Barakat Gallery

Mayfair London, GB

Barakat is a fifth-generation family-owned and operated enterprise, founded over 125 years ago. Towards the end of 19th century, the family began amassing a sizeable collection of items found in the surrounding hills of their Jordanian farmlands. Soon enough workers, farmers, and merchants from all over the region caught wind of the rapidly growing “Barakat Collection,” and had to see it for themselves. Some wanted to buy, some wanted to sell, some to trade, others wanted to admire, and some to learn. It was clear that this incredible assortment of items was a sustainable business venture as well as a critical cultural archive and forthrightly non-prejudicial and creative collecting endeavour. From these humble beginnings, the Barakat Family have been devoted custodians who provide the platform to preserve and broadcast extraordinary culture from all around the world. Their unprejudiced curiosity, love, and appreciation for art and culture has meant the formation of an extraordinarily diverse collection.