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HAPPY NEW YEAR All of us at AFA wish You and Yours and Very Healthy, Happy, and Prosperous New Year !

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The senior cadets are embarking upon .their last few months of high school before launching their college careers. Soon they will be joining the ranks of the world’s greatest Alumni. The annual renewal of alumni (graduation) is just a few months away, and we hope that between then and now many of you will participate in our Career Enrichment Program, where alumni come back and share what the Academy has meant to their lives since leaving the hallowed halls of AFA. If you would like to share your career path with our cadets, please let me know. We are hopeful this year to combine this program with the ground breaking of the new Alumni Center/ Museum. The tentative plans are scheduled for Homecoming 2007. This year at graduation we will continue the new tradition of inviting our Alumni to “Man the Rail” at the Graduation Ceremony. Last year, we had approximately 50 alumni participate in this new ceremony. In “Man the Rail”, the Alumni line the walk way from the Fountain to the end of the walk where they welcome the graduates as new alumni. As each new Alumni passes by the Ship’s Bell from the USS Farragut DDG 37, they ring the Bell signifying their transition from cadets to members of the Admiral Farragut Alumni Association. Last May, each of the new alumni were welcomed by the Alumni President immediately prior to sounding the Bell. The procession then proceeded to the front grinder for the final ceremony of the morning, and the throwing of the “Hats in the Air,” thus relinquishing their position as the senior class to those members of the incoming Class of 2007. This event culminates a busy several days which includes the Back-To-School Alumni Career Day, the Ground-breaking of the new Alumni Center, the Baccalaureate, the Senior Dinner, and finally the Graduation. (See page 16 for more details)

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Alumni’s Open Letter Pg 22 2007 Homecoming Reservation Information Form Pg 23

Alumni “Man the Rail” at the 2006 Graduation!

Alumni Update Form Pg 24 Graduates “Ring the Ship’s Bell from USS Farragut DDG 37!

“Success is Never Accidental”“

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2006 Homecoming Celebration is Outstanding! The Annual Homecoming Celebration this year was a great success!

Everyone had a wonderful time getting reacquainted with each other and enjoying the well-planned activities. Friday afternoon, after check-in at the Alumni Office, a first ever Alumni “Spirit Party “was held on the future site of the new Alumni Center/Museum. The Spirit Party lasted for an hour and a half and was enjoyed by approximately 65 to 70 Alumni, and their guests. Alumni, Doug ‘90 and Matthew ‘92 Sokolowski, of Great Bay Distributors (distributors for Busch Brewery products) provided the outstanding selections liquid refreshments for the Spirit Party. It was the first event of its kind held on the site of the future Alumni Center/Museum. Fun was had by all. The Headmaster, CAPT Robert Fine, the Commandant, MajGen Robert Flanagan USMC (Ret), and the Alumni Director, CDR Bill Monrose were on hand to welcome Alumni, as well as, the Alumni President, Christian Chiari ‘92. Once the new Alumni Center/Museum facility is completed it will be a prime location for many parties and events to come.

Alumni Gather for the “First Alumni Spirit Party” during Homecoming 2006

Within the year we will be breaking ground for the new Alumni Center!

Can you imagine just how great it will be to have a new Alumni Center/Museum?

Annual Homecoming Reunion Dinner

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The Homecoming Reunion Dinner was enjoyed by over 140 Alumni and guests. The event was held at the Sandpiper Resort and featured CAPT Robert J. Fine, Jr., the Headmaster, who gave a talk about the “State of the Academy.” Our guest speaker, Alumni Christopher Malfant ‘93 followed. Chris was the Battalion Commander of his class and he shared with everyone what AFA has meant to him. He expressed his hope that all Alumni would continue their support of the school throughout their lives. He told of how he was encouraged to try out for the AFA Cross Country Team, even though he believed at the time that he would never really be able to contribute to its success. He persevered with the encouragement of his AFA coaches and is grateful for their influence and support. He is a graduate of Duke University and was named an outstanding All Conference Athlete member of the Duke Cross Country Team. Chris is now working on Wall Street carving a future for himself and his wife. Upon graduation from Duke he served as a LT in the US Navy, and honored us as a Guest Speaker at Graduation a couple of years ago. The reunion dinner was a tremendous success with many classes vying for recognition with the most members present, and the class with the most spirit. Frivolity abounded throughout the evening. Several Alumni who have attended almost every reunion since their graduation in the late 30’s and early 40’s stated that this was one of the best reunions they had ever attended. Over the of the next year we will be planning for the school’s 75th Anniversary. As you would expect, this will be an event of great significance. Though there are many schools that have existed for well over a hundred years, none can quite measure up to what Admiral Farragut Academy has contributed to our Nation’s history. Ours is the only school to have graduated two men who walked on the Moon, RADM Alan B. Shepard ’44 (Dec.) and BGen Charles M. Duke ’53. They are but two of the many graduates who have distinguished themselves and AFA, as successful members of the fields of military, medicine, law, business, civic involvement, education, and family.

Fun, and Fellowship Abound at Annual Homecoming Dinner

Over 140 in attendance! The food was great! The renewal of friendships . . . Priceless!

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South Florida Alumni Club Holiday Gathering

December is always busy with Holiday Parties and Holiday shopping. . Nonetheless, Richard and Luba DeWitt ‘67 welcomed us into their beautiful Coral Gables home on Saturday evening, December 9, 2006. Once there, they provided Holiday beverages, and scrumptious delicacies. For the dozen members of the South Florida Alumni Club who were able to attend, it was a fun-filled evening. Richard and Luba were just days away from setting off on a Great Adventure to Antarctica over the Holidays. Still they found time to welcome us and share their gracious hospitality. On hand for this occasion were Dr. Donald Koggan ‘65 and his wife Pam, Wayne Smith ‘54 and his wife Nancy, Jon Digranes ‘64, Rudy Dominguez ‘78 who brought along his associated Jorge Quiñones, Christian Chiari ‘92 and his date Julie Petrick, Bill and Nina Monrose, and of course Richard DeWitt ‘67 and his wife Luba. Here are some pictures recalling the warm and friendly gathering.

Julie Petrick, Christian Chiari ‘92 and Jon Digranes ‘64.

Dr. Donald Koggan ‘65 And his wife Pam.

The Delicious Food! A treat that Was enjoyed by everyone and was simply sumptuous!

Nancy Smith, wife of Wayne Smith ‘54 and Luba DeWitt, our Hostess and the wife of Host Richard DeWitt ‘65.

Richard DeWitt ‘65, Julie Petrick, Christian Chiari ‘92, and Jon Digranes ‘64.

Julie Petrick and Christian Chiari ‘92 Alumni Association Past President.

Jorge Quiñones, Christian Chiari ‘92, and Rudy Dominguez ‘78.

Pam, (Mrs. Donald Koggan) and our Host Richard DeWitt ‘65

CDR Bill Monrose, Alumni Director and Wayne Smith ‘54.

Board Appointments and Headmaster’s Plans for 2007

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Dear Alumni:

We are having a great year at Admiral Farragut Academy, in part due to your continued support and participation in the Academy. Through your direct support the Alumni Center fund has passed the halfway point and we should begin construction soon. Just as importantly, many alumni are getting together again to reminisce and renew old friendships. Several improvements have been initiated on campus and should add significantly to the appearance of the Academy grounds and improve our academic stature. Additionally, the Board of Trustees has confirmed two new members. The first new member is Ms. Terry Curry. Ms. Curry graduated from University of South Florida with a BS and a MA degree. She is continuing her education through courses at Barry University/Jacksonville University. Ms. Curry has been a teacher of the Emotionally Handicapped students in Pre-K through 12th grades in Hillsborough and Orange County Public Schools. She was also the Principal and Head of School/Owner of Brandon Academy from which she retired. She continues to serve on the Florida Educational Standards Commission and Early Learning Advisory Committee as well as Hillsborough County Advisory Board, all of which are appointed positions. Some of her memberships and awards are: Elim Temple, Daughters of the Nile, Macy’s Departments Store Advisory Board, Brandon Chamber of Commerce, Brandon Community Golf Committee, Florida Council of Independent Schools, and she continues to serve as Chair of Accreditation Evaluation Committees. Ms. Curry is married to attorney Cliff Curry and has three children: Mary Beth, Trey and Colton. At the last Board meeting in December, Rear Admiral LeRoy Collins, Jr. was accepted to the board. Rear Admiral Leroy Collins graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1956. He was Assistant Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Logistics) in the Pentagon and participated in Operation Desert Shield. He was the Assistant to the President of Florida Power and Light Company in the 60’s and President of Financial Transaction Systems Inc., 1969-2004. He was President of the Armed Forces Financial Network (worldwide) 1986-2004. Admiral Collins was appointed by the Florida Governor to the Citizens Commission for Cabinet Reform and the Board of Hillsborough Community College. He serves on the boards for Tampa General Hospital, S.S. American Victory and the Armed Forces Financial Network. He heads the Collins Center for Public Policy. Admiral Collins was recently appointed to head the Florida Department of Veteran’s Affairs by Governor Crist. Admiral Collins and his wife Jane live on Davis Island in Tampa, Florida. In 2007, I plan to travel around the country visiting with Farragut graduates. Last December MajGen Flanagan and I traveled to Santa Fe, NM to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Beck’62, and Mrs. Kay Harper. We had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality extended by the Beck’s in their lovely home. From Santa Fe we traveled to Dallas to spend some time with Mr. W. Richard Fisher ‘67, President of the Federal Reserve Bank. We then flew to El Paso, TX to visit Mr. “Paco” Jordan ’55 of CF Jordan Construction Services. The entire trip was very successful and I look forward to continuing my travels in 2007. Please plan to visit the campus soon. We are proud of our Corps of Cadets and the many improvements on campus. I am sure you’ll be proud of the many traditions that continue today. Thank you for all you do for Admiral Farragut Academy. Very Sincerely Yours,

