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Est. 1974 Figure 4

in 1974 Zara is Spanish fashion chain offering on-trend house-brand shoes & accessories. (Zara, 2017). Zara is one of the largest international ompanies. Zara says the customer is at the heart of their unique business hich includes design, production, distribution and sales through our extail network (n.d). After beginning in Galicia, Spain Zara now has 2169 stores internationally.

The Zara Collections Zara is a multi-million pound successful clothing retailing that

Figure 6

The Ungendered Collection

sells clothes, footwear and accessories catered for men, women and children. Over the years Zara has developed and kept up with the modern changes of fashion by bringing out various different collections to satisfy a larger target audience. The Zara collections includes The Ungendered Collection, The Join Life Substainable Collection, The City Front Row Collection, The Trafaluc Collec- Join tion and The Childrens Collection. (Chan, 2016)

Figure 9

The Childrens Collection Figure 7

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The City Front Row Collection

Life Substainable Collection

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Zara’s 7’P’s Marketing Mix

labour to have the ability to keep up with the fast-paced ever-changing fashion trends. By using cheap labour and cheap materials, this allows the brand to sell products for lower prices. Zara holds a strong position in the fashion market as it produces cheaper fashionable clothing that is easily accessible to those who want to be on trend but for inexpensive prices. Zara is a company that uses a pricing strategy of giving a value-based pricing approaches. The approach focuses on the customer’s perceptions of value rather than company’s set price. (Hanson, 2016) Zara uses a process called psychological pricing where they would set a price of £4.99 instead of £5 as to a buyer it is associated with a discount and a better deal as it’s not quite a whole number and you would receive change emotionally making you feel better about yourself. Therefore, Shoppers with price sensitivities are more likely to be tempted by price tags says the BBC (2008). An example of Zara using the psychological pricing strategy can be seen in the figure below. Zara is known for being an affordable on trend fashion retailer to achieve being affordable to the consumers they have various collections to cater for different customers one of the collections is the Zara Trafaluc Collection this is aimed at the younger age who want to be on trend for less. (Zara Trafaluc Collection)

Photo taken by author Example of Psychological Pricing Stratagy in Zara

Figure 13


Zara is a ‘Fast Fashion’ clothing company that uses cheap


Zara communicates their product value after their price has been set. This is a tactic used by Zara to

raise and sustain their profile of their product to their customers. To promote Zara will firstly create a primary demand, secondly a brand awareness, thirdly influence the customer’s intentions to purchase and lastly facilitate the purchase by having easy access to their ‘Bricks and Mortar’ stores and their E-tailor. Zara uses varies ways to promote their brand using multi-channel marketing, print, digital, buzz and celebrity endorsements. Zara as a company have never been big on promotion and advertising only spending 0.3% revenue on advertising whereas in comparison to other stores who averagely spend 3.5% revenue (Zara advertising strategies). Zara believe that their stores do their advertising as they are placed in strategical zones in big cities using eye catching visual window displays usually in areas with a higher disposable income. Bhasin (2016) says that Zara has a distinctive marketing policy of “Zero investment in marketing”, The money Zara saves on advertising they use to open new stores. Zara cleverly uses demographic, geographic and psychographic segmentation strategies to be a success (Bhasin, 2016). To raise awareness of the brand Zara relies heavily on word-of-mouth from their returning consumers. They gain and keep returning customers as the customers know that there are new merchandise everyday resulting in the customers being interested in the new stock subsequent in them frequently returning. Zara are well known to have good end of season sales at good prices they do this promotion every year at the same period this results in their customers making a conscience effort to visit the stores to view the sales.

