have a definite aim to grow but we’re not sacrificing the fun along the way. Just like our writing style, we want to grow and build a reputation for ourselves organically. At this point, we’re just rolling with the punches and having a ton of fun along the way. Where are your favorite places to play so far? Ronnie: Well I think there are two places we’ve performed in San Francisco that have a special place in my heart: Cafe International (on Haight & Fillmore) where we played our first public show ever and then played again a couple of months after for my birthday. Then there was the auditorium at the Lycee Francais French School, where we played together for the first time for the kids at Steve & Kate’s Camp. The Voodoo Lounge was also a really special show because that was the first time we played for almost all of our friends and family, and the energy of that show was incredible. Andre: Honestly, Cafe International would probably be one of my personal favorite places- it’s one of the first places we ever played (and the first place to have us as a featured performer), and we’ve met so many of the musicians that have played there that it kind of feels like a “home base” to me.

RonDre playing at Trip Santa Monica

What does it feel like being on stage? Ronnie: Amazing. It’s scary and exhilarating, but we would both do it every day if we could. What was it like having a music video made? Ronnie: Making the music video was a really surreal experience. The director pitched us the entire concept and we worked with her on ways to make it happen. It was especially cool for me to see the live footage of us at the Voodoo Lounge. Andre: I have to agree with Ronnie that it was pretty surreal. Being able to see the finished product with all of our friends and family in the audience as the story of the music video unfolds is something that will always take me back to that night. Have you guys hit any roadblocks in your song writing? Ronnie: There are always roadblocks in songwriting for me. It’s a matter of finding a way around it - or in some cases just scrapping the song altogether. The way I look at songwriting is: If it’s meant to be a song, it will be. Sometimes the right song just takes longer to surface than others do. For instance, the song “Fire” took about four or five months to perfect because we added a break down and harmonies that really pushed both of us to our limits. But our newest song, “Surge Resistor,” only took us a few weeks to build and we played it live after only 2 or 3 rehearsals.

Andre: I wouldn’t call them road blocks, more along the lines of “challenges”, though I agree with Ronnie that if it’s meant to be a song, it will be. I find that I am constantly searching for a new way to play a certain drum beat, or a new way to sing a certain part of a song and in a way (to me at least), we continue to shape the songs as if we were never done with them in the first place. So I wouldn’t say that it slows us down necessarily like a roadblock, but more that it keeps us on our toes, like a challenge. Do you guys think you can make a difference in the way people observe bands being a two-piece band? Ronnie: I honestly hope so. Our motto is: “Make do with what we have” and we really try to stick with that. As a two-person band, Andre and I are accountable for every sound we make and I think that makes us both stronger musicians. And even though we only have 2 people, we have four instruments: a guitar, a djembe, my voice, and Andre’s voice. Our song, “If A Big Band Were A Little Band” (our set opener) is sort of our way of showing off what we can do with just these four elements. Andre: When we set out to start this band, I never really gave much thought to changing people’s perception of what a two person band was capable of, I think both of us were just having fun filling up the space with as much sound as possible from the music we were making. I don’t think it would be a stretch for me to say that both Ronnie and I have put every part of ourselves into this music to create sound that was uniquely “us” but also enjoyable to the audience- if we’re able to sway their opinions on two- piece bands in the process, well I wouldn’t complain about that. Though, once or twice I’ve talked to people before a show that said, “Oh there’s only two of you? That’s..... nice” but then come up to us after we play and say, “You guys rocked!! And there are ONLY two of you!!!” That might have been my favorite compliment of the band.

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TorchpPop Culture

Witch Modern day tale



or the last 10 years a sci-fi series of books and movies have taken over the pop culture scene. It all began with Harry Potter, followed by the Twilight Saga, and now The Hunger Games trilogy. These different stories bring a diverse crowd of people. Novels that were meant to be for pre-teens and teenagers have extended to older generations. Which series fits you?

Wiz Kidz:

“ Takes you to a fantasy world. It’s a place to go when you’re reading. You feel like you’re there with the characters. They completely draw you in and you get lost in the magic.” “The story is intense and thought pounding. It is inteliigent and well invented- the characters and plot are well developed and the story has themes of hope, loss, survival, change, fears, uncertaintity and growth. Plus, itsgot magic-awesome!”

60 FC Torch

Series Harry Potter- 42% Twilight-19% Hunger Games-27% None-12%

Torch pPop Culture

a bite out of your Waring Imagination

By Beto Lopez

Hunger Gamers: Twi-hards:

“Twilight reminds me of Disney focuses on love and that rue love overcomes all obstacles.” “its really interesting and intense I like reading and watching romance and it just really captures my attention.”