CAPT Robert J. Fine, Jr. Headmaster

Alumni Outreach Initiative begins with Western Trip This year it is our commitment to reach out to our Alumni through personal visits by our school’s administrative leaders. The first outreach initiative took place during the first week of December. For this trip, we headed out West. We wanted to pay visits to Alumni living in New Mexico and Texas. We were welcomed by James Beck ‘62 and his lovely wife, Linda as well as by Kay Harper the widow of Robert S. Harper ‘49. In Dallas, Texas we paid a visit to Richard W. Fisher ‘67 who had been named President of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank last year. As a President of one of the Federal Reserve Banks, Richard is one of the most influential members of the monetary policies in the U.S

today. The policies of the Federal Reserve are responsible for the dynamism of the economy of the United States of America. From Dallas our travel team ventured to El Paso, Texas to meet with Charles F. “Paco” Jordan ‘55. “Paco” is himself one of the most dynamic builders in the U.S. economy. “Paco” invited us to visit with him in El Paso and promised us some of the most delicious Mexican cuisine we would ever have a chance to enjoy. According to CAPT Fine and MajGen Flanagan, he definitely delivered as the food was a highlight of the visit. See the next page for details of our Alumni visits. See the following pages for details of the trip.

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Alumni Visits

Richard W. Fisher, ‘67 President Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

During the first week of December, 2006, AFA Headmaster Robert J. Fine, Jr., and Commandant, MajGen Robert M. Flanagan USMC (Ret) visited and had lunch with Richard in Dallas at his Federal Reserve Office. Richard is interested in the direction that the Academy is taking during the new century and has pledged to actively support the school. He plans to be on hand for the 75th Anniversary Homecoming Celebration for Admiral Farragut Academy. Richard became the eleventh chief executive of the Eleventh District Federal Reserve Bank, at Dallas, TX.. He is former vice chairman of Kissinger McLarty Associates, a strategic advisory firm chaired by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Mr. Fisher began his career at the private bank of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. in 1975, where he specialized in fixed income and foreign exchange markets. He became assistant to the Secretary of the Treasury during the Carter administration, working on issues related to the dollar crisis of 1978-79. In 1987, Mr. Fisher created Fisher Capital Management and a separate funds-management firm, Fisher Ewing Partners. He oversaw the implementation of NAFTA; negotiations for the Free Trade Area of the Americas; and various agreements with Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Chile, and Singapore. He was a senior member of the team that negotiated the bilateral accords for China’s and Taiwan’s accession to the World Trade Organization. Throughout his career, Richard has served on numerous for-profit and not-for-profit boards. He has also maintained his academic interests, teaching graduate courses and serving on several university boards. He was a Weatherhead Fellow at Harvard in 2001, is an Honorary Fellow of Hertford College at Oxford University, and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Richard is a first-generation American, and is equally fluent in Spanish and English, having spent his formative years in Mexico. He graduated from Admiral Farragut Academy in 1967 and attended the U.S. Naval Academy (1967-1969), and graduated with honors from Harvard University in economics in 1971. He read Latin American politics at Oxford (1972-72), and received an M.B.A. from Stanford University in 1975.

Visit with Kay Harper and Jim Beck ’62 CAPT Fine and MajGen Flanagan visited with Kay Harper in Santa Fe, NM on December 4, 2006. Mrs. Harper is the widow of Robert S. Harper ‘49S. She lives in a beautiful adobe home that is believed to be well over 100 years old. Kay is an octogenarian, though you would never know it from the vitality she exhibits. Her husband, graduated from AFA South in 1949.

Kay Harper

She gave our visitors a scenic tour of her home and surroundings. By all reports, her Santa Fe home is charming and it was the first time that our visitors had seen such a beautiful setting. We are grateful to Kay Harper for her continuing support of the Academy and its programs throughout the years. As it turned out,

Kay was surprised and quite happy to learn that another Farragut graduate, James A. Beck ’62 also lives in Santa Fe. Jim Beck and his wife, Linda, Kay Harper, and CAPT Fine and MajGen Flanagan had a very enjoyable luncheon together. The Beck’s invited CAPT Fine and MajGen Flanagan to be their guests at their home overnight. The have a very beautiful home and the accommodations were superb. Jim Beck ‘62, Linda Beck and MajGen Bob Flanagan Our visitors were very impressed with the beauty of the Santa Fe area as well as the wonderful hospitality extended them.

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C. F. “Paco” Jordan ‘55

Our AFA Ambassadors found themselves in El Paso, Texas on Pearl Harbor Day this year. They were there to pay a visit to C. F. “Paco” Jordan ‘55 graduate of the Toms River Campus. They found his office building located at 7700 C F Jordan Drive, El Paso, Texas. They were awed by the building and offices. After meeting with “Paco” they were ushered on a tour of the beautiful facilities. “Paco” expressed an interest in today’s Admiral Farragut Academy, and particularly the fact that we are undertaking the construction of the new Alumni Center/Museum. He has read about it in REVEILLE and wants us to send him a set of blue prints so he can help us in any way that he can. He plans to attend a Homecoming Reunion Celebration soon and we are sure that he will enjoy his visit, except perhaps for the humidity. El Paso is extremely dry with respect to C F Jordan Construction is one of the largest contracting companies in the United States, and is highly acclaimed for its outstanding quality projects. Since graduating from AFA “Paco” has, besides building a tremendous business, maintained his contact with the US Navy. One of his major projects is being built in Oahu, Hawaii. C F Jordan Construction was cited by Rear Adm. Michael Vitale, commander, Navy Region Hawaii and commander, Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific. He noted, “C. F. Jordan Construction are world-class master planners, architects and construction managers.” He also commented, “Your work will have a positive impact on the lives of thousands of American Sailors and their families for decades to come.” The $400 million phase one of the project represents the Navy’s commitment to providing quality of life for Navy Sailors and their families. It allows the Navy to replace its inadequate housing inventory at a much faster pace and for much less money than would be required under MILCON, the old way of doing business. Phase one includes the building of1,952 homes in five neighborhoods: Halsey Terrace, Hokulani, Moanalua Terrace, Radford Terrace and McGrew Point. Shown below are a few of the recent projects that were built by C. F. Jordan L. P.

M a l l a t P e a r l H a r b o r - P e a r l H a r b o r , H I

This Commissary/Exchange Mall totals 348,157 sf., comprising of a 92,120sf Commissary and a 256,037sf Exchange. Construction involved SOG, structural steel frame, masonry & EIFS exterior, built-up roof, and extensive HVAC and electrical power & lighting system. Design-build; Twostory facility, housing the largest Navy Exchange in the world and the largest Commissary in Hawaii. H i l t o n H o t e l M e d i c a l C e n t e r H o u s t o n , T X

E d g a r A l l a n P o e M i d d l e S c h o o l S a n A n t o n i o , T X . 112,000 SF of Classrooms and New Gymnasium Facility; All Site-work and Utilities E l

P a s o C i t y H a l l E l P a s o , T X

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Christian Chiari Ends His Terms With A Challenge! Alumni President, Christian T. Chiari ’92 has joined the list of those known as Distinguished Past Presidents of the AFA Alumni Association. Christian served as President for the past two years. He did a yeoman’s job representing the Alumni of Farragut. His ideas about the direction of the Alumni Association and its members were aimed at building a stronger support system for the Academy. Under his leadership, an Alumni Club was brought into existence in South Florida. We held club building meeting in various regions of the country which included Amelia Island, Florida, New York City, and Philadelphia, PA. The avowed purpose of the Alumni Clubs is to bring Alumni together in different regional settings in order to create fellowship and business relationships which would serve to express their commonality from the values and ethics learned at Farragut, and to build a support system to assure that these worthwhile elements were not lost to future generations.

