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March/April 2014



12 Teen Times is the national magazine of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America—a career and technical student organization that helps young men and women become leaders and address important personal, family, work, and societal issues through Family and Consumer Sciences education, or as determined by the state department of education.

Features 2 10 Things You Didn’t Know About… Learn about the very positive side-effects of being a kinder, more optimistic person. 6 IT’S TIME TO SOAR Everything you need to know to make a positive impact and plan a Random Acts of Kindness Week at your school. 8 GET READY TO SOAR With the 2014 National Leadership Conference quickly approaching, FCCLA’s national officers weigh-in on some local attractions and NLC highlights, and why you should plan to attend!

Regulars 3 Executive Director Notes

13 FCCLA in Action

4 Meet the NEC

16 Take An Interest

12 Word on the Tweet

FCCLA Mission To promote personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences education. Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner, and community leader, members develop skills for life through character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.

Chris Flynn, Director of Communications Josh Bowar, Editorial Consultant LTD Creative, Art/Design Andrew Schantz, Communications Manager NATIONAL STAFF Sandy Spavone, Executive Director Leah Buller, Director of Membership Marla Burk, CMP, Director of Conferences Mark Hornby, Director of Finance Carol Ann Riordan, Director of Programs Terry Wilson, Senior Director of IT Kenatu Muleta, IT Specialist Charles Carson, Mailroom Manager Edie Doane, Program Manager Ali Flynn, Meetings Manager Christine Hollingsworth, Competitive Events Manager Chiquita Boston, Affiliation and Registration Coordinator Bethany S. Kohut, Program Coordinator Janet Glasser, Staff Accountant Cindy Canning, Receptionist and Accounting Assistant Ronny Coombs, Meetings & Membership Assistant Kate Gillooly, Executive Assistant Photography for National FCCLA provided by Lifetouch Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is a private, nonprofit national organization of more than 200,000 members incorporated under the laws of the District of Columbia. It functions through public and private secondary school systems in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands as an integral part of the Family and Consumer Sciences education program, providing opportunities for enriched learning. Editor’s Note: Please credit Teen Times for information you reprint, excerpt, or photocopy. Use the following statement to credit materials you use from this issue: Reprinted with permission from Teen Times, the national magazine of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Vol. 68, No. 4. Teen Times (ISSN 0735-6986) is published five times per year in September, November, January, March, and summer by Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Inc., 1910 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191-1584, (703) 476-4900. A portion ($4.00) of national dues pays for a one-year subscription to Teen Times. Inclusion of an advertisement does not constitute an endorsement of the advertiser’s claims, products, and services. Periodicals postage paid at Reston, VA., and additional mailing offices. Additional annual subscriptions for non-members: $8.00. POSTMASTER: SEND ADDRESS CHANGES TO Teen Times, 1910 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191-1584.

March/April 2014 • Teen Times 1

10 Things You Didn’t Know About...

The Effects of Kindness and Positivity 1.

K  indness makes people happier.

When we do something kind for someone else, we feel good. It’s believed that the good feeling we get is due to higher levels of dopamine in our brain, so we get a natural high, often referred to as “helper’s high”. When you think about others, you receive happiness, too. Researcher Elizabeth Dunn found that those who spend money on others reported much greater happiness than those who spend it on themselves.

Our hearts get healthier when we’re kind. 2.  When we’re kind to others, our body releases oxytocin. Oxytocin causes the release of a chemical called nitric oxide in blood vessels, which expands the blood vessels and can reduce blood pressure. That leads to a healthier heart! Kindness can keep you younger longer. 3. 

Research now shows that oxytocin reduces levels of things called free radicals and inflammation in the cardiovascular system. Free radicals and inflammation both lead to aging, so reducing them means that people can be younger longer.

Kindness helps us have better 4.  relationships with others.

We all know that we like people who show us kindness, right? Some people think that kindness can even be a genetic thing! Scientists believe that because evolutionary ancestors had to learn to cooperate with one another (because if you cooperate, you have a great chance of surviving), people now have “kindness genes” that have been passed from generation to generation.

Kindness is contagious. 5. 

When we’re kind, we inspire others to be kind, too! Studies show that it actually creates a ripple effect that spreads outwards to our friends’ friends’ friends (3 degrees of separation!). Think of the difference that you can make by just being kind to one person a day.