“ I love the science fiction aspect of the books. The post apocalyptic world is interesting to imagine.” “The idea of what society could vecome if something like what happens in the books could actually happen.” “It was a great movie that displays the different levels and classes within our society. Although it was extreme, that is the kind of system that we are heading towards. It is a wake-up call for us all to see the unfairness of the inequality.”

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MIA: Hornet Statue Written by Regina McDaniel

As Fullerton College is nearing its one-hundredth birthday, the faculty and community have a lot in store for this exciting occasion. In honor of the school’s centennial, which will be in April of 2013, Fullerton Museum Center will be holding a historical exhibition of Fullerton Junior College. However, the festivities don’t end there. Even more exciting is the very imaginative and fun plans for a “1913 day”, a day when the community of Fullerton College acts and dresses in a manner reflective of 1913. It sounds like a great way to honor the school’s one hundred years of existence as an educational institution. Now it may not be known school wide, but there was once a very prominent statue of the school’s mascot, a hornet. This structure stood fifteen feet tall and was located on the side of the school near Chapman Avenue, close to where our current library is. It was taken down in 2003, prior to many current students joining the Fullerton College community, and it is ready for its return! Bob Jensen, the Dean of Fine Arts at Fullerton College, is especially excited about the return of the Hornet statue; one of the many events that the school has planned for its centennial. The hornet was originally installed in 1963, and later became a very infamous feature on our campus. Jensen says that the statue was “made of wood and fiber-glass, which have significantly deteriorated” and as advised by the school’s welding and sculpture professors, the structure needs to be replaced with a newer and stronger frame. The statue, as Jensen reiterated, “ is in poor condition and is currently being stored in the sculpture yard”. So what are the plans on vamping up the Hornet? Well, after almost ten years in hiding, and being fifty years old, this Hornet needs a makeover. The plans for improving the old wood structure include replacing it with an aluminum version and adding stained glass wings sparkling at its side as opposed to the previous, outdated, Plexiglas ones that carried it in years prior. While the old Hornet was never much of a looker, these refurbishments may make it more appealing, but as Jensen notes that the school plans on using the same design as the original “in attempt to honor that original work and connect with our alumni in a respectful nod to our past history”. The cost of the materials needed for the restoration as well as the amount for instillations totals $15,000. Jensen says that the people responsible for the labor are instructors Carl Stanaway who will be taking care of the sculpture, John Pummer who will be in charge of the wielding, and Nanci Schreiber Smith who has offered to help with the stained glass. These instructors have graciously volunteered to take on the project.

62 FC Torch

As for instillation costs, Jensen says that they “are still being explored, and if the Construction Technology classes under the direction of Pat McGrew would like to help, that participation would be most welcome”. The Associated Students have also taken it upon themselves as a fundraising project, which now explains why some clubs and organizations with now display an emblem of the Hornet statue on shirts and sweatshirts. As of now, there are no definite unveiling plans but it will most likely be the week that the school celebrates its one hundred years. Regarding the new location of the improved sculpture, Jensen discloses that there are currently two ideas being discussed. He says that the first idea is to place the statue “on the south end of the quad in a remodeled version of the quad” or “on the Northeast corner of Hal Sherbeck Field, allowing people driving on Berkeley Avenue to see it”. While it would be a nice location in the quad as the center of the school where most students would see it, the idea of our school’s mascot glistening for everyone to see down Berkeley Avenue seems to stand out more. As the school nears its centennial, big plans are in store. While the Hornet statue is a part of those plans, it is not the only event that the faculty has planned. For the big celebration, there has been talk of the return of a literary magazine and a permanent art collection catalogue. The school will also be producing a six-part documentary, centennial commemorative publication, and centennial merchandise to show school pride and honor the establishments one hundred years. Bob Jensen says that “one of the most significant directions of the Centennial Celebrations is to capture the most compelling alumni and staff human interest stories, and re-tell them to our current students to help them understand the historical context for those stories and to inspire our current students with stories of overcoming obstacles and creating life’s of value and significance” adding that “as much as our Centennial appears historically focused, we are placing equal importance on projecting a vision for the college for the future”. Students are encouraged to be just as excited and supportive of the Centennial. The school has a centennial website, as well as a Facebook page (Fullerton College Centennial), where they will be posting interesting achievements from the school’s past and present. All students are urged to get involved and find out more about the school they attend from week to week.