These meetings also included programs conducted by the Admissions Division of the school which are aimed at giving our alumni the information necessary to assist them in referring the “Farragut Experience” to their families, friends, and business associates. The rewards of a Farragut education have led its alumni to achieve great heights in life. During Christian’s tenure as President of the AFA Alumni, we tightened the relationships between the school and our alumni. The Board of Trustees set aside a piece of property for the purpose of building an new Alumni Center/Museum to house the historic artifacts of our school’s history. A history which memorializes the famous events of Admiral David Glasgow Farragut and his impact upon the Civil War which led to the solidarity of the United States of America. The academy, which was named for America’s first Admiral, has educated some of our nation’s finest and most successful.. This accomplishment includes countless men and women who have dedicated their lives by valiantly serving our country in the military service, as well as the fields of medicine, law, business, and letters. Though our school is only 74 years old this year, its accomplishments are world renown. Two of our graduates are counted among the twelve men who bravely have walked upon the Moon. As the determination of David Glasgow Farragut significantly brought together a nation that was divided at the time, the present direction of the Alumni Association’s leadership is endeavoring to again reconcile the north and the south. We all spring from one worthy beginning. So we must join together to make sure that the accomplishments of those who have walked the hallowed halls of the Admiral Farragut Academy are never forgotten. Through your generous support, both in spirit and financial giving, the attainment of a secure educational institution continues to embrace the accomplishments of the many who have for nearly three-quarters of century traversed the same path. Christian has pledged to see that the Academy is properly endowed to guarantee its future. So too, those alumni who in the course of the past two years have yielded up some of the treasure they accrued with the stamina of lessons learned at Farragut. Though the torch has now been passed to yet another Alumni President, Scott Hansen ‘90, there exists behind him many who have already served as President of the Alumni Association and who have continued to believe and support the academy with their energy, spirit and treasure. Those like the following: (listed by the year they graduated) George Theobald ‘39, John Gardella ‘41, Frank Wendt ‘42, George Bleezarde ‘42, CAPT Norman Carpenter ’45, Donald Schreiber ‘46, William Garwood ‘49, Rt. Rev. Laurence Upham ‘53, Edward DeSeta ‘67, Gary Amsterdam ‘68, and Christian Chiari ‘92. They are to be congratulated for their never ending support and concern that the fruits of the Academy are not forgotten by those who have graduated, and will live on forever. With the help of dedicated alumni, the time has come for those who have labored and guided the school safely to the year 2007, to receive their rewards and be recognized for their sacrifices and accomplishments. Every day, outstanding Alumni are standing forward and offering to take their turn to serve the school in a manner to assure that the efforts of our Board of Trustees are perpetuated forever. Now, we come to Christian’s challenge. Who will step forward and help us to endow our school for the amazing gifts it has given to us all? Most of our alumni agree that what they learned at AFA has carried them safely and successfully along life’s paths, through college, the military, the law, business, and letters. They agree that the Farragut education made later accomplishment an easy task. The honesty, ethics, and discipline learned at the Academy have enabled them to stand above others in their quest for success in life.

Will you make a gift, or pledge to the endowment of Admiral Farragut Academy?


Band Director Needs Your Help

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“This school year has brought alive a lot of memories about our band. We are currently working on a band “Hall of Fame” to be displayed in our band room. We are honoring former band members and band directors. We would like to request story submissions from alumni about your band experience. Stories about former band directors would also be greatly appreciated.” “Please tell us about your band experience here at Farragut, whether it was North or South campus!” If you have stories to share, please submit them to LT Ruth Lemley, Band Director. You can email them to her at, or mail them to her at 501 Park Street North, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33710. A “scrapbook” will be located in the band room for all alumni and future band members to enjoy.” Ruth Lemley, Band Director

Admiral Farragut Academy Color Guard lead the parade in the annual Festival of States Parade in downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida.


Jeff Magnoli, Admissions Director

The AFA admissions office is logging serious frequent flier miles since October in phase one of its five-year plan for enrollment sustainability. Over the next five years the AFA admissions office will aggressively expand the four pillars of this five-year plan: recruitment, advertising & marketing, strong visual presence within the bay area, and high retention of currently enrolled students. The ultimate goal is to grow our current enrollment of 403 students to 475 students over the next four to five years and sustain that enrollment over time. The most important element of this plan is to increase the number of quality applicants, and the only way to do that is go and find them. As officer in charge of national recruitment, I traveled to New England in October and visited eight junior boarding schools and took part in an Eastern Massachusetts high school fair where no fewer than 350 families attended. In early November I

traveled to Miami to take part in the bi-annual IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association) convention. The purpose was to network with educational consultants from across the country and tout the advantages of an AFA education. I am currently planning trips to San Francisco (to take advantage of their Board of Ed’s decision to eliminate JROTC programs throughout their public school system) and San Diego. I will also return to Boston for the IECA’s spring convention. The officer in charge of International recruitment, Gretchen Herbst, just returned from Asia where she participated in a two week, four country, six city trip organized by T.A.B.S. (The Association of Boarding Schools). LT Herbst participated in educational fairs in Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghais, Hong Kong, Taipei and Bangkok meeting not only potential families but international educational placement organizations as well. She will make an annual visit to islands in the Caribbean and join me in Boston. The officer in charge of regional recruitment and communications, LT Nancy Behan, has already visited four local “feeder” schools and has plans on visiting at least six more. She has also worked diligently to keep AFA “in the news” with timely reports which appeared both in the press and on local television stations covering our students as athletes and servants to our community, educational program advances and alumni accomplishments. It is time for all members of the AFA community to “climb aboard” and make a difference in our future. Let us make Admiral Farragut Academy “…the choice of a lifetime” for the next generation of students. Email the Admissions Department at


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Richard S. Webbe ’37 - We received a very nice email from Dick expressing how much he is enjoying the REVEILLE. Dick now lives in Melbourne, FL. Now 88 years young, Dick says he has an affinity to downsize his way of life. He now resides in a smaller home which he says has been constructed to withstand the over-average hurricane storms. He no longer drives large cars, instead preferring smaller autos like BMW’s with powerful engines. He doesn’t fly his plane anymore as he has concerns about the safety of others who would share the skies with him. Dick says he is also downsizing his food, but is still active at the gym when all of the various parts of his body give him permission. He still enjoys up to New England a few years back for Maine Lobster and visiting with friends, but doesn’t like to travel alone since his loving wife of 58 years went with God. Dick says he is content and happy to be endowed with reasonably good health including mobility, and is blessed with average hearing and eyesight. Dick says he will mount a campaign to get as many members of the Class of ’37 to attend their big 70th Reunion next year. He says he will contact as many as he can and see just how many he can get to attend. (Dick, I’ll send you a list of all of your classmates so you can get busy! We’d love to have you all at 2007 Homecoming this coming October). You can reach Dick at his email address Frank P. Wendt ’42 – “We've just returned from several weeks touring England with a nice ending in London. Now we've been greeted by some beautiful New England fall weather....our favorite season. We'll be heading to Vermont and New Hampshire in a week or so to view foliage and attend a wedding. Then to Boston for a week the end of October for a Bates College fund raiser gathering. Hope the new AFA student body lives up to the expectations of faculty and staff....and that at least 50% become future donors to the Annual Fund!” Frank sent us a beautiful Franklin Mint replica of David Glasgow Farragut’s hand knife as a present for the Museum. It is really beautiful. Be sure to look at it when you visit the Museum. You can reach Frank at his email address

Jordan Katz ’43 - Jordan sent us a brief update. He is living with his wife, Alice at 3800 RT. 2, Ancramdale, NY 12503. He is retired. You can reach him at his telephone number (518) 398-5769. Donald M. Gouveia - ’48 -- Donald sent us a note. He said, “I recently took my family to Costa Rica and found out that Rodrigo Crespo ‘74N had died from pancreatic cancer. I spoke with his older brother Jose, also a graduate from AFA North. Alden Elsea ’51 – Alden sent us a thank you email. “I just want to thank you for all you did to make this a very successful Homecoming weekend. I am sure you put all your heart, soul and energy into it. I also appreciate all you did so that we could make Eddie Burton's ’51 trip a happy one for him. None of us realized how bad his health really was. I also don't think he realized how hard it would be on him. He actually acted relieved when John Loy ’51 and I told him that we didn't think he could make it through the dinner. The (Morris') Jack and Bob Morris ‘51 got a call from him that he had made it safely home. In going through my pictures that I took with my camera and cell-phone, I found that there were many pictures I wanted to take, but didn't have a chance. So, I got thinking (bad idea, I know). I made it back to KC in good shape, but was so tired that I didn't want to drive two hours in the dark, so I crashed at my daughters in KC for the night. I am now playing "catch-up". Again, thanks for all you did to John H. Loy, Jr. ’51 – John sent us and email. He said, “Bill, with the donation of the Moon Rock, I suspect that there will be a lot of interest in Charlie Duke ‘53. The book he wrote “Moonwalker” is out of print. He and Dotty still have a few remaining. An autographed copy can be obtained by sending a donation check ($25 +-) to the Duke Ministry for Christ at their home in New Braunfels, TX”. Note: (This information can also be found in the September REVEILLE.) John also gave us a VHS tape, “Charlie Duke Moonwalker” for the Museum for which we are very grateful. You can contact John at his email address: Bill Emerson '52 – We received the following email from Bill. He wrote, “As the Curator of ‘The Healey Museum’ located at Virginia International Raceway, I spend quite a bit of time away from Florida. I’m hoping that my schedule will permit me to watch the (annual homecoming football) game and see some old, Yes, even I am getting old, friends OK, in March 2006 I was feeling like a teenager on the slopes of Kirkwood, CA…..and still young at heart. Bill Emerson ’52.” You can reach Bill at his email address:



