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Performance on a new scale. Packed full of technology, such as a newly developed engine with Fendt iD low-speed concept, the intelligent VarioDrive driveline with variable all-wheel drive, combined with high-performance hydraulics with a delivery rate of up to 220 l/min, make the Fendt 700 Vario Gen7 a pioneer in the 200-300 hp class. Learn more: Fendt is a worldwide brand of AGCO Scan to fi nd out more
Because we
You dreamt it. We built it. The
It’s Fendt.
understand Agriculture.
new Fendt 700 Vario Gen7.
Come and see us Hall 9, Stand 9.220 10th & 11th January January 2023 • Issue 521 FREE for farmers The Best of British Farming Farmers Guide Including 77-page show preview

The Doe Show has been a rm xture in the agricultural, construction and groundcare industries calendars since 1960. Held during the rst week of February every year, the Doe Show attracts huge crowds to our head ofce at Ulting, Essex and is by far the largest agricultural, construction and groundcare machinery dealer in the UK, possibly Europe.

Year on year, the show continues to grow in size and popularity and this year we are introducing a completely new layout, as well as a dedicated area for Viticulture machinery, in addition to all the usual favourites! We will have heated marquees, free hot soup and refreshments and there is plenty of free parking directly opposite the show.

As always, we will have large display areas devoted to Case IH and New Holland products, as well as those of all our major implement manufacturers such as DalBo, KRM, Lemken and Shelbourne Reynolds. We will also be showcasing our newest franchise, Horizon Agriculture Drills on their own dedicated stand as well as demonstrating the new FarmDroid in our Tech Zone.

We have increased the size of our construction zone and will be featuring all our manufacturers including Hyundai, Thwaites, Bomag, Atlas Copco and Epiroc, along with the popular demonstration plot that is always a great crowd pleaser, along with the vintage tractor demonstrations including the beloved Doe Triple D!

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Terms and Conditions Apply. For Full Details Contact McHale. Visit us at: LAMMA 2023 - HALL 10 STAND 310

Out & About

With Farmers Guide editor Rachel Hicks and the team

To mark the 125th anniversary of Ernest Doe founding the business in Ulting, Essex, third and fourth generations Daphne

The CMatic Experience Days were the rst event of their type at the Claas Experience Centre adjacent to the company's UK base at Saxham, Su olk, and allowed guests to nd out about and experience the bene ts of the Claas CMatic in nitely-variable transmission in a variety of applications. Find out more on page 119.

At the CropTec Show, Megan Armstrong of Microgenetics was discussing the company's SwiftDetect rapid crop disease detection tool, which is now available for use in OSR to detect light leaf spot.

And finally…

A farmer went to his local pub and ordered a glass of Champagne instead of his usual beer.

The woman sitting next to him at the bar commented: “Well, how about that – I’ve just ordered Champagne as well!”

“What a coincidence!” the farmer said. “This is a special day for me though – I’m celebrating.”

“Well, fancy that – I’m celebrating a special day too!” said the woman.

“What a coincidence!” the farmer said again, and as they clinked glasses, he asked: “What are you celebrating?”

“My husband and I have been trying to have a child for a long time, and today I found out that I’m pregnant!”

Farmers Guide attended the handover of four new John Deere tractors to Su olk- and Essex-based Philip Liverton Ltd – see page 133. Pictured (l-r): Tuckwells' Ben Cave and Paul Co ey; Farmers Guide's Sam Wilson; Tuckwells' Molly Weir, and Bridget, Philip and James Liverton.

“Well, what a coincidence!” said the farmer. “I’m a chicken farmer, and all last year my hens were infertile, but today they’re laying eggs again.”

“That’s great!” said the woman. “How did your chickens become fertile again?”

“I used a di erent cock,” he replied.

The woman smiled, clinked his glass, and said: “What a coincidence!”

Chandler and Colin Doe formally planted an evergreen oak outside the front of the showroom. Farmers Guide director Julie Goulding is pictured (far left) with multi-generational members of the Doe family at the celebration. David Williams joined tractor owners and users during a series of Claas experience days in early November. Ernest Doe & Sons chairman Colin Doe is pictured planting the commemorative tree with his aunt Daphne Chandler. Daphne is Ernie Doe's daughter and Ernest Doe's grand-daughter. LS Plant Breeding discussed the company's latest pea, bean and oilseed rape varieties with the Farmers Guide team at CropTec. You can read more about the latest crop breeding advances on pages 12 and 26. Pictured (l-r) are Marian Harpur (Colin's sister and daughter of Alan Doe), Jill Doe (Colin's mother and Alan's wife), Colin Doe, and Diana Marriott (Colin's sister and Alan's daughter) – a real family a air. Ian Clayton-Bailey of Bourgault Tillage Tools (BTT) UK Ltd showed Farmers Guide the company's latest innovations, as well as some exciting replacement carbide tip options which are currently in the pipeline.

Noventum Power Limited is one of the leading large-scale renewable energy companies in the UK


We will work with you, helping you towards developing your land into an income generating asset that can provide additional income streams for your business.

The benefits include:

• Diversifying revenue streams away from farming or other land uses

• Deploying solar power or wind turbines on your available land

• Maintaining agricultural use through sheep grazing when possible

We are looking for sites between 50 acres and 200 acres, ideally close to a nearby grid connection

Land should be relatively flat and Grade 3 or lower

Well screened by hedges and a good distance from residential property Not in a valued landscape or near historic buildings

We have a team of experienced, highly proficient renewable energy experts. They have an extensive record which encompasses the following:

Land Acquisition Investment Construction Energy Storage Planning and Permitting Grid Solutions Power Engineering & Grid Connections

Operation and Maintenance

If you would like to discuss how to potentially earn a secure and long-term predictable income stream from your land, please get in touch and contact us on:

We are here to offer you THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! One Glass Wharf, Bristol BS2 0ZX 0117 990 2897 91911

By the time you read this we will have traded almost six months of the 2022/23 grain year, says Open eld’s head of compliance, Cecilia Pryce (right). I feel it’s safe to say it’s been like no other season and that all in the industry have had to deal with many curve balls. Harvest was early, fast, and dry for many, with crops performing better than expected given the weather, but there is still much debate around the size of the main crops.

This point is one that disappoints me every year. How come the rest of the world can con dently produce a crop number in a timely manner but the UK, with all our gizmos and knowledge, still has to wait until 15th December. The market volatility is huge domestically and globally, yet there seems no urgency to help UK agriculture with more timely releases of data and even an update on the future of ELMS.

It’s also amazing how HM Customs and Excise Trade Data is still on a two-month lag, yet the rest of the world is publishing pretty much ‘real time’ data. Yes, there may be some retrospective corrections, but with digital customs entries you can’t tell me we can’t speed up the ow of information! Luckily for us, much of the rest of the world is better at statistics, so at least we will have data to show what ships

are coming this way in real time, courtesy of other nations and their data. It’s data and knowledge that moves markets and the real time data that is currently owing from the Ukraine grain corridor is probably one of the largest “market stabilisers” that there is. Anything that has been shipped is recorded and it’s impressive. The three Ukraine ports shipped 4.2 million tonnes of commodities in October, which shows where there is a will or a contract, and the price is right, anything is possible.

From the rst ship that sailed on 1st August to the end of November, 506 ships departed, carrying a total of 12.337 million tonnes of 17 commodities going to 29 di erent countries. I know it’s a UN initiative, but it proves data is available and this adds stability to markets.

The world called for a solution to a problem and it happened; but what happens next? The corridor has been extended for another 120

days, but how much more tonnage has Ukraine got to ship?

Again, the world needs data in order to decrease price volatility and restore confidence that there really is enough to go around and literally feed the world. The world’s population keeps expanding, the politics seem to take up more and more time, but grain is largely a freemarket product that trades globally from countries in surplus to those in deficit.

The Ukraine has travelled a very difficult path since the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, as have the EU Agricultural Policies; and now the UK stands on its own post-Brexit, I wonder what we are capable of with poor data? We have seen taxes, quotas and export licences but as the world moves forward, we all know that cereals and oilseeds are a very basic necessity for any and all countries globally. We don’t know what will happen in the future, but no country can afford to forget about food security and the need for timely accurate data in order to prevent price volatility. I feel we may currently be asleep at the wheel which may cause issues soon!

Fertiliser matters

Phosphate and potash are vital nutrients for maximising yield potential, comments Openfield’s fertiliser manager, Lucy Hassall. This season, due to costs, some growers may be considering reducing PK inputs and adding risk to yield potential. Whilst not advising a cut back of PKs, supplying some fresh readily available nutrient at peak uptake may partially help to reduce the risk. Applying NPKS compounds is an efficient way of doing this by giving the crop a fresh dose of phosphate and potash, along with the nitrogen and sulphur when demand is greatest.


Early applications give crops the best possible start in the spring, as they look to put on growth before soils are warm enough to mineralise nutrient. Also, with NPKS compounds every granule contains a consistent amount of all nutrients; not only this but you are also increasing the number of sites per square metre, particularly important as phosphate has such limited mobility and a good coverage is essential. FG

January 2023 7
Grain & Fertiliser Advice
Price indicator (Feb 2023) £240 Feed wheat £220 Feed barley £485–490 Oilseed rape *Prices quoted from Open eld were predicted on 5th December 2022 and will be subject to regional variations. Data and knowledge move markets –so why can’t the UK produce a crop number? The market volatility is huge domestically and globally, yet there seems no urgency to help the UK agriculture industry with more timely releases of data or even an update on the future of ELMS. feel is. Anything that has and it’s impressive. The three The Openfield Partnership: More than just grain. Premium products and services to help get the best for your farm business. We're proud to be Britain’s only National grain marketing and arable inputs co-operative and we're committed to putting your needs first. Seed, fertiliser, grain, storage. Call us today to find out more 01476 862 730 I I @OpenfieldTM I @OpenfieldTM 190x65mm Corp.qxp_Layout 1 01/04/2022 13:54 Page 1
EASTERN Brigg 01652 651810 EASTERN Catfoss 01964 545300 EASTERN Markham Moor 01777 838888 EASTERN Sinderby 01845 567407 EASTERN Sleaford 01529 303093 EASTERN Ulceby Cross 01507 462288 EASTERN Wilberfoss 01759 388811 Contact your local EASTERN branch today for your choice of slurry tanker. Introducing PICHON farmer and contractor speci cation single and tandem axle tankers. Complimenting SAMSON contractor speci cation tandem and triaxle tankers. CLAAS EASTERN Designed for your farm from 6,000 to 20,000 litres Outstanding performance from 20,000 to 35,000 litres

Spray manufacturer o ers new intelligent front tank solution

work with other sprayers too.

Horsch has introduced the new Leeb FT front tank, an intelligent spraying technology that mounts to a tractor’s three-point linkage and o ers additional spraying capacity. Available in 1,200 litre and 1,800 litre capacities, the Leeb 1.2 FT and 1.8 FT complements the brand’s recently launched Leeb CS rear-mounted sprayer but will

Design of the Leeb FT has been carefully considered with compact dimensions and an optimised centre of gravity. When combined with the Leeb CS, it o ers up to 4,000 litres of spraying capacity in a highly exible and manoeuvrable format.

The Leeb FT uses a standard coupling triangle to ensure short set-up times and easy handling without the need to manually couple hydraulic lines.

The Leeb FT Basic can be used as an additional water

tank with a 2in suction line towards the rear, without agitator and cleaning. It can be combined with all trailed Leeb models. The higher speci cation Leeb FT Pro is completely integrated into the software and the water circuit of the Leeb CS and features its own agitator and cleaning.

Featuring Isobus control with an intuitive interface, the Leeb FT has lighting integrated in the front tank and an optional camera system for a better overview of the space in front of the machine.

Agri-tech innovator upgrades to larger workspace

Agri-tech company B-hive Innovations has relocated to a new research and development premises to bolster its operations in the fresh produce industry. The move will enhance its project delivery and commercialised entity capabilities and follows major Innovate UK and Defra-backed funding into work that will sustainably change the way that potatoes are grown, stored and transported.

B-hive has relocated within the Lincoln Science

and Innovation Park to the new Alchemy Building – a dedicated facility for R&D specialist occupiers that has been supported by the European Regional Development Fund and regional partnership body, the Midlands Engine.

The Alchemy Building, part of the continual development of the Science Park, is a stone’s throw from B-hive’s previous o ces at Boole Technology Centre, where the company was launched in 2017.

In September, B-hive, along with several commercial and academic partners, was awarded £2.06M by The Farming Innovation Programme, to investigate new methods that will contribute towards a net zero carbon supply chain for potato crop.

The move will also see one of B-Hive’s commercialised entities HarvestEye Ltd occupy the entire existing o ce, helping to enhance new product development and after sales support.

10th CropTec Show helps growers to navigate tricky times ahead

The arable sector has challenging times ahead, but the resounding message from CropTec’s 10th anniversary show last week was that there are numerous opportunities for farmers to improve e ciency and embrace new markets.

The event brought together forward-thinking growers, agronomists, advisors and technical experts over two days for seminars, discussion

and networking.

Harvest 2022 had generally been favourable, with strong prices o setting rising input prices, but next year will be “a very di erent story”, said Harry Henderson of AHDB in the opening seminar.

“The increased input prices will come home to roost with the crops in the ground this autumn and next spring,” he said. Net margins would be

considerably lower, and losses were expected for spring barley and oilseed rape crops.

Reducing and making best use of inputs need to be central to plans going forward. “One thing is clear, we need to retain more inputs on the farm and not lose them through leaching and erosion,” said George Cook, senior farm business consultant with Andersons.

Dealers support in-house apprenticeship

The high level of support from the Claas dealer network for the new, industry leading in-house apprenticeship based at the Claas Academy at Saxham is evident in the fact that the new course starting this autumn is fully booked.

The new in-house apprenticeship scheme was introduced to help raise the standard of newly quali ed engineers. Claas UK says that by “growing our own”, the company can ensure that the engineers of the future have been fully trained on the very latest Claas machinery and that they have the skill set to keep them abreast of technological advancements within the industry, including key franchises o ered by the Claas dealer network.

During their apprenticeship, the students will study for a Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard in Land-Based Service Engineering Technician, delivered by dedicated Claas trainers alongside specialist product trainers from the main Claas Academy.

Frustration at government failure on nature-friendly farming

The Soil Association says it was disappointed to hear reports that the delayed review of nature-friendly farming reforms may come as late as February.

Environmental and farming groups were expecting a signi cant update on the future of ELMS on 1st December when environment secretary Thérèse Co ey addressed the CLA conference.

The Soil Association welcomes the environment secretary’s comments that food production and protecting nature can be “symbiotic”, with her saying: “The choice is not producing food or doing environmental schemes, it’s about making space for nature and that must go alongside sustainable food production. They are not mutually exclusive.”

But the speech left English farmers – who are facing huge pressures – still desperately lacking the details they need to both manage their businesses and activate a shift to nature-friendly farming.

Free advice on navigating farm subsidy polices, and on how to build resilience through agroecological practices, is available to any type of farmer (not just organic) with the Soil Association’s farming team.

January 2023 9 News in brief Equipment - Livestock - Feed - Fertiliser - Seed - Cash Flow Diversification - Property - Building - Debt Consolidation • Finance from £10k to £5m • Excellent rates • 6 Month to 10 year terms • Tax Efficient • Simple, quick phone application • Decision within 24 hours • Bad credit history, large debts – No problem! • High street banks unsupportive • Tenant farmers welcome We bring the personal touch back into farm finance Please ring George Bridgman on 07522 731193 or email or apply on line at 91430

Bobcat has extended the company’s quick coupler portfolio with a full selection of new mechanical pin grabber systems available for the entire Bobcat mini-excavator line-up. The company says they are ideal for use in many applications.

As well as speed and

versatility, the reversibility of the new mechanical pin grabber couplers allows operators to work closer to walls or under pipes. Pin-on attachments are also simple to attach; an attractive feature for rental businesses and their customers, increasing the adaptability of machines and the return on investment.

Thanks to the thoughtful hook shaped engineering design of the coupler, the bucket does not fall when unhooked. A perpendicular

lock system ensures there is maximum safety when working with Bobcat miniexcavators.

There are no greasing requirements and very few moving parts with no maintenance requirements (other than a daily inspection), guaranteeing that these are hassle-free couplers. The open and simple design is meant to work in mud – so mud does not get trapped in the system and block the mechanism.

Breathing life back into Scotland’s neglected crofts

Confusion over crofting regulation is fuelling challenges around neglected crofts and preventing young families from accessing land and moving to rural communities. There is a growing problem around crofts being held onto by crofters who are no longer able to actively work them or are being left to those who reside away – and in doing so, are failing to comply with

Crofting Duties.

SAC Consulting has been helping individuals to better understand their options, to maximise the potential of their croft and to support the next generation in getting a foot hold in the industry.

Subletting is an option, allowing a new crofter to get started or expand with low capital costs and they will also have access to the Crofting Agricultural Grant

RSABI invests in young farmers’ mental health

For the rst time in the UK, a mental wellbeing app is being rolled out to young farmers in a pilot scheme to support young people in the Scottish agricultural industry.

RSABI is working with the Scottish Association of Young Farmers’ Clubs (SAYFC) to trial the Thrive Mental Wellbeing app in three of its clubs across Scotland. The app, available

to almost four million users worldwide and approved by the NHS, includes access to a live in-app chat feature with quali ed therapists available at the touch of a button.

The rst time the app has been adopted within the agriculture industry in the UK, those taking part will be able to access a wide range of resources on mindfulness, relaxation techniques and

Scheme – funds of up to £25,000 which can be used for capital projects, such as the construction of agricultural buildings, fencing or drainage.

Assignation, which is the permanent transfer of a crofting tenancy, can be even more positive as it allows a secure future for young crofters to build homes and invest in longer return projects such as shelter belts and sheds.

Weed specialist invests in artificial intelligence

With its IC-Weeder AI, Lemken has already launched a hoeing machine which reliably distinguishes between sugar beets and weeds, even under high weed pressure. The relevant software was developed by the Dutch AgTech specialist Track32, in which Lemken has now acquired a holding. Lemken is therefore seizing the opportunity to develop technologies of the future in-house in collaboration with such a competent partner.

Anthony van der Ley, managing director of the Lemken Group, is pleased that the current investment establishes a sound basis for continued cooperation in the future.

Track 32’s founder Joris IJsselmuiden explains: “As a company that specialises in software and arti cial intelligence, we also develop solutions for arable farming and greenhouse processes. With Lemken as an investor and client, we will be able to concentrate even more on the further development of our software and will bene t from closer proximity to end customers.”

Lemken says that this investment also o ers additional bene ts besides great market potential, namely in terms of sustainability: the agricultural machinery specialist is con dent that machines equipped with this technology will make a major contribution to regenerative agriculture.

Innovative poultry vaccination technology becomes more widely available

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

For those who need further support in-app therapy is available with quali ed in-house therapists between 8am and 8pm to chat con dentially about any worries or stressors.

Fully funded by RSABI, the service is being trialled in Aberfeldy, Biggar and Bell Baxter Young Farmers’ Clubs for the next 12 months.

MSD Animal Health UK Ltd has developed its innovative Sphereon vaccine technology to increase the convenience of poultry vaccination on-farm.

Developments have been made to extend the range of vaccines this technology is available for. Sphereon technology works by freezing live viral vaccines into small, highly soluble spheres which dissolve in water to provide a quick and convenient method for vaccine mixing.

“The highly soluble spheres o er a much quicker alternative to traditional vaccine methods such as glass vials and e ervescent tablets,” explains Katie Pitman, technical veterinary adviser at MSD Animal Health UK.

Sphereon technology was previously used exclusively for Infectious Bronchitis (IB) vaccinations, but vaccinations against Infectious Bursal Disease and Newcastle Disease have now also been introduced to the range.

January 2023 11 News in brief Roller shutter doors Sectional overhead doors Folding shutter doors Sliding doors Steel doors Reliable professional support 24/7 e: t: 01206 625675 01473 487616 m: 07803 875617 Specialists in agricultural doors SUPPLY INSTALLATION MAINTENANCE REPAIR Covering East Anglia and the home counties 91562 New mechanical couplers for mini-excavator range

Quality over quantity: Limited number of new arrivals bring big boost to the AHDB RL

AHDB’s online edition of the Recommended Lists for cereals and oilseeds (RL) 2023/24 may feature fewer new varieties than previous Lists, but some of the newcomers deliver large yield increases, especially in barley and oilseed rape.

Launched on 28th November 2022, the latest RL sees the rst new winter malting barley and winter oat varieties for several years.

The latest update was released alongside details of a major review of the RL, which aims to help the variety trialling project keep pace with the industry’s evolving requirements.

Paul Gosling (right), who manages the RL at AHDB, said: “We’ve seen relatively few new varieties on the lists this year. Several years of plant breeding advances mean the recommendation bar is set high. Relatively few candidate varieties performed better than the best listed varieties to secure a recommendation.”

New barley varieties RL 2023/24 includes several new barley varieties that bring strength to yield and disease resistance.

The winter barley list includes

the rst malting variety to be added since 2018. Buccaneer, marketed by Elsoms Seeds and bred by Sejet Plant Breeding, o ers a signi cant yield increase over the established two-row malting varieties, Craft and Electrum, alongside good disease resistance.

George Goodwin, technical manager for Elsoms Seeds, said:

“With a treated yield of 99.7%, Buccaneer is almost 4% ahead of nearest competitor Electrum, and o ers growers the bene ts of both a high untreated and treated yield, due to its excellent disease resistance package.

“On brown rust it scored an impressive 8.1, with a 7.2 for control of rhynchosporium, and in all NL trials it has shown very low susceptibility to both net blotch and brackling.

“With a current amber listing from the Malting Barley Committee, it has performed consistently well in malting trials showing good hot water extract, WORT viscosity and

Discounts up to - £150 !* Pick the best gift for your crops Choose the right ag-weather stations for your crop needs: Get the best subscription plan and check your stations’ weather data in the app. * Offer valid from 23 November to 21 December. See conditions on the website. 44 7723 580941 Scan me! Frost & disease offer Raincrop or Leafcrop -60£ Treatment offer Raincrop Windcrop -100£ Local weather offer Raincrop -60£ Irrigation offer Raincrop Windcrop Solarcrop -150£

Beta-glucan levels. Based on the current malting test results we are very con dent that Buccaneer will achieve full malting approval status by December 2023. Seed will be available for autumn 2023,” he concluded.

Two new two-row and one new six-row hybrid varieties add strength to winter barley feed yields (compared with current favourites). The two rows are Bolivia, from Agrii (bred by Nordic Seed), and LG Caravelle, from Limagrain. The latter o ers a particularly high yield in the East region of 2% above hybrids, and an exceptionally high speci c weight for a winter barley, of 71.8kg/hl. It is an early maturing variety with sti straw; both important characteristics for a winter barley.

The new six-row hybrid SY Nephin, from Syngenta, is notable for its disease resistance rating of 8 for rhynchosporium.

There are six new spring barley varieties under evaluation by the Malting Barley Committee (MBC): three for brewing, two for brewing and malt distilling, and one for malt distilling. These o er improvements in yield and/or disease resistance (compared with the current market leaders, RGT Planet and Laureate).

The spring barley list sees feed variety Hurler added. Bred by Secobra and available through Agrii, high yield is its standout feature.

Mr Gosling commented: “RL 2023/24 delivers exciting potential for brewing and distilling. However, it is a tough market to break into, with varietal success determined by end users. As varieties can fail to make the grade, farmers should talk to merchants before growing them.”

Ongoing commitment

KWS’ ongoing commitment to breeding spring barleys that deliver in the malthouse and the eld has been underlined by the addition of KWS Curtis to the 2023/24 AHDB Recommended List, says the company’s cereals product manager, Dr Kirsty Richards.

“The rst of a pipeline of similar high performers now entering RL candidate trials, KWS Curtis is a strong all-round variety bred speci cally to be easy to grow and manage whilst meeting the demands of the supply chain in an increasingly carbon footprint focused future.

“It’s a high yielding 2-row variety that outperforms the best in class for quality whilst delivering the highest spirit yields/ha of crop combined with reduced levels of carbon emissions throughout the production cycle.”

According to KWS UK spring barley breeder Dr Henry Barber, KWS Curtis’ resilience and performance has been tested in a variety of growing conditions across Europe with the variety having an agronomic pro le perfectly suited to the UK.

“It’s a variety that performs well across the country with treated yields of 105% of controls in the East and 103% in the North and West regions with an average yield of 104% for the UK as a whole.

“These yields have been remarkably consistent over the last three years of trials despite very di erent spring seasons. Untreated yield is very high at 93%, too, giving growers a range of production options.” KWS Premis and KWS Nelis follow in the path of KWS Curtis, being high performance spring barleys with signi cant production and environmental potential, he reckons.

It’s a Group 1, but not as we know it!


n Taking top-quality spring breadmaking yields to the next level n UK yield 7% ahead of Mulika n Excellent disease package including a 7 for Septoria tritici

If you want to take your spring wheat yields to the next level, then take a closer look at KWS Ladum. It’s the rst of the next generation of spring wheat varieties for the UK market that brings top milling and baking quality with highly productive yield levels, a massive 7% ahead of the market leader Mulika when spring-sown.

Scan the QR code to nd out more

Spring Wheat (KWS Sywell x KWS Talland)
continued over…
LG Caravelle.,

“Both varieties are currently progressing through the MBC testing system with KWS Premis being evaluated for brewing only and KWS Nelis as a dual-purpose variety.

“Both have very similar yields, quality potential and agronomic properties to KWS Curtis alongside its proven consistency across di erent growing seasons and regions of the UK.

“KWS Premis and KWS Nelis are now entering AHDB candidate trials for harvest 2023 and we have high hopes for them, too.”

Winter OSR

The winter oilseed rape list features three new UK-recommended hybrid varieties: Vegas and Turing, from LS Plant Breeding (LSPB), and Attica, from Limagrain. Turing and Attica have especially high yields in the North region.

Recommended for the East/West region, Murray, from LSPB, has a high yield and a resistance rating of 8 for stem canker. Recommended for the North region, LG Wagner, from Limagrain, achieved the highest yield in this region and is a shorter hybrid with sti stems, combined with good light leaf spot resistance and good stem health.

A new conventional variety for the UK, Tom, from CBI, o ers a small yield increase but adds options for this important seed-market component. The list also includes Beatrix from DSV – a new Clear eld variety for the North region.

Long-awaited winter oat RL 2023/24 features the rst newly added winter oat variety since RL 2018/19. Cromwell, from Senova, o ers good yield and grain quality. New spring oat variety RGT Vaughan also features good grain quality.

RGT Vaughan is the rst spring oat from RAGT to appear on the AHDB Recommended List after achieving full approval this autumn.

“This new variety features a powerful combination of high grain quality and good disease resistance,” said RAGT technical sales manager, Dr Cathy Hooper.

“Its speci c weight is one of the best on the 2023/24 list at 52.3kg/hl, which is the second highest on the AHDB’s ve-year report.

“RGT Vaughan also features consistently low screenings, at 2.3% over a 2mm sieve, and a decent kernel content of 72.9%. weight.”

The variety also stands well, thanks to its good straw strength that delivers an untreated lodging score of 7, and

it is early ripening, providing extra insurance at harvest.

“RGT Vaughan features the best combination of untreated yield, at 93%, and disease resistance among its comparators, including an 8 for mildew and 4.4 for crown rust,” continued Dr Hooper. “Along with its good agronomic characteristics and yield, this suggests a spring oat with a very bright future,” says Cathy.

Winter and spring wheat

For winter wheat, the latest RL includes one new UKFM Group 2 bread-making variety, KWS Ultimatum, and one new UKFM Group 3 biscuit-wheat variety, RGT Wilkinson. The list also adds two new feed varieties for the East/West region: hard-textured Oxford, from DSV, and soft-textured LG Redwald. The latter requires careful lodging management. There is also a new soft Group 4 for the North region, KWS Zealum, which is likely to be of interest to the distilling market.

Three new varieties have been added to the spring wheat list, o ering good grain quality and yields: UKFM Group 1 KWS Harsum, which has particularly high yield, and UKFM Group 2 varieties KWS Alicium and KWS Lightum.

Strong breeder portfolio

“The total number of wheat varieties we have on the 2023/24 AHDB Recommended List stands at 13 and it is likely around 40% of the wheat harvested in 2023 will be a KWS variety of one type or another,” commented KWS UK country manager Will Compson.

“Our varieties span all four production groups, be it premium speci cation Group 1 milling wheats like KWS Zyatt, varieties with high untreated yields like Group 2 KWS Extase, Group 3 biscuit making options or outright barn llers like Group 4 KWS Dawsum.”

KWS UK wheat breeder Mark Dodds said all ve KWS RL wheat additions add something new to the current range of UK cropping options.

“Group 4 soft variety KWS Zealum, for example, is a great example of a resilient wheat that delivers strong eld performance with excellent yield potential for growers.

“Recommended for the North of the country, KWS Zealum has an average yield of 102% in this region which rises to over 106% when it is drilled before 25th September.

“This is an important characteristic for Northern growers, most of whom would complete the vast majority of their wheat sowing before this date. January 2023 14 01636 616060 OUR 2023 PROGRAMME INCLUDES: LAMMA - JANUARY 23 ALBANIA - APRIL/MAY 23 SOUTH AFRICA - MAY 23 IRELAND - JUNE 23 CANADA + CALGARY STAMPEDE JUN/JUL 23 VISIT OUR WEBSITE WWW.FIELDFARMTOURS.CO.UK INFO@FIELDFARMTOURS.CO.UK For details of the above and further tours, please
…from previous page

KWS Ultimatum brings the high untreated yield performance growers have come to expect from the KWS Group 2 stable along with excellent grain and eld performance, Mr Dodds reckons.

“KWS Ultimatum achieves a commendable yield of 101% of controls for the whole of the UK, fractionally behind KWS Extase, but this rises to 103% for the North.

“It delivers great performance in the second wheat spot, where 60% of milling wheats and 40% of wheat overall is grown, achieving 102% of controls and it performs equally well on heavy and light soils.”

KWS Harsum is a Group 1 spring variety in the same mould as existing RL variety KWS Ladum, whilst KWS Alicium and KWS Lightum are exciting new Group 2 options, explained KWS spring wheat breeder Dr Reiner Bothe.

“KWS Harsum becomes the highest yielding spring-sown Group 1 variety on the RL at 102% of control just fractionally ahead of KWS Ladum and some 7% ahead of the next variety in the class.

“Harsum’s good protein content is complemented by a high HFN and the best speci c weight in the Group 1 spring sector at 78.3kg/hl.

“With 7s for mildew, yellow rust and septoria plus OWBM resistance, the variety has one of the best agronomic packages in its class.

“Meanwhile, Group 2 KWS Alicium couples outstanding yields with fabulous grain quality, breadmaking performance and OWBM resistance and represents a new type of genetics for the spring wheat milling sector thanks to its German parentage.

“With a treated yield of 105% it’s a real high performer with grain quality to match. A 13.3% protein content, HFN of 346 and speci c weight of 80.3kg/hl really do set a new benchmark for its class.

“Solid agronomic performance with an 8 for mildew resistance and a 7 for septoria rounds out the package making it one of the most complete added-value spring-sown options there is.”

KWS Lightum is another spring-

sown Group 2 variety which o ers growers high yields and excellent grain, featuring a protein content of 13.4%, HFN of 325 and speci c weight of 78.4, he points out.

“Like its new KWS stablemates, Lightum also has OWBM resistance coupled with excellent disease resistance including an 8 for mildew resistance, 7 for brown rust and 6 for septoria contributing to a strong disease package.”

British-bred DSV Oxford becomes the company’s latest British-bred hard Group 4 winter wheat to join the AHDB Recommended List with a performance very close to the highest yielder in the class DSV Champion, said DSV UK’s Sarah Hawthorne.

“DSV Oxford is another success of our Wardington-based breeding programme combining high treated and untreated yields with a robust disease package borne out of our breeding station’s relatively westerly location.

“Our focus in recent years has been on balancing high outright yield potential with consistency of production and robust agronomics focused on giving UK producers an added layer of security in an increasingly di cult production environment.

“Recommended for the East and West region, DSV Oxford follows DSV Theodore, still the cleanest wheat on the new 2023/24 AHDB RL, and the highest yielding hard Group 4 winter wheat DSV Champion sitting neatly between them in terms of performance and agronomics.”

New standards for yield

Despite requiring careful lodging management, LG Redwald sets a new standard for high yielding wheats, yielding 107% in the UK, 107% in the east and 109% in the west. As a soft wheat, the variety also o ers potential for distilling.

