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Cover Image shot by Loren Fielder. Model: Angela the Muse, MUA: Mark Bazant, Designer: Chloe Flora


Editor’s Letter Soft Touch Unique Fascination An Interview with... Natural Forces The Long Journey Capital Sins Caitlin Autumn Makeup Party On Purity Beneath All contributors retain sole copyright to their work.

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4 | Premiere Issue | F.For

Editor’s Letter It seems like summer has gone by so fast. It feels just like yesterday that we were starting to think about new bathing suits and refreshing cocktails. But if the cold weather is approaching fast, that doesn’t mean we can’t keep having a good time. This Autumn we’ve got plenty to look forward too: the sultry makeup looks, the elegant clothing revived from the Baroque era and new places with their specific colors to explore. And because Autumn can be a time of rebirth just as well, we are bringing you a freshly redesigned magazine! Bigger and better than ever, with lots of amazing things to look forward to! Have a magical Autumn! Noree Anne Celine Editor in Chief

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6 | Premiere Issue | F.For

Soft Touch

Photography: Elina Lukas Model: Anna Popovich Hair: Jacquie Eichbuam MUA: Aaliyah Islam

Headpiece by Mary Franck Millinery Skirt by Gill Ford F.For | Premiere Issue | 7

Both Pages: Headpiece by Mary Franck Millinery Dress by Gill Ford

8 | Premiere Issue | F.For

F.For | Premiere Issue | 9

10 | Premiere Issue | F.For

Left: Headpiece by Mary Franck Millinery Jacket by Sarmite Ostanevica Above: Headpiece by Mary Franck Millinery Jump suit by Sarmite Ostanevica

F.For | Premiere Issue | 11

Unique Fascination

Photography: Roberto McCormick Model: Veronika Obuchoviciute Stylist: Sam Lim Chooi Shan Make Up Artist: Tamash Sharkan Hair Stylist: Ayo Adegboyega

12 | Premiere Issue | F.For

Left: Pyramid sequin jacket by Unique. Unitard by Petite. Chain bra necklace and leg harness by Topshop. Feather earring by H&M. Above: Fantasy fabric studded blazer top and trouser by ZARA. Leather harness by Topshop. Feather earring by H&M. F.For | Premiere Issue | 13

Both pages: Leather jacket with studs by ZARA. Gabby body by Goldie. Black skirt by Topshop. Purse by Miss Selfridge. Heels by Kurt Geiger. 14 | Premiere Issue | F.For

F.For | Premiere Issue | 15

Pyramid sequin jacket by Unique. Unitard by Petite. Chain bra necklace and leg harness by Topshop. Feather earring by H&M.

16 | Premiere Issue | F.For

Pencil dress in glitter fabric by TFNC London. Leather cage waist belt by ASOS. Neck collar by River Island Black pop phone by Native Union.

F.For | Premiere Issue | 17

An Interview with Tereza Haszprunarova For this issue we interviewed photographer Tereza Haszprunarova of Coco Rococo, whose recent exhibition opening in London was a major success. How long have you been photographing and what got you started? I have been taking pictures for around 8 years. I broke up with my boyfriend then and felt empty.. then I saw an ad for a new Nikon DSLR in a magazine.. and the rest is just history.. :-) Where do you draw inspiration from? I don’t actually, I just keep “seeing things” in my head and then I just go and make them.. Where do you hope to find yourself in the future, artistically? I would like to develop more the idea of “ethical advertisement” with overlaps to modern art. I really feel our visual culture is less creative then it was 30 years ago as everybody is fairly aware of what is “working” and what is not, so people (magazines in particular) are less willing to experiment ... covers of fashion magazines constantly shot on white background are a stunning example of that. Tell us a bit about your exhibited work, where did the idea for it come? The idea was to put together a playful mix of photographs that could make perfect sense or make no sense at all to make it a bit more interactive. I really wanted to change the way people normally look at this type of images and how they feel about them.

18 | Premiere Issue | F.For

How did you curate your exhibition? The Library Lab is a very specific space so I tailored my exhibition to it. I think it wouldn’t work as it is in a different place. I always try to make the show as site-specific as possible. Each space is different and it’s good to try and benefit from it as much as you can. Do you have a favorite from the work exhibited? I don’t have one. I like the concept in general and the combination of pictures creates new connections and feelings that aren’t there when they are alone. What was the highlight of the opening night? It was very lively and most people were surprised that there is no text for the exhibition. I just wrote a short poem as the only guide to it. Actually it makes people even more curious and willing to dig into the pictures. What project are you preparing next? I got so many. I am going to have an exhibition with my friends from Saint Martin’s around January so I am preparing a new very dark series for that. Also, I recently got some of my works in the Museum of Young Art in Prague and curators from there would like my works for a couple of exhibitions for next year as well. The exhibition can be viewed until the 27th September at The Library Lab, 95 High Road Willesden Green, NW10 2SF, London. F.For | Premiere Issue | 19

20 | Premiere Issue | F.For

F.For | Premiere Issue | 21

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F.For | Premiere Issue | 23

24 | Premiere Issue | F.For

F.For | Premiere Issue | 25

The Long Journey

Photography: Emma Jane Lewis Model: Nichola Sara Jones

26 | Premiere Issue | F.For

F.For | Premiere Issue | 27

28 | Premiere Issue | F.For

F.For | Premiere Issue | 29

Capital Sins PHOTOGRAPHY: Julian Bern MODELS: Laura Fiol, Aitana Novau & Zuleica Eliana MAKE UP: Carmen Belen Munoz Lopez & Elena Poblete HAIRDRESSING: Lorena Morales & Veronica Lopez STYLING: Yasmina Faden

30 | Premiere Issue | F.For

American Jacket, pants and shoes ZARA Necklace JUNCO BOUTIQUE American Jacket and blouse ZARA Pants MANGO Green Bag HERMES Skirt, Shirt and shoes ZARA Handkerchief MANGO

F.For | Premiere Issue | 31

Above: Shirt, skirt and neck ZARA Bag VINTAGE Right: Black Dress ZARA Belt and earrings MANGO Far Right: Necklace and bag BIMBA & LOLA Blouse and shoes ZARA Pants MANGO

32 | Premiere Issue | F.For

F.For | Premiere Issue | 33

Caitlin Photographer: Yoav Gershon Model: Caitlin Wood Wardrobe: Forever 21

34 | Premiere Issue | F.For

F.For | Premiere Issue | 35

36 | Premiere Issue | F.For

F.For | Premiere Issue | 37

38 | Premiere Issue | F.For

Party on Photographer: Kim Grisco Model: Angela the Muse MUA: Jessica Hughes & Kellie Motte Hair: Sunnie Brooke Hair Assistant: Jojo Styling: Erlinda Denise, Randi Astrid & Van Van F.For | Premiere Issue | 39

40 | Premiere Issue | F.For

F.For | Premiere Issue | 41

Purity Beneath

Photographer: Jenn Hoffman Models: Amelia Thomas & Sarah Olbert @ Pinkerton (L.A.) MUA, Hair: Leslie Rodriguez Post Prod.: Eric Brockob Design 42 | Premiere Issue | F.For

F.For | Premiere Issue | 43

44 | Premiere Issue | F.For

F.For | Premiere Issue | 45

46 | Premiere Issue | F.For

Next issue out December 2012! Theme: Winter Pearls

F.For | Premiere Issue | 47

F.For Issue #4  

F.For is a fashion and beauty magazine meant to showcase upcoming talents.

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