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Dr. Donald D. Gehring ’56 – Dr. Gehring sent us an email before this year’s Homecoming Reunion. He and two of his classmates, John Barlas ’65 and Ed Dieterle ’56 planned to attend the reunion. (I am happy to report that they all made it, and we enjoyed showing them around the South Campus.) Dr. Gehring ’56 is retired now and is a Professor Emeritus at Bowling Green State University. He just completed an 8 year term on the Grand Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity and the last two years had the privilege of serving as the National Vice President He presently continues to write and do expert witness testimony on cases involving colleges and universities. His latest chapter, “Revisiting the History of Modern Conduct Practice” was recently published in “Exercising Power with Wisdom” by Jim Lancaster and Associates and published by College Administration Publications, Inc. Dr. Gehring ‘56served as an expert in the Simpson vs. University of Colorado, and Shinn vs. MIT cases recently. He is currently serving as the Chair of a National Committee in a joint project with the National Judicial College and the National Drug Court Institute to implement the “Drug Court” model on college campuses. Donald lives in Saint Simons Island, GA. (Boy, it seems like you have really been busy.) You can reach him via his email address Hugh B. Jones ‘57 - Hugh sent us the following letter which I quote. “October 23, 2006, Greetings! And for a belated ‘thank you’ for our initial tour of AFA FL campus last January 2005! Pardon penned letter – but if I don’t get something off to you---only a further delay will ensue. Also, I wanted to “be on board” for this years fund campaign, prior to your ‘Halloween deadline’! You can not to anyone, my/our gift may be comparatively small—but don’t forget—I’m perhaps the only 40-50 yrs alumni (50 for me in 2007)- who still has 2 boys, both under 10 yrs, who I need save funds for to be enrolled in a So-FL military or prep school in a couple of years or so! Well, as you can see, I survived the Hurricane Katrina of 8-29-05---but not to take it lightly---4 adults died who lived within 5/8 mile of our residence—and—houses 6 or more down the street from outs & closer to the water- were wiped out completely! And, I/we do appreciate the identification and attention you gave last year to AFA alumni who live in the disaster areas. Thanks too, for the sterling write-up/summary you gave me in the AFA 2006 Directory, Alphabet listing - Except, please note & check –being from NJ. (As a boy, etc.) I graduated from AFA North! –and the bio listing says “S” as well as does the 1957’s class listing! (Does this infer—my 2 boy’s names someday may say “South”) ? Just joking of course, that possibility still does exist. One other development that has slowed things, is that my oldest son (now 8 yrs old) repeated first grade last year – since before he was one of the youngest in his class. So he’s in 2nd grade now and doing better. However, as above, our plans to relocate to So FL have not changed—and for the primary purpose of our sons’ being in better private school environment & as day students. So AFA, as a possible best school for enrollment, is still an “open options”—and I’d like to keep in contact & periodic visits. Of course, real estate situations are likewise a controlling factor-and (needless to say!) Pinellas County, FL is one of the most expensive—(in FL). Pardon my (still) not yet sending a complete typed biography listing of myself—I will next time, but wanted to get this much off to you now. Best regards, Hugh B. Jones (Hugh is now living in Biloxi, MS.) Samuel F. Engs ’58 – “Ace” sent us an email about a picture he sent us which was to be printed in September edition of REVEILLE. He said, “Hey Guys, the only reason the item about my detainment in London was funny was the photograph which I sent that did not get printed. You made it seem that I was actually detained by Scotland Yard and what am I now to do about that?” RETRACTION – (Without that picture, which clearly portrayed Frank as just having a little fun with us, it appeared that he actually might have been in trouble with the people of Scotland Yard. Please believe me; he was in no way in any difficulty with Scotland Yard. We are not going to print the picture. You’ll just have to take our word for it! We are sorry that the picture did not get printed in the September REVEILLE, but sometimes those email pictures just evaporate into the ethers He suggested that we try to hire someone with a sense of humor. We tried, but their pay requirements were too high!) You can let Ace know that you believe us by email at: CAPT Ernest R. Hegi, Jr. USN (Ret.) ’58 – Ernie recently sent us an email with some news. He said, “Back in September I chartered a boat to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of my enlistment in the US Navy, having gone from Seaman Recruit to Captain. Two Farragut alumni were able to make the event, Joe Funk ’57 and Ed Caldwell ’59, but Harvey Borgen ’59 and Charlie Kearney ’59 had prior commitments.” Ernie mentioned he would send along some pictures, but as of this time we haven’t received them. You can reach Ernie at his email address:


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Robert G. Morris ’59 – Nick Morris sent us a fax dated Dec.6, 2006. It was a copy of his recent note to Ed Caldwell ’59. It should be of some interest to members of the classes of ’57 - ’60 from Toms River. It read, “Ed, I hope you found your way into this box. I have had this thing for so long I did not know how I came of it until I heard from you in March of ’04. Then it dawned on me that the box had your initials on it. Then I remembered that on June 6th 1959, AFA graduation, I loaded some of your gear in my parents Caddie and dropped it off at your place on Woodland Ave. We all had the same gray storage boxes for our valuables. Why? The only valuables I had were the three dollars we drew each week from the paymaster and that was spent in 3-4 days. I guess the box was sort of forgotten until I started to travel to South America. - This box has been in most every country in South and Central America at least once. You can only imagine what was in it. The past 15 years it has sat in my gun case with some special ammo locked in it. You know NJ, they sort of frown on self-protection. – Don’t know how I got the combo of 996 but that along with my service and SS numbers still pop up when summoned. I hope you got a kick out of this as much as I did. 46 years sure goes by like a blink. – Hope you have a Healthy New Year. I finally retired on Dec 3rd, my 65th birthday. I’m in the process of restoring a 1955 F-100 Ford pick up and always working on our A Gas, Lakester that we hold a Land Speed Record with at Bonneville Salt Flats.284 mpg. - Stay well, Nick AFA ‘59N.” You can reach Nick at his email address: And Ed Caldwell at his email address: Harry A. Willson, III ’63 – Harry sent us an AFA Alumni Update Form. He and his wife Linda live in Cape May Court House, NJ. He is a Title Insurance Agent and has been the President and owner of Title Insurance Agent for Beach Abstract Associates, Inc. since 1974. Harry and Linda have been married for 34 years and have one child, Jennifer who is married and lives in Maryland. You can reach him at his email address: Joseph F. Eletto ’64 – Joe sent us an email concerning his contact with CDR Steele, former Commandant. He says, “I forgot to report. Monday (August 14th) I enjoyed a delightful time with our Cmdr Steele. I discovered that his birthday was actually July 14th. But, I think he didn’t know the difference and enjoyed reading the card I got for him….signed with Class of ’64. After lunch we sat outside and I’m amazed that he remembers many of you when I mention your names. It is sad when he starts to say something and is unable to complete his thought…I can see the frustration it causes him. But despite that little blip, he really enjoys my company. He is always so happy to see me. I know he would enjoy seeing any of you too. I didn’t see Carol (his daughter), but spoke with her daughter (she manages their medical practice which is actually right next door). She told me that Carol is trying to move her Dad to a Veterans facility in Land of Lakes (a few miles north of Tampa). He has fallen a few times and the Southerland ALF can’t handle him anymore. Anyway, I’ll keep you all posted.” He continued, “Why am I getting teary eyed when I write this? Must be because my Dad (who turns 93 the end of this month) is in the same type of ALF as Cmdr Steele. Getting old is certainly not “the golden years”. Watching our parents and other loved ones age is not easy. I have to keep in mind that God is in control and through all the trials of life, He is teaching us to become more Christ like. It sure is easy to lose focus on that fact of life. Best to you all… Little Joe.” You can reach Joe at his email address: Corky Newcombe ’66 – Corky and his wife, Lind live in Colorado Springs, Co. Corky retired from the Army in 1998 and spent the next 7 years in Financial Planning, after which he purchased a Restaurant called Wild Wing ‘n Things. He and Linda have three grand daughters, ages 15, 7, and 4. You can catch up on the other details of his life since graduating from AFA by contacting him at his email address: Harry Robert Tilchin ’66 – We received an email from Bob. Robert is a retired chiropractor. It read, “I saw the USMC Band on (TV) for the Rose Bowl Parade and thought of my years in the AFA Marching Band in (St. Petersburg). Then I looked you up, and not only are you still there, but little has changed!! So why not send me an alumni list and add me in. Robert Tilchin ’66, - 12604 S.E. Alder, Apt. 46 Portland, OR 97233. You can reach Bob at his email address: Karoly A. Eiser ’70 – “Hi, I am Karoly Eiser, Class of ’70 from Guayaquil, Ecuador. It has been too many years without having contact with my old classmates. I am already retired after having been in the plastics business for almost 23 years. At the moment, I have a B&B in Salinas, Ecuador, which has beautiful beaches just across the street. I would like to know more about my classmates. Please contact me. Best regards.” You can contact Karoly at his email address: Robert M. Henry ’70 - Robert sent us an email update about what he has been doing since graduation. Robert is a commercial artist. He said, “You might mention that I'd give a 25 percent discount to any Farragut Alumni who commissioned me or wanted to buy any of the paintings shown on the virtual one man show. I am currently doing one for the Women in Military memorial in Arlington VA as we write. I could easily do one, of AFA alumni for your collection, or one of the USS Farragut.”



