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...More on previous page P Tuckwell was one of the first dealers to offer Vaderstad products, importing them independently before the manufacturer’s UK division opened. Vaderstad area sales manager Simon Griffiths said recent high demand for the TopDown stubble cultivator has resulted from the latest version’s flexibility being able to cultivate deep as before but also suitable for highspeed shallow cultivations to encourage a weed-chit as part of the fight against black-grass. Drill sales are also up, he reported, through growers’ return to a reliable system where consistent germination and predictable yields offer proven results. The latest CrossCutter disc cultivator, shown at Lamma for the first time, has generated considerable interest he explained, and most dealers have a list of customers awaiting demonstrations. Tuckwell Worlingworth depot sales manager Tom Mason said 29 Vaderstad machines had been sold by the end of February and further orders are expected ahead of spring drilling, and harvest. He added that the new Ferox cultivator which is a heavier duty version of the long-established NZ tine cultivator but designed for heavy land autumn work following the plough or for shallow direct cultivations is proving popular. All types and sizes of drill are in demand in the trading area from the RDA800C 8m combined seed and fertiliser drill to 3m box drills and interest in adding fertiliser while drilling is increasing. Tom is pictured with Simon and the new mounted Ferox spring tine priced at approximately £11,000 for a 5m model including a levelling board and following harrow, and ideal for smaller farms with lower horsepower tractors.

The second of three open days at Shuttleworth College, Beds featured less snow and was well attended.

A marquee provided protection for dealer and manufacturer representatives and visitors during periods of heavy snow.

The dealer is known for its precision farming expertise and the FarmSight display included the latest screens and technology. Pictured learning more about features and benefits of different systems are members of the team from Great Lodge Farms, Framlingham, Suffolk (l-r) Martin Kelleway, Paul Wright and Richard Spall with Tuckwell FarmSight specialist based at the Dunmow, Essex branch Adrian Fullman.

Sprayers attracted considerable interest throughout the Shuttleworth event.

Manufacturer and dealer representatives pictured at the open day.

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