2 Teen Times • March/April 2014

Kindness can make people less anxious. 6. 

For four weeks, University of British Columbia researchers assigned people with high levels of anxiety to do kind acts for other people at least six times a week. They found that doing nice things for people led to a big increase in people’s positive moods, and they were less anxious as a result.

Having specific goals can make people 7.  more positive.

People who want to reach a significant goal are happier than those who don’t have strong dreams. One scientist shares, “As humans, we actually require a sense of meaning to thrive.”

8. Smiling can make you a more positive person.

Do your best to put a smile on your face. It sounds simple, but it works. Happy people think of possibilities, opportunities, and success. Having a positive outlook will really help in the long run.

People who focus on being thankful are 9.  more positive.

Those who keep “gratitude journals” on a weekly basis are healthier, more optimistic, and more likely to make progress toward achieving their goals. Researcher Martin Seligman shared that people who write “gratitude letters” to someone score higher on happiness and lower on depression. The effect even lasts for weeks!

10. Exercise can lead to positivity.

A Duke University study shows that exercise may be just as effective as drugs in treating depression, without all the side effects and expense. Exercising also offers a sense of accomplishment, provides opportunity for social interaction, releases feel-good endorphins, and boosts self-esteem all at the same time.


Executive Director Notes


hen we look at this year’s National Leadership Conference theme, a great deal of imagery comes to mind. For me, the word Soar invokes the idea of rising above and beyond the ordinary. This is something that FCCLA members like yourself demonstrate on a daily basis through countless service projects, education efforts, and initiatives that you lead in your families, schools, and communities across the country. I came across several outstanding examples of FCCLA members “soaring” to new heights through involvement in our national program, STOP the Violence. As we are inundated by stories about violence and instances of bullying in the news, it’s reassuring to see that members of our organization are taking the steps to recognize, report, and reduce youth violence in such creative and thoughtful ways. Let me point out two great examples: Members of the Sewanhaka FCCLA chapter in New York created and performed short skits that educated their peers on the multiple forms of bullying. This creative approach to peer education proved to be an effective and entertaining way to spread an important message.

members in the Virgin Islands have with their communities and the individuals that help to make them safe and healthy places to live. This summer, we’ll take the opportunity to recognize chapters like these ones and celebrate the achievements that you have made to make this world a better Sandy Spavone place. I hope to see many of you Executive Director “Soar” with us at the 2014 National Leadership Conference in San Antonio, Texas from July 6–10. It will be an unforgettable opportunity that you won’t want to miss. This summer’s conference will be brimming over with opportunities for you to grow. Be sure to take full advantage of the ultimate leadership experience that only FCCLA can provide.

The Russell Middle School FCCLA chapter in Georgiacontinued their annual tradition of celebrating National Anti-Bullying Week. Members joined together with the student body to raise awareness about the consequences of bullying, and participated in several school-wide activities that showcased their commitment to stomp out bullying to their entire community. During my trip to the Virgin Islands state meeting in February, I also came across great examples of students initiating positive change in their communities. This was evident from the workshops I attended, including one presented by local law enforcement. It was empowering to see the strength of the relationship that FCCLA

March/April 2014 • Teen Times 3

Meet the NEC Vice-President of Community Service Abigail Alred Age: 17 Grade: 12 School: Stillwater High School Adviser: Fran Stellman Favorite Movie: Pitch Perfect

“I love helping others and through FCCLA I have been able to help in an abundance of ways. Family, Career and Community Leaders of America has shaped me into the person I am today, thanks to all the leadership opportunities with which it has provided me.”

Future Goal: Abby hopes to one day become a missionary to help underprivileged children, with the long-term goal of starting a family and adopting.

“I joined FCCLA because I was interested in developing leadership skills, and that’s exactly what it has done for me. Through this organization, I have especially improved my speaking skills.”

Vice-President of Parliamentary Law Christian Anheluk Age: 18 Grade: 12 School: Belfield High School Adviser: Paulette Dorval Favorite TV Show: That 70’s Show Future Goal: Christian is currently exploring several options for his future and looks forward to the possibilities.

Vice-President of Programs Noah Brooks Age: 17 Grade: 12 School: Pickford High School Adviser: Kathleen Jacobson Favorite Program: Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety (FACTS) Future Goal: Noah is torn between a career in marine biology and pursuing his passion to make an impact on society by entering into a public office.