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Robert M. Henry ’70 (continued) “Attached is a recent article written about me that may interest my fellow classmates (Farragut North '70). Unfortunately, the web site listed in the article isn't exactly correct. My web page business is separate from my art business. So, if you reprint it, please refer to it as There you'll find my newest creations, including the medallion. Sincerely, Robert M. Henry, AFA ‘70N” P.S. – “If any of you ever need an art teacher, who was once a Naval Illustrator, give me a call. I include a letter of reference from another customer who may seem familiar.” You can reach Robert at his email address: Jon A. Richards ’77 – Jon sent us an update form. He is employed in Metairie, LA as an Engineering Manager for Century Exploration. He and Debra have two sons, Jon 13, and Matthew 7. He says, “We have passed thru the disruption of Katrina. The house has been repaired, and the school situation is stable once again, and we can all feel we are working toward goals we can have some control over. If I have had any success in life, I think it is due to the friends that have chosen me and institutions I have chosen. AFA, in retrospect, had a huge positive influence on who I became and I will always appreciate and value the experience. You can contact Jon at his email address: John “Kevin” Bien – ’80 Kevin sent us an update. Hi is living in Louisville, KY. He is a drugstore General Manager for Kroger. He and his wife Yana have been married since 1993 and have 3 stepchildren, Kellie (33), Mike (26), and Matthew (24). Kevin has been a manager for Kroger since ’91 and has been employed with them since ’85. He recently went back to visit AFA for the first time since graduation (26 years ago) with his wife, and was amazed at the changes and the ways some things have remained the same. Go Blue Jackets! You can contact Kevin at his email address: Michael Nuccio ’80 – Mike just sent us an email. He’s made a move from Orlando. I’ll let him tell you all about it. “Well we have made the move to the Florida Panhandle. We are now living in Marianna, FL. See our new info below. As some of you know, we made the move for a new PA job for me. It is with Tallahassee Orthopedics. They have a satellite office here in Marianna and their is essentially no other “Ortho” in the area. I will run the clinic and three of the Orthopedist will rotate through during the week. The clinic now is only open one to two days a week. I will get it up to 5 days a week (8-5). We will take care of all of the interscholastic athletes and the athletes from Chipola College (it's a J.C.) as well as the general population of Jackson and surrounding counties. The main office in Tallahassee takes care of the Seminoles. Glad I'll be working in the Marianna office. The life style will be quite a change. No such thing as rush hour here. We are 15 minutes from Brigitta's parents, which is good. We have rented a home that was built in 1959. This will be an adventure in and of itself. We’re still trying to sell the home in Orlando. If anyone knows of some one wanting to buy or rent in Orlando, refer them to the following websites. (property ID# 25339) or (Key/Ad# 282849). Have a happy new year and if you are in the panhandle, give us a call. Oh, if you did not know...we are expecting our second child. Brigitta's due date is May 25th. We should find out boy/girl on Jan 12th. Take care. Mike, Brigitta, Amalia & (??) Nuccio are now residing at 3069 6th St, Marianna, FL 32446, (850) 482-5406 (H), (407) 506-9625.” You can also reach Mike at his email address: LT COL Russell Weir ’82 - Russ is currently stationed at Camp Smith in Hawaii working for Special Operations Command, Pacific. He says, “To make the class of ’83 feel old, I’m going to retire from the Army in June 2007 and will likely end up in St. Petersburg while working at Mac Dill AFB as a civilian. I am married to the former Yvonne Robinson when she was a cheerleader at Farragut. Our 20th wedding anniversary was in December. We have two kids, my son Ian, is 14 and Channing, my daughter just turned 12. You can reach Russ at his email addresses: or Richard “Dick” Whiting ’84 – Dick sent us an email update. He is presently the Chef de Cuisine at the Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel in Mobile, Alabama. You’re in for an epicurean delight if you visit with him and let him prepare your favorite feast. You can reach Dick at his email address: Douglas P. Nelson ’86 – (Doug and I have been exchanging quite a few emails lately. I asked him to please send along an update so we could let his friends and classmates know what he’s been up to as of late. I’m glad to reprint what he sent me. But first a brief note. Doug is now enjoying the fruits of his labors of love in the music business.) He writes, “My motto is res ipsa loquitur – let my work speak for itself.”


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Douglas P. Nelson ’86 (continued) He’s promoting a new CD and has sent us some words a publicist friend wrote for a press release. “After Farragut, Douglas bounded around for a few years in various colleges (University of Kentucky, University of Colorado, NYU) until he finally got Washington and Lee University (in Virginia) to give him a degree – just to get rid of him. Instead of joining the Peace Corps, he taught adult education for semester in Winchester, Kentucky for a semester after college before returning to New York, presumably to act. Instead, he ended up working for a living. He worked a year with his father in San Antonio, TX, then, returned to NYC to sell himself as a consultant on Wall Street, where he still earns a humble living. Douglas met his bride-to-be in the spring of 1996, so it should come as no surprise that his interests were elsewhere for that fall’s 10-year reunion. He was disappointed to miss it, but again, his attention was elsewhere. Douglas and Frances were married in the spring of 1997 and lived in New York until July of this year. Frances got an unsolicited job offer to be pastor at a church in San Francisco. All assumptions of living their entire live in their apartment overlooking the George Washington Bridge were immediately shattered. (It’s a) new way of looking at life. They have put their place in NY on the market and are now considered San Franciscans. Douglas kept his current gig at JP Morgan. The group loved him enough to keep him on and let him telecommute from his new home in SF. Lovers of lyrical meaning will find much to admire here; purely musical listeners will enjoy the variety and excellent musicianship represented. A Christian bluesman, inspired as much by the challenges of life as the spirit that leads him, Nelson in an unrepentant believer. While not always overtly praising Jesus, his sentiments are evident in the ballads, “The Moment” and “Be My Vision.” Nelson’s spiritual leanings come from other sources, as well; his mother, a long battle with chemicals, his solidly grounded wife and from personally watching friends and family members make poor choices. Nelson doesn’t talk much about what he’s seen, preferring to let his words, carried into the ether on his original notes and melodies, express what he knows…It’s all here, on Nelson’s first CD, for any and all to enjoy, access and believe in.” You can contact Doug at his email address: or at his, or MySpace; or EPK: Luis Homero Hernandez ’91 – Luis contacted us by email. He confesses that, “I haven’t kept up with things for quite a while. But I’d like to get back in touch with some of my old classmates. Please send me a list of contacts. I’m working at the World Health Organization in the Stop Tuberculosis Partnership as the Portfolio Officer. I’ve been living in Europe for over 12 years. You can contact Luis at his email address: (Luis, you don’t know how glad we are to hear from you. After 911, we received a report that you had been lost in the attack on the Twin Towers. We tried to find out if this was true, but were unable to learn anything. We will definitely get the word out to everyone and will send you a list of your classmates. Do you get to play Soccer? Sincerely, Coach Monrose).

CPT Alexander Braszko ’93 – Alex has just finished a year long assignment at USSTRATCOM as Team Chief, Space Control targeting Team for USPACOM, USSOUTHCOM, and NORTHCOM. He is currently assigned to the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA, to work on earning his Masters Degree in Space Systems Operations. Alex is married and he and his wife Jessie have just expanded their family with their first child, Lillian Grace this past September. You can touch bases with him at his email address: Dennis Simmons ’93 – We recently received an email update from Dennis. He said, “It occurred to me this morning when I received Farragut correspondence that I have not updated my address or sent an update to Farragut recently. During this summer, I transferred from the Dominican Republic to Mexico City, Mexico. I still work for the Department of Commerce as a Foreign Service Officer and am now assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City. The Department of Commerce's role at an U.S. Embassy is to promote U.S. exports, in this case to Mexico. I am charged with assisting U.S. businesses in exporting products in the following sectors: Aviation, Airport Ground Service Equipment, Auto Parts, Printing and Graphic Arts, Hotel and Restaurant Equipment, General Industrial Equipment, Defense Equipment, Safety and Security Equipment, Textiles and Apparel. I'd be happy to assist any Farragut Alums who are interested in exporting to Mexico. On a more personal note, my transfer this summer was most definitely enjoyable as I was able to take advantage of the time off to marry my college friend, Monica Castellanos. We met at Stetson University in 1994 and were married on July 15, 2006 at Castle in the Clouds, Moultonborough, NH. Although we reside in Mexico City, we are proud residents of Madison, NH where we maintain our primary home. Below is my work and personal contact information (I prefer Farragut to correspond with me using my personal information): Dennis Simmons, U.S. Embassy Mexico City (FCS), PO Box 9000, Brownsville, TX 78520, (703) 286-5523, email address Warm regards to you and the rest of the Farragut family. Sincerely, Dennis Simmons Farragut Class of 1993 S.”



