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L.A. Fashion Week Highlight: Bohemian Society Hello again fashionistas! We have the scoop on more LA Fashion Week happenings. If you are an avid reader of and enjoy the fashion in the pages of magazines such as, V Magazine, then you should check out the Bohemian Society collection. The unique fashion line is all about the statement and the embodiment of the bohemian movement. Only viewable in a few exclusive boutiques by appointment only, the fashion revolution is only meant for a chosen few who embrace the labels philosophy.

At a show like Bohemian Society anticipation is heightened at the opportunity to get a glance of the new designs. Collections like this are meant to inspire. The fabrics consisted of organic cotton cloth draped over tall statuesque frames. The earthy pieces mixed with pops of today’s fashion trends such as leather and lace maintains Bohemian Society’s edgy reputation. Notable elements of the coming spring collection are blanket shorts and dip dyed blazers. This is fashion for the trendsetting fashionistas only.

Not straying too far from the root of fashion, above we see a raw edge cotton parachute dress. We especially appreciate the stripped down design and simple use of fabric. The message in a design like this is clear to us and beautiful. It’s kind of like looking at a beautiful woman without makeup and appreciating the design in its natural state. After seeing so many done up designs over the past few weeks from all of the glamorous fashion houses trying their best to wow us with fancy colors, patterns and embellishments, Bohemian Society’s dress interpretation is quite

refreshing in comparison.

Above is another raw fabric dress. This time we see shredded cocktail dress with a braided empire waist. It’s not that this dress has everything on it to admire, but it’s the fact that the dress allows our imagination to create the rest of what is not actually there. Bohemian Society stimulates the creative senses.

Finally this tailored sleeveless blazer paired with bohemian print micro shorts was a standout look on the runway. Heads up trendsetters! We believe that the sleeveless

blazer will catch on like wildfire this coming spring. Bohemian Society’s white business casual look boasts a single monochrome lapel, two black buttons and front pockets. We should easily look to see different interpretations of this. Thank you for checking us out at, your source for what’s trending in fashion now.

L.A. Fashion Week Highlight: Bohemian Society  

L.A. Fashion Week Highlight: Bohemian Society

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