4 Teen Times • March/April 2013

“FCCLA has done so much for me that it is hard for me to sum it all up. FCCLA has helped me grow as a leader and a person. When I first joined, I couldn’t talk to anyone new, unless I had to. Now, networking with new people is one of my favorite things to do. It has also helped me grow as a person and realize that I didn’t need to do what everyone else was doing to be cool, but I could be myself.”

Alumni Spotlight

Jordan Chlapecka What school did you go to? Hazen High School

Who was your adviser? Regina Chaney

Why did you get involved in FCCLA? It was a kind of a family affair. My brother was involved and my family started going to National Leadership Conferences.

What have you been doing since high school? This is a complicated question. Short answer: a lot. Since high school, I attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. I studied advertising and anthropology and photography.

Photo By: Aaron Williams

Favorite FCCLA memory? Truthfully, I love all of them, though if I had to pick one memory to stand above the rest, it would probably be all of the rehearsals with the National Executive Council.

in performance studies from NYU. I currently

Give an example of a lesson you learned from your experience with FCCLA.

reside in New York City, and I work for an

A lesson I learned was to always be on your

advertising agency and make performance art.

toes. You never know when you might be

I graduated in 2011 and went to get my masters

What is your favorite FCCLA national program? How did this program influence your life? I have always been a huge fan of Power of One. I think it is the all-encompassing nature. It was easy to write down a goal and work to achieve it, on your own time. It’s perfect for the largest of goals or the smallest of goals, and it focuses on the many aspects of life.

asked to do something outside of what you consider “normal” or comfortable.

Favorite food? french fries

Favorite movie? I am not terribly good at these “favorite questions”, so my favorite movie as of 2013 was American Hustle. It was a brilliant script, well-acted, and kept me on the edge of my seat. Something about Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper on the same screen seems to make movie gold!

March/April 2014 • Teen Times 5


It’ s

o t e m i T



Plan a Random Acts of Kindness Week at Your School! Today’s world has a lot of problems, right? When you flip on the news, listen to the radio, or go online, you can see stories of all kinds of things happening around the world, stories about weather disasters, school shootings, missing children, and more. FCCLA members, let’s soar above the negativity. There’s enough negative stuff out there, and we can work to spread some positivity! Soar above by planning your own Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) week. Put on your best smile, work with your chapter members, and start spreading the love! Check out these ideas for planning your own RAK week.

Monday: Pen and Paper Pay it Forward

Tuesday: Kindness ABCs and 123s

Start the day by writing a kind note to someone. Be specific about something you know would bring a smile to their face. For example, if they are really talented at playing a musical instrument, compliment them on that talent. If they excel at football, give them props for that. At the end of your note, challenge the person to write a note to someone else. See how many students in your school can get notes today!

Teach younger students about the importance of kindness and being positive. Plan an activity or lesson that you could do with an elementary class. You could read them a children’s book that relates to being positive, teach them how to write a thank you letter, or have them write skits about how they could share kindness with others. Once you’ve made your plans, work with an elementary teacher to actually use your activity or teach your lesson.

Ways We Could Do This in Our School:

Ways We Could Do This in Our School:











Our Chapter’s Plan:

Our Chapter’s Plan:











6 Teen Times • March/April 2014

Wednesday: Spread the Smiles

Friday: Teacher Treat

Sometimes people just need a smile to brighten their day. Put posters reminding people to smile while they go through their day today. Plastering the halls with smiley faces might also do the trick! You could even include a message like this in the morning announcements: See what a difference YOUR smile can make today. Spread the smiles! Whenever you meet someone today, give them your best smile. Let’s see just how contagious a smile can really be!

Surprise your teacher by bringing them a kind note or treat. See if you can figure out their favorite soda, candy, or food. Teachers are often the most under appreciated people, and a little kindness goes a long way. You may even want to show appreciation for school staff (janitor, administrative assistant, nurse, etc.) and administrators today!