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LT Brian Tesson ’96 – Brian sent us an updated contact information email. He is presently living in Seattle, WA. Since his last update, he has graduated from Virginia Tech with his Masters degree in Construction Engineering and Management and has moved to Seattle where he works at the U. S. Coast Guard Facilities Design and Construction Center Pacific. He is a project manager for an assortment of construction projects ranging from pier and hangar upgrades to recapitalization of office buildings and houses on Coast Guard bases. The plan is to serve three years in this assignment, and then return to sea as the Commanding Officer of 110’ Patrol Boat. You can contact Brian at his email address: Leonardo M. Giron ’97 – Leo sent us an email update with some website links. He said, “Hi, I am actually a Hip Hop promoter. Here is my site in Spanish since it is a Venezuelan Hip Hop. I am the owner and webmaster. I am also a “DJ” and Event Organizer. My partners and colleagues are Rocksteady Crew (NY, USA), and Battle of the Year (Germany), Rock Force Crew (SFO, CA), and CrewWest (LA, CA). My latest news so far is that the 20th of November 2006 we are heading for Sao Paola, Brazil for a Big Bboying Battle. I am the Booking Agent and Manager. I booked a Venezuelan Bboy to enter the battle for the first time in Venezuelan history. This battle is only for 16 Bboys for all around the world. See more about this at: http:// my actual sponsors are REDBULL and PUMA. That’s all for now!” You can reach Leo at his email address: Jessica (Bradley) Thomas ’98 – We received an email from Jessica. She was kind enough to let us in on the fact that she and Adam Thomas ‘98 were married on October 14, 2006. We wish Jessica and Adam our sincere best wishes for a long and happy marriage. You can reach Jessica and Adam at their email address: Joel R. Rodgers ’98 - Cmdr. Monrose, I have been working in commercial real estate for a little over two years. I also am a business broker so my time is pretty much filled up. In my spare time I am finishing my finance degree at the University of South Florida. I only have two classes left so that is exciting. I recently was married in June 2006 to the beautiful Honor Friedman who coincidentally is Heath Boksen’s ('98) cousin. On top of the great news of marriage, I am going to be a dad! I can’t wait till May 3rd gets here! We are both so excited. I already told my wife Farragut has K-12 grade now so get ready for another stud football player. I purchased my first home in September of 2005 in Oldsmar Florida and love it. We have five dogs so on top of work I am always busy with the family. I feel like I am doing great and I appreciate everything Farragut has done for me. I would not be the man I am today without your guidance. Please feel free to give out my email address to anyone who requests. On a more serious note I was reading about the advertising you want to try and start for the reveille to institute a color magazine. I would be interested in pursuing an ad for my commercial real estate and business brokerage because I have listings all over the world and I feel the exposure that our magazine receives is a great tool. Please let me know about cost. Send my best to everyone and I can’t wait till our ten year reunion! I hope everyone shows up from the best class of all.....'98. (This will be a very huge Homecoming! It will commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Admiral Farragut Academy)! Thanks again, Joel Rodgers ’98International Realty Plus+, LLC, 670 2nd St. North Suite C, Safety Harbor, FL 34695, Licensed Real Estate Broker E-mail: (Joel, Congratulations on your marriage! When are we going to get to meet Honor? We are still gathering information about the advertising and will let you know something soon. Thanks for your support and, kind comments)! Bill Kathryn Everlove-Stone, Esq. ’98 – Katie touches bases with us on a fairly regular basis. Her latest email was filled with the following information: “I'm actually already in Miami. I started in mid-August, and am really, really enjoying it. (She’s working on her Masters in Law). All of my classes are tax classes, so I'm just in heaven. It's nice to be around so many people who are interested in estate planning too. I come back to St. Pete every weekend though because Josh couldn't come to Miami with me, and I can't stay away from him for too long! So, while I do have an apartment in Miami, I don't get my mail here. Not trying to get very comfortable here since I'm only here until May. But I have a cute little studio on Miami Beach and my Mom stays with me a lot when she's down here working, so it's nice to have the company. Just so you know also, I got my Bar Exam results a couple of weeks ago, and I passed! Yeah! I’m still grinning about that. I got sworn in about two weeks ago, so I'm official now. It's a very nice feeling. A great sense of accomplishment! Well, that's the update here. Can't wait to see the picture! Thanks for keeping in touch. I'll try to swing by soon to say Hi.” Katie You can contact Katie at her email address:

Robin R. Carpenter ’01 – We recently heard from Robin’s mother. She was in an automobile accident a couple of months ago and at this time she is a paraplegic. She has titanium in all areas including her knee. Her mother said that she needs encouragement and support from all of her classmates and friends. You can send her some encouragement and maybe even pay her a visit. She is living at 3642 Mission Court, Largo, FL 33771.


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Brett Kitenplon ’03 – League-High 17 Bombers Earn Empire 8 Conference Football Honors - ITHACA, N.Y. – A total of 17 members of the Ithaca College football team were named to the Empire 8 Conference All-Star team; the Bombers’ 17 conference all-stars were the most of any conference school. Brett Kitenplon, Place Kicker (Admiral Farragut Academy/ Seminole, Fla.) Brett Kitenplon is the second four-time Empire 8 all-star Alex DeSeta ’04 – Alex is attending The Citadel in Charleston, SC. Alex is a junior this year. This summer he had 13 weeks of basic training at Ft. Benning, Georgia. He was named the best trainee of his unit for that training period. He matched his instructor in rifle shooting and had the highest physical fitness score. You can email Alex at Bryant Sims ’04 – We received an email update from Bryant. He is presently a PFC in the US Army. He has finished two years of college, though he took a break for the summer and spring of ’05 to go to basic training and AIT and is now a private first class in the US Army as a military police Corps. I’m currently working toward a commission as a 2nd LT upon graduation from North Georgia College and State University in Dahlonega, GA. I’m joining the Masonic Lodge. You can contact Bryant at his email address: . Austin Hampton ’05 - We received an update from the North Carolina State University concerning Austin. The NC State men’s swimming and diving team (2-1, 2-0 ACC) swept an ACC meet against Maryland and Duke in Durham, NC in impressive fashion. Sophomore standout diver Austin Hampton won the 1-meter event with an ACC-best 348.81, winning by over 33 points. (Congratulations to Austin who continues to excel in both Academics and Athletics. We are all proud of him.) Your emails will be forwarded to him if addressed to:

End of Year Saturday, May 19, 2007 is just around the corner. This year will mark the 74th Year Graduation Ceremony since Admiral Farragut Academy the school was founded. We want to extend an invitation to all alumni to become a part of this “welcoming tradition.” Please mark your calendars to be sure to attend the Graduation Ceremony which signifies the extension of the AFA Alumni Brotherhood. Also, this year we would like to have any alumni who is able, participate in our year-end festivities by giving a talk to our cadets about what the Academy has meant in your lives. We would like as many alumni as possible to give Career Day talks to our young cadets. It doesn’t matter what your occupation or profession is, we would like you to tell our cadets just how you feel that the Farragut Experience helped you along your life’s path. Please contact CDR Robert Gibbons if you would like to participate in the Career Day Program. His email address is:


Admiral Farragut to Host Wheelchair Tennis

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—Saint Petersburg, Florida

Top athletes in Wheelchair Tennis will be performing an intricate exhibition on the campus of Admiral Farragut Academy in St. Petersburg on Friday Feb 23rd from 12 to 1:15PM Through combined efforts of Farragut, Baseline Wheelchair Tennis foundation, and Treasure Bay Golf and Tennis Club, an exhibition is scheduled at noon on the Academy’s tennis courts of campus of the Academy located at 501 Park Street North. Alumni, founder, and 20-year tennis official, Bob Waldman, is promoting the event along with Phil Girardi, Director of Treasure Bay Golf and Tennis Club of Treasure Island. Jay Snyder, US Open tournament director from 1993-02 and umpire since 1967, is scheduled to sit in the umpire’s chair along with Dave Kozlowski, host of INSIDE TENNIS WITH KOZ, on the Tennis Channel. The event, free and open to the public, will be followed by a drill exhibition by the school’s NJROTC CORP. SEATING IS LIMITED. .FOR FURTHER, CALL 727-343-3678 THE WEBSITE AT