The variety has an excellent disease resistance pro le, with very good septoria resistance as well continued over…
Arable HIGH PERFORMING LG DIABLO SPRING BARLEY • Fully Approved by the MBC for Distilling and Brewing • Consistent On-Farm Performance • Stiff Straw and Good Disease Resistance The barley was rolling off the combine like a crop of first wheat - it was phenomenal! Paul, North Yorks
The Genserus resistance trait offers protection from the day the wheat is planted to the day it is harvested, for less than the cost of a single pyrethroid spray. Resistance greatly simplifies crop management, removing the need to monitor and control aphid populations with foliar-applied insecticide sprays while benefiting the environment. BYDV, think Genserus think RAGT. GIVE BYDV A CHANCE AND YOU CAN TEAR UP YOUR YIELD FORECAST.
GENSERUS think RAGT Call us on 01799 533700, or visit us at

as orange wheat blossom midge (OWBM) resistance.

“It is an exciting variety that should deliver for growers in 2023/24, if supported with good agronomic practise to ensure it meets its full potential on farm, and comes at a time when growers are looking more than ever to maximise output in order to maintain pro t in times of increasing costs,” said Ron Granger, Limagrain’s arable technical manager.

Next step in BYDV resistant wheat

The next generation of BYDV resistant wheats comes a step closer to market following the promotion of RGT Grouse to the AHDB Candidate List 2023.

RGT Grouse is a Group 4 hard variety on a Santiago genetic background, with good yield potential and disease resistance.

It is the latest in the pipeline of RAGT Seeds’ ground-breaking Genserus BYDV-resistant varieties and has the added bene t of resistance to orange wheat blossom midge.

“This is the rst of several varieties coming through with this double resistance, enabling many growers to produce insecticide-free wheat, which

has obvious attractions within all markets,” said RAGT’s cereal and OSR product manager, Tom Dummett.

“RGT Grouse is a slower developing type, so is highly suited to earlier sowings when the risk of BYDV is at its highest,” he adds.

“It is a good-looking wheat with a prostrate autumn and winter growth and high tillering capacity, as well as excellent tiller retention that lends itself to a denser canopy.

“Ear fertility is good, with an outstanding bright nish.”

Anticipating keen demand for the variety, RAGT has fast-tracked seed production, so signi cant quantities of commercial seed will be available for autumn 2023, when the variety will be up for full recommendation.

“RAGT is the rst company to introduce the BYDV resistance trait into a commercial wheat line in Europe,” says Tom. “The resistance trait o ers protection from the day the wheat is planted to the day it is harvested, for less than the cost of a single pyrethroid spray.

“It greatly simpli es crop management, removing the need to monitor and control aphid populations with foliar-applied insecticide sprays while bene ting the environment.” FG

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Latest UK Pesticide Guide to be released

This January sees the publication of the 36th edition of the UK Pesticide Guide – the authoritative reference for all approved pesticides and adjuvants. With a dedicated editor keeping track of new entrants, changes to approvals and addition of relevant EAMUs, the guide aims to ensure you have all the information at your ngertips to assist in those crop protection decisions.

Among the additions for 2023 is cinmethylin, BASF’s new entrant o ering a new mode of action against black-grass – although its introduction does highlight the implications of Brexit with it not being approved for use in Northern Ireland. Keeping track of approvals, and indeed any removal of approvals, has

now become a year-round requirement.

To meet this demand, BCPC also produces the online version of the guide, updated throughout the year, keeping growers up to speed with all the changes while also adding the sophisticated search and compare functionality across di erent elds including formulations, uses, dose rates, maximum total dose and/or latest timing of application, along with the pests or diseases controlled and EAMUs.

When you subscribe to the Online UK Pesticide Guide, you also get a 50% discount on your hard copy purchase. BASIS/ NRoSO points are available.

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Trials suggest microbiological-based products o er significant yield increases

Bioelements Ltd is a member of an international team. Its area of expertise is in making di erent species of antagonistic microorganisms compatible while developing multicomponent products. In 2019, it appointed Croptek Bio Ltd as its UK national distributor and with Croptek Bio, they have undertaken numerous trials using microbiological-based products in agricultural crops.

The use of microbials is not new to farming but their use, either as part of a conventional program or to improve yields in organic farming, makes a huge di erence in sustainability and environmental impacts. Bioelements also o ers a range of products for animal wellbeing, bedding, waste treatments of animal slurries and poultry manures which reduces nitrogen losses to both the atmosphere and land drains. All of its products are approved for use in organic farming.

During the time Croptek Bio has been working with Bioelements, the trials it has carried out have shown signi cant yield increases and improved quality and storage characteristics in carrots, potatoes,

maize, cereals and OSR, when used as part of a programmed approach.

The microorganisms included a range from a catalogue of over 130, then built into a product from a single species through to consortias of up to 32 di erent strains of complementary, job-speci c microbes. With the experience gained, both in the UK and throughout Europe, it is possible to tailor recommendations to soils, dependent on all the variables they naturally face from soil type and de ciencies, climatic stresses, and crop speci c requirements to market healthy crops throughout the year. FG

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How do you know if you have fertile soils?

A fertile soil is not simply one that’s had fertiliser applied; it must be a balanced ecosystem that, when structured correctly, can cycle air, water, and nutrients e ectively. An in-depth soil audit provides you with the tools to make informed decisions that could ultimately save money.

Soil is more complex than just P, K and Mg – you must consider its structure, pH, biological status and carbon potential; so many variables, each with their unique in uence on the soil’s performance.

Is your ground compacted, and sticky when it gets wet? Perhaps sandy and always ‘hungry’? Measuring the soil will help you manage its strengths and its limitations. That’s where good data interpretation comes in. For example, most crops need phosphorus, and its availability can be in uenced by soil’s calcium, pH, biological activity, and even how wet it is plays an important role.

Good soil analysis should be considered essential for monitoring soil health. Balanced soils have better capacity to store and exchange nutrients and with enhanced structure, conditions for air and water

expand, making a more conducive atmosphere for life to prosper.

Since the 1990s, Soil Fertility Services says it has helped farmers reduce fertiliser inputs, with tter crops that require fewer fungicides and a lower reliance on insecticides. Liberating the soil’s locked-up tonnes of N, P and K could save you money.

In a time of increasing costs, decisions for soil and crop fertility must be based on sound information – remember to “Measure it, Monitor it and then Manage it better”. FG

Good establishment for spring barley

Many farmers will be planning to sow spring barley crops in 2023. Good establishment in the spring is the key to good yields and grain quality. Wellestablished crops have a better root structure, which helps the crop to withstand prolonged dry periods and gives better access to nutrition in the soil. Trials have proved that sowing big seed with the appropriate seed treatment is the best way to get a rapid establishment.

Rapid establishment also helps to suppress weeds and so can help to save costs on herbicides. One of the key nutrients to consider with spring barley is manganese.

The best way to provide manganese in the early stages,

according to NAAC, is by using a seed treatment. That way the crop does not su er a check in growth during the rst few weeks. Crops that have a good supply of manganese during establishment often show better resistance to diseases such as powdery mildew, so some savings on fungicides can be possible. Good quality certi ed spring barley seed may be hard to nd for spring 2023 and will probably be expensive. Farm-saving your own spring barley seed will be the best option to keep costs down whilst keeping seed quality high.

Your NAAC mobile seed processor can assist you in getting your spring barley crop o to the best possible start. FG

Bred to be bold, lively and full of spirit


Spring Barley (Concerto X Publican)

n Highest speci c weight of current recommended distilling barleys n Lowest screenings of any malt distilling variety n Good grain quality

KWS Sassy is a non-GN producing spring malting barley that has been tried and tested by the UK distilling industry. It is fully approved by the MBC for malting and distilling and continues to deliver one of the highest speci c weights and the lowest screenings of currently listed spring barleys – all key attributes for the maltster and grower alike.

Scan the QR code to nd out more


Spring barley variety options for 2023

Here is an overview of the different spring barley options from Syngenta:

LAUREATE: The number 1 spring malting barley in the UK

• Full MBC Approval for brewing and malt distilling

• Consistent yield in every region, every year

• Excellent disease resistance and high untreated yield

• High demand from maltsters making it a secure marketable

FAIRING: Grain distilling specialist

• The only variety with Full MBC Approval for grain distilling

• Earliest variety to ripen

• The highest Rhynchosporium resistance rating

• Excellent grain quality with very high specific weight and low screenings

SY SPLENDOR: Feed variety with excellent grain quality and straw

• Consistent yields across all regions

• High specific weight

• Rapid growth habit and establishment

• Stiff straw and good resistance to brackling

New for 2023

There have been seven new spring barley additions to the AHDB Recommended List in 2023. The two newest offerings from Syngenta are exciting new malting quality spring barleys, SY TENNYSON and SY SIGNET.

SY TENNYSON: Joint highest yielding spring malting barley

• Under test for brewing and malt distilling

• Consistent yields across all regions and years

• Moderate maturity and good resistance to lodging

SY SIGNET: High potential spring malting barley

• Under test for brewing

• Very strong disease resistance with excellent untreated yields

• High resistance to lodging and brackling

Both these varieties need to complete further industry approvals, they are the next generation of varieties and are ones to watch for the future.

Find our more @SyngentaCropsUK T Syngenta UK Ltd. Registered in England No. 849037. CPC4, Capital Park, Fulbourn, Cambridge CB21 5XE Tel: 01223 883400 Fax: 01223 882195 Technical Enquiries Tel: 0800 169 6058 Email: Website:
Spring Barley
The new AHDB Recommended List was released at the end of November and the spring barley markets are looking exciting for now and the future.

How to make the transition to more sustainable farming practices

Rising costs, changes to farm support, and increasingly extreme weather events, have hastened the need to build more resilient production systems that harness natural processes and reduce the need for arti cial inputs.

The quest for answers on how this can be achieved was re ected in the over-subscribed Hutchinsons inaugural Agroecology Conference in November, where industry leading experts and growers shared their views on how to make the transition to regenerative farming practices.

Chairing the conference, Hutchinsons head of Agroecology, Ed Brown (right), pointed out that agroecology is not something to be considered in isolation but should be encompassed into best practice and can be achieved through a well thought out step by step transition process, that starts with asking “why?”

“Whether you’re a farmer that has already moved to a more resilient farming model, or are just starting out, the most important question is to ask yourself ‘why?’. Why are you doing what you are doing, and how will changing this bene t your farm?

“Then set yourself an action plan

– don’t try to do everything at once and avoid jumping onto trends – there is no silver bullet as every business has di erent aspirations and skill sets.”

Everything starts with soil

Soil health is widely recognised as a cornerstone of sustainable farming systems, and establishing a baseline measurement will allow you to make the best decisions to move forward, said Hutchinsons head of soils, Ian Robertson (below). Being in a position to reduce inputs, change cultivation techniques or understand how cover or catch crops might bene t the soil, has to start with the soil, he said.

“I always say the machine is irrelevant – it is what the soil needs that should drive the decision – for example a

continued over… Book a demo at You get what you pay for... Water Carbon CO2 Biodiversity Agroforestry Join a community of farmers, managing hundreds of thousands of hectares, who are already improving farm business resilience with Sandy Are you looking to reliably measure the potential of your farm’s:

change in cultivation strategy.

“So, before making any signi cant structural or operational changes, it is crucial to understand the physical, chemical and biological make up of the soil. These factors make up the unholy soil alliance and each is as important as the other.

“You cannot manage what you don’t measure. By creating a baseline measurement of the soil, it removes the guess work and helps to avoid making fundamentally wrong

decisions,” he says.

Creating a soil benchmark will allow you to:

• Understand the di erence between pH and bu er pH- allows for an understanding of soil function

• Know the cation exchange capacity – how big is your soil

• Bulk density and texture – what is your soil’s structure; chocolate sponge cake or brownie?

• Organic matter – di erent layers from LOI OM, dumas carbon, active carbon, carbon to clay layer

and C:N ratio

• Extractable nutrients – what are your reserves, focus on cycle rather than adding more on, how is soil structure a ecting this?

• VESS physical soil structure test, water in ltration, worm count.

“It is possible to do all of this using a Healthy Soils assessment and build on this using the unique data from TerraMap, said Mr Robertson, who

encouraged the audience to take advantage of these services.

However, for a clearer picture of the levels of biology in the soil, Mr Robertson suggested the Soil Life Monitor (PLFA) test which is a lab test measuring the levels of bacterial, fungi and protozoa in the soil, as well as the diversity of microbial biomass.

“This is a very useful test to see how diverse your soil biology really is, the more the diverse, the better nutrient cycling and the more the soil will give you back.

“Once a baseline of all these factors has been established, create a report or action plan that all of the teams across the business are fully engaged with it.“

“Highlight the shortcomings and nd ways of overcoming them, be realistic about speed of change and introduce changes over a 8–10 year rotation. Most of all, get started!”

E ciency substitution and redesign

Internationally-renowned agroecology consultant, Joel Williams, (left) presented a technical insight into a methodology to help make the transition from January 2023 24 Arable
…from previous page 91972 European Crop Health Specialists - Olmix Micromix Active Foliar Nutrients Active Biostimulants Active Soil Improvers Specialists in Plant Health From Nutrition to Biostimulation BIOSTIMULANTS Micromix combines
di�erent biologically active components to
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create tailored

conventional farming practices to a more sustainable agroecological approach.

“E ciency is about ensuring that any conventional practices are implemented to their full optimum. Substitution is the replacing of these conventional practices by more alternative practices or ecologically intensive models. Redesign is the nal stage where the practices are completely decoupled from input dependency to being compatible with nature conservation and establishing a reliance on biodiversity and natural regulation,” he explained.

“The rst two steps are very important, but it is 'redesign' that will make the bigger impact and change to the farming system, so it’s important not to get trapped in these initial stages,” he warned.

Reduce reliance on bagged nitrogen using ESR model

Plants need nitrogen to build proteins and for this they convert the nitrogen into a useable form i.e. of amino acids. However, nitrogen is generally applied to the plant in the form of inorganic bagged forms of ammonium or nitrate, on which the plant then expends energy converting into organic forms.

“So, it would make sense to provide the plant with organic forms of nitrogen to reduce the energy needed for this process, making it more e cient.

“There are two ways of doing this, by reducing losses or using a di erent form of nitrogen, for example, foliar nitrogen,” he says.

“Foliar applications bypass soil imbalances; there are no nutrient lockups to navigate, no leaching, less volatilisation and foliage can continue absorption when root uptake is poor. So this generally means less N is required and the overall process is more e cient.”

He acknowledged there are many variables that impact foliar e ciency around formulation, application, crop characteristics and environmental conditions.

“There is also a high nutrient requirement for this process,” he added.

“If we are to take this further than simply improving the e ciency of the products we are using and look at a substitute for fertiliser this can be achieved using liquid forms such as bio fertilisers, sh hydrolysates or through a dry soil-based application of compost or manure.”

However, it is important not to get stuck in this stage or to react too quickly to poor results and to recognize that this substitution stage

can be unreliable,” he says. “For example, we know that there can be issues with consistency of some of these products and there are mineral constraints which can limit biological nitrogen xation.”

“So, whatever the system or practice, it has to be managed, and importantly the product has to go into the system that is designed for it to work.”

Mr Williamson pointed out that to take the next step to Redesign, consider a practice that decouples from input dependency, which in this example could be diversi cation with legumes into the system through eld margins, or in the eld with cover crops.

“How can legumes really help reduce N dependency? he asked.

“It’s not just about integrating them as cover crops so they release their N on decay. It is also possible to share N in real time from legume to cash crop through companion cropping or intercropping.

“As legumes grow, they release root exudates; some of which are amino acids, so when a legume root system and non-legume root system grow side by side, the legume releases amino acids as root exudates and the nonlegume companion can scavenge these.”

He pointed out this is emerging work and not yet truly optimised.

“There is more work to be done on this and we are nding new answers all the time to help redesign systems to help the transitional process.”

The farmer’s perspective

Two farmer speakers, at di erent stages of their agroecology journeys, shared their respective journey.

Ben Taylor-Davies, aka “Regen Ben”, is well along his journey of adopting regenerative practices on the farm at Ross-on-Wye. His approach is to focus wholly and solely on four basic principles:

1. Public integration of the farm

2. Diversity, diversity, diversity

3. KISS (Keep it simple, stupid!)

4. Appreciation of deprecation

Harry Heath, who hosts the Helix Agroecology farm in Newport, Shropshire, believes the best advice he can give is to be open-minded. “To get o the conventional treadmill, you have to think di erently, recognise it’s not all about the crop and continually question everything you do.”

To hear more from the farmers, watch the video of their presentation by visiting resources/ FG

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PGRO has announced


Biostimulant for use in Viticulture

The Descriptive List, launched at the end of November at CropTec, o ers six new combining peas and one new winter bean, with the possibility of up to four spring beans being included at a later date, pending National Listing. This is more than double the number of new varieties which debuted on the 2022 list.

Despite drought conditions and record temperatures throughout the growing season, trials were conducted successfully and the varieties grown across the country demonstrated impressive consistency in terms of yield and disease resistance.

PGRO senior technical o cer Christopher Judge commented: “2022 has been a year with a lot of changes. But, not only have the trials run successfully, but the data produced by the Descriptive List is reassuringly consistent.

“High-yielding varieties have maintained their good performance, and other traits such as disease

ratings also retain similar scores to before with the addition of new supporting data. For example, the list now includes a score for downy mildew and rust on winter beans.”

Two yellow combining peas –Glam (bred by Senova) and LG Ajax (Limagrain) – are new additions to the list, while the three new green peas are Butter y (LS Plant Breeding), KWS Gotham (KWS), and Kiravi (Senova).

New variety of marrowfat variety Takayama (LS Plant Breeding) has made the list, joining as the highest yielder in that category, achieving a 96% yield.

Bonneville (Senova) is the only new winter bean addition to the 2023 list. Its yield is above average at 102%, and it has the second highest protein content on the list.

• Activates plant hormones for improved reproductive health

• Reduces issues with fruit set caused by environmental stress

• Improves homogeneity of berries, evens cluster weight and increases overall yield

VIVAFLOR contains GA142 (seaweed ltrate), boron 26.8g/L, magnesium 68.8g/L and sulphur 136.6g/L.

VIVAFLOR is a registered trademark of UPL. © UPL Europe Ltd 2022. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Pay attention to risk indications and follow the safety precautions on the label. January 2023 26

that seven new
have been
with up
Spring bean trials su ered in the prolonged hot and dry period in the summer, leading to lower yields than 2021. Four new high-yielding spring bean varieties have performed well, be
pea and bean varieties
added to
2023 Descriptive List for pulses,
to four more to
added at a later date.
PGRO 2023 Descriptive List demonstrates consistency as well as new potential

which are Genius and Futura (both LS Plant Breeding), LG Stego (Limagrain) and Focus (Saaten Union), but at the time of writing have not yet received UK National List status, therefore cannot be added to the Descriptive List at this time.

Should National Listing be granted, PGRO will add these varieties to the list which is published at

Combining peas

Kameleon (114%) and Orchestra (111%) remain the top-yielding yellow peas. New addition Glam (Senova) has a yield of 108% and has the latest maturity of the yellow peas.

New addition LG Ajax (Limagrain) has a yield of 103% and has good resistance to powdery mildew.

Carrington remains the top yielding green pea at 115%, while Butter y (LS Plant Breeding) also performed well with a yield of 109% and has an earlier maturity and larger seed size than Carrington.

KWS Gotham (KWS) and Kiravi (Senova) are both later maturing varieties with competitive yields, 107% and 105% respectively. Within the green category, LG Aviator and Greenwood have resistance to powdery mildew – an increasingly important trait.

Carrington, Bluetime and LG Aviator have the highest downy mildew rating (8).

New variety Takayama (LS Plant Breeding) has become the topyielding marrowfat with a yield of 96%, 10% more than Sakura. It also has a better downy mildew rating (6) than all the other marrowfats on the DL.

Winter beans

Bonneville (Senova) is the only new winter bean addition to the 2023 list. Its yield is above average at 102%, and it has the second highest protein content on the list.

Ratings for downy mildew in winter beans have been added to the DL. Most varieties have scored a 5 for downy mildew, with Vincent (7) and Norton (6) having higher ratings.

Spring beans

Lynx remains the top yielding variety (107%). It has a good downy mildew rating (7) and has been one of the highest rated varieties since its addition to the list.

Despite having a low yield (92%), Yukon has the best downy mildew rating (9) and is the earliest maturing variety on the list.

Four new high yielding spring bean varieties have performed well. These are Genius and Futura (both LS Plant Breeding), LG Stego (Limagrain) and Focus (Saaten Union). These four new varieties have not yet received UK National List status.

Performance of current and new varieties

According to breeder LS Plant Breeding (LSPB), the latest PGRO DL con rms the performance of its current and newly added pulse varieties for UK growers.

The new DL for spring beans is once again headed by Lynx, which is joined by LSPB’s varieties Ghengis, Victus, Macho, Vertigo and Yukon.

It is worth noting that the LVC variety Victus (low vicine/convicine) is now closing the yield gap with conventional varieties, while Yukon continues to combine the earliest maturity with highest downy mildew on the DL.

Yukon is the earliest maturing variety on the 2023 PGRO Descriptive List for spring beans (DL) with a rating of 8, making it a major contender for growers in the north of England and Scotland in particular.

Yukon also has the highest possible downy mildew resistance rating of 9 on the DL, a clear advantage for all growers – whether in the north or south of the country.

To add to these key agronomic values, Yukon has a very high thousand seed weight (TSW) of 622 giving it excellent marketability by producing a good sample for Egyptian buyers who form the main human consumption export market for UK-grown beans.

This high level of TSW is also a plus for the equally important UK aquaculture market for dehulled beans.

Yukon’s other agronomic characters are its high standing ability at harvest of 8 and its resistance to rust of 5.

The variety’s yield ranking in trials is likely a ected by its early maturity as – unlike most farm situations – all varieties in trials, whether early or late maturing, have to be combined together.

a ected by its early combined together.

Michael Shuldham (pictured), pulses product manager for LSPB, commented: “We believe that Yukon will nd a rm place with UK spring bean growers where its bene ts will put it alongside its stablemates in our portfolio, such as the market leading variety Lynx, at the top of the PGRO DL.” FG

North Barn, Manor Farm, Milton Road, Impington, Cambridge, CB24 9NG Tel: +44 (0) 1223 236808
Combining Excellence

Forging a new path in plant breeding for pulses

This new collaboration has a strong commercial focus and will bring new and additional investment into pea and lentil breeding locally in Saskatchewan, increasing competition, and creating a strong environment to foster innovation.

Developing new and better performing varieties of peas and lentils is the focus of the breeding collaboration. Farmers’ priorities and greatest production challenges are at the forefront of the breeding programme, with major areas of focus including resistance to root disease in peas and lentils, increased protein content, and overall improvements in yield performance under varying conditions.

Breeding will take place in Saskatchewan for the bene t of Saskatchewan producers. “We are excited for this new direction in pulse breeding for farmers in Saskatchewan. It is important to continue fostering innovation and competition in

pulse breeding and to bring new perspectives to challenging on-farm issues like root rots and herbicide resistance,” says Shaun Dyrland, chair of SPG board of directors. “We believe this new collaboration with Limagrain on pulse breeding will allow for targeting grower priorities and ensuring that growers’ direction and voices are at the table helping to drive new varieties.”

The new Limagrain Field Seeds breeding and research programme will be based in Saskatoon, where a dedicated pulse breeding team will be created, bringing new expertise in breeding, pathology, molecular genetics, and eld trial evaluation to the region.

This technology-driven program will lead to higher performing varieties being made available to producers more quickly by deploying all available technology to both shorten the breeding cycle and accelerate seed production.

“Limagrain is very committed to producing plant-based proteins. Saskatchewan is at the heart of global pulse production, so it makes perfect sense for Limagrain Field Seeds to extend its existing cereal breeding research in Saskatoon, and to now include these two pulse crops reinforcing our commitment to Saskatchewan,” remarked Régis Fournier, CEO of Limagrain Field Seeds. “Collaboration is a core value for Limagrain and partnering with SPG, a fellow farmer-led organisation is a crucially important component.”

Both SPG and Limagrain have farmer-based boards of directors. This is an important pillar to this new collaboration, which was developed

around shared values to support and foster pro table growth and opportunities for Saskatchewan farmers.

The collaboration has SPG and Limagrain sharing in upfront investments, with future royalties from the sale of new varieties to be shared. SPG will provide input on breeding priorities and ensure that farmers’ voices, needs, priorities, and challenges are driving the goals of the programme every step of the way. FG

Will Pillinger, pulse breeder for Limagrain UK believes European and UK markets can expect to see the bene ts from this incredibly signi cant pulses breeding collaboration in the near future through combined technology and genetic diversity. “The partnership with Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG), has increased our investment in genomic selection and speci c trait related genetic markers for peas, beans and lentils.

“This increased global pulse breeding will have an immediate impact on the ability for Limagrain UK to access accelerated improvements in yield, quality and disease resistance and it should not be too long before we see these attributes on UK farms.”

CultusHDsetsanewstandardinthe mountedtinecultivatorsegment. Itisdesignedtonevercompromise onitsexactdepthprecisionand highfieldperformance.

Theheartofthemachineisthenew heavy-dutyCultusHDtines.Witha releaseforceofupto680kg,Cultus HDwillkeepitsdepthinafullrange ofconditions.

Keepingthedepth.Always. Wherefarmingstarts January 2023 28 Arable
Thenew CultusHD425-525
CultusHD Developing new varieties of peas is a key focus of the breeding collaboration. Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG) and Limagrain Field Seeds are excited to announce a new collaboration for pulse breeding in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Organic fertiliser is “six times stronger than FYM”

Cloud Agro Ltd specialises in soil health and crop nutrition, delivering sustainable solutions for farmers who want to make a positive environmental impact with optimum nancial returns.

The company works collaboratively with scienti c and agricultural institutions to jointly develop laboratory protocols and farm products which are rigorously tested and proven in on-farm eld trials.

Cloud Agro explains its services and products make it possible for producers, for the rst time, to accurately measure and e ectively treat the “burn rate of nutrients” exported during harvest, together with the “burn rate of humus (organic matter)” expended during mineralisation.

The company supplies Smart Feed, which is a 100% natural organic fertiliser and soil conditioner, under the brand name FutureGro. FutureGro is an upgrade to the traditional practice of manure and green waste application, being a high-quality, fully decomposed organic

fertiliser that adds nutrients, improves soil structure, and stimulates microbial action. According to Cloud Agro, it is six times stronger than FYM and a whopping 50 times more e ective than green waste. With FutureGro, as the plant grows stronger with enhanced nutrition and more balanced soils, crops can ward o disease vectors and pest attacks. However, Cloud Agro stresses that animal manure does the opposite: its application leads to the spread of weed seeds, disease vectors, and pathogens.

Repeated application of FutureGro helps nutrients become more available to crops, making soil more fertile. Over time, less chemical fertiliser is needed. Apply FutureGro, on average, 1t/ha twice a year to your soil to see healthier crops and 25% higher yields this season. FG

January 2023 29 BOWIE LOCKWOOD 02476 459000 SHORT OF STORAGE SPACE? SHORT OF STORAGE SPACE? OF RIDBA Rural & Industrial Design & Building Association Competitive prices for all your agricultural & industrial requirements Competitive prices for all your agricultural & industrial requirements CONTACT US NOW! 90884 Grain stores and other agricultural and commercial buildings available
Wild Wales Seeds 91711 Visit us at Suppliers of wildflower seeds, grass seed, cover crops, forage crops and bespoke mixes CLOUD AGRO LTD Organic Nutrient Recycling FUTUREGRO “Quality and yield will deteriorate if no soil amendment is done postharvest and at budburst, as every tonne of fruit produced removes vital nutrients responsible for the movement of water and energy in the plant.” THE NUTRIENT SIGNATURES FOR U.K. TOP FRUIT AND VINES (07543) 265454 SOIL HEALTH SMART FEED TM use organic fertiliser + soil conditioner: PREPARE BEFORE PLANTING BOOST AFTER BUDBURST REPLENISH POST HARVEST

Extra post-em active boosts weed control

Bayer o ers an additional active – thiencarbazone – in its post-em line up to improve weed control in wheat.

The active is in the three-way coform Atlantis Star (mesosulfuron + iodosulfuron + thiencarbazone) which boosts grassweed and broad-leaf weed control compared to other post-ems.

According to Bayer’s Tom Chillcott, it will o er a 5–10% uplift in control of susceptible grass weeds and widen the broad-leaf weed spectrum compared to the next best postem Paci ca Plus (mesosulfuron + iodosulfuron + amidosulfuron). But he o ers a note of caution that it doesn’t change the situation with resistant weeds.

“Any discussion around postems is overshadowed by resistance,” says Mr Chillcott. “We know it’s out there, and that quite simply on some farms and elds an ALS-inhibitor (HRAC Group 2) post-em is not the right option. But we also know from mesosulfuron sales and resistance testing that there are lots of places where the improvement in control o ered by Atlantis Star will help a lot. There are still some susceptible black-

grass populations out there, and even more so when we talk about ryegrass.”

In 20 trials, Atlantis Star averaged 60.5% control of black-grass versus 56% for Paci ca Plus – this included some elds with enhanced metabolism resistant black-grass. The results are similar for ryegrass control and better for brome. Some 16 trials showed 85% brome control for Atlantis Star and 75% for Paci ca Plus, additional work at Bayer’s Chishill weedscreen has shown an even greater improvement against meadow brome and rye brome.

Bayer reckons Atlantis Star also has a lot to o er farmers dealing with broad-leaf weeds. It provides good control of a wide spectrum of problem weeds including cranesbill, poppy and mayweeds.

The new active is in the same mode of action group as its coform partners mesosulfuron and

not a sulfonylurea like mesosulfuron.

Thiencarbazone is taken in by the weed through the leaf so applications timing and technique will be very important. “Atlantis Star is approved for applications between GS13 – 32, from 1st February. Post-emergence herbicides are very sensitive to application conditions, lots of things have to be right to get a good result,” comments Mr Chilcott.

“Active growth, good drying conditions and a ne–medium spray which can settle on the targe are essential. Particularly in February, the target will be small and drying time limited. It’s better to apply one tank in optimal conditions than try to do too much and have the active washed

away by rain or dew. Patience is vital, and so is prioritising elds to spray where you expect the most bene t.”

The approved rate for Atlantis Star is 0.333kg/ha which delivers the same amount of mesosulfuron as a full rate 0.5kg/ha Paci ca Plus as well as thiencarbazone which provides the all-round weed control boost. There are no additional restrictions on tankmixes and following crops compared to other mesosulfuron post-ems so it will be easy for farmers to upgrade immediately in their current system. Physical and biological compatibility data for tank mixes will be available from Bayer in early spring for farmers looking to do a joint T0/ post-em spray. FG January 2023 30 Arable
Wild oats Italian ryegrass resistant strains Meadow brome Rye brome Black-grass resistant weed types Atlantis Star 0.33kg/ha Paci ca Plus 0.5kg/ha Broadway Star 365g We specialise in designing, manufacturing, and supplying a wide range of agricultural, industrial and equestrian steel frame buildings 92240 Julian Arrowsmith 07527 395424 Harry Groome 07805 419544 email: Contact: RAPID ASSEMBLY BUILDING SYSTEM 100% RECYCLED PLASTIC MADE FROM SHELTERS | SHEDS | HIDES | MOBILE UNITS ANIMAL PENS | LANDSCAPING | STORAGE RETAINING WALLS | DIY PROJECTS WWW.QUICKBLOCK.UK INFO@QUICKBLOCK.UK CALL - 0141 478 0365
Chishill Weedscreen 2017–2022

CLAAS CMATIC – Performance Driven Seamless acceleration and deceleration between 0-50kph. Uninterrupted power for maximum productivity and minimising fuel usage. 3 simple drive modes. Auto stretch brake. Tractor implement control. Engine droop adjustment. CLAAS CMATIC – the fully stepless transmission that’s performance driven, ef ciency driven and with you in the driving seat. Contact your local CLAAS dealer today for a demonstration.
Switch to Selontra® The Speed Baiting Technology 3 x faster - rodents stop feeding 24hrs after consuming a lethal dose No resistance unlike some anticoagulants Stop feed effect - rodents stop eating and also moving around the farm which prevents damage, contamination, spread of disease and stress to livestock Cost saving – stops damage to machinery and feed being eaten NowHACCPcertified Discover more about Selontra® with just one click! Selontra® contains Cholecalciferol. Selontra® is a registered trademark of BASF. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. BASF plc, 4th and 5th Floors, 2 Stockport Exchange, Railway Road, Stockport, SK1 3GG. Tel: 0161 485 6222 email: BENEFITS:

Tackling rodenticide resistance on UK farms

more rats with the mutated gene and creating an even wider issue of resistant rodents throughout the area.

This phenomenon leaves farmers with an infestation of rats, which will potentially go on to spread disease to workers and livestock, destroy equipment or property, contaminate feed, and ultimately cost them a lot of money.

BASF’s new “resistance-breaking” rodenticide, Selontra, features the active cholecalciferol, which breaks the cycle of resistance and makes infestation control possible in as few as seven days.

reduced potential of any build-up of poison within the body, helping farmers to balance performance and environmental impact.