Ways We Could Do This in Our School: ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

Ways We Could Do This in Our School: ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________


Our Chapter’s Plan:



Our Chapter’s Plan: ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

Thursday: Selfless Service Provide service to another student at your school. You could sit by someone new at lunch, invite someone to chat with you during a break, bring a treat for a friend, or give someone a ride to school. The possibilities are endless! Just make sure that you’re intentional about what you decide to do and that your actions are meaningful for the receiver. Ways We Could Do This in Our School: ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Our Chapter’s Plan: ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Did you know that there’s a National Random Acts of Kindness Foundation? Check out to see more kindness ideas, inspirational kindness quotes, resources for your chapter, stories about kindness, and other helpful tips and tricks for your RAK week! Have you practiced random acts of kindness? Please visit kindness-stories/share-your-story and share your kindness stories and ideas with others. For more information and helpful ideas, check out: • The FCCLA national program STOP (Students Taking on Prevention) the Violence ( • The FCCLA National Outreach Project ( • The FCCLA national program Leadership Service in Action ( • The FCCLA national program Power of One ( • The FCCLA national program Student Body (


March/April 2014 • Teen Times 7

Ready? Set?


The 2013–2014 National Executive Council is excited to Soar to greater heights with you in San Antonio, Texas, at the 2014 FCCLA National Leadership Conference! Here are the national officers’ Top 10 reasons why you don’t want to miss the NLC this summer. We’re excited to enjoy the beautiful Riverwalk! With the scenic river weaving right around our conference center and hotels, it’s amazing to look out and take in the beautiful view and Texas sunshine amidst the fast fun of the conference. At night, the delicious smell of spicy food wafts on the night breeze, the lights shine, and the music cranks! The Riverwalk is the most gorgeous place to seek out a charming restaurant or a place to hang out, and there are even FCCLA tours set up to help you see the Riverwalk in exciting ways. It’s an atmosphere unlike any other, all right in the midst of 2014 National Leadership Conference. — Lindsey Schneider, First Vice President


FCCLA members, how are you making a difference in your families, schools, and communities? Your National Executive Council cannot wait to see how you’ve Soared above and beyond with your creative competitive events this year! We hope all of you are anxiously anticipating a marvelous National Leadership Conference where your skills, projects, and leadership will be recognized. See you there! — Olivia Wicklund, VP of Competitive Events


8 Teen Times • March/April 2014

Your NEC has ensured that every member will be Soaring with energy, excitement, and even a little bit of humor! Throughout the general sessions, members will be reminded why family is our central focus, celebrate the success of members from across the nation, and get pumped about FCCLA in 2014-2015 through great keynote speakers, hilarious skits, and interactive activities. So, the real question is this: Are you ready to Soar in San Antonio? — Noah Brooks, VP of Programs


At the 2014 NLC, develop your leadership with the various opportunities offered to you! You can attend a workshop and take your skills and knowledge to the next level or enroll in the Leadership Academy to learn how to really amp up your leadership! Check out the youth sessions for inspiring stories and empowering messages. You don’t want to miss out on these incredible leadership opportunities, so come to San Antonio this summer to Soar with FCCLA and make the most of the ultimate leadership experience! — Natalie Hawkins, VP of Membership


There’s so much to do and so much to see all over San Antonio, but trust me: you won’t want to miss the FCCLA NLC Exhibit Hall! Partners, vendors, and FCCLA members come together to showcase best practices and exciting opportunities. Be sure to take a stroll through the booths, stop in on an exhibit hall workshop, and spin the prize wheel. Who knows? You might win some really cool stuff! — Christian Anheluk, VP of Parliamentary Law


This summer, as you are Soaring through the leadership fun and excitement of the 2014 National Leadership Conference, you will be gaining not only new leadership skills, but also new friends as well! As you attend fun, exciting, and interactive workshops, general sessions, and other NLC events, you will have the opportunity to meet FCCLA members from across the country while you network and form lasting FCCLA friendships! — Abigail Alred, VP of Community Service


There’s no better place to have a fiesta than at Six Flags Fiesta Texas! The 2014 NLC special event will literally have you Soaring over San Antonio as you get on some of the best rides in the world! Whether you’re cooling down on a water ride or doing loops on one of the world famous rollercoasters, you’re bound to have a good time. We can’t wait to Soar with you at Six Flags this summer! — Brian Will, President


March/April 2014 • Teen Times 9

Ready? Set? SOAR! (continued)

When that Texas heat gets to you, refresh yourself at the Schlitterbahn New Braunfels Waterpark! A trip to this world-class waterpark must be included for an added splash to your adventure in San Antonio. Whether you are Soaring down slides or relaxing in a cool and calm cabana, the Schlitterbahn Waterpark has something for everyone. (And don’t forget your sunscreen.) — Tucker Berry, VP of Finance


