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BFBC MDO 2017-2018 Curriculum Guide “I




Monthly Theme: All about Me/My Family

Monthly Theme: Christmas

Bible Stories: God Made Me, Creation, Adam & Eve

Bible Stories: Jesus’s Birth

Letters: G, A

Shape: Circle, Star

Colors: Blue, Yellow, Red

Events: Christmas Party, Holiday

Letters: D, K

Events: Grandparents Day, Trike Car Wash



Monthly Theme: Farm

Monthly Theme: Community Helpers

Bible Stories: Noah’s Ark, Joseph, Baby Moses, Moses grown Letters: Z, J, Q, P, C

Bible Stories: Daniel & Lion’s Den, Jonah, John the Baptist, Pete catches fish

Colors: Green, Orange, Purple, Black

Letters: L, W, I, N

Events: Harvest Party

Shapes: Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Oval Events:

November Monthly Theme: Transportation Bible Stories: God’s word is a Treasure, Thankfulness, David & Goliath Letters: X, R Colors: Brown, Pink, Sort all colors Events: Mission Project, Thanksgiving Feast, Holiday


BFBC MDO 2017-2018 Curriculum Guide “I am fearfully and

wonderfully made.�



Monthly Theme: My Body

Monthly Theme: Weather

Bible Stories: Jesus calms the storm, The Good Samaritan, Jesus feeds 5,000, The blind Man

Bible Stories: The Last Supper, Jesus is Alive, Jesus in Heaven, Jesus loves you

Letters: B, F, O, V

Letters: S, E, U, Y

Shapes: Diamond, Heart, review

Numbers: #9, #10, Review

Numbers: #1, #2

Patterns: Sorting

Events: Valentines Day Party

Events: Easter, Donuts with Dads



Monthly Theme: Ocean

Monthly Theme: Bugs

Bible Stories: Zacchaeus, Samson, Walls fall down

Bible Stories: How to Pray, Review

Letters: M, H, T

Events: Muffins for Moms, Last Day of School

Numbers: #3-#8 Events: Spring Break

Notes: Notes:

2017 2018 curriculum  
2017 2018 curriculum