The Last Call Q

Mark Sutton

uite honestly, if there was a way to describe this semester... I would have to say, “life happens”. This is my fourth and final semester working on the Torch, and it has once again been a great experience. To have been a part of this publication, as well as the Hornet Publication team, was also an experience in and of itself, and joyful one at that. Over my time on the staff, the many experiences have taught me to be prepared. True, you can plan ahead, but also have to be able to plan for the unexpected, for life loves to throw you curve balls. This semester I did not expect for things to happen the way they did. I thought I had planned accordingly for school work and time to study. I had not, however, expected the curves to be thrown in the direction of my personal life, work, and my other classes Before it gets to late in this, I want to thank my wonderful Editor in Chief, Abby Stover. She has been full of energy this entire semester, bringing a fun and exciting attitude to this edition the Torch. Never is there a day that she has not surprised me with the enthusiasm and excitement she has for this magazine. Thank you for a great time here at the Torch. My best wishes to your pursuit in the world of fashion. I also want to thank Jay Seidel, for having trust in me to do this job as art director for the Torch. Funny story, the very first class I attended of his, I had to miss the second day of class and was paranoid of being dropped. Jay and Britney Baily (Editor in Cheif* at the time) brought me on to the team anyway. My reaction was not what they had expected (which was to be bouncing of the walls with excitement). Rather, I was in shock...and little did I know the adventure I was about to begin. Four magazines later, I find that I have grown to be able to make these productions a success, but it is not just a one man effort, it takes a team- a cooperative team that works

together for a common goal to see the success of a finished product. Being a part of this magazine has presented many opportunities, such as the many extraordinary people who I am very grateful to now know. I plan to pursue further into this industry in the future. There is a certain energy involved that pushes me beyond the limits I set for myself. The media world, is dynamic and ever-changing. Bringing myself back to this current copy of the Torch, it has been my pleasure to bring this to you. The team this year has been the best I’ve worked with. We had a blast, to say the least. Abby, my Editor in Chief and Alex Aviña, my Photo Editor have both been very supportive in the completion of this magazine. The writers, you guys have supported this magazine with a very diverse amount of content as well. The many intriguing stories challenged me to best illustrate them for the reader. I really pushed myself creatively for this issue. As a photographer I have a deep love for photography, however exploring other elements of typography and graphical elements sparked my creativity as well. This is seen in the Facebook article, which is created just with a typography/ graphical play, and separates itself from other layouts in that no photograph was needed to illustrate. Pinterest posed a different challenge for us. What was the best way to illustrate this new phenomenon? Personally, I do not use Pinterest, and relied on Abby to teach me about this new website. Then Alex came up with a brilliant and simple cork board shot with papers on it making the drop of text boxes and photographs easy to be dropped in. I did not forget about photography though. Alex, one of the hardest working photographers I know, balancing a busy life and still getting the photos needed, was an amazing help this semester. His portfolio and work experience shows. He has now been photographer of three Torch

covers, two under my time as art director. Thank you once again my friend for your patience and hard work. Over the past four Torch productions, like mentioned, many great friends were made. I thank them for their support and desire to see a great work produced. I also thank my friends who have stuck by and seen all the work I have put into these four magazines and have been there day and night supporting me to see a great final production Lastly, thank you to my friends who have been there with me from the start, as well as my family. The many long days, the cancelled plans, all to make these four magazines happen. A special thank you to Scott Morris who I have pulled in on countless times to assist and sit through the long hours of production. Thank you very much. Alex Aviña, thank you as well for all your editing work and support through these productions. To the professors who just hear that I am working on a project that never seems to be finished until they see the magazine the following semester. Melody LaMontia, you’re great instruction on how to run a photoshoot and expectation of perfection in every photograph taken has been conveyed in my expectations on this magazine as well. Finally to my family who have seen me cancel, and reschedule so I would be able to have time to make these magazines happen. You may wonder why I have no photo that that is comparable to my wonderful editor in chief, that is my choosing. True a photograph is worth a thousand words.. However there is more gratitude to those who have helped me through these past four magazines that could not be forgotten.


*This goes back to my first magazine Britney and I were working late, and we both did not catch a typo on the spelling of Editor in Chief and has been an on going joke since then.

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Spring 2012 Torch Magazine  

Torch Magazine Editor in Chief: Abby Stover. Art Director: Mark Sutton. Photo Editor: Alex Aviña. Copy Editor: Scott Morris

Spring 2012 Torch Magazine  

Torch Magazine Editor in Chief: Abby Stover. Art Director: Mark Sutton. Photo Editor: Alex Aviña. Copy Editor: Scott Morris