Leadership skills won’t be the only thing Soaring at the National Leadership Conference or at the San Antonio Missions Baseball Games! The Missions and their mascot the “Ballapeño” will fill you with enthusiasm and wow you with their skills as they defend their 2013 Texas League Championship! — Andrew Peuchen, VP of Development


Just when you thought all of the Soaring was over, you realize some of the best is yet to come. The one and only Gala is the perfect moment to show all of your dance moves while jamming out with your best friends. Let loose, have fun, and Soar while enjoying the ultimate dance party with the ultimate leaders. There’s no better way to wrap up your conference experience than the FCCLA NLC Gala! — Emajae’ Clements, VP of Public Relations


Learn more about the 2014 National Leadership Conference, including registration and housing information, additional tour options and details, and the schedule-at-a-glance at We can’t wait to see YOU in San Antonio for the 2014 National Leadership Conference!

10 Teen Times • March/April 2014

Character Quiz

How High Does Your Character Soar? As a family member, future career holder, community resident, and FCCLA leader, how high are you soaring with your character? Take this quick quiz to see if you’re reaching liftoff or have your head above the clouds. Buckle your seat belt, fasten your tray table, and be honest so you can learn more about yourself. 1.  Someone down the hall is being called some pretty awful names. I…

I hear through the rumor mill that a classmate 6.  has trash talked about me on Facebook. I…

a. Walk away without paying too much attention b. May or may not stop to see what I can do to help c. Make it a point to speak and act against it 2.  People that know me would say that I tell the truth… a. Part of the time b. Most of the time c. All of the time 3.  A classmate just gave a speech against the candidate that I think should win class president. I… a. Blow them off or talk badly about them b. Half-heartedly listen to their opinion c. Try to understand what they believe and work to respect them

a. Get even somehow b. Just ignore the situation and hope it will go away c. F  orgive them and see if I had any fault in the situation 7. W  hen my school or community needs help, I usually… a. Find myself busy with other things b. Do my best to be involved  se my talents and gifts to make both a c. U better place 8.  Parents and teachers of younger students would probably say this about me: a. “I’m not so sure that I’d want kids to learn from that example.” b. “Kids could learn some things from that example.” c. “I really want my kids to learn from that example.”

4. When no one is looking, I’d say that I… a. Sometimes do the right thing b. Often do the right thing c. Always do the right thing

9.  Money is falling from the sky. My first reaction would be…

5. Others would say that I… a. Have a hard time following through on what I say b. Follow through on what I say most of the time c. Always follow through on what I say

Quiz Scoring: Complete the table below to find your score. Answer You Gave

Points Value







Points Earned

a. “Quick! Grab as much as I can!” b. “Grab some for me and make sure others get enough, too.” c. “  Did everyone get some? Then I can take some for myself.”

23–27 points = Congratulations! You’re soaring above the clouds of character. You make it a point to help, to be respectful and reliable, and to set an example that others can follow. Set a goal to help yourself keep up the great work! 18–22 points = Nice job! You’re on your way to getting to a cruising altitude of character. You’ve got many things going well for you. Now it’s time to check out those weaknesses and set some goals. 9–17 points = You’re on the runway and just reaching takeoff with your character. But that doesn’t mean that things can’t improve. Set goals that you know will help you lift off.

March/April 2014 • Teen Times 11

Word on the Tweet Family and Consumer Science Division @CTEWorks: (FCCLA) The Advisor Truly impressive panel of young Spring 2014 leaders from @FBLA_National TA1403

Follow us @ NationalFCCLA

@NationalFCCLA @SkillsUSA @DECAInc talking #CTSOs at @usedgov during #ctemonth


@RebekaGuttery: Just hanging out with my adviser! She’s like my second mom. @nationalfccla @cabotfccla #FCCLAWeek

@dhir_shivani: Why isn’t it July?! I’m ready to be in San Antonio, TX with my @NationalFCCLA family for NLC already!! #ThingsFCCLAMembersSay

@PVpantherFCCLA: Have you followed @NationalFCCLA yet? We sure have! Be sure to so that you can keep up on all the latest with FCCLA! #FCCLAFollowTrain

@YouthService: Sending love today to @NationalFCCLA for #FCCLAWeek & all the great FCCLA teens who address societal concerns on a daily basis!