If you’re experiencing issues with rodents on your farm and suspect you may be in an area of resistance, enter your location at https://rrac. info/ and ensure you choose a bait with cholecalciferol as an active ingredient, such as Selontra.

From extensive damage to machinery and equipment to loss of pro t through spreading of disease and contaminated animal feed, rats and mice can cause a host of serious issues for farmers.

However, the growing issue of rodenticide resistance is one that many farmers may unknowingly be facing when it comes to controlling

these pests. Many rats are now resistant to baits containing rst- and second-generation anticoagulants, which feature difenacoum and bromadiolone as the active.

While these traditional baits should control non-resistant rodents, the growing populations of “superrats” will be una ected and will continue to reproduce, thus breeding

The soft block bait causes death from hypercalcaemia; the accumulation of too much calcium in the blood. This results in rodents stopping feeding, on both the bait and any available food on the farm, in as little as 24 hours after consuming a lethal dose. Thanks to these fast-acting results, any risks such as the spread of disease, damage to property, and additional bio-security contamination can be quickly minimised.

Cholecalciferol is not persistent in the environment. It is also ‘non-bioaccumulative’ and readily metabolised, meaning there is

To help raise awareness of rodenticide resistance and encourage best practice across UK farms, BASF has launched a new digital portal o ering farmers an interactive rodent control training programme.

The Real Results Virtual Farm CPD portal, which has been developed in partnership with experienced industry instructor and rodent infestation problem-solver, Oliver Madge, guides users through various modules exploring di erent areas of rodent control, before completing the CRRU-recognised exam for the Safe Use of Rodenticides.

Visit BASF’s Real Results Virtual Farm and begin the course at www.

To nd out more and become a certi ed Selontra user, visit FG

January 2023 33 News JONES BROTHERS Pre-Stressed Concrete Wall Panels Inspired by the latest technology in Pre-stressed Concrete Wall Panels, and with the desire to continue in meeting our customers' requirements regarding Quality, Design, Volume & Delivery... ...we have opened a new & improved manufacturing facility in Green eld, Flintshire, North Wales • Brand new precision built moulds & tooling • Larger range of sizes & loadbearing options (95, 145, 200 & new 240, 280mm) • Selection of Concrete Lego Blocks • Increased capacity • Made to measure • Shorter lead-times • Established Quality Assured products at competitive prices • Design & Bespoke Project capability t: 01352 719182 or 01352 716648 • f: 01352 837690 e: www. 91518 If it can be done - we can help - call to discuss: 0800 206 1613 We can quickly arrange loans 3 months - 25 years £10,000 - £5,000,000. Competitive rates for Farm Finance Immediate decision in principle - use for any purpose: Consolidation, Tax bills, Crops, Expansion, New equipment, Livestock etc. Specialist help for Financial Problem Cases Including adverse credit. We can lend against property Farms, Farm Buildings, Farm Equipment & Machinery Equestrian Buildings, Shops, Bare Land and Buy-to-Lets. Bank Said NO? We Usually Say YES! FARM LOANS & RE-MORTGAGES Farmers could be unknowingly contributing to the spread of “super rats” on their farm, according to pest control solutions manufacturer BASF.

Learn and network at FarmExpo

Farm Expo, a free-to-attend event for the farming community, will be returning to the Kent Showground on 1st March 2023 to showcase the nest calibre of machinery, goods and services from national and international suppliers.

More than 100 exhibitors are expected to attend the event to promote their latest goods and services, with live demonstrations and experts on hand to showcase some of the most innovative products currently on the market.

that organises the event, said: “Farmers have never before faced as many challenges as they do now, so it is more important than ever Farm Expo brings farmers the knowledge and innovation needed to help their businesses not just survive but thrive.

“With the range of exhibitors and other resources on o er, Farm Expo is an important date in the calendar for farmers to meet their peers and see developments in the industry.”

What is the Future Farming Resilience Fund?

The Future Farming Resilience Fund (FFRF) is a free service available to farmers in England. Funded by Defra, the aim of the programme is to help farmers understand how changes in the industry will a ect their businesses.

energy, carbon, biodiversity, business structure, landlord and tenant relationships, nance and succession.

The purpose of the scheme is to provide con rmation that a business is performing well and o er minor recommendations regarding how it operates.

Guest speakers will also join the event, taking part in our exclusive seminar, to share their successes (and failures), and give professional advice on farming and land related topics.

Julian Barnes, chairman of the Kent County Agricultural Society

Farm Expo is currently accepting trade stand applications, with inside and outside stands of varying sizes available to suit all businesses. To secure a great space, book by the end of December at farm-expo/ FG Kent County Agricultural Society farm-expo/ FG

Berrys is able to deliver this service in person on a one-to-one basis and offer recommendations for the future based on business performance.

The provision of this advice is particularly timely, not only because of reducing BPS payments and the uncertainty over how these will be replaced, but also because of global issues such as rising interest rates and inflation.

The advice provided is tailored to each individual business and might include matters of diversification, renewable

In a time of great uncertainty, an opportunity to undertake a thorough review of business performance at no cost is of great value to farmers. Any information provided to Berrys is treated in complete confidence and will not be used by Defra.

To find out more about the FFRF, and what services Berrys could offer you, please contact Will Davies (pictured) at Berrys directly or visit

You can also complete a registration form at jMIiuRa FG January 2023 34 Kent Showground, Maidstone, ME14 3JF 01622 630975 Seminars Networking Trade Stands 1 March 2023 FREETOATTEND @KCASFarmExpo Register Now For Free One-To-One Business Advice.
Farmers and landowners can receive free one-toone business advice from Berrys, fully funded by Defra under the Future Farming Resilience Fund. The advice will include an on-farm visit and the production of a comprehensive, bespoke report. To register, please scan the QR code with your phone, complete the registration form at or contact Will Davies on 01743 267062 email
To find out more come and see us at LAMMA (Hall 7 Stand 7.436) or visit:

Attracting over 40,000 visitors each year, LAMMA o ers an invaluable opportunity for the farming industry to network, share knowledge, and do business. Over 700 exhibitors will showcase the latest machinery, technologies, services and tools in the agricultural space.

The show celebrated its 40th anniversary last year, proving

its value to both farmers and companies, big and small. Similar to previous years, visitors will see machinery launches, UK debuts, global brands alongside small manufacturers, o ering a fantastic range of products to suit every budget and interest.

What’s more, this year’s LAMMA show will also have a wide variety of

features for all to enjoy. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the future of agriculture by taking part in The Future Farming Trail, access support and advice at the Farm Safety and Security Zone, and collect CPD points from DairyPro and Basis on both days of the event.

In 2023, LAMMA will once again provide a platform for young engineers to showcase their talent and become more sustainable, e cient, and pro table by hosting the Young Engineer Awards. Last year’s winner, Stephen Davies, will be exhibiting at the show with his DTec 200 feeding and mixing bucket on display, serving as an inspiration for aspiring engineers.

The Innovation Awards will also return due to popular demand, celebrating innovation and advances in the farming industry and providing exposure to agricultural manufacturers.

An exciting feature of this year’s event will be LAMMA Torques, a chance to listen in on industry debates and speaker sessions discussing the latest developments and issues in farming. Topics will include regenerative agriculture, alternative fuels, silage

management, cost-saving sessions and the future of agricultural policy.

Those driving to the event can simply put B40 1NT in their sat nav and follow signs to the show from motorways and major routes. Once parked up, visitors can take a free shuttle bus to the show entrance or walk along the signposted footpaths. Those arriving by train or plane will also have access to direct services to the NEC all day.

Nichola Bell, head of events at Agriconnect, is looking forward to welcoming visitors to LAMMA once again: “With sustainability, production e ciency and food security at the top of the industry’s priority list, LAMMA is the perfect place for farmers and business owners to nd the right tools and strategies help them achieve their goals.”

As always, registration for the LAMMA show is free and tickets can be booked at FG

Machinery Preview
The UK’s largest agricultural machinery and technology show returns on its original January dates of 10–11th January 2023 at the NEC Birmingham, with more features than ever before. LAMMA show brings more to the table For when you want to drive down establishment costs and improve soil health… LOVE YOURSOIL …but don’t want to compromise on yield. Establishing a better way With 20 years’ direct strip-till experience, we know that Claydon drilling is good for your soil and good for your pocket. It dramatically reduces fuel consumption, doesn’t require huge horsepower to pull, aids carbon sequestration and reduces soil erosion. Worms just love it. And importantly, yields are healthy too. To discuss sustainable farming, call your local dealer or Claydon direct on +44 (0)1440 820327. See us at LAMMA in Hall 6.

Keep Your Grain Cool & Dry

Technology to detect moisture in grain stores

The novelty in testing technology is the AW-Wert measurement system, AW-Control for short. The system allows not only temperature monitoring but also simultaneous control of the bearing via the AW value. The availability of water for physical, chemical, microbial and enzymatic processes is described by water activity, the AW value, and is of great importance for the shelf life of the grain.

The complete system is Plug n'Play i.e. You do not need electrical specialists for this. Simply plug in the required components, the measuring and control system is ready. You can monitor the warehouse from anywhere in the world via one device. Ventilation is fully automatic or, if desired, also manually. • No storage losses • Fans only run when needed January 2023 38
91106 Distributed by Agro Hanse Pilgrims, Elmstead Road, Elmstead, Colchester, Essex CO7 7A Tel: 07557 363057 . Email: . Come and see us at LAMMA to find out more

Working demos of innovative grain store ventilation control system at LAMMA

The AW Control System is an “important step forward” as, unlike other systems on the market, it measures the activity of water (aw) as well as temperature and humidity, says Steve Chapman of grain handling and conditioning specialist Agro Hanse UK, which distributes the system in the UK.

Alongside the rest of Agro Hanse’s grain handling and conditioning range of products, the Schmelzer AW system will be featured on the company’s exhibition unit at LAMMA 2023, where visitors will be able to see working demonstrations of the innovative grain conditioning control system.

The sensors are particularly sophisticated in detecting both temperature and moisture levels in grain stores and react rapidly in switching fans on and o , Mr Chapman says. There is demand in the industry for longer-term storage, and with the rise in grain prices, farmers can get much more value from the crop if they can keep it in a manageable state for longer, with minimal labour. Automated systems also mean farmers avoid frequent manual checks on the store.

Measuring water activity

Agro Hanse reckons most automatic grain store systems rely on the monitoring of ambient relative humidity and temperature uctuations in the grain but not moisture, which leaves time for problems to build up in the store – making them more di cult to reverse. Instead, the company says systems should measure the temperature, the water activity (aw) value and the intake air humidity of the fan, because temperature and aw value can be converted into an increase in grain moisture. Intake of ambient air with high relative humidity % must be prevented to avoid an increase in the aw value.

Monitoring the activity of water is an

important step forward for grain store control systems, Mr Chapman says. Aw is a measure of the available water in or around a material, e.g. a grain of wheat. The aw value is temperaturedependent so it’s important to remember that an increase in temperature also increases the mobility of water.

So how does this di er from the standard moisture content we usually refer to? It is not always widely known that two identical grains can have the same overall moisture content but can still have very di erent aw values. Virtually no damaging microorganisms will grow below an aw of 0.6, and typically the limit to aim for is 0.65.

How does the Schmelzer system work?

The Schmelzer Silo AW Control System, which includes sensor measuring rods, venting systems and fans, will only operate fans within pre-set parameters. The fans’ automatic controls ensure optimal conditioning of the grain or bulk material at all times, Agro Hanse says, which can lead to signi cant reductions in energy consumption. This means that if the pre-set aw value is exceeded, the assigned fans switch on during a set runtime, then there is a rest period to measure the aw value and the temperature. If the measured value is exceeded, ventilation continues again.

If the value falls below the measured value, those values are recorded every 15 minutes and sent to the server. It is reassuring to remember

that every single monitoring point is in constant contact with the individual fan controls, which leaves no margin for error. Because a single sensor can take multiple readings at one metre intervals, the system can highlight a problem whether near the surface or deep inside the store.

Ventilation is avoided:

• If the system is outside pre-set operating time

• If the set aw value is not reached

• If the fan is switched o manually

• If the ambient conditions do not allow ventilation (weather too humid or too warm). The Schmelzer AW Control System is available in the UK from Agro Hanse. To see a working demonstration and nd out more about Agro Hanse’s full range of grain conditioning products, visit the company’s stand at LAMMA.

Alternatively, Schmelzer o ers the facility to login to a test account where you can view an actual setup of the required components which are installed in one the Schmelzer’s testing facilities.

This sample setup can give a closer view of the advantages and simplicity of the online software without the need to create a live account and without the need to install hardware components on your site.

In addition to this facility, Steve Chapman of Agro Hanse, together with a technical representative from Schmelzer, can provide a demonstration which includes a fan with control box and sensors and shows the advantages and how the system works. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 8 Stand 8.730

January 2023 39
Machinery Preview

Suzuki has been working with Datatag and tting its Cesar forensic marking system for over 10 years, but has recently bolstered its security o ering by partnering with Datatool to t a Thatcham-accredited tracking and immobiliser system as well.

The Datatool Stealth S5+ tracker

and immobiliser actively protect the ATV against unauthorised movement as well as providing hotwire/forced ignition protection. It has been developed for the harsh environments that ATVs must withstand. Waterproof with a builtin antenna, the Datatool Stealth

is a cutting-edge tracking device which bene ts from a UK-based 24/7/365 theft monitoring team and is 4G-enabled for superior tracking abilities as well as providing tow-away alerts and key cloning protection. In addition, the Datatool App enables customers to see the location of their ATV in real time, as well as journey history so you can see where the vehicle has been used, Suzuki explains.

Suzuki’s range currently comprises of three versatile models; the KingQuad 500 and 500XP as well as the KingQuad 750XP (XP denotes power steering). These robust utility ATVs are the culmination of years of re nement and their high levels of technical speci cation and ease of handling give riders con dence on any terrain, making them suitable for several applications including hill and lowland farming, estate management and use on equestrian properties, the company says.

Suzuki’s position as a leading supplier of ATVs to the UK

agricultural and land-management markets has been strengthened by the new security package and by the recent announcement that it is beating the supply-chain issues being experienced in other sectors, with a healthy stock holding that is ready and waiting for its network of dealers to access for con rmed customer orders.

Mark Beeley, head of ATV and marine for Suzuki GB, said: “We’re pleased to be able to include these security features within the cost of our ATVs. A Suzuki KingQuad is an invaluable asset to a wide variety of businesses, particularly in the agricultural industry, so we understand the need to protect them as much as possible. We hope customers will see the new tracker and immobiliser system as another added bene t and an additional reason to choose Suzuki.”

Customers can nd out more by seeing Suzuki at the LAMMA show on the 10th and 11th January at the NEC or visiting: FG LAMMA show: Hall 7 Stand 7.436

Join us at the LAMMA show! Hall 6 Stand 6.850

"King of Quads" now comes with tracker and immobiliser Suzuki’s range of KingQuad ATVs now come tted with an enhanced security package, courtesy of partnering with Datatool and Datatag.
Valid until 31st of January 2023. 5% discount o suggested retail price (excl. VAT & transport costs) with a £250 voucher o genuine Can-Am accessories, for the purchase of a Can-Am Traxter MY20 and up 5% discount o suggested retail price (excl. VAT & transport costs) with a £100 voucher o genuine Can-Am accessories, for the purchase of a Can-Am Outlander MY20 and up. This promotion cannot be substituted and only applies to NFU members living in England & Wales. O er valid at participating local dealers. © 2022 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc (BRP). All rights reserved. The BRP logos are registered trademarks of BRP or its a liates. BRP reserves the right at any time to discontinue or change speci cations, price, design, features, models or equipment without incurring any obligation. Some models depicted may include optional equipment. Photos taken outside the European Union, on private and authorised terrains. Respect the environment and ride only to authorised locations. Always ride responsibly and safely. EXCLUSIVE OFFER Traxter STARTING FROM £ 14,999 5% discount & £250 voucher o genuine accessories all Can-Am Traxter models MY20 and up. Valid until 31st of January 2023.
“ The Datatool App enables customers to see the location of their ATV in real time.

According to Campey, it is a widely compatible and practical user-friendly system, working in straight line or in curved modes, guiding machinery with precision (operating to within 2.5cm accuracy)




– with multi-sensor integration to accommodate all eld shapes, sizes and operator working preferences.

The FJDynamics autosteering technology has an online coordination platform which helps with

decision-making by synchronising information to boost e ciency, yields and revenues.

Agriculture grassland specialists, Campey Agriculture, will also be displaying grassland rejuvenation solutions through a range of machines from Vredo overseeders and Evers Harrows.

All the machines play an essential role in reliable grassland rejuvenation, the company says. Vredo’s range of Agri Seeders have gained a reputation for 96% germination rates, with the Crop Drill System (CDS) given the Ivel Award and Silver Arable Innovation Award at LAMMA 2020.

The CDS enables the Vredo to sow arable crops directly on corn stubbles without any tillage at a 15cm row distance, extending the machine’s use, reducing establishment fuel costs and promoting soil health. The unit keeps its well-known features for grassland overseeding (7.5cm), making it the only machine that can overseed on grass and arable land, Campey claims.

Even with a healthy

establishment of grass, compaction through grazing and heavy machinery use can lead to ooding and weak, poor grass growth.

Campey Agriculture o ers Evers grassland maintenance products to combat this, including the GPG range of spring tine harrows. Evers front harrows are often used in combination with an overseeder. These harrows activate the soil, break up and disperse lumps of slurry and muck, and stimulate new grass growth providing a grassland weeding harrow, levelling, and harrowing in one pass.

The levelling bar of the frontharrow levels molehills. The intensive cultivation of the sward with the heavy-duty harrow tines, removing weeds, combing out dead grass, activating soil life, removing the thatch layer from the sward, enhancing the growth of the existing sward. And in combination with an overseeder, overseeding can be done in one go.

The Campey Agriculture team will be on the stand with these machines at LAMMA. For more information visit FG LAMMA stand: Hall 6 Stand 6.500

January 2023 41
Effective, Reliable, High Work Rate, Agricultural Machinery
official distributors of leading industry manufacturers AGRICULTURE
Campey Agriculture new or used machine is backed up by our comprehensive after-sales service, technical back-up and a rapid delivery parts service. For more information call +44 (0)1260 224568 or visit Grassland weeding harrow, levelling and harrowing in one pass plus it can also be used in combination with an overseeder. Tried and tested technology, grass seed is delivered precisely with 2 sharp discs that cut a V-shaped slit in the ground. The Imants spaders achieve a higher efficiency and a higher yield per acre with less passes for all soil types. Vredo Agri Twin 4.
For the rst time, Campey Agriculture will be bringing the latest FJDynamics autosteering technology to LAMMA. This GPS guidance system is designed to deliver precision farming to increase e ciency and pro tability. SLURRY INFRASTRUCTURE GRANT - ENGLAND The grant is available to help replace, build new or expand existing slurry stores to provide 6 months storage. You need to fit all grant funded stores with an impermeable cover, unless you treat your slurry as per the requirement. Extra equipment such as pumps & pipes are also covered in this grant. You can apply for this grant from Autumn 2022
Tel: 01524 781900
6 Stand 6.650
Autosteering tech on show at LAMMA ‘23
Offering a wide range of agricultural and farm tyres, Ascenso aims to provide long-lasting tyres that are specially designed for a variety of farming applications and conditions. Ascenso tyres are designed keeping absolutely everything in mind: vehicle types, terrain, weather conditions and customer needs. Agricultural | Industrial & Construction | Earth Mover | Forestry For Ascenso Tyres in the UK, contact your local tyre dealer or visit Trade enquiries: | 01205 743163 on Bias tyres 5 year warranty on Farm Radial tyres 7year warranty Find us at the LAMMA Show 10th & 11th Jan 2023 NEC Birmingham, Hall 6 - Stand 6.330

Tyre brand returns to LAMMA after 2022 launch

Over the last two years, Ascenso Tyres has become the fastest growing brand in the o -road tyre industry, now producing over 380 sizes across ve segments, including agriculture, industrial and construction, material handling, earth mover and forestry. 2023 will see this growth continue with the introduction of new patterns and sizes, including a range of VF technology tyres, the

company con rms.

Ascenso Tyres was brought into the country by BA Bush & Son, and the brand now covers the whole of the UK, available as far north as the Shetland Islands all the way down to the South West, in Devon and Cornwall. Returning to LAMMA 2023 was a must, the company says, and the BA Bush and Ascenso Tyres UK team also recently had a stand at the Midlands

Machinery Show.

The BA Bush & Son team also recently travelled to India to visit the Ascenso team and tour the state-ofthe-art Ascenso manufacturing plant. The contingent met with the senior team at the plant in Panoli, Gujarat, as well as the head o ces in Mumbai.

The state-of-the-art facility in Panoli is spread over 127 acres and has a manufacturing capacity of

70,000Mt built in two phases. The Ascenso factory has an enormous stock of tyres ready to send with very short lead times as well as the best container ordering programme of any manufacturer, the company claims.

Ascenso is an o -highway tyre brand owned and promoted by Mahansaria Tyres Private Limited (MTPL). It is the third such venture by the renowned Mahansaria family. In their journey of more than three decades, they have built two leading OHT tyre brands with global footprints.

MTPL says it builds and bene ts from the experience, knowledge, and successful track record of the fatherson duo, Ashok Mahansaria and Yogesh Mahansaria, the promoters and owners of MTPL.

Ascenso has also won numerous environmental and quality awards, meeting the requirements for ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001:2015 –Environmental Management Systems, and ISO 45001:2018 – Occupational health and safety management systems; as well as Preliminary Edge Certi cates, for various blocks at its Panoli manufacturing plant. FG LAMMA stand: Hall 6 Stand 6.330

From simple Visser palletisers to the Symach’s “all singing, all dancing” alternatives and from the incredibly accurate Manter weigher baggers to the tough and reliable Sack Filling Company stitching line they will, along with expert back-up, help to keep your packhouse both profitable and fully operational. David Harrison Handling Solutions Ltd are proud to have possibly the UK’s largest stock of used and refurbished potato handling equipment.

January 2023 43 Machinery Preview T: 01353 740666 • E: • W: You can rely on David Harrison to have the handling solutions to meet your needs.
Exclusive agents for: WEIGH IT. BAG IT. STACK IT.
After a successful UK launch at LAMMA in 2022, Ascenso Tyres will return to the show in January 2023 – exhibiting on the same stand in Hall 6 at Birmingham’s NEC.

Automation equipment manufacturer appoints new dealer

continually expanding into wider markets and continues to develop and provide a wide range of automated packing, sorting and palletising equipment.

from their Lincolnshire based depots.

In addition, Bradley Engineering will provide higher level manufacturer support to Burdens throughout the agreement.

Burdens Group and Bradley Engineering Ltd have struck a new dealership agreement which will see Burdens o ering the range of Bradley Engineering automation equipment for both handling, sorting and packing produce, and its agship range of Agristack robotic palletisers.

South Lincolnshire-based New Holland dealer Burdens Group is well known for its specialist vegetable machinery division which supplies and supports a range of specialist machinery for the fresh produce and vegetable markets.

Meanwhile, Bradley Engineering, based in Wisbech in North Cambridgeshire, is a manufacturer

of robotic agricultural automation equipment. Their machines service potato, fresh produce, and all manner of packhouses large and small at an a ordable and competitive price.

When asked to comment on the new dealership, the company’s managing director Richard Bradley said: “Bradley Engineering is

“When looking into such a big step as establishing dealerships, careful consideration must be made as to the type of company which we go into partnership with. Service certainly comes before sales with us, and Burdens Group re ects this with its history in the sector. “We are excited to work with Burdens and proud to announce them as a new dealer for our equipment. We will be working together to ensure the level of customer service and aftersales care which customers receive is maintained,” Mr Bradley explained.

Burdens Group will take on a full dealership of Bradley Engineering products, seeing them o ering full sales, service, and parts support to farmers nationwide.

The partnership between the two companies will see Burdens undertake, alongside Bradley Engineering technicians, the installation of the machines from the start and continue to provide aftersales care to customers

Adrian Harrison, head of the specialist vegetable machinery division at Burdens Group, said: “Burdens are excited to announce that we will be working with local manufacturer Bradley Engineering. Together we will o er cost e ective robot palletising solutions and associated equipment for our customers in the vegetable, salad and root crop sectors.

“This will be backed up by Burdens’ already excellent aftersales support. These new products will further strengthen our existing portfolio o ered throughout the UK and Ireland.”

The two companies will appear together on the Burdens Group stand at LAMMA 2023, showcasing both Burdens and Bradley Engineering products now available. Those interested are welcome to discuss their automation equipment requirements with company representatives. FG LAMMA stand: Hall 8 Stand 8.424 January 2023 44 Preview
Our ever changing climate ensures it has never been more challenging to produce a consistent quality harvest. Kentra has been at the forefront of continuous flow grain drying technology for well over 20 years. Our range of dryers and user-friendly management hardware and software give you complete, real time control over your harvest. • CONTINUOUS AND EVEN GRAIN DISCHARGE • REMOTE INTERNET MONITORING AND CONTROL • TOUCH SCREEN CONTROL FOR EASE OF USE Grain drying demands real time control and automated decision making at your fingertips. Kentra brings you both and more. For further information please telephone: 01423 326665 PROUDLY MADE IN THE UK DM510 AVAILABLENOWFOR SVEGMADRYERS * *withrollerdischarge(alsoavailableforotherdryers) *
January 2023 45 Bradley Engineering Ltd – Wisbech Office: 01945 479388 Email: | 90908 ROBOTIC PALLETISATION Suitable for bags, boxes, trays and bales I am proud to announce Burdens Group as a new dealer for Bradley Engineering, bringing our complete range of automation solutions to their specialist vegetable machinery customers nationwide. Richard Bradley, Managing Director 24/7 SUPPORT SERVICING NEW & USED MACHINERY RENTAL OPTIONS & FINANCE AVAILABLE CUSTOM SOLUTIONS & ALL ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT NEW DEALER ANNOUNCEMENT SINGLE & TWIN BAY ROBOTIC PALLETISERS 8–20 tonnes per hour Competitive Pricing to Suit All Budgets
FUTURE PROOF FARMING Leave something to be proud of. That’s the Mzuri philosophy Our passion is helping farmers and landowners leave behind a landscape and industry to be proud of. Whether that be through greater financial security of the family business or ensuring a stable ecological environment that is fit to feed the future – we o er crop establishment solutions that make a real di erence. tel: 01905 841123 web: Call us today for a no obligation chat about the future of farming. Mzuri Limited, Springfield Farm, Peopleton, Worcestershire, WR10 2BF

Research-backed establishment range displayed at LAMMA

British manufacturer Mzuri will be showcasing its single pass establishment range on its stand at LAMMA.

Visitors to the Mzuri stand will see not one, but two drill ranges on display including the agship Pro-Til and the newest addition to the range, the iPass. Whilst di erent in design, both ranges have been built on Mzuri’s core concept of balancing the commercial needs of an arable enterprise, with the necessary principles for good soil health and e cient crop establishment.

Data gathered through extensive British and global trials from the Mzuri Research and Technology Centre in Poland have found when compared to conventional establishment, Mzuri technology can achieve:

• Six-fold reduction in CO2 emissions

• Six-fold reduction in fuel consumption

• 30% greater water retention in the soil

• 15% more organic matter in soil within ve years

• 50% reduction in mineral fertilisation

• Eight-fold increase in the population of earthworms

• Four-fold increase in the number of soil microorganisms

• Two-fold cost reduction.

From rst development by farmer and engineer Martin Lole, Mzuri technology has been adopted across three continents where it delivers reliable, consistent seeding in a range of soil types and climates, the company says. The manufacturer attributes this far-reaching uptake to a series of innovative features of the Pro-Til and iPass that provide growers with a range of bene ts from commercial, operational, and environmental perspectives. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 19 Stand 19.360

Hydraulic products supplier boasts significant stock levels

Family-run manufacturing company

Burnett & Hillman will be exhibiting at the LAMMA show, to promote new products and easily accessible ways to order parts.

Established in 1965, the company now has over 60 permanent members of sta and operates from a custom-built facility, supplying a variety of hydraulic products to an international customer base.

In addition to approximately 8,500 parts listed in its online catalogue, it also produces a vast array of bespoke items made to speci c and exacting customer requirements.

The company says its original mantra was: “If we haven’t got it, we can’t sell it”, something it still holds to today with its impressive stock levels.

Burnett & Hillman supplies to all sectors of industry, with agriculture at its forefront. “We pride ourselves on our quality, stock holding and value for money

parts, along with an exceptional level of customer service,” the company says.

It is based 10 miles from the outskirts of Bristol, on the periphery of the village of Wrington, where it rst began making hydraulic adaptors. In recent years, Burnett & Hillman has exhibited in the UK and internationally to promote, not only its services, but Great British manufacturing. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 18 Stand 18.264

January 2023 47 Machinery Preview OnlineShopNowOpen
9001 TM TM
Order via our online shop for next day delivery.
Comprehensive range of hydraulic adaptors,
and many more available in stock.
BSP, JIC, ORFS, DIN 2353 tube fittings
of premium quality Quick Release
Family owned
manufacturers of premium quality hydraulic adaptors for over 55 years.
every day.
● Stockist
hydraulic Test Point fittings. ●
excess of 36,000 components manufactured
4245 B&H Ad.qxp_4245 B&H Ad 28/07/2022 16:08 Page 1
● ISO 9001 accredited.
Crop drying, ventilation and storage systems specialists. Flach & Le-Roy Ltd is an industry leader in designing and delivering high performance drying, ventilation & storage systems. We have been supplying top quality drive-on and box store drying and storage installations to the arable farming industry globally for over 27 years and our business is continuing to grow. Drive-on Floor Systems • Letter Box Duct Systems • Control Systems Centrifugal & Axial-Flow Fans • Gas Burners • Walling Systems Telephone: 01480 495956 Mobile: 07774 141512 Email: Website: 10 year Guarantee Manufactured in England Flach & Le-Roy Ltd 35 years experience in the industry “Drive on Dry off ” systems

Header helps grass-growing enterprise get ahead

Harvesting grass grown for seed is now simpler and quicker for Rauceby Farms thanks to a new pick-up header tted to its Massey Ferguson combine harvester.

The company grows around 44.5ha of grass for seed on the 700ha it runs near Sleaford, Lincolnshire, and previously harvested the crop using a conventional header.

While that did an e ective job, it was slow and farm manager Richard Ward was worried that harvesting such a large volume of a green crop might be damaging the combine itself.

Grass is grown in two-year leys in the arable rotation, and normally harvested in mid-July, with the straw being swathed and baled as hay for the farm’s 1,000 ewes.

Previously the grass was harvested when still green, which set the combine harvester a severe test, says Richard: “We have grown grass for nearly a decade and had always direct combined it before. Progress was always slow because we were putting a green crop about three foot tall through the combine and had to work very slowly.

“It was a noisy process too, and I was constantly worried that it might

be doing damage to the internal workings of the combine itself.”

So he opted for an alternative system and settled on the PickUp header made by German manufacturer Ziegler, which is imported to the UK by Abrey Agricultural.

This uses nine collecting belts – each equipped with 36 pick-up springs/ ngers – to pick the crop o the ground cleanly and present it for threshing.

This year, for the rst time, the grass was mowed and left to wilt for four days, before being picked up with the header. The improvements were spectacular, Richard reckons: “In the past it might have taken seven or eight days to harvest the crop with the combine working at between 2–3kph in a standing crop, in which the stalks and stems were still green.

“This year, we had it done in around two and a half days working at up to 13kph in the swaths. The

combine itself didn’t have to work nearly as hard because the seed was much drier and much easier to thresh.

“Although that is turning what was a single job into two separate operations, both of them are much more e cient. And we have the additional bene t that our drying costs are much lower than previously.”

In this summer’s dry conditions, the

grass only stayed in the swath for two or three days, but Richard is con dent the system will work in a more conventional year when it might take longer to dry.

The header could be used on oilseed rape too, he suggests, if he decides to reinstate them to the rotation:

“Swathing could be an option for harvest, especially if restrictions are placed on the use of glyphosate for desiccating the crop.” FG

placed on the use of glyphosate for LAMMA stand: Hall 12 Stand 12.314

LAMMA stand: Hall 12 Stand 12.314



Available in 3, 4, 5 and 6m working widths, this pick-up allows easy and efficient swath harvesting for crops including rapeseed, peas, beans, lentils and a wide range of similar crops. The collecting belts are hydraulically controlled and equipped with overload protection. Each belt section has 36 springs and all aspects of operation are easily controlled from the cab. The 61cm diameter collecting auger features multiple disc-clutch drive, and an optional upgrade is available for even smoother crop flow.

January 2023 49 Preview
ABREY AGRICULTURAL / Pamphillions Farm (Debden / Saffron Walden), Essex, UK Tel.: +44 (0)1799 543208 / / For more product information visit WWW.ZIEGLER-HARVESTING.COM VISIT US AT LAMMA SHOW 10./11.01.23 STAND 12 ... FOR PROFESSIONALS
Pictured l-r: Combine driver Chris Beard; farm manager Richard Ward; and Chandlers representative Shane Lowe.