Virginia and George Theobald ‘39 Inducted into AFA Blue Jacket Club Saint Petersburg FL — Northern alumnus George F. Theobald ‘39 and his wife Virginia were inducted into the prestigious AFA Blue Jacket Club during halftime of this year’s Homecoming Game. In order to recognize individuals who have contributed at least $100,000 toward the enrichment of the Academy, the club was introduced to the Farragut Community in 2002. The Theobald initiation marks the fifth Induction for the Blue Jacket Club which now stands 15 members strong. A Past President of AFA’s Alumni Association, George and his wife Ginny, are also life-time members of the AFA Foundation. You will see them at various Farragut events throughout the year, including Homecoming, special events, and the South Florida Alumni Club Gatherings. Recognizing that the quality of the Farragut experience is about education, leadership and valor—and not about location, these two have helped to instill a much needed feeling of unity for all Farragut alumni. It was George and Ginny who issued that first challenge for alumni to meet their gift of $50,000 for a new Alumni Center. Only two years later, our Center project is moving quickly forward. Never once suggesting any distinction between the schools of the north and south, the generosity of this couple has been felt by both campuses as cadets were offered, not only an education, but a wealth of first class life-experiences. On behalf of the Farragut Community, we are truly grateful to the George and Virginia and extend our most sincere appreciation for their continued commitment to our students.

AFA Blue Jacket Club Harold Gaines ‘50 Paula and George Michel, Jr. ‘49 Karan and Al Ross ‘49 Kennedy and Martin Garcia Kelly and Stuart Lasher Janet Huntley Claudia and Robert Sokolowski Alla and Anatoly Sverdlin

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Alumni Center Plank Owners Here is a listing of the Alumni Center Plank Owners as of the date of this publication. AFA Parents' Group In Memory of Anne Anderson Anonymous Class of ‘66 South Mr. Allen R. Allman ‘46 CAPT David S. Arms ‘61 Mr. Robert Brizzi Mr & Mrs. Charles W. Brown III ‘67 Mr. John E. Burns, III ‘60 Mr. Christian T. Chiari ‘92 Mr. & Mrs. Scott P. Dapont Mr. Alexis J. DeSeta ‘04 Mr & Mrs Edward DeSeta ‘67 Mr & Mrs Richard DeWitt Jr. ’65 Mrs. Eugenia Donahue In Memory of Darren P. Donahue ‘79 BrigGen Charles M. Duke, Jr. ‘53 Mr. Michael E. Fisher ‘59 Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Sandra Fisher ‘53 Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Hughes ‘61 Mr. Laurence F. Johnson, Sr. ‘49

Mr. Robert E. Kurz CDR Robert R. Kurz, ‘63 Mr. & Mrs. John H. Loy, Jr. ‘51 Mr. David D. MacDowell ‘55 Mr & Mrs. George Michel, Jr. ‘49 CDR E. W. “Bill” Monrose III AFA Mr. John W. Morris ‘51 Mr. Robert C. Morris ‘51 Mr. Christopher M. Quincannon ‘92 Mr & Mrs Alfred S. Ross ‘49 Mr. Howard Sakolsky ‘47 Mr. Donald Schreiber ‘46 Mr. & Mrs. William Siebel ‘64 Mr. William Soenksen ‘55 Mr. Matthew R Sokolowski ‘92 Mr. & Mrs. George F. Theobald ‘39 Mr. Bradford E. Tyson ‘06 Rev. Laurence B. Upham ‘53 Mr. Robert C. Waldman ‘55 RADM Richard G. Wheeler AFA LTC Michael F. Wilson ‘65 Mr. Alan J. Wool ‘76

The Alumni Association Advisory Board has passed a resolution extending the time for becoming a Plank Owner for the New Alumni Center / Museum until October 15, 2007. At this time, any Plank Owner pledges must be paid in full.


The Origin of “Taps�

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THE LEGEND Fighting on opposite sides, father and son meet one last time on a War Between the States battlefield. Found in the dying boy's pocket is the melody now known as "Taps." It all supposedly began in 1862 during the War Between the States, when Union Army Captain Robert Ellicombe was with his men near Harrison's Landing in Virginia. The Confederate Army was on the other side of the narrow strip of land. During the night, Captain Ellicombe heard the moan of a soldier who lay mortally wounded on the field. Not knowing if it was a Union or Confederate soldier, the captain decided to risk his life and bring the stricken man back for medical attention. Crawling on his stomach through the gunfire, the captain reached the stricken soldier and began pulling him toward his encampment. When the captain finally reached his own lines, he discovered it was actually a Confederate soldier, but the soldier was dead. The captain lit a lantern. Suddenly, he caught his breath and went numb with shock. In the dim light, he saw the face of the soldier. It was his own son. The boy had been studying music in the South when the war broke out. Without telling his father, he had enlisted in the Confederate Army. The following morning, heartbroken, the father asked permission of his superiors to give his son a full military burial despite his enemy status. His request was partially granted. The captain had asked if he could have a group of Army band members play a funeral dirge for the son at the funeral. That request was turned down since the soldier was a Confederate. Out of respect for the father, they did say they could give him only one musician. The captain chose a bugler. He asked the bugler to play a series of musical notes he had found on a piece of paper in the pocket of his dead son's uniform. This wish was granted. This music was the haunting melody we now know as "Taps" that is used at all military funerals.

THE TRUTH It's hard to feel surprised when a melody as hauntingly beautiful as Taps picks up a legend about how it came to be written -- it's too mournfully direct a piece for the mere truth to suffice. Taps was composed in July 1862 at Harrison's Landing in Virginia, but after that the fanciful e-mail quoted above parts way with reality. There was no dead son, Confederate or otherwise; no lone bugler sounding out the dead boy's last composition. How the call came into being was never anything more than one influential soldier deciding his unit could use a bugle call for particular occasions and setting about to come up with one. " If anyone can be said to have composed "Taps," it was Brig. Gen. Daniel Butterfield, Commander of the 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, V Army Corps, Army of the Potomac, during the American War Between the States. Dissatisfied with the customary firing of three rifle volleys at the conclusion of burials during battle and also needing a method of ceremonially imparting meaning to the end of a soldier's day, he likely altered an older piece known as "Tattoo," a French bugle call used to signal "lights out," into the call we now know as "Taps."' (Alternatively, he wrote the whole thing from scratch, a possibility not at all supported by his lack of musical background and ability.) Whether he wrote it straight from the cuff or improvised something new by rearranging an older work, Butterfield brought "Taps" into being. With the help of his bugler, Oliver W. Norton of Chicago, the concept was transformed into its present form. "Taps" was quickly taken up by both sides of the conflict, and within months was being sounded by buglers in both Union and Confederate forces. Then as now, "Taps" serves as a vital component in ceremonies honoring military dead. It is also understood by American servicemen as an end-of-day "lights out" signal. When "Taps" is played at a military funeral, it is customary to salute if in uniform, or place your hand over your heart if not.

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TAPS Let us pause to reflect upon our Alumni whose duty in this life has been fulfilled...May They Rest In Peace!

Major Megan McClung, USMC

McClung, Megan ‘91N Major USMC – It is with great sadness that we report to all Alumni that Megan was killed on December 6, 2006. She was the first female cadet to attend Admiral Farragut Academy in Toms River, NJ. She became our first co-ed graduate in June ’91. Megan will be remembered for the straightforward manner in which she quickly integrated into what was formerly an all male cadet program at AFA. Megan had a goal for herself when she entered the Academy and pursued her goal with determination. After graduation from Toms River, she entered the US Naval Academy and graduated in 1995. She then entered the Marine Corps as an officer. While serving in the USMC she served under the current Commandant of Admiral Farragut Academy at Cherry Point, NC. MajGen Robert M. Flanagan, USMC (Ret) commented: "I met Major McClung at MCAS Cherry Point where she served as the Assistant Public Affairs Officer. She was always full of energy and ideas. Her love of life and the Corps was evident in every thing she did. She lived life to the fullest and left a positive legacy for all the young men and women she came in contact with."

Lowell R. Luft, 34N – We received notice from Judith A. Blatt that her father had died on February 7, 2006. Lowell had lived on his farm near Bernville, PA following his retirement from AT&T. He indicated that his father “Had many fond memories of Farragut Academy in Toms River, NJ.” Lowell is also survived by his son Lowell R. Luft. You can extend your regards at their email address:

Arthur R. Harris ’37N – Mrs. Ruth Harris notified us of the passing of Arthur on May 15, 2006. She is still living in Mountain Lakes, NJ.

James W. Herring ’38N– We received a note from Mrs. James Herring notifying us of the passing of her husband Jim on July 2, 2004. Mrs. Herring still resides in Gales Ferry CT.



