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Summer 2013

4 6 10 Teen Times is the national magazine of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America—a career and technical student organization that helps young men and women become leaders and address important personal, family, work, and societal issues through Family and Consumer Sciences education, or as determined by the state department of education.

Features 3 NEC Wrap Up The 2012–2013 National Executive Council shares their thoughts on the past year. 4 how to…shine with FCCLA this summer Utilize these national programs to continue your FCCLA experiences in the summer. 5 nlc mandatory dress code Read the dress code requirements to promote a professional and successful National Leadership Conference this summer.


Kenatu Muleta, Director of Marketing, Membership, & Communications Josh Bowar, Editorial Consultant LTD Creative, Art/Design Jon Giuffre, Communications Coordinator NATIONAL STAFF Lydia Denmark, Interim Executive Director Kenneth Ott, Interim Chief Financial Officer Marla Burk, CMP, Director of Conferences Michelle Flinton, Director of Education & Leadership Development Dorothy Carpenter, Membership Affiliation Manager Charles Carson, Mailroom Manager Edie Doane, Leadership Development Manager Terry Wilson, Senior Director of IT Christine Hollingsworth, Competitive Events Manager Jeanne Wolff, Development Manager Leah Buller, Membership Coordinator Bethany S. Kohut, Education Coordinator Janet Glasser, Staff Accountant Chiquita Boston, Membership Affiliation Assistant Ali Flynn, Conference & Meetings Assistant Andrew Schantz, Leadership Development Assistant Malory Todd, Competitive Events Assistant Cindy Canning, Receptionist/Accountant Kate Gillooly, Administrative Assistant Photography for National FCCLA provided by Lifetouch. Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is a private, nonprofit national organization of more than 200,000 members incorporated under the laws of the District of Columbia. It functions through public and private secondary school systems in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands as an integral part of the Family and Consumer Sciences education program, providing opportunities for enriched learning.


Editor’s Note: Please credit Teen Times for information you reprint, excerpt, or photocopy. Use the following statement to credit materials you use from this issue: Reprinted with permission from Teen Times, the national magazine of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Vol. 67, No. 5.

FCCLA Mission To promote personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences education. Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner, and community leader, members develop skills for life through character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.

Teen Times (ISSN 0735-6986) is published five times per year in September, November, January, March, and summer by Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Inc., 1910 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191-1584, (703) 476-4900. A portion ($4.00) of national dues pays for a one-year subscription to Teen Times. Inclusion of an advertisement does not constitute an endorsement of the advertiser’s claims, products, and services. Periodicals postage paid at Reston, VA., and additional mailing offices. Additional annual subscriptions for non-members: $8.00. POSTMASTER: SEND ADDRESS CHANGES TO Teen Times, 1910 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191-1584.

1 Teen Times • Summer 2013

It’S YOUr FUtUrE IN thE MakINg Make it a success at Johnson & Wales University! We offer FCCLA scholarships up to full tuition for eligible students. Last year, JWU awarded nearly 1,000 FCCLA scholarships totaling more than $11 million.

For more information, visit Johnson & Wales University admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin, among other categories.



FCCLA Members! As state meetings have come to a close and summer is quickly approaching, we wanted to take this opportunity to reflect with you on the past year we have served in FCCLA. As members of Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America, we all have been able to serve our communities in different ways. While traveling across the nation to visit state conferences, we were genuinely inspired by the work you all have done in your states. The service to your communities speaks volumes as to why FCCLA is crucial in today’s society. Your efforts with our National Outreach Project partners, Share Our Strength and March of Dimes, has spread awareness and hope about issues our nation faces. One of the National Executive Council’s goals this year has been to increase membership. With the new national membership recruitment campaign, iRecruit, members across the nation have helped us spread the red and tell other

youth about the benefits of this organization. YOU are the inspiration behind everything we do because members are the foundation of this organization’s strength. Watching young leaders transform through STAR Events, national program projects, or officer positions reminds us what we are all about: The Ultimate Leadership Experience. We have been honored to serve as your 2012–2013 National Executive Council and hope you truly gained leadership skills and lessons you will use the rest of your life. The success we were able to achieve this year was because of your dedication and passion. We are sincerely grateful. In closing, we challenge you all to join us in giving back to this organization, granting future generations the same opportunities we have all been blessed with because of FCCLA. In FCCLA Spirit, The 2012–2013 National Executive Council



3 Teen Times • Summer 2013


Shine with FCCLA This Summer Summer is a great time to really put FCCLA leadership skills into practice! There are all kinds of ways that you can soak up the sun while also letting your FCCLA light shine. Relax on the beach/lake, head to the mall, hit the road, and clock in at your summer job: they’re all great ways to show leadership!

Surfs Up!

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Savvy Shopper

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ow what you’ve er driving season, sh • During the summ Community for g tin Ac Families learned through the safe driving S) program. Practice Traffic Safety (FACT having too t no , elt atb ng your se behaviors like weari —and your es and keeping your ey many passengers, ting and driving. tex no r, be em And rem focus—on the road. the car for a while tion that has you in ca va a on go u yo • If instorming about ving), do some bra (and you’re not dri xt year. Check out ne for a STAR Event do uld co u yo at wh p:// STAR Events at htt the list of possible descriptions/. content/star-event-

How Can I Help You?