The covers have been ever more popular with more and more people coming back to add to their existing cover collection, we have also added many valuable new customers. Saving 10-15% of waste on an outside stack is ever more important with rising costs across the industry.

Here’s a bit of Festive Fun that could win you a ProStraw Systems black soft shell jacket. T-shirt and beanie hat. Look closely at both pictures to see if you can spot all ten di erences It might not be as easy as you think!

*O er ends
Ensure your straw and hay is always in a safe condition to store, with the Martin Lishman Balemaster Protimeter moisture probe and electronic handset. Available for a limited time only, whilst stocks last. Call us to reserve your Balemaster Moisture Meter today!
1st February 2023
LAMMA Special O ers Available SPOT THE FERENCES TO WIN Paddy 07768 353910 or Will 07828 730712 O ce 01284 810751 • Email Grove Farm, Barrow, Bury St Edmunds, Su olk IP29 5BE

The Parkland Agro-Master range of three and ve bale Accumulators are perfectly tailored to get your harvest done. They o er the solution of controlled-tra c, reducing compaction, and halving the time it takes to collect your bales. We have both new and used Parkland Bale Accumulators in stock now Please contact us for more details

Paddy, Will and the ProStraw team look forward to seeing you on 10th & 11th January for LAMMA at the NEC in Birmingham

In the meantime, we hope you and your loved ones stay safe, and we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year

For a closer look at the two pictures and to enter the prize draw, go to our website

Submit your contact details together with the ten di erences you’ve spotted Competition closes on 1st February 2023


E iciency is key for maximising straw yield

What a di erence a year makes – from the longest harvest to the shortest, covering your product has never been so important, writes Will Reed of ProStraw Systems.

The ProStraw Systems straw stack cover has proven to be a great asset for people stacking straw outside. As the bales are not as tight as usual, we have found that the rain is having more impact and ingress into the bales, so getting them covered has been more important than ever before. We have had a fantastic number of new customers this year, as well as people buying more covers to go with their existing systems.

In East Anglia we have experienced the driest harvest since the 70s, with barely a drop of rain meaning we have been baling the driest straw we have ever seen.

The relentless hot weather – well into the 30s most days – meant that

we took the decision not to bale in the heat of the day and instead started in the early hours of the morning and nished by lunchtime. In this rare season we didn’t have to turn a single piece of straw, so our cost of production was as low as

we could get it.

The downside to all the dry weather was that the density of the bales was not as tight as we would have liked it to be – we have seen this across the board from every farmer and baling contractor.

Importing the Parkland bale accumulators has proven yet again to save massive amounts of time and extra cost. Coupled with the baler, this technology o ers the solution of controlled tra c, reducing soil compaction. The range of three and ve bale accumulators will help you save time, fuel and labour costs, as well as avoiding wear and tear on your valuable machinery by dropping the bales on the headland. We currently have new and used machines in stock ready for the 2023 season.

Come and see us at LAMMA for more information. Any questions you have, we will be able to help you, and you can see our products up close and personal. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 6 Stand 6.406

The future of sustainable, pro table farming. Think big. Think different. Think Kubota. See us at LAMMA: Hall 12 Stand 12.330

Heavy-duty trailer tyre launches with superior lifespan

Apollo Tyres is introducing a new Vredestein agricultural tyre developed speci cally for the heavy-duty trailer sector. The new Vredestein Endurion Trailer is a premium tyre solution that raises the bar in terms of robustness, comfort and tyre life, the company says.

The Endurion Trailer features a directional tread pattern design, with unique non-parallel curved blocks, that delivers superb selfcleaning properties. Furthermore, the large rubber contact area in the middle ensures excellent driving comfort and exceptionally long tyre life. The addition of a heavy-

duty carcass with steel belt and a reinforced ring guarantees extreme robustness, and outstanding stability during heavy duty transport.

The new Endurion Trailer will be available from January 2023 in the following popular sizes:

• 560/60 R 22.5 IMP TL 165D

• 600/55 R 26.5 IMP TL 169D

• 650/55 R 26.5 IMP TL 173D

• 600/60 R 30.5 IMP TL 173D.

The tyre will be available to see and discuss along with the full agricultural range of tyres at LAMMA 2023 on the Vredestein stand. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 6 Stand 6.520

Slurry solutions to appeal to a wide audience

Kaweco says it is very pleased to be able to exhibit at LAMMA again this year. The company is best known in the UK for its Xerion technology. The powerful Xerion in combination with a gooseneck, build-up or semitrailer tank is the perfect solution for many customers, Kaweco reckons. Besides this, more than 150 trailed slurry tankers are produced in the Netherlands every year. As such, Kaweco will be exhibiting a Xerion Saddle Trac and a Pro II.18 PTW trailed slurry tanker at LAMMA.

The Xerion Saddle Trac is equipped with a strong 462hp Mercedes engine. Because of the hydrostatic-mechanical drive, the machine has unprecedented pulling power, Kaweco says. The build-on tank is made entirely of epoxy resin and has a capacity of 16,000 litres.

900/60R42 tyres can be mounted on the Xerion Saddle Trac, which can be optionally equipped with a tyre in ation system. In addition, there is no track overlap due to the use of the Xerion’s Crab Steering mode. All this means that the soil is spared as much as possible.

The Pro II is equipped as standard as a simple machine but can be expanded to a richly equipped contractor tank by means of the extensive option package. For example, there is a lifting device available with a lifting capacity of 3,250kg. Various dosage options are also available for both vacuum and rotary lobe pumps. The Isobus control from Kaweco makes fully automatic dosing possible. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 12 Stand 12.220

January 2023 55 Preview

Four new machines make LAMMA debut

Forage machinery specialist Krone will be showcasing its latest product developments at LAMMA 2023 –including the world’s widest front folding mower, a fully automated wrapper and its new 980 wide body BiG X forager.

wraps until the event.

To nd out more about the latest grassland machines and to see the new GX wagon, visit Krone at LAMMA, taking place on 10th and 11th January 2023 at the NEC in Birmingham. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 19 Stand 19.530 brand new GX wagon, a moving

Krone will also be launching the brand new GX wagon, a moving oor multipurpose agricultural trailer. It will be the rst time the machine has been seen in the UK, with the ner details being kept under

Jumbo loader wagon to launch at show

Pottinger is set to launch its new Jumbo 7000 at LAMMA 2023, a loader wagon that has been designed for maximum performance and e ciency, with all the core components to match a high hp tractor.

The company’s agship 7000 range consists of three models (without rear beaters) which boast DIN volumes of 40, 47 and 54m3. Protection up to a torque of 3,500Nm and a power limit of 500hp allow the loader wagon to deliver high throughput rates.

With its new drive concept, rotor and 48 knife chopping system, the Jumbo 700 loader wagon can achieve a theoretical chopped length of 34mm. In addition, the knife bank conveniently swings out from

under the wagon for easy access, and the central knife release system is operated using a control panel on the side.

Moreover, the patented, intelligent front panel enables a unique loading and unloading strategy to optimise the loading process. As a result, the Jumbo 7000 can always make optimum use of the space inside the loading chamber.

The Autocut knife sharpening system also enables the knives to be sharpened automatically on the loader wagon. Permanently sharp blades can reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%.

The machine will be displayed at the Pottinger LAMMA stand in January 2023. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 6 Stand 6.310

Visit us at LAMMA, Hall 6 / Stand 6.310

Two steps ahead

PÖTTINGER Finance available to business users only, subject to terms and conditions. Details upon request.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority only in respect of agreements regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Alois POTTINGER UK Ltd, T: 01536 272220,, January 2023 56 Preview
„ No-compromise,
„ E
„ The
high performance loader wagon
cient and powerful with the highest capacity and a high mass flow rate
best forage quality and outstanding reliability
Maximum cost e ectiveness, convenient to operate and maintain

The all-rounder in the Krone transport fleet which hauls all kinds of crop and cargo. Farming is about logistics and flexibility is key for the success of your business. As an all-round machine, the KRONE GX general purpose wagon ticks exactly this box. It was designed to a unique concept which allows you to haul nearly any type of agricultural cargo. The secret of the GX versatility lies in the ingenius design; the floor is a moving fabric floor which is linked to the headboard. For unloading the floor and headboard are pulled to the rear by hydraulic chains.

ALL NEW GX 440 | 520 #kroneagriculture VISIT US AT LAMMA‘23 WWW.KRONE-UK.COM
At LAMMA 2023 Visit our stand to see: Standen SR200 Planter Standen 2 Bodied Bedformer with square & convex bodies NEW! Machine for salad & Vegetable Establishment Futura 5 row, 5 robot module Transplanter F Max Planter Fastblock Planter Remoweed Interrow & Inter plant weeder Bedformers Stone Buriers Power Harrows Rotovators Flail Mowers 8300-160 Self propelled whole head harvester Manual & automatic bunching and labelling equipment Visit us at LAMMA 2023 – Hall 8, Stand 8-9.230

Brand new Ferrari product to launch at LAMMA 2023

Standen Imports is delighted to be launching a completely new Ferrari product for precision salad and vegetable establishment at LAMMA 2023. As well as the new product, the stand will include the rst Ferrari Futura 5 row 5 robot automatic module transplanter with 60cm row spacing as well as a Ferrari Futura Max planter, Fastblock block planter and a Remoweed Interrow and interplant weeder.

There will also be a comprehensive display of Forigo agricultural, horticultural and compact machinery including bedformers, stone buriers, power

harrows, rotovators and ail mowers. From Ortomec, there will be a 8300-160 self-propelled harvester head, and from ARC there will be manual and automatic bunching and labelling equipment on display.

In terms of the company’s own range of machinery, visitors to the stand will see the new Standen SR200 planter, as well as a two-bodied bedformer displaying a convex and a square body, which is perfect for light soils and leaves a square pro led bed – allowing an even feed to the destoner. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 8 Stand 9.230

Spreading straw: How to make cost savings

Since introducing Spread-a-Bale to bed up youngstock and dry cow housing, signi cant cost savings have been made to Dale Farming’s straw spreading operations across multiple sites, accommodating approximately 3,000 cows.

“We’ve been able to take ve tractors out of the system worth between £30,000 and £40,000 capital plus the saving per unit on running costs,” said Ed Dale of Dale Farming.

“Each tractor tied up a chopper blower which was slightly more di cult to use and operate, whereas Spread-a-Bale requires just one tractor or materials handler and is truly self-loading from the stack.

“Overall, I like the simplicity Spread-a-Bale has introduced to the straw spreading operation,“ Mr Dale added, saying they require very little maintenance.

“Consequently, Spread-a-Bale is quicker to operate; time savings amount to between 25% and 50%. Furthermore, there’s de nitely less dust, and when added together, the bene ts are making a contribution towards reducing each unit’s carbon footprint,” he concluded.

Neil Simcock (pictured), who

manages one of Dale Farming’s Shropshire based units with 460 cows, says his Spread-a-Bale is en route to pay for itself within two years. With the machine cutting straw costs by 30% last winter and signi cantly reducing labour time spent on bedding up youngstock, Mr Simcock claims it’s one of the best investments they ever made. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 20 Stand 20.390

January 2023 59 Preview
Spread-a-Bale ® Tube You VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFO WWW.SPREAD-A-BALE.COM GET IN TOUCH M: 07904 899289 - Dave Bull M: 07961 739233 - Ed Hughes T: 01244 394258 - Office E: FOLLOW US MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN • No chopping, saves straw and lowers dust levels • Spreads any bale in under one minute • Self-loading, requires only one tractor / loader • Improves both efficiency and profitability See you at LAMMA Hall 20 Stand no 20.390 All our machines can be fitted with either head giving the ability to spread bales of all shapes and sizes to a range of different distances 6-9m 6-9m 1-2m 10-13m VERTICAL ROTOR SPREAD PATTERN HORIZONTAL ROTOR SPREAD PATTERN

The new HX series of tractors from South Korean manufacturer Kioti o ers a new e cient, comfortable and cost-e ective option for farmers looking to buy a tractor in the 90–140hp sector, the company says.

The Kioti HX is powered by a Kioti 3.8-litre 4-cylinder Stage 5 turbo charged engine. The series consists of three models: The HX9010, rated to 90hp; the HX1001, rated to

100hp; and the HX1201, rated to 115hp, all with an automatic ondemand PTO boost of 10hp.

Featuring a comfortable and luxurious cab, with fully adjustable

air suspension seat, LCD dashboard and ergonomic controls, a twostage mechanical transmission with a 4 x 4 powershift arrangement provides 32 forward and reverse gears, o ering a maximum speed of 40kph. The ‘E-shift’ allows gear changes on the move without using the clutch pedal.

With versatility in mind, the HX features a Cat 2 rear hitch with a 4.4t lift capacity, two rear double acting services and a rear PTO with 540, 540 ECO and 1,000rpm options, which can be engaged manually or via the automatic mode linked to the rear linkage. Operators wishing to increase the versatility of their HX can do so by fitting an optional front linkage and PTO or a front loader, operated by an integrated four-way control lever.

tractors in the compact tractor sector, we are excited about what performance, comfort and ease of operation the HX will o er farmers looking for a cost-e ective and practical 4-cylinder, circa 100hp tractor. Our ve-year, 3,000hr warranty provides certainty around cost of ownership.”

The popular K9 utility vehicle (UTV) from Kioti is now available with an optional factory t cabin. Speci cally designed for the K9, the fully enclosed cabin provides complete protection from the elements, whilst the air-conditioned cabin heating ensures the operator and passengers travel in comfort.

operator and passengers with a new CVT homologated road speed of 50kph and speed sensitive power steering.

In addition, the new K9 is also equipped with a new CVT transmission with a homologated road speed of 50kph and speed sensitive power steering.

the HX tractor series to

“The addition of the HX tractor series to the Kioti range, means we now o er a serious contender in the popular 90–140hp sector,” explains Patrick Desmond (pictured), general manager of Kioti UK. “Having spent the last 20 years establishing Kioti

Capable of carrying two passengers, in addition to the driver in the cabin, and a payload of 500kg on the large rear platform, the K9 is well suited to numerous tasks around the farm. FG

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Preview Putting driver comfort at the forefront
HX9010 | HX1001 | HX1201 01480 401512 Run ahead of the pack... •5 year’s 3,000 hrs warranty • 90hp, 100hp or 115hp •Automatic PTO boost • Power shuttle - 32F x 32R Diesel Engine Rear Hitch Luxury A/C Cab 4-cylinder turbo charged Cat-2 4.4te lift capacity Ergonomic controls SCAN FOR MORE INFO
WEAVINGMACHINERY.NET 01386 49155 Ask about our pay as you farm plans. SEED DRILLS I CULTIVATORS I FLAILS I HEDGECUTTERS SIMPLE YET POWERFUL LOW DISTURBANCE FARMING 6° WING PIVOT FOR UNRIVALLED CONTOUR FOLLOWING AND SEED PLACEMENT QUICK CALIBRATION AND SIMPLE HYDRAULIC DEPTH ADJUSTMENT HIGH TRASH CLEARANCE AND HEADWEARING SABRE COULTER SABRE DRILL January 2023 62 GREAT IN A TIGHT SPOT Manitou’s newest towable Ultra LightTelehandler Introducing the new Ultra Light Manitou range. The ULM 412 H and 415 H both have a reach capacity of 4m, and a lift capacity of 1250kg or 1500kg. The ULM machines are very compact making them easy to tow on a trailer and perfect for working in tight spaces For more information please visit Come and see us at Lamma Hall 6 Stand 6.420 C M Y CM MY CY CMY K

Parts supplier’s 35th year celebrations extend to LAMMA 2023

with the Sumo GLS and grassland legs and is designed to deliver mediumdepth cultivation with minimal soil disturbance.

William believes the GLX o ers one of the lowest costs per acre available, primarily as it features extensive tungsten reinforcement on the leading edges, hard facing on the body and a redesigned wing to protect the xings.

2015: “Today, we o er more than 1,200 di erent wearing parts, spanning disc blades and press roll rings through to subsoiler parts and custom packers and everything in between.

“As well as the GLX, we’ve seen a considerable increase in orders for pins, bushes and axles,” William continues. “These parts are often damaged by excessive vibration, which can be caused by hard ground, just like we saw over the summer.

Agricast has announced that its 35th anniversary celebrations will continue until LAMMA, with the company planning to use the January event as a giant birthday party – inviting visitors to its stand for some very special deals.

The UK’s specialist supplier of replacement wearing parts turned 35 on 17th November. William Robinson, Agricast’s managing director, said he will delay price increases on the company’s GLX, LDX and STX points for

people ordering them at LAMMA.

Agricast’s GLX point was one of the company’s best-selling parts in 2022.

Introduced in December 2020, the GLX point is backwards compatible

Sales of the GLX point contributed to a very joyful 35th anniversary for the Agricast team, as the milestone coincided with the company reporting its best-ever quarter of trading, with sales in July, August and September being the same as all of 2017.

William said factors leading to the unprecedented demand for Agricast’s products include drought conditions, disruption in the production of large OEMs, rising fertiliser prices and the higher cost of living.

He added the company supplies over 200 tonnes of roll rings per year to customers, and has signi cantly increased its range of products since

“We’ve also seen a lot more orders for spares to t traditional large cultivators, which were needed to penetrate the elds this year and may have been in storage for ve or six years.

“The third growth area has been in our packer range, particularly our LCP-600, which keeps costs down by utilising recycled rings.

“We are very much looking forward to LAMMA and having all of our bestselling parts on show alongside some very special o ers for visitors.”

For more information about Agricast and its range of replacement wearing parts, visit or visit its stand at LAMMA. FG

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January 2023 63
Machinery Preview
CULTIVATION PARTS & SPECIALIST SOLUTIONS 01673 857619 i nfo@agricast .c o .uk CO ME A NDSE E US @L A MMA 2 023 I N HALL 2 0 COME AND SEE @LAMMA 2023 IN HALL 20 STAND 20. 328 20.328 LD LDX GL X ST X Ou r r ange of Our range of Lo w Di st urbance Low Disturbance po i nt s h ave b ee n points have been engi ne ere d a nd engineered and evolv ed t o gi ve evolved to give X tra w ea rin g l if e tra wearing life c om pared t o compared to or igin a l p arts original parts Ca n b e re t ro f it ted Can be retrofitted to a ny m ac hine to any machine F ro nt c utt in g d i scs Front cutting discs a lso a va ila b le also available---
James Robinson (centre left) and Will Robinson (centre right) and the Agricast team celebrate 35 years in business.

‘Fantastic five’ tractors heading to LAMMA

The fantastic five comprises: the FT25G, the industry’s first all-electric compact tractor; the FT26, the brand’s best seller for a compact performance; the FT6050

and 6075E, two of its biggest hitters when it comes to productivity; and its small but mighty FT22.

comments: “This is the most comprehensive selection of tractors we’ve taken to LAMMA and the reason for that is visitors respond incredibly well to the Farmtrac range, quality and value and we want to give them a close-up look at what the brand has to offer. The show has become a key event in our calendar, so it was right to make LAMMA 2023 our biggest yet.”

Most people in the industry have heard of the all-electric FT25G by now, Reesink says – it’s gone from strength to strength since it launched at LAMMA a couple of years ago. It’s been praised for bringing zero emissions, minimal noise and vibration, high energy efficiency, and low operating and maintenance costs, to the UK’s farming sector. It’s acknowledged by electric vehicles and technology enthusiasts in the industry for demonstrating how businesses can benefit from greener technology without compromising on productivity.

Alongside the FT25G will be the FT26, with its universal appeal for those who need results in tight areas. The popularity of this model stems from its light and narrow body that effortlessly fits

in smaller indoor spaces, as well as its short turning radius which makes it highly manoeuvrable and opens the product up to multiple audiences – such as smallholdings, equestrian centres and growers. Plus, it has an impressive 750kg lift capacity at hitch point, Reesink continues.

The most compact in the range, the FT22, will also be making an appearance. It may be small, but it’s packed with performance possibilities, o ering great value and plenty of scope with a wide range of customers thanks to it being available with turf, agricultural and industrial tyre options.

Rounding out the crew will be the FT6050 and FT6075E utility tractors. Designed with next generation DPF technology, the largest models in Farmtrac’s utility range bring the utmost power from their eco-friendly engines with low emissions but much more fuel economy for cost-effective operation. And it doesn’t come at the expense of performance: with a 47hp and 75hp engine, respectively, both tractors offer best-in-class torque to carry out heavy work, Reesink reckons. FG LAMMA stand: Hall 18 Stand 18.630 January 2023 64 Preview t: +44 (0)1905 347347 e: w: Auto-Level Series Auto-Level Series Self-levelling technology Advanced electronic proportional controls 5.5m or 6.8m telescopic reach Flail & Rotary head options
Distributor Reesink Agriculture is taking ve of its leading tractors from Farmtrac to LAMMA 2023.
January 2023 65 Reesink UK LTD is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Images shown for illustration only. An agricultural machinery partner with great service and great value. Great Choice. Great Performance. Great Value. Great Results FIND US AT LAMMA STAND 18.630 Rear three point linkage Simple service access Rear mounted spool valve 47hp diesel engine Front loader option UNPARALLELED AGILITY FROM THE FARMTRAC FT6050 KNOWN FOR MAKING SWIFT WORK OF DIFFICULT JOBS Designed to deliver incredible productivity and manoeuvrability, the Farmtrac FT6050, with its 47hp three-cylinder diesel engine, is known for its agility and excellent turning radius that makes quick work of tight corners.
+44 (0) 1354 638 222 MAY 20 2023 AGRIMECH.CO

New grain handling solutions on show for the first time

“Prior to harvest, information is entered into the app around the elds to be harvested. Once combining starts, before tipping grain, users simply open the app and input the eld the grain has come from, and Grain Balance does the rest,” sales director Andrew Head explained.

Latest developments to BDC System’s Moisture Monitoring System (MMS) (pictured) will be another rst for BDC at LAMMA ’23.

Automated packing solutions provider to make its debut at LAMMA

One of the UK’s specialist suppliers of robotic and automated packing solutions will make its debut at LAMMA ’23, showcasing its range of robot palletisers, weighers, sack placers, and stitchers.


At LAMMA ’23, BDC Systems Ltd will be demonstrating Grain Balance, a new post-harvest software application which runs on any smartphone, for the rst time in the UK.

Developed by Skandia Elevator, Grain Balance’s Grain App allows farmers to easily and accurately measure, in real time, the loads of grain arriving on farm to go into storage, the eld in which it was grown and the yield per hectare.

“We have now engineered our MMS so that not only does it monitor the moisture content (mc) of the crop going into and out of the drier, it now automatically controls the discharge rate of the drier should the mc fall below or rise above the prede ned levels, ensuring that the crop is discharged at a constant mc.

“The MMS’ ability to automatically control the drier means that the drier’s energye ciency is greatly improved. Energy is not wasted by over drying the crop,” continued Andrew. FG LAMMA stand: Hall 8 Stand 8.410

Pace Mechanical Handling has recently completed its 250th installation and has been appointed the sole UK and Eire importer, distributor and service partner to TMI sl. In light of these accomplishments, Pace’s director, Nick Cesare, thought now was the ideal time for the company to appear at LAMMA.

“Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in enquiries and orders from packers and growers looking to increase e ciencies and cope with labour shortages,” commented Nick.

“[...] we feel that our partnership with TMI takes us to another level, and we’re keen to really promote ourselves to growers and packers. LAMMA is the perfect place to start doing

Visitors to Pace’s stand at LAMMA will be able to nd out about TMI’s latest innovation, Ilerbox – a unique protection system for palletised products. Like all of Pace’s packing solutions, Ilerbox reduces the number of people required and lowers the number of costly pallet boxes used.

Pace’s solutions have proven popular with packhouses and vegetable growers, being faster and less expensive than traditional packing methods. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 8 Stand 8.952

BDC Systems and Svegma Continuous Flow Driers – the winning combination:

in Grain Drying

BDC Systems and Svegma Continuous Flow Driers – the winning combination:

Capacities from 5 to over 100 tph

Fully galvanised for indoor or outdoor installation

Fully automated, energy efficient low noise operation

and seed crops

Ideal for cereals, oils seeds, pulses and seed crops

Dust control Turboclean fans

Dust control Turboclean fans

07468 698188 January 2023 68 Complete Grain Plant Solutions • Grain driers • Handling equipment • Storage solutions • Aeration equipment • Cleaners, weighers • Mill and mix The Ultimate in Grain Care • Capacities from 5 to over 100 tph • Fully galvanised for indoor or outdoor installation • Fully automated, energy e cient low noise operation • Ideal for cereals, oils seeds, pulses and seed crops • Dust control Turboclean fans BDC Systems Ltd | Grafton Road | Burbage Marlborough | Wiltshire | SN8 3BA 01672 810851 Select the Best in Grain Drying Select the Best in Grain Drying BDC Systems and Svegma Continuous Flow Driers – the winning combination: ◆ Capacities from 5 to over 100 tph ◆ Fully galvanised for indoor or outdoor installation ◆ Fully automated, energy efficient low noise operation ◆ Ideal for cereals, oils seeds, pulses and seed crops ◆ Dust control Turboclean fans Care Scotland & Northern England Area Sales Manager I T: 07468 698188 I E: Select the Best in Grain Drying BDC Systems and Svegma Continuous Flow Driers – the winning combination: ◆ Capacities from 5 to over 100 tph ◆ Fully galvanised for indoor or outdoor installation ◆ Fully automated, energy efficient low noise operation ◆
oils seeds, pulses and seed crops ◆ Dust control Turboclean fans Care Scotland & Northern England Area Sales Manager I T: 07468 698188 I E: Select the Best in Grain Drying BDC Systems and Svegma Continuous Flow Driers – the winning combination: ◆
from 5 to
100 tph ◆
galvanised for indoor or outdoor installation ◆
low noise operation ◆
seeds, pulses
& Northern England Area
Ideal for cereals,
Fully automated,
Ideal for cereals, oils
Sales Manager
T: 07468 698188
E: Select the Best
Care Scotland
Northern England Area Sales Manager I T:
I E:
LTD VEGETABLE BAGGING, WEIGHING, SEWING, PALLETIZING EQUIPMENT SINCE 1996 User Friendly | High Reliability | Low Maintenance | Small Footprint | Easy Programming 91964 See us at Hall 8 Stand 8.952 Contact: Nick Cesare | 01775 630900 | WWW.ROBOTPALLETIZING.CO.UK

New trailer designs increase versatility

A trio of trailers o ering users the option to switch bodies to increase versatility and safety will be shown by HM Trailers at LAMMA 2023.

The Essex-based manufacturer will be displaying a pair of Hook-lift trailers, in HL-16 and HL-20 designs with the former sporting a new HalfPipe rock body, alongside a body prop version of its HM 1517 grain trailer.

The body prop on the HM 1517 grain trailer allows the body to be removed without the need to mechanically lift it o the chassis. A supporting leg on each corner allows the various hydraulics to be disconnected before the bare chassis can then be driven away and tted with other bodies, including a tanker, atbed, and rock unit. The changeover takes an hour to complete, with the added bene t of the body staying free of contamination and damage during storage.

Keeping speci c bodies for their designated jobs will increase longevity and as Grant Perry, owner of HM Trailers explains, this option may appeal to farmers over a Hook-

lift design.

“The body prop grain trailer allows farmers to run a high-spec trailer chassis with a removeable body, without the added weight of a Hook-lift design. We have seen that farmers want additional versatility from their trailers, but many don’t require regular changes to justify a Hook-lift model. This option allows grain units to be swapped after harvest, avoiding damage and contamination from winter jobs.”

The smaller of the two Hooklift models will display the HM19 Half-Pipe Rock body, aimed at users requiring a dedicated unit for carting bulky materials. The bene ts of the half pipe design include the selfcleaning nature, allowing all cargo to exit the trailer without becoming lodged in the front corners. The model on the stand will be a 15m3 design with a standard hydraulic tailgate.

Grant continues: “We had users asking us for a Half-Pipe body for

HM Trailers prop body.

Hook-lift rock body.

the Hook-lift chassis to cart rock, aggregates, soil, and other bulk materials. It is proving more versatile than the at-bottomed dump trailer option and is a cross over from commercial dump trailer and Hook-lift design.”

Farmers are interested in ways to make their investments go further and, along with being able to switch

between di erent bodies, from a safety aspect, it means maintaining only one set of wheels and brakes, the company said. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 19 Stand 19.260

January 2023 69 Preview
10 & 11 January Come and see us in Hall 19 Stand 19.260

Trencher provides “ideal farm drainage solution”

The AFT100 tractor-mounted agricultural drainage trencher is designed to create e cient land drainage, preventing the soil from becoming saturated.

This allows crops to ourish, obtaining the right level of moisture to encourage good root development and natural growth. Plus, the land always remains accessible for machines. AFT Trenchers reckons it is the most economical way to improve crop yield.

A tough trencher for tough digging conditions, the AFT100 is suitable for tractors from 90–150hp+, with either a creeper or hydrostatic gearbox.

It’s tted with an overhead hydraulic lift pipe reel carrier and

pipe chute. The trencher has been designed to stay within the width of the tractor and very close to the threepoint linkage, making road travel safe and easy. It can also be supplied with a complete and automatic laser system to ensure a perfect grade.

Due to its extensive utilisation by farmers and contractors across the globe, the AFT100 has been proven to work reliably in very harsh conditions, even coping with large stones without any di culties, AFT Trenchers says.

It will match the stability and performance of large self-propelled trenchers at a fraction of the cost, making it a very a ordable and valuable tool for farmers, the company adds. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 6 Stand 6.956 January 2023 70 Watch Video Call 01524 850501 to book a demo We are getting a much higher output from the Major Cyclone. Andrew Williams, Farm Manager, Home Farm Nacton Ltd • Nine models 2.0m to 7.3m • Ideal for shredding crop stubble and everyday grassland management Stand8.640
reel carrier, pipe chute and
AFT100 attachment trencher tted
hydraulic lift pipe
automatic laser grading system.
How is drainage on your farm? AFT 100- The best investment for long term yield improvement; also provides an excellent opportunity for local contracting 01787 311811 • AFT100 >AF 16217.qxp_. 16/02/2017 14:05 Page 1

LAMMA visitors to see

low emission slurry application

Major Equipment (Intl) Ltd is returning to LAMMA with an exciting machinery line-up, including Cyclone agricultural mowers and its own low-emission slurry application systems. The Major 7.5m Dribble Bar and Trailing Shoe applicators feature a universal adaptor with adjustable height for maximum exibility and improved ow.

Major applicators are designed to accurately apply slurry to the soil surface while minimising nutrient loss and ammonia emissions. Both units have 30 outlets spaced 260mm apart for even and precise distribution of liquid material in long and short grass.

They are easily mounted onto the back door of a vacuum tank without welding or fabricating, making them ideal for retro-


tting, the company reckons. Brackets with settings in 60mm increments allow either unit to be set according to tanker height, making the system adaptable to any tanker make or model. They can also be used with the existing splash plate left in place.

Best in class components are used in the applicators’ construction. A Vogelsang ExaCut macerator is centred on both units to deliver optimal cutting results and eliminate blockages. Made of high-strength steel and galvanised, the spreaders are built for work in caustic environments. For safe and legal road use, a full lighting board is tted as standard. There is a double self-aligning pivot hinge with easy access grease point on each wing for increased durability. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 8 Stand 8.640

Global brand to launch new ATV at LAMMA

Following last year’s success, Kymco is excited to once again be attending LAMMA in 2023 with its core premium range of ATV products. Models like the MXU 700 ABS EPS and the MXU 550 EPS will be on display, as well as a brand-new ATV that will be released at the show.

Kymco is proud to showcase the rst look at the new MXU 465, the rst L7, road legal ATV from the company in the UK. The MXU 465 o ers the manoeuvrability of a MXU 300, combined with the power and capabilities of the MXU 550. The unit is expected to arrive on mainland UK in January 2023 and will be launched at Kymco dealers soon after the show.

Kymco is also excited to announce its new partnership with vehicle security company Datatool, which is now available on all the company’s

ATV products. With a 96% protection and recovery rate, Datatool o ers extra security and relief to Kymco customers.

Kymco is continuously looking to expand on its dealer network across the UK and Ireland and has franchise opportunities for dealers in the south of England, middle of Scotland and the whole of Ireland. Please visit the company's stand at LAMMA to discuss further details with national sales manager Neil Keeble. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 20 Stand 20.190

January 2023 71 Preview

Innovative bale handler range comes to the UK market

The TR bale handler range was rst developed for Joe Moynihan’s own family farm, as they were having issues with bale damage when unloading. Having worked for agricultural contractors, then as a design engineer in Ireland and Australia, Joe designed and built the rst TR machine for the small dairy farm. Finding it worked well, he continued to make manufacturing improvements, before giving up full-time employment to start his own business, JM Agri Design, and selling the rst TR-3 single bale handlers in 2015. It was immediately very well received by local farmers and contractors and since then the company has made 2,500 units, sold predominantly in Ireland, and grown from a team of one to seven. The TR-4 single bale model and the “exceptionally fast” agship TR-8 double bale handler were later added to the range.

