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Balers & Bale Handling

Handling bales of all sizes with ease

FBP BALEPACK The new generation combination

The Arcusin FSX63-72 stacks to a maximum height of 7.2m.

Fast and automated loading of all bale sizes is promised by bale chaser manufacturer Arcusin. The company offers two main models, the Arcusin FSX63-72 and the smaller XP54T. Both models can handle all bale sizes, with minimal alterations needed between bale sizes.  Both machines feature safe and secure handling of any size of part load which can easily be lowered to the rear of the trailer, all under hydraulic control. The Arcusin FSX63-72 stacks to a maximum height of 7.2m, with a 6.3m full load also available using the automatic mode. The standard

machine is fitted with hydraulic suspension, giving a smooth ride over variable terrain. The 435/50R19.5 tyres give excellent load carrying capacity and are hard wearing when on road work. Floatation tyres are available as an option (560 or 620mm wide).  Hydraulic brakes are standard, but pneumatic air brakes can also be factory fitted if chosen. The Arcusin XP54T has a trailing steering axle which is hydraulically operated but does not have to be activated. Both models can be fitted with an improved chain design, specially for the collection of Hesston 120x130 bales when collected with strings to the side. ■

A strong bale handling line up

• Fixed chamber models • Proven high capacity baling and wrapping technology in efficient combination • Rapid bale chamber to wrapping platform transfer • Braked tandem axle


The F410 bale handler.

Attachment specialist Albutt Attachments has launched a new ‘soft hands’ bale grab to add to its already strong bale handling lineup. The F410 is designed to give a reliable solution to moving and stacking round bales with a sleek arm profile allowing tight stacking, says the company. Suitable for bales of 900– 1,600mm diameter, the 1,000kg lift capacity follows Albutt’s ‘heavy duty’ approach to manufacturing bale handling equipment. Available with bolt on brackets, the F410 is suitable for use on most machine types.

The F410 complements Albutt’s flagship bale handler, the F450, which is currently the firm’s best-selling bale grab. Launched in 2014, the parallel side-squeeze action of the F450 means that bales can be handled quickly and easily. Demonstrated by some of the industry’s leading telehandler and tractor-loader manufacturers, the F450’s compact width when closed proves very popular among users. Opening from 750–2,050mm wide, the F450 is suitable for most bale types, round or square. Smooth surfaces on the gripper arms protect bale wrap while a pressure relief and lock valve are fitted as standard. For moving a second square bale, the F450 can be ordered with an optional spill frame. Prices for the F410 start at £1,268 and the F450 at £1,620.

Patented revolutionary film binding option Reduces wrapping costs and simplifies wrap recycling No special film required

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