• Remember th e Career Conn ection program you’ve learned skills as you stock sh elves, make ch greet customer ange, s, work with ch ildren, and mor all of the experie e. Enjoy nce you get, an d don’t forget update your re to sume. • Use your Powe r of One progra m skills when wo with other empl rking oyees and cust omers. Make su show good char re to acter, build po sitive relationshi prevent and m ps, anage conflict, and build team spirit.

4 Teen Times • Summer 2013


The National Leadership Conference is an excellent opportunity for members to convey to others the positive and professional image of FCCLA. Members’ behavior in the hotels and throughout the National Leadership Conference is the only image others in the hotel and host city may ever have of our organization. Student conduct and dress should contribute to the positive and professional image of FCCLA. The FCCLA official blazer is always appropriate and strongly encouraged. Advisers are responsible for enforcing the dress policy with their students. Delegates and guests not adhering to the dress policy will not be admitted into sessions. Thank you for your cooperation and support in putting forth a positive image of FCCLA throughout the National Leadership Conference! MANDATORY ATTIRE FOR:




• Casual slacks, shorts, jeans, t-shirts, athletic wear and tennis shoes

• Red, black, or white polo or oxford shirt (long or short sleeves) • Black or khaki dress slacks/pants/capris (no shorts) •B  lack or khaki skirts—no shorter than 2 inches above the knee • Dress shoes or sandals • Jeans, t-shirts, athletic wear are NOT acceptable

Males: • Red, black, or white polo or oxford shirt (long or short sleeves) • Black dress slacks or khaki pants (no shorts) • Dress shoes • Jeans, t-shirts, athletic wear are NOT acceptable Exception: Culinary Arts participants are welcome to wear their chef’s attire during the STAR Events Recognition Sessions.

Advisers/ Chaperones/ Guests • Business casual • Jeans, t-shirts, athletic wear are NOT acceptable

STAR EVENTS PARTICIPANTS STAR Events participants are expected to adhere to the published dress code for all general sessions, workshops, and the STAR Events Recognition Session. For participation in competition, follow event specifications for dress, and wear appropriate clothing for the nature of the presentation. If attending conference activities prior to or immediately after a STAR Events presentation, be prepared to change into clothing that meets the conference dress code.

All Attendees Please note, if you are attending the Special Event, you are still required to follow the mandatory dress policy for the Business Session. You are encouraged to bring casual attire to change into rather than returning to your room to avoid missing the bus departures. FCCLA Alumni & Associates will store your possessions for $1 at the Swag Stop.


Females and Males • Semi-formal – You are able to wear semi-formal attire to the Closing General Session if you are attending the Gala. • Jeans, t-shirts, athletic wear, athletic shoes are NOT included in semi-formal attire

Advisers/ Chaperones/ Guests • Semi-formal or business casual • Jeans, t-shirts, athletic wear, and athletic shoes are NOT included

UNACCEPTABLE ATTIRE AT FCCLA SESSIONS • Skin-tight or revealing clothing • Midriff-baring clothing • Extremely short skirts (shorter than 2 inches above the knee) • Clothing with printing that is suggestive, obscene, or promoting of illegal substances • Athletic clothing • Swimwear • Rubber, beach type flip flops • Night wear (pajamas) should not be worn outside of your hotel room

For more information on the 2013 National Leadership Conference, please see the meeting section of the FCCLA national website. 5 Teen Times • Summer 2013

FCCLAinaction Read what FCCLA is doing across the nation! Submit your chapter activities to healthy foods—the fruit stand offered students only healthy foods, and was a great alternative to the vending machine. Since March of Dimes is concerned with premature births, our project offered an opportunity to link the project goals to child development content standards.

▲ Students at Oglethorpe County High School in Lexington, Georgia, recently provided sack lunches for the homeless. In Athens-Clarke County, there is a great need for supporting the homeless in need of food. In one day, the FCCLA chapter assembled 40 sack lunches that included a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fresh fruit, crackers, and fruit juice. By using their knowledge of nutrition learned in class, members were able to create healthy sack meals for those in need.

▲ Jennifer McCannon and Katherine Sanders, FCCLA officers at Commerce High School, developed Fruit for Luke as one component of Tigerpalooza—a week long fundraiser for March of Dimes. Luke Massey Sims, the son of a teacher at Commerce High School, is the 2013 ambassador for March of Dimes. All activities conducted as part of Tigerpalooza raised money to support premature babies like Luke. Fruit for Luke raised money for March of Dimes by selling fruit to the students and teachers at Commerce High School. The fruit stand was popular, profiting nearly $100. A variety of FACS content knowledge and skills were used to make Fruit for Luke successful. FACS and FCCLA teach leadership skills, including organization, and time and money management. These skills were absolutely necessary to carry out the project. FACS content teaches the importance of selecting

▲ Monday, Feb. 11 Parker High FCCLA did community service by serving Hawaiian-themed food plates at the Parker Senior center. They provided leis, door prizes, chapstick, hand lotion, and Hawaiian music. The Advance Hospitality class made pizza and cupcakes for the whole chapter to celebrate. Members received praise from the Senior Center attendees who liked the change of pace and seeing young people doing good things.