One of the main reasons for the company’s success, Joe believes, is its unique approach to bale handling.

Many of JM Agri’s customers swapped out their existing conventional bale handler for a TR because of its build quality, e ciency and user-friendly machines, Joe explained. Its contractor customers, for example, reported getting an average of 2–3 years out of conventional bale handlers before needing repairs or replacement.

The TR range can comfortably put through 100,000+ bales with no issues, compared to 20,000–30,000 with a conventional handler which was a “big winner” for a lot of the big contractors.

Depending on the model chosen, the TR range can improve e ciency by anything from 25% up to 115% on the agship TR-8 model, JM Agri Design reckons. A key bene t, according to Joe, is that the range uses a patented over-arm design which signi cantly reduces damage to the plastic wrap.

“The main cause of damage in conventional bale handling is when you put it into the stacks, you damage the bale beside it, and we were able to eliminate that,” Joe said. “Not only

that but our bale handling range can approach a round bale from any direction, whereas you’re restricted with other bale handlers as you can approach from one side only.”

In addition, the TR range can switch from handling round to square bales of any size without any adjustments.

The most common feedback the company hears from its Irish customers is that operators are impressed and surprised by the output. They can work faster with next to no damage to the bales – but are less fatigued at the end of the day. With tractors getting bigger, bonnets are getting longer, and visibility is reduced as a result; the fact that the TR has a central over-top arm means the main workings are directly down in front of the bonnet – so there’s less for the operator to watch.

“Overall, it makes a tedious job a lot more pleasurable,” Joe said. “Basically, it’s doing the job of two machines. It’s particularly popular with the bigger contractors with 2–3 balers in the eld. There’s generally a bottleneck in the

The agship TR-8 model can improve e ciency by 115%, JM Agri Design says.

The TR-3, designed for tractor loaders, features the patented over-arm design to minimise bale damage.

yard for stacking bales, but the TR-8 is a solution to all that; they can keep up with any number of bales coming in.”

Range heads to LAMMA

Whilst there are a few dozen TR machines already in the UK, JM Agri Design is o cially bringing the range to the UK market at LAMMA 2023. The move follows investment into its production facility and bringing robotic welding to the manufacturing process.

“We’re a young company but we’ve had high sales and success in a relatively short period, which is simply due to the products themselves,” Joe said.

The company is currently developing its network of UK dealers and expects to have around a dozen by silage season in April/May. In the meantime, you can purchase online from its UK-based website, which is set to go live in early January, and it can deliver anywhere in the UK through its courier network. Machines come with a full-year warranty and spare parts will be stocked in the UK for next day delivery – although the machines are straightforward and reliable, so wear and tear issues have been very seldom. Replacement parts are often due to operator damage, Joe said.

All three models in the range will be on show at the company’s stand at LAMMA, and the team will also be available to answer questions. FG LAMMA stand: Hall 9 Stand 9.346 January 2023 72 • Easy Loading and Unloading • Minimum Damage to Wrapping • Grab Bales From ANY Angle • Handles Both Round and Square Bales • Patented Over-Arm Design • Check Valve as Standard • Significantly Reduce Time and Cost See more on 91929 M: +353 (0)87 2193062 E: WWW.JMAGRIDESIGN.COM The TR Bale Handler Range
Designed and built by farmer’s son and engineer Joe Moynihan, the TR bale handler range has become very popular in Ireland due to its unique approach to bale handling. Its patented design o ers signi cantly improved e ciency and minimises bale damage. The range is making its o cial UK debut at LAMMA ’23.
January 2023 73 Mobile irrigation management system Röhren- und Pumpenwerk BAUER Ges.m.b.H. 8570 Voitsberg, Austria +43 3142 200-0,, • Monitoring of Rainstar operation • Optimize your irrigation management • Automatic Error messages • Irrigation control via mobile devices • Team management • Automatic reports BAU_016_05 IN SmartRain 93x133.indd 1 02.05.16 08:30 BAUER Polyester Tankers Your advantages: • Low Ground Pressure • Minimum Compaction • High Capacity Pumps • Heavy Duty Galvanised Chassis • Strong Non Corrosive Tank • Wide range of Distribution Systems Most Efficient and Cost Effective 10,500 – 12,500 – 14,000 – 15,500 – 18,500 Litres Tandem Axle 24,000 Litres Tridem Axle Contact: Adrian Tindall UK & Ireland Sales Manager 07708 919597 91025 Precision in a new dimension. Better distribution accuracy, an unbeatable slurry disposal, long service life, simplest Assembly and retrofitting – the innovative new trailing shoe linkage BlackBird from Vogelsang is unique in the market. Because everything depends on placing the manure right there where it can optimally unfold its effect: at the foot of the plants. For better Plant growth, less nutrient loss and lower environmental impact. Characteristic for Vogelsang. Leading in Technology. – Sion Williams 07817 986561 BLACKBIRD THE NEW TRAILING SHOE LINKAGE 190809 Produktanzeige BlackBird EN 188x132 mm RZ.indd 1 14.08.19 17:11

New bale packing machine for 2023 season

Arcusin UK Ltd is o ering a new model Multipack machine for the 2023 season. The new Arcusin Multipack E14 conventional bale packing machine can be seen on the Arcusin stand at LAMMA 2023.

The new model o ers up to a maximum of ve bale pack securing twines, making it possible to use four packing twines to secure a bale pack with a bale length of just 80cm long. Other model improvements include a larger bale pushing at plate that operates with a square push to improve the control of bales entering the chamber. Once the bales have entered the bale pressing chamber, the new E14 model has improved bale pack compaction achieved by using

more compaction bars and more accurate rear door adjustment for both the top and the bottom doors.

The new model also o ers the option of producing smaller bale packs of 10 or 12 bale packs, with the use of a bale restriction frame that can be adjusted to suit all the pack sizes or removed to produce the standard 14 bale packs.

The machine now has an updated touchscreen control box with self-diagnostic software and data collection, which is all built into a new smaller control console that will appeal to the next generation of farmers and contractors, Arcusin says. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 20 Stand 20.530

Claims can be registered on-line from 1st October 2022 and must be registered within 28 days of purchase for qualifying models. Qualifying models must be purchased by 31st December 2022 to qualify and registered within 28 days. LXT 1x BL1850B Free: DUB184RT, DUB186RT, DUC254RT, DUH502RT, DUH523RT, DUH601RT, DUH604SRT, DUH751RT, DUH754SRT, DUN461WRT, DUX18RT, DUN500WRTE, DUN600LRTE, DCU180PT2, DCU180PTX4, DCU180PTX3, DCW180RTE. LXT 2x BL1850B Free: DDG460T2X7, DUA301PG2, DUA301PT2, DUB362PG2, DUB362PT2, DUB363PG2V, DUB363PT2V, DUC256PG2, DUC256PT2, DUC305PG2, DUC305PT2, DUC306PG2, DUC306PT2, DUC353PG2, DUC353PT2, DUC355PG2, DUC355PT2, DUC405PG2, DUC405PT2, DUX60PG2, DUX60PT2. LXT 1x DMR110N Free: UB001CX2, UB002CX3. XGT 1x BL4025 Free: CW001GT101, DG001GD201, UA004GD202, UB001GD201, UC002GD201, UC003GD201, UC014GT201, UC015GT201, UC016GT201, UH004GD202, UH005GD202, UH006GD202, UH007GD202, UH013GD201, UH014GD201, UX01GD201. BL4025 XGT 40V 2.5Ah Battery BL1850B LXT 18V 5.0Ah Battery Claim a FREE BL4025 40V 2.5Ah Battery with Selected XGT Garden Products Claim 1 or 2 FREE BL1850B 18V 5.0Ah Batteries with Selected LXT Garden Products CLAIM A FREE PRODUCT CLAIN NOW:
+44(0)1159 655 970 Mobile: +44(0)7790 989024 E mail: • • collection & stacking of large square bales & packing of small square bales All Arcusin machines feature our automatic loading process Arcusin bale chasers are suitable for CTF (controlled tra c farming) systems Some models o er hydraulic suspension and trailing steering axles 91381 See us at Hall 20 Stand 530

Beet harvester proves a firm favourite in Yorkshire

The new harvester replaced a machine from another manufacturer for this season’s campaign. It was speci ed with a rollerbed primary cleaning system, which was rst introduced by Vervaet as an option for last season’s beet campaign, and has swiftly proven itself to be a rm favourite.

“We’ve been lifting sugar beet

since the late 70s,” explains Robert Todd. “We got our rst six-row tanker harvester in 2000, and I feel that the Vervaet has been the best tanker that we’ve had so far. Our customers are happier with this machine, and we’re getting more beet in the tank which at the end of the day is what they need.

“We chose the 625 because we’ve

known [J Riley sales manager] Matt Carse for a number of years, and trusted him, and we were looking for backup which we’d not had in the past,” says Robert. “I can honestly say that this is one of the kindest harvesters we’ve had on sugar beet. The shares have been able to work the beet out with their taproots. The

rollerbed, which is now hydraulically adjustable, evenly feeds the turbine, then six cleaning turbines behind that give plenty of cleaning but can also be run slowly, winding the beet through them and keeping the taproots intact.

“When conditions get more di cult you can speed up the rollerbed to remove more muck and give the turbines less to do, and I feel we’re getting more tap roots in the sample in the tank.”

He adds: “I’ve found the 625 very easy to operate, it’s so simple to drive. It has one of the best steering systems out of any machine we’ve had and stays on the row. We’ve had the best day with this machine that we’ve had so far, lifting 52 acres on a 14-hour day, so I’m really pleased with its output.

“The service from Rileys has been absolutely superb, and also from Vervaet themselves,” he concludes. “This backup is what you need, as you can have the best machine in the world but if you haven’t got the backup, there’s no point.”

J Riley Beet Harvesters will be exhibiting another model from the comprehensive Vervaet range, a fourwheel Q-616 equipped with turbines at the LAMMA 2023 event. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 12 Stand 12.566

January 2023 75 Preview J Riley Beet Harvesters (UK) Ltd Tel: 01603 262526 Church Farm, Attlebridge, Norwich NR9 5ST For a Vervaet Q-616 (with rollerbed) demo please contact Matt Carse on 07825 631377
The Vervaet
range: Four wheels or six Available for the Q-616 and 625: Vervaet’s industry leading walking shares lifting onto seven spiral cleaning rollers conveying the beet to a turbine between the front wheels (no trace involved). Turbines or rollers
In late summer, Yorkshire-based farmers and contractors RJC Todd Ltd, took delivery of a new Vervaet Beet Eater 625 Evo sugar beet harvester from UK importer J Riley Beet Harvesters (UK) Ltd... The new Vervaet Beet Eater 625 Evo harvester delivered to RJC Todd Ltd in Yorkshire for this year’s beet campaign is equipped with the optional rollerbed primary cleaning system.

New addition completes sprayer range

Precision farming and drift reduction are two important issues when it comes to sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural solutions. Leaders in tackling this challenge with innovative crop sprayers and cutting-edge technologies, Agrifac is introducing the nal piece of the Condor product range puzzle at LAMMA; the Condor Vanguard – “ready for the future and compliant with all European regulations”.

With a tank capacity of 6,000 litres and a driving speed of up to 50km/h, it gives the market exactly what it needs, Agrifac reckons. More high-quality yield is achieved more e ciently, due to the fast lling, fast cleaning technology and fast

folding booms. Like all self-propelled sprayers available from Agrifac, the Condor Vanguard is equipped with the most innovative and high-quality options, which takes it into the top level of precision farming and drift reduction, the company adds.

With a maximum vehicle width of 255cm and a tank capacity of 6,000 litres, the Vanguard completes the Condor range. It o ers stable boom and higher capacity as the basis for optimum coverage, minimal drift, variable spraying technology and ‘spot spraying’ at plant level. The Condor Vanguard can be used exibly thanks to a 75cm adjustable track width and is available in two variants of track widths: 180–300cm. FG LAMMA stand: Hall 9 Stand 9.250

“The future of application technologies”

The Hardi PulseSystem can minimise environmental impacts by eliminating drift and preventing under and over-dosing, Hardi says. It’s currently available on the conventional Delta Force boom on Aeon and Navigator, plus the Twin boom on Aeon, which Hardi says already has best-in-class drift reduction and penetration characteristics.

Alongside this, the Danish in-house manufactured pulsewidth modulation system, Hardi PulseSystem, is an essential step forward in controlling where pesticides are deposited, directly from the driver’s seat, Hardi reckons.

Combining two innovative driftreducing technologies, Hardi has developed an application solution with the potential to deliver spray directly into the crop where the

plant needs it, with the least amount of drift, improving e ciency and reducing costs.

By opening and closing the nozzles, PulseSystem can keep the nozzles open from 30–100% at the same pressure ow while ensuring the droplet size is una ected, regardless of working speeds. Drift is minimised while the ow rate is optimised, as the desired droplet size can be maintained throughout spraying operations.

PulseSystem works with a single nozzle on/o – at a width of 36m, control of all 72 nozzles at a single nozzle level. This can be done via a digital eld map and savings of up to 90% are possible.

Hardi Aeon and the PulseSystem demonstration unit will be at LAMMA 2023. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 9 Stand 9.250


Spacious, intuitive, comfortable. Step into your future office space.

Book your demo today. Call Chris on 07741 312197.


Increased functionality for remapping software

Avon Tuning Agri & Plant returns to LAMMA in January, moving to a bigger stand to showcase professional agricultural engine remapping and highlight the potential for new agents to join the network of authorised installers.

The Dimsport remapping equipment used and distributed by AT Agri & Plant now has increased functionality, allowing agents to remap virtually any tractor on the market via the OBD port, including the latest Tier 5 machines.

Gareth Jones, from AT Agri & Plant, says this improvement allows

more users to experience the bene ts of remapping: “The demand for increasing work e ciencies through remapping is growing and the new software allows the latest tractor models to be remapped for both power increases and fuel saving bene ts.

“We had a great rst appearance at LAMMA in May, and we have taken a bigger stand to showcase how accessible and safe remapping is to the agricultural market.”

Also on the company’s stand will be the Dimsport DF2TR workshopbased dyno, aimed at dealerships and engineers looking for a stationary dynamometer capable of testing tractors up to 330hp.

For those interested in becoming an AT Agri & Plant authorised agent, a fully kitted out service van will be on display to show the type of software required when installing new maps on farm. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 7 Stand 7.600

January 2023 77 Preview Steer into the future of crop care with the HARDI AEON. Now available for demo. Contact Peter Wiles (07901 856734) or Steve Dunning (07785 707746) | AGRI & PLANT Visit

Storing water for next season

Briggs Irrigation will be exhibiting at LAMMA this coming January, o ering exible and e cient abstraction solutions to farmers who irrigate.

This year’s drought resulted in abstraction restrictions for farmers in a number of river catchments across Norfolk, Essex and Su olk. Soil moisture de cits continued long after the rain returned and by the beginning of November, East Anglia had seen just 52% (328mm) of its average annual rainfall.

With early November’s downpours making little di erence to ow rates in water courses, managing water storage – where it is available – has seldom looked more important for farmers who irrigate. Adequate pumping capacity is essential, as irrigation specialists Briggs Irrigation understand.

The company’s managing director Adrian Colwill said: “We don’t know how much rain will fall over

winter but we know that growers are keen to take advantage of every opportunity to store water when conditions allow.

“Our quiet and e cient dieselengined pumpsets provide exible abstraction wherever it is needed.

Together with our UK dealers we will do our best to provide customers with all the support they need over the winter months.”

For further information see FG LAMMA stand: Hall 6 Stand 6.720 January 2023 78 • Fixtures, fittings, pipework and more...
T:01939 232382 • E: • 91479 marked Building a Future for British Agriculture for over 70 years Please give us a call to discuss your building requirements See us at Hall 20 Stand 20.694

Manufacturer introduces new additions to its product line-up

Cousins of Emneth will showcase updates to its current product range at LAMMA ’23, exhibiting machines  including the Patriot, Top Disc, Mounted Less Lift, Oil Drill and HZ Rolls.

The Crop Check now features replaceable blades, making this the ideal machine to roll, break and bruise cover crops ahead of the drill, Cousins says. Its Less Lift has been updated to include the trailed folding version, following on from the success of the mounted version. With a working depth of 8–12in with the step change leg, it aims to prove that sometimes less is more, with less disturbance, lift, mixing, moisture loss, fuel consumption and carbon release.

The Step Change Leg can also be retrotted to all existing Cousins V-Form Soil looseners, giving users more versatility.

Also on the stand will be the 12m HD HZ Rolls, including new updates.

O ering more additional weight per metre than any model in Cousins’ rolls range, they provide excellent ground following, a full range of ring options at 22, 24 and 26in, and a three-year ring and axle warranty, the company says.

“We strive to continually update our products to suit the ever-changing market and help farmers solve the problems they face in the eld, and look forward to welcoming customers old and new at the show,” director Laura Cousins comments. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 12 Stand 12.252

Company o ers “quality buildings at sensible prices”

Quality buildings at sensible prices are often hard to nd – largely because the two objectives are usually incompatible, says Browns of Wem.

For more than 75 years, the company has specialised in the design and construction of steeland timber-framed buildings which stand the test of time and work hard for their value.

Shropshire-based, familyowned company Browns has built a vast array of buildings ranging from small garden sheds to 5,000t grain stores. Browns buildings can be seen across the entire UK and Channel Islands – serving clients from all sectors of the agricultural, equestrian, commercial and leisure industries.

Commenting on what makes agricultural buildings work, director

we aim for.

“Our team of experts can advise on what suits your requirements and o er advice on design and materials accordingly. Whatever issues may arise, Browns can o er cost e ective solutions to ensure your building works hard for its money, in harmony with the landscape and the surrounding environment.”

Whether you are considering a new agricultural building, extending existing storage or simply a loose box or garden store, contact Browns of Wem directly or visit: FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 20 Stand 20.694

January 2023 79
Neil Je eries says: “Careful design, close liaison with local planning authorities and the best attention to detail, along with the highest standards of manufacture and installation are what
01945 584600 CONTOUR ROLLS Take advantage of our best terms! Available until end of 2022. Come and see us in Hall 12 at LAMMA Order now for a delivery date to suit you! With a horizontally folding frame and the heaviest weight per metre in our range, the Countour HD HZ Rolls offer excellent ground following. BEAT THE PRICE RISE!

The power, the pressure…

Hugh Crane (Cleaning Equipment) Ltd is the manufacturer of the Commando range of independently powered pressure washers and jetting equipment and will be exhibiting again at LAMMA in 2023.

Commando machines are ideal where arduous duty cycles occur and reliability is important. They can be easily transported to virtually any terrain where power washing is required and have been built to comply with BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 standards.

The Commando range o ers a choice of petrol or diesel engine powered machines, as well as PTO driven or hydraulically powered units to suit individual applications. The range includes barrow, skid, trailer, vehicle and bowser mounted units, meaning there is always a package to

suit the customer’s individual needs.

The Honda petrol engine-powered range includes the 250P, 350P and 500P barrow mounted machines, with the 500 series o ering the option of electric start or auto intelligent engines for maximum fuel e ciency.

Whereas, the diesel range includes the Hatz single cylinder 500D and twin cylinder 1030U series machines and the Isuzu three-cylinder 3000 series. A wide choice of four-cylinder diesel engine units are available for larger applications, with pressures ranging from 200–500 Bar.

Commando machines are available to buy, lease or hire. For more information, contact the company directly or visit the team in Birmingham this January on their stand at LAMMA. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 12 Stand 12.516 January 2023 80

A/C parts supplier covers over 100 ag brands

Stocking over 50,000 airconditioning parts that cover more than 100 agricultural machinery brands, AP Air is a leading supplier of A/C system spares and supplies in Europe.

Aligned with brands such as Denso, Sanden, SPAL, Bergstrom, RedDot and Burgaflex, AP Air provides a choice of quality OEM and aftermarket air-conditioning solutions on a next day delivery service to UK mainland.

The company, which was established in 2010, says its technical knowledge is second to none when it comes to identifying or finding alternative parts.

A one-stop-shop for service parts, tools and consumables, AP Air is also the UK and Ireland distributor for the Italian A/C charging station specialist, Oksys. With a three-year warranty* and installation provided as standard, AP Air’s Oksys machines are available for both R134a and R1234YF, whilst specs range from basic through to high performance, so all budgets and needs can be met.

A City & Guilds approved centre, AP Air provides in-house and on-site air-conditioning training courses. To discuss how a charging station could benefit your business, and to learn more about the company’s F-gas and technical training courses, visit AP Air at LAMMA or head online to FG LAMMA stand: Hall 7 Stand 7.624

*Subject to terms and conditions.

A committed partner to the ag sector

Major UK steel stockholder, Barrett Steel Limited, has over 150 years of heritage. Family-owned, the group is made up of 29 sites and holds over 120,000 tonnes of steel stock, making it capable of supplying a wide scope of agricultural projects across the UK.

Whether customers require lasered kit parts for trailer fabrication, or to fabricate an entire agricultural building, Barrett Steel says it has the steel to suit requirements. In addition to its stock and processed steel ranges it supplies a wide range of safety and access solutions such as crash barriers, grain meshes and handrail

and walkway options – perfect for creating mezzanines or step overs.

Barrett Steel says it is committed to providing innovative and exceptional service to the agricultural sector by continuously investing in the latest processing machinery and materials handling equipment.

Customer needs and community support are at the heart of everything, ensuring Barrett Steel is always your local steel stockholder, the company claims.

For more information about the company visit or visit the team at LAMMA. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 7 Stand 7.432

Contact us for more information on: or call +44 1274 682281 #alwaysyourlocalsteelstockholder Serving the Agricultural Industry across the UK for over 150 years Speak to our team on stand 4.732

New ground engaging innovations for 2023

With over 30 years of development in ground engaging products, Bourgault Tillage Tools UK (BTT UK) says it is well placed to help UK manufacturers and farmers in their quest to deliver better and more cost-e ective cultivation and drilling machines.

Product versatility is the key to success in the UK, due to the small land mass with such varying soil types, topography and climate, and therefore not one product or system is ideal across the UK, BTT says.

New products on display on the BTT UK stand at LAMMA 2023 will give farmers and

manufacturers food for thought, the company promises.

Maxlife is a new, exciting addition to the range. The process infuses tungsten carbide chippings into a full range of ground engaging products to deliver economically up to six times longer wear rates. Part of the range on show includes the new Maxlife weldable wear strips, which are a cost-e ective way for farmers to deal with speci c wear problems.

The proven Bourgault VOS system has been widely used successfully in the UK on many Horsch Sprinter and CO machines for many years, the company adds. It is now pleased to announce that after ongoing eld trials this autumn, the VOS replaceable tip system will be available as a tine conversion for the Weaving Sabre Tine, Amazone Cayena and Kuhn Megant drills. FG LAMMA stand: Hall 6, stand 6.140

Innovative bale wrapping solutions at LAMMA

With more than 30 years’ experience in manufacturing premium silage lms, Coveris is presenting some di erent bale wrapping solutions at LAMMA ’23.

without adjustments, simpli es bale trading and e ectively protects bales from external factors, during a guaranteed one-year outdoor storage period.

protects bales from a guaranteed one-year Unterland R: more sustainable bale collected agricultural

reckons. It also o ers a double-

FarmFilm Performance: Known on the UK market for over 30 years, this product is now available under the Coveris brand. It has high puncture and tear resistance, and the multi-layered material o ers longstanding performance and crop protection in any weather, Coveris reckons. It also o ers a doublesided adhesion that ensures the tail stays intact on the bale.

Unterland Crystal: A transparent recyclable silage lm that maintains the same quality as standard-coloured lms. Switching from coloured to transparent lms can o er considerable savings in the recycling process, Coveris says. The lm ts on all wrapper types

roll. During testing by around the world – in

wrappers – it maintained the

Unterland R: Newly launched for more sustainable bale wrapping, it contains at least 30% recyclate from collected agricultural lms. Twenty litres of mineral oil can be saved per produced roll. During testing by trusted Coveris partners around the world – in di erent weather conditions, using various conventional wrappers – it maintained the exact same quality regardless of environment. UK farmers can reduce their carbon footprint by 23% by switching to Unterland R, Coveris claims.

The company’s UK Films Science Lab at Coveris Winsford also provides state-of-the-art technology and market-leading expertise. FG January 2023 82 Preview
TILLAGE TOOLS VOS & Speed-Loc™ Quick Change System
(Versatile Opener System)
drill into a wide variety of situations across a range of soil types with less soil disturbance, less draft and greater consistency in seed placement. Speed-Loc™ Quick Change System Quickly change between BTT openers, fertiliser knives, sweeps and spikes. Consistent depth control for seeding and tillage. 92030 T 01733 971971 E Come and see our new 2023 products Hall 6 Stand 6.140


and slurry specialist returns to LAMMA

Greencrop is the sole UK importer of Irrimec Hose Reels and Pumpsets. The company has o ered the Elite range of Irrimec Hose Reels since its launch in 2016. The Elite range was designed with the professional grower in mind, who demands reliable and easy to operate irrigation systems that require simple maintenance.

In early 2022, Greencrop also became the sole importer of Kemper GmnH maize headers and grass pickups for the UK and Ireland. Kemper is well known for its innovative solutions and superior quality. All machines are manufactured in Germany and Greencrop keeps a range of

headers in stock in the UK.

What’s more, the company also specialises in slurry handling solutions and is a distributor of the unique Sepcom Separator. It has a strong knowledgeable dealer network across the UK supplying AD plants for anaerobic digestion, farms and food waste.

Greencrop o ers a complete range of equipment to handle and process slurry, including pumps, pipework, and tankers. Its dribble bars and trailing shoes are manufactured to order here in the UK. The Greencrop team can mount any system to your existing tanker and o er a full range of umbilical solutions. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 6 Stand 6.840



Farmfilm Performance has remained a UK manufactured film. It is designed to work on all types of bale wrappers. The unique blend of Farmfilm Performance ensures a high puncture and tear resistance perfect for round and square bale wrapping.
BUY or HIRE, NEW or USED Big Square Baler or SuperChasers from Big Bale North for the best service and choice 91478 Heck Hall Farm, Great Heck, Goole, Own the best... be the best 01405 862240 See us at Fully trained engineers, comprehensive parts department FIRST IN THE FIELD. Custom built in the United Kingdom, Chafer trailed crop sprayers are engineered to o er excellent spraying output and performance, combined with absolute precision and control. Each machine is packed with innovative features and systems to increase e ciency and spray timeliness whilst safeguarding the operator and environment. For more information call Chafer Machinery on 01427 838341 or visit CHAFER GUARDIAN & SENTRY TRAILED SPRAYERS HARVEST INSTALLATIONS CALL: 01795 533903 Main Office: Unit 2/3 Oaklands Park, Rougham Hill, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 2RW. HARVEST INSTALLATIONS HARVEST CONSTANT HUMIDITY CONTROLLER Gives you guaranteed drying conditions, 24/7. Efficient and economic with thousands of units in use on all combinable crops and onion stores nationwide. CROP DRYING SPECIALISTS 92190 Stand 8.736 Hall 8

LAMMA display reflects increased demand for triple auger mixers

Centre stage on the BvL stand at LAMMA in January will be a 33m3 V-Mix Plus 3S, re ecting a considerable increase in interest the company has seen for this size of diet feeder.

Over the past year, BvL has seen a marked increase in UK sales of its larger V-Mix Plus triple auger mixers, with over three times as many machines sold in 2022 than in the previous year.

This includes the recent order for the largest triple auger machine in the BvL range – the 46m3 V-Mix Plus – which will be one of the largest trailed diet feeders working on-farm in the UK.

“For consistent yield and milk quality you need a consistent ration mix. Cows don’t like change,” explains BvL specialist John Molton. “It is not uncommon to see a 17 or 20m3 diet feeder being replaced by a 30m3+ triple auger machine. Not only does it save a lot of time, but because they are perhaps only doing three mixes instead of six, overall ration consistency is improved considerably.”

He adds that operating cost for a triple auger machine will also be notably less than for a similarsized twin auger. “If, for instance, you compare a 32m3 twin auger machine with a similar-sized triple auger, because the hopper on the triple is lower and longer, it will be considerably easier to drive, so for the same size of machine you will use less fuel and it will not be as hard on the tractor,” says Mr Molton.

To reduce load on the tractor and make the V-Mix easier to drive, BvL o ers a Powershift gearbox which

incorporates a reduction gear with integral hydraulic clutch. This allows the V-Mix to be started in a low gear and for PTO speed to be increased under load up to full mixing speed, reducing strain on the complete drive train.

Also on display at LAMMA will be information on the Dairy Feeder Go app, which is a new entry-level version of the cloud-based BvL V-Connect Dairy Feeder system. The latter is an essential aid to ensuring feed consistency and will be free for customers ordering a new machine.

The cloud-based Dairy Feeder system makes it extremely easy to share and view ration mixes and herd information. The TMR mix can also be uploaded to the V-Mix diet feeder control terminal so that the ration can be accurately replicated mix after mix.

Meanwhile, the Dairy Feeder Go app is an easy way to get started with digital feed management. The app allows users to enter their animal groups, feed components, and rations upon registration and make changes to their data as needed.

When feeding is complete, the feeding accuracy of the load can be displayed in the form of a report. It is also possible to view and print the loading schedule to obtain an overview of the rations.

For more information, visit FG LAMMA stand: Hall 7 Stand 7.710

Innovation. Experience. Strength.

Our range of self-propelled and single, twin or triple auger trailed feeders with capacities from 5m3 up to 46m3, all available with a wide range of specications and options, makes BvL the ideal solution for all your livestock TMR needs.

Quality mixer ... Quality mix ...

Powerful mixing augers with adjustable knives ensure thorough mixing of all types of feed, including bales. Gentle mixing, consistent ration quality. The patented EDS discharge system provides an extremely consistent, uninterrupted loose ow of forage to both sides if necessary, even without the optional cross conveyors or elevators.

Quality assured ... The

January 2023 85
feeding experts
North: Paul McUrich - 07810 040100 / South: John Molton - 07947 719985 /
Spring 21 half page vertical.qxp_Layout 1 11/02/2022 16:50 Page 1

New tine seed system makes LAMMA debut

For the rst time, Wox Agri Services will display the Greenmaster Tined Seed 300 at LAMMA 2023. “The next generation of grassland management machinery”, it has a patented seed tube tine delivery system, allowing optimum seed to soil contact, Wox says.

From 2.5m through to 6.0m, the machine was rst seen at Agritechnica 2020.

With the addition of the Quattro ripper board and the trailed Mayor or Master roller, the machine o ers broad acre farmers and contractors a sustainable way forward to maintain, improve and give full reseeding in both inverted and non-inverted situations, Wox reckons.

The well proven Supermaxx range has matured into a huge range of mounted and trailed machines from 3–12m, with options to facilitate all variations of tillage.

Meanwhile, Wox Agri Services’ range of drag hose equipment continues to expand with a series of updates and modi cations to the Walrus PTO driven pump.

Couplings and pipe management can never be far away from the applicator’s forethoughts. The range of metal 360 couplings and adapters, and many other products, will be on show at LAMMA.

Wox says it is looking forward to welcoming its visitors to its stand in January.

Visit Wox’s new website for more information: FG LAMMA stand: Hall 9 Stand 9.430

Sprayer model and drain jetters on show at LAMMA

The GM-R Sprayers GX-Trail 3600 model comes with a 3,600-litre polypropylene tank with full agitation system. Chassis is a pickup hitch drawbar with auto steer axle by gyro, riding on air suspension.

As the stainless steel chemical hopper comes as standard with a big can wash (20 litres), with full internal washdown after use.

The triple fold boom on pantograph provides a compact unit with no overhang towards the tractor cab, and an approximately 2.5m transport width makes for a safe unit on the highway.

Using a Teejet Matrix 908 computer, all controls are on one screen. There are also hydraulics functions for boom and steering, 12 section auto section control by GPS and auto application.

Meanwhile, Mitchell-Rowlands has over 25 years’ experience working with its Dutch supplier

for Drainjetters.

The company says it has the knowledge to build Drainjetters to your requirements and after sales support.