12 Teen Times • March/April 2014

FCCLA in Action Read what FCCLA is doing across the nation! Submit your chapter activities to School The Brenham High nham, Texas, FCCLA chapter in Bre rd this year to has been working ha Our Strength. raise money for Share at their local They held a coin war raise funds. elementary schools to ged to bring Students were encoura m teacher, coins to their homeroo most coins and the class with the e coin war, won a pizza party. Th er fundraisers, along with several oth FCCLA chapter helped the Brenham 0 to benefit raise more than $2,00 Share our Strength.

ool’s Jordan High Sch ndy, Utah, FCCLA chapter in Sa lifestyle is promoting a healthy l. This year initiative in their schoo A Week, during National FCCL smoothies they provided healthy dent body. for a majority of the stu filled with These smoothies were e and were fruits, yogurt, and juic dents a fun way to get the stu ng. excited for healthy livi

March/April 2014 • Teen Times 13

FCCLA in Action CLA chapter The Harrisburg FC been working in South Dakota has school year hard throughout the McDonald to support the Ronald ity. Efforts House in its commun funds to have included raising toiletries, purchase and donate ilies, and serving meals to fam ms at the helping to repaint roo re able to House. Members we mmunity engage their whole co y made a in their efforts, and the the lives tremendous impact on of several families.

ch The Flowery Bran A chapter High School FCCL eration volunteered at the Op ution Christmas Child Distrib Georgia, Warehouse in Duluth, Members this past December. h gifts packed shoeboxes wit edy children and necessities for ne dents around the world. Stu er and had fun working togeth in the lives making a difference of many children.

To see more FCCLA chapters in action, go to 14 Teen Times • March/April 2014

FCCLA in Action Middle The Louisa County ter in Virginia School FCCLA chap mmunity raised $507.54 for a co ack Blessings. program called Backp a competition The chapter created their school among each grade in se the most to see who could rai g class money, and the winnin From January earned a pizza party. lunteered 22– March 12, they vo h food for to pack backpacks wit trict’s four students from their dis help feed elementary schools to weekend. their families for the

Learn fashion design ONLINE from top NYC fashion college instructors & fashion industry pros

Master Design One Step at a Time

Learn it Online!


Fashion Product Development

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Fashion Business

Pattern Making

Fashion Art


The University of Fashion is a wonderful resource for starting a fashion club or adding to existing art classes. It has everything you need from fashion "how-to" lessons to lectures on how to prepare a fashion college portfolio.

- Tim Molak

Headmaster, Woodside Priory School

I am writing to thank you for all the lessons you made available on your site especially for the patternmaking and draping lessons. I always wanted to learn. I own a couple of textbooks but it is very hard to learn without an instructor. Your professiona lessons was all that I was missing!

- Lenka Murray


The University of Fashion is an awesome new online resource for learning the basics of sewing and design.

- Kara McGrath

Seventeen Magazine March/April 2014 • Teen Times 15

Take An Interest

FCCLA Bucket List FCCLA has so many ultimate leadership experiences to offer members. Why not set some goals for achieving that red jacket swag by creating your own FCCLA Bucket List? Here are some examples to get you started:  ttend the 2014 National Leadership Conference • A in San Antonio, Texas

Plan FCCLA projects and activities for these special days!

• Make a new friend from every state

Autism Awareness Month April

• Join Alumni & Associates

Financial Literacy Month April

• ______________________________________________

Global Child Nutrition Month April

• ______________________________________________

FCCLA Youth Scholarship Applications Postmarked April 1, 2014

• ______________________________________________

National Program Summary Report Forms Due April 1, 2014

• ______________________________________________ • ______________________________________________

Global Youth Service Day April 11–13, 2014 FCCLA National Officer Candidate Intent to Run Forms Due April 15, 2014 FCCLA National Officer Candidate Applications Postmarked May 1, 2014 Global Youth Traffic Safety Month May FCCLA National Leadership Conference in San Antonio, Texas July 6–10, 2014

Tweet us @NationalFCCLA and tell us what is on your #FCCLABucketList!

16 Teen Times • March/April 2014


July 6-10 • San Antonio, TX the ultimate leadership experience

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America 1910 Association Drive Reston, VA 20191 T 703.476.4900 F 703.860.2713


Teen Times March/April 2014  
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