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Let us pause to reflect upon our Alumni whose duty in this life has been fulfilled...May They Rest In Peace!

Thomas A. Bush, Jr. ‘40 CDR USN (Ret.) - We must sadly report that Tom Bush died at his home in Topsham, following a brief illness. Tom was born in Richmond, VA, on August 10 1922. He graduated from Admiral Farragut Academy in Toms River, NJ in 1940. He Attended MIT and graduated from the United States Naval Academy in June 1944 with the class of 1945. He married Mary Lawrence of Falmouth, Mass on June 9, 1944. Much of his life as a career naval officer was spent on sea duty. During WWII, he served as a Torpedo Officer aboard the USS Mervine (DD489), escorting Atlantic convoys. He served aboard the McKean (CC784), Maddox (DD731), Yorktown (CVA10) and Oriskany (CVA34), and as commander of USS Energy (MSO436) and USS Epperson (DD719). He earned a graduate degree in Engineering Electronics from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, graduated from and served on the staff of the Naval War College, and received a second graduate degree from Boston University in Political Science. He retired from the Navy in 1967 and accepted a position as Program Manager at Sanders Associates, Nashua, NH. In 1987, he retired for a second time to central New Hampshire, near Lake Winnipesaukee. His principal occupations after retirement were doing the heavy work for Mary, his wife, who was an avid gardener, and serving the Anglican Church, in which he held several local and national offices, principally as Secretary of his Diocese. He was predeceased by Mary in 2001. The following year he moved to the Highlands Retirement Community in Topsham, and developed a love of hiking the many trails and parks in the mid-coast region. Tom is survived by his daughter, Ann Bush Garland and her husband Charles, of Saco; and their children Daniel and his fiancée Dr. Shannon MacDonald, and Jill; his daughter, Nancy Lawrence Bush, DBA, of Monroe, NC; and her children Marion, Heather (and her husband Robert E. L. DeGraffenreid, Capt., US Army) and Leah (and her husband Gary Dilworth); and his son, Christopher T. Bush of Fort Worth, TX. He is also survived by his special friend, Barbara Pappin. A memorial service was held at St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Portland, on September 23rd. The committal Service was held at the US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD. The family requests that, should one desire, memorial contributions be directed to either: The Alzheimer’s Association or a Ronald MacDonald House in your area which provides a home away from home for families of children being treated at area hospitals. Morris O. Stoyer ‘44 N – We received a very nice letter from Margaret Stoyer, Morris’ wife. She sent us the following information: “I am glad to put together a little note for the Alumni. He was born March 5, 1926 and grew up in Harrisburg, PA. After attending admiral Farragut. Academy, he enlisted in the Marine Corps. He was sent to Okinawa, and was wounded in April 1945. He was sent back to California to recover and was honorably discharged in May of 1946. Morris attended Philadelphia College of Medicine and became a Pharmacist. He retired from pharmacy at the VA in Gainesville, Florida in June 1991. He was a member of the Masons and Shrine in Harrisburg. Morris was a Christian and loved God. He is survived by his wife, Margaret, a daughter Sandra Hershey of Halifax, PA, a son Greg Stoyer of Charleston, S.C., a step -daughter Fay Gaston of Gainesville, FL, and step-son Don L. Southerland of Jacksonville, FL. Morris passed away November 7, 2002 after a long illness from lung cancer.” Margaret Stoyer is still living in Gainesville, Florida.

Peter Y. Stanton ’48 - We received an email from Sharon Stanton. She said that Peter Y. Stanton ’48 had passed away. “I do not recall his graduation date. Please check your records and take him off the Alumni mailing list. Thank you”. His last address was 1844 Condor, Dr., Redmond, OR. 97756.



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Let us pause to reflect upon our Alumni whose duty in this life has been fulfilled...May They Rest In Peace!

Lawrence Arndt Wishner ’50N – We received a note from Janet F. Wishner informing us of the death of Lawrence in Fredericksburg, VA. Lawrence died on October 7, 2006 at his home. He was born in New York and attended public schools in Great Neck. Mr. Wishner was a graduate of Admiral Farragut Academy in New Jersey and earned a BS degree from the University of Maryland. He served in the Air Force as a pilot in the Korean War. After his military service, Mr. Wishner continued his studies at the University of Maryland and earned his PhD degree. On September 1, 1961 he joined the faculty of at Mary Washington College as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. He was promoted to Associate Professor of Chemistry September 1, 1965 and to Professor of Chemistry September 1, 1968. From 1971 to 1977, Mr. Wishner served as Assistant Dean of Instruction and on June 1, 1992 he retired as Professor Emeritus of Chemistry. He and his wife, Janet traveled extensively in Turkey, Central Asia, Morocco, Syria, Jordan and Europe. His curious mind led him to many explorations-chipmunks, horses, Islamic art, Gothic Cathedrals, roses, geology, sailing, coins and music. In 1982 his book “Eastern Chipmunks: Secrets of Their Solitary Lives” was published by the Smithsonian Institution Press. He leaves his wife of 24 years, Janet; his daughters, Nancy Wishner and her partner, David Turner of California, Catherine Martinette and her husband, Tom, of South Boston; and a sister-in-law, Jane Wishner of Hendersonville, NC. Mrs. Wishner still resides in Fredericksburg, VA.

Edward H. Chandler ’59S – Mrs. Edward H. Chandler, (Patricia) notified us that Edward had died March 27, 1999. Friends and classmates of Edward can contact Patricia at her email address:

Rudy L. Intelisano, Jr. '77N – We received an email from the Family of Rudy Intelisano, Jr. It read, “We are sad to inform you that your son and brother, Rudy Intelisano, Jr. 47 years old, passed away on Easter Sunday April 16, 2006, after a long hard fight with Lung Cancer.” Classmates can contact members of Rudy’s family at 2482 Church Road, Toms River, NJ, or at

Rudy was a passionate fisherman. Here is an example of one of his catches!


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Open Letter from an Alumni, Class of ‘66

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Pictures are Worth 1,000 Words!

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Reservation Form

2007 Homecoming Celebration Please tear this form along the perforation and mail in with your payment or credit card information by September 25, 2007.

October 26th and 27th Alumni Name ______________________________________________________________ Class ____________ N or S ____ Please Print Spouse Name ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please Print Additional Guest (s) ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Please Print ——————————————————————————————————————————————————— Please Print _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please Print Event Description Cost Number Total Alumni Continental Breakfast



Brunch with Alumni President



Tail gate Party before Football Game







Choices NY Strip




Seared Salmon Filet




Vegetable Ravioli




Chicken Piccata




Total Due


Alumni vs. Cadets Softball Game (Includes Shirt & Hat) (Please circle to indicate your Shirt Size (s) M L Homecoming Reunion Dinner Reservation Please indicate choices of Main Entrée) (All dinners include: Chef’s Selection of Seasonal Accompaniment — House Salad—Mixed Seasonal With choice of 3 dressings —Freshly Baked Rolls And Butter or Appropriate Bread—Brewed Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee and Tea—Florida Key Lime Pie)



Please Only ... □ VISA □ MASTERCARD


Please charge my Reservation to my ______________________________________________ Print Name of Credit Card Name as shown on Card _____________________________________________________________________ Please Print Credit Card Number __________________—___________________—_________________—__________________ Expiration Date: _________________________________________________/ 2006 ___________________________________________________________ Signature Please mail your Reservations to: AFA Alumni Office 501 Park Street North Saint Petersburg, FL 33710 or, FAX this form to: (727) 384-4717

Reveille Admiral Farragut Academy Alumni Association

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Saint Petersburg, FL Permit No. 609

501 Park Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida 33710 (727) 343-3678 (727) 384-4717 Fax

Alumni @ Address Service Requested

AFA ALUMNI UPDATE Alumni Association Office. This is YOUR means of keeping in touch with your classmates, and for receiving reunion, alumni club, and Homecoming information. We depend on you to advise us immediately of any address, or email changes so we can update our database files. If you are aware of any classmates who are not receiving our alumni mailings, please let us know. WE need to hear from you! Please complete this form and return it to the

Name: ____________________________________________________________________ Class of: ______________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________ Phone #: (________)______________________________________________ City/State/Zip: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Maiden Name: ___________________________________________Spouse’s Name: _________________________________________________________ Occupation: _______________________________________________Place of Employment _________________________________________________ Work Phone #: (______)____________________________ Email Address: _________________________________________ News—Marriage, children, grandchildren, promotions, etc. If possible, please email us a picture. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Reveille- 2007-January  

2006 Homecoming Information Pgs 2-3 TAPS Pgs 18-21 “Success is Never Accidental” “ Alumni President’s Challenge Pg 8 Plank Owners Pg 17 Can...

Reveille- 2007-January  

2006 Homecoming Information Pgs 2-3 TAPS Pgs 18-21 “Success is Never Accidental” “ Alumni President’s Challenge Pg 8 Plank Owners Pg 17 Can...