From a standard 300m manual control through to 700m with full wireless control, the choice is yours, the company says. Some innovative features include programmable length of drains, "unbeatable" automatic repeat system (ARS) double telescopic arm for wide dykes and the latest search and locate blockage detector up to 4m depth. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 6 Stand 6.714 January 2023 86 Preview
91029 Jacobsens-GFM •2.7 ton – 5.0 ton lift capacity • xed, oating or folded positions of lift •loader compatible •PTO can be retro tted at any time Contact: Symon Jacobsen Tel 01561 361 340 • Mob 07973 542 142 Email: •800 or 1000kg main block • 400 or 600kg slide in base 6R’s Linkages & PTOs available ex stock 800 FP-PACK WEIGHT • Save fuel , time and increase productivity? • Come and have a chat and see what we can o er you Available for  Case  Claas  Deutz  John Deere  Landini  Massey Ferguson  McCormick  New Holland  Steyr  Zetor Steinbauer Tuning Modules Available in 6”, 8” or 10” widths

Embrace the benefits of low disturbance drilling

soil health, JJ Metcalfe & Son Ltd says it is here to help.

The company has expanded its range of 12mm direct drill points and 100mm winged points, which now come in three different lengths – 175mm, 200mm and 225mm. The 200 and 225mm points have been adapted to take two pieces of tungsten on the tip, preventing metal degradation and extending the life of the points.

The hard facing on the rear of

the 12mm points has also been extended to minimise tip wear, and the seed is placed at the bottom of the slot beneath the residues of the previous crop.

The system was originally designed to allow conversion of the Horsch CO and Sprinter series drills to a no till system, but JJ Metcalfe & Son has now adapted the range to convert other makes of drill such as Amazone Condor, Cayena, Weaving, Jockey, Seedhawk, Virkar and Ultima.

Development is continuously

underway to extend the range of conversion arms available to allow the conversion of other drilling systems in the future.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of low disturbance drilling, give the team a call or visit the company’s stand at LAMMA 2023.

to allow the conversion of drilling, give the at FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 18 Stand 18.636

January 2023 87
AVAILABLE FOR » Horsch CO and Sprinter » Amazone Cayena » Weaving » Amazone Condor » Kockerling Jockey » Kockerling Ultima » Vaderstad Seedhawk » 80/100mm Box Section Conversions Conversion Holder to fit Cayena Drill with 12mm point JOIN US ON TWITTER @JJMANDSON FIND OUT MORE AT LAMMA 2023 HALL 18, STAND 636 Visit our website or call 01609 771124
less soil?
fuel costs and
If you would like to move less soil, reduce
In an ideal world, you’d be using a Magnum roller Take a closer look at the Cambridge roller system with a cultural twist on; • Blackgrass chitting with volunteer cereal control • Straw spreading and incorporation • Trailed units from 6.4m - 12.4m T • A wide range of paddle, tined units and options to fit seeders for cover crop seeding and small seeds • For non-inversion and plough-based systems. AGRI SERVICES To find out more call 01670 789 020 or visit woxagriservices woxagri woxagri GM-R Sprayers GX-Trail 3600 24 metre Mitchell-Rowlands Professional Drainjetter double telescopic arm • 01449 737482 • 01449 736300 Visit us at Hall 6 Stand 6.714 91978/9

Smarter tyre option for spring applications

G T Bunning and Sons will return to LAMMA showing a spreader equipped with a large diameter, narrow tyre aimed at farmers wanting to reduce crop damage when spring top dressing.

Bunning’s Lowlander 120 HY HBD features a set of Alliance 580/85 R42 IF tyres, o ering a longer tread pattern and bringing the machine’s overall width down to 2,820mm. This tyre option helps farmers retain the otation bene ts of IF tyres and is better suited to tramline widths when travelling through growing crops.

Ben Johnson, UK and Ireland sales manager for G T Bunning and Sons, says it will appeal for several reasons: “The 120 HY HBD model on the stand allows a 19.1cu m load due to the

built-in ared side extensions, but crucially features a shorter wheelbase than the bigger Lowlander 150 model, so it will lessen crop damage when turning on the headlands.”

Elsewhere on the stand is a Lowlander 120 HY TVA that features the recently redesigned large diameter bottom spreading blades for increased accuracy, and a 105 TVA will also be shown, aimed at smaller farms wishing to utilise their own manures.

“Demand for accurately applying organic manures continues to grow and our range of spreaders and technology can help to reduce input costs through precise spreading,” concludes Mr Johnson. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 6 Stand 6.730 January 2023 88 Lowlander ® Manure Spreaders Twin Vertical Auger TVA | 6 – 40 tonnes Horizontal Beater & Spinning Disc HBD | 8 – 40 tonnes 3 Year Warranty | Details available upon request bunning spreaders Tel: + 44 (0) 1362 860352
WATKINS Philip Ltd HallFarm,Stainton, Rotherham 01709798522 www td 91333

The Plug&Cool team will be back at LAMMA 2023 with a few additions to their exhibition stand, including the all-new grain cooling fan with improved e ciency, which launched this year.

Plug&Cool product development engineers used their knowledge and experience to carefully test each model, measure the air ow, and look for ways to improve the fan’s energy e ciency. With rising energy prices on everyone’s mind,

Plug&Cool is extremely pleased to launch an upgraded cooling fan that it claims is the most energy-e cient, low-volume grain cooling fan on the UK market.

The fans are available in various sizes, ranging from the 130kW

Airspear to the 2.2kW grain store fan, which is the most powerful grain cooling fan available, the company says. Plug&Cool is so con dent in the quality of its fan products that its o ers a veyear manufacturer’s warranty as

standard, as well as an in-house repair service should any accidental damage occur.

Not only has the interior of the cooling fan been improved, but the outer casing and electric motor have also undergone an attractive makeover, with the Plug&Cool orange and grey being the new colours of choice. You’ll certainly be able to spot them in the grain pile, the company says.

Plug&Cool marketing manager, Rael Bearman comments: “The LAMMA show is a key event for us at Plug&Cool. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet potential new customers as well as farmers who have used our products in the past. We listen to the needs of farmers and try to improve our products based on the feedback we receive. It’s also great to network with other exhibitors and our national distributors.”

Since its inception in 2017, Plug&Cool says it has grown year after year and is now the largest stockist of agricultural grain cooling fans in the UK. Its full range of products will be on show at LAMMA 2023. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 8 Stand 8.504

January 2023 89 Machinery Preview
New grain cooling fan o ers improved e iciency 01621 868 138 Fastest Cooling Fan Improved Impeller Reduced Energy Costs Largest Stock Available Unbeatable Prices VISIT US AT LAMMA 2023 STAND 8.504

Austrian bale wrapper strives for perfection

Göweil is an Austrian company that has specialised in baling and wrapping technology since 1988. The company produces round balers and balerwrapper combination machines suitable for various crops such as grass silage, lucerne, maize silage, sugar beet pulp, and many more.

In addition, Göweil specialises in the production of round and square bale wrappers, bale handling and bale opening technology, knife sharpeners for agriculture, and high lift buckets. Göweil says its range o ers particularly robust and durable products, all of which are designed and manufactured by highly skilled sta using state of the art technology and equipment in two purpose-built factories in Upper Austria.

The company adds that it has long

been renowned for its development of individual bale wrapping technology, and many bales in the UK have been wrapped using the unique equipment from Austria.

The decades of experience building bale wrappers and silage balers gave Göweil the expertise to enter the round baler market in 2014 with the introduction of the G-1 F125 solo baler and the G-1 F125 Kombi baler-wrapper.

This ultra-e cient, high throughput baler-wrapper has been turning heads across the European continent and beyond since its introduction and is now doing the same in the UK, Göweil reckons.

Visit the Göweil stand at the LAMMA show in Birmingham to see the G-1 F125 Kombi. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 10 Stand 10.110


Compact tractors and

Iseki UK & Ireland will be exhibiting at LAMMA 2023, showcasing compact tractors from the TG, TLE and TH ranges alongside examples from its range of collecting mowers.

Compact in size but with all the accessories and speci cations of larger agricultural tractors, the 40 to 67hp Iseki TG tractors are ideal for easy access around farms where space is limited.

Features include a choice of three power shuttle transmissions: mechanical, HST or dual-clutch; as well as high-capacity linkages of up to 1,600kg, draft control, headland management, airconditioned easy access cab, rear services and joystick-controlled mid-mounted services as standard.

Meanwhile, the TLE tractors from the company’s premiumeconomy range are equipped with simpler controls and features but retain the same build quality and reliability, Iseki says.

Powered by either a 40hp or 55hp Iseki diesel engine, the tractors are available with HST or mechanical transmissions


on exhibit at LAMMA

and linkage capacities of up to 1,200kg. They’re suited to many tasks around farmyards, estates, stables and greenhouses.

Lastly, the TH tractors are available with either 35hp or 50hp Iseki engines and come with HST transmissions and a choice of ROPS or air-conditioned cabs. The linkages have a capacity of 1,200kg and rear services and joystick-controlled mid-mounted services (cab model) are standard.

To book a demonstration, contact your local dealer or visit FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 12 Stand 12.240

G-1 F125 Kombi // The Baler-Wrapper for True Professionals January 2023 90 Preview Philip Kieser +43 664 357 1057 CONTACT US NOW! 10-11 January 2023

Saveco Environmental is a member of the globally operating Wamgroup that has specialised in bulk materials handling since 1968. The company supplies state-of-the-art sludge, slurry and e uent pre-treatment solutions to customers across the UK and the Republic of Ireland for use in biogas plants, livestock farming, municipal and industrial wastewater sectors.

Saveco will be showcasing its agship Sepcom separators and green bedding machines at the LAMMA show alongside its local network dealer Mastek.

Delivering innovative, marketdriven and industrially manufactured products, Saveco says it has a proven track record of success.

The company aims to supply the most comprehensive range of equipment available, serving as a onestop solution for its customers and ensuring the highest possible quality product and service is provided at a fair price.

Meet Saveco’s sector sales specialists and see the separators in action at LAMMA in January 2023. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 6 Stand 6.910

January 2023 91 OWEN.BOND@SAVECO-WATER.CO.UK WWW.SAVECO-WATER.CO.UK Separators Green Bedding Screw Conveyors Long Shaft Pumps Submersible Pumps Submersible Agitators EXPERTS IN SLURRY HANDLING 07851 25 26 27 01684 29 91 04 Call today to be put in contact with your local dealer SEE US AT LAMMA ON 10TH & 11TH JANUARY Separator and green bedding machines to go on show
COMPACT AND MANOEUVRABLE Contact your local dealer to book a demo on your farm today! Compact in size with all the accessories and speci cations of larger agricultural tractors, the 40-67hp ISEKI TG tractors are ideal for easy access around farms where space is limited. With a choice of three Power Shuttle transmissions, Mechanical, HST or Dual-Clutch plus high capacity linkages of up to 1600kg, draft control, headland management, air-conditioned easy access cab, rear services and joystick controlled mid-mounted services as standard*.(*model dependent) 92000 Hall 12 Stand 12.240

New grassland combination set for launch

Bullock Tillage is launching a new “competitive and a ordable” 3m grass harrow, Grass Plus 3.0, at LAMMA. A complete solution to grassland maintenance, it can also sow cover crops and other small seeds, Bullock says.

An adjustable levelling plate at the front levels mole hills and residue. Behind the levelling board are three rows of adjustable 10mm thick tines for tine angle aggression, to create optimum seeding conditions.

The rear 450mm diameter prismatic roller is ideal for reconsolidation, and hydraulically

adjustable so tine depth can be altered on the move, Bullock says.

Grass Plus can be tted with a 200-litre airseeder which distributes seed to a full-width spreader plate positioned between rows two and three of the harrow, ensuring the seed is covered by the third row of tines and reconsolidated by the prismatic roller.

It comes with in-cab constant speed control box with push button adjustments for fan and rotor speed, along with a low-level sensor warning light.

The 200-litre hopper has an agitator in the base. A forward-facing clear plastic window at the front allows operators to observe the seed tank level. A complete set of sowing rotors for applying di erent types of seed come as standard. To provide on/o control for headland turns a top link sensor switch is wired into the control box system.

GPS control will be available as an option. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 6 Stand 6.822

Tama UK Ltd | Tel: +44 (0)1420 545 800 at the Lamma show, stand 12.322 Come and see the new Tama Cycle
New 3 metre Grass Plus Harrow complete with 200 litre airseeder Nigel : 07850 825980 Ross : 07815 110529 email: 91468 Grass Plus Harrow Hall 6 Stand 6.822 NEW

New eco-baling solution is “first of its


UK manufacturer Tama says it o ers a rst-of-itskind ecologic solution for crop baling products. High performance netwrap Tama Cycle is the latest step in its ‘eco-baling revolution’, replacing virgin resources with recycled and reprocessed materials.

The company had previously produced premium netwrap with much longer rolls and using less plastic per bale compared to other brands in the market.

Tama Cycle Netwrap, which has a black and green zebra pattern, o ers “the ultimate baling experience”, according to Tama, with two major environmental bene ts:

It is manufactured using signi cant percentages of post-industrial waste

The product packaging includes 40% postconsumer, recycled material.

In addition, the core is made of recycled paper, and there is less plastic per bale giving a lighter net.

Tama UK is a manufacturer of twine, netwrap and stretchwrap with the main baling machinery manufacturers. This partnership provides a highquality range of products speci cally tailored to suit all crop baling equipment, the company reckons. Tama says it o ers unrivalled customer support, technical expertise and distribution excellence.

For more information visit: FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 12 Stand 12.322

World’s largest clear span grain silo erected

Sukup Manufacturing Co says it has designed and produced the world’s largest clear span grain storage silo – which was erected in 2021 and is located at Golden Grain Energy, Mason City, Iowa, USA. It has a diameter of 50.29m and is 47.24m tall to its peak, with a colossal total aerated storage capacity of 60,000 metric tonnes.

Sukup Europe’s UK sales manager, John Statt says: “Although this huge aeration silo far surpasses the grain storage requirements of your average UK farmer, it does illustrate the scale of the innovatively designed and engineered silo storage and drying

systems that we produce, along with, grain handling equipment and grain dryers to go with them.”

Sukup Europe will be exhibiting at LAMMA 2023, displaying its stirring, drying silo system which it says is one of the most cost e ective and e cient all-in-one grain drying and storage systems available. It has the added bene ts of low labour and energy requirements.

The Sukup drying silo display will be on the McArthur Agriculture stand with their team specialists on hand to discuss the bene ts of the system. FG

LAMMA stand: Sukup Hall 8 Stand 8.710; McArthur Hall 8 Stand 8.644


Sukup Europe Ltd Unit 2C, Gunby Lea Farm, Grangewood, Netherseal, Swadlincote DE12 8BE

January 2023 93 Preview
Stirring drying silos, the e ective & e cient all in one grain drying & storage system Contact John Statt Telephone: 01283 760445 Mobile: 07703 608014 Email:

New H2O precision moisture sensor

The starting point to baling quality product is the new H2O precision moisture sensor, which provides the operator with accurate moisture data with no calibration required, according to Pro table Farming Company. Accuracy at +/- 1% is market leading, with a moisture reading range of 8–70%, the company adds.

The ‘plug and go’ wet bale marker sprays a red or blue food grade colour when the operator-de ned alarm point is reached, so bales that exceed the 15% moisture safe baling range can be easily identi ed and separated.

The third piece in the puzzle is the new, fully automatic application system, 7 series CropSaver, which is fully integrated with BigBaler. Utilising the baler onboard sensors in collaboration with CropSaver’s

precision sensors monitors the baler performance and crop changes –allowing preservative to be accurately applied as conditions change.

CropSaver preservative is safe for the baler at pH6.0 and provides market leading strength when compared to litres per tonne required, PFC reckons. CropSaver allows hay and straw to be baled safely up to 27% for the BigBaler and 30% for the round and conventional baler.

The new 7 Series is the “ultimate tool to assist your baling operation”. It o ers improved understanding of moisture in crops and allows users to manage high moisture bales with the wet bale marker – or for the “ultimate bale management”, using CropSaver acid with the automatic applicator. FG LAMMA stand: Hall 9 Stand 9.426

Sprayer manufacturer heads to LAMMA

British sprayer manufacturer Team Sprayers will be exhibiting at LAMMA with a selection of its trailed and mounted crop sprayers, including the Leader 4, Sigma and Alpha models.

The Leader 4 sprayer is part of Team’s trailed range and features boom widths from 24–36m and tank sizes of up to 5,000 litres. It features boom stabilisation and computerised boom switching, GPS and steering options, as well as electro-hydraulics enabling boom folding combinations.

The Leader 4 also incorporates a low-folding boom design which, along with the pro led tank, gives the sprayer a low centre of gravity and maximises machine stability both in the eld and on the road.

Whereas, the Sigma and Alpha are both mounted models. The Alpha range has been designed as a low cost, simple to use sprayer and comes in 600, 800 and 1,000-litre tank sizes and boom widths of up to 12m. The Sigma is a larger mounted model, available in tank sizes from 800–1,500 litres with a 12m rear folding boom in manual or 18m for the hydraulic version.

Team managing director Danny Hubbard said: “As with all our sprayers, these models have been designed to be robust yet simple to use, o ering years of strength and durability for farmers. We’re looking forward to exhibiting them at LAMMA.” FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 9 Stand 9.310 January 2023 94 Preview
LAMMA OFFERS Hall 9 – visit PFC Precision moisture sensors Bale management solutions Manual & automatic applicators CropSaver supplying Precision moisture sensors with zero calibration are essential to bale quality crops. Application equipment with preservative opens the safe baling window in hay and straw Andrew: 07967 300 578 Office: 01805 603 363 91418

Servicing, spares and repairs on all oil-fired driers

Oil red grain drier specialist K&J Engineering was established in 1982 and o ers servicing, spares and repairs on all makes of oil- red driers, including Alvan Blanch, Allmet, Bentall, Carier, Farrell, Perry Tornum, Svegma, Wilder and many more.

The company’s large range of on-the-shelf stock is ready to be dispatched for self-assembly or alternatively it can supply and t.

K&J says its team of highly trained and quali ed NICEIC and Trading Standards approved engineers carry out nationwide servicing to keep your driers up and running in top condition, allowing you to rely on

it when you need it most. It o ers a 24-hour breakdown service during harvest and aims to have customers up and running within 24 hours, regardless of location.

The engineering design team are specialist in designing and manufacturing bespoke control panels to operate and run as per your individual speci cation, the company adds.

For more information or advice about any of K&J’s services, please do not hesitate to contact one of the team directly or visit FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 9 Stand 9.406

Arian 2 Mounted Sprayer

The boom is very compact when folded away, which is great for us as we move around a lot between farms. It’s brilliant in the field and very easy to operate. I have been really pleased with it and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

January 2023 95 For further information, please get in touch. Come and see us at LAMMA on 10th and 11th January in Hall 9, stand 9.310 The
Effective, Accurate Controlled. The new Arian 2 Sprayer comes in 1200L, 1600L and 1800L tank sizes. • 01353 661211
Service of oil fired burners spares or repairs Alvan Blanch • Allmet • Carier Svegma • Farrell • Bentall Wilder • Vertec • Turner Tornum • Turbodan Enrolment No. 014923 01621 828689 Servicing spares & repairs of all makes of oil fired grain drier Bespoke control panels designed & manufacture LED Potato chitting lights made to order NICEIC Approved contractor call out during Harvest 24 Hour 92027 Did you use your drier this harvest? If so, then make sure you have it serviced ready for 2023 We have a huge range of burners & spares in stock burners & spares in stock Hall 9 Stand 9.406 See us at

New trailed rake for central swath delivery

SIP is introducing its new Star 930I28 TC trailed rake for central swath delivery, which has a working width of up to 9.25m and capacity of 13ha/hr.

The robust external steering mechanism enables a turning angle of ±75.5 degrees for easy operation and perfect tractor tracking, SIP reckons. The drive system consists of a Y-drive that reduces the load on the PTO shaft.

The special 3D+ exible rotor mounting allows both rotors to move independently of the chassis, and,

in combination with the hydropneumatic suspension and triple walking tandem axis, provides 3D tracking on uneven surfaces and excellent ground adaptation as well as sequential rotor lift (take-o e ect).

On the basic model, the angle of partial lift of the rotors is also adjustable by +/- 10 degrees, allowing the machine to be adjusted according to the amount of forage or size of the swaths. The rotors’ parallel lift from a partial to an upright position ensures safer operation on

sloping terrain.

The new arch-shaped chassis design o ers more room for manoeuvring when passing over the swaths. The higher rear frame also ensures a quick and easy passage over the swaths when raking larger grass

mass and forming larger swaths. The machine o ers excellent price-quality ratio and is therefore the perfect solution for medium to large farms and contractors, SIP says. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 20 Stand 20.370 January 2023 96
Speed up maintenance & repairtasks See us at LAMMA - Hall 18 Stand 524 91859

Drilling tools “speed up maintenance and repairs”

Holemaker Technology’s range of VersaDrive drilling tools, which will be showcased at LAMMA, speed up essential metalwork maintenance and emergency repair of agricultural machinery, the company says.

These double-hardened portable tools promise to work up to 15 times faster than traditional methods and are the rst range of portable cutting tools that can be used with Impact Wrenches for high performance. This exibility means it is easier to make repairs in remote locations and x equipment in the eld without the need for a costly trip to the workshop, Holemaker reckons.

The range includes many innovative products such as ImpactaTaps, which are widely used for cleaning and restoring damaged threads, and Impact Reamers, which are used to keep the job moving when a hole is undersized.

Holemaker Technology will also be demonstrating the UK-built range of

industrial magnetic-base drilling machines, which are custom designed for the quick-change Versadrive tooling to speed up metalworking.

Craig Hutchinson, the regional sales manager for Versadrive in Northern England, Scotland and Ireland said: “The Versadrive tooling is increasingly getting adopted in the agricultural market, due to the challenges of maintaining a wide range of equipment in di cult conditions. The speed has to be seen to be believed, so don’t miss our live demonstrations at the LAMMA show alongside the Milwaukee and Alan Wadkins Toolstore team.” FG LAMMA stand: Hall 18 Stand 18.524

Energy saving control systems showcased

Soaring energy prices and recordbreaking temperatures during the 2022 harvest forced farmers to spend more than ever on energy to cool and protect their crops.

Crop storage specialist Martin Lishman Ltd says it has devoted continuous research and development over many years into storage systems that make the postharvest stage as e cient as possible.

The company’s Barn Owl Wireless system will be on display at LAMMA. The system enables users to monitor crop store temperatures from anywhere in the world on any internet-enabled device, but it’s the system’s automatic fan control element that makes it very energy e cient.

Utilising Martin Lishman’s wireless fan controllers, almost

any cooling fan can be connected to the Barn Owl Wireless network and controlled automatically. In automatic mode, the system uses a choice of control programmes and only turns the fans on when it is most e cient to do so, which results in faster cooling and can save at least 40% on energy bills in the process, Martin Lishman says.

Managing director Joel Capper says the company has seen a signi cant increase in smaller scale farms now opting for a Barn Owl Wireless control system. “The modular design means the system can easily be tailored to any size store,” he says.

See the latest developments and discuss your storage requirements with the team at LAMMA. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 7 Stand 7.450

January 2023 97 Preview

Rear discharge spreader range o ers a variety of benefits

Built to a high speci cation and large working loads, West rear discharge spreaders can achieve a spread width of up to 12m (40ft). The units are particularly suited for farmyard manure. With the optional hydraulic rear door, they can also be used with poultry muck and semi-solids.

The twin rear vertical rotating beaters operate at a powerful 400rpm from the PTO input drive of 1,000rpm. For trouble-free maintenance the rear beaters are tted with replaceable blades and feature a protected two-piece driveline with a PTO and slip clutch.

The rear discharge machines are tted with large diameter tyres to minimise any ground pressure and are fully equipped for road use with hydraulic brakes, a hand brake and lighting.

The wide mouthed design of the main body allows for easier loading when operating with modern telehandlers equipped with wider buckets. With the introduction of body extension boards this increases the operating capacity, which in turn alters the model number to re ect the increased capacity.

The M14–M18 models are supplied standard with a multi leaf sprung drawbar.

Additional options are available for these machines – electric in cab controls for the bed chains, mudguards and weighing systems are a few of the optional items.

Six di erent models are available in the West Maelstrom Rear Discharge line up ranging from 8–18m3. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 8 Stand 7.560

Upgraded Trinity six-row haulm topper to launch at LAMMA

The heavily revised Trinity 54B xed six row haulm topper will be released for the rst time at LAMMA 2023.

“We have spent a signi cant amount of time looking for improvements on our entry level topper [...],” said managing director Derek Scott.

“To help manage the load better, every e ort has been made to bring the mass of the topper as close to the linkage points as possible. A move to a monocoque style chassis design has been adopted with less box section material being used,” he continued, saying this both reduced overall weight and increased the rigidity of machine.

Mr Scott added: “The gearbox is now mounted centrally to reduce changeover time from front to rear mounting. This gearbox is now also available in standard form or with an optional [...] 150hp rated version for those customers

operating larger tractors in excess of 200hp.

“Improvements continue inside the hoods with a new de ector design which removes weight and better de ects debris into the valley bottoms. To further reduce the central ‘dead’ area where the rotors meet, a ‘T’ type blade has been developed to provide increased removel of haulm between the tractor wheels,” Mr Scott explained.

For more information, visit or contact the company directly. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 8 Stand 8.900 January 2023 98 office 01948 840465 • email • web 91915 West Dual Spreaders, Models 1300 – 3000, Capacities ranging from 7T – 16T
Harry West (Prees) Limited
West Rear Discharge Spreaders, Models M8 – M18, Capacities ranging from 8T – 16T

New partnership broadens machinery company’s o ering

Mastek has formed a new partnership with the Italian group Wam, which means Mastek can now o er the full line-up of Sepcom and Chior separators, pumps, and mixers. Wam has a strong background in screw conveyors and has 20 manufacturing plants worldwide, Mastek says. The product line has grown substantially over the years to cover many industries, including concrete, wastewater, anaerobic digestion, food waste, abattoirs, sewage and agriculture.

Mastek says it has a wealth of knowledge in separator systems to suit farms from 100–1,500 cows plus, and with increasing pressure for farmers to store their slurry for longer winter periods, the volume

saved by a separator makes a lot of nancial sense.

Sepcom o ers a polymer modular auger for the standard unit, enabling operators to achieve greater durability and reduced maintenance costs, as sections of the auger can be replaced without a costly complete auger. The other brand under the Saveco umbrella is Chior, which brands Wam’s full line-up of long shaft and submersible pumps and submersible mixers to suit di erent applications on farms of all sizes.

If you are looking for any kind of pump, mixer or full separation system, the team at Mastek would be more than happy to assist. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 6 Stand 6.900

January 2023 99
CALL 01939 220079 Email: Tel: +44(0)1205 270128 6000 6 rowhydraulic folding 54B 6 rowfixed front/ rear mounted Newmodelfor 2023! See usat LAMMA Hall 8 Stand 900

How renewable energy can help farmers control their costs

Farmers are continuing to face high energy costs, and while the Energy Bill Relief Scheme has provided some respite, many are looking to renewable energy as a means of cutting costs.

Large agricultural roof spaces are ideal locations for solar PV systems, and many farmers are already enjoying the following benefits:

Commercial returns – solar PV installations can be configured to deliver significant savings on energy bills, or to operate as an energy generation and export system as part of a diversified farming operation.

Affordability – solar panel costs have fallen by up to 60% since 2010, meaning payback times on some installations are now falling below just five years.

Reliability – accurate forecasts

of annual solar power generation now exist, allowing agricultural businesses to plan their energy generation and consumption and reduce their exposure to volatile electricity prices, especially when solar PV systems are combined with battery storage.

Speed of deployment –agricultural solar and battery storage projects can be delivered in less than 12 months from conception to completion.

Reduced environmental impact – solar power is zerocarbon at the point of use, allowing farm businesses to reduce their carbon emissions, improve the sustainability of their operations and help address climate change.

To learn more, speak to Caplor Energy, a farm-based renewable energy business, at LAMMA 2023. FG LAMMA stand: Hall 18 Stand 18.742 January 2023 100 Leading by example... At Caplor Energy all of our renewable energy technologies are first installed and tested on our Herefordshire Farm. Visit us at LAMMA Stand: 18.740 MCS approved installer | Over 15 years’ experience | 5 Star Trustpilot rating |Trusted by major manufacturers | 01432 860644 Our Accreditations and Partnerships WWW.THOMPSONSENGINEERING.COM QUOTE • DESIGN • SUPPLY • INSTALL • SERVICE 91942 YOUR BESPOKE GRAIN DRYING AND HANDLING SPECIALIST

Expert knowledge of grain drying and storage

Thompson’s Engineering specialises in the design, supply and installation of grain drying and handling solutions, with a dependable team of installation and service engineers.

With expert knowledge of grain drying and storage from a fourth generation farming background, Thompson’s says it knows rsthand what it takes to make grain handling at harvest as e cient as possible. Projects range from intake pit replacement to full drying scheme design and installations.

Its service team is ready to look after any issue or breakdown at any time because, come harvest, time is money, the company says.

Thompson’s works across the UK agricultural and industrial sectors, providing customers with a transparent quote from the

right supplier for your needs. All installed to the highest standards and serviced regularly to maintain your system while making sure you achieve the best results, the company adds.

Thompson’s says its engineers are highly skilled, working within the guidelines of the company’s Safe Contractor Accredited status, so customers only receive dedicated professionals working in a safe and timely manner.

The company says its expertise in providing bespoke solutions is well renowned and it will support you and your business for years to come.

At LAMMA, the company will be showcasing a new product for the UK and examples of its successfully delivered projects. FG LAMMA stand: Hall 8 Stand 8.728

compromise on build strength and quality” for cultivation range

The 3m setup with high or low disturbance leg options on the Awemak Sherp are protected by sprung auto reset. The standard hydraulic 3-point linkage couples directly to the Ozyrus discs with minimal down time to separate and connect as required. Using hydraulic linkage allows ultimate precision adjustment to the depth control of both the Sherp disturbance legs and the 3m discs, UK distributor PFC reckons.

Ozyrus discs have as standard, two rows of 12 discs with 560mm diameter, active side screens, de ector board between the row of discs, straw tines, hydraulic depth control, LED lights and steel ring packer. Various rear rollers and packers are available with the option of doubling up to have a twin roller or packer.

The Sherp and Ozyrus combination provides e ortless working e ciency, PFC explains, as the operator can adjust the working depth of the two components on the go to suit ground

conditions and soil types. Being able to separate the two components allows more varied jobs to be carried out. Chitting grain after harvest is the main consideration and utilising the discs to work the top 1cm then reconnecting before drilling to work the ground prepares an ideal seed bed, PFC says.

On the PFC test farm, min till has been used successfully to replace the plough, dramatically reduce establishment cost and improve time management of continuous wheat. FG LAMMA stand: Hall 9 Stand 9.426

January 2023 101 Preview
AgriSolutions Strength – Reliabilty – Quality Disc and Tine Cultivation Equipment to suit your needs Call direct for best pricing Andrew: 07967 300 578 Office: 01805 603 363 • 3-meter Disc Combination • Active side screens • 560mm discs with NSK sealed bearings • De ector board between discs • Straw tines and Steel ring packer • Tool bar • Sprung auto reset • Lifting or low disturbance points • Category 3 hydraulic linkage for on-the-go depth adjustment 91419 • Ultimate Minimum-tillage tool for 170hp+ • Subsoil up to 12 inches (300mm) working depth • On-the-go hydraulic adjustment • On farm for £19,500 • Stock items available at further discounts Special offers LAMMA 2023 VISIT HALL 9 – PFC

Mobile grain driers added to range

Perry of Oakley Ltd is now an o cial distributor for the Agrex range of mobile driers, which spans from 5–55m3.

Models from 7.5–25 tonnes have the unique feature of an external auger, meaning access for servicing is easier, especially if there is a problem when the drier is full, and it is quicker to collapse down if moving the drier. With no centre auger, the heated air ow is more

uniform in the cone plenum. This increases performance and provides more uniform drying. In addition, no heat is transferred to the centre auger which means less fuel usage, Perry says.

The external auger also allows the drier to have an independent mixer in the bottom and a control slide to control the rate of grain mixing during the drier process. There are fewer motors which means more reliability and a smaller electrical requirement which can be a very important consideration for some farms, the company adds.

They feature semi-automatic or fully automatic control panels to allow unattended operation and remote connectivity via a mobile data network.

The mobile driers will be fully supported in the UK. Thorburn Group will handle all enquiries in Scotland and north of the M62, while Perrys will handle the rest of the UK, Wales and Ireland.

Contact Perrys directly for all handling, storage and drier requirements. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 8 Stand 8.720 January 2023 102 Visit us online at (0)1404 890300
The UK’s Most Experienced Manufacturer of Grain Drying, Handling & Storage Equipment Continuous Flow Grain Driers, Mobile Driers & Belt Driers | Chain & Flight Conveyors | Square Bins Belt & Bucket Elevators | Screw Conveyors | Belt Conveyors | Aspirator Pre-Cleaners Levelling Conveyors | Ducting & Valves | Flat Bottom & Hopper Bottom Silos We’re exhibiting at LAMMA ‘23! Hall 8, Stands 8.720 & 8.930 NEC Birmingham, 10th & 11th January 2023
Perry of Oakley Ltd.
Mobile Driers added to the range!
HYDRAULICGLOBALSOLUTIONS CREATE SERVICE OPTIMISE EQUIP your own solutions your machinery your equipment your workshop HYDRAULIC & ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC KITS FOR AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY Tel: 01728 684 800 Email: 12+13 Yew Tree Courtyard, Earl Soham, IP13 7SG, Suffolk improve THE PERFORMANCE Contact us for FREE catalogue today! See us at The Midlands Pavillion Looking forward to seeing you at Hall 19 Stand 114 10/11 Jan 90845

The new Hi-Spec TS-R tanker is available in a range of capacities, from 2,000 up to 4,000 gallons. The tanker body is fully supported and is carried on a commercial tandemaxle, tted with 710/50-R26.5 tyres and semi-recessed mudguards.