Photo taken by author of the promotions within the Paris Zara

Figure 14

Figure 15

Place Zara usually selects the best locations and most expensive real estate locations in the world to open its flagship stores (Zara, 2017). Zara chooses their locations specially in a strategical way usually in a busy retail area with other higher end retail stores around or close buy this increases the stores chance of creating a higher end target audience who have a demographic with high affluent consumers. They would aim to place the store in a demographic area with consumers who have high disposable incomes and with customers that have money, time and enjoy shopping to result in repeat customers. As Zara is run by a parent organization called ‘Inditex’ (welcome, 2017) when dedicated customers visit Zara stores abroad they will find that the interior designs are consistently the same, by keeping the stores similar the customers will feel at ease wherever they’re shopping as they feel they have been there before. Zara stores throughout the world are continuously distinct by their prime location, Zara will wisely choose an architectural approach and interiors designed to match their image to the on-trend-fashion they sell. The goal is for customers to experience a familiarity with fashion by keeping all their stores similar. (Zara Brand Story) On the map below is a calculation made in 2013 by (Zara stores around the world) of the amount of Zara stores around the world with a key on the left-hand side. From analyzing this map, you can see that there are Spain have the most stores having 32, China following with 142 stores and France having 125 stores.

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Figure 17


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Within Zara people play a big part in its success from the designers to the sales assistants without these people contributing to the process of retail Zara would not be as successful. Zara uses famous iconic people to promote their brand for example Cara Delevingne shops in Zara in 2013 says (Sauders). On the image below are staff reviewing items from the latest range in the Inditex HQ (Ruddick, 2014). Zara have a process of being in constant communication with the in-house designers in Indeitex’s HQ by having this communication it allows the fast fashion store to have a fast paced moving system as questions are answered quickly. The consistency of the Zara process means every single item of clothing Zara sells comes through Spain says Ruddick (2014) by using this process the company sees every detail before it arrives at the thousands of retail stores. Zara is known for relaying heavily on their store manages they do this by having close communication with the stores to correspond with what works well and what doesn’t, by doing this changes can be made quickly and effectively. (Ruddick, 2014). Likewise, to other details Zara is usually consistent with the models they use too using such famous faces Schiffler says you see more than your friends (2015) such as Gigi Jeon, Kai Newman and Sam Rollison.


Zara provides products of women’s, men’s and children’s

clothing of a fast fashion quality. The products they make are on trend to the current fashion and influences. There are many Influences on fashion a few are celebrities, politics and subcultures. Fashion itself reflects social, economic, political and cultural changes. It expresses modernity, symbolizing the spirit of the times says Not just a label (2015) By taking these things into consideration Zara creates and designs on trend fashions.

Figure 19

Figure 20

Physical Evidence

Figure 21

Figure 22

Zara uses physical evidence as a marketing strategy as the customers can see

and experience a service. Consumers will make a judgement on Zara based on their experience within the store subconsciously making a judgement on how comfortable they feel within the environment. Zara creates an ambience within all of their stores using colour, layout and music. By Zara creating the correct ambience that matches the clothing it contributes to the customer’s experience. Examples of physical evidence is the building, interior, packaging, internet and brochures. (Posts, 2015)


Zara makes many different processes

Figure 23

Zara Official Instagram 15.9 million followers

Figure 24 Taken ny Author

within their company such as the process of purchasing, the process of manufacturing and the process of delivery. Zara makes buying and viewing their products extremely accessible to people all over the world. There are many different ways you can access Zara by using the internet, the bricks and mortar stores, social media and apps. Processes include direct activities and indirect activities to the customer. Zara isn’t big on advertising but does relay a lot on social media such as Instagram to promote their items getting feedback within the comments from customers therefore being a good way to communicate so they know in advance what will sell well. (marketing mix)

This is a Graph based upon the number of followers in comparison to Zara on Instagram. The Graph will have a comparison to the similar retailers that are Zara’s competitors within the fashion market. From Looking at the pie chart you can clearly see that H&M has the greatest media followers with Zare following behind. Both of the largest companies are both owned by Indexit. Data for pie chart was found on each of the retailers Instagram pages on the 14/02/2017.

H&M 18.7 Million

Zara 15.9 Million

River Island 1.6 Million

Topshop 8.1 Million New Look 1.3 Million

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