▲ The Long County High School chapter of FCCLA, from Long County, Georgia, attended FCCLA Day at the Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia. Students had the opportunity to meet with members of Georgia’s senate and learn more about the history of Georgia. Each student was able to gain valuable information about the larger picture of FCCLA and Georgia, enabling them to see how they can make a difference. All students are looking forward to attending this wonderful event next year.

▲ Mitchell County High FCCLA in Camilla, Georgia, raised money during the year with their Casserole Connection. The students decided to donate $500 of the money to Dancing Stars of South Georgia in honor of a former middle school teacher, Mr. Reginald Garrard. Mr. Garrard was supposed to be one of the contestants, but he unexpectedly passed away. He had set a personal goal to raise $10,000, so the chapter wanted to help him reach his goal. Whitko High School FCCLA and Student Council partnered to campaign for Riley Children’s Hospital during the month of January. The fundraiser was called Riley Royalty. Teams of two students from each grade level competed to raise the most money. The final total of funds raised was $4,532.

▲ The Parkston FCCLA chapter in Parkston, South Dakota, planned many projects this year in order to strengthen families in the community. The chapter wanted to complete projects related to families because this is the central focus of the organization. Members planned a family night for FCCLA families to spend time together and enjoy a meal and games.

6 Teen Times • Summer 2013


▲ The Jefferson West Middle School FCCLA chapter developed a program for Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety (FACTS) in the USD 340 community. Team leaders Hunter Boyer, Collin Ellis, and Kody Gibson gave three presentations to freshmen at Jefferson West High School over distracted driving, drinking and driving, and seat belt safety and collected pledges from students to not participate in distracted driving. They also passed out winterization lists, shared distracted driving statistics, and collected safety pledges at home basketball games. At the Country Harvest Store in Meriden, the team met customers and did seat belt checks, shared statistics about distracted driving, and collected pledges. Through a partnership with AT&T, the team gave out reminder stickers to students and community members who signed pledges. Those who pledged also got their name put

into a raffle for 10 automobile safety kits that the team had purchased items for and created. The team received donated items from Westlake Hardware of Topeka (two tool bags), Advantage Communications of Topeka (Dyna Rescue Bag), and non-perishable items from Country Harvest of Meriden for motorists who might become stranded. The students also purchased a tire gauge, a portable compressor, and jumper cables to be raffled off along with the donations and safety kits. The students held a bike rodeo for K–4 students. Bike safety, tire pressure, hand signals, and an obstacle course were provided.

also cheered on fellow students from Stockton High School who were competing in the tournament.

▲The Sharyland High School FCCLA chapter attended the Region V Conference, held in Corpus Christi, Texas, January 30 – February 2, 2013. The Chapter members were among 1,000 delegates attending the three-day conference. The youth developed theme, “Producing Leaders”, was carried out by a series of specialized leadership tracks and general sessions. Sharyland FCCLA members discovered ways to become actively involved in issues facing today’s youth.

▲ Eight members of Stockton FCCLA, Kansas, volunteered during spring break for the Kansas Special Olympics state basketball tournament. They ran the scoreboard and kept the official scorebook for approximately 16 games. Members

The Ultimate Leadership App Stay up to date with FCCLA info delivered straight to your smartphone throughout the year and at all of our national level conferences!

Capitol Leadership National Cluster Meetings National Leadership Conference Download the free FCCLA app today to take the ultimate leadership experience with you wherever you go!

7 Teen Times • Summer 2013


Your time in high school might be ending...


Bec Alu ome ww mni & a me w.f Ass mbe ccl aal ociate r of um s to ni.o da rg y at

...but your time in FCCLA has only just begun.


Graduating seniors, save 50% on your A&A membership by entering the discount code: SNRS-1

In the Leadership Academy, participants have the freedom to chart their own journey towards ultimate leadership. Whether you’re just starting out in FCCLA, or you’ve climbed the ranks to serve as a state officer, the Leadership Academy has an option for you. Take ownership of your leadership growth, and mold yourself into the best leader you can be.


Summer Hits

by Katie Younger

Summertime is right around the corner. School will be out and the sun will be shining. Whether you are splashing poolside, driving with the windows rolled down, or relaxing with some friends, here are some classic hits about summertime through the decades that you can enjoy!

1.  Summer Love by One Direction • 2012 2.  Knee Deep by The Zac Brown Band • 2011 3.  Soak Up the Sun by Sheryl Crow • 2002 4.  Summer Girls by LFO • 1999 Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams • 1985 5.  6.  The Boys of Summer by Don Henley • 1984 7.  The Tide is High by Blondie • 1980 8.  Summer Nights by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta • 1978 9. School’s Out by Alice Cooper • 1972 10. All Summer Long by The Beach Boys • 1963

10 Teen Times • Summer 2013




2013 F

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