The combination of narrower

width and lower rolling resistance tyres keeps soil compaction to a minimum. Moreover, the design o ers the bene ts of reduced overall width and height, making the TS-R a more nimble tanker ideal for use where operating space is restricted.

As per standard, the Hi-Spec TS-R is tted with a sprung drawbar featuring a swivel hitch. The barrel is made from 6mm British steel and incorporates internal ba es and anti-implosion rings. The TS-R is also equipped with a powerful Jurop pump and can be speci ed with a wide range of lling options.

Meanwhile, spreading options for the TS-R include the Hi-Spec Trailing Shoe applicator, which is available in working widths of 7.5, 9.0 and 10.5m. Alternatively, there is a 7.5m wide Hi-Spec Dribble Bar, which folds down to just 2.55m for transport.

In addition, on display will be a Hi-Spec SA-R (single axle recessed) tanker. Capacities on the six-model SA-R series are from 1,350 gallons up to 3,000 gallons. All SA-R models are tted with commercial brakes and the show model is on 750/60 R30.5 Alliance 181D tyres.

The tanker body is built from 6mm thick British steel, is tted with a Jurop vacuum pump and incorporates internal implosion rings. The show model will also be tted with a Vogelsang Blackbird trailing shoe applicator.

Also on the Hi-Spec stand will be the Hi-Spec Xcel 1250 rear discharge spreader. Unlike other rear discharge spreaders, the Xcel 1250 is unique in that it uses a combination of a shredding rotor tted with 22 heavy duty chains with 12mm Hardox ail heads.

These are mounted under a 4mm Hardox hood that shreds all the material to an even consistency, which is then spread by two spreading rotors. An adjustment plate on the shredding rotor hood evenly places the manure onto the spreading discs to ensure an even spread.

The Xcel 1250 has the capability to achieve an even spread pattern up to 24m. It has a capacity of 12 tonnes, typical discharge time of 3–5 minutes and is able to spread all types of material such as farmyard manure, sludge cake, muck lime, wood mulch and chicken compost. FG LAMMA stand: Hall 6 Stand 6.220

January 2023 103
New high-capacity compact tanker on display at LAMMA Hi-Spec Engineering will be back at LAMMA in January exhibiting a range of products, including a new addition to its popular and well-proven vacuum tanker range.
6mm thick British steel, is tted
tted with a Vogelsang Blackbird January 2023 104 JTE JOE TURNER EQUIPMENT t 01789 763958 • f 01789 400330 • m 07836 589699 • e • PRODUCT RANGE ›Hedgecutters › Firewood › Log Splitters › Agricultural › Forestry › Flails › Excavator Attachments › Firewood Grapple › Saw Attachments › Remote Control Mowers PLUS... › Used Machinery › Rotor Balancing › Spares 91179 See us at Stand 18.654 Hall 18 Bomford Kestrel 5.7 Power Plus Proportional Electric Controls Power Slew 1.2m Head Bomford Hawk 6.5T Fully Proportional Controls Electric Arm Float Electric Rotor Reverse Choice of Heads Variflo Rear Mounted Flail Mowers 2.4m, 2.6m and 2.9m Cutting Widths Hydraulic Sideshift Hydraulic Rear Flap From £3,600 + VAT GETINTOUCHTOSEEHOWWECANHELP Weproduceandpackblended,straightandcompoundfertilisersfrom ourfive modern,strategicallylocated,manufacturingplants,andweguaranteefast responsetimesandexceptionalqualityandservice. AsoneoftheUK’slargestsuppliersofgranularfertilisers,weofferadiverseand comprehensiveproductrangethatcanbetailoredtothespecificneedsofyour soilandcrops. SUPPORTINGBRITISHFARMERSSINCE1990 01524753600 | WeareexhibitingatLAMMA2023! JoinusonStand11.342 10-11thJanuary2023

New vision for labour e iciencies

At LAMMA ’23, Tong Engineering is set to demonstrate its latest handling equipment advances that focus on overcoming post-harvest labour challenges.

The company says its FieldLoad PRO and Caretaker mobile graders have proved particularly popular again, with the latest automation tech and optical sorting options being key drivers for upgrades. Several Caretakers have been manufactured with integrated optical sorting facilities and this is now available on the latest models of the FieldLoad PRO.

2022 saw record sales of the FieldLoad PRO, which o ers a more streamlined post-harvest handling process, requiring fewer operators and no unnecessary carting of soil as all soil and debris is left in the eld, Tong says. The FieldLoad PRO

with Tong’s EasyClean separator is a particularly popular speci cation.

Tong’s 2022 optical sorting live event has shown the bene ts of integrating optical sorting for stone and debris removal. Sales director Charlie Rich says customers who speci ed machines with camerasorting facilities have seen signi cant cost and time savings due to a dramatically reduced reliance on the workforce. Yield also noticeably increased due to sorting consistency.

Tong will also showcase its range of vegetable washing solutions, alongside the latest models of its box and big bag handling equipment. This includes Tong’s MonstaFill box ller and the new JetFill big bag ller.

For more information: visit FG LAMMA stand: Hall 19 Stand 19.220

Grain store dehumidifier o ers alternative to gas burners

With input costs rising faster than outputs, it’s more important than ever to investigate long term solutions when it comes to crop storage, especially when the equipment can last over 25 years, says Farm Electronics.

The company recently designed and installed its rst DryGrain De-humidi er for a 2,000-tonne grain store in Lincolnshire.

This o ers an alternative to using gas burners to achieve the correct temperature and humidity levels within the grain store, without the need for recurring LPG costs, the company says. While the de-humidi er unit will increase electricity usage, this can be reduced by using renewable energy on-site.

Engineering sales director, Alex Gadsby, explains: “The equipment works by taking the ambient air through the rst coil in the dehumidi er unit; this cools the air, freezing the moisture out and creating cold dry air. Then the air passes

through the second coil where it heats up the air, so you are left with warm, dry air that gets taken down the central duct by the axial or centrifugal fans and directed through the drying oor and the grain. Getting the properties of the air going through the grain at an optimum level means that run times for the equipment will decrease and you will achieve a more even drying rate through the store.”

For more information, contact Farm Electronics directly. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 8 Stand 8.134

January 2023 105 Preview e: t: +44 (0)1790 752771 THE COMPLETE SOLUTION FROM FARM TO PACK Visit us 10 & 11 January 2023 Now available with integrated optical sorting in Hall 19 Specialists in... • Box Storage • Bulk Storage • Ventilation • Refrigeration • Louvres & Hatches • Bespoke Panels • Heaters • Condenser Drying • Above Floor Lateral Ventilation • Glycol Systems • Track and Trace • Grading Equipment THINKING AHEAD Quality, Performance, Efficiency Contact the sales team on: 01476 591592 or DESIGNED & MANUFACTURED IN THE UK

‘Advantage’ concept continues to gain momentum

Joskin is continuing to strengthen its ‘Advantage’ series production concept, particularly with the regular addition of new ranges and models. It o ers all users the possibility of getting high-performance, superequipped equipment at the price of a standard product.

Launching the concept in January 2019, Joskin wanted to prove that it was possible to produce highquality, well-equipped machines at a ordable prices. Each Advantage machine is fully equipped and comes

at a low price, Joskin says.

To achieve this, the company relies on a manufacturing process with assembly lines, which was until then not used in the agricultural trailer industry. Advantage machines are assembled on dedicated assembly lines and manufactured in identical series, allowing Joskin to achieve economies of scale. In three years, more than 4,000 Advantage machines have left the Joskin factory.

The Advantage family is now growing with the series production

of new ranges and models. Joskin continues to expand its Advantage range with new references. A total of 10 models have been produced in Advantage version over the past months, from the Drakkar multipurpose trailer to the Volumetra slurry tanker, Tornado muck spreader, Trans-KTP construction tipping trailer, Trans-CAP agricultural tipping

trailer and Scari ex meadow aerator. The latest examples are the Wago bale trailers and the Ferti-Space2 muck spreaders.

For more information visit: advantage?#Home-show FG LAMMA stand: Hall 12 Stand 12.570 January 2023 106 Preview Machines with optimal equipment meeting your needs perfectly Great diversity at an unbeatable price Maximum quality and reliability thanks to the series production Large stock available for a very fast delivery ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ 193A SERIES PRODUCTION = PERMANENT LOW PRICES STAND N° 12.570
Contact Office: 01684 311811 Nigel Bullock: 07850 825980 • Ross Pushman: 07815 110529 email: • Bullock Tillage • Danemoor Farm • Malvern • Worcestershire WR13 6NL Prices start at £895 plus delivery and vat 92274 T24 Slug Pellet Applicator Available with 70 or 120 litre capacity 4 Vane stainless steel disc Easy adjustment of spread pattern Spreads 24 metres with all types of slug pellets Standard on/off control box or variable width option Hall 6 Stand 6.822

Sound advice is key for new buildings

Choosing a supplier and purchasing a steel-framed building is a big decision – but given the soaring costs of raw materials it has never been more important to get the best advice from your supplier, says Fowler & Gilbert Ltd.

The privately owned, independent company recently moved into a new, larger purposebuilt ve-acre production facility in Market Drayton, Shropshire. It aims to provide clients with highquality buildings at an a ordable cost, alongside second-to-none customer service.

It produces around 300 buildings a year for a range of agricultural, as well as equestrian and industrial purposes, delivering them nationwide. The company has completed projects from the top of the Scottish Highlands to Cornwall,

and from the Isle of Man to Norfolk.

The sales team will discuss requirements at length to ensure customers’ needs are met, while the drafting department is equipped with the latest Tekla software, allowing them to model any steel building. Meanwhile, the production team ensures work is organised and of the highest standard, using bespoke quality control measures for CE Mark compliance. The company also has its own in-house teams of steel erectors.

Together, the company says its hard-working team can deal with all aspects of designing, manufacturing, and erecting steel portal framed buildings.

For advice on new building projects contact the company or make an appointment. FG LAMMA stand: Hall 7 Stand 7.430

MERLO NEC, Birmingham 10th-11th January 2023 Hall 6, Stand 6.630 VISIT MERLO UK AT
01630 655 555 | | We manufacture, supply & build... • Cubicle Buildings • Lambing Sheds • Dairy Units • Equestrian •Workshops • Grain Stores • Industrial Units • Bespoke Design • Nationwide Coverage 91493

Crop baling products promoted at 2023 show

Major crop packaging manufacturer Cordex will attend LAMMA 2023, presenting its crop baling products: Baler Twine, Net wrap, Stretch lm and Sisal, referenced by more than 6,500 customers, across 60 countries.

Cordex says it brings the highest quality products to farmers and contractors, with competitive prices, and world-renowned customer service and back up. It says it understands the importance of talking to, and listening to farmers and contractors, which is why it continues to invest in LAMMA.

A continuous commitment to improving quality and creating new products in a sustainable production environment is resulting in growth that not even the pandemic has slowed down, Cordex reckons. One of the company’s bestsellers, ‘the Silage Kit’, is an innovative pallet consisting of a combination of Silacord (stretch lm) and Maxxnet (net wrap). Cordex

describes it as a simple, single pallet innovation delivering an all-product solution for silage or haylage in the most agile way possible.

Cordex’s range of products are referenced all over the world: Maxxcord (pink) twine is referenced in important markets such as the UK, France, Australia and North America. Premium net wrap brand Maxxnet has become a success in France and Australia and Silacord lm is a bestseller in Germany, Cordex says.

The company promises quality assured manufacturer expertise, knowledge and solutions direct to UK farmers and contractors. FG LAMMA stand: Hall 7

Stand 7.464

Eco drill range returns to LAMMA

Dale Drills will be showing its awardwinning Eco range of no-till drills at the LAMMA show. Launched just over 10 years ago at LAMMA and winning three awards including ‘Best New Product or Innovation’, the range has gone from strength to strength, the company says. Available in working widths from 3–13.5m, the Eco comes in four di erent layouts to suit di erent farm sizes.

for the Farm Equipment Technology Fund, making it even more popular with farmers on a budget.”

A 6m Eco M will be available to see at the LAMMA show. The drill is tted with 24 Eco-Drill assemblies, each tted with two 12mm wide, low disturbance, tungsten carbide tines, followed by a steel, self-cleaning, depth setting press wheel.

“Our most popular model is the Eco M,” explains company director, James Dale. “The M is our midsize o ering, available in widths from 3–8m and suitable for work in conventional, min till or direct seedbeds. The Eco range is eligible

Drilling assemblies are attached to the main chassis via a parallel linkage and are lifted and lowered via individual hydraulic cylinders, providing unrivalled depth control across the width of the drill, Dale Drills claims. FG

What if you could simply create the perfect seed bed?

down, Cordex reckons. bestsellers, ‘the Silage 01652 653 326 THE FUTURE OF EFFICIENT CROP ESTABLISHMENT January 2023 108 Preview
LAMMA stand: Hall 20 Stand 20.780
At Dale Drills we’re as passionate about your soil as you are. As farmers we know just how vital good soil structure is to the health of your crop – locking in vital nutrients to create optimum conditions for sowing and growing. Capable of drilling in direct, min-till and conventional seedbeds our versatile range of lightweight seed drills have been made with exactly that in mind –promoting low impact cultivation that encourages minimal disturbance. Renowned for excellent contour following, accurate seed placement and a low power requirement, why not see how our drills can help your business ful l its full potential?

Matching products to farmers’ needs is key for machinery company

Garford Farm Machinery Ltd is a development, manufacturing and distribution company supplying high quality products to the UK and international agricultural market. Garford manufactures a range of robotic mechanical weed control products including Robocrop precision guided hoes, in-row weeders, baby leaf hoes, guided hooded sprayers, spot sprayers and side shifts.

The company was set up by the Garford family in 1986, and has since joined the Zurn Group,

to continue to provide advanced technology within hoeing for progressive farmers.

Specialising in row crop equipment, the company says it is recognised as a world leader for its range of products, which use cameras and image analysis software to locate the position of the crop and guide the tractor mounted equipment left and right to follow the crop row as necessary.

As well as servicing its customer base in the UK, the specialised Garford Farm Machinery products are sold worldwide. The company prides itself on listening to farmers and identifying their needs, then through the custom build manufacturing facility, providing unique equipment, speci c to its customers’ requirements.

If you would like more product information or to discuss e cient weed control, get in touch with the team directly. FG LAMMA stand:  Hall 19 Stand 19.466

January 2023 109
01892 515028 | Branches: Tunbridge Wells, Kent and Rearsby, Leics 10% off RRPs – call for details T600 XH2/U4 SCIOX Super TEK Seating, the UK’s biggest independent vehicle seating distributor for the OEM and aftermarket, offers a wide range of competitively priced, quality agricultural seats and spares from leading suppliers such as KAB Seating, Grammer, United Seats, Isringhausen and Sears. First class seats for every journey Rancher Maximo Professional 88825 Come see us at Hall 20 Stand 20.598 91700 See us at Hall 18 Stand 18.460
Garford Robocrop Guided inter-row hoe.

The Hauer XB Bionic II – the only front loader featuring central lubrication –will go on show at LAMMA 2023.

For professional users and high-performance applications, Hauer o ers ex-factory automatic lubrication for all pivot points which are supplied by an autooperated piston pump on the front loader, saving time and lubricant. Other stand-out features of this second generation XB Bionic II are the styling, a reduced weight and excellent view to attachments, Hauer says.

XB Bionic stands for the patented

Hauer X-kinematics and integration of tipping cylinders, and mechanical parallel control elements inside the boom for full protection of all working elements and fast and easy cleaning.

Developed and manufactured in Austria and based on ve years of collective experience by the large number of Hauer service and premium partners, the wellproven loader is further optimised for professional use on 50–400hp tractors.

Hauer reduced the weight of the boom by using high-quality materials and signi cantly improved visibility to the quick-coupling carriage –excellent for compact tractors and lightweight highland tractors, the company reckons. The cross beam has been relocated to provide an excellent view of the pallet fork and a mid-mounted camera is available to ensure great visibility on high horsepower tractors, Hauer adds. Furthermore, boom-mounted LED lights illuminate dark areas.

For detailed information contact Hauer service partners or visit www.h FG LAMMA stand: Hall 19 Stand 19.630

“Ultimate superstar” among tined weeders

Einböck is expanding its weeding technology product programme with a newly developed precision tined weeder.

The Aerostar-Fusion demonstrates its advantages particularly in special crops such as vegetables and herbs, but also in hill-crops, says importer Terrington Machinery Ltd. The premium weeder scores with indirectly spring-loaded tines that can be set very easily and extremely precisely for sensitive operation. Furthermore, common eld crops such as maize, beets, soya, etc., can be weeded in extremely early stages of crop growth with excellent results, the company explains.

In all aspects, such as tine arrangement, adjustment and mounting, wheels, frame design, etc., the premium weeder is the ultimate superstar in the tined

weeder segment, Terrington reckons.

Just like its Aerostar siblings, the adjustment of aggressivity is done without bowden cables, making the ‘Fusion’ user-friendly and reliable. Working in higher crops (e.g. cereals, soy, maize etc) is no problem at all, says Terrington. The special frame design ensures smooth operation and durability at the same time. Extreme exibility is also provided by the individually placeable support wheels and the unique, adjustable frame.

The premium weeder is available for the coming season in a limited number of pre-series machines.

You can see the AerostarFusion at work on YouTube: FG LAMMA stand: Hall 19 Stand 19.240 January 2023 110 Preview Visit us at LAMMA SHOW 2023 Hall 19 Stand 19.630 THE SELF-LEVELLING FRONT LOADER FOR PROFESSIONALS. TERRINGTON MACHINERY LTD Tel: 01553-828083 or07966-417720 E: Visitour stand 240 in Hall 19at Lamma, 10th & 11th January 2023 GrasslandHarrows, Weeders and Seeders(MD, STI& PRO) Front andRear Mounted Hoes available to order for 2023 season. Row Guard CameraGuidance available. “Unique” front loader to be presented at LAMMA

Safe solutions to persistent dirt on roads

Persistent dirt such as solidi ed mud, grain, dirt or rubber marks can be a risk on public roads, as well as on construction sites, in gravel pits or biogas plants.

The bema scraper unit, by manufacturer bema GmbH, can easily scrape coarse and stubborn dirt o the roads to prevent road closures and even accidents, the company says. Using the machine in combination with the high-pressure water unit can achieve an even more thorough clean.

The Scraper unit can be installed on bema 75 Dual, bema 35 Dual and bema 30 Dual. It is mounted

instead of the collection hopper and controlled by hydraulic cylinders.

Meanwhile the water unit can be installed on the rear of the tractor. It has a 2,000-litre storage tank and pump with operating pressure of 120 bar/50 bar. The spray bar on the sweeper is equipped with up to 11 high pressure nozzles, depending on the width of the machine.

Contact Howard Marshall Engineering directly for more information, visit www., or visit the Howard Marshall stand at LAMMA. FG LAMMA stand: Hall 20 Stand 20.320

Looking back on a busy year

As Miles Drainage (20) Ltd looks forward to the LAMMA Show being back in its regular January slot, it re ects on what has been a very busy 2022 for the company.

Other than installing land drainage schemes, Miles Drainage has also been engaged as drainage consultants on a number of utility and cable projects for its own clients, contractors and energy companies.

As drainage projects can cause considerable disruption to farming operations, the company recommends remedial drainage advice to be considered as part of the preceding negotiations.

Miles Drainage provides a full design and installation service for all types of remedial drainage requirements and o ers extensive experience on major cross-country utility projects.

Remedial drainage is recommended for areas that are likely to contain existing land drains or drainage systems and/ or where the soil contains clay. The works will generally involve the installation of one to four land drains complete with permeable back ll, running parallel with the working strip boundary.

All proposed drainage works are permanent installations, except where the existing drainage scheme is regularly water jetted. In these cases, all drains are to be reinstated across the cable route.

In addition, Miles Drainage o ers installation and maintenance service for all types of farmland. For further information or advice, contact Miles Drainage (20) Ltd directly. FG

LAMMA stand: Hall 12 Stand 12.250

January 2023 111
Find us at Stand 20.320; Hall 20 01359 259424 DRAINAGE (20) LTD Lodge Works, Great Ash eld Bury St Edmunds, Su olk IP31 3HA Email:
the land drainage specialists 91699 SPORTS & AMENITY DRAINAGE FIELD & REMEDIAL DRAINAGE DITCHING & ANCILLARY WORKS January 2023 112 92034 POWERSWING POST DRIVERS Telephone: WRAG 01889 590275 Email: Web: WRAG Flexibility, Versatility Second to None A Model to Suit Every Application MAXIMUM HEIGHT = MAXIMUM IMPACT Perfect for Deer Fencing including the strainers! THE PIONEERS IN SLEEPER ACCOMMODATION THE UK’S LARGEST HIRE FLEET JUNIOR DELUXE SLEEPER Visit the Bunkabin website to see our full range of sleeper units TWIN UNIT FS 26786 SEMS 557447 • A versatile sleeper unit • Thermostatic controlled heating • En-suite shower room • Plen of storage space • Tilt-&-turn window • Building Regulations compliant Nationwide Hire Desk 0345 456 7899 Bunkabin_Farmers Guide OCT2022 - Half Page Advert - 190x133mm.indd 1 30/09/2022 11:41

Five myths around biodiversity net gain

As biodiversity net gain (BNG) moves from being a buzzword to reality, Mark Russell, partner at Carter Jonas, thinks that there are several myths that should be busted early in the process.

Myth 1:Size matters – the larger the better. A larger site is likely to be more effective from an ecological and conservation point of view. In terms of commerciality, it may also be cheaper per unit to create and manage. However, a small site in the right place can work where a developer needs a particular habitat in a particular place, such as a small bit of wetland or a pond. In addition, as the industry around BNG gets organised there will be aggregators like Carter Jonas who can bring the benefits of scale (in terms of management and relationships with developers) to a number of smaller sites from different landowners.

Myth 2: Anyone can do it. Well, yes and no. Yes, if the site is in England and you have control of the site for 30 years from when the units are used, you can be part of the market. So a tenant can join in if

they have a long enough leasehold interest. However, given that we may be talking about landscape and land use changes that go well beyond the 30 years of the scheme, we suggest that you discuss this with your landlord rst. Even where there is a shorter-term lease in place ( ve-year FBT for example) you are not excluded, but a higher level of co-operation with your landlord will be required.

Myth 3:This will devalue my land. If you want to sell up, will it add or detract value? The answer might not be the one you think. The simple view is that land with a restriction and lower intensity agricultural use will be worth less than before. However, if one has created a guaranteed income stream for 30 years or via the landscape change uplifted the value of the whole farm, then the overall impact on your asset might be a positive one.

Myth 4: It will be viable anywhere. Probably not. As with anything to do with property we always need to go back to ‘location, location, location’. When dealing with BNG we need to add ‘condition, condition, condition’ into the mix. As BNG is linked to development, how far you are from a centre of development is also important (but do also see myth 5 below).

The Defra metric reduces the e ectiveness of a BNG unit the further it is away from the linked development. Currently there is debate as to where the boundary will be for the purposes of calculations should it be local authority boundaries, county area or landscape character areas (most likely to be a mixture of at least two of these) – we should know once the regulations are published.

Myth 5: It's all about BNG. No it's not and whilst BNG is grabbing the headlines because it is close to

having a framework against which value can be created, ESG and carbon should also be considered. These are not so location speci c and will provide a second- and third-income stream into a habitat bank.

In terms of the commercial relationships being created in this market, it is working exactly like the renewable energy market did 15–20 years ago. You are changing land use for a long period of time in return for an income stream (even where this is wrapped up in a lump sum). Fifteen to 20 years ago, we all thought that was complicated; now everyone can understand the process.

Just like the development or renewables land market, options will beused to secure land to build habitat banks with credits being marketed in advance to ease the up-front cost for developers and landowners alike.

The choices are the same as any other new farming enterprise – you can do it yourself and take on the risk (and reward) or rent out your land and let someone else take the risk, with a middle option in between.

One point that really needs to come across is that the payments made by a developer to a farmer/ landowner are not a capital receipt. They are a rolled up income stream that will be fed down to the land manager over the 30-year period. This takes some getting one’s head around, but essentially where 200 units are created and sold for say £4M, that is not a receipt that can simply be taken and rolled into buying the next 400 acres of land. It is a pot of money that will provide an income stream to the land manager for the next 30 years. It is a business model where the work required is paid for in advance – just don't forget you still need to deliver the contracted outcomes.

For more information, contact Mark Russell on mark.russell@ or 07967 555737. FG

January 2023 113 Rural Advice
Find out more at Natural Capital Exchange The Carter Jonas Natural Capital Exchange is a central point for those seeking and providing environmental services or credits to meet and trade.

Get ahead of the game and catch up on your mole ploughing

The leg creates an open slit, which allows circulating air to dry out the consolidated substrate and create an even longer lasting drain. The risk of debris and trash build-up is greatly reduced not only by the angle of the leading edge, but also by the large 560mm diameter serrated disc, which has ample clearance within the frame to prevent congesting and aid free rotation.

The UniMole is built with longevity in mind, extending both the lifespan of land drains and its components. These include the Hardox 450 full-length skid, leg and headstock pin inserts, which offer up to four times greater life expectancy than mild steel. The leg is also protected by a choice of

two sizes of shear link, which offers protection when using the UniMole in unfamiliar ground.

Both main pivots have greaseable sprung steel bushes with EN24 pins. The hard-wearing ceramic expander, which comes as standard, maintains its shape throughout wear by rotating freely on its axis, and it has a convenient stowing position when out of work.

The Ceres team believes the UniMole offers the best all-round performance, whether working on grassland, stubble, pre-worked or in-crop conditions. The product brings an over 100-year-old design up-to-date, making it suitable for efficient, modern farming and contracting applications. FG

After a long dry season when a lot of drainage was put o , catch up on your mole ploughing with the Ceres UniMole Mole Plough and save over 50% on headland turning time and disturbance compared to the out-dated trailed mole plough.

With ever-rising input costs, there is now a cost-effective mounted mole drainer that works, Ceres says. The Ceres UniMole brings you the best of both worlds, combining a traditional trailed beam mole drainer with the speed, manoeuvrability and convenience of a mounted machine.

The Ceres UniMole creates minimal surface disturbance with its unique hydraulic entry and withdrawal system, which allows its leg to run smoothly in and out of the ground. The hydraulic ram automatically extends and contracts, which reduces ground heave and lessens the pressure exerted on the tractor.

This mechanism prevents the unsightly exposed crater at the end of each run, which is normally associated with mole ploughing, making this machine perfect for zero till, minimum till and pastureland. To save time in the autumn, it can also be used in a juvenile crop in the early spring.

In addition, the Ceres UniMole’s wide beam creates a high pressure point over the foot and bullet to prevent premature lift and shatter and reduce ground disturbance, and to allow the ceramic expander to create an even force to consolidate the subsoil. January 2023 114 News
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{farm sale}

Cheshire auction well-timed to miss the rain

The sale was on behalf of the executors of A & E Mitchell – deceased, and was at Mollards Farm, Gawsworth, near Maccles eld. Historically a dairy farm, in later years the enterprise had featured sheep and arable crops including root vegetables.

“Whittaker & Biggs had acted for the Mitchell family for quite a few years,” explained sale organiser and auctioneer George Pullin. “We had an interesting mix of lots to o er and a good number of people attended the sale day – most of whom were farmers, but there were also dealers from the area purchasing machinery for resale, and some of the lots sold to

equine establishments. Most buyers were local, but the slurry tanker went to a buyer from Wales and some of the lots went to Shropshire.”

Larger lots sold well

The auctioneers included George, as well as Whittaker & Biggs partners, John Wilson and John Robinson. “A few of the grassland machinery lots could have achieved higher prices in the spring due to seasonal demand,” continued George. “However, some of the bigger lots sold very well, and we were pleased with the overall result and so were the vendors. There was no shortage of bids, re ecting

demand for competitively priced, sound machinery and we look forward to similar dispersal sales in the spring.”

Di culties loading

Torrential rain showers blighted the lotting up day, but the sale day was dry while the bidding continued, then turned wet while the sold lots were being loaded. “Conditions were incredibly di cult, and we had to hire in a 360-degree tracked excavator for loading as anything else would have caused far too much damage to the sodden ground,” explained George. FG January 2023 116
A farm machinery dispersal sale arranged by Cheshire-based Whittaker & Biggs in late November attracted a good attendance of local farmers and trade buyers despite inclement weather before and immediately after the event. David Williams reports. Local farmers and trade buyers braved damp weather and soft, muddy ground conditions at the Mollards Farm dispersal sale arranged by auctioneers and chartered surveyors, Whittaker & Biggs. This set of Massey Ferguson three-point linkage mounted discs in tidy condition sold for £400 to a trade buyer. One of the newer items – this Fella drum mower was in good order and generated a lot of interest. It sold for £525 to a farmer. This Rational Karup trailed beet harvester with a loading elevator was elderly but tidy and was bought by a farmer for £500. A Ransomes 4f FR conventional plough made £305 and was bought by a farmer. This elderly three-point linkage mounted Howard Rotavator made £110 and was bought by a local contractor. This Malgar 1100, PTO-driven slurry tanker with a splash-plate distributor was an ‘included’ lot from a local farm. It appeared sound and sold for £580 to a farmer from Wales.

With a C-pre x registration from 1985, this Land Rover 90 hard-top had recorded 52,535 miles and was described as a "perfect

project". Including two spare wheels, it sold for £11,600.

Skid-steer loaders are relatively rare at farm auctions, but this sale contained three – two of them were ‘included’ lots from local farms. The host farm’s Clark Bobcat 310 model, powered by a petrol engine, on good tyres and sold with a front bucket achieved a winning bid of £1,100 from a dealer.


One of the sale highlights was this very original Ransomes 801 combine with an 8ft cutting width. Dating from the mid 1960s, it had the series number 031473. It appeared in good order for its age and had been kept under cover. The winning bid was from a farmer who paid £1,200.

Auctioneer, John Wilson is surrounded by sale day visitors as he takes bids for the combine.

A Case Uni-loader which hadn’t been used for a while made £1,025 and was also bought by a dealer, and a Bobcat 443 with a bucket made £2,500.


Trailers on o er included this timber sided and oored Marshall. It made £750.


January 2023 117 Machinery
This Lamborghini R854 2wd tractor carried a B-pre x registration, and appeared in good, original condition with only 2,362 hours recorded. The cab had a broken lower side window, but the tyres had plenty of tread and it achieved an excellent result at £6,000. A cattle crush with no oor sold for £65 to a local farmer.  In good condition, having been kept sheeted and under cover, this Massey Ferguson conventional baler attracted competitive bidding, and eventually sold for £650 to a farmer. John Wilson takes bids for the baler and Peter Kirton-Darling clerks. This Vicon RP900 round baler was bought by a dealer for £400. restoration John Robinson takes bids for lots sold in the yard. farm’s Zetor 6711, 2wd tractor with a Duncan cab carried a K-su x registration, and it sold for £2,200 to a local buyer.



No matter how challenging your needs, AGRIMAX V-FLECTO is your best ally when it comes to soil tillage and haulage applications. The tyre features excellent traction along with enhanced driving comfort both in the fields and on the road. With the exclusive VF technology, AGRIMAX V-FLECTO can carry very heavy loads with a lower inflating pressure even at high speeds providing reduced soil compaction, best self-cleaning properties as well as fuel economy.

AGRIMAX V-FLECTO is BKT’s response in terms of both technology and performance for highpower tractors.

Tel: +44 0151 728 4171


Transmission benefits highlighted at customer experience days

Tractor owners and users attended a series of driving experience days in early November at Claas UK to learn more about the CMatic in nitely variable transmission. David Williams was there.

The CMatic experience days started with a presentation about the company, and then attendees were given guided tours around the impressive Claas UK headquarters including the sales, service, parts and training facilities.

Then followed a brief presentation and walkaround explaining the design and operation of the Claas CMatic transmission. The afternoon session included six workstations providing opportunities to try Arion, Axion and Xerion tractors tted with CMatic transmission in a range of working situations at the Claas Experience Centre.

Each day was limited to just 12 attendees so that everybody had the opportunity to interact with the sales team and the tractors.

First CMatic experience days

“It was the rst time we have we have run this type of event and it has been extremely succesful,” stated Claas UK customer care coordinator, Emily Baylis. “We had a fantastic response to the CMatic mailshot sent out in July which initiated enquiries for the CMatic event, It was great to meet so many customers from across the UK and Ireland, learning more about their businesses and tractor requirements.”

CVT pioneer

Claas began its CVT transmission development in 1968, when it wanted a more exible drive system for combine harvesters. The HSG

project involved building a prototype high-horsepower tractor initially to test the transmission concept, and then development work continued with the intention of distributing a range of tractors in collaboration with Daimler-Benz. However, the project was shelved for several years until Claas continued its own highhorsepower tractor development, and the rst Xerion was launched in 1978.

In 2003, a majority share in Renault Agriculture was acquired and the Claas conventional tractor range evolved, including the largest Axion models which gained a CMatic transmission option in 2008. In 2013,

Claas began o ering its own EQ CMatic CVT transmission as an option for mid-size Arion 500/600-series tractors.

The current target is to produce 20,000 tractors at the Le Mans, France factory each year.

Successful event Claas UK tractor and materials handlers product manager, Michael Ives said that the CMatic experience days were a success. Michael continued: “Some had never tried our CMatic transmission or even owned a Claas tractor, so we were able to increase awareness of what we o er.

“The only disappointment was

the wet ground conditions which prevented eld work, but even so everyone spent a lot of time in the seats, allowing them to get to grips with the controls and debunk a few myths. Where there is an option, almost half of Claas tractor buyers already choose CMatic, but we expect its popularity to increase as the bene ts become more widely known.”

E cient, simple and reliable

At the event, Claas emphasised the e ciency, simplicity and reliability of the CMatic transmission. Michael

January 2023 119 Machinery
continued over…
The Claas Experience Centre at the Saxham, Su olk headquarters was used to demonstrate the CMatic transmission in a variety of Claas tractor models and di erent applications. Customers of Olivers, Claas Eastern and Morris Cor eld attended the CMatic experience day, together with Farmers Guide.

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Ives said that although power losses are slightly lower in a mechanical powershift gearbox, the e ciency gains achieved by operating engines for more of the time within their most e cient speed range when a CVT transmission is used will more than compensate.

At working speeds between 5–20kph, Claas Axion 800- and 900-series tractors transmit a

Precise control

Henry Sammons is a tractor operator for Much Wenlock-based TR Craig & Sons. “I work on a mainly arable farm where we already use Claas tractors, including an Axion 830 and an Axion 870 – both with CMatic transmissions, as well as an Arion 650 with a Hexashift gearbox. Claas combines have been used for many years and we currently operate a Lexion 760,” he explained.

minimum of 83% of the drive mechanically through their four–range CMatic transmissions, and smaller Arion 500- and 600-series tractors with two mechanical speed ranges achieve at least 60% mechanical drive at the same speeds. Michael Ives said this means drive losses are extremely low.

Farmers Guide caught up with all 12 event participants at the Claas Experience Centre. FG

Bridgenorth mixed farm

Bridgenorth, Shropshire-based Rob Pugh from RH Pugh & Sons was at the event. The family farm is predominantly arable cropping, but there are also 200 beef cattle including a suckler herd, followers and calves which are bought in. A Lexion 760 combine is owned as well as Arion 650 and Axion 830 tractors and a Quadrant 2200 baler.

Rob said that Claas machinery is liked for its reliability, and back-up from the Morris Cor eld team is superb.

“The Hexashift transmission on our Arion tractor is good, but it can’t compete with the CMatic Axion,” he stressed. “We have a lot of steep banks, and the CMatic automatically adjusts the gear ratio and engine revs and power to maintain a constant travel speed, whereas the Hexashift limits us to the ratios available. The CVT transmission is ideal for drilling as we can slow down gently for the ins and outs and keep the drill’s air system running at a constant speed. With no xed gears it’s a big advantage.

“One of our objectives in attending the Claas day was to try the latest models, as our Arion 650 was bought in 2013 and will soon be replaced. We will de nitely have another tractor with CVT transmission, and it’s likely to be a Claas. We’ve had demonstrations of competitor brands, but Claas is right up there in terms of reliability and build quality, and the back-up from the Morris Cor eld team is always excellent.”

“Excellent experience of the combines led to us buying our rst Claas tractor – an Arion 640. The current Arion 650 does general farm work such as fertiliser applications and transport tasks, and the two Axions do the heavier work including most cultivations. The CMatic transmissions perform well and operate smoothly in the eld and on the road. In automatic mode the engine revs are maintained within the most e cient working range, making the most of the torque and reducing fuel consumption.

“Another big advantage of CMatic is when hitching up implements and trailers – just feathering the foot pedal allows extremely precise control.”

Henry said that when the Arion is replaced, he will recommend upgrading to a CMatic transmission. “I’ve used other brands and the Claas is much smoother, and the ride quality of all the Claas tractors is excellent. The opportunity to meet the tractor specialists and nd out more about these CVT transmissions was useful and I’m glad that I attended the day.”

Henry is pictured with Claas UK technical trainer for tractors, Tom Venni.

Has to be CVT



Morris Cor eld customer

open day. Trading

JM Gennard,

family has an arable farm producing cereals and owns a Lexion 570 combine, a new Scorpion 736 telehandler and a Quadrant 2200 baler. “We deal with Morris Cor eld for the after-sales service and because we get on well with Claas products,” Mark explained. “If we get a problem then we rely on ‘Geordie’ to come and x it.”

Mark said that an Arion 660 was trialled earlier this autumn, and he is keen to borrow the demonstrator again for spring drilling.

“It will have to be the CMatic, as we wouldn’t have anything other than a CVT now,” he stressed. “I also use the tractor to provide a contracting service for other farmers in the area which includes a lot of de-stoning, so the in nite speed control is ideal. I was impressed by the Claas premises and team at the experience day. There was an opportunity to provide feedback and the Claas representatives listened.

Latest in-cab terminals

Contractor Dave Lea (not pictured) of John Lea & Sons doesn’t use Claas tractors currently, but he commented that he is more likely to in future after attending the Claas event. The family business is based near Much Wenlock in Shropshire, and Claas machinery supplied and looked after by Morris Cor eld includes a Jaguar 970 forage harvester, two Lexion 760 combines and two sets of reverse-drive triple mowers plus two four-rotor rakes.

“We have dealt with Morris Cor eld for at least 40 years, and receive excellent service,” Dave explained. “We had a Claas tractor with CMatic transmission many years ago, but it was changed for another brand. Recent models feature many improvements, and, during the experience day, I was impressed by the Claas Easy precision farming systems and the latest in-cab terminals which are particularly user-friendly. Next time we have a tractor to update, Claas will be considered.” January 2023 120
Attendees gather around a CMatic transmission while Claas UK tractor and materials handlers product specialist, David Thornton explains its features and bene ts. Rob Pugh on the left, pictured with Mark Gennard on the right. Gennard from Bridgenorth, Shropshire another at the as his
January 2023 121 EASTERN Brigg 01652 651810 EASTERN Catfoss 01964 545300 EASTERN Markham Moor 01777 838888 EASTERN Sinderby 01845 567407 EASTERN Sleaford 01529 303093 EASTERN Ulceby Cross 01507 462288 EASTERN Wilberfoss 01759 388811 CLAAS EASTERN CLAAS CMATIC – Geared for Growth. For hard-pull eldwork the overlaps in the gearbox mean it uses a much greater proportion of mechanical drive – rather than hydrostatic. This makes CLAAS CMATIC tractors so much more ef cient in the eld. Tom Hawthorne, May 2022 Contact your local EASTERN branch today for further details. Broseley Tel: 01952 881000 Craven Arms Tel: 01588 673325 Hereford Tel: 01432 809980 Tarvin Tel: 01829 749391 www.morriscor eld Call MORRIS CORFIELD today for a demonstration. CLAAS CMATIC – Geared for Growth. The CLAAS CMATIC has proved to be brilliant. It’s effectively always in the right gear and is never struggling. Jamie Downing Booth, May 2022 91896 LOOKING FOR A DISEASE OR ASH DIEBACK SPECIALIST? • Site clearance • Forestry works • Roadside works • Fully operated machinery, including Harvester, Forwarder, Chippers, Mulchers, 360˚ with various attachments Sennebogen road legal machinery, etc E: T: 07774 690504 or E: T: 07775 770454 #kwrplanthire @kwrforestry Follow us on


The Jockey tine seeder drill

4 rows of tines at 16,6 cm row spacing and 60 cm underbeam-clearance for perfect trash flow in min-till conditions.

2800 ltr seed hopper with radar-speedcontrolled metering for precise seed rates.

Only 140 hp needed to haul the 6 m working width using 5 ltr/ha fuel.

Front cross-board for best levelling on ploughed fields.

Unique Double-STS-roller gives targeted reconsolidation of the soil just where the seed sits. January 2023 122
384208 -
Ltd - Manor Court Store, Scratchface Lane, Herriard, Basingstoke, RG25
- 01256

Comfort important

A larger tractor of another brand is also operated and due for replacement, so Andrzej was keen to try the larger Axion models as a potential replacement. “We travel long distances between work areas, so comfort is very important,” he explained. “We tried other brands, but we really like the Arions and get on well with the Claas dealer, so we feel that a bigger

probably suit us well.”


Shropshire-based farmer Keith Cambidge runs a mixed farm with his brother. Trading as Trustees of TG Cambidge, the enterprise includes dairy cattle and arable crops. The machinery eet includes the farm’s second Scorpion telehandler, as well as an older Arion 640 and a new Arion 660 CMatic along with a competitor brand which spends most of its time powering a feeder wagon.

“We like Claas as the back-up is superb – not only from our local dealer, Morris Cor eld, but also from Claas UK,” said Keith. “I also drive a Claas combine for a local farmer, and the aftersales support is second to none.

“I came to the CMatic event to nd out more about these transmissions. Our Arion 660 is our rst tractor with CVT transmission, and it seemed a great opportunity to learn how to get the best from it. The latest controls are very similar to the combine in terms of the layout and operating logic, which is a help when getting into the combine at the start of harvest after a 10-month break as everything is quickly familiar.

“I also like being able to allocate the joystick buttons for di erent tasks. For power harrowing and drilling I need the same hydraulic spools, but I prefer to operate them using di erent joystick buttons. The Claas is very user-friendly.”

Keith said that he has visited the Claas Saxham site previously for combine operator courses. “It’s changed a lot and the new buildings are impressive.”

Claas eet

Trading as ER Goodwin & Sons, the Goodwin family has farmed and o ered a contracting service in the Malpas area since 1945. Now the business involves Clive Goodwin and his brother John, and Clive’s sons Lee – who is pictured at the Claas event – and Richard who manages a local beef herd and works on the family farm.

A large machinery eet includes two Jaguar forage harvesters, Lexion and Dominator combines, three Liner rakes, Disco mowers and Quadrant square balers. “We had one of the rst self-propelled Jaguars and have always used Claas combines. Nothing compares to Claas,” Lee said.

There are no Claas tractors on the eet currently. “We had an Arion 650 several years ago but replaced it with another brand. However, Claas tractors have come a long way in recent years so now we are considering an Arion 660 and are also likely to purchase an Axion.

“I learned a lot from the day spent at Claas and it persuaded me that the CMatic transmission is the one to choose. It’s easy and comfortable to use and very simple. We use GPS guidance, and the opportunity to nd out and try the Claas Easy precision farming systems was useful too.”

Lee said that it was his rst visit to Saxham since the new buildings were completed. “The facilities are mindblowing, such an improvement,” he commented.

Back-up from dealer


Ives. Jack attended the event as he is looking for a main tractor

his family’s mixed farming enterprise. Applications will include manure spreading, drilling and fertiliser applications. “We had an Arion 650 with a Hexashift transmission on demonstration from our local dealer, Morris Cor eld,” he explained. “We use a competitor-brand tractor currently, but the back-up from our Claas dealer is very good so we were keen to try the Claas.

“The CMatic event was useful. I have driven other tractors with CVT transmission in the past, but the Claas system is very easy to use. Having found out more about the advantages, including the ability to maintain constant engine and PTO speeds for tasks such as drilling while being able to in nitely vary the forward speed, I will certainly opt for the CMatic transmission if we buy a Claas.”

January 2023 123 Machinery
Claas dealer Olivers Reading-depot customer, Andrzej Milewski is a machinery operator for J Rayner & Sons – arable farmers based near Heathrow. The farming business bought three Arion 650 tractors during the summer, which will be used for a wide range of tasks. Claas tractor with CMatic transmission would Jack Brisbourne of Shrewsbury-based DM Brisbourne & Sons is pictured with Claas tractor and materials handler product manager, Michael for

Prefer Claas

Edward Owens of FJ Owens & Co said he bene tted from attending the event. The Owens family farm is at Welshpool and the main enterprise is livestock and a contracting service is o ered using the farm’s tractors.

“We use Claas already and rely on Morris Cor eld,” Edward explained. “Our current eet includes an Axion 830 on a 67-plate, plus a new Arion 470 which was the rst of its type in the country and we have a Renault, too.”

The farm’s Axion is due for replacement, and it will be replaced by a newer version of the same model.

“We receive excellent back-up from the Morris Cor eld team, so although in the past I often considered di erent tractor brands, we stuck with Claas for the service. However, the more recent Claas models are excellent, and I don’t think there is any other brand I would prefer now. They are comfortable and have the best cab and axle suspension of any I’ve tried. If our new Arion 470 had been available with CMatic transmission then we would have speci ed it, as there are many bene ts including simpler operation and increased working e ciency.

“The day at Claas was very useful and I enjoyed meeting the team.”

Con dent in CMatic

Southwell, Nottingham-based farmer Ed Hammond attended the day with the farm’s machinery operator Phil Hurt. Trading as John Hammond & Co, the family farm is mainly cereals with additional crops including sugar beet and potatoes. “We already deal with Claas Eastern at the Markham Moor depot and are impressed by the support we receive for our Lexion combine. We take advantage of the service packages which are very coste ective, and so we are looking at buying Claas tractors too,” Ed explained. “Our main tractor is due for replacement next year, and as part of our move to regenerative farming techniques including reduced cultivations and soil disturbance, we think that an Axion Terra-Trac would o er signi cant advantages for eld work and drilling.

“We are establishing more cover crops and use a direct drill, but we also need a tractor capable of primary cultivations to prepare ground for potatoes. We borrowed a demonstration Axion a few years ago but didn’t buy one at the time, and the latest models feature signi cant improvements. The new display terminals are logical and user-friendly, and Phil and I agreed that the ability to operate them through the touchscreen or manual controls is an advantage.”

The opportunity to nd out about the CMatic transmission from product specialists was considered particularly valuable. “They explained it clearly so that we now know how it works, and understand its capabilities as well as its limitations,” he said. “Having been stung by expensive gearbox repairs on other brand tractors in the past, I’m con dent that whatever else might fail during the rst 20,000 hours worked by a Claas tractor, it won’t be the CMatic transmission.”

Ed said that seeing around the new Claas buildings has given him even more con dence in the brand. “Claas and its dealers conduct themselves well, and this sort of well-organised day is a much better use of our time than attending shows. It was personal and gave us exactly what we needed, rather than just looking at static machines on a stand.”

Great dealer team

Contractor, Chris Vallone is based at Much Wenlock in Shropshire. He has a self-propelled sprayer and o ers a general contracting service using his own tractor.

“I get on well with the Morris Cor eld team, but don’t run a Claas tractor currently,” he said. “But I was impressed after trying the di erent models for the afternoon. They are user-friendly and comfortable, and the Claas Saxham premises is unbelievable.

“If I change to a Claas tractor, then I have no worries regarding the back-up that will be available from Claas and my local dealer.” January 2023 124 Machinery
Members of the Morris Cor eld team at the event (l-r): Sales representatives Steve Jordan, Ben Lea and Martin Wood. Pictured (l-r) Phil Hurt, Ed Hammond, Claas global tractor sales capability manager Max Groever and Claas UK regional sales manager Colin Arnold.
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New mobile app launch planned for popular land management tool

Land App, which helps farmers improve the pro tability of their land, is launching a new mobile app in 2023, which will serve as an on-the-ground companion to its popular web application. Users can gain early access to the app and a enjoy range of bene ts by joining as a beta user.

Land App, which now has nearly 13,000 users, allows farmers, and anyone involved in land management, to map their baseline holding and create a ‘digital twin’ of their land. You can also plan future scenarios to make an informed choice on the best way forward for your business, and collaborate with neighbours and other relevant parties.

The new mobile version will build on this by allowing farmers to access Land App while out in the eld, from any Android or iOS device (mobile or tablet).

The mobile app allows users to quickly locate their work, accurately measure and monitor their progress and seamlessly share information with their team. Land App says it’s useful for everything from habitat surveys to stewardship reporting, giving users the ease, exibility, and reliability that they need in order to capture information about land, property and nature in the real world.

Users can access their desktop maps out in the eld and nd their location by searching OS or what3words. It’s possible to measure length and

quickly calculate areas and snap to their GPS location. Furthermore, you can take photos on the ground, upload photos from your device and sync photos to your desktop. You can also share photo location details, link photos to your plans and collaborate with your team.

It’s available to users of Land App’s professional subscription, on all Android and iOS devices.

Land App is in the nal stages of the mobile app’s development and will make the rst version exclusively available to beta users in 2023.

Beta users will have the following bene ts:

• A discount for the rst three months after the app o cially launches (should you choose to install it upon release)

• A chance to take advantage of Land App Mobile months before everyone else

• An opportunity to take part in shaping the app’s current and future development

• Regular updates on the app’s progress and

roadmap. To join the Beta testing group, visit: https://share. WbPmxEAXDvNgboock. If you have any questions about Land App Mobile, please email FG


make the Land App as accessible as possible, for as many people as possible. For this reason, the Land App is free for everyone to


January 2023 127 News UNLOCK THE FUTURE OF YOUR FARM Join our network of farmers, farm advisors, land agents, estate managers, ecologists, foresters, surveyors, and landscape recovery projects. Createyour FREEaccount Today!! 91669 MAP
mission is to

New finance options for commercial needs

TNS Finance has, for many years, o ered funding for predominantly agriculture equipment bought from their depots, and been very successful in o ering its customers a one-stop nance solution.

In an ever-changing commercial market, the company recognises that its customers buy a broad range of assets from di erent suppliers, yet still could be looking to nance these acquisitions.

Woods Asset Finance is now able to provide funding for a wide range of commercial assets (excluding cars) regardless of supplier. Both new and used assets can be funded.

In addition to agricultural equipment, other industry sectors eligible for funding include transportation (HGVs, buses & coaches and trailers), construction, plant hire equipment and associated machinery. Buildings can also be considered for nance on a case-bycase basis.

TNS Finance has access to well established credible funders, who can o er a wide range of nance options with exible terms to suit

individual repayment options at competitive rates.

The following funding options can be o ered to business users:

• Hire Purchase

• Finance Lease

• Contract Hire

• Operating Lease

• Sale & HP Back

• Sale & Lease Back Re nancing

To discuss funding for any purchase you have planned, visit www. woodsasset or contact Alan Yetts directly. FG

Unleash the potential of redundant farm buildings

For many farmers and farming businesses, enhancing farm income from sources other than conventional farm production makes sense. These diversi cation projects will require some form of planning consent, either through a full planning application or the use of permitted development rights.

Wilson Wraight is involved with a number of diversi cation projects including holiday lets, change of use to dwellings, glamping sites, and dog exercise areas, and has had several recent successes with the change of use of existing buildings to commercial uses.

There is so much scope to enhance value and income through the implementation of change of use rights that it’s worth taking stock of redundant buildings to unearth potentially untapped value.

Dan Hewett, the company’s head of planning, commented: “Despite the ongoing debate around reforms to the planning system, there remains considerable scope to enhance value and income through the implementation of diversi cation projects.

“Our service is tailored to unlocking these opportunities through the planning system and our experience enables us to cover the strategic promotion of sites through to the project management of development schemes via planning applications or appeals.”

Wilson Wraight’s Planning Consultancy team would be delighted to discuss options for farm diversi cation or to assess the potential for land to be brought forward for residential or employment uses. FG

Woods Asset Finance provides funding for a wide range of new and used commercial assets for business users, regardless of your sector or suppliers.

Here are just some of the assets we can help you finance:

• Agricultural and forestry machines and equipment

• Commercial vans, heavy goods vehicles and trailers

• Construction equipment and machines

• Manufacturing equipment and machines

• Material Handling and li ing equipment

• Printing equipment

• Crop storage facilities and equipment

• Buses and coaches

• Computers and IT solutions

• Plant hire equipment

For more information, please feel free to contact Alan to discuss any purchases you have planned that requires funding.

Alan Yetts

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January 2023 129 DOOR SERVICES LTD • Installation • Repairs • Planned Maintenance e-mail: Agricultural doors • Steel roller shutters – galvanised and powder coated • Insulated roller shutters for cold stores • Pass door and steel hinged door sets • High speed rapid roll doors • Insulated sectional doors • Industrial Door Specialists 24hr call out 92032 Specialists in Building & Perimeter Security Tel: 01245 600235 Mobile: 07887 806603 landjdoorservicesltd Our experienced team of agricultural consultants will be on hand to help clients fully understand the level of reduction of BPS they will be facing over the remaining period of the scheme, what this means for their business. The support will consist of an on-farm meeting followed by a structured, concise report focusing on the current business strategy and recommendations for the future. Additional information can be found on our website or by giving us a call on 01284 700727 Free agricultural consultancy advice DEFRA funded business advise from the Future Farming Resilience Fund SCHAFFERUK.COM Lower emissions but increased thrust, greater fuel efficiency yet faster speeds – the smart 6680 T-2 40kmph loader delivers high performance with ecoMode as standard. Effortless efficiency 6680T-2 -Heat multiple buildings; single phase electric supply. -Includes built-in bu er tank. -Outputs from 30 – 106kW. -Over 90% e cient, A+ rated. -Large capacity stainless-steel rebox for easy loading & less wood cutting. -Firestar controller provides remote monitoring capability –it even tells you when to load your wood! For f urth er in forma ti on , p l ea se co nt ac t 01206252275 / 07912 268199 ww w.ce nt ral-bo il uk | in -Easy installation into existing heating systems. The Ultimate Wood Gasification Boiler BEATHIGHENERGY COSTS 91749 01603 881 881 Crop Protection Fertiliser Livestock Inputs Fuels Seed Telecoms & Data Energy Machinery Farm Supplies Business Services Construction Materials AF is the largest Member-owned farm input buying co-operative in the UK. We’ve been working with farmers for 30 years, we’re not for profit and here to help your business. As a Member, you can call any of our procurement teams for insights and to order. 91966 With AF you get: Savings of up to 30%* on farm inputs Security of supply even in times of disruption Simply brilliant market insights to inform your business decisions *savings vary by product It’s our business to help your s.

How to make more of buying for less

As the UK’s largest buying group, AF Group is often asked if the annual price of membership is worth it. The answer is yes. To show you how, the group has pulled together a few examples of how it saves its Members money – and how the savings can more than cover annual membership fees, sometimes in a single transaction/order to its procurement teams.

Fuel for thought: Why pay more?

The task: For every Member ordering fuel we use our proactive account management technique. Guidance from the AF Fuels team is given depending on direction of market prices for the day(s) ahead.

AF action: Members can bene t either from ordering before market increases or by deferring for a day or two if prices are easing.

The result: Take a look at these examples:

• Member A: 15,000 litres EN590 saving £637.50 – after market swing of 4.25ppl

• Member B: 23,000 litres EN590 saving £977.50 – after market swing of 4.25ppl

• Member C: 18,000 litres GTL saving £810.00 – after market swing of 4.5ppl

• Member D: 35,000 litres derv saving £4462.50 – after market swing of 12.75ppl

• Member E: 2,300 litres kero saving £164.45 – after market swing of 7.15ppl.

The saving: Annual membership fee can be more than covered in a single transaction/order.

Fertiliser: Working the basics of buying together

The task: In October 2022, Member A was looking to purchase 104 tonnes of protected urea to cover the rest of their business’ spring nitrogen requirements. The Member couldn’t take delivery of the fertiliser before January.

AF’s action: At AF, with no hidden agenda on margin per tonne etc., we were happy to advise our member that the market was heading for a drop between October and the New Year. So, we advised that, with their permission, we would hold onto their requirements and form a bulk order of several Members’ protected urea requirements to get a better deal.

The result: We pulled together a requirement of around 1,000t of urea and worked with supply to get the best deal possible for our bulk requirement. We negotiated post-Christmas delivery along with a delayed payment deal for the 20 or so Members that came together to ‘pool’ their requirements into a large order.

The saving: AF saved the farmer Member over £10,000 and obtained delayed payment terms which wouldn’t have been available for a spot order.

Moving parts: The AF machinery team

The task: Our Members want to keep their existing businesses and new projects running smoothly. Hiring in equipment often makes more sense than running your own and we are the ones to turn to for getting the right machine for the job on site when needed.

AF action: We use our buying power and the fantastic relationships we have nurtured with our suppliers to o er fantastic hire rates with di erent suppliers across the country. Tractor, telehandler, plant and tool, through to vehicle hire, are all available at preferential rates to AF Members.

The result: In response to recent orders, we were able to get these deals: • 7m JCB Agri Super usually £525 p/w but with AF it’s £415 p/w

• 14-tonne digger usually £670 p/w but with AF it’s £460 p/w

• Genie Z45/25 std rate £340 p/w but with AF it’s £260 p/w.

All plus VAT. Transport charges will vary depending on location. We can also negotiate terms for a longer hire, normally 12 months plus. Most of the national and plenty of local independent hire companies are on the AF suppler base. So, whatever job you are planning, from plant hire to punctures, wearing parts to tools, your AF machinery team is here to help.

The saving: Recouped the cost of AF membership with a couple of weeks’ hire and carried on saving throughout the year.

Energy: Cutting out unnecessary extra charges

The task: We know too many farm businesses pay annual costs on their energy contract that are often left on default prices, with suppliers charging monthly on the energy bill or in annual contracts with providers that charge fees in excess of £420 a year.

AF action: AF can provide signi cant savings on the cost of annual meter operator agreements and data collection costs required for supplies with half hourly meters.

The result: AF assists Members by securing lower renewal rates than they can achieve directly with current suppliers. Over the past three months, in a very volatile market where actually being able to obtain a contract o er has not always been straightforward, we have continued to deliver savings to Members as the rst step to bringing new energy sites into the main AF portfolio.

The saving: AF is able to provide competitive agreements for a ve-year contract (which is standard for this industry service/arrangement) and savings can be as high as £200 per annum per supply. Savings have over the period ranged from 3.5% (£397) to 24.5% (£1,388) which goes a long way to repaying the annual cost of membership.

Fuel cards

The weekly fuel card prices o er a heads-up on the following week’s price and a similar opportunity to either ll up and save before prices increase, or the ability to hold back and ll up the following week when prices are reducing.

Regular monitoring of the swing in weekly prices on fuel cards o ers an easy way to make substantial savings on your fuel with savings of 3–7p per litre, or avoid additional

prices of 3–7p per litre simply by timing when you ll up your eet of vehicles.

This is a valuable insight to some of our Members’ operating eets and allows them greater control over fuel costs.

Interested to save on your farm business inputs through belonging to AF? We’re here to help. Call us on 01603 881 881, email or visit

January 2023 131 News
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Dependable machinery needed for growing fleet

Four new John Deere 6R-series tractors and four Gator HPX815E UTVs have joined the eet of Su olk- and Essex-based farmer and contractor Philip Liverton. David Williams saw them delivered.

Philip and his family farm at Dennington in mid-Su olk, and their main machinery hire and contracting business is based at Ardleigh in Essex. Trading as Philip Liverton Ltd, the company specialises in long- and short-term hire of grass and hedge cutting and ground maintenance machinery. This includes a large eet of tractors – many of which are tted with side-arm verge cutters, and a range of implements including grounds maintenance machinery, cultivation equipment and seeders. A large eet of robotic all-terrain tractor units suitable for use on steep banks and other challenging terrain is also available to hire with a range of implements including heavyduty ails. Plant machinery includes mini- and mid-size 360-degree excavators and a eet of JCB telehandlers.

Hedge and grass maintenance

The contracting operation is mainly ground care and includes a contract with Essex Highways to maintain roadside verges and hedges in the region. Many farmers and landowners in Su olk and Essex also rely on Philip and his team to maintain hedges and conservation areas. Other activities include forestry work and combine harvesting, and he also o ers a swathing service for oilseed rape and specialist crops. This includes approximately 800ha of borage each year.

Growing family business

“We rely on modern, reliable machinery which is easy to use,” explained Philip, who runs the family business with his wife Bridget, daughter Abby, son James and an experienced team of managers.

“We have approximately 20 tractors of a mix of brands. Most are on our hire eet, we use a number for contracting and some are on our own farm. We get on particularly well with John Deere tractors and our local dealer, Tuckwells. We have 14 John Deere tractors from 35–215hp.”

The latest arrivals include a 6R.215 and three 6155R tractors. “The three 6155R machines are being tted with 8m McConnel side-arm hedgecutters for hire to the Environment Agency and will work all over the UK,” continued Philip. “The 6R.215 will be used on our own farm.”

The right speci cation

The four new tractors all have AutoPowr in nitely variable transmissions. “We always specify this type of transmission as it’s ideal for hedge and verge cutting and mowing, but it improves the ease of

use and working e ciency of other tasks too,” emphasised Philip. “The 6R.215 also has the CommandPro joystick control which is popular with operators.”

John Deere telematics are standard, and Philip said that this o ers signi cant advantages for the hire eet. “We can see where they are located and how many hours they have worked, allowing us to keep an eye on the service requirements. It’s easier for dealer service engineers to nd them too, especially if they are operating in remote locations.

“Telematics is something that is becoming more important. We are using precision farming systems on our own farm and when we are contracting we can monitor our costs accurately including fuel use and the time taken to complete tasks and ensure we are pro table.”

January 2023 133 Machinery
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Paul Co ey (left) with Philip Liverton.

Tractors on the contracting eet work up to 2,000 hours per year. All John Deere tractors are bought with an extended warranty and servicing is carried out by Tuckwells, apart from some older machines which are maintained in-house.

Fleet addition

The four John Deere Gators are a new addition to the hire eet. A Gator which had been used on the farm for several years recently went out on hire for the rst time, and Philip said that this has resulted in demand for more similar vehicles for long- and short-term hire and for a range of applications.

Other machinery supplied by Tuckwells in recent years includes JCB Loadall telehandlers, a Väderstad drill, trailers and ground care machinery. “We are well looked after by the Tuckwells team and there are depots within just a few miles of our farm in Su olk and our yard in Essex,” said Phil. “The Ardleigh, Essex depot sales manager Paul Co ey looks after our account and we nd him very easy to deal with. His initial suggestion was to upgrade two tractors, then we increased the quote

to three, before eventually ordering the four as a result of the attractive deal he put together. He was also able to nd us four John Deere Gators with an ideal speci cation for our hire eet, so those were added to the order.”

John Deere core

“I’ve known Philip since soon after he started his business, and I have always admired the way he spots

opportunities to grow his business in di erent sectors and is willing to invest in the right equipment,” con rmed Paul.

“He has run John Deere tractors since he started trading and, although he uses other brands too, the John Deeres have always made up the core of his eet. Tractors remain in short supply, but we had these four available. I thought immediately of Philip as I knew he

had tractors which were due to be updated and these had the ideal speci cation.

“John Deere tractors come with a high speci cation as standard, and I know that Philip is keen to make the most of features such as the telematics which will help his team manage the large eet. He is always looking for new opportunities and I’m very grateful for his continued business.” FG January 2023 134 Machinery Specialist Plant Hire Spreader Hire Haulage Harvesting Contracting t: 01206 230662 m: 07850 888002 e: 30 Harwich Road • Ardleigh • Essex • CO7 7LS Grange Farm • Laxfield Road • Dennington • IP13 8BT 92154 See our website or call our team for all of your hose and accessory needs. • Self-priming • High head • Drainage • Submersible • Borehole • Dredging GENERATORS PUMPS PARTS WE SUPPLY NEW & USED DIESEL GENERATORS All our diesel generators use red or white diesel, saving on expensive electric bills. WE SUPPLY DIESEL AND ELECTRIC DRIVEN PUMPS WE SUPPLY HOSES & ACCESSORIES Call us on: +44 (0)1953 454540
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Pictured with the new John Deere machinery (l-r) Tuckwells ??? and Paul Co ey with Philip, Bridget and James Liverton. Pictured with the new John Deere machinery (l-r) Tuckwells product support specialist based at Worlingworth, Ben Cave with Paul Co ey, Philip, Bridget and James Liverton.
Take control of your yields with smart farming technology from John Deere and access the full potential of your fields. Send yield and applications maps wirelessly to and from the John Deere Operations Center™ for a seamless precision farming experience. Let us help lower your input costs and boost your yield potential while maintaining effortless regulation compliance.